One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 11, 2009 on OLTL

The Pussycat Dolls performed at Llanview High School's prom. Lola poked holes in condoms that Langston and Markko planned to use. Clint proposed to Nora who didn't seem very happy. Powell kidnapped Marty, Todd, Blair, and Téa, and Powell confessed to the murders. Lola confessed to murdering her mother. Hope's body was exhumed. Téa fell down a flight of stairs after Powell shot a gun at her as she tried to escape.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of May 11, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Facts of (One) Life (to Live)

At the Buchanan Mansion, Bo and Nora discussed the kiss that they almost shared. Declaring that he had an impulse to kiss Nora, Bo revealed that he would have had Marcie not interrupted the moment. The mere mention of a possible kiss bothered Nora and she insisted that they put an end to the discussion. As the two agreed to conclude the conversation and shared a friendly hug, Clint appeared and questioned what was going on between his girlfriend and his brother.

Citing that he had witnessed several close moments between the two, Clint admitted that he was embarrassed by the jealousy he felt, but expressed his concern that Nora and Bo were becoming too close. Nora was horrified when Bo confessed that he had almost kissed Nora. While he commended Bo for his honesty, Clint chastised Nora for failing to be truthful. After defending Nora, Bo blurted out that he was bothered by Clint's decision to date his ex-wife. Bo's revelation caused an intense argument between the brothers.

Cole encountered Matthew at the front door of the Buchanan Mansion. Aware that Cole still harbored guilt over the accident, Matthew attempted to ease the tension by making jokes about his handicap, but the sight of Matthew caused Cole great pain. Rachel approached and noticed the tense environment. After pulling Cole aside, Rachel told him that Matthew had accepted what had happened and was trying to move on with his life. Rachel advised Cole to do the same.

After Cole had left, Rachel wondered what was bothering Matthew. Matthew told Rachel that he had asked a friend to the dance, but she turned him down. Matthew said that his friend refused to go with him because he had treated her badly. Rachel encouraged her brother to enjoy his teen years and go to the dance alone.

Meanwhile, Bo and Clint continued to argue. Matthew and Rachel entered and announced that Matthew was going to the dance.

At La Boulaie, Dorian overheard Langston tell Starr that she had plans to have sex with Markko after the prom. Upon learning that Lola had alerted Dorian of her plans, Langston lashed out at Lola. A humiliated Lola listened as Langston advised her that Markko was Langston's boyfriend and that he would never want anything to do with Lola. After Lola stormed out of the room, Langston turned her attention to Dorian. Langston informed Dorian that she was going to have sex with Markko and that Dorian couldn't do anything to prevent it from happening.

Using Starr as an example, Dorian argued why it would be a mistake for Langston to embark in a sexual relationship. Annoyed, Langston attempted to prove to Dorian that she was responsible and detailed how she had prepared for her special night with Markko, including booking a suite at the Palace. Insisting that she was in love with Markko, Langston begged Dorian to trust her.

Later, Langston was shocked when Dorian presented her with condoms. Expressing her love for Langston, Dorian told her daughter that she trusted her. Pleased by Dorian's change of heart, Langston promised to be careful. Afterward, Langton told Starr about her conversation with Dorian. Although she was thrilled by Dorian's decision to trust her, Langston admitted that the night would be perfect if Starr attended the prom.

Ray chastised Lola for continuing to interfere in Langston's relationship with Markko. Lola shouted, "Why does everyone else in the world get to be happy but me!" Ray warned his daughter to stop hurting others. He encouraged Lola to develop an interest in another boy and to stop focusing on Markko. In tears, Lola shouted, "I just want a boyfriend!"

Later, Lola posted a blog on a popular Internet site. Set on revenge, Lola announced that she planned to get even with her cousin.

Intent on purchasing a package of condoms for his big night, Markko arrived at the local drug store. Markko's plans were derailed when he ran into his mother's friend, who was working part-time as the store sales clerk. Markko was too embarrassed to purchase his supplies from a family friend and called Cole for assistance.

When Cole arrived on the scene, Markko explained his dilemma and asked his friend to make the purchase for him. Once Cole agreed to help, Markko applauded him for remaining drug-free. To Markko's surprise, Cole confessed that he tricked Markko into taking his drug test for him and that he had only recently stopped taking drugs. Cole admitted that he was an addict and begged Markko to forgive him. Accepting Cole's apology, Markko expressed regret that he hadn't been able to help his friend.

Inspired by Cole's confession, Markko decided to accept responsibility and purchase his own condoms. Before walking off, Markko mentioned that he wished that Cole and Starr would attend the prom together. Afterward, a nervous Markko headed to the counter to confront his mother's friend.

