One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 14, 2008 on OLTL

Marcie was arrested, and Todd took custody of his son. He changed the boy's name from Tommy to Sam. Viki refused to press charges. Dorian embellished details about Viki's life. Jack and Starr welcomed their new baby brother. Bo had a surprise for Jared. Clint and Nora decided to tell Bo about their relationship.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 14, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, January 14, 2008

At the Buchanan mansion, Jared wants proof that Tess has returned and begins kissing Jessica. As Jessica returns the kiss, a shocked Natalie enters the room. Jessica immediately slaps Jared and tells Natalie that he propositioned her. Natalie is disgusted by Jared's actions and threatens to tell Clint. While Natalie berates Jared, Jessica smiles devilishly at him. Jessica asks that Natalie not mention the kiss to anyone; Natalie is shocked by her sister's request and questions what Jared was thinking to pull such a stunt; Jared is at a loss for words. As the sisters argue, Nash enters the room and demands to know why the three of them are arguing in Bree's room. Jared informs Nash that he made a move on Jessica. Jessica looks on in horror. When Nash questions Jared's comment, Jared states he made a move concerning her support of the buyout of the vineyard. Jessica prevents Natalie's attempt to tell Nash about the kiss, by quickly interrupting her sister. Nash is appalled that Jared would discuss a business matter after the family was just involved in a crisis. Natalie wants to have a private conversation with Jared, Jessica convinces Nash to leave them alone. Natalie wants to know exactly what is going on; she tells Jared that if she ever meant anything to him, he will tell her the truth. Jared is having a hard time explaining the kiss Natalie witnessed. Natalie tells Jared that he made a fool of her. She tells Jared that after learning he is a Buchanan, he still wants more. Jared says the only thing he has ever wanted is her and it hurts to know he can never have her. Natalie has had enough and tells him to leave. Jared apologizes for making her angry; Natalie tells him he has made her sad.

Once downstairs, Jessica and Nash begin to argue. Nash wants Jessica to pack her things so they can go home but Jessica argues she wants to stay with her family tonight. Nash is upset and does not want to stay under the same roof as Jared. When Jessica does not back down, Nash quickly agrees to stay the night at the mansion. Jessica is suspicious of his sudden change in attitude.

Clint and Nora are discussing their relationship. Clint wonders exactly what type of relationship they are involved in; Nora suggests they do not place labels on the relationship and just allow it to continue to evolve. As they begin to share an intimate moment, Nash interrupts them and states he was looking for Jessica. After Nash leaves, Clint wants an answer from Nora concerning the connection between them. Nora wants privacy and closes the door; she tells Clint she wants to pick up where they left off. The two share a passionate kiss. They both realize that Bo should be made aware of their new found relationship. When Nora suggests that they also make Lindsay aware, Clint questions why. Nora informs an unaware Clint that Lindsay has been released from St. Ann's and will probably become her court appointed legal guardian. As they lovingly cuddle together, Nora laughs and asks Clint who they should tell next. Nora tells Clint that she is very proud of their new relationship. Nora becomes nervous when she realizes that Viki must be told; Clint feels Viki will be fine with the revelation because she wants both of them to be happy. Clint reminds Nora that Viki has another man in her life; Nora questions whether that bothers Clint at all. Clint asks Nora her feelings about Bo being with someone else. Before Nora can answer, Nash and Jessica enter the room. After telling Jessica and Nash they can stay at the mansion, Nora quickly excuses herself. Jessica observes her father's demeanor as he and Nora say goodnight. Before Clint leaves the room, Nash asks him if they can discuss Jared's proposal in the morning; Clint agrees. Realizing a morning powwow with Clint was the reason for Nash's sudden change of mind, Jessica confronts Nash. Nash informs Jessica that he is aware she pretended to be Tess again. Jessica tries to convince Nash that pretending to be Tess is the only way to find out the truth about Jared. Nash expresses his biggest fear; he believes Jared still has memories of sleeping with Tess. Jessica pleads with Nash to understand she is only trying to protect her family. Angered, Nash tells Jessica he has no idea who she really is right now and leaves the mansion.

