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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of February 23, 2009 on GL
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Monday, February 23, 2009

Despite the wrath of the enraged funeral attendees, Alan refused to leave without speaking his mind. Natalia and Olivia entered the church as the throng descended upon Alan. Phillip reached for a gun in a police officer's holster. Knocking the officer down, Phillip aimed at the ceiling and fired a resounding shot into the air. People shouted, scattering to the ground. "Now that I have your attention..." Phillip said to the stunned crowd.

Marina ripped the gun from Phillip's hand, and Frank helped her restrain Phillip. Phillip expressed his sympathies to Blake about Ross, but Blake forbade him to even speak Ross's name. Olivia demanded to know why Phillip was there, and Phillip responded that he had been let out of jail to come to the funeral. A remorseful Phillip said that he'd only fired the gun to get everyone to listen to him. Frank decided that no one was interested in hearing a Spaulding spew venom about the Coopers. Frank and Marina hustled Phillip out the church, where Frank said that Phillip had just reminded everyone of how dangerous he was. Frank intended to haul Phillip back to jail, but Buzz stopped him. Hoping that Phillip might say something worth hearing, Buzz convinced Frank to let Phillip return inside to speak.

Back inside the church, the mourners were visibly shaken by what had transpired. Alan attempted to follow Phillip outside, but Mallet stopped him. "First you try to kick me out. And now you're not going to let me leave?" Alan quipped. Mallet said he'd be glad to toss Alan out once Phillip was driven away. Lizzie couldn't control her jittery nerves, and Alan told her that he wouldn't let Phillip hurt her. "He already has," Lizzie replied. Josh asked Rick if he thought that Phillip would have harmed anyone. Rick shook his head, saying that he hadn't known what Phillip was capable of for quite some time. Olivia told Natalia that all she had thought about was taking the gun from Phillip and shooting him with it.

Phillip returned to the sanctuary and stood in front of Coop's casket. He said that he understood the emotion and anger driving the feuding families, but it needed to end. Phillip expressed sympathy for everyone's loss of Coop, especially Buzz's. Phillip assumed that overwhelming grief had pushed Buzz to seek Phillip's help to get revenge against Alan. Alan interrupted, upset to learn that Buzz had sought Phillip's help in his vengeance. Phillip silenced Alan, saying that Alan had come to him as well, not two hours prior, with the same intent. Phillip said that they wanted to rip each other apart without realizing how similar they were.

Phillip knew that people worried about what his presence in Springfield meant. He said that if he could get them to see his point, then returning to Springfield and going to jail would be worth it. Phillip reminded them that Springfield was a special place, not for its location or history, but for its people. He expressed that they had a chance to do something great by choosing forgiveness. Phillip implored them to reach beyond their anger to forgive each other. Buzz replied, "That's it? Nothing about what he did? About what he deserves? My son is dead." Buzz then stared at Alan. "My son is dead," Buzz repeated and then stormed out of the church.

Olivia stared, transfixed on Phillip as others exited the church. Olivia strode up to the officer beside Phillip, saying, "I need your gun." The officer shuffled her away, and Phillip slipped into a nearby room. Natalia took Olivia aside, and Olivia claimed to have only wanted to scare Phillip with the gun. Natalia said that Olivia could have been arrested, and she asked, "Then what's going to happen to Emma? What's going to happen to us?" Olivia asked what Natalia meant by that. Confused by the question, Natalia changed the subject to quelling Phillip's suspicions about them. Natalia offered to convince Phillip that there was nothing between Olivia and her. Olivia cynically supposed that Natalia would appease people with what they wanted to hear. Natalia was again confused, and Olivia stormed off, claiming that she didn't need Natalia's help.

Phillip discovered Lizzie in a casket showcase room. Phillip spoke urgently to his combative daughter, because he was unsure of how much time he had before being rearrested. He stated that he had cut a deal to get out of jail temporarily because he worried about her. Lizzie quipped that she worried about herself as well. Phillip claimed that they were a lot alike, and he understood how the pressure upon Lizzie was hurting her. Lizzie belligerently snapped that he had no idea. "I know what it did to me," Phillip asserted, "and I don't want that to happen to you." Phillip said that the pressure to live up to the Spaulding name could be crushing. He felt that he was the only person that Lizzie could really trust.

Just then, Frank and Mallet entered with guns drawn. They apprehended Phillip and returned him to police lockup. Sometime later, Olivia strode up to Phillip's cell. She implored him to tell her the truth behind his return to Springfield.

Outside the church, Buzz wasn't interested in healing. He told his family and friends that they all knew that Alan had wronged Coop. Just then, Alan exited the church and locked eyes with Buzz. Alan claimed to have been moved by Phillip's speech, but Buzz retorted that a comet couldn't move Alan. Intending to take Phillip's speech to heart, Alan handed the deed to Company back to Buzz. Alan said that he didn't want it anymore, and he'd call his lawyers to make it official. Buzz called Alan's gesture a public relations stunt, intended to divert attention from Alan's fault in Coop's death. "I didn't do anything to Coop, and you know it Buzz!" Alan yelled. Alan implored Buzz to heed Phillip's words, take the restaurant, and "go with God." Buzz rejected the offer, saying that it had Coop's blood on it. Alan warned Buzz not to be a fool, but Buzz asserted that he would move out of Company that day.

