One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 6, 2009 on OLTL

Rachel returned to Llanview. Jack tried to blackmail Dorian after taking a photo of her kissing Ray. Jack backed off after Ray threatened him, but Dorian sent the photo to David anyway. Starr learned that the school planned to take disciplinary action against Schuyler. Zach demanded one million dollars from Todd. John and Todd rescued Starr and Cole. Stacy got Kyle to help her pass off the bone marrow as hers.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of April 6, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, April 6, 2009

Thrill Me To The Marrow

At the hospital, Rex was certain that someone had pressured Gigi to end their relationship, but she continued to deny it. As Rex pleaded with Gigi to reconsider the breakup, Roxy interrupted and questioned what was going on. When Rex told her that Gigi had called off their relationship after sleeping with Brody, Roxy grew suspicious. Roxy encouraged the couple to remain a family and support Shane, but Gigi was adamant that she could no longer remain with Rex.

Nearby, Stacy nearly panicked when Kyle told her that she hadn't tested as a match for Shane. Stating that she had been made aware of several recent mishaps involving the Llanview Hospital lab, Stacy claimed that she'd had a test administered at another site. When Kyle questioned her about the other test, Stacy made up an excuse and ran off.

Although upset by the news of Rex and Gigi's breakup, Roxy was excited to learn that a new donor had been discovered. When Gigi asked the identity of the new donor, Stacy appeared and announced that she was the donor. Giving Stacy a knowing look, Roxy exclaimed, "Oh, I see! This is your doing!" Stacy suggested that they tell Shane the news, but Gigi insisted that Shane learn from his parents. As Gigi watched in disgust, Rex thanked Stacy for saving his son's life.

After Rex and Gigi had left, Roxy slapped Stacy and accused her of plotting against Rex and Gigi. Stacy threatened to expose Roxy's secret unless Roxy kept quiet. Roxy argued that Stacy could never stop Rex and Gigi from loving each other, but Stacy was convinced that she could make Rex fall in love with her. As Roxy questioned how Stacy intended to make John Doe's bone marrow appear to be hers, Kyle informed Roxy that her friend, John Doe, was a match for Shane. Suspicious, Kyle demanded to know what the two women were up to.

Explaining that the family hated John Doe, Stacy said that they didn't want to cause Shane's parents any further heartache. As Roxy looked on, Stacy insisted that Shane could die and pleaded with Kyle to help them. A curious Kyle wondered how he could help. Stacy suggested that Kyle go to the clinic where John Doe was resting and retrieve his bone marrow. Stacy said that she would admit herself into the hospital and Kyle could manipulate the test to make it appear as though she was the actual donor. To their surprise, Kyle agreed to help Stacy and Roxy, but swore them to secrecy. Advising them that he needed to run a battery of tests on John Doe, Kyle instructed Stacy and Roxy to take him to the patient.

Before checking on Shane, Gigi asked Rex not to mention their breakup to him. An angered Rex told Gigi that he would keep quiet for Shane's sake. Rex and Gigi tried to cheer up Shane, but the little boy told his parents that he had learned the truth from Stacy -- there was no donor. When Rex and Gigi told Shane that Stacy had tested as a match, the little boy was elated and grateful to his aunt. As Shane continued to remark how happy he was to have Stacy in their lives, Gigi appeared distraught. Shane asked his parents for a group hug. Rex and Gigi put on a brave front for their little boy.

At Llanfair, Jared appeared uncomfortable when Charlie mentioned what a blessing it was to have Chloe in their lives. Realizing that Jared was troubled, Charlie questioned his son. Jared admitted that he had information that could change many lives and asked his father how he would handle the situation. Reminding Jared about the tragedies that had occurred the last time he and Natalie had kept a secret, Charlie told his son to make a decision before it tore him apart. Citing that the circumstances were completely different and the secret wasn't being kept for selfish reasons, Jared stated that the secret could do a great deal of damage to many people. Charlie advised his son, "Do the greatest good to the greatest number of people."

Marcie was surprised when she discovered Natalie kneeling over Baby Hope's gravesite. While Natalie listened, Marcie opened up about her acceptance of Hope's death. Acknowledging that she had recurring dreams about Hope being alive, Marcie admitted that the child's death had ultimately pulled her and Mike back together.

A look of panic crossed Natalie's face when Marcie remarked that she and Jessica were experiencing the same pain. Marcie insisted that the birth of Chloe had helped Jessica get over the loss of Nash. Marcie encouraged Natalie to accept Jessica's offer to be Chloe's godmother. Marcie was certain that Natalie would make a wonderful godmother and act in the best interest in the child.

Later, Natalie returned home. She and Jared discussed the best way to handle their dilemma. While Jared was unsure, Natalie related her conversation with Marcie. Stating that Marcie had accepted Hope's death, Natalie was certain that the news would destroy Jessica.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Officer Fish told John and Marty that Zack Rosen had been in Llanview for several months. John instructed Fish to find out where Zack was hiding. Citing that she had sent him to prison, Marty wondered why Zack wouldn't simply go after her. John stated that he didn't believe that Marty was the target. Insisting that the killer was sending a message, John had a theory. Todd had instigated the rape and had also spent very little time in prison. John believed that Zack was angered by spending years in prison and jealous of Todd's good fortune.

