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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 4, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, May 4, 2009

At ConFusion, Marissa spoke up about JR's addiction when she saw him with a drink at the bar. When she mentioned Babe, JR exploded. He asked her where she got off talking about Babe. Marissa explained that her mother and Krystal had been friends. Krystal had talked of Babe often, so Marissa felt as if she had known Babe.

David stood nearby, listening to the exchange between Marissa and JR.

JR asked Marissa what she was doing in town. Marissa didn't go into detail, but she did reveal that she had moved in with Krystal and her husband, David. JR suggested that Marissa take the opportunity to run while she still had the chance. David heard JR's caustic remark as he sauntered up to JR and Marissa.

Marissa had a front row seat to witness the animosity between JR and David. The two men quickly began arguing. JR promised David that it would be a "cold day in hell" before David saw Little A. David wasn't too concerned; he was fairly certain JR would self-destruct sooner, rather than later.

After JR stormed off, David took JR's seat and a sip of JR's drink. He asked Marissa how she knew JR. Marissa told David about the incident at the boat club, when Little A had wandered off. David considered it another example, in a long line, of JR's parental neglect. Marissa stood up for JR. She had viewed it as an accident, which could have happened to anyone.

David was furious. He didn't believe that JR had deserved Babe or Little A. David warned Marissa never to defend JR to him again. If she did, Marissa would be evicted from Wildwind.

Krystal was filled with trepidation as she entered Adam's study and saw a shadowy figure at Adam's desk. She relaxed when she discovered that it was Tad. When the lights came on, Krystal noticed that Tad's head was bleeding.

Tad explained that he had bumped his head while trying to break into Adam's desk, just as the power went out. Krystal wanted to know what Tad had been doing in Adam's office. Tad explained that if Alexander Cambias had not killed Dixie, then the prime suspect was Adam.

Tad confided that he and Jesse had questioned Stuart. Stuart had recalled an incident, just after Dixie had been poisoned. Stuart had seen Adam at the estate's gates, where the Satin Slayer had left behind the satin ribbon. Tad also revealed that Adam had collapsed when JR had questioned Adam about killing Dixie. Krystal thought that there might have been a logical explanation, but Tad was not swayed.

Krystal suggested that if Adam were trying to hide a secret, it would be in Adam's safe. Tad went to the safe, but could not open it. Krystal and Tad tried to look around for a hint of the safe's combination. Tad eventually figured out that the combination was Adam's sister's birthday. Inside the safe, Tad found a stack of money and an envelope with Krystal's name on it.

Tad realized that the contents of the envelope were likely what Adam had been using to blackmail Krystal. Krystal didn't deny it; she asked Tad to give her the envelope. Reluctantly, Tad handed it over. He asked Krystal what had happened to the woman he had fallen in love with. Krystal suggested that perhaps that woman had died, alongside her daughter.

They were startled when they heard a noise. Krystal and Tad quickly put the room to rights moments before JR walked in. JR was surprised to see Krystal and Tad in the study. Krystal explained that she had stopped by to see Little A. Tad didn't say anything.

JR told Krystal about his encounter with Marissa. Tad wondered who Marissa was. Krystal explained that she was the daughter of an old friend. JR resented Marissa's interference in his life. JR advised Krystal to tell Marissa to mind her own business.

After Krystal left, JR asked Tad why he was in Adam's study. Tad told JR the truth; he explained that he had been investigating Dixie's death. JR wondered why Tad hadn't said anything sooner; JR would have been happy to help Tad. Tad worried about JR's reaction if Adam turned out to be the one who had murdered Dixie. JR made it clear that if Adam was guilty of the murder, then JR wanted his father to be held accountable.

Tad and JR decided to search the house for possible clues. JR asked Tad what they were looking for. Tad wasn't certain; he said that they would know when they found it.

A short time later, Tad returned to the study. He found JR in deep thought and asked what was on JR's mind. JR reminded Tad that Tad had once told JR that there would come a day when JR would remember the happy times with Dixie. JR wondered when that would happen. Tad didn't know; he hoped the day would come when they learned the truth about Dixie's death.

JR confided that every time he thought of his mother, the image he carried was of finding her in the study, gasping for breath, and her eyes filled with terror. It was followed by an image of Dixie on a ventilator and then one of Joe telling the family that Dixie had died.

As JR talked, he remembered looking at a picture of his mother just after she had died. When JR had looked up, he saw Adam's reflection in the window. Adam was smiling. JR shared the details of the memory with Tad.

Krystal returned to Wildwind. No one was home. She went over to the fireplace, struck a match, and then lit the envelope, which Tad had given her, on fire. Once the fire caught, Krystal threw the envelope into the fireplace then watched it burn. Moments later, Marissa arrived home.