Later, at the mansion, Lizzie curled up on the parlor sofa. When Alan entered, he told her that no one but himself had listened to Phillip's words that day. Alan resented that Phillip's speech had been discounted because he was a Spaulding. He claimed that Phillip's words had moved him to return Company to Buzz, but Buzz had refused the offer. Alan couldn't believe Buzz had rejected the restaurant offer, scoffing, "As if I want it."

Lizzie had tired of talking about Phillip and the Coopers. Stroking her hair, Alan assured her that things would be okay. He felt it would be a while before they could accurately assess Phillip's mentality. Alan vowed to keep Lizzie safe in the meantime. He asked where she had gone after Phillip's speech, and Lizzie lied that she had gone straight home.

As Buzz brought boxes into Company, he bellowed about Alan until he got dizzy and tumbled into a seat. Lillian and Marina fussed over Buzz, but he said that he was okay. Frank thought Buzz had lost his mind, but Buzz insisted that he was giving up the restaurant and boardinghouse. Mallet and Marina agreed that Frank and Buzz could live with them. Buzz sent Frank upstairs to pack. Later, Natalia found Frank upstairs and was shocked to hear that Buzz had given up the restaurant. She touched Frank's arm, offering to help in any way she could.

Beth told Buzz that everything was her fault because the deal with Alan had been her idea. Buzz said that Beth had helped save Company at a time when Buzz hadn't had any hope of keeping it. Buzz felt that Beth had nothing to do with Buzz's decision to refuse Alan's offer. Beth uttered that she missed Coop, and Buzz strode away.

When they looked through Company's front window, Daisy and Ashlee were astonished to see Buzz packing. Ashlee wondered why Grady hadn't been at the service, and Daisy explained that he had left after a fight regarding Daisy's family. Ashlee hesitantly confessed that something had been weighing heavily upon her since Coop's death. Ashlee said that after losing Coop because she hadn't been completely honest about her feelings, she didn't want to lose Daisy the same way. Ashlee revealed that she had developed feelings for Grady after Grady had saved her from the mugging. Ashlee said that she had asked Daisy and Grady to live with her so that she could be closer to him. Ashlee assured Daisy that nothing had happened between Grady and her; in fact, they had barely spoken outside of Daisy's presence.

A devastated Daisy seemed at a loss for words. Buzz came outside to enlist Daisy and Ashlee's help with packing. While inside assisting Buzz, Daisy told Ashlee that she and Grady would be moving out of Ashlee's place. Sometime later, the Coopers and their friends each filed out of Company with boxes in tow. Buzz lingered in the empty restaurant for a few moments. He then lugged a box outside and kicked the front door shut behind him.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

At Cross Creek, Reva assured Jeffrey that he was taking good care of her. She still couldn't reconcile Buzz losing his son, and Jeffrey promised that he and Reva wouldn't lose theirs. When Jeffrey stepped away, Reva murmured to the baby that she was scared. Jeffrey returned in the mood to brainstorm baby names, but Reva said that she was tired.

After Shayne stared at Lara's engagement ring, he paid an impromptu visit to Reva and Jeffrey. Reva leapt from her seat to hug him. Shayne said that he'd been sidetracked on the way to Coop's funeral, but he wanted to see Marina later to express his condolences. Jeffrey left to take care of something, and Reva ordered Shayne to tell her what was bothering him.

Shayne revealed that he felt guilty for leaving Edmund at Towers on Lara's birthday. He said that Edmund was a part of his family, but he didn't want Edmund upsetting Reva. Reva explained that she was upset that day because completing the chemotherapy had left her powerless, waiting for the cancer to return. Shayne urged her to be honest with Jeffrey about her feelings. Shayne also decided that he needed to do the same with Edmund.

Dinah ran into Edmund at the Tower's bar. She empathized with him because Shayne had dumped him for the Lewises. She decided to stop kidding herself that she could ever be one of them. Edmund replied that Shayne had gone to see his family with Edmund's blessing, so Dinah was the only person sulking. She told Edmund that he didn't belong in Springfield. She advised Edmund to just get out of town and give Shayne his life back.

Edmund went to his hotel room to watch a video message from Lara. Lara appeared to be extremely pregnant as she beamed that Shayne would be surprised by her news. Lara hoped that Shayne, Edmund, herself, and the baby could all be a family. Edmund returned to Towers, where Shayne approached him to apologize for lying to him about being at the doctor's office when Edmund had called the other day. Shayne said that he had really been with his family. Shayne admitted to feeling torn about leaving them for Edmund and the project. Edmund appreciated Shayne's honesty. He wanted to be honest with Shayne in return. Edmund said that he had been keeping something from Shayne.

Dinah went to Reva's house looking for accolades for practically ridding everyone of Edmund. Reva frowned, saying that Shayne had gone to see Edmund. An agitated Dinah took off to find Shayne and Edmund. Later, Dinah sneaked up behind a pillar at Towers in time to hear Edmund reveal that he had a video of Lara. Shayne said that he would love to see it.

Dinah stole a Beacon keycard and broke into Edmund's room. She accessed Edmund's computer and was shocked to see the video of pregnant Lara. Dinah heard Edmund in the hallway, and she deleted the video just as Edmund and Shayne entered the room.

As soon as Edmund saw Dinah in his room, he shoved her aside and frantically checked his laptop. A livid Edmund roared that Dinah had deleted Lara's video. Shayne defended Dinah, saying that she couldn't possibly have known about the video. However, with one look into Dinah's eyes, Shayne quieted. "Dinah, did you do that?" Shayne hesitantly asked. An unremorseful Dinah affirmed that she had deleted Lara's video before Shayne could see it.