When Marty questioned if they should alert Todd, John said that everyone connected to Rosen should be contacted. John asked Fish if he had contacted the members of his old fraternity. Insisting that not everyone in his fraternity had a criminal mind like Rosen, Fish remarked that he had recently run into an old fraternity brother who was a med student. Marty related that Zack's major in college had been pre-med.

Marty wondered what Zack's possible motive could be. John believed that he intended to frame Todd for the murders. Leaving a picture of Zack in her possession, John asked her to keep her eyes open. John was convinced that Zack was no longer the same person that Marty had known in college.

At Todd's office, Zack complimented Todd on his new face. Zack informed Todd that he had been keeping tabs on Zack while Zack had been in prison. Zack expressed his anger that Todd had enjoyed a great life while he had rotted in prison. Blaming Todd for pressuring him and Powell to commit the rape against Marty, Zack said that he had taken a hit for Todd and needed his help.

Picking up a letter opener from Todd's desk, Zack announced that he wanted Todd to give him a million dollars. With a smirk, Zack asked Todd about his relationship with Marty. Zack remarked that Todd had better be careful because Marty's friends didn't appear to live very long. Todd questioned how much Zack knew about the killings and asked if he was responsible.

Todd refused to give Zack monetary assistance and kicked him out of his office. Zack stood outside of Todd's office and exclaimed, "This isn't over, Manning!"

At Schuyler's apartment, a half-dressed Starr begged Schuyler to admit that he had feelings for her. Horrified, Schuyler insisted that there was nothing between them. He instructed her to get dressed and leave his apartment at once. At that moment, Cole started banging on the door. Threatening to break the door down, Cole demanded that Schuyler let him in.

When Schuyler opened the door, Cole barged inside the apartment. Cole searched the apartment but didn't notice Starr, who was hiding in the bathroom. Cole demanded to know if Schuyler was sleeping with Starr, but Schuyler insisted that Starr was a child and that he didn't have a sexual relationship with her and never would. Accusing Schuyler of taking advantage of Starr, Cole warned him to stay away from her and stormed out of the apartment.

Starr emerged from the bathroom and told Schuyler that she didn't believe what he had said to Cole. Starr begged Schuyler to stop denying his true feelings for her. Starr stressed that she thought about him often and insisted that they shared something special. Fed up with Starr's performance, Schuyler screamed, "There is nothing between us! Face reality! I don't want you!" Humiliated, Starr grabbed her belongings and ran out of the apartment. Out in the hall, Cole observed Starr leaving the apartment.

Cole sat at Hope's gravesite. He told his dead child that he would give anything if she were still alive. Cole insisted that everything would be fine if Hope had lived. Stating that he wanted Starr to be happy and for them to be together, Cole exclaimed that things would never be the same and popped a pill in his mouth.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Starr composed a letter to Schuyler. Meanwhile, a frustrated Schuyler sat in his apartment and went over the day's events in his mind.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Eye of the Needle

Dorian received a phone call from David. David immediately sensed that Dorian was troubled, but she refused to discuss her problems. David didn't push for answers because he had exciting news to share with his wife. David had landed a spot in a national television commercial. Dorian was happy for David.

Dorian realized that Ray was standing in the living room, so she made a point of playing up her affection for David. After she ended the call, Dorian bragged about her husband's good fortune. She invited Ray to watch the commercial with her. Ray wondered if the offer was Dorian's way of asking him out for a date. Dorian set Ray straight; she wanted Ray to see how talented David was, nothing more. Dorian insisted that she loved her husband.

Ray and Dorian sat down to watch David's commercial. Dorian was thrilled when David appeared on the screen, dressed in a black tuxedo. She glowed with pride as David was shown as a suave and debonair gentleman. Dorian's joy turned to horror when David suddenly announced that he suffered from hemorrhoids. Ray's jaw dropped while David peddled a hemorrhoid treatment on television. When the commercial was over, Ray admitted that David did look handsome.

Dorian tried to hide her mortification from Ray. When David called back to ask Dorian what she had thought of his work, Dorian was at a loss for words. Instead, Dorian asked David to return home so that they could celebrate his success together. David had to decline Dorian's invitation. David explained that he had been asked to be the spokesperson for Have-A-Seat. According to David, he was scheduled to tape additional commercials for the company the following day.

David put Dorian on hold while he answered a call from his agent. Dorian disconnected the call. She invited Ray to gloat, but Ray declined. Instead, Ray confessed that he had used Téa to make Dorian jealous. Ray then leaned in to kiss Dorian.

