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All My Children Recaps: The week of April 27, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, April 27, 2009

Opal let out a bloodcurdling scream when she had a vision of Annie running her blood-soaked hand down the window of Ryan's patio doors. Ryan ran down to see what had happened and found Opal, who was convinced that the specter was real. When Ryan realized what happened, he reminded Opal that he wanted to keep those kinds of ideas away from Emma. When the little girl came down the stairs to find out what was wrong, Opal told the child that something had startled her, and she made a hasty exit.

A short time later, just as Ryan sent Emma upstairs to finish her homework, the doorbell rang. When Ryan opened the door, a deliveryman handed over a box. Ryan accepted it, and once back inside, he opened the box and found a letter from Alexander Cambias inside. In the letter, Alexander congratulated Ryan for regaining control of Cambias Industries, as Zach was still dead to him.

Alexander then said that he'd decided to write a memoir, which told the truth about his part in the Satin Slayings and revealed some additional secrets. He told Ryan that he wanted the world to be able to read his side of the story, and asked that Ryan spearhead the task of getting the memoir published. Ryan flipped to the chapter on the Satin Slayings, and as he read, he found that Alexander's motivation for the killings was punishment to Zach for denying his birth name. It was also uncovered that while six people died during that time, Alexander only claimed five of them.

Jake, Amanda, and Tad sat down for family movie night, but Tad was somewhat dismayed to find out that the movie of choice was about natural childbirth. Within moments of the video's start, all viewers were more than uncomfortable with what they saw. After a few minutes, they all decided that they couldn't watch the whole thing. Amanda got a drink of water and Tad excused himself and left the house. When Amanda came back, she announced her decision that she didn't want anything to do with labor.

Amanda said that the moment she went into labor, she wanted to be knocked out. Jake insisted that it would be healthier for the little guy if Amanda were conscious, and his choice of words gave her pause. She pointed out that he'd twice referred to the gender of the baby, and Jake was forced to admit that he saw on the sonogram that she was carrying a little boy.

Colby found her father in the Chandler living room and after a few awkward moments, she asked Adam if he'd ever really loved Liza. Adam said that he'd once been deeply in love with Colby's mother, but that things turned bad when they realized they were too much alike. He asked Colby why she wanted to know, and she told him that the custody battle for Little Adam made her question why their family constantly splintered apart. She then asked if Adam remembered any good times with Liza. He started to tell her about one particular incident, but his memory failed him.

Erica advised a hopeful Reese to go to Bianca and ask for forgiveness, as she believed that Bianca still loved her ex. Erica went on to say that she thought it would be best if Reese rebuilt her relationship with Bianca in Paris so that Kendall would be completely unaffected. Overjoyed, Reese hugged Erica in thanks.

While Kendall watched from her hiding place, Bianca got off the plane with Gaby in arms and Miranda in tow. They greeted Zach, and Bianca asked who else knew about her arrival. He told her no one, but as Bianca got distracted looking for Miranda's doll, Zach spotted Kendall. He ignored the sighting for the moment, and sat with Bianca on a nearby bench. He thanked her for taking his calls and apologized for all he had done to mess up her family.

Zach said that he wanted to do something to fix what he'd broken, but Bianca became emotional and said that there was no way to fix things. He asked if she would see Reese while in town, and Bianca became too choked up to talk. When she finally found the words, she said that the idea of seeing Reese was too hard, and that perhaps the best choice would be for her to return to Paris. Zach apologized again, and said that they could focus on just seeing family.

Erica retrieved a bag of clothes for her granddaughters, and asked Reese if she would take them with her. Reese readily agreed, and then soaked up all of the additional advice that Erica had to offer. Kendall walked in on the tail end of the conversation and was irate that Erica had encouraged Reese to try things again with Bianca. Reese had learned to brush off Kendall's insolence, and instead thanked Erica and prepared to leave.

Kendall backed down, and let Reese go without further argument. Erica knew that something was amiss and demanded that Kendall confess why she'd made the exit so easy on Reese. Kendall countered and asked why Erica was suddenly supportive of the woman who decimated Bianca's heart. Erica stated her belief that Bianca still loved Reese. Kendall pointed out that Reese was responsible for the destruction of Kendall's marriage to Zach. Without hesitation, Erica said that Kendall alone was responsible.

After they arrived back at the Slater residence and stopped in to check on the boys, Zach and Bianca took a few moments to catch up. She asked how Zach and Kendall had been doing and was puzzled when the question elicited a chuckle. Zach realized that no one had told Bianca the latest, and informed her that he and Kendall were no longer together. Bianca assumed that it was because of Reese, but Zach told her that Kendall's desire to be with Ryan was the real reason. At that moment, Kendall walked through the front door and affected a surprised expression at the sight of her sister.

