One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 16, 2009 on OLTL

Natalie and Jared set out to prove that Chloe was really Starr's baby Hope. Roxy learned that Rex's biological father was a bone marrow match to Shane. Cole apologized to Matthew. Marty hired Téa to represent Cole. Lola continued to go after Markko behind Langston's back. John and Fish investigated the rash of stabbings in Llanview. They were tied to Marty's rape in college.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 16, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Dead Men Tell No Tales

After sharing a passionate kiss with Brody at his apartment, Jessica pulled away and attempted to run off. Brody immediately called her back and apologized, but Jessica informed him that the kiss was mutual. Recalling the men that she had hurt in the past, Jessica told Brody that she valued his friendship and didn't want to cause him any pain. Admitting that they both shared a physical attraction for one another, Jessica and Brody agreed that they had personal problems that needed to be sorted out before either could consider pursuing a relationship. They decided to remain just friends.

Schuyler was alarmed when Starr rushed into his apartment and sought comfort from him. After inquiring about her mother's health, Schuyler reminded Starr of the trouble that he could face if anyone discovered them together. Stating that he didn't want anyone to assume that there was something improper about their relationship, Schuyler asked Starr to leave. When Starr insisted that she needed a friend to confide in, Schuyler suggested that she divulge her secrets to someone else, and expressed his regret at revealing the contents of his mother's letter to her. Schuyler was curious when Starr informed him that she had learned some information concerning his mother.

Starr told Schuyler that her baby didn't have Rh disease. Upon learning that his mother's diagnosis was wrong, Schuyler was devastated. Relating that had his mother known that she wasn't to blame for Hope's death, Schuyler was convinced that she wouldn't have committed suicide. Starr tried to offer Schuyler support, but he declared that he had more questions. Schuyler told Starr that he wanted both Hope and his mother to be at peace, but he realized that their souls could never rest until the truth regarding Hope's death was revealed.

When Starr observed Stacy's bra in plain sight, she inquired about the owner of the garment. Realizing that he had an opportunity to divert Starr's attention away from him, Schuyler informed her that his ex-girlfriend had moved in with him. Embarrassed, Starr apologized and hurried off.

At the hospital, Natalie feared how Jessica would react when she learned that Chloe was Starr's baby and that her own child had died. Before revealing their suspicions to the family, Jared was adamant that they needed to prove their allegations first. Natalie agreed and suggested that they collect DNA from the involved members. Natalie proposed that they compare Chloe's DNA to Starr's DNA. Acknowledging that it would be relatively easy to obtain Chloe's DNA, Natalie devised a plan to sneak into La Boulaie and collect DNA evidence from Starr.

When Natalie realized that they would also need the dead child's DNA, Jared recalled that Starr kept a lock of Hope's hair in her locket. Natalie reminded him that Starr kept the locket around her neck and never removed it. Citing that Chloe had very little hair, Natalie prepared to clip the child's nail as a sample, but Jessica arrived and interrupted her plan.

Holding Chloe, Jessica told the child that it was time to go home. When Natalie mentioned Matthew's condition, Jessica expressed her sorrow over the tragedy and said that she didn't know what she would do if anything ever happened to Chloe. At that moment, Starr walked in and greeted her cousins. Assuring Starr that Blair would be fine, Jessica urged her cousin to hold onto hope. Grasping her locket containing Hope's hair, Starr said that she would try her best. A look of panic crossed Natalie and Jared's faces.

Inside Matthew's hospital room, Bo and Nora listened as the doctor explained to Matthew the details of his injury. The doctor stated that Matthew hadn't severed his spinal cord. Although Matthew was paralyzed, the doctor insisted that his condition would've been even worse had the spinal cord been severed. As the doctor tried to convince Matthew that he could still have a productive life, Nora realized that Matthew was in turmoil and asked the doctor to leave them alone with their son. As a distraught Bo listened, Nora tried to give her son hope and stated that they would seek a second opinion. When Matthew demanded to know if he would ever walk again, Bo told his son the truth - it was possible that he would be paralyzed for the rest of his life.

Near tears, Matthew asked to be alone, but Bo and Nora begged their son not to shut them out. Condemning himself, Matthew said that he was at fault because he rode in a car with someone who he knew was high on drugs, and he didn't wear a seatbelt.

Out in the hall, a confused Shane asked his parents to explain how he had contracted cancer. Gigi was heartbroken when her son asked what he had done wrong. A teary-eyed Gigi listened as Rex explained to Shane that he was experiencing bad luck. He told his son that the bad luck was over and that only good times were in store for their family.

