One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 13, 2009 on OLTL

Todd and Téa made love, but Téa still refused to help Todd in court. Starr and Cole decided to investigate their daughter's death. Zach was arrested as the serial killer, but evidence pointed to John as the suspect. Talia was killed at La Boulaie while she was there to pick up John for questioning. Schuyler walked into the room as Stacy attempted to dispose of a bag holding her bone marrow.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 13, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, April 13, 2009

Past, Present Tense

In their bedroom, Natalie told Jared that she was having second thoughts about them accepting Jessica's offer of becoming Chloe's godparents. Jared feared that Natalie would never be at peace until she told Jessica the truth about her child. After debating the matter several times, the couple came to a conclusion. They were convinced that it was in the best interests of both Jessica and Chloe to destroy all physical evidence that proved that Chloe wasn't Jessica's child.

Meanwhile, downstairs, Rex eavesdropped from the staircase as Gigi tried to convince Jessica that Gigi had never slept with Brody. Without giving Jessica any details, Gigi assured Jessica that Brody cared about her and that the scene that Rex had walked upon was merely a misunderstanding. Confused and aggravated by Gigi's attempt at an explanation, Jessica defended Rex and advised Gigi that she was in the wrong for lying to him. Insisting that she had no interest in Gigi and Brody's relationship, Jessica stressed that she didn't wish to pursue her friendship with Brody because she couldn't afford to complicate her life with someone who was unsure of what he truly wanted.

Gigi was determined to make Jessica understand that she was wrong about Brody. When Gigi mentioned that Stacy was involved, an irate Rex flew down the stairs and chastised Gigi for speaking negatively about the woman who was going to save Shane's life. Defending her actions, Gigi told Rex that she would give her life for her son and had already proven the fact. Rex struggled to understand Gigi's statement.

Frustrated by their intense arguing, Jessica demanded that the two take their argument elsewhere. While Rex complied, Gigi had a few parting words for Jessica. Gigi apologized for involving Jessica in her domestic problems. Stating that she thought that she might lose her son, Gigi hoped that Jessica would never face the possibility of losing a child.

Back upstairs, Natalie and Jared decided to burn the evidence. While setting a flame to the documentation, Natalie and Jared managed to set off the smoke detector. Seconds later, Jessica entered their room and questioned what was going on. The couple made up an excuse about burning a picture of Jared's old girlfriend.

After Jessica left, Natalie and Jared were certain that due to their actions, Chloe would have a wonderful life with Jessica. Relieved, the couple decided to make love. Afterward, Jared was pleased that all the evidence that proved that Chloe was actually Starr's baby had been destroyed. When Natalie reminded him about the strands of hair inside of Starr's locket, Jared assured her that no one would ever question who the strands of hair belonged to.

Back downstairs, Jessica smiled as she folded Chloe's baby clothes.

Roxy visited Shane at the hospital. When Shane began to sing Stacy's praises, Roxy appeared bothered. Shane said that he didn't know how he would ever be able to repay his aunt for being his donor. An angered Roxy told her grandson that he didn't owe Stacy a damn thing. The confused child didn't understand his grandmother's anger toward Stacy.

Roxy stepped out in the hall to speak with Kyle. When Roxy referred to the comatose patient as John Doe, Kyle advised her to stop playing games and remarked, "John Doe has a name and we all know it!" As Kyle attempted to say the name of the patient, Roxy covered his mouth. Kyle referred to the donor as controversial, but Roxy insisted that evil described John Doe better.

Kyle told Roxy that he wanted to back out of their arrangement because the situation had gotten out of hand. While Roxy reminded him that Shane's life was a stake, Rex and Gigi interrupted the discussion. They wanted to know if a problem had occurred involving the transplant.

Assuring Rex and Gigi that everything was fine, Roxy made up an excuse and dismissed Kyle. Rex announced that he wanted a few moments alone with Shane. When Gigi requested to join him, Rex snapped that he would like to spend time with his son without pretending. As Rex rushed off, Roxy told Gigi that Rex still loved her. Gigi blamed herself for hurting Rex.

Gigi was stunned when Roxy remarked that she blamed Stacy for the fiasco and not Gigi. A suspicious Gigi wondered why Roxy was upset with Stacy. Certain that Roxy had information concerning Stacy, Gigi begged Roxy to confess. Roxy stated that she was aware that Stacy forced Gigi to break up with Rex and that Stacy was blackmailing her.

Inside Shane's hospital room, Shane told his father about Roxy's harsh words regarding Stacy. Shane wanted to know why his grandmother hated his aunt. Although surprised by the news, Rex promised his son that everything was fine between Roxy and Stacy. Shane asked if everything was fine between Rex and his mother. Rex had no words.

After Schuyler kissed her, Stacy pulled away. Schuyler was certain that Stacy was consumed with thoughts of Rex. Admitting that she wanted a relationship with Rex, Stacy argued that she could make Rex fall in love with her. Pleading with Stacy to give him a chance, Schuyler asked Stacy to start over and leave town with him. Schuyler tried to talk Stacy out of pursuing Rex, but she was determined to win Rex's heart. Unable to convince Stacy to take him back and give up on Rex, a frustrated Schuyler stormed out of the apartment.