Brody bumped into Jessica and her daughters at the gym. Jessica was cordial but short with Brody. Brody asked for a moment of her time so that he could clear the air between them. Brody surprised Jessica when he admitted that he cared for her. Brody confessed that he had talked to Dr. Levin about his feelings for Jessica. Jessica couldn't understand why, if Brody cared about her, he had slept with Gigi. Brody explained that what had happened with Gigi had been all about Shane, not Gigi.

Brody's explanation only confused Jessica further. She suggested that they remain friends. Before Brody could stop her, Jessica gathered her daughters then left the gym.

Jared and Natalie arrived at the Buchanan mansion to welcome Matthew home. Before they joined the rest of the family in the living room, Jared asked Natalie if she had changed her mind about not revealing that Chloe was Hope. Natalie admitted that she was conflicted about what to do. Natalie reminded Jared that secrets had a way of being discovered. Jared was certain that the truth about Chloe was an exception.

While Matthew's family gathered in the living room, Nora and Bo arrived home with their son. Matthew wasn't in the mood to celebrate when the living room doors were thrown open as the family yelled, "Surprise!" He apologized to everyone then pushed himself out of the room. Nora and Bo followed their son.

Natalie consoled Clint; she reminded him that he had done a good thing for Matthew. Clint was disappointed that Matthew had been upset by the gesture.

Jessica's arrival with her daughters distracted everyone. Natalie pulled Jessica aside to talk. Jessica told Natalie about her encounter with Brody at the gym. Jessica admitted that she was disappointed. However, Jessica found comfort from her daughters. Jessica explained that, no matter how much pain she was in, seeing Chloe gave her hope.

Later, Natalie and Jared announced that they needed to talk to Jessica. When Jessica noticed their somber expressions, Jessica admitted that she was worried. Natalie confessed that they wished to discuss a serious matter with Jessica. Natalie and Jared had decided to accept Jessica's offer to be Chloe's godparents. Jessica was overjoyed by the news.

As Matthew settled into his room, he apologized for leaving the party. Matthew insisted that he wasn't ready to socialize with people. Matthew felt as if everyone pitied him. The only person who hadn't made Matthew feel that way had been Destiny. Matthew didn't understand why Destiny had not been around since she had visited him in the hospital.

Clint took a moment to apologize to Nora. Nora assured Clint that he had nothing to feel sorry about, but she needed some time alone. Clint gave Nora the space she had requested. Her solitude was short-lived. When Nora answered a knock at the front door, she found Hank standing on the doorstep. Hank wasn't alone; Rachel had accompanied her father.

Destiny went to La Boulaie to talk to Sean. Destiny was annoyed with Sean because he had not helped her paralyzed friend, Matthew. Sean had no idea how he could be of help to a paralyzed child. Destiny pointed out that Sean couldn't, but he knew someone who could. Sean insisted that Destiny drop the matter. He also warned Destiny not to pursue the issue further. Destiny ignored Sean's advice; she was determined to help Matthew.

Kyle had doubts about taking John Doe's bone marrow and passing it off as Stacy's. He pointed out that, as a long-term care patient, John Doe might not be healthy enough to donate. Roxy refused to allow Kyle to back out of their agreement while Shane's life hung in the balance. Eventually, Roxy convinced Kyle to start the procedure on John Doe.

At the hospital, Stacy entered Shane's room with a bright smile on her face. While Stacy basked in the glow of Shane and Rex's gratitude, Gigi bit her tongue to remain silent. However, the reality of the donation hit when Michael announced that they were ready to start the procedure.

Stacy balked when Michael tried to lead her to another room to begin the transplant. Stacy scrambled for an excuse to leave. Stacy announced that she had an appointment at another hospital. Rex, Shane, Gigi, and Michael appeared taken aback by Stacy's reaction. To explain her odd behavior, Stacy claimed that she didn't have health insurance.

Michael explained that people had donated money for Shane's treatment. The money collected was more than enough to cover any expense that Stacy might incur. Stacy continued to stall, prompting Gigi to ask to have a private word with her sister.

In the hallway, Gigi asked if Stacy had changed her mind about donating her bone marrow to save Shane. Stacy insisted that she intended to follow through with her promise, but she had to do it another day. Stacy was forced to make up another lie. Stacy claimed that she had a deep fear of needles.

Gigi reminded Stacy of all of the painful tests that Shane had to endure; Gigi didn't have any sympathy for Stacy. Rex joined the sisters. He wanted to know what was going on. Eventually Michael intervened by dragging Stacy to an examination room.

Michael explained to Stacy that before they could harvest her stem cells, she would have to undergo a series of injections that were designed to stimulate cell production. He warned her that there would be side effects. While Michael stepped out of the room to fetch the medication needed to begin the process of harvesting the needed cells, Stacy called Roxy. Stacy wanted Roxy's assistance to slip out of the hospital.

Roxy refused to help Stacy. Before she ended the call, Roxy told Stacy that she hoped the medication they injected Stacy with would make Stacy fat.

When Michael returned to the exam room, he realized that Stacy remained reluctant to undergo the procedure. Michael admitted that he couldn't force Stacy to donate. He offered to give her some time to think about her decision then left the room.

