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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of March 2, 2009 on GL
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Monday, March 2, 2009

At the police station, Lizzie listened to Bill's kidnapper recording again and then suddenly changed her mind about seeing Phillip. It was too late, though, because Phillip arrived in shackles, headed for his bail hearing. Phillip urgently told a retreating Lizzie that he and Bill worried about her. She rolled her eyes when Phillip informed her of Bill's theory about Cyrus. Phillip implored Lizzie not to be so trusting of those around her.

On the courthouse balcony, Lizzie peeked down to the courtroom below, where officials prepared for Phillip's hearing. Ashlee approached, seeking newsworthy stories for the television station. Ashlee offered to interview a twice-kidnapped Lizzie, but Lizzie declined. After Lizzie played Bill's kidnapper recording for her, Ashlee shivered, stating that the creep was still after Lizzie. Ashlee invited Lizzie to accompany her to Phillip's hearing, but Lizzie didn't think she could sit through it. When Ashlee left, Lizzie precariously stared down to the courtroom.

Back in police headquarters, Lizzie listened to the recording again. Rick approached, and Lizzie said that she couldn't bear to attend Phillip's hearing. Rick felt the same way, saying that he still resented Phillip for taking Jude. Lizzie wondered if Rick thought Phillip could do something like that again. Rick wasn't sure. After Rick stepped away to take a call, Lizzie called Bill's assistant to say that she had his cell phone.

During a phone call between Cyrus and Grady, Cyrus said that he had sneaked Bill onto the Spaulding jet. Cyrus instructed Grady to make it look as if Bill had left town for a good reason. Daisy overheard Grady end the call by saying that he'd take care of it. Grady told Daisy that Cyrus had taken a business trip. Daisy decided that Grady should stay at Cyrus' place while she was with her family. Daisy revealed that Ashlee had a crush on Grady, and he joked that they three could have had fun together. Daisy got upset, and Grady promised to go to Cyrus' place.

At WSPR later, Grady complimented Ashlee's dress. Ashlee suspiciously wondered what he wanted. Grady lied that since Doris had him searching for leads in Lizzie's kidnapping case, he couldn't take Daisy on a dinner date. In order to make his date, he needed Ashlee to check Lizzie and Bill's desks at Spaulding-Lewis for any clues. Ashlee agreed to help him. As she departed, Grady said that she really did look good in the dress.

At the mini-mart, Lizzie apologized to Daisy for her family's involvement with the Coopers' misfortune. Lizzie confided that Phillip's antics at the church had reminded Lizzie of how much Phillip frightened her. Grady entered the store in time to overhear Lizzie saying that Bill had implicated Cyrus in the kidnapping; however, Bill had the chest scar, not Cyrus. Lizzie then played the kidnapper recording for Daisy. Lizzie was certain that the kidnapper was stalking her. Daisy advised her to call Bill, but Lizzie said that she couldn't find Bill. Daisy then instructed her to go to the police. Lizzie replied, "No offense to your family, but every time the police get involved, it just gets much worse."

Lizzie went to Bill's hotel room, where she discovered Roxie. Lizzie found it peculiar that Bill hadn't filled Roxie's food and water bowls. Lizzie examined Roxie-even smelling Roxie's breath to make sure Bill was brushing her teeth. Lizzie apologized to Roxie for giving her away. Just then, Grady crossed Bill's threshold, pretending to be there to check on Roxie, per Daisy's request. Roxie growled at Grady, and Lizzie decided to take Roxie with her. As Lizzie left, Grady said that if he saw Bill, he'd let Bill know that Lizzie had his dog.

When Lizzie and Roxie arrived at the mansion, Lizzie decided that Roxie was always on her side. She said that Roxie could move back in with her. "Just you and me, Roxie; just you and me," Lizzie said.

Back in Bill's hotel room, Grady had room service on the bed. He left a message for Cyrus to call him upon landing. Looking at a picture of Lizzie, he said that she had caused him some problems. In his kidnapper voice, he told Lizzie not to be so stupid because the next time, she wouldn't be so lucky.

When Remy saw Christina outside, she said that she hadn't been around because her grandmother had been hospitalized again. Remy asked why Christina hadn't contacted him, and she said that he wasn't really her husband. Remy explained that people didn't have to be blood related to be family. Though Remy pretended to be her husband, he wouldn't do that for just anyone. Christina worried that her grandmother would die, leaving Christina alone. Christina felt guilty that her grandmother would die knowing that Christina was a liar. Remy said that Christina was lying to become a doctor to save people like her grandmother.

Outside the Spaulding mansion, Buzz swung a tire iron at Alan, but Alan dodged the blow. Alan said that Buzz was responsible for Coop's death, not Alan. Buzz and Alan tussled with each other. Suddenly, Alan sank to the snow, clinging to Buzz, and groaning, "My heart..." Buzz laughed, "You're gonna die right in front of me?" A pain shot through Buzz, too, and he slumped to the ground beside Alan. The two men struggled to sit upright in the snow. They bickered over who would call emergency services. When Alan said that his phone had run out of juice, Buzz retorted, "Just like you. That's why Beth left you."

