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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 27, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Alison frightened Casey, who was listening to his Ipod at the hospital. He was waiting for Jade, who was already half an hour late for their community service work. Fortunately, the senior transport van had no scheduled passengers that day; they were going to be doing community outreach, instead.

At Lily and Holden's, Jade was angry that her aunt had not told her sooner that someone had kidnapped Luke and Noah. She offered to contact the college students who might be able to identify the girl kidnapper, and she was sure that Casey would go with her. Holden told Jade to be careful, and Lily described the fish pendant that the girl wore. Lily took a call from Damian, who had enlarged and aged a photo of Gia Pinarossa. He wanted Lily to verify if that was the girl she had seen at the War Memorial. Holden offered to go get the photo and offered to drop Jade off at Memorial.

Meanwhile, Zac, who was staking out Lily's house in hopes of being able to catch her alone, abandoned his post to bring food to Zoe at the storage locker. The two of them kissed, but Zoe encouraged Zac to get back to Lily's immediately. Zac brandished his gun and hoped that Lily was by herself. Zoe talked to Luke who was anguished that Noah was still unconscious and obviously running a fever. Luke argued with Zoe that once she had killed a Grimaldi, her life would not be worth much. He offered to give her all the foundation money and to let her escape if she would let Noah go to the hospital.

Zoe turned Luke down, so he then offered to pay whatever she wanted, as long as she got help for Noah. If she would not let Noah go, then Luke begged her for medication to fight Noah's infection. Again, Luke offered to give her anything within his power. Zoe left to get the drugs, and Noah regained consciousness. Luke reminded his boyfriend that they were hostages, as Noah complained of pain and being very hot. Luke promised that they would get out alive, but Noah passed out again.

Lily talked with Lucinda and said that Margo thought the kidnappers were amateurs who would foul up. Lily promised to keep her mother informed, and as she hung up, she heard a noise at her front door. She called out to the police officer guarding her house, but he did not answer. Unseen by Lily, Zac crawled out of the shrubbery over the body of the policeman.

Jade showed up at the hospital and asked Casey for his help. She told him Luke and Noah had been taken hostage and that there was a ransom note. Jade was very worried for Luke, and Casey hugged her as Alison walked in. Casey explained to Alison what had happened, and Jade said she would email her the photo Damian had made so that she could show it around the hospital. Casey agreed to start their search at Java, but Alison worried about his safety. Casey scolded Alison that she was too afraid to take action, and consequently she did nothing. He and Jade left to start approaching college students.

Holden arrived at Damian's room in the Lakeview, and Damian was surprised to see him. He showed Holden the photo of Gia Pinarossa, and offered to email it to Lily at home. He and Holden had words, and Damian accused Holden of putting Lily in danger, yet again. Damian declared he was the best hope of finding the boys, and Holden went home.

Lily looked at a framed photo of Luke and Noah, and she heard a knock at her door. Her visitor identified himself as Officer Hazen of the Oakdale Police Department. Lily opened the door, and Zac walked in. He told her that Chief Hughes wanted him to transport Lily to the police station, so Lily grabbed her purse and left willingly with Zac.

At Memorial, Zoe wore a nurse's smock and asked Alison where the hospital kept its drugs. She said some odd things, and Alison noticed Zoe's Pisces pendant. Alison pointed to the drug closet, and Zoe went in and helped herself. Her cover story was that a Dr. Robinson on the fourth floor had sent her. Alison was suspicious and went into the closet with Zoe, asking what medications she was taking so she could log them into their drug book. Zoe had chosen erythromycin, an antibiotic, and a pain killer. Alison faked an interest in pharmacology and told Zoe that the pain killer was a controlled substance, so she needed to record the patient's name and the drug's protocol. Zoe feigned innocence since she was new, but Alison kept asking for the information. Finally, Zoe just grabbed Alison and locked her in the drug closet.

Zac took Lily to Worldwide, and he told her Margo Hughes wanted her to transfer the foundation's funds into a certain numbered account. Lily questioned him, and then said she needed to talk directly to Margo. She had clued in that Zac was not who he seemed, and finally she asked him who he was. Zac replied that he was "the person who was about to steal all her money." Lily's phone rang, but Zac would not let her answer it until she had transferred the funds. Lily refused until she had proof that Luke was safe. Zac pulled out his gun and threatened her until Lily told him to go ahead and shoot. She knew he could not get his hands on the money without her help. After a long stare down, Lily asked if Zac was a Grimaldi or a Pinarossa. Zac ignored the question and again warned that he would shoot her. Lily got fierce and said she would give him no money unless she was assured that Luke was still alive.

Holden spoke to Margo, who wondered why Damian had not sent the Gia photo to her yet. Holden said Damian had wanted Lily to confirm the girl's identity first, so Margo told him to go home while she ran Gia Pinarossa through a police data base. At home, Holden was surprised that Lily was not there, so he called her and left a message wondering where she was. He was obviously worried, so he called Damian, who had no idea where Lily had gone.

Casey and Jade were also wondering why Lily had never sent the photo, but Casey suggested they try another coffee shop since they had gotten no leads at Java. The two of them set off.