While packing at Company, Natalia discovered a picture of Gus and Rafe. Talking to Gus, she said that it had been a year since his death, and many things had changed. Some changes were good, some confusing, and some sad. She said that the Coopers had been good to her, and she wanted to do everything she could to help them.

When Natalia went to the boardinghouse, Frank stated that it had been a brutal week with Coop dying and Buzz giving up Company. Frank said that Buzz just couldn't bear Company without Coop. He asked Natalia how she was doing, because he had seen Olivia and her fighting outside Coop's service. Natalia said that she and Olivia were just that way sometimes. Natalia commented that Frank was always taking care of others. She wanted to do something for him. Frank couldn't think of anything, and Natalia hugged him. Suddenly, they began making love.

After having sex, Natalia and Frank curled up on a sofa. Frank noticed Natalia's awkward silence, and he wondered what was wrong. Natalia said that he was such a good man and he had been good to her. She murmured that she just wanted him to be okay. "I'm okay when I'm with you," he uttered. Later, on the boardinghouse steps, Natalia told Frank that she had to leave to catch up on errands. They unceremoniously parted ways.

At the farmhouse later, Natalia grabbed one of her religious figures and began praying in the kitchen. She said that she was having "all these feelings," and she needed them to stop. She said that she had wanted to help a good friend who had been wonderful to her. She confessed to sleeping with the friend. She said that she had wanted to make everything okay, but she had wound up making it worse.

At the jail, Olivia claimed that Phillip had made her life hell. Phillip replied that they had both made each other miserable, but he had been honest at the funeral about making amends. He assumed that she sought his opinion about her living arrangement with his daughter and another woman. Olivia claimed that it wasn't a coincidence that Phillip had returned after rumors had sparked about her alternative lifestyle. Phillip said that he had returned partly out of concern for Emma, but he'd had no idea about Olivia's alternative lifestyle. When he asked if the rumors were true, Olivia said that the rumors were gossip, spread by narrow-minded people. He stated that Olivia never cared about gossip; he wondered what had really rattled her.

Olivia gasped at Phillip's insinuation, and Phillip assured her that he wouldn't be judgmental if the rumors were true. He said that Olivia could trust that her preferences wouldn't bother him. Olivia said that trusting him was as dangerous as trusting Alan. A guard announced the end of the visit. Phillip said that it had to mean something if Olivia's friend had stuck by her through the rumors. Olivia told Phillip to stay out of her life, and she left.

At Company, Jeffrey was stunned to find Lillian packing. Lillian explained Buzz's decision about Company, and Jeffrey thought that Buzz might be too distraught to think clearly. She changed the subject to Reva, and Jeffrey mentioned that Reva seemed anxious after her last chemotherapy session. Lillian said that some people viewed their sessions as a weapon in the cancer fight. Ending the sessions was like taking away their only weapon. Jeffrey felt that he and Reva had been very serious about the pregnancy, and he wanted to throw Reva a party to help her relax. Lillian informed him that Reva's baby shower was scheduled for the next day, and she said the party would be good for everyone.

Olivia approached Jeffrey as Lillian left, and Olivia asked him how things were going. Jeffrey said that he thought his wife was preparing to die. Jeffrey was doing his best to stay positive, but he feared that their child could be stuck without a mother. When Jeffrey asked about Olivia's life, Olivia said that just when she had felt that she could let her guard down, Phillip returned to ruin things for her and Emma. Olivia tearfully said she just wanted peace of mind and happiness. "Who's the guy?" Jeffrey asked.

Olivia denied that there was any man, but Jeffrey said there was always a man. Since he had just confided in her, he implored her to do the same. Olivia said that Natalia made her happy, but she couldn't feel that way. Upset, Olivia regretted saying anything. "Natalia...okay..." Jeffrey murmured. Olivia replied that it was so unlike herself, and she had been with plenty of men in her life. Olivia couldn't understand why she was feeling the way she was. Jeffrey replied, "She makes you happy." Olivia sighed and stormed off.

When Olivia arrived home, she saw Natalia at the kitchen table. Olivia said that she was sorry for her actions at Coop's service. Olivia realized that she shouldn't act crazy over Phillip. Olivia offered to have dinner and talk about it, but a disturbed Natalia said that she had plans already. Natalia hurriedly left, stating that they could do it another time.

Daisy approached Phillip's cell, and Phillip called her Susan. She said that she liked to be called Daisy. Phillip asked about Harley, commenting that he was writing a letter to Zach in hopes of getting a response. Daisy said that Harley wouldn't come back as long as a gun-wielding Phillip was in town. Phillip tried to apologize for his rashness at the church, but Daisy left, frustrated that the Spauldings got away with everything.

When Daisy visited Reva, she was relieved to finally find a family member at home. Daisy said that she had seen Phillip at the jail. Reva called Phillip's return bizarre. Daisy had thought that Grady might upset her family, but she never anticipated thatthat Phillip would pull a gun. Thinking of Coop, Daisy wondered why people had to leave her. Daisy had thought she'd never forget her father after he had died in the fire, but at times, she could hardly remember him. Daisy feared forgetting Coop, but Reva promised that they'd keep him alive in their hearts.

After Daisy left, Reva made another video for her unborn son. She said that because her chemotherapy had ended, she had to rely on faith to pull them through. She feared that she wouldn't live to see the baby, and she sobbed that she missed her baby already.