Buzz called emergency services, and Remy and Christina arrived a short time later. When Christina asked who was having the heart attack, Alan and Buzz pointed to each other, both saying, "He is." Remy told Alan and Buzz that they were both in cardiac arrest. When Remy checked Buzz first, Alan accused Remy of letting Alan suffer in order to get payback for Tammy. Christina offered to assist Alan, warning that she hadn't practiced on a real human yet. Buzz roared that Alan wasn't a real human, and then Buzz started choking Alan.

At the hospital, Rick was astonished that Buzz and Alan had suffered heart attacks at the same time. Alan rasped that Christina had saved him, not Remy. Christina was excited when Rick said that she had done all the right things. Christina decided that Remy had been right about her going to any lengths to obtain her calling as a doctor. Before a nurse wheeled Alan to his room, Buzz grumbled that it wasn't over. "Not by a long shot, Buzz," Alan agreed.

Ashlee approached Daisy at the mini-mart, saying that she thought Daisy was supposed to be out to dinner with Grady. Daisy was unaware of any dinner. Ashlee asked Daisy to tell Grady that Ashlee hadn't found anything at Spaulding-Lewis. Just then, Daisy received a call that Buzz had had a heart attack.

Frank arrived at the hospital, wondering if Alan and Buzz had really given each other heart attacks. Remy took Daisy, Ashlee, and Frank in to see Buzz. Christina visited Alan to ask if she could call his family for him. Alan said that his family probably didn't care. Alan called Christina an angel for choosing to save him, while Remy had chosen Buzz. Alan said that he wouldn't forget that.

At Towers, Beth treated Rick to lunch, hoping to persuade him to attend Phillip's bail hearing. Rick wasn't interested in supporting Phillip. Beth asked if Rick had seen the class reunion announcement, and Rick guessed that Beth wanted Phillip released so that she could relive their high school prom. Beth thought the assertion was ludicrous, and she reminded Rick that Beth, Mindy, Phillip, and he had promised to always be there for each other. Rick insisted that he wouldn't go, and Beth hastily left for the hearing.

Later, at Phillip's hearing, the prosecutor pointed out that Phillip had no supporters in attendance; however, Beth stepped forward to say that she was a mother of two of the children that Phillip had contemplated kidnapping. Beth contended that Phillip had never actually kidnapped anyone, and he couldn't be prosecuted for what he had only thought about doing. Phillip's lawyer said that Phillip planned to throw himself on the mercy of the court, and Beth replied, "Like hell he will." Phillip smiled, deciding that Beth was doing a better job than his lawyer was. Phillip asked the judge to allow Beth to continue speaking for him.

Beth said that Phillip was not a flight risk because he had voluntarily returned to Springfield to face charges. She didn't think that the community would benefit from incarcerating Phillip until his trial. The judge asked Phillip where he would reside, and Phillip responded that he'd stay at his family's estate. The judge set bail for Phillip at two hundred fifty thousand dollars. Beth smiled smugly as the judge dismissed the court.

Back at Phillip's cell, Beth said she'd work on raising the bail money. She wasn't sure that Phillip should be released, but she felt that his incarceration wasn't good for anyone. "I plan to be good for you. I plan to be good for my whole family," Phillip replied. Phillip asked Beth to be his trial lawyer. Beth said she hadn't even passed the bar-or finished law school, for that matter. She said that he needed to hire someone really good. "I think that's what I'm doing," Phillip decided. Beth said that it was a bad idea, and Phillip guessed that she just didn't want to help him with his case. Beth sighed, asking if she could think about it. Phillip asked her to answer him before the trial date.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Marina and Shayne had hot dogs at the mini-mart. Marina mentioned that Mallet was in Washington D.C. working on the adoption process. Shayne admitted that Mallet might be a good man, after all. Marina expressed her sympathies about Lara, and Shayne got up to get a beer.

When Marina visited Buzz at the hospital, he asked her to find Daisy. Marina inadvertently left him with an old copy of the Springfield Mirror, featuring a story about Alan's disrupted wedding to Beth. When Daisy arrived, Buzz instructed her to bring Grady to see him immediately. Sometime later, Daisy reentered with Grady. Buzz asked Grady to confess to driving the car that had hit Tammy. Grady scoffed and headed for the exit. Buzz sought to avenge Coop's death, and said that Grady could help by bringing Alan to justice. Buzz believed that if Grady nailed Alan, then everyone-including Buzz-would forgive Grady's past sins.

As Grady shoveled snow outside later, Daisy begged him to do as Buzz had asked. Grady couldn't believe that he had to go to jail in order to get in good with her family. Daisy said that her family knew the law, and Buzz wouldn't let Grady go to jail. Grady said that either he would go to jail, or Alan would come after him. Daisy implored Grady to do it for her, but Grady said that he couldn't. Daisy returned to the hospital, and sadly told Buzz that Grady wouldn't do it.

Before Frank freed Phillip on bail, he ranted about the Spauldings' ability to get away with everything. While handing Phillip his property, Frank clinched Phillip's red sweatshirt. Phillip wished that he had done more for Coop, and Frank sullenly said that he did, too. Before Phillip departed, he glimpsed at a web article on a police computer about Alan's heart attack.

Later, Phillip strolled into Buzz's hospital room. Phillip attempted to talk to Buzz about things other than retribution, but Buzz was conspicuously un-conservative. When Phillip turned to leave, Buzz said that he was going after Alan. "Do what you have to do," Phillip replied.

