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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 9, 2009 on GL
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Monday, March 9, 2009

When Grady met Phillip on the cliff, he assumed that Phillip wanted to bribe him to keep quiet about Alan. Phillip replied that Grady would rot in a cell beside Alan for kidnapping Lizzie. Grady decided that perhaps Phillip actually did want Alan in jail. Grady offered to testify against Alan, if Phillip would forget all about Grady's "little kidnapping stunt." Otherwise, Grady threatened to come down with amnesia about Alan's role in Tammy's death.

Grady shocked Phillip by revealing that Alan had not only known about the kidnapping, but Alan had also recruited Grady to frame Bill for it. "It's not a game!" Phillip screamed. "You hurt my daughter!" Grady refused to take full blame for it, citing that Dinah had masterminded the abduction. Phillip regretted leaving his family to fall prey to scum like Grady. Grady said that cooperating was the only way that Phillip could ensure that Lizzie led a long, happy life. "What did you say?" Phillip replied, grabbing Grady by his coat. "No one hurts my little girl!" Phillip snarled as Grady struggled to get free. Suddenly, Grady fell over the cliff.

Grady's head smashed against the cliff side, and his body thudded to the ground. Phillip fled from the site, shaken by what had happened. He returned to the high school, and slipped into the restroom. After Phillip splashed cold water on his face, he stared at his jittery hands.

Meanwhile, Frank showed up at the high school reunion to tell Beth that he had been trying to contact Lizzie, who had left him a confusing message regarding Bill's cell phone and the kidnapper. Beth thought Frank ought to look for Bill. Frank said he would contact Bill's family, and Beth advised him to check with Alan for Lizzie's whereabouts. Frank said that even if he convened a whole task force just for the Spauldings, he still couldn't keep up with them.

Mindy and Rick found Beth in Mr. Hempler's classroom as Frank exited. Rick imitated Mr. Hempler and then horsed around in the classroom. After Rick left to get the ladies some cake, Beth told Mindy that she was worried about Lizzie.

Sometime later, the reunion committee announced that the dance would soon begin. Mindy and Rick searched for a mint for Rick to eat before his dance with "Pizza Face." Phillip slipped up behind Beth, who proceeded to fill him in on what he had missed at the party. Noting Phillip's odd behavior, Beth asked him where he had been. Rick and Mindy boisterously interrupted their conversation. Rick joked about getting Mindy drunk and then carried her on his back to the football field. Phillip and Beth followed.

Later, the Four Musketeers entered the gym, where the dance had kicked off. Rick decided that Mindy was drunk enough to make him forget about "Pizza Face," and he took Mindy to dance. Beth and Phillip watched, agreeing that Mindy and Rick seemed right together. When Rick's knees gave out, Mindy danced with Dave Carter. Phillip finally asked Beth to dance, and she laid her head on his shoulder as they swayed.

During the dance, Beth commented that prom night had changed her life, and she had never felt safer than in Phillip's arms. She had believed that his strong hands would protect her forever. "They didn't," Phillip sadly replied. Beth wondered if the reunion could be a chance to relinquish the past and concentrate on the good. Phillip asked how they could do that. Beth smiled, replying that he could hold her and make her feel safe again. She said that she had always found strength in his hands. Phillip doubted that it was there anymore, but Beth assured him that she could still feel it. Phillip held her close, and they continued to dance.

After their first dance, Beth thought she should call Lizzie, but Phillip replied that he had taken a call from Lizzie on Beth's phone when Beth had stepped away. He said that Lizzie had been jittery, but he had taken care of everything. Just then, Mindy announced the reenactment of the crowning of their class's prom king and queen. Everyone clapped as Beth and Phillip were crowned. Phillip led Beth in a dance. "It's a new beginning," Beth uttered. Phillip repeated her, and then sighed.

At Marina's house, a preoccupied Buzz lost a poker game to Daisy. Daisy said that Coop would be proud of Buzz for ridding the town of Alan Spaulding. She expressed her gratitude that Buzz had given Grady a chance to prove to everyone that Grady was a good man. Daisy showed Grady's dog tag and the key to Buzz, saying that Grady had made her a part of his family by giving her those items. Buzz studied the trinkets, commenting that Daisy really loved Grady. Daisy agreed, promising that she and Grady wouldn't disappoint Buzz.

Later, Ashlee visited Daisy. Ashlee missed Daisy and Grady living with her. Daisy said that they missed Ashlee, too, but Daisy felt that her family needed her there at Marina and Mallet's. Daisy revealed that Grady had planned a romantic dinner and night at the Beacon for Daisy. Ashlee wondered how Grady could afford that on the salary from Doris. Ashlee said that Daisy looked perfect, and Daisy replied, "It's what Grady deserves."

Ashlee dropped Daisy off at Cyrus' house. Ashlee insisted upon waiting with Daisy until Grady arrived, but Daisy didn't want Ashlee to stay. Before driving off, Ashlee said that she was glad that Daisy and she were still friends. Daisy sat on Cyrus' stoop alone in the dark. After waiting for Grady for quite some time, Daisy called his cell phone. At the cliff, the ringing of Grady's phone echoed through the darkened ravine below.

