Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 6, 2009 on GL

Dinah and Shayne made love. Edmund cornered Shayne. Alan bribed the judge in Phillip's case, and Phillip was found guilty. James wooed the governor's daughter to secure Phillip's pardon. Christina and Remy signed divorce papers then made love. Jeffrey set up a webcam for Reva to see baby Colin.
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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of April 6, 2009 on GL
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Monday, April 6, 2009

At Shayne's hotel room, Shayne and Dinah curled together in his chair, draped in a sheet after making love. Shayne detested the thought of Dinah departing for work, and so did she. They negotiated that she could leave for three hours and then return to his awaiting arms.

At Cedars later, Shayne observed the infant Colin in the baby ward. Edmund approached to apologize for overwhelming Shayne with Lara's pregnancy. Shayne had appreciated Edmund's honesty. Edmund found it nice to trust someone. Shayne offered to reciprocate Edmund's openness by telling Edmund the truth about Lara's death. Edmund insisted that the death had been accidental, but Shayne replied that Lara's death had been Shayne's fault.

Shayne explained that he had been responsible for clearing the landmines in the field where Lara had died. Shayne made no excuse for missing the mine that Lara had tripped. Edmund gazed in terrible silence, listening to Shayne say that the news of the baby had sent Shayne reeling, but it hadn't destroyed him. Shayne had left his dark place, and for the first time since Lara's death, Shayne saw a future for himself. Shayne was sorry that he hadn't told Edmund sooner. "It must have been hard to keep that inside all this time," Edmund uttered.

At the Cooper house, child services called to inform Mallet that they were reviewing Henry's adoption. Though child services didn't divulge why they were reviewing the case, Mallet told Marina that it was probably nothing to worry about. Mallet and Marina reminded each other of how well-suited their house and their family were for Henry.

When Dinah grabbed coffee at Company, she noticed that Marina was jittery about Henry. Marina said that child services had decided to review Henry's adoption. Dinah considered that might have been the reason that Mallet had called Dinah earlier. Dinah reassured Marina that child services would conclude that Henry had found a loving home.

Dinah visited Mallet at the police station to say that she'd heard about child services from Marina. Mallet said that he planned not to worry about Henry's adoption until there was something to worry about. Dinah assured him that the adoption papers were in order and that child services had no jurisdiction in Bosnia. Mallet said that he didn't want to cause Dinah any trouble over the adoption. They both agreed that it was premature to worry about anything.

Dinah met Shayne at Cedars, where they went in to see baby Colin together. Shayne had invited her there to prove that, even though he did ponder the kind of father he would have been, he hadn't fallen apart over his lost child. Dinah knew that he wouldn't fall apart because she had seen his strength, even before he'd known that he possessed it.

When Shayne and Dinah returned to his hotel room, they were surprised to find Edmund inside, holding Lara's music box. Edmund said that Shayne's door had been unlocked, and he'd accidentally knocked the music box off the table. Shayne examined the box and deemed it repairable. Edmund abruptly said that he was intruding on Dinah and Shayne, and he left.

Blake entered the mansion parlor. Phillip asked how her children were, and Blake seethed, "You killed their father." Phillip said that he never would have hurt Ross. Blake whimpered, wondering why Phillip had let Ross risk his life for Phillip. Phillip shook his head, murmuring that he hadn't known about it. Blake hated that Phillip had lived, but Ross was dead. Before she left, Blake hoped that Phillip would rot in jail for the rest of his life.

At Company later, Blake congratulated Marina on reclaiming Company. Blake admitted to having too much free time, stating that the bad economy had affected her freelance careers. Marina tossed Blake an apron, asking if Blake would like a middle management position. Blake said that she didn't know how to wait tables, but Marina replied that Blake would be manger.

At the farmhouse, Olivia decided to plan Natalia's wedding. A reluctant Natalia hadn't given much thought to a wedding date, let alone any wedding details. Olivia shoved magazines into Natalia's hands, saying that Natalia could review them in the car.

Olivia drove Natalia to a bridal boutique, where Olivia instructed the clerk to pull out dresses for Natalia to try on. As Natalia modeled a gown for Olivia, Natalia said that she had never believed she'd want to marry again after Gus. Staring at Olivia's reflection behind Natalia in the mirror, Natalia said that she didn't know how to thank Olivia.

Olivia received a phone call from Beth, who had been ringing Olivia all morning without success. Beth requested Olivia and Emma's presence at a family dinner party that evening. Olivia agreed to take Emma to the mansion.

Outside the mansion, below the patio, Bill awaited Lizzie, who went to the patio railing on cue. When he suggested they go bowling for their third date, Lizzie said that after the third date, they could have sex. Bill excitedly scaled the stone wall and hopped over the railing to reach her. Lizzie had never seen Bill move as fast as he had moved at the mention of sex. Bill claimed that sex hadn't moved him and touted that he could hold out for at least ten dates. Lizzie believed that she was too much of a temptress for his meager willpower. She lured him in for a kiss, but he yanked himself away, saying that he had to go and practice his bowling skills.