Cole turned to walk away and bumped into a customer. The collision caused the contents of the customer's bag to fall to the ground. As he helped her retrieve the items, Cole noticed that the woman had dropped a bottle of prescription drugs. Although he was tempted, Cole decided to do the right thing and returned the pills to their rightful owner.

Jack panicked when he discovered Téa and his parents lying unconscious on the living room floor. After determining that they were still alive, Jack reached for Todd's phone to call for help. Before Jack could make the call, Powell entered the house dressed as a paramedic. When Powell refused to help the victims, Jack realized that the stranger was responsible.

Jack attempted to run upstairs to rescue Sam, but Powell restrained him. Seconds later, Rebecca walked downstairs cradling Sam in her arms. Rebecca told Jack that they had no intention of hurting him or Sam. They said to do exactly as he was told and no one would get hurt.

As Powell held onto Todd's phone, Starr placed a call to her father. Upon realizing that Starr was the caller, Powell warned Jack to do as he was told to ensure that no one was hurt. Jack lied to Starr and made up an excuse why she couldn't talk to their parents. Informing her that Todd was taking the family out for the night, Jack insisted that Starr remain at La Boulaie. Before hanging up, Jack told his sister that he loved her. Jack's statement left Starr stunned.

Powell revealed that the boys would stay at the house with Rebecca, and the adults would be leaving with Powell. While Rebecca held Sam, Jack watched helplessly as Powell dragged his parents and Téa, one by one, out of the house. Powell told the boys goodnight and advised them to mind Aunt Rebecca. Rebecca asked Powell, "When will you be back?" Powell replied, "When it's over!" Rebecca assured the boys that everything would be fine.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Starr's and Stripes

Stacy stopped short when she saw Rex in nothing but a towel. Rex was getting ready for Jared's bachelor party. Stacy took advantage of the opportunity to drop her robe and shout out, "Oh my God! Don't turn around!" Reflexively, Rex immediately turned to find Stacy standing in the doorway without a stitch of clothing. Rex looked away in the next instant. Stacy claimed that she had thought that Rex had left for the party.

Later, after they were both dressed, Stacy made small talk while Rex gathered a few of his things. She asked Rex where Jared's party would be held. Stacy was stunned when Rex revealed the party was at Rodi's. Stacy asked if Gigi would be working. Rex revealed that it was Gigi's night off.

Stacy then changed the subject to Natalie's bachelorette party. When she asked Rex what she could expect from the party, Rex realized that he had forgotten to line up a stripper for Jared's party. He asked if Stacy could fill in. Stacy seemed taken aback by the question. Rex took Stacy's hesitancy as a sign that she would rather attend Natalie's party. Rex rescinded his offer then left.

Moments later, Gigi called to talk to Shane. Stacy told Gigi that Shane was out with Noelle and Moe. Stacy appeared to take delight in telling Gigi that Shane was heartbroken because his mother had been unfaithful. When Stacy discovered that Gigi was at work, Stacy had a change of plans.

Charlie and Jared arrived at Rodi's for Jared's bachelor party. Jared was annoyed when he noticed that Brody was working at the bar. Jared warned Brody that Rex had been invited to the party. Shortly afterwards, Jared discovered that Gigi was also working. One of the waitresses had called in sick with the flu, so Gigi had been asked to cover the shift.

Bo and Clint walked into Rodi's a short time later. Clint asked if Bo had feelings for Nora. Bo admitted that he did care for Nora, but he equated those feelings to what Clint and Viki had shared since their own divorce. Bo suggested that perhaps Clint wasn't ready to commit to Nora and was using Bo's relationship with Nora as an excuse to avoid facing the truth.

Gigi pulled Michael aside to ask him how long before Shane was considered out of the woods. Michael explained that it would be months before they could consider Shane in remission. However, Michael assured Gigi that Shane was doing fine. Michael pointed out that Stacy could donate more stem cells if Shane needed another transplant.

Rex was less than pleased when he walked into Rodi's and spotted Gigi and Brody working. Rex focused on telling Charlie that they didn't have a stripper for Jared's party. Unfortunately for Rex, Charlie misunderstood what Rex had been trying to say. Charlie announced that the party was ready to get started.

The cake was brought out and, to Rex's surprise, Stacy popped out. Stacy did a striptease routine during which she paid special attention to Rex. It didn't escape Gigi's notice. Later, Bo suggested that Rex work things out with Gigi. Bo observed that Rex and Gigi clearly loved each other.

Michael asked Bo if he had heard from John. Michael was worried because his brother had not been in contact with anyone, which was unlike John. Bo was equally concerned about John.

Stan showed up at Rodi's looking for Stacy. Stan threatened to expose her theft to Rex if she didn't return the money immediately. Rex approached the two and asked if there was a problem. To Stacy's relief, Stan left without spilling Stacy's secret to Rex.

