One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 27, 2009 on OLTL

Téa was stunned when Todd was awarded custody of his children. Cole struggled alone with his drug withdrawal. Matthew returned to school. Brody and Jessica made love. Rex didn't believe Schuyler's accusations that Stacy had switched the bone marrow. John and Marty visited Powell Lord in a Rochester sanitarium. Rebecca Lewis posed as Marty and visited Powell also. He wanted her to help him escape. Rex and Gigi broke up.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 27, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, April 27, 2009


Viki was pleasantly surprised when David paid her a visit at Llanfair. After giving her an update on his successful career in Hollywood, David appeared sad when he told Viki that he and Dorian had permanently ended their relationship. Viki was pleased to learn that David had no intention on staking his claim to the Buchanan fortune. David stated that he didn't want to cause Bo any pain.

As he prepared to leave, David said that he was anxious to return to Hollywood and was certain that Bo wasn't interested in seeing him. Mentioning Matthew's accident, Viki thought that Bo might want to see David. David asked if Viki would consider him a coward if he didn't see Bo. Viki assured him that she supported his decision and was proud of his career.

When Gigi begged him to tell Jessica about their cover up, Brody assumed that Gigi was going to tell Rex the truth about Stacy's blackmail. Insisting that she couldn't break her promise to God, Gigi told Brody about Shane's brief setback and believed that God was punishing her. Gigi was adamant that she had to give Rex up or face the possibility of losing her son. Fearing that Shane might reject the transplant, Gigi was certain that Stacy wouldn't help Shane if Gigi exposed her. Gigi pleaded with Brody to tell Jessica the truth and to keep it to themselves. Reminding Gigi that she and Rex were soul mates, Brody was certain that someone would eventually reveal Stacy's misdeeds.

Brody returned to his apartment and told Jessica that he never slept with Gigi. Jessica refused to believe Brody and insisted that she didn't want to be involved with him. Unwilling to accept her rejection, Brody explained that he and Gigi led Rex to believe that they were having an affair in order to save Shane's life. Citing that Gigi was desperate to save her son, Brody gave Jessica the details involving Stacy's blackmail.

Once Gigi saw the special connection that Brody shared with Jessica, Brody stated that Gigi insisted that he tell Jessica the truth. Caressing her face, Brody stated that he had hated hurting Jessica and trusted her with all his secrets. Giving him a loving smile, Jess said that she trusted him and understood his need to protect Shane. Jessica related that she would do anything to make sure her children survived. The couple shared a kiss.

An enraged Roxy stormed into John Doe's hospital room. Roxy shouted at the comatose patient and accused him of trying to choke her to death. Convinced that he might regain his health and attempt to kill her again, Roxy announced, "I'm gonna pull your plug!" Roxy removed a paper from her bag entitled, "How to remove life support." Seething, Roxy stated, "I already told Rex that I killed his father. I'm just finishing the job!" With no remorse, Roxy unplugged the patient's life support. Exiting the room, Roxy tossed the instruction sheet in the trash.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Roxy poured liquor into her coffee.

Back at the long-term care facility, a nurse entered the comatose patient's room. Sensing that something strange had taken place, the nurse pulled back the curtain and was stunned when the patient sat up in bed. The nurse slowly removed the blanket from his torso.

Later, Roxy received a call from the nurse. The nurse related that the patient had died of natural causes. Afterward, the nurse said to the patient, "I told her what you wanted me to. She thinks it's over."

At the Angel Square Hotel, as Stacy watched in horror, Schuyler presented the bag, containing Stacy's blood, to Rex. Schuyler announced that he witnessed Stacy toss out the blood donation that was supposedly meant for Shane's transplant. Pretending that she had no idea of Schuyler's accusations, Stacy suggested that Schuyler had stolen the blood from the hospital.

Rex interrogated Schuyler about his suspicions. Admitting that he wasn't exactly sure of what had actually took place, Schuyler was certain that something underhanded had happened between the time Stacy's blood was drawn and the time it was transfused into Shane. As Stacy continued to lie, Schuyler insisted that he saw Stacy dump something in the biohazard waste container. Schuyler informed Rex that the cells from Stacy's blood weren't the same cells that were transplanted into Shane. Exiting the apartment, Rex refused to believe that Stacy was involved in such a scheme.

As Stacy escorted Rex out of the apartment, Rex advised her to be careful of Schuyler. He remarked that she had done a wonderful thing and worried that Schuyler would convince her otherwise.

