One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 21, 2008 on OLTL

Jessica was committed to St. Anne's where she encountered Allison Perkins. Lindsay admitted that she'd faked her breakdown. Rex agreed to help Viki search for Charlie. Rex had questions about his family. Blair told Todd about her visits to Margaret. Gigi asked John for help.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 21, 2008 on OLTL
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Monday, January 21, 2008

While Cris prepares for his date with Sarah, he and Antonio discuss their love lives. Cris gives his brother a hard time about giving up on Talia. Antonio explains that his relationship with Talia has been put on hold due to her transfer to the Cherryville Police Department, but Cris does not accept his excuse. Cris reminds his brother that he has always gone after the woman he cared for in the past. Antonio states that perhaps he has changed and attempts to deflect Cris' questioning by inquiring about his relationship with Sarah. Cris informs his brother that he has moved on with his life and suggests that Antonio do the same. Antonio admits he didn't want to begin a relationship with Talia in an attempt to rid himself of feelings for Jessica. Cris wants his brother to go after Talia. As Cris continues to prepare for his date and discuss his new found relationship with Sarah, Antonio suddenly has a revelation and leaves in a hurry.

At La Boulaie, Langston and Cole are discussing their grief counseling session when Starr suddenly bursts into the room. Langston and Cole become uncomfortable when Starr asks them what happened at the group session; they both inform her that a promise was made to keep group discussions confidential. Starr appears somewhat bothered by Langston and Cole's response but says she understands. When Starr tells her friends that her father bought her a car for her sixteenth birthday, Cole and Langston are embarrassed that they forgot. Starr tells her friends that she understands because they have both been through so much recently. Later, Starr and Cole are alone and she tells him all she cares about is that he gets through his mother's death. Cole wants to make things up to Starr-he wants to celebrate her birthday, just the two of them. Starr's only wish is that they are together and become close again. The two share a kiss.

When R.J. visits Lindsay at Bo's apartment, she is not very excited to see him. R.J. invites himself in, but Lindsay is nervous that Bo could come home at any time and she would have to explain R.J.'s presence. R.J. makes a toast to Lindsay getting away with killing Spencer Truman; he tells her that he realizes she was fully aware of her actions and compliments Lindsay on fooling everyone. Lindsay becomes uncomfortable and attempts to deny R.J.'s claims. Finally, Lindsay admits to faking her breakdown and begs R.J. to keep her secret; he agrees. When R.J. informs Lindsay that Marcie is still in jail and that Sam has been returned to Todd, Lindsay is saddened and feels her actions accomplished nothing. R.J. tells her that she prevented Blair from being raped. Lindsay tells R.J. that was not her reason for killing Spencer, and she would do it all over again if it would help Marcie. R.J. tells Lindsay that she had better be careful because she has a target on her back. Lindsay is confident and states that because she was found innocent by reason of insanity, she cannot be charged twice. R.J. is not convinced and tells her that Nora will be watching and may find a way around it all. Lindsay tells R.J. that in order for Nora to nail her she would have to prove that she was not insane when she killed Spencer and that she was faking her mental breakdown. Lindsay is shaken up when R.J. informs her that she may have fooled Bo, but not Nora. He is convinced that Nora will never give up especially now that Lindsay is living with Bo. R.J. tells her not to slip up because if he saw though her act, it is very possible that Bo will also. He further states that if Bo finds out that Lindsay has been lying, he will turn her in. R.J. feels Lindsay may let her guard down and begin to feel too comfortable with Bo, and he will begin to suspect her. Lindsay informs R.J. that Bo does not want to suspect her because he wants to believe in her. R.J. questions if she feels Bo is in love with her. Lindsay says that he cares about her. When R.J. asks if she cares about Bo, Lindsay tells him that she is grateful to Bo for being so supportive. R.J. is worried that Lindsay will not be careful. Lindsay admits if Bo ever sees through her, she will lose everything.

