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All My Children Recaps: The week of March 9, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, March 9, 2009

Opal was waiting when Erica arrived at ConFusion. Erica immediately realized that Opal was distraught. Opal was wracked with guilt because she had tried to pacify Ryan by lying to Greenlee about her fate. Opal felt party responsible for Greenlee's demise. Opal was convinced that every time she opened her mouth, she hexed someone.

While Dr. Collins, Little A's pediatrician, examined the little boy, JR went to the living room to update his father. JR was filled with self-loathing because Little A could have died as a result of JR's neglect. Adam warned JR that the worst was yet to happen. Adam explained to JR that there was a public record of Little A consuming alcohol, because Krystal had called 9-1-1. Adam guessed that David had a lawyer on retainer; he assumed that it was only a matter of time before David filed for custody.

JR listened while Adam plotted ways to keep David from getting custody of Little A. JR objected when Adam suggested using Amanda to discredit David. JR made it clear that Amanda would be off-limits. Adam scoffed at his son's sentimentality. Adam vowed that he would do whatever was necessary to keep his grandson out of David's clutches.

At Wildwind, David was furious when Krystal told him that Little A had consumed an entire glass of scotch. David pounced on the opportunity to convince Krystal that they needed to sue for custody of Little A. Krystal was reluctant, but David hammered home how dangerous living with JR had become. Krystal accused David of marrying for the sole intention of filing for custody of their grandson. David hotly denied the accusation. He insisted that he had married Krystal because he loved her.

David switched tactics by pulling on Krystal's heartstrings. He told her that they could raise Little A the way that they had not been able to raise Babe. David painted a picture of them living an ideal life where Krystal was a full-time mother and David a devoted husband and father.

Later, JR went to Wildwind to talk to Krystal. David's anger had not abated. He raged at JR then dropped a bombshell. David said that his attorneys were working on obtaining an emergency custody order, which they hoped to have enforced by the end of the day.

Jesse went to the Chandler mansion to follow up on the 9-1-1 call. Adam tried to downplay the call, hinting that the call had been a mistake, but Jesse wouldn't buy it. Adam changed gears by accusing Krystal of staging the incident. According to Adam, Krystal wanted to use child neglect charges to convince a judge to award custody of Little A to her and David. Jesse saw through Adam's ploy. Since Little A was asleep and JR wasn't home, Jesse decided to leave. He warned Adam that he would return with someone from Child Protective Services. Adam objected, but Jesse told him that it was protocol.

Adam made one last attempt to win Jesse over by offering a paid vacation to Jesse in exchange for Jesse turning a blind eye. Jesse let Adam know that he wasn't interested in accepting a bribe.

While Angie tried to talk to Reese about her blindness, Reese freaked out. Reese jumped out of the bed then began throwing things around the room. Angie couldn't calm Reese down, so she left Reese alone.

A short time later, Angie asked Brot to go to Reese's room to clean up the mess that Reese had made. When Brot walked into the room, he found Reese crumpled on the floor, exhausted after her fit of fury. Unfortunately, Reese continued to seethe with anger. Brot tried to help Reese into her bed but Reese would have none of it. Reese wanted to be left alone.

Brot reached out to Reese on another level. He told her about the burns that he had suffered. Reese didn't believe Brot until Brot invited her to touch his face. The moment that Reese felt his disfiguring scars, she realized that he had told her the truth. The anger seemed to seep out of her as Reese apologized to Brot. Neither was aware of approaching footsteps; Taylor had walked into the room.

Brot told Reese about his own experiences as he came to terms with his injuries. He admitted that he had lost a lot of valuable time with those he cared about, so he understood loneliness. He promised Reese that things would eventually get better. Reese was doubtful, but she did allow Brot to help her into the bed. As Reese settled down under the covers, Brot looked up. He smiled when he realized that Taylor stood at the foot of Reese's bed.

In the hallway Taylor let Brot know that she was impressed by how he had handled the situation in Reese's room. She also told him that she had a new understanding for the plight that he had endured while recovering from his extensive burns.

Zach walked into Ryan's apartment to see Kendall seated on the sofa next to Ryan. She was wearing Ryan's shirt. When he took in the scene, complete with champagne, Zach sarcastically apologized for not knocking first. In the same tone, Zach noted that the only thing missing from the scene of seduction were rose petals scattered on the floor.

Kendall defended Ryan. She told Zach that the last thing on Ryan's mind was seducing her. Zach didn't believe Kendall; he accused her and Ryan of trying to hurt him. Kendall's protests of innocence fell on deaf ears. Zach said that he had sacrificed a daughter to save his marriage, then asked Kendall why that had not been enough.

Kendall asked Zach how he could want to be with her when he clearly continued to struggle with his decision to give Gabby up. Zach admitted that it had been difficult, but he was working on coming to terms with it. That wasn't good enough for Kendall. Kendall reminded Zach that he had made the decision of his own free will. She said that they'd all made difficult choices and were living with them.

The argument between Kendall and Zach escalated. Zach poured a glass of champagne then handed it to Kendall. Before he walked out of the door, he invited her to call him when she was ready to work on their marriage. Kendall watched Zach go.

