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Monday, January 21, 2008

Eve awakens because Valerie/Vincent is holding a pillow over her head. She seems scared out of her mind because it appears as if Valerie is about to suffocate her. Valerie admits that the thought crossed her mind, but she is not Vincent. Eve is confused because she knows Vincent is Valerie. However, Valerie wants Eve to differentiate between the two, since they want to remain as separate individuals. Eve tells Valerie that she is scared out of her mind because of Valerie. Valerie tells Eve that she is about to meet Julian and spend some quality time with him, since Eve kicked him to the curb. Eve remarks that she gave up Julian because of Valerie, and then she reminds Valerie that Julian is her father, but Valerie doesn't seem to care. Julian appears at the hospital and sees Valerie. They hug each other. Valerie faints and Julian catches her. Julian insists on calling a doctor for Valerie, and she screams at Julian to not call. Valerie tells Julian that she already has a doctor. He tells Valerie that Eve is in rehab and is in no condition to treat her. Besides, he tells her, the hospital suspended her from practicing because she accidentally gave Jonathan the wrong prescription. Valerie knows that she cannot see another doctor because of her male/female condition, so she tells Julian that she doesn't need to see an unknown doctor

Valerie sends Julian off to get some herbal tea for her, and then she goes back to Eve's room to inform her that she is having problems with her pregnancy and cannot see another doctor for fear of them finding out her identity and sending her to jail. Eve tells Valerie that she cannot be her doctor because she is in rehab. Valerie has an idea. Julian returns and Valerie tries to convince him to get Eve out of rehab and to have her recover at home, where Valerie will help care for her. She even offers to move in with Eve. Valerie asks for a leave of absence from Crane Industries, and Julian agrees. Eve is frantic because Valerie will be with her day and night.

Gwen is happy that Jonathan is home from the hospital, and she tells him how grateful she is that Ethan will remain married to her. There is only one obstacle, though, and it's Theresa. Gwen is intent on getting Theresa out of their lives. In another part of the mansion, Ethan is trying to find a way to patch things up with Theresa, even though he is still married to Gwen. He calls Pilar regarding Theresa, and she lets it slip that Theresa is on a dangerous mission. Viki walks into the room. She stares at Ethan, and all she can think about is Ethan hugging Esme and Alistair wanting him dead. She fantasizes that she stabs Ethan, while holding a knife in her hand, a few inches behind him. She walks towards Ethan, but Gwen interrupts, so Viki pulls back. She is thankful that Gwen did not see that she was about to stab Ethan. Gwen is happy that Viki is now talking and congratulates her. Ethan suggests that Viki could be Jonathan's babysitter since Gwen has not gotten that much rest since she got back from the hospital. Viki agrees to babysit Jonathan. She goes to Jonathan's room, and the first thing she does is to turn off the baby's monitor. Viki tells Jonathan that she doesn't want to kill his dad because she knows what it feels like to be without a father, but she has to do what she must since she doesn't want Ethan to take Esme away from her. She fears that Ethan might marry Esme and he might send her away to boarding school, and Viki does not want that to happen. She apologizes to Jonathan and tells him that she has to kill Ethan.