Marissa was surprised to see that Krystal was home; she thought Krystal had gone to visit her grandson. Krystal confirmed that she had gone to see Little A. Krystal also revealed that while she was at the Chandler mansion, she had talked to JR. Krystal was livid because Marissa had betrayed Krystal's confidence by talking to JR about his drinking.

Marissa apologized for what had happened. She explained that she had been worried when she saw JR with a drink. Krystal didn't think it was a valid excuse. Krystal reminded Marissa that Marissa was a stranger; she couldn't go around town, insinuating herself into people's lives.

Scott arrived at the hospital, concerned about Adam's welfare. Erica assured Scott that Adam was fine. She explained that Adam had been under tremendous stress, which had brought on a seizure. When Scott asked to see Adam, Erica told Scott that Adam needed to rest and relax; she didn't think Adam was up to visitors.

Scott realized that it had not been the first time that Adam had collapsed. He asked Erica what was really wrong with Adam. Erica repeated that Adam was fine; the tests had not revealed anything of concern. Erica suggested that it was time for Adam to retire. Scott admitted that Adam's retirement seemed to confirm that Adam was ill.

Erica managed to divert Scott's concern about Adam by talking about the heart valve Scott was trying to get to the market. Scott admitted that his desire to help others stemmed from personal experience. He had watched his mother, Cindy, succumb to AIDS. Scott pointed out that there had been tremendous advancements in the treatment of AIDS since his mother's death. Scott hoped to make the same kind of difference with the heart valve.

Scott returned to talking about Adam. He was impressed by Erica's loyalty to Adam. Erica admitted that she and Adam had been through a lot together. She would never turn her back on Adam in a time of need.

At the Slater home, Zach was concerned when Ian refused to eat and ran a low-grade fever. He decided to err on the side of caution by taking Ian to the hospital. Before Zach left, he called Kendall. When he reached her voicemail, Zach told Kendall that Ian was running a slight fever, so he had decided to take their son to the hospital.

Ryan and Kendall woke up in bed together. While a storm raged outside, Kendall admitted that she was blissfully happy in their little secret world. Ryan and Kendall made love. Later, while the two were in the shower, Kendall's cell phone rang.

After the shower, Ryan went to the kitchen to fetch them something to eat. Kendall remained in the bedroom and checked her voicemail. Kendall sprang up when she heard Zach's message. When Ryan returned, Kendall told him that Ian had a really high fever and that Zach had to be taken Ian to the hospital. She asked Ryan to go with her to the hospital.

Kendall and Ryan arrived at the hospital. Zach repeated Ian's symptoms to Kendall: slight fever, lack of appetitive, and fussy. Ryan offered to call Erica. After Ryan stepped away, Zach admitted that he was worried. Joe had asked David to check on Ian.

When David arrived at the hospital, he assumed he had been called about Adam. Joe told David that Ian Slater had been brought in; Joe suggested that they ready an operating room.

Later, David confirmed that Ian had congestive heart failure. David said that Ian's only chance for survival was surgery. Kendall didn't want her son to have to endure another invasive procedure. Erica asked about the risks to Ian. David explained that different options carried different risks. He assured the family that he would go over all of them before they made a decision.

Scott approached David about using the experimental heart valve on Ian. David didn't have the authority to approve the procedure. He explained that Scott would first have to convince Jake Martin that the heart value was the best option. Afterwards, Scott would have to convince the Slaters to use their son as a guinea pig.

Ryan told Erica that Zach and Kendall's marriage was over. He reminded Erica that Zach wanted a divorce and had slept with another woman. Erica suggested that Ryan move on.

Kendall talked to Ian. As tears filled her eyes, Kendall apologized to her son for not being there when he became sick. Kendall promised that it would never happen again; nothing would ever come between her and her children. Spike and Ian were the most important people in the world to her. Zach stood nearby listening.

Later, Zach joined Kendall at Ian's bedside. Zach advised Kendall not to beat herself up; Ian wouldn't want that. Kendall couldn't help but feel guilty. Zach asked Kendall if she was happy in her relationship with Ryan. Kendall replied that she was. Zach responded that was all that mattered, then walked away.

Marissa went to stoke up the fire when she spotted part of a scorched snapshot in the fireplace.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Joe explained to Zach, Kendall, and Erica that Ian was not responding to medication. Joe said that Ian needed his heart valve replaced or he would die. They asked Joe for the options available to them.

Joe said that there were two types of heart valves, mechanical and biological, and there were advantages and disadvantages to each. While the mechanical valve was strong, it was prevalent to blood clots. And, although the biological valve did not cause clots, it was not strong and Ian would probably need another replacement in the future. Kendall was distressed by the poor options and left the room. Zach followed her and found her hugging Ryan in the waiting room. Zach looked sad and walked away.