Ryan was stunned by Zach's arrogance, but Kendall defended her husband. She told Ryan that Zach cared about too many people. Kendall admitted that she selfishly wanted Zach to love only her and the boys. Ryan asked why she didn't tell Zach that. Before Kendall could answer, Erica walked in. Erica was eager to hear Kendall's answer to Ryan's question.

Kendall quickly changed back into her clothes, then asked Ryan for privacy so that she could talk to Erica alone. After Ryan stepped away, Erica asked Kendall what was going on. Erica pointedly looked around the apartment. Kendall didn't know why everyone assumed that she and Ryan had been romantically intimate. Erica spelled it out for Kendall: Kendall wore Ryan's shirt, sat in Ryan's apartment, and sipped on Ryan's champagne. Erica didn't give Kendall the chance to reply as she went on to accuse Kendall of not participating in her marriage to Zach. Erica urged Kendall to help Zach salvage their marriage instead of expecting him to fix everything alone.

To Erica's surprise, Kendall agreed with her mother. She quickly gathered her things then asked Erica to make her excuses to Ryan. After Kendall left, Ryan walked downstairs. He congratulated Erica on achieving her goal of sending Kendall away. Erica asked Ryan if he had honestly expected Kendall to spend the night with him.

Instead of answering Erica directly, Ryan reminded her that Greenlee had just died. The mention of his fiancée's name seemed to open the floodgates to his rage. Ryan accused Erica of sabotaging Greenlee's life at every opportunity. In response, Erica reminded Ryan that she and Greenlee had made peace. Ryan wasn't impressed. He told Erica that they were no longer friends then asked Erica to leave.

When Reese heard someone enter her room, she assumed it was Brot. Instead of Brot, it was Zach. Before he could correct her, Reese began apologizing to Brot. Zach remained mute as Reese explained to Brot why she felt that she couldn't turn to her loved ones for support. She ended with the confession that she felt as if she had no one left. Finally, Zach spoke up; he told Reese that he was there for her.

Reese was livid when she realized that Zach had let her talk while she had shared her private thoughts, believing he was someone else. Reese decided that she'd had enough; she got out of bed. Determined to get dressed, so that she could leave the hospital, Reese tried to make her way to her clothes. Her blindness prevented her from doing so without help. Reese tried to shrug off Zach's assistance, but he ignored her efforts. Zach promised her that he wasn't going anywhere.

Later, Kendall walked up as Zach and Reese made their way down the hallway. Zach stopped momentarily to give Kendall a long look before he continued on his way, his arms around Reese. Kendall watched the two as they slowly made their way out of the hospital.

Jackson went to Ryan's apartment to discuss the details of Greenlee's will. At first, Ryan wasn't interested in talking about the will. He perked up when Jack informed him that Greenlee had left her shares of Fusion to Ryan.

Erica arrived at the Chandler mansion where she found Adam slumped in a chair, dejected. He told her that he wasn't in the mood to discuss business because David had secured a court order to take Little A from them. Erica couldn't believe that Adam had given up so easily.

When JR arrived home, he was surprised to find Erica standing in the living room. His surprise turned to disbelief when Erica announced that Adam was packing for a trip he intended to take with Erica. JR couldn't believe Adam's insensitivity, given the circumstances with Little A. JR was in for another shock when Adam joined them moments later. Adam announced that he and Erica were taking Little A with them on their vacation. Adam explained that while the court order stated that JR could not take his son out of town, there was nothing to prevent Adam from doing so.

JR realized that it was the only way for them to prevent David from taking custody of Little A. JR agreed to go along with the plans. When Little A asked JR to join them, JR explained that he had to work. He bid a hasty farewell to Little A before Adam and Erica spirited his son out of the country.

Later, Jesse returned to the Chandler mansion with Alice McNeal, a CPS worker. When they tried to take custody of Little A, JR informed them that his son had left the country.

Across town, David was on the warpath when he learned that Adam had fled the country with Little A. David vowed to take Adam down for good.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ryan went to see Kendall at her home. He asked her if she wanted a new partner at Fusion. She looked confused and wondered who the partner would be. He announced that Greenlee left him her Fusion shares and that he would be the new partner. Kendall inquired if Ryan really wanted to run a cosmetics company and Ryan said yes. Kendall reminded him that working at Fusion would not bring Greenlee back. He explained that he wanted to restore Fusion to its old glory because the company meant a lot to Greenlee.

Kendall warned Ryan to stay away from her and Fusion because she was "poison." She revealed that Zach did not come home the previous night because he stayed with Reese at the casino. She feared that her marriage was over. Ryan asked Kendall what she planned to do, but she was not sure. He encouraged her to work with him to save Fusion and she agreed to the partnership. Then, she declared that she was going to fight for her marriage.

Zach hired a famous specialist to check on Reese, but she refused the doctor's help. Zach encouraged her to stay positive, but she believed that she would never regain her sight. She told Zach to stay away from her, but he swore that he would be by her side until she recovered.

Zach privately asked the doctor if Reese would ever see again. The doctor was not sure. The doctor stated that Reese needed to take her medicine and get rest.

Reese heard the door to her suite open. She looked nervous and asked if anyone was there, but no one replied. As she tried to get out of bed, she fell to the ground. Kendall revealed that she was the visitor. Kendall tried to help Reese up, but Reese did not want the assistance. Kendall said that, for the first time, she realized Reese was not to blame for all of her problems. Reese told Kendall to save her "fake pity." Reese stated that she was the one who lost everything, not Kendall. Reese told Kendall to leave and Kendall did.

