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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 21, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, January 21, 2008

After getting lost on their way back to Oakdale, Katie and Brad sleep beside each other in the back of the SUV. Katie wakes thinking she dreamt Brad said he loved her. She hopes aloud that everything was a dream. She gets out of the car and monologues all the problems that would come along with Brad loving her and walks off. Brad wakes and finds Katie missing and frantically yells for her before setting off to find her. In the meantime, Katie has called Vienna and swears her to secrecy before she tells her that Brad admitted he loved her in his sleep. Vienna congratulates her friend, but Katie explains that his admission is horrible because it complicates everything. Katie refuses to believe that a man like Brad could love her and sets out back to the car. She almost slips down a large hill, but recovers and goes back to the car where she expects to find Brad waiting. Upon her return she realizes he is gone and decides to wait for him. While looking for Katie, Brad stumbles and slides down a large hill. He lands with a thump against a fallen tree. After a long wait in the car, Katie decides to search for Brad. She finds him unconscious at the bottom of the hill. Brad wakes up, but he is unable to move because of a broken leg.

At Memorial, Barbara's doctor tells her that her tumor is too large to operate on and he wants to begin chemotherapy immediately to shrink the tumor so it can be removed. The doctor questions Barbara about why she is there alone since he has told her that she will need the support of her family. Barbara admits she still hasn't told them. He reminds her that her family will be an essential part of her recovery and she will need them after each treatment. The doctor details Barbara's chemotherapy and the side effects, and outlines what she can expect in the future. His truthful, yet intimidating, explanation causes Barbara to reconsider telling Paul and Will.

At the police station, Margo and Jack pore over the evidence in Dusty's untimely death and try to determine who killed him. Jack wonders whether he and Margo are too close to the case because of the possibility that Chris and Holden are the prime suspects in Dusty's murder.

Lily sleeps off her overdose in the hospital as Holden keeps vigil by her bed. As Holden watches her, he remembers her waking the night before and declaring, "Dusty is dead," before he had a chance to tell her of Dusty's killing. Jack arrives and questions Holden about Lily's overdose and Dusty's role in her problems. After a few of Jack's inquiries, Holden realizes that Jack is there to see if Holden is responsible for Dusty's death. Holden recaps the evening, but Jack says the police will need to know exactly where he and Lily were when Dusty died. Holden explains that he and Lily were together the entire time. Holden says he was at Lily's bedside throughout the evening and didn't hear of Dusty's death until Lucinda told him, but Jack isn't convinced. As the two continue their conversation, Lily awakens screaming Dusty's name. Holden asks Jack to get a doctor as he tries to comfort Lily. With Jack gone, Lily asks Holden if Dusty is dead. Lily's doctor examines her and says she can release her if someone will watch her. Holden states he will care for her and asks Jack for some privacy so Lily can get dressed. Jack agrees to go, but tells Lily he will need to speak to her before she heads home. Once he is alone with Lily, Holden asks her when she last saw Dusty. Lily says she doesn't remember and her only memory is waking up with Holden by her side. Holden tries to plant the idea in Lily's head that he was with her all night and when Lily asks if she did anything wrong; Holden tells her no, but he recalls finding her in the stairwell with the syringe. When Lily falls back asleep, she is shocked awake by a dream of Dusty. Holden reminds her they can go home and that he will take care of her. Before Jack returns, Holden tells her to tell Jack she remembers nothing and to tell him everything before she tells Jack. When Jack comes in to question her, Lily does what Holden wants and says she remembers nothing about the previous evening. Lily begins to cry and Jack asks her why she is so upset. Lily responds by saying she is ashamed of what she has done. Lily regains her composure and as she is set to go home she tells Jack the only memory she has from the night before was Holden by her bed.

Out in the hall, Jack runs into Susan and asks her if she remembers anything out of the ordinary from last night. Susan recalls seeing Holden in the hallway, but doesn't tell Jack what she has seen. Jack asks her to call him if she remembers anything and Susan agrees.

Back at the farm, Lily apologizes to Holden, but he tells her they need to just put everything behind them and she needs to let him take care of her. Holden offers to make Lily some tea and sends her upstairs to rest. Moments later he receives a visit from Bonnie who is surprised to learn that Holden brought Lily back to the farm. A disappointed Bonnie leaves after realizing that Lily is back to stay. Alone, Holden reaches into his pocket and finds the syringe he took off Lily the night before. He gets ready to dispose of it, but Sage comes into the room and wants to help him with a snack for Lily. Holden decides to hide the syringe in the kitchen cabinet.

