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John suspected that a serial killer had stabbed Blair. Gigi found Rex and Stacy in bed together; Rex was certain he'd been drugged. Stacy moved in with Schuyler. Rex and Gigi learned that Shane had leukemia. Matthew had a spinal injury, and Cole was arrested. Roxy made a visit to see a mysterious patient.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of March 9, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Mother Courage

At the cottage, Stacy watched as Rex drank the beer that she had laced with drugs. Stacy became annoyed when Rex stated that he wished that Gigi were by his side. When Stacy questioned Rex's love for Gigi, he assured her that Gigi was the love of his life. As the drugs began to have an effect on Rex's state of mind, Stacy told him the sad story about the man who broke her heart. Rex suggested that she move on, but Stacy argued that it was difficult to forget your first love. While Rex continued to chug on the beer, Stacy implied that perhaps Gigi was the wrong girl for Rex.

With Matthew in the passenger seat of his car, Cole fell asleep at the wheel. Meanwhile, Gigi and Shane were driving on the same road. Realizing that the driver had lost control of his vehicle, Gigi tried to swerve and avoid an accident, but she was unsuccessful. Cole's vehicle collided into Gigi's car.

While Gigi and Shane lost consciousness and were trapped in their vehicle, both Cole and Matthew were ejected from Cole's car. As Cole lay on the ground with his legs trapped under his vehicle, Matthew lay unconscious out of sight. Once Gigi and Shane regained consciousness, Gigi was horrified when Shane began to suffer an asthma attack.

Nearby, John and Marty discussed Cole's possible whereabouts. Upon hearing the impact of the crash, John and Marty rushed to the scene of the accident.

At the hospital, Blair was rushed into the emergency room. As Dorian attempted to accompany Blair into the ER, Todd tried to join her. Observing Bo nearby, Dorian demanded that the police commissioner arrest Todd for Blair's stabbing. While Dorian headed into the ER, Bo prevented Todd from entering. Bo wanted to know what had taken place at La Boulaie.

Todd told Bo and Talia that he had gone to La Boulaie in hopes of convincing Blair to allow him to see his children. Upon entering Blair's bedroom, he observed Dorian trying to revive Blair, who had been stabbed. While Talia continued to interrogate Todd, Bo received a call informing him of the crash. Stating that he needed to check on Shane and Gigi, Bo asked Talia to put pressure on Todd to find out exactly what had happened to Blair. Before leaving, Bo phoned Nora and asked her to pick Matthew up from the dance.

Todd continued to deny that he stabbed Blair. Seconds later, Blair was transported from the ER on a gurney. Talia immediately asked a groggy Blair who had stabbed her. Moaning in distress, Blair took one look at Todd and passed out again. As the doctors rushed Blair off to another room in the hospital, Talia advised Todd that he was lucky that Blair lost consciousness before she had the opportunity to identify him as her attacker.

Todd refused to accompany Talia to the police station to be questioned. He insisted on remaining at the hospital until he knew that Blair's condition had improved. Talia agreed to allow Todd to give his statement at the hospital. Surprised by Todd's behavior, Talia acknowledged that Todd appeared to truly care about Blair's condition. Filled with emotion, Todd reminded Talia that Blair was the mother of his children. He told Talia that she couldn't understand how he felt seeing Blair lying in a pool of blood.

Meanwhile, Dorian observed as a team of doctors treated Blair. Promising to protect her, Dorian pleaded with Blair to pull through.

At the high school, Starr thought about the trouble Cole had caused at the dance.

As Cole lay unconscious on the ground, his cell phone rang.

Starr left Cole a voicemail in which she lashed out at him for causing Mr. Joplin trouble. She stated that she no longer cared about what happened to Cole anymore. As Starr ended her call, Mr. Joplin appeared. Reminding her that the school dance was over, Schuyler asked why she hadn't gone home. Racked with guilt, Starr inquired about Schuyler's meeting with the vice principal. Schuyler informed a shocked Starr that his meeting didn't go well. He had been suspended from teaching indefinitely, the board was launching an investigation into his past drug use, and he had been ordered to give an account of every moment he had spent with Starr. Starr regretted causing Schuyler embarrassment, but he blamed himself.

Acknowledging that he was her teacher, Schuyler said that he shouldn't have confided in Starr. She insisted that they were friends and that he had every right to divulge his secrets to her. Schuyler stressed that he was her teacher and had to maintain boundaries in regards to their relationship. He stated that the kiss would have never happened had he kept his distance from her. When Starr continued to imply that they shared a connection, Schuyler advised Starr that she was a special girl and that she was in love with Cole. Refusing to accept Schuyler's decision, Starr asked him if she was imagining the idea that he felt something special toward her. He insisted that she was in love with Cole-- whether she realized it or not.

Back at the crash scene, John discovered Gigi and Shane, and ran to assist them. He instructed Marty to tend to the victims in the other car. Unable to open Gigi's car doors, John grabbed a crowbar and gained entry.

Marty was stunned when she discovered Cole badly injured and trapped underneath his car. When Marty pleaded with Cole to answer her, he began to regain consciousness. Unable to move, he begged his mother to help him. As Cole cried out to her, Marty experienced a memory of him as a child. In tears, Cole asked his mother if he was going to die. Holding her son's hand, Marty cried, "You are my son! I'm here and will take care of you!" Without a second thought, Marty lifted the car and screamed, "John help me save my son!" A shocked John ran over and pulled Cole's legs from under the vehicle.