Kendall found Zach and informed him that she visited Reese. Kendall felt guilty for making Reese her scapegoat. Zach thought it was unfortunate that Reese had to go blind so Kendall could realize that Reese was not a bad person. Kendall implored Zach to get Reese help. He looked frustrated with Kendall and walked away.

Kendall left a message for Bianca. Kendall informed her sister that Reese was in a bad accident and needed help. Kendall urged Bianca to return to Pine Valley.

Pete went to Kendall's house to give her paperwork on Fusion. When Pete saw Ryan, he gave the paperwork to him instead. Ryan asked Pete to pull up Fusion files on the computer. As Pete completed the task, Ryan realized that Pete was a computer wiz. Ryan then pretended that Kendall wanted to see the Cambias files, as well, so she could compare them to Fusion's. Pete happily pulled up all of Cambias' files for Ryan to view. After Pete left, Ryan eagerly looked at the files and exclaimed, "Game on, Zach!"

Zach came home to find Ryan in his house. Ryan informed Zach that he was Kendall's new partner. Zach was sure that Ryan wanted to work at Fusion so he could make a play for Kendall. Ryan affirmed that he wanted to work at Fusion to honor Greenlee. Zach assumed that Ryan had an ulterior motive and kicked Ryan out of the house.

Ryan met Kendall at the casino. Ryan revealed that Zach threw him out of the house. Kendall said that Ryan was welcome at the house, since he was Spike's father. Kendall then bluntly asked Ryan if he was using her to get revenge on Zach.

David and Krystal saw Jesse at the hospital. David was furious that Jesse allowed Adam and Erica to take Little Adam out of the country. Jesse was surprised to hear that Erica was involved. David demanded that Jesse take legal action against the Chandlers, but Jesse stated that they did not commit a crime. Jesse asked Krystal if she thought JR was negligent the night that Little Adam drank liquor and got sick. Krystal admitted that JR was very upset and that it appeared to be an accident. Jesse revealed that JR checked himself into the hospital. Jesse warned David and Krystal to stay away from JR.

David did not understand why Krystal vouched for JR when Jesse questioned her. Krystal stated that she told the truth. David was certain that Little Adam needed protection from the Chandlers. David swore to get revenge on Adam.

Amanda visited JR in the hospital. He was distraught over Little Adam's accident. Amanda felt guilty because she tricked JR into drinking. He told her that his drinking was his fault, not hers. She noted that she did not deserve his kindness because of all the lies she told. He asked if she was keeping another secret from him. She claimed that he knew everything as she nervously rubbed her pregnant belly. He stated that their baby would give them both a chance to be better people.

Jesse went to see JR for questioning. JR explained that he admitted himself into the hospital so he could prove that he was sober. JR also had a psychiatric evaluation. JR was determined to show that he was a competent parent. Jesse told JR to let him know when Adam, Erica, and Little Adam returned.

Amanda and JR were about to leave the hospital when David accosted them. David announced that he and Krystal would not allow JR to hurt Little Adam anymore. Then, a man served JR with papers. David and Krystal filed a lawsuit against JR for full custody of Little Adam.

Annie wrote an excerpt in her diary about Aidan. She recalled the kiss that they shared and hoped that Aidan would visit her soon. She was sure that the kiss meant Aidan had romantic feelings for her. Then, Dr. Burke met with Annie. The doctor explained that Aidan might not visit her because Aidan had a life of his own. She was certain that Aidan would return.

Aidan visited Annie and brought her flowers. Annie was elated to see Aidan. He said that they needed to talk about the kiss because he worried that it was a mistake. He said that she needed to focus on her recovery, not him. She assured him that he was not a distraction. She explained that he made her feel like a real woman again, instead of a mental patient. She took his hand and they kissed.

Dr. Burke warned Aidan that he should not get too close to Annie. The doctor reminded Aidan that Annie had a long recovery and possible jail time ahead of her. Aidan refused to end his relationship with Annie. Dr. Burke stated that Annie was too dependent on Aidan, which could delay her progress. The doctor urged Aidan to stay away from Annie.

After Aidan left Oak Haven, Annie pretended that he was still there. She imagined that she was slow dancing with Aidan. Dr. Burke carefully observed Annie's odd behavior.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Tad saw Brot at the hospital. Tad wondered if Brot knew where Jake was. Brot snapped and yelled that he did not keep tabs on the hospital staff. Tad asked if anything was wrong and Brot stormed off.

Tad went to see Taylor. He told her that Brot was in a terrible mood. She explained that it was the two-year anniversary of Brot's accident in Iraq. Tad urged her to support Brot on the difficult day, but she assumed that Brot wanted to be alone.

Brot went to the casino to have a drink. He noticed two Army recruits in the bar. The recruits were eager to fight in the war. Brot approached them and stated that the war was not like a video game. Brot further explained that people got hurt and died in the war. Ryan noticed Brot getting upset, and offered to buy him a drink.

Brot and Ryan sat together and drank. Brot assumed that Ryan did not know what it felt like to truly suffer, but Ryan disagreed. Ryan said that his fiancée was recently killed on their wedding day. Ryan encouraged Brot to spend time with Taylor.

