One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 23, 2009 on OLTL

Marty offered Cole a suspended sentence if he agreed to undergo drug counseling. Stacy changed the DNA test results in order to show that she was a match for Shane. Stacy tried to blackmail Gigi into giving up Rex for the bone marrow. Antonio left town to investigate Carlo Hesser. Natalie and Jared's guess was correct; Chloe was really Hope. John revealed that he was married to Blair.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 23, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, March 23, 2009

The Little Match Girl

From his jail cell, a hysterical Cole demanded water from the guard, but Téa greeted him instead. Cole instructed her to leave, but Téa informed him that Marty had hired her to represent him on the DUI and reckless endangerment charges that he faced. Initially, Cole rejected her help, but he appeared willing to listen upon learning of his mother's involvement.

Insisting that Cole was a good person who had made a terrible mistake, Téa urged him to accept her help. Cole said that he didn't deserve to have a life, because he had ruined Matthew's life. Cole regretted driving while under the influence and injuring Matthew in the process. Citing that Cole had ordered Matthew out of the vehicle, Téa insisted that Cole shouldn't be punished for an accident.

At John's apartment, John and Marty realized that the letters that had been left at the scene of each murder spelled out K-A-D. John was alarmed when Marty pointed out that the name of the fraternity house where she had been raped was Kappa Alpha Delta. John was certain that the killer was targeting people who shared a connection with Marty and Todd. Convinced that the killer was leaving calling cards, John thought it was possible that he might kill again.

When Marty expressed concern that Todd might be the killer, John said that he believed that the killer was either Todd or someone who wanted it to appear that way. Stating that the crimes somehow involved her, Marty told John that she wanted to help him solve the case.

Mike interrupted with news that he had received a call that Blair might possibly regain consciousness. After Mike left to check on Blair, Marty suggested that John go to the hospital, too. Admitting that he wanted to be by Blair's side when she woke up, John said that he was concerned about leaving Marty alone. Insisting that she would be fine, Marty said that she didn't want to interfere in John's relationship with Blair again.

Upon learning that Marty was staying at the Palace Hotel, John expressed concern for her safety. Explaining that she didn't want to make Nora uncomfortable by staying at the Buchanan Mansion, Marty assured John that she would be fine. After making her promise to be careful, John steeped away to get his coat. Alone, Marty stared at the crime scene photos. She began having terrible visions of the night she was raped at the fraternity house. When John returned, he noticed that Marty appeared troubled, but she denied that anything was wrong. After walking Marty to her car, John headed off to check on Blair's condition.

At La Boulaie, Jack was pleasantly surprised when he received a visit from Todd. Jack advised his father that he expected Todd to remain in his life for good. Promising Jack that he would never leave him again, Todd told his son that he had been released from jail and was seeking custody of Jack, Starr, and Sam.

As Todd tried to convince his son that he was determined to be a real father to him, Shaun and Moe appeared and ordered Todd out of the house. Although Todd tried to explain that the restraining order was no longer in effect, Shaun and Moe refused to listen and accused Todd of attempting to kill Blair. While Todd continued to deny wanting Blair dead, Ray entered the room and offered his assistance in escorting Todd off the property.

Ray informed Todd that he was the client that Téa had left rotting in the Colombian prison, while she helped Todd with his many legal troubles. Mocking all three men, Todd stated that he didn't want any trouble. His only desire was to be with his children. Shaun, Moe, and Ray argued that Todd had tried to kill Blair. They taunted Todd and ordered him to leave. Defending his father, Jack said that he believed in his father's innocence and wanted the opportunity to speak with him in private.

Outside of Blair's hospital room, Dorian and Starr told Addie that Blair was being weaned off the medication, but remained in an unconscious state. After Starr walked away with Sam, Addie presented Dorian with the court documents that Addie had been served, and informed her that Todd was seeking custody of the children. As she read through the court document, Dorian was livid that Todd had chosen a devastating time to seek revenge. Insisting that she knew who was responsible for prompting Todd to seek custody, Dorian placed a call to Téa.

While Téa tried to convince Cole to fight for his freedom, she received a call from Dorian. Accusing Téa of helping Todd and plotting against Blair, Dorian threatened to have her disbarred. As Cole listened, Téa informed a surprised Dorian that she no longer represented Todd.

Afterward, Cole wondered why Téa no longer worked for Todd. Unable to obtain answers from Téa, Cole pressed her for more information regarding Todd. When he questioned why Téa had married Todd years before, Téa stated that she wanted to help him gain custody of Starr and insisted that she had jumped at the opportunity to be the stepmother to such a wonderful little girl. Upon the mere mention of Starr, Cole became depressed. He was certain that if he ever managed to get out of jail that Starr would never want anything to do with him. Recalling her past experiences, Téa reminded Cole that anything was possible.

When Starr returned, Dorian and Addie decided to break the news to her about Todd seeking custody. Starr feared that she would be forced to live with Todd, but Dorian vowed to never allow that to happen. Meanwhile, Mike arrived to examine Blair.

