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All My Children Recaps: The week of May 11, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, May 11, 2009

Opal was alarmed when she saw Annie standing on Ryan's penthouse balcony. Aidan insisted that he didn't see anyone. Opal turned a look of disbelief on Aidan. When she returned her gaze to the balcony, Annie was gone. Opal was rattled by the incident, so she seemed unaware that Aidan had steered them both out of the apartment. She couldn't understand why her vision of Annie had been different from the last one.

At last, Opal realized that Aidan had been inside the apartment without Ryan's permission. Aidan admitted that he had broken into the apartment to find pictures of Emma for Annie. He implored Opal not to tell Ryan. Opal promised to be quiet as long as she didn't suspect any trouble. Aidan had little choice but to accept Opal's stipulation.

After Opal left, Aidan returned to Ryan's apartment. Annie was inside. She was delighted to see Aidan. Aidan asked Annie what she was doing in Pine Valley. Annie explained that she had to see Emma. Aidan was convinced that Annie had taken a dangerous risk. He urged Annie to leave town immediately.

Annie refused to budge until she saw Emma. Aidan grabbed Annie's hand, then her purse, as he started to drag her out of the apartment. Annie tried to snatch the purse away from Aidan. As the purse fell to the floor, it's contents spilled out. Among the items on the floor was a gun. Aidan was stunned when he noticed the weapon.

Annie insisted that she had brought the gun for protection. Aidan reminded Annie of the consequences if she had been caught with a gun. Aidan was more determined than ever to get Annie to safety before the authorities caught up with her. Annie finally agreed to leave with Aidan. In their haste to gather up Annie's belongings and her purse, Annie's wallet was left behind. In the hallway, Annie and Aidan slipped into the stairwell when they heard the elevator doors open.

In the back alley, Annie changed her mind about leaving. Aidan tried to stop her from entering the building again. In the struggle Aidan tumbled down a flight of stairs. Annie was momentarily stunned, but then raced to Aidan's side.

Aidan came to slowly; he quickly realized that his shoulder had been dislocated. Annie decided to pop the dislocated shoulder back into place herself. Afterwards, Annie informed him that she would call the shots from that point on. Her first decision was to see Emma. Annie sprinted into the building before Aidan could stop her.

At the hospital, Zach called out Ian's name. Kendall rushed into the room moments later. Zach explained that Ian did not look well. Zach insisted that the doctors examine Ian.

Jake raced into the room. Jake checked Ian out, but did not find anything wrong. Zach was certain that Jake had missed something. He demanded that Jake re-examine Ian. When Jake didn't find anything wrong with Ian, Zach ordered Jake to call David.

At the Chandler mansion, JR gave a toast to the success of the heart valve. During the speech, JR acknowledged Dr. Chappell's contribution. Afterwards, David pulled JR aside. David reminded JR that he owed the heart valve success to David because David had fixed the faulty heart valve.

Marissa approached David during the party to offer him hors d'oeuvres from a tray she had been serving from. Marissa didn't hide her displeasure with David over the bargain he had struck with Adam. She accused David of using children. Krystal overheard the argument. Krystal defended David's actions. Before he stormed off, David accused Marissa of not knowing what she was talking about.

Marissa admitted to Krystal that she had once thought highly of David. Krystal tried to explain how much Little A meant to David, but Marissa didn't think that David's love for his grandson justified David's actions.

David was annoyed when Jake called to ask if David had reviewed Ian's latest vital signs, which Jake had sent to David's PDA. David confirmed that the readings appeared normal. Jake implored David to return to the hospital to check on Ian. David said that he would be there later. Zach was furious when Jake relayed the message from David. Zach asked Kendall to keep an eye on their son, then left the hospital.

After JR's toast, Erica asked Adam if he had suffered another seizure. Adam insisted that he was fine, but Erica didn't believe him. Gayle stood nearby and quickly intervened. She suggested that Adam get some rest. Adam pounced on the excuse to walk away from Erica.

Adam retired to the sofa. When JR joined his father, he too seemed concerned about Adam's health. Adam changed the subject to avoid JR's uncomfortable questions. JR walked off in a fit of fury at the reminder of the lengths to which Adam had gone in order to have the Chandler heart valve implanted in Ian.

Adam went to Little A's room to warn his grandson to beware of David. Adam told Little A that David wanted to take Little A away from his family. Gayle eavesdropped on the conversation. After Adam returned to the party, Gayle sought out David. She told David about Adam's visit with Little A.

Opal arrived at the party, looking for Ryan. When Erica told Opal that Ryan had gone to the hospital to check on Kendall, Opal called Ryan on his cell phone.

Ryan ran into Angie at the hospital. Angie told Ryan about Frankie's injury. Ryan felt bad for Frankie's situation. He asked if Frankie would be home soon. Angie hoped so.

After Angie received a page, Ryan's cell phone rang. It was Opal. She told him that she had another vision of Annie, but the new one had been different. Opal was fairly certain that she had seen the real Annie standing on Ryan's balcony. Opal begged Ryan to go home to check out the penthouse.

When Ryan arrived home, he noticed that his front door was unlocked. Ryan looked around the penthouse, but didn't find anything amiss. A frantic called from Kendall sent Ryan rushing out of the door.

