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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 16, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, March 16, 2009

At ConFusion, Frankie explained to Randi that he was obligated to go where the Army sent him. Randi told Frankie that if he went to Iraq, then their relationship was over. Randi refused to live in fear of being told that Frankie was killed in action. Frankie said that he had every intention of returning from his tour of duty unharmed. Unfortunately, that wasn't enough for Randi.

Jesse and Angie's arrival didn't help calm Randi down. Randi couldn't understand why Angie seemed to accept Frankie's new orders. Randi pointed out that the last time Frankie had been deployed by the Army, Angie had desperately searched for a way to keep Frankie from being shipped out. Upset by the lack of support and understanding, Randi walked away from Frankie and his parents.

Jesse assured Frankie that Randi would come around. Jesse believed that Randi needed time to process everything. Frankie wondered if he should just end things with Randi in order to spare her further hurt. When Angie spotted Randi across the room, she excused herself for a moment.

Angie approached Randi cautiously. Angie explained that she wanted the same thing that Randi did, for Frankie to remain in Pine Valley, but it wasn't up to her. Angie went on to tell Randi that a love like the one Randi shared with Frankie was special. Angie compared it to the kind of love that Angie and Jesse had. Angie advised Randi to let go of her fear in order to give her relationship with Frankie a chance.

Angie returned to her husband's side after her talk with Randi. Angie suggested that she and Jesse leave in order to give Frankie and Randi time to work things out for themselves.

When they were alone, Randi told Frankie that she loved him and intended to wait for him until he returned. She also said that she would pray to God every single day for Frankie's safe return, but she wanted God to hear those prayers from Frankie's wife, not his girlfriend. So that there weren't any misunderstandings, Randi told Frankie that she wanted to marry him before he was shipped to Iraq.

At the hospital, David and Krystal conferred with their attorney. David wanted Adam charged with kidnapping. David's lawyer explained that they didn't have a case for kidnapping because JR had given Adam permission to take Little A out of town. Undaunted, David pushed forward. He wanted the attorney to find some way for Adam and JR to be held accountable for circumventing a court order.

Later, David questioned Krystal's commitment to seeking full custody of Little A. Krystal assured David that she wanted to keep her grandson safe, but she wondered how Amanda's baby fit into the scheme of things. David seemed frustrated as he reminded Krystal that he didn't want anything to do with Amanda's baby. When he asked Krystal what it would take to convince her, Krystal pounced. She told David that if he meant it, then he would sign legal papers relinquishing all claims to Amanda's baby. David was surprised by the demand. He asked Krystal what would happen if he refused to comply with her wishes. Krystal hinted that she might decide that Little A was better off with JR.

Amanda told Jake that she had devised the perfect plan to get rid of her baby. For a moment, Jake feared that Amanda had decided to have a late-term abortion, but Amanda quickly doused those concerns. Amanda explained that she had decided to give her child up for adoption. To ensure that David didn't block the adoption, Amanda wanted Jake to help her falsify records showing that the baby had died.

Amanda's idea was for Jake and Amanda to leave town a month before the baby was due. Once they were out of town, Amanda wanted her labor to be induced. After the baby's birth, they would falsify a death certificate to show to David. Meanwhile, the baby would be given up for adoption. Reluctantly, Jake agreed to go along with Amanda's plans.

In the hallway, Krystal stopped Jake. She wanted to speak with Amanda. Jake refused to let Krystal near Amanda. Krystal promised that she was on Amanda's side, but Jake didn't believe her. He told Krystal that as long as she was aligned with David, she was not welcome near any of them.

Later that evening, at Wildwind, David sat down on the bed next to Krystal. Krystal had her back to him. He handed her papers, which he explained terminated all legal rights he had to Amanda's baby.

At Fusion, Kendall walked in while Ryan was on the computer trolling through Cambias records. When she asked Ryan what he was working on, Ryan deftly covered his tracks. Luckily for Ryan, Kendall was too preoccupied with thoughts of Zach to pursue what Ryan was doing. Kendall wanted to know why she couldn't bring herself to fight for Zach. While Kendall beat herself up over pushing Zach away, Ryan reminded her that there were problems in the marriage before her coma. As Ryan spoke about Zach, Kendall realized just how much Ryan hated Zach.