Taylor was surprised when Brot came to see her. He said that he was having a rough day and wondered if she would share the burden with him. They then sat together on the couch and recalled the day that Brot was burnt. Brot wondered what their lives would be like if he never got hurt. She said that they would be together, just like they were, anyway. She proceeded to tell him that she loved him very much.

JR was shocked to learn that Krystal went along with David's plan to sue for full custody of Little Adam. Amanda told JR not to worry, because she would testify on his behalf in court. She planned to tell the judge that David paid her to get JR drunk. JR was pleased with Amanda's cooperation. JR smugly smiled at David from afar.

David noticed that JR and Amanda seemed calm after JR was served with the custody suit. David assumed that Amanda was going to testify for JR in court. David wished that he had leverage against Amanda, so she would keep her mouth shut. Krystal looked sheepish and asked David if he loved her. David professed his undying love for Krystal then she revealed that Amanda was carrying his baby, not JR's. David looked stunned.

Krystal explained that she did not tell him initially because she was scared of losing him. He swore that he would never leave her. He was happy that she told him the truth, because he planned to use the information to stop Amanda from testifying on JR's behalf. David stated that Amanda could keep her baby and pretend that it was JR's, as long as she helped Krystal and David get custody of Little Adam. Krystal wondered if David could give up his child. He assured her that he wanted a family with Krystal, Little Adam, and Jenny. Then, they made love.

JR informed Tad that David and Krystal were suing him for custody of Little Adam. Tad was astonished that Krystal took part in David's plan. Tad felt he did not know Krystal anymore.

Tad busted into Wildwind and demanded that Krystal pack her belongings and leave. Krystal was alone in the house and told Tad to leave, but he refused. He said that she needed to be saved from David, like Dixie did. She assured Tad that she did not need saving. He asked how she could try to take Little Adam away from his father. She stated that Little Adam almost died because JR was a drunk.

Tad noted that Babe would be disappointed in her mother for turning on JR. Krystal replied that JR was not her problem, because Little Adam was her priority. Krystal then called Tad a hypocrite because he took Jenny away from her. He commented that he did not know who she was anymore. She declared, "I'm David Hayward's wife!" Tad grabbed Krystal's arm and tried to pull her out of the house. She yelled for him to let go, but he would not release her. She hit Tad over the head with a vase and he fell to the ground.

David broke into Tad's home, so he could see Amanda. David informed her that he knew the baby was his. She claimed that JR was the father, but David revealed that Krystal told him the truth. Amanda looked nervous as she asked what David planned to do next. David said that he would let her continue to lie to JR, as long as she did not testify on JR's behalf.

Kendall asked Ryan if she could trust him, and he said nothing. She demanded to know if he was using her to get revenge on Zach. He swore that he was not using her. Ryan stated that he wanted to work at Fusion to honor Greenlee; however, he offered to sell Kendall his Fusion shares if she did not want him as a partner. She smiled and welcomed him as her partner. They shook hands.

Zach invited Aidan to his home, so he could offer Aidan a job. Aidan was intrigued by the offer and asked what the job would entail. Zach explained that Ryan wanted to take everything away from him, including Kendall. Zach further stated that Ryan blamed him for Greenlee's death and wanted revenge. Zach wanted Aidan to keep an eye on Ryan.

Aidan commented that Ryan was to blame for Greenlee's death. Aidan stated that Ryan swore to protect the women he loved, but always hurt them in the end. Aidan said that he would accept the job, if Zach got Annie released form Oak Haven and made sure she did not serve time in prison. Zach wondered why Aidan wished to help Annie. Aidan said that Annie was another one of Ryan's victims. Zach agreed to Aidan's terms.

Kendall arrived home just as Aidan was leaving her house. Kendall inquired why Aidan was there. Zach said that he hired Aidan to work for him. She assumed that Zach had a sneaky reason for hiring Aidan. Zach stated that he had an opening in security and he felt that Aidan was the right person for the job. She wondered if Zach hired Aidan because she slept with him and he was trying to throw that in her face. Zach denied an ulterior motive, but she was skeptical.

Aidan went to the casino to get situated for his new job when he ran into Ryan. Ryan thanked Aidan for attending Greenlee's memorial service. Ryan then asked Aidan how Annie was doing. Aidan did not believe that Ryan sincerely cared about Annie's recovery. Ryan said that he cared about Annie because she was the mother of his child. Ryan proceeded to warn Aidan not to trust Zach.

Zach and Kendall fought about their marriage. Kendall felt betrayed by Zach. Kendall said that her affair with Aidan was spontaneous and grief-driven; however, Kendall believed that Zach's kiss with Reese meant something to him. He said that he felt betrayed, also, because Kendall accepted Ryan as her business partner. Kendall refused to turn her back on Ryan.

She then stated that something was missing from their marriage and he agreed. He said that he was going to pack his belongings and stay at the casino, so they could have space from each other. She told him that she never stopped loving him. He said that he knew that, but he also knew that she never stopped loving Ryan, either. Just then, Ryan arrived at their house.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

David threatened to take Amanda's baby from her if she testified on behalf of JR. Amanda agreed to help David if he promised not to go after her baby. JR went to check on Amanda to make sure she was still ready to testify about David's plan to get JR drunk. Amanda felt faint and grabbed her stomach in pain. At the hospital, Frankie took a sonogram to make sure the baby was healthy. He asked JR to wait outside of the room until the exam was finished. Once alone, Amanda admitted to Frankie that she faked the pregnancy pain to avoid giving the deposition.