Alone, Stacy entertained a fantasy of Rex walking in to declare his love for her. When Michael returned to the room, Stacy agreed to go through with the injections.

In the hallway, Rex became annoyed when Gigi made a less than flattering comment about Stacy. Rex suggested that Gigi stop badmouthing her sister, since Stacy would be the one to save Shane's life. As Rex stormed away, Gigi's cell phone rang.

Brody had called to check on Gigi. Gigi cried about her situation with Stacy. Brody told Gigi that he had tried to reason with Stacy but had failed. Gigi appreciated Brody's effort on her behalf. She told Brody that he was the only person who understood. Gigi was unaware that Rex had heard her last comment.

Rex snatched the phone out of Gigi's hand. He yelled at Brody to leave them alone while they were in the hospital with Shane then disconnected the call. Rex blasted Gigi and reminded her that Stacy was the only person who had pulled through for Shane.

When Gigi went to Shane's room, Rex was with their son. Shane asked what was going on; he sensed it involved Stacy. Gigi and Rex insisted that everything was fine. Shane was relieved, but he asked if everyone could start being nicer to Stacy.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Teach Your Children Well

Nora was delighted to find her daughter, Rachel, at her front door with Hank. Rachel told Nora that she'd put work and a boyfriend in Chicago aside to be with her mother and her brother in their time of need.

While Hank paid a visit to Bo and Matthew, Nora and Rachel had a mother-daughter talk. Rachel encouraged Nora to lean on her and begin to take care of herself, in order to better help Matthew. Nora told Rachel she was still wrestling with her conflicted emotions toward Cole. She said she blamed him for what had happened, but also saw him as she'd seen Rachel during her drug addiction, as a young person in need of help. Rachel asked if Cole was clean yet and warned Nora that the rehab facility's rules might not prevent him from relapsing.

Nora said she didn't have the time to tend to Cole, given Matthew's condition, and she feared Marty wouldn't, either. Rachel said that was why she was there. She asked about Clint, and Nora said she and Clint were having trouble communicating, and she didn't know how to fix it. As Hank returned from visiting with Matthew, Nora thanked her loved ones for going to her aid. Rachel assured Nora that they were still a strong family who could take on anything.

At La Boulaie, Dorian and Ray's impulsive kiss ended as Jack sneaked in and took a cell phone picture of them in a clinch. Jack told them he knew a cheating spouse when he saw one, and threatened to call David and send him the picture unless Dorian helped him get John out of the house and reunite Jack with Todd. Ray defused Jack's blackmail attempt by intimidating him with a harrowing prison anecdote about the last man who'd tried to blackmail a Montez -- and ended up in the prison incinerator. Cowed, Jack backed down and gave Dorian back her phone then scampered off.

Dorian thanked Ray for his help and for comforting her during trying times with Blair, Todd, and David. Ray told her he hadn't kissed her because he'd felt sorry for her. He said he knew that in a difficult situation, even the strongest woman would need the support of a man she loved.

In the foyer, Starr and Langston returned home and began another heated conversation about Schuyler. Starr blamed Cole for messing things up between her and "Mr. J" and told a skeptical Langston that Blair supported her pursuing her teacher, neglecting to mention that she had left out several crucial details when she had spoken to her mother. Starr told Langston that her relationship with Schuyler was no mere crush and claimed that they had been ready to take things to the next level before Cole had interrupted them. Langston wanted to be supportive of her friend but was stunned when Starr explained that she planned to wait to be with Schuyler until she graduated. She asked if Starr was using Mr. Joplin to try to get over the loss of Cole, but Starr denied it.

As Jack stormed out of the drawing room, he overturned the mail on the end table in a fury and told Langston that her uncle was "a horse's butt." After Jack ran upstairs, Starr and Langston began to sort through the mail, only to find a letter to Blair from Llanview High. Starr was horrified to learn that the school was pursuing disciplinary action against Schuyler and was contacting Todd because they had yet to receive a response from Blair. Starr raced out to try to intercept Todd before he could learn of her dalliance with Schuyler.

In the drawing room, Dorian stared pensively at the cell phone picture of her kiss with Ray. Langston entered, hoping to vent to her foster mom about Starr, but froze when she saw the image on Dorian's phone.

Over at Todd's, Talia and Fish questioned Todd about Zach Rosen and his visit to the Sun. Todd asked if Zach was the prime suspect in the serial murder case, and Talia reminded him that he was still on the list of suspects himself. Todd threw the cops out but was unaware of Zach lurking outside.

As Todd toyed with a safe in his study, Zach crept closer to entering the house. The doorbell interrupted Todd's work, and when he answered, he found a drug-addled Cole, who was ready to pick another fight. As Todd and Cole moved into the living room, Zach entered through the front door.

Todd assumed that Cole was there to unload on him about Marty again, but Cole told him it was something different: Starr's teacher was "trying to get into her pants." Todd's ears perked up at the mention of Schuyler Joplin's name, and as Cole told Todd about what he'd seen at the dance and then at the Angel Square Hotel, the absentee father became enraged. Todd rushed out, and told Cole to lock up when he left.

