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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 16, 2009 on GL
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Phillip paid Doris a visit at her office to see if he could get his trial date moved up. Doris claimed that she was just a lowly public servant, unable to manipulate the system. Phillip said that he would represent himself in his trial, and Doris warned him against battling her in court. "I thought you were just a lowly public servant?" Phillip sarcastically asked. Doris said that she did her best to protect Springfield, and she would notify him when his trial date had been set.

At the farmhouse, Olivia locked away her gun, and Natalia and she worried about how to deal with Phillip. The two split up, agreeing to brainstorm solutions. Later, unbeknownst to Olivia, Natalia went to the mansion to talk to Phillip. Phillip recognized Natalia from the family photos around the mansion. Natalia said that Emma wanted to see her father.

A gleeful Phillip wondered how they could make that happen. Natalia explained that Emma had wandered off that afternoon, exacerbating Olivia's fears about Phillip. Natalia said that Phillip might never see Emma if he couldn't prove himself to Olivia and her. Phillip said that he loved Emma very much. "I love them both," Natalia replied.

At Towers, Olivia told Doris to put Phillip behind bars. An inebriated Doris assured Olivia that the wheels of justice were turning. Olivia wanted them to turn faster. Olivia noticed Doris caressing the female bartender's hand while slipping the bartender some money. In private, Olivia called Natalia to say that she had discovered a way to take care of Phillip.

When Natalia and Olivia met at Company, Olivia said that she planned use one of Doris' secrets to influence Doris into moving up Phillip's trial date. Natalia thought that was a despicable thing to do, but wondered what the secret was. Olivia claimed to have accidentally wandered into a lesbian ladies' night at a bar. While hoping for a free martini, Olivia had encountered a disguised Doris at the bar. Natalia guessed that Olivia wanted to blackmail Doris. Olivia said they would just use the means available to them to get what they wanted.

At Doris Wolfe's office later, Olivia and Natalia threatened to expose Doris as a lesbian if she didn't help them put Phillip behind bars. Natalia said that they didn't care about Doris' personal life. Olivia added that if Doris wanted to keep that life a secret, then Doris would move up Phillip's trial date. Doris stiffly agreed to move the trial to the next available date. Olivia insisted that Doris move it to the front of the line, and Doris said that it was already there. Natalia thanked Doris for her time, and Olivia and she left Doris in her office.

Tension filled the air in the mansion parlor when Phillip brought Lizzie a sandwich. He asked her how she was doing, and Lizzie replied that she and Bill were getting back together. Phillip promised not to interfere in her relationship with Bill. Phillip explained that Grady had confessed the kidnapping crime to him. Phillip assured Lizzie that, while Grady hadn't been arrested, Grady was in a place where he could no longer hurt anyone.

Dinah awaited Grady at Cyrus' house. When Cyrus arrived, he said that he hadn't seen Grady in twenty-four hours. "I hope he fell off a cliff," Dinah murmured. Dinah intended to stick close to Cyrus until they found Grady. Cyrus and Dinah searched a storage unit, but didn't find Grady. Dinah worried that Grady would reveal her part in the kidnapping to Bill. Cyrus said that the last time he'd seen Grady, Grady had been on his way to meet Lizzie for a payoff. Cyrus decided to find out if Grady had met Lizzie, and Dinah said that she'd check around for any forgotten evidence that could link her to the kidnapping.

Later, Dinah searched the basement at the television station and pocketed an item. Just then, Bill found her. He explained what had happened to him at the hands of Grady and Cyrus. Bill realized that Lizzie and Dinah had stood by him when others hadn't. Dinah's devotion meant a lot to him, and he wanted to make a fresh start with both Dinah and Lizzie. Dinah and Bill said that they loved each other, and left the basement together.

At Company, Bill sat with Vanessa and Billy. He explained that he had been abducted and locked in a cellar. His parents laughed, but he said he'd never make up a story like that. Vanessa still seemed skeptical, but Bill couldn't quibble because he was about to meet Lizzie. As he counted down the moments to Lizzie's arrival, Lizzie breezed in and bumped into him. Bill and Lizzie acted like strangers, meeting for the first time. Lizzie sat at the bar, and Bill returned to his parents' table. Bill explained to his parents that Lizzie and he were starting over from the very beginning, and they had arranged another "accidental" meeting for later that day in the park.