Opal was shaken after she had another terrifying vision in Adam's living room. In Opal's vision, the drapes were drenched in blood.

Krystal was ready to leave the party, but David wanted to visit Little A first. Krystal suggested that David not test their new liberal visitation arrangement. David asked Krystal whose side she was on. Krystal responded that she was on his side, but David ignored her. Moments later, in Little A's room, David tried to make plans with his grandson. Little A didn't seem interested in spending time with David. When David tried to ask Little A what was wrong, Little A ran off to play with Emma.

In the hallway, David told Gayle that he blamed Adam for Little A's reaction. David stormed downstairs to confront Adam. Before David could get out more than a couple of words, Zach marched into the party. Zach ordered David to check on Ian.

Erica stopped Gayle outside of the children's playroom. Erica complimented Gayle on her stunning bone structure, then asked if Gayle had ever modeled. Gayle smiled at the compliment. Gayle revealed that her only career had been as a nurse. Erica used Gayle's reply as a springboard to slyly question Gayle about David. Erica shrewdly studied her, as Gayle waxed poetic about David. Later, Erica spied on Gayle as Gayle talked to Little A about what a wonderful man David was.

Scott walked into Dr. Chappell's hotel room. He found the doctor hanging from the ceiling, a victim of an apparent suicide. After Scott called 9-1-1, he called JR. JR arrived shortly after Jesse arrived on the scene.

As Jesse questioned JR and Scott, JR revealed a possible motive for the doctor's suicide. JR told Jesse that Dr. Chappell had sold the rights to the heart valve before the doctor had realized it's true worth. JR asked if Jesse could keep it out of the paper. Jesse explained that Dr. Chappell was Jesse's priority, not JR's public image.

After Jesse left, Scott admitted that he was offended by JR's callous attitude toward the doctor. JR pointed out that he couldn't protect Dr. Chappell, but he could protect Chandler Enterprises. JR reminded Scott that David had fixed the heart valve, so they just had to hope that the repair held and Ian made a full recovery.

As the party drew to a close, Marissa found Krystal in the living room studying a picture of Babe. Marissa apologized for her earlier outburst about David. Krystal assured Marissa that she didn't harbor any ill will. Krystal understood that Marissa had stood up for what she had believed in. Marissa noticed the picture of Babe that Krystal held.

Krystal confessed that she missed Babe dearly. Marissa empathized with Krystal's grief. She pointed out that Krystal had much to be thankful for, including all the people in Krystal's life who loved her. Marissa counted herself among those who loved Krystal. Krystal didn't say anything; instead, Krystal ran out of the mansion.

Krystal went to Babe's graveside. Krystal sat on a bench as she spoke to her daughter. She told Babe that she missed her smiles, hugs, and, most of all, Babe's advice. Krystal confessed that she had messed up and was unable to make it right. Marissa had followed Krystal to Babe's grave and overheard Krystal's last words. Marissa asked what Krystal had done.

Jake realized something was wrong with Ian moments before the alarms went off. Luckily, David was on hand to examine Ian. David suspected that Ian had a mild arrhythmia and possible edema. As more alarms went off, David ordered Jake to administer additional medications to Ian.

At the hospital, in the hallway, Zach threatened to kill Adam if anything happened to Ian. Zach entered Ian's room. He demanded to know what was happening to his son. Jake and David ordered both Zach and Kendall to exit the room, so that the doctors could focus on their patient.

After Zach and Kendall left, Jake asked David if he knew what had prompted Ian's difficulties. David admitted that he had found a problem with the heart valve during the operation. David had repaired it, but feared that the patch had failed. David believed that a backflow of blood had compromised Ian's heart.

In the hallway, Adam ran into Jesse. Jesse explained that he was at the hospital investigating Dr. Chappell's suicide. Jesse noticed that Adam seemed genuinely surprised by the news. Jesse wondered why JR and Scott had not told Adam about the doctor's demise. JR and Scott remained sheepishly silent. Kendall, Zach, and Ryan overheard the shocking revelation about the doctor.

Before anyone could respond, David and Jake walked out of Ian's room to update the family on the child's condition. David confirmed that Zach had been correct; Ian's heart was in crisis. David suggested that Zach ask Adam what the problem with the heart valve was. All eyes turned to Adam.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Erica interrogated Adam's nurse, Gayle. Erica accused the nurse of working for David. Gayle denied the allegations and stated that she was a professional. Erica warned that she was watching Gayle.

Zach demanded to know what was wrong with his son. David gave Adam a dirty look and told Zach to ask Adam for answers. Zach said that he wanted to hear the news from David, so David revealed that the heart valve was defective and that the Chandlers knew all along. Adam quickly tried to cover his tracks and put the blame on David. Adam declared that the valve failed due to a surgical error.

Zach walked over to Scott. Zach inquired why Scott could not look him in the eye. Zach asked Scott if he knew that the valve was defective. With a sheepish look on his face, Scott said nothing. Zach and Kendall realized that the Chandlers allowed a defective valve to be put into their son. Zach lunged at Adam and threatened to kill him. Jesse removed Zach from the room.