Zach read Bianca's letter to Reese. Heartbroken, Reese asked to be alone for a moment. Zach quietly left the room. When Reese heard the door shut, she became even more upset because Zach had done as she had requested.

In the casino's restaurant, Aidan confronted Pete about his role in hacking into the Cambias system. Pete was stunned when he realized that Ryan had misled him. Aidan used the opportunity to convince Pete to spy on Ryan. Aidan sweetened the pot by offering to pay for Pete's services. Pete readily accepted Aidan's offer. With the bargain struck, Pete went over to Colby to announce that they were headed out for a real dinner.

When Zach came down to the casino a short time later, Aidan updated Zach on his progress. Zach was pleased, but he had some uncomfortable questions for Aidan. Zach wanted to know who had made the first move when Aidan and Kendall had slept together. Aidan refused to answer Zach, but he understood that Zach was asking because Zach feared history would repeat itself with Kendall and Ryan. Their talk was cut short when Zach looked up to find Reese standing in the doorway.

When Zach walked up to Reese, she explained that she had wanted to talk to him. Zach said that it wasn't the time or place for them to talk, so he escorted her back to her room. As soon as they were inside, Zach admitted that he didn't see the point of them talking. Zach pointed out that because of him, she had lost her vision and the person she loved. Reese's anger flared; she ordered him to get out of her room. Zach quickly complied.

Downstairs in the casino, Kendall was upset after she had witnessed the scene between Reese and Zach. She asked Aidan if Zach and Reese were having an affair. When Aidan didn't answer her, Kendall let the matter drop. Instead, Kendall told Aidan that while she loved Zach, she no longer trusted him. Kendall was upset because she didn't know how to get back what she and Zach had lost.

Later, Reese heard a knock on her door. She assumed it was Zach so she invited him to come in. It wasn't Zach; it was Aidan. Aidan listened as Reese apologized to Zach for her earlier outburst. She told Zach that she kept kicking him out when what she really wanted was for him to stay. Instead of telling Reese that she wasn't talking to Zach, Aidan simply left. Reese was hurt because she thought Zach was walking out on her again.

Zach went to the house to kiss the boys goodnight. Kendall decided to pour her heart out to Zach. She told him that she loved him and wanted him back. Zach's reaction was unexpected. He suggested that perhaps it was too late to salvage their marriage. Kendall jumped to the conclusion that he was embroiled in an affair with Reese. Zach denied it, but he did admit that he wanted to sleep with Reese.

Ryan went home to find Emma asleep on the sofa. After he paid the sitter then showed her to the door, Ryan woke his daughter up. Emma asked Ryan if he had been working to get the bad people who had hurt Greenlee. Ryan seemed taken aback by his daughter's words. He assured her that there weren't any bad people then he changed the subject by promising to take Emma to the park the following day.

A knock at the door interrupted them. It was Jesse. When Jesse saw Emma, he made it clear that what he had to say shouldn't be said in front of Ryan's daughter. Ryan sent Emma to her room to pick out an outfit for their day at the park. As soon as Emma was out of earshot, Jesse gave Ryan the grim news that Greenlee's body had been found.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Jesse informed Ryan that a fisherman found a body in a sound and the sheriff thought it might be Greenlee. Jesse said that Jack did not want to identify the body, so he wondered if Ryan would. Ryan agreed to go to Connecticut to look at the body, because he owed it to Greenlee.

Kendall told Zach that she missed him. She apologized for pushing him away. She said that she would do anything to get him back. He wondered why she did not tell him that when he was moving out. She explained that she thought they needed space, but she was wrong. He did not know if they could repair the damage that was already done to their marriage.

She looked disgusted and accused Zach of having an affair with Reese. He noted that he did not sleep with Reese, but he confessed that he wanted to. Kendall felt vindicated that all of her suspicions were true about Zach and Reese. He affirmed that Kendall was the only woman he would ever love, but she did not want to hear it. She refused to allow him back into her bed when she knew he would be thinking about Reese.

Then, the phone rang; it was Ryan calling. Kendall answered and Ryan explained that he had to go to Connecticut to identify Greenlee's body. After Kendall hung up, she turned to tell Zach the news, but he was gone.