After Bill left, Billy told Vanessa that he liked Bill's approach with Lizzie. Vanessa thought that she'd feel foolish pretending not to know someone that she actually knew intimately. Billy thought the idea of it was sexy. Vanessa said that Billy would think a triple-decker hamburger was sexy. "Well, it is," Billy chuckled. He said that Vanessa and he ought to try Bill's plan. Vanessa wiped some crumbs from Billy's chin, and Billy asked Vanessa if they had met before.

In the park later, Bill and Lizzie pretended to accidentally encounter each other again. Bill brought a dog with him, but he hadn't named her. Lizzie said the dog looked like a "Birdie," and Bill agreed that Birdie was the dog's name. As they sat on a bench, Dinah happened along. Dinah seemed confused by Bill and Lizzie's game, and Bill asked Dinah to help them pretend that they were strangers in a budding relationship. Dinah played along for a while, and then left.

Over coffee later, Bill asked for Lizzie's phone number. Lizzie jokingly hoped that Bill wasn't a kidnapper as she jotted her number on his palm. Lizzie said goodbye, but before leaving, she kissed him. "That's from the Lizzie that already knows you," she whispered.

Cyrus found Lizzie having a drink at Towers, beaming with excitement about her reconciliation with Bill. Phillip eavesdropped from behind a column. Cyrus was glad that Lizzie was happy; however, he needed to find Grady in order to put everything behind them. Cyrus said that facing justice was the only way that Grady could salvage his life. Lizzie didn't want Grady to have a life; she just wanted him gone. Cyrus wondered if Grady had received Lizzie's bribery money. Lizzie said that she'd dropped the money and ran after seeing Grady's tattoo. Cyrus thought that Grady might still be in town if the money was still at the canning factory.

Later, Phillip sneaked into the canning factory and located Lizzie's bag of money. As he stashed it in his car, he saw Cyrus and Dinah breaking into the factory. Inside, Dinah and Cyrus couldn't locate Lizzie's bag of money. Dinah ascertained that Grady had quietly left town with the cash. She doubted that he had told anyone about her part in the kidnapping. Cyrus still wanted to find his brother, and Dinah warned him against bringing Grady back to Springfield. Cyrus left the canning factory without Dinah. Phillip appeared behind Dinah, saying that he'd be happy to give her a ride somewhere.

Dinah chuckled that running into Phillip in the factory was weird. Phillip agreed, saying that he was there because it had been the final location in Lizzie's kidnapping. He said he had unsuccessfully searched the parameters for clues to Grady's accomplice. When Phillip asked why she was there, Dinah lied that she was taking pre-production notes for a television segment. Phillip asked where her notepad was, and Dinah claimed that her notes were all in her head. Phillip led her to his car, stating that her sharp mind could help her keep her story straight.

Sometime later, Cyrus received a phone call from Phillip, who disguised himself as an Australian airline agent with Melbourne Air. Phillip said that the airline couldn't process Grady's credit card for Grady's plane ticket to Sydney. Cyrus wondered what the time of the flight was, but Phillip said that they couldn't give out that information.

After the call, Cyrus sat down at the Towers bar beside Doris. He said that he was having a quick drink before going off to search for Grady. Doris warned him not to bring Grady back to Springfield. Doris said that she'd fired Grady. Doris didn't take kindly to Grady blowing the chance that she'd given him.

At WSPR, Dinah watched the press conference that Bill and Lizzie had done together right after Bill had revealed to Lizzie that he'd lost his memory. After watching it, Dinah wondered why she couldn't make it all disappear. Meanwhile, Phillip took Lizzie's bag of money to the cliff where Grady had fallen. Phillip dumped the money out in the backseat of his car and then tossed the bag over the cliff.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

At the Cooper house, Mallet and Marina acclimated to being new parents. Frank doled out parenting advice before leaving for work. Marina told Mallet that she couldn't wait for Buzz to meet Henry, but she didn't want Buzz and Daisy to actually find Grady. Marina felt that Henry was the miracle that would help the family look toward the future. Billy, Vanessa, and Ashlee arrived to see the new baby. Vanessa and Ashlee pitched in with the baby's laundry.