Back in the kitchen, Gwen tells Ethan that she is grateful for Viki's help and invites Ethan to have some wine with her. They reminisce about their college days, and Gwen tells herself that she will have a big shot at Ethan now that Theresa is out of the way. Gwen decides to have more wine. She tells Ethan that Theresa has made her choice, so it's time that he moves on. In Mexico, Juanita's assassin discovers a portion of Theresa's burnt passport. He does not discover her identity but he remarks how stupid the person is to destroy his/her passport. In another part of the hotel, Juanita senses that Theresa is afraid and tries to get Theresa to open up to her. Pilar warns Theresa about befriending anyone, but she does not heed Pilar's warning and spills her guts to Juanita. She tells Juanita about Ethan and how Gwen and Rebecca are blackmailing her. In addition, Theresa tells her that she came to Mexico to get help with Ethan but refers to him as a man and not by name. In any event, Juanita doesn't understand why Theresa is in Mexico when she should be back in America fighting for Ethan. Theresa explains vaguely about Pilar and a woman in Mexico and how she wants to make peace, but there is no reasoning with this woman. Juanita asks Theresa to tell her the name of this mystery person because she wants to try to help Theresa. In addition, Juanita tells Theresa to hold on to love because hers was taken from her. Juanita asks Theresa the name of the person again, and Theresa reflects back on Pilar's words, "trust no one." Despite Pilar's warning, Theresa thinks that she can trust Juanita. In that instant, she remembers the picture of Juanita Pilar showed her, and she glances at Juanita and realizes that she is talking to Pilar's enemy. Theresa is horrified and decides to leave Juanita's presence. Juanita asks Theresa why she is scared. Theresa makes up an excuse about taking up too much of Juanita's time. She frantically gets up to leave and accidentally trips.

Juanita seems to sense something strange about Theresa. She remarks that Theresa is a typical American who has too much sugar in her diet. Theresa runs off without accepting help from Juanita, but she drops her cell phone and a family photo of her, Miguel, Luis, and Pilar. She suddenly realizes that she dropped her phone and starts worrying that Juanita might discover it. Back in the hotel lobby, Theresa's phone rings, and Juanita asks her assassin to pick it up. The assassin realizes that a picture was next to the phone and hands it to Juanita. After seeing the picture, she realizes that she was just talking to Theresa, so she orders her assassin to go find Theresa and kill her. Juanita calls Pilar from Theresa's phone, and Pilar is worried out of her mind since she is speaking to Juanita and not Theresa. Pilar demands to know why she is using Theresa's phone and asks her Theresa's whereabouts. Pilar frantically asks if Juanita killed Theresa like she did her sister. Juanita tells her that she is not dead yet, and Pilar begs her not to hurt Theresa. Juanita says she can't wait to make Theresa suffer before killing her, and Pilar screams. Pilar implores Juanita not to kill Theresa, and Juanita reminds her that she killed Carlos and her own children. Pilar also reminds her that she killed Carlos in self-defense and that she did not know that the police would kill the kids. Pilar offers her life in exchange for her kids, but Juanita doesn't care to bargain with Pilar. Juanita is happy that she will finally get her revenge.

In another part of the hotel, Theresa tries to find a back exit. She runs right in the direction of the assassin, and he aims his gun at her and tells her to stay put. Theresa pushes a laundry cart at the assassin, the gun goes off while he falls to the ground, and Theresa screams.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sheridan is worried that Fancy is getting too close to Marty. Luis jumps to Fancy's defense and tells Sheridan that Fancy is in his life for good, and he wants Marty to be comfortable with her. Pretty is observing Fancy and decides to mess with the device in her head. Consequently, Fancy starts to twitch, and Marty asks if she is okay. Fancy then tells Marty to go to his mom. Luis walks over to Fancy and remarks that she is becoming good friends with Marty. Luis also suggests that Fancy become friends with Sheridan again. She continues twitching because Pretty has activated the device planted in her head. Suddenly, Fancy lashes out at Luis, calling him all sorts of names and yelling at him for sleeping with everyone in her family. Sheridan, Luis, and Marty are appalled by Fancy's behavior. Marty holds on to his mom and tells her that Fancy is behaving like Alistair. Pretty seems be enjoying her little game, she thinks that Luis will be hers in no time. Luis decides it's best to remove Fancy from Marty's surroundings, but Marty is afraid that if Luis leaves, Alistair will come back for him. Fancy laughs and tells Marty that Alistair is probably hiding underneath the bed, waiting to take him away. Sheridan and Luis have had it and want Fancy to leave, but she stays put. Pretty decides to stop playing with the device and goes to Sheridan's cottage where she pretends she has saved the day by helping Fancy to her room. In addition, she tells Luis and Sheridan that Fancy has been prone to having outburst ever since she was a child. Luis is grateful to Pretty for getting Fancy away from the cottage. Marty calls Fancy a bad person after she leaves the cottage. Sheridan reassures him that Fancy will not go near him again and that she and Luis will never leave him.