As Cole prepared to leave, he ran smack into Zach. When Cole asked who he was, Zach identified himself and called Marty the "bitch" who'd put him in prison. Enraged, Cole charged Zach, only to knock himself out when they hit the floor.

Somewhere across town, John kicked the door in on Zach Rosen's darkened, dilapidated motel room. As John tossed the room for clues, he found numerous newspapers full of headlines about Todd, Marty, and the murders. He made an anonymous call to the cops about a breaking and entering at the motel and waited until Talia and Fish arrived on the scene.

The officers were surprised that John had taken to petty crime, but Talia soon realized John had staged the break-in in order to give the Llanview Police Department "probable cause" to search Rosen's room for clues. Talia told John to leave while the police combed the scene and said they would grab Zach when he returned. John warned Talia to be careful and said that if Zach were their culprit, he was growing bolder and more dangerous.

At Llanview Hospital, Blair had a visitor in the ICU: Marty, bearing tulips. As Marty and Blair made awkward small talk about her marriage, Blair flashed her wedding ring and coolly assured Marty that her new life as Mrs. John McBain was about more than her children. When Marty questioned Blair for details about the night of her attack, Blair's interest was piqued. Marty explained that there was a murderer on the loose, and they were all in danger, yet Blair doubted Marty cared much for her welfare. Through trading barbs, Marty told Blair to get well soon and breezily told her there'd be no hard feelings about the time she'd run to the press and called Marty a psychotic killer.

As Marty exited, John walked up to Blair's room. John was concerned that Blair was ill, but Marty assured him she'd only been visiting and that "she's still the same Blair we know and love." John warned Marty that Zach had paid a visit to Todd and told her she needed a police security detail. He felt sure that Zach was out for revenge against anyone who had wronged him and anyone they might care about.

Schuyler returned home and found Starr's letter on the ground. At first, he tossed it in the trash, but his curiosity got the better of him, and he began to read. In her letter, Starr told Schuyler that she'd felt something for him since the moment they'd met and insisted that he'd felt it, too, as she'd stripped for him. Starr promised to wait for Schuyler, and asked him to wait for her.

Mortified, Schuyler resolved to write a letter of his own back to Starr. He made it as far as "Dear Starr" before deciding it was a bad idea and tossing the paper aside, only for it to hit Todd, who barged in without warning. Schuyler instantly recognized Todd. Fearful, he told Todd not to look at the paper, but Todd read it anyway then glowered menacingly at the young man.

Back at Todd's, Zach picked himself up off the floor, leering at the unconscious Cole, brandishing a knife as he wondered what he could do to Marty's son that would hurt her the most. Just then, Starr rushed in, calling out for Todd. As she entered the living room, she met face to face with Zach. "Twinkle, twinkle, little Starr!" Zach sneered.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

El corazón desea lo que desea

At La Boulaie, Langston saw the cell phone photo of Dorian and her Uncle Ray sharing a kiss. Dorian's insistence that it was not what it looked like gave way to her attempt to change the subject. Langston fell for neither and wanted to know what had happened to change Dorian's prior feelings of hate for the man.

Dorian explained that she was merely tolerating Ray, since Langston had wanted him to stay in town. Dorian's weak excuse that she was married to David did not fool Langston, who felt that the kiss had been real. She asked if her aunt and uncle were having an affair. Dorian explained that Jack had caught the kiss and had tried to blackmail her into letting him be with his dad. The women wondered if the boy would be like Todd when he was older.

Turning back to the photo, Langston asked if Ray was a good kisser. Dorian quickly shouted out that "it was not like that." It had just happened, she explained. Not willing to discuss it any further, Dorian gave in when Langston accused her aunt of only wanting an open and honest relationship when it didn't apply to herself. Dorian insisted that the subject matter wasn't appropriate, but Langston thought that kissing Ray fell into the same category. Dorian admitted that she would have normally discussed things with Blair.

Smiling, Langston informed her aunt that Dorian couldn't fight chemistry. She wanted to know why Dorian hadn't deleted the picture from the phone. She figured that David would either rush home if he saw the picture or tell Dorian to go to hell. She wondered what Dorian really wanted but hoped she would be happy like Langston was.

Ray and Lola settled in for dinner at the café, but it became apparent to Ray that his daughter was flirting with Markko. When he wondered if anything was happening between the pair, Lola told him that something had indeed happened and would again if she had anything to say about it. A perturbed Ray noted how uncomfortable Markko looked and reminded his daughter that he was her cousin's boyfriend. He wondered what had happened to the nice girl he had known his daughter to be.

Insisting that she knew how Markko really felt, Lola informed her dad that the young man wanted her, otherwise he would have told Langston about Lola's kiss. Ray believed that Markko merely wanted to protect Langston from finding out what her cousin had done. Lola wanted to know about her dad kissing Dorian.

