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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of May 4, 2009 on GL
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Monday, May 4, 2009

While Lizzie picked flowers outside the Bauer cabin, Billy called her. Lizzie burst with joy, proclaiming that Bill and she were eloping. Billy chuckled that it was about time, but wondered if she'd prefer a big wedding. Lizzie said she only needed Bill. Billy gave them his blessing. He said he was taking a fishing trip, but he'd throw them a party after their honeymoon.

Inside, Bill discovered a bridal magazine in Lizzie's shopping bag. Lizzie entered, and Bill commented that Lizzie had a lot of stuff in her bag. He asked if she had a wedding gown in there, too. Lizzie said that she'd bought clothes for hiking and swimming, not marrying. She assured him that they'd make do with what they had for the ceremony.

Bill said that the event was set for that evening. He suggested that they pass the time rehearsing the honeymoon. After making love, they returned to the living room. Lizzie screeched to see Josh, Billy, and Matt standing there with fishing poles in their hands.

Billy and Lizzie discussed what a coincidence it was that they'd chosen to fish and elope at the Bauer cabin. The three men decided to witness the wedding. Billy would walk Lizzie down the aisle, and Josh would officiate. Bill joked that they could have hot dogs and play poker for the reception, but the guys thought that was a great idea.

Bill took Lizzie outside, and asked if she really wanted to marry him with the unshowered men witnessing. Lizzie said they were cute, and they meant well. Bill admitted seeing Lizzie's wedding magazine, and he suspected that she really wanted a wedding. Lizzie asked if Bill wouldn't mind delaying the marriage to plan a traditional wedding. Bill wondered what they'd tell Billy, Josh, and Matt, who seemed to have their hearts set on the wedding.

At Cedars, Olivia sat alone with a sleeping Frank, and Natalia bumped into Doris in the hallway. Doris stated that she wanted to check on Frank-and to avoid any unnecessary lawsuits. Doris explained that when Frank had gotten drunk and belligerent earlier, her new bodyguards had over zealously subdued him. Natalia asked what the fight was about. "You and the woman that you swear is just your friend," Doris said.

Meanwhile, Frank hopped out of bed, hustling to leave the hospital. Olivia offered to get his doctor first, but Frank spitefully said she'd done enough already. Olivia pursued him to the corridor, saying that Natalia would get worried if he left. "If you care so damn much about Natalia, you'll get out of her life before you ruin it," Frank seethed.

Frank claimed that he knew all about Olivia and Natalia. Frank didn't blame Natalia. He was sure that Olivia had mixed Natalia up, because that was what Olivia Spencer did best. "You struck out with Gus, so you decided to go after his wife?" Frank sardonically asked. Natalia interrupted, telling Frank to blame Natalia, not Olivia.

Back in Frank's room, Natalia claimed that Frank never knew her if he thought she could be so easily manipulated by Olivia. Natalia cared too much for Frank to rope him into a lie of a marriage. Natalia said that the thing with Olivia had just happened, but it was real. "It's now you and Olivia? What is it that are you exactly?" Frank asked.

Natalia didn't know, but she thought it wasn't harmful or sinful. Frank said Natalia had let him blame himself for their failed wedding. Natalia replied that she never meant to hurt him. "It's a little late for that, don't you think?" Frank asked, and then strode out of the room.

Outside later, Natalia told Olivia that Frank deserved the truth and happiness. Olivia replied that Natalia and she did, too. Natalia worried about the other battles they might face. Olivia stated that they had known the consequences going in, and they were together despite the odds. Natalia said that was because it was real. Olivia said that if they moved forward, they couldn't have any regrets. Olivia pressed Natalia to speak up if Natalia couldn't handle it.

Natalia said that she'd prayed, and made peace in her soul. Olivia reasoned that they couldn't stay inside forever; they had to live their lives. Natalia said that when they went away, they'd figure out what they were to each other, and how to be together.

At the farmhouse, Olivia finalized their luxury spa reservations on the phone. When she asked Natalia if they should have one or two rooms, Natalia hesitated. Olivia booked two rooms and ended the call. Natalia noted that more people would find out about them. Natalia wondered how they should behave in public. Olivia said that they should do whatever felt right with no pressure. Natalia hoped that Frank was okay.

Meanwhile, Frank ran into Rafe at the mini-mart. Rafe asked what had happened to Frank. Frank lied that he'd walked into a door, but Rafe didn't believe it. Frank stated that Natalia and he just weren't meant to be, but Frank hoped to stay friends with Rafe. Frank said that Natalia was a great woman, and Rafe should never let anyone convince him otherwise. They hugged, and upon leaving, Rafe warned Frank to look out for doors.

Frank went to Farley's for another beer. At the bar, he pulled some wedding bands from his pocket. A woman approached, saying that she hoped the other guy had had it coming. "Actually, I had it coming," Frank said. The woman walked off, and Frank dumped the rings into his beer glass. He followed the woman to her table, and apologized for being rude. He introduced himself, and said that he'd had a rough day on the job. The woman replied that she loved cops.