At the Buchanan Enterprise board meeting, Pamela tells the family that Asa never conceived a child with Valarie Banks. While Bo, Clint, and Nash display a knowing reaction to the news, a shocked Jared begins defending himself. Jared tells everyone that Valarie Banks was indeed his mother and questions how Pamela would have any knowledge of whether she and Asa had a child together. Before Pamela can answer, Jessica and Natalie arrive and announce that they returned from Paris, Texas, with Viki. Jessica immediately questions why Pamela is at the board meeting. Bo informs the girls that Pamela has information that proves Asa never conceived a child with Jared's mother. When Pamela confirms that Valarie never had a relationship with Asa, Natalie tells Jared that maybe he really is not a Buchanan. Pamela shocks the entire Buchanan clan when she tells them that Valarie Banks was her sister. Bo immediately reacts to the news and tells Pamela that she never mentioned this important information during any of their conversations concerning Valarie. Pamela apologizes for misleading Bo and tells him that she never meant to do so, but felt she needed to explain her knowledge of the situation in person to the entire family. Pamela tells the Buchanans that Jared is Asa's child and she is his mother. Pamela goes on to tell the Buchanans that she had a son with Asa but gave the child to her sister Valarie to raise as her own. She felt that she would lose Asa had she kept their son. Jared tells Pamela that his mother would have never kept such a secret from him. Pamela states that his mother never wanted to lose his love by revealing the truth. She tells him that Valarie kept her informed about his life up until the time of her death. While the entire family appears horrified by Pamela's revelation, Sarah shows no interest as she puts on makeup in preparation for her date with Cristian. Bo does not believe Asa would have ever gone along with such a thing. Clint questions why Pamela waited so long to come forth with the information. Pamela states that she never intended to reveal the truth, however, when Bo told her about Asa's letter, she felt it was time. When Bo informs Pamela that he has serious doubts about her story, she offers him an envelope that she claims contains a picture of Jared as a baby and a lock of hair. Bo accepts the envelope and looks at the picture. However, when Jared begins to dispute Pamela's claims further, she takes the envelope from Bo and hands it to Jared and tells him her business card is included in case he has any questions for her. As Clint and Bo continue to express doubt, an upset Natalie interjects that everyone should accept the fact that that Jared is Asa's son. Before leaving, Pamela tells Jared that Asa obviously wanted "their" child to be accepted into the Buchanan family. Pamela leaves the Buchanans in complete shock. Sarah announces that she has a date and asks that the board meeting continue. Jared gives the board his profitable proposal to sell the vineyard and Nash offers his objections. When Clint asks for the board to vote, Jessica nervously votes in favor of Jared. A disgusted Nash immediately bolts from the room and Jessica runs after him. Out in the hall, Jessica begs for Nash to understand her position but Nash tells his wife that she betrayed him and leaves. Meanwhile back inside the board room, the rest of the Buchanans vote against Jared's proposal. Jared cannot believe the outcome. Before leaving, Natalie tells him that he lost as well as the entire family. Bo warns Jared that there will be repercussions if he learns that Jared is lying and leaves him alone in the board room. As Jared sits alone, Pamela enters the room. Pamela smiles lovingly at Jared. She hugs him and tells him how great it is to see him after all these years. Jared is at a loss for words.

An upset Todd arrives at Llanfair and questions why Viki is not pressing charges against Marcie for holding her hostage. Viki wonders why Todd is not at home with Sam after being away from him for so long. Todd demands to know why Viki would allow Marcie to get away with hurting his family. Viki tells Todd that Marcie has suffered enough and he should focus on having Sam and not on vengeance. Viki expresses to Todd that what Marcie did was wrong, but she believes Marcie saved the child's life by taking him into her home and Todd should understand that. Todd continues to try to convince Viki to change her mind, but Viki refuses. Todd lashes out at Viki and tells her that this is not the first time she has turned against him--he reminds her that Miles Lawrence is residing in her guest house. Viki tells Todd she loves him and is doing this for Sam and not Marcie. Viki says if Sam is ever going to have a chance at a normal life, the adults around him are going to need to grow up and learn to forgive.