Awkwardly, the sisters tried to catch up, but communication broke down when Bianca revealed that she knew about Kendall's reunion with Ryan. Bianca noted the angry looks between the ex-spouses and decided to check on her youngest daughter. Once out of earshot, Zach let Kendall know that he'd seen her at the airport and told her to stay out of his private life. Angered at being discovered, Kendall shot back that any reunion plans he had for Reese and Bianca were off the table, as Reese was headed back to Paris.

Zach took off in an effort to stop Reese from getting on a plane, and when Bianca returned to the living room, she asked where Zach had gone. Kendall said she didn't want to talk about it, so Bianca asked her sister if she was ready to talk about her latest relationship with Ryan. Kendall started to explain, but as Bianca fired questions at her, Kendall began to feel as though her sister wanted to make Kendall feel bad.

Bianca swore that she was only trying to understand what had happened since she'd last been in town, but Kendall told her that would be virtually impossible. Bianca then asked if Kendall and Ryan were still together, and Kendall confessed that things were rocky because of Kendall's curiosity about Zach's new woman. Bianca thought that Kendall's actions meant that she still loved Zach, but Kendall cautioned Bianca against that line of thinking. Bianca then broke down and apologized for everything that had happened. She believed that because she'd asked Zach to be her donor instead of talking to her sister first, she'd been the impetus for all of the destruction in their lives.

Kendall told Bianca that there was no way that anyone could have predicted the things that happened. Bianca cautiously asked if Kendall thought Reese still loved her, and Kendall confirmed the notion with no hesitation. Bianca then stated that although she wanted to try things again with Reese, she was scared that her trust would be betrayed again. Kendall agreed with the sentiment and said that she'd stopped trusting Zach and let him go - and was angry that he'd moved on instead of coming back to her. Through tears, the sisters decided that they needed to help each other get back to good.

Adam tried to cover up the memory loss when he said he got caught up reliving the past in his head. Then, in an angry tone, he insisted that there was no reason to rehash old memories, and Colby asked why he was angry at her. He promised her that he wasn't and said that he needed to lie down. When he disappeared up the stairs, Colby placed a call to Erica and asked her if she could come over to the house.

When Erica arrived, she urged Colby to take a drive and visit friends while Erica attempted to help Adam. The teen left moments before Adam showed up in the foyer and asked what Erica wanted. Erica told him that Colby had called because she was worried, and noted that Colby was aware that something was wrong. Adam was silent for a few moments, and Erica thought that he was rejecting her help. She started to leave, but he called out to her and told her that he needed her.

Adam filled Erica in on the questions his daughter had asked about her mother, and said that while the images were there, he'd been at a loss for how to tie them all together. Erica noted that not remembering Liza wasn't all bad, but Adam told her it was more than that. He admitted that he didn't remember that he and Erica had seen each other the day before, and she asked how many pills he'd taken. He told her that he'd taken what had been prescribed and felt that the problem wasn't medication related. She offered him some herbal tea, but she had to jar him from another reverie. When she did, he told her that his symptoms were getting worse.

Amanda was livid at Jake for ruining things, and she prepared to storm out of the house just as Opal and Pete returned home. Jake was determined not to let Amanda drive herself anywhere, and even though Pete tried to get in the way, Jake was nowhere near intimidated and ran after Amanda. Once alone, Opal told her son about the visions she'd had. Pete told her that even though bad things had happened, he felt that she needed to think positively. Opal told him that doing so would not take the visions away.

Zach got to the airport and caught Reese just before she boarded her plane. Reese told him that he wouldn't be able to talk her out of going, but he did just that when he revealed that Bianca and their girls were in Pine Valley. Reese was stunned at the news and at a loss as to what she should do next. Before Zach could offer any words of advice, his phone rang. When he answered it, Kendall told him that they needed to call a truce and work together for Bianca's sake.

Pete told his mother that because of his positive thinking, Colby would soon realize what a catch he was. Just then, there was a knock at the front door, and when Opal opened it and saw that is was Colby, she looked back and saw a knowing look on her son's face. Opal left the teens alone, and Colby confessed that she hadn't been able to stop thinking about her mother since Liza had called. She also told Pete that strange things had happened with her dad, and she admitted that she was worried about losing him.

At the hospital, the doctor told Amanda that everything looked good with the baby. He asked if she wanted to see the sonogram, and initially she said no. She then remembered Jake's reference to her little boy and changed her mind. A short time later, Jake happened to walk by Amanda's room as she cried over a printed picture of her son.