Daisy and Buzz unsuccessfully searched Grady's old haunts, hoping to find him. Daisy stomped away from a fight with Buzz over where to look for Grady next. Buzz thought that he saw Jenna. After searching around, Buzz wondered what he was even looking for. He moaned that he wanted his son and his wife. Buzz screamed that he didn't want to hate. Daisy watched as Buzz slammed his head repeatedly into the hood of an old truck, yelling, "I do want to hate! I do want to hate! I don't know how to stop!"

Daisy told Buzz that she wanted to go home, fearing that the search for Grady had worn Buzz out. An obstinate Buzz wanted to give the search a few more days. Daisy sneaked a call to the Cooper house, and Billy answered. Daisy explained that Buzz was distraught, and Billy advised her to bring Buzz home. Daisy didn't think it would be easy, but she said she'd try. Billy told her to call him back if she needed help.

Daisy told Buzz that they should return home to help with the new baby, but Buzz brushed her off. Daisy said that she wanted to find Grady, but Buzz was scaring her. Buzz said that he didn't need anyone, and he would go it alone if Daisy didn't want to continue. Daisy pleaded with Buzz, saying that he needed mental help. Buzz said that he needed Alan to be behind bars. Buzz let Daisy out of the car, telling her to get out of there because he had work to do.

Dinah and Shayne encountered each other at the mini-mart. She apologized for running out on him the other day, saying that it wasn't because she didn't want to be intimate with him. She had regained control of her life, and she didn't want to murky the waters with a relationship. Dinah also felt that she had overacted to Phillip's statements. With Grady nowhere to be found, she planned to just forget that she'd been involved with the kidnapping. Shayne didn't think a kidnapping could just be forgotten. He further urged Dinah not to underestimate what Phillip knew. Dinah persisted that she had been reading too much into Phillip's words.

Later, Shayne found Josh eating at Company. Shayne opened up to Josh about having a friend who was stuck living in the past. Shayne's friend wanted to move on, but the events of the past were too big to walk away from. Shayne felt that walking away from the past caused more problems than confronting it. Josh was proud of Shayne for facing his problems. Shayne insisted that it was his friend's problem, but Josh was still happy to see Shayne opening up.

At the Beacon, Shayne admitted that Dinah was the friend in question. Josh inquired about Shayne's feelings for Dinah, and Shayne said that Dinah had run out on him before he could figure out his feelings. Josh advised that all women wanted men to go after them. Josh said that there were no rules with women. "No, that's not true," Josh decided. "There are rules, but they make them, and they break them when they feel like it." Josh said that relationships weren't easy, but the tough women were always worth it.

Lizzie called Bill as he prepared to walk Birdie. She said that they had to put their dating game on hold long enough for her to make a new statement in the kidnapping case. Bill agreed to meet her at the police station.

In the mansion parlor, Alan was in a celebratory mood because the grand jury would not reconvene in the Winslow case. Alan wanted to tell Lizzie about his newfound freedom, but Phillip asked if Alan planned to also tell Lizzie about Alan's role in framing Bill for the kidnapping. Alan wondered how much Lizzie already knew, and Phillip said that so far, Lizzie only knew about Grady's involvement. Alan asked if Phillip would tell her the whole truth, and Phillip replied, "Don't give me a reason to."

Phillip went to the police station to see if Frank had located Grady. Frank said that he didn't think Grady wanted to be found. Lizzie was surprised to see Phillip when she arrived at the station. She allowed him to stay for her statement. Bill arrived, and a nervous Lizzie asked if he'd hold her hand during questioning. "Forever," Bill said, taking her hand.

Later, Dinah entered the police station to ask Frank if Grady were really Lizzie's kidnapper. Frank confirmed it, saying that Lizzie had just wrapped up her statement. Frank welcomed Dinah to join them for support. Upon seeing Dinah, Phillip quipped that everyone was interested in the fate of Lizzie's kidnapper. Frank said that the police had dropped the kidnapping charges against Bill. Eager to put the kidnapping behind her, Dinah offered to throw a party to celebrate moving on with their lives. Bill decided that he and Lizzie could break from the dating game long enough to celebrate. He said that Dinah deserved it.

