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Monday, January 14, 2008

Ryan stood on his balcony in only his underwear. Annie saw this and grew concerned. She ran to Ryan, put a blanket over him, and urged him to come inside. Ryan laughed and assured his wife that he was not going crazy, but felt better than ever. Annie still looked skeptical. Ryan then told Annie that he was grateful to be alive and wanted to feel everything life had to offer, especially her. He pulled Annie close for a kiss and told her that she was beautiful. Annie kissed her husband back and they made love on the balcony. Then, they went inside and sat by the fireplace. Ryan divulged that he wanted to change the world. Annie was intrigued, so Ryan explained that he wanted to put all of the money he inherited from Alexander Cambias to good use. Annie wondered what Ryan would do with the money. He wasn't sure who he would give the money to, but knew that he definitely wanted to donate it. Annie seductively commented that Ryan's idea of changing the world turned her on. The Laverys proceeded to make love by the fireplace.

Richie was surprised to see JR answer Babe's front door dressed in only a towel. JR demanded that Richie leave because he and Babe were "busy." However, Babe wanted Richie to stay and went outside to speak with him privately. She asked Richie how he got out of the hospital. He said that the doctors deemed him sane and let him go. Richie explained that he came to see Babe immediately because she was the only person he cared about. Babe looked uncomfortable and told him not to say things like that. Richie thought that he could be honest about his romantic feelings due to the kiss they had shared. Babe claimed that the kiss meant nothing, but Richie didn't believe her. He asserted that he would not give up on Babe. Then, JR came outside with Little Adam in his arms. Babe told Richie to leave and went inside with her son. JR gloated over Babe's rejection of Richie and went inside. Richie then peered into the window and saw Babe, JR, and Little Adam together. Richie swore that they would see him again soon.

Zach and Hannah fell over the edge of the cliff. Aidan, Kendall, and Greenlee rushed to the cliff's edge, where Aidan grabbed ahold of Zach's hand. Zach held Hannah's hand as they both dangled above the raging river below. Zach promised Hannah that he would finally save her and encouraged her to hold on. Hannah thanked Zach, but stated that things were exactly how they should be. Then, Hannah let go of Zach's hand and plunged into the water. Aidan was able to pull Zach to safety, but Zach wanted to go into the water to save Hannah. Kendall demanded that Zach keep his promise to never leave her or their sons again. Zach realized that it was too dangerous to go after Hannah and stayed with his wife. He explained that at first he wanted to kill Hannah for trying to shoot Kendall. However, after Hannah told him about her life after his staged death, Zach felt guilty over abandoning her. Zach lamented the death of Ethan and his mother. Greenlee was deeply affected by this event because Leo had fallen over the same cliff. Greenlee empathized with Zach's loss. Then, Derek arrived and called for a rescue crew to look for Hannah's body. Meanwhile, Kendall thanked Aidan for saving Zach's life again, and encouraged him to get his relationship with Greenlee back to normal.

Jack was very frustrated with being stuck in the closet, but Erica remained calm. Jack soon calmed down as well and began to smile. Erica wondered why he looked so amused. Jack recalled the last time they were locked up together. Erica laughed and wondered what they should do next. Then, they reminisced about working on The New Divorce together. They thought it was strange that sometimes they worked so well together, while other times they completely clashed. Then, as their bodies grew close and Jack told Erica that she was a wonderful woman, Jack's cell phone rang. Jack had forgotten he had his phone, and he answered it. The call was from Julia. Jack asked her to come and free them. Julia did so, but Erica was not very grateful. Erica assumed that Jack and Julia had a date planned. Julia tried to explain that she had called Jack for legal advice, but Erica would not hear it. Erica commented that Julia shared the unenviable trait of self-importance with her sister, Maria. After Erica left, Julia joked about being on Erica's "hit list." Jack then turned to Julia and asked her out on a date.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Hannah's fall off the cliff reminds Greenlee of her own screams when Leo fell over the same cliff. She tells Aidan that Zach will probably blame himself for Hannah's death, like she has blamed herself for so many years over Leo's death. Greenlee tells Aidan that although she has loved many men, he is her hero because he never gave up on finding her. Back at Greenlee's house, Aidan refuses to make love to Greenlee until she's fully recovered. Greenlee says she feels as though the sparks in their relationship have diminished since she was released from the hospital. They change into more comfortable clothes, sit by the fire, and make love.

