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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 20, 2009 on GL
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Monday, April 20, 2009

At Ravenwood, Phillip insisted that the psychiatric evaluation was Alan's machination, but Alan replied that the governor's pardon required it. Alan reasoned that Phillip had nothing to fear-if Phillip were as sane as Phillip claimed to be.

When Dr. Mike Silver interviewed Phillip, Phillip assumed that she was on Alan's payroll. "Dr. Mike" assured him that her patients were her primary concern. Phillip admitted that he'd had a breakdown. He wished he could have prevented it, and he'd gone away to heal himself. Phillip had learned to master his emotions to prevent a breakdown from reoccurring. He implored her to see that he was serious about emotionally healing himself and those he'd hurt.

Alan watched the silent video feed of Phillip's interview with Dr. Mike. He asked a passing orderly if they monitored every room that way. The orderly affirmed that they did, adding that the doctors used the tapes for their patient evaluations.

After Phillip's interview, Alan rejoined Phillip. Phillip said that the doctor had seen that he was as sane as anyone else was, but Alan differed that Phillip would spend a lot more time with Dr. Mike. In Phillip's stead, Alan intended to teach James about "good scotch, great cigars, and bad women." Phillip replied that Alan was the sick one.

Alan goaded Phillip with Alan's intentions of going after custody of Emma. Phillip seemed unfazed by Alan's baiting, until Alan said that Rick and Alan compared intimate tidbits about Beth. Phillip socked Alan, who fell to the floor. To Phillip's chagrin, he heard the mechanical pivoting of a mounted video camera.

Later, an orderly strapped Phillip to a chair for a sedative. Dr. Mike had considered releasing Phillip, but his outburst had changed her mind. Alan implored Dr. Mike to keep Phillip until the job was done. Phillip said that Alan had won-for the time being.

Josh met Roc Hoover at a dank, stony location to check on Edmund. Roc thought Josh should divest himself of the situation, but Josh insisted upon seeing the consequences of his own actions. Roc revealed Edmund handcuffed to a nearby utility box. "Awfully far from the pulpit today, aren't you?" Edmund sardonically asked.

Edmund found it noble that Josh still protected Reva, who'd had another man's child. Edmund claimed that he'd found peace in forging a new relationship with Shayne and the Lewises-until Edmund had found himself chained up like a dog. Josh replied that Edmund had clubbed Shayne with a baseball bat. Edmund retorted that Shayne had killed Lara. Josh shook his head, stating that Edmund never changed.

Roc walked Josh out, and asked what he should do with Edmund. Josh wasn't sure, but he requested that Roc not to do anything radical. Josh said he'd contact Roc soon.

At Cedars, Jeffrey brought Reva a plastic plant. A weakened Reva said that she deserved rare orchids for single-handedly taking down Edmund. Jeffrey realized her need to rescue Colin, but her illness frightened Jeffrey. He implored her to concentrate on her wellness from then on.

In the corridor, Rick told Dinah and Shayne that Reva could use encouragement. Jeffrey exited Reva's room, and Shayne went in for a visit. Dinah told Jeffrey that she couldn't locate Edmund. Jeffrey defensively said to ask Josh about Edmund.

After Shayne's visit with Reva, Shayne became anxious to keep Reva's spirits up. Dinah received a call that Mallet and Marina needed her at their child services meeting. Dinah didn't want to leave Shayne alone, but Shayne said that her friends needed her. Dinah liked knowing that she had friends. Upon leaving, she asked Shayne to call if he needed her.

When Lillian entered the hallway, Shayne proposed that christening Colin in the hospital might provide the positive distraction that Reva needed. Shayne requested that Lillian be Colin's godmother. Lillian reasoned that Jeffrey and Reva might have other candidates in mind, but Shayne replied that Lillian was Reva's dear friend. Lillian agreed to be godmother.

Shayne called Josh and Billy to meet him at Cedars. When they arrived, Shayne divulged his idea of having an impromptu christening for Colin. Shayne thought it would make Reva feel better, even if she had to watch through the window of her room. Shayne asked Josh if he carried a minister's collar in his back pocket for such occasions.

Sometime later, Shayne brought Colin to Reva's viewing window. Jeffrey and Reva watched, listening on the speaker as Shayne explained that they had baby Colin and his parents, Shayne as godfather, Lillian as the beautiful godmother, and Josh as the minister. The Lewises and Lillian crowded the window. Shayne suggested that they had the makings of a christening, if Reva agreed. An emotional Reva grinned and nodded.

Jeffrey joined everyone in the corridor to say that he and Reva were completely surprised, but they appreciated everyone's efforts. Jeffrey returned to Reva, and Josh said that Shayne was doing a good thing.