At the resort pool in Florida, Dinah strolled over to Remy in her floppy hat and sarong. Remy sulked over his fight with Christina, and Dinah fretted about the paternity test results. She told Remy that she didn't even want the test results anymore. Shayne approached with a drink for Dinah, and Remy spotted Christina wheeling her luggage across the pool deck.

Remy asked Christina what she was doing, and Christina quipped that she was going home so that Remy could find someone fun to hang out with. Remy refused to let her leave angry. She said he didn't buy her plane ticket, so he couldn't stop her from leaving. Remy threw her suitcase in the pool. Christina shoved Remy into the water after it.

Shayne told Dinah that things were getting ugly between the disgruntled couple. "Especially if she had shoes in that bag," Dinah agreed. Shayne didn't think all the splashes mattered as long as a person found someone to truly be with.

Remy climbed out of the pool with the bag, saying that Christina couldn't leave without giving him a chance to apologize. Remy said that he'd followed her to Florida because he liked taking care of her. Christina kissed Remy, and he launched them both into the pool together.

At Universal, James hurried toward Phillip and Alan at the man-made cliffs, and Daisy chased after him. James said he had to stop Phillip, who was just crazy enough to "retire" James' grandfather-permanently.

On the cliffs, Alan claimed that he'd sent Phillip to Ravenwood so that Phillip would become well enough for them to have days like they'd had that day at the park. Phillip said it was tough to play theme park games in a straightjacket. Phillip stated that James might have been right in saying that the family might be better off without Alan around. Phillip concluded that the only way for the family to move on was to erase the unhappiness of the past.

Alan wondered why they were up there, and Phillip snickered that it was father and son time. Alan asked what Phillip wanted from him. Phillip told Alan to stop destroying the family. Alan decided that Phillip had returned to fix the family, and rid it of everyone who had disappointed Phillip. "Well, go ahead," Alan said, slapping his own chest. "Start with me."

Phillip had given Alan a pass on the shooting, but he refused to let Alan hurt the children. As Phillip neared Alan, Alan backed up and lost his balance. Phillip gripped Alan just as James rushed up. Alan hoped James saw how unstable and threatening Phillip really was.

James begged Phillip not to do it. Phillip told James to relax; Alan and Phillip were just talking. Phillip said that their family was crazy enough as it was, and they didn't need to give Daisy the wrong impression. "Oh, no, this is perfectly normal," Daisy replied.

After the four left the cliffs, James claimed that Alan's experiment with family bonding hadn't worked. Phillip asked Daisy to take Alan to Dueling Dragons while Phillip talked to James. Daisy looked appalled at the suggestion, but when Alan agreed to go, she followed him.

As Daisy and Alan walked around the park, Alan accused Daisy of chasing the Spaulding men just as her mother had done. Alan warned Daisy to stay away from James. "I will if you will," Daisy retorted. Alan strode off. Daisy huffed, and stomped away.

Meanwhile, James said to Phillip, "I see Alan's alive and hissing." Phillip hoped that James wasn't disappointed about it. James claimed that his request earlier had just been his way of proving how toxic the family was. Phillip said that things would get better.

Phillip sensed that James thought his only purpose for being born was for Lizzie's bone marrow transplant. James claimed that Phillip hadn't had any use for James after Lizzie beat cancer. Phillip said that Beth had been married to another man when James was born. Phillip said he'd backed away from James, because Phillip couldn't stand to see someone else raising his son. Phillip apologized for not being around and for missing so much of James' childhood.

James shrugged, saying that he'd managed. Phillip was proud of James for that, but assured James that he was there for anything that James needed. "There's something I've been having a little trouble with," James admitted as his phone chimed. James said it was Daisy on the phone. James rushed off without finishing the conversation with Phillip.

When James found Daisy, she said he owed her for spending time with Alan. James bet Alan had been just as scared to do it as Daisy was. They talked about how crazy their families were, and said that they were happy that they weren't anything like their families.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

At the Cooper house, Buzz and Mallet deemed Marina's coffee undrinkable. Marina said that Frank was supposed to babysit Henry that morning, but Mallet didn't think Frank had returned home the previous night. Just then, Frank burst into the house, saying, "I don't want to talk about it." Frank dropped his coat on the couch on his way upstairs, and Alicia's phone number fell out of it. Marina found the number, and said that Frank must have had a good night. Buzz said, "No, you don't have a good night, and look that kind of bad."

Later, Frank apologized for worrying his family, who tensely watched him slap together a breakfast plate. They tried not to question him, and he murmured that it was a first. Marina offered to help Frank, but Frank said he'd feel better if they just got out of there.

After Marina and Mallet left, Buzz said that Frank would question it if Buzz had come home beaten up. "You have, and I did. But I still didn't get any answers from you," Frank replied. Buzz asked who Alicia was, and Frank snatched Alicia's number out of Buzz's hand. Buzz asked Frank to watch Henry. Frank said that was a bad idea, but Buzz decided that it was best if Henry babysat Frank, then.