After his meeting with Chris, Tom runs into Barbara in the hallway at Memorial and gives her the bad news about Dusty's death. Barbara is devastated by the news.

Susan finds Chris doing rounds at the hospital and asks if he knows Emily's whereabouts because she never returned home last night. Chris tells Susan he is unconcerned and in the future Emily is responsible for herself. Susan leaves as Margo approaches Chris and asks him about the events leading up to Dusty's death. Chris refuses to talk without his lawyer and Margo tells him to get his lawyer and meet her in two hours. Chris explains his lawyer has just arrived and he can speak with her now. Margo turns to meet Chris' lawyer and is surprised to find Tom will be defending his brother. With Chris's lawyer present, Margo begins questioning Chris. She asks some tough questions, but Tom steps in and stops the questioning by asking Margo if Chris is a suspect. Margo explains that Chris is a person of interest and she is trying to place everyone during the time Dusty was killed. Chris says that after the party he went to the Lakeview, and Margo clarifies that she needs to know his exact movements after the Memo 21 event at Memorial.

Margo finds Jack to talk to him about Holden and Lily, and tells him she's returning to the station. As Margo gets set to leave Memorial, she bumps into Chris and Tom and tells them she has talked to the bartender at the Lakeview, and that now she knows exactly when Chris arrived. Chris asks his brother why Margo is questioning him, and Tom tells him that Margo has reason to be suspicious of him, because Chris hated Dusty for sleeping with Emily and trying to ruin his new project at the hospital.

Paul arrives at the church and finds Emily sitting quietly. He asks her why she is there and she tells him that Dusty is dead. She explains everything that happened and tells him she was there when it happened. Emily continues by explaining to Paul that Dusty ruined everything. Paul questions Emily's anger towards Dusty and she remarks that what he really wants to know is if she killed him. To this, Paul asks her point blank if she killed Dusty. Emily begins to cry because she knows that Paul is familiar with how angry and destructive she can be. Paul stops her outburst and offers to take her home. Emily questions why he is helping her and Paul explains that he treated her badly in the past, but never thought Dusty would treat her badly, too. Emily recalls threatening Dusty and comments that she never thought Dusty would hurt her, either. Emily asks why Paul is there and he tells her about losing Meg and their unborn child. The two recall the shared loss of their baby girl and Paul explains that he shouldn't be a father. He goes on to tell Emily that Meg criticized his ability to care for anyone. Emily comforts Paul by telling him he is nothing like his father. Emily gets set to leave and she tells Paul she is sorry for his loss, but happy she got to see him. Paul tells her she will be alright, but Emily admits she may never be okay again.

After leaving Paul at the church, Emily returns to her room at the Lakeview, where Chris finds her and says they need to talk about last night. Emily thinks Chris is there to work things out, but Chris stops her and says all he wants to talk about is who killed Dusty. Chris outlines his morning of being questioned by Margo and tells Emily that she will stay quiet about his hatred for Dusty or he will tell Tom about her being a prostitute and all the reasons she had for wanting Dusty dead.

Barbara arrives at the church and finds Paul. He asks why she is there and she tells him she just learned of Dusty's death. She recalls fond memories of Dusty and tells Paul she is there to plan Dusty's funeral. When she laments about how Dusty always seemed so alone, Paul comments that they are all really alone.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

At the police station, Margo and Jack discuss learning that the drug that killed Dusty was a synthetic, experimental substance. This leads them to believe the most likely suspects are Chris and Craig, both of whom were involved with the new research project. Craig arrives at the station because Margo called him. He thought she might be offering sympathy for his breakup with Meg, but instead, she asks him why he wasn't at the party the night before. He says he was too upset about his breakup with Meg to go to a party. Instead, he went to the airport and looked for a flight out of town, but then he changed his mind and drove back to the Lakeview. When Margo asks if he has any witnesses to that, he realizes she thinks he may have killed Dusty. He says he didn't kill Dusty, even though he hated him for driving Lucy and Johnny away, and putting a bullet through his chest. He is upset that Margo always thinks of him as a suspect. She says the opposite is true, that she always wants to believe he's innocent and even went looking for something that would clear him but couldn't find anything. He thanks her for that and then leaves.