At Ultra Violet, Viki advised Jessica to tell Natalie that Jessica and Brody were secretly dating. Viki was certain that Natalie would be happy for Jessica. Jessica insisted that she couldn't make her relationship with Brody public.

Roxy, Marcie, and Natalie arrived at the party a short time later. Marcie embarrassed Nora by announcing that she had caught Nora and Bo in the school parking lot, spying on Matthew. Marcie admitted that at first she had mistaken Nora and Bo for a couple of teens making out in a car.

Natalie stepped away to call Jared. While the two talked about their parties, Kyle Lewis walked into Ultra Violet. When the stripper for Natalie's party arrived, Kyle offered the man a deal. Later, Kyle stepped on stage as the stripper. He used the opportunity to make Natalie squirm by hinting that he would reveal her secret if she didn't agree to pay him off.

After Kyle left the dance floor, Natalie called Jared. She told him that Kyle had given her until the following day to come up with the money or else he would tell Jessica that Chloe was Starr's baby. Roxy was concerned about Kyle's presence at the party. Kyle told Roxy to relax; he was after much bigger fish than Roxy and Stacy.

Marcie and Jessica talked about Hope. Marcie told Jessica that Hope's body would be exhumed for DNA testing. Jessica had a flash of memory from the night she gave birth to Chloe. Jessica recalled wondering why her baby wasn't crying.

Viki confided to Nora that Clint admitted he felt unnecessary because Nora always turned to Bo. Nora confessed that it was easy to turn to Bo because he understood exactly what she was going through with Matthew. Nora reminded Viki of the times that Viki and Clint had turned to each other when their children had been in crisis. Viki understood what Nora was saying, but it didn't change how Clint felt.

Nora was wracked with guilt because she felt as if she were tearing Bo and Clint apart. Viki asked how Nora felt about Bo. Before Nora could reply, Clint walked into Ultra Violet. Nora was stunned when Clint approached them, got down on bended knee, then proposed marriage to Nora.

Jared arrived at Ultra Violet to warn Natalie that he had overheard Bo on the phone with a judge during the bachelor party. Natalie was shocked to learn that they were exhuming the body of Jessica's baby for DNA testing. Jared worried that it was just a matter of time before the truth about the baby switch was exposed.

Markko arrived at La Boulaie to pick Langston up for the prom. Dorian invited Markko into the living room. In the guise of asking questions about the prom, Dorian revealed enough for Markko to realize that Dorian knew about his plans with Langston after the prom. To Markko's surprise, Dorian didn't yell at him. She told Markko to make Langston's first time special, or else he would have to answer to Dorian. Markko assured Dorian that he loved Langston deeply and that the night was special for him.

While Starr helped Langston get ready for the prom, they talked. Starr told Langston about the decision to have Hope's body exhumed. Starr explained that they hoped to learn why Hope had died. Langston couldn't understand why Dr. Joplin had given Starr a lock of hair from another baby. Langston wondered if Starr had told Schuyler. Starr admitted that she had realized that her feelings for Schuyler weren't real. Starr also revealed that she had helped Cole detoxify from drugs.

Langston was hopeful that things would work out between Cole and Starr. Starr cautioned Langston not to get too far ahead of herself; Starr was just happy to have the old Cole back. Talk of Cole led to talk of Markko. Langston showed Starr the French condoms that Dorian had given her. Neither girl was aware that Lola was eavesdropping on their conversation from the hallway. Lola was livid when she heard that Dorian had given Langston condoms.

When Lola heard Starr usher Langston into the bathroom to fix Langston's hair for the prom, Lola snuck into the room. Lola quickly rummaged through Langston's purse until she found the condoms. Lola took the thin silver case of condoms back to her room. With the web cam recording, Lola ranted about Dorian's permissiveness. Lola decided to teach Langston and Markko a lesson for life. Lola took a pin then proceeded to poke holes into the condoms.

Later, while Dorian took pictures of Langston and Markko in the living room, Lola returned the condoms to Langston's purse. A short time later, Lola's date arrived to pick her up for the prom. Lola didn't want anyone to know that Asher was her date, so she left the house with Asher before they were seen.

After Langston and Markko left for the prom, Starr noticed that Dorian was down. Starr invited Dorian to a girl's night in. Dorian decided to make hot chocolate, with an extra kick in Dorian's cup. While Starr waited for Dorian to return, Marcie called. Marcie told Starr that Hope's body was being exhumed that very night.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Driving Miss Destiny

At La Boulaie, Shaun stood guard only to receive his perennial unwelcome visitor, Destiny. Destiny was decked out in her prom dress, pooh-poohing Shaun's dismay. "Is that any way to speak to this hotness?" she asked. "You mean hot mess," Shaun shot back.