Buzz left, and then sneaked back into the house. He listened to Frank have a heart-to-heart talk with Henry. Frank said that it was hard to let go of a woman who baked such great cookies. Frank understood, though, that things had changed, and he had to let Natalia go. Frank said that he hadn't wanted to trouble his family with his problems, but Henry was a good listener. Buzz agreed. A surprised Frank turned, and thanked Buzz for suggesting that Frank spend time with Henry.

Later, Frank apologized to Mallet and Marina for his behavior earlier, but he still didn't tell them what had happened to him. Buzz decided to return to Company, working for Marina. Marina announced that the Buzz Burgers were back on the menu, and hugged Buzz.

At Cedars, Dinah fretted to Remy about the paternity test. Dinah said that Henry already had a good father. Remy replied that Shayne would be a good father, too. Dinah agonizingly agreed. Remy instructed her to text message him if she needed him. Remy took off, and Dinah joined Shayne in Reva's room for a visit.

Shayne told Reva that he couldn't have moved on without Dinah helping him to say goodbye to Lara in Bosnia. Reva thanked Dinah for being there for her son. Shayne assumed that might have been what Lara had meant in his dream when she'd said that Dinah would help him. Dinah diverted her guilty gaze, and left to get coffee.

Shayne helped Reva into bed, commenting that Josh had really come through for them regarding Edmund. Reva told Shayne to stop looking at her that way. Shayne said he'd always wanted his parents to reunite. Though Shayne liked Jeffrey, Josh was Shayne's first draft pick.

When Dinah picked up the DNA results, she juggled the envelope in her hands, saying that everything was good just the way it was. Dinah sat in the gazebo later, thinking in the rain. Remy approached, anxious to hear the results. Dinah hadn't read them yet, but she promised to call Remy once she had.

After Remy jetted off, Shayne entered the gazebo, and noticed how morose Dinah seemed. Dinah claimed that she needed to take a nap. She hugged him, saying that she wanted things to stay the way they were.

Shayne gave Dinah a massage at the Beacon later. After they made love, Shayne fell asleep. Dinah finally opened the test results. As she read them, she cupped her hand over her mouth. Shayne awakened, and saw the stricken look on her face. He asked what was wrong.

At Cedars, Remy told Lillian that he'd been laid off from his EMT job. He hadn't told his family or Christina about it. He asked if Lillian could find extra hospital shifts for him. She said she'd do it for him and for Christina, too.

As Reva's health improved, she grew more restless in the hospital. Lillian scheduled Reva a discharge evaluation for later that day. Jeffrey told Reva via webcam that she couldn't leave until the doctor okayed it. Just then, Colin lifted his head on his own for the first time.

Lillian stopped by Cross Creek to offer her help to Jeffrey. Jeffrey seemed to have everything under control, and Lillian decided to return to Cedars. Jeffrey noted that she was behaving strangely, but Lillian insisted that she was just checking on a friend, and left.

Josh left Roc Hoover a message, asking for an update on Edmund. Josh then called Jeffrey, worrying about not hearing from Roc. Jeffrey said that no news was good news. Jeffrey stated that Josh must have been relieved to return to work. Josh noncommittally said that H.B. Lewis and Sons had many projects on the table. Jeffrey thanked Josh for his help with Edmund. Josh replied that he'd welcomed the chance to protect his family.

Josh met Billy at Company. Josh seemed unenthusiastic about work, and said he missed being an "action hero." Billy said that Josh had protected the family from Edmund; however, it was time for Josh to take care of his own life, and let Reva and Jeffrey take care of theirs.

Josh visited Reva at the hospital. He stated that returning to work was a good thing, just not as exciting as chasing the bad guy. Josh said that it had felt good protecting Reva and Shayne. It had given him a purpose for a short time. Reva said that she and the kids needed Josh, but Josh said that Reva needed her husband.

Lillian entered to say that the doctor would soon be in to evaluate Reva. Josh left the room, and then returned after the exam. Reva announced that the doctor was sending her home. Josh congratulated her. She said she wasn't cancer free, but she was beating it. Josh offered to drive her home after she packed. Reva thanked him again for taking care of her. "No problem. Always," he said.

Josh delivered Reva to Cross Creek. Reva was excited to be home, but scared because Jeffrey and Colin already had a routine going. Josh said that Colin was in for the treat of a lifetime to have her as a mother. Josh wished her luck, and left.

Reva entered the house, and proclaimed that she was home for good. Jeffrey kissed her, and Reva said, "Where's my baby?" Jeffrey demanded another kiss before handing Colin to her.

Olivia and Emma packed at the Beacon. Emma wished she could go on the spa trip, but Emma had a field trip to attend. Emma asked if they could move back to the farmhouse after their trips. Olivia replied that they couldn't go backward, but they could try something new. Jane picked Emma up for the field trip.

A nervous Natalia brought three bags to Olivia's room. Olivia said they'd be in robes most of the time, and Natalia replied, "You didn't tell me that." Olivia wondered if there was a problem. Natalia said that there wasn't. Olivia reminded Natalia that the trip wasn't a make-or-break thing. Natalia agreed, adding that they were just two friends going on a trip together. Natalia said they'd still be friends no matter what happened-or didn't happen.