Alone in the apartment, Stacy planned her next move. Upon hearing a knock on the door, Stacy was surprised to find Kyle at her doorstep. Explaining that the transplant was scheduled for the next day, Kyle insisted that they needed to go over a few details in order for him to successfully switch Stacy's cells with those of the anonymous donor. As Schuyler appeared in the doorway, he overheard Kyle remark, "We need to discuss exactly how we're going to pull this off!" Schuyler demanded to know what was going on.

Todd managed to convince Zack to allow him entry inside the bedroom where Zack held Starr at gunpoint. Starr panicked when Zack implied that Starr might meet the same fate that Marty had several years before. Todd calmly informed Zack that he would never allow Zack to rape his daughter. Zack announced that he didn't want to hurt Starr. He said that he intended to use her to hurt Todd.

Meanwhile, outside of the bedroom, John tried to come up with a plan to help Starr and Todd. A nearby heating vent caught his attention.

Downstairs, Marty assured Cole that John would rescue Starr. Fearing that Cole would try to save Starr on his own, Marty told her son that it wasn't safe and pleaded with him to leave with her at once. Confessing that he was still in love with Starr, Cole told his mother that he couldn't leave while Starr's life was in danger.

John came downstairs and gave Cole and Marty an update on the hostage situation. John told them that he needed their help to save Starr and Todd. John asked Marty if there was another entrance into the upstairs bedroom. Marty remembered that Todd had a blueprint of the house. While John and Marty recovered the blueprints, Cole discovered Starr's locket on the floor. Advising Cole and Marty to call the police if he didn't return within ten minutes, John ran upstairs with the blueprints in hand.

Cole told Marty about the circumstances that led up to him paying Todd a visit. Expressing his hurt over losing Starr, Cole confided in Marty that Starr had developed an infatuation with Schuyler. Cole admitted that he had told Todd about Starr's relationship with her teacher, in hopes that Todd would kill Schuyler.

Cole admitted that he still loved Starr. Cole maintained that he didn't want to see Starr get hurt again. Acknowledging that he screwed up, Cole said that he would do anything if Starr came down the stairs unharmed. When Marty stated that she understood Cole's feelings for Starr, Cole told her that she had no idea how it felt to have the person that you loved trapped with a serial killer.

Back upstairs, John crawled through the heating vent.

In an attempt to outwit Zack, Todd pretended to resent Starr. Claiming that he no longer cared about Starr because she had betrayed him, Todd urged Zack to let her go. Zack told Todd that he had no intention of raping Starr, but offered to kill her since Todd no longer cared about her. Unable to hide his love for his daughter, Todd demanded that Zack release Starr.

When Todd told Zack to kill him on the spot, Starr's reaction proved that she loved her father. Realizing that Todd and Starr loved each other and that Todd had lied, Zack became angry. Focusing on Todd, Zack released his grip on Starr.

Observing that Starr was free, Todd kept Zack preoccupied with him. Todd demanded that Zack consider his options. When Zack questioned what options were available to him, Todd remarked, "There are doors open, Shorty!" Turning toward the door, Starr understood her father's signal.

John continued to crawl through the vent.

By hurling insults at him, Todd continued to infuriate Zack. When Zack had turned completely away from Starr, Todd calmly said, "Go, now!" As Starr ran out of the door, Zack tried to stop her, but he was too late. Slamming the door behind her, Zack pointed the gun at Todd and announced, "You saved your daughter, but signed your own death wish!"

Cole was relieved when Starr ran downstairs and into his arms. Starr told them that they needed to call the police because Zack was holding her father hostage. Marty was alarmed when Starr related that she hadn't seen John upstairs. Marty was concerned for John's safety.

As Zack continued to hold Todd at gunpoint, John found himself in the adjoining bathroom. Bursting through the door, John caught Zack by surprise and knocked him to the ground. During the struggle, Zack lost control of the gun. Todd picked up the gun and fired a shot.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Ready, Aim, Liar

Schuyler was furious after he walked in on Stacy and Kyle. Schuyler mistook Kyle for Rex; he accused Stacy of rendezvousing with her lover. Stacy quickly explained that Kyle was not Rex. Schuyler was baffled as to why Stacy would need to see a lab tech.

Stacy fought to find a plausible excuse. She told Schuyler that Kyle had offered to answer her questions. Kyle had noticed that she was nervous about donating bone marrow. Schuyler didn't believe Stacy's lie.

Stacy tried to act innocent, but Schuyler wasn't swayed. Stacy opted to retreat. She shoved Kyle out the door then followed him. In the hallway, Kyle expressed reservations about following through with the bone marrow switch. Kyle pointed out that his career was on the line. Stacy reminded Kyle that his actions would save a child's life.