At Company, Alan talked to Drew about revamping the restaurant. Smoking his cigar, Alan decided he'd keep the terrible food menu because that was the main reason people came to Company; however, Alan intended to do twice the business that Buzz had done. When Dinah entered Company, she wondered if people could smoke in a restaurant. Alan said that he owned the place, and he was celebrating his freedom. Dinah took a drag off his cigar, saying that she was throwing a party to celebrate Bill's freedom. She invited Alan, and then hurried off to plan her event.

In the mansion parlor, Bill and Lizzie kissed each other, but stiffened as Phillip entered. Phillip told Bill that he'd heard that Bill had caused Lizzie a lot of grief in the past. "Dad!" Lizzie interrupted. Phillip continued, saying that Bill seemed to make Lizzie happy. Phillip promised that they wouldn't have any problems as long as Bill didn't hurt Lizzie. Bill said that Lizzie was his number one priority. Phillip replied that Lizzie was his priority, as well. After Phillip left, Bill realized that he had just gotten Lizzie's father's approval. Lizzie kissed him again, saying that he didn't need it.

After Lizzie got ready for the party, Bill told her that she looked hot. He was glad that they weren't pretending to be strangers, because he didn't think he could keep his hands off her. They kissed again, and Alan interrupted. Lizzie asked if Alan knew about the party. Alan said that he had a personal invitation from Dinah, and he wouldn't miss it for the world.

At the party at Towers, Dinah greeted Billy and Vanessa. Ashlee entered, wondering why Dinah needed her. Dinah explained that Bill had been cleared of the kidnapping charges, but Grady had been implicated. Ashlee worried about Daisy, because Grady was Daisy's whole world. Dinah said that Daisy would have to learn the hard way that not all of a woman's hopes and dreams should depend on any one man. Dinah asked Ashlee to cover the party for the television station and ensure that the phrase "Bill is Innocent" led their newscast. Dinah said that Ashlee could help Daisy once Ashlee had finished.

Vanessa walked up, congratulating Dinah on the advice that she'd given Ashlee and for standing by Bill. Vanessa was proud to see Dinah pulling her life together. Dinah excitedly agreed that things had come together, and she excused herself to call more guests for the party.

Dinah called Mallet to invite the Coopers to the impromptu party for Bill. Mallet passed, saying that Henry had worn them out. Later, Frank arrived back at the Cooper house and awakened Marina and Mallet, who had fallen asleep on the sofa from exhaustion. Frank told them that Lizzie's statement had made a lot of sense in connecting Grady. Frank just needed to understand Grady's motives and find any accomplices. Mallet said that Dinah had decided to throw a party for Bill. Frank offered to watch Henry if Marina and Mallet wanted to go, but the new parents couldn't tear themselves away from the baby.

Next, Dinah called Josh to invite him to the party. Unbeknownst to her, Josh was with Shayne. Josh told Dinah that he wouldn't miss the party. After the call, Josh said that Shayne's girl was having a party at Towers. "She's not my girl," Shayne replied. Josh said, "Not yet, son."

Sometime later, Josh and Shayne arrived at the party. Shayne worried that it was the wrong time for him to approach Dinah. Josh disagreed, but Shayne said that he wanted her to enjoy herself while she could. Shayne hastily left Towers before Josh could stop him.

As the party continued, Alan griped to Phillip about being in a room full of partying Lewises, but Phillip told him to be happy for Bill and Lizzie. Bill made a speech to his family and friends. He said he was happy to finally be reunited with Lizzie. Lizzie reminded Bill to thank Dinah, who had also stood by him. "To Dinah!" the whole room toasted.

At the conclusion of Bill's speech, Phillip slipped up behind Dinah. He said that he knew. "What?" Dinah curiously asked. Phillip casually responded, "That you and Grady tied up Lizzie and kept her in the basement, putting her through hell so that you could have this little slice of heaven. Uh-huh, I know everything." Dinah's face blanched as Phillip drank champagne beside her.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Buzz swigged from a bottle in a brown paper bag. As he smoked behind a building, Jenna appeared. She asked him how long he planned to hide, reminding him that he hadn't even seen the new baby. Buzz claimed that his family didn't need him. He said that he was lost, which was exactly where he wanted to be.