Ray gruffly stated that they were talking about Lola. He reminded her that he had stayed in the country because Lola had wanted to stay. He ordered her to not only stop going after her cousin's boyfriend but to march herself into the kitchen and apologize to Markko for her actions. She timidly agreed to stop and leave Markko alone but wanted to know what her father's plans were regarding Dorian.

Stating that David was not around and that Dorian didn't love him, anyway, Ray reacted strongly when Lola muttered that Dorian had married David. Jumping up, he left the restaurant hastily but not before reminding Lola to make the clean break with Markko.

Téa paid a visit to Llanfair to talk to Viki about Todd's latest infuriating move. Viki was hardly surprised to hear that Todd had offered himself to Téa in exchange for her admitting to the judge that John and Blair's marriage was a farce. Téa wondered out loud if Todd really believed she'd throw her career away for him.

Viki reasoned that Téa was so upset because she had actually considered Todd's offer. A dejected-looking Téa wondered what was wrong with her as Viki assured her that she was not the first woman to fall for the wrong man. Téa knew in her head that Todd's offer was horrible and that he was merely a "manipulating narcissist." However, her heart felt otherwise and longed for the excitement and the feeling alive that a relationship with Todd gave her.

"Sometimes, the heart just wants what it wants," declared Dorian to Langston, Lola to Ray, and Viki to Tea.

Fixing her lip gloss, Lola arose and headed to the kitchen, informing Markko that she had something to tell him. A furious Markko didn't want to hear it and cut her short, reminding her that he was with Langston. As she kept talking, Lola revealed that she had promised her father she would let Markko go. Before Markko could be too happy, she added that she had lied. Langston made her way through the café.

Viki suggested that Téa find someone else who would help her get over Todd. Admitting that she had gone out with Ray but had no feelings for him, Téa expressed her gratitude for Viki's friendship. Viki admitted that her feelings for Todd were similar to Tea's. She was angry at him but loved him the same, especially knowing about his horrid childhood.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Todd glowered at Schuyler after reading the letter the young man had just begun writing to Starr. Todd accused the teacher of being a pervert for writing a love letter. Schuyler attempted to explain that nothing had happened between himself and Starr and that he had not been writing a love letter but telling her that nothing could happen between them as she wanted. Todd was livid that the blame was being placed on Starr.

Schuyler turned the tables and accused Todd of being responsible for Schuyler's mother's death, though Todd quickly responded that he had never laid a hand on Dr. Joplin. Schuyler blamed her suicide on Todd's plan and the chain of events that had led to Hope's death. Todd threatened to send Schuyler to prison for his moves on Starr, though the young man insisted he had never touched Starr or crossed the line. Todd wondered exactly what line Schuyler was talking about.

The teacher retorted that Todd had left lines in the dust when he had blackmailed Schuyler's mother. He thought that if Todd liked letters so much, he had a letter from his mom that recounted Todd's entire baby-snatching plot. Todd informed Schuyler that he already knew that the letter had been burned. He blamed Schuyler for going after Starr because of what Todd had done to Dr. Joplin. Schuyler denied that. Todd announced that anyone who hurt his daughter would not live to tell about it.

Calling Todd a sick man, Schuyler shouted that Starr had been hurting and had needed someone to talk to. He had confided in her, as well, and regretted that he had said as much as he had. Again, he insisted that nothing had happened. Todd wondered why, if that were the case, Cole had gone to tell him that Starr had left the teacher's room, looking like she had been getting dressed and that Schuyler had looked the same. Schuyler explained that Starr had shown up, but he had told her that nothing would happen.

Todd sneered, "Like nothing happened at the dance?" Schuyler maintained that Starr had kissed him, he had stopped it, and he had been put on leave. Todd advised Schuyler that for molesting Starr, worse things would happen. He pointed out what had happened to Cole when Todd had found him in bed with Starr. Schuyler realized why Starr was so "messed up" and kept falling in love with the wrong guy. It was all due to Todd, he shouted. It was Todd's fault if someone took advantage, he emphasized.

Encountering Zach at her dad's place, Starr wondered if she knew the man who apparently knew her. Zach introduced himself as Carl Swift, a friend of her father's. An unsuspecting Starr explained that she was there to check her father's mail, looking for a letter that she didn't want him to see. She added that she was no longer a little girl but all grown up. Zach quickly responded that he could obviously see that was true.

Starr explained her situation with an older man as Zach exclaimed what a beautiful young woman Starr had become. He figured that Todd didn't want to share his daughter with anyone, which caused Todd to act as he did, but Todd had his own issues with women, given his history. Zach vulgarly questioned how Todd would have acted if Starr had been around in the past, when Todd had been young. He asked if she wanted to prove that she was no longer a little girl.

Rattled, Starr headed for the door, but Zach stopped her from leaving. Just then, Cole, who had remained unconscious and out of sight until that moment, jumped up and told Starr to get away from Zach. He was the man who had raped Marty, Cole yelled. Grabbing her arm, Cole began to usher Starr out the door. Just as they were about to cross the threshold, Zach called out to them. He pointed his gun at them.