Recalling that his friend's father had died from leukemia, Shane was convinced that he would die from the disease, too. Rex and Gigi told Shane that he would receive chemotherapy treatments immediately and that several people had tested to become donors. When Shane asked if a donor had been discovered, his parents regretfully told him that a donor hadn't been confirmed. Declaring that he intended to fight like hell for Shane to live, Rex insisted that his son do the same. Encouraged by his father's loving words, Shane promised to fight.

The nurse arrived to prep Shane for treatment. Gigi nearly broke down when Shane waved goodbye. Holding onto Rex for dear life, Gigi said that she was thankful that Rex was in her and Shane's lives.

Back inside Matthew's hospital room, Nora held her son and wept. Bo stood nearby and thought about the difficult times that lay ahead for his son.

Out in the hall, Rex cried as he thought about the possibility of losing his son.

As Roxy lashed out at the comatose patient in Room 302, Stacy eavesdropped. Explaining that Shane had leukemia, Roxy stated that the unknown man needed to help his grandson. An angered Roxy yelled, "After what you did to me and everyone else, you owe me!" Removing a cotton swab from her purse, Roxy took a sample from the patient. Before leaving, Roxy commented on his evil nature.

After Roxy left, Stacy approached the door and wondered why Roxy was keeping Rex's father's identity a secret. As Stacy opened the door to Room 302, a look of shock crossed her face. She exclaimed, "Wow, that's not what I was expecting!" Observing the family resemblance, Stacy commented that the patient appeared harmless and couldn't understand why Roxy referred to him as evil. Stacy was curious to learn why Roxy was afraid of the man. Picking up her cell phone, Stacy maintained that she intended to find out why.

Roxy returned to the hospital with the sample she had retrieved from the comatose patient. She demanded that the technician test the sample, but he told her that he needed a name to go along with the specimen. Roxy insisted that the technician refer to the donor as "John Doe." When the technician relented, Roxy stated that her friend insisted on maintaining his privacy. Meanwhile, back in Room 302, the unknown patient moved his legs.

Stacy returned home and discovered Starr's glove. Convinced that Schuyler was dating someone, Stacy demanded to know who the article belonged to. When Schuyler refused to tell, Stacy declared that she didn't care to know, because she had enough secrets of her own.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Walk the Walk

Todd's relief turned to disbelief when Téa informed Todd that she would no longer be his legal counsel. It soon became clear that Téa believed that Todd had stabbed Blair. Todd insisted that he had nothing to do with the crime, but Téa wasn't swayed. She reminded Todd that Blair had a restraining order against him at the time of the incident. Todd steadfastly denied trying to kill his ex-wife. He claimed that he could never harm the mother of his children.

Téa realized that Todd was still in love with Blair. Todd denied it; he said he was in love with Marty. Téa told Todd that it was possible to love two people at the same time. Téa believed that, whether Todd was willing to admit it or not, Todd loved Blair. However, regardless of how Todd felt about Blair, Téa refused to represent Todd. Téa promised to refer Todd to another attorney before she turned her back on Todd then walked out of the jail.

Viki went to the hospital to visit Dorian and check on Blair's condition. Viki had difficulty understanding why Todd would attack Blair in such a brutal manner. Dorian admitted that she didn't believe Todd had stabbed Blair. Dorian explained that she had overheard Todd talking to Starr. Dorian thought that Todd had told the truth when he swore to Starr that he had not attacked Blair.

Dorian shared her suspicions that Ray Montez had been Blair's assailant. Unfortunately, Dorian's theory had a kink in it because Moe had given Ray an alibi for the time of the stabbing. Viki realized that if Todd and Ray weren't guilty of the crime, then the person who had attacked Blair remained at large.

A short time later Addie arrived at the hospital. She brought Jack and Sam to visit Blair. Dorian was reluctant to let the children see their mother, but Addie thought it was important for the boys to talk to Blair. After Dorian relented, Addie took Jack and Sam into Blair's room. Sean, who had accompanied Addie and the boys to the hospital, apologized to Dorian for not being on hand when Blair had been attacked. Dorian waved away his apologies; she told him he had nothing to be sorry for.

When Addie, Jack, and Sam walked out of Blair's room, Jack was upset. He asked Dorian if his mother was going to recover. Dorian's impulse was to sugarcoat it, but Addie instructed her sister to be honest with Jack.

Later, Addie thanked Dorian for being a mother to Blair during the years Addie had been institutionalized. Addie confessed that it had given her great comfort knowing that Blair had been well cared for. Addie welled up with tears as she admitted that she couldn't bear to lose Blair.

After Viki left the hospital, she went to visit Todd in jail.

Nora went to Cole's room, where she found him alone. Cole explained that his mother had gone to get something to drink. Nora didn't appear concerned about Marty's absence as she updated Cole on Matthew's prognosis.