Ryan comforted Kendall. She asked him to check on Spike for her and he agreed. Before Ryan left the hospital, Ryan asked Zach if he needed anything from home. Zach smiled and said no.

Erica called Adam. She left him a message stating that she needed to discuss the new heart valve with him.

Jake approached Kendall and Zach and informed them about the new heart valve he was helping to develop. Kendall and Zach wondered why Joe did not tell them about the valve. Jake stated that the technology was very new, so Joe did not know about it. David entered the room and commented that Jake wanted to turn Ian into his guinea pig.

David revealed that the valve had not been tested on humans yet. David further stated that Adam funded the valve's production. Jake assured Kendall and Zach that Ian was the perfect candidate for the valve. Zach reminded Jake that he almost killed Kendall in surgery. Zach warned Jake to stay away from his son.

Jake told Kendall that he would step aside and let another doctor perform the surgery, if it made Kendall and Zach more comfortable. David was surprised that Jake would pass up an opportunity to perform a cutting-edge procedure. Jake stated that he was not publicity-hungry, like David.

Kendall begged David to save Ian, like he saved her. Kendall stated that the valve could save Ian's life, especially if David performed the surgery. Zach overheard Kendall and chastised her for considering the valve. Zach refused to let his son be a guinea pig. Kendall was sure that the valve would work and asked David for support. David said that he could not make the decision for them. David then announced that he was not sure if he wanted to do the surgery.

Erica went to Kendall's house to get her daughter clean clothes. Ryan was there, also, visiting Spike. Erica told Ryan to leave Kendall alone. Erica stated that Kendall and Zach were meant to be together and divorce papers could not change that. Ryan disagreed and said that he and Kendall had a future together. Erica told Ryan that she could not stop him from making a mistake, but she assured him it was a mistake to be with Kendall.

Adam accused JR of stealing a file from his safe, but JR swore that he did not steal anything. JR wondered why the file was so important to his father. Adam snidely replied that the file did not contain a confession to Dixie's murder. JR was convinced that Adam had the means and motive to try to kill Babe and inadvertently kill Dixie. Adam stated that he did not try to kill Babe or Dixie.

JR informed Adam that he recalled his father smiling on the day that Dixie died. Adam noted that a smile did not mean he was a murderer. Adam assumed that Tad brainwashed JR against him. Adam was distraught because he needed JR.

JR asked why Adam pitted him against Scott, if he needed him so badly. Adam explained that the challenge he created for control of the company was a way to motivate JR. JR affirmed that he did not need Scott to motivate him.

Scott interrupted Adam and JR to tell them about Ian's heart condition. Scott asked JR if he could convince Kendall and Zach to use their heart valve for Ian's surgery. JR was adamantly against the idea because JR refused to use Ian as a guinea pig. Adam felt that JR was letting his personal feelings for Kendall and Zach get in the way of a smart business decision. Adam said that the heart valve could save Ian and Chandler Enterprises.

JR found Little Adam in his grandfather's office. The little boy put his piggy bank into Adam's brief case. JR inquired about his son's actions. Little Adam explained that he wanted Adam to have money when he went back to the hospital. JR assured Little Adam that his grandfather was healthy and would not make another trip to the hospital.

Little Adam stated that he heard Adam complaining about money. The boy wondered if they would lose their house. JR promised Little Adam that he would grow up in the mansion and eventually inherit it. Scott overheard the conversation and told Little Adam that he would never take Little A's house away from him, even if he ran the family's company.

JR understood that the heart valve could save Ian's life and make a lot of money for the company, but he still had reservations. JR warned Scott that their family could lose everything if the valve failed. Furthermore, JR did not want to risk Ian's life in the process.

David showed Krystal a note that Marissa left for her. In the note, Marisa apologized for getting too involved in Krystal's life. Marissa explained that she moved out, but planned to pay back Krystal the money she gave her for tuition. Then, David handed Krystal a burnt picture of Marissa that was in the fireplace. He inquired why she burned the photo.

Krystal looked distraught and stated that she was trying to burn away her old memories because they were painful. She admitted that Babe's death changed her and made her lonely. He reminded her that Marissa was lonely, too, since her parents died. He urged Krystal to reach out to Marissa because Krystal was the closest thing the girl had to family.

Krystal went to the Yacht Club because Marissa got a job as a waitress there. Krystal pleaded with Marissa to move back into her home, but Marissa was reluctant. Marissa felt guilty for not minding her own business, and for causing problems for Krystal. Krystal affirmed that Marissa did nothing wrong. Krystal explained that she took out her frustrations on Marissa and regretted it.