Josh wandered from the group, and Billy followed. Josh doubted that he was the right man for the christening after things that he'd had done. Billy asked if Josh still believed in God. "Of course I do," Josh replied. Billy said that made Josh the right man for the job. Josh and Billy returned to the viewing window with the others, and Josh commenced the ceremony.

Sometime later, Josh stood alone outside Reva's viewing window. He asked her if he'd done well. Reva said that Josh never let her down. Reva wondered how "you know who" was. Josh said that the last time he'd seen Edmund, Edmund had been chained to a wall. Reva thanked Josh again, as the nurse closed her blinds.

Later, at the door of Roc's hideaway, Josh sensed something wrong. He called for Roc, but there was no answer. Inside the room, Josh saw that Edmund had disappeared. Josh noticed blood smeared on the wall beside the utility box where Roc had chained Edmund.

At the Cooper house, Marina fretted that child services had found out that Dinah and Mallet had illegally adopted Henry. Mallet suggested that they brainstorm questions that the agency might ask them, but Marina decided that Dinah was their only chance to keep Henry.

When Dinah arrived at the Cooper house, Dinah assumed that Mallet and Marina had called her because they needed an expert liar at their child services meeting. Dinah figured that no lie could get them through it unscathed. Someone had to take the fall for what they'd done, and Dinah concluded that it had to be her.

When Clarice from child services arrived, she assumed that Dinah was the Camaletti attorney. Mallet said that Dinah was his ex-wife, and Marina was his new wife. Clarice said that they'd need an attorney to clarify why Mallet had adopted Henry with one woman, but was raising him with another.

Dinah interrupted, claiming that everything was her fault. Dinah said that while Marina had been mourning her dead brother, Coop, Dinah had attempted to rekindle Dinah's relationship with Mallet. Dinah lied that while she and Mallet had been in Bosnia, she'd tricked Mallet into the adoption in hopes that a baby would bind Mallet to her.

Clarice was appalled, and Mallet intervened, saying that Dinah made it sound worse than it was. Dinah said that she'd realized that Mallet would never leave Marina, who subsequently accepted Henry into her family. Though the situation was unorthodox, Dinah insisted that Henry had found a loving home. Clarice replied that "unorthodox" was an understatement; however, Mallet and Marina seemed to be loving parents.

After Clarice left, a tense Marina noted that Clarice had at least witnessed that Henry had parents who loved him. Marina said she'd never be able to repay Dinah for her help. After Dinah left, Mallet hugged Marina, believing that their nightmare was finally over. A troubled Marina left the house, lying that she wanted to locate Frank for some father-daughter time.

At Clarice's office, Marina sheepishly stated that Clarice had left their house rather quickly. Clarice told Marina to get to the point of her visit. Marina asked if Clarice would close the file on Henry's adoption, and Clarice said no. Marina stated that their situation was unusual, but Mallet and she really loved Henry. Clarice replied that it wasn't about loving Henry; it was about breaking the law. Clarice thought that Marina, the cop, would know the difference.

As Marina left Clarice's office, Mallet called her, anxious to spend family time with Henry and her. Marina said she'd be home. When she hung up the phone, she welled up with tears.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Bill and Lizzie strolled down the New York streets after breakfast. Bill said that they needed plenty of energy for dates four through seven that day. Lizzie realized that Bill hadn't formally invited her on any dates. Bill then called her cell phone to invite her to a museum tour.

When they met for the tour, Bill called Lizzie again to invite her to a ballet that afternoon. Lizzie pretended to check her schedule, and then agreed to attend. After the call, Bill stated that they were off to dates four and five. "Half way to date number ten," Bill added, smiling.

After date five, Lizzie's feet ached. Bill massaged them, telling her to look elegant for the next date. Bill carried her to a hansom cab, and Lizzie recalled riding one for the first time as a child. As they talked, it became apparent to Bill that Lizzie was well acquainted with New York. It disappointed Bill that she'd already done everything that there was to do in the city. Lizzie encouraged him, saying that exploring the city with him would be like seeing it for the first time.

When Lizzie met Bill for date seven, Bill searched a guidebook for a restaurant to which Lizzie hadn't been. Lizzie, who'd eaten at all the four and five star restaurants in town, stated that it wasn't the place that mattered; it was with whom she went. Bill wanted it to be both.

Bill took her to eat at a hot dog stand. Lizzie said he'd finally found something that she hadn't done. Bill asked if she'd ever been on the merry-go-round in Central Park, or the Staten Island Ferry. When Lizzie said she hadn't, Bill tugged her along, saying they needed to pack.