Cole was visibly shaken after Nora revealed that Matthew's paralysis was permanent. Her anger was palpable as she told Cole that it had been Cole's choice to take drugs, but Matthew hadn't been given the same option. According to Nora, Matthew would never be able to engage in sports or do the things he once dreamed of doing.

Cole told Nora that if he could trade places with Matthew, he would. Nora responded that she would let Cole take Matthew's place in a wheelchair. Nora wondered what kind of person that made her. Cole tried to defend Nora, but she was too angry to care. She warned Cole that he was going to go to prison for his crime. Nora explained that under normal circumstances, someone's first conviction for driving under the influence resulted in a slap on the wrist. However, Cole had caused great bodily harm when he had climbed behind the wheel of a car while high on drugs.

Nora advised Cole to prepare himself. She told Cole that his doctors were going to release him later that day. Nora suggested that Cole get himself dressed and contact a good attorney because she intended to have Cole taken into custody, transported to the police station, and booked for driving under the influence.

In a nearby waiting lounge, Marty and John talked about Cole's situation. John offered to have some of his friends at the police station look into the matter, but Marty declined John's help. Marty was filled with self-loathing because she had failed her son. Marty also felt guilty because of Blair's fight for life. Marty believed that Blair had been vulnerable to the attacker because Marty had called John away from Blair.

John assured Marty that what had happened to Blair was not Marty's fault. John speculated that Blair had been a victim of someone who had targeted her; it had not been a random crime of opportunity. John's theory stunned Marty. She couldn't believe that someone had been stalking Blair, patiently waiting to attack her. Marty wondered if Todd could be capable of such a crime. John didn't dismiss the possibility.

The conversation returned to Cole when Marty admitted that her memories of loving her son had returned. Marty also confided that all of the rage she had felt over what Todd had done to her had turned into nothingness. It was that empty feeling that had prompted Marty to act so recklessly in recent months. Marty realized that she needed to find a way to make sense of all of that if she hoped to move forward.

Shortly after Marty left, John made a phone call. He asked the person on the other end to meet him at the hospital on an urgent matter. Later, Téa showed up at the hospital. John told Téa that they needed to talk about Todd.

Marty returned to Cole's room. Cole was upset after Nora's visit. When he told his mother that everyone would be better off with him dead, Marty embraced her son tightly. Cole seemed resigned to his fate. He believed that he deserved to rot in jail for what he had done to Matthew.

A short time later, Nora went to Cole's room. A police officer accompanied her. When they found Marty alone in Cole's room, Nora was furious.

Cole slowly made his way to Matthew's room. Matthew was awake and alert when Cole opened the door. As the two young men stared at each other, neither said a word.

Cris went to Silver Springs, Maryland, to visit Evangeline. Cris told a comatose Evangeline that he missed her. He admitted that Evangeline was the only person who could set him straight. As Cris poured his heart out, admitting to mistakes that he had made with Sarah and Vanessa, he was unaware that Layla eavesdropped from the doorway. When Cris wondered if his attachment to Evangeline was part of the reason that his relationships with other women had failed, Layla spoke up.

Layla couldn't believe that Cris had the audacity to suggest that he couldn't keep his zipper up because of his lingering feelings for her sister. She told Cris that Evangeline would be offended. Layla suggested that Cris visit a priest if he wanted to confess his sins. As Layla ranted at Cris, Cris realized that Layla was more upset about men in general rather than Cris specifically.

Cris told Layla that perhaps it wasn't the men in Layla's life who were the problem, but Layla herself who was. He told Layla that Fish had been infatuated with Layla, but she had not given him the time of day. Cris didn't think Layla had any reason to be upset because Fish had moved on with someone else after Layla repeatedly rejected him. Cris told Layla that she was nothing like her sister.

After Cris left, Layla returned to Evangeline's bedside. She was worried that Cris might have been right to accuse of her being "a man-hating bitch."

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

No One Ever Said It Would Be This Hard

At Llanfair, Brody paid a visit to the Morascos' cottage, only to find Gigi in tears. Gigi broke the news to Brody about Shane's leukemia, and explained that Shane was being admitted to the hospital; she'd only come home to retrieve some of his things. Brody tried to lift Gigi's spirits, but Gigi was terrified that Shane would lose his hair, lose weight, and succumb to cancer.

Brody quickly took charge of the situation, and told his friend not to dwell on all the "what ifs." He assured Gigi that he would help her get through the ordeal, along with her and Rex's friends and family. Brody offered to finish packing Shane's things, and told Gigi to return to the hospital to be with her son. Gigi thanked Brody for his help, and asked him if he knew how much he meant to their family. Brody told her they meant the same to him. Gigi then headed for the hospital.