Destiny told Shaun she needed two things from him: their brother's phone number, and a limousine ride to Llanview High. Shaun reminded Destiny she didn't have a prom date, but was shut down when their cousin Tyrone appeared, posing as Destiny's arm candy for the evening. Relenting, Shaun agreed to drive Destiny and Tyrone to the prom.

At Llanview High, the gymnasium was filling up and Prom Night was in full swing. Langston and Markko danced on Cloud 9, drawing the ire of Lola as she arrived with Asher. Asher suggested she do something about her enemies, but Lola promised she was way ahead of him.

Locked in a romantic clinch, Langston and Markko danced together. Langston was fired up for their night of passion, while Markko was worried about tarnishing Langston's reputation. Langston told Markko she wasn't ashamed about what people thought of them. She promised Markko their night would be special.

Just then, Lola and Asher sidled up, full of taunts. Lola warned Langston and Markko to be careful, and said that as inexperienced virgins, they could wind up pregnant. Langston told Lola off and gave Asher a hard elbow to the ribs, courtesy of Starr. As the two ne'er-do-wells scuttled away, Langston's feistiness only turned Markko on more. Furious, Lola rejected Asher's advances. Asher suggested she find a different kind of relief, and handed her a tab of acid.

At Ultra Violet, Nora was shocked by Clint's sudden proposal. As Viki ushered Roxy and Jessica away, Nora struggled to find the words to answer Clint. Hesitant, she told Clint that it was Natalie's night and said his timing was ill-advised. Clint pressured Nora to speak her mind and stop equivocating, and Nora finally blurted out that she felt like he was negotiating her surrender.

Clint was outraged when Nora suggested that his proposal was disingenuous, and asked if she thought he didn't want to marry her. "Not really," Nora replied. She said they hadn't been happy of late, all because of his jealousy over Bo. Clint admitted that he'd argued with Bo at the bachelor party at Rodi's about his commitment to Nora, and Nora asked him if he'd gone there to prove something to his brother, or to make her prove something to him.

"Do you love me?" Clint asked her. He said he knew he'd been an "unlikable fellow" in recent months, preoccupied with the family and the business, but said he understood Nora's relationship with Bo, and was through being jealous. He said he wanted to cement their relationship, which had grown into love and partnership, and was ready to prove his commitment to her and Matthew, and even Bo, once and for all. Getting down on one knee again, Clint reiterated his marriage proposal. Touched, Nora mumbled that she'd need a ring. Overjoyed, Clint embraced Nora, who still looked uncertain.

At La Boulaie, Starr and Cole returned home, preoccupied with Hope's exhumation and the need for answers. Starr hoped they'd finally know the truth about their daughter's death before the week was out. Changing the subject, Cole asked about Langston and Markko, and "Operation: Deflower." Starr and Cole were surprised to realize they both knew the sordid details, and laughed as they talked about their friends' quest for contraceptives.

Cole suggested they pay Langston and Markko a visit at the prom, to get their minds off things. He admitted that before the exhumation, he'd planned to ask Starr to attend with him. Bashful, Starr agreed and donned a beautiful party dress, while Cole grabbed a tux for the occasion. Cole helped Starr put a string of jewels around her neck, and noticed it wasn't her "Hope" locket. Starr said she wouldn't wear the locket again until they had the truth about Hope. Thanking Cole for his help, Starr left La Boulaie on his arm.

At Rodi's, Gigi endured her final minutes on the job as Rex and Stacy sat nearby, eating and talking. Brody walked in hauling a case of expired mayonnaise, and told Gigi he was going to toss it in the garbage. Seething, Gigi found another use for the condiments, spreading the spiked mayo on Stacy's burger. Walking over to Rex and Stacy's table, Gigi served her sister the deadly meal.

Munching happily on her burger, Stacy rubbed her burgeoning bond with Rex in her sister's face, suggesting she take Rex out on the town and get his mind off his troubles. As Rex left to get the car, Stacy turned on Gigi and Brody, gloating to them about her predestined romance with Rex. Gigi told Stacy to get out. After Stacy and Rex left, Brody asked Gigi how she could ever have a sister like that. Once Gigi left for the night, Brody called Jessica, asking her to meet him at Rodi's. Jessica agreed.

Back at UV, Charlie arrived with the startling news about Hope's exhumation, which surprised Viki and upset Jessica, who flashed back to the night she gave birth. Making her apologies to Viki, she left.

Outside the club, Jared and Natalie freaked out at the news of Hope's exhumation. Natalie's mind raced through options as to how to stop it, but Jared said there was no way they could convince Bo to go against Starr and Cole's wishes, and no way Bo would agree to keep Jessica's secret. Natalie said the truth would destroy Jessica, and agonized over how she'd tell her sister Chloe wasn't hers. "I can't blow up her life again!" she cried. As Jared calculated the time it would take to dig up Hope and examine the body, he said it was only a matter of hours or days before the police learned the whole truth.

