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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of May 4, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, May 4, 2009

At Fairwinds, Meg faked a bad cold and asked Paul to take Eliza to her doctor's appointment at Memorial. Then Meg, wearing only a towel and a smile, sprayed her favorite perfume around her bedroom and waited for Paul. When he entered, she told him to have the pediatrician check Eliza's ears, and then she threw off the towel, but not the smile. She put on a dressing gown in front of Paul, who turned around and walked out.

Dusty brought Johnny to Lucy after his play date, and the boy began looking for Craig in the suite. Dusty explained that his "other daddy" had to go away for a while, but that he would be moving in to look after Johnny. Lucy was surprised and upset when Dusty made the announcement since he had not discussed it with her previously. Dusty explained again that Jennifer's last wish had been for him to raise her boy, and he was doing whatever he needed to for that to happen.

Dusty promised Lucy that he would sleep on the couch and pick up after himself. He said he felt that it would be better for Johnny to have both of them around. Dusty took a hungry Johnny downstairs to get some French fries.

Parker arrived home from his first day back at school and told Carly that it had been "weird" being back in the routine. His friends all loved his new car, however. Parker could not understand why Craig was still at the police station, so Carly said that Jack suspected him of smuggling guns with their vodka shipment, and that a dock worker had died. Parker asked if Craig did it, but his mother did not believe that. Parker went up to do his homework.

At the police station, Craig demanded that Jack release him. Jack said Cesar had died between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. on April 24, and Craig was delighted to tell him that he had the perfect alibi for that time, and that alibi was none other than Parker. Jack refused to bring Parker in for questioning, and he accused Craig of trying to use blackmail to force Parker to lie for him. The two of them yelled at one another until Craig asked for some alone time.

Craig used his phone call to talk with Carly instead of his lawyer. He asked for her help and requested that she bring Parker to the station to be his alibi. Carly said to call his lawyer, and she hung up on him. Craig called back and pretended Carly was the receptionist at his attorney's office.

He explained that Parker had been in Craig's suite at the Lakeview receiving the check for his new car at the exact time that someone had killed Cesar. Parker was all Craig had, but Carly still refused to bring the boy to talk to Jack. Craig was desperate, and when Jack walked in, he pretended he was talking to his lawyer.

After Paul left with the baby, Meg went to the Lakeview and asked for Dusty. Johnny ran up to her, and he said his "Daddy D" was going to be living with him and "Lulu." Lucy took the boy to get his French fries, while Dusty explained that Craig had gotten into big trouble, and Dusty had gotten back custody of Johnny. Meg remarked that it looked as if he had Lucy, too.

She was pleased that Johnny was with Dusty, but Dusty was unhappy that Meg was staying at Fairwinds with crazy Paul. He demanded to know the real reason she was there, and he did not believe Meg when she claimed to still love Paul. She told Dusty there was nothing she wanted from him anymore and swore she was really happy, but she began to cry.

At Memorial, Paul waited a long time for the doctor to see Eliza. The baby smiled nicely at him, and Paul pulled out his phone to check on Meg. He called her at Fairwinds, but Meg did not answer. Paul waited a while longer, and then he called again. This time, he imagined that Meg and Dusty were making love on Meg's bed and also making fun of Paul's calling. Finally a nurse called Eliza in to see the pediatrician.

Jack said that Craig had surprised him by not lawyering up immediately. Craig said he no longer had custody of his son, so he had to prove his innocence to get the boy back. He asked Jack to call Parker for a statement, but Jack prepared instead to send Craig back to his cell. Suddenly Carly and Parker appeared, and Jack argued with his ex-wife about why she had brought their son to the police station.

Craig was pleased that Parker was going to tell the truth about where he was on the afternoon of April 24, and the teen said he had been in Craig's room in the Lakeview because he was upset that Liberty had asked for an annulment. He said he got there about 3:00, but Jack maintained that Craig still had plenty of time to give Parker his check and kill Cesar.

Jack suspected that Craig had manipulated the whole scenario just so he would have a cover story. Jack sent Parker home, and he was still convinced that Craig was their man. He was furious that Craig would try and use a 16-year-old kid to get off the hook.

Dusty sat Meg down in the lobby of the Lakeview and apologized for making her cry. Meg said she had a terrible cold and no tissues, so Dusty handed her a monogrammed handkerchief from his pocket. Meg got up to leave and thanked Dusty for helping her. She put the handkerchief in her purse and walked out.

Dusty went to find Lucy, who said Johnny was in with the chef selecting a special dessert. She was unhappy that she was allowing her father to sit in jail for something she knew he did not do. Lucy asked about Meg, and Dusty said she had gone back to living with Paul. He said he could not forget about her, however, and Lucy got up and went to find Johnny.

Meg went home and hurriedly put her dressing gown back on. She took Dusty's monogrammed handkerchief and placed it in an obvious place on her bed table. Paul walked in, and Meg asked about the baby. He said that the doctor had declared Eliza perfect, including her ears. Meg used the handkerchief and then put it down to go check on the baby.

Paul picked up the handkerchief and saw the "D D" initials, and muttered, "Donovan." Meg returned as Paul put the handkerchief in his pocket.