Advising them that he couldn't let them leave and call the cops, Zach informed them that he wanted whatever Todd had. He was angry that Todd had received a pardon, was rich, and had a family. As he spoke, Cole dialed John's number on the cell phone behind his back.

At Llanview Hospital, John filled Marty in on the latest attempts to locate Zach, the prime suspect in the town's brutal crimes. He was concerned for both Blair and Marty and wanted to make sure they were protected at all times. Marty declined his offer of driving her home but noted how caring of a husband he was for being in an arranged marriage. "See what you're missing," he replied.

John insisted that Zach was probably not finished with either Blair or Marty, but since Blair had security at the hospital, he was worried about Marty. Changing the subject, Marty asked John if he had married Blair to screw Todd. Assuring Marty that while the marriage wasn't conventional, it was all about Blair and the protection of her kids. He had no regrets.

Surprised to find Marty still waiting after he checked in on Blair, John again suggested that he drive her home. When the phone rang, John told her that Cole was calling. Listening in silence, he heard Cole shouting at Zach while leaving clues on the situation at the same time.

Zach caught Cole with the phone and assured him that he had made a mistake. Not knowing whom Cole had called, Zach grabbed the phone and stated that the kids would be dead if the cops showed up. Hanging up, he pleasantly thought that things were working better than he had planned. He had Todd's daughter and Marty's son.

As Dorian stared at the cell phone picture and played with the phone, she sent the photo to David. "Oh no," was all she could muster as Ray walked in.

Viki urged Téa to let Todd go, because she deserved better. Téa wondered what would happen if she couldn't do that.

As Schuyler continued to accuse Todd of being responsible for Starr's behavior, Todd grabbed Schuyler and slammed his head into the door. Todd urged him to let it be the last time -- that the teacher wouldn't want a next time.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Payback Is A *%^$#

In the kitchen of the Buenos Dias Café, Markko rejected Lola's advances, but she continued to flirt with him. As Markko pulled away from Lola and told her that he wasn't interested, Langston appeared and demanded to know what was going on. Realizing that Langston was suspicious, Markko blurted out that Lola had been pursuing him for months. Sobbing, Lola lied and told Langston that she had been secretly dating Markko and begged for her cousin's forgiveness. Markko denied being involved with Lola. Langston insisted that Lola leave so that she could discuss the matter with Markko.

Proclaiming his love for Langston, Markko told her that he had no interest in Lola and that Langston was the only girl for him. With tears welling up in her eyes, Langston gave Markko a hug. After Markko explained how Lola had tried to seduce him, Langston said that she had been suspicious but hadn't wanted to believe that it could be possible.

Acknowledging Markko's charming demeanor, Langston surmised that Lola had gotten carried away and couldn't help being attracted to him. Stating that Lola was manipulative and determined to get whatever she wanted, Markko warned Langston that Lola wasn't the person that she appeared to be. Realizing that Markko's assumption was correct, Langston wondered how they could remedy the problem.

At La Boulaie, Dorian nearly panicked after she accidentally sent David the picture of her and Ray kissing. To her surprise, Ray entered the room and announced that he regretted that things had gone too far between them. He said that they could never share a passionate moment again. Uncertain that she wanted to keep their relationship platonic, Dorian suggested that they have a drink and discuss the matter.

Dorian tried to convince Ray that he had only acted on his true feelings, but Ray turned down the drink and was adamant that he owed her an apology. Ray stated that he firmly believed that no woman should be taken away from her husband. As Dorian struggled to think up a rebuttal, she received a call from David. Realizing that she needed to explain the picture to David, Dorian asked Ray to leave while she spoke with her husband. Ray obliged.

When David demanded answers concerning the photo, Dorian lied and told him that it was a joke. Dorian informed her husband that she wasn't pleased with their long-distance relationship and insisted that it wasn't working out. Dorian announced that she was willing to join him in Hollywood. A saddened Dorian remarked, "Aside from my girls, there's nothing keeping me here."

Out in the hall, Ray discovered Lola in tears. Lola lied and said that while she had been trying to apologize to Markko, Langston had walked in and misunderstood the situation. Claiming that Langston had called her a slut, Lola told her father that she feared that her relationship with Langston was ruined. Admitting that Langston had been kind to her, Lola vowed to make things right with her cousin. Ray comforted his daughter but didn't notice the devilish grin on her face. Lola appeared relieved that he believed her tall tale.

Rex arrived at Llanfair to retrieve one of Shane's comics and ran into Jessica. Noticing that Rex was troubled, Jessica asked if something was wrong. Confiding in Jessica that he was hurt because Gigi had slept with Brody, Rex said that he regretted helping Brody because Brody had betrayed him in the end. After giving Jessica a brief recap of his escapade with Stacy, Rex said that he believed that Gigi had slept with Brody out of revenge.