Tad arrived at Ryan's place and, after Ryan showed him the letter and manuscript from Alexander, Ryan said that his initial reaction had been to burn everything. When Tad asked why he hadn't done it, Ryan noted that he'd started reading and came across something that Tad needed to read for himself. Ryan handed the manuscript to the former P.I., and Tad was stunned to find out that Alexander stated that he was not responsible for Dixie's death. Tad took a seat as Ryan pointed out that Alexander had no motive to deny culpability for Dixie's death while he confessed to the others. Given that, Tad pondered who was actually guilty of the crime.

Opal read the book on positive thinking that Pete had given to her, and then paused to pour a drink from a decanter. She took a sip and when she looked up, she saw an image of Tad outside the window with a bleeding wound on his head. She closed her eyes to rid herself of the view, and was relieved that the image was gone when she reopened them.

Reese carried a bouquet of flowers as she and Zach arrived in the park. Nervous, Reese was convinced that Bianca wouldn't show and thought that Kendall had set her up to be humiliated. She started to leave, but Zach spotted the two women approaching and told Reese that she needed to stay. Once Reese turned around, she and Bianca finally laid eyes on each other.

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ryan was determined to find out if Alexander's claims were true, but Tad was certain that Alexander killed Dixie. Ryan thought that Alexander could be telling the truth, so he decided to visit the old man in the hospital.

Tad did not want Ryan to go, but Ryan thought it was the only way to learn the truth. Ryan assumed that Tad would want to know if the killer was behind bars or not. Tad did want to make sure Alexander was the killer, so he told Ryan to go. Tad then requested that Ryan not mention the book to JR. Tad felt that JR was fragile and he did not want the book to upset him.

Ryan went to Alexander's prison cell and Alexander was glad to see his visitor. Alexander asked Ryan if he enjoyed the manuscript that Alexander sent. Ryan said that he wanted to discuss a particular section of the book. Alexander was not surprised, and assumed that Ryan wanted to talk about the section on the Satin Slayer.

Alexander proclaimed that he did not kill Dixie. Ryan asked Alexander why he confessed to the murder. Alexander said that he was going to jail for five murders, so it did not matter if they added an extra to his rap sheet. Ryan thought that the manuscript was a ploy for attention. Alexander vehemently denied murdering Dixie.

Alexander stated that the killer was free and would kill once more. Ryan, again, accused Alexander of seeking publicity through his embellished manuscript. Alexander eerily mentioned that, although he was behind bars, the "Fusion curse" was still evident, due to Greenlee's untimely death and Annie's mental illness. Alexander thought that Ryan could use the murder mystery as a "distraction" from his grief.

Ryan accused Alexander of being bored and playing mind games. Alexander smiled and admitted that he loved mind games, but he affirmed that he did not kill Dixie. Alexander stated that, if Ryan did not find the killer, someone else would die and it would be Ryan's fault.

Adam told Erica that his condition was getting worse. She hugged him to give him comfort. He thanked her for supporting him. She informed him that she could no longer be his only source for support. He apologized because he realized that he as relying on her too much.

She explained that it was not possible for her to take care of him single-handedly. She reminded him that she was the furthest thing from a nurse. Adam knew that Erica was not a nurse, but he pleaded with her to continue helping him.

She encouraged him to garner support from his family, but he refused. Erica urged Adam to rely on JR, but Adam thought his son would "disintegrate under pressure." Erica suggested Colby, but Adam said his daughter was too young. Erica mentioned Scott, but Adam felt that he did not know his nephew well enough.

Finally, Erica recommended Stuart, but Adam did not think his brother was a good "strategist." She told him that he did not need strategy; instead, he needed the love and support of his family.

JR and Scott entered the mansion bickering over whom was more qualified for business. JR snidely told Scott to move to Los Angeles, so he could put his film degree to use. Scott chastised JR for not having a degree at all. JR said that he was too busy running a company to get a degree, like Bill Gates.

Adam and Erica heard JR and Scott arguing. Adam was convinced that he could not rely on his family for help. Erica told Adam to get his family in order and make them unite over his illness. She was sure that Adam's family would pull together when they learned that Adam was still feeling sick.

Erica yelled at JR and Scott to stop fighting, so Adam could have a serious talk with them. Adam told the two men to find Colby because they needed to have a family meeting. Erica was pleased, and left.

Adam spoke to JR, Scott, and Colby. Adam looked unnerved as he began his speech. He mumbled as he discussed his desire for the Chandlers to unite. Then, before Adam could tell his family that he was feeling worse, the maid announced that Adam had an urgent visitor. Adam left the room and JR commented that his father was treating them like babies that needed a time-out.

Adam was surprised to discover that Tad was the visitor. Adam asked why Tad was there and Tad replied that he wanted to prevent the Chandler family from being torn apart. Tad revealed that Alexander planned to publish a tell-all book that claimed he did not kill Dixie. Tad thought that would devastate JR. Adam agreed with Tad and felt it would be best to hide the book's content from JR.

