One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 4, 2009 on OLTL

Shane decided to move in with Rex and Stacy. Kyle blackmailed Roxy for free room and board. Starr helped Cole through his drug withdrawal, and they turned to Bo for help in investigating their baby's death. Kyle realized the babies had been switched and called his sister Rebecca Lewis. Powell was missing. Rebecca had John locked up in the sanitarium. Several people received invitations that contained poison.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 4, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, May 4, 2009

Love Hurts

At Todd's home, Starr pleaded with her father to allow her to check on a troubled Cole. Fearful that Starr had plans to visit Schuyler, Todd refused. After begging her father to trust her, Starr convinced Todd to let her leave.

Blair staggered into Todd's house on a cane and ordered him to return her children. Admitting that she had left the hospital without being discharged, Blair chastised Todd for obtaining custody while she was hospitalized. When Todd refused to bring the children downstairs, Blair attempted to walk up the staircase, but collapsed in Todd's arms.

Once Blair composed herself, Todd suggested that she return to the hospital. When Blair refused to leave without her children, Todd teased her about marrying a murderer. Disturbed by the mention of John, Blair acknowledged that John was gone, but stated that she planned to get her children back. Todd informed Blair that he had no plans of relinquishing custody, and asked her to leave. Blair announced that as long as her children remained under Todd's roof, so would she.

At the motel, Marty noticed that something was bothering John. Marty was stunned when John admitted that the motel room reminded him of the place where they had made love. Marty listened intently as John detailed that special night. John explained that their brief affair ended abruptly after Marty was kidnapped and presumed dead in Ireland.

Marty wondered what would have happened if their relationship had been given a chance. John admitted that he often had the same thought. Appearing very comfortable together, the two shared a quiet moment.

Later, John was consumed with emotions when he noticed Marty preparing for bed. While Marty made herself comfortable under the sheets, John lay on top of the covers. Marty reached over and touched John's hand. John responded by holding her tightly.

Inside Starr's bedroom at La Boulaie, Cole's hallucinations grew worse. An apparition of Matthew appeared and insisted that Cole jump out of the window. The image informed Cole that he could make things right with Matthew if he leaped out of the window and became paralyzed. Distraught, Cole crawled to the window and announced that he would jump.

Before Cole could leap to his death, Starr entered the room and convinced him to listen to her. Starr helped Cole realize that, as a result of the detox, he was suffering hallucinations. Starr assured Cole that Matthew would never want Cole to receive payback for the accident. Starr helped Cole into bed and stroked his hair. Looking up at her, Cole thanked Starr for saving his life and expressed his love for her. Cradling him in her arms, Starr told Cole that she loved him, too.

At Llanfair, Brody listened as Jessica attempted to explain their relationship to Viki. After admitting that she was involved with Brody, Jessica begged her mother to keep their relationship a secret. Jessica was touched when Brody assured Viki that he truly cared for Jessica. As Viki demanded answers from the couple, Natalie interrupted and accused Brody of taking advantage of Jessica.

Viki was shocked when Natalie revealed that Brody had slept with Gigi. Jessica and Brody made several attempts to explain, but they eventually gave up and staged a fight for Natalie's benefit. After Brody stormed off, Natalie offered Jessica her sympathy.

Alone with Viki, Jessica thanked her mother for keeping her secret. Viki was dumbfounded when Jessica admitted that nothing had happened between Brody and Gigi. Jessica told Viki that Brody was a great guy and that Gigi was involved in a terrible situation.

Shane was visibly shaken when his parents escorted him home from the hospital. Rex and Gigi tried their best to ease Shane's fears, but the little boy was devastated that his parents were breaking up. As tears welled up in Gigi's eyes, Rex promised to maintain a close relationship with Shane.

Unable to convince his parents to remain together, Shane bolted up the stairs. Gigi called out to Rex as he walked toward the door. A disappointed Rex stared at her and left the cottage. Gigi wept over losing the love of her life.

Hoping to get some answers, Viki paid Gigi a visit. Reminding Gigi that she had been happy before Stacy's arrival, Viki questioned if Gigi's breakup with Rex somehow involved Stacy. Gigi maintained that she was the cause of the breakup and insisted that she had slept with Brody. Refusing to accept Gigi's explanation, Viki stated that she knew that nothing had happened between Gigi and Brody. Viki continued to ask Gigi to be honest with her, but Gigi refused.

After Viki left, Shane came downstairs and apologized for his outburst. Accepting Shane's apology, Gigi hugged her son and told him that she would die for him.

Meanwhile, Jess received a text message from Brody and ran outside to meet him. Jessica rushed into Brody's arms and the two shared a passionate kiss.

In Angel Square Park, Stacy sat on a park bench and complained about her predicament. A homeless woman took pity on Stacy and gave her a lesson on how to lure a man. Stacy was shocked when the homeless woman referred to her as "sluty" and advised her to play the role of the damsel in distress.