"We have to tell Mom," Natalie said, just as Viki, Charlie, and a very drunk Roxy walked outside. Viki asked Jared and Natalie what they had to tell her, and Jared covered, saying they were considering eloping. Roxy was mortified, but Viki and Charlie told the engaged to follow their hearts.

After their elders left, Natalie told Jared they were running out of time. Jared suggested they do the right thing: give Jessica one last night with Chloe, and then tell the family the truth in the morning, wedding day or no wedding day. Natalie agreed that if the truth was out, they'd have to cancel their wedding anyway. Jared grinned and told Natalie that regardless of what they needed to do, he wouldn't go to bed one more night without his wife. Joining hands, they hurried away.

At Rodi's, Jessica arrived to find Brody dancing while mopping, to his eternal shame. Brody noticed Jessica was distracted, and Jessica embraced him. Shaken, she told him that Starr's baby was being exhumed, and that any mention of Hope seemed to inexplicably upset her. She said she was a mess, and wondered how many people would be looking at her at Jared and Natalie's wedding, wondering if she was truly sane. Jessica said she wished Brody could be there with her, walking her down the aisle as the matron of honor.

Seizing on an idea, Brody told her to get her bridesmaid dress from the car. Jessica returned to the bar in her dress to find Brody in his Navy whites. Brody said he couldn't be at the wedding, but they could still have a dance together. After putting a coin in the jukebox, Brody took Jessica in his arms.

At Rex's loft, Stacy was feeling the effects of food poisoning, vomiting in the bathroom. She emerged in the living room to get a second wind so she could go out and party with Rex. Rex urged her to rest and stay in. Stacy was anxious to take Rex out on the town and get his mind off Gigi and Brody, but Rex said taking care of her took his mind off of them. Seized with another bout of nausea, Stacy rushed back to the bathroom to continue vomiting.

At St. James' Church, Gigi communed with God, and tore into Stacy. She couldn't believe that the Almighty had sent her Stacy to steal Rex and Shane, and said there had to be another way to save Shane's life without destroying her family and her self-respect. Gigi recalled that Viki had told her to fight for her loved ones, and promised to do just that. Growing determined, she said she was through rolling over for Stacy.

At Llanview High, Rachel and Matthew arrived outside the gym. Rachel hoped to keep Matt's spirits up by offering a dance, but Matthew said he couldn't dance with anyone. Just then, Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls waltzed up looking for the gym. Nicole introduced herself as part of the night's entertainment, and flirted with a flustered Matthew, asking if she could be his date. Before saying goodbye, she told Matthew she expected to see him rocking out during her set.

As Matthew struggled to recover from his brush with a Pussycat Doll, Rachel noticed his "friends," Justin and Becca, nearby. Justin and Becca played nice in front of Rachel, but as soon as she walked away they taunted and teased Matthew. Justin grew silent when Destiny, Tyrone, and Shaun arrived on the scene.

Becca and Justin grilled Destiny about Tyrone, who said he went to school at "Llanview U..." Destiny quickly finished his sentence by saying he went to "Llanview Union Magnet School," and Matthew covered for his friend by saying he'd heard of the fictional school. After a final insult to Matthew, Justin and Becca walked into the gym, followed by Tyrone.

As Justin walked by Rachel in the corridor, Rachel heard him insult Matthew. Rachel realized that Justin and Becca had been tormenting Matthew all along, and, joined by Shaun, who said that his sister had a history with Justin, nodded to Destiny and Matthew across the hall. "You a teacher?" Shaun asked Rachel. "A sister, actually," she replied. "Well, I figured that," Shaun said, turning on the charm. Rachel said she was Matthew's sister, and Shaun replied that he was Destiny's brother. He introduced himself, and kissed Rachel's hand.

Destiny thanked Matthew for covering for her, and Matthew apologized for not believing she'd have a date to the prom. Destiny admitted that Tyrone was her cousin, a substitute for the boy she'd wanted to ask her out. Matthew asked her if she was still angry at him, and Destiny said she was mostly annoyed he hadn't asked her to dance yet. Matthew promptly asked Destiny if he could have the next dance, and Destiny agreed, following him into the gymnasium.

As Shaun and Rachel compared notes about their siblings, Rachel spotted Justin buying drugs off Asher inside the gym. Seeing the adults, Justin quickly walked away before the transaction could be completed, but Shaun busted Asher, and the police hauled him away.

As Langston and Markko danced, Langston asked Markko if he'd bought the condoms. Markko promised her everything was taken care of. The arrival of Starr and Cole surprised the lovebirds. Starr and Cole also took to the dance floor.