When Lillian approached Phillip's cell, she grumbled, "Oh, sweetie, I don't like it here for you at all..." Phillip said it was getting better upon Lillian's arrival. Lillian said that she was angry with Phillip, but she loved him. He replied that it had been a long time since anyone had said that to him with no strings attached. He also loved her, and he assured her that he was already working on making amends with his children. Lillian said that Phillip had a long road ahead, but in the end, there would be, "blue skies and palomino ponies." Once Lillian left, Phillip returned to composing a letter for Emma.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

At Company, Blake, Frank, and Lillian prepared for Reva's baby shower. Lynn, Billy, and Hawk arrived. Hawk slipped Lillian his card, telling her to call if she ever tired of Buzz. Mallet told Marina that Reva would understand if they skipped the event, but Marina said that everyone needed Reva's baby celebration. Marina dismally added that at least someone was having a baby. She hoped the adoption agency would call to say that they could have one, too.

At Cross Creek, Reva continued her video for her unborn son. She sobbed that she was in a bad place after finishing her last chemotherapy session. She put the camera away just before Jeffrey entered, announcing that he was taking her somewhere. Later, Jeffrey nudged her into Company, where their friends yelled, "Surprise!" Reva jolted, claiming that her water had broken. When Jeffrey's face blanched, she chuckled that she was just kidding.

Reva hugged Hawk, excited to see him. Billy bragged to her that he had made the party dip. Vanessa greeted Reva, stating that "late-life" moms needed to stick together. Vanessa said that expecting the birth of Maureen had been scary, but worthwhile. Josh couldn't stay for the party, but he stopped in quickly to drop off a gift. Reva commented that Josh had been behaving well throughout her pregnancy. Josh replied that he was learning that "always" meant a lot of things to Reva and him. He got a phone call and left, saying that he was in demand.

As Marina talked Reva, Reva's baby kicked. Mallet watched with a smile as Marina touched Reva's belly. Outside Company later, Marina grinned about feeling the baby kick. She stated that babies gave people hope. Hugging his arm, she said, "We'll get a baby, too."

Outside the mansion, an unkempt Buzz sat in his car, staring at Coop's picture on the author's flap of Coop's book. "Just a few more minutes," Buzz said. "I don't want to hurt Alan. I just want to see him. Just a few more minutes..."

Later, Buzz wandered up to Company's window and peered inside. When Lillian saw him, she rushed outside to greet him. Lillian had been worried about Buzz because his cell phone had been off the previous night. He muttered that he had been driving around, doing errands. A dazed Buzz had forgotten about Reva's shower, but he said that he wanted his beloved Reva to be happy. Unprepared to go inside, Buzz told Lillian that he'd be in shortly.

Vanessa found Buzz outside after Lillian had gone in. Buzz recalled that Vanessa had known about Coop's arrival in the world before Buzz had known. Vanessa recalled that Jenna had confided in her about the pregnancy. Jenna had been a little scared and alone, but happy. Vanessa said Jenna had named Coop for the two best men that Jenna had ever known: Buzz and Henry Chamberlain, Vanessa's father. Buzz regretted letting Henry down, and Vanessa said that somehow people always seemed to disappoint the ones that they loved most.

When Buzz finally entered Company, Reva greeted him, saying that he belonged there. Buzz wasn't sure that he belonged anywhere. Reva conveyed that she knew how it felt to be chased by pain. She said that Buzz felt that he couldn't stop running because the pain would catch him. Reva placed his hand on her belly and told him that everything would be okay. Everyone at the party seemed touched while observing Reva with Buzz.

Buzz told Lillian that she was one of the few reasons that he awakened every morning. He felt that Lillian deserved more than him. Lillian asserted that Buzz was good and wonderful, exactly what she deserved. He left, promising to call her later.

Buzz drove back to the gates of the Spaulding mansion. "I tried, Coop," Buzz said. "I tried to put this behind me. But you had too much future, too much life, and Alan's still walking the earth a little too long." Buzz clenched a crow bar in his hand and started up the car.

Shayne pursued Dinah to Towers, and Edmund rushed in with his laptop, roaring that Dinah had permanently deleted Lara's video. An angry Shayne said that the video had been Edmund's last connection to Lara, and Shayne hadn't heard Lara's voice in a long time. When Dinah insisted that the video was a threat, Shayne called her jealous. He felt that Dinah had caused him to lose Lara all over again. Shayne cast Dinah out of his life. She said she was sorry, and almost burst into tears as she waited for the Towers elevator to carry her out of there.

Edmund followed Dinah to the Beacon, where he asked if she had seen the very pregnant Lara on the video. Dinah said that Shayne couldn't handle seeing that video before going to his mother's shower. She rendered a heartfelt apology for taking the video memory of Lara away from Edmund, but she stood firm that Shayne shouldn't know that Lara had been pregnant. Edmund felt that Shayne had a right to know about the pregnancy, and he doubted that Shayne would forgive Dinah's actions. Dinah said she knew that, and left.

Edmund entered his room, where Shayne insisted that they take the laptop to a technician to see if they could retrieve the file. Edmund said they would do that later, and urged Shayne to be with his mother at her shower. Shayne claimed that Reva would understand, but Edmund insisted that Shayne go. Edmund volunteered to search the laptop for the file while Shayne visited Reva.