Sometime later, Bill tossed Lizzie's suitcases into the trunk of a sedan. Lizzie shrieked when the sedan left without them. Bill said that he'd shipped her things home, because she needed different attire. Lizzie wondered where they were going. Bill wheeled out a red wagon and handed her an oversized lollipop. "To find your childhood," he said.

At Christina's place, Christina was astounded that Natalia had walked out on Frank. She suggested that Remy console Frank over a beer. Remy replied, "And say what? Hey, Frankie, sorry about your wedding, but can I tell how happy Christina and I are?"

As Remy prepared for his work shift, Christina revealed that she'd been laid off from personal training at the gym. Remy seemed more upset about it than Christina, who understood that it was the nature of the economy. She assured him that she was actively searching for more work. When he left, she sighed, staring at the want ads.

At Cedars later, Christina attempted to apply for a job, when Al from the gym called to see if she could help out at the unusually crowded gym. Upon arriving at the gym, Christina discovered Remy there with a gang of men, all complaining that they needed a personal trainer. Remy shrugged, telling Al that he needed to get more staff.

After a training session, Christina told Remy that Al had figured out Remy's scheme. She said that Remy's buff, firefighting friends didn't look like they needed personal trainers. Remy said that he had to do something to help her. Christina hinted that she needed a pep talk about the job search. Remy replied that Christina was ingenuitive enough to create her own opportunities.

As Remy collected his paycheck at Cedars, he asked Lillian about jobs for Christina. He said that they were desperate for a job to pay for Christina's medical school. Lillian said that Remy was a good man for helping his "ex-wife" raise school tuition.

Meanwhile, Christina held Colin at Reva's viewing window, and wondered if Jeffrey and Reva needed a babysitter. Jeffrey and Reva liked the idea of a medical student as a babysitter. Jeffrey noted that Christina was good with kids, and Christina replied that she'd learned it from her grandmother. Christina said that Colin was inspiring.

When Christina met up with Remy, she announced that Colin had inspired her to open a daycare. Remy thought it would take a lot of start-up cash, and she'd also need employees. Christina understood that it would be a lot of work, but she counted on Remy for some free labor.

After a quick jaunt to Chicago in search of Edmund, Josh rushed to Cedars to check on Reva. He breathed a sigh of relief upon seeing her soundly asleep in her room. He startled Lillian with his sense of urgency as he implored her to watch Reva round the clock.

At Cross Creek later, a frantic Josh told Jeffrey that Edmund and Roc were missing, and Josh had seen blood at the scene. Josh said that he couldn't call the police to report his hostage missing. Jeffrey wryly said that was the problem with working outside the law. Jeffrey felt that Roc would surface once it was safe.

Josh didn't care if Roc were safe. Josh wanted his family and Reva to be safe. Jeffrey suggested that Josh search the Beacon and Lewis Construction for Edmund, while leaving Reva to Jeffrey.

Later, Jeffrey called Josh to say that Roc was in Chicago, anxiously searching for Edmund. Josh hadn't come up with anything at the Beacon, but he sensed that Edmund was around. Jeffrey said that Roc had accessed the government's travel database, and if Edmund made a move, Roc would know about it. Josh decided to check on Shayne.

Outside a building, Edmund poured hydrogen peroxide on his bloody wrists and wrapped them in gauze. He disguised himself in a baseball cap and sunglasses, and slipped into his Beacon hotel room. He found a listening device in a drawer, and used it to eavesdrop on Shayne and Dinah.

In Dinah's room, another dream about Lara jarred Shayne from his sleep. He told Dinah that it seemed as if Lara were reaching out to him, but none of it made sense. Dinah offered to help him figure it out, but Shayne replied that his past wasn't her burden. Dinah said that they must resolve his past before they could move forward; however, she joked that she wouldn't stick around if he yelled out another woman's name in his sleep six months from then.

Over coffee, Shayne relayed his enigmatic dream. Lara had appeared to him with something to say, but Shayne couldn't decipher her words. As Dinah and he discussed it, Dinah deduced that Lara's music box might hold some answers. Shayne recalled that Lara had wanted to be a dancer, and Lara would dance to the tune of the music box when she was younger. Dinah decided that they'd give Lara a chance to dance.

Josh called Shayne, casually asking Shayne how he was. Shayne said that he was with Dinah, and everything was fine. Josh advised Shayne to keep Dinah close to him.

Meanwhile, Edmund muttered that Lara would never dance again because Shayne had killed her. He followed Dinah and Shayne to the school gym. Crouching near the stage, he spied on them.