Back inside Schuyler's apartment, Stacy chastised him for attempting to turn Rex against her. With a sigh, Schuyler exclaimed, "I'm trying to stop you from losing yourself because you're obsessed with this guy!" Schuyler admitted that he had hoped that tough love would bring back the sweet girl that he once knew in Las Vegas.

Later, Schuyler packed Stacy's bags and told her that he was kicking her out of his apartment. He didn't pack her blood sample. Stacy claimed that she had nowhere else to go, but an unsympathetic Schuyler showed her the door.

As she walked from the direction of Brody's apartment, Gigi placed a call to Shane. Rex overheard her tell the child that she hadn't been to the hospital because she had been busy with Brody. Hurt, Rex berated Gigi about her relationship with Brody. Gigi lied and stated that she was still romantically involved with Brody. Appalled by Gigi's admission, Rex walked away. Gigi cried.

Later, an excited Rex ran from Shane's hospital room. Gigi walked up and asked how Shane was doing. Smiling at her, Rex said, "He's doing better. He's coming back to us!"

At the Buenos Dias Café, Starr noticed that Cole appeared to be in a hyper state. Cole claimed that he was worried about the results of Hope's DNA test. He became bothered when Starr continued to question if he felt okay.

Inside John's car, John advised Marty that she could change her mind about going on the run with him. John said that he didn't want her to be charged with aiding and abetting a fugitive. Marty had no intention of abandoning John. She insisted on helping him find the killer. John suggested that Marty phone Cole and update him on what had happened. Marty feared that Cole might turn back to drugs upon learning about her involvement in searching for the killer.

As Starr walked away to pay the check, Cole received a call from Marty. Marty told Cole that the killer was targeting her and that John had been falsely accused. Cole stepped outside to speak privately with his mother. Cole begged Marty to allow him to join her, but Marty said that she wanted him to remain safe at the rehab center. Assuring Cole that John would protect her, Marty revealed, "You mean everything to me! I would die if something ever happened to you."

Cole agreed to abide by his mother's wishes. At that moment Starr returned to the table and discovered the bottle of pills inside of Cole's jacket. When Cole approached, Starr tossed the bottle at him and exclaimed, "I'm done with you!" As she ran off, Cole picked up the bottle of pills and cradled it in his hand.

After catching up with Starr, Cole pleaded with her to understand. Starr blamed herself for telling him the truth surrounding Hope's death. She believed that the revelation caused Cole to start using drugs again. Cole insisted that he stole the drugs on an impulse and claimed that he wanted to quit the habit. Cole admitted that he had never stopped using drugs.

Starr was stunned to learn that Cole continued to use drugs after the accident. As Starr continued to condemn him for his drug use, Cole began to scream, "I can't stop! I can't!"

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Kinda Hot

On the piers, Starr confronted Cole about his continued drug use. Cole explained that he wanted to stop using, but couldn't find the strength to do it. Cole understood the ramifications of violating the terms of his parole. However, the lure of the high was stronger than Cole's fear of imprisonment. Starr thought it was a hopeful sign that Cole hadn't succumbed to the urge to take one of the pills that he had stolen from the hospital. Cole pointed out that it hadn't been for lack of desire.

Cole revealed that he had talked Markko into taking Cole's drug test. Cole wanted Starr to understand the lengths he was willing to go to in order to feed his addiction. Cole was filled with self-loathing that even the knowledge of Matthew's paralysis had no been enough to keep Cole from using. Cole believed that he had driven those who mattered the most to him away.

Cole suggested that Starr go to Mr. J. He was certain that was whom Starr really wanted to be with. Starr refused to leave Cole. She pushed Cole until he admitted that he was a drug addict. After Cole said the words aloud, Starr asked Cole to hand her the pills he had pilfered. Cole gave Starr the bottle of pills. At Starr's urging, Cole accepted that he had a problem. They hugged, and then Starr suggested that they go to the treatment center.

Cole told Starr about Rachel being assigned as his drug counselor. Cole acknowledged that Rachel had helped him, but Cole did not want be at the center when he went through drug withdrawal. Starr vowed not to lose Cole to drugs. After they dumped the pills into the water, Starr took Cole to La Boulaie. At La Boulaie, Starr and Cole quietly crept up to her bedroom.

At the hospital, Gigi appeared to have second thoughts about ending her relationship with Rex. She was on the verge of telling Rex the truth when the hospital's priest approached Gigi. He inquired after Shane, then pointed out that God had answered Gigi's prayers.