At the spa, Natalia gave the manager a sharp look when he suggested a couple's massage for them. Olivia quickly asked about their other room, and learned that the manager could procure only one room for them during that busy season. "Just the one room?" Natalia asked.

Olivia and Natalia opened the complimentary spa basket. Natalia rubbed lotion on Olivia's hand, and smelled it. Natalia said they could get a cot brought into the room. Olivia thought it was no big deal to share a bed, because they'd done it before at the farmhouse. Natalia mumbled that they'd fallen asleep with Emma while watching television in bed. Olivia wondered what the manager had been implying when he mentioned a couple's massage to them.

To their surprise, Blake knocked on their door. Blake had seen Olivia's name in the facial appointment book downstairs. Blake saw Natalia in the room, and assumed that Natalia had chosen a getaway trip after screwing up big-time with Frank. Olivia and Natalia glared at Blake, who reasoned that it might not be too late to fix things with Frank.

In the massage room later, Blake sat in a chair between Olivia and Natalia's tables. Natalia assured Blake that marrying Frank would have been a mistake. Blake had made mistakes in marriage, but she said that when it was right, it was perfect. Natalia sneaked a glance at Olivia.

Blake commented that Olivia hadn't been in a relationship in a while. Olivia replied that she wasn't really looking. Natalia and Olivia exchanged glances again. "I haven't done a girls' weekend in forever," Blake commented with a smile. Olivia and Natalia giggled.

In their room later, Natalia wished she'd just told Blake that she and Olivia were together, but Natalia didn't understand what "being together" meant. Olivia reminded Natalia that they were still just feeling things out. Natalia realized that it would be hard for others to accept their relationship if they didn't accept it. Olivia wondered where the "if" came from.

Natalia explained that people had to deal with their baggage in relationships, but Olivia quipped that she traveled lightly. Olivia admitted that things were a little awkward for her, too. Natalia bet that Olivia was glad that Blake had happened along, so that they didn't have to deal each other. Olivia sneered that Natalia probably preferred a religious retreat to a spa.

Suddenly, Natalia decided that she was leaving. Olivia said that Natalia could stay, and Olivia would go. They raced to pack their bags.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

After Josh dropped Reva off at home, Billy called from H.B. Lewis and Sons. Billy hinted that Josh should bring some pie to the office. Josh stopped by the Beacon, where he left another message for Roc. Josh was startled to find his hotel room door slightly ajar. He cautiously entered the room, and discovered an envelope on the bar. Inside was a fax from Roc, telling Josh not to worry; everything was fine.

Josh called Jeffrey to find out if it were normal for Roc to answer voicemails with faxes. Jeffrey chuckled that Josh needed to stop worrying. Josh heard a strange clicking noise in the phone as Jeffrey thanked him, and ended the call. Josh asked if Jeffrey had heard the noise, but Jeffery had already disconnected from the line.

At Company, Josh ordered a slice of pie. Buzz replied, "For Billy? Then you mean 'a pie.'" Josh asked Buzz what he'd do if everyone believed that a harmful family problem had been solved, but his gut said that it hadn't. "Go with your gut," Buzz readily answered.

Outside Cross Creek, Josh stood in the rain, watching the house. Billy approached, hoping that Josh had his pie. Josh stammered to explain that it was Reva's first day home, and he wanted to make sure everything was okay. Billy suggested they go in, but Josh didn't want to. Josh said that Reva and Jeffrey probably didn't want company, but he figured they'd be too preoccupied to recognize a problem-if it presented itself.

Billy wondered what was going on, and Josh showed him the cryptic fax. Josh didn't understand why Roc wouldn't call him back, why he'd heard clicking on the phone, and why his gut told him that something was wrong. Billy said that it was wrong that Josh had no life. Josh replied that he didn't believe that Edmund had been handled. Josh hoped that he was wrong, but Billy sarcastically said that if Josh were right, then Josh could ride in and save Reva.

Billy agreed to stay with Josh for a while, but insisted that they get back to the real world soon. As Billy ate his pie, he said that Josh was addicted to playing the hero. Billy reasoned that Josh could keep sitting there, staring at the rain, or he could make a decision to get a life. Josh sighed, agreeing with Billy. The two decided to go to the office.

When Billy and Josh arrived at the office, Josh opened a puzzling envelope from his stack of mail. The typewritten note inside read, "So happy Reva's come home. Tell her I'm thinking of her, and will do my best to see her very soon." It was signed, "Guess Who?"

At Cross Creek, Reva held a crying Colin. Jeffrey said that it was Colin's "hungry cry." Reva welled with tears, stating that she'd never changed or fed Colin. She worried that Colin didn't recognize her as his mother. Jeffrey reasoned that she'd carried Colin inside her, but Reva said Colin had been in the world without her. "Not anymore. We're together now," Jeffrey said.

Jeffrey handed Reva a bottle. Colin quieted as she fed him. Jeffrey realized that it was a big day for Colin and him, because their best girl was finally home.