At the storage locker, Luke began attempting to awaken Noah again by asking film questions. Noah roused a bit and mumbled some answers before he fell asleep again. Zoe returned with the medications, and her phone was ringing. She spoke to Zac who told her that Lily wanted proof that her boy was still alive before she would transfer the money. Zoe spoke with Lily and put the phone near Luke's head. Luke recognized his mother's voice, so he reassured her he was OK, but he also told her that Noah had been shot. He cried out to tell her not to make a deal with liars, but Zac jerked the phone away from Lily. He announced that the family reunion was over and forced Lily to sit down and begin the money transfer. Instead, Lily cleverly typed "HELP OFFICE NOW" and sent it to Holden's phone. She lied to Zac and told him she had been looking for new passwords, but the message went through to Holden's phone.

Alison pounded on the door of the drug closet and screamed for help. Jade and Casey returned to the hospital and heard Alison. Casey freed her, and Alison explained that the girl kidnapper had stuck her there and taken some medications. They found a receipt for the rental of the storage locker on the floor, so Casey volunteered to call his mother and suggested that the girls call Lily and Holden.

Luke questioned Zoe about his mother, and then begged her to give Noah the drugs. Zoe said they had unfinished business still, but she did not elaborate.

At Worldwide, Lily fumbled the transfer and complained that the transaction was complicated. Zac was impatient, and they both heard a noise outside the office. Zac left to investigate, and a fearful Lily went ahead and called out that the transfer was complete. Zac told her to write down the confirmation number, which Lily did. Zac pretended to shoot Lily, but instead he ran out. Holden arrived, and at least Lily was able to give him the good news that Luke was still alive.

Damian pounded on Lily's door, but no one was home. He was walking away when he stumbled over the dead policeman. Jade, Casey and Alison arrived and let Damian in. He asked them to call the police, and Casey handed over the receipt for the storage locker, as Alison identified Zoe from the photo Damian showed her. Damian took off in a hurry, and Jade went into another room. Casey and Alison hugged, happy that they were safe.

Zac went back to the locker and told Zoe that Lily had transferred the money. The two of them kissed, and Luke asked Zac to help Noah. Zac was not pleased that Zoe had taken the chance of going to the hospital to steal drugs. Zoe told Zac to leave, because she and Luke had some unfinished business. She told Luke that if he delivered, she would give Noah the medications. She hinted that Luke might actually enjoy what she wanted from him, and that was justice. She said she resented how the Grimaldi's had treated her mother, and now she wanted her rights restored. She demanded that she be the mother of Luke's firstborn heir, so the child would be a true Grimaldi. Luke said he could not make her pregnant, but Zoe assured him that there was no problem she could not solve. Then she grabbed his head and kissed him on the mouth.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jack arrived at Carly's, and she asked him how Parker was. Jack told her that their son had trashed Emma's kitchen at the farm, and Jack did not know where Parker was. He said the boy's tantrum had resulted from Liberty's asking Parker to sign the annulment papers. Carly decided to call Craig to see if he had heard from Parker, and Jack hated that, but he, too, was desperate to know if the boy was all right.

Parker found Craig in the Lakeview bar and told him that what he had bought with the $50,000 from his trust fund was parked in the hotel garage. Craig was stunned that Parker had obviously bought a car, but before he could ask any questions, he received Carly's call. He reassured her that Parker was all right, so Carly asked Craig to send the boy home right away. Craig said he could not give Parker orders, but he could convey the message.

Lily and Holden went home, and Lily was very upset about the murdered bodyguard. She freaked out about what the kidnappers might have done to Luke and Noah. Meanwhile at the storage locker, Zac held Damian at gunpoint. He laughingly told Damian not to worry about Luke; at the moment, Luke was in beautiful hands that knew exactly what they were doing. Zac intimated that Zoe was making a man of Luke, as Damian realized that it had been Zac who had stabbed him some days earlier in Old Town.

Inside, Zoe attempted to arouse Luke, who called her crazy. He was horrified that Zoe wanted to get pregnant with his child, and he insisted that he would not cooperate. Zoe threatened to withhold Noah's medications unless Luke gave in to her, and she began trying to open Luke's pants. Luke flailed his legs and was able to pin down Zoe, who began to scream loudly.

Zac heard the girl's screams, and he pushed Damian ahead of him, and they both entered the locker. Zac aimed his gun at Luke, and Damian made his move. He jumped Zac, and the two wrestled for control.

Damian got the gun and ordered Zoe to move away from Luke. He also demanded that Zac untie the boys. Suddenly the door flew open and Margo and her backup stormed in. Luke explained that Noah needed immediate medical attention, and Margo assured him that an ambulance was on its way. She also relieved Damian of the pistol and read the Zs their rights.

Parker arrived home and told his parents that he was fine. He told them that all he had wanted was the freedom to make his own choices, and he felt he had achieved that. Parker whipped out car keys, and Jack jumped to the conclusion that Craig had, once again, loaned the boy his car. Parker said the keys were his own because he had bought a car. He invited them to check out the snazzy convertible sports car parked at the curb.

Carly and Jack ran outside and were speechless. Parker explained that Craig had given him $50,000 to spend as he wished. He was grateful that Craig had made it happen. Jack told Parker to stay with his mother, and Jack took off.