Back at La Boulaie, Dorian arrived in time to witness Moe, Shaun, and Ray arguing with Todd. When Dorian accused Todd of wanting Blair to die, Jack defended his father. Outnumbered, Todd agreed to leave and promised Jack that he would win custody and they would be a family again. After Todd left, Dorian attempted to console Jack, but the little boy pulled away and exclaimed, "I hate you!"

Later, Dorian confided in Ray that she couldn't allow Todd to gain custody of the children. Although she wanted to fight him for custody, Dorian was unsure of her chances since, Blair was incapacitated. Ray told Dorian that he had an idea of how to help her.

While Ray listened, Dorian placed another call to Téa. Annoyed by Dorian's threats, Téa chose to ignore the call. Dorian left a voice message. She stated that Blair needed Téa's help. Explaining that Todd had decided to sue for custody of the children, Dorian said that Blair needed the help of someone who was capable of beating Todd at his own game. Dorian was certain that Téa was that person.

After leaving La Boulaie, Todd phoned his lawyer. He announced that his sons were anxious to live with him and that he would win Starr over later. Todd asked his lawyer to rush the custody proceedings. He said that it was important for him to regain custody, because he wanted to ensure that his children would be safe and in his care.

Alone with Addie, Starr announced that she would never live under her father's roof. Sensing that Starr was worried about matters unrelated to Blair's health and Todd's antics, Addie insisted on knowing what was troubling her. Giving her grandmother a hug, Starr stated, "As long as my mother lives, I can get through anything!"

When John arrived at the hospital, Starr and Addie alerted him of Todd's attempt to seek custody. John promised Starr that he would never let Todd to take the children away from Blair. Moments later, Mike interrupted with news. Blair was awake.

At the hospital, Rex was hopeful when Roxy announced that a match had been discovered for Shane. When he asked for the name of the donor, Roxy quickly covered her tracks and stated that Rex had misunderstood her. Roxy said that she was certain that a donor would be discovered in time, and apologized for giving her son false hope. Accepting her apology, Rex told Roxy that he knew that she would do anything to save Shane's life.

As Rex walked away, Roxy recalled her altercation with Stacy. As Roxy had looked down at the lab report that revealed that John Doe was a match for Shane, Stacy had snatched the document from her. Revealing that she knew that Rex's invalid father was a match for Shane, Stacy threatened to expose Roxy's secret unless she did Stacy's bidding. Roxy was terrified that Shane might die if the truth wasn't revealed. Stacy announced that she would make a copy of the lab report and replace John Doe's name with hers. Roxy wanted no part in Stacy's scheme, but Stacy told her that Rex would never forgive his mother if he learned the truth.

Interrupting Roxy's thoughts, Rex returned and wondered what was on his mother's mind. Roxy said that she didn't want Shane to die or for anything to come between Rex and Gigi. Rex thanked his mother for being a great support system to his family, and assured her that they would be fine. Roxy expressed her regret that she wasn't a match. When Rex wondered if his dead father would have been a match, Roxy was horrified. Walking away, Rex thanked his mother for her honesty. Staring at the lab report, Roxy muttered to herself, "You rotten bastard, you finally did something right!"

In the hospital chapel, Stacy presented Gigi with the "doctored" copy of the lab report and announced that she was a match for Shane. As an overjoyed Gigi attempted to rush off to inform Rex of the news, Stacy remarked, "Not so fast, sis! I'm not giving Shane my bone marrow!" Stunned, Gigi wondered what was going on. Stacy continued, "Why, would I save your kid?"

As a shocked Gigi listened, Stacy accused Gigi of ruining her life and stealing Rex from her. When Gigi reminded Stacy that Stacy didn't even know Rex when they had begun dating, Stacy informed Gigi that Stacy had met him first. Stacy recounted her first day of high school when Rex protected her from a gang of bullies. Insisting that she had fallen in love with him at first sight, Stacy told Gigi that she had rushed home and told Gigi about the encounter with her "dream" guy. While Gigi had no recollection of the past events, Stacy argued that not only did Gigi date Rex -- she had also gotten pregnant by him.

Apologizing for hurting her sister, Gigi pleaded with Stacy to help, and warned that Shane could die if she didn't. Stacy blamed Gigi for not making her feel welcomed when she arrived in Llanview. Stacy mentioned that Gigi had made Stacy get a job, had taken Rex's side, and had even kicked Stacy out of the house. Gigi pleaded with Stacy not to punish Shane for her actions. In a devilish tone, Stacy remarked, "You should have been nicer to me!"

Gigi couldn't believe her sister could be so heartless and questioned if Stacy could sit back and watch Shane die. Insisting that she didn't want Shane to die, Stacy stated that she would help Shane on one condition - Gigi had to give up Rex.

Instantly, Gigi realized that Stacy had orchestrated the bizarre sexual events involving Rex at the cottage. Stacy told Gigi that if Gigi cooperated, Shane would live and Stacy would get Rex. In tears, Gigi declared that she and Rex loved each other and that Gigi would never give him up. Fed up with Gigi's refusal to cooperate, Stacy turned to leave. Terrified, Gigi called out to her sister. Gigi questioned how her sister could be so cruel. Stacy reminded Gigi of her promise to God - she would do anything to save Shane's life. Waving the lab report in front of Gigi, Stacy yelled, "God sent me! This is your miracle!"