As Reva cared for Colin and made lunch, Jeffrey reviewed the orders from Reva's doctor. Jeffrey was sure that Reva wouldn't follow them on her own. Later, a tuckered out Reva fell asleep beside the play pen. Jeffrey kissed her head, whispering, "Welcome home, Reva."

At the spa, Olivia flung clothes into her suitcase, complaining that Natalia was too sensitive. Natalia rapidly packed, accusing Olivia of always attacking Natalia's religion. Natalia claimed that they'd gone back to hating each other. They slung clothes at each other, and Olivia proclaimed that the trip had been a big mistake.

The women wondered why they were fighting. Olivia assumed that fighting was the easy way out. Olivia got an idea that might stop the fighting.

Sometime later, Natalia followed Olivia through the woods, asking what had happened to getting their nails done. Olivia beamed that hiking was a part of the spa experience. Natalia squeamishly said that she wasn't really an outdoors person. She didn't realize that Olivia was. Olivia stated that she'd lived on an island, and had been married to the rugged Josh Lewis, whose family liked to hang animals on the walls.

After their hike, they sat in their robes, discussing lunch. Someone knocked on their door, and the women were shocked when Emma pranced in. Emma had convinced Jane to drive to the spa because Emma had missed Natalia and Olivia. Emma begged them not to send her home, promising that she'd be fun. Natalia said that Emma had arrived just in time.

Emma went to tell Jane that Emma could stay at the spa. Olivia told Natalia that not many people would like a child horning in on their trip. Natalia replied that Olivia was lucky to have gone with Natalia, then. Olivia agreed, and sighed, "So much for our alone time."

Natalia reasoned that moving too fast had almost cost them their friendship and their family. The women agreed that they didn't want to lose those things. "And the other stuff...well, we'll figure it out," Natalia said. Olivia felt that they had to figure it out, because they couldn't live in limbo. Olivia didn't want to play games, or keep each other from living their lives.

On Buzz's first day back at Company, Marina pronounced free coffee for everyone. James approached the counter beside Remy. Buzz said that the last time he'd seen James, James had been addicted to computers. Buzz coolly noted that James had moved on to Buzz's granddaughter, Daisy. Buzz hadn't been thrilled with the Florida trip, but he was glad that Daisy had enjoyed it. James ordered coffee, and Buzz went to pour it.

Remy and James exchanged awkward greetings. "Tough crowd," James said to Christina. Remy glared at James as James offered to invest in Christina's daycare center. Christina offered James a job at the center, which she expected to open over the summer. James chuckled, saying he wasn't good with kids.

James asked Marina if Daisy were around. Marina said no, but asked if James had a message for Daisy. James said he'd just stopped in for coffee.

After James left, Christina told Marina that James wasn't that bad, and he really liked Daisy. Marina conceded to give him a chance, but only one chance, given that he was a Spaulding. Christina asked why everyone said stuff like that. "Because it's true," Marina replied. Marina and Christina decided to take Henry for a walk in the park.

Buzz advised Remy to relax because James was too young for Christina. Remy wished Christina wasn't so na´ve about people like the Spauldings. Remy said that after Christina had saved Alan during the heart attack episode, Alan wanted to pay for her medical school. Christina had turned Alan down, but Remy thought that when someone had lived a hard life like Christina had, it was difficult to pass up chances at an easy life.

In Dinah's room at the Beacon, Dinah handed Shayne the paternity test results. She recounted Sister Angelica's story of a pregnant Lara giving birth to Henry. Dinah said that because she hadn't wanted to hurt Mallet, Marina, or Shayne with the baseless story, Dinah had procured Henry and Shayne's DNA to confirm, or disprove, the tale.

Shayne rejected the idea, stating that Lara would have mentioned giving birth. Dinah replied that the DNA matched, and Henry was Shayne's son. Dinah didn't think anyone knew that the baby had survived childbirth, not even Edmund. She thought it was a miracle that Mallet had adopted Shayne's son out of all the children in the world.

Dinah thought that Shayne was upset with her, but he said that he understood her prudence in the matter. Dinah said that she hadn't told Marina or Mallet. Shayne replied that there was nothing to tell them. He said that he might have created Henry, but Mallet was Henry's father. Shayne crumbled up the papers, leaving Dinah shocked and speechless.

At the gazebo later, Shayne said that he was in no position to be a father. Dinah replied that Shayne had planned to have a family with Lara. Shayne reasoned that Henry wouldn't want to be taken from his new home. Dinah said she would have given anything to have had her real parents find her, but Shayne said that her caretakers hadn't been like Mallet and Marina.

Marina and Christina happened along with Henry. Marina cheered that Henry got to see his Aunt Dinah and Uncle Shayne. Shayne stared awkwardly at Henry. Marina offered Shayne and Dinah a free lunch at Company. Marina let Shayne carry Henry back to the restaurant.

At Company, Marina handed Henry to Dinah while Marina took pictures of Buzz's first day back. Dinah murmured to Shayne that Henry had Shayne's eyes. "No, those are Lara's eyes," Shayne discerned, peering at Henry.