In Memorial Hospital, Luke, Lily, and Holden visited with Noah, who was a patient. Luke told his folks that the gunshot wound in Noah's shoulder was infected, so Noah was on antibiotics, but he would be fine. Lily and Holden celebrated a happy ending and hugged Luke. None of them saw Damian looking through the door. Damian's phone rang, and the caller was Margo, who asked him to go to the Oakdale police station. Damian agreed, and left without speaking to anyone.

In Noah's room, Holden decided to go talk to Margo, and he left. Lily and Luke went into the hall, and Lily explained that Damian had figured out that the kidnapper, Zoe, was Gia Pinarossa. Luke asked if she was truly a Grimaldi, so Lily said it was possible. Luke suddenly realized that it had been Damian who saved his life.

Damian arrived at the police station, and Margo dropped the bomb that the Zs were blaming Damian for everything, and had declared that he was the mastermind behind the whole scheme. Damian protested that he had done nothing but try to protect his son, but Margo continued to argue with him that perhaps he could have hired them to do his dirty work. Holden walked in and overheard some of the conversation.

A furious Damian rushed into the interview room and grabbed Zac by the throat. Margo tried to pull him off, and she yelled threats at Damian. Zac immediately asked for police protection if he had to testify against Damian, and Zoe spoke up by calling Damian, "cousin." She swore that Damian had told her that his plan was the best way to get the foundation money back. Damian was angry at their lies, and he went outside.

Holden asked what was going on, so Damian told him he was being accused of planning the kidnapping. Damian asked Holden to please call Lily and get her there since she had seen the evidence about Zoe/Gia. Holden refused, however. He said Lily had been through enough.

Carly talked with Parker about his car and began laying down rules. Parker said he felt the car was Craig's way of apologizing for trying to interfere in the teens' marriage. He was sure Craig had seen the error of his ways, but Carly looked upon the new car as a bribe.

In the hospital, Luke thanked Noah, but he also urged him not to be a hero any more. Noah called Zoe a "psycho slut," as Lily retuned to the room. She decided to give the boys their privacy, and she went into the hall to make some phone calls of good tidings. The boys held hands, and Noah asked Luke what he was going to do about the fact that Damian had been vindicated of any wrongdoing.

At the Lakeview, Jack confronted Craig about Parker's new car. He told Craig to "keep the gospel according to Craig" away from Jack's family, but Craig said he was mostly concerned about helping Parker because it was the right thing to do. Jack thought it all came down to Carly and to Craig's sniffing around her. Craig called Jack a "self-righteous judgmental jerk," and he further denigrated Jack's parenting skills. Jack countered by reminding Craig that his daughter, Lucy, had run away for years with her baby brother. Craig said he'd had it with Jack and his family, and he walked out.

Jack's phone rang, and a cop called him down to the docks to a homicide. Jack left immediately, calling Carly on the way. He told her he was on a case, but that nothing had changed with Craig. Carly said she had to go to Metro, and she once again asked Parker to drive safely in his new car. Carly could not find her own car keys, so Parker offered to drive her to Metro in his new toy. Carly at first refused, but then she couldn't resist the fun it would be to feel the wind in her hair in a convertible, so she agreed.

Holden returned to Memorial, and he told Luke and Lily that the Zs were accusing Damian of masterminding the kidnapping plot. Much to Holden's dismay, Luke defended Damian, and he decided to go see Margo and explain what he had seen and heard. When he arrived at the station, he told Margo to let his birth father go. He relayed how much Zoe hated Damian because of the money she felt was rightfully her mother's. He said he had been trapped with the Zs for days, and he knew that Damian was not involved. Luke chose not to speak directly with Damian, but he assured Margo that Zoe and Zac had worked alone.

At the docks, Jack identified the dead body as that of Cesar. The cop on the scene said that Cesar had stopped a boat from leaving, and on board they showed Jack some M-16 rifles that they had found in crates, hidden under bottles of vodka. He handed Jack one of the vodka bottles, and Jack recognized the Midnight Sun label.

Carly went into Metro and found Craig drinking there. She began carping at him, but Craig had taken all he was going to from her and Jack. He told Carly that he was done with her; she had pushed him away for the last time. He congratulated her on winning, and he presented her with a check and said he was buying out her interest in Midnight Sun. Carly was reluctant to walk away from what was beginning to look like a profitable business, but Craig said they needed to wash their hands of one another.

At the police department, Holden returned and apologized to Damian and thanked him for saving Luke. He said he was sorry he had been so hard on Damian, but he wanted to make a suggestion: Damian should leave Oakdale. Surprisingly, Damian said he understood, and when Margo said he was free to go, he hinted that he was on his way out of the country.

Back at Memorial, Luke explained to Noah what had happened at the police station, but Noah could not believe that Luke had not actually spoken to Damian. Lily and Holden came in, and Holden said he had suggested that Damian leave town as soon as possible, and he was thinking they had seen the last of Damian Grimaldi. Luke asked Lily if she agreed that Damian should leave, and Lily said she thought it was for the best.

Lily went to the Lakeview, however, and waited in the lobby for Damian. When he arrived, she told him she was grateful for what he had done for Luke. She also apologized for misjudging him. Damian responded that he hoped that one day Luke could forgive him, as well. He told Lily that she still meant the world to him, and he kissed her hand.

When Damian went up to his room, he was surprised to find Luke waiting there. Luke said that he had realized that he did not really know Damian, and he asked his father to stay longer. Damian was stunned, but he agreed.