With a smile, Stacy announced, "Give Rex up and Shane will be okay!" As Stacy demanded an answer, Rex appeared.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Spring Awakening

Antonio met Talia at the diner. Talia was disappointed when Antonio told her that he couldn't stay. Her disappointment turned to disbelief when Antonio explained that he had to leave town because of an undercover assignment. Talia fired questions at Antonio, but he was evasive. However, Talia eventually figured out that Antonio's new case involved her father, Carlo Hesser.

Talia worried that Antonio's life could be in peril. Antonio promised Talia that he had the investigation under control. Antonio assured Talia that he wouldn't have agreed to the assignment if he weren't certain of a successful outcome. Talia wanted to be a part of the investigation, but Antonio explained that the FBI was concerned that Carlo could get to Talia. Antonio asked Talia to take care of Jamie while he was gone.

Téa went to the hospital to tell Nora that Marty had hired Téa to represent Cole. Nora made it clear that she intended to try Cole as an adult. Téa begged Nora to reconsider. Téa believed that Cole needed to be helped more than he needed to be punished. Nora wasn't swayed. She reminded Téa that Cole had irrevocably altered Matthew's life.

Todd went to Llanfair to talk to Viki. He wanted Viki to help him with his quest to regain custody of the children. Viki accused Todd of being despicable. She told her brother that it was wrong of him to take advantage of Blair's coma in such an underhanded manner. Todd didn't show any remorse; he claimed that his intention was to take care of his kids, not to hurt Blair. Viki didn't believe Todd.

Todd said that he had sought counseling in order to be a better parent. Viki wasn't impressed; she believed Todd should leave the kids alone. Viki reminded Todd of how he had failed Viki when Jessica's alter, Tess, had wreaked havoc. Todd stormed out of the library when he realized that Viki wouldn't support his bid for custody.

Outside, Todd received a phone call. When Todd learned that Blair had emerged from her coma, he demanded to know who had visited Blair and what Blair had said. Téa walked up as Todd ended the call. Todd wanted to know what Téa was doing at Llanfair, but then changed his mind. He walked off before Téa could respond.

Téa rang the doorbell as she watched Todd walk away. Viki gave Téa a warm welcome as she invited Téa inside. Téa told Viki that she had dumped Todd as a client because of his decision to fight Blair for custody of the children. Viki admitted that she was disgusted with Todd; she had turned down his request for help. Téa congratulated Viki for standing up to Todd.

Viki ushered Téa into the library. Téa explained that the reason she had stopped by to see Viki was because Dorian had asked Téa to represent Blair during the custody hearing. Téa admitted that she was tempted to accept the offer, but she was conflicted about her feelings for Todd.

Viki asked Téa if she was in love with Todd. Téa became emotional as she confessed that she was falling in love with Todd. Viki handed Téa a tissue as Téa pulled herself together. Téa was desperate to break away from Todd. Viki asked Téa if representing Blair in a custody fight would accomplish that goal.

Téa thanked Viki for giving her perspective; Viki was the only person who understood what Téa saw in Todd.

Brody went to Llanfair to talk to Jessica. He felt in need of a friend after learning that he was not a bone marrow match for Shane. Jessica offered Brody words of encouragement. Brody appreciated her support. Their conversation turned to Jessica's recovery. Jessica admitted that there weren't any guarantees that her alter personalities were gone for good. Jessica worried that a catastrophic crisis could destroy the progress that she had made.

Jessica and Brody decided to go to the hospital. Jessica wanted to visit Blair while Brody wanted to check in on Shane.

After Jessica and Brody went their separate ways in the hospital, Brody bumped into Rex. Brody was dispirited when Rex told him that they had not found a match for Shane. However, Rex remained hopeful.

At the hospital, Jared and Natalie awaited the results of the DNA test to determine if Jessica's baby had truly died. Natalie debated if they should tell Jessica the truth. Natalie was worried that the shock could compromise Jessica's recovery. Jared believed that they were obligated to tell the truth; they didn't have the right to play God with people's lives.

As the lab technician handed Natalie the envelope with the results, he informed Jared and Natalie that they were not candidates to donate bone marrow to Shane. Natalie thanked the technician. When she and Jared were alone, she opened the envelope.

The DNA test confirmed that Jessica's baby had died; Chloe was Starr's daughter.

Rex walked into the room moments later. When he noticed her look of dejection, Rex asked Natalie what was wrong. Natalie told Rex that she and Jared weren't a match to Shane.

Starr and Addie were delighted when Michael told them that Blair was awake. Addie encouraged Starr to visit Blair. Addie believed that Blair would want to see Starr first. Starr went into her mother's room. Blair was awake, but confused about why she was in the hospital. Starr avoided telling Blair the truth.

Later, John went into Blair's room. Blair asked him how long she had been in the hospital. John told her that she had been a patient for several days. Blair suspected that something bad had happened; she saw it in Starr and Addie's eyes when she asked them questions.