Outside the Spaulding mansion, Lizzie revealed to Cyrus that Grady was her kidnapper. She worried that Grady had done something to Bill, recalling that Grady had claimed to be at Bill's hotel room to watch the dog. Lizzie couldn't believe she had been stupid enough to buy that story. Lizzie rushed off to find Bill before Grady could hurt him, and Cyrus followed.

Lizzie and Cyrus traveled to Bill's hotel room to look for clues as to what Grady had done with Bill. Cyrus tried to calm a frantic Lizzie by assuring her that he knew how his brother's mind worked. Cyrus thought he might know how to find Bill. Lizzie ordered Cyrus to drive her to the police station, so that Cyrus could tell the police how his brother's mind worked.

At the police station, Frank told Lizzie that he'd been looking for her. Cyrus stood nearby as a breathless Lizzie claimed that she knew who had kidnapped her, and it hadn't been Bill. "Let me guess? Grady Foley?" Frank asked. An amazed Lizzie agreed, pulling out Bill's phone, which contained the recording of Grady. She also presented the text message that she'd received from Grady when she had been about to take the recording to the police. Frank wondered who else could have known that she had decided to turn the evidence in. As Lizzie stated that her parents had known, Frank received a phone call. Lizzie suddenly glinted at Cyrus in disdainful realization, and stormed out of the station as Frank ended his call. Cyrus followed her.

Later, Frank arrived at Marina's house, looking for Daisy. Buzz said that Ashlee and Daisy had gone to Towers. Frank told Buzz what had happened with Lizzie at the police station, and Buzz begged Frank not arrest Grady, the only person who could nail Alan. Frank said that if Grady were indeed the kidnapper, then Daisy was in danger. Buzz doubted Lizzie's story, calling it a convenient ploy of Alan's to keep Grady from testifying. Frank said that Lizzie had proof, but Buzz insisted that Alan could have manufactured the proof. Buzz implored Frank not to arrest Grady, but Frank insisted that he had to arrest Grady as soon as possible.

At the mansion, Lizzie couldn't believe that Cyrus had told Grady that she had decided to take the recording to the police. She fired Cyrus and ordered him out of her house. Cyrus insisted that he had to protect his brother just as Lizzie protected her family. Lizzie asked if Cyrus had known that Grady had kidnapped her. "He's my brother," Cyrus replied. Lizzie slapped him.

Cyrus asked her to trust him, because he wanted to help her and save his brother. Cyrus claimed that he never collaborated with Grady, saying that he usually discovered Grady's catastrophes just in time to clean them up. Lizzie told Cyrus to get away from her. Cyrus valued his friendship with Lizzie. He said that one day, he'd try to repair it, but they had more pressing matters at that time. He insisted that he was her best chance to find Bill.

Outside the mansion that night, Lizzie sat in Cyrus' car, warning him that he had better take her where she needed to go. Cyrus said that she could trust him, but Lizzie replied that all she cared about was Bill. As they drove to the Spaulding gates, a white pickup truck pulled up, blocking their exit. "What is this moron doing?" Lizzie growled. The driver hopped out, and Lizzie squinted from the truck's headlights. When she saw Bill coming toward her, Lizzie exited the car and she ran to him. Lizzie gave Bill a long kiss, and Cyrus grimaced from the driver's seat of his car.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

At police headquarters that night, Frank pressured technicians to rush the analysis of the voice message on Bill's phone. He apprised Marina of the break in the kidnapping case. He said that he had put an APB out on Grady. Frank hadn't located Daisy, and he worried about Buzz's opposition to Grady's arrest. Marina sighed, saying that she couldn't handle any more surprises. Marina left to meet Remy at Farley's.

Downstairs, Frank surprisingly saw Natalia carrying freshly baked cookies. She had made them for Buzz, but decided to give them to Frank after learning that Buzz had checked out of the hospital. Frank said that he had tried to call her to tell her that things between them might have moved too quickly. He offered to give her some space. Opening the cookies, Natalia said she knew that Frank liked butterscotch chips in his cookies. "I love these," Frank said, smiling.

Dinah and Mallet arrived at the Springfield airport with the new baby boy. Dinah tried to remove her wedding ring, but it was stuck on her finger. Mallet offered to take Dinah home, but Dinah contemplated taking a flight to somewhere hot. As Dinah left for the restroom, she overheard Mallet tell the baby that he would miss Dinah, too, but they would see her again. Mallet tried to calm the baby by singing the Miranda act. Dinah returned, and helped Mallet entertain the child as they awaited immigration clearance. Mallet said that he had never thought that he could be a father. Dinah replied that Mallet and the boy looked perfect together.

An American immigration officer brought their papers to them. Marina called Mallet. She said that she had missed his previous call because she had been hanging with Remy. Marina agreed to meet Mallet at home. Dinah drove Mallet home. Mallet said that he owed Dinah for the difficult favor she'd done for him. Dinah replied that it had been an honor to help him, kind of like helping someone give birth-without the screaming. Mallet offered, "If you need anything..." Dinah nodded, saying that she knew where he lived.

Mallet took the baby to his front door, and yelled into the house for Marina to come outside with her eyes closed. Dinah watched from the street as Marina complied. Under the porch light, Marina opened her eyes to see Mallet carrying the baby boy in a car seat. Dinah smiled, watching Marina's amazement. Marina and Mallet kissed, and Dinah left.

Later, Dinah unlocked the door to her Beacon hotel room. "Hey, stranger," Shayne said from behind her. Dinah turned to see him. Shayne uttered, "I missed you."