Carly wanted to talk more with Craig, but he explained that she could accept the check from him then, or take it later from his lawyer. Carly did not want him to leave, and she reminded him how well they worked together. He told her to take the money and move on. Jack arrived and announced that he needed them both to go to the police station for questioning.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Liberty and Janet worked on cleaning Emma's kitchen after Parker's rampage. The girl was unresponsive to most of her mother's comments, so finally Janet asked if she was having second thoughts about her annulment. Liberty said no, but she was worried about how hard Parker took the news. She felt as if she had abandoned him, and she mused that Parker had experienced many rotten things in his life. Janet said that a teenage marriage was not a recipe for stability, however. Liberty said she really missed Parker, so Janet suggested she go upstairs and just relax.

At Carly's house, Sage told Parker she was hungry, but Carly had not yet returned home. Parker offered his little sister a ride in his new convertible, but Sage did not believe that the snazzy car parked outside was really his. Parker finally convinced her, and he pulled out a wad of money from his pocket. He peeled off $1000 and gave it to her with the advice that she might have to use it some day to protect herself.

Sage asked some pertinent questions about her brother's trust fund, so he explained that Craig had wanted him to feel better about what had happened with Liberty. He scrounged in the kitchen and found some bagels to toast, and he told Sage to put the money somewhere safe.

When Jack arrived at Metro and asked Carly and Craig to accompany him to the police station, Craig assumed the fuss was about Parker's new car. Jack corrected that, however, and said it was about finding smuggled weapons in their vodka shipment. Jack told them that, besides the guns, there was the issue of the stabbing death of Cesar Mendoza on the docks. Jack took the pair to the Oakdale Police Station where Margo quickly stifled Craig's attempts at jokes. She asked what they knew about Cesar, and Craig said he only knew that Cesar was the shipping supervisor at the docks and had been handling the transport of Midnight Sun vodka.

Jack pointed to one of the shipping crates that had been brought to the station and asked if it was one of Craig's. Craig said it definitely had their label on it, so Jack told him to open it. After Craig did so, Jack reached in and pulled out an M-16. Carly was horrified and asked how that had gotten into their crate. Jack said he wanted to know the same thing, while Craig remarked that obviously Cesar had a side business in place. Carly could not believe that Jack would think she and Craig were involved in any of what he was describing.

Dusty and Lucy helped Johnny complete a puzzle. The boy wanted to do one more before bedtime, and Lucy agreed, but she was worried that Craig would return home and find Dusty there. She also said she had no evidence against Craig to share with Dusty that might help him in another custody battle for his son. She was also concerned that she had not had a response from Cesar recently.

Back at the police station, Margo asked Craig what he knew about Cesar. He said he knew nothing about him, and then he asked why he and Carly should help the police make a case against themselves. Craig accused Jack of wanting to get rid of him ever since he had returned to town, and he refused to say anything more without consulting his lawyer. Jack took Carly into a separate interview room, while Margo stayed with Craig and told him that he had only been in town for six months, and he was already in deep trouble with the law. She said she would call Lucy and tell her that Craig would be delayed indefinitely in getting back to Johnny.

Lucy took the call from Margo, and she heard the terrible news about Cesar. Lucy hung up and informed Dusty, who guessed that Fredo was probably the murderer. Lucy was feeling guilt for asking Cesar to unload the guns from her shipment.

In the interview room, Jack suggested that Craig was using the vodka company for the purpose of smuggling arms. Carly did not believe that for a minute, and the two of them argued loudly. Carly maintained that she knew absolutely nothing about any guns.

Jack called Janet, who rightly guessed that he would not be home in time for dinner. He asked her to go to Carly's and hang out with Parker and Sage. He declined to explain more, but he did tell her to be prepared to spend the night if it became necessary. Janet did not want to leave Liberty alone at the farm, so Jack said Janet had no choice but to take the girl with her. All Jack would say about Carly was that she could be in serious trouble. Janet promised to do as Jack asked.

Janet and Liberty arrived at Carly's, and Parker felt hopeful when he saw that Liberty had a small suitcase with her. His hopes of her moving back in were dashed quickly, however, when Janet explained that Carly had gotten held up, and Jack was still at work. Parker immediately asked what trouble his mother was involved in, but Janet said only that it concerned the vodka company.

Parker put his coat on and said he was going outside for some air, and Liberty followed him. Parker asked her if she knew what was going on with his mother, but Liberty answered no. She noticed the sports car out in front of the house, however, so Parker explained about the money from his trust that Craig had given him. He offered her a ride, and the two of them took off.

Dusty put Johnny to bed, while Lucy continued to blame herself for involving Cesar in removing the weapons from her shipment. Someone knocked on the door, and Lucy was terrified that it was Craig, but she opened the door to find Margo. Margo said that Lucy might have to watch Johnny all night because Craig was facing some serious charges. She stated that she thought her brother was involved in Cesar's murder. She asked Lucy if Craig had ever indicated that Midnight Sun was a front for illegal activities.

Margo got a call telling her that only Cesar's blood had been found at the murder site. Dusty began asking questions about Craig until Margo stopped him by asking if her brother knew that Dusty was with Johnny. She also asked Lucy why she was so sure that Craig was innocent. Dusty resented the third degree that Margo was giving them and requested to put off the questioning, and Margo agreed to talk with Lucy the next day. Margo was almost out the door when Lucy stopped her. She said that Craig had nothing to do with Cesar's death.