A dejected Rex returned home and poured himself a drink. While consumed with thoughts of Gigi and Shane, Rex was startled when he opened the door and discovered Stacy on his doorstep. After explaining that she was broke and temporarily homeless, Stacy asked Rex if she could stay with him. Citing that she had saved his son's life, Rex agreed to allow Stacy to stay with him for a few days.

Certain that she was making progress, Stacy smiled and remarked under her breath, "Well, this is going to be easier than I thought!" However, Stacy's happiness turned to disappointment when Rex handed her several blankets and directed her to the couch. Rex admitted that he was miserable over losing his family, and walked away. Stacy was heartbroken.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Test Patterns

Kyle Lewis blackmailed Roxy into giving him a room, rent free, at the Angel Square Hotel. Roxy was disgusted that Kyle had the gall to use her grandson's situation to his advantage. Roxy gave Kyle a key to a room, but she refused to offer him clean towels.

Cris was in his loft, working on a painting, when Layla dropped by for a visit. Layla had her dog, Aziza, with her. Unfortunately for Layla, she and Aziza were splattered with red paint when they startled Cris. Cris immediately apologized for ruining Layla's clothes.

Cris and Layla talked about Talia's funeral. Layla admitted that the funeral had been hard for her, which was why Layla had left without talking to anyone. Layla was grateful for her dog. Aziza had helped Layla through very difficult days.

Cris was shocked when Layla revealed that she had decided to leave town. She was out of a job and roommate, so she couldn't afford the rent. Layla confessed that her mother had asked Layla to move home.

Cris understood Layla's dilemma. Someone, who intended to turn it into a co-op, had bought his building. Cris hadn't sold any paintings in ages, his manager had quit, and his wages from Capricorn did not cover the rent.

Cris was suddenly struck by inspiration. He suggested painting their sorrows away. Cris handed Layla a set of overalls, paint, and a canvas. Both went to work. Later, Layla admired Cris' artwork. Cris critiqued Layla's painting. He confessed that he found Layla's tribute to Talia beautiful and honest. Layla was touched by the compliment.

When Layla prepared to leave, Cris asked Layla if she really had to move to Maryland. Layla didn't think that she had a choice.

At the rehab center, Cole credited Starr for helping him through the drug withdrawal. Cole was confident that he would pass the supervised drug test. Starr reminded Cole that it was also the day that they might learn how their daughter had died. Hope's DNA test results were due later that day.

While Cole talked about waking up with Starr that morning, Starr recalled Cole confessing his love for her while in the grips of sleep. Starr also remembered telling Cole that she loved him, too. Cole noticed the faraway look in Starr's eyes. He was worried that he had said the wrong thing, but Starr assured Cole that everything fine.

When Rachel spotted Cole, she admitted that she had been concerned about him. Cole revealed that Starr had helped him to get clean. Rachel decided to wait until the drug test results were in before commending Cole on his efforts to address his addiction. However, Rachel hoped that Cole had been truthful about his newfound sobriety. Rachel led Cole into a room to take the drug test. She assured Cole that a male counselor would accompany him to the bathroom.

After the drug test, Rachel admitted that she sensed a change for the better in Cole. Cole talked about Starr. Rachel was overjoyed when a counselor returned to confirm that Cole's system was free of drugs. She hugged Cole and confessed that she was proud of him.

Schuyler checked the hospital records to see if he could find proof that Stacy's bone marrow had not been donated to Shane. Schuyler told himself that he was doing it for Stacy's own good.

Schuyler became alarmed when he heard Starr call out from the waiting area. Moments later, Starr walked into the lab. Starr was surprised to find Schuyler behind the counter, working on the computer. Schuyler claimed that he had been working on a research project for the school. He diverted Starr's attention by asking her what she was doing in a restricted area. Starr said that she had an appointment with Kyle Lewis.

Starr confided that she was happy that she had run into Schuyler. Schuyler seemed uncomfortable by the admission. Starr quickly explained that she wanted to apologize for the trouble she had caused him. Schuyler appreciated Starr's sincerity, but he did not hold her responsible for Todd's actions.

Schuyler wasn't surprised to learn that Starr and Cole were back together again. Starr made it clear that she and Cole weren't a couple. However, Starr did concede that they had worked through some personal issues. The breakthrough had helped Starr to understand that her feelings for Schuyler had been inappropriate.

Starr hoped that she and Schuyler could be friends. Schuyler suggested that they wait until they were older to explore a friendship. Schuyler insisted that he needed to focus on his life for a while. Cole's arrival brought Starr and Schuyler's conversation to an end. Schuyler mumbled an excuse, then left. Starr felt compelled to explain what Cole had walked in on.