While strolling on the Spaulding grounds, Alan discovered the hidden bag of money. "What the hell is this?" he asked, sifting through the cash. When Alan encountered Lizzie on his way back to the house, he said that she had been brave to confront Grady Foley alone. Lizzie stated that she had done what Alan had taught her to do. She had paid Grady off with a million dollars. "A million dollars cash, and Grady Foley gone. That's it, huh?" Alan asked. Lizzie agreed that it had been that simple. Alan stared thoughtfully as Lizzie walked away.

Inside, Beth planned a dinner to rally the family as they awaited Phillip's verdict. Phillip wished her luck getting Emma and Olivia to show up. Beth and Phillip loved the idea of inviting Bill to upset Alan. Lizzie rolled her eyes, complaining that it would be the like the last supper.

Later, Lizzie apologized to Bill, telling him that their date had been derailed by the "freak show" family dinner. She mentioned that her grandfather was acting weird, and that had to spell trouble. Bill said they would survive dinner and then go bowling after.

Out on the patio, Phillip found Alan enjoying a cigar. Phillip informed him of the dinner party, and Alan found it peculiar that the house staff still tended to Beth's every whim even though Beth was no longer the lady of the house. Phillip said that Beth was the mother of his children. "Mine, too," Alan replied. Alan said that he'd gone walking in the garden. Alan hinted that he'd found something by the fountain that had given him a new perspective on things.

In the dining room, Beth and Philip worried that they might not have any guests. Just then, Emma rushed in to hug her father. Olivia strode in behind her. After Lizzie and Bill entered, the group sat at the table. Alan boisterously entered, apologizing for his lateness. He said he had stumbled upon party favors in the garden, and he wanted to share them with everyone. Alan dumped a tall, cylindrical can over, and cash spilled onto the table. "I think there's enough here for all of us!" he announced. The startled family stared at Alan.

Emma suspected that it was a lot of money, and Alan said that it was a million dollars. He asked Emma if she wanted some, but Olivia coolly said that they would pass. As Alan and Phillip exchanged glances, Hilda entered to ask if they were ready to be served. She was startled to see the cash, and Alan graciously asked Hilda if she wanted a "party favor." Hilda giddily grabbed a stack of cash and excited left to get their soup.

After dinner, Emma retreated to the patio outside to hide her sadness about Phillip and Natalia. When Olivia found her, Emma said that she didn't want Phillip to go to jail. Emma didn't want Natalia to leave them, either. Olivia explained that Natalia was happy in her choice to marry Frank, and newlyweds needed their privacy. Emma had seen Natalia crying before, and Emma concluded that Natalia did not want to marry Frank. Emma hoped that Natalia really wanted to continue to live with Olivia and Emma.

In the parlor, Lizzie was sure that Alan was toying with them upon finding Grady's blackmail money. Bill reminded her that an invisible moat protected them. Bill suggested that they go bowling, and he cringed when Lizzie said that she averaged a 120 bowling score. Lizzie lifted her shirt and flashed her bra at Bill. He moaned that she played dirty. Determined to hold out, he tugged her along to their bowling date.

Back in the dining room, Phillip said that Alan had made quite a display. Alan replied that it wasn't every day that he found a million dollars. Alan said that Phillip should know when he'd been beaten. Alan concluded that the money had been meant for Grady, but Phillip had made sure that Grady wouldn't need it. Disgusted that Phillip had convinced Lizzie to lie about it, Alan said that he refused to let Phillip "hurt my little girl."

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

As Edmund sulked alone in his dark hotel room, Shayne met Josh at the memorial construction site. Josh asked what had unnerved Shayne at the hospital the other day. Shayne relayed that Edmund had confided in him about Lara's pregnancy, and in turn, Shayne had confided in Edmund about the circumstances of Lara's death. Josh said that Shayne had no idea what he had done.

Josh argued that neglecting to clear a landmine wasn't the same as putting a gun to someone's head, and Josh insisted that Edmund couldn't discern the difference. Shayne believed that Edmund had changed, challenging Josh to list one bad thing Edmund had done upon returning to town. Josh said that wasn't the point, but Shayne continued, naming good things that Edmund had done. Shayne believed that knowing Lara had changed Edmund the same way it had changed Shayne. After Shayne left, Josh called Billy to say that they needed to keep an eye on Edmund because Josh had a bad feeling about things.

Shayne stopped by to see Reva at the hospital. As they talked about Colin, Reva noticed the smile on Shayne's face. Shayne bashfully said that he was feeling better. Reva replied that she was grateful to the woman who had renewed Shayne's joy.

Bill tried to avoid Dinah when he saw her outside, but she pursued him, wondering if he had heard about the check she'd written the other day. Bill expressed no interest in Dinah's self-serving deed. Dinah didn't expect Bill to appreciate her actions, but since no one was willing to punish Dinah, she felt she had to create her own repercussions. "Good for you," Bill bit out.

Dinah realized that she couldn't fix her relationship with Bill but said she would be there if he ever wanted to reconcile. She wanted him to know that she hadn't punished herself as a gesture for him; she had done it because she had to get on with her own life.