Later, as Reva greeted Shayne at the shower, Vanessa saw Dinah outside Company. Vanessa invited Dinah inside, but Dinah thought that she'd be unwelcome. Dinah said that she'd tried to help Shayne, but wound up hurting him. Dinah said that Shayne had lost the love of his life, but Vanessa countered that Dinah had also lost the love of hers. Vanessa wondered if Dinah could possibly fall for Shayne. Dinah claimed to want to be Shayne's friend. Though Shayne might hate her for what she'd done, Dinah believed that she had helped him. Dinah thanked Vanessa for advising her to think of other people for a change.

Back inside, Mallet listened from the bar as Shayne told Reva that Lara had worked in an orphanage in Zenica, Bosnia. Shayne said that Lara had helped war-abandoned babies, who had no hope of adoption. Later, Mallet told Shayne that he'd overheard the talk about the Bosnian orphanage. Mallet sympathized with the children, and Shayne sarcastically quipped that Springfield orphans had nothing to worry about with people like Mallet willing to adopt.

Outside Company, Mallet reserved a flight to Bosnia. Meanwhile, upon returning to the Beacon, Dinah also reserved a flight to Bosnia, departing that evening.

While Jeffrey trotted to his car to retrieve the video camera, Lillian asked Reva how she was doing. Reva said that she faced tense days ahead as she awaited the chemotherapy results. Lillian assured Reva that the results would be good. Out in the car, Jeffrey tested the camera and inadvertently viewed the end of Reva's baby v-log. A disconcerted Jeffrey reentered the restaurant to film Reva's happy fašade as she made a speech to their friends and family.

At the farmhouse, Natalia noticed Olivia preparing Reva's shower gift. Olivia wondered if anyone had thrown Natalia a baby shower. Natalia shook her head, citing that she had been a sixteen year-old, unwed Catholic girl. Olivia shared that Lizzie had orchestrated a tumble down the Beacon stairs for Olivia during her pregnancy with Emma. Olivia invited Natalia to accompany her to the shower, and Natalia agreed to go until she learned that the party was at Company. Olivia tried to convince Natalia to go for the Coopers, but Natalia murmured that she was no longer close to the Coopers. Olivia inquired why that was. Natalia evaded the question, encouraging Olivia to attend the shower and have fun.

Olivia saw Jeffrey outside Company. He wondered where Natalia was, and Olivia defensively replied that Natalia was not her "plus one." A confused Jeffrey said that he hadn't meant anything by his question, but an annoyed Olivia handed him the baby gift, and strode off.

At Towers, Olivia had a martini at the bar and complained to Mel about the town gossip. Olivia claimed that the gossip was affecting Emma, but not herself. Olivia said that she had confided in Jeffrey, but Jeffrey was making a mockery of her dilemma. Mel suggested that Olivia talk to Felicia, but Olivia slurred, "I don't do therapy. You don't get me." Mel tried to back off, but Olivia grabbed Mel's hand, imploring her to stay.

After Olivia opened up to Mel about Natalia, Olivia concluded, "I've never had girlfriends in my life. Why shouldn't she be the import-a-important person in my life?" Mel said that it seemed that Natalia was more to Olivia than a friend. Mel didn't really know what caused people to fall in love. Olivia rolled her eyes and hopped off her stool, wondering why she was even talking to Mel.

At Natalia's request, Josh arrived at the farmhouse to fix a pipe upstairs. He noticed that Natalia had been reading the Bible. She said that she had been seeking answers, but only found more questions. Josh said he'd go upstairs to fix at least one of her problems.

After Josh finished the pipe, he wondered if Natalia had found her answers. Natalia said that God was laughing at her. She felt bad about herself because she had ruined everything in an attempt to help a friend. Josh said that God was probably just fine with Natalia, and Josh was sure that she could make it up to her friend.

Natalia was glad when Olivia returned home later. Natalia realized that Olivia and she hadn't had much time to talk, and Natalia really wanted to talk to Olivia. Olivia despondently said that she couldn't do talk right then. Olivia went upstairs, leaving Natalia alone on the sofa.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Alan caught Cyrus with his feet up on the parlor desk, telling someone on the phone that he was the director of special projects for Lizzie. Alan quipped that Cyrus should enjoy it while he could, because there would be plenty of Spauldings to handle special projects once Phillip was back in place. Cyrus wondered how Phillip would react to Alan having knowledge of Lizzie's kidnapper. "Are you threatening me?" Alan asked. "Negotiating," Cyrus slyly replied.

When Lizzie entered, Alan pretended to be congratulating Cyrus on his position with Spaulding-Lewis. Lizzie snatched a cigar from Alan's fingers, and told him not to smoke. Alan mentioned Phillip, and Lizzie said that Phillip had made Alan look like Santa Claus after showing up to the funeral with a gun. Cyrus offered to take Lizzie to dinner. When Lizzie went for her coat, Alan warned Cyrus that he hadn't forgotten what Cyrus had done to Alex. "Different woman, different plan," Cyrus replied, and exited. Alan lit his cigar, but upon smoking it, a pain jolted through his side. Alan set the cigar down, and took shallow breaths to ease the pain.

At the hospital, Alan tried throw his weight around to get an appointment with his doctor. Rick approached, and Alan complained to him about the chest pains. Rick took Alan for an exam. Upon checking Alan's heart, Rick determined that if Alan stuck with cigars, stress, and red meat, then Alan would be dead within a week-which was too long, as far as Rick was concerned. After Rick left, Alan swallowed pills that his nurse had given him. Alan grumbled, "There's nothing wrong with me that someone else's misery won't cure."

