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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 14, 2008 on GL
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Monday, January 14, 2008

Cassie took Will to the Bauer Cabin to spend quality time with him. She said she was going to be tough on him while they were at the cabin, but it would be worth it. When she went to get firewood, Will opened her purse and took out her cell phone. He then went outside and tossed the phone into the bushes. Cassie asked her son questions regarding James's and Edmund's accidents. She also wondered if he was mad at her for leaving him behind at the palace. She told him it was okay to be angry and he should hurt her. Will begged her not to make him. Cassie forced Will to tell her that he hated her, and he screamed that he was not her son. She pulled him into a hug, and then held him as he apologized. She apologized for sending him away and for making him feel like she loved R.J. more than him. He promised to be good from now on. She then searched for her missing cell phone, and Will asked if they could take a walk around the lake. He wondered if there was ice on the lake.

Later, Josh and Jeffrey arrived, fearing the worst. They found Cassie's cell phone in the bushes. As Jeffrey prepared to call the police, Will entered, followed by Cassie. They sent Will upstairs, and Cassie told them that she had a breakthrough. Will told her everything, including how Alonzo grabbed him, and how a terrified Will had tried to push him away, which led to his father falling into the circuit box. Jeffrey and Josh didn't buy it, and Cassie declared both Alonzo's murder and Edmund's fall were accidents. Jeffrey told Cassie that they were going to have to take Will to the police station. Cassie begged for one more night to figure this out, and Josh agreed. Jeffrey agreed. Cassie told Will that they were camping out fr the night, just the three of them. Will hugged Cassie, and flashed a smile at Josh. Later, as Will slept, Josh told Cassie about the security tapes, and Cassie apologized for not believing him. As Cassie slept, Will crept down the stairs and locked eyes with Josh.

Harley pulled away from her kiss with Cyrus just before Marina walked through the door. Marina was visibly upset, knowing she'd interrupted something. Marina told them that Phillip contacted Remy to ask for his help. Harley offered to act as bait to trap Phillip, and Marina wanted her to move into the boarding house with the boys. Marina stressed that this was a police matter. Later, Cyrus and Marina shared a romantic dinner, and she wondered if he knew anything about a jewelry heist at Towers the previous night. When he asked what would happen if he did, Marina playfully handcuffed him and questioned him. He turned the tables and handcuffed her instead. They kissed passionately until Mallet knocked at the door. Cyrus told Mallet that Phillip was back in the picture, and Mallet wanted everything they had on Phillip first thing in the morning. Cyrus asked Mallet to tell Harley that he was working independently. When Mallet left, Marina blew out the candles and wondered if Cyrus wouldn't want to tell Harley himself. He turned on the charm, kissed her, and carried her to bed.

At the station, Mallet received his divorce papers. Later, at Company, Mallet and Harley discussed Buzz's chili and their messed up love lives. Mallet wished all relationships could be like Cyrus and Marina's-easy. Harley wondered if Mallet approved of their relationship, and he said that it seemed that Marina was happy. A rattled Harley left abruptly. Later, Harley returned to Company and fantasized that Cyrus was there, waiting with a romantic dinner. He told Harley that he and Marina had a long talk, and she only wanted Harley to be happy. They danced and kissed softly. After she stopped dreaming, Harley called Cyrus's phone but got his voice mail. The call awoke Marina and Cyrus. Marina then told him that immigration had called for him, but she was sure it was nothing.

At the farmhouse, Rafe visited Daisy and wanted to study for midterms. Rafe commented that she had a way with kids, and Daisy jumped to the conclusion that he meant that she should have had their baby. Rafe said he wasn't implying anything; he was just making a general statement. They shared a kiss. Later, Jeffrey offered to pay Daisy double if she'd keep an eye on Will and call him if the boy did anything suspicious.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Alan is planting bad ideas in Rafe's head about Olivia, suggesting that when she sets her sights on something she usually gets it, and now she has sights on Gus. Rafe responds that Natalia is strong. Then he helps Rafe find a job with just one phone call, but Rafe doesn't want Alan's help.