In Alan's hospital room, Alan complained to his beloved Lizzie that no one from their mess of a family had come to see him, but her. He suspected that Rick hadn't even filed his admission papers. Alan felt that their family would come together in a crisis. Lizzie announced that the crisis had already arrived, and Alan needed to get on his feet to deal with it. Lizzie played the kidnapper recording for Alan. She then explained what had transpired with Cyrus at Towers after Bill had received the threatening call. Alan figured that Bill was somewhere celebrating that he had tricked Lizzie with his kidnapper recording. Lizzie frantically begged Alan to protect her from the kidnapper and from Phillip. When she stated that Phillip had said that she was just like her father, Alan replied, "Well, in some ways, you are."

Lizzie saw Frank in the hallway, and Frank told her that Phillip had been released on bail. A frightened Lizzie scurried out of the hospital. Sometime later, Lizzie breathlessly stumbled onto the mansion patio. In the dining room, she listened to the recording again and again. She stared at a picture of Phillip. Just then, Phillip entered.

Phillip said that he had been released after Beth had defended him in court, but a trial was still pending. Phillip knew Lizzie was angry with him and probably would be for a long time. Lizzie readily agreed. He asked her if she wanted to see Alan with him, and Lizzie refused. She asked Phillip what he planned to do, because he couldn't stay at the mansion. "Yes, sweetheart," Phillip replied with a narrowing stare. "This is my home."

At the farmhouse, Natalia scrubbed the kitchen floor, telling Olivia that nothing could ever get too clean. When Olivia jokingly suggested that Natalia relax with some good sex and fun, Natalia snapped that sex didn't solve problems. Out on their front porch, Olivia guessed that Natalia had gotten "laid." Natalia said that she wouldn't refer to a scared union between a man and a woman in that way.

A prayerful Natalia said that God had been her best friend over the last year. During that time, Natalia had tried to atone for her sins and practice her faith as best she could. She said that the Bible stated that thinking a sin was the same as committing it. Olivia didn't think God would send Natalia to hell for what was in her mind. Just then, Natalia received a call; after the call, she said that she needed to get to the hospital.

When Natalia saw Frank later in the corridor at Cedars, she said she hadn't known that he would be there. Frank said that Buzz was sleeping. She decided she'd return when Buzz had awakened. Natalia tried to leave, but Frank stopped her, saying that he had been trying unsuccessfully to reach her by phone. Natalia tensed as Frank explained that he understood that their intimacy hadn't been planned or romantic. He cared about her deeply, and he didn't want there to be awkwardness between them. Natalia said that it wouldn't be awkward because it would never happen again.

Natalia said that she had only slept with Frank because he had needed to feel close to someone. She said that she had used him, and it was a sin. Frank gently replied that it wasn't a sin for people in need to help each other. Natalia was adamant that it was a sin to sleep with someone outside of wedlock, and it was a sin when people couldn't control their thoughts. Frank wanted to start over, but a distraught Natalia said, "I can't," and walked away.

Olivia went to the gym, where she ran into Jeffrey. Jeffrey didn't look forward to another round with Olivia, but Olivia said that she wasn't upset anymore. She had decided that talking to Jeffrey about her issue had made her realize that she should stop talking about it at all. Olivia said that she'd gotten a religious lecture from Natalia that morning, and Olivia didn't even think Natalia liked sex. "I didn't think you'd gotten that far," Jeffrey replied.

When Olivia got back home, she braced herself before going inside. In the kitchen, Olivia tearfully told Natalia that no matter what was going on between them, or where it would lead, Natalia was Olivia's friend. She said that Natalia could tell her anything. Natalia sobbed that she didn't know why she had slept with Frank because she didn't love him. Olivia hugged Natalia as she cried.

Olivia couldn't believe that Natalia was telling her something like that. Natalia said that she had to tell someone. Natalia felt like a hypocrite, having told Rafe to live the virtuous life and then, "I go and do something like this, so terrible." Olivia said that Natalia and Frank had dated and had planned to go away together. Olivia felt that it was natural that they had wanted to take it to the next level. Natalia said that it could never happen again, which was what she'd told Frank. Natalia felt that that she had to live her principles, and she worried that God hated her for what she had done. Olivia held Natalia as she cried, saying that no one could ever hate Natalia.

At the Bosnian orphanage, Mrs. Dovic was confused when Mallet introduced Dinah as his wife, Marina. Mrs. Dovic stated that Mallet had said that Marina was in the United States dealing with a death in the family. Dinah claimed that her family understood how important the meeting at the orphanage was to Mallet and her. Mrs. Dovic also noticed that Dinah wasn't wearing her wedding ring. Dinah surprisingly retrieved her old wedding band from her purse. Mallet explained that his wife didn't like to travel with her jewelry on display. Mrs. Dovic accepted the answers. She then interviewed the couple, asking them how they had met and what kind of work Marina did. Dinah answered the questions, fluidly mimicking Marina's mannerisms.

In conclusion, Mrs. Dovic said that things sounded good, but she needed to check their references. Mrs. Dovic asked for their gender preference in a child, and Mallet said that they just wanted a healthy baby. After Mrs. Dovic stepped out, Mallet told Dinah that she had been wonderful, but he wanted to know how long she'd been carrying around the wedding ring that he had given her. Dinah said that she didn't expect to reunite with Mallet. She kept the ring as a reminder that she wasn't all bad. Mallet said that she didn't need the ring to remind her of that. The lengths that she had gone to in order to help Shayne and him proved that she wasn't all bad.

