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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 11, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, May 11, 2009

From her couch, Katie watched a segment of Kim's show on surrogacy and Vienna's baby. She was still despairing of her lost baby, and Brad was worried about her. She had not slept at all, so Brad volunteered to get her something to help.

Vienna asked Henry if he thought Brad and Katie would ever forgive them for breaking their promise. Henry hoped they would, and he was counting on their realizing that he and Vienna had not broken their trust on purpose. He was still anxious about being a parent, but he was willing to share the life experience with Vienna. He got her feeling more cheerful and offered his credit card so that she could buy more maternity clothes. A cheered-up Vienna took off for Fashions.

In Old Town, Vienna ran into Brad, who was picking up sleeping pills for Katie. She asked about Katie, but he only said that she was devastated and that Henry and Vienna should have told the truth from the beginning.

At the police station, Lucy told Margo that she had never meant for Craig to get in trouble. Lucinda walked in for a visit, so Margo left them alone. The girl told her grandmother that Damian had offered her the use of his ships for humanitarian purposes, but Lucinda did not think the Damian she knew had a generous bone in his body.

At home, Luke told his folks that he couldn't sleep because he was thinking about Lucy's smuggling medical supplies with Damian's help. He told them about Damian's plan to help Lucy, but no one knew any details. Meanwhile, Damian told his henchman to put out the word among the unscrupulous crowd that he was willing to use his ships for shady purposes in order to make extra cash. His man asked since when were the Grimaldi ships in the gun-smuggling business, and Damian responded that he had issued an order and his man was to make it happen.

Katie's doorbell rang, so she answered it and found Vienna outside her door. Vienna tried to be friendly, but Katie attempted to shut the door on her. Vienna jerked and grabbed her stomach, so Katie asked her if she was okay. Vienna smiled and said she had just felt the baby move. Katie invited her in to sit a minute, and then she put her hand on Vienna's belly. The baby kicked, and the two of them began talking. Vienna apologized for waiting so long to tell Katie that the baby she was carrying was Henry's, because she had not wanted to dash her friend's hopes.

Out of the blue, Katie asked if it was still possible that she and Brad could raise the baby. Vienna said she would have to think about that, and, of course, discuss it with Henry. Katie was sure Henry would agree, so she hugged Vienna. Brad walked in and was surprised to see his wife happy once more. After Vienna left, Katie announced she had "fixed everything," and Brad finally understood what Katie was wanting. His response was, "Absolutely not!"

Lily and Holden discussed the advisability of Luke's staying away from Damian, for the time being, with Luke and Noah. Noah left for work, and Luke went with him. Noah knew his boyfriend had no intention of staying away from Damian, and he warned him to be careful. They arrived at Java, and Luke announced that he had to take off for a while. Noah scolded him for not heeding his parents' warning, but Luke said he only wanted to talk to his birth father. He wanted answers, but Noah was worried about Luke's safety.

Fredo called Damian and asked if Damian could provide shipping that was "under the radar." Damian told him where his office was located, but Fredo refused to go there. Damian then suggested the man meet him on the docks in ten minutes. Damian walked out to wait for Fredo, but it was Luke who showed up. Damian told him he should not be there, and he tried to get Luke to leave.

Damian finally told his son he was waiting for someone, and Luke said he would wait with him. Damian got angry and said Luke would just be in the way, and he acted in a hurtful manner. He insisted that Luke go, but Luke countered with an ultimatum: either Luke could walk away forever or Damian could explain his bizarre behavior. Damian shoved Luke away, and the boy kept on walking, but he turned around in time to see someone approaching Damian. Luke hid behind an office and watched.

Vienna went to the diner and told Henry that she had visited Katie instead of shopping. She explained about their talk, and Henry was sad for Katie and Brad. He said he would do anything to stop their despair, so Vienna asked if he would reconsider and think about giving their baby to their friends, after all. "Our baby?" asked Henry, followed by an "Absolutely not!" Vienna attempted to convince Henry to let Brad and Katie take the baby, because Vienna could make another one for them.

Lily and Holden stopped at Java to see if Luke wanted to go with them to the police station to see Lucy. Noah said Luke was "running errands," so Holden immediately asked if the errands concerned Damian. Noah admitted that they did, so Lily tried to call Damian, but he did not answer.

Fredo appeared on the docks, and Damian asked him if he could get his guns to the ship without being noticed. Fredo nodded yes, and Damian realized that he had used Grimaldi ships before. Fredo volunteered that this time, Damian, himself, would get a cut. Damian pulled a gun, but Fredo jumped and overpowered him. Luke watched and then made a run to protect Damian, but Fredo had picked up a pipe. He was about to clobber Damian, but Luke grabbed his arm and stopped him. Next, Fredo pulled a knife and focused on Luke, but Noah, holding Damian's revolver, ordered him to drop it.

At the Oakdale police station, Holden and Lily arrived, and Lucinda asked them to explain to Lucy that there was no possibility of Damian's getting her out of there. Holden instead asked Lucy if she knew where Damian was, but she did not. He was worried that Luke was looking for Damian and might get into trouble. Margo interrupted to ask why no one in the Snyder-Walsh family could keep out of police business, but Lucinda persuaded her to track down both Damian and Luke.