Aidan entered Reese's suite and Reese assumed that he was Zach. Reese apologized for pushing Zach away. She admitted that, although she kept telling Zach to leave, she wanted him to stay. She stated that she needed Zach. Aidan said nothing and left the room. Reese was sad because she thought that Zach did not accept her apology. Aidan grinned after he left the suite.

Zach went to his casino and found Aidan waiting for him at the bar. Aidan informed Zach that he knew who helped Ryan hack into the Cambias files. Zach wanted a name, but Aidan merely said that he recruited the hacker to help them. Zach was impatient and wanted dirt on Ryan immediately, so Aidan assured Zach that he would get what Zach wanted.

Pete went to Ryan's penthouse. Colby was babysitting Emma, so Pete pretended he was there to give Colby a textbook. Then, Kendall arrived at the penthouse and Pete eavesdropped on Ryan and Kendall's conversation. Kendall told Ryan that she wanted to go to Connecticut with him. Ryan said that was not necessary, but she insisted. She affirmed that being with Ryan was her top priority.

Pete called Aidan and revealed that Kendall and Ryan left for Connecticut together. Aidan followed them.

Kendall and Ryan met with the coroner. The coroner explained that the body they found was in the water for a long time, so it might be hard to make a positive identification. The coroner further stated that they took a tissue sample and planned to run a DNA test on the body. The coroner left the room and Ryan went to pull the sheet off of the body.

Kendall urged him to stop because she did not want him to see Greenlee in such a terrible state. She urged him to wait for the DNA test, but he wanted to know if Greenlee was truly dead. He said that he needed to know because he still had hope that she was alive. Then, Kendall noticed a ring that the coroner removed from the body and showed it to Ryan. He was saddened when he realized that it was Greenlee's engagement ring. They assumed that it was Greenlee's body and never looked under the sheet.

After Kendall and Ryan left, Aidan sneaked into the morgue. He removed the sheet and looked at the body.

Ryan brought Kendall into a hotel room. He was distraught over losing Greenlee. He recalled trying to convince Greenlee that they should give their marriage a second try. He said that Greenlee was hesitant at first because she was scared to be vulnerable, but he knew that they were meant to be together. Kendall said that she also knew that Ryan and Greenlee were fated to be a couple. Still, he wished that he listened to his instincts because they told him that danger was ahead.

Kendall felt guilty for her role in Greenlee's death and apologized to Ryan. He told her that it was not her fault; instead, he thought that Zach and Reese were to blame. Ryan then picked up his luggage and headed out the door. Before he left, he thanked Kendall for supporting him. She started to cry over her failed marriage. He consoled her with a hug. The hug turned into a passionate kiss. He dropped his suitcase as they headed towards the bed.

Zach visited Reese in her suite. She said that she wanted to apologize to him, but he kept walking out on her. He said that he was good at walking out on people. He announced that both of their marriages were over and wondered what they should do next. He proceeded to explain that he was just like his father and his brother because he ruined people's lives. She reminded him that his father was a murderer and his brother was a rapist. She affirmed that he was nothing like his evil family members, but he disagreed. She gave him a hug and comforted him.

Reese rested in her bed. Zach turned off the lamp in the bedroom and turned to leave. She jumped up and asked him to turn the light back on. He turned it on and she announced that she could see the light.

Brot and Taylor were at the casino drinking wine. Taylor wanted to discuss the fire with Brot. He was upset because he froze when he entered the burning house. He commented that he was no longer a hero because he hesitated when he had to save others. She reminded him that he saved Opal. She then stated that he was no longer the young, cocky guy she first fell in love with. She affirmed that he had become a man and she fell in love with him all over again. He smiled and they kissed.

Randi told Frankie that she would pray for his safe return every day that he was in Iraq. She then revealed that she wanted God to hear the prayers from his wife and suggested that they get married. He looked shocked and said that he could not marry her. He explained that he could die when he went to war or he could return a changed man. He did not want her to sacrifice her freedom for him. She noted that she wanted to devote her life to him, but he refused to marry her and he left.

Jesse went to ConFusion to see Frankie and Randi. Randi said that Frankie left and revealed that he dumped her. Jesse commented that Frankie clearly loved Randi, but he understood why Frankie did not want to marry Randi. Jesse said that he was a bad role model for Frankie.