Jack put Craig in the interview room with Carly, hoping the two of them would turn on one another. Carly did jump on Craig for stashing guns in their shipment, but Craig argued with that, and both of them declared their innocence. Jack returned to the room, and Craig asked him to let Carly go. He said she had only met Cesar once, and she had no idea what was in the crates. He admitted that he knew, but Carly was sure he was lying to protect her.

Jack took Carly out, and she swore that Craig had nothing to do with smuggling guns or with any murder. Jack scolded Carly that she had ignored his advice and had gone into business with Craig. Carly told her ex-husband to go to hell.

Back at Carly's house, Sage brought in a basket of clothes and said that she had to do laundry. Janet asked if she had gone through all the pockets, and Sage admitted she had forgotten. She and Janet checked pockets, and Janet discovered the wad of hundred dollar bills that Parker had given his sister. Sage explained that it was just change from Parker's car, but Janet kept it and offered to give it to Jack for safekeeping. She hugged Sage, and wondered what Parker had been thinking.

Craig insisted that he would say nothing further without advice from his lawyer, so Jack and Margo released Carly. Jack offered to drive her home, and Carly accepted, but she wanted to speak to Craig first. She went into the interview room and asked him why he was trying to make the police think he was guilty. She begged him to tell the truth, but Craig said she should go home to her children.

Dusty asked Lucy if there was anything like written or phone records that might link her with Cesar, but she said no. She further revealed that she had paid for the drugs with cash, and all in small bills from different sources. Dusty thought she would be all right, but Lucy was not willing to let her father take the fall for a murder he did not commit. Dusty reminded her that Craig would not think twice about sending her to the slammer, but Lucy refused to be ruthless like her father.

Dusty next called his lawyer, and told Lucy that while Craig was in deep trouble was the perfect time for him to move on getting permanent custody of Johnny. Lucy was stunned that Dusty would use a lie to his own advantage like that, and they shouted back and forth. Their raised voices woke Johnny, who was worried that his other daddy was not home yet. Dusty reassured the boy that he was there.

Liberty and Parker returned to Carly's, and Parker said he missed hanging out with her. He asked her to give their relationship another shot, but Liberty refused, and Parker stormed inside to his room. Liberty went inside and told Janet they had gone for a drive. She said she finally realized that it would be a very long time before she and Parker could be friends again.

Margo asked Craig if he was ready to talk, but Craig kept mum. Margo was disappointed in him because she had hoped he had changed. Craig accused his sister of jumping to conclusions yet again, but a disgusted Margo walked out. A few minutes later, she and another officer took Craig to a cell for the night.

Carly and Jack arrived at Carly's house, and Jack announced that it was time for his family to go back to the farm. They left, and Sage told Parker that their mother was home. Parker asked Carly if she had made bail, and she insisted that she had not been arrested. She said it had been only a misunderstanding and that soon the police would figure out the truth and release Craig. Sage went to bed, and Carly once again maintained her innocence to Parker.

At the farm, Jack asked Janet how Parker and Liberty had gotten along at Carly's. She said it had been much harder on Parker. Jack said that actually Carly had not appeared to know anything about the smuggling, but Craig had acted guilty. Janet pulled out the $1000 that she had taken from Sage's pocket and told Jack the story. Jack was upset, and Janet finally admitted that Jack might be right about Craig.

Carly sneaked into the kitchen after the kids were in bed. She took a bottle of Midnight Sun from the refrigerator and poured herself a big shot. She paused to think a minute, but then she drank it down.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Luke exited Noah's hospital room to find Damian in the hall. Damian inquired about Noah and learned that Luke had been at the hospital all night. He invited Luke to lunch at the Lakeview, and he also graciously offered to include Holden and Lily. Luke called Lily, but she didn't get to her phone in time, so he left her a message.

Lucinda waited for Emily in the office of the Intruder. When Emily arrived, Lucinda proclaimed they needed some "face time." Emily thought she was in trouble because of slumping sales for the newspaper, so she started coming up with creative ideas to increase circulation. Lucinda then dropped the bomb: she would no longer be publishing the Intruder. Emily protested mightily about losing the paper, but Lucinda said she had made a shrewd business decision.

Finally, Lucinda said that she would not be publishing the paper anymore, but not because it was going out of business. It was because it was going digital. Lucinda's idea was to have news online 24/7, and she needed an editor. She asked if Emily would like her old job back with the digital version, but to Lucinda's surprise, Emily declined.

Damian left Memorial to go ahead to the Lakeview, and Luke saw Alison and went over to thank her for her help in attempting to find the kidnappers. Luke took off, and Alison continued her work. Casey and Jade walked in, and Casey spotted Alison, so he invited her to lunch. Alison accepted and suggested that they also invite Jade. Casey was surprised, but he agreed, and Jade accepted immediately.

Lily listened to Luke's message about lunch with Damian, and she was willing to accept. Holden was another matter, however. He refused to socialize with Lily's ex, and he was in no mood to be gracious. Lily threatened to go by herself because she thought it was important for Luke, but Holden warned her that something bad always happened around Damian. Lily refused to listen and started out, and Holden decided to accompany her.