Dinah opened the music box, saying that they would honor Lara and say goodbye to her. Dinah wondered if Lara had listened to the music box, hoping that her father would find her. Dinah remembered feeling that way during her childhood with the traveling carnival. Dinah recalled that Shayne had said that Lara and he had danced to the tune of the music box when he'd last seen her. Dinah asked him to dance with her as the music box played. Edmund stared on as Shayne pulled Dinah close and swayed her to the tune.

When the dancing didn't seem to bring Shayne closure, Dinah got another idea. She decided that they should go to Bosnia to say goodbye to Lara. Shayne said that he couldn't, but Dinah kissed him, replying that he could do it with her by his side.

Just then, Josh walked up. Shayne announced that Dinah and he were going to Bosnia to resolve some business. Josh said that it was a great idea. A suddenly excited Shayne agreed, promising to call Reva upon his arrival.

As Dinah and Shayne boarded a plane, Josh called Jeffrey to say that Shayne was headed out of town, which would give them time to find Edmund. Jeffrey stated that Reva was fine, and no one had tried to abduct Colin yet. Jeffrey added that best of all, Roc had discovered that Edmund had booked a flight out of the country. Josh asked where Edmund intended to go. "Bosnia," Jeffrey replied. Josh sat up with a start.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Shayne and Dinah visited the Bosnian village where Shayne and Lara had been working when they'd met. Shayne couldn't believe how peaceful the place had become, noting that houses had replaced landmine fields. Dinah said that it was due in part to the work he'd done.

As they toured the area, Shayne described the hectic pace of camp life. Dinah asked him how he'd fallen in love with Lara. Shayne recalled meeting Lara at a nearby café. Because time had been of the essence for Lara and him, they'd packed a year's worth of it into one month. After that, they'd kept in touch, stealing moments together whenever they could. It seemed to Dinah that Lara and Shayne couldn't stand being apart. Dinah wondered why they hadn't given up their mission for love. "We had a job to do," Shayne resolutely replied.

A child named Zamir called to Shayne and ran into Shayne's arms. Shayne explained to Dinah that a landmine resembling a toy had injured Zamir's brother. Shayne said that he might visit Zamir and his family while in Bosnia. Before Zamir left, he gave Shayne a drawing.

Dinah had known about Lara and Shayne's work; however, being in Bosnia helped her to see what it meant to Shayne. She said that a part of Shayne still belonged there. Shayne treasured his experiences, but he said that he belonged in his present with Dinah, not in his past.

As they left, Dinah offered to linger as long as Shayne needed to. Shayne replied that he was okay to go. He thanked her for accompanying him. As they kissed, someone lurked nearby.

Billy sat down for pie at Company, but Blake stole it from him upon hearing that he was supposed to be dieting. Josh called Billy from the Sarajevo airport, insisting that Billy keep an eye on Reva-without Reva or Jeffrey knowing it. Billy asked where Josh was. "Overseas. It's Edmund," Josh replied.

After Josh checked into his Bosnian hotel room, he left Roc a voicemail, announcing his arrival. Josh loaded a handgun, placed it in his waistband, and grabbed his coat. Sometime later, on a country roadside, Josh called Frank to find out if Frank had any information about Edmund. Frank said that Edmund seemed to have vanished. When Josh redialed Roc, Roc's voicemail picked up again. Josh left another message for Roc to call Josh back.

Josh returned to his hotel. He drew his gun upon seeing someone in his room. It was Roc, who said that Josh could lower the weapon. Josh lashed into Roc about disappearing, and demanded to know what had happened at the bloody location where they'd kept Edmund. Roc told Josh to calm down, but Josh refused to do so without knowing where Edmund was.

At Cedars, Billy found Reva restlessly cooped up in her hospital room. Reva said that the doctors might have released her sooner had it not been for her jaunt to rescue Colin from Edmund. Reva was thankful that Edmund was no longer one of her worries.

Reva mentioned that Dinah and Shayne had gone away to "get to know each other." Billy updated her on Frank's wedding. Reva became frustrated that the world was passing her by while she was stuck in the hospital. Billy abruptly cut his visit short. In the hallway, Billy called Blake to ask her to babysit Reva until he returned to Cedars.

At Company, Blake asked Buzz and Frank to cover for her. She told Frank that she was sorry about his wedding. Frank said that Natalia just needed time. Blake was glad that Frank was hopeful. As Blake left, she said that Natalia should feel lucky to still have him.

Billy returned to Company, and set up a laptop on the bar. He called Blake at the hospital to instruct her to turn on Reva's computer. When Blake and Reva complied, Buzz and Billy appeared on Reva's screen.