Sarah panics when she returns home and finds Layla is not there. She has no idea what she will wear for her date with Cristian. When Cris arrives at Sarah's apartment, she yells for him to come in. He enters and finds Sarah nowhere in sight. Moments later she appears wearing a seductive evening dress. Cris is pleasantly surprised. Pamela tells Jared she thought of him often but only has memories of the shy little nine-year-old boy she last saw. She tells him how proud his mother would have been. Jared tells Pamela he appreciates her doing this for him. He knows how shocked she must have been when Bo contacted her. He cannot believe she came to Llanview and lied to the Buchanans without knowing what he was involved in. Pamela tells Jared she knows him and reminds him that she told him she would always do anything to help him. Jared tells her she does not owe him anything. Pamela feels she does, considering what her brother once did to his family. As Jared attempts to explain how things unfolded, Pamela tells him she does not need any details and would never judge him. Jared promises her a share of his inheritance. Pamela quickly explains that it's about the Buchanan name, not the money. Before she leaves, Jared asks her if she really believes that. Pamela explains that he will figure it all out and tells him to keep in touch. Jessica catches up with an angry Nash. Nash is disgusted that Jessica sold him out in front of her entire family. Nash tells her that Jared is Asa's son and the game is over. Jessica believes Jared is lying and still feels Tess can prove it. Nash tells Jessica she has gone too far. Lindsay tells R.J. that Bo has been good to her, and he reminds her that one slip can put her on trial for murder. Lindsay asks R.J. to leave before Bo returns home. As Lindsay and R.J. share a hug goodbye, Bo walks in and finds them in an embrace. He does not look pleased.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cris is stunned at how beautiful Sarah looks. She throws a minor fit and declares that the messy apartment is all Layla's fault, but Cris reminds her that they used to live together. She admits it's all her mess, that she's a slob and a difficult person. She's wearing Layla's dress to impress him and she's very nervous about their date. She's used to dating rockers, not guys with steady jobs and places to live. Cris discloses that he's not scared off by her but is nervous too. They both confess to thinking about each other when they were at the Palace with different people. They head to the hotel for dinner.

Bo walks in on R.J. and Lindsay embracing. They part quickly and Lindsay explains that R.J. was just leaving after stopping by to see how she was. Bo advises his competitor that if he's there to cause trouble, he'll be banished from Lindsay's life forever. Lindsay walks R.J. out and asks him again not to say a word to anyone about what he's figured out. R.J. is pretty sure that Bo will eventually catch on to Lindsay's act. He just doesn't think she belongs with him. Bo says he's sorry for being upset but he's figured it out and wants the truth. Lindsay is startled until he merely asks if something is going on with R.J. She is quick to tell him no, that they are only friends, despite their previous relationship. He was there with custody of Jamie at the same time she lost Jen, so it had all fit into place. She's no longer interested in him, but needs to trust someone and he accepts her as she is. Bo points out that it used to be the two of them. Lindsay doesn't think that necessarily means that they would get together again. "No, it doesn't," Bo responds. He also mentions that he's not concerned with Clint and Nora. Lindsay offers to buy him dinner and they head for the Palace.

At the Palace, Clint gives Nora a warm kiss hello. She hears about Pamela's visit and Clint mentions how it's a bad day for Bo. Nora believes Bo is uncomfortable that she and Clint are seeing each other but Clint disagrees. She tells him that he's a man and so would never pick up on it. She only relates to Bo because of Matthew, and if Bo has feelings about something, then Matthew would, too. She in turn doesn't like that Bo and Lindsay are together, though she insists she's not jealous. Clint admits that Dorian was always forbidden so that's what started his relationship with her, as well as that with Lindsay. Both woman also knew how to get under his skin. His kids didn't like it, and therefore he understands her thoughts about Matthew. Nora herself is nervous and uncomfortable but says she feels like she can be herself around Clint. She thinks that Matthew will be fine. Nora and Clint engage in a public display of affection but decide they really shouldn't be doing that. Cris and Sarah arrive for dinner and stop by the table to chat for a minute. They sit at their own table and proceed to ask each other questions to get to know each other better. Cris asks about Sarah's being a vegetarian and she asks him where he'd be if he could go anywhere. His answer of "here" makes her smile. She discloses that she's been working on song lyrics since she's been so happy. Bo and Lindsay arrive and when they are advised that there won't be a table for quite some time, Clint asks them to join him and Nora.

Jared tosses objects around his room, furious at the way things transpired at the board meeting. Nigel wonders if it's a celebration. Nigel confesses that he's uncomfortable, and says if Jared doesn't tell everyone the truth, then he will. He is sure the Buchanans will forgive him because he wanted to keep them from David Vickers. He points out that now Jared has neither love nor money and he thinks he should go for the love. Jared threatens to go to David himself if Nigel opens his mouth. Jared says he'll be getting over Nat and will date others. Nigel tells him to clean up the room himself.