At the Llanview Police Station, Viki and Jack arrived to visit with Todd in the cell. Todd immediately tried to ease his son's fears about Blair's condition, and told Jack that she would recover. Jack saw through Todd's condescension and said that he knew his mother's injuries were serious. He reminded Todd that he, Starr, and Sam were alone with Blair in the hospital and their father in jail. He told Todd and Viki to stop talking to him like he was stupid, and asked Todd point-blank if he'd attacked Blair so he could be with Marty.

Todd again swore he had nothing to do with what had happened to Blair. Jack asked what would happen if both his parents were gone for good, and rejected Viki's comforting words about the rest of his family tree. Glaring at Todd, Jack said he was tired of empty promises; he ordered Todd to "get your act together," come home, and be his father. With that, the boy spun on his heel and stormed off in a huff, ignoring Todd's yelled entreaties.

Viki reassured Todd that Jack would be all right, and Todd told Viki that he needed another favor. He explained that Téa had quit, and asked Viki to find him another lawyer. Viki reluctantly agreed.

At Llanview Hospital, John met with Téa in the lounge, and immediately began browbeating her about Todd's potential involvement in the recent string of murders. John asked Téa why she'd been covering for her client, and reminded her that the murders all seemed to be tied to Todd; she could be a target. Téa continued to claim she'd killed Lee Halpern, but John batted her excuses aside. Téa finally admitted she hadn't killed Lee, but insisted that Todd hadn't, either.

John was mystified as to how a strong-willed career woman like Téa could be so vulnerable to Todd. "How do you get used by that piece of crap?" he asked her. Téa took exception to the phrasing and said Todd was only "damaged." John asked Téa if she loved Todd. Growing melancholy, Téa deflected the question and instead said that she understood where she stood in Todd's life: "I come in third." She told John he had to understand how that felt, being caught between two women.

Téa told John she was no longer Todd's attorney, and was opting out; she knew nothing about Todd's involvement in the case. Téa admitted she was no saint, but said that she played to win, and refused to take the bronze medal in her professional or personal life anymore. "Good for you," John said. As Téa prepared to leave, John asked her a final question, about the letters found on Wes and Blair, a "D" and an "A." Téa said the letters didn't mean anything to her, except for "district attorney," Nora's occupation. Téa exited, leaving John alone with his case.

In the hospital chapel, Rex met with a sorrowful Bo, who unloaded on his friend about Matthew's paralysis, unaware of Shane's condition. As Bo mused about having lost Drew and Duke to senseless tragedy, he realized his son's first school dance might be his last. Bo admitted he had to count Matthew lucky, knowing there were many ill children who entered the hospital never to make it out. Rex listened to Bo's tale of woe, then finally blurted out that Shane might be one of those children. Bo was stunned as Rex revealed that Shane had cancer.

The two fathers consoled each other, and an emotional Rex asked why their sons were the ones suffering. He said that Shane was a better person than him by far, and as he approached the chapel dais he chastised God, asking Him to "take me" instead. Rex said that Shane had finally come to see Rex as his father, but Rex was powerless to do anything to help his son; he couldn't fix it.

Bo bemoaned his own mistakes; he'd thought Matthew was on drugs and hadn't realized he was really wrestling with peer pressure, and it was peer pressure that had made the boy run from the school dance and get in Cole's car. Finding his resolve, a grim-faced Bo told Rex he knew how they'd help their sons: they'd help them fight. Rex thanked Bo for his wisdom, and told him that if he got through his struggle, it would be because of Bo. Bo left Rex to sit and think.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Cole entered Matthew's room, and a tense conversation ensued between the boys. Cole apologized profusely to Matthew and blamed himself, but Matthew shocked him by saying it wasn't Cole's fault, but rather his own. "I let you become an addict," Matthew said. He explained that his parents had drilled into him how to handle situations with friends and drugs, but he'd ignored their advice so Cole would like him and stay his friend on school grounds. Cole protested that Matthew had always been his friend, but Matthew wasn't so sure; he asked if Cole had just taken pity on him because they lived in the same house.

Matthew said he'd ignored all the warning signs and perpetuated Cole's behavior because he'd wanted to look cool in front of his friends; he'd failed, and that was on him. A nurse briefly interrupted the argument to check on Matthew and offer him painkillers, drawing Cole's eye. After she left, Cole attempted to get through to Matthew, insisting that none of what had happened was his fault. He begged the younger boy to scream at him, hit him, something. Matthew snapped that there was no point, that it wouldn't change anything. He said all he had left was the question of "why?" Why did he not get Cole help, why did he get in the car, why hadn't he buckled his seatbelt?