Reva waved, saying that she was going stir-crazy on lockdown. Billy ate a Buzz Burger on camera so that Reva could vicariously experience it. Blake called Buzz and Billy a sorry pair. Reva swore that they'd been cute when she'd married each of them. Billy said that the camera wasn't catching their good sides. Buzz and Billy turned around, and mooned the camera. "Been there-seen that! Billy, Buzz, put your pants back on," Reva said as Blake nauseously groaned.

Outside Reva's room later, Billy thanked Blake for her help. Blake was still dazed by what she'd seen on camera. "I know. I changed your life today," Billy chuckled. After Blake left, Reva thanked Billy through the speaker, and insisted that he go home while she napped. She closed her eyes, and Billy sat in a chair outside her window to watch her sleep.

At the Cooper house, Frank showed Gus's badge to Buzz, saying that Rafe had welcomed Frank to the family. Frank didn't know how to help Natalia get over Gus. Buzz said that Frank was fighting a lifelong love. Frank didn't want Natalia to forget Gus; he just desired to help her move on. Buzz asked what Natalia had said about Gus, but Frank said that Natalia had been too upset to say much of anything. Instead, Olivia had conveyed Natalia's feelings about Gus.

Frank thanked Buzz for not saying, "I told you so." Buzz felt that he shouldn't have voiced his concerns about Frank's wedding, but Frank wasn't angry with Buzz for it. Frank wished he'd given Natalia more time to sort out her feelings, but Frank felt confident that Natalia had earnestly wanted to marry him.

Frank received a call from the corrections department. The caller said that Rafe had to report to the halfway house immediately, because the family event that Rafe was supposed to attend had been canceled. Frank wanted to find Natalia to tell her the news, but Buzz thought it was a matter better handled by phone. Frank said that a phone call would send Natalia the message that he didn't care anymore, and that he'd stopped trying, when he really hadn't.

At the Beacon, Emma noticed that Olivia seemed overly stressed about finding Emma's hat for her school play that day. Natalia entered, and Emma excitedly chatted about the way her school had celebrated Earth Day. Emma mentioned her lost hat, and Natalia told her where to find it. When Emma asked Natalia to attend the play, Natalia said that she'd love to.

Emma left to find her hat, and Olivia said that Natalia should deal with Rafe's feelings about the failed wedding rather than attend the play. Natalia replied that Rafe was disappointed, but he just wanted his mother to be happy. Olivia asked if Natalia had told Rafe about their revelation, but grew flustered when Natalia replied that she hadn't known what to say to Rafe. Natalia insisted upon going to the play, saying that the day should be about Emma, not them.

At the school, Olivia said that Natalia shouldn't have come to the play. Natalia asked why Olivia was being cold and mean. Olivia claimed to be realistic. Though Natalia put on a happy front for Emma, Natalia agonized inside. Natalia said that she loved Frank, but exchanging vows with him would have been like lying. Aside from leaving Frank at the altar, confessing love for Olivia had been the hardest thing that Natalia had done that day.

Olivia didn't think that Natalia understood that pledging love to Frank or Gus wasn't the same as pledging it to Olivia. Natalia thought that Olivia was patronizing her, but Olivia said that Natalia shouldn't just express love in a vacuum. There were other things to consider, such as Natalia's religion and Rafe. Olivia believed that love between Natalia and her meant pure hell for them. Olivia said that Natalia wouldn't be standing there if she really understood that.

Olivia tried to walk away, but Natalia said that they weren't done. Olivia replied that they had been done before they'd even begun. For both their sakes, Olivia implored Natalia to forget they'd ever said anything to each other. "You think you know me-you think you know better than me," Natalia snapped. Olivia claimed that she did know Natalia. "Then why are you always selling me short?" Natalia replied.

Olivia said that she wanted a happy ending, but they'd be forced to face more obstacles than conventional couples ever even thought about. Olivia sensed the condemnation that their feelings brought upon Natalia, and Olivia didn't want Natalia to feel like an awful person for loving Olivia.

Natalia insisted upon speaking for herself. Natalia stated that she had not been naïve when she'd expressed her love for Olivia. Natalia had almost married Frank to avoid vocalizing her feelings. "But when I did say it, out loud to you, I knew exactly what I was saying," Natalia said. "I know what it means when you tell somebody you love them." As the ladies spoke, Frank trotted up the school stairwell.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Behind the scenes at Emma's school play, Natalia grasped Olivia's hands, repeating that she understood what it meant to love someone. Olivia insisted that Natalia wasn't ready for their relationship. Olivia didn't know if she were ready herself, but Olivia claimed not to be additionally constrained by her religion. Natalia touched Olivia's face, saying that religion was about love. Olivia resisted Natalia's affection, persisting that Natalia was just not ready.