Nash shares his displeasure with Jess over her siding with Jared. She knew her family would all vote against Jared, she insists. She still wants to pretend to be Tess so that she can expose Jared's fraud, and the only way she can do that is to side with him. She knows that Pamela was lying, and Tess is the one who can bring Jared down. Nash cannot get over the feeling that it's dangerous for her to do this and even suggests she's happy about playing Tess, because her life with him is boring. Jess takes offense at this and tries to make him understand how happy she is and how much she loves him. Nash figures out that Jared has already asked her to have sex with him, but she insists she won't let him touch her. Nash is afraid of the consequences. He's still angry over being made to look like a fool in front of her family since they are not aware of what Jess is doing. He's also afraid of what Jared will do when he finds out that Jess is merely playing with him. He wonders if Jared might force the sex next time. She tries to apologize for hurting him but she is steadfast in her desire to be Tess one more time. He storms off, complaining that she has no respect for him. When Nash is gone, Jess calls Jared and asks to see him.

Nat visits Roxy at the hair salon for some mood uplifting. She's still down about Jared and swears she's not interested in Miles. Roxy sits her in the chair for a manicure and tries to give her some solid advice. "A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle," she quips, bringing some much needed cheer to Nat's life. Roxy decides the way to go would be an online dating service, but she's unable to find anyone to meet Nat's needs. The guys Roxy finds in her search are definitely "too not Jared." A little later, Nash shows up and asks Roxy for a drink. He says he feels that his life is spinning out of control. Roxy is in the "mother mode" and is ready to listen.

When Jess shows up to see Jared, he's waiting for her -- in bed.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bo and Lindsay join Nora and Clint for dinner at the Palace. The atmosphere is tense. Wine is poured. They talk about the board meeting, and things grow tenser, until Clint suggests a toast. Bo toasts Lindsay's miraculous recovery, and Nora sneers. Lindsay toasts Bo in return, and they all clink glasses. Bo minimizes his involvement in her recovery, and Nora asks who is responsible for Lindsay's recovery. Nora keeps on making snide remarks, even as Clint tries to diffuse the situation. Lindsay and Nora argue, and Lindsay says Nora is so jealous about Lindsay living with Bo that Nora can't see straight. Clint says they all need to take a deep breath and enjoy dinner. Bo sputters and tries to explain that he and Lindsay are not living together. Bo denies he has a problem with Clint and Nora dating. Bo and Clint start to get into it. Bo's surprised, though, that Clint would date Nora when he knows she cheated on Bo. Nora is furious and throws her wine all over Bo, and Lindsay retaliates by throwing her wine all over Nora. Clint knocks over the table trying to help Nora, and Bo retaliates by spilling his plate of food all over Clint. Sarah and Cristian observe the fracas and decide to bug out and get dessert at the diner. They are all asked to leave, immediately. Nora and Clint clean up a bit at the bar. Nora says they need to talk about how she was unfaithful to Bo, and he says it doesn't bother him at all. He's very understanding about it. Clint does need to know if Lindsay was right: is Nora jealous? Clint and Nora kiss, and he leaves to get the car. Nora says to herself that she knows Lindsay is faking it, and she's going to expose Lindsay if it's the last thing she does.

Bo and Lindsay arrive home. Lindsay apologizes, and Bo says she was right, they shouldn't have tried to eat together. Bo says he knows Lindsay isn't faking her insanity. She's very grateful to him. Bo says he's going to take a shower and shake off their awful dinner.

Cristian and Sarah are also had dinner at the Palace. He wanted to see the song she's been writing. It turned out the song was about Cristian. Sarah said Cristian was being quiet. He asked her if he's the guy she wrote the song about. She lied and said no, then changed her mind and, with a big smile, told him the truth. Sarah said she never thought she'd write again. He asked her about her inspiration. She told him it was a shirt that she left at his place when she moved out. He washed the shirt for her, and that's when she fell for him. She also said she loves to drive him crazy. Cristian let her in on a secret: he likes it when she drives him crazy. He kissed her and they left after the food fight at Bo's table. They are walking through Angel Square when they see the new ice that has formed. Cristian skates on the ice, then runs off for a moment. He comes back with another pair of shoes from the diner, and they ice skate around. Sarah falls flat on her face. Cristian pretends to help her up, but instead rolls around on the ice with her, kissing her.