Matthew said he blamed himself, period. Chastened, Cole again mumbled out an apology. Matthew said he was sorry, too. As Cole slunk out of the room, he found himself alone in the corridor with his last pill, which he promptly swallowed.

Back in Cole's room, Nora confronted Marty, demanding to know where Cole was. Marty explained that Cole had gone to see Matthew and apologize. She pleaded with Nora to let Cole try to make amends before she took him downtown. Nora was furious, and snapped that "that little son of a bitch" was responsible for crippling her child.

Nora despaired as she enumerated the ways in which Matthew's life would have to change due to his injuries; they didn't know if he had bladder control, or how he would bathe, or simply get up or down a flight of stairs. Nora said Matthew couldn't even walk to the mailbox anymore, and laid the blame on Marty: "this happened because you were selfish and self-centered!"

Nora lit into Marty for not even attempting to be there for Cole when he'd needed her. Horrified, Marty agreed with every word Nora had said. Marty said she knew Nora had been her best friend, and she'd let her down. She begged Nora to punish her instead of Cole, who loved Nora and Matthew like his own family. Marty said she'd take all the blame. Numb with rage, Nora muttered an agreement: "None of this would've happened if you'd stayed dead."

Almost immediately after she'd said it, Nora seemed to recoil from her words, but Marty said she was right; her ordeal in Ireland and with Todd was no excuse for callously abandoning the people who loved and needed her, especially someone as vulnerable as Cole. As Marty continued to viciously castigate herself, Nora shrank away, overcome. Finally, Nora apologized, and blurted out that it wasn't true. She said that Marty coming back had been a miracle, and she'd been overjoyed because she'd missed her and loved her.

Growing hysterical, Nora said she'd been so angry at what Todd had done to her friend that she'd become wrapped up in the court case, and had failed to see what had been happening in her own home. Sobbing, Nora told Marty that she'd failed Marty, and Cole, and Matthew. Marty cried as she insisted Nora had been right to attack her, and begged her not to blame herself. In the end, the two women ended up weeping in each other's arms, comforting one another.

A musical montage played as people came and went throughout the hospital. Téa left, but not before deleting Todd's number from her cell phone. Gigi joined Rex in the hospital chapel for a prayer. Matthew finally vented his rage by throwing a sports magazine across his room, only for Bo to enter, pick up the magazine, and comfort his son. Back in Cole's room, Cole returned to find Marty and Nora holding hands. As the police escorted Cole out of the building, John passed by, trading glances with Marty and Nora.

Back at the LPD station, Todd got another visitor in his cell, his once and future lawyer, Morgan Guthrie. Guthrie assured Todd he'd already filed a motion to get him released, but Todd wanted more: "I want my kids back."

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Bad Hair Day

While washing dishes inside the kitchen of the Buenos Dias Café, Markko was pleasantly surprised when someone approached him from behind and began kissing him passionately on the neck. Assuming that it was Langston, Markko enjoyed the show of affection.

Langston showed up at the hospital to visit Starr, who hadn't left since her mother was admitted. Starr informed a surprised Langston that Hope hadn't died from Rh disease. Langston gave Starr an overnight bag, containing her toiletries and a change of clothes so that she could remain at the hospital and by her mother's side.

After calling out Langston's name, Markko was startled to turn around and discover that Lola had kissed him. She immediately apologized and said that she didn't know what had caused her to do such a thing. Lola continued to repeat that she couldn't help the fact that she had a crush on her cousin's boyfriend. She pleaded with Markko not to tell Langston about the kiss. Markko reminded Lola that he didn't tell Langston about the first time that she had kissed him. To his surprise, an angered Lola retorted, "And I did something for you, too! I didn't tell her how much you liked it!"

Before Markko could respond, Langston entered the kitchen and wondered what had taken place. Lola lied and told Langston that they were discussing Shane's medical condition. While Lola gave him a threatening look, Markko announced that he needed to speak to Langston alone. Before leaving, Lola directed a subtle threat at Markko. Sensing the tension, Langston demanded to know what had happened between her cousin and Markko.

At the hospital, Jared informed Natalie that he had managed to remove hair from Jessica's hairbrush. While the couple discussed doing everything possible to uncover the truth about Jessica's baby, Mike and Marcie interrupted their conversation. Marcie reminded them that Charlie had organized a donor drive for Shane at the Buenos Dias Café and wondered if Natalie and Jared planned to be tested as possible donors. Natalie said that they had stopped by the diner to be tested but the line was long and they intended to return later.

