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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of April 20, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, April 20, 2009

At Memorial Hospital, Craig stayed with Parker as a doctor examined the boy. Craig said he thought Parker had drunk a bottle and a half of vodka, and then he tried to call Carly again. Carly was drinking at Yo's, however, and missed the call. Craig left messages that there was an emergency, but Carly never checked. Finally Craig called Jack and told him Parker was in the hospital, so Jack went there immediately.

At Lily's, she told a distracted Luke that her IT guys were working on the hard drive at her office, and hopefully they would recover the files erased by the mysterious hacker. Luke, however, was very worried about Noah, who Luke thought was in Lisbon at the student film festival. It made no sense to Luke that Noah would be angry enough to ignore all of Luke's calls and messages. Lily assured her son that he would eventually work it out with Noah, as soon as the boy returned from Lisbon. Luke suggested that he go to Portugal himself and bring Noah home, but Lily told him that Damian was already on that journey. Luke was upset that Damian was still interfering in his business, however.

Lily felt that they should give Damian a chance, but Luke was still furious because he thought that Damian had messed with the foundation's accounts, and because Lily was falling for Damian's lies again. Holden walked in, as Luke left to do something proactive.

Lily explained that the Grimaldi ring was not Damian's, but Holden could not believe that there were other Grimaldi factions at play. Lily said that she believed her ex-husband, and she told Holden that Damian had gone to Portugal to find Noah. Holden could not conceive that Lily continued to fall for Damian's bull. He was also angry that Lily appeared to be helping Damian.

In the warehouse where the Z twins were holding Noah, Zac was lifting weights when Zoe returned. Zoe thought that Luke needed "an update from his lover boy," but Noah refused to cooperate. Zoe left to find Luke, while Zac stayed with Noah and came on to him again. Noah reminded Zac that he was committing a federal offense and offered to speak to Margo Hughes about leniency for Zac.

Zac kept pushing Noah for a sexual encounter, but Noah made it clear he was not interested. Zac revealed that the whole "operation" was Zoe's idea, and Noah tried to fool Zac by agreeing to have sex with him if Zac untied him. Zac did, and allowed Noah to stand. Noah made a break for it, but Zac pinned his arms and threatened to bash his head in with one of his weights. Next, Zac sent Luke a text message from Noah's phone.

At the hospital, Jack quizzed Craig about Parker, and Craig explained that he had found the boy passed out in the woods with a bloody head. The doctors were doing a CT scan to make sure there was no fracture. He also said that Parker had probably drunk more than a whole bottle of Midnight Sun vodka.

Jack asked about Carly, but Craig said that he had not yet reached her. The doctor returned with the scan results and said there was no sign of serious head trauma, aside from a contusion. He was concerned, however, with alcohol poisoning, and he suggested that he pump the boy's stomach. Jack gave permission and thanked Craig for notifying him. He went to sit with Parker and left it to Craig to locate Carly.

At Yo's, Carly returned from the ladies' room to find that another woman had taken her bar stool. There were plenty of stools available, but Carly had a particular favorite. The woman told Carly the seats were not assigned, and she refused to budge. Carly offered to fight her for the stool, but the woman asked the bartender to tell "the lush" to back off. The bartender offered to call a cab for Carly, and she yelled at him for kicking her out.

Carly arrived home in the cab, and her phone rang. When she answered it, Craig asked where the hell she had been. He also recognized that she was drunk, so he told her to just stay put. She lay on the couch and closed her eyes.

When Craig arrived, he found Carly asleep, and when awakened, Carly was horrified to learn that Parker was suffering from a head injury and was having his stomach pumped. Craig dragged her to the kitchen and made her swallow some cold coffee, and then he sent her upstairs to get cleaned up.

At Java, Luke received a text message from Noah's phone. It read:


Zoe walked in, so Luke shared the message with her. Luke thought Noah did not sound like himself because it was not like him to be so direct in telling Luke that he loved him. He went on to tell Zoe that Noah was in Lisbon and that they had experienced a terrible fight about Damian. Zoe made an excuse and left hurriedly.

Damian rang Lily and Holden's doorbell and reported to them that Noah had not been at the film festival. In fact, there was no record of the boy's ever being in Portugal. They all realized that Noah might be in serious trouble, so Damian suggested that Noah might have lied to Luke because he had no other choice.

Luke walked in, and Damian said he had not been able to find Noah at the film festival. Luke told them about the recent text message, and said it had come from Noah's phone. He did admit, however, that Noah had sounded a bit off. Damian went out, determined to find Noah. Holden was sure Noah would return with his classmates, but he left, as well.

Zac tied Noah to the post again, as Zoe returned. She told Zac that Damian had gone to Lisbon to look for Noah, so Zac sent her out to deliver a ransom note to Luke.

At Memorial, Parker awoke, so Jack explained that he had hit his head and drunk about a gallon of vodka. Parker apologized to his dad and said he had taken some of Carly's shipment. Craig and Carly arrived, and Jack told them that Parker had been sampling their designer vodka. Parker admitted that he had taken it from a crate on the docks.