Marty pleaded with her son to continue to fight for his life. Meanwhile, a badly injured Matthew lay unnoticed nearby. Bo arrived on the scene as the paramedics assisted Shane and Gigi. When Gigi inquired about Cole's condition, Bo remarked that that Marty might have saved his life. As John looked on, Marty realized that Cole wasn't breathing - she was convinced that he had overdosed. As a result of hearing his mother's voice, Cole regained consciousness.

When Bo insisted that Gigi and Shane go to the hospital, Gigi agreed. She placed a call to Rex to ask him to meet them at the hospital. When Gigi was unable to reach Rex, Shane demanded to speak with his father.

Back at the cottage, Rex didn't hear his cell phone ring. Instead, Rex continued to drink. A drugged Rex maintained that he loved Gigi, which disappointed Stacy. Stacy expressed her regret that she had never found love. Rex told her that she was beautiful and assured her that any guy would agree. When Stacy wondered if Rex would ever have an interest in her, Rex informed her that he was spoken for. Stacy reminisced about the very first time that she had met Rex as a child. Stacy said that it was ironic that he had ended up with Gigi although she had met him first. As Rex began to feel the effects of the drugs, Stacy disrobed and stated, "How about I show you how it's done?"

At the Buenos Dias Café, Langston, Markko, and Lola enjoyed a late night snack. Markko was shocked that Starr had kissed Mr. Joplin. Langston believed that there was more to the story. She questioned whether Mr. Joplin had taken advantage of Starr and wondered if Starr was protecting him. While Langston and Markko both agreed that the entire situation was bizarre, Lola believed that it was romantic. Upon listening to Lola's observation, Langston began to wonder if a mutual attraction between Starr and Mr. Joplin existed. Markko expressed his concern over Cole's state of mind if Langston's revelation was correct. The teens worried about Todd's reaction to Starr's interest in her teacher.

The crash victims arrived at Llanview Hospital.

Marty handed Michael the bottle of pills that she discovered in Cole's possession. Michael announced that Cole's stomach would be pumped. Inside Cole's hospital room, Marty comforted her terrified son. In order to give mother and son a few moments alone, John exited Cole's room. As he stepped out into the hall, he observed a frightened Dorian. Assuming that John knew about Blair, Dorian told him that she was worried about her niece. John demanded to know what had happened to Blair.

While Shane and Gigi waited for a doctor to examine them, Gigi assured her son that his father was probably trying to reach them.

Talia interrupted Todd as he attempted to make a call. Todd declared that he was going to call his daughter to tell her about her mother.

While Starr tried to convince Schuyler that he might have feelings for her, her cell phone rang. Schuyler used the interruption as an opportunity to escape the situation. As Schuyler walked away, Starr realized that the caller was Todd. She shouted, "What does he want?" When Starr answered the phone, Todd advised her that he was calling about Blair.

At the cottage, Stacy stripped for Rex. As Rex fell asleep, his phone rang again. Ignoring the call, Stacy sat on Rex's lap and declared, "Sorry Gigi, Rex can't come to the phone!"

As Marty sat by Cole's bedside, she assured him that everything would be all right. Cole asked, "What about Matt?"

Back at the crash scene, Bo instructed his men to find out exactly who was at fault. As he examined the scene, Bo noticed Matthew's hat on the ground. In a panic, Bo frantically called out Matthew's name. Meanwhile, a bloody Matt lay unconscious out of sight.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Dirty Dancer

As Cole recovered in the hospital, he told Marty that Matthew had been a passenger in his car.

Dorian told John that Blair had been stabbed. Blair's fate was unknown because she remained in surgery. Starr arrived while Dorian was talking to John. Dorian and John were furious when they realized that Todd had called Starr from the hospital. John stormed off to confront Todd.

John found Todd in a nearby waiting lounge. Talia and another police officer were nearby. John didn't hesitate to throw Todd up against the wall. John demanded to know if Todd had stabbed Blair. Todd vehemently denied the accusation. John turned to Talia to ask why Todd had not been arrested for the brutal assault. Talia explained that Bo had instructed his police officers to hold Todd at the hospital until Bo returned.

Starr listened as her aunt recounted the events following Blair's stabbing. Dorian was convinced that Todd had stabbed Blair because Dorian had seen him standing in the bathroom after she had found her niece. Marty interrupted their conversation when she asked Dorian if she could borrow Dorian's cell phone. Marty explained that Matthew had been in the car with Cole at the time of the accident, but no one had realized it. Marty was desperate to reach Bo. Dorian immediately handed over her cell phone while Starr absorbed the shock of discovering that Cole had been in a car accident.

Bo was frantic as he searched for Matthew at the scene of the accident. Matthew slowly came to while Bo stood in the distance calling for him. Luckily, Bo quickly located Matthew. Matthew tried to reassure his father that he was okay, but Bo refused to let his son move. Bo shrugged out of his coat then covered Matthew. Next, Bo called 9-1-1. While they waited for help to arrive, Marty called Bo to advise him that Matthew had been in the car. Bo assured Marty that he had found Matthew and that an ambulance had been dispatched to the accident site. After Bo ended the call, approaching sirens could be heard.

