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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 14, 2008 on ATWT
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Monday, January 14, 2008

Carly and Sam realize the money is gone from Metro's lockbox and Carly frantically tries to figure out who could have stolen their money. Carly picks up the phone to call Jack, but Sam tries to stop her by reminding her that Jack may use it against her. Carly is adamant that she needs police help.

Jack returns to the farm with the kids and tells them to get busy on their homework. Parker immediately walks outside and looks in his backpack at the money he stole from his mom. Jack finds him and Parker jams the money back into his backpack as the two discuss homework. Jack gets the call from Carly telling him she has been robbed and he agrees to return to the club to look into the robbery. Before going, Jack talks to Parker to start studying. When Jack leaves, Parker begins to daydream about his mom thanking him for saving her from Sam and the family moving back in together. He is jarred back to reality by J.J. and a sock puppet making fun of him. Parker puts J.J. in a head lock and demands he apologizes and he does. Parker gets back to his homework at the kitchen table.

Sam and Carly try to analyze the events leading up to the robbery and while looking through the lock box Sam discovers someone has placed one of his magic flowers inside to make him look guilty. Jack arrives at Metro and begins to try to solve the case. He immediately accuses Sam, who explains he had nothing to do with the robbery. Carly jumps to Sam's defense and tells Jack to start looking into other people. Jack asks a few questions and tells Carly she needs to stop being so trusting. He heads out to the station to write up a report.

Alone at Metro, Sam tells Carly that someone has set him up by placing his magic flower in the lockbox. Sam insists it must be one of the kids and Carly immediately knows it is Parker. Carly asks why Sam didn't rat him out to Jack and he explains he didn't want to get him in trouble with Jack. Carly asks Sam to watch Metro as she heads out to find Parker.

Carly shows up at the farm and asks Parker if Jack is home. Parker explains Jack is on his way and Carly asks Parker point blank if he stole the money and tried to frame Sam. When Parker says he didn't, Carly grabs his backpack and finds the stolen money. Carly asks Parker how he could steal from her and Parker tells her he did it to get Sam out of her life. Carly rages at Parker's thievery and behavior towards Sam, but when she hears Jack arrive home she stops yelling as Parker pleads with her not to tell Jack. Carly apologizes to Parker and then tells him that she can't hide things from Jack. She tells Jack the entire story and they send Parker to his room so they can discuss his behavior alone. Carly is stunned by Parker's behavior, but Jack reminds her that Parker may be acting out to be sure his mother doesn't leave town with another man like she did with Simon.

Back at Metro, Sam has a conversation with his puppet, Cowboy Jack, about Parker becoming a problem. The puppet tells Sam they need to take care of Parker. As Sam puts Cowboy Jack down, Carly returns and tells him that Parker is the one who took the money and she is sorry he was accused. Carly explains that Parker is changing and getting through to him is becoming harder. Sam offers to move out to make things easier, but the two are interrupted by Jack arriving with Parker. Jack apologizes for his earlier accusations against Sam and Parker, begrudgingly offers an apology, but refuses to shake Sam's hand and runs out. Jack asks to talk to Carly alone and he explains that Parker isn't really sorry for what he did and that he should stay at the farm fulltime with Sam staying at Carly's. Carly says Parker is more important than anything and she will asks Sam to move out right away so that she and Parker can start working on their relationship again.

Sam finds Parker in Old Town and tells him that he will leave him alone if Parker does the same for him. Sam tries to convince Parker that he wants nothing to do with Carly romantically and that he is just there to help her while Kit is in jail. Parker tells Sam that he doesn't believe him and he knows that he wants to be with Carly because he heard him talking to the puppet about her. Sam tries to explain away his dialogue with the dummy and threatens Parker to stop making trouble for him or he won't be responsible for what Cowboy Jack might do.

When Sam returns to Metro, Carly tells her that she is sorry, but he needs to move out. He tells her it is no problem and that he will just sleep in the back of Metro. When she walks away to get work done, Sam is visibly upset by Carly's request.