Olivia cancels her doctor appointment, saying it's hard to show up when all she gets is bad news. Later, Olivia is in the diner looking over her mail and sees something from the doctor. She opens it and reads the letter that says her latest EKG test was discouraging. She looks upset by this news, and lets the papers slip from her hands. Just then, Alan arrives and just as he is about to help her by picking up the papers, she quickly picks them up herself so that he won't know her condition. He then sits down to talk about their deal for her to try to get Gus away from Natalia. Alan notices that Olivia has been jumpy lately, but she always has a good reason as to why.

Natalia is with the wedding planner, planning. Olivia arrives and sees how thing are moving along, and announces that the ballroom that Natalia and Gus wanted for their wedding won't be available now due to repairs that could take months. Natalia accuses her of inventing another reason to interfere with their wedding, and tells Gus they should call off the wedding. Next, Gus and Natalia enter the diner right behind Rafe telling him they were looking for him. They see Alan and Olivia talking and ask them to gather near. Gus and Olivia announce that they are going to elope tonight, because they had to cancel their original wedding plans due to the work needed in the ballroom. Both Alan and Olivia tell Gus and Natalia that they may be rushing things, but the happy couple will not be talked out of it. Rafe offers his blessings and a toast. Olivia gives Gus a very warm hug of congratulations, then leaves. Alan gives Natalia a very tender kiss on the cheek, as Olivia is watching from outside, and crying. She briskly walks away.

Later, Alan talks to Rafe privately about the elopement plans, and while Alan thought Rafe would be upset, Rafe lets Alan know that he sees that Alan was priming him to be upset, and tells Alan to leave him out of his scheming plans. Alan responds that is no way to talk to your grandfather, but Rafe responds saying that it was no way to treat a grandson.

While Olivia is at her home, Ava comes by to find out why she didn't go to her doctor's appointment. Olivia, who is visibly sad, tells her there are other things she's dealing with today. She tells of Gus and Natalia eloping and says she's lost him. Ava reminds her that Gus said he'd be there any time she needed him, and then in an obvious, fake tone and style, she suggests that Olivia isn't looking too good, and that she looks a little pale. Olivia plays along and says that her heart was beating a little fast. Ava asks what the doctor wants her to do when these symptoms appear, and Olivia answers that he wants her to go to the hospital. Ava offers to call anyone that she wants to be with her at that time, with the implication being Gus, and the scheming duo begin to leave for the hospital. But before they leave, Ava makes Olivia promise that she will not miss any more doctor appointments, saying that her health is too important to play around with, and Olivia says she won't.

Harley literally bumps into Gus as she walks into the diner. They start to talk, and things go nicely at first, but then Gus' words are misinterpreted and they have a tense moment. They continue to talk about the possibility that Phillip may still be up to something and may be nearby. Gus offers to help and is concerned about the kids, but Harley says she's handling things fine.

Marina takes Cyrus with her to work at the police station, saying he should stay near her in case immigration comes looking for him. Cyrus appears nervous hanging out in the police station, and Marina notices, comments, but doesn't seem overly concerned about his demeanor. He suggests going to get coffee, and Marina reluctantly agrees. After he leaves, Remy arrives to pay a speeding ticket and talks with Marina. He discovers that Marina never did confront Cyrus about his relationship with Harley. He tells Marina that he thinks Harley should leave town for a while, so that Marina can focus on strengthening her relationship with Cyrus. But Marina doesn't want to create any more lies than she needs to in order to hold on to her relationship with Cyrus, and tells Remy to not do anything to help.

Remy leaves, and sees Harley on Main Street. He approaches her from behind while she's on the phone and startles her. He tells her that maybe he could help with information about Phillip. She becomes highly interested. He plays on this, and tells her that Phillip may be in New York City. He adds that he may also have left if he's on the move, but at least some information to work with. She decides that although it's not much to go on, she needs to try to find him by going there. Remy call Marina and tells her he's coming over with some news. Marina is home with Cyrus, and tries to tell Remy not to come over, but he insists he has big news for her and is on his way. Marina makes up an excuse to get Cyrus to leave by saying that she thinks she left her cell phone at the police station and asks him to go get it for her. He leaves, and soon after, Remy arrives, and announces that he got Harley out of town by sending her to NYC to look for Phillip. Marina regrets how the lies are quickly adding up. Remy tells her to make the most of the time she has with Cyrus without Harley, and to use this time to make a deeper connection to him.