When Frank interrupted, Natalia said it wasn't a good time to talk. Frank explained that he had to remand Rafe to the halfway house. Frank had gotten Rafe free time to attend the wedding, but because it hadn't happened, Frank was ordered to deliver Rafe to the halfway house immediately. Natalia asked Olivia to apologize to Emma, and Natalia left with Frank.

After the play, Olivia told Emma that Natalia had left to say goodbye to Rafe. Emma wanted to go, too, but Olivia said that Emma had a cast party to attend. Emma wanted Natalia at the party, but Olivia explained that things were different. Emma stated that Natalia hadn't married Frank, but Olivia said that didn't mean things would return to the way they'd been.

At Company, Emma asked Olivia for her cell phone to take pictures. Emma stealthily pressed Natalia's phone number, and announced that the phone was ringing. Emma shoved the phone back at Olivia, insisting that Olivia invite Natalia to the party.

Natalia and Frank met Rafe on the farmhouse porch. Frank said Rafe had to report to the halfway house by sundown. Frank asked Natalia and Rafe to call when Rafe was ready to leave.

After Frank left, Natalia blamed herself for ruining Rafe's furlough by not marrying Frank. Rafe asked if she ever planned to marry Frank. Natalia assumed that Rafe liked Frank as a father figure, but Rafe joked that he didn't need a daddy. Rafe said that Frank was a good guy, but it didn't mean that Frank was the right guy for Natalia. Natalia wished that she could explain what had happened at the wedding, but Rafe said that he trusted her judgment.

Rafe wondered if Frank could meet them at the church. Natalia's faith had seen Rafe through prison, and he wanted to go there with her before he left for the halfway house.

At the church, Father Ray offered his counsel to Natalia, if Frank and she needed it. Father Ray suggested they light candles for Rafe. When Father Ray said that one candle would be a pledge to follow God's teachings, Natalia hesitantly joined them. As she pensively lit candles, her phone rang. She glanced at Father Ray and Rafe, and silenced the ringer.

Back at Company, Olivia told Emma that Natalia wasn't answering. "That's all we need to know," Olivia said, leading Emma inside for the cast party.

Outside the church, Frank met Rafe and Natalia. Natalia grew teary, and Rafe reminded her that it wasn't jail. After one last hug from Natalia, Rafe left with Frank.

Emma and Olivia strolled around the corner, and Emma asked Natalia not to be sad. Olivia said that she hadn't expected to encounter Natalia, and Natalia explained that Rafe had wanted to go to the church before he departed. Olivia decided to keep walking, but Natalia asked Olivia and Emma to accompany her into the church.

As the women sat in a pew with Emma between them, Olivia wondered what they were doing in there. "We're being together," Natalia said. She placed her hand over Olivia and Emma's joined hands. Olivia bashfully smiled.

In Bosnia, Shayne decided to say goodbye to Lara at her grave. As Dinah offered to wait in the car, she noticed a nun following them. Dinah confronted the nun, later known as Sister Angelica from the orphanage. The nun said that Dinah shouldn't have come back there.

Dinah took Shayne aside, frustrated that her business had interrupted Shayne's closure. Dinah assumed that the nun didn't like Mallet and Dinah's shady adoption of Henry. Shayne worried about Dinah, who replied, "You don't think I can defend myself against a nun?" Dinah asked him to say his goodbyes to Lara while she handled the nun.

Shayne wanted to stay, but Dinah said that they both needed to resolve their pasts. The adoption still tied Dinah to Mallet, and because the issue had been raised, Dinah decided to get resolution. That way, both Shayne and she could be free. Shayne wished her luck, and left.

Sister Angelica approached, threatening to call the police to prevent Dinah from stealing another baby. Dinah stated that she did not intend to steal any babies. Dinah then explained what had transpired during Henry's Bosnian adoption. Sister Angelica asserted that the people who had sold Henry weren't his parents, but Sister Angelica knew who the real parents were.

In a Bosnian hotel room, Roc claimed that he'd lost his phone, but he insisted that Edmund was under control. Roc told Josh that Edmund was a crazy son of a bitch, who'd fought Roc, but Roc had pursued Edmund to Bosnia, where Roc had recaptured him. Roc stressed that Josh had done a good job protecting his family, but Josh needed to back off the dangerous situation. Josh apologized for his rashness, thanked Roc, and left.

Just then, Edmund crept out from hiding with a gun trained on Roc. He said that Roc's performance had been good. Roc murmured that he hadn't wanted Edmund to hurt Josh. "And here I thought you just didn't want to get shot," Edmund said, pistol-whipping Roc to the floor.