After knocking Tad out, Krystal frantically called David. She worried Tad was dead. David went home and checked on Tad. David assured Krystal that Tad was alive, but wondered what happened to Tad. Krystal said she and Tad got into an argument after he barged into the house. Krystal said Tad dragged her out the door to rescue her from David. Tad was upset at Krystal and David for going after custody of Little Adam.

Krystal begged David to wake Tad up. David poured water on Tad's face. That woke him up immediately. Tad told Krystal that the woman he married would never try to take JR's son away from him. Tad accused David of drugging Krystal to manipulate her. David said Krystal married him of her own free will. Tad said JR had made mistakes, but was a good father. David told Tad to leave the issue alone, but Tad said Babe would ashamed of her parents.

Lawyers showed up to take Krystal's deposition. Tad begged Krystal not to go through with the custody battle. Krystal was unresponsive as Tad left. The lawyers began questioning Krystal, but she started thinking that perhaps Tad was right. Maybe Babe would be upset at her for going after Little Adam. David assured Krystal she was making the right decision to seek custody of Little Adam. Krystal continued with her deposition as David smiled with pleasure.

Colby and Pete found Opal's home on fire. Colby called 9-1-1 while Pete ran inside the house. Brot and Taylor saw the fire from the road and stopped to help. Taylor immediately wanted to go inside and help Pete look for his mother and Kathy. Brot stood paralyzed with fear as the smoke seeped under the front door. Taylor called out Brot's name again with more force. Brot put aside his fears and went inside the home with Taylor. Taylor heard Kathy calling for help upstairs. Brot stayed downstairs to look for Pete. Taylor grabbed Kathy and took her outside. Pete collapsed in Colby's arms at the front door. Brot scooped up Opal and got her outside safely.

Annie ran into Aidan's arms when he came to visit her. Aidan said he would get Annie out of the hospital and keep her out of prison once she was well. Annie was stunned that Aidan would go to such deep measures for her. Annie claimed that Aidan was falling in love with her. Aidan said Annie could be right about his feelings for her. Annie said she felt completely alone until Aidan came into her life. She said she was not afraid to tell Aidan that she loved him. Aidan said he loved Annie, too. They shared a passionate kiss and made love in Annie's room.

Zach told Kendall that she never stopped loving Ryan. As Zach opened the door, Ryan stopped by to see Kendall. Zach told Ryan he was moving out so Kendall could figure out what she wanted. Ryan wanted to leave, but Kendall asked him to stay. Kendall said her problems with Zach started long before Reese came along. She thought it was best for Zach to give her some space.

Ryan felt sure that Kendall and Zach would work out their problems, but Kendall disagreed. She said that she was not the same woman Zach married. Kendall could not just let the past go like Zach wanted. Also, Kendall said Zach was having a hard time dealing with Kendall and Ryan's closeness. Ryan said they shared a bond because they shared a child. If that was true, Kendall thought Ryan would be closer to Annie, despite their differences.

Ryan asked Kendall if she still loved him. Kendall said she only loved Ryan as a friend. Kendall said she wanted to repair her marriage, but was not sure what to do. She cried in Ryan's arms. They stared at each other deeply until Kendall's son called her name.

Aidan went to find Zach at his home. Kendall answered the door and told Aidan that Zach was no longer living with her. She slammed the door in Aidan's face.

David and Krystal went to the hospital. They heard JR arguing with Frankie and Angie, demanding to see Amanda. Frankie said Amanda was not ready for visitors. David's lawyers accompanied him to the hospital to question Amanda.

Tad rushed to the hospital to check on Kathy and Opal. Kathy was fine, but Angie said that Opal inhaled a lot of smoke and was unconscious. Colby told Tad that Brot and Taylor rescued Kathy and Opal. After Tad took Colby and Kathy to get hot chocolate, Angie confronted Krystal on going after Little Adam. Angie said David was using Krystal to get Little Adam.

Krystal claimed that Little Adam was unsafe around JR and the rest of the Chandler family. Angie snickered that Little Adam would be raised better by a pack of wolves than David. Krystal waltzed off as Jesse arrived. Angie told Jesse that Frankie was falsifying Amanda's records to make it appear the baby belonged to JR.

Tad thanked Taylor for saving Kathy. Taylor said she was glad to help. Colby rushed up to Pete and kissed him.

Frankie gave Brot a clean bill of health. Brot said he immediately froze at the fire. Frankie said that Brot's hesitation was not important. In the end, Brot put his fears aside and rescued Kathy and Taylor.

Jesse confronted Frankie on Amanda's records. But Frankie did not seem concerned that his mother was worried. Frankie showed his father deployment papers. In two months, he was going to Iraq.

David examined Amanda. He said that Amanda's baby was healthy, but needed more rest. The lawyers came in to question Amanda. They asked her if she ever tricked JR into drinking alcohol. Amanda told the lawyers no. JR was shocked that Amanda did not tell the lawyers the truth. David said that Amanda lied to the lawyers to keep him quiet.

