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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 23, 2009 on GL
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Monday, March 23, 2009

Outside the Cooper house, Daisy told Buzz that she worried about telling the family what had happened with Alan. Buzz shrugged that there was nothing to tell, since Alan was still breathing. Daisy asked why Buzz was letting go of his vendetta, and Buzz stated that he had promised someone that he would. Daisy admitted that she didn't want to let it go.

Once they entered the house, Mallet and Marina gleefully greeted them. Marina anxiously planted Henry into Buzz's arms, and introduced Buzz to his great grandson. Buzz welcomed the baby to the family, apologizing for not meeting him sooner. Buzz admitted that he might be avoiding saying the baby's first name, but he would work up to it. Marina offered to let Daisy hold the baby. Daisy said that it wouldn't fix anything; Coop was still gone, Grady was still missing, and Spauldings were still making life miserable for everyone. Daisy walked out.

Daisy left the house to meet Ashlee. Ashlee apologized for having to tell Daisy about Grady. Daisy blurted out that she had tried to shoot Alan. Ashlee knew the feeling of wanting Alan dead. Daisy didn't want to go home because she knew that her family thought she was stupid for being with Grady in the first place. Ashlee didn't believe the Coopers felt that way.

Daisy worried that she'd never see Grady again, and Ashlee candidly asked if Daisy really wanted to. Daisy sobbed that what hurt her most was that, despite what Grady had done, Daisy wanted to see him more than anything. Ashlee hugged a sobbing Daisy.

At the mansion, Phillip asked Lizzie how she felt after Dinah's party. Lizzie figured that Dinah felt worse than anyone did. Lizzie confidently touted that nothing would come between Bill and Lizzie again. Phillip thought new beginnings were good. Though Lizzie appreciated her new start with Bill, she vowed to never start over with Phillip. She thanked Phillip for somehow handling Grady, but she wanted nothing more from Phillip than a peaceful coexistence.

At Bill's hotel room, Bill told Birdie that they didn't like Dinah anymore. He then called Lizzie, anxious to continue their dating game. They chatted like new friends, and Bill asked Lizzie for a date. Lizzie agreed, but stated that their dating game was somewhat crazy. Bill said, "Yeah, the good kind."

When Beth entered Lizzie's room after the phone call, Lizzie wanted to talk about her father. Both Beth and Lizzie agreed that Phillip seemed to be trying to make amends. Lizzie decided that Beth probably should help Phillip with his trial, because doing so might help them all move on. Lizzie then hurried off to prepare for her date with Bill.

Back in the parlor, Phillip discovered a bullet hole in the wall, and chuckled, "Who missed?" Alan didn't think it was funny, relaying that Daisy had threatened to blow off Alan's kneecaps. Alan had called the police, but he was outraged when Frank Cooper showed up instead of a "real cop." Alan claimed that Daisy had shot him, but Frank thought that Alan looked fine to him.

Phillip said he was sorry that Alan had summoned Frank to the house, and Phillip assured Frank that he would handle Alan. Once Frank exited, Phillip warned Alan to drop the thing with Daisy, or else Phillip would tell Lizzie about Alan's part in the kidnapping cover-up.

Frank looked for Lizzie upstairs, but he found Beth instead, crying with Coop's book in hand. Beth asked how the Cooper family was, but Frank retorted that her concern was a little late. Beth reminded Frank that she had loved Coop, too. Frank softened and offered to take Beth to the Cooper house to see the new baby.

When Frank arrived home with Beth, Mallet welcomed her while Marina awkwardly avoided looking at her. After exchanging pleasantries, Beth asked what the baby's name was. Buzz hesitantly replied, "Henry Cooper Camaletti."

Later, Phillip was working on his trial when Bill entered the parlor to pick up Lizzie. Phillip told Bill to go upstairs, but Bill said that it was against the rules, because he and Lizzie had just met. Phillip rendered a peculiar look, offering to retrieve Lizzie, but Lizzie entered the room before he could. Bill assured Phillip that he wouldn't keep Lizzie out late. Lizzie said that Bill needn't include Phillip in their game. Phillip unobtrusively exited the room.

Beth returned to the mansion to retrieve some gloves that she'd left. Upon seeing Phillip studying in the parlor, she told him that Mallet and Marina had named their new baby after Coop. She said that babies renewed hope for the future. Phillip agreed, recalling the first time he'd seen Lizzie. Beth watched Phillip cram for his trial date, and she decided to help him. Phillip handed her a book. The pair donned reading glasses and dug into their books. Phillip smiled to himself.

On the Towers rooftop, Shayne reminded Dinah that she had told him on that very spot that there was always something to live for. Dinah replied that she couldn't think of anything. He offered his hand, telling her that she didn't have to do it. "I'm not going to jump, you moron," Dinah replied. She claimed to be up there to gain perspective. Unconvinced, Shayne noted that he had been up there to jump once, and Dinah said, "You're much more of a drama queen than I am."

Shayne asked Dinah to let him help her as she had helped him. She stubbornly said that no one could help her. Shayne had thought the same of himself until he met Dinah. Dinah told him that she had confessed at the party, and he wondered why in the world she would do that. Dinah said that she liked being good, and she wanted to be good all the time. Shayne doubted that would ever happen, adding, "It's probably not the much fun, either." Dinah wryly agreed.