In the hospital baby ward later, Dinah approached Daisy as Daisy watched her baby uncle through the glass. Shayne walked up, telling Dinah that he needed to discuss a project with her. Daisy told them that they didn't have to talk in code because Daisy knew what was going on. Shayne still feigned innocence as he led Dinah away.

In Dinah's room at the Beacon, Shayne and Dinah seemed at a loss for something to do. Dinah suggested they watch television or do her workout videos together. Shayne said that they could work out naked. After they made love, Dinah grabbed her yoga video. Shayne observed a pose on the box, and Dinah claimed that she could twist into the pose. Shayne tossed the video aside, anxiously deciding that they were going to do yoga.

After Dinah and Shayne made love again, Dinah said she had never thought they'd end up together. Shayne said he'd first realized it when they had roasted marshmallows at the burning warehouse. Dinah remarked that Shayne was "so simple," unlike the complicated and troubled man she'd first met. Shayne replied that when he was with Dinah, he had no troubles at all.

Jeffrey dragged Daisy into Reva's hospital room to cheer Reva up. Reva instructed Daisy to do something silly to make Reva laugh so that Jeffrey would let Daisy leave. Daisy said that she wanted to see Reva, but it was hard to see Reva hospitalized. Reva suggested that seeing the baby would make Daisy feel better. Reva grumbled that it would certainly make herself feel better. Jeffrey assured Reva that she would see the baby when she was well.

After Daisy saw Colin, she returned to Reva's room to show Reva pictures that she'd taken with her phone. Jeffrey peeked in long enough to hear Reva telling Daisy that having Colin down the hall gave Reva strength. After Jeffrey ducked out, Reva continued saying that it was best for Colin to go home and begin his life; however, Reva worried that Jeffrey feared doing it without Reva. Reva asked Daisy to help Jeffrey with the baby, but Daisy couldn't understand why everyone thought teenagers liked babysitting. Reva offered her a hefty sum per hour, and Daisy said she would think about it.

In the corridor, Jeffrey learned from the doctor that Colin would be released. Jeffrey felt that Reva needed Colin to stay in the hospital with her. The doctor said that they had regulations, and they couldn't keep the baby there when he was better off at home.

When Jeffrey returned to Reva, she said that sometimes she thought she could hear their baby's cry. They agreed that Colin was in a state-of-the-art facility. In unison, they said that Colin needed to go home. Reva said she thought that Jeffrey had been afraid to take Colin home alone. Jeffrey replied that he thought Reva was afraid to be hospitalized without Colin. "Can you handle it?" Reva wondered. Jeffrey replied, "Can you?"

Jeffrey picked Colin up in the baby ward to take him home. The nurse checked their wristbands and wished Jeffrey luck. As Jeffrey walked off with the baby, Edmund stood in the shadows, watching. Jeffrey took Colin to the viewing window of Reva's room, where Reva blew kisses to them. Reva grew tearful when Jeffrey took Colin away. Edmund approached the window and watched Reva.

Sometime later, a nurse handed Reva a laptop. Jeffrey called Reva, asking if she had received the laptop. He instructed her to turn it on, click the third icon, and hang up the phone. After she did, Jeffrey and Colin appeared on the computer screen. Reva was excited that Jeffrey had set up a webcam so that Reva could see Colin and him day and night. Jeffrey said that they could begin to be a family. Reva said that they'd always been a family.

At Towers, Beth slid onto a bar stool beside Edmund, who had just ordered his second double drink of the morning. Beth said that Phillip's verdict would be handed down at any time, and Edmund assumed she was drinking to calm her hysterics in the courtroom. Beth told him that she should have stayed on the other side of the bar. "And I should have stayed on the other side of the world," Edmund snapped, slapping bills down upon the bar and hastily departing.

Edmund traveled to the memorial construction site. "Dedicated in loving memory by her father, Edmund Winslow, and her close friend, Shayne Lewis," he read the sign. Edmund snidely repeated, "Close friend..."

Later, Edmund approached Josh, wryly saying that Josh and his healthy son, Shayne, would build a memorial for Edmund's dead daughter. Edmund realized that Josh had to do what was right for Shayne, but Edmund assured Josh that Edmund planned to do right by Lara.

Alan approached the judge in Phillip's trial with his desire to "go green." He popped open his trunk, revealing a bag of money. "Now that's green," Alan said. The uncomfortable judge didn't think that Alan and she were on the same page about how to clean up Springfield's environment. Alan felt they were, because they both wanted to rid the city of toxins to make future generations safe. He said that parents knew what was best for their children. The judge considered that her daughter certainly loved green, and she took the bag of money from Alan.

At the mansion, Lizzie told Phillip that she should have known that Alan was up to something when he had questioned her about the money before dinner. Lizzie said that she had lied to Alan that she had paid Grady off, but Alan had already known that it wasn't true. Lizzie didn't know why she had lied for Phillip, but she was grateful to Phillip that Grady was gone. Just then, Phillip received a phone call announcing that the verdict was in. Lizzie said that in case Phillip went away, she wanted to thank him for protecting her.