Back on the docks, Fredo lunged with his knife for Luke, and Noah fired. Fredo fell to the dock, and Damian divested Noah of the weapon. Luke ran to Noah, as Margo walked up. Damian handed her the gun and introduced her to Fredo.

Brad and Katie continued to discuss taking the baby, but Brad was sure that Henry would not go for it. Katie was getting really wound up, as Brad reminded her that their best friends had lied to them on numerous occasions. Katie begged Brad to change his mind and agree to raise the baby, and Brad gave in. Katie ran to get dressed, while a numb Brad questioned his sanity.

Henry and Vienna argued about the baby, as well, but their argument dissolved into kisses. Brad and Katie knocked on their door, and Brad walked in announcing that their answer was "yes!" Henry asked what the question was, so Brad explained it was their offer to give the baby to Brad and Katie to raise. Henry was stunned as Katie threw her arms around him in gratitude.

Henry stammered and stuttered, until Brad figured out that their friends had changed their minds again. Katie could not believe that was happening, and she implored Henry to do the right thing and keep his promise. Brad was very angry at Vienna for raising Katie's hopes again, and he dragged his wife away.

Luke and Noah ran into the police station, and Damian followed. Holden began ragging on Damian, but Luke stopped him. Damian explained that the best way he could think of to help Lucy was to find Fredo, and he had set a trap, which Fredo had fallen for. He told everyone how Noah had saved him with his fast thinking and good aim, and Margo had Fredo in custody and he was confessing to the murder.

Lucy was very relieved. When Margo entered, she gave her standard lecture to the boys about playing cops - again. She also told Lucy she was free to go, but before Lucy left, she made sure to tell Luke that Damian had helped her transport her medical supplies in order to prove to Luke that his father had changed.

Holden walked outside the interview room and made some snide comments to Damian. He berated him for once again putting Luke in danger and asked what it would take to get Damian out of Luke's life for good. Damian claimed that it had been an accident that Luke had gotten caught in the crossfire again, and he and Holden raised their voices. Luke joined them and defended Damian. Holden declared he was done, and he stormed out.

At home, Katie obsessed about the baby she would never have, but Brad promised that her pain would get better. Vienna and Henry were sad, too, but Henry said they had to put their own little family first. He had been shopping and brought out a bag of toys for the baby, and he coaxed smiles from "mommy."

Noah and Luke swore off "bad guys" at Java, as Damian walked in. Luke told him that he truly believed that Damian had changed, and he hugged him.

Holden gave Lily a neck massage, and she said she was so happy that they didn't have to worry about Damian anymore, but Holden added, "Until the next time."

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

At Memorial, Casey and Alison were making plans for a BBQ at Casey's after work, with "indefinite plans" for the evening. When Jade approached them, Alison generously invited her along, and Jade accepted. Alison promised Casey that they would have time alone later. Alison was still trying to fix Jade up with someone, and she wanted to give the new guy Hunter, a habitual klutz, a second chance. She decided to invite him to the BBQ, so they would have a foursome.

Jade heard the two of them plotting, and when Casey told her Alison's plan, Jade's response was, "No way in hell!" Casey pleaded with Jade to give the guy another shot, but after Jade had suffered through Hunter's dumping her drink all over her, she said she was fearful that the man might light her on fire at a BBQ. Jade said to count her out.

At the Intruder office, Emily tried to work with Hunter, her Lucinda-appointed assistant, but she was having difficulty converting her writing style to a web format. Hunter accused her of continuing to make the same stupid mistakes over and over, and that riled up Emily. She chased him out of the office and told him to take a hike, so that she could finish the digital prototype that Lucinda wanted the next day.

Dusty called out to Johnny in their room in the Lakeview, but the boy did not answer. Dusty looked all over and finally found him hiding in the bathroom. The boy would not speak to him, so Dusty was frightened. He took Johnny straight to Memorial Hospital and asked for a doctor, but Lucy saw them arrive and offered to help. Dusty refused to let her look at her brother, but Lucy insisted, and she had a nurse take the boy into an exam room. Dusty told Lucy that Johnny would not talk, and the two of them went into the room.

Craig and Carly had coffee at the Lakeview, and they talked about Craig's attempt to get Johnny back legally, since he was no longer a suspect in a murder. Craig was worried that Dusty might take the boy out of the country immediately. He said he had the right to raise his child in spite of having made more than a few parenting goofs. He was also fearful that Dusty would turn the boy against him. Craig also railed against Lucy, whom he accused of betraying him for "that two-bit thug."

Carly attempted to get Craig to reconcile with Lucy, but he was adamant in how he felt. He received a large envelope by messenger that contained the reinstatement of his full custody rights to his son, and he could not wait to deliver the news to Dusty. He and Carly went to Dusty's room and knocked, but there was no answer. Craig began shouting through the door for Dusty to open up, when a maid came by and told them that Mr. Donovan had taken the little boy to the hospital.

Alison talked with Emily at her office, and she asked for Hunter. Emily told her sister that he was at Al's having some soothing tea, so Alison left and tracked him down. She invited him to the BBQ, but Hunter, always short on social skills, asked her why. Alison tried to explain that it was just a fun thing to do, but Hunter declined because he was sure that Emily was going to need him any minute to get her out of cyber-trouble. Alison offered to invite him another time, and she walked out.