John asked Blair what her last memory was, before she woke up in the hospital. Blair recalled arguing with John then wanting to take a shower. John gently told Blair that she had been attacked; someone had stabbed her. Blair asked John if they knew who her assailant was. John admitted that he had hoped Blair could identify the person. As Blair concentrated, she recalled someone plunging a knife into her.

Todd walked up just as John asked Blair if she knew who had stabbed her.

Jessica was holding Chloe when she spotted Starr outside of Blair's room. Starr played with Chloe while she updated Jessica on Blair's condition. Jessica was happy for her cousin. Jessica invited Starr to the cafeteria. Starr readily accepted the invitation.

Later, Jessica and Starr bumped into Natalie and Jared.

Stacy demanded to know if Gigi would agree to end her relationship with Rex in order to save Shane. Rex walked into the hospital's chapel before Gigi gave Stacy an answer. Rex immediately picked up on the tension in the room. Gigi covered for Stacy; she told Rex that Stacy had proposed burying the hatchet for Shane's sake. Rex believed Gigi. After Rex left, Stacy admitted that she had feared Gigi would tell Rex the truth.

Gigi was horrified that Stacy was willing to barter a child's life in exchange for a man who didn't even care about Stacy. Stacy insisted that she and Rex were meant to be. Stacy was certain Rex would fall madly in love with her as soon as Gigi broke things off. Gigi accused her sister of being completely delusional.

Gigi refused to agree to Stacy's terms. Stacy was livid; she demanded that Gigi reconsider. Stacy reminded Gigi that Shane's life was at stake. Gigi refused to let her child be poisoned by Stacy. Stacy resorted to threats. She warned Gigi that the window of opportunity was closing. Stacy vowed to leave town as soon as possible. Gigi called Stacy's bluff; she told Stacy to go back to "Sin City." Stacy switched tactics by accusing Gigi of killing her son. Gigi slapped Stacy across the face then marched out of the chapel.

Alone in the chapel, Stacy vowed to find a way to be with Rex.

Gigi was in tears when she approached Rex. She let Rex believe that she was upset because they had not found a bone marrow match for Shane. Rex assured Gigi that everything would work out.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Do The Right Thing?

At the Buenos Dias Café, the Vegas prepared for Antonio's departure from Llanview with a farewell party, with Carlotta, Jamie, Layla, Cristian, and Talia as guests. Jamie asked her father if he had to leave, and Antonio promised he'd be back soon, reminding her that Talia and Carlotta would look after her while he was away. Cristian confronted Antonio in the kitchen, where Antonio admitted that he was going on the hunt for Carlo Hesser. Antonio told Cris he couldn't allow Carlo to continue terrorizing their family, and that he wanted to take care of his archenemy permanently.

Téa arrived at the Buenos Dias to crash Antonio's party, dodging nagging phone messages from Dorian as she went. The Vegas gave their prodigal daughter a frosty reception, and Antonio assailed Téa for turning on the family and using Cristian to further her case against Vanessa. Téa claimed she'd meant no harm, and would never have intentionally put Cristian in danger. Antonio asked for proof that Téa had changed, and Téa explained that she was through with Todd Manning.

Antonio was skeptical, and asked Téa what had prompted her sudden change of heart. As Téa remembered her confession of love to Viki, she insisted she merely wanted to make amends to her friends and family for her foolish choices. Antonio softened as Téa begged for his forgiveness, and said he hated to see the strongest woman he knew at the beck and call of someone like Todd. The old friends mended fences with a hug.

Nearby, Layla comforted Talia over Antonio's departure, but when her eyes reached Cristian, she once again turned cold. As Talia tried to referee, Layla told Cris that his brother was a stand-up guy, but "I hate your guts."

The Vegas raised a toast to Antonio as he prepared to leave Llanview behind, and Antonio again promised his family he would not be gone long. Taking a sad Talia into his arms once more, he drew her into a passionate kiss.

At Llanfair, Clint paid a visit to Viki, who listened to her ex vent his frustrations about Matthew's paralysis. Clint explained that he'd been flying all over the country, but couldn't find a single specialist able to give Matthew a positive diagnosis for regaining the use of his legs. Clint asked why Matthew had to suffer, and told Viki that he felt helpless; if he couldn't find Matthew the right doctor, he felt he couldn't do anything for Nora or Bo.

Viki told Clint there was something he could do for Nora: "Let her lean on you." She reminded Clint of their own trials during Jessica's hard times, and said that they'd come through all right. Viki reassured Clint that, in the end, it would all work out.

At Llanview Hospital, Jared and Natalie were stunned to come face-to-face with Jessica, Starr, and "Chloe" in the hospital lounge. As Jessica asked her stricken sister what was wrong, Natalie fumbled for words, mind racing as she tried to decide whether to tell the truth about Chloe. In her mind, Natalie saw a nightmarish vision of the future where she told Jessica and Starr the truth then and there: Jessica would fall to pieces and descend into psychotic madness, dragged away by men in white coats as Starr took her baby back.

Snapped out of her fantasy, Natalie decided to lie, and told Jessica and Starr she was only upset about Matthew and Shane. Jessica comforted her sister, then shared some family moments with Starr and Chloe, snapping pictures with Starr's phone. As they watched helplessly from the sidelines, Jared reassured Natalie about her judgment call and said it wasn't the right time to tell Jessica and Starr. Natalie asked when the right time would be to tell Jessica her baby was dead, and told Jared that if they stayed silent, Starr would never get to know Hope.