Barbara goes to the Snyder farm and tells Meg that she's organized a funeral for Dusty for the next day, saying Dusty was still her son-in-law and part of her family. She also offers Meg condolences on the loss of her baby, but Meg says she doesn't want to talk to her or Paul about it. Barbara points out that both she and Paul are also grieving the loss of this child, but Meg doesn't care and says she won't come to the funeral if Barbara's going to try to get her to forgive Paul. Barbara leaves but asks her again to please come, saying Dusty would have wanted her there.

Barbara runs into Craig in Old Town and overhears him leaving a message for Meg. She snipes at him that Meg doesn't want anything to do with him, and he tells her she sounds "a bit off." She says it's because she's planning Dusty's funeral, and that he made Dusty's last months miserable, because it was his fault Dusty didn't have his son with him. Craig firmly tells her that Johnny is his son and that one day, he will have him back again. Barbara tells him not to even think about showing up at Dusty's funeral, saying no one wants him there, "least of all Meg." She leaves Craig to ponder that idea. Craig then calls someone at work and reschedules some meetings, saying he has a funeral to go to tomorrow.

At Old Town, Jack runs into Parker and two slightly older friends who are trying to get Parker to go to a beer party. One of the boys is smoking, and Jack tells him to put out the cigarette because he's not old enough to smoke. Parker introduces them to Jack, but they make a hasty retreat. Jack asks who they are, and Parker says they're on his hockey team. Jack reminds him that he was supposed to go straight home after school because he's grounded. Parker tries to change the subject to Sam and Carly, but Jack takes him to Al's Diner for a bite to eat and tells him Carly can handle Sam. When Jack reminds Parker how he and Carly feel about drinking and smoking, Parker asks why they're allowed to screw up and no one calls them on it. Jack says they aren't happy with it, and that's called "guilt." Parker asks what would happens if Carly started dating Sam, but Jack says she'd never date a man whose best friend is a wooden doll. He tells Parker if he wants to help them, he needs to help himself and stay clean-no drinking, drugs, or cigarettes. Then he tells Parker to go on back to the farm.

At Metro, Sam tells Carly it's a little lonely hanging out there all the time now that he's bunking there, too. He asks if she wants to go grab a bite to eat. She says she would, but she's on her way to visit her sister. She thanks Sam, and tells him he's a real pal. She leaves, and Cowboy Jack tells Sam that he needs to make a move on Carly before she calls him a "pal" again. The phone rings, and it's Kit, who tells Sam that her court date's been postponed for the third time and that she misses him. He suggests she not call Carly at Metro anymore, and she asks why. He says Carly needs some space because of what happened, and because of Jack. Kit wonders if Sam is getting involved with Carly. He assures her that he's not and tells her he's now living at Metro. He tells her he'll call her every day to keep her updated on how Metro is doing, and she asks him to keep sending her love letters. He tells her he loves her and hangs up. He picks up Cowboy Jack and says he'll win Carly over the same way he won Kit over, through a letter. He begins writing something down.

Carly goes to see Rosanna, who tells her that Paul broke up with her. When Carly asks why, Rosanna tells her about the DNA test results and how she switched them. Carly says she doesn't think she knows how to help Rosanna get Paul to forgive her for something like that. Rosanna nearly faints, and Carly makes her lie down, telling her she needs to get some rest and reminding her that her doctors told her to be careful. When Rosanna asks what she can do about Paul, Carly tells her to take the high road and be the woman that Paul fell in love with. She tells Rosanna to rest, and she leaves, but Rosanna gets up and leaves, too.

Rosanna goes to the Snyder farm, where she tells Meg she's there to get her husband. She offers her condolences about Meg's miscarriage. Meg says Rosanna's responsible for the whole thing, because if not for her, Paul would have known right away that he was the baby's father, and they would have been together all along. Rosanna says the miscarriage probably would still have happened and then reminds Meg that she and Craig aren't the ones who broke their wedding vows. Meg asks why Rosanna wants Paul back if she feels he's so much to blame, and Rosanna says, "Because I love him. Because I need him. Because I would forgive him anything. Would you?" Meg tells her to get out.