Hunter returned to the office and found that Emily had written three paragraphs, full of errors. She promised to fix them all herself, and begged Hunter for another chance before he took over. He called her "an old dog" that was having difficulty learning new tricks, so Emily suggested he take the afternoon off and go to the BBQ that she knew Alison had invited him to.

On Casey's patio, Alison found him tending the BBQ, and they shared their bad news that neither of their invitees would be attending. Casey was not at all disappointed that it was going to be a private affair, and he gave Alison a warm kiss. Alison's phone rang, and she told Hunter that he could still attend. After she hung up, she told Casey he had better go find Jade and drag her there, so Hunter would have someone to talk to.

Casey found Jade trying on clothes in Fashions, and he gave the BBQ another pitch. He begged her to give Hunter one more chance, but Jade made him sweeten the offer by agreeing to transport their two most difficult patients in the senior transport van. That sealed the deal, and Jade agreed to the BBQ.

Hunter arrived bearing a hostess gift, as instructed by Emily. She had suggested he bring candy, so he showed up with a paper sack full of gummy worms. He offered to help, so Alison asked him to begin grilling the meat. Hunter, however, said he did not grill, nor did he eat grilled meat because of the carcinogens. He lost Alison by delivering a convoluted scientific explanation of what carcinogens do, but she pretended to look interested. Casey and Jade walked in just as Hunter ripped the candy sack, and gummy worms went all over the floor.

Lucy examined Johnny, but he checked out fine. He did speak to her, so Lucy asked Dusty to leave the room. Then she asked the boy what was wrong, and he said he was scared. Lucy went out in the hall and told Dusty that he and Craig had traumatized the boy with their fighting. Craig and Carly ran up, and Craig demanded to know what was going on. Lucy explained that Johnny was upset and confused that the two people he loved the most could not stop attacking each other. She warned about permanent damage if the two of them did not work out their differences.

Craig whipped out the court order and immediately staked his claim again. Lucy suggested that it would be better for Johnny if Dusty took him back to the Lakeview and then turned him over to Craig. Craig agreed and told Dusty he had thirty minutes to bring the boy to him at the hotel. He and Carly left, while Dusty looked through the window into the exam room. He told Lucy that he should have taken the boy away when he had the chance. Lucy said that Craig and Dusty had to settle the thing between them before Johnny retreated completely into himself.

Craig and Carly waited for Johnny in the Lakeview bar. Craig had a real drink, but Carly was sipping club soda. Craig toasted to justice, but Carly refused to salute splitting a poor child's heart in two. Dusty appeared and told Craig that he would not hand over Johnny until they had settled on a plan.

Carly immediately excused herself, and Craig unceremoniously told Dusty that since Craig had the law behind him, Dusty was out in the cold. "Live with it, "a smug Craig said. Dusty asked only for a place in Johnny's life, but Craig refused. He walked into the lobby and picked up Johnny from a chair. He carried the boy to the elevator, and Carly followed.

At the BBQ, Alison tried to stimulate conversation between Hunter and Jade, but it was slow going. Casey announced that the burgers were ready, but Hunter again said that he chose not to eat carcinogens. Casey made a joke, which Hunter did not get, but suddenly he changed his mind and decided to take a burger. He asked if he could bring one to Jade, and she agreed, so Hunter carried one on a plate to her and dropped it on her feet. He apologized immediately, and Jade, for once a good sport, invoked the "5 second rule," and picked it up.

The "rule" confused Hunter, who had never heard of it, so Casey explained. At that point, Hunter grabbed his burger and made a hasty exit. Jade chewed out her friends and referred to Hunter as "a human train wreck." She grabbed her purse and walked out. "We should do this more often," wisecracked Casey.

Hunter returned to his office, and Emily showed him her work. He declared it to be "very good." Hunter told her the BBQ had not gone well, and Jade was not quite his type. He liked Alison, however, but he saw very little similarity between her and her sister. Emily mentioned that they had different fathers, and then she murmured that actually, they had different mothers, as well. Hunter picked up on that, so Emily explained that technically Alison was her sister and her daughter. She told him how she had donated an egg to her mother, so that Susan could become pregnant. Hunter thought that was "cool."

Carly asked Craig what Dusty had said to him when just the two of them had talked. He said that Dusty had the audacity to ask for a place in Johnny's life, but, of course, Craig had refused. Carly asked him how he could be like that, and Craig warned her not to cross the line. Carly went on about how Dusty was Johnny's only connection to his mother, and she warned him that the boy would resent Craig for keeping him from Dusty.

Craig suddenly asked Carly to assume he was a generous kind of guy who would make room for Dusty in Johnny's life. He asked if Carly would consider that guy someone she could fall in love with. She said if Craig went all reasonable on her, perhaps she would not be able to help herself. Craig immediately called for a sitter for Johnny and told Carly to go with him.

Dusty sat in the bar and asked Lucy to keep him company. She told him how she had gotten out of jail and explained her connection to Damian Grimaldi. She said she found out, however, that she still cared about her father. Craig and Carly approached, and Craig asked for a word alone with Dusty. Lucy left, and Craig told Dusty that he would make some arrangement for Dusty to see Johnny, and he would let their lawyers work it out.