As a montage began, Gigi fantasized about a perfect wedding to Rex, only to find herself alone in St. James. Solemn, she walked out. At Rex's, Stacy slept on the couch while Rex sat in the dark, looking at a family photo with Gigi and Shane. Brody and Jessica continued their dance at Rodi's, while at Llanfair, Viki and Charlie kissed their way into the bedroom.

At another church, Jared and Natalie exchanged vows before a priest and were pronounced man and wife. Delirious with joy, Jared took Natalie in his arms and twirled her around. Back at Llanview High, Asher was arrested while Shaun and Rachel looked on. Left alone to her own devices, Lola swallowed the acid Asher had given her.

Nearby, Starr and Cole continued to dance, and Starr told Cole not to worry about people looking at him. She said she knew they would get through it all together.

The lights dimmed, and the DJ announced that Llanview High had won a radio contest to have the Pussycat Dolls perform at their prom. With that, Nicole Scherzinger and the Dolls took to the stage singing their cover of A.R. Rahman's "Jai Ho" from Slumdog Millionaire. As Nicole danced around the gymnasium, the teens looked on. Nicole paid special attention to Matthew, and the Pussycat Dolls finished their performance in a blaze of glory.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Full Circle

Awakening slowly, Todd looked around a somewhat familiar room. Powell loomed into sight and sarcastically welcomed Todd. They were in Kevin's old room at the KAD house. Powell explained that he had purchased the boarded-up house and had recreated it down to the smallest details. He pointed out that it was where Todd's defining moment had been when he had made Marty pay for "dissing him."

Todd was shackled to the bed, in much the same way that Marty had been pinned down the night she was raped. Todd was the one at someone else's mercy this time, Powell added.

Reminding Powell that he had helped rape Marty, Todd said Powell was insane. Powell replied that he had been forced into it. Opening the closet door, he advised Todd that he was holding three women hostage and that Todd would be the unwilling prey. Inside, the bound and gagged Téa, Blair, and Marty sat as Powell named them judge, jury, and executioner. He stated that Marty needed justice and he had the knife for her to get it, since she didn't have the knife the last time.

Todd pleaded with Powell to let the women go, but Powell pointed out that the entire incident was actually between Todd and the women, and not Powell at all. He merely killed people to get Todd's attention, though he admitted he wanted to kill John and not Sayid, who was in the wrong place. He killed people who had wronged Marty, Powell confessed.

Continuing, Powell added that Blair was trashy, not Marty. He accused Blair of living to make Marty miserable, by trashing her in the newspaper and by marrying John, among other things. He stated that Blair was supposed to die. He also felt that Todd had treated Blair like garbage.

Todd accused Powell of still being weak and of not being a man. He merely thought he was a tough guy because he threatened women, but he was afraid of facing Todd alone, in Todd's opinion. He ordered Powell to kill him and get it over with, but Powell assured Todd that the women would kill him, not Powell. He demanded that Todd apologize to Téa, and held the knife to Todd's throat. "Téa, I'm sorry. You know that, right?" Todd said.

Powell also felt that Todd should make amends to Marty every day of her life for the way that he had treated her. Tongue in cheek, Todd pointed out that it was Powell who had killed people. Powell felt that Marty should even things up and kill Todd for the pain that he caused her.

Marty responded that it wouldn't be justice. Blair's response to the same suggestion was that Powell should go to hell. A quiet Téa appeared deep in thought when Powell proposed that she take her power back so that Todd couldn't victimize the women again. He deserves it, he urged. When he asked who wanted to be first, Téa finally spoke up. "I will," she said.

At the Sitwell Institute, a straitjacketed John awoke to the sound of the orderlies outside of his cell talking about him. They said that he had killed four people in addition to Ellen Kwan. Suddenly, his old, blind, and very dead friend Pete appeared and chastised him for getting himself into a mess. As John shrugged off his vision, figuring that he was drugged and losing it, Pete urged him to get out and help Marty. He asked John what his father would do.

John felt that if he continued to talk to himself, an orderly would appear to sedate him as he had heard the doctor's orders previously. Pete encouraged him, reminding him that would mean that the door would be open. John comprehended what he had to do and began to act out, making noise and talking very loudly. As a pair of orderlies entered the room, John head-butted one and managed to knock both of the men unconscious. Pete assured him that he could see what was happening through John's eyes.

As John contemplated his next step, that of removing the straitjacket, Pete reminded him of a long ago birthday present. John recalled the book from 1910 and the details on Harry Houdini's escapes. He groaned, hardly remembering what he had read so long ago. Chiding him for having read the book at least 200 times, Pete advised John to concentrate and remember the pages as he saw them. As John began to recall the steps to removing the straitjacket, Pete continued to encourage him.

After much struggling, John finally freed himself. Pete urged him to hurry, to find Powell, and to watch his back. John ran from the room, grabbed his jacket and fled.