Adam entered the Yacht Club, with his nurse in tow. Adam approached Krystal and Marissa. Adam introduced himself to Marissa, which made Krystal appear nervous.

Krystal sarcastically asked Adam if he was enjoying himself. He laughed and said that Marissa was pretty. Adam commented that Krystal was lucky Babe and Marissa were fraternal twins, otherwise, everyone would know that Marissa was Krystal's daughter. Krystal told Adam to be quiet.

Adam snidely stated that he would not tell anyone Krystal sold one of her babies, but decided to keep the other. Krystal told Adam that she would kill him if he told anyone the truth.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Taylor, Randi, Angie, and Jesse waited anxiously for news about Frankie. They heard a knock at the door and looked nervous that it could be a soldier delivering bad news. They were relieved to see Brot on the other side of the door. Brot told them that Frankie was alive and did not have any fatal injuries.

They were all happy, but Brot revealed that there was more news, and it was not good. Brot informed them that Frankie's hands were crushed in a machine when he was ambushed. Brot did not know how extensive Frankie's hand injuries were.

Angie was elated to hear that her son was alive, but she was also sad because Frankie needed his hands to be a doctor. Angie did not want to wait to receive more information on her son, so she announced that she was going to Germany. Jesse urged her to wait for more news, but Angie affirmed, "Frankie needs his mother." Randi stood up and declared, "Frankie needs his wife."

Brot encouraged Angie and Randi to stay in Pine Valley. Brot explained that Frankie would be a changed man, due to his injuries. Brot felt that Frankie might want time alone to deal with his emotions. Angie and Randi still wished to go. Brot told them that, if they waited to get more information from the Army, he would then accompany them to Germany. Brot offered to help them deal with the Army and Frankie's condition. Angie and Randi accepted Brot's terms.

Opal noticed that Amanda packed up her belongings. Amanda said that she was moving out. Opal reminded Amanda that Jake truly cared about her. Amanda stated that the best thing for her and her baby was to leave town.

Jake came home and Opal informed him that Amanda had moved out. Jake was shocked as he read a goodbye note that Amanda left for him. Opal urged Jake to go to the airport to stop Amanda from leaving town, but he refused to chase after Amanda. He told Opal that Amanda made a decision and he needed to respect that. Opal replied, ""You know, if dumb was dirt, you'd cover about a half acre!"

Amanda went to the airport. She noticed a woman watching a telenovela on her cell phone. Amanda smiled as she recalled watching telenovelas with Jake. She proceeded to remember all of the wonderful times she and Jake shared. Then, Amanda saw the woman hold her baby and she began to cry.

Jake was pleasantly surprised to see Amanda return home. He asked her if she forgot something and she answered, "Yeah, you." She explained that she could not stop thinking about David stealing her baby. She thought that her only option was to run away, especially since she wanted to keep the baby; however, when Amanda was at the airport, she realized how much she would miss Jake.

Jake stated that they could handle David-together. Jake then professed his love for Amanda. He said that he did not want to pretend that his feelings for her were platonic. He told her that he loved her as he planted a big kiss on her. She kissed him back. Meanwhile, Opal secretly watched the romantic encounter and smiled.

Erica overheard Krystal tell Adam that he'd better keep her secret or she would kill him. Erica inquired about the dirt Adam had on Krystal. He quipped that he knew Krystal's real hair color. Erica was not amused and begged to know the secret. He stated that, if he were to tell anyone Krystal's secret, it would be Erica.

Kendall asked David why he refused to perform surgery on Ian with the new heart valve. He explained that the valve had not been tested on humans and that there was not enough research on the prototype. Zach assumed that David did not like that the Chandler family owned the valve. David admitted that the Chandlers contributed to his apprehension. David further stated that he could not perform surgery on Ian when both parents did not agree on the terms of the procedure.

Kendall told Erica that David would not perform the surgery because of the Chandlers' involvement. Erica told Kendall not to worry because she would make sure David was on board.

Erica told Adam that he needed to convince David to perform the surgery. Adam was desperate to have the new valve implanted into Ian, so Chandler Enterprises could prosper again; however, Adam did not think that David would listen to him. She suggested that Adam make a deal with David. She thought that David would perform the surgery, if Adam told him Krystal's secret.

Adam and Erica went to see David. Adam asked David to implant the new valve into Ian, but David refused. David did not want to perform a risky surgery so Adam could benefit. Adam asked David if there was anything he could give him in exchange for the surgery. David said yes, but noted that Adam would not like the terms.

Zach watched Ian while he slept in a crib. Zach admitted that he did not know what to do. Zach said that he wanted his son safe, but he did not know how to make that happen. Zach wished that he were sick, instead of Ian.