As the priest walked away, Gigi announced to Rex that it was time to talk to Shane about their breakup.

Shane was devastated when his parents told him that they had split up. Shane blamed himself the breakup. Rex and Gigi assured Shane that he had nothing to do with their decision to end things, but Shane didn't appear to believe them.

Later, as Shane walked to bed, Gigi tried to hug her son. Shane pulled away from Gigi then climbed into bed. Rex tucked his son in, kissed the top of Shane's head, and then walked out of the room. Gigi watched as Rex walked away.

At La Boulaie, Langston complimented Ray. She thought he looked handsome for his date. She asked Ray whom his date was with. Dorian appeared on the stairs as she revealed that she was Ray's date. Langston asked how David felt about Dorian's decision to go out on a date with Ray. Dorian and Ray avoided the subject, so Langston rushed them out of the door.

Langston's eagerness for their departure didn't escape Dorian's notice. When Langston opened the front door, Dorian saw Markko standing on the doorstep. Dorian realized that Markko was the reason Langston wanted the adults to leave.

Langston explained that Markko has stopped by to study. Dorian made it clear that she expected Langston to get an "A."

After Dorian and Ray left for their date, Markko and Langston started kissing. Langston pulled away before things went too far. She reminded Markko that they had decided to wait. Markko asked what they were waiting for. They both agreed that they were ready to become intimate. Langston and Markko wanted their first time to be special.

Langston and Markko decided that prom was an anniversary, of sorts, for them. It had been on prom night, two years before, when they had first realized that they were meant for each other. Langston and Markko decided that their upcoming prom would be the perfect night for them make love.

Brody asked Jessica to spend the night with him, so that he could make love with her. Brody confessed that he had been with many women. However, Jessica was different. Brody admitted that the idea of being with Jessica made him nervous. He didn't want Jessica to have any regrets.

Jessica kissed Brody and then they made love. Afterwards, Jessica confided that it had felt wonderful to lose control around Brody without any fear. Jessica felt like the person she had been before Nash had died. Brody promised that he would be there for Jessica. Jessica surprised Brody by insisting that they had to keep their relationship a secret.

Brody apologized for dragging Jessica into Gigi's mess. Jessica didn't want to hear Brody's apologies. She realized that she had to get home, but she wasn't ready to leave. Brody was equally reluctant to see Jessica go. They made love again.

Todd went to Téa's room at the Palace Hotel. Téa was not pleased to see Todd. Todd invited himself in. He told Téa that he had been granted an emergency custody hearing for the following day. Téa knew about the hearing. Téa tried to persuade Todd to leave her room; she told him that she had plans for the evenings.

R.J. arrived, as if on cue. Téa revealed that she had a date with R.J. Todd watched as Téa and R.J. walked out of the room.

Téa and R.J. went to the Palace Hotel's restaurant. Téa and R.J. saw Viki and Charlie seated at a nearby table. Téa introduced R.J. to Charlie then took a moment to quietly whisper to Viki that she had moved on from Todd. Viki looked up just in time to see Todd enter the restaurant. Téa suggested to R.J. that they have dinner at a secluded table.

Charlie asked Viki if she wanted to invite Todd to join them for dinner. Viki declined the offer; she wanted to be alone with Charlie.

Dorian's arrival, with Ray, interrupted Charlie and Viki's romantic dinner. Dorian announced that her marriage to David was over, so she was on a date with Ray. Viki confessed that she had been happy when she had learned that David had come to his senses. Dorian bristled at the suggestion that David had ended the marriage. Dorian insisted that the decision to divorce had been mutual.

Charlie decided to warn Ray of Dorian's darker nature. Dorian pulled Ray away before Charlie could reveal too much of Dorian's past. As Ray questioned Dorian about Charlie's cryptic comments, Dorian spotted R.J.

Dorian greeted R.J. warmly when she saw her old friend. Dorian was a bit surprised when R.J. revealed that he was on a date with Téa. Téa warned Dorian that Todd was skulking about hotel. Dorian wasn't concerned about Todd. However, she did want Téa's assurance that Blair would retain custody of her children. Téa was confident that she could handle Todd.

Todd was spotted at the bar. Téa, R.J., Dorian, and Ray asked Todd what he was up to. Todd revealed that he was on a date. He picked up a drink then approached a beautiful redheaded woman.