Jared and Natalie returned to Llanfair and spoke to Viki, who was disappointed to hear they were not bone marrow matches for Shane. Viki told the couple that in light of Shane's illness, they needed to count their blessings for what their family had. As she walked away, the impact of her words wasn't lost on the tortured lovers.

Back at the hospital, Jessica took Chloe to wait for Brody outside Shane's room. As she nuzzled "her" daughter, Jessica told Chloe that she and Bree were saving her life.

Inside, Brody visited with Shane, who was thrilled to see his old friend. Shane tried to keep a game face despite his illness, but said he understood how Brody had felt, facing death. Brody chose to keep things upbeat, assuring the boy that Shane was a trouper and would beat cancer. As Brody and Shane tossed a football back and forth, Brody apologized for not being a donor match, as well as for all he'd put Shane through. Shane told him he had nothing to be sorry for, and that Brody was still a great friend.

Shane's positivity was interrupted by a fit of nausea and vomiting, but he wouldn't let it get him down. Brody wished he could take the illness and pain for Shane, and said he'd be there for Shane every step of the way. Shane asked him to do one thing for him: "Get a new girlfriend!" He suggested his Aunt Stacy, and asked if Brody liked blondes. "Actually, I do," Brody replied, but politely turned Shane's suggestion down and said goodbye.

As Brody stepped outside the hospital room, he found Jessica and Chloe waiting for him. Brody told Jessica that Shane was an inspiration to him, and Jessica suggested they take a walk and talk about it.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Bo tended to Matthew, rearranging the covers to keep his son warm. Matthew was sullen, and reminded his father that it didn't matter since he couldn't feel a draft below the waist. Bo urged Matthew not to give up hope, but Matthew said he didn't want to drag his parents down. Bo told Matthew that he wasn't their obligation but their son, who they loved unconditionally.

In the corridor, Nora's sad reverie was interrupted by Matthew's friend, Destiny, who introduced herself and asked if he really was crippled. Nora said it was true, and explained that Matthew didn't want visitors. Destiny said she wanted to see him, and sashayed into Matthew's room.

As the adults cleared out, Destiny presented Matthew with her written notes from their classes. Matthew asked why she was giving them to him, since he wouldn't be going back to school. Destiny told Matthew not to let "mean girls" like Becca or bullies like Justin keep him away, and ordered him to stay strong.

Outside, Bo tried to calm Nora's fears. Bo told Nora he was impressed with Destiny's forwardness towards Matthew. "She kinda got up in his grille," Nora murmured. "...It's what the kids say." Nora asked Bo about Matthew's mental state, and Bo said that Matthew had been sliding into depression. As Nora broke down, Bo embraced her.

After Destiny left, Bo and Nora returned to Matthew's side, hoping to cheer their son up. Matthew said he wouldn't need Destiny's notes, since he had no intention of returning to school. Bo and Nora told Matthew not to think like that, but Matthew snapped that all the kids had hated him even when he could walk. As Bo and Nora crawled onto the bed together to comfort the boy, Clint walked up from outside, finding himself on the outside looking in at their tender family moment.

In the ICU, John questioned Blair about what she remembered from the night of her attack, while Todd listened in just outside the door. Blair couldn't recall her assailant's face, but remembered the physical sensations of the assault in vivid detail. She told John she could remember the intruder taking her hand.

Just then, Dorian returned to the room with Shaun, and promptly spotted Todd eavesdropping. As the others turned on him, Todd tried to explain himself to Blair, but Dorian wouldn't let him get a word in edgewise, railing against him over his custody scheme. Blair was confused, and Todd admitted he had filed for "temporary" custody. As Blair recalled their argument before she was stabbed, Todd said the boys had been scared and that Jack had asked him to step up.

Dorian accused him of manipulating the child's feelings. Todd told Blair he hadn't been sure she would wake up, and wanted to protect their children. He said he'd seen the scene of the attack, but could never do anything like that to her. Blair reminded Todd that she was awake again, eliminating the need for an emergency custody bid, and Todd hedged as he reminded her that she had a long recovery ahead. With that, John and Shaun hustled Todd away from the room, ordering him to stay away from the Cramer family.

Down the hall, Todd again told John he was innocent, and that John and Shaun had no right to keep Todd from his kids. John warned Todd to keep away from Blair, and after some more bickering, Todd finally stormed out after saying that John couldn't stop Todd's plans.

Back in Blair's room, Dorian reassured her niece that she had the answer to their custody problem: Téa Delgado. Blair was understandably leery of Dorian's strategy, and muttered that Téa was a "barracuda" who couldn't be trusted. Blair reminded Dorian that Téa had helped Todd steal custody from a comatose Blair years before. Dorian said that Téa had sworn off Todd and would be their ace in the hole. Blair hoped a court confrontation would be avoided, and that Todd would back off because Blair was in recovery.