Stacy wondered if it was necessary for her to go through with the actual bone marrow extraction. Kyle was adamant that the procedure was imperative in order to carry off the switch. Stacy hoped that Kyle knew what he was doing.

When Stacy returned to the apartment, Schuyler's mood wasn't improved. Stacy accused Schuyler of being "pissy." He admitted that he craved a drink, his face hurt, and he was tired. Most of all, though, Schuyler claimed he felt sorry for Stacy. Stacy had chosen a man who didn't love her over a man who did love her. Stacy said nothing as Schuyler walked out of the room.

Shane wanted to know what was going on between Rex and Gigi. Rex insisted that everything was fine, but Shane didn't believe him. Rex tried evade Shane's questions, but without success. Shane sensed that something was off between his parents.

Roxy admitted that she knew Stacy was blackmailing Gigi. Roxy offered to help Gigi outwit Stacy. Gigi pretended that she had no idea what Roxy was talking about. Roxy didn't believe Gigi. As Roxy began ranting about Stacy, she accidentally let it slip that Stacy wasn't a match.

Gigi demanded to know what Roxy had meant by the comment. Roxy quickly covered her blunder; she claimed that Stacy wasn't a romantic match for Rex. Roxy switched gears by asking why Gigi didn't back out of her promise to Stacy after Shane's transplant.

Rex stepped out of Shane's room. He realized he interrupted a private conversation between Gigi and Roxy. He wondered what they had been talking about. Roxy distracted Rex by trying to play matchmaker. Rex would have none of it. He wondered why everyone seemed to treat Gigi's liaison with Brody as if it hadn't been a big deal. Before Gigi or Roxy could answer, Rex told Gigi that they needed to talk to Shane about their relationship.

Roxy stepped away while Gigi argued that the timing wasn't appropriate for Shane to be given bad news. Gigi suggested that they wait until after Shane's transplant. Rex explained that Shane sensed something was wrong. Gigi offered a compromise; she agreed to tell Shane just enough to appease his curiosity. Gigi promised that after the transplant, when there was no going back, she would reveal the truth to everyone.

Gigi and Rex went into Shane's room. Gigi explained that she had been under tremendous stress. Gigi took full responsibility for treating Rex poorly because of her frustrations. Gigi promised that everything would be okay after Shane's transplant.

At the Buchanan mansion, Nora and Rachel sat down to talk. Clint listened from the hallway for a few moments, then walked away.

Rachel assured Nora that she intended to stay in Llanview for as long as Nora and Matthew needed her. Rachel was determined to help her family through the crisis. Rachel also expressed concern about Nora's relationship with Clint.

Nora admitted that her relationship with Clint was a bit rocky. Rachel advised Nora to talk things out with Clint.

Shortly afterwards, Bo and Matthew came into the living room. Rachel greeted her brother warmly then challenged him to a game of basketball. Matthew reminded Rachel of his wheelchair. Rachel didn't view it as a problem because Matthew's arms still worked. Matthew smiled as he left the room with his sister.

Bo and Nora were delighted by Matthew's change of attitude. Bo credited Rachel's influence for the turnaround.

Bo changed the subject to ask where Clint was. Nora's response hinted that things were strained between her and Clint. Bo reminded Nora that Clint and Viki went through a similar crisis when Jessica had suffered a breakdown. Bo's insight made Nora realize that Clint was doing what he thought would help her through a difficult time.

Nora appreciated Bo's advice. She confessed that she wished Bo had someone special whom he could turn to. Nora adored Bo and wanted him to have love and happiness in his life.

Charlie tried to lure Viki up to her bedroom. Viki agreed to join him in bed, but sent Charlie ahead. Viki dashed to the refrigerator as soon as Charlie left the kitchen. While Viki set a container of strawberries on the counter, someone knocked at the backdoor. Viki opened the door to find Clint standing on her doorstep.

Clint was troubled. He confessed that he felt like an idiot for planning a party for Matthew without consulting Bo and Nora. Viki realized Clint's intention had been in the right place, but she confessed she thought the party had been a mistake. Clint was surprised that Viki hadn't said anything to him sooner.

Viki reminded Clint that it wasn't her place to tell him when she thought he was making a mistake. Clint disagreed; he insisted that their friendship gave Viki a right to speak up. Viki revealed that she didn't want to get caught up in the middle of something between Clint, Nora, and Bo.

Clint understood Viki's reluctance.

Viki reminded Clint of how the two of them had banded together when Jessica had a breakdown. Viki explained that parents needed to be united in order to weather the difficult times with their children. Viki believed that Nora and Bo needed to focus on Matthew, which meant that there might not be a place for Clint. She advised Clint to have patience and to give Nora and Bo time to adjust to the changes in their lives.

Clint made a hasty exit when Charlie came looking for Viki. Clint apologized for interrupting their evening, but thanked Viki for her sage words.