At the farmhouse, Olivia caught Emma sneaking out of the house to find Phillip. Emma whined that her father had been in town for a while, but they hadn't seen him. After Olivia convinced Emma to go to bed, she called the babysitter to watch Emma while she took care of something.

At Company, the Four Musketeers found it strange that the restaurant had closed down. Beth cracked opened a few beers that had been left behind the bar. Phillip said that they should toast to the future. Rick proposed that they get together at least once a year to remind each other of who they were and where they had been.

Phillip saw Olivia at the window, and he excused himself to go outside. Olivia asked him which "brain surgeon" had posted his bail. Phillip said that it didn't matter, and Olivia agreed, saying that nothing mattered as long as he stayed away from Emma. Olivia stormed off, and Phillip returned inside, where Mindy thanked God that Phillip hadn't invited Olivia inside.

Phillip then returned outside to make a phone call. He left Lizzie a message, telling her that she would be safe from then on. Inside, his friends assumed that he needed a moment alone after Olivia had rattled him. Rick mentioned that it was odd to be hanging out as if Phillip had never kidnapped the children. Mindy and Beth awkwardly agreed, but both quickly concluded that Phillip seemed to have recovered from his mental issues.

When Phillip returned inside, Rick, Mindy, and Beth pretended to not have been worrying about him. Phillip said that the three of them made even the worst moments in life endurable for him. Phillip acknowledged that a cloud hung over their evening. Rick said that everyone had done something regrettable in life. Phillip thanked his friends for helping him move forward. Beth said that was what life was all about. Phillip had no idea of what the future held for them, but he thanked them for being there for him.

Olivia strode into the police station and demanded that Frank put Phillip back in jail. Frank replied that Phillip had posted bail, and Frank wouldn't arrest people for annoying Olivia. Olivia called Frank useless, and she left in a huff. Back at her house, Olivia climbed into bed with a sleeping Emma. Olivia said that Emma wanted to see her father, but her father was dangerous. Olivia wouldn't take chances when it came to Emma.

When Remy exited Farley's after hanging out with Marina, he saw Natalia walking by. He joked that if Natalia kept baking Frank cookies, then Frank and Natalia would soon wind up "in the sack." Natalia got defensive, and Remy guessed that they had already had sex. Natalia swore Remy to secrecy, but Remy didn't plan to ruin his reputation by announcing that Natalia had bedded Frank, but not Remy. Natalia scoffed that a married Remy shouldn't worry about his reputation.

Remy drove Natalia home. On her stoop, he joked that she could call him if she ever wanted a night of meaningless sex. Natalia said that sex and marriage were sacred to her. Remy replied that he'd been drunk when he had married Christina, but he was getting to know his new bride. Natalia said that a bond between a man and a woman was supposed to be special. Remy said goodnight, and Natalia sat outside on her porch after he left.

Olivia came outside to explain to Natalia what had happened with Emma earlier. Natalia didn't blame Emma for wanting to see her father. Olivia replied that Phillip wasn't Captain Kangaroo. Natalia assured Olivia that they would take care of it together. Olivia took Natalia's hand, and said that Natalia had come to mean a lot to her. Olivia said that she thought about it all the time. "What?" Natalia wondered. "You, us," Olivia uttered.

Natalia brought hot drinks outside for them. Olivia said that she had never had someone who would fight for her just because they wanted to. Natalia noted that Olivia fought for her, too, and Natalia decided that they were a two-person team. They joked about entering their team into the volleyball competition in the upcoming Olympics, but Natalia worried about how she'd look in the tiny suits. Olivia didn't think Natalia had to worry about that. Just then, Frank pulled up. Olivia slipped into the house, saying that she would be inside if Natalia needed her.

A nervous Frank approached Natalia, leaving his car lights shining on the porch. He knelt in the snow, and asked Natalia to do him the honor of becoming his wife. Olivia watched from the window. Both Olivia and Natalia stared at the engagement ring that Frank presented.

At the Spaulding mansion gates, Bill and Lizzie held each other. After their gushing reunion beneath the full moon, Bill told Lizzie what had happened when Grady and Cyrus had abducted him. He said that he had escaped and stolen a truck to get to the mansion. Lizzie said that Cyrus wasn't a part of Grady's scheme, but was actually taking her to find Bill. Bill decided that he needed to have a word with Cyrus.

As Cyrus met Bill at the front of his car, Lizzie claimed that Cyrus had been trying to help her. Bill replied that Lizzie didn't know that for sure, and Cyrus couldn't be trusted. Lizzie begged Bill to let it go; she wanted that night to be about Bill and her. Bill punched Cyrus twice, and Cyrus fell back onto the hood of the car. "Now it can be all about us," Bill said.

Bill swept Lizzie over his shoulder and carried her to the mansion's patio. They stood on the stone banister, and he said he had been crazy not to realize that she had been the most important thing to him. He said that he was sorry that he hadn't seen it before, and he kissed her. Holding Lizzie on the steps, he regretted wasting so much time. He said that he didn't deserve Lizzie after all the mistakes he'd made. Lizzie said that she felt the same way. She had known from the moment that they had met that Bill could rescue her, but she hadn't let him. Bill sadly replied that he hadn't tried hard enough. He wondered if it were too late to rescue her. Lizzie replied that he already had, and they kissed.