Frankie saw Brot and Taylor and informed them that he broke up with Randi. Taylor stormed out of the casino. Brot thought that Frankie was wrong for pushing Randi away. Brot noted that, if he could turn back time, he would have married Taylor as soon as they got engaged.

Taylor went to see Randi. Randi assumed that Taylor agreed with Frankie, but Taylor said that she was on Randi's side. Taylor encouraged Randi to fight for Frankie.

Frankie went back to ConFusion to find Randi. She stated that she would not give up on him and he was grateful. He revealed that he had changed his mind and wanted to get married.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Aidan picked the lock to Kendall's hotel room and entered the suite. He stood at the foot of the bed and watched Kendall and Ryan snuggle with each other, naked. Ryan woke up and looked around him. Ryan thought that he heard someone in the room, but Kendall assured him that no one was there. Meanwhile, Aidan hid in the hallway.

Ryan regretted sleeping with Kendall. He felt that he betrayed Greenlee by jumping in bed with her best friend. Kendall reminded him that Greenlee was gone, forever. Kendall stated that both of them were consumed with grief and needed comforting. She did not regret making love to Ryan because it helped her deal with the pain of losing Greenlee.

Ryan admitted to Kendall that making love to her drummed up old feelings. He remembered why he loved Kendall in the past. She similarly confessed that making love brought back her feelings for Ryan. She recalled what it felt like to be close to him and she missed the feeling. She then lamented her failed marriage.

Ryan affirmed that he did not make love to Kendall as a ploy to seek revenge on Zach. She trusted Ryan and knew that he was not using her. She said that they should not feel guilty for wanting to be together, but they both needed to be sure that they did not use their relationship to hurt Zach. Ryan agreed.

Kendall asked Ryan to hold her. He pulled her close to him as she kissed his hand. Then, they made love.

Zach was with Reese at the hospital. Angie explained that a new MRI revealed a cyst in Reese's eye. Angie said that a surgeon would surgically remove the cyst, which would hopefully restore Reese's eyesight.

Reese was ecstatic that she might be able to see again, but Zach looked skeptical. He promised her that if the surgery did not work, he would find another way to heal her. She told him to stop acting guilty and pessimistic because she did not blame him for her accident. She affirmed that he was a good man and she did not want to lose him as a friend. He promised to be the first person she saw after the surgery was over.

Zach told Angie that he was going to wait at the hospital while Reese was in surgery. Angie commented that it was not too long before that Zach was pacing the hospital halls, waiting for news on Kendall.

Aidan found Zach at the hospital and revealed that he had news on Ryan. Aidan said that he found suspicious emails from Ryan, but he did not tell Zach about finding Ryan and Kendall in bed together. Zach did not care about the emails and told Aidan to keep him posted only on pressing matters.

Ryan and Kendall arrived at the hospital because Greenlee's body was transported to Pine Valley Hospital. Ryan told Jesse that he wanted Greenlee's body released as soon as possible.

Kendall noticed Zach and Aidan were at the hospital and she approached them. With tears in her eyes, she gave them the details of Greenlee's body. Kendall stated that the ordeal was awful and Zach coldly replied, "At least you had Ryan."

Aidan spoke with Ryan privately. Aidan revealed that he, too, went to the morgue. Aidan stated, "I saw." Ryan looked nervous.

Reese was asleep in her hospital room after her surgery. Zach asked Angie if he could stay in Reese's room while she slept. Angie said yes, so Zach sat by Reese's side. Reese called out for Bianca. Zach told her that he was there, not Bianca.

Colby and Pete went for a run together. Afterwards, they hung out at Colby's home. Pete mentioned that he needed to leave because he and Opal were moving into Tad's house, due to the fire. JR overheard and told Pete to watch out for Amanda. Colby inquired why JR was mad at Amanda. He revealed that the baby Amanda was carrying was David's, not his.

Tad, Jake, Kathy, and Amanda prepared for Opal's arrival. Opal was touched to see Kathy made a sign for her that read, "Welcome Home Grandma!" Opal was happy to be with family, but she was distraught over her dreary situation. Opal commented that she was rich one day and then homeless and broke the next day. She explained that her financial advisor was a cheat that took all of her money. Tad promised to help Opal though her hard time.