Kendall tries to reach out to Zach at home, but he is silent as he stares at the fireplace. She tries to find out more about his time with Greenlee in the bomb shelter, and his last moments with Hannah alive, but Zach doesn't want to discuss it. Kendall suggests Zach talk to a therapist, but he is not so keen on the idea. They cuddle on the couch, which eventually leads to the couple making love. Zach has a nightmare that Kendall falls from the rocks instead of Hannah.

Krystal comes home to find Tad working there instead of his office. She tries to pry the laptop away from his hands to sneak a peek at the computer screen. After a round of tickling action, Tad hands the computer to Krystal. She discovers Tad was planning their honeymoon, but Krystal knocks out excuses not to go on the trip. Instead, Krystal decides to bring the island to Tad by dressing in tropical outfits and sipping fruity drinks.

Adam asks Colby to help him plan a wedding reception for Tad and Krystal, as a way to make amends. Adam admits it is hard to let go of Krystal, but hopes the party will make him realize that Krystal is happy with Tad. Colby doesn't think Krystal and Tad will come to the party, so Adam suggests they make it a surprise party. Colby walks into Tad's house and is surprised to find Tad and Krystal celebrating their honeymoon on the couch. She offers to take them to dinner as a belated wedding present the following night. Finding it hard to resist Colby, Tad and Krystal agree to the invitation. Colby calls her father to give him the news. Adam gets the party rolling by making sure Zach is included on the guest list.

Erica decides to treat herself to a day at the spa to deal with all of the drama she has faced recently. She tells the massage therapist about her recent problems, and about Jackson going out on a date with Julia. Erica does not seem worried about the date, because she thinks Jackson still loves her and this will make it hard for him to date another woman. As Erica is getting her nails done, a man named Marshall asks her out on a date.

Jackson and Julia decide to have a drink at the yacht club. When Julia asks what happened in the closet, Jackson says he and Erica fought, but made a connection. Jackson admits he wants to end his relationship with Erica, but still has feelings for her. Getting off the topic of Erica, Julia asks Jackson if he will help her with a new endeavor.

Kendall and Erica are among the first to get invitation from Colby for the big party.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fusion threw Kendall and Greenlee a "Welcome Back" party. Kendall and Greenlee were pleasantly surprised to see all of their employees toasting them with margaritas as they entered the Fusion offices. Kendall and Greenlee rejoiced over their reunion as both friends and business partners. Then, Kendall and Greenlee discussed their love lives. Kendall recalled her night in front of the fire with Zach. Greenlee stated how romantic Aidan could be, but presumed that Kendall already knew this. Kendall was freaked out by the comment. Greenlee assumed that Kendall knew about Aidan's romantic side because they dated in the past. Kendall realized that she overreacted and smoothed things over by agreeing to a double date with Zach, Greenlee, and Aidan. Meanwhile, Babe ignored Amanda because of her blackmail against JR. Ava was also mad at Amanda for this. Amanda asserted that although her actions were wrong, JR deserved it. Ava agreed and let up. Amanda and Ava then bonded over a few drinks. Ava divulged that she and Jonathan broke up. Then, they both shared sob stories over their dysfunctional mothers. Meanwhile, Babe accosted Annie and pleaded Richie's case. Annie did not appreciate Babe's constant pressure. Annie believed that the decision to be tested was solely her own. Then, Kendall gave a toast commending everyone's contribution to Fusion, especially because they landed a promotional account with The Campbell Soup Company. Soon after, Kendall left work, but forgot her bag. Greenlee grabbed the bag and tried to give it Kendall, but she was already gone. The bag contained Kendall's manuscript. After everyone left work, Greenlee began to read the pages, even though she was not feeling well.