Meg asked if he was upset, so Paul said that his mother wanted him to meet with some buyers in Paris right away. He said he would be gone a week and asked her to accompany him, along with Eliza. Meg asked for some time to think about it, but rather quickly said she would love to go to Paris, but because she had a bad cold, she did not think she should fly. She offered to make all the travel reservations for him, however, if he would tell her exactly when he wanted to leave and return.

Carly chewed out Jack for being so blinded by hatred for Craig. She said the smuggling and murder were done sloppily, and that was not Craig's style. Besides, there was no reason that Craig would have to kill Cesar. Jack began yelling, and he reminded her that Craig was a felon with a nasty record.

Carly continued to defend Craig, and then an officer called Jack away. Carly went out to talk with Craig, who was thinking more and more that Dusty had set him up. He asked Carly to help him prove it.

In Craig's suite, Dusty changed his shirt, as Johnny fell asleep for a nap. Lucy was uncomfortable being around a half-naked Dusty, and he asked her why she was so squeamish, especially since she was a doctor. Lucy answered that she was also a woman who had been intimate with him, something he seemed to have forgotten. She scolded him for bad handling of the situation, and Dusty asked if she wanted more out of their relationship. Lucy started to answer, but suddenly she walked out.

Dusty stopped Lucy in the hall, and they continued their discussion. Dusty said that Lucy was very important to him, but neither of them saw Carly lurking in the corridor and listening to their conversation. Lucy refused to go back inside the suite and act as if they were a family. After all they had been through, Lucy felt that Dusty thought of her as just a glorified nanny. Dusty declared that they were friends, and Lucy walked off to her own room.

Paul returned to Meg's room, and found that she had made all his travel arrangements. She also offered to help him pack, but Paul told her to rest. Meg held his hand longer than necessary, and then she asked him to lie with her until she fell asleep. Paul refused, and went downstairs immediately and cancelled all the reservations. Meg listened in on her room extension and smiled.

Dusty greeted Johnny when he awoke from his nap, and the boy asked for Lucy. Dusty told him that it might just be the two of them that night.

Jack asked an officer to take Craig back to his cell. Craig taunted Jack about being all wrong in his assessment of the case.

Carly approached Lucy in the lobby of the Lakeview and greeted her. She said Craig was holding up all right at the police station. She also told the girl that she thought Lucy's father was innocent, and Lucy agreed. Carly offered to help Lucy prove his innocence.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Kim dropped in on Brad and Katie while Brad was serving Vienna a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Kim had an idea for a new segment for the baby-making reality show. She wanted to film the principals taking a childbirth class at Memorial. She wanted to tape that afternoon, but Vienna said that Henry was working. Katie suggested they do it without Henry, so Kim left to make the arrangements.

Vienna could not understand why Katie wanted to exclude Henry, but both Brad and Katie said they were just thinking about what would be best for the show. Katie mentioned that Henry was becoming too possessive about their baby and had been acting very weird lately. She was also picking up strange vibes from him. Katie was willing to tell Henry about the classes, but she wanted to tape the first one right away. Vienna did not quite understand, but she agreed.

At the diner, Dr. Bob ordered breakfast from Henry, who was deeply lost in private thoughts. Bob asked if something was wrong, and Henry admitted there was. He sat with Bob and asked if there was something wrong with someone who did not want kids. Henry said he was talking about himself and that he had made an intellectual decision. He explained how, out of necessity, he had been a father to his younger sisters, and while he dearly loved Maddie, sister Eve had turned out to be a psycho-killer. Henry was not sure just how much more worry, sorrow, and heartache he wanted to endure.

Bob talked about how amazing it was to hold your own child, but he did not convince Henry. Bob got a call from Kim, who said she was trying to find a room in the hospital in which to tape a childbirth class with Brad and Katie, plus Vienna. Bob suggested a room number, and Kim said she appreciated it. Bob then spilled the beans about the class to Henry, and Henry made a beeline for the door.

Lily was happy that Noah was staying with them a few days while he recuperated from his injuries. Holden considered taking the boys to a Cubs game in Chicago, but it worried Lily that Holden might be trying to compete with Damian for "father of the year" honors. Holden said it was just a baseball game, and he invited Lily, as well. Lily declared that she had a day of foundation work ahead of her, and she left for the office.

Luke was happy to take care of Noah for a change, and the boys talked about soon having a place of their own. Holden interrupted them to see if they were interested in the Cubs game, and the boys were excited. Holden went inside to arrange for tickets, and Noah commented that Luke had two really great dads. Unfortunately, Holden soon reported, the Cubs game was an away one with the Mets, but he thought if he could get Lucinda's jet, they could fly to New York and be there by the first inning.

Lily found Damian already at work at the foundation. He was going through paperwork, trying to learn all he could about their work. He mentioned that a friend of his, Antoine Ladell, also had a charitable foundation that served disabled children, and he thought his friend might want to join forces with Luke. Damian had taken the liberty of contacting Ladell already, and his friend happened to be in New York at the moment, so Damian had booked a flight for himself to New York.