Parker arrives back at the farm and finds Rosanna sitting on the porch. He greets his aunt and asks how Paul is. Rosanna asks him if he's seen Paul, maybe visiting Meg. Meg comes out and suggests that Parker go inside and call Jack to let him know he's home. Then, Meg tells Rosanna she can't believe Rosanna was asking Parker about Paul. Rosanna says she wouldn't have asked him if Meg had been more forthcoming, then asks Meg if she still loves Paul. When Meg doesn't answer, Rosanna says, "I'll go ask Parker!" Meg replies that yes, she still loves Paul, but no longer wants to be with him given everything that's happened. She tells Rosanna to "go for it" if she thinks she can get Paul back, but doubts Paul will ever forgive her. Rosanna says Meg is underestimating both Paul and Rosanna. She leaves and calls Paul, leaving a message that says she needs to see him in person right away.

When Carly returns to Metro, Sam tells her he received a "Dear John" letter from Kit. Carly can't believe it and says she'll call Kit and talk some sense into her, but Sam says that would just make things worse. Carly thinks Kit will want Sam back after her legal troubles are over, but Sam says he can never seem to make Kit happy. Seeing how sad Sam looks, Carly suggests they go out after all and grab something to eat. After getting dressed up, they meet at the Lakeview. Carly likes the song that's playing, so Sam insists that they dance to it. At that moment, Jack arrives, having come to collect Dusty's things and take them to the station. On his way out, he sees Carly and Sam dancing and walks over by them. Carly sees him and abruptly stops dancing. She tries to explain about Sam being a little bit down, but Jack stops her and says she doesn't have to explain anything to him. He leaves as Carly watches, frustrated.

In the middle of the snowy woods, Brad has fallen down a hill and broken his leg. Katie finds a stick he can use to help support his weight, lifs him up off the ground, and starts to walk him back up to their car. Brad turns to look at her, though, and tries to kiss her. He loses his balance, sending them both tumbling back down the hill. Katie manages to get Brad up again, and they make their way to the car, but when Katie tries to start it, they discover the battery is dead. They can't get any cell phone reception, and Katie begins to panic. Brad says his head hurts, and Katie sees that he's cut his head and is bleeding. Worried he has a concussion, she tells a drowsy Brad that he can't fall asleep, and instead, she tells him they should play a game. She wants him to name ten things he knows about her, and he begins doing so, but becomes a little disoriented in the middle of it and asks for a kiss. She kisses him and realizes he is feverish, too. She tells him she's going to walk away from the car, because earlier, she was able to get reception on her cell phone when she went walking. She tells Brad to stay awake, and he says he will, but when she leaves, he nods off. When he wakes up again, he's confused and tries to get out of the car. He falls down again. Katie finds a spot where the cell phone works and is able to call 9-1-1 and ask for help. She returns to the car to find Brad on the ground and asks him what happened. He tells her he didn't know where she had gone. She tells him she got through to 9-1-1 and that they were able to locate her by the cell phone signal and had sent an ambulance and a tow truck.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Barbara is surprised to find Will and Gwen waiting for her when she exits the elevator at the Lakeview. They are there to escort her to Dusty's funeral at Luther's Corner. Barbara appears grateful Will has forgiven her long enough to be by her side as she buries Dusty. Sofie finds Will and Gwen in the lobby and offers to watch Hallie while the two are at the service. Will turns her offer down by telling her they have another babysitter and he heads to the funeral with his mother and wife.

At the farm, Holden thinks back on the night of Dusty's murder and recalls finding the syringe in Lily's hand. He goes to the kitchen cabinet and retrieves the needle he has hidden. Just then, Lily comes downstairs and as she frantically gets set to leave the house, Holden asks where she is going. She says she's leaving to help Dusty since she is the one who hurt him. Holden reminds Lily that Dusty is dead and she is shocked at first, but then begins to remember the details around the night Dusty died. Meg comes into the kitchen dressed somberly and when Lily asks if she is going to Dusty's funeral. When Meg tells her the service is that morning, Lily insists on attending. Holden tells her she isn't in shape to go to the funeral, but she says she must be there for her best friend, Dusty. Holden is angered by Lily's persistence, but relents and agrees to take his wife to say good-bye to Dusty.