David assured Kendall that he would help Ian. She asked if he could remove the valve and replace it with another. He explained that Ian was too weak for another surgery. He said that Ian would be put on a machine to operate the boy's heart and lungs for him. David said that once Ian was strong enough, he would perform surgery on the boy and fix the valve issue. David reminded Kendall that he saved her life and he hoped to do the same for her son.

Kendall was distraught and felt guilty for Ian's predicament. Ryan assured her that she was not to blame. She explained that she wanted Ian to have the new valve, but Zach was against it. She stated that if Ian died, it was her fault.

Zach told Kendall that he was tired of praying for Ian to be healthy. He felt that his prayers did not matter because Ian continued to face fatal dilemmas. Tears ran down Zach's face as he told Kendall that he could not wait around for his son to die.

Kendall told Ryan that she needed to do more to save Ian. Ryan felt that she did everything in her power to help her son. Kendall revealed that she wanted to do more to help Zach, as well.

Kendall entered Ian's hospital room. She was surprised that Zach was not there. A nurse explained that Zach had been holding his son's hand and then suddenly left. The nurse stated that Zach had a weird look on his face. Kendall looked worried.

Annie broke into the Chandlers' mansion to see Emma. Annie found Emma asleep in a bedroom. Annie sat next to Emma and looked adoringly at the girl. Emma awoke and was excited to see her mother. Annie urged Emma to go back to sleep, so Emma shut her eyes. Then, Gayle entered the room to close an open window. Annie hid in the shadows, gun in hand. Gayle did not notice Annie and left the room.

Ryan went to the mansion to pick up Emma. Annie heard Ryan coming, so she climbed out of a window to escape. Ryan woke Emma and told her it was time to leave. Emma asked if her mother was coming, too. Ryan looked confused.

David found Adam in the hospital. David threw Adam into a chair and put a scalpel to his throat. David was furious with Adam because he turned Little Adam against him. Adam chuckled and told David that he lost. David reminded Adam that they had made a deal.

Adam advised David to forget about Little Adam and concentrate on his child. David wondered if Adam was referring to his unborn child with Amanda. Adam then revealed that Marissa was David's daughter. David looked stunned.

Erica saw David with a scalpel to Adam's throat and rushed to Adam's rescue. David put down the weapon and issued Adam a threat. David swore to kill Adam if Marissa was his daughter. David stated that Adam was through destroying lives. After David left, Adam asked Erica to take him home.

Adam admitted to Erica that he went too far with the heart valve. She assured Adam that Ian's complications were not his fault, since he did not know the valve was defective. He shot her a guilty look, so she asked him if he knew that the valve was defective. He explained that he did not know it was defective until it was too late.

Erica was furious with Adam. She could not believe that he would put Ian's life in danger. She was also stunned that Adam kept quiet when he discovered the valve was defective. He stated that he was trying to save his company and his family. She recalled being a good friend to Adam, but she regretted it.

Adam begged Erica not to leave. He said that she was all he had left. He revealed that he changed his will and made Erica the executor. She told him that she wanted no part of his will, since it consisted of nothing but debt and liabilities. He was certain that she would correct the errors he made.

Just as Erica was about to leave the mansion, she noticed Gayle bringing Adam his medication. Erica yelled for Adam not to take the pills.

JR and Scott met with their lawyer, Barry. Barry wanted to "spin" the heart valve debacle. Barry suggested that they pin the failed valve on David. Barry also wanted to downplay Dr. Chappell's suicide. Scott and JR decided to tell the truth, which surprised Barry. They told Barry to set up a press conference, so they could set the record straight.

Krystal sat next to Babe's grave and cried. Krystal told her dead daughter that she had made too many mistakes. Just then, Marissa approached Krystal and inquired why she was so upset. Krystal looked worried and tried to get Marissa away from the grave, but she was unsuccessful. Marissa saw the gravestone and noticed that she and Babe shared a birthday. Krystal nervously chuckled and noted that it was a "coincidence."

Marissa seemed unnerved and began to ask Krystal questions. Marissa inquired why Krystal visited her frequently throughout her childhood. Marissa also wondered why Krystal went to find her after her parents died. Then, Marissa's eyes widened and she asked, "Are you my mother?" Krystal cried as she admitted to being Marissa's parent. Marissa was shocked and confused.

Krystal explained that she could not take care of two babies, so she had to give one of them away. Marissa asked how Krystal decided to give her away, instead of Babe. Krystal said that she pointed to one of the babies, without looking, and chose which one to give up. Krystal wished that she could have kept both babies, but she stated that she needed the money. Marissa was even more horrified because she realized that Krystal did not just give her away, but her mother actually sold her.

Krystal explained that she and Babe led a rocky life. Krystal was happy that Marissa grew up in a loving, stable home. Still, Krystal missed Marissa, so she befriended her adoptive parents in order to spend time with her child. Krystal explained that her adoptive parents never knew that Krystal was Marissa's biological mother. Krystal swore that she loved Marissa just as much as she loved Babe. Krystal tried to hug Marissa, but Marissa wanted no part of it. Marissa exclaimed, "Stay the hell away from me!"