Jack asked Carly to step outside for a conference. He blamed her for the whole incident, and he also put blame on Craig, who had helped Carly "to the bottom of a bottle." Carly swore she would get help for her drinking problem, and Jack wanted her to do that. He also wanted her to quit the booze business with Craig. He would not let Carly go back in to see Parker, because she was reeking of booze and breath mints. Carly promised to come back later.

In the warehouse, Zac picked up Noah's ringing phone and announced the call was from "Lover Boy." Someone knocked on the door, and it was Zoe, who said she had delivered the ransom note to Luke. Noah was stunned to watch the "twins" kiss like lovers and toast each other with champagne. Zoe continued to taunt Noah with barbs.

Lily brought in a note addressed to Luke. He opened it and was shocked to read a ransom note that instructed him to convert all the foundation's funds to cash and to deliver it according to instructions. Luke could not believe that Noah had been kidnapped. Holden blamed Damian and took off for the police station.

Parker did not want Liberty to learn how dumb he had acted, and he was desperate to know how to get his wife back. Jack could only offer that sometimes, all you could do was to let it hurt. Parker repeated that he was sorry he had let his dad down.

Carly told Craig that she wanted to do exactly what Parker had done: blot out the world with vodka. Craig reminded her that she knew better, but Carly called herself a horrible mother. She was still punishing herself for walking out on her kids when she had taken off with Simon Frasier. She also called her relationship with Craig "toxic," and said it had to stop. Craig said she was letting Jack get into her head again, but Carly asked him to go.

Craig agreed, but first he had something to say. He said their relationship together and their business were not related to Parker's drinking, and to say so was just "bull." Carly knew Parker needed someone who would stick around and not bail on him; that was why he was hooked on Liberty. Carly told Craig she could no longer be with him, so Craig left, but he warned her that he was not giving up.

Noah realized that the Z's scheme was all about money, but Zac was tired of hearing him spout off, so he closed Noah's mouth with duct tape. Zac and Zoe began to make love, while a sickened Noah turned his head away.

Luke could not stand doing nothing, so he wanted to leave, but Lily asked him to stay put. Meanwhile, Holden arrived at Damian's hotel room, and grabbed Damian by the lapels and demanded to know where Noah was.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Luke argued with Lily about whether Damian had kidnapped Noah. Lily couldn't believe that Luke's biological father would hurt him just for the foundation money. Luke, however, was convinced that he needed to take some action, so he grabbed his keys and took off. Lily immediately decided to go with him, and they found Margo in the police station.

Lily thought Holden had gone there, and she was surprised that Margo had not seen him. Luke told Margo about Noah's kidnapping, and he also reported the phone call and text message, supposedly from his boyfriend. Luke also provided the ransom note, which Margo sent to the lab for fingerprint testing.

In Damian's hotel room, Holden accused Damian of capturing Noah. Damian vehemently denied it and offered to take a lie detector test to prove his innocence. Holden to, and the two of them left for the police station.

At Memorial, Casey dealt with a senior patient from the Bonny Meadows Nursing Home. The man's name was Stanley Pantleoni, but Casey shortened that to "Mr. Pants" for the sake of expediency. Alison entered the room, so Casey introduced her to "Mr. Pants," who appeared to be a man of very few words. Casey asked if Alison was still angry with him because he had missed their lunch date, and Alison seemed more jealous of Jade than she was angry with Casey. They sparred until Alison walked out, angry again. The usually silent "Mr. Pants" called Casey a "stupid kid."

At the storage locker where the Z twins were holding Noah captive, Zoe taunted Noah that no matter how uncomfortable his bonds were, they could not hurt as much as losing what was rightfully yours. Zoe prepared to leave to see how Luke was coming on collecting the ransom. Noah, left with Zac, made it known that he needed water, so Zac removed the tape from Noah's mouth and let him drink from a water bottle. Noah asked what Zoe had meant about recovering what was rightfully hers, so Zac explained that Damian had stolen the money for Luke's foundation from them.

At the Oakdale police station, Damian and Holden arrived, and Margo told Damian to wait in lobby while she took Lily, Holden, and Luke into the interview room. She told Luke and his parents that the last thing they should be considering was to pay the ransom money. She cautioned that giving in to the kidnappers would put Noah at greater risk.

Margo suggested that when the kidnappers contacted Luke with the delivery instructions, he should attempt to keep the line of communication open with them. She advised him to get something from them before he handed over any money, such as proof that Noah was still alive. She told him to buy time so that the police could do their work. Luke agreed, and he went outside. Damian pled with Luke to let him help, but Luke only asked him to set Noah free.

Parked in the senior transport van, Casey told "Mr. Pants" that he had heard him call Casey stupid. Casey could get no further response from the man, so he carried on a conversation with himself about what it was like to be crazy about a girl who did not want to even talk to you. Casey said he really cared about Alison. Suddenly "Mr. Pants" reached over and snatched the van keys from the ignition and hurled them out the window, saying, "Call your girlfriend." Casey instead called the old man crazy, but he eventually decided he had nothing to lose and phoned Alison.

Alison was studying for a pharmacology exam, and when she answered Casey's call, she told him she had no time for him. Casey said he needed a favor; his car was stuck because "Mr. Pants" had thrown the keys into the woods. Alison said Casey had obviously confused her with a tow truck, but Casey said girls were much better at finding things. That irritated Alison more, so she suggested Casey call his good friend, Jade, for help, and she hung up on him.