Rosanna calls Barbara to look for Paul, but Barbara lashes out at Rosanna and her deception over Meg's baby. Rosanna reminds Barbara she has lied on occasion as well, but Barbara is quick to point out that she, unlike Rosanna, is good at lying. Before hanging up, Barbara warns Rosanna that if anything happens to Paul she will make sure Rosanna pays for it.

At the hospital where Meg is recovering from her miscarriage, Paul tries to enter Meg's room, but Craig tells him he has no right to go in. Inside her room, Meg cries to Holden that she failed her baby by not protecting it because she put herself between Paul and Craig's fighting. Holden tries to comfort his sister, but Meg continues to mourn the loss of her baby and explains that she was so excited to be pregnant. As the two continue their conversation, Craig and Paul burst in and make a scene. Holden pushes the two men out and criticizes them for continuing their fight at the hospital. The two continue to yell at one another, as security arrives and Holden asks that they be removed. Just then Barbara rushes in and takes Paul out.

At Al's Diner, Paul explains to his mother that he and Meg have lost the baby. Barbara offers her support and tries to ease Paul's pain. When Barbara asks what went wrong, Paul explains that he is at fault for Meg losing the baby. Barbara tells him that this is not his fault and that the only reason he was fighting with Craig was to protect his family. Barbara reminds Paul that Craig should be in jail for earlier trying to kill Meg's baby. Paul listens to his mother and remarks that he will make sure that Craig doesn't get away with this.

Paul leaves Barbara and goes straight to the station where he reports Craig's crime to Margo. He explains Craig's earlier plot to poison Meg's baby and demands that she arrests her brother right away. Margo tells Paul she will follow the law and look into his report at once. She sends Paul home and heads to the hospital to talk to her brother.

With Paul gone, Craig asks to see Meg and the security guard escorts him in. Holden leaves the two alone and Craig offers his apology. He promises Meg that he will make everything up to her if she lets him. Craig explains that he still loves her and was willing to raise her baby as his own even though he knew it wasn't his. He begs her to forgive him, but she tells him that they are over. He continues to try to persuade her that he loves her, but she tells him it is too late. A dejected Craig leaves Meg's room only to run into his sister, Margo.

Margo finds her brother coming out of Meg's room and offers her condolences for the bad day he is having, but tells him he needs to come down to the station to answer some questions. At the police station, Craig declares his innocence in Meg's accident and losing the baby, but Margo explains that he is there because of his attempt to poison Meg's baby, not the accident. Craig details his earlier actions with the poison and tries to defend his thoughts by explaining that he never went through with poisoning the baby and was only hurt by the knowledge that Meg was carrying Paul's baby instead of his. Margo chastises her brother's actions and comments that he destroys everyone he loves. Craig is dismissive about the charges, but Margo sends him on his way with a warning not to leave town because if Meg presses charges he will need to answer them.

Meg's doctor releases her to Holden and tries to comfort her with the knowledge that she can conceive again and that this miscarriage was accident related. Alone with Holden, Meg comments that she "doesn't' want another baby" that she wanted this baby. After she is dressed and ready to go, Margo arrives and tells her that she knows about Craig's trying to poison her and wants to know if she wants to press charges against him. Holden encourages her to go forward with sending Craig to jail.

Margo arrives at Craig's room at Lakeview and gives him the good news that Meg will not be pressing charges. Craig is reassured that Meg didn't want him to go to jail and feels that she must still care for him, but Margo explains that Meg only did it to avoid the public embarrassment of having to relive what has happened.

Meg and Holden return to the farm with Ethan and Meg asks to hold her nephew. She talks to him sweetly and explains about the loss of her baby.