While watching continued news coverage, Rex notices Adriana's somber mood and apologizes for his part in Marcie's downfall. Adriana surprises Rex by blaming Gigi for lying to him and causing the hostage situation. Adriana questions Gigi's character; she tells Rex that Gigi is a terrible person for lying to him about Marcie's whereabouts. Adriana feels that had Gigi told Rex the truth, everyone would be home safe. Rex tells Adriana they are also guilty of lying. He reminds her that they lied to family and friends concerning Tommy's identity. Rex tells Adriana they lied to protect Michael and Marcie and believes Gigi probably felt she was doing the exact same thing. Adriana sadly accepts Rex's argument and the two continue to watch the news coverage. Upon hearing that Tommy will immediately be handed over to Todd once Marcie surrenders, Rex and Adriana are heartbroken.

Outside of the Bonjour Café, John tells Todd that Michael will convince Marcie to do the right thing and return Tommy peacefully. Blair arrives to be with Todd; he is happy to see Blair and gives her the latest news. Blair worries when she observes sharp shooters with guns aimed at the door of the diner; she questions John about what will happen if Marcie comes out holding the child. Blair's worries become intensified when she hears Agent Sutton tell John that the FBI must now go in with force; Blair begs for them to give Marcie more time. Todd tells Blair they have waited long enough. Agent Sutton informs Todd and Blair that they will do everything possible to protect Tommy. Inside the diner, Michael attempts to reason with Marcie. He begs her to put down the gun and follow him outside before something terrible happens. After listening intently to Michael's pleas to move forward, Marcie breaks down in his arms. As the FBI is preparing to enter the diner, Michael phones the command post. He informs John and Agent Sutton that he, Marcie and Tommy are preparing to surrender. Michael sadly tells him they will come out in five minutes; Marcie is distraught as she cradles Tommy. Michael asks John to tell the police to go easy on Marcie and not to hurt her. John promises his brother Marcie will not be hurt and then tells everyone that Marcie is coming out unarmed. Todd demands his son is brought immediately to him and Blair questions why the police still have their weapons drawn. John requests the FBI agents withdraw their weapons but Agent Sutton reminds him that it is police procedure. Inside, Marcie watches as Michael unloads the gun. In tears, Michel and Marcie say goodbye to Tommy. Michael promises Marcie that he will stand by her side no matter what happens. As everyone looks on, the door to the Bonjour Café creeks open. Michael slowly walks out with his hands on top of his head. Michael holds out his hand and Marcie appears holding Tommy. As Michael shields Marcie and Tommy, John approaches and removes the gun from Michael's waistband. Marcie walks towards Todd but does not release Tommy. Todd motions for the police to withdraw their weapons and holds out his arms to Marcie. When Marcie does not hand Tommy over, Todd takes the child from her arms. As Marcie stands in utter shock, the police forcibly grab her and place her under arrest. Michael attempts to aid Marcie but is held back by John. Tommy watches as Marcie is arrested. Holding the child, Tommy looks back at Marcie and then turns away. Todd tells his confused son, "its okay Sam. You're with daddy now." Todd tells Blair he never wants Marcie anywhere near Sam again. Blair tells Todd that will not be a problem because it appears Marcie has lost everything. Devastated, Marcie sits in the back of the squad car starring as Todd holds his son. Michael is close by; he tells her he meant what he said and will always be there for her.

After watching Marcie surrender, Rex and Adriana discuss Michael and Marcie's fate. Adriana asks Rex to promise her never to allow a secret to destroy them. Rex promises to never keep any secrets from Adriana and tells her he will love her always. Adriana warns Rex that Blair and Todd may soon come after them. Rex reminds her of his plan to convince Dorian to collaborate their claims; he tells her they will deal with Todd and Blair together. Natalie asks Jessica if Jared is blackmailing her. Jessica denies any blackmail and tells her sister she did not tell Nash the truth because she did not want to start a war between Nash and Jared. Later, Jessica and Jared encounter one another again. Jessica continues to pretend to be Tess and asks Jared if he now believes she is Tess after her performance. Jared reminds her that he and Tess had an intimate relationship. Hovering over her, Jared informs Jessica he will believe she is Tess when she sleeps with him. Jessica is speechless as Jared walks away. Marcie, Michael and John watch as Blair and Todd walk away with their son.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Nora stumbles into Cole's bedroom to wake him up and sees that he hasn't unpacked any of his things yet. She sympathizes with him because the house doesn't feel like home to her either. She assures him he'll be okay, but says she's signed him up for a group therapy session. He is angry when she suggests that his mom would have wanted him to go and he is against the idea. He's not sleeping, unpacking, or talking. She explains that she'd like him to attend at least one session. He agrees to go.