JR overheard Adam and Tad talking about hiding information from him. JR demanded to know what they were hiding. Adam tried to make up a lie, but JR did not believe it. Tad told JR the truth. Tad and Adam assured JR that Alexander was the real killer, but JR feared that the killer was still loose in Pine Valley. JR wanted to know who truly poisoned Babe's pancakes.

Erica returned to the mansion and asked Adam if he told his family about his illness. He said that he did not get a chance and she was relieved. She stated that she changed her mind; Adam should not tell his family that his condition was worsening.

Tad told Ryan that JR was shocked to hear about Alexander's book. Ryan felt it was best that JR learned the news from Tad.

Zach and Kendall reunited Bianca and Reese in the park. Bianca and Reese said nothing initially. They looked at each other and simply smiled. Finally, Reese told Bianca that she looked beautiful, as always.

Reese then apologized to Bianca and asked for a second chance. Reese explained that she did a lot of soul-searching and realized that she could not be happy without Bianca and their daughters. Bianca wondered why it took Reese so long to realize that. Bianca also asked why her love was not enough to make Reese happy in the first place. Reese said that she needed to resolve deep-seated issues before she could be happy with anyone.

Reese explained that she always felt the need to get a "gold star." Reese stated that she grew up trying to play the role of the perfect daughter and student. Reese said that the role required her to be heterosexual. Reese further stated that her fleeting romance with Zach was her way of reverting back to that role. Reese swore that she did not have feelings for Zach.

Bianca believed that Reese did not want Zach, but Bianca was extremely hesitant to trust Reese. Bianca was uncertain if Reese would decide that she wanted to be straight again in the future. Bianca was unwilling to take the chance, especially because she did not want her children to get hurt. Reese promised Bianca that she only wanted women, even if Bianca did not take her back. Bianca was unable to trust Reese.

Zach asked Kendall why she helped reunite Bianca and Reese. Kendall said that she was done trying to hurt Bianca. Kendall felt that Bianca and Reese loved each other, so they should be together. Kendall regretted not realizing that sooner. Zach wished that Kendall had eased up sooner.

Zach and Reese met at the casino. Reese explained that Bianca did not take her back. Reese thanked Zach for being a good friend and trying to help her.

Kendall arrived home to find Erica in her living room. Erica was annoyed that Kendall did not tell her Bianca was in town. Kendall revealed that she and Zach tried to reunite Bianca and Reese. Erica was surprised that Kendall helped Zach in the endeavor, but she was glad that Kendall came around.

Bianca entered Kendall's home and found Erica and Kendall waiting for her. Bianca informed them that she could not forgive Reese. Erica urged Bianca to "forgive and forget." Bianca was astonished by the advice and asked Erica, "Who are you and what did you do with my mother?"

Bianca assured Erica that she would not have left town before she visited her mother. Bianca then inquired about Erica's relationship with Adam. Erica stated that they were not an item, but Bianca and Kendall did not believe her. Erica said that her relationship with Adam was too complicated to describe. Bianca laughed and commented that love was a mystery.

Bianca called Reese and invited her to see their kids. Reese was delighted and rushed to Kendall's home. Reese thanked Bianca for the opportunity to see the children. Reese smiled as she held Gabrielle in her arms.

Kendall went back to the park and Zach met her there.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Erica urged Adam not to tell his family about his illness. Adam was confused because Erica initially encouraged him to tell his family the truth. She admitted that she was wrong to give him that advice. She told him not to overestimate what his children could handle. He agreed, but noted that he needed help. She offered to be his support system. She then noted that JR, Colby, and Scott were expecting a big announcement, so she suggested that Adam think of a cover story. Adam smiled and said that he already had a back-up plan.

JR, Colby, and Scott discussed Alexander's book as Adam entered the room. Adam told them not to pay attention to the lunatic's claims. JR could not ignore Alexander's book if it meant that Dixie's murderer was free. Adam told his son that Dixie would remain dead, even if Alexander did not kill her. Adam urged JR to focus on the future.

Adam revealed that he would retire from Chandler Enterprises at the end of the year. He further stated that he was not sure who should take the reigns, JR or Scott. Adam told the men that they had six months to impress him before he made a decision. JR was furious that Adam would possibly allow Scott to run the company. JR said that he would fight for what was rightfully his.

Colby asked Adam why she was not included in the challenge. He reminded her that she was still in college. She realized that her father enacted the challenge to "light a fire under JR."

JR asked Scott if he was interested in running Chandler. Scott admitted that he was not interested until Adam presented the challenge. Scott suggested that they work together to run the company, but JR refused. JR said he would not allow Scott to steal his legacy. JR affirmed that the company was meant for Adam's children to run, not Stuart's.