Krystal went home and found David sitting alone in the dark. Krystal assumed that David was upset because of Ian. David said that, even though so much was going wrong with his life, he was glad to have a loving and loyal wife. He hugged her and called her the "mother of his children." She looked alarmed to hear him say "children." He then stated, "I know."

David grabbed Krystal by the arms and she writhed in pain. He was disgusted that Krystal would keep his child from him. She admitted that she was wrong and wished that she had told him the truth sooner. She urged him to kill her because she deserved it. Suddenly, Marissa entered the room and yelled for David to let Krystal go.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

David grabbed Krystal in a fit of rage. She told him to kill her because she deserved it. Marissa entered the room and yelled for David to unhand Krystal. David was glad to see Marissa. Marissa announced that she had something to tell them.

Marissa affirmed that she did not consider Krystal and David to be her parents. Marissa explained that she loved her adoptive parents very much and that they were her true parents, regardless of DNA. David and Krystal tried to console Marissa, but she did not want to hear it. Marissa told Krystal, "You're not my mother! My mother is dead!" Krystal ran out of the house.

David reminded Marissa that he was kept in the dark about her true identity, as well. Marissa warned David not to use the "empathy card" with her. She felt that David was a control freak that collected children as if they were art. She said that David lashed out on the world whenever his children did not obey him. Marissa stated that she was leaving town because she did not want a relationship with him.

Krystal went to the hospital because she had an anxiety attack. As Angie checked on her, Krystal revealed that she was Marissa's mother. Angie urged Krystal to reach out to Marissa. Angie thought that Krystal was making herself sick due to the emotions she bottled up.

David visited Babe's grave. He told Babe that she had a sister. He feared that Marissa was not like Babe, but more like him. He thought that Marissa was never happy with what she had. He felt Marissa shared his insatiable desire to always have more. He stated that his life was empty due to this character flaw. He wished that Marissa did not follow in his footsteps.

JR and Scott were at the yacht club. Scott revealed that his work on the heart valve was not just about saving lives. Scott said that, after his mother died, his involvement in the valve was a means to escape his family and his problems. JR understood and told Scott that he would handle the press conference. Scott said that he wanted to speak to the press. Scott promised to tell the truth instead of spinning the details.

Marissa went to the yacht club and told JR that she was Babe's twin. JR looked as though he had seen a ghost. Marissa thought that JR should hear the news from her. He coldly stated that Marissa was nothing like Babe. He then wished that she never told him, and stormed out of the club.

Scott noticed that Marissa was upset. Marissa told Scott the news about her relationship to Babe. She planned to leave town and live far away. He informed her that she could not run away from her problems.

Krystal went to Babe's grave and saw David there. She explained to David that she had to give away Marissa because she was poor and desolate at the time. Krystal believed that she did the right thing for Marissa by providing her with a stable home. David was calm and noted that they needed to rely on each other for comfort, instead of relying on Babe's memory. Then, they hugged. Meanwhile, they did not know that Marissa was eavesdropping on their conversation.

Jesse and Angie were at the hospital. Angie could not stop thinking about Frankie. She felt bad that Frankie hurt his hands, especially since he was interested in becoming a surgeon. She wished that she could be with her son in his time of need. Jesse assured her that Randi and Brot would take care of their son.

Kendall saw Jesse and told him that she could not find Zach. Jesse looked concerned and asked Kendall to call Zach. She called Zach, but he did not answer. Jesse had a hunch as to where Zach went.

Emma was asleep in the Chandler's nursery when Ryan woke her up. He told the girl that it was time to leave. She asked if her mother was going home with them. He looked confused and told her that Annie was not there. Unaware that Annie was in Pine Valley, he assumed that Emma dreamt she saw her mother.

Erica told Adam not to take the pills that Gayle gave him. Adam was confused, so Erica explained that Gayle was David's spy. Gayle adamantly denied the claim, but Erica was convinced that the nurse secretly worked for David. Gayle said that the nurse/patient relationship was tarnished, due to Erica's accusations, so she quit her job at the mansion.

Erica was surprised that Adam did not realize Gayle was insincere. Erica noted that Adam was "slipping." He implied that he knew all along and that he was watching to see how far David would go.

Zach busted into the mansion. Adam demanded to know what Zach wanted. Zach replied, "Justice." Zach proceeded to interrogate Adam about the valve. Zach wished to know if Adam knew the valve was defective before it was put into Ian.

Adam stated that he did not know the valve was defective until it was too late. Adam explained that, once the Chandlers learned of the defect, Scott tried to stop the surgery, but it had already started. Zach was furious because Adam did not mention the defect at all. Zach raised his arm to punch Adam, but Ryan stopped him.

Ryan and Erica urged Zach to leave the mansion. Ryan told Zach that Ian needed him at the hospital, not in jail. Erica agreed and encouraged Zach to return to the hospital to be with Ian and Kendall.

Ryan escorted Zach to the front door. It seemed that Zach was about to leave, but instead he punched Ryan and knocked him out. Zach ran into the living room and locked the door. Zach approached Adam and stated, "I'm going to do this the right way." Zach took a red marker and drew an "X" in the middle of Adam's forehead. Zach said that he would shoot Adam on the "X" if anything happened to Ian.