At the courthouse, Phillip saw Alan at the prosecution table and wondered if Alan were trying to get a front-row seat. "Well, I want to get my money's worth," Alan remarked. Alan asked Phillip how he thought things would go that day. Phillip said that he had been feeling good about things until he had entered the courtroom.

Alan took a seat in the courtroom gallery above. He seemed offended when Daisy plopped down beside him. "What are you doing here?" Alan asked. Daisy said she was there to see a Spaulding go down.

The court convened, and the judge gave Phillip one last chance to speak before she rendered the verdict. Phillip said that he was truly sorry for his actions and willing to accept the consequences. The judge applauded Phillip for the way he had turned his life around; however, she had to make a determination of the facts. She found Phillip guilty on all counts, and she remanded him into custody until his sentencing.

Lizzie leaped up, screaming that it wasn't right. She said that it wasn't what she wanted. After the court was dismissed, Phillip hugged a sobbing Lizzie, who claimed that she hadn't known how she felt about Phillip until the verdict had been read.

Beth planned to appeal, Bill said he'd take care of Lizzie, and Alan approached to express his sympathy about the verdict. Alan said that he would take care of everything just like he had done the last time. Phillip assured Alan that it wouldn't be like the last time.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Alan waltzed into Company for a cup of coffee. Daisy ordered him off the Coopers' property, but Alan reasoned that it was only their property because he had given it back to them. Daisy replied that Phillip had done the good deed, and Alan reminded her that Phillip was in jail. Daisy charged Alan twenty dollars for a small to-go coffee, and she threatened to poison his food the next time he entered the restaurant.

Alan left as Christina and Ashlee entered. Daisy tried to talk Christina and Ashlee into helping her look for Grady. When they refused, she asked them to cover her Company shift so that she could search on her own.

Daisy sneaked into her old dormitory and broke into her old room. Grady materialized, saying that it wasn't his fault that she couldn't forget him. He claimed that he had wanted to take her with him. Daisy couldn't believe he had left without saying goodbye. Grady said that her searching for him proved that their relationship meant something to her. Daisy said that there was no room in her heart or her head for him after he had abandoned her that way.

As Daisy cried, a young man roused her from her trance. He accused her of breaking into his room. She said that it had been her room, but she didn't know why she was there. He asked her if she had been crying over a guy, and she denied it. He opened his door for her to leave.

Daisy lingered on the guy's threshold, and he decided to let her back inside. Daisy admitted that her boyfriend, who she'd met in that very room, had jilted her. The guy said that she had been talking to herself, but Daisy claimed that she had been talking to her ex-boyfriend. When the guy looked at her like she was crazy, she decided to leave. Outside the dorm, Daisy tried to throw Grady's key and dog tags into the trash can, but she couldn't make herself do it.

At the hospital, Mallet told Remy that Colin had checked out before Mallet could meet the baby. Remy mentioned that it was his birthday. Mallet wished Remy a happy birthday. Once alone, Remy doubted that it would be a happy birthday.

At the mini-mart, Remy ran into Mel, and she asked what his plans were. He said that he was going to Company for a burger. Mel told him to tell Christina hello for her. Remy almost told Mel that he and Christina were no longer together, but he stopped himself short.

At Company, Ashlee told Remy that he had just missed Christina. Remy didn't think Christina wanted to see him, and Ashlee agreed. As he drank a beer, his mother and two sisters crept in behind him with a cake and gifts. They yelled, "surprise," and began setting up Remy's surprise party. Mel wondered why she couldn't reach Christina, but Remy dodged the question. Remy silently sulked as his family cut the cake that Mel had purchased at the mini-mart.

Christina went to the courthouse to file divorce papers. Sometime later, she arrived back at Company and saw Remy's family celebrating his birthday. Remy pulled Christina aside to say that his family didn't know about their problems. Remy said that Christina didn't have to stay at his party, but she shrugged, replying that she was already there.

Later, Mel pulled Christina aside. Assuming that Remy hadn't told Christina that it was his birthday, Mel gave Christina a gift to present to Remy. When Remy opened it, he was surprised that Christina had gotten a pair of concert tickets for Christina and him. "Or you can take someone else," Christina quickly offered.

As Christina and Remy cleaned up after the party, Remy figured that Mel had bought the concert tickets. Remy fed Christina a piece of cake, saying that it had turned out to be a good birthday after all. He leaned in to kiss her.

Ashlee interrupted, handing Remy a messenger envelope marked for Boudreau. Christina said it was her package, but Remy opened it to reveal divorce papers inside. "Happy birthday, Remy," he said, slamming the papers down on the counter.

Outside, Mallet asked Ashlee why she'd taken Daisy's shift. Ashlee only said that Daisy would be back. Mallet figured that Daisy was looking for Grady. "Poor kid," he murmured.