Layla and Vincent are at her apartment, having a glass of champagne. Layla complains how messy a roommate Sarah is. There's a knock at the door. It's Rex and Adriana. Layla congratulates them on their engagement. Rex tells them that he knows Roxy is hiding something from him. Adriana tells Layla how she let the secret about Tommy slip to Blair. Rex hopes it will all blow over. Rex says he's only inviting three people to their wedding. Vincent expresses surprise that Rex has no other family, then offers the names of some lawyers, in case Rex and Adriana are really in trouble over their lies. Rex says he wants a beer instead of the champagne. Rex's Aunt Corrine, who raised him, calls and he tells her the good news, that he's getting married. He asks her to come to Llanview. Then he asks if they have any other relatives, telling her about Charlie "Balsom", and how Roxy had a strange reaction when he asked her about any other relatives. Corrine hangs up, and it is clear Rex feels her reaction was odd, too. Adriana shows them all her gumball-machine engagement ring. They tell how he bought Marcie's ring the first time. Rex is still upset about his phone call with Aunt Corrine. Now he knows that Roxy is hiding something, and Corrine's in on it. Corrine calls Roxy and tells her about the call with Rex. She warns Roxy that Rex knows she is hiding something.

Tess shows up at Jared's bedroom door. He's shirtless in bed and he invites her to join him. She does, flirting openly. She tries to make him feel better about losing the board vote. She apologizes and asks if he's still mad at her. Jared calls her on it, asking why Tess would care if anyone was mad at her. He asks her if she hates Nash. She says no, but criticizes him anyway. She says Jared is the only one who knows that she's Tess right now. He says he's lonely. He wonders why she's talking so much-she used to like to talk afterward, not before they made love. She wants him to take her to a hotel. She tells him she didn't buy the story that Pamela's his mother. Jared says he wants to party. He pours her some whiskey from a decanter, knowing that Jessica can't drink. He says Tess would drink with him, and if she matches him shot-for-shot, he'll tell her anything she wants to know. She splashes her drink in his face, and he laughs. She says she's not going to die to prove a point to him, and that she expected his gratitude. Jared goes to the door and a woman comes in with two men in scrubs. Jared called St. Anne's after the board meeting, for Jessica's good. They have the documents that Jessica signed, saying she was to be committed back to St. Anne's if her alter Tess ever surfaced again. She screams that it is a misunderstanding, but the woman overheard her saying that she was no longer integrated. She tells Jared she was trying to trick him, but he says he's only thinking about little Bree. The woman has to go by Jessica's orders.

Nash tells Roxy that he has lost control of Jessica. They have a drink together, and Nash complains that Jessica is playing with fire by pretending to be Tess. Roxy tells how she and Jessica go way back, and they talk about the baby switch. Nash leaves to go home and check on Bree. Roxy sits Nash down and helps him to get cleaned up. She tells Nash that Jared is still doing "funny business" with Natalie. Nash commiserates, saying Jared is getting funny with Jessica, too. And Jessica's trying to seduce him right back. Roxy tells Nash that Miles dumped her, even though they weren't officially together. Nash says he just wants Jessica to stop trying to work Jared over. Roxy tells Nash he's got to get tough with Jessica. A water main bursts, apparently on the outside of Roxy's shop, spilling water onto the icy ground of Angel Square. Roxy tells how she gave Natalie back to the Buchanans. Nash says he needs to get back to Jessica. His phone rings and it's Jessica, calling in a panic. She tells him to come to Nash's bedroom right away. Nash arrives. Jessica explains about the papers and says Jared set her up. Nash is furious at Jessica, and agrees with Jared. He wants her to get some help. Jessica is open-mouthed with shock. She is shocked that Nash is trying to punish her for not listening to him, and they carry her away screaming.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

John and Michael visit Marcie at the jail with some news-they've hired her a great lawyer. Marcie is less than thrilled, in fact doesn't much care, and only wonders how Tommy/Sam is. She is not interested that charges may be dropped or that she'll get to go home to Llanview. She says she feels like she broke her son's heart. They think she should waive extradition and go to trial in Llanview where she'll have many character references and friends. She thinks that Todd's money will negate any of that, though John assures her that he can't buy the judge and jury. She asks about the worst-case scenario and John tells her she's looking at ten years, but he's working to get her off. Michael tries to explain that he's been living without Tommy/Sam for much longer than she has, and while it's difficult, life goes on. She doesn't want to return to Llanview because she feels she'll always be looking around for her son and will feel suffocated there. Michael and Marcie learn that they've shared the same type of real life dreams, of getting their son back. Marcie is amazed that Michael feels the same as she does. He says maybe it will be better if they go through everything together, because she's the only person in the world he loves as much as Tommy/Sam.