Dorian starts the morning by trying to improve Langston's choice of clothing, and makes some adjustments in front of the mirror to tone her down. She confesses to Langston that she despises Todd, but loves his family, so she's willing to sacrifice. "Keep your enemies closer," she explains. The story in Paris, Texas, is on The Sun's front page. Upstairs, Addie comes on to Charlie in bed, wearing nothing under the kimono that she pulls open. Charlie manages to get away to report the intruder in the house. Addie admits it was an accident that she landed in his room, but not that she pulled her robe open. She continues to flirt with him as Dorian tries to keep the newspaper hidden from him. Langston learns that child services insists she attend a group therapy session, and she is not happy until Cole arrives, looking for Starr (who is out of the house early). They learn the counselor is expecting both of them, and decide maybe it won't be so bad. They agree to meet up at the diner for breakfast first. Charlie has plans to meet Jared for lunch but Dorian comes up with an idea to keep him busy. She wants to make a bid on some land on Llantano Mountain and would like Charlie to accompany her-she could use his contracting skills to build a cabin. He is suspicious and tries to get out of it, but Dorian won't take no for an answer. Addie is dressed in her swimming gear to take a plunge with the Polar Bear Club.

Sarah fills Cris in on the Texas scene as he helps out at the diner. He was busy all night and had no idea of what was going on. She's feeling sad that everyone leans on Viki and something might have happened to her. She tried to reach her mom as well, but Tina was nowhere to be found. Cris wants to reschedule a date but Sarah can't pick a new time immediately. As if by magic, Markko arrives, short on cash and hungry. Cris gives him some chores to last an hour so that he can spend time with Sarah. Cris will make arrangements to pay Markko later. Sarah says she wants a proper date, but is satisfied to spend some time with Cris, especially when he refers to her as "my girl" and kisses her. Langston and Cole sit at the counter and Langston mentions that Markko is not to know anything. They're surprised when he appears and, having heard, asks them what's going on. They have to tell him about the group therapy. Langston has Dorian's plastic and says he doesn't need to work. Markko informs her that he has to pay for her Valentine's Day gift.

Antonio feels sorry for Todd, because he can relate to his child being taken from him. He flirts with Talia and when Bo arrives, she tells him she's changed her mind about transferring to Cherryvale. Bo reminds Talia of the reasons she wanted to leave. Talia and Antonio awkwardly tell Bo that they've worked things out. Bo says he's sorry, but it's all out of his hands now. He tells her that not only is Cherryvale short-handed, but he's hired someone new. As if on cue, Oliver Fish arrives ready to report for duty. Oliver's geeky and bubbly, used to merely tracking criminals in his video games but says he's ready to get the bad guys for real. Antonio promises Talia that he'll work on Bo, but she wants to protect Bo's reputation as well as her own. She'll report as promised to Cherryvale and they will have to live with it. She turns down his offer to loan her money. "Call me," she says, departing.

It's Lindsay's day in court. She says she's still shocked that Bo and R.J. are fighting over her. R.J. says she won't find herself if she stays with Bo. She, too, would love to stay with R.J., but it's not up to her. Nora arrives as R.J. asks Lindsay if it would be a problem if she lived with Bo. Nora seems to think it's more likely that now Lindsay's getting what she wants. Lindsay apologizes to Nora for everything but admits it will never be enough. Nora says it would be enough if she thought that Lindsay was really sincere. The judge announces that due to R.J.'s record, she's chosen Bo as Lindsay's legal guardian. R.J. is very gracious to Bo, who is grinning from ear to ear. As Nora leaves, she warns Lindsay that she'll be keeping an eye on her.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Langston and Cole arrive at their group therapy session. Neither one of them really wants to go, but they both have to. Dr. Gibson starts the session and some of the kids share, but Cole and Langston aren't into it at all. They do say they feel defined by the fact that they've lost a loved one. Cole grumbles that the session is lame, and Dr. Gibson tells him to speak up. So he stands up and starts ranting about the way his dad put his family in danger for years, and there was nothing "natural" about watching his mother die. Langston looks worried about him. When Cole wants to leave, she stands up and takes a turn telling how her parents died. The session is over, and Dr. Gibson thanks them for sharing. She knows it's difficult. Cole and Langston see that they're going through the same thing, but they vow that what's said in therapy stays in therapy. They agree that they'll continue with the therapy as long as they can do it together.