Kendall, Jesse, and an officer arrived at the mansion. Jesse told Zach to step away from Adam. Then, the officer handcuffed Zach. Adam wanted Zach arrested for assault, and breaking and entering. Adam asked Erica and Ryan to confirm his story, but they said nothing. The officer escorted Zach to the front door, away from Adam.

Jesse urged Adam not to press charges against Zach. Jesse promised to keep Zach away from Adam, but Jesse also asked Adam to show Zach compassion. Jesse reminded Adam that Zach was out of his mind with worry for Ian. Erica chimed in that she would make sure Adam did not press charges.

Jesse told the officer to let Zach go. Zach was pleased to learn that he was a free man since Adam did not press charges.

Adam was annoyed that Erica allowed Zach to assault him. Erica commented that she should have let Zach throttle Adam. Adam then unlocked one of his guns. She told him to put the gun away, but he refused. JR came home and Adam, still on edge, pointed the gun at his son. JR told his father to lock up the gun. Adam stated that the gun was his only form of protection since everyone wanted him dead.

Kendall and Zach returned to the hospital and visited Ian. Kendall hoped that Ian would make a full recovery. Still, she noted that, if their son died, the police would be watching Zach closely. She promised Zach that she would kill Adam if anything happened to Ian. Zach told her that she needed to concentrate on Spike. She assured him that she would be smart about it and not get caught. Zach smiled and looked at Kendall with renewed affection.

Ryan noticed Kendall and Zach having an intense conversation. Ryan inquired what they were planning. Kendall said that she and Zach had arrived at an understanding. Ryan asked if he could help. She said that he could help by not asking any more questions.

Aidan was still where Annie left him, tied to a pipe in the basement of Ryan's building. Annie returned to tell Aidan that she planned to kidnap Emma. Annie explained that, although she loved Aidan, Emma was her first priority. He said that he would help her and offered to draw her a map of the building, so she could sneak into Ryan's penthouse undetected. Just as she was about to untie him, she realized that he was tricking her into letting him go. She refused to untie him, and she left.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

David stopped by the Chandler mansion for his visitation with his grandson. Adam immediately stirred up trouble and asked why David hadn't offered thanks for the information Adam had given about Marissa. When met with silence, Adam drove the pain home and noted that nothing David did would make up for the fact that Krystal sold Marissa when Marissa was an infant.

David collected himself and went into the Chandler parlor to collect Little Adam. He was dismayed, however, when the little boy insisted that he wanted no part of spending time with David. David tried to soothe Little Adam, but none of his tactics worked. Adam encouraged David to leave, as it was obviously best to leave the child at home.

Colby returned home and had Emma in tow. She asked her nephew if he wanted to go to the park and get ice cream. She was shocked when the little boy opted to stay home with his father. JR suggested that Little Adam and Emma watch the new Disney movie they'd purchased and eat ice cream from the kitchen. The kids took off and Colby noted that once the kids were sequestered, she wanted an update of what had happened.

Krystal was shocked when Marissa showed up at Wildwind, but Marissa quickly crushed any hopes of a happy reunion. Marissa admitted that she'd overheard the conversation Krystal and David had as they stood by Babe's grave. Krystal apologized again, and Marissa told her that David had said the same thing, but she'd been too angry to hear it.

Marissa then said that even though she was still angry, she was able to step back and look at the situation objectively. Although she was a long way from forgiveness, Marissa said that she needed to make some sort of peace before she left town. She noted that when Krystal sold her, she had given Marissa a gift of two amazing parents who made her strong and independent.

Marissa then returned the tuition check that Krystal had written, and Krystal was stunned. She thought that Marissa was unable to get the check back, but Marissa said she'd spoken to the dean and got him to refund it. Krystal worried that Marissa would have a hard time paying for school, but Marissa assured her that she could do it on her own again. Krystal told Marissa that she wanted to help, but as David walked in, Marissa denied that help, and added that she never wanted to see either of her birth parents again.

David told Marissa that she needed to catch the first bus out of town and never look back. Aghast, Krystal demanded that he retract his words, but David refused. He told Marissa that she was right when she said he was obsessed with his offspring, and told her that she needed to get as far away from him as she could. Hurt brimmed in the young girl's eyes as she did what she'd been told to do.

Krystal wanted to know why David had practically thrown Marissa out of the house, but David's response was that Krystal needed to get away from him, as well. Krystal thought that David would never forgive her because she'd cost him his family in so many ways. David noted that while Adam was able to uncover secrets that eventually cost David his grandson and his daughter, David could not ignore Krystal's part in what happened.

Because Krystal thought it easier to lie to her husband than to trust him, she gave Adam the ammunition he needed to back David into a corner. Moreover, when David grieved the loss of his children, Krystal stayed silent about Marissa. He wondered what other secrets she had, but she promised that there was nothing more to confess and that she would never lie again. He told her that the damage had already been done, and when his beeper went off, he was more than happy to leave Krystal on her own.

Tad was in the middle of showing Jesse all of the evidence he'd put together to prove that Adam was guilty of Dixie's murder. Opal interrupted them, and although Tad tried to get her to leave them alone, his attempt was staunched when Opal had a vision. Jesse and Tad asked what was wrong, and Opal told them that she needed to warn Ryan. Each of the men grabbed one of Opal's arms and helped her to take a seat on the couch. She explained to them that lately, all her visions were of people covered in blood. She then told Tad and Jesse that she was sure someone would die before the day ended.