Outside Blair's room, Shaun stood guard. He was surprised to run into Destiny, who turned out to be his little sister. Shaun asked Destiny what she was doing prowling around the hospital, and Destiny told the big man that her friend needed their help.

In the lounge, Starr looked longingly at her phone picture with Chloe, just in time for Todd to walk up and give her the hard sell about his custody plans. Disgusted, Starr laughed him off, and told him that even if Jack and Sam wanted to be with their dad, she'd never live with him.

In the ICU, Téa arrived with an answer to Dorian's job offer. She told Blair and Dorian that she would take their case. Blair asked if they could win. "Absolutely," Téa replied, and said she knew exactly how.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Make Me A Match

Nora and Bo looked on as Matthew received his physical therapy. Realizing that she needed to head to court, Nora said her goodbyes. Matthew asked his mom to "go easy on Cole," and Bo seconded his son's request. Nora insisted she wasn't after revenge, but only wanted to ensure that Cole didn't hurt anyone in the future, including himself.

In Shane's room, Roxy made her grandson up to look like a rock star, complete with wig and makeup. In the chapel, Gigi continued to talk to God and stressed that she didn't want to give Rex up to meet Stacy's demands.

The physical therapist arrived with a wheelchair for Matthew, but he promptly refused to have anything to do with it. He explained to Bo that if he sat in it, he was afraid that he'd never get out if it. Shane excitedly told Rex that Roxy had mentioned that there was a donor, but when Rex confronted his mother, she told him it was just a feeling she had. She stopped an angry Rex from telling his son the truth, and left abruptly to run an errand.

Michael had some good news for Rex. A donor had been located in Australia and, while not the perfect match, it would do. An elated Rex rushed to tell Shane. Excitedly, the boy made plans to go to Disneyworld. A happy Gigi, hearing the news after her prayer, left to run an errand of her own. Rex was perplexed.

Matthew pleaded with his father to not force him to sit in the wheelchair. He admitted he was scared, even though Asa had once told him that Buchanans never got scared. Bo, confessing that he was scared too, clarified that Buchanans did get scared, but never told anyone. He only wanted to see Matthew smile and be happy again, and was sorry that he couldn't do anything to help, though he would keep trying. Matthew sadly told his father that he didn't want to stay like he was.

As Téa prepared for Cole's arraignment, Marty arrived early and thanked the attorney for representing her son. Cole, seated on a bench outside of the courtroom, was taken aback when Asher, his drug dealer, walked off of the elevator and announced that he was Cole's peer counselor from school. Realizing that the boy was only there because of his fear that Cole would disclose his identity, Cole turned down Asher's offer of some pills.

As Asher explained that Cole had to stop the drugs slowly and not go cold turkey, Nora arrived. Pushing the bagged pills into Cole's hand, Asher jumped up and made a quick dash for the elevator. Cole remained silent as Nora asked who Asher was. Instead, Cole told her of a dream he had, in which he and his mom were in Ireland. He was the one trapped instead of Marty, and he explained that it was better that he had burned because then he couldn't hurt anyone. Nora mentioned that Matthew was more concerned for Cole than for himself.

Interrupted by Marty, Nora said that her son needed her. In response to Marty's question, Cole claimed that he wasn't in withdrawal because he hadn't been on drugs long enough. After he asked his mom to get him some water, he swiftly downed the pills.

Téa was surprised that Nora planned on going for the maximum sentence. She argued that Cole didn't deserve to be in a place with others who did.

Once the arraignment began, Nora stood to read the charges. Turning to look at Cole, the district attorney had a sudden change of heart. The judge was annoyed when Nora stated that Cole was pleading guilty when it wasn't her place to announce it, but she quickly covered. Maintaining that they had all made a deal, which Téa denied, she thought it best that Cole plead guilty in order to accept the deal.

Nora requested a suspended sentence and six months probation. She added that it would be contingent on Cole's satisfactory completion of a program in a residential treatment facility, commencing right away. Téa gratefully and quietly accepted.

Asking to speak before the court, Cole admitted his guilt and how he could have killed several people by being high and behind the wheel of a car. He called Matthew the sweetest boy in the world, a boy who was not able to use his legs because of Cole. He pointed out that Matthew was smart, brave, never hurt anyone, and was like a little brother to Cole. He stressed that Matthew was everything that he wasn't, and wished he could have taken his place.

Crying, Cole told the judge that he didn't deserve the break, but would make the best of it. He told Nora that he would spend the rest of his life in trying to make it up. Marty grabbed Nora in thanks.

As Cole spoke, Matthew agreed to test the wheelchair at the hospital. He was gently picked up and placed into the chair. "Let's roll," he said.

Langston was unsuccessful with her suggestion that Starr go to school instead of being involved in her parents' latest battle. Starr thought it easier than having to listen to school gossip about herself and Schuyler, though Langston informed her that Starr was tied with Cole and Matthew as the most talked about. Starr disagreed with Langston's proclamation that they should have tried harder to stop Cole from doing drugs. Starr blamed herself, since Cole saw her kissing Schuyler.