Antonio arrives at the diner and notices that Cristian's happy. It's because he has a date with Sarah. Antonio tells him Talia left for Cherryvale. Antonio calls Talia at work. He wants to come to Cherryvale and take her to dinner, but her schedule will prevent that. She's on nights and weekends. Antonio's on days. They share their dissatisfaction with their new partners, and hang up. Cristian asks if they're just going to give up and Antonio says maybe it's for the best. Cristian says he's out of his mind. Antonio explains that it's better for Talia's career if she's in Cherryvale. Cristian calls him on it. Antonio really wants her back in Llanview. He's worried she's going to fall for someone else. Officer Oliver arrives and Antonio introduces him to Cristian. Talia calls Antonio back and tells him that she has next Thursday night off. He's happy, until he remembers that it's Open House at Jamie's school that night. They promise each other they'll figure out a way to spend time together. Oliver continues to annoy Antonio, who reminds him they can hang out later, when their shift starts. Antonio calls Talia back and suggests Monday instead of Thursday. No go. Talia has a special training session. Antonio calls Talia again. He tells her that he will meet her for 20 minutes at the toll booth between Llanview and Cherryvale, if that's the only way he can meet her.

Michael and John are outside the police station worrying about Marcie, who's being questioned. FBI Agent Sutton tells them she's facing life in prison. Marcie is escorted to a jail cell. Gigi is inside. Michael argues about life in prison and John calms him down. Sutton says it's turned over to local law enforcement and the FBI is out; Michael wants to take Marcie home and is upset when John explains that it doesn't work that way. Marcie has to face charges in Texas for taking Viki hostage. Marcie apologizes to Gigi for getting her mixed up in the kidnapping mess. Gigi's pretty calm about it. Noelle and Lonnie are taking turns watching Shane. Marcie gets tearful describing her last night with Tommy. She doesn't know how to live without Tommy. Marcie and Gigi reconcile. Gigi wanted Marcie to get away with Tommy, especially after she figured out what kind of person Todd is. They worry about Shane and his health. Gigi tells Marcie she has a lot to look forward to. The subject turns to Michael, and Gigi tells her how much Michael loves her. John tells Michael to be thankful that everyone turned up safe. Michael says he's grateful to John for all the help, but he just wants to take Marcie home. He asks John to do whatever he can to help him get Marcie home. Marcie is taken away for processing into the system. Michael asks if he can see Marcie, so he can tell her he's not leaving, and Marcie tells him "maybe you should". Marcie bemoans her fate, and Tommy's, while Michael is amazingly supportive. Viki arrives at the station. John comes to talk to Gigi. He needs her help.

Moe is cleaning up the crime scene tape at the café when Viki arrives. She tells him she's leaving. Moe figured she would be moving on. She's going to miss it, and the people she met. Viki says she learned so much at the café. Moe tells her she's different than the way she's described in the papers. Natalie and Jessica arrive and burst through the door. Natalie tells Viki she needs to explain. Viki is shocked that the two are there. Both girls are angry about being kept in the dark. Viki introduces Moe to them. Shane arrives with Noelle. He asks Viki if she hates Gigi for her involvement. She assures him she's not angry. She introduces Natalie and Jessica to everyone. They are all worried about Shane's asthma. The Paris residents are shocked to learn that the Buchanan girls took the family jet to get there in a hurry. Shane asks Viki to help Gigi. Viki says she'll try. She leaves to go to the police station to give her statement. Moe serves Natalie and Jessica dinner, and they are blown away by how good the food is. Noelle lets it slip that there was a man keeping her in Texas. The girls pump Moe for information about Viki's boyfriend.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Up on Llantano Mountain, Charlie looks over the property for Dorian but is anxious to get to his lunch date with Jared. He's quite upset when Dorian announces that there is not enough gas in the car. She speaks to the new chauffeur, Richard, and indicates that he is to go along with anything she says, when he tells her that there is actually plenty of gas. She sends him on foot to the gas station, telling him to take his time. As time passes, Charlie becomes frantic, noting that it just won't do for him to be late, as Jared won't understand. He let him down too many times in the past when he had a drinking problem, he tries to explain. Dorian finally admits that she knows about Jared being his son, though at first Charlie tries to deny it. She confesses to overhearing their argument and that Jared could be in a lot of trouble for pretending to be a Buchanan. Charlie states that everything is his fault, that he was an awful father and he would never be the one to divulge Jared's true identity. He pleads with her not to say anything but is curious to know why she hasn't already. With no answer forthcoming, Charlie tries his phone but unfortunately, is unable to get a signal. Dorian is apologetic but she has something else to tell him as well. She hands him the latest edition of the Sun with Viki's picture on the front page. "VIKI FREED," it says.