In the mansion parlor, Beth worked away at Alan's desk. Alan entered, telling her that she might as well move back into the mansion. An irritated Beth pulled Phillip's appeal papers from Alan's clutches. Alan warned her that Phillip, though charming, needed to be locked up.

Outside the mansion, all Lizzie could think of was her imprisoned father. Bill suggested that they plan date number four to take her mind off Phillip. As they brainstormed things to do, Beth called Bill to ask him to meet her at Towers alone. She told Bill not to tell Lizzie, but Beth worried about Lizzie's relationship with Phillip. Bill agreed to meet her.

When he got off the phone, he told Lizzie everything that Beth had said. Lizzie told him to meet Beth. Bill felt that Beth was just being overly dramatic. He said he looked forward to the date with Lizzie later. He tried to kiss Lizzie, but she said he had to wait until date ten.

When Bill met Beth at Towers, Beth told him her reasons for the meeting. Bill couldn't believe that Beth expected him to use his strained relationship with Governor Young to help Phillip, a man Bill didn't even want to help. Beth said that helping Phillip would be helping Lizzie, who was miserable over Phillip's arrest.

Just then, Governor Young approached with his daughter, Amy, on his arm. Amy immediately left to text message a friend. The governor hadn't forgotten the scandal that Bill, Ava, and Lizzie had dragged him through the previous year. Beth tried to use the Spaulding name to persuade the governor to pardon Phillip, but the governor said that he couldn't pardon Phillip just because they asked him to. The governor's daughter interrupted, and Bill abruptly excused himself. Beth asked the governor to think about reconsidering, and she followed Bill out.

When Bill and Lizzie met at the playground, Bill divulged Beth's crazy idea that Bill could get the governor to pardon Phillip for Lizzie's sake. Lizzie laughed, assuring Bill that Beth just wanted to reunite with Phillip. Bill thought that the scheme could have worsened matters. Bill wondered where they'd go on their date, and Lizzie presented him with a skydiving brochure.

After being processed, Phillip sat in his cell, writing a letter to his children. He wrote that being away from them hurt him, and his biggest regret was the pain that he had caused them. He pledged to prove to them that he could be a good father once he was released. When Phillip tried to give the guard his letter to mail, the guard said that the mail went out once a week.

The guard opened Phillip's cell, saying that someone was there to see him. Phillip didn't think he was supposed to have visitors for thirty days, but the guard said that Phillip's visitor had the power to make things happen. "Hello, son," Alan said, approaching the cell.

Alan said that prison would be good for Phillip. Alan stated that though Phillip considered himself healed, no one had a means by which to judge it for themselves. Alan said that Phillip's incarceration would give everyone time to visit him and judge his wellness. Phillip replied that in the meantime, Alan would be in total control. Alan stated that the million dollars from the garden had helped convince the judge of Phillip's need to rest.

Phillip thought that Alan's bribing the judge to get rid of Phillip was heartwarmingly old-fashioned, but better than using a gun. Phillip called himself a rank amateur compared to Alan. Alan replied that Phillip should have studied better while he'd been at Alan's knee. Phillip wondered if they would ever end the terrible game between them. Alan had raised Phillip to be his equal, and it saddened Alan to see Phillip in prison.

As Alan left the prison, he handed Ronald, the guard, a wad of bills, and told him to take extra care of Phillip. Ronald said he'd ensure that Phillip got everything that Alan wanted him to have. Ronald went to Phillip's cell and said that he had something planned for Phillip.

At the mansion later, Beth told Alan that she'd had a bad day. Alan said that he'd had a marvelous day and asked her to join him for dinner. Beth said that she had spent the day, trying to get Phillip out of prison. Alan wished that Beth had spoken to him first, and he assured her that Phillip would be imprisoned for a long time.

"Apparently not," Phillip said as he entered the parlor. Lizzie and Beth rushed to hug him. Phillip cheerfully said that someone had convinced Governor Young to pardon him. "I had a good day, too, Alan," Beth said, impressed with herself. Phillip told Alan that it looked like the game would continue.

Later, Amy called the guy whom Daisy had met in the dorm room. Amy said that she had her father wrapped her around her finger. "He got your dad out of jail. You owe me when I get back to school, James Spaulding," Amy said.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Daisy broke back into to James's dorm room to retrieve her cell phone. James emerged from the bathroom in a towel, arrogantly assuming Daisy couldn't get enough of him. Daisy turned around as he got dressed. James thought it was a shame that Daisy still pined away for Grady.

Amy sailed into the room and planted a kiss on James. Amy told James to excuse the maid because he had some thanking to do. Daisy claimed to be the girlfriend, not the maid.

Amy thought that it was highly unlikely that James would date someone so obviously poor. Daisy lied that James was ashamed of his relationship with Daisy because Daisy was the daughter of his family's maid. James played along, even as Daisy lied about how horribly James treated her. Daisy said that he had once hidden her in a closet, where she had watched him and Amy make out. Amy hastily decided that she and James should see other people, and she left.