Jenna kissed him. She said that running away hadn't worked before. A helpless Buzz realized that threatening Alan wouldn't bring Coop back. Buzz blamed himself for giving Coop the keys to the car, because doing so had led to Coop's death.

Remy found Daisy sobbing at the mini-mart. She explained that Grady was missing and Buzz was wandering the streets, looking for him. Daisy hopped to her feet, insistent upon finding Alan. When Daisy searched for Alan at the Towers party, Ashlee pulled her into the stairwell to break the news that Grady had kidnapped Lizzie. Daisy called Ashlee a jealous liar, and then she took off to find Alan.

At the mansion, Daisy strode into Alan's parlor as Alan read a news article about Phillip. An unnerved Daisy explained that while she had been looking for Grady, she had figured out how to break into Marina's gun cabinet. Alan's eyebrows rose when Daisy pointed a gun at him. She demanded to know Grady's whereabouts.

Alan eased from his seat and offered to help Daisy find Grady, as long as she put the gun down. Daisy said that Harley had taught her to handle a gun, and Alan's servants weren't there to hear a gunshot. Daisy demanded the truth about Grady. Alan said the truth that he knew was that Grady hadn't shown up at the hearing. Alan ascertained that Daisy must have felt embarrassed to have trusted a degenerate like Grady Foley, and Alan concluded, "When you hook up with someone like that, you deserve what you get." Daisy fired the gun.

When Alan realized that he hadn't been struck, Daisy said that it had been a warning shot. "You've lost your mind since you've been hanging around Grady Foley," Alan surmised. Daisy ordered him to shut up or the next bullet would hit his kneecaps. Just then, Buzz rushed into the room, saying that he needed to speak to Alan. Alan ordered Buzz to take his psychotic granddaughter out of there. Buzz reasoned that Daisy called the shots, since Daisy had the gun. Alan said that Daisy had lost touch with reality just as Coop had.

Buzz glared at Alan, warning him to never say Coop's name again. Buzz led a jittery Daisy out of the mansion. Outside, Daisy realized that she had been stupid to trust Grady, who was never coming back. Buzz told Daisy that everything would be okay. Daisy said that she'd thought that Buzz had decided to stay away. Buzz said he had returned because he needed his family, and they needed him.

At the Towers party, Phillip told Dinah that she had been Grady's accomplice. Dinah dismissively replied that it was Bill's day, and she walked away. Dinah slipped up to the rooftop, and Phillip followed her. She stood on the ledge, clinging to the rail. Phillip joined her, commenting that it was a long way down.

Phillip said that Dinah should fear Bill, not Phillip. "I didn't even know he had Lizzie until-" Dinah cut herself off. Phillip thanked her for confirming Grady's story. He conjectured that Dinah had been estranged from Bill, but Dinah had believed that removing Lizzie would make Dinah the most important person to Bill. Dinah bet that Phillip had run Grady out of town after Phillip had realized that Grady was worthless. Dinah touted that Phillip couldn't prove a thing.

"You watched while my little girl was tortured," Phillip said. Dinah insisted that Lizzie had never been injured. "You kept silent during the search when you could have ended it," Phillip continued. Dinah countered that a phone call had led to Lizzie's safe return. "You let Bill take the blame when you knew you were guilty," Phillip stated. Dinah replied that someone had looked out for Bill by burning the evidence against him. Phillip grabbed Dinah from behind and shook her near the ledge. "You're right, Dinah. No matter what you've done, I can't do a damn thing about it-not legally."

Dinah and Phillip reentered the party and observed everyone dancing. Phillip uttered that Dinah should be having fun, as well, but she couldn't because she knew she didn't deserve to. Dinah said that she had worked hard. She begged Phillip not to take that from her. Phillip said that he'd never tell her secret.

He chuckled that she'd probably thought he'd throw her off the roof, too. Phillip had better things to do than punish a person who was punishing herself already. Dinah claimed to have created a room full of happiness. "Yeah, for them. But there's no relief for you, because you know what you did. And you know I know," Phillip said.

Bill and Lizzie encouraged Dinah to enjoy herself at the party, but Dinah seemed unable to relax. Bill, Lizzie, and Vanessa lauded Dinah for all of her helpfulness during the kidnapping events. Billy thought that called for a toast. "To Dinah!" Phillip hailed. Dinah asked everyone to stop because no one would be there if it weren't for her.