At the diner, Jared waits in vain for Charlie to show. He flashes back to a scene of his childhood, of a day that was supposed to be a special occasion but instead was ruined by his father's drinking. He tells the waitress that his companion is not coming apparently, and that this person is really not a friend, is in fact nothing to him. Adriana and Rex worry about Marcie, with Adriana stressing that she's not upset over Gigi's involvement. She and Rex went out a very long time ago and "it's not like she's having your baby," she adds. The talk turns to wedding planning instead and they create a guest list. Rex only has 3 family members to invite, scratching his grandmother who is like Roxy on steroids. He vows that he will track down more relatives so that there are not only Cramers in attendance. He also notes that he tried to get information on his newest possible relative, Charlie Balsom, but could find nothing.

Over at the police station, Viki assures Marcie that she's fine, though Marcie tearfully informs her that she'll never forgive herself for what she did. Viki tries to tell her it's all over and that she wasn't in her right mind, but Marcie doesn't want any excuses made. She's not the same person any longer, though Viki thinks she is. "Stop being kind to me...I don't deserve it," she insists. Michael indicates that he'll wait while Marcie is being processed. She learns from Viki that Shane loved the Pirates book. Michael asks for Viki's forgiveness and thinks the entire thing is really his fault. John is down at Gigi's cell, asking for help for Marcie. He wants to know about her being held hostage with Shane by Todd and Lee. At first Gigi rejects having said it, then claims to have made it up. John realizes that she was threatened and offers them protection. He continues to press, stating that perhaps this information will help Marcie out, but Gigi remains adamant. ADA Jenkins wants to speak with Viki privately, vowing to ask for the maximum penalty possible against Marcie, but she refuses to go off with him. She will not press charges and she will not testify in court against Marcie, the shocked man is advised. Viki thanks Michael for adopting and taking care of her nephew. She promises to pass on the message that they miss him and want him to be happy. Her next task is to accompany Gigi to her arraignment. John leaves his number with the waitress. Michael tells Marcie he loves her and asks John for some good news. He tells his brother he's working on it, he's waiting for Gigi to come around. Michael is worried about Marcie.

Nat and Jess try to obtain information on their mother's man while at the Bonjour Café but Moe refuses to say anything and when Noelle tries to, he keeps interrupting her. He says that Viki should be the one to tell her story. "Your mother's boyfriend is a catch," Noelle says, getting in the last word. Shane chats with Viki's daughters and they explain the court procedure to him. He's worried when he learns that his mom may have to pay bail, explaining that they have no money. The girls quickly change the subject and play a game with him though he understands what they're trying to do and thanks them. A wonderful surprise comes through the door in the forms of Viki and Gigi; Viki has paid the bail. She insists that she does not want to be paid back because Gigi looked after Marcie and her son and helped them out. She tells everyone that she must leave, this time for good, and everyone is tearful as goodbyes and hugs and kisses go around. She tells them to call her if anything at all is needed. Moe tells her to keep her uniform in case she wants to come back some time. Jess takes a final group picture.