While Cyrus is at the police station looking for Marina's cell phone, he sees Harley there. When Cyrus asks what she is doing there, Harley lies and says she is there to pick up some money that is owed to her, when she is really there to get information from police friend about a particular area of New York. Harley's body language is uncomfortable and Cyrus can tell she's not being honest. He asks her if she's there about Phillip, and Harley says no, yet her body language is still not convincing Cyrus. She eventually leaves, and while Cyrus is searching Marina's desk for her cell phone, a police officer comes looking for Harley and asks Cyrus where she is. The officer says he has something for her, and Cyrus asks if it her money. The officer responds that it's information about a contact name of a friend on the NY Police Dept. Cyrus now thinks that Harley has a lead on Phillip and may try to track him down by herself. Marina calls to say she found her cell phone and that he can come now, but Cyrus explains that he can't, and that he needs to follow up something first. He doesn't elaborate, but Marina suspects that Harley is heading for New York and Cyrus may try to follow her or go with her.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Harley hits the streets with a photograph of Phillip. As traffic and the regular bustle of life go on around her, she asks any and everyone on the streets if they have seen him. Meanwhile, some man follows her. She has one of her distress episodes and sees a man in the distance. She calls to him and starts to faint. From behind, Cyrus catches her.

Back at the Beacon, Harley awakens in a room. Mallet calls, telling her that she overslept for a meeting they had with Frank. He wants her to hurry so they can take care of business and return home to Florida. Harley wonders why they are going to Florida together. Mallet doesn't think anything is wrong with returning home to Florida with his wife. He tells her to get herself down to the station.

Harley seems to be dreaming. At the station, she learns that Frank is not yet the chief of police. She missed the meeting with him, but her weird attitude causes Mallet to mention that he knows about the packed suitcase she has underneath their bed in Florida. He wonders if she always has to have one foot out the door. He knows that he cheated, but he's always felt mistrusted even before it happened. He wonders if she knows what it's like trying to love someone who is always ready to leave.

Harley sees someone walk by and rushes out of the station, telling Mallet she had to go. She winds up at the hospital where Dylan is ecstatic about the birth of their baby girl. Harley again is in the twilight zone because Dylan was never at Daisy's birth. Daisy was delivered in the back of a car. Dylan changes his attitude, telling Harley that she had a choice. She didn't have to give the child away. They had a chance at something amazing but Harley had to be the practical, sensible adult. He asks her to think of all she missed out on because she chose to play it safe. She sees the person she's chasing again and leaves Dylan at the hospital to continue pursuit. On Main Street, she spots the man again, but it's Buzz.

Buzz apologizes for not being there when she was younger. Harley thinks it made her stronger. Buzz thinks it made her cynical. Harley says that she's realistic with no false hopes. She's better for it and so are her children. Buzz says that false hope is better than no hope.

Harley awakens from her fainting spell still outside on the streets in Cyrus's arms.

Back in her dream, Harley chases the man to the Beacon. She goes into a room and finds Gus in there. He's getting ready for his wedding day. Harley apologizes because she thinks that he could be having an anniversary with Natalia instead of a wedding if Harley hadn't come along. He tells Harley that he really loved her and wouldn't trade it for anything in the world. Harley says that he did trade it for Natalia. Gus tells Harley that it has always been her, but she made it pretty clear that their marriage was over. Harley thinks he proposed really fast for someone so in love with her. Gus wonders what she expected him to do after she made it final. Harley wishes that she could have known all of this beforehand. Then she would go back to the beginning-the beginning of them. Gus thinks that's the most hurtful thing she ever said to him. He hopes that she gets her wish with her next Mr. Right and she can see into the future till when he becomes Mr. Wrong. Then she'll know in advance, choose to be alone and finally be happy. He leaves her standing there.

She runs into Blake at CO2. She tells Blake that she's been running from her past and from her future. Blake likens it to the Wizard of Oz. Harley agrees, except for the characters are Mallet, Dylan and Gus. Blake thinks she's having a dream about the men in her life. Harley admits that love scares her. She thinks she found someone who she can feel love and safety with, but it's wrong. She wishes she could just go to bed and pull the covers over her head. Blake tells her that she can't do that. That's not living life. Life is risk and love is all that matters.

In the real world, Cyrus has eased Harley onto some stairs. She tells him that she can't get up. He carries her. They wind up in a hospital examination room. The doctor questions her about her panic attacks, which Harley will not admit they are. She also makes it clear to the doctor that she and Cyrus are not a couple. The doctor thinks these attacks happen because she's not feeling safe or secure in her life. He gives her some medication to help.