Kendall and Zach discussed their options. Kendall felt that the new valve was Ian's best chance, but Zach still had doubts. She convinced him that the new valve had the most benefits for Ian, even if it was risky.

David informed Zach and Kendall that he would perform the surgery, as long as both of them supported the use of the new valve. Kendall and Zach assured David that they both agreed the new valve was Ian's best option. David promised to get Ian through the procedure.

Krystal met David at the hospital and admitted that she'd had a fight with Adam. David wished that she would confide in him, so he could help her with Adam. She affirmed that she needed to handle the situation on her own, which frustrated David.

Erica saw Krystal at the hospital. Erica informed Krystal that she knew Krystal's secret because Adam told her. Krystal looked nervous. Erica said that she thought it was wrong of Adam to blackmail her.

JR went to the yacht club and Marissa was his waitress. He asked her if they could start their relationship from scratch and she agreed. They proceeded to reintroduce themselves. JR asked Marissa to say a prayer for Ian. JR explained that the baby was about to have a new heart valve put into him. JR hoped that the boy's surgery was a success. Marissa urged JR to be optimistic.

Scott found JR at the club and informed him that David refused to perform the surgery. JR assumed that David did not want to use the new valve since the Chandlers owned it.

Adam told Scott and JR that David was going to implant the new valve into Ian. JR gave his father a suspicious look and asked Adam how he coerced David to perform the surgery. Adam said that the company needed a "homerun," so he did what needed to be done. JR feared that Adam had used Little Adam as a bargaining chip with David.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Jake told Amanda that he was tired of pretending that his feelings for her were merely platonic. He professed his love and then kissed her deeply. Opal came down the stairs and when she saw them, she clapped happily and proclaimed that she'd known that Jake and Amanda belonged together. After a few moments, Opal left the house and Amanda was able to admit that she thought Jake had said I love you by accident.

Jake told her that he never said anything he didn't mean, then took it a step further and told Amanda that he had no doubts about his feelings. Amanda basked in his words, and then told him that she had decided not to live in fear. She said that regardless of what she decided to do about the baby, she couldn't imagine a life without Jake in it.

Jake decided that they needed to celebrate their renewed romance, and poured them each a wine glass of milk. After he told some bad jokes, he asked her to dance with him. They did so for a moment, and then Amanda said that she needed to stop because her physical appearance made the scene less romantic. Jake told her that all they needed was each other, and an empty house. Amazed, she quickly gave in to his advances.

Over coffee at the Yacht Club, Tad filled Ryan in on the information he and Jesse had gotten out of Stuart about the day that Dixie died. Tad alit on the fact that Stuart saw Adam before Dixie died, touching the ribbon that had been tied on the Chandler gate. Tad also revealed that Stuart believed Adam had been looking at something the Satin Slayer had left behind. Tad expressed disbelief in that theory because Tad knew that Adam hadn't mentioned his discovery to the police.

Erica told Krystal that Adam had let Krystal's secret out of the bag, and asked if there was anything she could do to help. Krystal thought that Erica was fishing for information and called her out on it. Erica noted that soon enough, Krystal would learn that kept secrets were always harder on the person who tried to keep them hidden.

David told Zach and Kendall that Ian had been prepped for surgery, and that if the Chandler heart valve worked, Ian would be back on his feet in a matter of days. He then instructed the parents to visit their little boy once more before surgery.

Kendall hesitated outside of Ian's room and told Zach that she was unable to say goodbye to her son. Zach assured her that things would be fine, and that Ian needed his parents to let him know that. Kendall realized the validity of her ex-husband's words and put on a brave face before they walked into Ian's room.

JR accused his father of using Little Adam to coerce David into performing surgery on Ian Slater. Adam didn't think that one visitation a month would make much of a difference. Irate, JR told his father that he had no right to make such offers to David. Adam said that he did what he had to do, because if David performed the operation successfully, the future of Chandler Enterprises would be solid again. JR was somehow amazed that Adam would sacrifice any member of his family to save his company.

Adam tried to get Scott to support his point of view, but in a twist of fate, Scott sided with his cousin. Adam was surprised, given how hard Scott had pushed for the surgery. Scott clarified and said that he didn't believe that Little Adam should be used as a bargaining chip. The men argued some more over the validity of Adam's actions until Scott put an end to it. Scott announced that he was headed to the hospital because he wanted to be there when David announced that the surgery was a success.

Ryan noted that Adam always had secrets, and then asked Tad why he was looking into Dixie's death when he never wanted the case reopened. Tad admitted that his private investigator nature made it impossible to ignore the big question mark that was left by Alexander's claim of innocence, and Stuart's revelation. Ryan said that Adam reached a new level of cold if he was indeed guilty of Dixie's murder. Tad pointed out that Adam had already raised his cruelty factor in his horrid treatment of Krystal.