David spilled the truth to JR. David said the baby belonged to him. David took pride in telling JR that both of JR's children - Little Adam and Amanda's baby - would soon belong to David. Amanda screamed that she hated David as he and Krystal walked off.

Krystal saw Colby, Pete, Tad, and Kathy in the lobby. Colby told Krystal about the fire. Krystal bent down to hug Kathy, but Tad pulled her away. Colby said Opal's condition was unknown. David blamed Opal for the fire, mocking her spiritual ceremonies. Tad grabbed David and threw him against the wall. David threatened to take Jenny away from Tad. Brot and Taylor grabbed Tad before he could take a swing at David.

Aidan found Zach staying at the casino. Aidan said he saw Ryan and Kendall together, looking a bit too cozy.

Friday, March 13, 2009

Opal regained consciousness at the hospital. After Tad had a chance to check in with Angie about the state of his mother's health, Jack stopped by for a visit. Jack dealt the shocking blow that all of Palmer's recent trips to Europe had been unsuccessful attempts to salvage their finances. When the mother and son questioned what Jack meant, he told them that Opal was broke. Jack told her that from what he could tell, the man who was supposed to manage the Cortlandt money had stolen from them instead of investing it.

When Opal asked about Palmer, Jack said that they couldn't find him, but that it was possible that Palmer had tried to keep the financial problems off of her radar. Tad assured her that everything would be fine, and that the first step would be to get her and Pete moved into the Martin house. Opal protested and said that there wasn't enough room, but Tad told her that they would make it work.

JR let loose on Frankie for the help the doctor gave Amanda with hiding her baby's true paternity. Frankie tried to claim that Amanda hid the truth because she cared so much about JR, but JR didn't buy it. Just then, Krystal walked by and JR lit into her, as well. He told her that her deception showed just how desperate she must have been to hold on to David, and said that Babe would have been ashamed of her choices. With those words, Krystal slapped him.

David told Amanda that he wasn't concerned with whether or not she hated him for double-crossing her, and said that he did her a favor by telling JR the truth. He then told her not to fantasize about a David-free future, as he planned to watch her closely. He said that if she messed up once, he would sue for sole custody. Amanda was outraged and said that, as the mother, she called the shots, but David told her that would only be the case if she made the right decisions. He told her that if she tried to keep him away from his child, she might - or might not - live to regret it.

As Annie lay on her bed in the psych ward, she asked Aidan why he was so serious and if it had anything to do with getting her out of Oak Haven. Aidan coyly avoided answering the question, so she walked over to see what had entranced him on his computer screen. She realized that it was information about Cambias, and asked if Aidan was working with Zach. Aidan changed the subject and swung her onto his lap as he asked if she wanted to spend the day talking about business. In response, she showed him what she wanted to do and laid a kiss on him.

They made love and afterwards, she told him that when they were together, she felt normal. She admitted that while she no longer thought about Ryan, she did think about Emma. Aidan told her that her daughter was doing quite well and stayed busy with school and her friends. Annie asked if the work that he was doing for Zach was dangerous, and Aidan denied that. He told her that he was doing some investigation, but that it didn't take a genius to do that. Annie replied that most of the people at Fusion were hopeless with computers, save Pete. That tidbit of information slowly caused the wheels to turn in Aidan's head.

A short time later, Aidan got ready to take his leave. He urged Annie to continue with the counseling sessions and asked if she had continued to do what he'd asked of her. She confirmed as much, but said that the counselor talked to the patients like they were twelve. Aidan told her to push everything out of her mind except what she had to do, as that would have her released from Oak Haven in no time. Then, after he assured her that she would never have to return to the dark place in her mind, he grabbed his things, unlocked the door, and headed out.

Annie looked out the window of her room and she thought back on the moments she'd shared with Aidan. When she turned around, she was startled to see someone just inside her room. The young woman introduced herself as Tori and said that she volunteered at Oak Haven as a part of her graduate work. She told Annie that she found Annie's story and what she had gone through prior to Oak Haven to be fascinating, and Tori wanted to do her thesis on Annie. Annie was skeptical at first and said that she was all talked out, but when Annie asked if Tori had a boyfriend and found out that the young woman were single, Annie had a change of heart. She said that she would help Tori do the work needed to find a man, as Annie believed Tori could be helped in the way that Aidan had helped Annie.

Annie completed a makeover on Tori and told her that she would start to turn heads with her new look. Tori wondered aloud if she would have a relationship like the one that Annie had with Ryan, which caught Annie off-guard. She told Tori that fairy tales didn't exist and that Ryan hadn't just broken her heart - he'd ripped her life apart. Annie started to pack up her makeup while she ranted about how thoughtless it was for Tori to ruin Annie's good mood with mention of Ryan. When she looked up again, she realized that the young woman had silently escaped from the room.

Kendall showed up at Fusion with her sons, as the nanny had some personal business to attend to. She found Ryan and Pete hunched over a computer, but the huddle session quickly disbanded upon her arrival. Ryan asked her if she had put extra security on the computers, but Kendall knew nothing of it. He then checked in with her to see if she had talked to Zach, since she seemed a bit off emotionally. Kendall confessed that she had almost called Zach, but realized that she was afraid of what she would hear if she did.