As Matthew was loaded into the back of an ambulance, Nora called Bo. She had gone to the school to pick up their son but he had not been there. Nora wanted to know if Bo knew where Matthew was. Bo gently broke the news that Matthew had been involved in a car accident.

Starr went to check on Cole after she learned about his accident. She was relieved to see that he was, for the most part, unharmed. Cole was anxious to hear how Matthew had fared. Fortunately, Marty came into the room a moment later with the news that Matthew had been located. According to Marty, Matthew appeared to have suffered only minor injuries. Starr and Cole were relieved when they heard the news.

Shortly afterwards, Starr excused herself so that she could check on her mother. Marty and Cole were surprised to hear that Blair was in the hospital. Their surprise turned to disbelief when Starr told them that Blair had been attacked. Starr added that Dorian suspected Todd of the foul deed.

After Starr left, Marty and Cole discussed Todd's possible guilt. Cole was certain that Todd had stabbed Blair, while Marty remained unconvinced. Marty didn't think Todd would kill the mother of his children. The two did not agree, so Marty deftly changed the subject. Marty confessed that, when she had seen Cole at the scene of the accident, all of her memories of loving her son had returned. Cole was overcome with emotion as he reached for his mother. The two shared an emotional embrace.

After Starr's visit with Cole, Starr rejoined her Aunt Dorian in the hallway. John approached them a few minutes later. He asked Dorian why Todd had been at LaBoulaie earlier that evening. Dorian admitted that she had no idea why Todd had stopped by. Starr decided that she needed answers. Despite Dorian's protests, Starr sought out Todd so that she could hear his side of the story.

Talia left Starr and Todd alone so that they could talk. Starr demanded to know if Todd had stabbed Blair. Todd was saddened because his daughter felt that she needed to ask him such a horrible question. Todd denied the charge; he did not stab Blair. Starr wanted to know why Todd had been at the house. Todd said that he had gone there after Cole had shown up at his house, stoned. Todd had gone to LaBoulaie because he wanted to find Starr so that he could warn her about Cole's erratic behavior. Todd claimed that when he arrived at the mansion, the front door had been unlocked. He walked upstairs just as Dorian found Blair.

Todd then praised Dorian's reaction to the situation. Todd credited Dorian's quick action with saving Blair's life. Starr wasn't convinced of her father's innocence. She insisted that Todd swear he did not try to kill her mother. Todd swore on the lives of his children, the only people who truly mattered to him, that he did not attack Blair with a knife. Starr dissolved into tears. She wanted to know who would hate Blair enough to kill her. Todd didn't have any answers for his daughter. He offered her what little comfort he could by assuring her that Blair had been alert before surgery. The revelation seemed to help Starr.

Later, John offered Dorian some coffee before questioning her about Todd. To his surprise, Dorian admitted that she might have been wrong to accuse Todd of stabbing Blair. Dorian explained that she had overheard Todd and Starr talking. What Todd said to Starr resonated with Dorian. Dorian didn't want to risk someone getting away with the crime because they were wrongly focused on Todd as the prime suspect.

John approached Marty when he saw her step out of Cole's room. Marty updated John on Cole's condition. She also told him that Matthew had been located. John was happy to hear that everyone appeared to have escaped the crash without serious injury. Marty agreed, then changed the subject. She was filled with remorse because she had pulled John away from Blair at a time when Blair had needed John. John told Marty not to think in those terms; he reminded Marty that because of her, he had been available to help Gigi, Shane, and Cole.

John returned to question Dorian about her change of heart regarding Todd's guilt. Dorian made a startling announcement-Dorian was certain she knew who had tried to kill Blair.

Nora arrived at the hospital moments after Matthew was taken into an examination room. Nora was upset when she realized that a doctor had not checked out Matthew. Bo explained that it had been a hectic night, fraught with confusion. Nora was dismayed when Bo revealed that they had not initially known Matthew had been a passenger in Cole's car.

Michael walked into Matthew's room a few minutes later. Bo and Nora had their first inkling that something was wrong with Matthew when Michael refused to let Matthew take off his neck brace. While Michael continued his examination, Nora distracted Matthew by making plans for his homecoming. Bo watched as Michael tested the bottom of Matthew's feet for reflexes. When Matthew failed to respond to the stimulation, Bo's expression turned grim. Bo and Michael exchanged a long look as the significance of Matthew's lack of movement sank in.

At the hospital, Gigi's frustration mounted each time she failed to reach Rex on the phone. Gigi was desperate to get word to him about the accident, so she tried to call Stacy. Unfortunately, Stacy's phone went to voicemail. After the doctor gave Shane a clean bill of health, Gigi and Shane headed home.

Stacy was frustrated when she realized that the drug she had slipped to Rex was working a little too well. Rex was sleepy more than he was receptive to her sexual advances. When Rex's cell phone rang, Stacy made sure that Rex didn't answer it. When her cell phone rang, Stacy ignored it. She decided to move her little seduction scene to the bedroom.

In the bedroom, Stacy made quick work of stripping Rex down to his underwear. Rex was in and out of consciousness; he was completely unaware of what was going on. After Rex passed out in his bed, Stacy climbed in next to him. While Rex slept, Stacy talked about how much he loved Rex. Stacy also reminisced about falling in love with him at the age of 13. As she talked, Stacy revealed that she believed that she and Rex were destined to be together. Stacy was certain that fate had brought them back together when she saw Rex in Las Vegas.