Mrs. Dovic returned to the room with a baby boy in her arms. Dinah's face lit up as she took the child and helped him hold a bottle to his mouth. Mrs. Dovic asked them to get acquainted with the baby while she left to check their references. Mallet was excited that the boy could be his son. Dinah smiled on as Mallet promised the boy that he'd always be loved.

After Mallet bonded with the child, Mrs. Dovic returned with a distressed look on her face. She said that the baby's parents had returned to the orphanage to retrieve their son. Because the birth parents had already given the baby up, Mallet and Dinah insisted that he had become their baby. Mrs. Dovic replied that she would have them arrested if they tried to take a child that she had not officially signed over to them. Mallet reluctantly handed the little boy back to Mrs. Dovic.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

At Cross Creek, Marina and Shayne helped Reva and Jeffrey paint the nursery. When Marina and Shayne went for more paint, Jeffrey joked about the "baby bonnet blue" paint color Reva had chosen. Reva commented that Jeffrey and their son could turn the nursery into a music room once Reva was no longer around. Reva said that she wanted their son to enjoy the world. Jeffrey murmured that Reva would make sure of that. "Yeah... if I'm still here," Reva replied. Frustrated, Jeffrey swung a paint can. Paint splattered on the wall as the can thudded against it.

Jeffrey asked a shocked Reva if she planned to be around to raise their baby. Reva replied that she had cancer. "Are you going to be here?" he demanded. Jeffrey stated that if she had given into dying, then she could do it somewhere else. Jeffrey decided that he would choose the baby's room color and not her, because she had chosen not to be there to raise their son. Reva yelled that she wanted to be there for Jeffrey and for the baby. "Then decide to be," Jeffrey ordered. Reva didn't understand where his anger had come from. Jeffrey said that he had felt that way since he realized that she had stopped fighting. Reva claimed that she hadn't stopped fighting. Jeffrey asserted that he was leaving the house before he said something regrettable.

Meanwhile, Marina and Shayne ran into Josh and tried to rope him into helping paint Reva's nursery. Josh said that was a wonderful job for a son, not an ex-husband. After talking to Josh, they returned to Cross Creek to find Reva distraught on the floor. With one look at the mess on the wall, Shayne was ready to find Jeffrey and beat his ass. Reva refused to let Shayne get involved. Reva defended Jeffrey, saying that he had been working hard to remain hopeful. Marina thought that they should break for lunch, figuring that Jeffrey would soon return. Reva sobbed that she didn't know if Jeffrey was coming back.

Marina and Shayne painted the walls, and Reva watched from her seat on the floor. Colin McCabe arrived for a visit. Reva introduced Colin to Marina and Shayne as her oncologist and her friend. Reva told Shayne to get the ladder because Colin would paint the ceiling. After Shayne and Marina exited, Colin claimed to be afraid of heights and wondered where Jeffrey was. Reva said that she had given Jeffrey the day off, and Colin decided to help. While Colin painted, Reva confided in him about her problems. In conclusion, Reva fearfully uttered that she didn't want to die. Colin said that he didn't want her to die, either. He kissed her forehead and wiped her tears. Reva smiled, deciding that they should finish the walls.

Later, Shayne caught Marina in the living room, playing mother to a stuffed bear. She giggled, saying that all the baby stuff must have made Shayne want a child. Shayne said that nothing could be worse for him than having a kid. Marina thought that Shayne would make a good father. Later, Marina brought in a package from Dinah. Shayne wasn't interested in it until Marina said that it had come from Bosnia. When he opened it, he recognized Lara's music box. He recalled that Lara had played it after their team had cleared mines on a cold, rainy night. Shayne said that the sound had made them feel lighter.

Marina went home and listened to a message from Mallet. The answering machine cut off just after Mallet said that he was on the way. Marina cursed the machine, saying, "Wait! What about the baby?" Marina stared at yellow color swatches, stating that yellow was a hopeful color.

At the farmhouse, Natalia believed that God and Frank hated her for what she had done. Natalia expected God to strike her down for saying one thing, but doing another. Olivia replied that if that were a sin, then, "Hell, party of two, here we come." Natalia thought that Olivia was the most honest person she knew, but Olivia stated that she hadn't been honest with Natalia or with herself. Olivia said that if she had been honest, then Natalia might not have slept with Frank. Olivia decided that she would come clean with Natalia, but she wasn't quite sure how to do it. Natalia replied that it sounded serious.

Olivia said that it had been a year since Gus's death and the surgery. It had been a year that she'd been unexpectedly granted, filled with new and surprising things. Natalia said that Gus had given Olivia a great gift. Olivia stated that Natalia had given Olivia a greater gift. Olivia didn't know what she'd do without Natalia, and Olivia admitted to becoming very fond of Natalia. Natalia figured that Olivia wanted to cheer Natalia up. Olivia sobbed, "I want something, but I'm not sure..." Natalia stared na´vely at Olivia as Olivia resolved to just say what was on her mind.