JR told Adam that he would win the challenge. JR vowed to do such a good job that everyone would forget Adam existed. Adam looked worried.

Scott told Stuart that he wanted to run Chandler. Stuart feared that his son would be corrupted by the business, like Adam and JR. Scott planned to change Chandler for the better and make it an honorable company.

Zach and Kendall ran into each other in the park. They talked about Bianca and Reese. Kendall wondered why love was not enough to keep them together. Zach noted that love was not enough to save their marriage. She stated that he asked for a divorce, not her. He noted that she chose Ryan over him. Just as she told him to leave Ryan out of the conversation, Ryan approached them.

Zach went to leave the park after Ryan arrived to meet Kendall. Ryan told Zach to stay and informed him that his father wrote a book. Zach was furious that his father was still messing with people's lives and that Ryan went to see Alexander. Zach told Ryan to stay out of his family's business. Ryan said that Alexander was his business because he killed Erin, his sister.

Zach left and Ryan asked Kendall why she wanted to meet. Kendall affirmed that she did not care about Zach's love life. She apologized to Ryan for getting "sucked into the drama." She told him that she wanted to be with him and only him. Ryan was not receptive to Kendall because he was distracted by his encounter with Alexander. Ryan could not stop thinking about Erin. Ryan told Kendall that he would see her "around" and left.

Reese spent time with Miranda. Miranda told Reese that she missed her very much and Reese said that the feeling was mutual. Miranda stated that her mother was sad and would cry sometimes. Miranda thought that, if Reese visited more, Bianca would be happy again. Reese promised to visit Miranda and Gabrielle in Paris.

Reese thanked Bianca for letting her see the children. Reese told Bianca that Miranda saw her cry sometimes. Reese felt guilty for hurting Bianca and apologized. Bianca apologized for not helping Reese when she had her accident and went blind.

Zach came home and told Bianca and Reese about his father's book. Bianca and Reese tried to comfort Zach.

As Reese said goodbye to the children, Zach and Bianca talked. Zach thought that Bianca was a strong woman. Bianca said that she got her strength from her children. He urged her to find happiness beyond her children.

Reese had tears in her eyes as she said goodbye to Bianca. Reese told Bianca to have a safe trip. Reese then wished for Bianca's happiness. As Reese opened the door to leave, Bianca yelled out that Reese made her happy. Bianca begged Reese not to leave. Reese looked pleasantly surprised and embraced Bianca.

Erica arrived at Kendall and Zach's home to say goodbye to Bianca. Erica was glad to learn that Reese and Bianca reconciled and that they were returning to Paris together. Zach and Erica bid farewell to Bianca, Reese, Miranda, and Gabrielle. After everyone left, Erica wondered where Kendall was. Zach said that Kendall was fine and Erica assumed that her daughter was with Ryan.

Kendall went to Ryan's penthouse. He said it was not a good time for a "visitor." She took off her wedding ring and declared that she was not a "visitor." She wanted to give her relationship with him a real go. He was not sure if he could rely on her, so she planted a big kiss on him.

Krystal went to Tad's house to see Jenny. Opal answered the door and told Krystal that she had more ominous visions. Krystal said they were just visions and nothing more. Opal reminded Krystal that her visions came true about Babe.

Tad came home and Opal was relieved. Opal informed Tad that he had a vision of him with a bloody head. He said that he was not in the mood for her visions. Tad then informed Opal and Krystal about Alexander's book. Krystal was certain that Alexander was playing mind games, but Tad was not sure. Krystal told Tad that the police closed Dixie's murder case and she encouraged him to move on.

Tad called Jesse for help, so Jesse brought over the Satin Slayer case files. Jesse agreed to look through the files with Tad. After they read everything, they agreed that there was no definite evidence that proved Alexander killed Dixie. Jesse asked Tad if he wanted the police to investigate the case, but Tad said no. Tad announced that he planned to find the murderer, so he could kill them.

Marissa went to see Krystal at her home, but only David was there. David opened a bottle of wine and invited Marissa to join him. David and Marissa talked about her goals in life. She wanted to be a rich, successful lawyer. He warned Marissa not to take advantage of Krystal. Marissa swore that her intentions were innocent. Then, Marissa revealed that she could not find a place to stay and asked if she could live with David and Krystal. He told Marissa that she was welcome to stay with them.

Krystal was surprised to find David and Marissa drinking and playing the piano together. David informed Krystal that Marissa was moving in. Krystal looked nervous.