Later in a park, Harley wonders why Cyrus is there. He says that he couldn't let her go after Phillip alone. When he caught her before and saw her lying on the street, that's when he knew. Harley doesn't want him to say it. He tells her that she knows. Harley asks about Marina. He tells her that it's different now. He pulls her closer, explaining that they aren't there by accident. She tells him that she's scared. He says she isn't. They kiss.

Cyrus and Harley go to a real hotel room where they start making love. When Cyrus lays her on the bed, Harley pulls back. She says one of them needs to think about what they are doing before they make a mistake. He tells her that he doesn't know what's going on. Yesterday he went from kissing Harley to making love to Marina. He loves Marina, but what he feels for Harley feels right. He doesn't want to hurt Marina but he feels something real and big with Harley. He thinks they should stop analyzing it and just see what happens.

Harley tells him that she can't. Harley can't be persuaded even though Cyrus really wants this. He tells her if they stop this between them, then it's final. Harley understands. She returns to her rational self, and they talk about Phillip. She actually thinks she saw him. Now she thinks it's time for her to home. Cyrus offers to return with her, but she makes up excuses to go alone. They share a moment when he offers her his dog tag necklace for luck. She doesn't want to take it, but he removes it anyway. She asks if he were wearing it when the building collapsed. He thinks he was lucky that day because she kept him alive. He places the necklace around her and they have an awkward goodbye. She takes a pill the doctor gave her. In the car, Harley discovers the engine won't start. She's very sleepy and decides to nap in the car.

When she falls asleep, she dreams that all the men in her life, Buzz, Frank, Gus, Mallet and Dylan, throw a party for her at Company to celebrate her choice to not get involved with Cyrus. They toast Harley, Queen of the Safety Net, for being rational and grown-up in her choices. They say that now he won't cheat on her, find a long lost love or do any of the things they did to her. Harley screams at them to stop the insane celebrating. She only pushed Cyrus away because she was afraid to take a chance and of hurting Marina. Obviously, his feelings for Marina have changed. All Cyrus asked her to do was take a chance. She said no out of fear and she was an idiot. She rips up their congratulatory banner and storms to the door. Buzz grabs her and says, "Wait a minute! What if-" Harley smiles and replies, "Yes, Daddy. What if?"

Back at her car, a cop pulls her out, wondering if she's okay. Harley says she needs her car towed so she can get back to Springfield. She has given up searching for Philip, a man she hasn't even seen in years. There's no reason to fear him. The cop wants to know for sure if she wants a tow. Harley says the car won't start and check for herself. When she starts the car, it works. The cop asks her if she's wearing a dog tag. Harley replies that she guesses that she's lucky after all.

Back at CO2, Harley tells Blake how right she was. Blake doesn't recall the conversation, but she's always on the side of love. She tells Harley that she deserves it. Harley touches her dog tags as Blake leaves and goes to see Cyrus. She says that she has to tell him something. He says he has to tell her something, too. Marina yells from behind the door that she wants to be the one to tell it. Harley enters the room to learn that Cyrus and Marina have gotten engaged.

Harley tears up and blames it on her mediation. Marina says that immigration called. She and Cyrus decided not to chance it any more. Marina says that Cyrus felt they were just putting off the evitable. Harley and Cyrus exchange looks. Marina wants her to stay and toast, but Harley says that she's not going to be the third wheel today. She leaves. Outside the door, she touches the dog tags and frowns.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Gus and Natalia arrive at the Bauer cabin to spend the night there before they get married the next day. Natalia is insisting that they wait until they are married to have sex, although Gus is hoping she'll change her mind! Gus gets a call from Ava about Olivia's health.

Olivia and Ava are at the hospital, ready to begin feigning Olivia's health crisis to interrupt Gus' plans to marry Natalia. Olivia is having second thoughts about going through with it, but Ava tells her she should see the doctor anyway since she missed her appointment earlier. Before they implement their plan, they talk about Olivia's heart condition. Ava says that she wants more time with Olivia. Olivia tells how other people's opinions used to matter to her, but now she just wants to live and enjoy life. She explains that she wants to share time with Gus because she feels like he's a part of this with her. She continues that he was the one that was there at the moment when she found out she had a heart problem, and that she sees him as coming into her life like a gift that was led to her at this time. They decide to go through with their plan to fake a health scare and let Gus know about it.