Lily wished him good luck, and Damian asked her to accompany him. She thought that was not a good idea until Damian explained that Lily knew so much more about the workings of the foundation than he did, and besides, she could be very persuasive because she spoke from her heart. Lily finally agreed, and the two of them left for the airport.

At the hospital, Kim's crew began taping the class. The facilitator interviewed Vienna and Katie, who immediately got into an argument about the use of drugs during childbirth. Brad got the two of them back on track, and the instructor had Vienna lie on the floor, and she began relaxation exercises. Then she had Brad and Katie lie beside Vienna and practice breathing.

Vienna's phone rang, so she momentarily excused herself to speak with Henry. He chastised her for doing the class without him, but Vienna came right back at him for forgetting whose baby it was supposed to be. Then she hung up on Henry and went back to the class.

Lily and Damian finished their meeting, and both were pleased at the outcome. Lily did remark to Damian, however, that she had gotten the feeling that Monsieur Ladell was in Damian's debt. Damian said he had thrown a few business deals Ladell's way, and he asked Lily to trust him.

Katie gave Vienna a neck rub, and then the instructor put Vienna back on the floor and stationed Katie at her head. Katie's job was to make sure that Vienna breathed properly. She put Brad between Vienna's legs and instructed him to give verbal encouragement. Katie was not sure she wanted her husband in that position for the actual birth, and that made Vienna laugh at the "prudish Americans." The teacher referred to what Brad was looking at as Vienna's "gateway," so Brad agreed to "hang out" by Vienna's "gateway to parenthood."

Vienna began her panting exercise, and Katie counted her breaths. Brad, whose only previous shouted encouragements had to do with athletic events, began his routine by shouting like a sports announcer at a hockey game. In the midst of this chaos, Henry walked in and yelled at Brad to knock it off. Brad defended himself by claiming he was just tending Vienna's gateway, and that further irritated Henry.

Katie jumped up and hustled Henry outside for a chat. She told him he was acting completely insane and jealous, which was why she had not wanted him there in the first place. Henry went off on how much trouble children were, so Katie shouted that she and Brad were going to raise the baby, not Henry.

Katie reminded her friend that he would be their baby's godfather, and after some thought, Henry agreed that was for the best. The two of them returned to the classroom, where Katie handed Henry a crying BotBaby to hold. The doll was lifelike and responded by crying, wetting, gurgling, and even sleeping. Henry got the baby to stop crying, and he appeared transfixed by the doll. The others joined in a lively conversation until suddenly they realized that Henry and his simulated baby were gone.

Holden and the boys enjoyed walking around New York after the game. The boys then went off on their own, and they agreed to meet at a favorite restaurant later. By coincidence, Lily and Damian likewise had some time to kill before their flight home, and Lily recommended the same restaurant to Damian.

Holden arrived at the restaurant first and chose an outside table. He called Lily, who said she had been about to call him. Eventually they realized that they were sitting back to back outside the same restaurant. Holden explained how he happened to be there, and Lily said she had attended an impromptu business meeting.

Holden began remembering a previous time when he and Lily had been there, and that occasion had ended in a very romantic interlude. He suggested that he and Lily revisit that time, just as Damian walked up and burst Holden's bubble. Damian declared it all an amazing coincidence, and when he learned that Luke and Noah would be joining them, he went to arrange for a larger table. He then returned and took charge of ordering a special wine for Lily. Holden opted for a draught beer.

Luke and Noah strolled around New York, and Noah was struck by the city's energy. He asked Luke if he wanted to move there to start their own lives together, but Luke said he could not picture himself there without his family. He did say, however, that perhaps in ten years it could be possible. Noah asked if that was a proposal, and Luke laughed that suddenly Noah was the spontaneous one, and Luke was "Captain Cautious."

At the restaurant, the boys were shocked to see Damian, and Luke expressed some negative attitudes. He asked Holden if he was okay with Damian's being there, so Holden called it a coincidence and told Luke to let it go. Lily explained that Monsieur Ladell's influence on the foundation would expand their range tremendously. Luke was thrilled and apologized to and thanked Damian. Holden invited Damian and Lily to join them on Lucinda's jet for the trip home, but Damian declined.

At the hospital, Kim told Bob that the taping of the childbirth class had been a disaster. She also said that Henry had disappeared with the BotBaby. They also discussed Henry's weird attitude towards fatherhood, in general.

Vienna went back to the hotel and walked in on Henry, who was cuddling the BotBaby. He cautioned her to be quiet and said it had taken three verses of "Luck be a Lady" to get the little blighter to sleep. He flatly refused to relinquish the baby to her, but she eventually talked him into it.

Brad and Katie wandered around Old Town, looking for Henry. Katie was afraid Henry was suffering a nervous breakdown. Suddenly she noticed a poster for a standup comic who was appearing in town, and he looked very familiar. She showed the poster to Brad, who agreed with her that it was a picture of the strange "Dr. Shmedlitz" who had given them the happy news that Vienna's baby was healthy and perfect.

At the airport, Luke thanked Holden for a wonderful day. He also said that he really wanted to believe that Damian meant well, but he was still keeping up his guard. Lily also spoke privately with Holden and reassured him that he had absolutely nothing to worry about in regards to her and Damian.