As Gigi tries to get Shane off to school, she's shocked to see Lee Ramsey standing in her apartment. When she wonders how he got in, he tells her that the lock on the door was not strong enough to keep him out. He wants to know why John is nosing around but she swears that she's kept her mouth shut. She tries to get her son to run but he wants to stay and protect his mom. He talks back to Lee and even kicks him in the shins when he appears to make a move towards Gigi. Lee stresses that he would never harm any children as Shane begins to have an asthma attack. While the boy sucks on his inhaler, the contemptible man acknowledges that he's fine with the pair helping each other out, as long as they don't report his and Todd's antics. Once he's gone, Gigi decides to call John, who arrives quickly. He guesses that Lee has been there and threatened them but implores her to trust him. He requests that she go to Llanview to testify on record against the men and be a witness for Marcie. He knows she's on bail but she assures him she will have no problem leaving because it's for Marcie's trial. Gigi decides to do whatever she has to so that she'll never lose her son.

At La Boulaie, Todd plays with Sam/Tommy and informs Blair that he spent the night with his crying son, who seems miserable. He feels that this entire transition would have been much easier had it happened earlier and if people hadn't lied. He would have even given the McBains visitation rights. Blair states that she would like to get to know him better, though she doesn't really sound like she means it. Downstairs, Charlie can't get Jared to take his phone calls, and Charlie laments the fact that he let Jared down again. He reiterates that he doesn't approve of what Jared is doing but will keep his secret. Charlie appreciates Dorian keeping quiet as well. Rex and Adriana show up to work on wedding plans. Dorian takes note of Rex's short guest list and expresses her disapproval of Adriana's fake ring. Adriana doesn't care and threatens to elope rather than deal with her mother's attitude towards everything. Rex invites Charlie to the wedding, even if he turns out to not be a relative. The women argue over the ring, the fact that Rex bought a ring that turned out to be Marcie's and stolen (which Adriana makes several attempts to correct), and the fact that now Rex is inviting a complete stranger to their wedding. Adriana finds that rather confusing since this "complete stranger" is staying in her mother's home. She is also upset that Blair may have told Todd that they knew about the baby, but Dorian promises to call a Cramer conference. She blames Rex for everything including the fact that they'll end up in jail, though Adriana stresses that they are in it together. As Dorian notices that Blair is not on the guest list, the Mannings show up. Blair vows to attend and throw something other than rice. She tells the young couple that they will crash and burn before the wedding.

Todd orders Blair upstairs with the baby and Dorian, who puts up a fight, until Adriana tells her it's okay. Once they're gone, Todd grabs Rex and holds his head down over a burner on the stove as Adriana screams and calls for help, attempting to push Todd away herself. Suddenly, Charlie appears and grabs Todd, throwing him off of Rex. "Who are you?" Todd asks. Dorian returns after hearing the noise, just as Todd is threatening Charlie. She intercedes and announces that Charlie is her guest and if Todd ever attempts to do anything like that again, she will call the police. Todd thinks that Charlie looks familiar but he and Dorian stay mute. When Charlie's phone rings and he sees that it's Viki, he ignores the call. He doesn't know what to do about her, especially with his son taking advantage of her family. He can't believe that Viki is so wealthy and wonders why she chose him. Dorian has some bad news for him: she thinks that Viki has reverted to her former life and that her time in Paris was just a "lark." She doesn't want to hurt him but feels that Viki is trying to reach him to break things off. Upstairs, Blair is with Sam/Tommy. Out of nowhere, Margaret appears again, telling her that TJ hates her just as Margaret does. "I hate you, get out of my life," Blair begins to yell as Todd walks in.

Viki runs into Nora at the Palace. Nora exclaims over how wonderful Viki looks. She "loved living a simple life," Viki declares, but didn't think that anyone in Llanview would understand. In turn, Viki thinks that Nora looks preoccupied and the district attorney explains that she wants to prove that Lindsay was faking but isn't sure how she'll go about it. When Clint shows up, he and Nora act strangely, which confuses Viki until they confess that they're seeing each other. They invite Viki to join them and after an awkward silence and discussion about the food, Viki gives her blessing to the relationship, which puts everyone at ease. She's happy for them but in response to their questions about the man in her life, she has no answers. She has no idea where he is, where he's from, or anything else. When she attempts to reach him on the phone, she's unsuccessful. Rex and Adriana are meeting Aunt Corrine but visit with Viki first. She talks about life in Paris and how she never saw Marcie even though they stayed at the same motel. She asks to hire Rex to locate a man who she knows nothing about other than his first name. Adriana and Rex look at each other quite abruptly.