Kay and Miguel plan their wedding, and Kay swears that she will not use magic, but she is not so sure about Tabitha. Miguel thinks that he has gotten through to Tabitha and doesn't think that she will use witchcraft anymore. Noah and Paloma show up at Tabitha's. Paloma remarks how unusual the house appears and says that every time she goes there, something strange happens. Kay pretends to not understand Paloma. Paloma looks for the spell book that she knows is somewhere in the house to show proof to Kay, but Kay tells her that it was just a fake prop book that was used one Halloween when she dressed up as a witch. Paloma is sure that it was real, but Miguel tells her that there is no such thing as magic. Miguel thinks of a way to speed up the wedding, and Kay decides that she and Paloma should have a double wedding. They would save money and time. Both sides seem to have different ideas for their wedding, though. Paloma needs a matron of honor and decides to ask Theresa, but Pilar, who is very upset, tells Paloma that Theresa is out of town. Kay senses that something is very wrong, so she talks to Pilar in private. Kay offers her help, and Pilar tells her to make the best of what she has with Miguel, and then she leaves. Kay notices that Miguel is worried about Pilar and offers to use magic to see what is wrong, but Miguel doesn't want her using any magic. Kay suddenly realizes that her mom won't be at the wedding, and she is unhappy about that. Kay suddenly feels that something terrible is about to happen. Miguel reassures her that they are in love and nothing will go wrong. Meanwhile, Tabitha sneaks into Miguel's room looking for that incriminating letter revealing that she is a witch. She asks herself, "Why is she sneaking around in her own house?" Endora sneaks up behind her, and Tabitha tells Endora that she has no intentions of giving up witchcraft, and refuses to let a condescending mortal like Miguel blackmail her. She states that as soon as she finds the letter, Miguel will be history. Tabitha fails to see the letter, which is sticking out of the back of a picture frame. However, Endora discovers it and grabs it.

Theresa shoves the laundry cart toward the assassin. The gun goes off, and they both fall to the ground. Juanita comes running and is excited that Theresa is dead. While Juanita gloats to the assassin, Theresa manages to get away. Juanita turns to look for Theresa on the ground but does not see her. The shot was fired into the wall and missed Theresa. Juanita orders the assassin to look for Theresa and kill her. Theresa manages to get to a phone to call Pilar, but Juanita catches up with her. The assassin chloroforms her. Theresa comes to and is horrified to see Juanita standing over her. Juanita tells her that she is holding all the cards; she has Theresa, and soon she will have Pilar so that she can exact her revenge. She will first kill Theresa, and then the rest of her family. Theresa offers Juanita money, not realizing that Juanita has all the money she needs. Juanita plans to use Theresa as bait since she knows that Pilar will come to rescue her. Juanita calls Pilar to tell her that she is keeping Theresa captive. Pilar begs Juanita not to kill Theresa and to take her instead. Juanita strikes a bargain with Pilar. She tells her that she will give up Theresa and spare her family in exchange for Pilar. Theresa yells out loud to Pilar, telling her that it's a trap and she shouldn't come to Mexico. Juanita tells Theresa not to try that again, or she will kill her. Unfortunately, Pilar did not hear Theresa because Juanita turned off the phone. Pilar calls back, but Juanita refuses to answer because she wants Pilar to come to Mexico. Pilar makes plans to go to Mexico.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sheridan tells Luis that under no terms should Fancy be around Marty, because she does not want a repeat of Fancy's cruel behavior. She thinks that Fancy is too unstable for Marty, and Luis agrees.

Tabitha continues to look for the letter Miguel has that exposes her as a witch, but she is unaware that Endora has found it. Tabitha wants to destroy Miguel upon finding the letter, but Endora is not having it, so she hides the letter from Tabitha. Miguel saved her from the pits of hell, and she is indebted to him for that. Meanwhile, Kay, Paloma, Noah, and Miguel are downstairs planning their double wedding, but they can't seem to agree on anything.