Viki tried to lead Charlie back upstairs, but Charlie decided he would wait in the kitchen in the event that Dorian showed up seeking counsel. Viki smiled as she realized that Charlie was jealous. Charlie readily admitted that he was insecure. Viki seductively suggested that they play doctor in her bedroom to make Charlie feel better.

Clint arrived at the Buchanan mansion. He approached the living room, but changed his mind when he witnessed a private moment between Bo and Nora.

Todd held a gun in his hand as he watched John and Zach struggle during a fight.

Marty stood at the bottom of Todd's staircase when she heard a shot ring out.

Upstairs, John pulled away from Zach. Zach was unconscious and bleeding on the floor. John complimented Todd on the shot. Todd asked John what made him think that Zach had been the intended target. John didn't have an opportunity to reply; the police swarmed into the room.

While the paramedics attended to Zach's injury, police questioned Todd and John. Moments later, John started to walk away. For the benefit of the police, and to annoy John, Todd made a point of reminding everyone that he had saved John's life.

Downstairs, Talia questioned Marty about the events that had led to the shooting. Cole and Starr waited in the foyer for John and Todd. Cole hugged Starr. Starr asked Cole what he had intended to tell her before Zach had intruded into their lives.

Cole recalled confessing his love for Starr to Marty. However, Cole was spared from having to answer Starr's question when John walked downstairs. Marty ran up to John and threw her arms around him. John pulled Marty aside to update her on what had happened with Zach.

Meanwhile, Starr noticed that Cole was shaking. Cole claimed he had a bad headache. Starr offered to fetch something from her father's medicine cabinet, but Cole decided to get what he needed himself.

Upstairs, Cole waited until Todd's bedroom was deserted before he slipped into the adjoining bathroom. Cole quickly sifted through the prescription bottles until he found what he was looking for. Cole popped two pills into his mouth then pocketed the prescription bottle.

As Zach was led out of Todd's house he taunted, "Hello Marty. Remember me?"

Marty had a flashback of Zach raping her. Zach was pulled away before he could terrorize Marty further. Moments later, John escorted Marty out of the house.

Starr was relieved when she saw Todd come downstairs. She ran into her father's arms as he told her how sorry he was. Starr assured her father that she was fine because Todd and Cole had saved her.

Outside, Marty sensed that John was troubled. She asked him what was bothering him. John confessed that he hoped they had caught the right guy.

Upstairs, Todd sat down on the floor. He dipped his finger into a pool of Zach's blood.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good Cop, John Cop

At the Buchanan mansion, Bo and Rachel had breakfast and discussed Zach's arrest and Matthew's return to school. Bo said he was fine with Matthew being late for his first day back after the accident, but Rachel wasn't so sure it was a good idea.

As Matthew wheeled himself into the drawing room, he begged off of school by playing sick. Bo fell for his ruse and headed to work, leaving Rachel alone to call her little brother's bluff.

Rachel told Matthew not to let fear of teasing keep him from going back to school and facing the world. When she mentioned her own struggle with drug addiction, Matthew was shocked; he hadn't known she had ever had a problem. Matthew told Rachel he wished he'd been able to go to her when he'd learned of Cole's problem, and Rachel told him he could talk to her anytime. Matthew agonized over being unable to play in the new baseball season at Llanview High, and said he couldn't handle re-learning how to live. Rachel told him he had to take it day by day, coming to grips with his new condition.

At La Boulaie, Starr searched high and low for her lost locket, and called Todd for assistance. Todd was pleased to hear from his daughter, but told her he hadn't seen the locket after the hostage crisis.

In the foyer, Shaun was preoccupied with yet another plea for help from Destiny, who called from Llanview High, begging her brother to call in their mysterious acquaintance to help the crippled Matthew. Shaun shut his little sister down, and warned her not to bother him on the job again.

At Llanview High, Destiny sauntered up to Justin and Becca and ordered them to attend her impromptu "planning committee meeting" after school. Destiny explained that they would be planning a welcome home rally for Matthew. Justin and Becca refused, leading Destiny to remind them of how their actions had indirectly led to Matthew getting into a car accident, making them potential criminal accessories. "The nicer you are to him, the less likely he is to sue you!" she chirped. Destiny told her downcast classmates to attend her meeting, or risk "doing a dime in Statesville." Cowed, the kids rushed off.

After hanging up on Destiny, Shaun stormed into the living room and snatched Starr's phone, ending her conversation with Todd and warning him not to call again. Starr argued with Shaun, but he ignored her pleas and confiscated her phone. As Shaun

left, Langston walked in, having cut class to offer Starr a shoulder to lean on. Langston was surprised that Starr was so eager to reestablish ties with Todd, and reminded her that Cole had been there for her during the hostage crisis as well. Starr made a weak case for her continuing "relationship" with Schuyler, but Langston reminded her that Schuyler had not been in touch since she'd sent her letter. Langston said Schuyler was sending Starr a message, and told her not to ignore her lasting feelings for Cole.