In the Towers parking lot, Shayne gave Dinah advice about how to handle the situation with Bill, and Dinah kidded that it wasn't fair for him to use her own life lessons on her. Shayne decided to pass one of his own life lessons to her. He retrieved a baseball from the car, saying that throwing a ball cured everything. Dinah giggled, saying that it was so "male of him."

At the playground later, Bill and Lizzie asked each other about their lives and their families as if they didn't know each other. As Bill pushed her on the swings, a baseball landed near them. Shayne trotted up to retrieve the ball. Bill tossed it to him as Dinah caught up to Shayne. The four of them stared at each other in awkward silence.

Lizzie nudged Bill to leave with her, but Dinah asked if they could just talk. Bill ordered her to stay away from Lizzie and him. Dinah offered to let Bill berate her, if that would help them get past the situation. Bill didn't want to get past it, saying that he no longer had a sister. As Lizzie and Bill walked away, Dinah desperately screamed that she was sorry, and that she didn't know that Grady would have done that to Lizzie.

Humiliated, Dinah ran from Shayne, but he caught up to her. She said that she didn't want him to see her fail. She hated herself. She didn't want to be Dinah anymore. Shayne said that she was great. Dinah denied it, saying that everyone wanted her to change, including herself, but she couldn't. Shayne claimed that Dinah had changed since meeting him, but Dinah thought everyone just wanted her to be gone.

Shayne figured out that Dinah wanted to walk through her own landmine, but he wouldn't let her kill herself physically or emotionally. He intended to be there for her even if she ran from him. Dinah sobbed that she was a mess, and Shayne held her.

Meanwhile, Lizzie told Bill that she didn't want to see him focusing on his anger with Dinah. Bill claimed that he could just forget all about his sister. Lizzie didn't believe that was possible. Bill said that he didn't need Dinah, because he had Lizzie. Lizzie was happy that Bill recognized that Lizzie was his priority, but she still believed that one day, he would want to reconcile with Dinah. Lizzie said that she'd be there for him when that time came.

The couple went to Towers to resume their "first date." When Bill asked Lizzie if she wanted something to eat as well as a drink, Lizzie replied that she didn't want to be out too late. Bill murmured that Lizzie was really going to make him work for it. Lizzie salaciously smiled, hinting that it would be worth it.

Shayne took Dinah to Marina and Mallet's house to remind her that, even though no person could be good all of the time, she had done something good for the Cooper family. Dinah believed that her bad outweighed her good, but Shayne reasoned that Dinah dwelt too much on her bad. Dinah then worried that the Cooper family knew about the kidnapping, and Shayne said that they had to just hope the Coopers hadn't heard yet.

Once inside the house, Dinah saw the baby and became happy. Shayne reminded her that she had been a part of creating the family before her. Marina and Mallet announced that Henry's christening would be the next day, and Mallet asked Frank to be Henry's godfather. They mentioned that they'd asked Daisy to be the godmother. Marina invited Shayne and Dinah to the ceremony. Buzz thanked Dinah for helping them get Henry. As Dinah held Henry, Shayne told Dinah that she was one of the good guys.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

At WSPR, Dinah told Shayne that because the kidnapping story would soon break, she'd decided to proactively create a news feature about it. With her feature, she sought to convey the dichotomy of Dinah Marler. She elaborated that giving Spaulding Enterprises to Bill had been good, but kidnapping Lizzie had been bad. Shayne offered to help keep her segment impartial.

As they worked, Shayne found a digital mug shot of Dinah on the computer. Shayne chuckled, and superimposed "Have you seen this kidnapper?" over the image. Dinah playfully hit him with her legal pad, telling him to delete it. He did so, but then found what he called a Martian's photo, and manipulated it just the same way.

At the Cooper house, Daisy was immediately suspicious to find her family donning formal attire as they prepared her favorite breakfast. Marina asked Daisy to be Henry's godmother at the ceremony later that day. "No way," Daisy protested, and refused to return to being "cute little Daisy" after all that had transpired. Daisy stomped off to her room.

Mallet and Marina brainstormed an alternate godmother. "Remy?" Frank offered. Marina then realized that she had no female friends. When Marina suggested Lillian, Buzz murmured that he and Lillian had broken up, and he didn't want to discuss it.

At the church, the Coopers considered more options, but shot each down for various reasons: Reva was pregnant and had cancer, Olivia was just "too hot" for the job, Natalia had a lot on her plate, and Marina groaned at the mention of Lizzie. Suddenly, Marina had an idea. Marina called Dinah, who said that she'd almost forgotten about the ceremony. Marina asked her to arrive early for a talk. Dinah wondered if the talk pertained to Lizzie, and a confused Marina said that it didn't. After Marina hung up, Mallet wondered if Marina were sure about Dinah. Marina said that Dinah had helped them get their son.

When Dinah and Shayne arrived at the church, Dinah told Mallet and Marina that she had brought a cameraman to record the ceremony. Mallet and Marina asked Dinah to be Henry's godmother. Stunned, Dinah asked why they wanted her. Marina explained that Daisy had turned them down. After reviewing a list of alternates, Marina realized that Dinah had a personal connection with Henry. Though Dinah and Marina weren't friends, Marina believed that Dinah would put Henry first. Shayne suggested that Dinah take the opportunity to be a good guy again. Still awed by the request, Dinah agreed to be Henry's godmother.