While Dorian and Ray were seated at a table, Téa remained in the bar area watching Todd and his date. R.J. suggested that they leave, but Téa declined. R.J. realized that Téa was hung up on Todd. He told Téa that she could do better than Todd. Téa appreciated R.J.'s confidence in her. She leaned over to kiss R.J. Todd studied them intently.

As Téa walked out of the restaurant, alone, Todd's date asked if he wanted to leave. Todd answered, "Yes," then walked away from his date.

Todd followed Téa to her room. Shortly after he caught up with Téa, the two were engaged in a passionate kiss.

Ray asked Dorian about Charlie's warning. Dorian admitted that she had done some bad things in the past, but she did not elaborate beyond that.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

It's All Wrong But It's All Right

At Marty's apartment, Fish updated Bo on the investigation into John's escape. Fish confirmed that Marty had been seen with John. Bo wasn't surprised by the news. Bo was certain that John had left clues to let Bo know that the killer was after Marty. Bo questioned Fish about what John had been working on before the arrest

Fish was reluctant to confide the details to Bo. Bo revealed that John had shared his theory about the serial killer. Fish relaxed as Bo assured him that he was determined to find evidence to exonerate John of the crimes he had been accused of.

At a motel in Rochester, New York, Marty stepped out of the bathroom. John stood by a window, scanning the parking lot. Marty admitted that John's behavior made her nervous. John assured Marty that he was merely being cautious.

John explained that the police probably suspected that John would try to flee into Canada. He was positive that the police were watching the nearby Canadian border. However, John was equally certain that the killer was in Rochester. John believed that the murders were connected to the rape. Talia just happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

John showed Marty a picture of Powell Lord. John explained that Powell had been institutionalized in a facility in Rochester. John intended to question Powell. Marty insisted on accompanying John. Marty snatched John's car keys before he could stop her. She refused to return the keys until John agreed to her demands.

A short time later, John and Marty arrived at the institution where Powell was a patient. They spoke to Ellen Kwan, the person in charge of family relations at the facility. John and Marty claimed to be Powell's cousins. When Ellen asked for identification, John supplied her with an ID, which identified him as a Buchanan. As Ellen left the office, to confirm the ID, her computer screen updated. The Intruder's headline proclaimed John and Marty as fugitives on the run.

Jack went to Starr's bedroom, looking for his MP3 player. Starr refused to let Jack into her room. She insisted that she didn't have his MP3 player. She shooed her brother away before he realized Cole was hiding inside Starr's room.

Inside Starr's room, Cole was suffering from the early stages of drug withdrawal. He tried to pull himself together when Rachel called. Rachel confessed that she thought Cole sounded awful. However, she was more curious about where Cole was. Rachel knew he had not spent the night at the treatment center because his bed had not been slept it. Cole let Rachel believe that he was at Marty's apartment.

Rachel reminded Cole that he had a supervised drug test scheduled for later that day.

Cole went into a panic after he ended the call with Rachel. Cole didn't think he would be able to fool anyone, especially Rachel, in his condition. Starr reminded Cole that they had time before he was due to take the drug test. Starr was confident that they had enough time to get Cole through the worst of his withdrawal, so that he could hide the true state of his condition.

Cole pleaded with Starr to go to Marty's apartment. Cole had a stash of drugs hidden there. Cole was certain that he just needed a pill to take the edge off, which would help him hide that he was going through drug withdrawal. Starr refused to give in to Cole's demands.

Cole's symptoms worsened as time passed. He broke out in a sweat, and then began hallucinating. Starr did all she could to help Cole through the crisis. Eventually, she managed to calm Cole down. She told him the story of their romance as a romantic fairytale. At the end of the story, Starr promised Cole that she would not let anything bad happen to him.

At the Buchanan mansion, Nora overheard Rachel on the phone with Cole. Nora was disappointed that Rachel continued to cover for Cole. Rachel refused to confirm or deny the accusation. She reminded her mother that Cole was a kid in trouble who needed her help. Rachel refused to turn her back on Cole.

As Nora and Rachel's argument about Cole escalated, Clint and Matthew entered the foyer. Clint suggested that Nora and Rachel find a private setting for their argument. Rachel insisted on telling Matthew the truth. She explained that Nora was upset because Rachel was Cole's drug counselor. Matthew surprised Nora by supporting Rachel. Matthew thought Rachel would be able to provide Cole with the help that he needed.

Bo arrived shortly before Matthew received a package from his brother, David. Matthew opened the package. It was a lifetime supply of Have-A-Seat hemorrhoid treatment, which David had been hired to endorse. Matthew realized that David gave him the gift because Matthew sat all day. Everyone enjoyed a chuckle, including Matthew, at David's choice of gift.