Krystal asked David if he really wanted Marissa to live with them. He was excited to have the young woman stay with them because she brought a new energy to the house. Krystal noted that she did not want anyone to come between them. David did not think that Marissa, or anyone else, could come between them.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Adam and JR watched the news, where Scott discussed Chandler Enterprises endorsing the heart valve. Scott walked in and overheard JR call him a weasel for announcing the valve publicly first. Adam said it seemed that Scott was taking his challenge to heart. JR said he did not need six months to prove he deserved to run the company in Adam's place. Scott said he did not hold the news conference to make JR look bad. Scott said the prototype was nearly complete and almost ready to be tested.

After JR was gone, Scott told Adam that he'd love to run Chandler Enterprises, but did not want to get involved in family politics. Scott said he was not the greedy businessman that Adam had become. Scott said he wanted to reinvent Chandler Enterprises to make his father proud, honor his mother, and redefine the family name. Scott wanted to change people's lives instead of making a big profit.

Kendall and Ryan woke up in bed together at noon. Kendall immediately got ready to head to Fusion. Ryan offered Kendall a cup of coffee, but she refused. Kendall started out the door, but decided she would rather spend the day with Ryan. Ryan said Fusion needed Kendall, but they could go out to dinner as an official couple later. Ryan and Kendall decided to stop hiding their romance. Kendall headed to work.

Meanwhile, Erica was running the show in Kendall's place. Amanda went to work and asked Erica for her job back. Erica was not sure if Amanda could handle the large workload while carrying a child. Plus, Erica said Amanda's time would eventually be spent in court fighting David for the child. Amanda said she needed her job back to get her mind off the baby.

Erica was surprised by Amanda's lack of eagerness to be a mother. Jake walked in before Amanda could say anything more to Erica. Erica told Amanda she would think about rehiring her.

Amanda and Jake went to the elevator. Jake wanted to know why Amanda was eager to go back to work. Amanda said she had been thinking of the baby more often because she knew it was a boy. Jake asked Amanda to go someplace special with him. They decided to relax at ConFusion.

At Fusion, Randi was having trouble contacting Frankie. Brot and Taylor stopped by to visit Randi. They asked how Frankie was holding up in Iraq. Randi said Frankie was unusually quiet lately.

Brot said his speech went well, and he even lined up more speaking engagements. Taylor said she needed to find a job she loved. Randi said plenty of spots were open at Fusion, but Taylor seemed hesitant to work in cosmetics. Once Brot was gone, Randi told Taylor that Frankie did not seem as happy in their conversations. Taylor said Frankie was living in a different world than everyone else.

Kendall slipped into work, but not without hearing a few words from her mother. Kendall said she spent the night with Ryan and overslept. Kendall said Ryan was upset after visiting Alexander Cambias and reading the book. Erica was not concerned about Ryan's feelings. Erica said Kendall should be more concerned about how the book's release was affecting Zach.

Kendall said she thought about Zach, but their relationship was over. Kendall said she and Ryan wanted to start a life together. Erica watched her daughter manage task after task until Ryan came by to pick up Kendall. Kendall and Ryan shared dinner and a dance under the stars.

Tad showed Zach his father's book. Tad wanted Zach to read the book to determine what information was true and what was false, but Zach wanted nothing to do with it. Zach wanted to burn the book and stop publication. Tad said he doubted Alexander was the Satin Slayer after reading the book himself. Finding Dixie's real killer was still a possibility, Tad said. Zach insisted that Alexander killed Dixie, Simone, and Erin out of hatred for him.

Jesse and Tad reviewed the Satin Slayer murders. Jesse doubted they were making any progress. Tad said he needed to get answers. JR came by to see Tad. He immediately saw all of the Satin Slayer files spread out in the living room.

JR said he thought Alexander's book was nothing but lies. Tad said he wanted to get hard evidence before dispelling Alexander's book. JR felt like Tad was holding something back from him. JR said he wanted to help Tad, but Tad insisted he investigate the case alone.

Jesse and Tad asked Stuart to stop by and see them. Jesse asked Stuart if he remembered anything specific on the day of Dixie's death. Stuart said he remembered the killer always left a ribbon behind. Tad said Jamie found the ribbon at the Chandler gate, but Stuart claimed he saw Adam touch the ribbon before Jamie found it. Tad asked Stuart if Adam could have put the ribbon on the gate.

JR found Amanda and Jake at ConFusion. JR wanted Jake to refuse finding a patient for the test valve. Scott was stunned that JR would try to derail the project just to get Scott back for holding a press conference. JR and Scott went their separate ways, leaving Amanda the chance to ask Jake if he was keeping something secret about the baby from her. Jake gave Amanda the adoption papers that clearly stated she would not have contact with the child after he was born. With tears in her eyes, Amanda said she would not give up her baby because she loved him.