Starr finally admitted that she did still care for Cole, and that their connection had been rekindled during the hostage crisis. Langston asked her not to throw away what she'd had with Cole for something with a grown man who didn't want her. Starr thanked Langston for her advice, and Langston hurried back to school.

At Todd's house, Todd flew into a rage after Shaun hung up on him, and trampled on his cellphone. In the midst of his tantrum, Téa let herself in, and Todd told his ex-wife that she owed him a phone on top of the family she'd taken from him. Téa was relieved to see Todd was all right, but defended John as a decent, safe stepfather to his children. She said that in light of the Zach debacle, Todd's life had proven dangerous to his loved ones. Todd told Téa that John knew nothing about what his kids dealt with on a daily basis, such as Starr's crush on her teacher.

Todd urged Téa to give up on her defense of Blair's custody, and to expose Blair and John's marriage as a fraud. He promised to make good on his offer to be her "love slave," and dared her to admit she was tempted. Appalled, Téa grabbed her bag and prepared to leave in a huff, but Todd followed her and pushed her to admit she still wanted him.

When Téa told him about her conversation with Viki, Todd was unimpressed; he told Téa he'd seen her outraged routine before, but she still wanted him, ugliness and all. Appealing to Téa's bleeding heart, Todd said she knew he was a man who loved his children and would do right by them. Smirking, he said she'd tried to fix him before, and could do so again if she liked. "Let the healing begin," Todd purred.

At the rehab facility, Cole met with his counselor, Lauren, who noticed he had Starr's locket. After Lauren left, Cole grew anxious as he waited to be let out of his session.

Before he could be released, he had a surprise visitor, Markko. Cole was frosty to his estranged friend at first, but softened after Markko said he'd thought Cole would need space after the accident. Markko said that Starr still needed Cole, and told him she was torn up by her infatuation with Mr. Joplin. Cole said that Starr and Schuyler were over; he'd seen to that by going to Todd. Markko was shocked that Cole was willing to conspire with Todd again, but Cole said he would do anything to help Starr, and admitted he still loved her.

Just as Markko was about to tell Cole about his problems with Lola, Lauren popped in to tell Cole he needed to give a sample for a random drug test. After Lauren exited, Markko prepared to leave as well, but Cole asked him to stay. He explained that he'd stolen pills from Todd's after the hostage crisis to take the edge off, and needed Markko to fake his urine sample so he wouldn't be booted out of rehab. Mortified, Markko reluctantly agreed, but made Cole promise to give his relationship with Starr another chance.

At La Boulaie, Shaun was shocked when Destiny barged into the house to hector him about the phone number for their mysterious estranged brother, the only one who could help Matthew. Shaun told Destiny he saw through her platonic concern for Matthew, and accused her of having a crush on the boy. Shaun told his little sister that their sibling was no brother of theirs anymore, and refused to give her the number. Frustrated, Destiny left.

Back at the Buchanan mansion, Becca and Justin arrived to make nice with Matthew. Rachel gave the kids time to themselves, but Matthew was furious with his peers, who attempted to ply him with video games and sympathy. After Matthew told them to get out, the kids retreated, but Justin told Becca he had an idea.

Becca quickly returned to the drawing room to give Matthew the soft sell. She feigned disinterest in Justin, and said she was sorry for spurning Matt at the dance. She told him she missed him at school, and asked him to come back soon. As Becca leaned in to kiss Matthew, Destiny arrived and spotted the two from the foyer. Before she could be seen, Destiny hid, then watched with dismay as Becca left the jubilant Matthew in her wake.

Back at Llanview High, Markko and Langston reunited between classes, and shared skip stories about visiting with Cole and Starr. Langston was concerned about Cole getting into more trouble, but Markko promised her that he'd helped Cole handle everything.

At La Boulaie, Shaun ushered Cole in to see Starr. Starr and Cole beamed at each other as they were reunited.

At the rehab facility, Lauren greeted a new drug counselor who would be working with Cole's difficult case: Rachel Gannon. Lauren asked Rachel if she was ready for a challenge. "Absolutely," Rachel replied.

At the police station, John posed as a "special consultant" to listen in on Nora's interrogation of Zach. John warned Nora not to let Zach toy with her, but Nora assured him she knew how to handle her former client.

As John watched from behind the one-way glass and Bo arrived to join him, Nora and Zach shared an icy reunion. Zach still blamed Nora for throwing his defense, while Nora excoriated Zach for having learned nothing from his years behind bars. Nora grilled Zach about the KAD murders, but Zach denied all knowledge. Unconvinced, Nora laid out Zach's possible motives, such as remorse for Marty or hatred for Todd, but Zach insisted he was innocent. He told Nora that if she didn't believe him yet, she would when another victim was found.

The crime scene investigation unit called Bo away, Zach was taken back to his cell, and Nora rejoined John. Nora was upset that she hadn't gotten anything out of Rosen, but John was unconvinced that there was anything to find. He told Nora that the murders had been ritualistic and methodical, whereas Zach's attack on Todd's loved ones had been impulsive and motivated by revenge. The pattern didn't fit, and John told Nora they had to consider the possibility that Zach's return was unrelated to the killings.