When Kyle arrived, he went to check if the DNA results were back. Kyle returned moments later with stunning news. The DNA test had confirmed that the DNA sample had not been from Starr and Cole's daughter, Hope.

Rex was asleep in his apartment. He had a dream about celebrating Shane's remission from cancer with Gigi and Shane. He also dreamed of announcing his engagement to Gigi.

At the same time Gigi was across town, asleep on her sofa, having the same dream as Rex.

The dream ended for Gigi when Shane came downstairs and woke his mother up. He told her that he intended to go to school. Gigi worried that it was too soon. Shane assured Gigi that Dr. McBain had given his approval, provided that Shane took it easy. Gigi offered to make Shane breakfast, but Shane declined.

Instead, Shane wanted answers about why his parents had split. Shane grew annoyed when Gigi avoided his questions. Shane pushed for answers until Gigi revealed that the separation hadn't been hers or Rex's fault. Shane was confused, but Gigi changed the subject before Shane could ask more questions. Shane didn't appreciate being shut out, so he left for school.

Stacy approached Rex's bed with a breakfast tray. She set it down then crawled into bed with Rex when she noticed him smiling in his sleep. As Rex awoke, he mistook Stacy for Gigi. He pulled away when he realized the truth. Stacy claimed Rex had grabbed for her in his sleep when she had approached the bed.

Rex changed the subject to Schuyler's wild accusations about Stacy's bone marrow switch. Stacy stuck to her lies and insisted that she had no idea where Schuyler had found the bag of blood that he claimed was Stacy's. Rex decided to take a shower. When Stacy reminded him of the breakfast that she had made him, Rex admitted that he was not a breakfast person.

While Rex showered, Stacy stared at a picture of Rex, Shane, and Gigi. Stacy slid her thumb over Gigi's face in the photograph. Stacy promised herself that she would soon have Rex all to herself. When she heard Rex's cell phone ring, Stacy answered it.

Gigi was surprised to hear Stacy answer Rex's phone. Stacy informed Gigi that Rex had asked Stacy to move in and that Rex was in the shower. Stacy also implied that she and Rex had spent the night together. Gigi was furious. Stacy didn't understand why Gigi couldn't be happy for her and Rex.

Gigi was flabbergasted that Stacy had the nerve to talk about loving Rex when Stacy had bargained with his child's life. Stacy shouted back at Gigi just as Rex walked into the room. Rex asked Stacy whom she was yelling at. Stacy quickly lied; she claimed she had told Gigi about Schuyler's stunt.

Rex took the phone from Stacy. To Stacy's frustration, Rex arranged to meet with Gigi to discuss a visitation schedule for Shane. Stacy wondered why Rex would want to see Gigi after the way she had betrayed him. Rex reminded Stacy that he shared a child with Gigi.

Stacy suggested that Rex and Gigi could limit their communications about Shane to emails and text messages. Rex refused to consider it. Before he left, Rex offered Stacy the use of his laptop, so that she could search for a new place to live.

A short time later, Shane walked into Rex's apartment. He confided to his aunt that he had skipped school.

Shane became confused when he realized that Stacy was in Rex's bed. It led him to ask if Stacy had been the reason for his parents' breakup. Stacy insisted that neither she nor Rex were the reason for Gigi and Rex ending their relationship. Stacy easily manipulated Shane into asking certain questions. Stacy pretended to be reluctant as she revealed that Gigi had cheated on Rex. In his fury, Shane threw a picture of his family across the room.

When Rex walked into Gigi's house, he noticed two smoothie drinks. Rex assumed that they were for Gigi and Brody. He wondered if that was why Gigi hadn't gotten much sleep. Gigi explained that the drinks were for her and Rex.

Gigi changed the subject to ask about Stacy's new living arrangements. Rex told Gigi that Stacy had been homeless after Schuyler had tossed Stacy out of his apartment. In her anger, Gigi accidentally revealed that Stacy had drugged Rex to get him into bed. Rex picked up on the slip immediately.

Rex admitted that he had never understood why the hospital had called Gigi with the test results since privacy laws bound hospitals. Gigi held steadfast to her lie then tried to change the subject. Rex refused to let her; he reminded Gigi that she had turned to Brody because of the results of the blood test. Rex was determined to know the truth.

As they argued, Rex accidentally revealed that he had dreamed about Gigi and Shane that very morning. Gigi was speechless. She quietly confessed that she had also dreamed of Rex. As they recounted the details of their dreams, each realized that they had shared the same dream. Rex and Gigi gravitated toward each other then were swept up in a passionate kiss.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Never Lose Hope

Rex and Gigi continued their make out session in the carriage house, only for Rex to pull away. Angry and confused, he told Gigi she couldn't have it both ways by sleeping with Brody and kissing him. He asked her to tell him where her surge of passion had come from, but Gigi was at a loss for words. Rex begged her once more to tell him why she'd left him for Brody; in agony, Gigi didn't answer and instead hurried to work.