At the Lakeview, Emily dreams of the final confrontation she had with Dusty and Chris, and recalls her threat to make Dusty pay for coming between her and Chris. Emily is awakened by a knock at the door and finds her sister, Alison, ready to take her to Dusty's funeral. Alison questions why Emily is not ready to go and Emily tells her that Dusty destroyed her life because she is convinced that he is the one who told Chris that she was a prostitute. Emily says that if Dusty had left her alone then he would still be alive. Emily sends Alison to the funeral alone and maintains that she won't be going.

At the police station, Margo hands Dallas a list of Dusty's phone records and asks him to follow up on the one number he called repeatedly the day of his death. Dallas asks where she is going and she tells him she is going to Dusty's funeral to see if the murderer decides to pays his or her last respects.

Lucinda has arrived at the church and as she mourns the loss of Dusty. Craig arrives and immediately harasses Lucinda. She confronts Craig and tells him that he shouldn't be there since he and Dusty were enemies. She tells Craig that it's tacky for him to attend the funeral and goes as far as to accuse Craig of being responsible for Dusty's murder. Craig denies any involvement, but stops his conversation with Lucinda when he sees Meg enter the church. Craig tries to talk to Meg, but she quickly tells him to leave her alone and says he shouldn't be there. When Barbara comes in, she immediately begins to yell at Craig and he decides to leave. Barbara confides in Gwen that seeing Craig reminders her of everything she has lost-Jennifer, Johnny, and now Dusty. She thanks Gwen for convincing Will to come, and Gwen tells her that she and Will made the decision together. Before the service begins, Gwen checks in with the sitter and learns they are out for a walk in Old Town. She reminds the sitter she will have her phone off during the funeral.

As Lily and Holden arrive at the church, Lily has a flashback to the night of Dusty's death. She tells Holden that she recalls going into the stairwell that night. Holden tells her that she needs to take it easy and that they should go home. Lily believes she must stay and is convinced that if she can remember more about that night, she might be able to figure out who killed Dusty, or maybe she even saw the murder. As they enter the church, they run into Susan and Alison. Susan recalls seeing Holden at the hospital acting suspicious the night Dusty died.

As the service for Dusty begins, the preacher asks if anyone would like to say a few words about Dusty. Alison is the first to go up and she beings to speak. She stops as her sister, Emily, enters the church. She looks relieved to see that Emily has decided to come to the funeral, and she then begins to relate her memories of how Dusty saved her life. Will is next to speak and recalls Dusty's life with his sister, Jennifer, and her son, Johnny. Talk of Johnny sends Meg from the church as she recalls the recent loss of her own child. When Lily gets up to talk, Holden stops her and Lucinda decides to speak in her place. Lucinda remembers Dusty's loyalty and demands that someone pay for his death. The preacher ends the service and as everyone files out, Emily meets up with her mother and sister. She tells them she will meet them later, but she wants a few minutes alone in the church first. Emily talks aloud to Dusty and says, "It shouldn't have ended this way." Lily hears her and tells her that it's Emily's fault that Dusty is dead. Lily rips into Emily and blames her for Dusty making so many enemies. When she tells Emily that Dusty deserved better than a hooker, Emily realizes that Lily sent the anonymous note to Chris, not Dusty. Emily starts to cry as she looks at a photo of Dusty and questions what she has done. Susan returns looking for Emily and asks her what is wrong. Emily tells her mom that she is responsible for Dusty's death and becomes distraught. Susan tells her daughter to stay put and leaves the church to talk to Margo.

Margo has returned to the station after the funeral and tells Dallas that she really didn't learn anything by going. She asks if Dallas found anything out about the number Dusty was calling. He tells her that it is the number of Neil Perkins, a lab tech that had done work for Dusty in the past. Margo thinks Neil might have the evidence Dusty was waiting for that night and tells Dallas to bring him in for questioning.

In an attempt to get police attention off of Emily, Susan goes to the station and tells Margo that she saw Holden at the hospital in front of an unattended drug cart the night Dusty died. She explains that she didn't see him holding anything, but he was acting very suspicious. Margo wants to know for sure if he was in possession of any drugs, but Susan says she didn't see him with anything. Margo thanks Susan and tells Dallas they need to get a search warrant for the Snyder farm. Susan returns to the church to find Emily apologizing to Dusty's pictures. In the meantime, Margo and Dallas have arrived at the farm and when no one is home they enter and begin their search. At first they find nothing, but Margo decides to check the kitchen cabinet.