As Matthew prepared to go to school for the first time since his accident, Nora hovered. Matthew was determined to be independent. As Nora and Bo watched Matthew head to the school van, sent to pick him up, Nora admitted that no one understood how she felt. Bo reminded her that she was not alone. Clint stood nearby, listening to Bo and Nora's exchange.

At La Boulaie, Dorian was frustrated when she was unable to reach Téa on the phone. Dorian was worried because the custody hearing was scheduled for later that morning.

Jack walked into the living room. Dorian wanted to know why Jack wasn't in school. He reminded his aunt that she had given him a written excuse, so that they could work on a school project. Dorian offered to get someone else to help Jack with his diorama. Jack assumed Dorian meant Addie; he pointed out that Addie liked to put glitter on everything. Dorian turned to Ray for assistance. Ray revealed that he was quite knowledgeable about Native American history; he offered to help Jack.

Later, as Ray and Jack finished the diorama, Jack decided to add more blood to the depiction of Custer's Last Stand. Ray asked Jack why he had picked that particular moment in history. As Jack spoke, Ray realized that Jack equated the violence of the event to his father. According to Jack, Todd made people pay for the wrongs done to him.

At the Palace Hotel, Téa woke up to her alarm clock's loud buzzing. Todd was in bed with her. Todd kept Téa from getting out of bed, and ready for court, by making love to her. Each time Téa tried to get ready, Todd would initiate lovemaking.

A knock at the door, followed by Dorian's demands for Téa to open the door, finally forced Todd to let go of Téa. Dorian tried to enter the room when Téa opened the door, but Téa blocked her. When Dorian spotted signs of an intimate breakfast for two, Dorian assumed Téa's lover was R.J. Téa didn't correct Dorian's mistake. She convinced Dorian that she was ready to face Todd in court. Satisfied, Dorian left.

At court, Téa received her first surprise when she learned that the previous judge had stepped down from the case and a new judge had been appointed. The hearing did not go well. Todd insisted that he deserved custody of the children because their stepfather had been arrested as a suspected serial killer. Téa pointed out that Todd had gone for an extended period of time without contacting his children, had been involved in an auto accident with a child not properly placed in a car seat, and had pushed his pregnant daughter down a set of stairs.

The judge was not impressed with Téa's arguments. The judge pointed out that, despite Addie and Dorian's willingness to care for the children while Blair recuperated, neither was fit to be a proper guardian. The judge granted custody of the children to Todd.

Dorian returned to La Boulaie. Ray had Sam on his lap while he read the young boy a story. Jack was nearby, secretly exchanging text messages with Todd. Dorian admitted that a part of her had the urge to pack the children up and flee town. Ray tried to offer words of encouragement. He had faith that Téa would prevail in court.

When Téa arrived at La Boulaie, Todd was close on her heels. Before Téa could break the news to Dorian, Todd announced that he had been granted custody of the children. Starr, returning from the kitchen, overheard her father. When she walked into the room, Todd instructed Starr to pack her things. Starr looked to Dorian for help.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Don't Leave Me This Way

Rejecting Todd's demands that she and her brothers accompany him to his house, Starr pleaded to be allowed to stay at La Boulaie. She pointed out that it was her home and she wasn't a child. She added that she had been sick and throwing up all morning. Todd firmly and rudely refused to heed her wishes, suggesting that he would call the police if Starr didn't listen to him. Téa offered to help her pack.

Upstairs, a suffering Cole, thick in the throes of his withdrawal, prayed for Starr to hurry back to him. As the minutes ticked by, he panicked and kept reassuring himself that everything would be okay.

Dorian took up Starr's cause and accused Todd of being a miserable excuse for a human being. She pointed out that Starr's entire life was in that house, but her appeal fell on deaf ears. Todd yelled that Dorian should have found herself a better lawyer and he ordered Ray to shut up as Ray started to voice his own opinion. Starr stormed upstairs and slammed her bedroom door shut, then began pulling food and drinks out of her bag. She explained to a frightened Cole that she had to leave and he needed to eat, drink, and sleep.

As Cole begged her to stay, Starr informed him of Todd's threats to call the police and what a terrible chain reaction that would cause. She felt that Cole would be better off without any of that happening. As the couple spoke quietly, Todd made his way upstairs and, unable to open the locked door, threatened to kick it down. Starr quickly informed Todd that she was sick again and changing clothes.