"Mr. Pants" indicated through gestures that Casey should call her back. Finally Casey gave in and made the call. When Alison answered, "Mr. Pants" grabbed the phone and yelled, "Please help me! I need to get home!" Alison, of course, agreed to come immediately, and "Mr. Pants" grinned at Casey.

In Old Town, Luke walked by Zoe, who was drinking a coffee outside. She asked him what was wrong, so Luke mentioned Noah's text and then told her of the kidnapping. Zoe was sympathetic as Luke regretted ever taking the Grimaldi money for his foundation. Luke was sure that Damian was behind everything, but the police had advised Luke not to pay the ransom. He said he only cared about getting Noah back. He mentioned that he had to go home, so Luke and his bodyguard left.

At the police station, Margo questioned Damian as to when he had last seen Noah. Damian answered that his theory was that another member of the large Grimaldi family was possibly involved, but he had no idea who. Holden mentioned the ring with the Grimaldi crest that Lily had found in her filing cabinet, and Damian spoke about the computer hacker whose screen name was something to do with fish. Damian became irritated with Holden's constant badgering, as Margo received the lab report from the ransom note. After reading it, she told Damian that his fingerprints were on the note, so she would be holding him on suspicion of kidnapping.

Alison arrived at the senior van, and she and Casey searched for the missing keys. She wondered what Casey had talked about with "Mr. Pants," and Casey replied that he had mainly talked about her. He said that he had told his passenger how he felt about her and said that the more he learned about Alison, the more he wanted to know. He said "Mr. Pants" had said he was stupid, but Alison replied that Casey was not stupid, but he sometimes did stupid things. She admitted that she was a mess herself and seemed to always find a lame excuse not be with Casey.

Casey said he was willing to wait, and then Alison found the keys. They ran back to the van, but "Mr. Pants" was gone.

Zoe returned to the storage locker and demanded to see Zac outside. He followed her out, and she told him that Luke had not paid the ransom. She decided it was time to tell Luke where Noah was, and she asked for their captive's phone.

Luke went home and reminisced about good times with Noah. His phone rang, and he read a text message:


Luke dashed out the back way, eluding his bodyguard.

Holden and Lily went to Java, and Holden crowed that he had known all along that Damian's prints were going to be on the ransom note. Lily claimed that Damian had been stunned when Margo said that, and besides, Damian was smarter than that. Holden was irritated that Lily was still defending her ex. Lily called Luke at home, but he did not answer.

At the storage locker, Luke sneaked in and spotted Noah tied to the post. He began to untie Noah's hands when the Zs walked in and welcomed him. Zoe pulled out a gun, and Luke rushed her, but Zac hit him, and they tied Luke to the other side of Noah's post. Luke realized that the Zs had left the Grimaldi ring in his mother's office, and that they were not twins. Zoe revealed that she was a Grimaldi whose money had ended up in Luke's foundation. Zac asked to speak with Zoe outside, so they left.

Casey and Alison went to Milltown and ended up at Yo's looking for "Mr. Pants." They found him inside enjoying a cheeseburger. They joined him, and when they were finished, Casey announced it was time to return to Bonny Meadows Nursing Home. Instead, "Mr. Pants" kissed Alison's hand and asked her to dance.

The song was an oldie, and Alison was hesitant, but she danced with him as Casey watched. Then "Mr. Pants" handed her over to Casey, and they enjoyed a slow, romantic dance. Casey said he was reluctant to take back their "Fairy Godfather," but they had to leave.

Damian told Margo that if they were dealing with members of the Grimaldi clan, it made sense that they would go after Luke. Damian had no idea who they might be, however, because there were too many branches and too much infighting.

Margo received a call from Holden, who was in a bad state. He and Lily had gone home to find no Luke, but another ransom note instead. Margo advised them not to panic, but Lily lit into Holden over his obsession with Damian's guilt. Lily did not care who the kidnappers were; she just wanted the boys home safely. She vowed to pay the ransom, no matter what the police advised.

Margo told Damian that Luke was also a prisoner, and he begged to help. He said she had no idea of the centuries of resentment in the Grimaldi family. He asked her to set him free so that he could save his son.

Luke and Noah talked, and they solved their differences. Noah pointed out that Damian had been innocent all along, and Luke admitted he owed Damian an apology if they got out alive. The boys said how much they loved one another and linked hands around the post.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

At WOAK, Katie began a broadcast of "Author's Corner" with psychic Myra Haft. Katie introduced the woman who claimed her psychic specialty was unborn babies. She said she could sense when a couple was expecting, the sex of the baby, and sometimes she could identify reincarnated spirits. Katie mentioned that she was going to become a mother by using a surrogate, and at the end of the segment, Brad appeared. Katie introduced him to Myra, who promptly declared that Brad was not the baby's biological father.

Brad said he had the doctor's bills to prove it, and the psychic backed down and admitted that she could be wrong. Katie told Brad, however, that Myra's success rate was off the charts, but Myra diplomatically said that she needed to see Brad and the surrogate mother together to get an accurate reading. Katie immediately invited her for a drink, and said it would be a good chance for the woman to meet Vienna.