At Rex's loft, Shane refused to believe his mother would cheat on his father, but Stacy insisted it was true, and named Brody as the third party. Stunned, Shane left to confront his mother, but before Stacy could dress, she had another visitor-Stan her old boss from Vegas, who greeted her with a chokehold.

Stacy wrenched free from Stan's grip as he demanded the money she had stolen from him on her way out of town. Stacy claimed she had none, and Stan threatened to take it from her new "boyfriend," who Stacy promised would defend her. Noticing the Morasco family photo, Stan asked Stacy if she'd stolen her latest man from another woman. Stacy countered that she and Rex were meant to be together, and that she'd seen him first. Stan warned Stacy that she had twenty-four hours to pay up, or he'd come after her, her boyfriend, and her little nephew. After he left, Stacy grabbed her suitcase and unzipped it.

Jessica ran into Brody at Rodi's, where Brody had just regained his job. Brody wanted to take Jessica up on her offer to spend time with him, but Jess warned him she was there with her family. As Viki, Charlie, and Jared walked in, Jessica had an idea: "Let's give them something to talk about." With that, she slapped Brody across the face.

Brody left while Jessica covered to the others, claiming that Brody was still trying to put the moves on her after sleeping with Gigi. She struggled to keep her composure when Brody texted her, teasing her by asking if the slap was foreplay. Turning to Viki and company, she made excuses about heading for the florist and rushed out. Jared and Charlie were fooled by Jessica and Brody's act, but Viki wasn't so sure.

Back at the carriage house, Natalie walked in on the lovelorn Rex, still pining for Gigi. Hoping to cheer him up, she told him to be ready for her wedding, and Rex promised he'd be there. Natalie informed him that Gigi was un-invited and would no longer be a bridesmaid. Rex felt a pang of sympathy, and told Natalie that the pieces didn't fit; he wasn't sure Gigi had actually slept with Brody. He wondered if Brody was manipulating Gigi in some way.

Natalie told Rex she felt Brody was a user, and complained about his "harassing" Jess. Seizing on his hunch, Rex raced out and told Natalie to lock up behind him.

At Llanview High, Marcie held forth over her class, warning them to get their homework done in time for the big dance. As she promised her students a night to remember, Langston and Markko's eyes met, envisioning their evening to come. They Instant Messaged back and forth, talking about preparations for "Operation: Deflower." Markko told her they'd go to the Palace Hotel, and he'd pay the bill with some of his college funds, making sure they had the best on their special night. He told Langston to get the condoms. Shocked, Langston whispered to him: "You didn't get the condoms?"

After class, Marcie spoke to Langston and Markko, congratulating herself on her matchmaking skills two years before and encouraging them to come to prom. The lovebirds said they wouldn't miss it. Heading into the hallway, Langston urged Markko to pick up condoms as soon as possible, before they sold out to other kids. Markko promised Langston he'd take care of it, and said prom night would be their best night together. As they parted ways, Lola listened in nearby, sneering that she'd see to Langston and Markko's "big night."

At Llanview Hospital, Kyle dropped a bombshell on Starr and Cole: his tests had revealed that Hope Manning McBain was not their biological child. Starr was flabbergasted, handing him her locket and asking if he'd tested the hair from inside. Kyle instantly recognized the locket and asked Starr if she was sure her baby's hair was inside it; Starr again said yes. Flashing back to his previous tests for Starr and Natalie, Kyle began to silently put the pieces together.

Leaving the lab, Cole comforted Starr, suggesting Dr. Joplin had given the nurse the wrong lock of hair. Starr despaired that they had nothing left of Hope.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Jessica arrived for another tryst with Brody in his room. Afterwards, they basked in the afterglow as Jessica reassured Brody that he was a good man trying to do the right thing by Gigi, and assured him that soon everyone would understand. Kissing Brody one last time, Jessica headed for the shower.

As soon as Jessica closed the bathroom door, Rex barged in to confront Brody, but immediately noticed his Rodi's uniform, mistaking it for Gigi's. Believing that Gigi was in the shower, Rex became furious and railed at "Gigi," calling her a liar and a slut for going back to Brody again. Overcome, he punched Brody in the face and stormed out.

At Rodi's, Gigi arrived late for her shift and went to wait on Viki's table, but got an icy reception from Natalie, who came on the scene at the same time. Natalie told Gigi she was no longer a bridesmaid or a friend of the family. Dejected, Gigi slunk away, while Viki warned Natalie not to judge appearances so quickly.

Before Gigi could catch her breath, Shane rushed in, loudly asking his mother if it was true that she'd cheated with Brody. In an impossible position, Gigi was forced to say yes. Hysterical, Shane told his mother he was moving in with Rex and tore out.