Ryan was amazed that Zach hadn't seen the kids since his departure, and thought that it had to hurt Kendall to deal with that. She told him that it bothered her, but that part of her was relieved that the fighting and the tension were gone. Then, in a shocking turn, Ryan urged her to call her husband.

The specialist that Zach flew to Pine Valley checked Reese out again, but didn't see any change with regard to her vision. Reese caustically laughed it off, but noted that her status could change at any time. The doctor told her that it was impossible to predict what her vision would do, and with that, Zach showed him out.

Once Reese was alone with Zach, she told him that he should ship her off to some institution, as getting rid of her would make Kendall happy. Zach confessed that Kendall no longer had a say in what he did, and when Reese asked what he meant, he told her that he had walked out on Kendall. Reese didn't know what to say, but Zach told her that she didn't need words because it wasn't about her. He said that the problems between him and Kendall started way before Reese had come into the picture or Gaby was even a thought.

Reese asked if it was connected to the bomb shelter, and Zach confessed that it was possible his actions were to punish Kendall for what she'd done. He questioned whether one could punish someone and still love them, but neither of them had an answer. He then said that they should talk about Reese and what was going on with her rather than his marriage woes. Before they could, his phone rang and he found Kendall on the other end. Kendall asked him to come by Fusion to get the boys, and Zach was exasperated that she hadn't called him before she took them out of the house. He agreed to swing by her place of business, and abruptly ended the call.

Pete made his way down to ConFusion and told his mother by phone that he would visit her soon. As he ended the call, Randi approached him to find out information on Opal's condition. Pete told her that his mother was on the mend, but that they were broke and he didn't know what that meant for their future. He then realized the impact his financial status might have on the date that Colby had just agreed to, but Randi told him that if Colby was only into him for his money, there were far bigger problems than his account balance. Natalia interrupted them just then and asked to speak to Randi privately.

They walked away from Pete, and Natalia said that she'd overheard her mother and Jesse talk about Frankie's return to Iraq. She noted that she wanted to check in with Randi to make sure that she was okay, given how close she and Frankie had gotten. Anger lit Randi's eyes as she made it clear that the closeness she thought she'd shared with her man seemed to not be as real as she believed. Natalia realized her mistake and offered that perhaps Frankie wanted to wait for the right time to break the news to her. Natalia then said that she could go knock some sense into her brother if it would help. Furious, Randi said that she would handle her boyfriend on her own.

Frankie showed up at ConFusion and told Randi about the truth coming out about Amanda's baby. He noted that as bad as things were bound to get, he was glad that he didn't have to carry the secret around anymore. Randi took the opportunity where it presented itself, and pointed out that any secret held could cause trouble. Frankie realized where the conversation was headed and asked her who had told her about his return to Iraq. Randi told him that it didn't matter and that the point was that he hadn't been completely honest with her.

He told her that he wanted to tell her about going back when it felt right, but that it never felt right when he was with her. She admitted to her hope that he might have delayed telling her so that he could investigate other options, but Frankie told her that he'd signed a contract that had no out clause.

Tad found his brother at the hospital and told him about the need to move Opal and Pete into the house. Jake was skeptical that it could all work, given the number of people already in the residence. When Tad said that he wanted to talk to Jake about Amanda, Jake assumed the worst and walked away while he announced that they would not abandon Amanda. Tad pointed out that he had never said anything of the sort, but with all things considered, Amanda might want to consider moving. Jake admitted that he cared about Amanda, and Tad said that he didn't want Jake to get more involved in Amanda's situation and end up hurt, as David had already taken more than enough from their lives. Jake agreed, and said that he wanted to protect Amanda from David's venom.

Krystal shot back at JR that Babe wouldn't be happy with him either, and reminded him that he was solely responsible for the fact that Little A had ingested alcohol. JR pointed out that the incident had been an accident, but that Krystal had no excuse for teaming up with David. Frankie urged them to keep their voices down, to no avail. Angie came into the room just as Krystal loudly blamed JR for Babe's death. JR needlessly reminded Krystal that Babe's life had been taken by a tornado, but Krystal pointed out that if JR had ignored the subpoena from his father, Babe would still be alive.

Then, David arrived on the scene and asked what had been said. As his eyes brimmed with tears, JR noted that the words they had exchanged had all been said before, and that the Krystal he'd once asked to call Mom no longer existed. David decided to throw salt in the wound and asked about his grandson, then said that he couldn't wait to show Little A his new room. JR angrily grabbed at David's collar and said that David would never get his hands on Little A. David warned JR that it would take very little provocation for him and Krystal to file for sole custody.

JR walked away and went to Amanda's room to confront her again, as he wanted to know if there was anyone else who had been aware of her baby's true paternity all along. He raked her over the coals for all of her lies and manipulation, but Amanda swore that her motives were good. She then told him that despite everything, her feelings hadn't changed, and she confessed that she loved him. She then said that she felt he loved her too, or he would have left already. He told Amanda that contrary to what she believed, he was actually there to say goodbye.

Amanda didn't believe JR, but he had just started his tirade. He told her that both she and her baby should burn in hell, and said that if he lost his son because she didn't tell the truth, he would never forgive her. Jake came into the room and told JR that he needed to leave, but JR refused. Much to her horror, JR went on to say that Amanda was carrying the devil's spawn. As she cried, Jake hauled JR out of the room and into the hall. Tad approached them to find out what had happened and Jake demanded that Tad get his stepson out of the hospital before security was called.