At Yo's, Casey ordered food at the bar for the lunch threesome, so while they were alone, Jade asked Alison why she had invited her. Alison said she was just trying to be nice, and Jade accused her of trying to get on Jade's good side. The girls had a good laugh about Casey until he returned.

Luke and Damian waited at the Lakeview to see if Luke's parents would arrive. Luke felt awkward making small talk with his estranged father, but just then, Lily and Holden walked in. Lily mentioned that they could not pass up a final opportunity to thank Damian for his help in rescuing the boys, but Damian broke the news that he was settling in Oakdale for the present time. Holden demanded to know what he meant, so Damian said he was staying in town to get to know his son better. Holden declared that Luke was Holden's son, and he did not want his son anywhere near Damian.

Damian explained that his staying had been Luke's idea, but Holden was too shocked to consider that might be true, and he stood up and walked out. Luke went after him, as Damian apologized to Lily for causing trouble. Lily was quick to point out that trouble was something that Damian always caused.

Luke and Holden talked in the lobby, and Luke attempted to smooth Holden's ruffled feathers. Luke said he had just realized that he knew very little about his birth father. He was thinking that Damian was not as bad as they thought he was. Holden agreed that he would not stop Luke from having contact with Damian, but he urged the boy to be very cautious. The two of them hugged and went back inside.

Lucinda was confused as to why Emily had turned down the offer to edit the digital edition of the Intruder. Emily finally admitted that she was a cyber-dummy, and besides her editing, she had no other skills to bring to the cyber world. Lucinda told her she could learn, and besides, Emily would have help. She said she had promoted a young man from the IT department to be Emily's co-editor. Emily threw a fit at having to share her title, but Lucinda took her by the arm and led her outside the office. Sitting there was Hunter.

Hunter was an attractive man who used only the one name, and he was writing on his laptop. He promptly dumped the computer on the floor when he stood up to meet Emily. She asked if he was always so clumsy, and he intimated that he was. He told her that speed was the key to their success, and his first suggestion was to change the name from Intruder to something more cyber sounding. Emily disagreed, and declared that Alice had, indeed, gone through the looking glass. Lucinda departed, and Emily announced she was going to find somewhere to drink her lunch. An eager Hunter followed.

At Yo's, Casey wanted to know what was going on, and Jade said she and Alison had come to an understanding. Then Jade noticed an attractive young man drinking at the bar, and she became distracted. Alison urged Jade to go ask the man to play pool with her, so Jade took the plunge, and the guy agreed. The pool game progressed, until Alison noticed that the man was wearing a wedding ring. Casey walked up and asked if he hadn't seen the man in Yo's the week before with his wife, and suddenly the stranger had to leave. Jade was in a foul mood, but soon the two girls challenged Casey to a game.

Damian told Lily that he was staying in Oakdale to spend time with Luke. Lily outlined all the troubles that Luke had suffered through recently, including his expulsion from college, depression, and the drinking that jeopardized his health. Damian felt some responsibility for some of those troubles.

Lily scolded him for making a rash decision to stay in Oakdale without any consideration as to how that would affect her entire family. Damian asked Lily to tell him what to do, but Lily said that was not fair. Luke and Holden returned to the table, but Holden still refused to break bread with Damian, and he walked out, followed by Lily.

Luke talked with the bank, and he learned that the transfer of funds from the foundation's account to the one the kidnappers had set up had gone through. He found out that he would get the money back, but it would be a slow and involved process. Luke was worried that without available funds, the foundation would have to stop most of their programs that relied on ready cash, such as the meals for elderly shut-ins.

Damian asked if he could help, but Luke did not know how to respond. Luke finally said that Damian might not approve of all the programs the foundation supported, but his father said that he trusted Lily and Luke and the decisions they had made. Luke accepted Damian's offer of temporary financial help.

Emily and Hunter entered Yo's, and Emily immediately ordered a dry martini, while Hunter inquired about the availability of carrot juice. He began a tirade of cyber-babble that was way over Emily's head, so she made fun of him. Hunter never slowed down, and he referred to Emily as being from "an older generation." That infuriated Emily, so Hunter changed his phrase to "an older person."

He finally realized that he was making things worse, so he got up to leave and stubbed his toe on the bar stool. He ended up almost on top of Emily, and just at that moment, Alison looked over and recognized her sister. She made a remark that it looked as if Emily was robbing the cradle again.

Alison tried to figure out why Emily had walked out, but her young friend had stayed in the bar. She went outside to speak with her sister, and she asked about Emily's "new boy toy." Emily blew up and yelled that Lucinda had ruined her day by putting the Intruder totally online and had also hired the "boy toy" as Emily's new business partner.

At Lily's house, Lucinda showed up and had a cup of tea. She said she was tired of being treated like the Grim Reaper. Holden passed on the news that Damian was staying in Oakdale so that he and Luke could get to know one another. Luke walked in, full of smiles. He told them that the doctor was going to release Noah very soon, and that Damian was going to fund all the foundation's projects until the bank could replace the stolen money. Lily offered to do that instead, but Luke said he wanted Damian to do it.

Alison went back inside Yo's and introduced herself to Hunter. She offered him some tips on how to handle temperamental Emily, and Hunter was grateful. Primarily, Alison suggested he never argue with her sister, and never to correct her, because Emily liked to think she was always right. Alison invited Hunter to hang out with her and her friends, and Hunter agreed. He pulled up a chair right next to Jade and promptly knocked her soda directly into her lap. He was so embarrassed that he got up and ran out, as Jade fumed, and Alison and Casey cracked up laughing.