Outside the police station, Bill received a phone call from Lizzie's kidnapper. Disguising his voice, Grady said that Bill still owed him five million dollars. Grady was willing to call it even if Bill gave up his search for the kidnapper. Bill demanded to know who was on the line. Grady hung up the phone after warning Bill that Lizzie wouldn't be so easily found the next time.

Bill rushed to Phillip's cell to say that Phillip had to help him protect Lizzie. Phillip replied that Lizzie hated Phillip more than she hated Bill. Phillip said that while in jail, his hands were tied. Moreover, Phillip raged, "I don't know if I can trust you, 'cause I don't know who the hell you are! And I don't know what you've been doing, and I don't know-" Bill cut Phillip off, deciding it had been a mistake to reach out to Phillip. Bill exited, determined to handle things himself. Phillip slammed his fist against the bars.

At Towers later, Lizzie and Cyrus spotted Bill approaching their table. Bill accused Cyrus of calling him with threats against Lizzie after Bill had revealed that he'd regained his memory. Lizzie scoffed, and Bill handed her a recording of the call. Bill mentioned the dog tags, and Cyrus jingled them, unaware of their significance. Lizzie recognized the sound, and Bill said that Cyrus had kidnapped her. Impatient with Bill, Lizzie apologetically asked Cyrus to open his shirt. Cyrus complied, and after seeing no scar on Cyrus' chest, Lizzie concluded that Cyrus was not the kidnapper. Bill claimed that Cyrus must have undergone plastic surgery. Lizzie said that Bill needed professional help. Cyrus agreed, and led Lizzie out of the restaurant.

At Cyrus' house later, Cyrus berated Grady for stupidly calling Bill with threats. Grady claimed that he didn't threaten Bill. Cyrus sardonically quipped that threatening Lizzie was even better. Just then, Bill charged into the room, saying, "You should have listened to your brother."

At Company, Frank grinned, touching a picture of Natalia and Rafe. When a dismayed Buzz entered, Frank offered to help him. Buzz replied that Frank could help Buzz make Alan pay. Frank insisted that Coop wouldn't want Buzz to destroy himself with a vendetta. Buzz said he couldn't stand to have nothing while Alan had everything. Frank said that Buzz had his family and Coop's memory. Frank believed that waking up each day as Alan Spaulding was punishment enough for Alan. Buzz wondered how Frank had gotten so smart. As they hugged, Buzz stole some keys out of Frank's pocket. He promised Frank that he'd give up on the "crazy talk."

Later, Buzz approached Phillip in his cell to ask for his help. Phillip said that Buzz was the second person to ask him for that, and he again pointed out that he was in jail. Buzz stuck a key into the lock, and the cell door opened. "Not anymore," Buzz said. Phillip remained in the cell, asking if Buzz expected him to get a gun and shoot Alan. Buzz said that was exactly what he wanted, but Phillip reasoned that killing Alan wouldn't bring Coop back. Phillip said that he wanted to get out of jail for his children, but if Phillip complied with Buzz, then he'd never be freed.

Buzz attempted to drag Phillip from his cell; however, when a sharp pain crippled Buzz, Phillip seated him on the cell bed. Phillip said that Coop wouldn't want Buzz killing himself for vengeance. "I want justice," Buzz said. "I want my son back." Phillip said it was a battle that everyone would lose. Phillip tried to tell Buzz that Coop's books would never die and Coop's students would live the lessons Coop had taught them. Relocking Phillip in the cell, Buzz decided that he didn't care if Phillip rotted in jail. As Buzz left, Phillip implored him not to make things worse.

Later, at the mansion, Lizzie found it strange that someone had dimmed the lights in the parlor. Stepping inside, she asked her grandfather why he was sitting in the dark. The desk chair spun around, revealing Buzz sitting in Alan's seat with Alan's cigar between his lips.

At Cross Creek, Jeffrey and Reva unloaded the shower gifts from the car. Reva beamed with excitement, claiming that the end of the chemotherapy meant that she and Jeffrey could finally have a normal pregnancy, "right down to the happy ending." Jeffrey told her to tell it to the video camera. "Oh, but you already did on that video that you made for the baby," he hurtfully added and strode into the house. Reva grimaced.

Inside, Jeffrey said that Reva's camerawork had depicted the real her, the red dress-wearing Reva who had thrown a party before driving into the sunset to die. Jeffrey said that Reva was videotaping her own obituary. Reva thought she was being a good mother, leaving something for their son in the event that she couldn't be there for him. Jeffrey wanted to delete the videos, saying that Reva would be there, but only if she chose not give up and say goodbye. Jeffrey asked how many videos she had made. Reva showed him a shoebox full of tapes.

Reva said that she had originally intended to make a video diary, but then she realized that the recordings might be all that her son would have of her. Jeffrey looked at the dates on the tapes and recalled that each of days had been filled with hope and joy. Jeffrey assumed that Reva had faked the emotions. Reva said that she had felt the hope, but some fear, as well. Reva didn't tell Jeffrey about the tapes because she had figured that he'd force her to be strong and brave all the time. Jeffrey said that she did have to be brave and strong all the time, and she couldn't let up for one second. "I know what can happen even if you don't want to face it!" Reva screamed.

Jeffrey said that he faced it every time he awakened in the middle of the night to check her breathing or the baby's movements. Jeffrey said he had been a hard man to convince that there could be a happy ending. He resented Reva preparing to die while he worked hard for her to live. Reva replied that Jeffrey didn't know how hard it was for her not to beg her doctors to continue the chemotherapy. She didn't need her husband calling her a quitter. "Then don't quit, and don't you dare leave me to raise our kid alone," Jeffrey said. Jeffrey refused to give their child tapes that showed what a coward his mother had been. An offended Reva left the house.