Casey and Alison were kissing, but Alison called a halt. Casey suggested that they take the "sleeping together thing" completely off the table; it was no longer an option until they had agreed upon it in a cool-headed, non-passionate moment. Alison liked that idea, and they went back to kissing.

Carly told Craig that he seemed pretty proud of himself, and he responded that she ought to be proud of him, too. Carly called him a "work in progress," and headed for the door. "See you around, Carly," he called to her back.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

At Fairwinds, Meg got Eliza ready for a walk in the park. Paul asked where she was going, just as Meg's phone rang. She saw that the call was from Dusty, so she let it go to voicemail. Paul asked if the caller was Dusty, and he accused Meg of playing games again. Meg reminded him that she was through with games and was living with him at Fairwinds.

She began to wheel the stroller out, but Paul stopped her. He asked her what she had meant when she had declared that she was there with him to stay. He wanted Meg to define her position, and she suggested "wife."

Carly found Craig and Johnny having breakfast at the diner, and she joined them. Johnny was enjoying his waffles until Craig reminded him to go wash his hands because it was time to go to school. Johnny said he wanted "Lulu" to take him, but Craig said that was not possible. While the boy was washing his hands, Carly asked how Craig was going to explain that Johnny would not be seeing his sister anymore, but Craig refused to discuss his daughter with Carly.

Carly told Craig he would regret shutting Lucy out of his life, but Craig said he would never forgive his daughter, and he asked Carly to drop the subject. Johnny returned, and Craig switched the discussion to Midnight Sun vodka. Craig had bought out Carly's share of the business, but he was hoping that she might come on board as a creative consultant. Carly invited him to lunch to celebrate "new beginnings." As soon as Craig and his son left, Carly searched through her purse for a phone number.

Lucinda hugged a smiling Lucy at Memorial. Lucy had heard that her grandmother had a good checkup that morning, so she was pleased with that. She was not happy, however, that her father had vowed never to forgive her for siding with Dusty on the custody matter. She told Lucinda that she really missed Johnny, and, surprisingly, her father, too. Lucinda recommended that Lucy start looking for someone more worthy of her love, and she said goodbye. Lucy's phone rang, and it was Carly, inviting her to lunch.

In the Lakeview, Dusty ran into Holden and asked if he had heard from Meg lately. Holden said no, and he admitted that the family was worried about her being back at Fairwinds with Paul. Dusty feared that Meg was in way over her head with Paul, but Holden said to let him worry about his sister. Dusty suggested that Holden have a serious talk with Meg and attempt to get her to move out.

Meg wheeled Eliza back into the living room, as Paul continued his discussion. He first wanted to know why he should believe anything Meg said lately, but she said it was best for their baby to have both parents living under one roof. Then she added that if they were married, it would be so much the better.

Paul asked for specifics, so Meg agreed that they could have a small ceremony, if that was what Paul wanted. Paul inquired as to "just how married" they would be, and Meg answered that it depended on how things went. Paul told Meg that if she wanted to be his wife again, it had to be real in every sense of the word. It was all or nothing. Meg stepped closer to Paul, and he began kissing her. Suddenly Holden walked in.

Lucy arrived at Carly's for lunch, although she was surprised at the invitation. Lucy asked if Carly could get her father to forgive her, just as Carly's timer went off in the kitchen. She dashed to the kitchen as the doorbell rang. Lucy went to answer it, and there stood Craig. He immediately wanted to know if Lucy was there imploring Carly to intercede on her behalf with him. He then figured out that the shared lunch had been Carly's idea, and he announced that he was leaving. Carly spoke up and begged him to stay.

Lucy apologized again for taking Johnny away for several years, and also for using Craig's vodka company for her illegal smuggling. Craig asked why he should give her a chance to hurt him again, since she obviously didn't really care about him. He accused her of only wanting to buy time with Johnny. Carly argued that she did not know why Craig would give Dusty visitation rights to Johnny when he could not be equally as generous to his own daughter. Lucy was thrilled that Dusty could see Johnny on a regular basis.

Carly continued on the theme that Craig seemed able to make sacrifices for one child, but not the other. Craig replied that Johnny had never broken his heart, and he wished he could say the same for Lucy. Lucy walked out in tears, leaving Craig angry at Carly for interfering in his family. Craig assumed that lunch was still on the agenda, but Carly called him names and told him his only redeeming quality was that he loved his children, but if he was going to throw away Lucy's love, then Carly wanted nothing to do with him. She opened the door and asked Craig to leave.

At the Lakeview, Lucinda saw Dusty in the lobby, and she asked him to make some time for Lucy, who was in emotional trouble. Lucinda said that Lucy was desperate for Craig to forgive her, but Dusty said he no longer wanted to deal with Craig because he was trying to work out equitable visiting rights to Johnny. He also denied that he had any influence over Lucy's decision making, but Lucinda told him he was a blind fool if he did not realize how much Lucy still cared for him.