After her clash with Emily, Lily and Holden go to Al's Diner to unwind before heading home. Holden tells Lily she is welcome to stay at the farm as long as she likes, and she questions why he is being so kind to her. Holden explains that by driving her into Dusty's arms, he feels responsible for everything that has happened. Lily maintains that Holden is her hero and has done nothing wrong. Lily asks one more time if Holden is okay with her staying at the farm and he insists she is always welcome there. The two head home and arrive to find Dallas and Margo, who present them with the syringe they found in the cabinet. Holden tells them he was the one who put it there and Margo tells him he has to come with them to the station for questioning in Dusty's death.

Gwen and Will's babysitter has taken baby Hallie out for a walk. Sofie sees her with Hallie and runs to see the baby girl she gave up for adoption. The babysitter is apprehensive of Sofie's nearness to the child and the questions about her ability as a caregiver for the newborn. The sitter asks why it is any of her business and Sofie tells her that she is a close friend of Will and Gwen's. Alison overhears their conversation and asks Sofie if Will and Gwen are okay with her seeing the baby. Sofie insists she is allowed to see Hallie and defends her right to see her daughter because of the open adoption. Alison is mistrustful of Sofie, but leaves her with Hallie and the sitter and heads to Al's to meet her mom. The sitter tells Sofie she has to get the baby home for a nap and Sofie asks if she can walk home with the two. When they arrive home, Gwen is shocked to see Sofie walking with Hallie and the sitter. Will and Gwen asks Sofie to give them some family time alone. After she leaves, Will tells Gwen it is time to set limits about Sofie's contact with the baby.

Meg sits in Old Town and sadly watches the babies being carried through town. As tears begin to form in her eyes, Craig approaches and hands her a handkerchief. She refuses it and begins to storm off, but returns when Craig tells her they need to decide what to do with Montgomery Enterprises. She tells him she doesn't care what happens to the company, but Craig argues he does and wants control. He demands that Meg let him finish his work and she relents under the one condition-that he never contact her again. Craig agrees and when he tries to shake Meg's hand, she storms off.

Craig goes to the Lakeview for a celebratory drink and finds Lucinda. She immediately lashes out at him for celebrating on the day of Dusty's funeral. Craig tells her that he isn't rejoicing in Dusty's death, but in retaining Montgomery Enterprises. Lucinda reminds Craig that the company was once hers and says she will get it back.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Katie is supportive of Brad in the hospital after his fall and broken leg. The doctor tells him he can wear a brace rather than a full cast if he promises to stay off the leg. Katie calls Jack to tell him that his brother is in the hospital and needs a ride home. Jack agrees to pick up Brad, so Katie takes a break and goes over to the diner. She explains what happened to Henry and Vienna.

At Metro, Sam fights with the boiler, and the boiler wins. Sam gets soaked with cold water, so he removes his wet shirt just as Jack walks in. Jack asks Carly what is going on with her and Sam, and she tells him it is none of his business. Jack tells Carly that Parker's school hockey team is sponsoring a dance at the school tonight and asks her opinion since they have both grounded Parker for his behavior. Carly relents and says she thinks they should allow Parker to go, and Jack agrees. Sam cannot repair the boiler and offers to take Carly out to eat. There is a serious question as to whether Metro can open without heat for the patrons, and the two of them go to Yo's where Sam promptly drinks four beers in a short time.

Paul comes to Fairwinds at Rosanna's request but is not willing to listen to her excuses for her actions. He tells her he is filing for divorce and, surprisingly, Rosanna offers to fly with him to the Caribbean for a "quickie" divorce. Paul agrees and leaves to make preparations while Rosanna makes a phone call to someone whom she tells to go ahead with her plan.

Jack goes home to the farm and tells Parker he can attend the dance but must be home by 10:00. He leaves to pick up Brad. Parker's friends arrive and ask him if he is ready to party. He tells them they have an errand to attend to first. The teens head to Yo's where Parker sees Sam and his mother and watches Sam hold Carly's hand. Carly is uneasy with this and tells Sam that she is setting some limits on their relationship. When she heads to the ladies' room, Sam goes outside and finds Parker lurking. Parker threatens Sam and tells him to stay away from his mother. Sam tells Parker to get lost before his mother finds him there.