Paul returns to Fairwinds and Rosanna is overjoyed to see him. Paul tells her what has happened with Meg losing the baby and Rosanna says she is sorry. Paul condemns her for being cruel and plotting with Craig all along so that he would never know he was the father of Meg's baby. He walks out as Rosanna begs him to stay. Rosanna tells Paul she has made a terrible mistake keeping the truth from him about the baby, but Paul stares her down coldly and says he can't be with her. She says they have always shared a strong love, but Paul tells her that is no longer true and leaves to pack his things. Rosanna catches up to Paul as he packs and tells her that the real mistake would have been her letting him leave her for Meg. Paul says he always thought Rosanna was the one who could keep him on the right path, but he now knows that isn't true and that he has always loved Meg. Rosanna says that Paul just needs time to get over Meg, but Paul tells her she is wrong and asks her for a divorce.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

At Fairwinds, Rosanna tries, unsuccessfully, to convince Paul not to leave her. He tells her he's in love with Meg and can't forgive Rosanna for what she's done. Rosanna says she'll never let him divorce her, and he threatens to turn her in to the police for having switched the results of the paternity test. Rosanna begs Paul to reconsider, telling him that he's the thing that keeps her "from slipping back into the darkness." Paul says she needs to find someone or something else to cling to, and he leaves.

At the Lakeview, Meg is in her suite, packing up some things, when Craig walks into the bedroom. He thanks her for not pressing charges against him, but she says the only reason she didn't was because she couldn't stand to be around him anymore. When Craig tries to say how sorry he is about the baby and how much he wanted a family, Meg reminds him that just a few days ago, he wasn't willing to even feel the baby move anymore because it wasn't his child. He says he changed because he loves her and just wanted them all to be a family, but she says all he really wants is a child, period. When she asks why he didn't tell her about the paternity test switch when he found out, he says because he was afraid she would immediately run back to Paul, which is what he thinks she's doing now. She says she won't answer that, but when he says he deserves an answer because she's his wife, she tells him, "I'm not your wife anymore," throws her wedding ring at him, and leaves.

In the lobby of the Lakeview, Holden, who is waiting for Meg, runs into Lily and fills her in on what happened. Lily is saddened by the news and asks what she can do to help, but Holden says he thinks Meg wants to handle it on her own. Lily says she will always think of Meg as family and that family was the one thing she thought she could count on. Holden is concerned that Lily's not okay, but she tells him she's fine. Meg comes back downstairs, and Lily offers her condolences and hugs her. Meg and Holden leave, and Lily heads for the elevator, where she takes a pill from her purse. Dusty catches the elevator door before it can close, and when they arrive on Dusty's floor, Lily offers to get him a different room so he won't have to watch Emily and Chris all the time, but Dusty says it doesn't bother him. Lily pleads with Dusty for them to go back to how they were before New Year's Eve, and she wants him to go to his room with her now, but Dusty tells her that she has always made her way back to Holden in the past, and he doesn't want to be Holden's stand-in.

Meg goes to the farm with Holden, but Holden has to leave to run some errands. A few minutes later, Paul comes in and tells her how sorry he is about the baby and asks for her forgiveness. Meg says she loves him and probably always will but that she can't be with him anymore. He says she can't turn her back on him, but she reminds him that he turned his back on her when he returned from the "dead." Meg tells Paul that what drives him is not his love for her but his hate for Craig, saying that "even the mention of his name gets a bigger reaction than anything else," including the loss of their child. Paul pleads with Meg to let him love her, but she says it's not enough. He tries to kiss her, but she pushes him away. He tells her she has his heart, then he turns and leaves. Meg thinks about going after him but stops herself.

Lily goes to Yo's, looking for the man she met who had drugs. The bartender says he's not there, but if she wants what Jay normally carries, he might be able to help her. For $100, he sells Lily some pills. Before she can leave, she runs into Christa, one of the hookers who used to work for Cheri. She calls Lily "Lola," and Lily remembers who she is. When Christa says Lily looks like she's been through the emotional wringer, Lily says it was about Dusty Donovan, whom Christa knows because he was the one falsely accused of murdering Cheri. Lily says Dusty dumped her for Emily Stewart, and Christa says she used to work with Emily, for Cheri, and thinks Emily is nothing but trouble. Lily is floored to find out that Emily was a hooker.