Then, a phone call from the hospital interrupted their conversation, and after Ryan took and then ended the call, he announced that Ian was headed into surgery and that he needed to go. Ryan arrived at Pine Valley hospital a short time later and quickly found Erica. She told him that they hadn't started the surgery yet, and that Kendall and Zach were spending time in Ian's room until the orderly came to retrieve the little boy.

Ryan asked why Erica hadn't gone into the room as well, and Erica confessed that because of Kendall's constantly changing mood, Erica didn't know how to deal with her daughter. Ryan told her that the most important thing was to let Kendall know that they were there and supportive of her. Erica finally caved, but said she had to talk to someone first.

Marissa arrived to wait on Tad and after she introduced herself. Tad put the pieces together and realized that she and Krystal were connected. Tad told her about his connection to Krystal, and they talked amiably for a few moments. Krystal appeared in the doorway and upon seeing them, Krystal marched over to the table and accused Marissa of invading every part of her life. Krystal belatedly realized how she'd sounded, and tried to apologize. Taken aback, Marissa excused herself and, once she'd stepped away, Tad confronted Krystal on her actions.

Krystal tried to tell Tad that when she saw Tad and Marissa connect, it reminded her of the good times she and Tad used to have. Tad told her that he didn't know how to respond, and pointed out that emotionally, Krystal had been all over the map. He begged her to come clean about what she'd been hiding, lest the secret crush her. Krystal's exterior started to crack, and she told him that she'd gone to the Yacht Club to tell Marissa to leave.

When Tad probed for more information, Krystal started to shut down. Tad wouldn't let her, so Krystal finally admitted that Marissa was her daughter. With the secret out, Krystal dumped everything on Tad and said that Marissa believed that the people who had just died were her biological parents. Krystal went on to tell him that Marissa was in a good place and that she refused to destroy Marissa's world.

Tad continued to ask questions and realized that what Adam held over Krystal was Marissa's paternity. Krystal paused for a moment, and then told Tad that David was Marissa's father. Tad was more confused than ever until Krystal told him that she'd actually had twins. She said that she was young and that she needed to make an impossible choice between her girls so that they would both have a good life. Tad told her that there was no shame in adoption, and that he was living proof. She then dropped the bomb that she'd actually sold Marissa.

After her tears abated, Krystal said that Marissa's move to Pine Valley had been good because it had been like having part of Babe back. However, Krystal noted, the possibility of the secret getting out was more than Krystal could handle, as neither Marissa nor David would ever forgive her. Tad said that there had to be another way to handle things, but when Marissa approached to see if they needed anything, they fell silent.

Erica went to the hospital's chapel, lit a candle, and reached out to her mother for advice. She apologized for the grief she had given Mona during life, and explained what had been happening between her and Kendall. She then begged Mona for the strength to be the mother Kendall needed.

Erica admitted that when she looked at Ian, she didn't feel the strength that Mona had passed down to her descendants. She closed her eyes, asked for guidance, and then felt a hand on her shoulder. When her eyes reopened, Erica saw her old friend Opal, who told Erica that she needed to only look inside herself to find strength.

As Ryan, Kendall, and Zach took their stations in different parts of the waiting room, each was lost in their own thoughts. Ryan made a solemn vow that once the surgery was over and Ian was better, he would take Kendall to a place where children never got sick and she would always be able to smile. Meanwhile, Kendall chanted a mantra of strength for her youngest son in her head. Zach, as he hovered by the doorway, lamented the fact that he'd already lost one son, and begged the fates not to take this son, as well.

Dr. Chappell, the doctor that created the valve that the Chandlers pushed to have used in Ian's surgery, stopped by the Chandler mansion and told Adam and JR that he'd seen Scott on television. The press conference encouraged the doctor to look back over his original schematics, and he'd found an error. Adam was completely dismissive and chalked all the noise up to seller's remorse.

Adam told the doctor that they had experts who had worked around the clock to assure them that the device was perfect, but the doctor said that the experts had worked with a flawed design. Adam announced that Chandler Enterprises would move full speed ahead with the production of the valve, but JR was not so convinced. JR asked about the risks and although Adam tried to silence his son, the doctor blurted out that there was a 60% chance of failure. The doctor left the mansion, and JR said that he had to somehow get the surgery called off.

Adam demanded that his son let things happen as they might, but JR told his father that there was no way to compare the worth of the family company against the life of a child. JR called Scott and found that his cousin had just reached the hospital. JR filled Scott in on the information that Dr. Chappell had shared and urged Scott to find a way to get the surgery stopped. When JR hung up the phone, his father scathingly told JR that he'd lost all chances at owning the company. JR retorted that his clear conscience was more important than the almighty dollar.