Bill decided that he and Lizzie needed a "do over." He proposed that they pretend to be strangers, who had never met. Lizzie asked when they could have sex, and Bill replied that it would be a surprise because they hadn't met yet. He told her that he loved her and disappeared into the night.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Colin arrived at Cross Creek to give Reva and Jeffrey the grim news that the chemotherapy hadn't been enough. Colin proposed an aggressive, radical treatment for Reva's leukemia, which entailed a course of high radiation. Reva stated that such a thing would hurt the baby. Colin agreed, and recommended an immediate c-section. Colin felt that the fetus was viable for delivery. After delivery, the doctors would treat Reva with massive amounts of chemotherapy. Colin wanted to schedule the birth for the following day. Colin's top priority was keeping Reva on the earth, but he couldn't give any guarantees. Colin left them to discuss it alone.

"No chance in hell," Reva decided. Jeffrey realized that it was a hard decision, but Reva countered that there was no decision. She said that they had already agreed that she would deliver the baby once they knew the baby was healthy. Jeffrey said that there had never been any guarantees about that. Reva refused to lessen the baby's chances.

Jeffrey reiterated his love for Reva. He understood that Reva was in a difficult position, but he couldn't imagine losing her. Reva claimed that he wasn't losing her. When Jeffrey said she'd been recording videos in preparation to die, Reva replied that she had been preparing for the worst while hoping for the best. Jeffrey said that he wanted Reva in his life, and Reva replied that she wanted the baby. Jeffrey exclaimed that he did, too. Reva doubted that, since he put other things before their child. Reva asserted that she was willing to put the baby first, and she would do all within her power to protect him.

Outside the farmhouse, Natalia hadn't expected Frank to propose after dating her for such a short time. Frank said that it didn't matter how many dates they'd been on; it felt right to him. Frank loved Natalia very much, and he wanted her to become his wife. Olivia, who had been watching from the window, closed the shutters.

In the kitchen, Frank told a stunned Natalia that he had figured out that Natalia had been upset by their intimacy because of her faith. He respected her faith, and understood that it defined her. He didn't think her views were old-fashioned; in fact, he shared them. He wanted to make her life better, which meant fighting for Rafe, as well. Frank planned to get Rafe released from prison so that Rafe could walk Natalia down the aisle. Natalia was touched by Frank's thoughtfulness. Coop's death had taught Frank to hold onto the special things in his life, he explained.

Natalia said that she was flattered, but marriage was sacred to her. She said that it couldn't happen because he had lost his brother, "or because I'm trying..." Suddenly, Natalia wondered if Olivia had left the house. Frank said that marriage was sacred to him, as well. He suggested that Natalia talk it over with Olivia to get a second opinion. He left, saying that he'd be waiting for Natalia's answer. Natalia seemed troubled as she stared at the ring. She went to church, where she pulled out her rosary beads to pray.

Meanwhile, Olivia stopped outside a bar. A sign by the door indicated that it was ladies' night. Olivia entered, but she lurked nervously by the exit. Once Olivia approached the bar, the bartender figured that it was Olivia's first time. Olivia claimed that she wasn't a homophobic or a lesbian; she had just come in for a drink. Olivia said that she was attracted to men, but at the time, she happened to be attracted to a woman.

Olivia told the bartender that she sensed a reciprocal attraction between herself and the woman in question, but the woman's faith meant everything to her. "Then walk away," the bartender advised, certain that the woman would hurt Olivia. Olivia balked, saying the bartender didn't know her or the other woman. As Olivia turned to leave, Doris Wolfe slipped up to the bar in a hat and thick coat. Doris was shocked to see Olivia.

Olivia scoffed at Doris' audacity to be at ladies' night after the press conference about the "My Two Mommies" report. Doris claimed to be meeting constituents, but quickly insinuated that people hated those who were different. Doris said that she'd never have become mayor had the town known she was lesbian; Ashlee didn't even know. Olivia couldn't believe that Doris lived her life hiding herself in shame.

"And yet, your daughter wrote a paper called 'My Two Mommies,' and you swore up and down you were not a lesbian. And here you are on ladies' night-hanging out. Are you a lesbian, Olivia?" Doris asked. When Olivia didn't reply, Doris wondered what was so honest about how Olivia lived her life.

Olivia and Natalia returned home at the same time. Olivia wondered if Natalia had been expecting Frank's proposal, and Natalia murmured that she hadn't. Olivia asked when the big day was, and Natalia replied that she couldn't give Frank an answer.

Angrily scrubbing dishes in the kitchen, Natalia wondered what in the world was wrong with herself. Olivia replied that marriage was a big step. Natalia said that she had loved one man her entire life. She never let another person get close to her. Natalia had formed an image in her head of what love should be, and it had been Gus. Even in his death, Natalia said that she was still fixated on that image, shutting everything else out. Natalia wondered if God expected her to be alone for the rest of her life. Natalia considered that perhaps God had someone else in mind for her, but it wasn't whom Natalia had expected. Natalia worried about regretting things.

Olivia said that she had just been discussing regret over decisions based on what others might think. Natalia wondered why she was so afraid, and Olivia said that it was because it was new and different. Natalia said that Frank had proposed to her because he respected her religion. "Frank..." Olivia uttered, seemingly not realizing that Natalia was still focused on him.