Friday, January 25, 2008

At the Palace, Viki asks Rex to find her friend, Charlie B. When Adriana mentions she and Rex recently met a Charlie Balsom, Viki quickly dismisses the idea that Charlie B would be living in Llanview.

Meanwhile, Jessica is horrified to discover she has been admitted to St. Ann's. She begins banging on the door screaming, "I'm Jessica." Dr. Bonner informs Jessica that she has been placed on restricted access and may possibly be released in the spring, if she responds to treatment. He reminds Jessica of the paperwork she signed agreeing to be committed to St. Ann's if Tess ever surfaced again. Jessica attempts to convince Dr. Bonner that she was pretending to be Tess, to no avail. She becomes combative and demands that the doctor rescind her earlier request. When Dr. Bonner leaves to get her a sedative, Jessica retrieves her cell phone and calls her mother.

While Viki is speaking with Rex and Adriana, she receives Jessica's alarming call. Jessica quickly tells her mother she has been taken to St. Ann's, but before she can explain, Dr. Bonner appears and takes her cell phone. Viki excuses herself and heads to St. Ann's. Once Viki leaves, Adriana and Rex discuss the strange coincidence - that Viki is looking for a Charlie B and they recently met a gentleman with the same first name and last initial. The conversation is cut short once Rex's Aunt Corrine joins the couple. Conversation quickly turns to the upcoming nuptials. Rex asks Corrine for information concerning their relatives; he would like to invite them to the wedding. Corrine tells Rex there are no other Balsoms, but Rex doesn't believe his aunt.

At Foxy Roxy's Hair Haven, Nash is having a drink and explaining to Roxy why he allowed Jessica to be admitted to St. Ann's. Nash tells Roxy his intentions were to teach Jessica a lesson. He hopes she will come to realize she has been playing a dangerous game involving her mental health. Roxy questions Nash's actions and tells him that in the past, many people have had a difficult time being discharged from St. Ann's. Nash feels Jessica will come to her senses concerning Jared, and she will be released without incident. As Nash leaves to visit Jessica, Miles enters the beauty salon. At first Roxy is not pleased to see Miles, but later warms up to him. She tells him she understands he did not share her same feelings, and the two agree to remain friends. When the conversation turns to Mitch Lawrence, Roxy tells Miles he is an angel but Mitch was the devil. They discuss Natalie's bad luck with men. Roxy tells Miles she believes Natalie will have a difficult time getting over Jared Banks.

Jared enters Natalie's office at Buchanan Enterprises and requests she hire him. Natalie admits she cannot stop thinking of him but realizes she must learn to. Natalie fears working together would be a huge mistake; she would rather they saw very little of one another. Jared explains that perhaps they could learn to become friends. He believes spending time together at work could accomplish this goal. Jared tells Natalie he is convinced that together they can raise Buchanan Enterprises stock. After much persuasion, Natalie agrees to work with Jared again. As they discuss strategy, Jared leans close. Natalie becomes uncomfortable and immediately realizes that working with Jared will not be an easy task. Jared expresses his need to tell Natalie what he did the night before.

At La Boulaie, Charlie admits to Dorian that letting Viki go will be difficult for him. Charlie feels torn between lying to Viki and sending Jared to prison. As Charlie contemplates his dilemma, Dorian attempts to convince him that his relationship with Viki is doomed. When Charlie tells Dorian his heart will always be with Viki, Dorian tells him that Viki received a heart transplant from her late husband, Ben. Dorian explains that Viki is very fragile, and the truth could possibly place her health in danger. After flirting with Charlie, Addie tells Dorian she would like to go to Foxy Roxy's Hair Haven. Dorian tries to convince Addie to go elsewhere, but Addie is determined to become a blonde. Dorian finally convinces Addie to get highlights and suggests that Charlie come along. Dorian tells Charlie the diner that Jared frequents is in close proximity to the hair salon and perhaps he may run into his son. Charlie hopes to find Jared and explain the previous night; he agrees to tag along.