Olivia spied Natalia peeking at Frank's engagement ring in the farmhouse kitchen. Natalia snapped the ring box shut, saying that she still didn't know what to tell Frank, who awaited her answer. When Natalia explained that she was making a casserole for the christening, Olivia assumed that the dish symbolized Natalia's affirmative answer to Frank's proposal. Natalia insisted that Olivia made too much of a tuna casserole for a family event for people that they were both friends with. Olivia replied that no one at the event awaited Olivia's answer to a marriage proposal. Olivia backed off, and Natalia peeked at the ring again after Olivia left.

On her way to the christening, Natalia encountered Daisy outside. Daisy wasn't dressed for the christening. Daisy felt that her presence at the christening was unwelcome because her family hated her for dating Grady. Daisy strode off, but Natalia spotted her again in the churchyard later as Natalia worked in the church kitchen.

Natalia leaned out the door, saying that Daisy was awfully close to the ceremony for a person who didn't want to attend it. Daisy worried that her attendance would give her family the impression that she wanted to be the godmother. Daisy claimed that she wasn't ready for a step like that. Natalia reasoned that sometimes people had to force themselves to make decisions, and she beckoned Daisy inside.

While picking up a Towers cheesecake for the christening, Olivia saw Doris. Doris anxiously said that Phillip's trial date had been moved up, and Doris expected Olivia to live up to her part of the bargain by forgetting about ladies' night. Olivia pretended to not know what Doris was talking about. "Good -- I don't know what I'm talking about either," Doris said.

When Frank and Buzz talked in private at the church, Frank confided that he had asked Natalia to marry him. Buzz jolted in excitement, ready to tell the family. Frank didn't want to tell the family because Natalia was still thinking about it. He said that Natalia had been thinking for a week already. Just then, Frank got called to the police station.

Lillian entered after Frank left, and noted that Buzz had returned to town. Buzz apologized for scaring her. Lillian said she wasn't ready to deal with that yet, and walked off.

Later, Olivia entered the church, and Buzz asked if she thought Natalia would accept Frank's proposal. Olivia hadn't been aware that Frank had told anyone about it. Buzz claimed that he wasn't just anyone. Olivia said it was Natalia's choice, and Olivia planned to stay out of it. Buzz pressed her, but Mallet interrupted to call the two in for the ceremony.

At the police station, Doris informed Frank that she had heard about Dinah implicating herself in the kidnapping. Doris wanted Frank to investigate it, and Frank agreed to do so after the christening. He asked if Dinah knew that Doris was investigating the confession. Doris didn't think Dinah had been expecting it to go public so soon.

At the church, the christening began. Frank rushed in, saying that Mallet and Marina didn't want Dinah as Henry's godmother. Frank prompted Dinah to explain what she had done to Lizzie Spaulding. Mallet hoped Dinah hadn't done something bad. Dinah apologized and fled the sanctuary. Mallet and Marina pursued her. Daisy blamed herself for ruining the christening, telling Ashlee that if she had accepted being the godmother, they wouldn't have asked Dinah.

Natalia lit a candle in the sanctuary, and wondered why the religious ceremonies always fell apart in that town. Olivia joked that God had it in for Springfield-and for Olivia. Natalia didn't believe God punished people for who they were. Natalia said that Olivia had reminded Natalia that God didn't like some people but dislike others. Olivia asked how God felt about Dinah, and Natalia guessed that He wanted to help Dinah.

Outside, Frank attempted to question Shayne about Dinah's treachery, but Shayne wouldn't reveal anything. Shayne joined Mallet, Marina, and Dinah on the church steps. Mallet quickly surmised that Dinah had not only known about the kidnapping, but she had also deterred him from the ransom site with her phone call. A confused Mallet wondered who Dinah truly was: the kidnapper or the person who had helped them get their baby.

Dinah claimed to be both. She said that she had really wanted Mallet and Marina to have Henry. Marina uttered that she had really wanted to befriend Dinah, and to have Dinah be the godmother. Marina miserably said that she'd thought Dinah had changed. Marina backed away, and Mallet followed Marina back into the church.

Inside, Mallet announced that the christening couldn't proceed without both godparents. Lillian suggested that they have lunch and celebrate Henry anyway. Natalia asked Daisy to help her prep the food. Buzz and Frank quickly sneaked off to follow the two ladies.

Buzz and Frank eavesdropped on Natalia and Daisy as Daisy doubted that food would fix anything. Natalia explained that families came together over meals. Natalia said that families made sacrifices for each other and did things to make each other happy. Daisy figured that Natalia had some greater meaning to her words, and asked Natalia to just say it outright. Natalia implored Daisy to change her mind about being the godmother, so that Henry could be christened that day. Daisy worried that she was too much of a screwup to mentor a child. Natalia said that God hadn't expected Daisy to be perfect, and He would help Daisy.

Frank and Buzz watched from the door. With a dreamy smile, Frank said that Natalia was wonderful with Daisy. Buzz agreed. Frank sighed that Natalia was amazing and he loved her.