Natalia told Olivia about the things that Frank had said earlier. Natalia was floored by Frank's love for Rafe and Natalia. Natalia said that Frank fit perfectly into her life. "He's everything I need to make me happy, right?" Natalia asked. Olivia said that if Frank was everything that Natalia needed, then Natalia should say yes. "Really?" Natalia dubiously asked. Olivia said that all she wanted was for Natalia to be happy, and Olivia walked away.

At the Beacon, Shayne followed Dinah into her room, wondering why she hadn't called him. Dinah reminded him that he had ordered her out of his life. She asked him to leave. Shayne didn't want to leave, nor did he want her out of his life. Shayne had been angry with Dinah for what she had done, but in her absence, he had realized that he missed her.

He stated that the music box had meant a lot to Lara. It had been a childhood gift that Lara had carried everywhere. He recalled dancing to the music the last time he'd seen Lara. Dinah said that she'd gone to Bosnia to find anything to make up for what Dinah had cost Shayne. Shayne neared her, saying that the box had made up for it. Dinah leaned in, and Shayne kissed her.

Dinah pulled away, insisting that it was wrong. It didn't feel wrong to Shayne. Dinah said that she couldn't base her life on whether or not people accepted her. She needed her life to be her own, and she couldn't get involved in someone else's drama. Dinah opened her door, and Shayne reluctantly left.

A bewildered Marina held the baby and immediately felt attached to him. She asked many questions about the adoption. Mallet explained that all the American adoption agencies had flagged them due to Marina's connection to the Santos family. Because they couldn't get a baby through regular channels, Mallet had flown to a Bosnian orphanage that he claimed to have found on the Internet. He hadn't told Marina about it in case it didn't work. He said that both parents had been required to be there. Marina wondered how he had gotten around that, and Mallet replied that she wouldn't like it.

Mallet revealed that he had encountered Dinah. "In Bosnia?" Marina scoffed. Mallet replied that Dinah had been in Bosnia for her own reasons. Marina sneered that Dinah had volunteered to be Mallet's wife out of the goodness of her heart. Marina figured that since Dinah had signed the paperwork, Dinah was the mother. Mallet stated that Dinah wouldn't interfere.

Later, Dinah arrived at Mallet and Marina's house, her eyes glittering with anticipation. A dread-filled Marina wondered if Dinah had come for the baby. Dinah understood why Marina was skeptical of her, but Dinah promised that she wasn't there to hurt their family. Marina said that Mallet should have called Marina to help him. Marina asserted that she should have been the first person to hold the baby. Dinah replied that they would have lost the baby due to time constraints if they had chosen to wait for Marina to fly to Bosnia.

Dinah handed Mallet a pacifier that he had left in the car. Dinah claimed to have been in the right place at the right time in order to help Mallet. Dinah said that the baby belonged to Marina and Mallet alone. Dinah turned to leave, but Marina called her back. Marina tried to speak, but wound up sobbing. "Okay," Dinah said. She touched Marina's face, and then left.

Sometime later, an astounded Frank saw Mallet, Marina, and Daisy in the living room with the baby. "Whose baby is this?" Frank asked. Mallet quickly explained that he had legally obtained the Bosnian baby. "I'm a grandpa," Frank said. Daisy asked what the baby's name was, and Marina said, "Henry Cooper Cameletti."

Thursday, March 12, 2009

In the mansion's parlor, Phillip announced that it was Alan's big day in court. Alan wasn't worried, claiming that he'd taken care of the star witness. Phillip hoped that to be true; otherwise, Alan would be in deep trouble over Tammy's death. Alan smiled, saying that it wouldn't happen. After Alan left, Phillip said to himself that, unfortunately, Alan was right.

At the courthouse, Doris sought to review testimony with Grady. Daisy worried that Grady wasn't coming, and Doris threatened to fire him if he didn't show up. Daisy told Lillian that Grady had agreed to testify because he loved Daisy. Lillian replied that love didn't mean the same thing to men and as it did to women. Daisy insisted that something was wrong with Grady.

Buzz asked Doris if Alan would go to jail after the grand jury hearing. Doris said that they'd set a trial date, which could be in six weeks or six months. Buzz exclaimed that Alan had to suffer "right now!" As it grew later, Doris said to Daisy, "Your boyfriend needs to get his ass in here right now." A grinning Alan overheard Doris as he entered, and stated that Grady still had seventeen minutes to arrive. Alan sarcastically said that Grady surely wouldn't want to disappoint them. Daisy vowed that she'd never forgive Alan if he had hurt Grady. "I guess I'll just have to live with that," Alan decided. Alan assured them that he hadn't touched Grady.

Later, Doris announced that time had run out. Doris fired Grady, asserting that his no-show was embarrassing for her career. Alan departed upon commenting that he could have had a massage that morning instead of hanging out in court. Phillip listened outside the room as Daisy insisted that Grady wouldn't have left town without calling her.

At the mansion later, Phillip entered the parlor, where Alan enjoyed a cigar. Phillip assumed that the grand jury had ruled in Alan's favor. Alan arrogantly replied that they had never convened, because Alan had taken measures to ensure that Grady wouldn't testify. Phillip wondered how he had done that. Alan said that he had sent Lizzie to make Grady an irresistible deal. "You sent my daughter to deal with the man who had tormented her?" Phillip replied. Alan puffed his cigar and stated that he knew how to deal with Grady Foley. "Grady Foley has been dealt with," Phillip retorted. "He'll never hurt Lizzie again-and neither will you." A startled Alan asked what Phillip had meant by that. "There's nothing that I will not do to protect my children. I know that now," Phillip seethed.