Dorian found Ray softly strumming a guitar in his room at La Boulaie. Surprised to see him, she mentioned how nervous she was thinking about Langston and Markko and their plans for the evening. Ray was waiting for Lola. Dorian invited him to her room, where they could be more comfortable, and told him to bring his guitar.

In Dorian's room, Ray serenaded Dorian as she lamented that she was allowing Langston to have sex. Ray assured her that Langston was delicate but mature. He advised Dorian that she was also delicate, as well as beautiful and desirable. He admitted that he understood why she had attempted to kill him when he had tried to take Langston from her. He wondered if she would be as passionate in her love for him as she was in her hate for him. Dorian wondered if Ray was challenging her. "Is that a yes?" he asked. Picking her up, he carried her over to the bed.

Starr and Cole lingered at the Llanview High School prom, but were worried about Hope's exhumation. A nervous Langston wasn't quite ready to leave yet, but a loud, obnoxious, and obviously high Lola made fun of her and warned her cousin not to get knocked up. Markko felt they should leave, but Langston was concerned about Lola. Pulling Langston aside, Starr advised her that she was just nervous. She assured her girlfriend that the evening of lovemaking would still be romantic even if it was not spontaneous.

As Michael helped out with the documentation of the exhumation, Marcie appeared, insisting that she needed to be there for Hope and Starr. Michael cited regulations prohibiting her presence, but Marcie promised not to get in the way. She insisted she would be able to handle it and Bo felt that it would be okay. As the casket was dug up, Marcie assured Hope that her mommy was there and that she wouldn't leave her.

At the Palace Hotel, Markko and Langston awkwardly settled into their room. Markko put the Do Not Disturb sign on the door and pointed out a surprise for Langston. He had ordered chocolate dipped strawberries for her. They took note of all of the room amenities nervously and talked of their days together when they were in third grade. Langston remembered being mean to Markko, who thought even then that Langston was beautiful.

Back at the prom, Starr worried about her friends and apologized to Cole for everything that had happened over time. As the last dance was announced, Cole asked Starr to dance. Admitting that she "dared to dream," which was the prom's theme, Starr talked about Hope and how things might have been when their daughter went to her own prom. Then she realized that Marcie would have been Hope's mother, anyway. Arm in arm, the couple decided to head to the cemetery.

As Ray and Dorian made love, Lola waltzed into the room. "Everyone is having sex," she exclaimed to them. Turning her back and twirling around, she kept repeating "sex, sex, sex." As she plopped herself down on the floor, Ray and Dorian asked if something had happened. About to call Langston, Dorian stopped in her tracks. Lola sang that she had fixed them because Markko didn't want her. "It's done," she giggled.

As Markko and Langston began to make love, Langston pulled away and walked over to her purse. Pulling the condom from its case and handing it to Markko, she advised him that Cramer women were always prepared.

Arriving at the cemetery and finding everyone gone, Starr and Cole felt sure that they would hear some news before too long, though it wouldn't bring Hope back. As they wrapped their arms around each other, Starr declared that Hope would always be their baby.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Rites and Wrongs of Spring

At La Boulaie, while Dorian and Ray tried to make sense of Lola's gibberish, Lola insinuated that she had done something terrible to Langston and Markko. Ray wondered if Lola had taken drugs. Upon examining Lola's pupils and observing her sweaty palms, Dorian surmised that Lola had taken LSD. Dorian demanded to know what terrible thing that Lola had done to Langston and Markko. Dorian was horrified when a drugged Lola asked, "Do condoms work when you poke holes into them?"

Inside their room at the Palace Hotel, Markko was shocked to learn that Dorian had given Langston condoms. Langston told Markko that Dorian's actions proved that she cared deeply for her. Placing the condom in Markko's hand, Langston reminded him that they needed to protect themselves. Appearing hesitant, Markko stated that he wasn't certain that he could continue with their plans. Placing gentle kisses on Markko's neck, Langston said that she loved him and was ready to have a sexual relationship. Hand in hand, they approached the bed.

As they kissed passionately, Langston ripped open the condom wrapper. They were startled when Langston's cell phone rang. Upon realizing that Dorian was the caller, Langton became enraged and ignored Dorian's call. She was certain that Dorian's call was an attempt to discourage Langston from making love to Markko. After receiving no answer from either Langston or Markko's cell phones, Dorian phoned their hotel room directly. Advising Langston that Dorian would show up at the hotel if they didn't answer, Markko persuaded Langston to speak with Dorian.

Hysterical, Dorian warned Langston that the condoms were defective and begged her not to use them. Realizing that Dorian's warning was legitimate, Langston promised not to use the condoms. After informing Markko about the condoms, Langston told him that they couldn't have sex unless they practiced safe sex. Presenting her with condoms that he had purchased, Markko told Langston that he didn't feel comfortable using birth control that Dorian had provided them. They kissed and began undressing each other. After making love, Langston told Markko that it was better than she had imagined.