Ava calls Gus and with panic in her voice, she tells him that Olivia is at the hospital with an emergency. Olivia is standing nearby, listening to Ava. After Ava hangs up, Olivia looks sad, then tells Ava why: "How long before you really have to make that phone call?" Later, Gus arrives at the hospital and Ava acts worried, dropping a cup of water on the floor to get his attention. As he tries to get an update, Olivia appears and tries to tell him she'll be ok and that he should go, but Gus insists that he stay with her. He calls Natalia and as he explains in vague terms that he'll be a while, Olivia makes a point to say a few words to Ava loudly enough that Natalia heard her on the phone.

As Natalia waits for Gus, she's heard a car motor and thinks it's him. It was Alan instead. He said he came to give them a wedding gift - money. Then he asks about where Gus is. Natalia responds that he is on an errand. Alan flirts with Natalia more, but she firmly tells him he must stop doing that, now that she's getting married to his son, Gus. After Natalia also hears Olivia's voice in the background while talking to Gus on the phone, she becomes angry and asks Alan to take her into town. She finds Gus in Olivia room and begins to lash out at both Olivia and Gus. Olivia interrupts and tells Gus to tell Natalia the secret, but then tells her herself that she is dying. Gus and Olivia explain everything, and now Natalia knows, and she offers Olivia any help that she can give.

Coop and Ashlee enter the diner to see Buzz to tell him they are going away for a couple of days. Buzz notices that Coop is acting very nervous, especially when a police officer walks in. Buzz tells Coop that if he's in trouble, he wants to help. Coop admits that he is the one that started the fire. He adds that he never meant to hurt anyone, and that he didn't realize Bill was in the trailer at the time. Buzz tries to convince him that if he leaves, it'll make it look worse for him. Coop repeats that he plans to only be gone for a couple of days. They walk outside, and Coop tells Ashlee that he thinks it's better that they leave. He's afraid that Ashlee could end up in big trouble, and so could he, so he thinks it's best if they go to another town where he has jobs lined up for them to do for several weeks. He tells her to go pack a bag and meet him at a designated spot. After she leaves, Coop glances back inside the diner and sees Buzz looking at him with concern on his face. Coop gives a final look and a faint goodbye smile, and then walks away, while sad piano tones add to the mood of the scene.

Ashlee sneaks into Doris' room and leaves the lights off as she tries to search for her passport. After Ashlee guessed the combination correctly, Doris walks in on her and catches her in the safe. Doris can tell that Ashlee is planning to leave with Coop, and tries to talk her out of it, but Ashlee says she's going. Doris asks her for a hug, which surprises Ashlee. After a nice talk between mother and daughter, Ashlee tells Doris that in her own Doris way, Ashlee knew that Doris loved her. Doris told her to remember that, and on her way to the door she spoke of how she had the lock changed, then stepped outside and locked Ashlee inside.

Lizzie goes Bill's apartment and she hears him knocking things over as he's trying to get to the door without his eyesight. She tells him she's there to help him learn how to help himself. He asks her to take him to see his dad, and she is happy to help him do that. She guides him inside Billy's room, all the while being fun. She tells him that he could use some new clothes, and that she'll go shopping while the men visit a while. He quips that he doesn't care, as long as she helps him put on his new underwear! While Billy walks Lizzie to the door, Bill tries to use his cell phone, but becomes frustrated when he couldn't due to his vision problems. Billy is standing nearby and sees Bill throw the phone in anger. After their visit ends and Billy sees how Bill struggle to get around, Billy visits Dinah in her room, and tells her he has a job for her.

While Bill is waiting for his ride to pick him up, Ava shows up and talks him into letting her take him home, adding they can have a little fun together once there. Bill says yes.

While Lizzie is out shopping, she encounters Alan. He gives her a hard time about working for Billy and Bill, but she tells him she loves it. Alan tells her that he knows that smile that she has says more than she's helping, and indicates she has feelings for Bill Lewis. She asks why it's any of his business, and he reminds her that the last time she was attracted to a man like this, he drove over a cliff and took her baby with him. She tells him that Jonathan was trying to get away from Alan, and Alan reminds her of how she came to him and asked for his help, to which Lizzie replies that she's learned her lesson and won't do that again. Alan retorts, "That's what they all say, until they come crawling back."