A knock at the door interrupted them. Jeffrey entered with a bottle in hand, ready to drown his sorrows. After Natalia and Olivia listened to his problem, Jeffrey said that he had unintentionally hurt Reva's feelings. Natalia sympathetically said that it was terrible, but Olivia said that he was an ass, who should have been communicating with Reva all along.

Just then, Josh arrived with joint compound for the pipes. Josh commented that Jeffrey was supposed to be painting the nursery, and Jeffrey replied that he had been. "This is fun, having some friends stop by," Natalia commented. Natalia offered to cook for everyone, but Olivia abruptly said that there was nothing in the refrigerator. Olivia was sure that the men probably had other things to do. Natalia replied that they wouldn't have stopped by if they'd had other things to do. Since there was no food, Natalia suggested that they all go out together.

The four of them went to Farley's and played pool for money. Natalia pretended not to know how to play. By game's end, everyone realized that Natalia had conned them. Natalia snatched the money up for the farmhouse cookie jar, and Jeffrey wished that he had stayed home to paint the nursery.

Jeffrey returned home in time to see the freshly painted nursery. Jeffrey told Reva that he was sorry for hurting her. She replied that she didn't want to leave Jeffrey, but she might not be able to control that. Jeffrey said he understood that they couldn't control everything. He hugged Reva, and she suggested that they put the crib by the window. Jeffrey agreed.

Back at the farmhouse, Natalia was excited to have played pool after such a long time. Olivia said that there was a lot that they didn't know about each other, but Natalia was confident that they'd learn. Olivia tried to return to the topic they'd been discussing earlier, but Emma rushed in with a newspaper. "It's Daddy!" Emma said, pointing at Phillip's picture. Emma beamed, wondering when she could see her father.

In a Bosnian hotel room, Dinah said that it was okay for Mallet to admit that he was heartbroken over the incident at the adoption agency. Mallet sadly said that he had felt like he had been holding his own son. He apologized for making her cross the line by pretending to be his wife. Mallet wished that he could see the baby once more to say goodbye.

Just then, a knock came to the door. A man named Kovach entered with his wife and the orphan. Kovach said that the orphanage had told them that Mallet wanted to give their baby a good home. Mallet was confused at why the couple had come to his room with their baby. The couple said that they were poor, but Mallet could give the baby a good home. An unnerved Mallet retorted, "Are you trying to sell your baby?" Kovach replied that they were in the business of providing babies to people who readily wanted them.

Mallet conjectured that the orphanage ran a scam in which they let couples bond with the babies and then pretended that the babies weren't available in order to trick desperate couples into paying for the children. Mallet wanted to throw Kovach out the window, but Kovach said that his cousin, who worked in immigration, wouldn't let Mallet leave the country. Kovach wrote down the price for the baby, and he said that if he didn't get it, the baby would go back on the streets. Mallet scoffed at the figure and stuffed a fist full of money into Kovach's hand. Kovach said it wasn't enough. "Then take this," Dinah said, presenting her wedding band.

Mallet didn't want Dinah to relinquish the ring, but Dinah continued that the ring was platinum with a diamond solitaire. Kovach took the ring and gave them the baby. Mallet pursued Kovach into the hallway, asking for immigration papers. Once Kovach handed Mallet some papers, Mallet pressed Kovach against the wall, demanding Dinah's ring back. Mallet asserted that Kovach wouldn't take anything from Dinah, who had already lost so much. Kovach balked, but after Mallet threatened him, he handed over the ring, and left.

Mallet gave Dinah the ring, saying he would never forget the favor she had done him. He couldn't wait to see the look on Marina's face once she saw their son. Just then, Dinah received a phone call from Shayne. Shayne wondered if Dinah had created an international incident while procuring the music box. Dinah said that the consulate had never known what had hit them. Shayne said that the box had meant a lot to Lara, and to him as well. Dinah hoped it made up for what she had taken from him. Shayne wondered what she'd do next, and Dinah said she'd travel a bit. Shayne told her to have a safe trip. Dinah ended the call, promising to send a postcard.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

At the mansion, Cyrus entered the parlor, where Lizzie listened to the recording of the kidnapper again. A paranoid Lizzie whispered that her father was in the house, and, "I have kidnappers all around me." Lizzie intended to turn the recording in to the police. Phillip entered the room, and Lizzie clung to Cyrus, asking him to run her "errand" with her. Cyrus promised to meet her and said everything would be okay. After Cyrus left, Phillip offered to take her to the police station if Cyrus wouldn't do it.

Upset by Phillip's eavesdropping, Lizzie told Phillip that she needed protection from many things. Beth entered the parlor to ask Phillip to join her in picking up Mindy at the airport later. Lizzie scoffed and ran upstairs. Beth explained to Phillip that his return had been hard on Lizzie, but Lizzie's issues had started when Alan had interfered with Sarah. Beth stated that all their lives had crumbled under Alan's control. "Not anymore," Phillip asserted.

Upstairs, Beth suggested that spending time with Phillip would help Lizzie to see that Phillip had returned to himself. Beth further said that she was considering joining Phillip's defense team. Lizzie ordered her mother to snap out of it, because people weren't always who they seemed to be. Beth wondered if Lizzie would return to Bill if Lizzie could believe in him. Lizzie admitted that she wanted Bill to prove himself innocent, because she needed Bill to make her feel safe. "That's how I feel about your father," Beth replied.