Once alone, Zach decided to read Alexander's book. It brought back several good memories he shared with Kendall. Erica decided to check on Zach at his home. Zach said his father's book brought back some bad memories, but also made him realize that Kendall did love him once. After Erica left, Zach's mystery woman from the casino paid him a visit.

JR decided to talk to Adam about Alexander's book. JR said the killer went after Babe, but Dixie died because she ate the poisoned pancakes. Adam said the killer went after all of the Fusion women. JR bluntly asked if Adam killed Dixie. Randi tried connecting again to the Internet to chat with Frankie, but had no luck. She received a phone call about Frankie.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Liza showed up at the Slater residence, and, after a few teasing kisses, she let on that she knew who Zach was. She said that he had something she wanted - a refund for what she lost at the casino, as Zach had only won by switching to a winning card. Zach didn't admit fault, and instead challenged her to another game. If she won, Liza would be reimbursed; if Zach won, Liza would have to reveal her real name.

After some excessive shuffling, Liza finally spread the cards out and they each picked a card. Zach drew a Jack, and found it ironic that she pulled the Queen of Hearts. Liza promised that she hadn't cheated with this hand and dared Zach to search her to confirm. He opted out, and then asked her name so that he could write her a check. She bypassed giving that information when she told him to write it to cash.

Zach did as instructed, and then tried to find out more details about her by way of small talk. Liza maintained her air of mystery, and Zach noted that she came across as a lot of trouble.

Zach told her that he wasn't sure he was interested in what kind of trouble she was, and handed over the check. The tension was broken when they heard Ian's cries over the baby monitor. When Zach took off up the stairs to tend to his son, Liza helped herself to a view of Alexander's memoirs. She'd made her way to a seat on the couch by the time that Zach made it back downstairs, but was no less vague about who she was. She deftly sidestepped all of his questions and pointed out that perhaps Zach was the more troublesome of the two.

When David returned to Wildwind, he asked Marissa to use talents from her previous stint as a bartender to make him a drink. Marissa knew that doing so was beyond her realm of expertise, so she told David that she had a better technique. He lay face down on the floor and she worked his tense muscles over with the skills she'd picked up at the massage parlor.

While she did, they talked about where they had been and where they wanted to be with regard to success in their careers. Marissa noted that she and David sounded a lot alike. She then hit a spot that had not been coerced into relaxation, so she took her shirt off and told David that she had one more trick up her sleeve. Krystal walked in and witnessed how good Marissa's talents made David feel. When they noticed Krystal's presence, David managed to miss the uncomfortable stares that passed between the two women.

After Tad and Jesse broke down the events of the day that Dixie died, Stuart confessed that the only person he had seen near the ribbon on the gate - previously assumed to belong to the Satin Slayer - was Adam.

Erica arrived outside of the Chandler study in time to hear JR confront Adam about whether Adam had caused Dixie's death. When she realized the source of JR's questions, she demanded to be let in, but JR insisted that she leave. JR continued to badger his father about any role Adam had played in Dixie's murder, but Adam couldn't find words-nor the strength to continue standing. He found his way to a chair, but JR didn't believe his father had fallen ill until he found a thready pulse.

JR finally let Erica in, and, after she told him that Adam hadn't been acting, she instructed JR to call 9-1-1. Once the paramedics arrived, JR gave a brief rundown on Adam's ailments before they carted the mogul off to Pine Valley Hospital. The paramedics took the information they needed and then headed out of the house. Erica took a few moments to berate JR for being a horrible son. When she let go of the tirade, both she and JR made a beeline to the hospital, as well.

Angie examined Opal at Pine Valley hospital and delivered the news that Opal's heart was in good shape. Angie attributed the palpitations Opal had suffered to anxiety, and said that she would prescribe a mild sedative. Angie's pager went off, and she asked Opal to wait until she addressed another issue. Once alone, Opal spotted a gurney with a white sheet as it wheeled down the hall. Then Adam, with an exposed heart, sat up on the gurney, which caused Opal to clutch at her own chest and double over in pain.

Randi interrupted Natalia's study session at the Hubbard residence and was treated to an earful of neurotic assumptions, should Natalia fail her police exam. Wordless, Randi picked up a framed photo of herself with her husband, and then dropped it to the floor. Natalia knew that something was wrong, and when she realized it had to do with Frankie, she wrapped Randi in a hug.

Angie rushed back to Opal's side and, although she tried to calm Opal down, Opal seemed to be lost in her own world. With a start, Opal said that she had to go, and bolted out of the hospital, unaware of Angie's protests. Then, Angie got a call from Natalia and fell silent as her stepdaughter delivered some news.