After Lucinda and Luke left, Holden told Lily that he thought it would be best if she resigned as head of the foundation. Lily was angry and told Holden that he was being unreasonable. He said that Damian wanted his family back, and that included Lily. He asked her to back away from the foundation, but when Lily hesitated, he stormed out saying that he had his answer.

Hunter returned to the Intruder office and told Emily that he had met her sister. He said he had changed his mind about renaming the online paper; she had been right about reader loyalty and brand recognition. He asked if he could return the next day, and Emily agreed.

Lucinda knocked on Damian's hotel room door, and when he opened it, she charged in. She blasted him for staying in Oakdale and for getting involved in Luke's business. She complained that Lily and Holden would be affected by whatever Damian did in Oakdale, and if he had any thoughts of inserting himself into that family, she would not allow it. Damian answered that, with all due respect to Lucinda, she was no longer his mother-in-law, and he did not need to listen to any more of her lectures. He opened the door and showed her out.

Friday, May 1, 2009

At Metro, Henry practiced how he would react when the doctor gave him, Vienna, Katie, and Brad the news that the baby Vienna was carrying wasn't Brad's baby. Vienna didn't care what reaction Henry had. Meanwhile, Katie and Brad talked about their upcoming appointment with the doctor about the genetic testing. Katie was still worried about it, but Brad assured her the results would show that the baby would be perfectly healthy.

Katie's phone rang, and it was Margo, who told her that Craig had been arrested. Katie told Brad that she wanted to go to the police station to see Craig before she went to the hospital; Brad said he would go, too.

Craig called Lucy to find out how Johnny was doing. Lucy said Johnny missed his dad, but she had told Johnny that Craig was on a business trip. Craig remarked how ironic it was that he was in jail for something he actually had not done. Lucy said she knew that he was innocent of the charges against him, which surprised Craig somewhat, but which also made him happy. Craig told Lucy that with her on his side, maybe they would convince the police to let him go.

Katie and Brad arrived at the police station. When Craig told them what he'd been charged with, Katie wasn't sure whether she believed he was innocent. Craig was hurt by that and told her he wasn't a murderer. Brad remarked that Craig was just a near-murderer, since Paul Ryan hadn't died when Craig had tried to kill him. Craig said maybe Brad was the person who had set him up. Katie and Brad both became angry, and Brad told Craig to stay away from them in the future, because they didn't want any part of Craig's "crooked little dealings."

Katie and Brad went to the hospital and met up with Vienna and Henry. They found the doctor who said he was filling in for Vienna's regular doctor, and both Brad and Henry were amused by the doctor's name, Shmeglitz. After they had their laugh, the doctor told them that Brad and Vienna had conceived a perfectly healthy baby. Henry said, "Oh, doctor, no, no, no! There must be some kind of mistake!" and dramatically put his hand to his head. The others looked at him and asked what he was doing.

Henry looked at the doctor and said, "What did you say?" The doctor repeated the good news about the baby's health, and Henry looked bewildered, as did the others.

Henry questioned whether the doctor was positive the results were conclusive, but Brad said the doctor had been very clear, and he asked if Henry was trying to find something wrong. Brad and Katie wanted to celebrate the good news, but Vienna said she and Henry had to go back to Metro.

After Brad and Katie left, Henry told Vienna he couldn't believe the news they had just gotten, because he had thought the testing would reveal that he was the father, not Brad, because of the ultrasound Vienna had. Vienna said the ultrasound technician must have been wrong. Henry told Vienna that the doctor appeared to be beckoning her, and she said maybe the doctor wanted to talk about his bill. Henry said they had insurance, and Vienna said she would figure out what was going on.

Henry watched as Vienna handed the doctor some money. When they returned to Metro, Henry asked why she had given the doctor cash. Henry thought maybe Vienna had bribed the doctor to tell Brad and Katie that the genetic testing was normal. Vienna finally admitted she had hired a man who did a stand-up comedy act at Metro to pretend to be a doctor and give them the DNA test results.

Vienna asked why Henry was so upset that Brad and Katie hadn't found out the baby was actually Henry's child. Henry said he thought they should tell Brad and Katie the truth, but Vienna said if they did, Brad and Katie might change their minds about wanting to raise the baby. Henry said Brad and Katie wouldn't do that, but if they did, he wondered what he and Vienna would do. Vienna said they would have to raise "Sven" themselves. Henry said that Vienna was trying to twist things around to make him admit he wanted to raise their child. Vienna accused Henry of doing everything he could to avoid admitting the truth about how he felt.

Brad and Katie went home, where Katie told Brad she thought Henry was becoming possessive of the baby and might end up wanting to keep the baby to raise himself. Brad assured Katie that Henry wouldn't want to raise another man's child, and he promised Katie everything would work out. Dusty met with Tom at the Lakeview to fill him in on what had happened with Craig's arrest. Tom looked over the documents Dusty gave him and said that he could possibly have the custody order for Johnny reversed by the end of the day. Tom left, and Dusty ran into Lucy in the lobby and told her what was happening. Dusty was disappointed that Lucy wasn't excited about his chances of winning custody of Johnny. Lucy said she knew that if her father lost custody of Johnny and went to prison, it would be her fault. Dusty told Lucy that her father deserved what he was getting, even though he wasn't guilty of the particular crimes with which he was charged.