Based on Beth's belief in redemption, Lizzie theorized that Alan deserved a chance to rectify matters. Beth said that Alan was ten times worse than Phillip could ever be. Lizzie retorted that Alan had never held her hostage. "Yes, he has. Every day," Beth bitterly replied.

At Cedars, Grady and Daisy visited Buzz to inform him that Grady had decided to help Buzz nail Alan, after all. Buzz promised that Grady would be a big hero, but warned that Alan would fight them. Grady claimed to already know what he was getting into-and what he was getting out of it. "Grady will be a part of our family," Daisy beamed. Buzz thanked Grady. Just then, Cyrus leaned into the room and ordered Grady to come out to talk.

Daisy sneaked Buzz out of the hospital and took him to police headquarters to speak to Doris Wolfe. Buzz claimed that he could give Doris the biggest win of her career. He said that Grady was prepared to incriminate Alan in the death of Tammy Winslow. Buzz stated that Doris couldn't retry Grady because of double jeopardy, and Buzz asked her to give Grady immunity on his lesser crimes. Doris wondered why she'd make that deal, and Buzz said that whoever jailed Alan Spaulding would be hailed as one of the greatest legal minds of their time. "I'll get a warrant," Doris replied.

In the hospital corridor, Cyrus murmured to Grady that they needed to leave town because Lizzie intended to have the police analyze the recording on Bill's cell phone. Grady refused to flee because Buzz had figured out a way to make Grady one of the "good guys." Grady figured that all his problems would vanish once he turned state's evidence. Cyrus stated that Alan would retaliate by implicating Grady as the kidnapper. Grady replied that he'd tell the authorities about Alan's part in that crime, too. Grady smugly said that he could handle everything, including Lizzie. Once Cyrus left, Grady sent a threatening text message to Lizzie.

Cyrus encountered Lizzie outside the hospital. She showed him the new text message from the kidnapper, which read, "I'm still here. Don't go to the police, or you'll be sorry." Lizzie suddenly decided that the text had come from Phillip, who had overheard her with Cyrus earlier. Cyrus dismissed the idea, but Lizzie thought it made perfect sense, citing that Phillip had attempted to kidnap her before. Lizzie rushed into the hospital, hoping Alan could protect her.

Cyrus called Grady about the text message to Lizzie. Grady told Cyrus that he had blocked his number prior to texting. "They can trace it, Grady," Cyrus replied. Cyrus insisted that they leave town immediately. Grady told Cyrus not to worry, and then hung up on him.

Phillip visited Alan at the hospital to say that Beth had gotten him out of jail despite Alan's lawyer's attempts to keep him incarcerated. Alan feigned innocence, wondering where his "get well" card from Phillip was. Phillip noticed that Rick had taken good care of Alan. Alan replied that Rick couldn't be trusted after marrying Beth behind Phillip's back. "So did you," Phillip noted. Phillip complimented Alan on his "bang-up job" protecting the family. Alan warned Philip against being judgmental after abandoning everyone. Phillip retorted that he hadn't left; Alan had shot him. "That was a long time ago," Alan said.

Phillip claimed that he had returned to Springfield to heal their family. Phillip just wanted everyone to be happy. "Sometimes, Phillip, people have to be told what to do to be happy," Alan replied. Phillip pledged that he would fight Alan if he had to. Alan pleaded with Phillip not to turn people against Alan. "People turn against you on their own," Phillip replied, and exited.

Sometime later, Rick entered Alan's room with discharge papers. Alan worried that something just wasn't right about Phillip. Alan suggested that Rick and he keep an eye on Phillip. Rick said that, for once, he agreed with Alan.

In the corridor, Phillip saw Grady snap the head off a doll that he'd found in the lobby. Phillip attempted to pursue Grady out of the hospital, but Lizzie bumped into Phillip. Lizzie waved Bill's phone in Phillip's face, insisting that Phillip was her kidnapper.

Lizzie ran into Lillian's office, frantic that Phillip was after her for a third time. Lillian tried to calm Lizzie down, but Lizzie shoved Bill's cell phone at Lillian, pressing the play button. Lillian listened for a moment, and insisted that the voice on the recording was not Phillip. Lizzie contended that Phillip had disguised his voice. Lizzie noticed Phillip listening from the doorway, and she ran off again. Lillian told Phillip that Lizzie feared that he had kidnapped her. Phillip nodded knowingly. "Did you?" Lillian pointedly asked. Phillip scoffed at the question.

Lizzie ran into Company to elude her father. She was shocked to see Beth sitting on the floor behind the bar. "Sometimes I just need to feel close to Coop," Beth said. Lizzie conveyed her suspicions about her father to Beth, and suddenly wondered if Phillip had hurt Bill. Beth placated Lizzie by saying that she'd talk to Phillip about it when she met him for the high school reunion later. Lizzie couldn't believe Beth's gall to want to party with Lizzie's kidnapping father.

Lizzie pulled out her phone and called Alan, the only person who could protect her. Beth raged that Alan was the most diabolical person that they knew. Lizzie stated that Beth hated Alan for ruining her fling with Coop. Alan rushed into the restaurant and took a trembling Lizzie into his arms. Lizzie begged him to protect her. Alan comforted her. He stared at Beth as he told Lizzie that no one would take Lizzie from him.