Tad and Jake tried to move a bed into the house as Pete and Colby arrived. It was obvious that there was not a lot of room in the house for so many houseguests. Tad asked Jake how long Amanda planned to stay. Jake said that she would stay until she got back on her feet. Jake urged Tad to empathize with Amanda's situation because she was dealing with David. Tad understood and said Amanda could stay.

Everyone in Tad's house played a board game as they ate pizza. Opal sadly noted that she could not even afford to buy the pizza. Pete pulled out a wad of cash and said dinner was on him. Everyone wondered where he got the money. He announced that he got a promotion at Fusion.

Krystal entered the Martin household. Krystal asked Opal how she was doing. Opal stated that she was fine-until Krystal arrived. Krystal knew that Opal lost all of her belongings in the fire, so Krystal gave some of her clothes to Opal.

Krystal informed Amanda that David signed a legal document stating he would not pursue custody of her child. Amanda looked shocked.

Krystal wanted to hold Jenny, but Tad would not let her. Tad wondered if her relationship with David went sour and she was sniffing around Tad for a second chance. He adamantly affirmed that he would never reunite with her. She shook her head with disgust.

Jake asked Amanda how she felt about Krystal's news. Amanda felt that no legal document would stop David from taking her baby. She stated that she made her decision and would not change her mind.

David had a judge order Adam to appear in court. The judge also granted a search warrant of Adam's mansion to find out where Adam took Little Adam.

Krystal visited JR. She told him that David was not pursuing custody of Amanda's baby. JR did not care. He informed Krystal that he wanted nothing to do with Amanda. Then he called Krystal a traitor. She said that Little Adam would be better off with her and David, while JR got sober. She stated that, after JR recovered, she would reconsider JR taking Little Adam back. He did not believe Krystal, and told her to get out of his house.

As Krystal left the mansion, David and Jesse arrived with the warrant. David said that he wanted to discuss with Krystal why she was at the mansion. The police searched the mansion and JR claimed that he did not know where Adam was. David was extremely frustrated and affirmed that JR was not worthy of Little Adam. David blamed JR for Babe's death. JR stated that David wanted Little Adam for selfish reasons. David vowed to get custody of Little Adam, no matter what.

David went home. He was upset because the police did not find any clues at the mansion. He vowed to get Adam back into the country. Krystal asked what David planned to do. David revealed nothing and warned Krystal that she needed to remain loyal to him.

David stealthily entered the mansion through the secret tunnels.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Krystal looked for David at the hospital, but Angie said she had not seen him. Angie said David did not even bother to show up for a staff meeting.

David poured a clear liquid into JR's drink while alone in the living room. He ducked behind the door as JR, who was leaving a message on Adam's voicemail, walked into the room. JR updated his father about David's warrant to have the home searched. He thanked his father for everything and took a sip of the drink that David had spiked.

David finally showed up at the hospital. Krystal was waiting for him. She said that David had not picked up her calls. David said he turned his phone off during the staff meeting, but Krystal told him that she knew he missed the meeting. Krystal demanded to know what David was hiding.

David said he did not like Krystal questioning his every move and not trusting him. David said he gave up his paternal rights to Amanda's child for Krystal. Krystal said she lost Jenny because of her relationship with David. David said Krystal's losing Jenny was a decision by the court system. David said that their marriage would not survive if Krystal didn't trust him. Krystal did not want a divorce, but David was not sure of any other solution. David snapped that Krystal should go back to Tad.

Colby came home and found JR's drink spilled on the floor. She found JR unconscious on the floor behind the couch. An ambulance took JR to the hospital. David started to treat JR, but Colby told David to leave her brother alone. Angie said David could face a malpractice suit based on his personal relationship with JR. David stepped back and allowed Angie to work on JR.

David told Krystal he guessed JR had alcohol poisoning. Krystal accused David of drugging JR. David said he needed to take control of the situation to get Little Adam back. David said JR was not going to die. In the meantime, David told Krystal to figure out if he or JR was more important to her. Krystal and Colby learned from Angie that JR was poisoned. Angie told Krystal that David was probably the person who poisoned JR. Colby immediately called Adam to let him know that David poisoned JR.