Theresa tries to find a way to escape Juanita's grasps, but she quickly realizes that Juanita has taken precautions by creating an electric barrier around the doors of the house. Theresa is frustrated about being trapped and wishes that she could have warned Pilar not to come to Mexico. She says to herself, above all, if she dies, she is sad that she never had the chance to say goodbye to Ethan or tell him the truth. Juanita walks in the room, pointing a gun at Theresa, and asks her if she is ready to die. Theresa pleads for her life and tells her that her family has suffered enough. That piques Juanita's curiosity. Juanita asks exactly how the family has suffered, so Theresa tells her about Martin abandoning Pilar and the family, as well as Antonio dying. Juanita seems concerned that Pilar's husband left her and that she lost a son, but her concern is short-lived after asking Theresa to explain what hardship she has been through personally. Theresa hesitates, but Juanita tells her that she has all the time in the world and maybe Theresa could convince her to spare her life.

Theresa tells her the sordid details starting from the point where she fell in love with Ethan from a magazine. She tells her the stunt she pulled to land Ethan, including tricking Ethan into getting her pregnant; stealing Gwen's embryos and hampering her chances of ever having a child; marrying Alistair for money and power; and constantly chasing Ethan by any means necessary. Theresa naively thinks that all is well and that Juanita will spare her life. However, Juanita is shocked and appalled at Theresa's behavior towards Gwen. She tells Theresa, "Like Pilar, you are a lying, scheming slut, and you deserve to die." In addition, she tells Theresa that she is vicious and depraved and that death is too good for her. Moreover, Juanita tells Theresa that the only difference between her and a cheap whore on the street is the price. Juanita cares nothing for Pilar and her family after hearing what Theresa had to say. She says that if Theresa is the typical child, then they are all bad seeds, and all she wants to do is to wipe them off the face of the earth. Juanita tells Theresa that she is just like her mother. Theresa tells Juanita that what Pilar did was an accident, but Juanita thinks Pilar deliberately seduced her husband, killed him, and then had her children killed by calling the police on her husband. Theresa tries to convince Juanita that Pilar is not who she makes her out to be because she lives by the teachings of the church. Juanita thinks not and calls Pilar the devil. She then pulls her gun on Theresa and tells her that she could kill her right now, but she decides to wait for Pilar to arrive so that she can kill them both.

Pilar calls Juanita to let her know that she is in Mexico. Theresa tries to warn her, but Juanita turns off the phone so that Pilar cann't hear her. She then tells Theresa that she cannot wait for her and Pilar to witness the hospitality for which she has become famous. She then fires two warning shots at a vase while Theresa ducks for cover. Back in Harmony, Ethan is worried about Theresa because he thinks it's strange that Theresa could vanish off the face of the earth. Gwen tries to convince him that Theresa is with her lover, but Ethan is not buying it. Gwen convinces Ethan to let Theresa go, and Ethan admits that Gwen is right and that she is always right. She tells Ethan that she and Jonathan are his family and that they will always be there for him. She learns over and kisses him, and Ethan kisses her back.

Ethan and Gwen head over to Sheridan's cottage to ask Luis if he knows anything. Ethan says he fears that Theresa is in trouble. Luis knows nothing, and say he also thinks it's strange that Theresa just disappeared into thin air. Sheridan suspects that something is up, and she asks Gwen if she is responsible for Theresa's latest mishap. Gwen implies that she has something to do with it, and if she ends up with Ethan, she would be writing a terrible wrong. Sheridan tells Gwen that she wants Luis all to herself and Gwen asks if she had anything to do with Fancy's outbursts. Sheridan tells her that she has nothing to do with it, but it's working in her favor. Both Sheridan and Gwen toast to the men they love and doing whatever it takes to hold on to them.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

There was no Thursday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Friday, January 25, 2008

There was no Friday episode. The show aired Monday through Wednesday, with catch-me-up marathons on Thursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

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