Stuart became increasingly upset when he realized that the answers to the questions Jesse and Tad asked might get Adam in trouble. Stuart told the investigators that he no longer wanted to talk about Dixie's death, and stormed out. Before Jesse could dash after Stuart, his phone rang. He saw that his daughter was on the other end of the line and immediately answered. When he did, the string of words that flew out of Natalia's mouth alarmed him, and he told her he would be home as soon as possible.

Jesse arrived home first and attempted to find out what happened. Angie showed up just as Randi repeated the words that the stateside officer said to her: Frankie's convoy had been ambushed. Angie pleaded with them to tell her that Frankie was still alive.

Colby joined JR and Erica at the hospital as the doctors examined Adam. They stepped out into the hall so the doctors could work unobstructed, and Colby voiced her fears about how sick her father was. Erica tried to convince the young girl that her father would be fine. Colby looked at her brother and asked why he was so solemn, but JR sidestepped the question and assured her that Adam would be better in no time.

Colby didn't believe either one of them, but the heat was off when the doctor announced that they could see Adam one at a time. Colby dashed back into the room just as Tad showed up. Tad asked his son why Adam had landed in the hospital again, and Erica broke in with details of JR's relentless onslaught of accusations.

A nurse that had been working with David called him from the hospital and informed him that Adam had been admitted due to seizure activity. He told her that he would be at the hospital shortly, and bid adieu to his wife and houseguest. Once alone, Marissa thanked Krystal for keeping silent about Melissa's massage parlor experience. Krystal shot back that Marissa could thank her by keeping her hands off of David. Marissa was offended by Krystal's implications, but Krystal told her that it was simply about respect for boundaries.

Krystal then apologized for her overreaction and said that she was touchy about things since she and David just recently reunited. Marissa asked for details and was enthralled at what she heard. She then told Krystal that there was no need to worry about David straying, and revealed that David had issued a warning about using Krystal's good nature for personal gain.

Tad chastised JR for his attempt at taking Adam to task, and reminded his son of the request to let Tad handle things. Erica was taken aback that Tad would even consider Alexander's words as ones that held any validity. Tad told her that he had uncovered some things that he couldn't ignore.

Under the cover of night, Stuart approached the gate where the silk ribbon had been tied years before. He recalled happening upon Adam that day and the promise he'd made not to tell anyone that he'd seen Adam there. Spooked, Stuart snapped himself back to the present and headed back to his house.

Tad revealed what Stuart had seen, and JR realized that since his uncle never lied, the possibility was even greater that his father was guilty. Unable to deal with all of the emotions that crashed in, JR left the hospital abruptly. Then, David showed up and Erica told him that there was no way the Chandlers would want him to treat any member of their family. David ignored her words, but was told virtually the same thing by Colby when he went in the room. David told her that he was the cardiologist on call for six additional hours, and so she needed to make a choice. She caved in, and stepped outside of the room so that David could examine Adam.

The nurse came by as David examined Adam and she provided David with the latest test results. When the lab work revealed that the cause of Adam's illnesses were inconclusive, David noted that the treatment needed to be increased. He told the nurse that he would make sure that she had sufficient access to continue their plan.

Angie felt as though she would be sick, so she ran off to the bathroom. Jesse didn't believe that his son was dead because the officer hadn't mentioned fatalities. Taylor arrived just then, and reassured them that Frankie was fast on his feet and knew how to survive. She also told them that a phone call was good because when there was a fatality, a soldier came to your door. Then, as if beckoned, someone knocked.

The group was relieved when Brot was the soldier on the other side of the door. Taylor filled him in on what happened, and then they both assured the family that while Frankie was a great doctor, he was an even better soldier. Brot noted that Frankie was owed a pass because of all of the lives he had saved, and in answer, the electricity went out.

By candlelight, Frankie's family and friends held hands and prayed that he would be kept from harm, and brought home safely. At that, the lights came back on. Angie noted that they would keep the candle lit until Frankie made it back from Iraq.

Opal paid a visit to Wildwind and told Krystal that she needed to talk to someone, with the assurance that psych doctors wouldn't be called in. Opal apologized to Marissa and promised that they would have a normal conversation someday. The budding lawyer vacated the room, and Opal confessed all of visions she'd had, and said that she believed they were all connected to the Cambias book.

David exited Adam's room and updated Colby on Adam's prognosis. He told her that Adam might need dedicated home care, and said that the staff of the hospital would be able to help her. Meanwhile, Erica visited Adam just as he awoke from his coma-like state. She checked to see if he remembered anything, and then asked if he had been at all involved in Dixie's death. Adam told her that from what he could remember, he didn't know.

Krystal snuck into the Chandler library and called out Adam's name when she saw a figure seated at the desk. Then, lighting flashed and she saw that it was Tad who sat behind the desk, and noticed that he had a bleeding wound on his forehead.



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