Todd, Tommy (now Sam) and Blair arrive home to a welcome home party, given by Starr and Jack. He cries off and on for his mommy but otherwise seems to be having a good time. As Marcie is processed, the Mannings party on. She has her mugshot taken and is finger printed, while the family in Llanview fingerpaints, putting all of their handprints down in glorious colors. Blair suddenly realizes that they forgot Starr's 16th birthday and promises to make it up to her. Blair reminds Todd that now that he has his son, they don't have to remain married. "What if I want to?" he asks. They're interrupted by Starr, who is shopping online for baby clothes. Todd tells her to get her coat, he's taking her shopping for herself. He leaves Sam with Blair. In a moment of quiet, there's suddenly a voice and there is Margaret! "You're not his mother, I am, " she shouts to a startled Blair.

Friday, January 18, 2008

While waiting for the rest of the Buchanan Enterprises board members to attend the meeting, Nash and Jared argue. Nash tells Jared he will end up with nothing once the Buchanans discover he is a fraud. As Nash and Jared continue to argue about selling the vineyard, Sarah enters the board room. Jared is happy to see her but Sarah questions exactly what he wants from her now. Nash tells her that Jared probably asked her out to get her vote in favor of selling his vineyard. To Jared's regret, Sarah expresses her disgust about learning that he is really her uncle.

While flying home on the family jet, Natalie and Jessica want answers from Viki; they question why their mother has kept her life a secret for the past several months. The girls tell their mother they are aware she has a man in her life and wonder why their mother has never mentioned him. Viki tells her girls she left town to find out what was missing from her life. Viki begins pleasantly reminiscing as she tells her daughters how she met Charlie; she tells the girls the relationship seemed so right. When Natalie and Jessica ask Viki why she did not introduce them to Charlie when they were in Paris, Viki reveals that she has no idea where he is. Viki goes on to explain that Charlie left town to find his estranged son and asked her to come along.

At Llantano Mountain, Charlie is shocked to see Viki on the cover of the paper and learn who she really is and of the frightening experience she recently encountered. Dorian tells Charlie that Viki is full of surprises and is actually one of her closest and dearest friends. Charlie asks Dorian why she never told him before that she knew Viki. Dorian says she actually wanted to but decided against it after learning that Viki never revealed her true identity to him; If Viki did not tell him the truth she felt no need to interfere. As Charlie continues to read about Viki in the paper, he cannot believe there is so much he never knew about her life. Dorian finds great pleasure in revealing Viki's true identity to Charlie and hints there is so much more he would be amazed by. Charlie is worried that Viki will think he does not care because he never contacted her once the story became national news. Charlie questions why Dorian watched the hostage crisis unfold and never woke him. Dorian tells Charlie she has an amazing coincidence to reveal to him. Dorian tells Charlie that the family his son Jared is conning is actually Viki's family. Dorian reveals to a surprised Charlie how his lying for his son will ultimately ruin his relationship with Viki. Dorian tells Charlie that if he tells Viki the truth there is no way she will allow Jared to hurt her children. Charlie states he would never expect that of Viki. Dorian then tells Charlie if he reveals the truth his son will go to prison again. Charlie realizes he is in a terrible position and is unsure how he will handle the situation. Charlie expresses guilt over not contacting Viki and disappointing Jared by not meeting him as promised.

Clint and Nora arrive at Bo's apartment; Bo is preparing to leave for the board meeting and has just finished helping Lindsay settle into her new home. As Lindsay listens in the background, Clint and Nora inform Bo that they are now a couple. Both Bo and Lindsay appear to be surprised. Lindsay offers congratulations to both Clint and Nora. When Bo says nothing, Clint asks if he is alright with the situation. Bo admits to being caught off guard and seems somewhat uncomfortable. Bo says he has no issues with Clint and Nora dating and quickly excuses himself to attend the board meeting. As Nora prepares to leave as well, Lindsay asks can she have a moment alone with her. Nora agrees. When left alone, Nora is straightforward with Lindsay and demands to know what she wants. Lindsay states the two will have to learn to tolerate each other since she (Lindsay) will be staying with Bo. Nora tells Lindsay that she knows the mental breakdown was a farce and believes she is now and has always been fine. Lindsay) will be staying with Bo. As Lindsay and Nora continue to argue, Lindsay admits she was "insane" when she killed Spencer. Before leaving, Nora tells Lindsay she is responsible for her actions and will be watching every move she makes.