Marina took pictures of Shayne and Dinah holding Henry. Marina wanted a picture of Shayne alone with Henry. Shayne demurred, but Marina insisted. Shayne couldn't stop staring at the boy in his arms as the camera flashed. "I think that's going to make a beautiful picture," Dinah decided. Shayne abruptly dumped Henry back into Marina's arms.

After lunch, Dinah said that she felt as if she'd ruined Shayne's life. Shayne didn't want her to think that way; however, he needed some time alone to think. In the car alone, Shayne pulled out his phone, and stared at the picture that Marina had taken of Henry and him.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

At Company, Josh told Billy and Buzz that he'd just talked to Dinah, and she hadn't heard from Shayne in a day or two. Josh had a feeling that Edmund was lurking about, seeking revenge. Josh sensed that Reva and Shayne were in danger.

Jeffrey caught Reva sneaking off with Colin for a morning drive. He offered to go along, but Reva wanted mother-son time with Colin. Jeffrey advised a recovering Reva to pace herself.

When Reva exited the house, she saw Josh standing in her driveway. She asked if he'd been there all night. "Don't flatter yourself," Josh joked. He claimed to be stopping by on his way to a job site. Reva pointedly said that Jeffrey and she didn't need a security detail. Josh pretended to be late for his job, and returned to his car.

When Reva and Colin returned home, Reva found a gift on her doorstep. In the house, Reva watched her favorite soap. Jeffrey admitted that he'd watched the show a few times.

Lillian and Buzz entered for a surprise visit. Jeffrey offered them coffee, but Lillian said that they'd wait until everyone else arrived. "Everyone else?" Jeffrey asked. Buzz shrugged, saying that everyone would naturally show up after Josh had told them about Reva's release from Cedars. Jeffrey groaned, and Lillian promised that they wouldn't stay long.

Blake and Frank joined the party, and Billy and Josh arrived as everyone watched the soap cliffhanger scene. While opening gifts, Reva grabbed the one she'd found on the porch. "Guess who?" Reva read from the attached card. Reva chuckled, and tore off the ribbon. Josh suddenly ripped the gift from her hands, and everyone stared at Josh as the box hit the floor.

A jack-in-the-box tumbled out. Josh claimed that Edmund had sent it. He showed them the "Guess who?" letter that had arrived at his office. Frank read it aloud, and Reva said that the mystery had Hawk written all over it. Josh questioned the theory, but Reva insisted she was right.

Frank asked if he should be looking for Edmund. Jeffrey said that Josh was just a little edgy. Josh then mentioned the clicking he'd heard on phone calls to Cross Creek. Jeffrey said that because he was a government agent, the government monitored Jeffrey's phone calls. Josh brought up Shayne, but then dismissively said to forget about it.

As everyone ate, Frank murmured, "What's wrong with Josh? Does he seem a little whacked to you?" Blake said that Josh had been through a rough year. Frank suspected that something else was going on, because Josh was normally the level-headed one.

When Billy noticed Jeffrey becoming antsy to rid his house of guests, Billy ushered everyone out. Josh apologized to Jeffrey and Reva for overreacting. Josh left with Billy, and Jeffrey decided that it had been a big mistake to send Josh after Edmund. Jeffrey said that Josh needed to let go of an already solved case. Reva said that she planned to thank Hawk for the gift.

At the office, Josh told Billy that he couldn't shake his hunch about Edmund. Billy assured Josh that they'd protect the family, but he warned Josh not go off half-cocked. Josh promised that he wouldn't. Billy left, and Josh analyzed the "Guess who?" letter again.

Phillip startled Rick, who slept in Phillip's Ravenwood bed. Rick said that Phillip owed him. Phillip gave Rick a Universal shirt. "It's a large. What are you trying to say?" Rick joked.

After Rick left, James called Phillip to discuss "the thing." Phillip wasn't sure how he could help James from Ravenwood. "Right, only one escape per patient, and you used yours to help Lizzie," James said, and hung up on Phillip.

James then went to Ravenwood, and told Dr. Mike Silver that Phillip had escaped Ravenwood to spend the weekend in sunny Florida. James felt that Phillip was the sanest man that James knew, and Dr. Silver was wasting her time evaluating him. A confused Dr. Silver wondered if James were trying to hurt Phillip's case, or help it.

James reasoned that everyone did wrong every once in a while, but Phillip had escaped to rush to his family's aid. James said that his family needed Phillip. "I need my dad," James stated. Dr. Silver said that Phillip was lucky to have a loving son.

When Dr. Silver visited Phillip, Phillip asked about her about vacation to Atlanta. She said that Georgia's weather was just as lovely as Florida's. She told a stunned Phillip that she didn't know who had aided him, and she didn't want to know. Phillip claimed full responsibility for his actions. He assumed that Alan had tipped her off, but she said that it had been James.

Phillip explained that he'd sneaked out to help his daughter, Lizzie, who he believed had suffered the most from his previous mental issues. Dr. Silver assumed that it was Phillip's way of making up for the past. Phillip didn't think he could make up for it, but he wanted his children to have good futures. Dr. Silver concluded said that Phillip's escape had presented her with a dilemma, but she'd do what was best for her patient.