Vienna was shopping for maternity clothes at Fashions with Henry, who was bored, so he suggested that he go to Metro and help out. Lisa, who was helping Vienna, commended Henry for allowing Vienna to carry another man's baby. Vienna came out of the dressing room looking gorgeous in an upscale maternity gown, and deep lust overcame Henry. He hustled her back into the dressing room, and he and Vienna began to make love.

Holden pulled the phone from Lily's hand after she threatened to pay the ransom for the boys in spite of Margo's advice. They argued about whether Damian was involved in the kidnapping, and Lily got hysterical. Holden brought her a glass of water, and he left her to go speak with some of Luke's friends. Lily waited until Holden was out of sight, and then she grabbed her purse and left.

Margo continued questioning Damian at the police station, but she was not getting much from him. He wanted to leave so that he could use his contacts with the Grimaldi family, but Margo was not convinced. Lily showed up and asked to speak privately with Damian. She said she had decided to pay the ransom and wanted to be prepared.

She told Damian that Holden disputed that, and for once, Damian agreed with him. Damian was afraid that the kidnappers would not want to leave any witnesses, and he feared for the boys' lives. He begged Lily to get Margo to release him, and then he got an idea.

Katie, Brad, and Myra went to Metro, expecting to find Henry and Vienna, but the couple was not there. Katie wanted to wait and get Myra a drink, while Brad called Henry. Brad made the call, but he got Henry in the throes of love in Fashion's dressing room. Henry promised to be there soon.

When Henry and Vienna exited the dressing room, Lisa teased them about being "so hot." She packaged up Vienna's purchases, and the two went directly to Metro, where the psychic, Myra, said she felt immediate vibrations from Vienna's baby.

Suddenly Myra looked perplexed, and she said she could not stay. Katie clued in that the woman had sensed that something was wrong, and she pressed Myra to tell them what she had felt. Myra was hesitant to speak out, so Katie, who had read the psychic's book, suggested they use Tarot cards to predict the future. Henry tried to nix that, but Brad supported Katie, and Myra dealt the cards.

Holden arrived at the police station and spoke with Margo. He burst in on Lily and Damian and scolded Lily for not staying at home. Margo advised them not to be so hard on each other, and the two of them went home. Holden accused Lily of lying to him, and the old argument continued. Holden went into the kitchen to make tea, and Lily looked around outside and discovered an envelope bearing her name. The note inside instructed her to wrap the ransom money in newspaper and await further instructions.

Holden brought in tea and cookies, but Lily was frantic that she would lose Luke. She asked Holden to make some sandwiches instead, and when he returned to the kitchen, she dashed out with the note. When Holden returned, he found the living room empty.

Vienna began the tarot reading, and displayed her card, which was the Empress, who heralded the birth of a child. Katie went next, and she drew the Lovers card. Brad got the King, the sign of a seducer, which produced some laughs. Henry revealed the Fool, who stood for new beginnings and was, according to Myra, almost always hiding something. Henry fibbed and suddenly remembered that he and Vienna had to work at Al's that night, so they hurried out.

Katie asked Myra if there was anything else she wanted to tell Katie, but the woman told Katie to trust her own instincts. Katie was still worried about the baby, and she asked Brad if there was anything in his genetic background that could create a problem for his baby. He could think of nothing, and Katie knew her genes were good, so they decided to go ask Vienna if she would submit to some genetic testing to put their minds at ease.

Lily went to the Lakeview and found Lisa. She wished to speak to the head of security at the hotel, but he had gone for the evening. Lily wanted to look at security tapes that showed everyone who had entered Damian's room in the days before the first ransom note. Lily confided in Lisa about the kidnapping, and Lisa cooperated by retrieving the tapes. Lily also hoped to find something on them to prove Damian's innocence.

Lucinda paid a visit to Holden and asked to have the younger children at her house for a while to give Emma a break. Holden did not want to upset Lucinda, who was having more radiation treatments, but Lucinda would not be put off. They talked about Damian's elusive phantom relatives whom Damian blamed for all their troubles.

Lily took a couple of the surveillance tapes to Margo and showed her a shot of someone going into Damian's room at the hotel. They could not tell if it was a man or a woman, however. Damian looked at the tape with them, but no one could identify the person. Margo began to realize that Damian was not as involved as she had first thought, so she released him, but told him not to leave town. After they left the station, Lily showed Damian the newest ransom instructions and said that if Damian could not figure out who had taken the boys, she would pay the ransom.

At Al's, Myra showed up to talk with Vienna and Henry. She said that sometimes the cards told her more than she wanted to know, but she often chose to be discreet. She reminded them that secrets had a strange way of revealing themselves. After Myra left, Henry told Vienna that they had to tell Brad and Katie the truth about Henry being the baby's biological father, but Vienna said they would be devastated.

Katie and Brad walked in and said they had to ask a favor. Katie requested that Vienna take a genetic test so they could find out if either of their families had problems. Henry thought that was good idea, but Vienna said, "No way!" Vienna finally agreed if the doctor said the tests were safe. After the Snyders left, Henry said that the test was the perfect vehicle for Brad and Katie to find out that the baby was Henry's. He suggested that he and Vienna act surprised and to let the doctor be the bearer of bad tidings.