Todd walks into the room and finds Blair shouting, "Get out of my life. I hate you." As Todd looks around the room, he sees Sam playing alone on the bed. Todd questions why Blair is screaming at Sam. When Blair responds that she was screaming at Margaret, Todd stares at her in complete shock. Blair admits to seeing Margaret Cochran, ever since Sam came home to live with them. She tells him that Margaret continues to tell her that she will never be able to love Sam. Todd feels she may be hearing Margaret's voice, but he states the thoughts belong to Blair. After much debate, Blair admits she may be seeing Margaret because she has fears about raising Sam. Blair and Todd come to the agreement that the real problem is not about Margaret, but about the two of them. As they discuss their recent marriage, Blair tells Todd if Marcie never stole Sam, they would probably be divorced by now. Todd agrees but sees the bigger picture. Todd notices how Blair treats Sam; he says she shows him the same love she shows Starr and Jack. When Blair expresses her concerns about not being Sam's birth mother, Todd states Margaret is dead and Blair is the only mother Sam has. Todd questions whether Blair wants to end their relationship.

Back at St. Ann's, Viki arrives and is shocked to find her daughter a patient at the mental facility. Viki begins questioning Jessica about the events that transpired, but Jessica is not completely truthful. Jessica tells Viki that Nash allowed her to be placed in St. Ann's, but fails to mention her deceptive actions. Nash arrives in time to hear Jessica's explanation, and demands that she tell Viki the truth. Jessica admits to Viki that she has been pretending to be Tess, in an attempt to prove Jared is lying about being Asa's son. Upon learning of her daughter's recent behavior, Viki stuns Jessica by telling Nash that he did the right thing. Viki reminds Jessica that her disorder is not one to fool with. As a nun looks on, Jessica lashes out at Nash for having her locked away. Angrily, Jessica tells her mother she must have her released because she cannot spend another day institutionalized. When Jessica tells Viki she never came close to relapsing and Viki questions her, Jessica shouts hysterically at her mother. Jessica tells Viki to stop telling her what she does and doesn't know. The terrified look on her mother's face forces Jessica to question whether or not Viki believes she is truly Jessica and not Tess. Instantly, Jessica realizes the hurt she is causing Viki and apologizes. Viki tells her daughter that she knows she is Jessica but is disappointed in her decision to portray Tess, considering the damage it could possibly cause. Viki explains to Jessica her pretense could have resulted in a far more dire result than being admitted to St. Ann's. When Jessica tells Viki that it would have been worth it to prove Jared a liar, Nash becomes enraged. Nash cannot believe his wife-he feels Jessica is justifying her actions. Jessica responds by demanding Nash have her released immediately. Viki attempts to reason with Nash, by telling him Jared is obviously aware of Jessica's scheme and it really makes no sense to have her locked away. When Jessica questions her mother about how long she will stay in the facility, Viki tells her that decision is up to Nash. Lovingly, Nash tells Jessica he never really wanted her placed in St. Ann's but felt he needed to make her realize the error of her ways. Jessica tells Nash to do whatever it takes to have her released. They confess their love for one another and he leaves to sign the paperwork for her release.

When Dorian and Addie arrive at the hair salon, Addie is delighted to meet Miles. Charlie enters the salon and tells Dorian that he didn't see Jared at the diner. Roxy verbally attacks Charlie when Dorian introduces him and reveals his last name is Balsom. Roxy accuses Charlie of being responsible for Rex's sudden interest in his family's background. Charlie tells Roxy he never meant to cause any problems between her and Rex. Dorian comes to Charlie's defense and explains it is a mere coincidence they share the same last name. Meanwhile, Addie is staring intently at Miles. Addie tells him she is certain she knows him from somewhere. Aunt Corrine refuses to give Rex any information concerning his family. Once Adriana leaves to meet up with Layla, Rex continues to press Corrine for the answers he seeks. When Corrine mentions she must leave for her cruise, Rex threatens her. Rex tells Corrine he is an excellent investigator and will eventually learn the truth. He tells her he will not allow her to leave for the cruise until she reveals the family's secrets. Corrine tells Rex that she is not certain if Walter was really his father. Rex is shocked.

Jared tells Natalie he has something to tell her and he is anxious to tell her before she hears it from someone else. Seconds later, the phone rings. Nash has information for Natalie. Natalie thanks Nash for informing her of the situation and hangs up the phone. In disbelief, Natalie states, "You had Jessica committed?" Jessica attempts to find Nash, but a nun stops her and states she is not allowed to go anywhere until she receives her release papers. As Jessica stares out in the hall, she is shocked to see Allison Perkins, who appears to be a patient. Smiling, Allison approaches Jessica and sings, "I know something you don't know."

Blair tells Todd she has been running on pure emotion ever since Margaret ruined their lives. Blair states she has been trying to make things right and can no longer continue to do so. Blair says the solution to the problem is for Todd and Sam to pack and move out.

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