Marcie announced that they were on their way to the diner, but they had become sidetracked because of their need to learn the truth regarding Hope's death. Citing the results of the Rh tests, Mike commented that he thought that it was possible that Cole hadn't fathered Hope, but Marcie said that Mike's conclusion was ridiculous because Starr wasn't that type of girl. While Mike stated that there was no other possible scientific explanation, Jared and Natalie appeared extremely uncomfortable.

While Natalie expressed her sorrow for Mike and Marcie, Jared found it hard to believe that they might possibly have the answers to the couple's prayers. Jared reminded Natalie that they not only needed to prove that Chloe wasn't Jessica's baby - they also needed to prove that Chloe was Starr's baby. Although they had samples of Jessica's and Chloe's DNA, they also needed a specimen from Starr and Hope.

After deciding that they would discover a way to get samples from Starr and Hope at a later date, Natalie and Jared gave the lab technician the samples that they had in their possession - Jessica's hair and Chloe's nail clippings. The technician promised to have the test results available as soon as possible. Jared stated that they would have to live with the results and so would Jessica.

Natalie and Jared encountered Starr at the hospital. Starr told them that her mother's condition hadn't changed. When she stated that she planned to take a shower and get back to her mother, Natalie offered to hold her locket. Handing over her locket, Starr thanked Natalie and commented that she didn't know what she would do if she ever lost the lock of Hope's hair.

Holding the locket, Natalie said that if the truth ever came out, they could lose Chloe and Jessica. Natalie removed a strand of Hope's hair from the locket.

Starr returned and thanked Natalie for watching her locket. Before walking off, she stated that the lock of hair was the only thing that she had left of Hope. Presenting Natalie with Starr's toothbrush, Jared announced that he had retrieved it from her bag and that they had everything that they needed to prove Chloe's true identity.

At the hospital, Rex, Gigi, and Roxy entertained Shane in his room. When Roxy suggested that Shane take a walk out in the hall, they noticed a small child playing ball outside of Shane's room. The child was apparently a cancer patient, who wore a hat to cover a head that had become bald after chemotherapy. As Rex, Gigi, and Roxy watched, the small child asked Shane about his form of cancer.

Upon learning that Shane had leukemia, the child introduced herself as Francesca and told him that she had lymphoma. When Shane appeared shocked to learn that she was a girl because she was bald, she told him that he would also lose his hair. Gigi nearly broke down when Shane asked if he would eventually look like Francesca. Roxy urged her grandson to be strong.

Declaring that he didn't want to wait for his hair to fall out, Shane told his parents that he wanted to shave his head. Shane wondered if he would receive a donor. Gigi assured him that they would find a match and stated that Charlie and Viki were rounding up possible donors at the diner. Shane remarked that he was aware that a blood relative would be his best chance at a match. Roxy listened as Shane stated that he wished that he had a bigger family. Gigi promised her son that they would find every living Balsom and Morasco. Consumed with guilt, Roxy thought about swabbing Rex's comatose father.

After Roxy shaved his head, Shane was frantic to see his new look. When he observed his bald head in the mirror, Shane sadly said, "I don't look like dad anymore."

Alone with Roxy, Rex announced that he wanted to shave his head. Roxy asked if Rex was certain that he wanted to go through with it. He said that there was nothing that he wouldn't do for his son. Taking the razor from Roxy, Rex stated that he needed to do it himself. Rex shaved his own head.

Gigi and Shane were pleasantly surprised when they returned to Shane's room and discovered that Rex had shaved his head. A pleased Shane thanked his father.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Llanview residents gathered for breakfast and to give samples to become possible bone marrow donors for Shane.

With Chloe in hand, Jessica ran into Brody outside of the Buenos Dias.

Meanwhile, inside the Buenos Dias Café, with Viki's help, Charlie was organizing the campaign to help Shane find a donor. Viki thanked Officer Fish for coming to the diner and showing his support.

Stacy approached Viki and Charlie and introduced herself as Shane's aunt. Appearing wary of Stacy, Viki remarked that Gigi had told her a great deal about Stacy. Stacy stated that she wasn't surprised and admitted that she had a tense relationship with her sister. Viki was surprised when Stacy commented that she didn't know how Gigi was handling Shane's illness, because they had engaged in a terrible fight before it had been revealed that Shane had cancer.

Stacy said that she had come to the diner in hopes of learning that she was a match for Shane. She announced that she had planned to take the test at the hospital, but something came up. She had a flashback of following Roxy to the room of the comatose patient. Meanwhile, Fish noticed Stacy.

Entering the Buenos Dias Café together, Jessica and Brody experienced an uncomfortable silence. Brody assumed that Jessica had come to submit a sample, but was surprised when she told him that she couldn't be a donor because Tess had given her Hepatitis C.