Lily went home to find Holden fixing Ethan's toy truck. Lily said she was tired of arguing, but that they needed Damian and his resources. Holden could not bring himself to trust Damian, and he truly feared he would lose Lily because of Damian. Lily promised to be safe and to keep no more secrets from her husband. To prove that, Lily handed over the most recent ransom note. Holden felt that Margo needed to see the note, so he left to take it to the police station. After Holden drove away, Damian rang the bell and told Lily that he thought a hunch of his had paid off.

At the Lakeview, Lisa shared a scrapbook that had belonged to Eduardo Grimaldi, her late husband, with his cousin, Damian. The book contained old newspaper clippings about long-ago Grimaldi family events. One in particular mentioned the murder of a woman claiming the Grimaldi fortune.

Neither Lisa nor Damian recognized the woman from her picture, but Lisa did notice that the woman wore a fish pendant around her neck. She pointed it out to Damian, who identified the symbol as the zodiac fish sign. They decided that Noah, who was working on identifying the hacker who had used the fish sign as a screen name, had stumbled upon something dangerous. Damian clipped out the article and left hurriedly.

Back at Lily's, Damian said he had a lead on the kidnappers, but he insisted that Holden not know. Lily said she would not break her promise of no more secrets, but Damian said that she had until the next ransom note to decide if Luke's life was worth risking her marriage.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Meg arrived at Fairwinds after a shopping trip to Fashions. She had bought some fancy lingerie that caused Paul to remind her that their agreement for her to stay with him did not include parading around in her underwear. Meg looked at it as treating herself, even if she was the only one who would see it. Paul said that was sad, but Meg ignored his comments and began to get Eliza ready for a doctor's appointment.

Paul was unaware that the baby had a follow-up appointment, and he had scheduled another meeting and could not accompany Meg. Paul also questioned why Meg seemed in such a good mood all of a sudden, but Meg picked up the baby and left for the hospital. Paul went upstairs to check out Meg's shopping bag, but he could not find all the lingerie and assumed Meg was wearing some of it. He immediately cancelled his meeting.

Emma and Holden talked at the farm. Holden was still promoting Damian as the villain in the kidnapping of Luke and Noah. He was especially upset that Lily had allowed her ex to weasel his way back into their family. Emma said that he, Lily, and Damian all wanted the same thing: to find the boys and return them home safely.

She tried to reassure her son that Lily was not a child and that gravitating towards Damian, Luke's biological father, was natural under the circumstances. Holden was unwilling to consider that Damian might be helpful in getting the boys back.

In Damian's suite in the Lakeview, Lily showed him the most recent ransom note. Damian read it and declared that it fit right into his master plan. Lily asked what she could do to help, so Damian showed her the newspaper clipping he had borrowed from Lisa's scrapbook on the Grimaldi family.

Lily asked who the woman in the cape was, so Damian told her that she was Anna Pinarosa, who had claimed to be a Grimaldi heir. He said the woman was scorned and ignored by the family, and she was dead. Damian suggested that Lily drop off something that appeared to be the ransom money and then reappear dressed as Anna.

Noah and Luke were still captives in the storage locker. They watched Zoe set up some sort of shrine with the same picture that Damian had shown to Lily. There was another photo of the woman with a little girl. Zoe spoke to the woman in the picture and wished her a happy birthday. The woman was Zoe's mother, and the girl said she had a wonderful birthday present for her this year: all the money that the Grimaldis had kept from her was finally going to be theirs.

Luke interrupted Zoe by arguing with her about whether Lily would actually pay the ransom. When he saw how that irritated Zoe, however, he changed tactics. Luke began talking about Zoe's mother and how much she must have loved her. Zoe said her mother was a Grimaldi, but the family had denied her because her father was a Grimaldi bastard and did not carry the name.

Zoe's mother had spent years trying to claim what was rightfully hers until the family killed her. Zoe explained that the fish pendants had been her mother's. She claimed her mother was always with her in sprit. Zac returned to say he had delivered the final ransom note, which identified the drop-off point. He also showed Zoe a revolver he had acquired, "just for insurance."

Damian set up the phony ransom package and told Lily it contained a "little gift" for the kidnappers. Damian was sure the kidnappers would follow Lily because of the way she would look. Lily came out of the bathroom wearing a hooded cape, similar to the one in the picture of Anna Pinarosa.

He showed Lily the exact location on a map of the trash barrel was where she was to drop the package. He suggested she take her time so that whoever was watching would be sure to see her. He then told her to follow a path, which would lead to alcoves where she could put on the cape and a fish pendant. Then Lily would reappear as Anna.

Once the kidnappers saw "Anna," Damian explained, they would follow her, so he showed her where to walk so that she would go past where Damian would be hiding. He would let them pass and then grab the kidnappers from behind. Lily was to take off running then, but she convinced him that she would be safe if she circled back to get a look at the kidnappers. Damian also showed Lily a gun and warned her that the kidnappers would probably have one, too.