Bo returned from the CSI unit, and John and Nora shared their suspicions with him. Bo told Nora to bring Zach back for another session, and gave them evidence that trumped their fears, a bloodstained knife found under Zach's bed. Bo was convinced they'd found their man.

At Todd's, Todd and Téa continued their argument as Todd continued to lay on the "charm" and Téa again attempted to leave. Todd followed her out the front door, asking Téa if she needed him to ritualize their romance the way they had years before, with him pushing her away and her pleading with him for sexual intimacy. "Get on your knees!" Todd demanded. "Beg me! Beg me and you shall receive!" He grabbed her and wheeled her around, slamming her against the doorframe.

The close proximity ignited the attraction between the exes, but Todd pulled away from Téa, leaving her wanting. Enraged and aroused, Téa grabbed Todd's lapels and shoved him back into the house, then stalked after him, slamming the front door behind her.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Renouncing Satan...Or Not

While waiting for Chloe's christening at the church to begin, Jessica and Chloe paid a visit to Nash's grave. On a visit to the graveyard himself to "talk" to Wes, Brody overheard Jessica mention the boy she met and how things didn't work out. Inside the church, Clint thanked Charlie for allowing him to talk to Viki about his problems and admitted that he hadn't had a chance to talk to Nora. Jared and Natalie continued to second-guess their decision regarding Hope and Chloe.

Brody apologized again for hurting Jessica and asked for her forgiveness. Wanting to celebrate the day without a heavy heart, Jessica agreed to his request. She turned down his appeal that they remain friends, declaring that it was too difficult. They missed each other, though, they concurred.

Michael and Marcie arrived and agreed that they were having a difficult time, but feeling happy just the same. Michael couldn't help but remember losing Tommy. Jared told his father that the secret he had mentioned was under control and he was following the advice of the "greatest good for the greatest number." He was sure that his secret was safe.

At the same time Natalie told Viki that the decision for her and Jared to be Chloe's godparents had taken so long because they had to "settle some things." A confused Viki wanted clarification and Natalie claimed they had to resolve their past issues with Jessica. With Jessica being such a wonderful mother, Natalie vowed to "have her back" and make sure that Jessica would get to keep her kids. Startled, Viki wondered what her daughter was talking about. Natalie quickly assured her that she was only worried that Jessica could one day have a relapse.

Starr was surprised when Cole showed up at La Boulaie to see her. He admitted that the best moment of his life was seeing Starr come down the stairs after Zach held her hostage. They both confessed to suffering from nightmares after the experience. They thought it was a miracle that Cole had even been at Todd's place and Starr wanted to know why he was there. Cole admitted that he had been there to tell Todd about Starr and Schuyler because he had been worried about her.

An angry and frantic Starr picked up her phone to check on Schuyler, which infuriated Cole in return. Explaining that he felt that he had to stop them because Schuyler was too old for Starr and was using her, he pulled out Starr's locket instead. The argument was avoided and an overjoyed Starr asked Cole to put it around her neck. Wondering where he had found it when she had looked everywhere, Cole admitted to picking it up off the floor at Todd's.

Starr revealed that she had learned that their baby's cause of death was not what they had been told. An upset Cole wanted to pursue it, but Starr felt it too gruesome to exhume the baby's body. She told him it wouldn't bring Hope back. Cole felt that they had a responsibility to their daughter. Starr remembered the christening and departed.

Langston realized that there was something Markko wasn't saying when he told her about his visit to Cole at the rehab facility before school. She guessed that Cole was still using drugs, but Markko was quick to defend his friend. Managing to weasel it out of Markko, Langston could hardly believe her ears when she heard that he had given his own sample for Cole's surprise urine test.

Langston was angry and did not believe Cole's claim that he had taken pills after Zach knocked him out. She tried to explain that Cole was an addict and that addicts lied, though Markko kept making excuses for his best friend. Langston agreed that she would do anything for Starr, but felt Markko and Cole's situation was different.

As the couple talked, Lola lurked nearby and listened in. Wandering over, she offered to clear up the misunderstanding they had all had. Markko and Langston refused to listen to her. Vehemently, Langston snarled that her cousin would never get between her and her man. As the couple walked off, Lola vowed to destroy Langston.

At the police station, John, Nora, and Bo pondered the evidence of the knife found in Zach's room and its lack of prints. Upon Bo's questioning, John admitted that the knife probably wouldn't prove anything and that Zach's behavior at Todd's house was not that of a serial killer. Had it been Zach, he would have killed Todd and Starr, not merely taken them hostage, John confidently told them. He also knew for a fact that Téa did not kill Janet.

Suddenly, Nora remembered the christening and made a call to Clint. She explained that she and Bo would not be able to get to the church because they had a major break in the case. Clint cut her short and hung up the phone abruptly. Bo commended John for marrying Blair, but told him to watch his back because Todd wasn't too pleased.