Opal left the house to track down Ryan, which allowed Jesse and Tad to return to the examination of Tad's evidence. Jesse surmised that all of the evidence was circumstantial, and that until something more concrete turned up, Jesse had to believe that the right man was behind bars. Angered, Tad told Jesse that he should at least have the courtesy to arrest Adam and take him down to the station for questioning.

At the hospital, Kendall woke up and was frantic when she couldn't find Zach. She ran out into the hall and asked Ryan if he'd seen Zach. Before Ryan could answer, Kendall spotted Zach as he walked down the hall. Grateful, she pulled Zach aside and told him that she was worried that he'd gone to hurt Adam. Zach assured her that if he killed Adam, she would know it.

Ryan got a moment to talk to Zach and shared that until he saw Zach's threat on Adam's life, he believed Zach to be the kind of person that walked away from things in his life. After a moment of silence and a wayward glance at a guard stationed near the exit, Zach confirmed that if his son died, he would exact revenge upon Adam.

Scott stopped by to see his father and bared his soul about his personal shortcomings. Despite all that had gone wrong with the valve, Stuart said he still believed that Scott's credibility was intact. Stuart then asked Scott if he still believed in what the valve could do; when he got an affirmative answer, Stuart told Scott that he needed to focus on his commitment and all of the good he could do in the future. Scott took a deep breath and then, done with corporate talk for a while, invited his father to spend some quality time with him. Almost giddy, Stuart happily agreed.

Jesse told Tad that even if he took Adam down to the station, the evidence they had wouldn't make Adam crumble and confess. Before Tad could add on more pressure, Jesse's phone rang. When he ended the call, Jesse told Tad that he needed to go to the hospital to contain Zach, on the off chance that something happened to Ian. Jesse noted that they would have to talk about Tad's theories later.

When the elder Chandler men were alone again, JR warned his father not to play the same games with Little Adam as he did with David. Adam noted that his MO was to act first, while JR preferred to sit back and hope that life worked out okay. JR was convinced that eventually Adam's actions would get him killed, and Adam thought that ending would be exactly what his son would want.

Then, as Scott ambled into the room, Adam revealed that he'd adjusted his will so that if anything happened to him, Scott would take control of the family company. JR was taken aback, but Adam said that JR's continual disappointments made the choice easy. He then told JR that it would be best for JR if Adam stayed alive as long as possible. Adam walked away and left the two young men to digest the latest information.

Scott insisted that he had no prior knowledge of Adam's announcement, and then said that JR could run the company with him. JR expressed no interest in a deal like that, but did find that it was cause for celebration. He poured a drink for both of them from his father's bar, even though Scott insisted that JR didn't need it.

JR then said that if Scott didn't want to celebrate with him, he was free to leave. Scott wisely noted that no matter what happened with Chandler Enterprises, Little Adam would always need his father. Scott walked out and, seemingly unfazed, JR poured Scott's drink into his own glass and began to wash down his pain with alcohol.

Opal found Ryan at the hospital and in the process of telling him about her visions, she revealed that Aidan had been in Ryan's penthouse. She confessed that Aidan had planned to take some of Emma's things to send to Annie. Outraged, Ryan excused himself and went over to Jesse to ask if he would arrest Aidan.

Jesse was reluctant, because he felt overwhelmed, but Ryan insisted that something needed to be done. He went on to ask if Jesse could track down Annie, as Opal had noted that she'd seen Annie at the penthouse as well. Jesse made some calls but told Ryan it would be a few hours before he found out about any updates. Jesse then went over to the officer on guard and told him to head back down to the station, as Jesse had things covered at the hospital.

As they looked over their infant son, Zach and Kendall confirmed that if their son died, and Zach was detained, Kendall would take control to make sure that Adam paid for what he'd done.

Adam found his brother out on the grounds and told him that Scott would take over the family company when Adam died. Stuart thought that JR would be the more likely choice, but Adam stated that his son had used up all of his chances. Stuart was worried about how being the head of the company would change Scott, but Adam was sure that Scott would continue to be the stand-up man he'd always been.

JR headed over to the Martin household and, as soon as he walked in, he began to berate Tad for his slipshod handling of Adam. Tad was sure that the evidence would add up to a conviction, but JR wasn't so sure. He pointed out that Adam had held back information on Kathy's whereabouts, and yet Tad hadn't taken out Adam when the chance presented itself. Tad took in all of the signals and asked his stepson if he'd had any alcohol.

JR admitted that he'd had a few drinks in celebration of the changes to Adam's will. Tad tried to convince JR that he didn't need Chandler Enterprises to know who he was. Opal showed up then, fearful of what omens the storm outside forecast. In an effort to keep everyone in check, Tad simply noted that he still needed to investigate.

JR thought that Tad had gone soft, and said that someone needed to stop Adam before he caused any more pain. Lightning struck, and the lights went out momentarily. When they came back on, JR was gone.