The Lord/Banks family watched in horror as the domestic scene unfolded between Gigi and Shane, but Natalie felt Gigi had gotten what she'd deserved for her "two-timing." She fell silent when she and Jared noticed Starr and Cole walking into the restaurant.

Grabbing a booth, Starr and Cole were still struggling with the shocking news about Hope. Starr wanted to know whose hair was in the locket if not Hope's, but Cole was fixated on memories he had of the baby, and dreams they'd had about their daughter's future. Cole told Starr there was one more way they could find the truth: exhuming Hope's body.

Back at the hospital, Kyle continue to remember his encounters with Natalie and Jared, and how Starr's locket tied into everything he'd learned. Doing a search for Jessica and Natalie online, he read about Jessica's mental breakdown and her kidnapping of Natalie. Testing the DNA evidence Natalie and Jared had given him against Starr and Cole, he discovered a genetic match.

Kyle placed a call to Natalie, ordering her and Jared to come to the lab immediately. Spooked, Natalie and Jared made their excuses and said goodbye to Viki and Charlie.

At the carriage house, Shane packed his things as Gigi begged him not to go. Shane told her she'd destroyed their family, and said he hated her; she'd broken his heart. Toting his backpack, Shane ran out as Gigi screamed for him to come back.

Back at the Angel Square Hotel, Jessica emerged from the shower, worrying over Brody. Brody said he hated keeping the secret of Stacy's treachery from Rex, but he had made a promise to Gigi. Jessica couldn't believe Stacy would be so cruel and heartless towards her own sister.

At the lab, Jared and Natalie met with Kyle, asking what was wrong. Kyle said, "plenty:" Jessica had stolen Starr Manning's baby.

Back at the loft, Rex returned just as Stacy hid her suitcase. Ranting and raving about Gigi and her promiscuous ways, Rex said he'd dreamed of patching things up and finally marrying Gigi, but he knew there was no longer any chance. Stacy was shocked to hear that he'd found Gigi with Brody again. Cuddling up to the jilted boyfriend, Stacy told Rex that Gigi didn't deserve him.

"Gigi's just a slut," Rex snapped, and then glanced at Stacy. Wondering aloud what Gigi would think, he impulsively pulled Stacy into a kiss.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Doctor is In...sane

Dropping by Todd's house unexpectedly, Téa unbuttoned her coat to reveal that she was only wearing underwear. As an amused Todd looked on, Jack walked in and gleefully asked to take Téa to school for show and tell. He couldn't wait to tell everyone what he had seen. A horrified Blair grabbed her son and ordered him to leave the room. Attempting to apologize to Blair for her behavior, Téa was perplexed when she noticed that Blair was wearing Todd's bathrobe. Snidely, Blair informed Téa that she had spent the night there.

"Don't tell me you slept with her," Téa pleaded with Todd. Blair remained elusive but told Téa she was fired as her attorney. She thought that Téa should have had a better case. She also suggested that the attorney stop throwing herself at someone who didn't want her. Those last words came to a sudden halt when she looked at both Todd's and Téa's faces and realized that they were indeed lusting after each other.

Sickened, Blair accused Téa of throwing the custody case. Blair proclaimed she had every intention of reporting Téa to the bar association. Feeling disgusted herself, Téa stalked out, informing Todd that she was finished with him and that he could have Blair if he wanted her.

Followed outside by Todd, Téa insisted that she wasn't jealous but merely concerned. She pointed out that if Todd was sleeping with Blair then she was, too, and through association, Todd was sleeping with John. She indicated that he would soon be sleeping with R.J., as well, since she was heading off to meet him. She wondered who was really jealous when she noticed Todd flinching.

Claiming he wasn't jealous, Todd expressed how sleeping with both Téa and Blair would be one thing, but he wasn't too happy at the prospect of R.J. in the picture. He admitted that he and Blair had not slept together and began to undo Téa's coat.

As Todd began to nuzzle Téa's neck, a man approached them and produced an envelope for Todd. Téa admitted that she had received a similar envelope earlier.

As Rex continued to kiss Stacy, the phone calls from Gigi went unanswered. She frantically left him a message that Shane was headed his way. Suddenly, Rex came to his senses and pulled away, cautioning Stacy that it was wrong for them to be kissing. Much to her dismay, he assured her that it would never happen again.

Shane arrived and announced he was moving in because his mother was sleeping with Brody. Appalled, Rex wanted to know how the boy knew. An uneasy Stacy was relieved when Shane claimed to have heard it from Gigi. Rex thought that Shane should stay.

Gigi finally managed to reach Rex on the phone. While she maintained that Shane shouldn't be "running the show," Rex defended his son's desire to process all that had happened and be away from her. He thought it best that Shane stay with him and Stacy for a few days. He was shocked that Gigi had told Shane about her affair with Brody.