Back upstairs, Daisy announced that she would be the godmother if it weren't too late. She said that Natalia had assured her that someone would help her along the way. They decided to resume the ceremony. Olivia sullenly watched Natalia in the midst of the Coopers as they hugged and thanked her. Frank told Olivia that Natalia had saved the day. Olivia replied that sometimes a stranger could help, but Frank asserted that Natalia was no stranger. He said that Natalia had filled a huge void in their family, almost like the missing Cooper.

Lillian told Buzz that everything had worked out fine. Buzz asked if their relationship would also work out fine. Lillian wasn't sure, but she asked if she could call Buzz about it sometime. Buzz said that she could call even if she didn't want to talk about it.

The christening continued with Daisy and Frank as the godparents. Frank held Henry, and said that Henry was healing the family. Frank pledged to be there when Henry needed him-and when Henry didn't need him. Daisy held Henry next, and vowed to do her best for him.

Shayne and Dinah sat outside the church, and Dinah wished that she had left Mallet and Marina alone while the couple had still liked her. Shayne suggested they leave Springfield together, but Dinah said that she didn't want to lie or run anymore. She just wanted to be liked for who she was. Dinah decided it was time to tell the world who she really was.

At the police station, Shayne told Dinah that they could still escape to Tahiti. Dinah insisted upon making a statement to the police, adamant that her bad side pay for its crimes. Doris approached, curious about their conversation. Dinah said that she needed to make a statement about Lizzie's kidnapping. Shayne promised to wait for Dinah in the hallway.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

At the farmhouse, Olivia said that Natalia had saved the day at the christening, and Natalia had been everything that Frank had needed Natalia to be. Natalia demurred, saying that she had just been helpful. Natalia didn't want to discuss it further because she hadn't decided about Frank's proposal. While looking at the christening photos, Natalia saw her favorite photo, and gushed to Olivia, "Look, you are so beautiful." Natalia proudly took credit for taking the photo.

As Natalia opened a laptop, she discovered that Olivia had been looking at real estate. Upset, Natalia said that they had already agreed upon their living arrangement. Olivia explained that if Natalia married Frank, the newlyweds wouldn't want Olivia and Emma underfoot. Natalia said that she hadn't answered Frank, but Olivia insisted upon being prepared. Olivia even planned to meet Blake to see some properties. Natalia pouted that Olivia and Emma were her family. Olivia reassured her that they would always be family, but in a different way. Olivia said that Natalia wouldn't be alone, because she would have Frank and his family.

Blake entered the police station to sweet talk Frank into helping her with a zoning issue. She suddenly decided to set Frank up on a date with her client. Frank slyly replied that he didn't need a date. Blake plied him for details about his new love, but Frank wouldn't tell. Later, Blake and Olivia met at Company to talk about a new upscale real estate development. Blake had plenty of properties to show Olivia. Olivia wondered if any of them served tuna casserole.

Later, Olivia slid up to the Towers bar, where Josh was having a drink. Olivia seemed interested in seducing Josh over the olives in her martini, after he fondly recalled the way she used to roll them in her mouth. Upon sampling Josh's dark drink, Olivia sensually uttered that Josh was looking for trouble, and he just might have found it.

Josh asked if Olivia had guy troubles. "I wish," she replied. She reminisced about the simplicity of their past marriage. "Are you picking me up, Olivia?" Josh asked, enticed by Olivia's wiles. He said he'd heard that Olivia was seeing someone. Olivia and Josh toasted to meaningless sex. Leaning into each other, they counted the blissful simplicities of guiltless sex. "You don't have to call the next morning..." Josh said. Olivia replied that Josh probably would call, though. He agreed, saying that he wanted the real thing. Olivia said that she did, too.

At the Cooper house, Jeffrey and Reva babysat Henry, and Henry peed on Jeffrey's suit. Reva left Jeffrey to change Henry's diaper. To Jeffrey's relief, Josh arrived with a gift for Henry. "You'll know what to do with this," Jeffrey said, happily handing a soiled Henry to Josh.

When Reva reentered, Josh asked about her health. Reva explained that they were monitoring the baby's growth to gauge the best time to undergo a c-section. Josh asked Reva to call him if she needed anything. When Josh left, Reva decided to play a game with Jeffrey. She would be the babysitter, and Jeffrey would be the boy who came for a visit.

At the police station, an ornery Dinah demanded that Frank arrest her. Frank said that he only needed a statement, but he might call her to come back in later. Dinah refused to leave the station, insisting that she pay for her crime. Frank ignored her ranting, and took her statement.

Afterward, Frank said that she was free to go, but Dinah again demanded that Frank arrest her for kidnapping. Frank said that he couldn't arrest her without an investigation. "Arrest me!" Dinah raged, pounding on the desk. "Arrest me!" Fed up, Frank arrested Dinah for disturbing the peace. Satisfied, Dinah calmly told Shayne, "I may need a lawyer."

Shayne sought Jeffrey out at the Cooper house to solicit his legal expertise for Dinah's kidnapping defense. Reva jokingly stated that Shayne wasn't allowed to play with Dinah anymore. Shayne said that he would be indebted to Jeffrey for his help. Jeffrey suggested that Shayne pay him in babysitting hours.