Upon seeing Margaret, Blair is convinced she is having a nightmare. As Blair holds Tommy, Margaret appears and tells Blair this is no nightmare, it is her life. Margaret holds out her arms and tells "TJ" to come to his mama. Blair continues to tell herself that this must be a nightmare because Margaret is dead and screams for her to get out. As Blair attempts to remove Margaret from her thoughts, Margaret continues to appear wherever Blair turns. Margaret scolds Blair for calling her child "Sam" and states she is his only mother. Margaret then tells Blair that she has been dead before and later resurrected; Margaret states that Blair called for her because she needs her and that "TJ" needs her too. Margaret says "TJ" needs his mother who loves him because Blair does not. Blair becomes terrified as she attempts to dismiss "Margaret" but to no avail. Holding Sam, Blair begins to scream uncontrollably for Margaret to go away and that Sam is not her child. Upon hearing Blair's screams, Addie runs to her aid and finds Blair yelling at apparently no one. Addie is worried and asks Blair what is wrong. Blair screams for Addie to stay away from the crazy woman in the room; she turns around and sees no one. Blair hesitates for awhile but finally admits she was talking to Margaret; she tells Addie she is exhausted and was probably half asleep at the time. Addie apologizes to Blair for not being there for her and begs her daughter to allow her the opportunity to help her now. Addie asks Blair to talk to her and tell her what she is afraid of. Addie appears to understand what Blair is going through and asks her daughter what she sees when she looks at Sam. Blair says Sam is a beautiful child who needs a loving home; Addie feels there is more and wonders if the child reminds Blair of Margaret. Addie commends Blair on taking the child in because it had to be such a sacrifice, considering how Sam came to be. Blair tells her mother that she promised Todd long ago that she would help him raise his son. Addie expresses how hard it must have been for her to be alone with and hold Sam; she tells Blair it is better for her to resolve her feelings now than to later end up resenting the child. Blair says she has no resentment for Sam and that it will just take her some time to get to know and love the child. Blair admits to Addie that the "image" of Margaret said that Blair wanted her to take the child away. Blair wonders if she had that encounter because that may be secretly what she really wants. Blair worries what Todd would think about her apparent feelings. Blair tells Addie she wants to be able to love Sam just as her mother loves her. Addie advises Blair to deal with her doubts and concerns now; she warns her daughter if she does not it will only become worse later on. Addie tells Blair she is confident that she will grow to love Sam and that he is lucky to have her.

Upon arriving at the board meeting, Clint and Bo share another uncomfortable discussion about Clint and Nora's relationship. Clint feels Bo is not being honest about his true feelings. Bo firmly tells Clint he is fine with their relationship but does not care to discuss it any further. Clint and Bo are ready to start the board meeting and have Cord, Kevin and Joey set up on a conference call; enough members to vote on the vineyard proposition. Jared quickly suggests that they wait for Jessica and Natalie. Nash happily reveals that the girls have flown to Paris, Texas to check on Viki and will probably not make it to the meeting. When Jared requests that the meeting be postponed, Clint informs him that the meeting can proceed if a majority of the members exist, and it does. Before the meeting is called to order, Bo announces he has checked into Jared's past and has some new information he would like to present to everyone. Bo states that he has found someone who could shed some light on the period in which Jared claims his mother had a relationship with Asa. When Bo opens the door and presents Pamela Stewart, Asa's second wife, Jared's jaw drops.

Nora sits in her office and stares intently at Lindsay's file. Meanwhile, Lindsay sits in Bo's apartment and smiles as she looks around. Left alone again with Sam, Blair apologizes to the child for frightening him. Instantly, Margaret appears again. Margaret tells Blair she heard the conversation between her and Addie. Margaret tells Blair she will never love "TJ" and disappears. Natalie and Jessica wonder why Viki has not called Charlie. Viki admits to the girls she wonders if Charlie actually cares since he never contacted her after the hostage ordeal. When Viki admits that Charlie made her feel like a new woman, the girls suggests their mother call Charlie. Finally Charlie and Dorian arrive at the diner, and Charlie discovers that Jared has already left. Charlie tells Dorian that she was right; he can never call Viki now. He realizes he will have to choose between Viki and Jared. Charlie tells Dorian he hopes he will not lose both of them. Pamela tells the board that she can ensure with certainty that Asa never conceived a child with a woman named Valarie Banks. Everyone stares at a shocked Jared.

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