Reva went to the hospital, and Rick entered her exam room. Reva begged Rick to teach her how to be married. She said that Jeffrey was looking for a different marriage roller coaster, on which people raised their hands and enjoyed the ride down the slope. She said that instead, Jeffrey had gotten on the marriage roller coaster upon which people clung to the bar, praying that no one died. Sobbing, Reva said that she didn't want to spend what time she had left arguing with Jeffrey over misunderstandings. Rick told her to go home and live her life, because that was all anyone could do. Reva asked what she should do if the chemotherapy results were bad, and how she was supposed to decide the best way to spend what life she had left.

In the hallway, Alan overheard Rick telling Reva that she had done all she could for the baby, and she needed to relax. Once Rick exited, Alan slipped into Reva's room to say that he knew how Reva felt. Reva exited, but Alan followed her into the hall. Reva said her talk with Rick had been confidential. Alan claimed that he and Reva were alike in that they took all they could from life, leaving the rest for the losers. Reva said that she couldn't live life like that, but Alan claimed there was no other way. He said that even Buzz was seeing that. Reva left, and Alan took more pills. He clinched his side and walked away.

Jeffrey searched for Reva at Company. Frank let him in, deciding that they'd have drinks on Alan. After lamenting the loss of Company, Frank confided in Jeffrey his worry that Buzz was destroying himself with revenge. Jeffrey decided that Frank and he needed to do something that guys did. Frank set empty cans on the bar, and Jeffrey lobbed a tennis ball at them. Frank wondered what was going on with Jeffrey. Jeffrey admitted that Reva and he were scared that their child could grow up with no one to count on but Jeffrey. Frank wondered whether Jeffrey feared that he couldn't take care of the baby on his own-or that he actually could.

Reva and Jeffrey returned to Cross Creek at about the same time. Reva that said the hospital would not give her more chemotherapy. She mentioned that she'd run into Alan, who thought that the world was just as cynical and as fatalistic as he was. Reva concluded that she wasn't like Alan. "Want to prove it?" Jeffrey asked, holding out the videotapes. Reva refused to destroy the tapes, and Jeffrey refused to let her die.

Sometime later, Frank stormed into the holding area at the police station to find Alan visiting Phillip. Frank demanded to know what Alan was doing. "I've come to see my son, Frank. Is that a problem?" Alan replied. Phillip quickly advised Frank to watch out for Buzz. Frank gave Alan five minutes, and left.

Phillip told Alan to get him out of jail, but Alan said that Phillip needed some patience, since the court viewed Phillip as a flight risk. Phillip stated that Lizzie needed him. Alan agreed, but claimed to be taking care of her in the meantime. An upset Phillip sarcastically asked if Alan was caring for Lizzie the same way he had when she'd been kidnapped. Phillip reached through the bars, grabbed Alan by his coat, and slammed him against the cell bars. "You stole four years from me," Phillip seethed. "You owe me."

Friday, February 27, 2009

While on the phone with Marina, Mallet lied that he had flown to Washington D.C. to work on their status with the adoption registry. Marina was glad that Mallet had taken the step because she agreed with him that the family needed a baby. Once off the phone, Mallet introduced himself as Anthony Camaletti to the Bosnian orphanage agent, Mrs. Dovic. Mallet explained his and Marina's situation to Mrs. Dovic, and she wondered why he and his wife weren't adopting in the United States. Mallet said that they had heard about the Bosnian agency from a friend who had volunteered there. Mrs. Dovic asked why Mallet's wife hadn't joined him. Mallet said that his wife had suffered a death in the family. Ms. Dovic suddenly grew skeptical of Mallet's story, saying that his wife seemed to exist only on paper. Mrs. Dovic ended the meeting, stating that she had to protect the children.

As Mallet had his visa stamped at the consulate, he was shocked to see Dinah there, demanding the release of Shayne's mail. Dinah explained to Mallet that she had erased Lara's video. To make it up to Shayne, Dinah had flown there to find for him anything that Lara might have left behind. Dinah had tracked a package that Lara had sent to Shayne. It had wound up at the consulate, but the officials wouldn't release it to Dinah. Mallet offered to talk to the officials.

Later, Mallet presented Dinah with a white gift box. She thanked him and contemplated mailing the package to Shayne. Mallet assumed that meant that Dinah wasn't returning to the states. Dinah wasn't sure that she had a reason to return. Mallet asked what was in the package. Dinah opened it to reveal a small chest. Dinah asked why Mallet had flown to Bosnia. Mallet said he'd been on a mission regarding an adoption. He guessed that he should have brought Marina with him. If he had, he might not have been going home empty-handed. Dinah said that if Mallet needed a wife in order to adopt, she'd happily play the role one more time.

At the jail, Phillip rasped that Alan owed him, and Phillip wanted out of jail to help Lizzie. Alan countered that Lizzie would think Alan was helping her by keeping Phillip behind bars. Phillip grumbled that he should have left when Buzz had given him the chance. Alan said that a nutty Buzz Cooper had been stalking him.

Phillip was more concerned about Lizzie, who Phillip claimed had surrounded herself with unsavory people. Phillip felt that Lizzie was too trusting, like Beth. Phillip said that Alan had been too busy with his wounded pride to take care of the family. Alan claimed to have been taking care of Beth, Lizzie, and James, but Phillip said, "I'll take it from here." Alan responded that Phillip had been gone too long to try to ride in on a white horse. Phillip realized that Alan didn't really want Phillip released from jail. Alan said that wasn't true; they just needed to do it the right way. "Your way," Phillip bitterly concluded.