Stacy also revealed that her plan was for Gigi to find Rex and Stacy in bed together. Stacy realized that it would be an ugly scene, but she was certain the payoff would be well worth it.

Gigi and Shane found a mess in the living room when they arrived home. Gigi immediately sent Shane to bed. While Shane went to his room, Gigi slowly made her way up to her bedroom. Gigi opened the door just as Stacy leaned over Rex's prone body to confess her love for him.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Llegless In Llanview

At Llanview Hospital, Dorian explained to John that she didn't believe Todd had attacked Blair. Instead, she offered up an alternative suspect: Ray Montez. John reminded Dorian that he was no longer on the police force, and suggested she share her suspicions with Talia instead. Indignant, Dorian accused John of having already cast Blair aside, and asked if he only cared about Marty. John countered that he cared deeply for Blair, and added that Dorian would understand that if she truly knew him.

At La Boulaie, the Llanview Police Department continued to sweep the crime scene as Moe, Noelle, and Ray stood by helplessly. Noelle was mortified that an intruder had been able to come into their home so easily, and prayed for Blair's swift recovery. Langston, Markko, and Lola arrived home from the dance just in time to discover the phalanx of cops, and Moe and Noelle gave them the bad news about Blair.

Langston called Dorian at the hospital for information on Blair, and Dorian asked if Ray was there with her. She ordered Langston and the teens not to leave the property, and quickly raced back to La Boulaie to mete out Cramer justice.

In Cole's room, a police officer brought Cole his cell phone while Marty tried to comfort her frightened son, who kept asking about Matthew. Marty reassured Cole that Matthew was fine, and told him to stay in bed and rest while she checked on Matthew's condition. Alone and afraid, Cole checked his voicemail and listened to Starr's angry message, deeply ashamed.

In Matthew's room, Bo and Michael were dismayed to see no reaction from the boy as Michael tested his reflexes. Oblivious, Matthew continued to chat with Nora, and said the worst that had happened to him during the accident was having his legs fall asleep. Michael told Matthew to tell him when he felt something as he pressed a pin against the sole of the boy's foot, but much to Bo and Nora's horror, Matthew's only response was, "Feel what?"

Michael quickly hustled Bo and Nora out of the room as the frightened parents grilled him for answers. Michael said it was too soon to determine the full extent of Matthew's condition, and that more tests were needed. When Bo asked him for a worst-case scenario, Michael admitted that Matthew could be paralyzed from the point of injury down. Michael urged them not to panic, and said much more work needed to be done; a rattled Nora agreed to file the paperwork while Bo accompanied Matthew through another battery of tests. As the trio reentered the room and Michael sedated Matthew, Matthew guilelessly told his mother they'd gotten lucky, "I could've gotten really hurt."

Inside the hospital lounge, Starr quickly recoiled from her embrace with Todd, disgusted with herself for having caved in to her father and letting him comfort her. As Starr began to reel off Todd's recent misdeeds again, she added another crime to his rap sheet: blackmailing Dr. Joplin to conspire with him to steal Hope. Todd tried to deny it, but Starr informed him that Schuyler Joplin had told her all about his plans, thanks to a letter Dr. Joplin had left for her son. She told Todd the letter was gone, along with any proof of his guilt, so he'd get away scot-free once more. Starr told him that the absence of evidence wouldn't stop her from remembering what he'd done, and tore out of the room.

Todd tried to follow Starr down the corridor, but Talia and her partner stopped him at the door. As Michael passed by, Starr and John stopped him to ask about Blair's condition. Michael explained that Blair's trauma had caused swelling on her brain, forcing the doctors to put Blair into a chemically induced coma in order to promote her recovery. As Starr rushed to the ICU to see her mother, Todd asked to go, as well, and appealed to John. John reluctantly agreed, and Todd headed for the ICU.

Back at La Boulaie, Dorian burst into the drawing room and, with grand flourish, demanded that the police officers on the scene arrest Ray. Frazzled, she accused him of having attacked Blair just like he'd "killed his wife." The put-upon Mr. Montez once again reminded Dorian that he had been cleared of all charges, while Moe and Noelle raced to his defense; Noelle informed Dorian that Ray had been with them in the kitchen at the time of the attack, helping Moe cook tamales. Defeated and deflated, Dorian stumbled out into the foyer, trying to regain her wits and control of her emotions. Ray soon followed, offering his condolences about Blair, and holding out an olive branch as he said he understood the need to lay blame. Ray told Dorian he would pray for her niece's speedy recovery.

In Blair's room in the ICU, Starr wept at her mother's bedside. Starr begged Blair to wake up, and said she couldn't go on without her. As she recounted her pregnancy saga, she remembered how Blair had always supported her and backed her up in the most trying of times. Starr pleaded with her mother to "keep going," just as she'd helped the other Cramer women to keep going through adversity.

As Starr poured her heart out to the comatose Blair about Cole and her troubles, Todd watched in silence from the observation window. Todd wanted to go into Blair's room, as well, but Talia refused to allow it. When Todd tried to force his way past her, Talia promptly charged him with assaulting an officer and carted him off.