Holden was shocked to see his sister and Paul kissing, and Paul went upstairs and told Meg he would wait for her there. Holden told Meg that it appeared that he had gotten there just in time, and he demanded to know what Meg was thinking. He was furious that she could even consider living with a nutcase like Paul. Meg said she had no more options, but Holden begged her to walk away with him. Meg refused to leave the baby with Paul, and she said she had to do things her way and find a way to live with Paul. Holden told her to end it immediately and to fight Paul for the baby. He walked away, disgusted.

Meg went to her bedroom, and Paul joined her. He had put a bottle of champagne on ice, and he poured them each a glass. He proposed a toast to the two of them and began kissing Meg, but she was unresponsive. Paul reached into her bureau drawer and brought out some of her new lingerie and ordered her to put it on, as she had for "him." Meg got angry and denied that she had slept with Dusty. She could not bear being so close to Paul, and he asked her why she had even suggested marrying him again. Meg said she could not stand it anymore, and even though she knew she couldn't take Eliza with her, she had to leave. She made it clear that she would fight to get the baby back, however.

Dusty went to his room, and Lucy knocked on the door. She asked about the deal Craig had made with Dusty about Johnny, and said that was the best thing that could happen to her little brother. Lucy was thinking of leaving Oakdale if her father was not going to ever forgive her. She told Dusty she was considering returning to East Africa, where they desperately needed doctors. She needed the answer to one more question, however; she wondered if Dusty could give her any reason for her to stay.

She questioned whether there might be a future for the two of them, but Dusty simply said he would always care about her. Lucy said goodbye; she was leaving Oakdale immediately. She went to her room, packed her suitcase, and called Lucinda for help.

Craig refused to let Carly throw him out of her house, and he argued that he was not used to having his own flesh and blood lie and turn on him. Carly brought up all the times that Craig's extended family had forgiven him, and he finally admitted that Carly was right. He would hate to see Lucy leave town because of his own stubbornness. He told Carly to get in the car before he changed his mind, and they drove to the Lakeview. The desk clerk told them that Lucy had already checked out with no forwarding address.

In Old Town, Lucinda brought Johnny and his sitter to Lucy. Lucy held the boy and told him that she had to go on an extended trip. They said their goodbyes, and Lucy promised to return some day. The sitter took Johnny back to school, and Lucinda said goodbye to her granddaughter. Lucy rushed off to catch her plane.

Craig pounded on the door of Lucy's old hotel room, but there was no one there. Dusty passed by and told him and Carly that Lucy was headed to East Africa to begin a new life. Craig was stunned.

Meg brought her suitcase down to the living room in Fairwinds, and Holden appeared again. Paul, who was holding Eliza, told Meg that she was going to regret leaving. When Meg tried to say goodbye to the baby, Paul threatened that she would never see her little girl again. He vowed that if Meg walked out the door, everything would change. Meg fought back tears, but she walked out with Holden.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Henry and Vienna finished shopping for baby clothes, and Henry was ecstatic. They were looking at their purchases in Old Town when Brad and Katie walked by. Henry and Vienna spoke to their former friends, but Brad couldn't wait to get away. As they walked off, Katie's phone rang.

Craig and Johnny visited Carly after school. Craig said that the boy was missing Lucy, and he wanted to know when she would return. Craig did not know what to say, and he was looking to Carly for guidance. Carly advised Craig to look at all the good things in his life at the moment, not the least of which was that he had his son back. She suggested that they celebrate with a dinner for both their families that night, and she already had a large pot roast on the stove. Craig agreed to invite his sisters.

Liberty saw Parker in Java, and she asked him why he had not been at school all week. Parker said he hadn't felt like going, and then he reminded her that she no longer needed to care what he did. Liberty said she did care, and she always would. She explained that just because they were no longer married, that did not mean that she had stopped caring about him. Parker was bitter and sarcastic, and he refused to consider that getting on with one's life might include finishing high school.

On the Snyder farm, Jack worked on his laptop. Janet arrived home, and they discussed Craig. Jack was not pleased that Craig had weaseled out of another felony charge. He took his report to the police station and turned it in to Margo. The two of them discussed Craig, and Margo was sure that her brother was a changed man. She gave all the credit for his wanting to be a good father to Johnny, and said Carly deserved some kudos, as well.

Jack considered Craig and Carly a train wreck waiting to happen. Margo mentioned that Craig had invited her to a dinner that night at Carly's. Jack found that incredible, because it appeared that Carly was making his worst nightmare come true.

Craig called Katie, much to Brad's chagrin, and invited her to Carly's dinner. Katie declined because she needed to go to WOAK at Kim's request, but she congratulated her brother on being a free man and especially for getting custody of Johnny again. Katie was not ready to explain the baby fiasco to people yet. Brad offered to take her to the television studio, and he reassured her how much he loved her.

Craig told Carly that "Katie and the Ox" were not coming for dinner, but Margo would attend. Carly said that Sage had a sleepover, but Parker would be there. She told him she had also put a bottle of champagne in the refrigerator. Craig questioned her drinking, but Carly said that Craig deserved at least a toast in his honor. Craig helped her put out some food, and Carly discussed changing the insurance on Parker's car from hers to one that he could pay for himself. Craig asked how Parker was doing, and Carly shrugged and said it was hard to tell.