As Lizzie and Bill prepared to leave the Bauer cabin, Lizzie called Beth to announce her engagement. Beth was thrilled at the news. Lizzie insisted upon telling Phillip. Beth reluctantly explained that Alan had gotten Phillip committed, and Beth had no idea when he'd get out.

When Bill and Lizzie arrived at the mansion, Alan greeted them from the parlor overlook. "Why do you need to cause trouble?" a testy Lizzie asked, and demanded to know where her father was. Alan replied that Phillip had wisely recommitted himself to Ravenwood. Lizzie claimed that Phillip was perfectly sane. Alan was concerned that Lizzie was so easily fooled.

Bill said that Lizzie had decided to give Phillip a second chance. "You've had your share of them," Lizzie seethed to Alan. Bill said that it wasn't Alan's place to evaluate Phillip. Alan suggested that Bill stay out of their family issue. Lizzie said that Bill was family.

Lizzie said that she wanted to work on her relationship with Phillip. She hoped that things could return to the way they were when she was younger. Alan said that Lizzie idolized the Phillip that she'd loved in Arizona, but she needed to face what Phillip had become.

Bill wordlessly tugged Lizzie's hand, and they went outside. Lizzie raged that it wasn't normal for a father to lock up his son just to stay at the head of the table. Bill said it was more common than one might think. Lizzie felt that Phillip had fought to prove himself since his return. She wished that everyone could be as happy as Bill and she were. Bill said that it just wasn't possible for everyone to be that happy, and Lizzie smiled.

Later, Lizzie visited Dr. Silver, insisting that the doctor not seriously consider anything that Alan said about Phillip. Lizzie said she needed her father. Dr. Silver thanked Lizzie for her input. Lizzie asked to see Phillip, but Dr. Silver said that she couldn't help Lizzie with that one.

At the Beacon, James told Beth that he'd decided to finish school online. Beth wondered if Daisy were the reason, and James replied, "I wish." Beth interrupted their talk to take a call from Lizzie, who had just tried to call James. Beth replied that James was in the room. Lizzie advised Beth and James to head to the mansion, because there could be trouble.

Meanwhile, Alan entered the mansion parlor to find Phillip sitting at Alan's desk. Phillip said that he had terrible news for Alan; Dr. Silver had deemed Phillip just as sane as anyone else. Phillip said that he was willing to work things out with Alan, no matter how difficult it would be, for the family's sake. "Phillip, everything I do is for the family," Alan retorted.

Beth and James showed up, and Beth said that Lizzie had warned them that something might be wrong. Alan assumed that Lizzie was responsible for Phillip's release, but Phillip said that he owed James one. James replied that he intended to collect.

Phillip asked if James wanted to have that talk they'd been meaning to have. Just then, Lizzie entered, and threw her arms around Phillip. She told them that Bill and she had big news. James said that Phillip and he were about to take a walk. Lizzie insisted that it would just take a moment, and James rolled his eyes.

Lizzie announced that Bill and she were engaged. Everyone but Alan and James burst with excitement. Phillip pronounced that it was a great day for their family. Alan said that he had a splitting headache. Lizzie showed off her huge, theme park ruby ring. Bill and Phillip made toasts as James and Alan brooded outside the spotlight.

Alan complained that he needed aspirin. Lizzie handed him some from her purse. As he studied it, Lizzie said that she wasn't trying to poison him. Lizzie beamed that they all might finally get along. Bill said that stranger things had happened. "Name one, Bill," Alan challenged.

Meanwhile, Phillip caught up to James in the garden to have their talk. "So now's a good time for you?" James bitterly asked. "Just go back inside, be father of the bride. Sounds like more fun."

Phillip backed off, saying he'd be there if James changed his mind. James said that he wouldn't. Phillip walked off. After Phillip was a distance away, James called after him, but Phillip kept walking.

Friday, May 8, 2009

While hanging out at home with Christina and Ashlee, a bored Daisy suggested that they go to Farley's. Christina told Daisy to call James to invite him. Soon, Remy arrived. Ashlee also thought that Daisy should call James. Daisy did and invited him to join them. James refused at first, but quickly changed his mind.

Upon learning that they were going to a bar, James said that he could not go because he did not have an ID. Daisy said that was not a problem because she could make him one. James informed Daisy that he did not drink, but said that he would take a fake ID in order to spend time with her. Remy suggested that it might not be a good idea to a make fake ID at a cop's house. Daisy dismissed his concerns and went to Reva's to borrow her camera.

As Daisy made James his fake ID, James brought up "The Secret Life of Daisy Lemay" and stated that everyone had a secret and he knew Daisy's. Daisy told James to tell her his secret. James only replied that he did not drink.

Jeffrey joked that he hoped Colin liked his toy better than Josh did. Reva did not find the joke funny, and said that Josh probably felt embarrassed about what happened. Jeffrey speculated that Josh was just addicted to the secret agent thing and saw danger everywhere. Jeffrey assured Reva that Edmund was gone.