Damian placed a call to someone and said that his flight had been delayed. He explained that he was still in New York, and that his involvement in their "enterprise" could never come to light. He needed to keep his own business private.

Katie and Brad took the poster to Dr. Bob and asked if the stand-up comic was also a doctor on the staff of Memorial. Bob said he wished he were, because they could use a few laughs around there. He had never heard of Dr. Shmeglitz, and Katie realized that something was very wrong.

Henry told Vienna that there was no way that Brad and Katie could have their baby. He sank to his knees and embraced her belly.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Vienna could not believe that Henry wanted to keep their baby and raise it together. Henry said he could definitely be a father, and he wanted the whole experience. Vienna accused her lover of being over-stressed, but Henry insisted that he had a strong desire to be a father to the child. Vienna was confused, and she reminded Henry that the baby belonged to Brad and Katie.

In Old Town, Brad and Katie looked at the comedy poster again. Dr. Bob had said that "Dr. Shmedlitz" was not on staff at Memorial, so Brad suggested they hunt down the comic, whose name was Sammy Litz. They found the "doctor" at Yo's, and Brad approached him. At first, Litz claimed he was only a comedian, but when Brad threatened that if he didn't come clean and give them some answers, there would be no stand-up for Sammy that night, Litz reconsidered. He finally said he only told them what the woman had paid him to say, and he did not know who the woman was.

Paul was preparing to leave on his pretend business trip to Paris. Meg wanted to be sure that he didn't forget anything and have to come back. Paul tried once more to talk Meg into accompanying him, but she again used her feigned cold as an excuse. Paul flashed back to his fantasy of Meg and Dusty in her bed, and then he kissed the baby goodbye and left. Meg told Eliza that mommy had plans of her own that afternoon.

Meg found Dusty and Johnny in the Lakeview lounge. Dusty complimented Meg on her appearance, as Paul lurked in the shadows. Johnny's sitter picked him up, so Meg joined Dusty at his table. She told him that Paul was in Paris and the baby was with Emma, and she asked to speak somewhere privately with Dusty. He suggested they go to his room, so Paul watched them enter the elevator, as he dashed for the stairs.

In Dusty's room, Meg hemmed and hawed about what she wanted to say. Dusty jumped in and told her the two of them belonged together. That gave Meg a moment of panic, so she grabbed her purse and ran out the door. She surprised Paul, who was forced to run around a corner, but Meg did get a glimpse of him.

She turned around and knocked on Dusty's door, and when he answered, she kissed him on the mouth and pushed him backwards into the room. Paul listened outside the door, as Meg kept kissing Dusty and also glancing at the door. Dusty was aware that Meg was up to something, and he demanded to know what she was doing.

Meg explained that Paul was spying on them just outside, so Dusty jerked open the door. He saw no sign of Paul, however, so he returned to Meg and worried about what Paul would do if he thought she was sleeping with Dusty. Meg claimed that she had everything under control. Dusty was afraid for Meg, and he said he could not let her play her dangerous game any more.

Henry reassured Vienna that it was not too late to have their little family, but a tearful Vienna told him that there was no way they could tell Brad and Katie that there had been an "oops" in the baby plans. Vienna felt that what Henry was suggesting was a form of kidnapping, and besides, their keeping the baby would break Katie's heart. Vienna could not do what Henry wanted, and she said they must keep their promise. Henry saw things differently, and he begged for a chance to make things right. Vienna said they must apologize to Brad and Katie for how Henry had acted at the childbirth class, and they would play the telling of the saga by ear.

Brad and Katie went to the hospital and talked with a nurse. Brad explained that they had done genetic testing on Vienna's baby, and they wanted to know the results. The nurse checked Vienna's chart and said the baby was perfectly fine. Katie was greatly relieved, but she noticed that the nurse's expression had changed to one more serious as she read further in the chart. Katie asked her about it, but the nurse said she would get Dr. Bob to explain everything. Katie would not let her leave, so the nurse took them into a private room, and Brad, as the baby's father, insisted on seeing the chart.

The nurse made a hasty exit, but not before Katie grabbed the chart from her arms. Katie jumped to the conclusion that the lab had mixed up the donor sperm and thought perhaps that Brad was not the true father of the baby. As they read the chart, Katie was stunned to read that the artificial insemination with Brad's "boys" had failed. Brad then asked how Vienna could be pregnant, and a shocked Katie figured it out.

Dusty told Meg that if Paul had seen her in Dusty's room, he would make her pay. Dusty asked for details, so Meg explained that Paul wanted her to think he was out of the country, but she knew he was watching her every move. She, however, was only letting him see what she wanted him to see. Her goal was to push Paul's jealousy over the edge so that she could get proof of his instability and regain custody of the baby. Dusty thought the plan was too dangerous, but Meg said it was not up to him to decide, and she stormed out.