Colby gave Dre good news-his father's private investigator left town. Dre was relieved because he could finally leave the Chandler mansion's tunnels. Dre wanted to thank Colby, so he took her to BJ's for a burger. Meanwhile, JR was already there when Sean walked in. Sean looked extremely tired and stressed out. JR recognized this look and immediately interrogated Sean as to what he did wrong. Just then, Colby and Dre entered. Sean sat Colby down and admitted his affair with Hannah. Colby was heartbroken. Then, Sean left and JR comforted Colby. JR warned his sister that some men were incapable of changing. Colby wondered if JR could change. JR said he was trying to become a better man because he loved Babe and Little Adam. Then, Sean reentered because he forgot his phone. Dre chastised Sean for hurting Colby. Sean thought that Dre should be happy since Dre liked Colby. Colby and Dre then left. JR proceeded to grab Sean and advised him to stay away from Colby.

Richie was at the hospital. Julia gave Richie a check up as he flirted with her. Julia ignored Richie as Joe entered. Joe stated that Richie was put on the national donor list for a bone marrow transplant. Joe also mentioned that Annie was still Richie's best shot for a perfect match.

Josh went to see Ryan at his penthouse. Ryan wanted Josh to liquidate all of his Cambias stock. Josh wondered if Ryan was feeling alright. Ryan laughed and assured Josh that he felt great. Then, Richie came over because he wanted to speak with Annie. Josh said he would get Ryan's paper work started and left. Ryan knew why Richie came by and stated that he would not let Annie be his donor. Richie called Ryan arrogant since it was Annie's decision, not his. Ryan explained that Richie was violent and cruel, so he could not be a part of the Lavery family. However, Ryan offered to personally find a donor for Richie and pay his medical bills. Richie thought this was another one of Ryan's tricks. Ryan claimed this was his way of ensuring that Richie stayed away from Annie. Then, Ryan kicked Richie out of his apartment.

After work, Annie walked to her car in the parking garage. Annie was startled to see Richie lurking in the shadows. Richie approached Annie and declared that she was going to save his life.

Babe arrived home to find JR standing outside her door. JR slyly grinned, so Babe knew her ex-husband was up to something. JR then announced that they were neighbors because he leased the condo across from hers.

Aidan was on his property in the woods. Aidan recalled his night of passion with Kendall as Quentin entered. Quentin was very sick, so Aidan brought him to Greenlee's penthouse. Quentin could barely move due to his illness. Still, Quentin did not want any medical treatment. Aidan felt that Quentin needed help, so he called Julia over. Quentin was hesitant to let Julia look at him, but he eventually gave in. Julia instantly knew that Quentin should go to the hospital. When Quentin heard this, he jumped up and adamantly refused to go anywhere near Pine Valley Hospital. So, Aidan asked Julia to leave. Then, Aidan knocked Quentin unconscious and called Julia back to the apartment. Julia called Joe and explained that she had a patient that needed immediate medical attention.

Kendall arrived at Ryan's penthouse. Ryan was overly excited to see Kendall. Ryan picked Kendall up in his arms and then planted a big kiss on her lips!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Adam gets all of the last minute details ready for Krystal and Tad's party. Erica walks in and Adam assumes she is there to meet Jackson. Erica announces she is meeting someone else, and has moved on since Jackson. Her date, Marshall, arrives and they find a table. Bored with her date, Erica pretends she left her cell phone at the bar, but secretly asks Adam to help her. Adam walks by the table once Erica returns to her date. He tells Erica that a business deal they got into is about to fall through, and must speak immediately. Erica cuts the date short with Marshall to deal with the fake emergency Adam made up. She tells Adam that she owes him one, and Adam suggests they get remarried. Palmer overhears Adam's proposal and says it will never happen. Erica thanks Palmer for his concern, but says she can handle Adam alone. Erica does not accept Adam's proposal because she does want to be a second choice to Krystal. Colby comes by to make sure Erica is still coming to the party. Erica is surprised when she finds out Adam is throwing the party, but Colby insists her father is trying to show his happiness for the newlyweds.