Outside the hospital, Daisy gleefully told Grady that Doris had agreed to arrest Alan. She kissed Grady, saying that he would finally be a part of her family. Cyrus rushed up, and Daisy announced the news to him, as well. Cyrus said that Grady wouldn't testify. Daisy replied that the grand jury would convene in a couple days, and Grady was required to testify. Cyrus feared that Alan would have Grady killed by then. Daisy said that the police would protect Grady, and she left to check on Buzz.

Grady insisted that Cyrus couldn't make him leave town. Cyrus threatened to tuck him into the same cabin with Bill Lewis. Just then, Alan called Grady, threatening to turn Grady in to the police if he kept terrorizing Lizzie. Grady retorted that he'd tell the police that Alan had abetted him in the crime. After Grady ended the call, Cyrus insisted that he and Grady would flee Springfield.

At Company, Doris bulldozed in with the police to arrest Alan for the murder of Tammy Winslow. Lizzie whined that they couldn't arrest her grandfather because she needed him. Doris hustled Alan out of the restaurant, and Lizzie followed them. After they left, Buzz uttered to Coop that he had done it; Alan would pay. Cyrus entered Company, expressing concern for Grady. Buzz assured Cyrus that Grady would be granted immunity. Cyrus said that Buzz couldn't beat Alan, and no one would fully accept Grady. Cyrus attempted to reason that it was better for Buzz's family if Grady just left town to start over somewhere else. Buzz replied that it was done, and then left.

At the jail, Lizzie begged Alan to protect her. Alan said that in order to protect her, she had to get him out of jail. Alan instructed Lizzie to threaten Grady not to testify. Lizzie was terrified to leave the police station. Alan said that he couldn't protect her until she did as he instructed. Alan told her to use all the resources of the entire Spaulding family to convince Grady. Lizzie vowed that Grady would not testify. Lizzie drove to Cyrus' house, where she told Grady that they needed to make a deal.

When Phillip returned to Alan's room, Rick said that Alan had already checked out. Phillip shared that Lizzie thought he had tried to kidnap her again. Rick said that Phillip had done it before. Phillip claimed that he had changed, but Rick felt that Phillip had to prove it to everyone. Phillip asked if Rick was planning to attend the class reunion. "You bet I am," Rick responded. When Rick asked Phillip the same question, Phillip groaned and walked out.

Beth and Phillip arrived at the mansion at the same time. Beth explained that Grady had turned state's evidence against Alan in the death of Tammy Winslow. Regardless of what Beth had done to help Phillip, she felt that she had to protect Lizzie. She asked Phillip if he had kidnapped Lizzie. Phillip said that he hadn't, which meant the kidnapper was still stalking Lizzie.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Grady saw Lizzie knocking on Cyrus' door. Lizzie told Grady that she actually came to see him and wanted to make a deal. Grady found it amusing that everyone from Alan to Doris wanted to make deals with him. Lizzie tried to intimidate Grady by telling him that Alan had more power than Doris. Lizzie warned that Alan could hire someone just like Grady to take care of him. When Grady scoffed at her threat, Lizzie told him that she needed Alan. She told Grady that her kidnapper was still after her and her grandfather was the only person who made her feel secure. Grady said that was too bad and walked away.

Grady went to the gym to shoot some hoops. Daisy came and noticed his good mood, and Grady responded that it was a pretty good day. Daisy agreed and talked about how everyone was starting to accept them as a couple. Grady asked if that made a difference, and Daisy said that it did because it made things easier. After Daisy's talk about how their love was like a story out of a movie, Grady offered to take her to the movies.

Cyrus met with Lizzie and asked if she had connected Phillip to the message on Bill's phone. Lizzie said she had not because she was too busy trying to convince Grady not to testify against Alan. Lizzie told Cyrus that Alan sent her to threaten Grady. Cyrus warned that she did not want to do that because Grady was dangerous when threatened. Lizzie mused that they needed to find Grady's weakness. Cyrus said that it was money.

Cyrus suggested that Lizzie set Grady up for life by giving him one million dollars. Lizzie said that she could have the money in a half hour. Cyrus replied that he would make sure that Grady accepted the offer. When Lizzie left, Cyrus called Grady and told him about the offer. Cyrus made it clear that Grady would accept the offer and leave town. He then told Grady to meet Lizzie at the cannery. Afterwards, Grady called Daisy and told her to forget about the movies-he was taking her to Towers for an expensive dinner, since he had come into some money. Daisy asked Grady where the money came from and he told Daisy not to worry about it.

Mindy was with Beth going through their high school yearbook. Mindy said that everyone wondered if Phillip was going to be at the reunion and asked Beth how he was. Beth answered that she didn't know, but that he seemed like the old Phillip. Later, Billy arrived to say hello to his daughter. Billy mentioned that the reunion might be a good place for the ladies to hook up with some guys. Mindy stated that she was happy with her life, but Billy replied that there was nothing wrong with some young love.

At the police station, Buzz railed at Frank about Alan being let out on bail. When Buzz demanded that Frank give him his gun, Frank sat his father down and tried to get him to see reason. While Frank was warning Buzz about going after Alan, Alan entered the room. Buzz told Alan to enjoy the fresh air because the next time Alan was behind bars he'd be there for life. Alan warned Buzz not to start a war that he could not win. Buzz said that he did not need to win; he just needed Alan to pay.