James was elated to finally be rid of Amy, whom he'd been shirking for months. He kissed Daisy. Daisy rushed outside, threatening to punch James if he kissed her again. James claimed it was his way of saying thanks, but he figured that Daisy had secretly liked it. As Daisy claimed that James wasn't her type, James received a text message from his mother. He said that his family wanted him to join them for dinner. James invited Daisy to go with him.

Daisy declined his invitation to meet his family, citing that she didn't even know his name. James claimed that the dinner at Towers would be fun. Daisy abruptly decided to leave. James yelled after her that he would see her at Towers later.

Sometime later, Daisy returned to the dorm to tell a hooded student with his back to her that she'd changed her mind about the dinner party. The student turned around, wondering who the lucky guy was. "I'm not sure," Daisy said, feeling foolish for talking to the wrong person.

In Remy's room, Remy raged at Christina for giving him divorce papers on his birthday. He tossed the papers onto a desk, asking where he needed to sign. Christina implored him to wait. Remy said that Tammy, Ava, and Max had left him, and Christina could, too, if she wanted. Christina didn't want to spoil his birthday with a divorce, and she reasoned that they needed a witness to their signatures. Remy decided he'd get Mel to witness them.

"We're done here," Remy rasped, kicking her out of his room. She cursed, silently stomping off.

At Cedars later, Lillian saw Christina in tears after visiting her grandmother. Christina hadn't had the courage to tell her grandmother about how badly she'd messed up her life. Lillian had thought Remy and Christina were happy, but Christina quickly explained the truth behind her marriage. Christina said she'd filed for a divorce because she'd only married Remy for medical school.

Lillian didn't think that Christina really wanted to end her marriage. Christina felt that she had no choice because the marriage had destroyed her dreams. Lillian said that she'd had many dreams of her own, but dreams about love were the only ones that mattered.

Remy let Mel review the divorce papers. Mel surmised that Remy was divorcing the woman that he'd fallen in love with. Frustrated, Remy wondered why he had to do everything "ass backwards." Mel joked that he had been a breech baby. Mel said that Remy ought to be telling Christina, not Mel, that he was in love.

In the courtroom later, Mel cautioned Remy and Christina that divorce was final. Christina mentioned her conversation with Lillian about dreams, but Remy interrupted, spouting that he had ruined her dreams. Remy said that he couldn't lie anymore -- they had never truly been married. Christina sullenly agreed. Remy signed the papers, and Christina followed suit.

At Christina's door, Remy and Christina found it strange to be divorced. Christina was amazed that they'd made it as long as they had. They reminisced about their wedding. When they wished each other luck, Christina wondered if they should shake hands. Remy said a goodbye kiss would be more fitting. One kiss turned into several kisses, and they stumbled over her threshold, stripping each other of their clothes as they headed to her bedroom.

"How did that happen?" Christina beamed as she and Remy basked in the afterglow of their lovemaking. "We're backwards, man!" Remy said. Christina decided that they needed a clean slate, without titles. Remy said that there was only Christina and Remy, which meant that Christina wouldn't look at him and see her lost dreams. "There are the dreams that you think you want, and then there are the dreams that you didn't know you wanted until you got them," Christina said. Christina wondered if the real dream was for Remy and her to be together.

In the mansion parlor, Phillip explained that he'd received a complete pardon from the governor. Beth and Bill couldn't believe that their plan had worked. Lizzie thought that Bill and Beth were an amazing team. Alan wryly said that it was good news.

Phillip couldn't wait to start his life over. Beth decided to throw Phillip a dinner at Towers. Phillip declined the fanfare, but a cynical Alan said that a party celebrating "the Golden Prince" would make Beth happy. Beth rushed off to call her guests, and Phillip told Alan that Phillip wanted Beth to be happy. Alan retorted that Beth didn't know how to make herself happy.

Beth returned, saying that she'd been unable to reach Olivia about taking Emma. Alan asked if he could break the news of Phillip's release to Olivia. Alan believed that it was the perfect time to file for custody of Emma, citing that Phillip had missed his chance a few months prior when Olivia and her roommate had caused a scandal. Phillip preferred to avoid controversy, and Alan said that was the reason Phillip would always lose.

Bill whisked Lizzie outside to talk. Lizzie said she'd surprised herself by rejoicing over her father's release. Bill said that she could safely explore her feelings for Phillip, because Bill would be by her side. Lizzie dreaded going to another family dinner; however, Bill was curious if Alan would trump himself after spilling a million dollars on the table at the last dinner.

Upstairs later, Lizzie slipped into a red dress and called to Hilda to pull up her zipper. Since Hilda wasn't around, Bill entered to help. Lizzie draped open the back of the gown, seductively asking Bill if they could make some sexual concessions since she was solely dating him. Bill enjoyed the building anticipation between them, but he admitted that Lizzie was making abstinence hard for him. Bill decided to get Hilda to help with Lizzie's dress. Lizzie rolled her eyes, telling him not to bother. She zipped up her own dress.