Zach finds Greenlee looking over plans at Fusion. Greenlee assumes Zach is looking for Kendall, but he has come to see how she is doing. Greenlee admits she is tired, but does not want Aidan to know because he might go back to treating her differently. Zach tells Greenlee about the nightmares he keeps having that relate to Hannah's death. Greenlee urges Zach to open up to Kendall. She calls Aidan and leaves a message asking him if he would like to go to Krystal and Tad's party. Next, Greenlee calls a publisher to announce that she has a great idea for a book, "Charmed," written by Kendall.

Babe says JR only leased the condo across from her so he could keep an eye out for Richie. JR admits he does not want Richie hanging around Babe or Little Adam. Babe goes into her home, and slams the door in JR's face. JR knocks on the door until she opens it and lets him in. Babe says that JR is worried she is going to sleep with Richie, and that is no longer his concern because they are divorced. As Babe and JR argue, Little Adam comes into the room and asks why his parents are arguing. Babe and JR claim they were just talking loudly, and tell their son to go to his room. Krystal and Tad walk in, giving Krystal a chance to pull JR outside for a little chat. Krystal figures that the more JR pushes Babe away from Richie, the more she will want to be with Richie. She encourages JR to back off if he really wants another chance with Babe. JR and Babe apologize to each other at the same time. Krystal and Tad encourage JR and Babe to come with them to the party.

Annie tries to get into her car, but Richie grabs her arm and demands they will discuss her saving his life. She breaks free, and threatens to hurt him if he ever touches her again. Richie begs Annie to try to help him before he dies, but she has no desire to come to his rescue. Trying to catch Annie's attention, Richie tells his sister about Ryan's odd behavior. Annie says Ryan just survived a bullet, but is not nearly as nuts as Richie. She gets in her car and drives off.

Startled, Kendall asks Ryan to put her down. He jokes around about feeling a bit lightheaded, but Kendall does not find it so funny since he almost died. Kendall thanks Ryan for saving her life, but Ryan says she is the one who saved him. Ryan tells Kendall about his new business plans that he hopes Zach will want to be a part of. Ryan asks how Zach is holding up. Kendall says Zach pretends to be fine, but she knows he is deeply troubled by Hannah's death. Zach visits Ryan, who is jamming on the guitar with Kendall by his side. When Annie gets home, she tells Ryan to grab his coat because she has a surprise for him.

Krystal and Tad are greeted at the Valley Inn by Colby. Tad and Krystal are horrified when they find out Adam has thrown the party. Krystal tries to leave the room, but security guards lock the party guests in the room.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Annie shows up at home and tells her loving husband that she has plans to kidnap him. He doesn't understand why they have to go anywhere when the kids are gone and they have a bed upstairs waiting for them, but she simply wishes him a happy birthday and tells him that he has many surprises waiting for him. She gets him to the corporate jet, and after a while (and a few make out sessions) he realizes that they are flying in circles. He notes as much, and she tells him that sometimes it takes excursions such as this one to realize that everything you want is right beneath your nose. They land soon after and she blindfolds him before taking him to their next destination. When they arrive, he takes in his surroundings with his remaining senses and realizes that she took him back to the first place they made love. She confesses how scared she was back then, trying not to fall in love after such horrible luck and after writing so many fairy tales. He tells her that she should have known that she had nothing to fear. He takes her in his arms and tells her that he is so lucky that she chose him, but when he thanks her for one of the best days he has ever had, he calls her Kendall.