Lucy went to see Craig, and he told her his theory that Brad and Jack might have been trying to set him up. Lucy didn't think they would do that. Lucy then said that she had found out that Dusty was trying to get custody of Johnny. It suddenly dawned on Craig that Dusty might be the person who had set him up, in order to win custody of Johnny.

Lucy said that she didn't think Dusty would do something like that, but Craig said that Dusty had the connections to make it happen. Craig then told Lucy that she had to help him make sure that Dusty did not get custody of Johnny and take Johnny away from them.

Lucy said that she didn't want to be in the middle of a battle between Craig and Dusty over Johnny, and she reminded her father that that was exactly why she had taken Johnny and left town in the first place. Craig wanted to know if Lucy was thinking of going on the run with Johnny again, but Lucy said she couldn't do that to Johnny again. Lucy said Johnny needed a stable environment, and Craig said he had been giving that to Johnny. Lucy agreed, but said Craig couldn't do that while he was locked up.

Craig said it sounded like Lucy would prefer it if Dusty won custody of Johnny. Craig asked whose side she was on, and Lucy replied that she was on Johnny's side. Craig said Lucy and Johnny meant everything to him, and that if he had done something wrong to deserve to be in jail, he wouldn't fight it, but he hadn't. When Lucy said she believed him, Craig said, "Then don't let Dusty take what matters most to me in the world." Lucy said she would see what she could do, and Craig thanked her.

When Lucy returned to the Lakeview, she ran into Dusty, who told her the judge had awarded him custody of Johnny. Lucy told him that her father thought that Dusty had set him up, so that he could win custody of Johnny, and Lucy asked if it was true. Dusty asked if Lucy was accusing him of murder.

Lucy said she knew that Dusty hadn't killed Cesar, but she wondered if he had set things in motion. Dusty denied it and said circumstances had just gone his way. Lucy still felt guilty that her father might spend years in prison for something he hadn't done, because of her, so Dusty said that after he was certain he had permanent custody of Johnny, if Craig was still in jail, he would help Lucy do whatever they could do to get Craig out.

Jack went to Carly's to let her know that the police investigation into the gun smuggling and murder at the docks had stalled. Jack thought Carly was the one person who could help them move the case forward. Jack insinuated that if the case against Craig stalled, the police might look elsewhere for a suspect. Carly asked if that was a threat, and Jack said she knew him better than that. Carly told Jack, "You're not after the truth, Jack. You're after what you want to be the truth. And I will not help you with that."

Jack again tried to get Carly to see that if the police couldn't prove Craig had committed the crimes, they would look for another suspect, meaning they would turn to Carly. Jack pointed out that only Craig's word had cleared Carly of any wrongdoing. Carly asked Jack whether her word counted or not, and Jack said that in the past when he had taken Carly at her word, things hadn't worked out very well. Carly told Jack that was a cheap shot, and she told him to leave.

On Jack's way out, he spotted a half-empty bottle of vodka on a table. Carly told him she'd had a bad day the day before and had had a drink from a bottle that had already been opened. Jack asked whether Carly and Craig had done a lot of drinking together, and she told him that since they were in the vodka business, they sometimes drank at business meetings. Jack said that if Carly got drunk at meetings but Craig did not, then Carly couldn't really be sure of everything that might have happened at those meetings.

Carly was angry with Jack because of what he was implying, but Jack reminded her he was trying to find out why a man had been killed. Carly asked what would happen if she did talk to Craig, and Jack said that depended on what Carly got out of Craig. Carly said that if she talked to Craig, she would be talking to him to try to find out the truth, not to try to get the answers Jack wanted.

Carly went to the police station and told Craig that she was there because she was worried that maybe there was something he hadn't told her. Craig said that he'd been telling the truth, to everyone, but no one believed him. Carly said she couldn't understand how the guns could have gotten into their vodka shipments without either of them knowing about it. Craig said that was the mystery about smuggling in general.

Carly asked if Craig thought Cesar had been killed because he was part of the smuggling operation, but Craig said he had no idea. When Carly asked if Craig had seen or heard anything else, Craig stopped her and said he wasn't going to answer any more of her questions, because he knew Jack had put her up to it. He told Carly that if she wanted him to tell the truth, then she should extend him the same courtesy. Craig thought Jack had told Carly that she was the next suspect down the list, and Carly admitted it.

Craig then told Carly that she knew his strengths and weaknesses, and he asked if she really thought he would do something like smuggle guns and kill a man. Carly said, "You may not want me to answer that." Craig put it a different way and asked if she knew why he had started the vodka business. Carly asked, "To drive me insane?"

Craig said that he had started the business to get closer to Carly and to have a reason to visit her more often. Carly was both surprised and upset to realize that Craig had played her like that. Craig said he hadn't played her and that what they'd had together hadn't been trivial. Carly admitted what Craig said was true and then asked who Craig thought was really responsible for the crimes. Craig said he thought Dusty had done it.

Jack came in while Craig and Carly were talking, and he had an officer escort Craig to his cell. Jack then asked Carly what Craig had said, and Carly said, "He's innocent, Jack. You've got to let him go."

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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