Once inside his house, Todd ordered Téa to remove her clothes as he unbuttoned his shirt. "I want you," he said matter-of-factly, as she refused. She pointed out that he merely wanted her to go to the judge about Blair and John's marriage. "For a smart woman, you sure are stupid," Todd replied. As Téa weakly tried to stop Todd's advances, she suddenly jumped into his arms.

The pair made passionate love, but the afterglow was cut short as Todd jumped up and began to dress. He was headed to see the judge and wanted Téa to do the same.

Firmly, Téa announced that she wasn't going to lift a finger to help Todd. Reminding her of their deal to get his kids back, Todd was surprised to hear Téa insist that she had never agreed to his offer. He thought it was implied, he responded. She asked him how it felt to be used and told him there was a difference between love and being a good father. She felt that he couldn't accept the possibility that Blair loved someone else, and he didn't deserve to be near his kids.

A livid Todd listened as Téa sneered that she didn't have to make deals for sex and wouldn't do his bidding for one roll in the hay. "We're done," Todd grumbled. Téa insisted she was fine with it, but wondered about him. Todd thought she was bluffing. He agreed the sex was excellent. Téa replied that she didn't want to throw it away, but that obviously Todd did.

As Chloe Victoria was christened, Jared and Natalie made their commitment as godparents. Starr walked in late. Jessica asked both Marcie and Starr to hold the baby at different times. As Jared and Natalie looked on, Starr wondered if the baby seemed familiar because they were related. Jessica hoped that Starr would be able to babysit sometime.

Michael and Marcie invited Starr to lunch with them, but the teen declined. She felt that things were weird and reminded them that they had all last been there for Hope's funeral. Cole visited Hope's grave and promised to find the truth. Starr showed up and indicated that she needed to know, too.

Sitting in a pew with her girls after the christening, Jessica told them that there were lots of people to look after them if she wasn't able to. Brody looked on from the back of the church. She felt his presence, but when she turned around he was gone. She thought it was Nash, looking in on them. Jared and Natalie visited Nash's grave and vowed to take the secret to their own graves. They would protect Jessica from losing her baby.

Singing John's praises for getting them the knife as evidence, Fish promised to quiet down and keep things to himself. Inside Bo's office, a forlorn Nora had news for the police commissioner. Blair's blood was found on the knife and after another check, a partial print had been found. It belonged to John.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Sleeps With The Fishes

At Hope's gravesite, Starr overheard Cole vow to discover the truth surrounding the child's death. Cole was shocked when Starr informed him that she had a change of heart and wanted to investigate their daughter's death. Acknowledging that she understood Cole's pain, Starr said that she wanted to help him find peace by learning what had happened to Hope.

As Starr wept, Cole wiped a tear from her face. Starr made Cole promise to never reveal that they were investigating Hope's death. She didn't want to bring any unnecessary pain to either of their families or Marcie.

Inside Shane's hospital room, Marcie tried to help cheer up a nervous Shane. When Marcie mentioned that Gigi and Rex were a happy couple, Gigi ran out of the room in tears. Shane told Marcie that something terrible was going on between his parents.

Marcie located Gigi in the hall and attempted to comfort her. Upon learning that Gigi and Rex had broken up, Marcie urged Gigi to give the relationship another chance.

Meanwhile, Stacy complained while Mike prepared her for her medical procedure. Terrified because she hadn't heard from Roxy or Kyle, Stacy questioned exactly how long the procedure would take. Mike informed her that it would take approximately an hour to retrieve a blood sample. After Mike left the room, Stacy placed a call a frantic call to Roxy and demanded that she return to the hospital at once with John Doe's blood sample. As Stacy argued with Roxy, Rex interrupted.

At the long-term care facility, Roxy watched nervously as Kyle retrieved a blood sample from the mysterious comatose patient. Roxy was angered when Stacy phoned and demanded that they speed up the process. During the procedure, a nurse entered the room and demanded to know what was taking place behind the curtain that covered John Doe.

Roxy attempted to distract the nurse, to no avail. Kyle managed to hide his equipment as the nurse entered John Doe's resting area. Unaware of Roxy and Kyle's scheme, the nurse told them that John Doe had no brain activity. After collecting the blood sample, Roxy and Kyle headed off to Llanview Hospital to switch the samples.

Later, John Doe's brain activity appeared to make some improvement.

After assuring Stacy that he hadn't heard any of her conversation, Rex thanked her for donating her bone marrow to Shane. Rex told Stacy that he was grateful to Stacy and had no idea how he would ever repay her for her kindness. With a sly grin, Stacy replied, "We'll think of something."

As Stacy tried to convince Rex that she wanted to help Shane more than anything, Schuyler entered the room and interrupted the discussion. Schuyler handed Stacy flowers and insisted that he had come to check up on her before she underwent the transplant procedure. Appearing uncomfortable by Rex's presence, Schuyler mentioned that he and Stacy were living together. Stacy immediately informed Rex that she and Schuyler were just friends. Crushed, Schuyler told Rex that he wished Shane a speedy recovery and quickly excused himself.