Dinah visited Josh at Lewis Construction. Josh told her that Shayne left a message for Reva. Josh told Dinah that he was worried about Edmund, but everyone thought he was wrong. Josh asked if Dinah had heard from Shayne. She stated that she had not, but was sure that he would show up. Josh asked Dinah to have Shayne call him since it was a bad time for Shayne to be missing in action.

Billy talked to Josh about work and brought up the toy-snatching incident. Josh admitted that he overreacted a little. Billy though that it was more than a little. Josh told Billy that he was freaked out about Edmund because Edmund was dangerous. Billy told Josh to let it go and wondered if it was Reva, and not Edmund, that Josh was unwilling to let go. Josh insisted that it had nothing to do with Reva.

On the way to an appointment at Cedars, Reva stopped by Lewis Construction to drop off some paperwork. When she brought up the jack-in-the-box, Josh asked her to forget that she ever saw that. Josh said that lack of sleep was making him edgy. Josh apologized for making a spectacle of himself and asked if the gift came from Hawk. Reva claimed that it did and insisted to him that she was fine.

After Reva left, Blake arrived and told Josh that she was taking him to lunch. Josh accepted her offer. At Company, Josh thanked Blake for getting him out of the office. Blake told Josh that everyone was concerned about him because he did not seem like himself. Josh told her that a lot of things had changed recently. He did not have as many obligations. but the problem was that he liked having the obligations because they made him feel connected to the people he cared out. Blake said that he was still connected and suggested that he connect to new people as well.

At that point, Reva walked in. Josh asked about her test and asked when her next appointment with Colin was going to be. As Josh and Reva were talking, Blake excused herself and left.

Reva told Josh that it was time for him to have fun. She said that she was determined to enjoy the time that she had left and wanted him to do the same. Reva said that she did not need Josh sitting outside her house anymore. She said that she loved that he was doing it but did not need that. Josh said that what happened the other day at the party was his wake-up call. Josh stated that he knew that he did not need to fight Reva's battles for her.

Blake went to Cross Creek, allegedly to retrieve her cell phone, and informed Jeffrey that she saw Reva at Company. Blake said that she left Reva with Josh and doubted that they even noticed that Blake left. Blake told Jeffrey that she was worried that Josh was waiting to marry Reva again. Blake said that any time that a man had disappeared, Josh was always there to pick up the pieces for Reva.

Blake said that she liked Jeffrey and did not want him to be the victim of "the Josh and Reva thing." Jeffrey suddenly announced that he had to leave and asked Blake to watch Colin. Jeffrey said that he had to take care of something before it became a problem.

Reva returned home to find Blake babysitting. Reva said that she was glad Jeffrey went out because he had been cooped up at home for days and probably had a ton of things to do. Reva thanked Blake for providing Josh with a distraction and talked about what a great guy Josh was. Blake commented that once you had someone like that in your life, it was hard to let go of them. Jeffrey went to Josh to speak to him about Reva.

Dinah called Shayne and asked to see him. They met in his car near Mallet and Marina's house. Dinah told Shayne that his problem would not go away, and offered to go with him to see Marina and Mallet. Shayne commented on how good the pair seemed with the baby. Dinah praised them as parents, but maintained that Henry was Shayne's son. Shayne admitted that it was technically true, and talked about how Marina had wanted a baby since she was young.

Shayne called Henry an answered prayer for Marina. Dinah stated that, while it broke her heart for Mallet to lose Henry, the thought of Lara's baby not being in Shayne's life broke her heart as well. Shayne said that telling the truth would open Mallet and Marina up to a grief and worry.

Shayne said that they would live in fear that he would try to take Henry away. Shayne felt that it was best for the baby to stay with Mallet and Marina. Shayne told Dinah that every time he looked in Henry's eyes, he saw Lara. He stated that he knew what he was giving up and could live with it.

Shayne tried to table the discussion, but Dinah pressed on. Dinah told Shayne not to be a martyr and repeated that Henry was his son. Shayne told Dinah that he needed to move forward and not look back into the past. Shayne was afraid that if he did, he could end up back at the railroad track. Shayne said that he would give everything to change the day that Lara died, but he could not. However, he did get to choose what was best for Henry.

Dinah warned Shayne that one day, he would want to raise his child. Shayne argued that Lara would have wanted the baby to be with a happy family. Dinah tried to argue that maybe Henry was brought to Springfield for a reason, but Shayne told her to back off. Later, after lovemaking, Shayne told Dinah that everything he needed was right there.

At Company, Marina gushed to Mallet and Buzz about how happy motherhood made her. Suddenly, Marina suggested that they all go for a walk. They went to the library, where they showed Buzz a plaque which included Coop's favorite quote from F. Scott Fitzgerald. Marina told Buzz that even though Henry would never get to meet Coop, he would hear Buzz's stories about him.

Marina and Mallet took Henry to Cedars for a checkup. Afterwards, the doctor informed them that they needed to discuss Henry's blood work.

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