Rosanna goes to see Craig, to try to get him to win Meg back so she can get Paul back, but Craig assures her that even if that were possible, she's the last person Paul would turn to now. He tells her she's responsible for what happened, not him, and he wonders whether she told Paul how she begged him not to tell him about the paternity test results and how she bribed Eli to keep the results a secret. When Rosanna reminds him that he tried to kill the baby, Craig says he's ashamed of what he did and that he had time to think the better of it and wanted to raise the baby as his own, in every sense. Rosanna says, "This whole situation has such a sad ring of familiarity to it," and Craig agrees, saying he's becoming familiar with suffering the loss of a child. Rosanna is derisive, saying it wasn't even his child, and he tells her to get out; she tells him to go to hell, then she leaves. Craig drinks alone in his room, then finds the plans for the house he was going to build, complete with the large nursery; in despair, he rips the plans in half. Rosanna returns to Fairwinds, where she suddenly comes down with a bad headache.

Emily sees Dusty at Al's and lays into him for trying to recruit Alison to spy on Chris. Dusty tells her she's in denial if she thinks Chris didn't have anything to do with Bob's stroke. When Emily leaves, she goes to the hospital and finds Chris in a lab, where he's reviewing Bob's medical records to see if there's anything in there that could lend any credence to Dusty's accusations of poisoning. He doesn't see anything, and Emily asks if he ran a toxicology screen. He says he didn't see any reason to do one, because it was his father, and he already knew what medications Bob was taking. Emily is curious, because she thought a tox screen was routine, and Chris wants to know if this means she's beginning to believe he may have poisoned his own father. She tries to apologize, telling him she believes in him and reminding him that tonight is the press party for "Memo 21," which is apparently what they are calling the new research laboratory. Chris is paged by Kim, who wants to have an early dinner with him, and he invites Emily to come along. They go meet Kim at Al's, where Chris tells her about the party and asks if she can come. She tearfully tells him how proud she is of him and his work so far as the interim chief of staff, and she says she wouldn't miss it for the world. Dusty walks by Al's and sees them all together; Emily stares at Dusty, and Chris can't help but notice her look, which is somewhat wistful.

Holden runs into Bonnie at Java, and she invites him to go with her to the press party for Memo 21, saying her law firm was given tickets to the event and she is afraid she'll be bored if she goes alone. He tells her he'll have to check to see how Meg's doing, but he'll get back to her. He leaves and runs into Dusty, who tells him he needs to check on Lily. Holden is angry that Dusty is trying to tell him anything about his wife, but Dusty tells him something's not right and it's not too late to fix things, because Lily still loves Holden.

Dusty goes to the hospital, where he confronts Chris and Emily again. Chris warns him to stay away from the party tonight, but Dusty reminds him that Bob was against the project, and he says he'll make sure it gets shut down. Chris tells Dusty to leave before he calls security and says not to worry about someone spiking the punch at the party; Dusty says Chris doesn't need to poison anyone now because he's got what he wants, for now. Chris is paged to go to the ER and has to leave, and Emily again tells Dusty that no one will ever believe that Chris tried to poison his own father. Dusty tells her, "The truth is going to come out tonight. All of it."

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

At Memorial, Barbara meets with her doctor to learn about her treatment for her oral cancer. He councils her on talking to her family and preparing them for what the treatment entails. Barbara explains that she hasn't told her sons yet and the doctor insists that Barbara tell Will and Paul right away so they can help their mother through the treatment.

At home with baby Hallie, Will reminds Gwen to be ready to go to class as soon as the sitter arrives. Gwen tells Will she isn't going and wants to stay at home with the baby. Gwen lists numerous reasons for staying with Hallie, but Will reassures his wife that everything will be fine with Hallie and the sitter. When someone knocks at the door, Will assumes it is the babysitter and is shocked when he opens the door and sees Barbara on his doorstep. Barbara tells Will and Gwen she needs to talk to them about some disturbing news, but fails to tell them about her cancer and instead informs them of Paul's news about losing the baby with Meg and leaving Rosanna. When Barbara says the family needs to stick together, Will accuses Barbara of using his brother's tragedy to try to get back into his and Gwen's life. Will asks his mom to leave, but Gwen says they need to hear her out. When the baby cries, Will goes to check on her and Gwen kindly sees Barbara out. Alone, Will tells Gwen he is angry at his mom, but Gwen says she thinks Barbara is genuinely upset. With the sitter running late, Gwen sends Will to class and stays with the baby. Gwen gets a call from the sitter explaining that her daughter is ill and she can't come. Gwen decides to take the baby to class, but changes her mind and calls Alison and Carly to sit for her, but they are unavailable.