Zach was with Reese when she woke up from her surgery. Reese sensed that Zach was upset, but he said nothing was wrong. Reese figured Zach was thinking about Kendall. Zach said authorities found Greenlee a few miles from where she went over the cliff. Angie went to check on Reese. She said Reese's bandages over her eyes would come off in 24 hours. Angie said Reese needed her rest, so Zach left.

Annie wrote in her journal that she did not know herself well unless Aidan was around. Tori snuck up behind Annie and teased her for writing such romantic things about Aidan. Annie brushed Tori's hair as Tori went on about how lucky Annie was to find such a great guy. Tori said that finding Aidan must have been a relief, considering all the problems that had plagued her life. Annie wondered how Tori knew so much about her past. Tori said she found a lot of information about Annie through the Internet. Annie finished Tori's hair and makeup.

Ryan asked Aidan what exactly he saw. Aidan remembered walking in on Ryan and Kendall sleeping after they had made love. Aidan said he went to Connecticut, just like Kendall and Ryan, to find out if the human remains belonged to Greenlee. Aidan said he saw Ryan and Kendall come out of the morgue holding each other. Ryan said Greenlee's engagement ring was given to him before he went into the morgue. Ryan said he knew the ring belonged to Greenlee because it was custom designed for her. Aidan said Ryan never even saw what was left of Greenlee.

Ryan asked Aidan if Zach was paying him to spy on Kendall. Aidan said he was strictly working security for Zach. Plus, Aidan said Zach would have to be crazy to think Ryan and Kendall were having an affair, considering Greenlee was not even in her coffin yet. Zach noticed the tension between Aidan and Ryan. After Ryan was gone, Zach asked Aidan what happened between him and Ryan. Aidan said Ryan was not happy that Aidan went to the morgue to identify Greenlee's body. Zach said he was not paying Aidan to tell Ryan about his day trips.

At Fusion, Kendall looked sadly at the posters splattered with Greenlee's face. Jackson came in and asked Kendall for more details about her trip to Connecticut. Kendall said DNA results would confirm the body found in Connecticut was Greenlee. Kendall said she and Greenlee made a great team at Fusion, but Kendall felt like their connection was completely gone. Jackson said he knew that Greenlee's spirit was still with them and Ryan. Jackson and Kendall packed up Greenlee's belongings.

Ryan went to see Kendall at Fusion. Jackson thanked Kendall and Ryan for identifying Greenlee at the morgue. Jackson said it was too hard for him to do it. He gave Ryan a CD that said, "To Ryan, from Greenlee, in the event of my death." Jackson said he found the CD in Greenlee's safety deposit box. Jackson said Greenlee made him a CD, too. Kendall invited Jackson to her home for dinner, but Jackson declined. Jackson said Greenlee would want Kendall and Ryan together running Fusion.

After Jackson left Fusion, Ryan immediately felt guilty for sleeping with Kendall. He said they cheapened Greenlee's memory. Kendall refused to listen to Ryan being so hard on himself, and left. Ryan put in the CD that Greenlee made for him. In the video, Greenlee told Ryan how excited she was about their wedding. But if Greenlee did not make it to the wedding, she wanted Ryan to know how much she loved him. Greenlee told Ryan to be happy with his life, even if it meant loving someone else after she was gone.

Aidan went to visit Annie. Annie wanted to introduce Aidan to her new friend, Tori, but Tori was gone when they went in the room. Annie said Tori was a volunteer trying to get her psychology major. Aidan wanted to know if Tori had asked Annie about her personal life. He asked Annie to be cautious about what she said to Tori or any other stranger. After Aidan left, Annie found Tori again. Annie said Tori could meet Aidan another time. Tori said that it was only a matter of time before Aidan let Annie down. Annie said Tori was bad news and went to her room.

Kendall found Zach reading to Spike and Ian at home. The babysitter took the boys to bed. While Zach went to get some wine, Ryan stopped by and apologized for being mean to Kendall. Zach came upstairs and saw Ryan kissing Kendall.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Jack spoke with a doctor about the discovery of Greenlee's body, and signed paperwork that assured her body would be brought back to Pine Valley. The doctor told him that DNA tests were still being processed, but that they would notify him when they were complete. The doctor left, and Erica made her presence known. Jack was skeptical about her return, even though she swore that she had returned to be there for him in his hour of need. Jack believed that she had returned to make a play for the shares in Fusion that Greenlee had left to Ryan, but Erica told him that while she would stay involved, she welcomed Ryan to the company with open arms. Jack told her that she shouldn't worry about his well-being, as he believed she would have her hands full dealing with other matters. Jackson left.