Liberty returned to the farm, but she was distracted. She told Janet that Parker was ditching school, and she felt that she was to blame. Parker was ruining his life, and it was because of her. Janet called Jack and asked him to meet her at Carly's. Janet said it was about Parker, and it couldn't wait. Jack agreed to go.

Parker went home, and Carly told him that Margo, Craig, and Johnny were having supper with them, but Parker declared that he wasn't hungry. He went upstairs to see Johnny, just as Margo arrived, bearing flowers.

Brad and Katie arrived at the television station and were surprised when Joe, the cameraman, began taping them. Katie realized that she had not told Kim about the baby that was not to be. Brad tried to stop Joe, but Katie freaked out and ran screaming from the room. Brad found her in an office, crying.

At Metro, Henry tended bar while Vienna was gloomy about Katie's pain. She wished there was something they could do for her. A stranger in the bar listened to their conversation and then interrupted them to offer help. He handed Henry his card and identified himself as an attorney who handled private adoptions. He said he had a woman client who was pregnant and looking for someone to adopt her baby.

The lawyer assured them that the mother was young and healthy, and the father was an Ivy Leaguer. Henry thought they might have found an answer for Brad and Katie. Vienna tried to calm him by telling him that Brad and Katie weren't even speaking to them, much less taking advice. Henry said he would talk to Brad first, but Vienna had her doubts.

At Carly's Craig poured champagne and toasted her, as Margo's phone rang. The caller was Brad, and he asked her to come to WOAK because Katie was in very bad shape. He asked her not to mention it to Craig, but he wanted her to come and try to get Katie to go home and get some rest. Margo said she was on her way, and she apologized to her hostess. Carly said they would have to drink all the champagne themselves, and they put a good dent in the bottle. Carly called the boys to dinner, but Parker stalled, so she and Craig had more champagne.

Jack and Janet arrived at Carly's, and Jack asked her if she knew how Parker was spending his days. Carly said he was back in school, but Janet interrupted and said that, according to Liberty, Parker was not showing up at school. Parker entered the room and tried to beat a hasty retreat, but Jack grabbed him. Everyone began talking at once, but Janet pulled Craig out of the equation by telling him it was none of his business.

Carly asked Parker if he had been going to school, and Parker said no. Jack said he had checked the odometer on Parker's car, and the boy had put 500 miles on it already. Parker yelled that it was his life and his car that they were discussing, and he bolted out the door with Jack right after him.

Margo tried to speak to Katie at WOAK, but her sister kept berating herself for ever trusting Henry and Vienna. Margo suggested that they consider adoption, but Katie was afraid the process would take forever. Margo hugged her, and Brad promised that Katie would be a mother someday. He took his wife home and urged her to lay down and get some rest. She said she was too tired to argue, and she headed for the bedroom.

Jack returned alone and said that Parker had driven away in the car that Craig had given him the money to buy. Carly cited Jack's distraction with Craig's phony smuggling charge as the cause of Parker's recent acting out. Jack, in turn, attacked Carly's drinking and suggested that if she had been sober, she might have noticed that their son was not going to school. Craig jumped in to defend Carly, who was screaming at Jack. Janet stood between the adversaries and suggested they find a solution for Parker. Jack warned Carly that if she could not get her act together, he would have to take over where Parker was concerned. He and Janet walked out.

Henry knocked on Brad and Katie's door, and Brad opened it, but he immediately tried to shut Henry out. Henry blurted out that he might have the answer to Katie's problems, and he told Brad about the adoption lawyer, Mr. Quick. He handed the attorney's card to Brad, and Brad asked about the birth parents. Henry said the father had graduated from Harvard, but all that Brad had to do was to give the kid a steady supply of sports and never let him near a book, and Brad would never know he wasn't his. Brad said he was willing to try anything.

Parker barged in on Liberty at the farm, and he criticized her for ratting him out. He yelled that, thanks to Liberty, everyone was on his back. After all, Liberty had been the one who taught him to skip school in the first place, and she had called him a geek for caring about his grades. Parker said she was no longer his wife, but she was not even a friend. He charged out the door, leaving Liberty stunned.

Brad talked to Katie, who was reluctant to get involved with anyone whom Henry and Vienna recommended. Katie asked why the birth mother wanted to relinquish her baby, but Brad did not know. Katie decided that a phone call would not hurt, so Brad called Mr. Quick, who took the call at Metro on his cell phone. Brad asked him where he had attended law school, and the attorney told him Columbia. He also volunteered to come to Brad and Katie's house to discuss the matter further.

Carly was grumpy when she and Craig prepared to eat their non-family dinner. Carly was beating herself up for believing Parker. Craig hated to admit it, but he said that Jack had been really lashing out at him, not Carly. Craig said he deserved it for allowing Parker to have the money for his car.

Quick arrived at Brad and Katie's, and Katie said that they would first like to meet the birth mother and hear her history before they went any further. The lawyer said that would happen as soon as he received their check for $10,000, which he called "good faith" money. Brad wrote the check after he saw the hopeful look on Katie's face.

Returning home, Jack and Janet passed Parker. Liberty told them that Parker had been there and was really upset. She went to do homework, and Jack decided that the best plan was to take Parker's car keys away from him and set up a schedule to help the boy prove he was responsible.