After leaving Will and Gwen's house Barbara sits alone in her car and sobs. She arrives later at the Lakeview bar and sees Sofie sitting alone. Sofie gets her first paycheck from Lisa, but when Sofie sees it she realizes the check is too much because the price of her room hasn't been deducted. Lisa informs her that Barbara has paid for Sofie's room and if she has any questions she should ask her. Sofie sees Barbara and tears up the check in front of her. She tells her she won't take anything from her because she can't buy her forgiveness. She tells Barbara she saw her at the church and that she hopes God can forgive her for all the wrong she has done because she won't. Lisa sees Barbara is upset and advises her friend to give Sofie time. Lisa looks at Barbara and tells her that she has noticed that she has sound different lately when she speaks. She recommends that Barbara sees a doctor and Barbara begins to tell her about her cancer, but changes her mind and tells her she has seen a doctor and he told her to have some dental work done. Lisa goes to check on the kitchen and Barbara sits alone to think about her life.

Sofie arrives at Will and Gwen's house and asks Gwen to tell Barbara to back off and leave her alone. Gwen lets Sofie in on her babysitting dilemma and Sofie offers to watch Hallie.

Emily walks into her suite to tell Chris about Dusty's latest plot to take him down and she finds Chris and Evan talking. Evan leaves but tells Chris that he will inform security at the hospital to be ready for Dusty. Emily seems upset by Dusty's latest accusations and is sure he has something on Chris regarding Bob's stroke. Chris is disappointed that Emily believes he could poison his father and asks her how Dusty changed her mind. Emily calms Chris's anxiety and explains that Dusty is determined to bring him down. Chris tells Emily that with her by his side everything will be fine and then whips out a jewelry box for her. Emily is taken back thinking it is an engagement ring, but Chris tells her that she shouldn't worry and hands her the box. Inside she finds a beautiful pair of earrings. Chris thanks her for helping him to get where he is and tells her he loves her for the first time.

Down in the Lakeview bar, Dusty calls the lab and tells them he needs the results from Bob's cup right away. He explains he wants to know what was in Bob's drink before the big event at the hospital that evening. Lucinda walks in and hears Dusty's conversation and condemns Dusty's recent discarding of Lily. Dusty lets Lucinda know he didn't abandon his friend Lily and he is convinced after seeing her recently that she may need her mother's help. Dusty excuses himself to get ready for the party at Memorial even though Lucinda advices him against going.

At Yo's, the local bar, Lily is shocked when she learns that Emily used to work for Madame Cheri as a call girl. She continues her conversation with one of Cheri's former call girls and questions her about whether or not Emily really was a prostitute. The woman explains that she knew Emily when they both worked for Cheri. When Lily confirms they are talking about the same Emily, she decides to let Dusty hear the news, but the call girl explains that Dusty knew all about Emily's days as a hooker and even threatened Cheri if she didn't stop sending Emily out on jobs. Lily is filled with anger and ready to make Emily suffer for coming between her and Dusty.

Lily arrives outside Chris and Emily's door and stops before knocking to take one more pill from the stash she got earlier from the bartender. Just as she gains her composure to knock on their door, Dusty arrives and demands to know what she is doing there. Lily tells Dusty that she is ready to tell Chris the truth that Emily was once a hooker. Dusty grabs Lily and takes her downstairs to talk. Dusty asks how Lily found out and she asks him if he fell in love with Emily while she was turning tricks. Dusty notices that Lily is not acting like herself and seems to be drunk or on drugs. He asks her what she is taking and Lily denies being on anything, but tells him she learned the truth while having a drink at Yo's. Dusty tells Lily that if she tells anyone about Emily that the two will never be friends again. When Lily hears this she just laughs in Dusty's face. She goes on to explain that they aren't friends anymore and that she is doing this for him because Chris will dump Emily and she will run back to him. When Lily gets up to go she stumbles and Dusty takes her to her room to sleep off her drunkenness. Up in her room, Dusty puts Lily to bed and before she passes out she asks Dusty to stay with her, but changes her mind and tells him to get out. Once Dusty thinks Lily has passed out, he leaves. Moments later the phone rings and wakes Lily up.