When Cris announced to Charlie that he was next in line, Layla argued that she was next. As Cris tried to calm her down, she lashed out at him and called him a jerk. Fed up with the abuse, Cris told Layla that every man in her life always left her because she was a "bitch." Watching Cris walk away, Layla appeared hurt.

Fish approached Stacy and expressed his concern for Shane. Layla walked up and asked Fish if Stacy was the woman that he had dumped her for. She then accused Stacy of reaching out to her in an attempt to get close to Fish. Stacy assured Layla that she hadn't used her to get to Fish and quickly excused herself. Viki thanked Stacy for stopping by. When Charlie mentioned that it was fortunate that Stacy had arrived in town when she did, Viki gave a disapproving look.

Layla confronted Fish and asked if he had dumped her for Stacy or because she had acted "like a bitch." Fish said that Layla didn't appear interested in him, but he enjoyed when Stacy came on to him in an aggressive manner. She seemed pleased when he stated that he didn't think she had acted "like a bitch."

While Brody admired how beautiful Chloe was, Viki approached. Brody thanked her for her efforts to help Shane and Gigi. Alone with Jessica, Viki inquired about her relationship with Brody. Jessica told her mother that she and Brody were just friends.

Mike and Marcie arrived to be tested. Jessica asked Mike if she could be a donor, but Mike told her that her hepatitis status made that request impossible. Jessica was saddened to learn that she couldn't help Shane or anyone else. Viki told her daughter that she could be a help in some other way. Viki told Jessica that Tess had left her with a lot to deal with, but that she had overcome many obstacles - she was a great mother to both Bree and Chloe.

Marcie smiled as she watched Jessica hold Chloe. Marcie asked if she could hold the child. Placing Chloe into Marcie's arms, Jessica said that she sometimes felt as though she didn't deserve Chloe. Viki told her daughter that she was a wonderful mother and that Tess would never do anything to hurt her again.

Mike kissed Marcie goodbye. As Marcie held Chloe, Mike watched through the window.

Jessica smiled as Brody held Chloe. Noticing that he suddenly appeared worried, Jessica asked what was wrong. Brody stated that holding Chloe made him think of Shane. He felt terrible for Shane and Gigi. He hoped that Shane would be okay. Jessica listened intently as Brody announced that he realized why he held on to a child that wasn't his.

As Brody prepared to leave, Jessica suggested that they hang out together, since they were friends. Brody asked if she thought that they had made the right decision when they chose to be just friends. Citing the emotional baggage that she had in her, Jessica said that she was certain that they had made the right decision. The two said a nervous goodbye and Brody left. When Marcie implied that there appeared to be chemistry between her and Brody, Jessica quickly quipped, "We're just friends." Meanwhile, Brody starred at her as he left the café.

Stacy showed up at the testing lab and attempted to seduce the technician into taking her sample right away.

While Stacy stood unnoticed in the hall, Roxy ran into the lab room and asked if her test results were in. Roxy was disappointed to learn that she wasn't a match for Shane, and asked if her friend "John Doe" had tested as a possible donor. The lab tech asked for John Doe's identity and stated that he was a match. Roxy flew into a rage. She couldn't believe that Rex's father was a match.

The technician told her that she could keep the identity of the donor a secret from the family but that the hospital needed to know. Roxy screamed, "My son would do anything to find out who saved his son!" When the technician asked if she wanted to save her grandson's life, Roxy insisted that John Doe valued his privacy, and ran off.

Stacy confronted Roxy and expressed her regret that Roxy wasn't a match for Shane. Roxy was stunned when Stacy told her that her friend, "John Doe," could save Shane's life.

Layla observed Cris working in the diner and called out to him. When he ignored her and walked away, she followed him. Meanwhile, Lola stood nearby and wondered what was going on in the kitchen between Markko and Langston.

Markko continued to deny that anything had happened between him and Lola. Langston agreed to let it go, but Markko reached out to her and gave her a passionate kiss. He proclaimed his love for her. Touched, Langston told him that she loved him, too.

Layla followed Cris into the freezer. Cris refused to talk to her. Closing the door shut, Layla said that he wasn't going anywhere. He announced that she had locked them both inside.

Charlie wondered why Viki appeared to dislike Stacy. She told him that Gigi had confided in her about Stacy. Viki said that both she and Gigi had sisters that they didn't trust.

Placing John Doe's test results in her purse, Roxy told Stacy that Stacy didn't know what she was talking about. With a devilish look, Stacy remarked, "Stop playing games. I know your dirty little secret."