Craig and Carly finished dinner, and Carly said that Craig had no responsibility towards Parker, but Craig felt different. He had been the one to make Parker's car a reality. Carly cleaned up in the kitchen, and Craig wandered around the living room until he found Parker's car insurance form on Carly's desk. He read it, and murmured that perhaps there was something he could do.

Friday, May 15, 2009

At Java, Meg and Holden discussed a meeting they had with Bonnie about trying to win custody of Eliza. Meg told Holden she felt like she was abandoning her daughter, but Holden said what Meg was doing was the right way to win Eliza back. Holden told Meg that Eliza wouldn't even remember what happened, because she was just a baby. Holden then suggested that Meg go back to work while she was waiting for the custody issue to be resolved, but Meg told him she wasn't ready for that.

At Lily's, Damian told Lily that his ships had been cleared to sail, so he had told Luke and Noah that they could offer their cruise for sick children, after all. Damian asked Lily to go with them on the cruise and be in charge of supervising all of the volunteers on the ship. Lily excitedly agreed. Holden and Meg arrived, and Lily relayed Damian's news about the cruise. Damian said they were working out the details and would start by assembling a medical staff, because the kids would need medical care.

Holden suggested that Meg would be great for that, and that it would take her mind off of things. Meg reacted badly, saying the cruise sounded perfect, because she could skip town and probably wouldn't even think about her daughter while surrounded by other people's children. Lily said that wasn't what Holden meant. Meg apologized and said she knew that, but she thought she should leave. Meg left, followed almost immediately by Damian.

Lily told Holden that she had told Damian she would go on the cruise with him and Luke. Holden was unhappy about Lily's decision, particularly when he realized it had been Damian's idea. Lily asked if Holden was afraid she was going to sleep with Damian. Holden asked what Lily would think if he were going on a cruise with Carly. Lily replied that she would poke holes in the boat until it sank, but she said her situation was different, because she and Damian had been over for a long time. Holden said if Lily were away for days with Damian on a cruise, his mind would wonder about what was happening, whether he wanted it to or not. Lily said in that case, she wouldn't go.

At Fairwinds, Barbara arrived to visit Eliza. Paul told her that Meg had moved out. Barbara asked Paul what he'd done, but he insisted it was Meg's idea. Barbara told Paul he could still get Meg back, but Paul said he didn't want Meg back, although as long as he had Eliza, Meg would never really leave him.

In Old Town, Damian saw Meg sitting on a bench. He approached her and said he was sorry if he had contributed to upsetting her in any way at Lily's. Meg assured him it wasn't his fault. Barbara approached and was surprised to see Damian. She greeted Damian warmly, then said she had been looking for Meg, so Damian excused himself and left.

Barbara told Meg that she had just come from Fairwinds. Meg asked how Eliza was, and Barbara said she was fine. Barbara said Paul was miserable without Meg, but Meg said Paul had brought it on himself. Barbara said that Paul thought Meg was having an affair with Dusty. Meg said that was all in Paul's head and that she was going to use every resource she had to keep Paul away from Eliza.

Barbara asked Meg to show some compassion, but Meg replied that Paul hadn't shown her any, and that Paul had even made her beg to stay in the same house as Eliza. Meg asked Barbara whether that reminded her of anyone, and Barbara replied that Paul was not the same as James. Meg said she wasn't so sure about that. Meg said that although she knew Paul was Barbara's son, Eliza was Barbara's granddaughter, and Meg didn't think Barbara would want Eliza to be raised in that type of environment.

Barbara said she thought maybe Meg was right, and she asked what she could do to help. Meg asked how she knew she could trust Barbara. Barbara replied that she was Eliza's grandmother and wanted what was best for Eliza.

Meg asked Barbara to move into Fairwinds to look after Eliza. Barbara didn't think Paul would allow that and asked why Meg didn't just move back in herself. Meg said that for the sake of her own sanity, she couldn't, but she was worried about Eliza being with Paul. Barbara didn't think Paul would hurt Eliza, but Meg pointed out that Paul had already started a fire in a house with Eliza in it. Barbara told Meg she would do what Meg asked and move into Fairwinds.

Meg went to Java, and Damian was there. When Damian saw how shaky Meg looked, he got up and asked her to sit down with him. Meg did, and she told Damian she felt like she was falling apart. He asked if he could help.

Meg said that she wanted her daughter back, and until that happened, she just wanted to escape. Meg asked how Damian had dealt with being separated from Luke. Damian said he had learned to distract himself, then he had started trying to help other people. Damian told Meg that the cruise could be like that for her.

Damian and Meg went to Holden and Lily's house, and Meg apologized for her earlier behavior. Holden said he shouldn't have pushed Meg about going back to work. Meg said she had decided that Holden was right, and Damian had convinced her to help with the cruise. Meg went to call Bob Hughes to try to get the hospital involved. Holden told Damian that he must have said the right things to Meg, but Damian said Meg had just needed time to think it over.

Lily told Damian that she had thought it over, too, and had decided she shouldn't go on the cruise. Holden took Lily aside and said that he didn't want her to not go because of him. Lily asked if Holden was sure, and then she told Damian that she would go, after all. Damian and Meg left to make more plans about the cruise.