Brad and Katie, still stunned, went home, and before long, Henry and Vienna arrived. Henry had the BotBaby in hand, and he apologized for his actions at the class. Katie was in tears, and she said that they should never have trusted their best friends. Brad declared that Vienna was having Henry's baby, not his, and Katie took one look at Vienna's face, and she knew that it was true. Katie said she felt something was wrong, but she could not believe that someone she considered as close as family could betray her like that.

Brad talked about all of Henry and Vienna's subterfuges, and Vienna attempted to explain that she could not bear to cause Katie such devastation. Henry asked them to cut Vienna some slack and to blame him for his change of heart. Vienna said they were still giving the baby to Brad and Katie to raise, but Henry challenged that. Both Brad and Katie asked Henry if he was willing to give up the child, but Henry did not answer.

Katie said they would never take the baby under the present circumstances, because it would never be truly theirs. Katie said it was too late, and they did not want the baby, nor did they want Vienna and Henry in their lives any more.

Henry begged Katie to reconsider, and he told her how much he and Vienna both loved her. Henry took all the blame on his shoulders, but Katie said he had just broken their hearts. Brad asked them to pack their belongings and leave.

Paul drank in the Lakeview bar and thought about Meg. He fantasized again about his ex-wife and Dusty, and ordered another shot. Dusty approached Paul and claimed that things were not as they appeared. Paul did not believe that Dusty would rat out Meg if she was scheming, but Dusty said he would do what was necessary to keep her safe. Dusty threatened Paul if he hurt Meg.

At Fairwinds, Meg surrounded herself with tissues and sat on the couch. She acted surprised to see Paul, who told her that he was aware of her plan to have him do something stupid and destructive, so he would be locked up again. Paul said Dusty had told him all about Meg's plans, and he ordered Meg to pack her things and get out. He added that she might want to say goodbye to Eliza, because Meg was never going to see the baby again.

Meg was horrified and asked what she could do so that Paul would allow her to stay with her baby. Paul told her to beg. He said it was payback time for all the times Meg had humiliated him with Dusty. He demanded that Meg prove to him that she was sorry for playing with his head and that she deserved to be Eliza's mother. Paul said he needed to hear the right words, so Meg swore that nothing had occurred between her and Dusty.

Paul asked what was next, and Meg begged some more. Paul made her promise that there would be no more games, and he left to check on the baby. A furious Meg grabbed her purse and dashed out.

Henry and Vienna were leaving, but Brad stopped them at the door. Henry hoped for a last-minute reprieve, but instead Brad asked Henry to return the key to his house. Vienna called out to Katie, who was weeping on the couch, but Brad shut the door.

Meg went to Dusty's room and lit into him for telling Paul about her plans. She was very angry, because she no longer had any hope of getting Eliza back; she was back to square one. Dusty told her she still had options about Eliza, but Meg said she could no longer trust him, and she walked out.

Vienna and Henry returned to their room in the Lakeview, and Vienna sobbed that they had lost their best friends. Henry was sad, but he declared that Katie would always be part of his life. He was relieved that they had removed a major obstacle to starting their own family.

Katie cried on Brad's shoulder. He talked softly about other ways to be parents, but Katie did not want to hear them. The BotBaby began crying, and Katie's first impulse was to get rid of it immediately, but instead she cuddled it and grieved for the baby they had not even realized they had lost.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Noah was taking a public health course, and he discussed the high rate of infant mortality in the United States with Luke. He came up with the theory that if you saved one life, you could save the world. Noah was also excited to learn about summer camps that disadvantaged kids with life-threatening diseases could attend at no cost. Lily arrived home, and Noah explained his idea of the foundation's sponsoring a camp for these kids. Luke said he would like to tweak that idea and make it a cruise, instead of a camp experience. The boys agreed that would be even more fun.

Luke asked Lily if the foundation could purchase a yacht, but his mother suggested that he ask Damian if the Grimaldi Shipping Line had any available ships. Luke said he felt weird asking Damian for even more help, so Lily offered to approach him on behalf of the foundation. She picked up her purse and headed for the Lakeview.

At the Intruder office, Lucinda handed some paperwork to Holden to deliver to Lily. She also wanted to speak with Holden about Damian. She was on Holden's side in wanting Damian to leave town as soon as possible. Holden told his mother-in-law that Lily was convinced that Damian had changed for the better, but Holden doubted that.

Holden said Damian had taken Lily on a jaunt to New York, and that angered Lucinda. Holden said the trip actually had taken an advantageous turn for the foundation, however. He also said that Lily had asked him to give Damian another chance, and he felt that Lucinda should do the same, for Luke's sake.

Dusty and Lucy talked about Johnny for a while, and then the subject of Meg came up. Dusty said that he had done something stupid that he already regretted. He told Lucy that Meg had begun playing mind games with Paul, and Dusty had been fearful of what Paul would do when he found out. Dusty had gone and told Paul himself, and Meg's reaction to that impulsive act was to tell Dusty to go to hell.

Lucy told Dusty that Carly believed every word that Craig uttered, and she further said that Carly had asked for Lucy's help. Dusty had no qualms about seeing Craig punished, even if, for once, it was something he didn't do. He wanted Lucy to tell Carly that Lucy would do whatever she could to find evidence against Dusty, but in reality, she should do nothing.