Lizzie returns to Bill's room to bring him the new clothes that she bought for him, and notices that his door is slightly open. She enters and finds Ava, mostly undressed, and Bill, in bed together.

Back in her room alone, Dinah lays on her bed reading a twelve-step program and not finding anything she's willing to agree with! Then, her doctor arrives with some good news, saying her latest cognitive test scores are up.

Dinah goes to Billy's room and tries to convince him to help Bill find out who started the fire that caused Bill to lose his eyesight. He tells her that getting revenge isn't the answer. He says that Bill made a lot of enemies and that he may be learning that there are consequences for his actions. Billy also says that he is now having consequences for his own actions, that because of his drinking, now he's in rehab and not out there trying to help Bill. Dinah still thinks that Bill came to him for help, and that she and him should go find the person who is responsible for that fire.

Later, Dinah goes to the diner but Buzz tells her that he was just closing. Buzz asks if Billy sent her there to see him. She tells him that it's funny that he thinks that, because when she first signed herself in she intended to spy on Billy for Bill. She adds that she wasn't counting on the help they offered her in rehab to actually work. When she begins to leave, Buzz tells her that she doesn't have to go, and that he'll make coffee. While he's doing this, Dinah is looking like she just got her way again.

Friday, January 18, 2008


Alan and Reva talk at CO2. They make small talk and Reva mentions she and Jeffrey are weather proofing the house. Alan states that this is a strange time to do that. Reva has no clue what Alan means. He reminds her that the anniversary of Sarah and Jonathan's death and wonders how she could forget. Reva brings up a name that Alan may have forgotten-Tammy who would still be alive if it were not for Alan. Alan finally comes to the point of the conversation: he is planning a memorial service for Sarah. Reva asks is this is what Lizzie needs and Alan states that it is. It is a perfect way for her to reconnect to her family. Reva points out that Lizzie is doing a lot better on her own.

Ashlee is frantically demanding to be let out of her room. On the other side of the door, Doris explains that she cannot let Ashlee run. Doris explains that Ashlee has to pay for her actions; Doris cannot handle the bad press. At that point, Coop arrives and demands that Ashlee be let out. Doris retorts over her dead body. Coop is held back by the police officer as he argues with Doris. As Doris explains that she cannot be seen as soft on crime and that Ashlee needs to be made an example of, Coop offers to give up the guy who started the fire at the Lewis site if she lets Ashlee go. Ashlee begs Coop to keep quiet and Coop confesses that he is responsible. With that, Doris lets Ashlee go and Ashlee rushes into Coop's arms.

Vanessa is visiting Billy and Dinah in rehab and is shocked to learn that Bill was there. Billy admits that their boy is scared. He then tells Vanessa of his plan to find out who did this to Bill. Vanessa thinks him seeking revenge is a terrible idea. Arguing against it, Vanessa states that Bill needs someone who is strong and viable. She adds that she needs a strong man too. Impressed that she needs him, Billy gently kisses her.

At Company, Dinah is talking to Buzz about her stint in rehab. She confesses that she thinks that she getting a setback in her recovery because of what happened to her brother. Looking at Buzz, Dinah admits that Bill has been a jerk but someone must have really hated him to want to hurt him. Buzz denies trying to hurt Bill. Dinah tells Buzz that while her mental faculties might not be the best, her ability to sniff out a lie is still intact. Afterwards, Bill calls Dinah wanting a ride.

Bill is in bed with Ava. Somehow the subject turns to Lizzie and her endlessly playing nursemaid to Bill. As Bill is ranting, and before a shocked Ava can stop it, Lizzie has walked in. Upset, Lizzie throws some shopping bags at him, yelling about how she bought all this stuff to help him. She rails that she thought he wanted to dump Ava; that he wanted something real. After angrily breaking the MP3 player she got for him, Bill points out that he is blind-does she think he even thought about her? As they argue about Ava, Ava remands them that she is right there. Bill tells Lizzie to get out. Out in the hall, Ava tells Lizzie to get a clue. Ava brings up Sarah. Ava brings up the memorial service that Alan is planning and tells Lizzie that she comes with a lot of baggage and suggests that maybe Bill wants someone who travels light.