Stacy in turn, felt that Shane should accept what had happened and return to Gigi's house. Rex wanted his son to trust him. Trying again, Stacy felt that Gigi would be the one best able to cope with all of Shane's pills and his schedule. Rex thought they'd have fun and that he would be able to take care of his son capably. An annoyed Stacy was not happy to see Shane with her hair dryer, soaking wet from falling into the toilet. She looked at the family picture of Shane, Gigi, and Rex and envisioned herself in Gigi's place.

At the hospital, Kyle confronted Jared and Natalie, advising them that he knew what had happened to Starr's baby. He wondered if they would share the truth with everyone that Jessica had stolen Starr's baby because her own baby was dead. Horrified, Natalie convinced Kyle that neither Starr nor Jessica needed such a call, pointing out that Starr had been hurt enough and that it would kill Jessica to learn what one of her alter egos had done. Natalie defended her actions of keeping things quiet. She asked him if would protect his own sister if something similar had happened to her.

"How much?" Jared asked point-blank. Kyle figured that $100,000 was a fair amount to keep him quiet, and should be enough to cover his med school expenses. Jared and Natalie wanted time to think about it, and Kyle advised them he would give them 24 hours. If he didn't hear from them, he would call Starr, Jessica, and the police, he added. Natalie hoped that his own sister was never threatened.

In Rochester, John placed a call to the Sitwell Institute and identified himself as "Kevin." Ellen Kwan told him she was not familiar with a Dr. Saybrooke looking after Powell. Hanging up the phone, she received praise from Rebecca Lewis, known to her as Dr. Saybrooke, who explained that her treatment of Powell needed to remain confidential. She added that she felt sure Powell's family wanted him to remain locked up, but he would get his life back with her looking after him.

Assuming that Ellen either had a gun to her head or had been "turned," John was concerned. Marty couldn't believe that, after being a respected doctor, Rebecca had killed people or had gotten Powell to commit the crimes. He realized that Rebecca and Powell would be waiting for him to show up. He also mentioned that Rebecca had a brother, Kyle Lewis, living in Llanview.

Handing Marty a gun, John refused to allow her to accompany him to Sitwell. Awkwardly, he gave her instructions on using the gun. He told her to phone Bo if he was not back in one hour.

Making her way to Powell's cell, Rebecca let herself in. Powell expressed his happiness that "Dr. Saybrooke" knew him well. Hearing that John would probably be showing up, Powell indicated that he would be waiting for him. He confirmed that he wanted them to stick to their plan; he wanted the invitations sent out.

John placed a quick call to check on Blair and informed her that he had an idea about the killer's identity. She told him that Todd had gained custody of the kids and that Téa had thrown the case. She admitted that she had checked herself out of the hospital. John promised to return soon and that they would get her kids back. He was not happy to hear that Blair was in Todd's house, but confirmed her belief that he himself was with Marty.

He assured Blair that he was merely protecting Marty. Blair indicated that she in turn was protecting her kids. While John was on the phone with Blair, Marty called Cole. She assured him she was safe and that the newspapers indicating her kidnapping were entirely exaggerated. Cole expressed his admiration for Starr and her aid in helping him get through a tough time.

At Rodi's, Cole and Starr deliberated on their next move regarding their baby's cause of death. Cole stuck by his decision to exhume baby Hope's body, hoping that it would provide them with clues. Starr felt that they should confide in someone else and, spying Michael, decided he was the one.

Nearby, Gigi took Marcie into her confidence, explaining all that had been going on with Rex, Shane, and Brody. She was worried that both Rex and Shane would hate her together. A sympathetic Marcie pointed out that Rex would never turn Shane against her and that Rex would be hurt, while Shane would be angry.

Arriving at Rodi's, Jared and Natalie saw Starr and Cole and thought they looked happy. They knew that Jessica was happy and realized that they didn't have a choice. They knew what their decision would be.

Cole, Starr, and Michael pulled Marcie aside and explained their desires for exhuming Hope's body. Marcie was against it, but felt that if the others needed to have it done, then she was okay with it. She learned that the hair in Starr's locket didn't belong to Hope.

After Natalie and Jared left, Kyle felt the need to check in with his sister. He advised Rebecca that he would no longer be needing a loan from her. She ended the conversation abruptly, just as he mentioned Todd's name. She turned at the sound of John's voice. "Dr. Saybrooke?" he asked. "Do I know you?" she responded back. "You will," John replied.

Téa and Todd anxiously opened their matching envelopes. Todd's envelope included an invitation for Blair, as well. They were invitations, with the symbol of KAD fraternity on the outside. It announced that the traditional Spring Fling was being resumed. Blair noted that Marty was raped at that function. Suspiciously, they all wondered what was going on.