She had an idea that she and Cole could escape through the window, but Cole was unable to stand. Downstairs, Dorian blamed the results of the custody case on Téa for not preparing properly. After Dorian's reprimand, Téa headed upstairs and found Todd shouting threats at Starr through the closed door.

Daring him to act like a Neanderthal and force his way into his daughter's bedroom, Téa thought that would be the best way for Todd to quickly lose the custody he had just gained. As the pair flirted and challenged each other, Todd refused to play into Téa's hand, pointing out that she would go to the judge if he did. She couldn't help but notice how upset Starr was, Téa confessed, and perhaps Todd should think about his daughter for a change. Taking her advice, Todd sweetly knocked on the door and apologized to Starr for his behavior.

Outside of school, Nora and Bo sat in the car, feeling the need to watch and wait during Matthew's first day back at school. Bo pacified a nervous Nora, assuring her that it wasn't his first stakeout and he felt confident that their son would be fine. He agreed to wait a few minutes longer.

Inside, Marcie welcomed Matthew back and thought they could watch out for each other, since she was newly returned to school, as well. All eyes were on the boy in the wheelchair as Matthew wheeled through the hallways to his first class. Destiny was happy to see him. Once inside the classroom, Marcie began to clear a path for Matthew and his wheelchair.

Matthew assured Destiny that he was cool with Becca and Justin, though he didn't totally trust the boy. Destiny voiced her concerns that the pair was merely playing him, due in part to her threatening them for being liable for Matthew's condition. She thought they were afraid of the Buchanans and were really not his friends. An angry Matthew accused her of being jealous because they were cool and popular and she wasn't. He blamed her for making him hate nice people.

Out in the hallway, Becca and Justin agreed that they were tired of being nice and no longer wanted to pretend. Justin disclosed that his dad had assured him that the Buchanans would not sue them. Once inside the classroom, Justin was full of insults and jokes directed at Matthew.

As the day wore on, Nora prayed that Matthew was doing okay. Bo decided to head for the corner hotdog stand to get some lunch for both of them. They complimented each other on their coping with their son's condition. Bo admitted to feeling better and more in control of all of the unknowns. He explained that at least they still had their son, as opposed to the alternative, which he had already been through, having lost Drew. Nora confessed that things sounded better when Bo said them, even though others had said the same thing.

Bo expressed how happy he was that Rachel was back in Llanview and how good she was for Matthew. Nora admitted that she and her daughter were at odds due to Rachel's counseling of Cole, but acknowledged that Matthew was fine with it. She was not forgiving like her son, she declared. Bo blamed Cole and wasn't sure how he would react upon seeing him. He did think that Nora was right in not pressing charges, because things would still be the same.

Back inside the classroom, the students began to discuss "Lord of the Flies" and how cruel people were. Marcie finally had enough of Justin's verbal attacks on Matthew and ordered him to write a 3,000-word essay on tolerance, due the next day, in addition to the regular assignment. She also promised an F if things continued. Justin was bent on seeking revenge.

Left alone, Marcie apologized to Matthew and suggested that some kids were insecure and acted mean to others. In the hallway, Matthew asked Becca if she was "full of it" like Justin was. He asked her to hang out after school. Becca wanted to know what the point was, since he wasn't able to do anything.

At Sitwell Institute in Rochester, an anxious Marty and calm John waited while their IDs were verified. At last, Ellen Kwan returned, but advised them there was a problem. She stated that Powell Lord had not received any family visits during his time there and she was worried about his reaction when "Jessica" and "Kevin" were brought in. She added that he had been sedated and confused at different times, but was a danger only to himself. She preferred that only one person go in at a time.

After some disagreement, Marty finally persuaded John to allow her to go first. After the women left, John headed to the computer. Spying the article related to the search for himself and Marty, John quickly deleted it and attempted to search the hospital records for information on Powell. When an orderly abruptly entered and demanded to know what John was doing, he assured the man that he had been merely checking his email. The orderly directed John to get away from the computer and to read some magazines if he was bored.

Once alone again, John spied the cabinet marked "patient files" and pulled Powell's folder from the drawer. Rifling through the papers, he grabbed one and put it into his pocket. Down the hall, Ellen agreed to allow Marty to visit with Powell on her own, deeming him harmless to others.

As Marty entered the padded room, she found Powell sitting on the floor, restrained by a straitjacket. "Hello Powell," Marty greeted him. "Do I know you?" Powell asked her. "I'm not sure, do you?" she replied. He meekly responded that he knew she wasn't a cousin because his family never came to see him.