Back at La Boulaie, Ray listened as Lola insisted that she had done several bad things. Lola remarked that she had done something awful to her father. Lola's hallucinations grew worse and she had visions that Dorian was her dead mother. Ray listened in disbelief as Lola screamed, "How could you be here when I killed you?"

Lola began to detail the events that led up to her mother's death. After discovering her mother in bed with another man, Lola had murdered her and made Ray pay for her crime. As Lola burst into tears and apologized to her father, Ray cradled Lola in his arms and told her that everything was going to be all right. A look of sadness fell upon Dorian's face.

Inside Kevin's old room at the KAD house, Powell insisted that Todd deserved to die. Powell demanded that Téa, Blair, and Marty take charge of their lives. Powell ordered one of the women to take a stand and kill Todd. To everyone's surprise, Téa asked Powell to untie her and promised that she would be the one to kill Todd. While Marty begged Téa not to become a pawn in Powell's vendetta, Blair realized that Téa had a plan and Blair encouraged Téa to kill Todd. Shackled to the bed, Todd urged Powell to release the women, and commit the act of murder himself.

Powell announced that he would allow Téa to kill Todd. Afterward, Powell would disappear, and Blair, Marty, and Téa would receive the justice that they deserved. As he untied Téa, Powell handed her a gun and pointed her in Todd's direction. Accepting the revolver from Powell, Téa turned the gun on him instead. As Powell laughed, Téa pulled the trigger and discovered that the gun was empty. Stating that he knew Téa wasn't capable of killing Todd, Powell retrieved his knife and another gun.

When Powell placed the knife to Téa's throat, Todd begged Powell not to harm her. Realizing that Todd had feelings for Téa, Powell ordered Todd to chose which woman he wanted to live - he announced that the remaining two would die. Marty pleaded with Powell to stop his insane behavior, but Powell insisted that he was doing it for her, and that he could never hurt Marty again. As Marty and Todd looked on, Powell ushered Téa and Blair out of the room at gunpoint.

Powell escorted Téa and Blair to the basement of the old fraternity house. Upon realizing that Powell intended to lock them inside a small room, Téa broke away and ran up the stairs. As Blair looked on in horror, Powell shot Téa, who let out a scream and fell down the stairs.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Marty had vivid memories of the night that she was raped inside the fraternity house. Todd realized that Marty was in trouble. He wanted to help her but couldn't. As Marty screamed hysterically, Todd begged her to tell him what was wrong.

Kyle was surprised when Rebecca answered Todd's door. Kyle questioned why his sister was at Todd's home, but Rebecca lied and said that she was babysitting Todd's children. When Rebecca asked Kyle what business he had with Todd, Kyle revealed how he had acquired information about Todd's grandchild being alive, and admitted that he wanted to make Todd pay for the information. As Rebecca looked over the proof detailing Hope's identity, she told Kyle that he could get into trouble if he were involved in such a scheme, and insisted that she could help him. Instructing her brother to remain with the boys, Rebecca left. Meanwhile, Kyle wondered where his sister had gone.

After a secret night out on the town, Jessica and Brody shared a kiss inside the bedroom of a sleeping Chloe. Staring deep into Jessica's eyes, Brody said that he didn't want the evening to end. Hovering over her sleeping child, Jessica said how much she cherished her daughters and that she loved being a mom. Acknowledging that she couldn't protect them forever, Jessica wished that the girls' lives would remain peaceful for as long as possible.

When Jessica expressed her desire to tell the world that she and Brody were in love, Brody assured Jessica that they would soon be able to reveal their secret, and urged her to attend Natalie and Jared's wedding without him. Jessica said that she was lucky to have an amazing guy like Brody in her life, as well as her two beautiful daughters. An emotional Jessica stated that she once had no hope, but was grateful that she had found hope after all.

As Jessica and Brody kissed goodbye, Bree entered the room and questioned why her mother was kissing Brody. After Jessica explained that Brody was her special friend, Bree begged her to bring Brody to the wedding, but Jessica insisted that the little girl keep Brody a secret. Later, Jessica expressed her regret about asking Bree to keep her knowledge of Brody a secret. While Brody tried to convince her that their secret wasn't hurting anyone, Jessica had a flashback of the night that Tess gave birth to Chloe. Jessica remembered Tess begging the infant to cry.

When Jessica told Brody that she had a fear of losing Chloe, Brody was certain that Jessica's fears were a result of concern over Shane's illness. Jessica's thoughts turned to Starr and Cole's efforts to have their baby's body exhumed. Brody assured Jessica that she didn't have anything to worry about.

Later, Rebecca entered Chloe's room at Llanfair. Standing over the sleeping child's bed, Rebecca smiled at her.

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