At the Oakdale police station, Carly asked to see Craig, and Jack allowed it. She went into the interview room, and Craig said that his new lawyer was going to petition the judge to either charge him or release him. Carly said she thought she could probably get Jack to investigate Dusty, and Craig was pleased until she mentioned that she had talked with Lucy for help, as well. Craig insisted that Lucy stay out of it. Carly felt that they needed the girl's help, but Craig was not comfortable with Lucy's interaction with Dusty. They had to make sure that Lucy stayed on Dusty's good side. On her way out of the station, Carly suggested to Jack that he check out Dusty's possible involvement.

Lily visited Damian at the Lakeview, and she asked for the use of a ship for the foundation's project. She explained that Noah and Luke wanted to start a program similar to the camps for disadvantaged children, and they wanted to make it a cruise. Damian thought that was a wonderful idea, but he turned Lily down. He surprised her by saying that it was "out of the question," because there were no ships available. Damian offered to talk to Luke himself, and Lucy puzzled over his refusal as she left.

Lily went to the Intruder office and spoke to Holden and Lucinda. She explained that she had requested a ship for the foundation from Damian, but that he had said there were none available. Holden thought that sounded suspicious, and he suggested that Lucinda ask some of her shipping buddies what was going on with the Grimaldi fleet. Lily was against that because she thought Damian would find out. Lucinda promised to be discreet and to just check out any rumblings in the shipping world. Lily still advised against it, and she walked out.

At Java, Noah and Luke discussed why no Grimaldi ships were available, and Damian walked in. He said he was sorry about the ships, but he had another way to help. He told the boys about a dude ranch in Montana that was set up for children with special needs. He had talked to the director and had told him that the foundation would pay for some children to attend the program. Luke and Noah loved the idea, and Luke agreed that Damian should make the arrangements. The boys thanked Damian profusely before he left.

Lucy visited her father at the police station, and the two of them discussed Johnny. Craig was sick that Dusty had gotten custody back, and he made Lucy promise that she would not let the boy forget him. Craig said he did not want to irritate Dusty because Dusty could take the boy away and disappear forever. Lucy was Craig's only connection to Johnny, and he could not risk losing that. He asked her to stay away from Dusty, if possible.

Jack called on Dusty at the hotel and asked him his whereabouts on April 24 between the hours of three and five o'clock. Dusty wanted to know why Jack was asking, and then he inquired if Jack was having trouble making his case against Craig. Jack gave no definitive answer, but he requested Dusty's alibi again before he left.

Craig called Carly to tell her he had already spoken to Lucy about staying away from Dusty, and that was the same news that Lucy told Dusty when she reported back about the visit to her father. She was glad to be off the hook, but Dusty was upset that Jack seemed to be thinking that Dusty might be involved in some way. Lucy still felt guilty for the position Craig was in. Dusty decided he needed to create some evidence for the cops to find that would put Craig away forever. He swore he would never let anyone take Johnny away from him again.

Lily and Holden went home and argued about his attitude towards Damian. Holden felt he might have gone a bit overboard in his suspicions about the shipping line, so he agreed with Lily that he should call Lucinda and ask her to back off. He reached her on her cell phone at the dockyards where she told him something was going on with the Grimaldi fleet. Lily told her mother to get out of there, and Holden volunteered to go and get her immediately. Lucinda told Holden that it appeared from what she could see that Damian had lied about his ships. She asked him to call when he arrived at the docks, and she would reveal her exact location.

Dusty, along with Lucy, used his old set of keys and walked into a deserted Metro. He had a ledger he had created that exposed the gun smuggling and other activities by Fredo and implicated Craig. Dusty went behind the bar to plant the book when suddenly Carly walked in.

Dusty pretended he had just found the ledger, and he blamed Craig for running a second set of books for the Midnight Sun vodka business. Carly got right in Lucy's face and asked her if she thought her father had murdered someone. Lucy said she didn't know what to believe, but she looked miserable. Dusty was reluctant to hand over the ledger to Carly, so she suggested that Dusty call Jack.

Noah and Luke returned home, excited to share the dude ranch idea with Lily. She was very pleased that Damian had come through for the boys, and she told them that Holden had gone to the docks to fetch Lucinda. Luke was not pleased that some of his family was not willing to give Damian the benefit of the doubt as Lily had.

At the docks, Lucinda pointed out three Grimaldi ships and said she had spoken to the captain of each. None of them would reveal their destination, and she was obviously not welcome on board. The two of them turned around and found themselves face-to-face with a big man holding a revolver pointed at them.

Jack arrived at Metro, and Dusty handed over the ledger. Jack thought it was just too convenient that incriminating evidence against Craig had magically appeared. He asked Dusty when he was going to stop telling Jack how to do his job. Jack accused him of falsifying records, and Lucy became close to hysterical and yelled at the men to stop. She said she was finally going to tell the truth.

Carly spoke to Craig back at the police station, and he told her that his lawyer had been advised that the judge had declared that the Oakdale Police Department should not be penalized for doing a thorough investigation. Craid said his only hope was that there was no evidence tying him to the murder. Carly had to break the news about the ledger that Dusty had "found" in Metro. Carly asked if the records were Craig's. Craig got furious and shouted that Dusty had taken away his son and then solved the case that could put him away for life.