He admitted that he had been bad and hurt girls, especially one. He wanted to see her to apologize, he continued. He added that if he could get out again for good, he would. Marty abruptly cut him short and asked if he ever left the facility. Powell acknowledged that he went to the showers and the dining room but not out. He added that if he were to get out, he wouldn't hurt people like he did in the past.

"You sure I don't know you?" he asked Marty. "You're not my cousin." Powell smiled as Marty left his room.

Ellen thought that Powell had enough excitement for one day and suggested that John return the following day for a visit. Marty expressed her feelings that Powell was confused, but admitted to John that she remembered him. Back in their motel room they determined that even if Powell was passive and pumped full of meds, it was possible that he could still be a killer and faking it. Sociopaths were skilled at appearing harmless, they agreed.

John pulled the paper from his pocket and advised Marty that a doctor had been visiting Powell. The times and dates coincided with the murders and Blair's stabbing. Looking at the paper, Marty gasped. It was her name on the paper!

Finally tossing some clothes into a bag, Starr was ready to leave. Todd immediately noticed that she was still wearing the same clothes and didn't change them at all. "I changed a lot Dad," she replied. He ushered his kids out the door, directing Starr to stop texting until she was in the car. Responding that she was telling Langston goodbye, she sent her message to Cole. He picked up his phone after vomiting into the trashcan. Starr promised to be back.

Nora thanked Bo for being understanding. He related how he had looked at pictures from the past and realized that Matthew would not be standing up again and that things would never be the same. Nora expressed her conflicted emotions; she was angry but felt relieved. She was very confused. Bo tipped her face towards his. He proclaimed that things hadn't turned out the way they thought they would.

Friday, May 1, 2009


While discussing Matthew's condition in a parked car, Bo and Nora became emotional and shared an awkward moment in the high school parking lot. As Bo leaned in close to Nora, Marcie appeared. At first glance, Marcie assumed the occupants of the car were students, who had snuck away to make out. Upon observing Bo and Nora in the car, Marcie apologized for accusing them of groping each other. Marcie joked that they would never do such a thing. Bo and Nora shared a nervous laugh.

When Bo and Nora mentioned that they were checking on Matthew, Marcie related that a student had directed awful remarks at Matthew. Nora said that she wanted to take Matthew out of Llanview High, and Bo demanded to know the name of Matthew's harasser. Marcie urged Matthew's parents to allow him to fight his own battles. After considering Marcie's argument, Bo convinced Nora that Marcie was right.

Before walking off, Marcie laughed when she thought about Bo and Nora making out in the school parking lot. After composing themselves, Bo and Nora drove off.

Jack and Sam were thrilled to return home with Todd, but Starr was consumed with anger. Todd showered his sons with gifts and urged Starr to join them in a family celebration. Worried about Cole, Starr went upstairs to check on him.

Meanwhile, Cole lay on the floor in Starr's bedroom at La Boulaie, suffering withdrawal symptoms. After receiving a call from Starr, a terrified Cole begged her to return and mentioned that he needed something to ease the pain. Warning him not to take any pills, Starr pleaded with Cole to go to bed and sleep it off. As Starr tried to calm Cole's nerves, Todd yanked the phone out of her hand. Assuming that Schuyler was on the other line, Todd screamed into the phone, "Stay away from my daughter, you drug addict!"

While Cole wrestled with his demons, Dorian stood on the other side of the bedroom door. With her hand on the doorknob, Dorian phoned Langston and informed her that Todd had taken Starr away. Dorian told Langston that she was going to gather some of Starr's possessions to ensure that she would be comfortable at Todd's home. As she continued to rant about Todd, Dorian decided that she wouldn't give Todd the satisfaction of believing that he had won. Walking away from the door, Dorian told Langston that she would leave Starr's possessions inside her bedroom.

Lashing out at her father, Starr accused Todd of attempting to steal her baby, and chastised Todd for ruining Cole's life. To Todd's surprise, Starr said that she had a sudden revelation -- she realized that she had wanted to give Marcie custody of Hope just to get back at Todd. Starr was certain that she had inherited Todd's evil traits. Refusing to believe that Starr could be that spiteful, Todd said that Starr was a better person than he was.

When Todd remarked that Starr hated him, she surprised him by revealing that she actually loved him. In tears, Starr revealed that she wanted her old dad back, not the awful person that he had become after she became pregnant.