At Towers, Beth offered Phillip the head seat at the table before Alan could reach it. Alan took a side seat, telling a puzzled Alex that he was getting fresh air at the end of the table. The waiter handed Alan the wine list, but Beth commandeered it for Phillip. When Rick arrived, Alan huffed that it was a family celebration. Beth said that Rick was practically part of the family. "Well, for you, Beth, every man at this table is 'practically part of the family,'" Alan retorted.

Lillian showed up, wondering if Alan would cause trouble. She sat next to Alan, saying that he'd be her project for the evening. Alan wondered if Lillian was there to keep an eye on Alan, and Beth said that Lillian was there because she loved Phillip.

Alex told Lillian that Buzz was taking things day by day. Lillian was glad that Buzz had Alex. Alex said that Buzz missed Lillian, and Lillian seemed hopeful upon hearing that.

At the bar, Bill said that there wasn't much use for Alan since Phillip had returned. Alan seemed offended that Bill implied Alan had become irrelevant to his family. Bill replied, "To your family, the business." Alan wondered about Bill's place. Bill wasn't worried about his own place, but he said it was clear to that Alan was.

Outside Towers, Phillip assured Lizzie that he hadn't done anything underhanded to get out of jail. Lizzie admitted that she didn't know how she felt about Phillip. He said he wasn't the father who had tried to kidnap her, but Lizzie countered that he had just killed a man. Phillip replied that he had been protecting her, but Lizzie wasn't sure that murdering and kidnapping were the right ways to do that. Phillip said that he would leave it up to Lizzie and God to decide.

Later, Lizzie told Bill that Phillip and she had talked about Grady. She said her father was complicated. Bill promised to be simple, and he kissed her.

Alan accosted Beth outside the ladies' room. He noted that Beth had avoided him before, but he couldn't even lift a fork without seeing her ever since Phillip had returned. Beth thought Alan was drunk, and warned him not to ruin things for Phillip. "Everything's for Phillip," Alan bitterly replied. Alan reminded Beth that she had cheated on him, and she'd tried to make him the laughingstock of the entire town. "I didn't have to try very hard," Beth seethed.

Alan grasped Beth's arms and dragged her to him. He warned that she'd better not think for one minute that anyone could push him aside. Alan told Beth that she couldn't just walk out on him; they had a child together. Beth jerked her arm, but couldn't wrest herself free.

James approached, playfully saying, "Granddad, get your hands off my mom." Beth gasped then hugged James.

Friday, April 10, 2009

After hugging his mother, James asked her what was going on between her and Alan. Beth brushed it off as nothing, before Alan could say anything. At that moment, Phillip walked in and was amazed to see his son. Phillip moved to hug James, who simply offered his hand for a handshake. Philip told James that he realized his leaving and returning were not the easiest things for James to handle and thanked James for his patience. As Alan began speaking about family, Phillip cut him off and proclaimed that Spauldings were a family just like any other.

The group went inside the bar, where Lizzie warmly greeted her younger brother. Lizzie gushed about how Bill had persuaded the governor to pardon Phillip. After asking for details, James shocked everyone by asking, "So it had nothing to do with me hooking up with his daughter and calling in a favor?" When Beth voiced her displeasure at him stringing a girl along, James said that the girl would be fine because he had gotten her to break up with him. At that point, Phillip asked to speak to James alone.

Outside, Phillip asked why James had helped him. James said simply that Phillip had given him life, and Phillip countered that he had missed most of it. James implied that Phillip leaving might have been a good thing because he had spent most of his time at boarding schools. James stated that he might be the only member of the family who wasn't screwed up.

Phillip marveled at how much James reminded him of himself. James said that he hoped not. Phillip said that he wanted to make everything up to James, but James was not interested. James said that Phillip had nothing that he needed or wanted, and he walked off. Phillip muttered to himself that he had said the same thing to his father at that age.

James asked Lizzie if she was upset at him for helping Phillip because he knew that she had wanted him in jail. Lizzie assured him that she was happy that Phillip was out of prison. At that point, Beth took Lizzie aside to speak to her, and James saw Daisy enter Towers. He called her Susan, which prompted Daisy to wonder how he knew her name. At that point, James finally introduced himself.

Daisy began to leave, but James asked her to stay and said that she knew his family better than he did. Daisy argued that she did not like his family, but James said that he didn't, either. Daisy agreed to stay, and James presented her to the family as his date. Alan immediately said that she was not welcome there because she had tried to shoot him. Phillip responded that Alan had shot, him and he overruled Alan's objection.

When dinner began, Phillip was confused that no one was eating. James stated that he thought everyone was waiting for a speech. Alan volunteered, but Philip shot him down and proclaimed that there would be no speeches. It was just a normal family dinner. There would be no talk of the past or the future. Alan asked Phillip what his plans were, since he had returned, but Phillip did not want to discuss it.

Marina prepared to go to work and left Mallet in charge of the baby. Marina began discussing their tight budget and mentioned that they might have a legal battle for Henry. Mallet assured her that everything would be fine.