Elsewhere in the hospital, Nora watched helplessly as Bo accompanied Matthew for another round of tests. Dazed, she stumbled down the hall and ran into Marty. As the women comforted each other, Nora asked about Cole, and was upset to hear that he blamed himself for the accident, until she discovered the mitigating circumstances. When Marty revealed that Cole had overdosed on drugs during the evening, Nora hit the roof.

Storming into Cole's hospital room, Nora confronted her foster child, demanding to know how long he'd been using drugs. "Do you know what you've done?" she asked him. "Matthew has no feeling in his legs!" The Thornharts were horrified at the news, but Nora would not be denied her rage. She asked Cole if the pot they'd found on Matthew was actually his, and Cole tearfully admitted it was. Nora asked why he'd never come forward, and batted aside his feeble excuses.

Cole said he'd told Matthew not to get in the car with him, but Nora countered that he shouldn't have been driving, period. As Marty attempted to defuse the situation, Nora turned on her: "You stay out of it! Like you always have! I've treated this kid like a son when you would have nothing to do with him, so you stay out of it!" Grabbing Cole by the collar of his hospital gown, Nora grew hysterical as she asked Cole how he could have done what he did to Matthew. "He loved you, he worshipped you, he trusted you, he lied for you, and what did you do? What did you do? You stupid, stupid, stupid boy!"

Marty stepped in, and told Nora to leave her son alone. She said that Cole would face the consequences of his actions, and Nora vehemently agreed. As Nora stalked out, Marty held Cole, who dissolved into tears.

Dorian returned to the hospital with Langston and Markko in tow, meeting up with Starr in a nearby corridor. Starr explained that Blair had been put into a coma, and Dorian hurried to the ICU.

Before Langston and Starr could compare notes, the teens watched in shock as Matthew was wheeled past on a gurney. Starr informed Langston and Markko of Cole and Matthew's accident, and said that Cole had been high behind the wheel. Nora, passing by, overheard the teens' conversation, and asked if they'd known Cole was using drugs. Starr admitted that they had, and Nora unloaded on them. Furious, she asked the trio what kind of friends they were to let Cole spin out of control without any help or supervision. Before she could go further, Bo returned, and Nora told him she had news about Cole. Thoroughly chastened, Starr, Langston and Markko hurried away to the waiting area.

At La Boulaie, the LPD forensic team finally evacuated, leaving the house to Moe and Noelle. Noelle was deeply shaken by the violence that had been done inside their home, and said she couldn't imagine what it would be like if Moe had been a victim, as well. Moe hugged his wife and told her she'd never find out.

At the Morascos' cottage, Gigi walked into her bedroom to find Stacy atop the drugged Rex. Apoplectic, she screamed at Stacy and asked what was going on. As a disoriented Rex came to, he had the same questions, but Gigi was loath to buy his claims of being confused and out of it. When Gigi informed him that she and Shane had been in an accident, Rex staggered out of the room to check on his son.

Gigi demanded answers from her sister, and Stacy presented a wildly skewed version of events: she claimed Rex had gotten wasted and come on to her. As Rex returned to the bedroom, he rebutted Stacy's accusations, but Stacy had a twisted answer for everything. She told Gigi that Rex had been hitting on her all night, that he'd expressed doubts about getting married, and that he'd convinced her to do an exotic dance routine for him.

Gigi asked Rex why he hadn't picked up his phone when she'd called; Stacy claimed it had been set on silent mode, but Rex said he would never have kept his phone muted. Rex swore to Gigi that he loved her and would never lay a hand on her sister. Gigi suspected Stacy was distorting the truth, but Stacy responded with a vigorous defense, mockingly laying out her own "supposed" misdeeds with derision, even though she'd actually done each of the things she was laughing at.

Stacy warned Gigi to take another look at her relationship with Rex, and said the evening's events were a major red flag. After storming out in a huff, Stacy gleefully danced off to her bedroom once out of sight.

With Stacy gone, Rex reiterated his innocence to Gigi, and asked about her accident. Still suspicious, Gigi explained what happened, and began to break down as the shock hit her. Rex hugged her, and said that without her and Shane, he'd have died, as well. He said he was glad they were okay, but Gigi still wasn't sure that their family was all that okay, and said that she'd needed him and he hadn't been there. Rex insisted he hadn't touched Stacy, and said he'd only had one beer. As Rex collapsed onto the bed complaining of sickness, Gigi dismissively told him to take an aspirin. Listening outside their door, Stacy smirked in triumph.

In the hospital ICU, John was at Blair's side, holding her hand. Anguished, John told Blair that he shouldn't have left her that night, and said he'd learned his lesson about taking off on her for other distractions. He admitted that he'd thought she could handle anything and didn't need him, but he'd come to know better. "I could have stopped this," John murmured, and pleaded with her to come back to him. He promised to never stop making it up to her, and kissed her hand.

Across the hospital and across town, other scenes played out: Dorian watched John and Blair inside the ICU and struggled to contain her grief, while Ray put a comforting hand on her shoulder. Moe and Noelle, and Gigi and Rex went to bed in their respective homes, as Gigi turned away from Rex, lost in thought. Bo and Nora stayed by Matthew's side as he slept, while Talia placed Cole under arrest. As the police swung the doors to Cole's hospital room open, the teens in the waiting area locked eyes with their injured friend.