Insisting that Todd was once a good person, Starr challenged him. She stated that if Todd loved her as much as he claimed, he would allow her to leave. Todd asked Starr to stay with the family for the day. When Starr maintained that she needed to leave immediately, Todd wondered why Starr was in such a hurry. Starr blurted out that Cole needed her or else he would die.

As Cole continued to fight his demons, he had a flashback of the night that Todd had beaten him. A mirage of Todd appeared and referred to him as a loser. Cole began to have hallucinations of Marty, Markko, Nora, Matthew, and Schuyler. The apparitions chastised Cole about his drug use and blamed him for Matthew's accident. While Cole's hallucinations grew worse, he screamed for the images to go away.

At Llanfair, Jessica met Brody on the patio and the two shared a passionate kiss. Brody said that he had to see her and that he hated sneaking around. The two discussed that it was necessary to keep their relationship a secret until Shane had fully recovered and Stacy's blackmail was exposed.

Meanwhile inside the library of Llanfair, Viki received a call from Ellen Kwan, the administrator of the Sitwell institute. Ellen asked Viki to make a donation to the clinic, and related that Viki's children, Kevin and Jessica, had paid a visit to Powell. A suspicious Viki later phoned Kevin in London. Afterward, Viki called out to Jessica, but the doorbell interrupted her. Dorian barged into Llanfair and demanded that Viki prevent Todd from taking the children away from Blair.

Inside their motel room, John presented Marty with the sign-in rooster that he had stolen from the Sitwell Institute. Someone had signed in to visit Powell. The visitor had signed the name, Marty Saybrooke, and the times and dates corresponded to the stabbings that had occurred in Llanview. Stating that someone had obviously forged Marty's signature, John was certain that the culprit was attempting to make it appear that John and Marty were both involved in the murders.

At the Sitwell Institute, someone dressed in a doctor's jacket, bearing the name Dr. Marty Saybrooke, entered. Greeting the impostor, Ellen Kwan announced, "Your patient received a visit from family members." After observing the names on the log, the unknown person angrily tossed the clipboard.

From a pre-paid phone, John placed a call to someone that he believed could give them a lead on who might have forged Marty's signature.

While Dorian continued to lash out at Viki, John phoned Viki. Realizing that John desperately needed her help, Viki escorted Dorian out of the house. John maintained his innocence and told Viki that he was being set up for the murders. Viki surmised that John and Marty had posed as Kevin and Jessica at Sitwell. Admitting that he needed information concerning Powell, John asked if there had been a special woman in Powell's life. Viki remembered a particular woman that had played an important part in Powell's life.

After hanging up with John, Viki went looking for Jessica. When Viki stepped out on the patio, Brody hid in the bushes. Viki smiled as she noticed a glow on Jessica's face that she hadn't seen in a long time. Hearing a noise in the bushes, Viki picked up the phone to call the police. Cornered, Jessica told Brody to show his face.

Back at the motel, John told Marty that Powell, before suffering a breakdown, had been engaged to a woman named Rebecca Lewis. Rebecca had also been involved with Todd. Marty had no recollection of Rebecca Lewis. John advised Marty that they needed to find Rebecca Lewis at once.

After conducting an Internet search, John and Marty discovered that Rebecca was also a doctor. She quit her job at the clinic six months prior. John phoned his contact at the Bureau to learn more about Rebecca. John's contact had no information regarding Rebecca's whereabouts over the past six months.

Back at Sitwell, the unknown person signed the register as, "Marty Saybrooke." Allowing the imposter inside Powell's room, Ellen mentioned that Powell always seemed more relaxed after "Marty's" visits. After Kwan had closed the door and left the imposter alone with Powell, he looked up, and with a huge grin responded, "Hi Rebecca!"

As Rebecca helped Powell out of his straitjacket, she asked Powell about his recent visitors. Powell informed Rebecca that Marty had paid him a visit, but he was convinced that she wasn't aware of their plans. Powell was certain that John McBain was the other visitor. Powell told Rebecca that John was a smart ex-cop. Powell stated that he knew John would follow the trail back to him. Powell insisted that things were going according to plan.

Marty had a difficult time believing that Rebecca could be responsible for the murders. John suggested that they get some sleep. Marty and John looked over at the single bed.

Rebecca and Powell embraced. Expressing her love for Powell, Rebecca said that there wasn't anything that she wouldn't do for him. In a stern voice, a very lucid Powell replied, "That's' why you're going to get me out of here soon. I've got places to go and people to kill!"

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