Natalia searched for Mallet that the police station, and discovered Dinah grumbling in a cell. Dinah wondered how she could serve her penitence if no one would punish her for the kidnapping. She wanted to pay for her crimes, move on, forget it, and be good. Natalia found it refreshing that someone shared her ideals, but she doubted that jail time couldn't erase Dinah's misdeeds. Dinah felt that it should, just as it did in Catholic confession. Natalia offered to light a candle for Dinah. As Natalia left, Dinah wondered if Shayne was in the hallway. Natalia said no one had been in the waiting area. Dinah balked at Shayne's vow to stand by her.

Sometime later, Jeffrey and Shayne met with Dinah at the station. Dinah was angry that Shayne had selected Jeffrey as her lawyer. Frank entered, and Jeffrey said that Frank must release Dinah because there were no charges filed against her. "There weren't any charges to begin with! She won't leave!" Frank bellowed. Dinah claimed that she wanted to atone, and Jeffrey replied that the police wanted her to atone elsewhere. Shayne took Dinah aside to tell her that he admired her desire to come clean, but he didn't want her to hurt herself.

At the mansion, Hilda found it bizarre that Bill and Lizzie pretended not to know each other when Bill picked Lizzie up for their date. When Hilda learned of their dating game, Hilda warned Bill that there was no kissing Lizzie on their second date.

Lizzie and Bill went to Company for fries and milkshakes. Bill received a phone call from Frank, during which, Bill refused to go to the station. After the call, Lizzie pressed Bill about what Frank had wanted. Bill said that Frank needed someone to corroborate Dinah's statement. Lizzie didn't want to think about the kidnapping anymore, huffing that it was impossible to keep the world at bay. Bill said that they'd build a moat to protect them from the outside world, and they'd tell Frank that they couldn't help him.

As Bill and Lizzie departed Company, Hilda rushed into the restaurant to say that the police needed Bill at the station. Hilda worried about Dinah, whom Hilda loved dearly. After Hilda left, Lizzie sighed that they couldn't forget Dinah because of the constant reminders. Bill reminded Lizzie of their imaginary moat, but Lizzie replied that Hilda had gotten across it. Bill decided that they'd go to the police station to deal with Dinah. After Phillip's trial the following day, Bill planned to fortify their moat.

At the station, an irate Frank told Lizzie and Bill to follow the noise to locate Dinah, who refused to leave jail. Frank said that once Lizzie had conferred with Dinah and Jeffrey, then Lizzie could decide whether to press charges against Dinah.

Sometime later, Jeffrey, Shayne, Dinah, Bill, and Lizzie entered headquarters from the holding cells. Lizzie declined to press charges against Dinah. Dinah deemed that unacceptable, and Jeffrey advised everyone that, without Lizzie's cooperation, Dinah could walk. Bill replied that what happened to Dinah was of no consequence to him.

Bill and Lizzie left, but Lizzie quickly returned to talk to Dinah alone. Lizzie seethed that she'd never understand why Dinah had kidnapped her, but the only person who had been destroyed by Dinah's actions was Bill. Dinah swore that she would pay for her crimes. Lizzie vowed that Dinah would pay with all the moments of her lonely life, because Dinah would never have Bill in it again.

Lizzie met Bill outside, relieved that it was finally over. Bill said that Dinah was gone, and he felt that a weight had been lifted from him. Lizzie tried to kiss him, but Bill said that Hilda forbade it on their second date. As Bill and Lizzie horsed around, Dinah observed in the distance. Shayne said they were a cute couple. Dinah noted that Bill looked happy; all she had ever wanted was for Bill to be happy. Shayne wanted to spread the happiness, and he invited Dinah to a movie. Dinah declined, saying that she needed to be alone.

Natalia stopped by the Cooper house to drop off beef stroganoff and brownies for Henry's hardworking parents. Reva couldn't resist digging into the meal. Natalia said that she was trying to get a feeling for being a part of the Cooper family. At Reva's prodding, Natalia admitted to dating Frank, but Natalia said that she and Frank wanted to keep everything low-key. Reva chuckled, assuming Natalia had really made the treats for Frank.

Frank called Reva, offering to come home to help her with Henry. After the call, Reva pretended that Jeffrey had called, asking her to meet him. Reva wondered if Natalia would watch Henry until her return, and Natalia agreed.

When Frank arrived home, Frank and Natalia quickly realized that Reva had set up their encounter. Frank was starving, but he thought there was no food in the house. Natalia said she had brought some, and gladly fixed Frank a plate.

Jeffrey met Reva at Company, and she cooed about her match-making skills with Frank and Natalia. Reva believed they'd make a cute couple, telling Jeffrey that Reva knew it was love with Natalia had showed up with stroganoff and brownies for Frank. Jeffrey wondered why Reva didn't cook for him anymore, and she said, "Because I want you to keep on loving me..."

Thursday, March 26, 2009

In the Spaulding parlor, Phillip told Alan that it was trial day, a day of reckoning. Phillip had healed his past wounds, and intended to visit people affected by his actions to give them a chance for closure, too. Alan slyly concluded that Phillip intended to win their loyalty before the trial, so that they'd testify on his behalf. Phillip chuckled that Alan hopelessly misunderstood him. Phillip asked Alan for the deed to Company. Alan handed it over, assuming that Phillip had decided to buy off the town.