At Pine Valley hospital, Quentin continues to try to find a way to get checked out, but Aidan insists that he needs more medical help than anything simple they could have done in the woods. Julia joins them, so Aidan prepares to leave and give them some privacy, after promising that he will return to the room and staple Quentin to the bed if he causes any additional grief. When he reaches the hall, his phone rings and he finds Greenlee on the other end. She tells him about making plans with Kendall and Zach for later, but initially he refuses. He tells her that she needs rest, but she talks him into it, reminding him how important rebuilding her friendship with Kendall is. He caves, but only so much as to agree to one drink before heading back home. She agrees to his terms and they end the call after he promises to meet up with her soon.

Back inside the room Julia, having dealt with patients much worse than Quentin during her time as a nurse, asks him some questions that can provide more information for Joe to consider as he tries to determine a diagnosis. Quentin tries to give her a hard time but she won't have any of it and keeps driving questions home until he gives. Opal stops in for a visit, and when she sees the patient, she is sure that she knows him. She thinks that perhaps he is a celebrity of sorts, but he denies it, trying to get her mind off of him. She takes her leave, unsure of the name to put to the face, but notes that he is plenty cute all the same. A few moments later, when Quentin tries to tell Julia more details about his symptoms in the middle of a painful spasm, he uses the terminology of a trained medical professional. He tries to explain it by saying that over in Iraq, he hung around with a lot of the medics and must have picked it up from them. Julia knows he is lying but decides to let it go. She tells him that he doesn't have to be honest with her about who he is, but when Opal says she recognizes you, she is usually right, and that means the word will get out.

Opal runs into Joe by the elevator and comments that he looks quite dressed up for an everyday stint at the hospital. Joe informs her that an old friend and colleague is coming into town to consult on a case, and they have plans to meet up soon. His phone rings then and Opal excuses herself. When he answers the phone, he finds that his colleague has landed already, and he notes that they should check into the Valley Inn and he will plan to meet them there. He ends the call just as Julia joins him in the hall. She reviews the information that she has, and then Joe goes in to meet the patient. When he enters the room, he is shocked at the man he sees and notes that he never expected to see him there.

At the Valley Inn, Colby confesses that Adam talked her into inviting everyone, and Tad expresses his dismay, noting that they should have all walked out as soon as they saw his face. JR tells his little sister not to worry, as he'd fallen into that trap many times before. Off to the side, Zach eats voraciously, not only from his own plate but also from his wife's. She is amazed that he could be so calm and unaffected by everything going on around him, but he points out that it's the only thing he can do anything about in the moment. She excuses herself to go over and check in with Babe. They quickly agree that Krystal would definitely come out as the victor in a battle against Adam. They then talk some shop, excited about the new ventures they are pursuing as a group. They touch on how Ryan and Zach are doing, and although Kendall notes that Ryan seems to be healing quite well, her attempts and sounding convinced that Zach is okay come across as a little lackluster. Kendall also mentions JR, but Babe tells her that if she wants any kind of scoop, she will have to get it from JR, since she is still stinging a bit from the fact that he leased the condo across the courtyard from her without telling her.

Meanwhile, Zach tries to share some small talk with JR, only to have the former heir rebuff him. He immediately goes on the defensive, thinking that something is up when he spies Kendall talking to Babe. Zach tells him that his lack of trust is just another way that his father screwed him up. JR explains that he has no reason to trust Zach, especially since they have nothing in common. Zach begs to differ, citing the fact that someone stole JR's vehicle, ran over Zach and tried to make JR pay for it. JR concedes the point and offers that they may have to work together to find the SOB that is really responsible. Zach then asks him what he is working on, and JR immediately returns to his bitter base. He caustically reminds Zach that he is the reason that his internet venture went south. Zach encourages him to not be so bitter and says that he should come to work for him. JR scoffs at the notion as if it was the most ludicrous thing he had ever heard.