Krystal tried to calm down from the events of the night, but when she alit on a picture of her with David, her anger flared. She grabbed her things and headed out into the night. A short while later, she showed up at the Chandler Mansion and tried to sneak in. The storm caused the lights to dim for a moment, and when they came back on, she saw that Adam had a gun pointed at her.

David arrived at the hospital, and Jake gave him Ian's grim prognosis and then shot down every alternative David suggested. David lamented the trust he'd put in something with the Chandler name on it. Painfully, he made his way to Zach and Kendall and told them that Ian would most likely pass away before morning.

At the train station, Marissa got choked up when she saw a poster about Mother's Day. Meanwhile, across town, her father walked outside the gates of the Chandler estate for a few moments before he unsheathed his gun from his waistband. David prepared it for quick use moments before JR knocked him unconscious with a rock. JR took the gun and left the doctor where he landed.

Tad told his mother that even though he hated Adam, he owed him a warning about JR's likely intentions. However, when the phone rang in the Chandler house, Krystal begged Adam not to answer it. Amused, Adam sat the gun down and waited to hear what Krystal had to say. She quickly made it clear that she blamed Adam for the shambles that her life was in, but Adam pointed out that the only thing he did was use her secret constructively. Outraged that he would make light of her problems, Krystal grabbed his gun, cocked it, pointed it at Adam, and told him that she had nothing left to lose.

Kendall cried as she rambled on about how their son had to be strong enough to come back to them. Zach told her that every beep the machine made meant that their son was still with them, and said that they needed to hold on to that. Just then, the machine started to falter and soon settled into a flat line. Kendall demanded that the nurse help Ian, but the nurse told them there was nothing she could do.

Zach barged out of the room, intent on taking his revenge out on Adam, but Jesse stopped him. Zach was prepared to fight his way out, but settled down when Jesse drew his gun. Jesse told him that although he could understand that Zach wanted to let out his anger over the loss of his son, it wasn't the right thing to do. Zach managed to make eye contact with Kendall, who knew what to do and took off before anyone could stop her.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Kendall and Zach were horrified when Ian flatlined. Kendall begged the nurse to save her son, but the nurse couldn't help Ian. Jake and Angie rushed into the room then tried to resuscitate Ian. When Ian failed to respond to efforts to save his life, Zach stormed out of the room, with murderous intent.

Jesse stopped Zach from leaving the hospital. Jesse reminded Zach that killing Adam wouldn't bring Ian back. Zach returned to Ian's room as the doctors continued to work on the boy. Ryan stood nearby.

As time passed, it became more difficult for Zach to watch as the doctors worked on his son. Zach walked out when it became too much for him to bear. Moments later, Jesse asked Ryan where Zach had gone. Ryan told Jesse that Zach had joined Kendall in the chapel.

Ryan suggested that Jesse leave the grieving parents alone for awhile. Jesse returned to Ian's room. Jake refused to give up on Ian. His stubbornness paid off when Jake managed to get a weak pulse from Ian. Jesse asked Ryan to fetch Zach and Kendall; their son was alive.

When Zach and Kendall failed to arrive in Ian's room, Jesse realized that Ryan had lied. Zach and Kendall had not been in the chapel. Jesse suspected that the Slaters had gone to Adam's home. Jesse assigned a police officer to Ian's room then headed over to the Chandler mansion.

Annie decided to spirit Emma away. Aidan tried to persuade Annie to let him go, to no avail. Anne didn't trust that Aidan would not to interfere with her plans to snatch Emma from the Chandler mansion. After Annie left, Aidan managed to free himself by cutting through the ropes that had bound his hands.

At the Martin residence, Tad decided to go to the Chandler mansion when he failed to reach Adam by phone. Opal begged Tad not to go, but Tad ignored his mother's warnings.

Stuart caught Annie lurking at the front gates of the Chandler mansion. Annie assured Stuart that all of the charges against her had been dropped and her troubles were behind her. Stuart believed Annie. As Stuart headed to the house, Annie pretended to leave.

When Stuart was out of sight, Annie snuck back onto the estate. Once she was inside the mansion, Annie found the main breaker box. She flipped the switches until the mansion was plunged into darkness. Upstairs in his bedroom, Little A was frightened when the lights went out.

JR found David skulking around the front gates of the mansion. JR hit David from behind, and then picked up David's gun. David regained consciousness minutes later. As David stumbled towards the mansion, Kendall approached the gates. She recalled her promise to Zach to kill Adam if Ian died.

Krystal confronted Adam in his living room. She refused to let Adam answer his phone when it rang. When she spotted a gun on the wet bar, Krystal grabbed it. Krystal aimed the gun at Adam while she accused him of ruining her life. Krystal was livid because Adam had told David about Marissa. Krystal blamed Adam for Marissa and David walking out on her.

Adam had little sympathy for Krystal. He accused Krystal of ruining her own life. Adam reminded Krystal that it had been her choice to sell one of her children. Adam dared Krystal to shoot him. Adam kept pushing Krystal until she finally pulled the trigger.