JR told Tad what had happened, and then asked if Tad knew about the true paternity already. Tad unequivocally denied any prior knowledge and reminded his stepson that he'd promised he wouldn't lie to JR again. He then tried to calm JR down, but JR told him that Amanda was poison, and said that Tad should get as far away from Amanda as possible - because that was what he planned to do.

Back in Amanda's room, Jake told her that nothing had changed, but she challenged that idea. Jake asked if David had threatened her and Amanda nodded, then said she believed David would hurt her to get at his child. Jake promised to do whatever necessary to protect her, and she told him that she would hold him to it. She confessed that she needed to get rid of the baby, and that she wouldn't be able to do it without Jake's help.

Zach strode into Fusion and took Spike into his arms and out of Ryan's grasp. After a terse conversation with Kendall, wherein he learned that the nanny was headed back to the Slater residence, Zach asked Pete for help getting the boys to the car and left the office as quickly as he'd arrived.

Angie stopped by to see Reese at the casino and said that she had been worried about the young woman since she'd checked out of the hospital. Reese said that she had been doing okay but that she wanted to get out. Angie questioned whether that was really Reese's intention or if she just wanted to outrun her feelings. Reese told Angie that if she stopped long enough to let the feelings in, she might not bounce back. Angie, who'd had plenty of experience with a situation like the one Reese was dealing with, told her that the best thing to do was to stay still and see where her feelings took her, despite her fears. Reese said that she hurt too badly sometimes, and Angie told her that she completely understood.

The two women shared their feelings of love and loss - Angie talked about how long she'd thought "what if" in the years that Jesse was gone; Reese talked about the hope she saw in Bianca's eyes as her ex left her - for good. Reese thought her feelings made her crazy, but Angie told her that she might get a miracle, just like Angie did when Jesse returned to her.

Zach met up with Aidan on the casino floor and found out that someone had hacked into the Cambias system several times to look at financial records, and that they had done so from Kendall's computer. Zach noted that he had seen Ryan working at Kendall's computer earlier. Aidan shared that he had remotely installed firewalls at Fusion and at Cambias to heighten the protection of confidential files. Across town, Pete and Ryan had rejoined forces and figured out a way to get around that same security system. Ryan then told Pete that they needed to keep what they'd done to themselves, as Kendall had enough on her mind.

At that moment, Kendall walked in and asked what they had just discussed. Pete covered beautifully and said that Ryan had just given him some lady advice. Pete then announced that he needed to get ready for his date and abruptly left. After his departure, Kendall gifted her ex-husband with half of the budget reports and both sat down to work. Before they could get into the numbers, Kendall referenced the grudge that Ryan had against Zach. Ryan corrected her and told her that what he felt was anger. Given that, she asked him to promise that he had joined her at Fusion because it helped her and honored Greenlee. Ryan sidestepped an actual answer and said that he would never do anything to hurt Kendall.

Zach told Aidan that a firewall wouldn't stop Ryan and that they needed to go on the offensive. Aidan said that he wouldn't make a move until Zach made good on his promise. Zach said that as soon as Annie got better, she would be released. Then, one of Zach's employees interrupted them and asked to speak with Zach in private. They stepped away from Aidan, and the woman told Zach that a letter had arrived for Reese from Bianca. Zach took the letter and said that he would take care of it.

Krystal asked David why he'd gone back on his word and divulged the true paternity of Amanda's baby. David told her that Amanda had it coming, but Krystal was still worried that Amanda could get in the way of their lawsuit for sole custody. David reminded his wife that Amanda had already given a sworn deposition that said that she hadn't been paid, so if she came back and tried to change her story, her credibility would be shot. Krystal asked again if David wanted Amanda's baby and, exasperated, David told her that he didn't. He promised that everything he'd done had been for Little A. She reluctantly said that she believed him and let him wrap her in a hug.

Colby and Pete showed up at the casino and she questioned why Kendall let him out of work early. Pete noted that Fusion didn't have the money to pay him, anyway, and that with his family's zero balance, he was out of luck with the cash flow. Colby then asked why he'd chosen the casino, and he told her that they had free hors d'oeuvres for an hour. He took her hand and they ran off after a server holding a platter who had passed by.

When they came back through, Pete apologized for not being able to take her on the kind of date she deserved. She told him that she wanted to spend time with him because she liked him, not because of his money. She then admitted that she also liked the crab cakes, and ran off to get some before another server got away from her. Aidan took the opportunity to snag Pete and talk to him alone, and insisted that the young man fill him in about all of the computer know-how he'd shared over at Fusion.

Kendall startled Ryan when she walked up behind him at Fusion. He slammed his laptop shut and said that he thought he was alone. Shocked by the suddenness of his actions, she asked him what he had to hide from her.

Zach went back up to Reese's suite and read Bianca's letter to her. By the end, Reese was in tears and asked to be left alone. Zach told her that he couldn't do that and tried to draw her into a comforting hug. She rejected him and said that she just wanted Bianca and her family, and, before he got up and left the room, Zach said he knew how she felt.



Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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