On the other side of the locked door Adam, having managed to get Krystal away from the wedding reception, tries to convince her that the only man she will ever truly love is him. He challenges her to marry Tad in front of everyone all over again, when all she would be doing is sentencing the two of them to a life of emptiness. He tells her that he has a priest en route to officiate, and then offers up information about Kate as a means to bargain, hoping she will give up on Tad and return to him. She doesn't believe him because he tried and reneged on that offer before. He tells her that he is prepared to swear on all that is important to him, but she refuses to cave, reminding him that children are not chips to be traded. Turning her back on him, she demands that the doors behind which her family and friends are locked be opened.

Babe approaches Colby and asks if the text message she is sending is to the cops. Colby points out her stellar record with Pine Valley's finest as a way of indicating how far from the truth Babe is. They then note that they would like to know what is going on out in the hall, and are rewarded with voices raised in anger. A few seconds later, the doors fly open and Krystal goes directly to Tad. She informs him that they would be renewing their vows momentarily, and that they needed to put on a good show. They lock lips passionately, and then set about getting people for their wedding party. Tad asks JR to be his best man, while Krystal does similar asking of Babe. They both readily agree just before the priest arrives. Although he is thrown off a little when he finds out that Krystal is marrying Tad, the priest recovers fairly well and they proceed with the ceremony. The couple manages to come up with touching vows, and Adam suffers under the slings and arrows of his own shattered ego. Dre appears in the doorway as the ceremony concludes, and Colby rushes over to him. She fills him in on everything that had happened, and he offers nothing but open arms and understanding when she laments over how her father used her. Over at the bar, Kendall asks her husband why they were invited, and Zach simply tells her that Adam wanted an audience for the revenge that he had planned to exact. Now that his plans have failed, Zach doesn't believe the show is over. He decides to steal Adam's thunder and goes to the center of the room with a wine glass in hand and makes a toast not only to the bride and groom, but also to the former and once again CEO of Chandler Enterprises.

As JR and Babe check in with each other, and he lets her in on how upset he is that his father had kept so much from him, Krystal and Tad spend a few moments to themselves. She tells him that she is emotionally tapped out from the evening and they agree to leave their own party early. Out in the hall, Tad notices that something is weighing on his wife's mind, and she tells him that Adam said something horrible that she is trying to forget. Before he can inquire further, a familiar voice pipes up from behind him, asking what an old friend has to do to get a hug. Tad turns and finds himself face to face with Angie Hubbard.

JR approaches his dad to find out if the announcement about his reacquisition of Chandler is true. Having been caught red handed, Adam semi-mutely acknowledges the information, and Zach notes that Adam should be equally forthcoming regarding how he preyed on a weak and innocent woman to get the company back. This raises Adam's ire, and he starts to attack Zach by insulting Hannah. Zach warns him to stop speaking ill of the dead but Adam knows no limits and continues to amp up his rudeness. Zach quietly points out that Adam needs to go home and starts to walk away, but Adam grabs his arm and warns him that it would be best if he didn't act so dismissively.

JR walks out into the lobby area with Babe, further deconstructing his father's actions. Babe makes sure to point out how proud she is of him for not getting involved in his father's latest fiasco. JR then tells her that he is thinking about heading home, but not before stopping at a coffee shop along the way. He asks if she would like to join him, as neighbors, and she takes a moment to note her thanks that he warned her of his impending move. He admits that he knew if he asked her, she would have told him no. She agrees, and forgives him as he plants a small kiss on her cheek.

Dre and Colby take a seat at the table recently vacated by Tad and Krystal and he tells her stories of how his father used his dead mother's memory to get him to do things, as a way to explain that she isn't the only one with parent drama. She is appreciative of the way he has taken care of her, and after they make a promise to never lie to each other, she thanks him by kissing him lightly on the lips, much to his delight.

Kendall returns from the rest room with Greenlee and Aidan in tow. They show up just in time to see the tension between Zach and Adam explode, with Zach locking a tight grip around Adam's throat.



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