When Jack arrives at Memorial, he tells Brad the news that Dusty has been murdered and Lily has overdosed. As the doctor prepares Brad's release papers, Jack receives a call from Margo asking him to return to the station immediately. Jack leaves, and Katie returns. Brad suggests that since the Snyder farm is so overpopulated at the moment, that Katie should take him to her room at the Lakeview for a more quiet recovery. Katie protests, but Brad wins her over.

On their private jet, Rosanna produces a bottle of champagne and asks Paul if he would like to toast his new freedom. Paul refuses, and Rosanna confesses that she is kidnapping him and whisking him away to a private island. Paul asks her to have the pilot turn the plane around, and when she refuses, Paul gets up and goes into the cockpit himself. The plane reverses and lands back in Oakdale where an Oakdale policeman boards to escort Rosanna to the station to be charged with kidnapping Paul and changing the results of the DNA test on Meg's baby.

Katie takes Brad to her room at the Lakeview and puts him to bed. Jack shows up and Brad makes it sound as if his coming there was all Katie's idea. Jack leaves and Katie threatens to break Brad's other leg is he doesn't shape up. Henry and Vienna show up with refreshments. Katie packs some things and moves next door for the night.

Carly takes Sam to her house to get more of his clothes and warns him against any moves he may be thinking of making towards her. He leaves for Metro in a cab. Meanwhile, Parker and his buddies sneak into the basement at Metro and Parker takes Sam's dummy, Cowboy Jack, out of his bag and shows him to his friends. Parker takes the dummy and they leave. When Sam returns, he discovers his puppet is missing, and he calls Carly and accuses Parker.

Parker returns to the farm and lies to Jack about being at the dance. Jack tells him he is proud of Parker for obeying his curfew, but when Parker crawls into his bed, he finds Cowboy Jack under the covers. Carly comes to the farm to talk to Jack about the missing puppet.

Friday, January 25, 2008

Carly goes to the farm to find out if Parker stole Sam's dummy, Cowboy Jack. Parker doesn't tell his parents that he found Cowboy Jack in his bed when he got home, and he denies having taken the dummy. He lies about having gone to the dance, and Jack and Carly believe him. Carly apologizes for having given Parker the third degree, and he goes up to bed. Carly leaves and returns to Metro, where she tells Sam that Parker says he hasn't seen Cowboy Jack. Sam apologizes again for having gotten off on the wrong foot with Parker, and Carly tells him she wishes he could see the real Parker. She describes him as "sensitive and insightful" and tells Sam that Parker sees things that other people don't see. Carly becomes depressed that Parker has been having so much trouble lately and blames herself for it, while Sam tries to assure Carly that she's doing the best she can.

Back at the farm, Parker tries to sneak out to bury Cowboy Jack, but Jack catches him. Parker swears he didn't have anything to do with Cowboy Jack's appearance at the Snyder farm and says Sam is trying to frame him, because Sam is out to get him. While Parker and Jack are talking, Parker's hockey coach stops by and tells Jack he just wanted to be sure Parker was doing okay, since he didn't come to the school dance like the rest of the hockey team. Jack assures the coach that Parker is okay and thanks him for stopping by. An angry Jack tells Parker he'd better start telling him the truth now about what happened. Parker tells Jack that he followed Carly to Yo's and watched her with Sam, who he says was "all over her." He tells Jack that Sam saw him at Yo's and told him there was nothing he could do to stop him from getting together with Carly. Jack asks if that's why Parker took the dummy, and Parker says yes, but he tells Jack that he trashed Cowboy Jack and doesn't know how the dummy got into the farmhouse. Jack tells Parker he understands that Parker doesn't like his mom hanging out with other guys, but Parker says it's not other guys he objects to, just this specific one. He tells Jack he thinks Sam is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde and that Carly is going to regret it if she keeps hanging around with him. Jack tells Parker that at this point, Carly probably trusts Sam more than she trusts Parker, and he says he doesn't know what to do about that.