Meanwhile, back in Blair's room in the ICU, John discovered something lodged beneath one of Blair's lacquered fingernails. Tweezing the foreign object out carefully, John discovered that it was a small scrap of paper, with a single letter on it: "D."

Thursday, March 12, 2009


Jessica paid Brody a surprise visit at St. Anne's and gently broke the news of the car accident involving Shane and Gigi. She assured him they were fine and to prove it, slipped him a phone so that he could call and speak to them himself. Shane was thrilled to hear from Brody and Brody was equally pleased to hear that Shane missed him. Learning that Matthew and Cole had also been injured, Brody spoke fondly of Nora. Thanks to her, he had been assigned to St. Anne's after his own incident on Llantano Mountain.

Brody had his own news for Jessica. He was waiting for his release papers and was nervously anticipating his move back into the real world, though he would still be seeing the doctor as an outpatient. He insisted his recovery was in large part due to Jessica's help, and he was grateful to her. He added that he would have done the same for her in a heartbeat. Jessica revealed that she and Natalie had begun the healing process and that she and Chloe were bonding, as well. She felt certain that Chloe knew that Jessica was her real mother.

When Brody realized that he had no home to return to, Jessica jumped at the chance to invite him to stay at Llanfair. An unwilling Brody thought he would be too close to Gigi and Shane if he stayed there and regretfully, he declined her offer.

As Shane described the car accident to Stacy, Gigi brusquely sent him upstairs, wanting to have her own conversation with her sister. As the women discussed the turn of events that led Stacy into bed with Rex, Stacy pointed out the favor she actually had done for Gigi. She reminded her that Rex had already dropped one wife and would probably do it again. As if on cue, Rex walked in and announced that he had gone to the hospital for blood work. He felt confident that Stacy had spiked his beer with a "mickey."

Shane was unwilling to go to school after his major accident, but Rex convinced Shane to change his mind after suggesting he would be the center of attention. Once the boy left, the adults resumed their discussion. Rex vowed not to allow Stacy to leave the house, assuming that she would somehow distort his blood test records. Gigi admitted that she did not believe that Rex would have gotten into bed with Stacy, either drunk or sober; however, she doubted his story of drugs in his beer, too. Rex decided to camp out at the hospital until his results were in. He told Gigi that he was sorry over how things had turned out. Once Rex was gone, Stacy bragged to her sister that she could have any guy she wanted, and asked why she would she go after Rex.

Sneering at Stacy, Gigi advised her that she didn't think Rex did what Stacy claimed. Feeling that things had been weird since Stacy's arrival in town, Gigi related all the incidents that Stacy had been involved with, beginning with her breaking into Gigi's home and stealing her dress. Assuring Stacy that she didn't like her or know her, Gigi swore that she would make her pay. When a sudden call from Rex came through demanding that Gigi meet him at the hospital immediately, Gigi turned on her sister. She ordered Stacy to pack her bags and get out of the house. She wanted Stacy gone by the time she returned. Speaking quietly to herself, Stacy whispered that she was not through.

At the hospital, Marcie surprised Michael with some breakfast, but was unable to get any information from him regarding Cole and the news that the teen had drugs in his system. A busy Michael left Marcie at the nurses' station with Cole's chart left behind on the desk. Unable to help herself, she began to look at the records until a nurse berated her and grabbed the chart. She had seen enough to upset her though. Cole's blood type was noted as Rh negative, something that had to be impossible in view of the cause of baby Hope's death.

Starr and John kept up their vigilance by Blair's room and talked about the possibility that Todd had been the one to stab Blair. Starr felt certain her father was innocent, though John was obviously skeptical. He admitted that he only wanted to find the truth. They also talked about Matthew and how Nora had screamed at the teens who knew about Cole's involvement with drugs. Starr felt responsible and, while she tried to stop Cole, should have told someone. John assured her it wasn't her fault. Starr was sorry she went to the dance, as Cole wouldn't have seen her and maybe her mother wouldn't have been stabbed. Perhaps she would have been stabbed, too, John suggested.

Natalie and Jared continued to ponder the reason for Jessica visiting the hospital the night of Chloe's birth and determined that it had probably been Bess, who had come to have the baby checked out. They wondered why Chloe was still wrapped in Jessica's sweater, unless Jessica had left without seeing a doctor. Natalie admitted that she had once wanted to get back at Jessica, but her sister had shown signs of being a good mother.

A confused Marcie stumbled into the waiting area where she found Natalie and Jared. Confused, she disclosed the information she had just learned from Cole's chart. She explained that everyone had been told previously that Cole's blood type was Rh positive, a distinct opposite of Starr's own Rh negative, which had allegedly caused the baby to die. It was impossible for him to be Rh negative, she insisted, though they had been advised that the condition in first babies was rare. She had learned that his blood had been tested many times for the drugs and so the information noted on the chart was correct. She wondered how she would tell Starr-and wondered what did baby Hope really died from.