Starr insisted that she was unable to be there for Cole any longer, even though Langston felt that the couple needed each other. It dawned on Langston that Starr had a crush on Schuyler, but Langston wondered how the teacher felt about Starr. Starr insisted that she and Schuyler "got each other," even as Langston pointed out that the only real connection they had was in the actions of their parents. Once that was taken away, she wondered what could be left. Langston couldn't figure out if Schuyler was a jerk or a nice guy. She decided he was nice and was trying to send Starr a message that he wasn't interested.

As Langston continued her questions, Starr wondered if her friend were performing an intervention. She thought it would be fine if she and Schuyler were to sneak around, much like she used to do with Cole. She was sure it was love and she was sure that there was something between her and her teacher. She was confident that he would see it too, someday.

Stacy assured Schuyler that she would be out of his hair and into her own place in no time, since she had things under control. As Stacy stood in her underwear, Schuyler turned his back, reminding her that they were no longer boyfriend and girlfriend. She admitted that she would be ruining Gigi's life whether she stayed in town or left. She wondered why Schuyler wasn't at work.

Schuyler admitted that he had been suspended, and a suspicious Stacy asked about drugs or if had slept with a student. Confiding that it was for inappropriate contact but a misunderstanding, Schuyler begged Stacy to pretend to be in love with him. After Schuyler left to take his shower, there was a loud banging on the door. Roxy demanded to know what was happening with their deal.

Roxy advised Stacy that she wouldn't wait much longer for Stacy to step forward and take the next step in their plan. She would tell everyone the truth if Stacy didn't act soon. Schuyler heard the commotion and wondered what was going on. Stacy lied, admitting that her music had been too loud and a neighbor had complained. Schuyler knew it had something to do with Gigi and asked her to cry on his shoulder, much as he had done with her. Stacy confided that her nephew had leukemia but that she hadn't been arguing, merely letting off steam.

Schuyler offered to be tested. Stacy couldn't imagine why he would do that, considering that he wasn't related to Shane. He told her that anyone with a heart would do the same.

Roxy returned to the hospital and, upon hearing of the donor, could only exclaim that it was about time "she got off her butt." A curious Rex wondered how Roxy knew the donor who lived on the opposite side of the world. Roxy fled to the chapel. After court, Nora arrived back at the hospital. She was thrilled to see Matthew in the wheelchair and getting around. "Sweet ride," she agreed with her son.

Once inside the chapel, Roxy thanked God for the new donor and outsmarting Stacy. She was happy that her grandson would not have to get bone marrow from a sleaze. Unfortunately, Michael had more news for Rex and it wasn't good. The transplant was off.

Outside of the courtroom, the counselor from the rehab facility advised Marty that they had paperwork to do. She handed Cole a cup in a bag and told him to fill it.

Gigi paid her sister a visit to share the news. Not mincing words, and calling her every name she could think of, she told Stacy that she wouldn't be needed.

Friday, March 27, 2009

Bad To The Bone

At the Angel Square Hotel, Brody couldn't stop thinking about Jessica. Seeking support, Brody phoned Dr. Levin to discuss his feelings. Without revealing Jessica's identity, Brody told the doctor about his friendship with the widowed mother of two children. Brody expressed concern that they had decided to be friends, but he desired more. Dr. Levin suggested that Brody be honest with his friend.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Natalie and Jared wondered why Jessica had requested to meet with them. Natalie feared that Jessica suspected that they had uncovered the unsettling secret. When Jessica entered the diner and asked the couple to consider being Chloe's godparents, Natalie and Jared were speechless. They wondered how they could ever tell her the truth.

At La Boulaie, Dorian was pleasantly surprised when she discovered John downstairs playing with Sam. Dorian told John that she was certain that Téa would beat Todd at his own game. She laughed and stated that Todd didn't have a clue about their plan. Dorian thanked John for supporting Blair and her children. Leaving Sam in Dorian's care, John bent down and kissed the little boy goodbye.

Later, Ray and Dorian discussed the need to protect one's family. Pointing out that he had a daughter of his own, Ray stated he admired Dorian's undying love for her family. Ray said that Dorian's character trait of going to extremes to protect her family was an attractive quality. Dorian thanked Ray for helping toss Todd out of the house and for his suggestion to hire Téa to represent Blair. Dorian gave Ray the details concerning her plot against Todd and the two enjoyed a nice conversation. As they continued to bond, Ray gave Dorian a passionate kiss.

After Cole's arraignment, a counselor from the drug rehabilitation center handed him a cup and requested a urine sample. Marty tried to convince the counselor that Cole hadn't consumed any drugs, but the counselor was adamant that Cole needed to submit a sample. Aware that he would ultimately fail the test, Cole reluctantly agreed.

While waiting for Cole, Marty cringed when Todd stepped off the elevator. Todd attempted to inquire about Cole, but Marty snapped at him. Upon learning that Todd was at the courthouse for his custody hearing, Marty took great pleasure in telling him that Blair's attorney had arrived and was in the courtroom.

Todd entered the courtroom as was stunned to discover that Téa was representing Blair in the custody hearing. When Todd stated that Téa obviously hated him, she nearly blurted out her true feelings for him, but quickly caught herself. Todd was certain that he would win custody of his children, but Téa reminded him that she was very capable of winning any case.