As Marty awaited John's return, there was a knock at the motel door. A brown envelope was slid underneath it. Pulling the invitation from the envelope, she dropped it in horror when she saw the fraternity insignia.

Grabbing Rebecca's keys from her hand, John let himself into Powell's cell as Rebecca tried to stop him. Spying Powell in the corner, in the straitjacket, John gently lowered to the ground. It wasn't Powell; it was Ellen. Turning to the door, John yelled as Rebecca slammed it shut. He demanded to be released.

Friday, May 8, 2009

I Wanna Be Sedated

Cole and Starr stood outside of the Buchanan Mansion and discussed seeking help in determining Hope's true cause of death. Starr wondered if Cole was ready to confront Bo. Acknowledging that he was nervous about facing Bo, Cole stated that the time had come for him to face Bo. Cole also reminded Starr that they needed to get answers concerning their baby's death.

Inside the mansion, Bo noticed that Nora was attempting to avoid him. Realizing that Nora had misgivings concerning the awkward moment that they experienced in the car, Bo suggested that they discuss the matter. Nora was relieved when the doorbell rang. Desperate to avoid any further conversation with Bo, Nora raced to the door.

Nora was stunned to find Cole and Starr on her doorstep. After inquiring about Matthew, Cole asked for a meeting with Bo. Nora tried her best to prevent any interaction between Cole and Bo, but Bo emerged and agreed to speak with Cole. Stating that he felt terrible about causing Matthew's accident, Cole said that he understood that Bo hated him. Acknowledging that he was still angry with Cole, Bo admitted that he had once hoped that Cole would serve time in jail, but insisted that he didn't hate Cole.

Nora and Starr listened as Cole continued to apologize for his bad judgment. Cole announced that he was fighting hard to overcome his drug addiction and would never let his carelessness cause harm to anyone again. Admitting that he was still upset with Cole, Bo agreed to give him the opportunity to prove that he had turned his life around.

Bo and Nora were curious when Cole confessed that he had a favor to ask of Bo. Cole and Starr revealed that they had learned that Hope didn't die of Rh disease. Explaining that they had a DNA test conducted on a lock of what was believed to be Hope's hair, Cole and Starr related that the test revealed that it was genetically impossible for the strands of hair to belong to a child of theirs. Cole requested Bo's help in having Hope's body exhumed. A sympathetic Bo agreed to use his authority to help the teens discover the truth concerning their child's death.

Inside the gymnasium of Llanview High School, Matthew watched a group of boys play basketball. Spotting Destiny in the corner, Matthew approached her and attempted to apologize for lashing out at her. Destiny was still upset and gave Matthew the cold shoulder. Justin tossed a ball in Matthew's direction and interrupted the conversation.

Both Matthew and Destiny fumed when Justin hurled insults at Matthew and ridiculed him about needing a wheelchair. When Becca approached, Justin used the opportunity to further humiliate Matthew. Justin teased Destiny about being unattractive and overweight. Justin said that Destiny and Matthew should attend the dance together because no one else would be seen with either of them. Fed up with Justin's harassment, Destiny announced that she was indeed attending the dance, and not with Matthew.

After Justin and Becca had left, Matthew begged Destiny to accept his apology and suggested that they attend the dance together. Destiny snapped at Matthew. Convinced that he didn't believe that she was capable of securing a date for the dance, Destiny angrily announced that she had an escort. Destiny appeared touched when Matthew apologized for not believing her.

Expressing his gratitude for Destiny's past support, Matthew said that he hoped that she enjoyed herself at the dance. When Destiny asked if Matthew planned to attend, he shrugged his shoulders and said, "What's the point?" Later, Destiny phoned someone and ordered the person to be her date at the dance.

Back at the Buchanan Mansion, Nora asked to speak with Cole alone. Nora thanked Cole for accepting responsibility and encouraged him to continue to remain drug-free. When Cole asked if Nora had heard from either John or his mother, Nora assured him that John would never allow anything to happen to Marty.

Nora joined Bo in the living room. They both admitted feeling sorry for Cole. Acknowledging that a random act had caused a terrible chain of events to transpire, Nora said that she realized that she and Bo needed to discuss what had or hadn't taken place between them that day in the car.

As Cole opened the door and prepared to leave, he was shocked to discover Matthew on the other side of the door.

Inside the hall of Llanview High, an elated Langston snuck up behind Markko and gave him a hug. The teens happily discussed the exciting night that awaited them. Markko appeared uncomfortable when Langston reminded him to book a room at the Palace Hotel and purchase condoms for their special night, following the prom. Unnoticed, Lola eavesdropped on Langston and Markko's conversation. With a devilish grin, Lola approached the couple and said that she hoped that they had a great time at the prom.