Krystal ran into Angie at the hospital and tried to convince her that David couldn't have been involved with JR's poisoning. Angie refused to believe in David's innocence and told Krystal that she was done giving Krystal the benefit of the doubt. Farther down the hall, Colby placed a frantic call to her father and, as David listened in, she pleaded with her father to return home so that he could help her and JR get through the latest crisis.

Jesse found David and interrupted his eavesdropping. Jesse asked how David had been involved with JR's poisoning. David claimed that he didn't know anything, but Colby, who had ended her call, stormed over and called David a liar. Jesse asked her if she had proof, and Colby pointed out that she saw David driving away as she returned home. When she entered the house, she found JR unconscious. David told her that she should know from past experience that it wasn't a good idea to lie to the police.

David then called a nurse over and asked her to provide him with an alibi, which she easily did. That caused Colby to freak out, but Jesse calmed her down and told her that such behavior wasn't helpful. She stormed off and David quipped that the Chandlers were all about telling lies.

Krystal went to check on JR, and he grabbed her arm and demanded that she tell him what David had done to him. Krystal acted as if David had done nothing and quickly changed tacks to avoid the topic. She pleaded with him to reveal where Adam had taken her grandson and said that she simply wanted to know if the little boy was safe. JR told her that Little Adam was fine, but that he himself was in danger, because David wanted him dead. He then refused to tell her anything further about his father or his son, and Krystal felt backed into a corner.

In more panicked tones, she demanded information regarding the whereabouts of her grandson. She became increasingly insistent when JR asked if it was David or the drugs he fed her that made her so paranoid. Colby rushed in and demanded that Krystal get away from her brother. Angie wasn't far behind and told Krystal that she needed to stop harassing patients. Krystal pled with JR a few moments more before she took her leave.

Out in the hall, Krystal rounded the corner just as Jesse questioned David's innocence. After Jesse realized that he would get nowhere with his inquiries, he left. Krystal informed her husband that everyone knew that David was involved in JR's poisoning. David told his wife to get herself together, and then said that Colby's frantic call to Adam would get them exactly what they wanted, as Adam was probably en route to Pine Valley, with Little Adam in tow.

Jesse paid JR a visit and asked about the possibility that there would be evidence that linked David to the poisoning at the Chandler mansion, but neither JR nor Colby was sure. Jesse departed for the scene after he told them that he would let them know if he found anything. Angie left the room with her husband, which allowed time for Colby to tell her brother that she had called Adam. JR realized that they had played things exactly as David had wanted them to because Adam's return would mean Little Adam would be back in town, as well. JR got in touch with his father and provided an update in time for Adam to reroute his plans. After JR got off the phone and assured Colby that things would be fine, he told her that they needed to be more careful so that David would never get his hands on Little Adam.

Angie passed David and Krystal in the hall and made both her disgust for David and her disdain for Krystal completely clear. David realized that Krystal had lost yet another friend, and apologized for the way he had spoken to her earlier. He told her that he was the only friend she needed. His phone rang then, and he told her that he needed to go.

Moments later, Erica passed by, and Krystal begged her to share information about Little Adam. Erica feigned innocence and said that all she knew was that Krystal and David had plans to steal Little Adam from the only family the little boy knew. She then delivered a sinister promise that neither Krystal not her husband would see their grandson again. After Erica boarded the elevator, Krystal ran off to find her husband. When she located him, she told him about Erica's return to town and said that either Adam was back, as well, or Erica knew where Adam and his grandson were.

Annie called Aidan back to the hospital and told him that he needed to break her out of the hospital. Aidan told her that he would get her out in time and in a legal way. She explained that it was Emma's birthday and that she'd never missed a celebration with her daughter since Emma's birth. Aidan assured her that Emma knew her mother was in the hospital to get better and said that they could have a birthday party for the little girl once Annie was released. Saddened, but content with the decision, Annie gave Aidan a present that she had made for Emma, and asked him to deliver it before the end of the day.