Reva sees an upset Lizzie at CO2 and asks if she is alright. Lizzie rants about walking in on Bill and Ava and how they were making fun of her playing nurse. Lizzie then admits that maybe the reason she wants to "play mom" with Bill is because of Sarah. Lizzie tells Reva how much she misses her baby even though she didn't have her for very long. Lizzie states that it does not hurt every second of every day but when it does it feels like the very first day she was gone. She then breaks down into tears. Lizzie tells Reva she wishes she could be like her; she has taken this so well. Reva asks if she knows about the memorial service and Lizzie admits that Ava told her. She then moans that she does not think she can make it through another anniversary. Reva tells Lizzie that a memorial service might be a good idea; it would finally give her closure. All of a sudden, Lizzie gets a pain and explains that she has been feeling ill lately. She starts crying, stating that maybe she is just making herself sick over Sarah. Reva tells Lizzie not to keep thinking about the past; it is not healthy. Reva then suggests that it might not just be Sarah that Lizzie is getting sick over. She suggests that it could be Bill and tells Lizzie to let him go. Reva states that Bill is a mess right now and he will only drag her down with him. Lizzie insists that it is over between her and Bill. She wants nothing to do with him anymore.

Coop is brought to the police station, with Doris and the press following. In the interrogation room, Frank asks Coop if he did it. Coop confesses but explains what happened and states that he did not think anyone was inside. Frank is hovering around Coop as he is writing his statement which makes Coop nervous. Frank brings up that he is the Chief of Police, he has to be there. Coop asks him to be his brother instead and tell him what to do. Frank tells him to call Mel, he needs a lawyer. Frank promises to protect Coop but warns that there is only so much he can do given how much political clout Doris has now. Meanwhile, Buzz is at the station, pleading with Doris not to do this; not to exploit this situation to further her career. Doris responds that Coop deserves what he gets. Meanwhile, Buzz enters the interrogation room to see his son. Buzz asks Frank how bad it is and Frank admits that it could be bad. Coop could be looking at attempted murder. Buzz is shocked and insists that is ridiculous. He then lets it slip out that Coop talked to him about this earlier. Buzz admits that he is worried about Coop and Frank says that they should be. Soon Ashlee enters the room and embraces Coop. She tells him she is scared and he tells her he came forward so she would not have to be. He is not sorry for coming forward. Meanwhile, Doris finally gives her statement to the press. She warns them against sensational headlines and states that what happened was simply a tragic error in judgment. Ashlee is shocked at her mother's statement which hurts Doris. Later, Buzz tells Doris that was very decent of her. Doris responds that she wants to be seen as fair and merciful; not harsh.

Dinah and Bill have gone to visit Billy. There, Dinah tells them she is convinced that Buzz knows something-they need to crack a Cooper. Suddenly, Billy becomes the voice of reason and tells them that maybe they should let this go and reminds Dinah about forgiveness. Suddenly, Bill's cell phone rings. It is Buzz telling him that Coop is at the police station. He was the one who started the fire. Buzz explains that it was an accident; Coop never tried to hurt him. Buzz states that he is telling Bill this now as an act of good fate. When the call ends, Bill lies that it was a business associate and says that he wants to go home and get some rest. Later, Bill tells Dinah that he knows who did this to him. Bill rants about how Buzz tried to gloss over the whole thing by stating that it was an accident. He is upset that Coop will probably get a slap on the wrist since his brother is Chief of Police and the DA, O'Neil, is a Cooper sympathizer. Bill points out that he is blind now. If he does not get to walk away from this, neither does Coop. Later, Bill calls Coop. He explains that Buzz called him and told him what happened. Coop tries to apologize and Bill (who is surprised to hear that Coop is out on bail already) asks to meet with him. When the call ends, Dinah arrives with "the stuff". When Dinah leaves we see "the stuff" is gasoline.

Reva is on the phone with Jonathan telling him how hard Lizzie is taking Sarah's death. She mentions the memorial service and mentions it could be good for Lizzie. Jonathan must have suggested he and Sarah return because Reva quickly tries to talk him out of it.

Lizzie is now at Cedars and questions if her leukemia has returned. The doctor states it has not. Lizzie then fires back with another question, asking if she could be pregnant.

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