Before Cole submitted his sample, Starr appeared and asked for a moment alone with him. Cole informed Starr that he had listened to the message that she had left him on the night of the accident. Apologizing for her harsh words, Starr told Cole that she only told him that she didn't care about him because she was upset by his behavior. Unwilling to accept Starr's apology, Cole stressed that he had to take a drug test. Before Cole walked off, Starr told him that she would always care about him.

Asher approached Cole in the restroom and announced that he had come to check on his best client. Cole lashed out at Asher for giving him more pills. Cole was certain that he would flunk the drug test and feared Nora would send him to jail. Declaring that he was drug free, Asher offered to take the test for Cole. Insisting that he intended to make things up to both Nora and Matthew, a guilt-ridden Cole agreed to allow Asher to submit a specimen.

While waiting for Cole, Marty ran into John at the courthouse. She told him the good news about Cole's probation, and John informed her that Blair was on the road to recovery. Assuming that John had come to support Cole, Marty was surprised when Starr arrived and mentioned that John was there to attend the custody hearing. Marty told him that he didn't need to explain, but John insisted that he did. As he tried to explain his feelings for her, Marty made up an excuse and ran off to check on Cole.

As the custody hearing began, Starr and John entered the courtroom. Todd attempted to speak with Starr, but she criticized him for hurting her mother.

Citing that Blair was incapacitated, Todd pled his case to the judge and asked for temporary custody of his children. Claiming that they were incompetent, Todd belittled Dorian and Addie and stated that the children belonged in the care of their father.

After Todd's testimony, the judge asked Téa for her opinion. Téa surprised everyone when she agreed that Blair's children belonged with their father. When the judge asked Téa to expound on her statement, Téa insisted that the custody should be given to Blair's husband, the children's stepfather. Confused, Todd demanded to know who had married Blair. John stood up and announced, "That would be me!"

Later, Marty phoned John and left him a message. Mentioning that she had dropped Cole off at the drug rehabilitation center, Marty thanked John for his kind words. She said that it meant a lot to know that he cared about her and asked him to return her call.

Outside of Shane's hospital room, Mike gave Rex some grim news concerning Shane's transplant. Mike informed Rex that the donor could no longer provide bone marrow to Shane. The doctors had discovered that the woman was pregnant, and donating her bone marrow would jeopardize her pregnancy. Devastated, Rex wondered how he would break the news to Shane.

At Stacy's apartment, Gigi lashed out at her sister. Hurling insults at Stacy, an angered Gigi chastised Stacy for refusing to help Shane unless Gigi agreed to leave Rex. Gigi took great pleasure in informing Stacy that another donor had been located and that Stacy's help was no longer needed.

Stunned, Stacy reminded Gigi that they were sisters and Stacy couldn't believe that she would accept a stranger as a donor. As Stacy pleaded with her sister to reconsider her offer, Gigi suggested that Stacy return to Las Vegas and continue her career as a stripper. Slamming the door behind her, a satisfied Gigi left the apartment.

Before Gigi could leave the hotel, she received a call from a distraught Rex. Gigi was heartbroken when Rex told her that the donor could no longer help Shane. After hanging up with Rex, Gigi stared at her sister's apartment door.

Back at the hospital, Mike told Marcie about Shane's donor. Noting the terrible tragedies that had befallen Shane and Matthew, Marcie stated that life was short and that she had decided that it was possible for her to live without learning the truth about Hope's death. Declaring that she had decided to put the past behind her, Marcie said that she needed to be grateful for what she had. Embracing her husband, Marcie told him that she was lucky to have him.

Inside Shane's hospital room, Rex struggled to tell Shane about the donor. When Shane proudly showed his dad the comic he had created, Rex chose to keep quiet. The two major characters in Shane's comic were chemo boy and a caricature of Rex. Shane was chemo boy and Rex was the hero who had given chemo boy the magical powers to fight leukemia. Holding his son, Rex told Shane that he loved him more than anything. When Shane asked for his mother, Rex assured him that she was on her way back to the hospital.

Meanwhile, Stacy flipped through her high school yearbook and stared intently at a photo of Rex. A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts. Upon finding Gigi once again at her doorstep, Stacy told her sister that she wasn't in the mood for another tongue-lashing.

Stacy was stunned when a humble Gigi informed her that the donor couldn't help Shane. Gigi stated that Shane needed Stacy's help. Realizing that she had the upper hand once again, Stacy agreed to help under the same condition-- Gigi had to break up with Rex. Defeated, Gigi succumbed to Stacy's threat.

When Gigi instructed Stacy to rush over to the hospital to begin the process, Stacy refused. Balking at Gigi, Stacy told her that she wouldn't help Shane until Gigi had convinced Rex that she was leaving him. Gigi told her sister that Shane needed the transplant immediately and that she couldn't make Rex believe that she no longer loved him in a few days. Ignoring Gigi's pleas, Stacy remarked, "Well you better think of something, 'cause time is wasting, babycakes!" As tears streamed from Gigi's eyes, Stacy slammed the door in her face.

While Gigi panicked outside of Stacy's apartment door, Brody approached her and asked what was wrong. Gigi rushed into his arms and wept.

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