Carly assured Craig that she didn't believe that the ledger was his, but she was afraid that Jack might. Craig thought it was obvious that Dusty had falsified the ledger, but Carly said he couldn't have done it alone. She explained that Lucy had been right by Dusty's side, and they wondered whose side Lucy was really on. Craig said Lucy would never betray him like that, so there had to be another explanation.

The stranger with the gun took Lucinda and Holden into an office and made a phone call to the "boss." Holden tried to bluff his way out of the spot they were in, but their captor told them that their fate depended on the boss. The boss walked in, and it was Damian.

Friday, May 8, 2009

At the docks, Damian was surprised to find one of his security guards holding Lucinda and Holden at gunpoint. Lucinda claimed that they had merely been out walking on public property when the guard had picked them up and accused them of spying. Damian said the guard had detained them because there had been a murder on the docks recently, and no one was supposed to be in the area unless they had official business there.

Holden accused Damian of wanting both to gain Luke's trust and to continue his past shady business dealings. Damian told Holden to keep deluding himself but to get out.

Holden and Lucinda went back to Lily's house, where they told Lily, Luke, and Noah what had happened on the docks. Lily thought it sounded like a big misunderstanding, but Holden said Lucinda had understood perfectly what was going on, and that was why Damian had become nervous. Noting the tension in the air between Lily and Holden, Noah announced that he was leaving to go to work, and Luke said he would go with him.

Lily asked Holden what Damian had done wrong, and Holden said that was what they were trying to find out. Lily told Holden that he hadn't wanted her to play private investigator, and she didn't think he should, either. She asked Holden to stay away from Damian, and Holden said he would, if Lily would agree to do the same. Lily pointed out that Damian was working at Luke's foundation, but Holden suggested that Damian was working there for all the wrong reasons.

Noah suggested that Luke go directly to Damian to find out what was going on. Luke went to Damian's suite at the Lakeview and told Damian that he had heard about what had happened at the docks. Luke said that he knew that Holden hated Damian, but Holden wasn't a liar or an idiot, so Luke was inclined to believe Holden when he said he thought something suspicious was going on.

Luke told Damian that if he wanted them to have anything like the relationship that Luke had with Holden, Damian would have to be honest with him. Luke then asked if there was some sort of secret operation going on with the Grimaldi shipping lines, and Damian admitted that there was. Damian refused to give Luke any details, however, saying that there were people he had to protect, but he assured Luke that what he was doing wasn't wrong. Luke said he didn't know if he could believe Damian or not.

Luke went to Java to let Noah know what Damian had said. Noah said maybe Holden was right, that Damian hadn't really changed, despite the fact that Damian clearly meant to do right by Luke. Damian walked in and told the boys about Lucy's medicine-smuggling operation. He admitted that he had known that what Lucy was doing was illegal, but he also thought it was necessary, so he had volunteered some of his ships. Damian then told them that Lucy was being held at the police station. When Luke said he wanted to help his cousin, Damian said he would take care of it, because he didn't want to risk getting Luke involved.

At the police department, Carly told Craig that it appeared that Lucy was helping Dusty. Craig couldn't believe his daughter would betray him like that. Carly said that if Dusty had set Craig up to take the fall for gun smuggling and murder, Lucy might have been in on the plan, because Dusty would do anything to be with Johnny, and it looked like Lucy might do anything to be with Dusty.

At Metro, Lucy kept trying to tell Jack that she had proof her father was innocent, while Dusty kept interrupting to accuse Lucy of lying to protect her father. Jack told Lucy that if Craig wasn't involved, it meant that the ledger that Dusty claimed to have found at Metro was a fake, which would make Dusty guilty of obstruction of justice, among other things. Lucy told Jack that both Dusty and Craig were innocent, and she was the guilty party, because she had been doing the smuggling.

Jack took both Lucy and Dusty to the station to ask them more questions. Craig was upset to see Lucy, and he told her not to say anything that might get her into trouble. Lucy, however, said it was her fault that the police were detaining Craig. Jack sat down to take Lucy's statement, but Dusty said Lucy shouldn't say anything without a lawyer present, and Craig agreed. Lucy, however, waived her right to an attorney and told Jack that she had been sending medical supplies to refugees in east Africa, despite the US embargo on shipments to that region.

When Jack asked if Lucy had also been shipping guns, Lucy denied it and said she'd been trying to save people, not kill them. She told Jack that Cesar had called her the minute he had found the guns, and that someone had ordered Cesar to get rid of the guns, which she assumed he'd been doing when he was killed. Lucy told Jack that the man smuggling the guns was named Fredo, but she didn't know his last name. She assumed Fredo had killed Cesar.

Jack told Lucy that she hadn't given him much to go on, but Lucy thought she'd said enough that Jack should release her father. When Jack suggested that Lucy had a motive for trying to get her father released, Craig said that Dusty was the one who had an agenda, and he pointed out that Carly had caught Dusty trying to plant fake evidence. Carly agreed and asked Jack to think about why Dusty had been the one to find the shipping log at Metro, despite the fact that the police had searched the club. Jack said he would question each of them separately, and he took Dusty outside.