Edmund knocked Roc out, just as Josh knocked on the door. Josh said he had a question about Shayne. Edmund aimed the gun at the door as Josh jiggled the knob, wondering if Roc were still in there. "Dammit," Josh swore and walked away from the door.

Later, Josh found Shayne at Lara's grave. Josh said that he was just in the neighborhood. "This is Bosnia, Dad. That's not going to work," Shayne replied. Josh said he'd gotten a tip that Edmund had followed Shayne to Bosnia. Josh had flown there protect Shayne, but the authorities had already taken Edmund into custody.

Shayne was impressed that Josh had flown all the way to Bosnia to make sure that Shayne was okay. "It's my job," Josh responded. Josh said that it was all part of being a father, and Shayne would learn that one day. Josh apologized for interrupting Shayne at the grave.

Shayne was glad that Josh was there. Shayne introduced Josh to Lara, saying that Josh would have liked her. Sometime later, Edmund stalked Josh as Josh booked a flight back to the states.

At the Cooper house, Mallet worried that Clarice hadn't closed the adoption case. Marina thought everything would be fine. She left the house, claiming that she wanted to find Frank. At the police station later, Marina stole a dime bag of marijuana from the evidence drawer.

When Marina showed up at Clarice's office, Clarice called the visit inappropriate. Marina said that as a cop, Marina protected the community, and as a social worker, Clarice protected children; however, Marina couldn't understand how delaying Henry's adoption protected him. Marina pressured Clarice to look beyond the adoption process to see that Henry was in a happy home. Marina understood that it was a tough judgment call, but Marina pleaded with Clarice to stop holding up the adoption.

Clarice got up to call security. Marina planted the drug bag in Clarice's drawer. Marina pretended to find the drugs, and threatened to make her own judgment call about Clarice using drugs on the job.

Mallet received a call from Dinah in Bosnia. Dinah said that she had met someone who sought to finalize the adoption. Dinah had called to ensure that there weren't any snags on Mallet's end. Mallet wanted to hop a flight to Bosnia, but Dinah said that it wasn't necessary. Henry's cries distracted Mallet, and Dinah hung up on him.

Marina met Mallet outside their house, ecstatically announcing that the adoption investigation had concluded. Marina said that they'd meet the judge to finalize the adoption that day. Mallet doubted it, because the Bosnian orphanage was asking questions. Marina insisted that Clarice had promised to finalize their adoption as soon as possible. Marina said that they were meant to be a family, and she dared anyone to mess with them.

Back in Bosnia, Dinah showed Sister Angelica pictures of Henry and his new family. Dinah explained in more depth Mallet and Marina's circumstances after Coop's death, and the arduous American adoption process. "Americans have no patience. They want everything immediately," the sister replied. Dinah said that it wasn't impatience that had led them to Bosnia; it had been Mallet and Marina's desire to give a war-torn child a home.

Sister Angelica noted that Dinah wasn't interested in who Henry's real parents were. Dinah assumed that the parents were too hurt or poor after the war to care for Henry. Dinah beseeched the sister to tell the parents he had a good home. The sister said that she only knew the mother, and she agreed to take Dinah to her.

As the nun led Dinah through the woods, Dinah asked if the mother wanted her baby back, or if she were looking for money. The nun pointed to the gravesite where Shayne stood, saying, "There, that's the baby's mother."

Friday, April 24, 2009

After getting a checkup, Alan spotted Lillian at Cedars and asked her where Lizzie was. Lillian responded that Lizzie had left town with Bill. Afterwards, Alan made a cryptic call about trying to get in touch with Lizzie.

Bill led Lizzie around blindfolded until they came to a swimming pool. Bill told Lizzie that they needed a "get ready day" to prepare for her reentering her childhood because it took a lot of energy to be a kid. As the pair relaxed by the pool, a masseuse arrived for Lizzie.

Afterwards, Bill asked Lizzie if all of her troubles were released. After indicating that she was relaxed, Lizzie playfully tossed Bill into the pool and he shot her with a water gun.

As their day of relaxation progressed, Bill told Lizzie to go to her room and informed her that food would be delivered. Bill stated that she had a few more hours until she revisited her childhood.

Holding hands with Natalia, Olivia could not believe that she was sitting inside a church. Natalia assured Olivia that God loved them and wanted them to be happy. Olivia asked what was next for them but Natalia did not have an answer. She merely said that they needed time to think.

At that point, Emma walked over and said that she was hungry. She reminded Olivia that she had promised Emma a spaghetti dinner. Emma said that she wanted both of her "moms" to be there and Natalia agreed.