Phillip wordlessly left Alan to his erroneous musing. In the driveway, Phillip encountered Lizzie, to whom he reiterated his plan to give everyone closure. "Even if it means going to prison?" Lizzie asked in disbelief. "Even if it means going to prison," Phillip repeated.

When Phillip arrived at the Cooper house, Daisy hysterically claimed that Mallet would shoot him for being there. Mallet quieted Daisy, insisting no one would get shot. Phillip said that he wanted to make his speech to Harley, but figured he could make it to Harley's loved ones instead. He knew that he had hurt many people, but he felt that he had gotten better. Phillip offered to do whatever the Coopers required in order to make peace with them.

Phillip offered to give them the deed to Company, but Buzz scoffed that the Spauldings thought they could cure everything with grandiose gestures. As Phillip left, Daisy again threatened that someone would shoot Phillip if he returned. Mallet shushed her, and suddenly, Marina decided that she needed to go out.

Later, Buzz bailed out on babysitting Henry as Mallet returned on a break from work. Buzz claimed to have a job interview. Mallet cajoled Daisy into babysitting Henry while he worked.

At the hospital, Phillip expressed to Rick his desire to work through his issues with everyone. Rick said the trial wouldn't be an instant fix; the only thing that would fix things was time. Rick needed more time before he could view Phillip as his best friend, and not a kidnapper.

At Company, Phillip was delightfully surprised when he saw Emma at the counter. Emma ran into his arms. She said that Olivia had told her that Phillip was sick. Phillip tremulously replied that he had been sick in the heart. Emma stated that Phillip could get a new heart, just like her mother. Phillip said that all he needed was to help Emma with anything that she needed. Emma said that she needed help with math. Emma's spooked babysitter politely-but abruptly-intervened to take Emma home.

After Emma left, Marina approached Phillip about the deed to Company. She felt that most Coopers were incapable of taking anything from the Spauldings, but she could. Company defined her family, and she wanted to be the one who broke the curse to move forward. Phillip happily offered her the deed. Marina signed it, and said, "That's it? Really? It's that easy?" Phillip shrugged, saying, "Some things are."

Phillip returned home to find Beth waiting in the parlor. Phillip said that seeing everyone that day had helped him. Though Beth had also helped him, he couldn't imagine that she'd forgiven him. Beth said she hadn't forgiven him, but she was willing to make a fresh start.

Beth insisted that the trial was about Phillip, and they needed to scramble together a defense for him. Phillip said that the trial wasn't about his legal exoneration. Phillip felt that he'd never truly be free until those he injured decided that his debt had been paid. Beth figured that Phillip planned to lose in court that day. Phillip replied that he planned to win back himself.

Beth exited the parlor, rolling her eyes at Alan as she went. Alan told Phillip that Alan was the best thing that had ever happened to Beth. Phillip chuckled. Alan inquired about Phillip's attempt at redemption, and Phillip replied that people didn't understand that he was giving them a chance to be free. A disbelieving Alan said that Phillip hadn't returned to town for redemption, but for revenge against Alan for the shooting.

At the courthouse later, Alan told Doris that, as a concerned citizen, he hoped she won the case against Phillip. Alan still thought Phillip was dangerous, and he offered to be Doris' ace witness against Phillip to prove it. Doris was glad that Alan chose legal channels that time.

At the office, Bill reminded Lizzie that they had to deal with Phillip and Dinah before they could "build that moat." Just then, Frank called Bill to the police station to retrieve some of Bill's property, which had been evidence in the kidnapping case. Lizzie refused to go, but Bill tugged her along, saying, "We are laying the foundation for the moat."

At the police station, Frank returned Bill's cell phone. The voice analysis of the recording indicated that it had been Grady on the message. Frank figured Grady had left the country, and said they'd track Grady down. After talking to Frank, Lizzie panicked, unsure of exactly how Phillip had "taken care" of Grady. Bill suggested that they ask Phillip about it, but Lizzie doubted Phillip would tell them. Bill decided they'd investigate on their own.

With a little digging, Bill discovered that Grady had paid cash for a flight to Australia; however, Bill couldn't determine if Grady had made the flight. Lizzie revealed that she'd dropped a million dollars at the canning warehouse before paying off Grady. Bill assumed that Grady had found that money, but Lizzie and he set out to search warehouse, just to be sure.

When Lizzie and Bill couldn't locate the cash in the warehouse, Bill became convinced that Grady had skipped town with the money. Lizzie took out Bill's cell phone, and replayed Grady's message. She slammed the phone to the floor, and stomped it, repeating, "Grady, you suck!" Overwhelmed with a new sense of freedom, Lizzie challenged Bill to a footrace. Bill confidently accepted, and they agreed to meet by the Spaulding stables that afternoon.

At the mansion sometime later, Lizzie went outside to stretch for the run. She stumbled upon a trash bag full of money hidden beneath a tarp in an outside nook of the house. "I wish you hadn't found that," Phillip said from behind her.

Phillip covered up the money, saying that it didn't matter. Lizzie screamed that without the cash, Grady would come back-Grady always came back, like a coach roach. Phillip gripped her shoulders, saying that he had done what he had to do to ensure that Grady would never return and never hurt her again. "It sounds like you killed him," a discomfited Lizzie replied.