Jessica listened intently as Rex told her about the breakdown that had landed Brody in St. Anne's. Rex said that Brody had always had a strong attraction to Gigi. Insisting that he had trusted Brody and believed that he had changed, Rex realized that he had been wrong. Rex said that he was shocked by Gigi and Brody's betrayal.

Rex was surprised when Jessica informed him that she had met Brody while they had both been patients at St. Anne's. As Jessica discussed her friendship with Brody, Rex wondered if she was attracted to Brody. Denying that she had any feelings for Brody, Jessica sadly stated that she was also shocked by Gigi and Brody's behavior. After they had concluded their conversation, Rex ran upstairs to get Shane's comic, while Jessica remained downstairs.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Brody encountered Gigi and questioned her about Stacy. Brody noted that Stacy's behavior was despicable. Gigi admitted that she could never hate her sister. Brody resented the way Stacy had chosen to use Shane in an attempt to steal Rex from Gigi.

When Gigi thanked Brody for helping her, he related that she and Shane were worth it. Gigi expressed her fear that her relationship with Brody might become weird, but Brody assured her that it wouldn't. Confessing that he would always love her and Shane, Brody informed Gigi that he had moved on. Brody admitted that he had feelings for Jessica. Gigi was pleased that Brody had found someone.

When Gigi learned that Jessica was under the assumption that Gigi and Brody had been intimate, Gigi was determined to tell Jessica that she and Brody were pretending to be lovers. Reminding Gigi that Shane hadn't yet received Stacy's bone marrow, Brody worried that Stacy might change her mind if the truth were revealed before the procedure took place. Gigi begged Brody to allow her to tell Jessica the truth. Unwilling to risk Shane's chances of receiving Stacy's bone marrow, Brody told Gigi to leave things as they were. Brody stated that perhaps he and Jessica could work at being just friends. As Brody sat alone in the diner, he was consumed with thoughts of Jessica.

While Jessica experienced a flashback of her kiss with Brody, Gigi arrived and asked to speak with her. Gigi told Jessica that she wanted to reveal the truth about her relationship with Brody, but Jessica maintained that it wasn't any of her concern. As Rex stood on the staircase, Gigi pleaded with Jessica to give her the opportunity to explain. Unaware that Rex was nearby, Gigi yelled, "Nothing happened between me and Brody!" Remaining unseen on the staircase, a stunned Rex stopped dead in his tracks.

Stacy arrived at the apartment and discovered Schuyler, badly beaten and bruised. Schuyler told her about the situation with Starr and his encounter with Todd.

As Stacy applied first aid to Schuyler's wounds, the two discussed their past relationship. Schuyler expressed his concern with Stacy's plot to make Rex fall in love with her. He was certain that she would get hurt in the process. When Schuyler mentioned that he was certain that Stacy had been consumed with thoughts of Rex during their relationship, Stacy told him that she had been devoted to Schuyler.

Recounting that Schuyler had always protected her in Vegas, Stacy stated that although he had taken drugs, Schuyler had never allowed her to get hooked on them. Smiling lovingly at her, Schuyler remarked, "Because I loved you!" The two shared a passionate kiss.

Todd returned home and found John and Marty outside. They told him that Zack Rosen was holding Starr and Cole hostage inside.

Inside, Zack held Starr and Cole at gunpoint. Upon realizing that John and Todd were outside, Zack vowed that he would never go back to prison. Starr begged him to sneak out the back door, but Zack announced that he wasn't leaving until he got payback.

While Todd continued to hurl threats at Zack, John tried to calm Todd down. Reminding Todd that the kids were in grave danger, John urged Todd to allow John to take charge. Todd and John made several attempts to reason with Zack over the phone, but Zack continued to taunt them.

As John, Todd, and Marty planned their next move, the lights inside the house were all turned off, and the front door opened slowly. When they entered the darkened house, they discovered Cole taped to a chair. Todd demanded to know where Zack had taken Starr. Struggling to free himself, Cole told them that Zack had relocated upstairs with Starr.

Todd and John ran upstairs to rescue Starr. Cole pleaded with his mother to free him, but Marty refused. She didn't want Cole to break away and run upstairs. Marty feared that he would get hurt in an attempt to save Starr. Once Marty had unbound him, she prevented Cole from running upstairs. Cole told her that he needed to save Starr because he loved her.

Meanwhile, upstairs, Zack held Starr at gunpoint in the room that had once belonged to Marty. As Todd and John communicated with Zack through the closed door, they reminded him that it was in his best interests to release Starr. When Todd asked Zack to take him as a hostage instead, Zack laughed and declared that Starr was more valuable. After Todd agreed to help him, Zack told Todd that he would allow Todd entry but warned that he would kill Starr if Todd played any tricks.

Todd entered the room and calmly tried to reason with Zack. Offering to help Zack escape, Todd wanted to know his demands. When Todd asked Zack to release Starr, Zack announced, "We can't do this without her! We're having a nostalgic moment. Me and you locked in an upstairs bedroom with an innocent girl. We all know what happens next!" Starr was terrified.

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