Tori met up with Annie after Aidan's departure and apologized for the mean things she had said about Ryan earlier. She lamented that she might not become a successful therapist if she couldn't learn the right things to say. Annie forgave her, but said they needed to determine some ground rules so they would know what they were able to talk about, and what was off-limits. They focused on the birthday party that Annie would throw for Emma once Annie was released from Oak Haven, and Tori recalled many happy memories from birthday parties she'd had growing up.

Annie said that said that she couldn't remember any parties of her own, and Tori thought that there might be painful memories connected to them that Annie didn't want to think about. Annie said that she needed to remember them in case they helped her to get better. They tried hypnosis but in the instant that Annie started to remember something unpleasant, she snapped out of her trance.

Reese woke up agitated by flashing lights that she perceived behind her closed eyes. Angie told her that they could be attributed to her nerve reconnection and said that it was important for her to rest and let herself heal. She gave Reese medication to help her sleep and, once Reese drifted off, she dreamt that her parents were back in her life and were attempting to reunite her with Simon. Reese told them that she was in love with Bianca and that they needed to accept that she was a lesbian, but they told her that she needed to open her eyes and accept who she really was.

Ryan went to the Slater house and, even though Kendall told him that it wasn't a good time, Ryan said that he needed to apologize for the way he had treated her. As Zach bore witness, Ryan laid a kiss on her. When they parted and Ryan realized that they had been discovered, he stepped back to allow Kendall to try to fix things. Zach wanted to leave, but Kendall insisted that things weren't as bad as they seemed. Zach believed that Kendall simply wanted him to react more dramatically and he told her it wouldn't happen. He stated his assumption that things in Connecticut had gone well, and then asked Ryan if Kendall let him sleep with her.

When they offered no response, Zach noted that he'd forgotten how Kendall dealt with pain. Hurt at the reminder, she told him that he should leave. Before he did as she asked, he asked her if she thought that Ryan slept with her out of love for her, or hatred for Zach. Ryan started to defend her, but Zach told him to calm down, as there was nothing left to fight over.

After Zach's departure, Ryan tried to make things better by telling Kendall that she saved him from going over the edge after Greenlee's death. Kendall couldn't deal with anything other than what seemed like the imminent destruction of her marriage, and Ryan asked her if she wanted Zach back. Kendall wasn't sure of anything except that she needed time alone.

Ryan opened the door to leave, and found Erica at the threshold. Erica expressed her sympathies about Greenlee and welcomed Ryan to Fusion in the same breath. He thanked her and then took his leave, which gave Kendall the opportunity to confess that instead of fighting for her marriage - she had instead fought against Zach. She also confessed that she'd slept with Ryan and, although dismayed, Erica assured her that she and Zach could still make things work.

Kendall told her mother that she wasn't certain that Zach loved her enough to get through their problems, and Erica asked whom Kendall truly loved. Kendall said that she loved both Zach and Ryan, so Erica told her that she needed to decide whom she wanted to spend the rest of her life with.

Ryan returned to Fusion and sat in the dark for a few moments before Aidan joined him. Aidan gave Ryan the gift that Annie made for Emma's birthday, and found out that it was actually Annie's birthday.

Jesse returned to the hospital and admitted to Angie that he had been unable to find any evidence at the Chandler mansion that linked David to the poisoning. Just then, David found the police chief and told him that Erica had returned to town. He told Jesse to do his job and question Erica to uncover the whereabouts of David's grandson.

In her dream, Reese ripped the bandages off of her eyes, which woke her up. She found Zach trying to keep her from doing the same thing in reality. His protests stopped when she told him that she could see. She then told him about her dream, and that she realized she no longer needed approval from her family or Bianca's - she just needed to love Bianca. Zach celebrated that she could see again, and then remarked that everyone else was still in the dark.

Angie returned to JR's room and told him about the lack of evidence, and that Erica was back in town. The young man attempted to get out of bed so that he could intercept a confrontation between Erica and David, but Angie refused to let him go. At that same moment, across town, David and Jesse showed up at Kendall's house, and David demanded information on his grandson. Even though Jesse warned her that he could take her downtown for official questioning, Erica swore that she had nothing to share.

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B&B's most Taylor-made moments


B&B's most Taylor-made moments
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