Paul went to Memorial and spoke to a nurse who worked for their pediatrician. He asked if Eliza had arrived for her appointment yet, and the nurse replied that the baby's appointment was for the next week. Meanwhile, Meg went to the farm to let Emma see the baby. She noticed, however, that her mother was not her usual happy self, so she offered to make tea. Emma refused, and she confided that Lily and Holden were dealing with a terrible situation and she felt totally helpless. Meg asked for details, but Emma had promised to respect Holden's wishes of privacy. She asked Meg to pray for them.

Emma became upset with Meg, however, because her daughter was living in Paul Ryan's house again. Meg said she was only there because of the baby, and she assured her mother that she no longer had feelings for Paul. Emma called Paul a "sadistic twisted person." Meg said under her breath that all that could possibly work in her favor, but she refused to say more. She told her mother that she was ensuring that Paul would never be a threat to her or Eliza again.

In the storage locker, Luke told Zoe that he understood why she blamed the Grimaldis, but he said he had rejected everything about that family. Zoe reminded him that he had not rejected the money to fund the foundation, and that was what she was after. Zac announced that it was time for them to go pick up the ransom money.

Holden went to Damian's room and ran into him in the hall. Damian was on his way to play his part in the Anna scenario, but Holden wanted to talk. He attempted to make amends with Damian and only asked that Damian leave Lily out of any plans he had. Damian said it was too late for that, so Holden demanded to know where Lily was. Damian said she was at the War Memorial, the site of the ransom drop, and he said he had to leave immediately or he would be too late to help Lily. Holden was so furious that he decked Damian right in the hallway.

The Zs watched Lily approach the War Memorial and saw her drop the package into the trash container. Lily then walked away, so Zoe got out of the car and ran to pick up the money. Lily ducked into an alcove and put on the cape and pendant, as Zoe returned to the car. Zac tore open the package and found only a fish pendant and no money. Suddenly Zoe spotted Lily in her cape, looking just like Anna, her mother. She dashed from the car, despite Zac's protests, and ran up the stairs, calling "Mama!"

Lily ran down the back stairs and reached the path where Damian was supposed to be hiding. She called out his name, but Zoe was about to catch up, so Lily continued down the path. Zoe caught Lily and realized who she was, and the girl shoved her to the ground. Lily hit her head and passed out, as Holden's voice frightened Zoe away. She ran back up the stairs, while Holden discovered an unconscious Lily on the ground.

Lily came around and told Holden that the girl was one of Luke's kidnappers. Damian appeared and he screamed at Holden for making him too late to help Lily and catch the kidnappers. Lily told them that the girl had called her "Mama," so she had to be Anna Pinarosa's daughter.

Luke and Noah discussed whether they would be free after Lily had paid the ransom. Noah was worried about Zac, who was a loose cannon and had warned them it was "too late." They decided they needed to get free of their bonds as soon as possible. Luke suggested that Noah kick over the table that was holding the shrine and try to break the glass in the picture frame. Noah succeeded in fracturing the glass, and Luke was able to reach a shard, which he passed over to Noah.

Zoe returned to the car and told Zac to shut up and drive. He parked the car quite a distance from the storage locker, and they abandoned it. He told Zoe she could have ruined everything by running back to follow the woman with the cape. Lily Snyder could identify her, since she got a close up look at Zoe.

Meg went back to Fairwinds and was surprised to see Paul already home from his meeting. Paul strung her along by asking questions about Eliza's doctor's appointment, and Meg made up all sorts of details. She finally realized that Paul had gone to the hospital himself and knew that the appointment was the next week. Meg claimed to have simply mixed up the dates, but Paul was aggravated that she had lied.

He demanded to know where she had spent the afternoon, so Meg said she had gone to let Emma see the baby. Paul was suspicious of that, and as Meg was preparing to take the baby upstairs, he reminded her that the other part of their living arrangement was that Meg was not allowed to see other men. She told him that she was very much aware of that stipulation, because Paul had threatened to kill her if she violated it. Paul appeared uncertain that he had used those words, but he did agree.

Still at the War Memorial, Damian was pleased to finally have a credible lead to the kidnappers. Holden scolded both of them until they explained the Grimaldi connection, and then Holden got even more angry and blamed Damian again. He said that Lily was not going anywhere with Damian, and they were going to do things Holden's way.

Luke and Noah got free, and they were headed to the door when the Zs walked in. Zac pointed his pistol at them, and Luke said it was all over since the Zs had the ransom money. Zoe screamed that Lily had double-crossed them, and Zac pulled the trigger, shooting Noah in the shoulder.

A frantic Luke tried to comfort Noah, as Zoe retied both of them to the post. Zac was waving the gun erratically and shouting orders. Noah passed out, as Luke begged for help for his boyfriend. Zac hollered for them to shut up so he could think, and Zoe swore revenge against all the Grimaldis. Luke began talking to Noah and begging him to stay with him.

Meg played out another scene in her drama at Fairwinds. She put on one of her new lingerie outfits and opened the door of her bedroom, knowing that Paul would listen in on her end of any of her phone conversations. She called Emma and said, "How great it was to see you today!" and "Next time, we'll have more time together." She ended the conversation with "I love you, my darling."

When Paul confronted her about the conversation, Meg said she had been talking to her mother. Paul complimented her on her outfit, as she closed the door on him.