A tearful Marcie recounted the events of the night of Hope's birth. Recalling her actual birth at 7:58p.m., she vividly remembered the hour that she lived, how she had entered the world screaming, and was suddenly gone. She said goodbye to the baby in Dr. Joplin's office and couldn't imagine what could have happened in the hour she was alive. She added that there had been no record of the baby being in the NICU, but things must have been hectic. She shared both joy and sorrow with Starr, and would have to tell her the latest news. The only thing left of Hope was the lock of hair that Starr always kept in the locket around her neck, Marcie confided. As Natalie and Jared listened, the realization of what had happened that night showed in their eyes.

John asked Michael for information on the autopsy reports of both Wes and Lee. He felt that the killer might have left a calling card. He divulged that he had found a small letter "D" under Blair's fingernail. Michael shook his head. John would forever be a cop, just like their dad, he sighed. Perhaps Blair had picked up the type from work, Michael suggested. John assured him that Blair no longer worked at the magazine and the type was not used. Michael refused John's request that he take the autopsy reports home, but gave him two hours to look them over. He grudgingly came up with a magnifying glass at John's request. Jokingly, he asked who would have random extra "D's" and if it were Todd. Not amused, John reminded his brother that he couldn't tell him anything.

As John eyed the autopsy photographs, magnifier in hand, he was drawn to the tattoo on Wes's arm. Calling a buddy, he verified the Latin term. There was an extra "A" on the tattoo. He stared at another photo and something caught his attention. He pondered the letters that had shown up in each crime.

Roxy dropped off some extra towels to Schuyler in his Angel Square Hotel room and talked to him nonstop about the car accident. She also felt that Starr was an at-risk student who needed someone to talk to, and she realized that Schuyler should be the one to help her out. Schuyler did his utmost to get Roxy to stop talking and leave his room. He was finally successful. Brody arrived with Jessica, looking for a room. Roxy brought them to the room that Wes had lived in when he was murdered.

Starr received a call from Schuyler, who figured there was no harm, since he had already been suspended. He wanted to know how she was and he asked about both Blair and Cole. Starr admitted that she was alone and scared and wished she could run and talk to him. Unfortunately, that would never happen again. In his attempt to soothe Starr, Schuyler suggested that the accident would be Cole's wakeup call and that he wouldn't be able to hide his problem any longer. He explained that sometimes a person had to hit the bottom in order to get better. He added that he would never call her again, but would be thinking about her.

Starr continued to wait for news of her mother, forbidden to enter Blair's room. She asked the nurse to let the unconscious Blair know Starr was there for her.

As Schuyler relaxed, a prolonged and insistent knocking on his door caused him to yell at Roxy to go away. When it didn't stop, he was forced to answer it. Stacy marched in, suitcase in hand, and announced that she was moving in.

Once Marcie left, Natalie advised Jared that she had it figured out. Bess took her baby to Dr Joplin's office at the same time Hope was there. Gigi found Michael and Rex together and wondered what they had learned from Rex's test results. It wasn't Rex they were concerned about, but Shane. His blood work results from the night of the accident were in. It appeared that Shane had leukemia! A shaken Gigi stared in disbelief.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Blood Ties

Inside his hospital room, Matthew told Nora that he was concerned because he couldn't feel his legs. While Matthew was anxious to learn the results of his test, his mother assured him that everything would be fine.

In the hall, Bo was alarmed when the doctor related that he needed to speak to both Bo and Nora concerning Matthew's test results, and that his findings weren't promising.

The doctor informed Matthew's parents that he had sustained a serious injury and was paralyzed. While Nora wept hysterically, the doctor explained that therapy might help Matthew gain limited sensitivity in his legs, but he doubted that the teen would ever walk again.

Clint approached as Bo attempted to console Nora. Upon learning of Matthew's injury, Clint advised Bo and Nora to fight for Matthew. Clint urged them to encourage Matthew that he would eventually walk again. Declaring that he would find a specialist that could help Matthew, Clint rushed off while Bo and Nora checked on their son. When they entered the room, a sullen Matthew insisted, "Tell, me!"

Down the hall, Marcie comforted Starr, who was distraught over her mother's condition and Todd's possible involvement. Uncertain of the right time to break the news, Marcie chose to tell Starr that she had uncovered a startling revelation concerning Hope. Revealing that both Starr and Cole possessed the same Rh factors, Marcie explained that it had been impossible for Hope to have died from Rh disease as Dr. Joplin had claimed. Marcie insisted that Hope should have been born healthy.

Upon learning that she had been given false facts regarding Hope's death, Starr panicked. In tears, Starr related how she had learned to come to terms with the death of her child. She had no idea how she could live without knowing how Hope had actually died. Before leaving, Marcie promised Starr that she would uncover the truth about Hope's death.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Jessica was skeptical as she watched Roxy give Brody a tour of the apartment in which Wes had been murdered. Troubled by the thought of Brody residing at a recent crime scene, Jessica begged him to stay at Llanfair, but Brody refused. He insisted on supporting himself. Realizing that Brody was determined to rent the apartment, Jessica relented and asked Roxy to make some minor adjustments.

Alone with Jessica, Brody wondered if he had made a mistake by staying in Llanview. When Brody stated that he had no reason to remain in town, Jessica exclaimed, "What about me?" A touched Brody thanked Jessica for helping him in his time of need. Jessica asked him not to leave without saying goodbye. Brody assured her that he planned on sticking around for a while. As they laughed and joked together, Brody and Jessica shared a passionate kiss.