Olivia showed Natalia the options for Olivia's new home, should Natalia decide to marry Frank. Olivia's pacemaker monitor beeped, and as Olivia dug it out of her purse, Natalia insisted that they go to the hospital. Once there, Olivia shirked off a hovering Natalia. Waving her heart beeper, Olivia demanded that Rick fix the device. Rick offered to give Olivia a mild sedative while he checked the pacemaker.

As Olivia lay sedated in a hospital bed, Natalia told Olivia that she'd never had a friend like Olivia. Natalia never thought they'd be so close. "It makes me happy. You make me happy," Natalia said, stroking Olivia's hair. Natalia kissed her forehead. Natalia leaned in to kiss Olivia on the lips, it seemed, but a startled Olivia awakened, wondering what was going on.

Natalia shrank back, chattering that Rick had simply needed to replace the low batteries in the beeper. Natalia scurried out to run errands, and Olivia brushed her fingers over her own lips.

Natalia went to church to pray. She thanked God for her best friend, Olivia, and Olivia's daughter, Emma. She didn't want to lose them. She asked God to help them to always be friends. Natalia studied her wedding ring on her finger, and then she hesitantly removed it.

At the courthouse, Doris was suspicious when Olivia entered to speak to her. Olivia claimed that she needed to talk to someone who would understand her. Doris wondered what had occurred. "Nothing. Nothing, and I was glad," Olivia said. Olivia described her conflicted feelings about Natalia, and Doris did understand.

Olivia confided her suspicion that Natalia had almost kissed her. Olivia had prevented the kiss out of fear of what would happen next. Olivia was unsure that she even wanted what would happen next. Olivia had always defined herself by her sexual prowess. She liked exerting her power over men. She feared that being with Natalia would force her to relinquish that.

Doris didn't think Olivia had to give it up, and reasoned that Olivia could gain a new part of herself. Olivia realized that being with Natalia would require sacrifice. She worried how it would affect Emma. A teary Olivia said that she was acting crazy, and she just didn't want to make that decision. She thanked Doris for listening, and left.

At the farmhouse, Olivia and Natalia played off the awkwardness between them. When Olivia retrieved dill from a drawer for Natalia, Olivia found Frank's ring. Olivia admired the ring, and Natalia smiled reticently. "I think you should marry Frank," Olivia suddenly said.

Natalia called Frank to the house, though she was still uncertain of her decision. When Frank arrived, Olivia left the couple in private. Natalia mumbled about the day's events and her prayer, eventually saying, "I think that you were right. I think you and I should get married." Frank swept Natalia into his arms, kissing her, and telling her how happy he was.

Frank called Olivia downstairs to give her the news. Olivia hugged them both, saying that she wanted Natalia to be happy. Olivia left them alone. Natalia had looked skeptical, but when Frank turned to her, she smiled. Natalia thanked him for loving her so dearly. Frank held her, and she frowned in his arms.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Frank told Natalia that he and she were supposed to be together. As Frank asked what kind of wedding Natalia wanted, Olivia came downstairs and asked if there was date yet. Natalia stated that they had time. Olivia reminded Frank that he forgot something-the ring. Olivia hesitantly fetched it for him and Frank got down on one knee and asked Natalia to be his wife.

Olivia poured some wine and toasted the pair on their engagement. Frank made a toast himself, proclaiming his love for Natalia, at which point, Olivia left.

After rehearsing ways to break the news about having the deed to Company, Marina entered her house and found Buzz, and Daisy, talking to Henry about how the Spauldings could not be trusted. Marina asked if everyone was going to be home for a while and Buzz replied they probably would not. When Marina asked where they were going, Daisy answered that they were going to watch Phillip "fry."

Buzz clarified that it was not so much about having Phillip fry, as seeing a Spaulding actually pay for what he had done. Marina suggested that it was time to move past their issues with the Spauldings and work towards making their own family stronger. Daisy said they would do that after they watched Phillip fry, and she and Buzz left.

Frank and Natalia arrived at Mallet and Marina's and announced their engagement. Suddenly, Marina began asking an overwhelmed Natalia about wedding plans. Mallet asked if they had set a date. Natalia said that there was no rush, but Frank stated "the sooner the better." Frank said that he wanted to give Natalia the wedding of her dreams.

Edmund and Shayne walked into Josh's office and found Olivia, dressed in an evening gown, sprawled out on the desk with a bottle of booze. Embarrassed, Olivia said that she was looking for Josh. Shayne joked that he thought she was fulfilling a teenaged fantasy about the sexy stepmother, and informed her that Josh was not there.

Shayne asked if Olivia and his father were a couple again. Olivia said that they were not; she was just looking for some fun. Shayne responded that they could all have fun. After finishing the bottle of liquor, they went to Shayne's for beer and pizza. After jamming with Shayne and Edmund, Olivia left to get some air and some coffee.

Freaking out, Lizzie asked Phillip if he was going to kill her. Lizzie pulled away from Phillip's grasp and pleaded with him not to hurt her. Phillip assured her that he would never hurt her. Lizzie asked Phillip if he hurt Grady and then asked if Phillip killed him.