Scott hurriedly found a nurse and asked if Ian had been taken into surgery. Much to Scott's chagrin, the nurse told him that the procedure was almost over. Meanwhile, Erica made it to the waiting room, and asked if there had been any news. Kendall had a small meltdown and painted a bleak view of where her son was and what he must have felt about an additional operation. Zach insisted that Kendall calm down and told her again that their son would be fine. Erica then told her daughter that she was there to support Kendall in any way that was needed.

Kendall asked her mother to sit with her for a while, but after a few moments, Kendall got back on her feet. Anxiety over the wait for news was too much for her, and Kendall stalked out of the room, with Ryan close behind. Erica and Opal left the room shortly thereafter, but Zach wasn't alone for long. Scott wandered in and asked if Zach would mind his presence. Zach eyed him closely, and then agreed to share the room.

Ryan and Kendall made their own trip to the chapel, and Ryan urged Kendall to say what was in her heart. Kendall tilted her head up, and asked for Ian's surgery to go well, and that he be returned to his family, safely. At that moment up in the waiting room, David appeared and told Zach that the surgery had been a success, much to the relief of both Zach and Scott. David asked where Kendall was so that she could hear the good news, and Zach dashed off to find her.

David and Zach found Kendall with Ryan in the chapel and delivered the news. Elated, Kendall hugged Ryan and exclaimed that the success was a miracle, while Zach stoically looked on. Scott, who had left the hospital as soon as he'd heard David's report, showed up at the Chandler house and informed JR and Adam what had happened. Pleased, Adam said that they had to agree to keep silent on what Dr. Chappell had said. Adam asked if Scott was on board with the agreement, but before Scott could speak, JR noted that his cousin had no choice.

Friday, May 8, 2009

At the Yacht Club, Marissa approached Aidan's table to take his breakfast order. Marissa was charmed by Aidan's accent. Aidan engaged in a bit of good-natured teasing before he placed his order. After Marissa walked away, Aidan's cell phone rang.

Aidan answered the phone, but no one responded. Aidan guessed that it was Annie. Moments later Annie spoke up. Aidan warned Annie not to reveal too much, in case their call was monitored. Annie asked how Emma was doing. Aidan assured Annie that Emma was well. Aidan confessed that he missed Annie. He promised to join her as soon as he could slip away from the police. Aidan urged Annie to end the call before it was traced.

After Annie disconnected the call, she spied on Aidan from a nearby doorway. Aidan received a call from one of his associates. Aidan was told that Annie had disappeared two days earlier. Aidan was certain he knew where Annie had gone. He thanked his friend for the update on Annie, and then ended the call.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam arranged to host a party to celebrate the success of David's operation using the Chandler heart valve. JR thought the party was a bad idea. Adam accused JR of being paranoid. JR reminded his father that Ian Slater had a ticking time bomb in his chest. They had been warned that there was a 60 percent probability that the heart valve would fail. Adam assured JR that Ian was recovering.

At the hospital, Kendall and Zach watched over their sleeping son. Kendall thought that Ian looked healthier since his surgery. Ian agreed with Kendall's assessment. Minutes later, Erica walked to see how her grandson was doing. When Ryan stopped in to check on Ian, he brought news that David was talking to reporters.

Zach went to watch David's press conference. Scott stood next to David as David touted the success of the heart valve. When reporters asked for the name of the family, David explained that the information was confidential.

After the press conference, Zach thanked David for respecting the family's privacy. David reminded Zach that they weren't out of the woods; the following 48-72 hours were critical for Ian. Zach understood the dangers, but questioned why David had felt the need to mention it to him at that time.

Back in Ian's room, Erica and Kendall talked about Ian. Erica admitted that she saw parts of Zach and Kendall in their son. Kendall worried that Erica was attempting to play matchmaker. She reminded Erica that her marriage to Zach was over for good. After Kendall walked out, Erica looked down at Ian. She hoped that his parents' stubbornness skipped a generation.

Kendall joined Zach after the press conference. She questioned Zach's suspicious attitude toward David. Zach admitted that he had a feeling that David was hiding something. When Zach noticed Ryan's approach, he dropped the matter. Kendall started to tell Ryan about Zach's concerns, but Zach managed to stop her from revealing too much. Ryan and Erica told Zach and Kendall about Adam's party. Zach and Kendall opted not to attend; they wanted to remain at their son's bedside.

Krystal wanted to know what David's press conference had been about. She wondered what kind of deal David had made with Adam in order for David to help Adam in such a public manner. David confirmed that the agreement involved Little A. David assured Krystal that they would be able to visit their grandson whenever they wanted to.