Adam laughed when the gun failed to discharge. Stunned, Krystal dropped the gun. JR sauntered into the room seconds later. It was clear, by his slurred words, that JR was drunk. Adam wanted JR to call the police, so that he could press charges against Krystal for attempted murder. JR chuckled as he suggested that it was his turn to take a shot at Adam. JR assured Adam that his gun was loaded, so JR had nine opportunities to hit his target. The men barely paid attention to Krystal as she ran out of the room.

Adam scoffed at the idea of JR committing patricide. Adam accused JR of being a "pathetic drunk" who couldn't hit "the broadside of a barn." JR ignored his father's insults. JR wondered if Adam thought he had gotten away with Dixie's murder. Adam ridiculed JR for suspecting him of murdering Dixie. JR was undaunted. JR speculated that Babe, not Dixie, had been Adam's intended target.

Adam switched tactics; he suggested that JR didn't really want Adam to die. Adam revealed that Krystal, as well as others, wanted to kill Adam. Adam hoped that JR would help him; Adam was certain that people, who meant Adam harm, were on their way. JR laughed as he told Adam that his money was on David being the first to arrive. Adam appeared rattled as he asked JR why he thought David would show up at the mansion. JR's response was to ask, "Where do you think I got the gun?"

For the first time, Adam appeared concerned. His hands were shaking as he reached for his bottle of pills. JR noticed Adam's reaction, but had little sympathy for his father. Tad walked into the living and stopped short when he saw JR with the gun.

Tad pleaded with JR to hand the gun to Tad. Tad promised that justice would be served. Tad intended to take Adam to the police station so that Adam could be questioned about Dixie's murder. JR handed his gun to Tad. Tad advised JR remain at the house with Little A. JR walked out of the living room while Tad led Adam to the front door.

Adam managed to evade Tad. The two men struggled briefly before Adam overpowered Tad. Tad was knocked unconscious. Adam insisted that he had not killed Dixie then he slipped away.

Kendall ducked behind some patio furniture when she heard someone approach. While Kendall huddled out of sight, a mystery woman walked past the patio. When the coast was clear Kendall crept into the mansion. Kendall found the gun, which Krystal had dropped earlier, on the living room floor. Kendall picked the gun up then made her way to the foyer.

Kendall saw Tad, unconscious, on the floor. As she approached Tad, he slowly came to. His vision was fuzzy as Kendall leaned over him to check his injury. Tad called out her name, but Kendall did not respond. Instead, Kendall continued looking for Adam.

Zach gained access to the Chandler mansion through the patio doors. When Zach stepped into the foyer, Tad was gone. However, the gun he had taken from JR was on the ground. Zach picked the gun up then left the foyer.

Ryan walked into the Chandler home a short time later. Ryan called out Kendall's name when he thought he saw her standing in the shadows.

Krystal ran into David as she fled Adam's house. David was surprised to see Krystal. Krystal told David about her encounter with Adam. She admitted that she had tried to shoot Adam, but discovered that the gun had not been loaded. Krystal realized that David intended to find Adam.

Krystal begged David not to go to the house. She told him that JR was drunk and armed with a gun. According to David, JR was too much of a coward to kill Adam. Krystal realized that David wanted Adam dead. David didn't deny it. He reminded Krystal that Adam had hurt everyone David had cared about.

Later, David found Little A wandering in the foyer. David scooped Little A into his arms then carried his grandson to the child's bedroom. David was surprised to find Emma in the room. He told the children to stay together and to keep their door closed. David explained that he had to talk to Adam, so he wanted the kids to stay in the bedroom. After David left, Annie slipped into the bedroom.

Emma was delighted to see her mother. Annie confided that she had plans to run away with Emma. Annie was startled when the bedroom door suddenly flew open. Little A called out, "Grandpa?" when he saw Adam standing in the doorway. Adam and Annie's eyes locked for a moment before Adam turned away. Annie quickly gave chase.

Krystal was alarmed when she encountered Tad on the grounds of the Chandler estate. Krystal noticed that Tad was bleeding from a head injury. Tad explained what had happened and confided that he was worried about JR. Tad believed that Adam behaved as if someone wanted to kill him.

Krystal revealed that she had tried to shoot Adam. Tad was stunned; he noticed that Krystal seemed a bit dazed. He asked her if she was on drugs. Krystal admitted that she had taken a couple of pills. Tad suggested that she go home.

Krystal refused to leave because she was worried about David. Tad realized that David had access to two guns: the one that Krystal had dropped and the one that Tad had left in the foyer. Tad decided to return to the house.

JR was drinking heavily when someone with a flashlight approached him. The light temporarily blinded JR, so he had no idea who stood before him. JR was unprepared when the person suddenly threw water into his face. By the time JR recovered, the person was gone. JR staggered through the halls of his home until he spotted Annie. Annie tried to get away from JR, but JR managed to catch her.

Elsewhere in the house, Adam stood in the center of the living room. He had no idea that three guns were aimed at him. Zach, Kendall, and David stood in hidden locations, unaware of each other, completely focused on their target: Adam. Tad lurked nearby.

Opal, Krystal, and Aidan were gathered at the gates of the mansion when they heard a shot ring out.

Inside the living room, Adam collapsed to the ground. As his eyes slowly closed, he was haunted by all of the recent accusations and threats against him. The last words Adam heard were his own, "I must die for all I have done to all of you."



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