Outside Cyrus' house, Buzz screamed for Grady to come out. Buzz then yelled at Daisy for not keeping an eye on Grady, but Daisy said that she'd waited for Grady for half the night. Buzz kicked a trashcan, and Daisy frantically left Grady messages. Lillian told Buzz that he was making himself sick with revenge, and his reckless behavior had terrified Daisy. Lillian worried about Buzz, but Buzz growled that he didn't need anybody worrying about him. "Oh, yes, you do!" Lillian retorted, and stomped off in the snow.

The three went to the Coopers' house. After Lillian and Buzz went upstairs, Daisy received a text message. The message said, "Dear Daisy, sorry to disappoint you, but I knew I couldn't really change. You'll be fine. You'll find someone else, a guy who can be good for you, and a guy who deserves you. I did love you in my way. Grady." As Daisy dropped the phone on the table, Phillip sat in the mansion's parlor, looking at the same message, which he had composed on his laptop. "Sorry, Daisy," Phillip uttered.

Dinah sat outside reading in the gazebo when Edmund wandered up, asking her to listen to a song that he'd downloaded on his iPod. It was the tune from Lara's music box. Edmund said that Dinah couldn't win Shayne back with the music box. He bitterly added that Dinah had destroyed the only moving image of the woman that Shayne had ever loved, just as Dinah had destroyed everything she ever touched.

Later, Dinah eagerly greeted her cousin Phillip when he entered the gazebo. She wished that Ross had lived to see that day. Phillip agreed, hugging her. Dinah commented that it was nice that Phillip had been released from jail. He showed her an ankle bracelet monitor, saying that he still had his limits. He wondered if she had heard the news about Lizzie and the kidnapper. A puzzled Dinah creased her brow. "Yeah, she finally figured out who did it," Phillip said.

Phillip sensed Dinah's distress. He had assumed that she'd be relieved that Bill would be cleared. Dinah stammered in agreement. Phillip wondered if she planned to ask who had done it. Dinah dryly replied that she was waiting for Phillip to tell her. When Phillip said that it had been Grady Foley, she replied, "Wow...Just Grady?"

Phillip wondered whom else she had expected him to say, and Dinah offered Cyrus' name. She asked if Grady were in custody, and Phillip said that he wasn't. When she asked if Grady had left town, Phillip chuckled that he couldn't answer her questions about Grady. Dinah surmised that Grady could surface at any time. Dinah tried to leave, but Phillip said that he hadn't finished the story. Phillip explained that Grady had held Bill captive after Bill had learned the truth. Upon leaving, Phillip advised Dinah to check on Bill. Once alone, Dinah miserably uttered, "I'm dead."

Dinah rushed back to the Beacon. She left Grady a message to call her immediately. She wanted him to tell her if she should leave town. After leaving the message, Dinah dragged clothes out of her closet and started packing.

Shayne was listening to the music box when Josh visited him. Shayne wasn't interested in a heart-to-heart chat. Josh was glad, saying he wanted to be Shayne's father that day, not his counselor. Josh unloaded a bag containing beer, video games, and a football, offering to hang out instead of dwelling on problems. Later, they threw the football in the gym, and Shayne decided that a winded Josh needed physical therapy. Shayne joked about fixing Josh up with a woman. Edmund approached, and Josh left to meet Billy.

Edmund told Shayne that he'd seen Dinah. While Edmund was happy that Dinah had located the music box, he said that it had been a ploy to make up for destroying the video. Shayne felt that Dinah had succeeded in making up for that. Edmund warned Shayne not to be fooled by Dinah, who was good at ingratiating herself to people. Shayne replied that Dinah had been a good friend. Edmund thought that was fine, but Edmund still insisted that Shayne protect himself against a woman who would do anything, and hurt anyone, to get what she wanted.

Sometime after Shayne returned home, he found a distressed Dinah on his doorstep. "I'm scared," she said upon entering. Dinah rambled on about the kidnapping and finding a place to hide. She asserted that the kidnapping hadn't even been her idea, but she'd lose everything because of it. Shayne asked her to explain what had happened. She said that everyone knew about Grady kidnapping Lizzie, but Dinah didn't know if anyone knew her part in it. She said that waiting for the truth to be revealed was just as bad to as being indicted. A distraught Dinah had come to Shayne because he was the only person who understood her.

Shayne kissed Dinah, but she pulled away. Shayne implored her to lean on him. Dinah said that he was everyone else's hero, not hers. She stated that they were nothing alike; he had been unconditionally loved since the moment he had been born, but she hadn't. She said that he'd never loved anyone who, given the choice, had chosen to leave him. Dinah said that everyone she had ever loved had chosen to leave her. Insisting that she could only rely upon herself, she apologized for being the first person in his life who didn't choose him, and she left.

At Cross Creek, Reva told Jeffrey that they were running late for their birthing class. Jeffrey replied that they weren't going to any birthing class. He wondered if she had heard anything that Colin had said the previous night. "Your cancer is spreading. You need radiation. They're going to deliver the baby today, a c-section-today, Reva," Jeffrey said, reminding her that the doctors awaited them at the hospital. Reva reiterated that she wasn't delivering the baby until she knew that the baby could survive on its own, and not a moment sooner.