The group went to Towers where Emma saw a friend. While Emma walked off to see her friend, Natalia and Olivia were seated. After an awkward silence, Natalia admitted that things were different between them. Olivia said that it did not have to be.

Suddenly, they both began speaking at the same time and shared a laugh. When Emma returned, she suggested that they all hold hands to say grace. After dinner, Emma asked if she could stay at her friend's house, and Olivia allowed it.

After dinner, Natalia offered to drive Olivia home. Before they left, they ran into Alan, who commented that he had just seen Emma leave with some strangers. Alan complained to Olivia for letting Emma leave with people he did not know-people who could unduly influence her.

Natalia casually asked Alan if he was feeling okay. Alan thanked Natalia for her concern, because she was the first person who asked. Alan told them about Phillip being at Ravenwood and suggested that all of Phillip's children should be told about it so that they would learn that sometimes parents needed to make difficult decisions.

Natalia walked Olivia up to her room at the Beacon. Olivia asked if Natalia wanted to come in for some coffee. Natalia declined and said that her coming in would disrupt the normalcy of their evening. The pair took a hold of each other's hands and said goodnight.

Marina, Mallet, and Henry took a family photo on the day that Henry's adoption was to become official. Mallet was worried because he had broken international laws to get Henry. Marina told him not to focus on the law. Later, the pair went to the courthouse. Frank and Buzz met them there to provide moral support.

Before the hearing started, Frank assured a worried Marina that the hearing was just a formality. After assuring her that the adoption was a done deal, Frank confided his own worries to Buzz. At that point, the hearing began. The judge stated her belief that Henry had found a happy home, but there was one witness-the woman from Child Services.

The judge pointed out that the witness had not submitted a report regarding the adoption. The woman said that she did not submit a report because she had no objection. At that point, the judge finalized the adoption.

Marina thanked the Child Services worker for helping her. The woman said that she had no choice because Marina had blackmailed her. When the woman sarcastically commented on what a fine cop Marina was, Marina replied that she would be a great mother and that was all that mattered.

Later, at home, the Coopers celebrated the adoption by toasting to Henry. After wishing him a great childhood, Buzz mentioned that he missed most of the childhood of Henry's namesake and was glad that he would be able to see it through Henry. At that point, Marina announced that she was leaving the police force because nothing gave her greater joy than being Henry's mom.

Buzz saw Frank being contemplative and asked if he was thinking about Natalia. Frank told his father that he and Natalia fit together, and it was only a matter a time. Buzz was impressed by Frank's unwillingness to give up. Frank said that Natalia was worth it.

Mallet expressed his surprise at Marina's news. Marina told him that her heart was just not into being a cop any longer. She then stated that she could not imagine a world without Henry in it.

Dinah informed the nun that the family that adopted the baby loved him, and accused the nun of making up the story to extort money. The nun denied it. Dinah said that Lara's baby died with Lara. The nun stated that the baby lived, and she knew it because she had taken care of him.

The nun told Dinah that she knew Lara because Lara volunteered at the orphanage. Dinah asked how Lara died and the nun stated that Lara had died in a minefield. The nun said that when she got the call about Lara being at the clinic, she heard a baby crying in the background. By the time the nun got to the clinic, Lara was dead and the nun discovered that the doctors had delivered a baby boy.

Dinah asked the nun why she didn't call anyone. The nun said that Lara never spoke of her family or told them who the father was. Suddenly, Shayne came over and asked if everything was all right.

Later, Shayne thanked Dinah for coming to Bosnia. Dinah indicated that she came because she was worried about Edmund being a threat. Shayne assured her that Edmund would not be trouble ever again. Dinah said that she was worried about Shayne, and asked if she could do something to make it hurt less.

Shayne said that at the lowest point in one's life, something always happened to give one hope. Shayne stated that he never believed that until he met Dinah. Shayne said that he trusted Dinah. He went on to say that he foolishly trusted Edmund because he wanted to latch onto anything to make the hurt go away.

Dinah asked for a few minutes alone with the nun. Dinah informed the woman that she would be looking into her story to see if it was a lie, and asked her to keep it quiet for the time being.

Afterwards, Dinah commented that Shayne must be tired because it was an emotional day. He informed her that he felt great and kissed her. Shayne said that a huge weight was lifted off his shoulder when he said goodbye to Lara. Shayne admitted to Dinah that he was a bit of a jerk when he and Dinah met and he thanked her for sticking by him.

Dinah tried to talk about Lara and the baby, but Shayne silenced her by saying that he wanted to move on. He then kissed her and the pair began making out. Afterwards, Shayne fell asleep and Dinah muttered that she could not tell him anything until she knew if it was true.

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