When Phillip told her not to ask him that question, Lizzie realized that he did, indeed, kill Grady. Shocked, Lizzie asked him how and why he would do it. Phillip stated that he had to make sure that Lizzie was safe. Phillip said that he did not want to kill Grady, but he did it for Lizzie.

Upset, Lizzie told him that she did not ask him to do that, and said that he was just like Alan-she asked for help and they took it to a hideous extreme. Lizzie proclaimed that she did not want to be a part of it-she did not want to know. Lizzie said that she could not live with knowing that she caused someone else's death. Phillip assured her that she had nothing to do with it. Phillip said that he had to live with what he did, but it was his choice and not hers.

Phillip explained that Grady was making deals, bargaining for Lizzie's safety. Phillip said that when Grady told him that Lizzie would never be safe, Phillip tossed Grady off the cliff. Phillip admitted that he killed Grady and said that he would do it again. A disgusted Lizzie asked what happened to him that made him think that behavior like that was okay. Phillip stated that all he wanted to do was keep her safe.

Lizzie responded that she did not feel safe with Phillip. Phillip told her that he loved her. Lizzie called Phillip a kidnapper and murderer and said that was not love. She asked how it could be love when it made him do such awful things. Phillip said it was a love that was overwhelming.

Phillip walked away and Bill, who had seen some of the exchange, went over to Lizzie and asked if she was all right. A rattled Lizzie told Bill that Phillip told her that he loved her. Lizzie then showed Bill the bagful of money that belonged to Grady and told him that Phillip told her that he took care of Grady.

Lizzie told Bill about how Phillip made her feel happy and safe when she was younger. She always knew that he would take care of anything. Bill stated that it looked like Phillip was still taking care of things. Lizzie retorted that this time, though, she did not feel happy or safe. Lizzie said that she was hoping that her father was getting better, but she was more afraid of him than she was before.

Lizzie told Bill that she regretted them not getting together when she was sixteen. Lizzie stated that they could have started "building the moat" then so that, at this point, all they would have was each other. Bill asked if she would be lonely, and Lizzie stated that at least she would be away from her family. Bill understood why she was feeling that way, but suggested that they should not cut themselves off completely. Bill told Lizzie that he loved her for who she was and her family was who made her who she was. He assured her that her family loved her.

Bill reminded Lizzie that she told him that his sister would always be his sister-just as her family would always be her family. Bill said that they did not need to let loving their families take away from their relationship with each other. He suggested that it would make them stronger. After reminding Lizzie that she loved her dad, Bill suggested that they go to court.

In the courthouse, Beth expressed to Phillip her disbelief that Alan was going to testify against him. Phillip stated that he was not afraid of Alan, and said that he wanted to give everyone a chance to say what they wanted to say. Beth reminded Phillip again that he needed a real attorney, but Phillip insisted that he wanted Beth.

On the stand, Buzz read a letter from Harley, who wrote that she would not return to the States with her children while Phillip was not safely behind bars. Rick testified that, during the time of the kidnapping, Phillip was dangerous. Doris asked if Rick believed that Phillip was still dangerous. Rick testified that time would tell, and added that no punishment would serve any purpose. Doris called Beth to the stand and asked Beth if she was afraid of Phillip the night that he kidnapped the children. Beth answered that, that night, she was afraid of him.

Beth called Emma as her first witness. Phillip immediately objected, and Beth informed him that Emma had asked to testify. When Emma insisted that she wanted to help him, Phillip allowed it. While Emma was on the stand, Beth asked her if Phillip tried to take her away during their last encounter at Company. Emma answered that he did not; they just talked. Beth asked Emma how she felt about her father. Emma replied that he was her daddy and she loved him. Later, Doris asked Emma if she was afraid when she looked at her father. Emma said that she was-she was afraid that she would lose him again and she would hate that.

Doris called Alan to the stand and asked about his feelings when Philip took the children. Alan stated that he was worried about Phillip and wanted to help him. Alan noted that he could not help Phillip. The most important thing was to protect his grandchildren and stop Phillip from hurting himself. Doris asked if there were any recent incidents that were reminiscent of Phillip's past behavior. Alan brought up Phillip bringing the gun to Coop's funeral and firing it. Alan said that, at that point, he realized that Phillip was still dangerous.

As the judge was about to adjourn the trial, Lizzie stepped up and announced that she had information that the court needed to hear. Lizzie testified that she was the only one of the children old enough to understand what was happening when Phillip tried to kidnap them. Lizzie stated that she knew that Phillip would not hurt them, that in his own way, he wanted to protect them.

The judge asked Lizzie if she forgave her father. Lizzie answered no. She said that Phillip made a terrible mistake, but he did it out of love. Lizzie stated that her father's problem was that he loved so deeply that it overwhelmed him and he lost control. Lizzie said that she wanted him to learn to love that much without letting his emotions conquer him.

As he left the courthouse, Phillip saw Bill comforting Lizzie.

Marina called the rest of the Cooper family, including Natalia, to Company. When Frank saw Buzz, he gave him a huge bear hug and announced his engagement to Natalia. At that point, Marina entered the room and announced that she owned Company. The family was speechless.

Marina told everyone that the family needed the restaurant, since it was who they were. She stated that she knew it was right. Everyone supported Marina except for Buzz, who continued to be speechless. As the Coopers celebrated, Olivia looked in from the outside.

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