At the hospital, they arrived late for the class. Jeffrey said that Reva couldn't keep pretending that her situation wasn't critical. Reva persisted in attending the birthing class whether he joined her or not. Jeffrey followed Reva into the class. When Reva asked the instructor if there were showers in the birthing room, Jeffrey lost it, saying, "This is ridiculous. That's a ridiculous thing to ask." Reva disagreed, stating that she could take a shower if she wanted to, because it was ultimately up to her to decide how the baby came into the world. Jeffrey left the room to get some air.

After class, Reva found Jeffrey in the hallway. As she prattled on about birthing tubs, Jeffrey handed her hospital admission papers. Reva refused to sign them, but Jeffrey, who held her power of attorney, had already filled them out. He reminded her that the baby was also his, and told her that they were going home to pack her a bag. In the parking lot, Reva decided that Jeffrey was out of line. He said that keeping his wife alive was his first priority. Reva refused to argue. She concluded that they needed time apart, and she left in the car without him.

At home, Reva heard a knock at the door. She yelled that Jeffrey needed to sleep elsewhere that evening. The knock continued, and she discovered Josh at the door. Josh said he'd met with Billy, and they had some tax paperwork for Reva to sign. He asked for a beer, and Reva asked if he'd actually drink alcohol in front of her. "Every drop," Josh replied.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey found an irritated Doris in the courtroom. He asked her to help him locate a precedent for a case involving a husband forcing a wife to give birth for medical reasons. Doris wondered if his baby was in danger, and Jeffrey replied that Reva was. Later, Jeffrey pored over legal documents in his office. He pulled out a liquor bottle and spiked his drink. He then swigged from the bottle and continued working.

At home, Reva rubbed her belly, assuring her baby that the fight would end once Jeffrey realized that she was right. A messenger came to the door, asking Reva to sign for some legal papers. Reva reviewed the papers, which read, "Reva O'Neill V. Jeffrey O'Neill." Reva sighed, "That bastard..."

Friday, March 13, 2009

At the Cooper house, Natalia asked Daisy how long a seriously depressed Buzz had been like that. Daisy told her that it'd been since Grady failed to show up to testify against Alan. Daisy told Natalia that she was confident that Grady would come back to help Buzz. Natalia told Daisy that faith was a good thing, but warned her to be careful about whom she placed her faith in. After Natalia left, Daisy asked her grandfather if he wanted lunch, but he was uninterested. Concerned, Daisy called Remy for help.

Remy was at Company with Christina when he got the call from Daisy, and he apologized that he was not going to be able to keep Christina company while she chose her classes for John Hopkins. At that point, Mel walked in and, overhearing, eagerly volunteered to help Christina pick her classes. Afterwards, Mel got a call from Reva and had to leave. After she left, Leah arrived at Company and told Christina that she was supposed to meet with Mel to discuss what courses Leah should take the next year at Springfield University. Christina agreed to help her.

Remy went to the Cooper house to check on Buzz. After telling Daisy that Buzz was physically okay, Remy asked a despondent Buzz if he was feeling sadness or anger. Remy told Buzz that after Tammy died, he was so angry at Alan that he wanted to go after Alan, as well. Remy warned Buzz that if he didn't have a place to put his anger, it would kill him.

Olivia called Emma's babysitter and Emma's friends looking for the missing Emma. When she couldn't locate her, Olivia assumed that Phillip took her. Later, Natalia saw Olivia with a gun. Natalia protested the gun being in her house and asked Olivia if she was going to use it. Olivia said yes and told Natalia that Phillip had Emma. Natalia argued that Olivia would wind up in jail if she went after Phillip, and convinced Olivia to put the gun away. Natalia told Olivia to go to the police about Emma.

Olivia went to Doris to get her to arrest Phillip for kidnapping. Doris told Olivia that she would put an APB out for Emma. Olivia stated that was not good enough and said that she wanted Phillip locked away. As Doris explained that there was no reason to do that, Olivia got a call. It was Remy, who told her that he was at the park with Emma.

Olivia and Natalia separately raced to the park where Remy told them that he saw Emma on Main Street trying to go to her dad's. Olivia and Natalia explained to Emma that her father was sick. Natalia told the girl that they needed to give Phillip time to get better and agreed with Emma's suggestion to send her father a card.

Privately, Olivia told Natalia that Phillip was a monster, and asked why she was smoothing things over. Natalia said that she was trying to support a little girl who loved her father, but made it clear that she did not intend to let Emma have contact with Phillip, either, until they were positive that he was okay.

Remy returned to Company and heard Leah thanking Christina for her help in picking out her college schedule. An amused Remy told Christina that she was bad for picking Leah's classes in retaliation for Mel choosing hers.

Doris told Jeffrey that he had precedents in his case against Reva, but that he would need more to beat her. Jeffrey told Doris that it was not about winning-it was about saving Reva's life. At that point, Colin walked in and reiterated to Jeffrey that the radiation was the best course of treatment for Reva. He also stated that he spoke to the OB-GYN who agreed that an immediate C-section was the best course of action. Doris told Colin of Jeffrey's plan to sue Reva into getting the procedure done. Colin told Jeffrey that it was the worst idea that he'd ever heard.