Krystal suspected that there was more to the deal. David sarcastically said that he would never keep secrets from his wife. Later, David was handed some papers. He confirmed to Krystal that they were legal documents for Adam to sign.

When Ryan arrived home, Emma asked if she could go to the party with Ryan. Ryan agreed to take Emma to the Chandlers, so that she could play with Little A. After Ryan and Emma left, Aidan broke into Ryan's penthouse. Aidan looked around the apartment. However, he was forced to hide when he heard someone at the front door. It was Opal. She was startled when she saw Aidan. Seconds later, Opal screamed in terror when she spotted Annie standing on the balcony.

Adam congratulated Scott on the success of the press conference. Adam was certain that the publicity would be good for business. The only issue left to address was Dr. Chappell. Adam was confident that they could pay Dr. Chappell to keep silent about the defective heart valve. JR had his doubts, but Scott left to do Adam's bidding.

JR was surprised when Marissa was part of the catering staff sent to set up Adam's party. Marissa was curious about the reason for the party. JR explained that Adam wanted to celebrate the success of the implant of a new mechanical heart valve. Marissa sensed that JR was less enthusiastic about the medical breakthrough than David and Adam were. JR didn't go into detail about his reasons, but he made it clear that David and Adam disgusted him.

David and Krystal arrived at the Chandler mansion. When Adam and Erica joined them in the foyer, David asked Adam to sign the legal documents confirming their agreement. Erica told David that Adam couldn't sign anything. Adam countered Erica's decree. Adam assured Erica that he knew what he was doing. David handed the papers to Adam, and then went to find Little A.

Marissa confessed that she thought Little A was a very lucky boy. It was clear that many people loved Little A. Marissa wished that she weren't alone in the world. As Krystal walked into the room, she heard Marissa's comment. Krystal assured Marissa that she had Krystal.

When JR realized that David was with Little A, JR went to his son's bedroom. Little A didn't understand the anger he heard in his father's voice. JR explained that he just needed to speak with Little A's grandfather. JR asked Little A to step out of the room. When they were alone, JR told David that he despised how David and Adam used children. David advised JR to relax. David promised that, as long as the Chandler's held up their end of the bargain, David considered their agreement a truce.

In the hallway, Gayle updated David on Adam's health. Gayle told David that Adam had been much more lucid recently. David decided that Adam's medication needed to be increased.

Scott went to Dr. Chappell's hotel room. Dr. Chappell had watched David's press conference on television. Dr. Chappell was horrified that Scott had not stopped the surgery before the defective heart valve had been implanted. Scott questioned if the valve was actually defective. Scott was certain that David would have noticed something was wrong with the valve. Dr. Chappell confirmed that he should have, but David had gone through with the surgery anyway.

Dr. Chappell gave Scott the instructions on how to fix the defect. Scott promised to have the problem corrected. Before Scott left, he tried to give Dr. Chappell a check. Dr. Chappell saw the check for what it was: payment for his silence. He felt betrayed by Scott. Dr. Chappell admitted that he thought Scott was better than people like Adam. Dr. Chappell refused to take the hush money.

The party was in full swing when Gayle approached Adam with a dose of medication. Adam initially refused to take it, but Gayle insisted. After Gayle stepped away, Scott joined Adam. He told Adam that Dr. Chappell had refused the payoff. Adam became frustrated when Scott explained that it wasn't about the money; Dr. Chappell wanted to help people.

Later, David revealed to Scott that he had spotted the defect with the heart valve. David had repaired it before he completed the surgery. David made it clear that the Chandlers had David to thank for saving them from disaster. David pointed out that if anything had happened to Ian, Zach would have held them all responsible.

Scott pulled JR aside to tell him that David had fixed the defect in the heart valve before the implant. JR asked if Scott had told Adam. To JR's relief, Scott verified that Adam was unaware of the extent of David's knowledge about the defective heart valve. JR advised Scott to keep his head down and his mouth shut.

Scott called Dr. Chappell. Before Dr. Chappell could reach for his phone, someone knocked on the hotel room door. Dr. Chappell ignored the phone to answer the door.

Adam started to give a toast, but he appeared to become confused. Erica quickly stepped in to cover for Adam. Erica made a toast and then turned the floor over to JR.

Scott returned to Dr. Chappell's hotel room. Scott let himself into the room when the doctor failed to answer the door. Scott found Dr. Chappell dead; it appeared that the doctor had hanged himself.

Zach couldn't shake the feeling that David was lying about something. When Kendall stepped away to get a cup of coffee, Zach noticed that something was wrong with Ian. Zach's voice was filled with concern as he called out Ian's name.



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