Lily told Holden that she knew he had only changed his mind because Meg was going, and she and Meg would probably be rooming together. Holden said maybe. Lily said she should be insulted, but Holden said she should be flattered, because he thought his wife was so attractive that a man would be a fool not to go after her.

Barbara went back to Fairwinds and suggested to Paul that she move in, saying that it was hard to be a single parent. Paul said he had plenty of servants to help him. Barbara then said she was lonely by herself at the Lakeview. She said she could move in and help Paul with Eliza, but Paul said that Meg would be back soon enough.

Barbara told Paul to face the reality that Meg wasn't going to return. Paul realized that his mother knew something, and Barbara admitted she had run into Meg. Paul told his mother to get out, but she said she wouldn't leave, because she knew that Paul always pushed people away when he needed them the most. Paul again shouted that Barbara should leave, and she did, after telling him angrily that he was going to lose everything.

Jack called Carly to tell her to give Parker the news that he couldn't drive again until he shaped up. When Parker went downstairs, Carly asked for his car keys and told him what she and Jack had decided. Parker said that his mother couldn't make him give her the car keys, and he walked out with them. Carly called Jack to tell him that Parker had gone, and Jack said he would be over.

Parker went back inside and asked Carly where his car was. Carly said she thought it was in the driveway. Jack arrived, and after he found out the car was gone, he suggested it might have been stolen. Jack called a colleague on the auto theft squad and found out where Parker's car was. Jack and Parker left, and they found the car in a chop shop, completely stripped.

Craig went to Al's and told Janet that for once, he agreed with her husband: he shouldn't have given Parker money to try to buy some happiness. Janet warned Craig that kids needed boundaries and guidance. Craig agreed and said that Parker needed to be off the roads and back in school.

Craig went to Carly's, and she told him about Parker's car. Craig said that if the car had been stolen, then Parker's options were severely limited. Carly suspected that Craig knew what had happened. Craig replied that because he felt that he had caused the problem by giving Parker the money to buy the car, it was up to him to fix the problem. Carly asked, "By stealing it?" Craig said Parker never had to find out it was him.

Jack went to Al's to tell Janet about the car. Janet found it interesting that Craig had been in the diner earlier that morning and had told her how things had a way of working out. She wondered whether Craig could have had anything to do with what happened to Parker's car, and Jack said he totally could have. Jack left.

Parker went home and told Carly and Craig about his car having been stripped. Parker said he would get a new one with his insurance money. Carly told Parker that his temporary insurance had expired just hours before, and Parker had never given her the paperwork to get permanent insurance. Parker then asked Craig to write him another check from the trust fund, but Craig said he couldn't do that. Parker said it was his money, but Craig said it wasn't Parker's money until Parker was 21, and Craig would prefer that the money be there for Parker in the future.

Jack arrived at Carly's and began goading Craig, trying to get him to admit his part in the stolen car situation. Craig said that Jack was again accusing him of something he hadn't done. Jack told Craig that he shouldn't have run his mouth off to Janet, because Janet had put two and two together. Jack told Parker that Craig had taken Parker's car. Parker wanted Jack to arrest Craig, but Jack said he couldn't, because there was no physical evidence.

Parker then told his dad to make Craig give him money to buy another car, but Jack said he couldn't do that either, because the money was in a trust, and Parker had put Craig in charge of it. Parker demanded that Carly make Craig give him the money, because Carly and Craig were together, and Craig was into Carly. Carly said she thought that she was helping Parker more by letting things happen the way they were happening.

Parker said they were all against him. Jack said they were all trying to help him. Jack said he would take Parker to school. Parker said, "This sucks" and walked out. Jack followed, saying, "Yes, it does," as he passed Craig.

After Jack took Parker to school, Jack went to Al's and filled Janet in on everything. Janet asked if Jack was going to pursue a case against Craig, but he said it was pointless, because Craig had covered his tracks. Janet was relieved and said it had all worked out okay, because it was a good thing for Parker that the car was gone. Jack said another good thing was that Parker could no longer stand Craig.

Carly told Craig that she was not happy that he had intervened again. Craig said he didn't see the problem: they hadn't wanted the car to be there, and it was gone. Carly said that Parker would hate Craig, but Craig said he could live with that, and the next week, Parker would hate someone else.

Parker walked in with all of his schoolbooks and baseball equipment. Carly told Parker to turn around and go back to school before she called his father, but Parker announced that he had quit school. Carly said he couldn't do that, but Parker said that since he was 16, he could drop out, and no one could make him go back. Parker threw down his things and headed out again.

Carly tried to follow Parker, but Craig stopped her, saying she wouldn't do Parker any good at that moment. Carly told Craig not to tell her how to parent her son. Craig asked if she had a better suggestion, but Carly told Craig that she didn't answer to him. She went to the kitchen and poured a stiff drink, downing it quickly, followed by two more in quick succession. After her third drink, Carly started to walk out of the kitchen. When Craig asked where she was going, she said she was going to find Parker. Craig said that Carly would only make things worse in the state she was in.

As Carly downed another drink, Craig said he didn't think he was the problem anymore. Carly asked what he meant, and Craig said that it meant that he had lost count of how many drinks Carly had consumed in the previous two minutes. He asked her to put the glass down and put the bottle away, but Carly shouted, "No!" and slapped him.


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