Dusty told Jack that Lucy was lying to cover for Craig. Dusty reminded Jack that Craig had gotten away with murder or attempted murder in the past, and he said that if Jack put Craig back on the street, there would be more victims. Dusty then told Jack that he had to leave to pick Johnny up from school. Jack let him go after warning him not to leave town.

Craig asked Lucy how she could have done such a thing to him. Lucy said that she hadn't wanted to name names in the smuggling operation, because the people she was working with were doing humanitarian work. Craig realized that Lucy had been using him the whole time she'd been trying to mend fences with him, so that she could use his business for her smuggling operation. Lucy said that Dusty had wanted her to keep quiet, but she hadn't wanted the police to hold Craig any longer.

Craig told Lucy his chances of reclaiming Johnny were not good, because she had trashed his reputation. Lucy said things might change after Craig was released, but Craig said it appeared that Lucy thought that Dusty should have custody of Johnny. Lucy said she cared very much about what happened to Johnny, but she also still cared about what happened to her father. Craig replied, "If this is how you show you care, then I don't need a daughter at all. Get out!"

As Lucy tried to leave, Jack stopped her and told her he still had questions for her. Lucy insisted that she had already told Jack everything she knew. Jack said Lucy had been vague about the smuggling operation, so he would need to keep her in custody until they were able to locate Fredo or until Lucy gave him more information.

Jack went back into the interrogation room where Carly and Craig were waiting. Carly asked why Craig hadn't been released yet, and Jack said that what Lucy had told him hadn't been very helpful. Carly said Jack couldn't continue to hold Craig if he wasn't going to charge him. Jack told Craig that he could leave, but he told Craig not to leave town.

Jack sat back down with Lucy, but she insisted again that she had told him everything she was going to tell him, so if he wanted to charge her, he would have to go ahead and do it. Damian walked in and said that he could tell Jack everything he needed to know. Jack asked what Damian meant, and Damian said that Lucy had been using Grimaldi ships to send medical supplies to east Africa. Lucy protested that Damian might be compromising the safety of "other operatives," but Damian assured Lucy that he had taken precautions against that. Jack asked about the guns, but Damian said weapons were not part of the plan.

Damian told Jack that his government connections had told him that there was a more liberal attitude towards humanitarian aid, and he was certain that no one would want to prosecute Lucy for saving lives. Jack said that although he was all for saving lives, there were still the M-16s and a dead body to deal with, so Lucy was not free to leave yet. Damian told Lucy that he would find a way to get her out, and he left.

Lucy called Lucinda and told her that she was in trouble and was at the police station. Lucinda told Lily and Holden that Lucy needed her. Lucinda went to the police station, and Lucy filled her in on what had happened. Lucinda said that if anyone should face charges, it was Damian, but Lucy said that all Damian had provided was the ships. Lucinda said perhaps Damian had provided more than Lucy knew. She then told Lucy that she would hire a good lawyer who would get Lucy out of jail.

Dusty took Johnny to the Lakeview and asked if he would like to go live someplace where it was sunny all the time. Johnny asked if "Lulu" could come, too, but Dusty said not this time. Meanwhile, Craig told Carly that he had to try to get Johnny back right away, before Dusty could try to leave town with him. Carly tried to get Craig to go through the proper channels, but Craig said that would take too long.

Craig and Carly went to the Lakeview, and when the elevator doors opened, they saw Dusty and Johnny. Noting that Dusty was carrying a suitcase, Craig hugged Johnny and asked if he was going somewhere. Dusty said that since he had custody of Johnny, they could go anywhere they wanted to go. Craig shoved Dusty, saying, "You're not going anywhere with my son!" Dusty shoved back, telling Craig to get his hands off of him, and suddenly, they were fighting. Johnny shouted, "Don't fight! Don't fight!" and Carly stepped between the two men and told them to cut it out.

Dusty grabbed Johnny and told him they were leaving. Craig tried to follow, but Carly stopped him and instead called Jack. She told Jack that Dusty was trying to leave town with Johnny. Jack told her he would take care of it. Jack left the station and found Dusty and Johnny at Al's Diner. Jack asked where he and Johnny were going, and Dusty said they were going to Sea World.

Jack told Johnny the trip would have to wait, and then he escorted Johnny and Dusty back to the Lakeview, where Craig and Carly were waiting. Craig apologized to Johnny about the fight he'd had with Dusty, but Dusty took Johnny and told him they were going upstairs. Jack told Dusty to stay put this time, and Dusty told Craig he would get the rest of Johnny's things later.

Carly thanked Jack for his help, and Jack suggested that Craig give Dusty some distance. Jack left, and Craig told Carly he owed her. Craig sighed and said that he had lost both of his children that day, but Carly said that at least this time, they weren't halfway around the world, and he knew where they were. Craig said there was one good thing about the day, and when Carly asked what that might be, he said it was that Carly had stood by him. Craig thanked Carly, and she kissed him on the cheek and suggested he go upstairs to get some rest.


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