As Shane slept peacefully, Mike told Rex and Gigi that Shane was responding well to the chemotherapy treatment. They were surprised when he announced that Shane's circumstances had changed - it was vital that a bone marrow donor be located immediately.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Say a Little Prayer

At the hospital, Addie told John that the swelling in Blair's brain had gone down. John wanted to see her, but Dorian and Starr were in Blair's room. Addie asked John to find the person responsible for stabbing Blair. Addie also confessed that she liked John and Blair as a couple. She advised John to go home, shower, and change before he visited Blair.

John asked Fish for a favor. John wanted to see the evidence file from Lee Halpern's murder scene. Fish said that he couldn't remove evidence from the police station. John explained that there might be a connection between Blair's case and the murders. John believed that the killer had left behind clues at each scene.

Later, Fish delivered the files that John had requested. Fish had used his cell phone to take pictures of the evidence. Fish had then gone home, during his lunch break, to print everything up on his computer. John thanked Fish for his help; he realized he had asked a lot of Fish. Fish believed that what he had done had been for the greater good. Fish explained that he had to get to work; he didn't want to be late from a lunch break on his first day back on the job. John studied the files then made a phone call.

At the police station, Marty asked Téa to represent Cole. Marty admitted that she thought Téa was an unscrupulous person, but was also an excellent attorney. Téa agreed to Marty's request. Téa warned Marty that they would have to go after Nora in order to successfully defend Cole. Marty was willing to do whatever it took to spare Cole a lengthy prison sentence.

Todd decided he wanted custody of his children. Todd didn't want Dorian to raise his kids if Blair should die. Morgan, Todd's attorney, assured Todd that everything had been handled.

At the hospital, a man asking to see Blair approached Addie. Addie explained that Blair was in intensive care and couldn't receive visitors. When the man determined that Addie was Blair's next of kin, he handed her an envelope, then announced that she had been served. Addie was stunned when she opened the envelope.

While locked in the freezer at the Buenos Dias Café, Layla and Cristian continued to argue. Layla told Cris that she had talked to Fish. Fish had assured Layla that she was a fine person. Cris wasn't surprised, but he believed that Fish had merely been trying to spare Layla's feelings. Layla wondered what Cris knew about being nice. She reminded him that he had dumped a "great girl" like Sarah for a "conniving slut" like Vanessa. They continued to bicker, with each insisting that the other's opinion didn't matter to them.

As the cold began to set in, Layla had an idea for warmth. Cris hoped that Layla wouldn't suggest that they get naked. Layla scoffed at the idea. Instead she produced some matches. She figured that they could at least keep their hands warm while they waited for someone to rescue them. Luckily for them, they didn't have to wait long. Their arguing drew the attention of a waitress, who opened the freezer for them.

Stacy cornered Roxy at the hospital. Roxy panicked when Stacy revealed that she knew that John Doe was a match for Shane. Stacy also informed Roxy that she had looked up the man's real name on the Internet. Roxy realized that it was only a matter of time before Stacy told Rex about his biological father. Roxy decided to do damage control; she was prepared to tell Rex her version of the truth in the hopes of salvaging her relationship with her son.

Stacy told Roxy to calm down. Stacy announced that she had no intention of telling Rex about John Doe. Roxy didn't get to breathe a sigh of relief. Stacy made it clear that she expected Roxy's cooperation in exchange for Stacy's silence.

Gigi found Rex in the hospital's chapel. Both parents were worried that a bone marrow match would not be found in time to save Shane. Gigi admitted that she had lost faith in God. Rex urged her not to give up hope. He reminded her of all the people who had offered to be tested in order to help Shane. Rex also confessed that he considered it a miracle to have found Gigi and Shane after so many years apart.

After Rex left the chapel Gigi made a deal with God. She vowed that she would do and sacrifice anything if God spared Shane. As if on cue, Stacy approached Gigi in the chapel. Stacy claimed to be a bone marrow match for Shane.

Marty arrived at John's place, per his request. He explained that he had some questions about Lee Halpern, which he hoped Marty could answer. John asked Marty if Lee Halpern was in the habit of wearing three earrings. He showed Marty a picture of Lee's body that had been taken at the scene of the woman's murder. In the picture Lee was wearing a third earring with the letter "K."

The earring baffled Marty. She suspected that the "K" might have stood for Ketring, Lee's alias. John pointed out that the hole for the earring seemed off. It appeared raw as if it had recently been pierced. Marty wanted to know what John suspected. John reluctantly told Marty that he believed the person responsible for the recent stabbings had left behind clues.

John explained that after Blair had been stabbed, he had found a scrap of paper under her nail with the letter "D" printed on it. John had also found that Wes had the letter "A" added to a tattoo post-mortem.

John couldn't figure out what the letters: K, A, D signified. Marty tensed when she heard the letters in the order that they had been left. It was the name of the fraternity house where she had been raped.

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