Colin argued that forcing Reva to do something was a big mistake. He stated that the stress could have an adverse effect, and reminded Jeffrey that Reva could be unpredictable. Unmoved, Jeffrey asked Colin if he would testify on Jeffrey's behalf during the trial. Colin said that he didn't know. When Colin left, Doris began raving about how excited she was about the groundbreaking case.

Reva told Lillian that a part of her wanted to fight Jeffrey and another part understood that he was trying to save her. Reva asked for advice about what to do, but Lillian responded that she couldn't give an exact answer about what was right. Lillian suggested that Reva listen to her heart. Later, Jeffrey asked Lillian for Reva's medical records. Lillian tried to talk Jeffrey out of what he was doing.

Jeffrey told Lillian that he wanted to bring his wife and baby home. Lillian stated that she understood that. She said that he might be doing the right thing, but pointed out that he could be wrong as well. Jeffrey told Lillian that he needed Reva. Lillian warned Jeffrey about the toll that the case could take on his and Reva's relationship. Jeffrey asked what about the toll if Reva died.

Afterwards, Jeffrey took out a sonogram of his baby and began talking to it. Jeffrey told the baby that he would probably come into the world with a harder fight than most babies. Jeffrey assured the baby that he would be okay because he was a fighter like his mother. Jeffery asked the baby to look after Reva and said that Jeffrey needed her around for a long time. Jeffrey stated that he would not be doing this if he did not think it was the right thing.

Lillian caught Buzz writing her a goodbye note, which simply read that he would be back in a few days. Lillian asked Buzz where he was going and he told her that he was going to look for Grady. Lillian did not think that it was a good idea for a man with a heart condition to go after Grady alone, and did not feel better when Buzz said that Daisy was going with him. Lillian told Buzz that she did not want him to go. Lillian wanted to talk about it but Buzz refused to change his mind. Lillian urged Buzz to think about the consequences of his actions and Buzz retorted that Alan never faced up to the consequences. Exasperated, Lillian gruffly grabbed Buzz by the lapel of his jacket and said that she would not let him leave. Buzz harshly grabbed her wrists and pushed her away and coldly dared her to stop him.

Buzz's actions rattled Lillian and she said that he reminded her of her husband, Bradley, who used to beat her every day. Lillian said that she could not go there again and could not promise to be around if he left to find Grady. Buzz said "that's okay" and left.

Colin told Reva that he thought Jeffrey was right, because Reva did need medical attention. Colin pointed out that Reva's body was sick and she could not ignore that. He stated that her being in denial was as wrong as her keeping her cancer secret years earlier. Colin applauded Jeffrey for taking control of the situation. Reva asked Colin what she should do. He lightly said that he didn't know because he was an oncologist and not a marriage counselor.

Reva went to Mel for legal help. Reva made it clear that she wanted to protect her baby. Mel understood and agreed to help her. Mel said that Jeffrey had no right to go against Reva's wishes, since Reva was not incapacitated. Reva told Mel that she wanted to win but did not want to hurt Jeffrey. Mel suggested that Reva had to countersue.

Later, Mel served Jeffrey papers and berated him for wanting to cut Reva's baby out of her body. Jeffrey told Mel that he loved Reva. He stated that he did not expect to, but he did. Jeffrey stated that Reva was the most amazing thing that ever happened to him. He argued that he could very well raise the baby by himself but he did not want to. Jeffrey said that he wanted Reva with him because he loved her.

Mel was deeply touched and said that no man ever loved her like that. Mel then went to Reva and told her that she could not take the case. Mel made it clear that Jeffrey's love for Reva was exceptional. Mel stated that she could not ask Jeffrey to give that up, and told Reva not to waste a love like that.

Doris approached Reva and thanked her for not giving in to Jeffrey because it gave Doris an opportunity to argue such a great case. Reva was not happy that Doris was so excited, and blasted her for getting her "rocks" off of on Reva's situation. Reva said that, as a mother, Doris should understand Reva wanting to protect her baby. Suddenly, Reva felt lightheaded, and Doris helped her to sit down. While helping Reva, Doris felt the baby kick. Doris was amazed to feel the baby inside Reva. Later, Doris went to Jeffrey and told him that she could not help him. Doris said that he had a good shot at winning, but he was on his own because she could not separate a mother from her baby.

Jeffrey and Reva appeared before the judge. The judge did not seem very sympathetic to Jeffrey's case and accused him of wanting to force his wife to be cut open. Reva objected and said that Jeffrey was doing it because he loved her; she protested the judge's implication that Jeffrey's actions were cold and heartless. The judge pointed out that she argued the case for the other side. He then looked at her countersuit and sarcastically asked how being inside a dying mother could be in the best interests of the child. At this point, Jeffrey defended Reva and pointed out that she was a wonderful mother.

Jeffrey stated that all he wanted to do was bring his wife and baby home happy and healthy. Reva said that was all she wanted, as well. The judge asked how they could do that. Jeffrey suggested that Reva could have daily blood work to see how the cancer was progressing. Reva agreed and stated that if her condition got worse, she would consider delivering early. Jeffrey also suggested that they could monitor the baby's progress, as well. The case closed, Jeffrey and Reva left the courthouse arm in arm.

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