In their room, Emily and Chris start to make love, but Emily has flashbacks of her night with Dusty and stops Chris with the excuse that she needs time to get ready for the party. Emily emerges from the bathroom ready for the big event and Chris feels lucky to have Emily as his date for the party. The two kiss and Emily realizes she needs to fix her makeup before they go and returns to the bathroom. Chris looks at the hotel door just as a note is being slid under. When Emily comes back into the room Chris tells her that he just got a note about her and Emily looks scared. Emily tries to guess what the letter might say and she is shocked when Chris tells her it says she used to be a hooker. Outside the room Lily listens in as Chris and Emily talk and runs away as her phone rings again. Chris tells Emily he is going to call Margo to stop this horrible filth from being spewed at them, but Emily hangs up the phone and tells him not to make the call. Emily tells Chris that it isn't a lie and she hoped that he would never find out. Chris is staggered by Emily's confession and doesn't understand how Emily could do such a thing. Emily tries to explain why she was a hooker, but Chris is disgusted by her confession and her deception by not telling him about her past. He questions her about how many men she with, but is interrupted by a call from Evan asking why he isn't at the party yet. Chris tells Emily he can't talk to her and that she shouldn't come with him to the party. Emily is left alone in their room to try to figure out who sent Chris the note. She thinks back on a conversation with Dusty and believes he is the one behind the letter.

Lily takes the most recent call to her phone and talks to Lucinda about her life. Lucinda questions what is going on with her daughter and Lily tells her everything is fine and now that she is over Dusty. Lucinda is happy to hear that Lily is getting away from Dusty and asks if she will attend the party at Memorial. Lily claims to be in a mood to celebrate and pops another pill before heading out to meet her mom.

Chris arrives at Memorial and runs into Evan and Lucinda. Lucinda criticizes Evan for working with Craig and walks away. Evan asks Chris why he is so moody and Chris explains he had a fight with Emily and needs to find her.

Lucinda finds Lily and congratulates her on looking so happy. Lily has a glass of wine and tells her mom she has taken control of her life back. Chris asks Lucinda and Lily if they have seen Emily and they say they haven't and Lucinda offers Chris advice to focus on work and not his love life. Lily then sneaks away to take another pill.

Dusty arrives at the party and is immediately pulled into a room by Emily who shows him the note and asks why he hates her. Dusty says he didn't do it and if Chris loves her there shouldn't be a problem. Dusty wants to know how Chris reacted and Emily tells him that once Chris gets over the shock he will forgive her. Dusty comments that Emily could have never made love to him like she did on New Year's if she didn't love him. Just as he finishes the sentence the two hear the door behind them slam and see an angry Chris staring at them.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

At the Montgomery Enterprises/Memorial Hospital party, Lucinda warns Lily to lighten up on the wine. Lily mixes drugs with the wine on the sly and is stunned to see Holden arrive with Bonnie McKechnie. She greets them and continues to put away several glasses of wine. Bonnie goes to speak to Kim and Holden questions Lily about her drinking, but Lily reminds him that he no longer has a say in what she does.

Chris confronts Emily and Dusty. Dusty tells him that Emily loves him, not Chris, and also lets Chris know that he and Emily slept together on New Year's Eve. Chris and Emily argue, and Dusty threatens to expose Chris' involvement in his father's stroke. Tom intercedes and Chris returns to the party. Emily swears to pay back Dusty, and Margo overhears.

Sofie volunteers to babysit with Hallie so Gwen can join Will at the lecture. Gwen agrees and leaves her in charge. The baby begins to fuss and Sofie gets rattled and calls Aaron at work. He agrees to come and help out, and shows her how to warm the milk in the bottle.