Back at Llanview Hospital, a terrified Natalie expressed her fears to Jared - that Jessica's baby was dead and Bess had switched the dead child with Starr's baby. Staring at Chloe, Natalie insisted that Chloe was actually Starr's child.

Unwilling to accept Natalie's revelation, Jared asked her to expound on her accusations. Citing that Jessica's first child had died at birth, Natalie was certain that the child that Tess had given birth to had died as a result of the same disease. Natalie also reminded Jared that Tess had experienced terrible labor pains before running off and leaving them locked in the basement. Jared became convinced when Natalie informed him of Todd's plan to steal Starr's baby, which resulted in her child being left alone in Dr. Joplin's office - giving Bess ample time to switch the babies.

Realizing that Natalie's accusations might be correct, Jared urged her to let it go. He was certain that the news would devastate Jessica. Suddenly, Jared had a horrible thought - either Jessica knew the truth or Bess was still keeping the secret. Jared stated that either way, Jessica wasn't integrated as everyone believed.

Admitting that she expected to discover a secret, Natalie said that she never thought it would be something as terrible as what they had uncovered. Natalie feared how Jessica would react to learning that her child was dead. She also expressed her pain over Starr and Cole mourning a child that wasn't dead.

At the hospital, Gigi was terrified when Mike informed her that Shane had leukemia. Rex and Gigi listened as Mike related that Shane's white cell count was extremely high and it could be fatal. Citing that Shane wasn't sick, Gigi couldn't believe that her son had cancer. Mike announced that it was necessary to do a biopsy and schedule Shane for chemotherapy treatments immediately. Rex and Gigi were shocked to learn that Shane might need a bone marrow transplant. Mike suggested that they begin looking for a donor. Mike advised the couple that a blood relative would be Shane's best hope. He related that siblings were typically the best donors. Gigi broke down in Rex's arms and cried, "I can't lose my baby!" Rex promised her that Shane would survive.

Gigi blamed herself for being unaware of Shane's illness. She began to recall the difficulties that he had recently begun to experience. Vowing to stand by her, Rex told her that she wasn't alone. He promised that they would deal with Shane's sickness together.

Stacy barged into Schuyler's apartment at the Angel Square Hotel and insisted on staying with him. Promising that she wouldn't upset his life, Stacy told him that she would be homeless if Schuyler didn't take her in. When Stacy mentioned that Gigi accused her of seducing Gigi's boyfriend, Schuyler was certain that Rex was the guy that Stacy had been pining over. Stacy denied being attracted to Rex, but Schuyler was skeptical and rehashed their past together. Although he was unconvinced by Stacy's claims, Schuyler agreed to allow her to live with him until she was able to get back on her feet. Delighted that she had secured temporary shelter, Stacy headed downstairs to get a soda.

In the lobby, both Stacy and Roxy were less than thrilled to encounter each other. After Roxy ridiculed Stacy about losing her free ride at Gigi's home, Roxy wasn't too pleased to learn that Stacy would be residing at the hotel. As the two women bickered, their phones rang simultaneously.

Gigi phoned Stacy and Roxy received a call from Rex. Startled to learn that Shane was sick, both women rushed off to the hospital.

When Roxy and Stacy arrived at the hospital, Rex and Gigi informed them of the news. Roxy promised Rex that she would provide a sample. To Gigi's surprise, Stacy agreed, without hesitation, to be a possible donor. Stacy insisted, "I would never hold a misunderstanding against my nephew." Giving Gigi a hug, Stacy continued, "You obviously don't know me very well, do you?" Roxy was overcome with emotion when Mike stated that 75% of patients never found donors. In tears, Gigi expressed her wish that her parents were still alive to test as donors. When Rex expressed his regret that his father was dead, Roxy cringed.

A terrified Rex confided in Roxy that he had no idea how to be strong for Shane. Raising her voice, Roxy demanded that Rex get angry. She insisted that his anger would give him an energy that would help him make the right decision. She said that Rex needed to do whatever it took to protect his son.

Mike informed Gigi and Rex that they needed to bring Shane in for treatment right away. Looking at Rex, Gigi wondered how they would tell their son. Offering Rex his full support, Mike promised to make Shane's case his number one priority.

After agreeing to give her sample first, Stacy was escorted to the lab. Inside, she noticed Rex's file that contained his blood work results. Left alone in the room, Stacy tossed Rex's file in the trash.

As Stacy took pleasure in her misdeed against Rex, Roxy rushed into the room. Claiming that she had an important errand to run, Roxy begged Stacy to explain her absence to Rex and Gigi. Believing that she was alone, Roxy placed a frantic call. Screaming into the phone, Roxy stated, "I need to see a patient in room 302...Yes it is a family emergency and a matter of life and death." As Roxy ran out of the room, Stacy emerged with a devilish smile.

Roxy entered Room 302. With disgust, Roxy looked down at the unknown patient and yelled, "Our grandson needs your help!" Meanwhile, Stacy stood on the other side of the door.

Shane insisted that he was fine and didn't understand why he needed a checkup. As Gigi stood speechless, Rex informed his son that the doctors had discovered a problem with his test.

Schuyler was shocked to open his door and discover Starr. In tears, a distraught Starr rushed into his arms.

Marcie approached Mike at the hospital. Marcie told him that she had discovered something about Hope.

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