In his suite, Damian looked through Eduardo's photos again. This time he found a picture of Anna Pinarosa and a young girl. The back of the photo was marked, "Anna and Gia, age 10." Damian realized that the woman kidnapper was Gia Pinarosa.

Holden dragged Lily home, and she was discouraged that she had not recognized any of the mug shots that Margo had presented to her at the police station. Holden was angry that the girl could identify Lily, as well. He blamed Lily for all their troubles because she had allowed Damian to influence her once again. He demanded that Lily cut Damian completely out of their lives. Lily began to weep, so Holden held her.

Friday, April 24, 2009

At the Lakeview, Craig admired Johnny's artwork from school. When Lucy walked in, Craig asked if she could stay with Johnny for a while, while he took care of some business. Lucy apologized, but said she couldn't because she had things to do, too.

Lucy went upstairs to Dusty's room, and when he answered the door, she could see from his face that he'd been in a fight. Lucy told Dusty she was sorry for having gotten him involved in the activity at the docks, but Dusty told her not to worry about him. Dusty asked what was going on, and Lucy admitted that Cesar had called to say there was a problem with the last shipment. Dusty said if Lucy was determined to go to the docks to help Cesar, then he would go with her to make sure she didn't get hurt.

At the docks, Lucy told Cesar that Dusty knew everything that was going on and wanted to help. Cesar showed them the crate that contained the shipment, and Dusty looked through it and pulled out a rifle. Lucy was horrified to see that there were guns hidden in the crate along with her medical supplies and Craig's vodka. Dusty asked who had put the guns there, and Cesar said he thought it was Fredo, the man who had beaten Dusty up.

Dusty told Cesar to make sure the other crates didn't contain any surprises, and then to put the shipment on the boat. Cesar asked what to do with the guns, and Dusty told him to put them in the dumpster, and then Dusty would call the police and let them know what they would find there. Dusty gave Cesar a wad of money and told him, "Lucy was never here. She never saw those guns." Cesar agreed, and Dusty and Lucy left. Sometime after they left, Cesar was putting the guns in the dumpster when a man walked up to him and knifed him in the abdomen, then walked away.

Jack went to Carly's house and asked if Craig was there. Carly said that Craig wouldn't be around anymore, because she had decided to part ways with him, both personally and professionally, and focus on her family. Jack apologized for having been rough on Carly about her drinking, but Carly told him she had deserved it. Jack then told Carly that Parker would need both of them, because Janet had hired a lawyer to work on an annulment of Parker and Liberty's marriage.

Parker went downstairs and commented on the fact that his mother and father weren't arguing for a change. Carly said she and Jack were going to focus on helping him, and Jack said they would pull together as a family. Parker said that he would be fine after he'd had a chance to talk to Liberty. Parker thought that Liberty would move back in with him. Jack told him that wasn't going to happen, because Liberty had decided to get an annulment.

Parker couldn't believe Liberty had decided such a thing on her own, and he blamed Janet and his parents for Liberty's decision. Jack told Parker it was entirely Liberty's idea, and he and Carly tried to make Parker understand that it was for the best. Parker became angry with them. He told them that just because Jack and Carly hadn't been able to make their marriage work, time after time, it didn't mean Parker's marriage couldn't last forever. He insisted he needed to talk to Liberty, so Jack agreed to drive Parker to the farm.

At the farm, Janet told Liberty that the lawyer would have the annulment papers ready soon. Liberty was worried about how Parker would react when she told him that their marriage was officially over. Janet said Jack and Carly could tell Parker, but Liberty thought Parker would overreact unless she talked to him herself. Janet didn't like the idea, but just as she tried to persuade Liberty not to talk to Parker, Jack and Parker walked in.

Janet was not happy to see Parker, but Jack said he thought that Parker and Liberty needed to talk sometime. Liberty agreed, and she took Parker outside. Parker told Liberty that he knew he'd been a jerk, and he wouldn't try to tell her what to do anymore. Liberty said that it wasn't that easy, and that she just wanted to be a normal teenager again.

Liberty tried to let Parker down gently, but Parker would not accept what Liberty was saying. Liberty told Parker that she was going to sign the annulment papers and thought he should sign them, too. Parker said, "Forget it!" and rushed off.

Liberty went back inside and told Jack and Janet what had happened. Jack said he would look for Parker. Liberty wanted to accompany Jack, but Janet told her to let Jack go alone. Janet said she and Liberty would find Brad and fill him in on what was happening instead.

Craig couldn't find a sitter for Johnny, so he told Johnny to draw a picture of Carly, and then they could take the picture to Carly's house, along with flowers and a box of chocolates. Johnny did as he was told, and together they went to see Carly. Carly didn't want to let Craig in, but she couldn't tell Johnny "no." Carly thanked Johnny for the picture, flowers, and candy, and Johnny asked for a piece of the chocolates. Carly gave him one and then told Craig to take Johnny in the kitchen to get a glass of milk and a cookie.

While Craig and Johnny were in the kitchen, Jack arrived, looking for Parker. Jack told Carly that Liberty had stood firm on the annulment, and Parker had flipped out and left the farm. Craig walked into the living room and asked what was going on with Parker. Jack looked at Carly in disbelief and said, "So much for changing your life and focusing on our son." Carly told Jack she hadn't invited Craig there but that she had been unwilling to turn Johnny away. Craig backed Carly up, but Jack was still upset.