Margo asks Dusty why Chris is so angry with him and Kim wants to know what happened between her son and Emily. Dusty insists he has proof that Chris put something in Bob's coffee just before his stroke. Dusty makes a call to his friend Neil and asks for the results from the lab on the cup ASAP. He then finds Lily and scolds her for writing the nasty anonymous letter about Emily. He tells her she needs to apologize to Emily, and Lily throws a glass of wine on Dusty. Lucinda intervenes and calms Lily down. Lily then finds a medicine cart and rummages through it. She takes a handful of pills and swallows them.

Chris makes his speech about MEMO 21, the collaboration between Craig's company and the hospital, and dedicates the project to Bob. Chris begins to sign the contract when Dusty confronts him. Dusty claims to have proof and Lucinda urges him to present it. She also stops Chris from actually signing the paper. Evan Walsh is not happy about this.

Will finds out from Gwen that Sofie is their babysitter and it makes him uneasy. He is afraid that she will get reattached to the baby. When they return home, they find Sofie holding the sleeping baby and bonding with her. It is obviously hard for her to leave Hallie, and Aaron notices that Sofie is much happier now.

Lucinda visits Lily who has been admitted to the hospital. It was a close call for her, and Lily is groggy but recognizes her mother. Lucinda is supportive and then reports back to Holden.

Chris and Holden compare notes on how much they hate Dusty and Chris leaves to "take care of something." Bonnie and Holden say goodnight and Holden stops by Lily's room, but her bed is empty. Meanwhile, Dusty takes a call on his cell phone while he is in the stairwell of the hospital.

Emily finds Chris as he returns, but he refuses to listen to more of her lies. He cannot bear to look at her. Dusty is back and Holden threatens him to stay away from Lily. Dusty gets another phone call and says he'll be right there. He goes into a medical room but the lights do not work. In the dark, he suddenly hears someone else in the room.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Brad goes to Katie's suite at the Lakeview and lets himself in as she's getting dressed. She tells him to give back the room key, since they're going back to the way things were. They have an assignment from WOAK to drive up to Wisconsin for an ice-fishing tournament that starts at dawn, so they'll be driving during the night. Katie isn't happy they're going somewhere so cold. They stop by the station, where Vienna brings them a picnic basket full of food to take with them. When Katie steps away for a minute, Vienna tells Brad he needs to tell Katie how he really feels or he'll lose her. On the way to the tournament, Katie gets a call from the station on her cell phone telling her that the tournament has been canceled because many of the participants suddenly came down with the flu. She loses the signal but tells Brad to turn around and head home. He says he can't and admits that he's lost, saying they're also running low on gas. Katie laughs at first, thinking he's joking, but then sees that he's serious. Brad says they should stop and conserve gas until daylight, when they can find someone to ask directions. They take out their winter parkas they brought for the ice fishing and put them on, and then Brad starts talking about hot beaches, to try to warm them up. When it's Katie's turn, she starts talking about driving to Vegas, but then she realizes Brad has nodded off. She snuggles against him, and he mutters something about "no place I'd rather be." To her surprise, the next thing he says in his sleep is, "I love you. I love you."

At the hospital, someone walks in on Dusty, and surprised, he asks, "What are you doing here?"

Lucinda walks up to Margo and tells her someone needs to make Dusty pay for what he's done, especially to Lily. Susan finds Emily wandering in the halls, and when she asks what's wrong, Emily just mutters, "It's over. It's all over," before heading back the way she came. Chris is at the Lakeview Hotel's lounge, having a Scotch, and the bartender says that if looks could kill, he'd be dead; Chris says he's not the guy who has to worry about that.

In the stairwell, Holden finds Lily sitting on a step. In her hand, she's clutching something. Holden takes her back to her room and gets her to show him what's in her hand; it's a syringe, but when he asks what she was doing with it, she's unable to give him a coherent answer. He goes out in the hall and tries to put the syringe in a medicine cart, but Susan walks up and asks what he's doing. She is paged and has to leave but tells Holden to ask a nurse if he needs something for Lily. Holden puts the syringe in his pocket, then calls Luke and tells him that he's at the hospital with Lily; he doesn't want to tell him why but ultimately admits that Lily overdosed on some pills, although he tells Luke it was probably accidental. He asks Luke to stay put and not let Meg or the kids know what's going on yet. When Luke asks where Lily's boyfriend is, Holden says he doesn't think they have to worry about him anymore.