Dinah said she had been waiting her whole life to hear all the accolades that she'd received that day; however, the praise left her empty because she didn't deserve it. Dinah sobbed that there really had been two kidnappers. "When Grady Foley kidnapped Lizzie, he had help-from me," Dinah confessed to the astonished crowd.

Dinah said that Grady had thought that he was doing Dinah a favor with the kidnapping. She explained that she had been angry after Bill had shut her out of his life, but the kidnapping had made Bill need Dinah again. Dinah apologized to Lizzie, claiming that she hadn't thought that Grady would hold Lizzie very long. However, after Dinah had lost control over Grady, she had arranged the phone call that had helped Bill find Lizzie. Dinah said that every time she had made a mistake in her life, someone had made her pay. "But this time, I'm offering," she said.

Dinah told Bill and Lizzie that she could fix it, and that she would go to the police station and take responsibility. Bill seethed that Dinah was dead to him, and he and Lizzie strode out of the restaurant. Dinah asked Phillip if he were happy about the turn of events. Phillip didn't enjoy people's pain, but he said that Dinah was much better off for confessing. Dinah realized that she had lost everyone and everything. "That makes this the beginning, a clean slate," Phillip replied. It felt like the end for Dinah, who wished Phillip actually had thrown her from the roof.

At the mansion, Bill apologized to Lizzie for believing in Dinah. Lizzie didn't blame him for trusting his sister. She knew that he had to live with what Dinah had done, but she didn't want their lives to be about the kidnapping anymore. Bill wondered if Lizzie wanted him to forgive Dinah. Lizzie didn't know. She asked Bill to hold her, and said they'd figure out the rest later.

Josh pursued Shayne to a snow-covered baseball field, where Shayne hit rocks with a baseball bat. Josh said that Shayne couldn't "get the girl" if Shayne didn't make his feelings known to her. Shayne said that Dinah and he didn't need each other anymore. Josh wondered if they wanted each other. Shayne didn't know what Dinah wanted, but Shayne wished that he didn't want Dinah. Shayne threw down the bat and walked off.

In the dugout, Josh said that in a perfect world, Lara and Shayne would be together. However, Lara's time had ended, but Shayne's hadn't. Shayne admitted that his grief diminished in Dinah's presence, but Shayne worried that thinking about Dinah more meant thinking about Lara less. Shayne felt that he didn't deserve happiness. He said that Dinah knew that he couldn't keep her safe, because Dinah knew that he had killed Lara.

Shayne explained that he had missed a landmine in the field, and Lara had tripped it. By the time Shayne had run to the top of the field, Lara had already been rushed to the hospital. Shayne had been told that Lara had died, and he had never been allowed to see her body. Shayne sobbed that since he had cleared that field, it should have been safe, but he had killed his "most important person."

Shayne said he hadn't wanted to live anymore, and so he purposely walked through an active mine field. "I couldn't even get that job right, either!" Shayne raged, saying that he had wanted to die, but wound up in the wheelchair instead. Shayne equated his guilt over what had happened to Lara to Josh's guilt over Shayne's first accident. He asked Josh to imagine that guilt magnified by Shayne's death. Josh couldn't imagine it. Shayne said that he lived with that guilt every day.

Shayne asked Josh not to tell Reva about their talk. Josh reasoned that Shayne had made a mistake, and accidents happened. Josh thought Dinah would agree that no one would blame Shayne for Lara's death. Shayne replied that Dinah thought Edmund would. Josh agreed with Dinah that Edmund shouldn't know what had really happened. Shayne claimed that he and Edmund were friends. Josh advised Shayne to return to the party to spend time with Dinah. Shayne thanked Josh for being there, and Josh thanked Shayne for confiding in him.

Later, Josh worked at his office when Edmund entered, looking for Shayne. Edmund seemed concerned that there had been something on Shayne's mind when he had seen Shayne earlier. Josh replied that Shayne was fine. Edmund said that he had no intention of coming between Shayne and Josh. "You won't," Josh replied.

Dinah returned to the rooftop, squatted, and peered over the ledge. Shayne approached from behind. He guessed that the party had ended. "Yep. Everything's over," Dinah bleakly replied.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

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Friday, March 20, 2009

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