Carly asked if they could stop talking about Craig and start talking about Parker. Jack told Carly all he knew and said that he had thought that Parker would go home, but obviously, Parker hadn't done that. Craig offered to go look for Parker, but Jack said Parker hated Craig and wouldn't be in such a mess if Craig hadn't interfered in the first place. Craig asked if Jack would have preferred it if Parker and Liberty were still happily married and living in Parker's bedroom.

Jack shot accusations at Craig, reminding Craig that he was the one who had let Parker use his car, had given Parker money to go to a concert in Chicago, and had lied to help Parker cover it up when Parker had stolen the money from the diner. Jack said it was no wonder that Parker had put Craig in charge of his trust fund. Craig pointed out that he hadn't lived up to Parker's expectations in that regard, but Jack said Craig should have refused to serve as trustee. Jack shouted at Craig, "You messed up your own kids. I'll be damned if you're gonna mess up mine!"

Johnny, who had walked back into the room with his milk and cookie, was frightened by Jack's outburst and dropped his glass of milk. When the glass shattered, the adults looked over and saw Johnny standing there. Craig rushed to Johnny and picked him up, telling his son it was all right and that Johnny had nothing to worry about. Jack muttered, "Until you're a teenager." Craig asked what Jack had said, but Jack said to forget it, because he was leaving.

Jack left, and Carly told Craig that he needed to leave, too. She sent Johnny to get one more cookie from the kitchen, and she told Craig not to try to use Johnny to get to her again. She also asked Craig to stay away from Parker. She said Jack thought Craig had done enough, and she did, too.

Craig said he respected the fact that Jack was Parker's adoptive father, but he couldn't respect the way Jack continued to treat Carly. Carly told Craig that she didn't want his opinion and that he should leave. Craig called to Johnny, and the two of them left.

Parker went back to the farm to try to find Liberty. When he saw that she wasn't there, he used the phone in the kitchen to call her. When Liberty answered, Parker begged her to return to the farm so that they could talk about their marriage some more, but Liberty told Parker there was nothing more to say. Janet took the phone from Liberty and told Parker that he should go back home to his parents and let them help him. Parker hung up on her, and he proceeded to tear up the kitchen at the farm, breaking dishes and overturning the kitchen table in his anger.

Liberty sat at the diner with Brad and talked about her decision to get the annulment, telling Brad how sad she felt even though she knew she was doing the right thing. Brad said Liberty could be a normal kid again, just like before her marriage to Parker, except that Liberty would be living at the farm instead of with Brad and Katie. Liberty assured her dad that she was fine with living at the farm while Vienna and Henry stayed with Brad and Katie, because she understood that it was a way to make Brad and Katie feel more like they were a part of Vienna's pregnancy.

Brad told Liberty that if he was a good father to the baby that was coming, it would be because of Liberty. Liberty was touched by Brad's statement. Brad told Liberty how proud he was of her, and she thanked him, then left to rejoin her mother.

When Janet and Liberty returned to the farm, they were shocked to see the destruction Parker had wreaked. Jack came in and saw the mess and was upset to learn that they believed Parker had caused it. Janet told Liberty to let Jack handle things with Parker, and suggested that Liberty go upstairs to catch up on her homework. After Liberty left the room, Janet told Jack that if Parker was out of control, she didn't want him anywhere near Liberty. Janet wanted Jack to tell Parker he could no longer go to the farm, but Jack pointed out that the farm was Parker's home, too, and had been a place of refuge for Parker for years.

Parker went to the Lakeview and found Craig having lunch with Johnny. Parker laid into Craig, shouting at him about having broken up his marriage. Craig tried to calm Parker down, but Parker continued shouting angrily. Unwilling to have Johnny witness yet another scene like the one with Jack, Craig told Johnny to finish eating his lunch and wait at the table for Craig to return. Craig took Parker by the arm and forced him out of the restaurant, telling Parker, "I'm not gonna do this in public."

Craig took Parker upstairs to Craig's suite. Parker said he would never forgive Craig for ruining his life. Parker said that if Craig had given Parker the money from his trust fund, Parker and Liberty would be living happily together in their own apartment. Craig said that wasn't necessarily the case, and that although it might not seem fair to Parker, it was all for the best. He then wrote Parker a check from the trust fund.

When he handed it to Parker, Parker looked at it and said, "Fifty thousand dollars?" Craig said that although money couldn't solve Parker's problem or buy him love, it could buy just about anything else, and it might make Parker feel better. Parker asked if he could use it for anything he wanted, and Craig said yes.

Lucy and Dusty walked into the Lakeview and saw Johnny sitting alone in the restaurant. Lucy asked where Craig was, and Johnny told them that Craig had left and had told him to wait there. Lucy told Johnny she would wait with him, and she sat down. Dusty went to call Tom Hughes to let him know that Craig had left Johnny alone, but when he returned, he told Lucy that Tom had said that Dusty would need to establish a pattern of neglect in order for Dusty to try to win back custody of Johnny. Dusty asked Lucy to help him with that, and Lucy agreed.

Colleen Zenk makes surprise appearance as Y&R's Aunt Jordan
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