Afterward, Langston worried that Lola might be up to something, but Markko didn't wish to engage in any discussion concerning Lola. Langston was certain that her cousin had some evil plot planned. Reminding her that she needed to prepare for the dance, Markko offered to drive Langston home.

At La Boulaie, Dorian placed a frantic call to Blair requesting that she return home. Lola entered the room and expressed to Dorian the hurt she felt because Langston hated her. In an attempt to reel Dorian in, Lola mentioned that she didn't feel that she was mature enough to date Markko. When Dorian inquired why, Lola detailed the conversation that she overheard between Langston and Markko. Lola said that Markko was pressuring Langston to have sex. Refusing to believe that Langton would entertain the thought of having sex, Dorian insisted that Lola had misunderstood.

Langston waited for Starr inside the foyer at La Boulaie. Thrilled, Langston announced to Starr that she and Markko planned to have sex after the prom. An enraged Dorian flung open the doors to the library and declared, "Not if I have anything to say about it!"

Blair, Téa, and Todd stood inside Todd's living room and stared at the invitations to the Kappa Alpha Delta Spring Fling that they had all received. While Todd believed that it was a sick joke, Téa was certain that it was a message from the killer.

As Blair examined the invitation, she suddenly appeared listless. Blair related that John had contacted her and advised her that he was on the killer's trail and warned her to be careful. Moments later, Blair collapsed. Frantic, Todd ran to Blair's side and tried to revive her. Unable to wake Blair, Todd instructed Téa to call for help.

When Téa didn't respond to his scream for help, Todd discovered her unconscious body a few feet away. Suddenly, Todd began to feel lethargic and realized that foul play was involved. As he fell to the floor, Todd reached for Téa's cell phone but was unable to grasp it.

Inside Powell's cell at the Sitwell Institute, John discovered Ellen Kwan's dead body. The woman had been placed in a straightjacket with an envelope attached. John retrieved the envelope and realized that it was an invitation. As John turned to exit the cell, Rebecca appeared and slammed the door shut. Through the small window on the door, John screamed for Rebecca to tell him where Powell had gone. Rebecca refused to answer John's questions and walked away.

Marty opened the invitation that someone had slid under her motel room door. Upon discovering that the invitation referred to the KAD fraternity, Marty grabbed the gun that John had left with her, but was suddenly overcome by the chemical from the letter.

Unable to escape from the padded cell, John placed a call to Marty. When Marty informed him that someone had slipped an invitation under her door, John instructed her not to open the door for anyone. Gasping for breath, Marty stumbled to the door. John continued to warn Marty to keep the door locked, but she opened the door to get some air. As Marty collapsed, someone entered the room and closed the door. The stranger picked up Marty's phone and disconnected the call.

Back at Sitwell, John began feeling fatigued. Rebecca appeared and advised John that he might as well stop resisting because the drug was too strong to resist. Rebecca informed John that the invitation had been laced with botulism, the form of the chemical that many women injected into their faces because of its amazing ability to paralyze their wrinkles. Rebecca warned John that he would become completely immobilized.

Feeling the effects of the drug, John pointed his gun at his captor. Rebecca screamed for help. Seconds later, two hospital guards arrived on the scene and restrained John. Rebecca told the guards that John had wounded Powell, who was in the infirmary, and killed Ellen Kwan. Displaying a wanted poster of John, Rebecca announced that John was an escaped serial killer.

Rebecca stated that the Llanview Police Department had been notified. Rebecca said that the LPD had requested that John be restrained until their arrival. Exiting the cell, Rebecca claimed that John had been sedated and advised the guards that he was a dangerous criminal, who couldn't be trusted. Rebecca instructed the guards to use whatever means necessary to keep John under control.

Inside Marty's hotel room, Marty regained consciousness for a moment and recognized Powell. Mocking her for lying to him when she visited him at Sitwell, Powell informed Marty that he was aware of her true identity, but stated that he had no intention of hurting her.

Todd managed to reach the ringing cell phone. The caller identification showed Marty's number. After inquiring if Todd, Blair, and Téa had received their party invitations, Powell informed Todd that he was back in commission and said that he would see Todd at the party. Overcome by the fumes, Todd lost consciousness. Later, Jack came downstairs and discovered his parents and Téa unconscious on the living room floor.

Wearing a straightjacket, a drugged John begged one of the guards to contact Bo at the LPD and to tell him that John McBain was being held at the Sitwell Institute.

Powell placed an unconscious Marty on the bed. Rebecca arrived and the two shared an embrace. Rebecca told Powell that everything happened the exact way that he said it would. The couple proclaimed their love for one another. Powell said that they would finally have it all.

While grasping the revolver that Marty had dropped, Rebecca helped Powell drag Marty to the door. Rebecca asked Powell if he was certain that he wanted to carry out the plot. Powell replied, "Yep! Tonight I'm gonna finish what I started!"

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