Alan stated that he doubted Grady's testimony would see the light of day. Later, Buzz ranted and raved about Alan being free. Billy could hear Buzz from all the way down the hall and tried to get Buzz to calm down. Billy warned Buzz not to sink to Alan's level. Buzz said that he could no longer be the man he used to be and stormed out.

Phillip was going through photo albums in the attic. He came across a picture of Lizzie and asked how he could make her trust him again. Later, Alan arrived and saw Phillip. Phillip told Alan that he was worried about Lizzie. Alan stated that he was worried, also, and said that Lizzie was convinced that Phillip was her kidnapper.

Alan assured a skeptical Phillip that he was taking care of Lizzie. Phillip pointed out that Alan took care of him as well-by shooting him in the chest. Alan responded that one did what they needed to do to protect one's family. Phillip said that there were some lines that should not be crossed.

Cyrus went to Daisy's to speak to her about Grady. Cyrus assured Daisy that he was not mad at her family for wanting Grady to testify against Alan even though he disapproved. Cyrus told Daisy that he thought she was asking a lot of Grady and also doubted that Grady would fit into the Coopers' world. Daisy insisted that Grady was a better person than everyone gave him credit for. Cyrus told Daisy that he hoped she got what she wanted, and he hoped her family would always be close. As Cyrus walked out, Daisy asserted that Grady could do it.

Lizzie arrived at the cannery to meet Grady. She peeked in the window and saw Grady removing his shirt. Lizzie then saw a small tattoo on Grady's chest. Realizing that it was where she had scratched her kidnapper, Lizzie realized that Grady was her kidnapper and hid away. Meanwhile, Grady got a call from Buzz, asking him to meet him.

Cyrus was upset to see Grady walking down the street when he was supposed to be at the cannery with Lizzie. Grady stated that Lizzie was not there and Buzz had called to see Grady. Cyrus got upset and ranted that Grady's poor choices made it impossible for Grady to stay in town. Grady tried to defend himself by saying that Cyrus had done bad things, as well. Cyrus answered that he did not do life-threatening things that put people in danger. An upset Cyrus said that he could not let Grady's bad choices bring Grady down. Cyrus pulled his brother into a hug and stated that he needed him to stay alive because Cyrus loved him.

Grady went to Daisy's. Grady took a picture of Daisy and told her that he wanted to remember her that way for the rest of his life. He then gave her one of his dog tags and told her it was so that a piece of him would always be with her. Grady told Daisy to go inside, and said that he would be there at 8:00 p.m.

An irate Buzz barged into the Spaulding mansion with Frank and Billy following. Buzz demanded to know what Alan did to Grady. Alan remarked that Grady probably ran. Led away by Frank and Billy, Buzz told Alan that he would make sure that Alan felt pain for the rest of his life. Buzz then went to Marina's. When Daisy saw her grandfather, she mentioned that she and Grady were going out to celebrate a new start. Seeing how alone Buzz looked, Daisy suggested that they play cards, and told him that she had a feeling that good things were going to happen.

Phillip, Beth, Rick, and Mindy all met at their high school reunion. After some minor reminiscing, Phillip asked if any of them would go back to high school. All of them said that they would not. At dinner, Mindy, Beth, and Rick all excused themselves, leaving Phillip alone at the table. Suddenly, Beth's phone rang and Phillip answered it. On the line was Lizzie, who was freaking out about having seen her kidnapper at the cannery. Thinking that she was talking to Beth, Lizzie asked for help in saving her from the kidnapper.

Phillip ended the call and ran out. Later, Mindy noticed that Phillip was missing and asked Beth where he was. When Beth replied that she did not know, Mindy wondered if the reunion was too much for him. Then Mindy noticed Beth's pensive mood and asked if it was too much for Beth. Beth spoke about how much had happened since high school. Beth said that a part of her wished she could go back to being the girl she was before the bad things happened, but remembered that bad things happened then, too. Mindy gave Beth a pep talk by telling her not to give up.

Phillip found Lizzie alone at the cannery. Lizzie ran to Phillip's arms. As he assured her that no one would hurt her, Lizzie backed away and asked how he knew she was there. Phillip tried to explain, but Lizzie got increasingly upset and screamed at Phillip not to touch her. Lizzie began freaking out and ranted about her recent kidnapping as well as Phillip's almost kidnapping of her years earlier-blurring the lines between the two.

While talking, a distraught Lizzie wound up curled up on the ground. Phillip slowly approached her and talked about how when she was little, he could always make her laugh by counting her toes. Phillip said that Lizzie was the one perfect thing in his life, and he did not know how to help her. Phillip said that he knew that Lizzie would find her way, but if she wanted his help, he would be there for her. When Phillip asked if he could take her home, Lizzie slowly raised her head, got up, and walked out.

Cyrus saw a dazed Lizzie and asked if she was okay. Lizzie told Cyrus that she needed his help and told him that she knew who her kidnapper was-it was his brother. Lizzie berated herself for not realizing it sooner and for blaming Bill. Suddenly, the remembered that Grady called her from Bill's phone and worried that Grady had done something to Bill.

Grady got a message to meet Phillip by a large cliff. He had no idea who Phillip was and asked what the meeting was about. Phillip turned around and introduced himself as Lizzie Spaulding's father.

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