After Schuyler's departure, a nervous Stacy insisted that she moved in with Schuyler after Gigi had kicked her out of the house. Claiming that she would do anything to save Shane's life, Stacy used the opportunity to speak negatively of Gigi's behavior toward Rex.

Introducing himself as Stacy's friend, Schuyler interrupted Gigi and Marcie's discussion. Upon learning that Schuyler had witnessed Rex inside Stacy's hospital room, Gigi grimaced.

Roxy and Kyle arrived at the hospital. Handing Kyle a phone number, Roxy insisted on switching the blood samples and asked Kyle to page the number immediately. Kyle complied with Roxy's wishes.

As Roxy rushed off, Schuyler observed Kyle carrying the container that he had used to transport the sample. When Schuyler made a remark about the case, Kyle appeared quite nervous. Schuyler told him to relax and stated that he was only joking. An anxious Kyle rushed off.

Back inside Stacy's room, Rex continued to thank Stacy for her unselfishness. As Rex placed his hand over Stacy's, Gigi appeared and gave Stacy a disgusted look. As Rex listened, Stacy explained to Gigi that the procedure had been difficult to endure but she was determined to save Shane. Giving Stacy a look of disgust, Gigi declared that she was only concerned with Shane getting well. When Mike entered the room and attempted to collect Stacy's blood sample, Stacy insisted that they wait for Roxy.

Bursting into the room, Roxy claimed that Shane was scared and needed his parents. As Gigi and Rex rushed off to see Shane, Mike received a page. Alone together, Roxy quickly switched John Doe's sample with Stacy's sample. A vindictive Roxy tossed the bag that contained Stacy's sample of blood under Stacy's bed sheets.

Unable to reach the person who had paged him, Mike returned and collected the sample. After Mike had left, Stacy demanded to know what Roxy intended for her to do with the sample. Exiting the room, Roxy replied, "It's all yours! You figure it out!" Disgusted, Stacy tossed the sample of blood in the trash. Standing in the doorway, Schuyler questioned what Stacy was doing.

Later, Rex and Gigi sat with Shane as he prepared to undergo his operation. Shane told his parents that he knew he would get better. When Shane mentioned that he was glad that his Aunt Stacy was in his life, Gigi rushed out of the room.

As Gigi sat outside Shane's room, Roxy approached and encouraged her to tell Rex the truth about Stacy's blackmail, immediately following the transplant.

At the police station, Bo and Nora were dumbfounded to learn that along with traces of Blair's blood, John's fingerprints had also been uncovered on the knife that had been discovered in Zack Rosen's hotel room. When Nora and Bo informed Fish and Talia of the news, Fish immediately defended John and insisted that someone was attempting to frame John for the murders.

Mayor Lowell stormed into the station and demanded that Bo arrest John for the murders. Lowell insisted that John had stabbed Blair and then married her so that she couldn't testify against him. Citing that there was no real evidence to tie John to the recent murders, Bo refused to arrest John, but agreed to bring him in for questioning.

After the mayor had left, Bo said that he believed that the mayor was convinced that John had set a trap for Zack. Nora argued that John had no motive and there was no evidence that could place John anywhere near Zack's hotel room.

Realizing that Talia and Fish were withholding information, Bo instructed his officers to come clean. Talia admitted that John had placed the breaking and entering call from Zack's hotel room. Both Bo and Nora were angered to learn that Fish and Talia had been giving John insight on the case. Bo ordered Talia and Fish to bring John in for questioning at once.

Afterward, Bo told Nora that he was certain that someone was attempting to frame John for murder. Agreeing that John hadn't murdered Lee Halpren and Wes Granger, and had nothing to do with Blair's stabbing, Nora struggled to come up with who could be the killer.

At La Boulaie, John returned home to find Marty waiting for him. When Marty mentioned that she needed to speak to him, John assumed that her encounter with Zack had brought back memories of the rape. Marty was surprised when John related that he wasn't convinced that Zack wasn't the killer. Citing that John would never rest until the people he loved were safe, Marty was certain that John would find the person responsible for the murders. Outside of La Boulaie, an unknown person observed Marty and John.

Marty insisted that she and John speak on the balcony. Marty stated that she didn't want Starr to return home and overhear their conversation. Marty informed John that Starr was involved with her teacher, Mr. Joplin.

Suddenly, John felt the presence of someone. Pushing Marty inside the house, John instructed her to lock the doors while he investigated. As John searched the grounds, Talia and Fish arrived at La Boulaie to bring John in for questioning. While Talia checked for John's car in the driveway, Fish knocked on the front door. Fish asked Marty if she knew John's whereabouts.

Talia walked around the back of the estate, and someone approached her from behind. Talia attempted to defend herself, but an unknown person attacked her. As John continued to search the grounds, he spotted blood on the ground. Walking toward the pool, John observed a body in the water. Shocked, John pulled an unresponsive Talia from the pool.

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