Shayne took Dinah to the railroad tracks where he had attempted suicide. She half-jokingly asked if they were going to the roof next. Shayne said that they could not appreciate how far they had gone until they saw where they had been. Dinah mentioned Edmund and how she'd feel better if Shayne stopped hanging out with him. Shayne confessed that he had told Edmund about the circumstances of Lara's death. Dinah said that Shayne might as well have just parked on the railroad tracks again. Shayne assured Dinah that Edmund understood that it was an accident.

In his room, Edmund looked at a picture of Lara and told her that he had been close to being the man who deserved to be her father. At that point, he trashed his room in a fit of rage.

Shayne and Dinah returned from the roof and continued to discuss Edmund. Shayne told Dinah that he believed that Edmund had changed. Dinah responded that the news about Lara might be enough to change him back. Shayne was convinced otherwise and said that he felt that Edmund's connection to him was more important than revenge. Unbeknownst to them, Edmund witnessed their entire exchange.

After Shayne left to visit Reva, Dinah lingered and ran into Edmund. Edmund said that, at one time, he had believed that Lara would be happy that Shayne had found someone. However, he could no longer be certain of that. Edmund said that he had once felt bad for Shayne losing Lara, but he asked Dinah if a man had really lost what he himself destroyed.

Edmund told Dinah that he'd had his bags packed and had been ready to leave town. Dinah told him that he should. She told Edmund that Lara's death had been a terrible accident, one that Shayne felt extremely guilty for.

Edmund realized that Dinah hadn't wanted him to tell Shayne about Lara's pregnancy because she had known about Shayne's role in Lara's death. Edmund ranted about being the last to know and believed that everyone was laughing behind his back. Dinah told Edmund to leave Shayne alone because he had suffered enough. Edmund replied that it was never enough.

Jeffrey talked to Reva through the webcam and told her to beat her cancer so that she could return home. After Jeffrey hung up, Josh knocked on the door. When Jeffrey stated that he had thought Josh was the nanny, Josh replied that he would gladly find Mary Poppins if Jeffrey could find someone to get rid of Edmund. Josh relayed that Shayne knew about Lara's pregnancy, and that Edmund knew that Shayne had been accidentally responsible for Lara's death.

During Josh and Jeffrey's conversation, it became obvious that Jeffrey was having problems burping Colin. After Josh's suggestion helped, Jeffrey gave Josh his contact list so that he could find someone to take care of Edmund. On the top of the contact list was a gun.

Later, Jeffrey took Colin for a stroll in the park and ran into Mallet, who was taking Henry for a stroll. After some small talk about babies and Mallet stating that he might need Jeffrey's help with a legal issue, Jeffrey pointed out that Colin was yellow and asked Mallet what it meant. Mallet called Marina, who suggested that Jeffrey call a doctor to schedule an appointment because the baby was jaundiced. Jeffrey immediately left for Cedars with Colin.

Mallet and Marina found themselves alone at home. Since Henry was taking a nap, they decided to take advantage of the situation. Before they could begin making love, the phone rang -- it was someone wanting to talk about the adoption.

Shayne took Reva flowers. Reva commented that flowers were for sick people. She suggested that he give the flowers to Dinah instead. Reva noticed that Shayne was happy and asked if Dinah was the reason. Reva wanted to know the details of his relationship with Dinah, and Shayne deflected the questions, saying that men did not discuss those things with their mothers.

Reva pointed out how useless she was feeling in regards to Colin and told Shayne that she needed to feel like a mom by being a part of Shayne's life. Shayne obliged Reva by telling her about Lara's pregnancy and his part in her death. He also told her about walking through the open minefield. He told her about his later suicide attempt in Springfield and that Dinah had saved his life, which surprised Reva.

Reva told Shayne that she knew what it was like to go to such a dark place in the world that one would want to leave. Reva said that though Shayne had friends and family, he'd had the courage to get out of that dark place on his own. She said that even though he had been back for months, he had finally "come home." Shayne then told his mother that Edmund knew everything and that he had taken it well. Reva insisted that he take Edmund to see her so that she could gauge his reaction, but Shayne refused and left.

Jeffrey visited Reva at Cedars and told her about Colin's jaundice. Reva wanted to see the baby, but Jeffrey told her to let him take care of everything. Reva ranted about everyone wanting to protect her and told Jeffrey about what Shayne had told her. She quickly realized that Jeffrey knew, and he admitted that he had just learned about it.

Josh met with Roc Hoover to discuss Edmund. Hoover asked what Edmund had done. Josh replied that Edmund had done nothing, and Josh wanted to keep it that way. Later, Josh went to Farley's bar, and Dinah joined him. Both shared their concerns about Edmund and Shayne.

Josh told Dinah that he had someone keeping a close watch on Edmund. Dinah said that was a good thing because she had spoken with Edmund, and it had almost seemed as if he'd had a good angel on one shoulder and a bad angel on the other. Dinah said that as long as someone was watching Edmund, Shayne was safe.

As Hoover trailed Edmund, he lost sight of him long enough for Edmund to sneak up behind him and knock him out.

Shayne went to meet Dinah and found himself with Edmund instead. Shayne stated that he was supposed to be meeting Dinah. Edmund replied that Shayne would not make that meeting.

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