Jack calls Carly and tells her that Parker had Cowboy Jack after all. He asks her if she can come retrieve the dummy, and she says yes. Carly tells Sam, and he tells her he'll go with her to get Cowboy Jack, because he can see how upset she is. They arrive at the farm, and Jack makes Parker apologize to Sam for taking the dummy. Parker leaves the room, and Sam goes out to wait on the porch with Cowboy Jack so Carly and Jack can talk about what to do about Parker's behavior. Parker finds Sam on the porch and tells him he thinks Sam put the dummy in his bed to make it look like Parker was a liar. Sam says Parker is a liar and that he had nothing to do with Parker skipping the school dance. Sam warns Parker not to mess with him, saying bad things happen when he does. Parker walks back into the house and tells Carly and Jack that Sam is out to get him. Jack tells Parker he and Carly have decided to put Parker back in therapy. Parker goes upstairs, and Jack and Carly share a close moment while Sam watches through the window.

Lily meets Lucinda at Old Town and tells her about Holden being taken to the police station for questioning. Luke and Noah walk by, and Luke sees his mother and grandmother. He goes over to find out what they're doing, since Lily just got home from the hospital. They don't answer directly until Luke insists that he doesn't deserve to be treated like a child. Lily tells him about Holden, and both Luke and Noah are shocked that anyone would think Holden could murder someone. Lucinda tells the boys that she and Lily will go to the police station and straighten this out. Luke wants to go with them, but they tell him they can handle it and ask him to go home with Noah. Luke is worried, though, and Noah says he should go to the police station himself if he's that upset about it.

At the police station, Margo tries to get Holden to talk about how he came to have a syringe at his house, but Holden refuses. Lily and Lucinda arrive and try to get Dallas to let them see Holden or talk to Margo, but Dallas tells them they'll have to wait. Margo comes out, and Lucinda threatens to sue the police department if they don't let Holden go home right now. Margo threatens to throw Lucinda in jail if she keeps talking like that. Lily pleads with Margo to let her see Holden, and Margo agrees, saying maybe Lily can get through to him. However, Lily is unable to convince Holden that he needs a lawyer, and Holden asks Margo to make sure Lily gets back home okay. Lucinda leaves with Lily and takes her to Al's Diner, where Lily remembers Holden telling her in the hospital that he would "take care of everything." Lucinda insists Holden would never kill anyone. Back at the police station, the forensics report is given to Margo, who tells Holden that the syringe he had at the farm had traces of the same substance that was injected into Dusty. When Holden continues to refuse to answer any questions about how he came to have the syringe in his possession, Margo places him under arrest.

Luke and Noah walk in as Holden is being handcuffed and waiving his right to a lawyer. Luke shouts that Holden is innocent and shouldn't be there, but Margo says she had no choice. Holden asks Luke to go home, but Luke won't leave until Holden tells him exactly what's going on. Holden does, and then he asks Noah to get Luke back home. Luke calls Lily and tells her what has happened. Lily and Lucinda rush back to the police station, and Margo tells them to get a lawyer for Holden. Holden says all he needs is for Lily to go home and take care of herself, and he asks Luke to keep an eye on her. Luke and Noah leave together to go home, and Luke tells Noah that Holden called him the night Dusty died and said Dusty wouldn't be a problem anymore. He asks what that could have meant, and Noah tells Luke that Holden isn't capable of killing someone. Luke points out that Noah probably felt the same way about his own father, who turned out to be a murderer. Noah says that looking back on his life, there were signs that his own dad was capable of that, but he makes Luke realize that Holden is not.

Lily goes to the Lakeview, where she has arranged to meet with Bonnie. She tells Bonnie what's happening and explains that Holden has refused to get a lawyer. Given Bonnie's more personal relationship with Holden, Lily hopes that Bonnie can get him to change his mind. Bonnie and Lily go to the station, where they see Margo and Holden. Holden again insists that he doesn't want a lawyer, but Lily says Bonnie is his friend and wants to help him. Holden agrees to speak to Bonnie, so Margo lets them meet in the interrogation room. Holden lies to Bonnie about finding the syringe, saying it was just laying in the hallway at the hospital and that he'd been worried it was some other drug Lily had taken. He tells Bonnie he wanted to find out what it was, and he was at the drug cart when Susan Stewart walked by and saw him. Bonnie asks if Lily was ever in possession of the syringe, and Holden lies, saying Lily was asleep in her room the whole time. Margo comes and tells them that the judge has agreed to an immediate arraignment, so Lily will probably be able to get Holden out on bail.



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