Noah walks up to Luke, and he can tell something's wrong. Luke tells him that his mom's in the hospital, and Noah sympathizes while Luke worries that he's been a jerk to his mom. Noah gives Luke a hug, and Faith and Natalie come into the room, with Natalie saying, "They're hugging!" Faith says, "Of course they are, they're dating!" Luke tells Natalie that when she's dating, he'll pay her back, but she says, "Guys are yucky!" Noah puts an arm around Luke and says, "I used to think so, too!" The girls want to know where their dad is, and Noah covers by saying he left because he didn't want any part of the board game they're about to play with the girls. They bring out a board game and play it, girls versus guys, and the girls win. Luke tells them it's bed time, then he apologizes to Noah for the untypical collegiate night they've had. Noah says he likes it because he likes being part of a family.

Lucinda goes to try to find Dusty and does indeed find him, lying on the floor of an office, with Emily beside him, head on his chest. Lucinda asks if Chris punched him, and Emily doesn't know. Lucinda leaves, and Emily tries to tell Dusty to wake up. Lucinda gets Tom and Margo and brings them and one of the doctors to where Dusty and Emily are. The doctor clears Emily away as Susan walks in. Susan performs CPR on Dusty as Tom calls Chris and tells him to get back to the hospital right away. When Chris arrives, they tell him it's been 15 minutes, and Chris tells Susan to stop the CPR. He tells the doctor to "call it" and offers a time of death. Emily faints. When she comes around, Susan asks Chris if he'll take Emily home, but Chris coldly tells her she should do that. Tom tells him he thinks Susan needs to stay to talk to the police, but Chris says he's in charge of the hospital and that makes this his responsibility. Lucinda wonders out loud how someone Dusty's age could just suddenly stop breathing, pointedly asking Chris if he knows, since he's a doctor. Susan tries to leave with Emily, but Margo stops her, saying she wants to get Emily's statement while her memory of what happened is still fresh. Emily, however, isn't much use, saying she doesn't really know what happened. Seeing how disoriented Emily is, Margo agrees to let her go home and get some rest. In the stairwell, Susan reminds Emily that she saw her coming from the direction of the room where Dusty was found and then returning that way, and when she asks what Emily was doing, Emily says she was in a fog and doesn't know. Emily stops at the hospital chapel and cries at the altar, begging for forgiveness.

Tom takes Chris out to get some coffee and asks him what was going on with him and Emily and Dusty. He tells him he's his brother and a lawyer, "So tell me what went on tonight, and I'll figure out which one you need more." Chris tells him that Dusty not only tried to ruin his career but also his relationship with Emily, saying Emily slept with Dusty while she was living with Chris. Tom says that although that's bad, Chris and Emily were not in a committed relationship, like a marriage. Chris says even though he hadn't popped the question, it didn't mean he wasn't imagining a future with Emily, but Dusty probably convinced her they didn't have a future. Chris gets paged by the hospital and leaves. He runs into Evan Walsh at the hospital, who tells him the police just finished questioning him. Evan says the bright side of this is that without Dusty out there throwing around accusations, there's nothing in their way anymore; Chris says that thought occurred to him, too.

Dallas tells Margo they're almost finished questioning the people in the hospital. The medical examiner tells Margo he's found a puncture wound that looks like an injection site, and he shows her the bruising around it, saying that means that Dusty fought the injection. When Margo asks what was injected, the medical examiner says they'll have to wait for the results of the toxicology screen. Margo knows now for sure that Dusty was murdered.

Lucinda goes to tell Holden about Dusty, asking him to step outside Lily's room so she won't hear them. Lily, however, shouts for Holden, and when he goes back in the room, she groggily tells him, "Dusty's dead." Holden asks how she knew that, and she's not sure. She drifts off to sleep again. Holden stays by Lily's side, and when she wakes up and asks him what's going on, he tells her, "Nothing you need to worry about. Just go back to sleep. I'll take care of you. I'll take care of everything."



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