Sometime later, at Phillip's request, Beth arrived at the jail. Phillip told her that he'd written James a letter. Beth said that James might come around, but things had been hard on him. Beth wondered what Phillip wanted to say regarding Lizzie. Phillip asked Beth's opinion about Cyrus. Beth conveyed that Cyrus was the only person Lizzie trusted. Phillip put forth Bill's theory about Cyrus as the kidnapper, and Beth thought that Bill could be right-or covering for himself. An anxious Phillip said that because he was incarcerated, he needed Beth's help. She said that she was doing the best she could, considering.

Beth didn't know what to think of Phillip, but she believed that Phillip wanted to make things right with his children. Phillip thought it would be nice if they could return to the beginning, and catch things before they had broken. "Speaking of the beginning," Beth said, handing him a letter though the bars. Phillip chuckled when he read the invitation to their twenty-five-year high school reunion. Beth said the committee wanted the prom king and queen in attendance. Phillip had a feeling that he'd be unavailable on reunion night. Beth recalled that Phillip and she had been in trouble even back then. Phillip commented that they had believed that love could fix anything. Beth said that she'd never known that love could cause so much pain, as well.

At the mansion, Buzz asked Lizzie where Alan was. Lizzie cautiously approached Buzz, replying that she'd tell Alan that Buzz had stopped by. Buzz walked toward her, ominously asking, "Where's Alan? Where is he?" Lizzie expressed sorrow for Coop's death, adding that Alan was sorry, as well. "I don't think he is-but he's gonna be," Buzz replied. She figured that Buzz sought revenge, and Buzz agreed. Lizzie said that Coop would never have wanted Buzz to become like Alan; however, Lizzie saw it happening before her eyes.

Buzz said that it worked for Alan, but Lizzie replied that it didn't, not really. Lizzie said that Coop would want Buzz to get on with his life. "My life? Slinging burgers, making people happy?" Buzz asked. Lizzie didn't know what Buzz's life was, but she knew that he hadn't been himself. Lizzie said that horrible things happened in life, but Buzz needed to hold onto Coop's love. Buzz stared at a picture of Alan, and silently exited.

On the parlor overlook, Lizzie listened to the kidnapper recording that Bill had given her. She was startled when she heard Alan below, ransacking his desk drawers. Alan said he was looking for a lawyer's number. Lizzie ordered Alan to keep Phillip in jail. Though Alan admitted that he was helping Phillip, he stated that Phillip wouldn't be released immediately, and Alan intended to protect Lizzie while they assessed Phillip's mindset. Alan said that the lawyer was for help dealing with Buzz, not Phillip.

Lizzie tried to convince Alan to leave Buzz alone, but Alan bellowed, "Leave him alone? He's a lunatic!" Lizzie asked Alan not to provoke Buzz, and Alan quickly figured out that something had transpired with Buzz at the house that day. Lizzie revealed that Buzz had been there, and Alan professed that Buzz was dangerous. Lizzie asked Alan how many people had to die before it was over. "Ask Buzz that question," Alan retorted. Lizzie changed the subject to Bill's assumption that Cyrus had been her kidnapper, but Alan cut her off, leaving to deal with Buzz before matters worsened.

At Marina's house, Marina assured Buzz that their family would pull through. "Everyone but Coop," Buzz uttered. Buzz wondered where Mallet was. Marina told him that Mallet was working on the adoption issue. Buzz assumed that Marina had kept the adoption developments a secret from Buzz because Buzz had been so erratic. She said she didn't want to tell the family unless she had good news. Marina took a box upstairs, and Buzz peered at a family photo that rested on the kitchen mantel. "I shouldn't be here," he stated.

When Marina returned, Buzz said that she could talk to him about her life, and he promised not to "rain on her parade." Marina expressed worry for Buzz, and he admitted that he worried about himself, too, after stalking Alan for half the day. Buzz said that Lizzie had rattled him by telling him what he was becoming. Marina replied that Buzz was grieving. Buzz stood, resolved to clear the air with Alan. "It's now or never," Buzz decided.

A short time later, Alan showed up at Marina's house, looking to settle matters with Buzz. Marina said that it wasn't the appropriate time for Buzz and him to settle anything. Alan said he'd be the judge of that and left in search of Buzz. Marina called Buzz, but she cursed when she heard Buzz's cell phone ringing in the kitchen after she had dialed his number.

Outside the mansion, Alan and Buzz finally confronted each other. Alan told Buzz to stop stalking him. Alan said that if Buzz had a problem, Buzz needed to come to Alan, not Phillip or Lizzie. "Well, I'm here," Buzz said. Alan could tell that Buzz hated him, but Alan insisted that he hadn't killed Buzz's son. "Oh, yes, you did," Buzz retorted.

At Cyrus' house, Bill relished in finding the real kidnapper. Bill jerked open Grady's shirt and complimented the tattoo covering the scar on Grady's chest. Cyrus distracted Bill by offering him a deal, and Grady punched Bill. Bill fled the house and took off in his car before the brothers could catch him. Grady thought they were screwed, certain that Bill had headed to the police station. Cyrus hoped they weren't, and he told Grady that they had just one chance left.

Bill drove to the mansion. He found the front door locked. He trotted around the house, looking through the windows and checking doors. Unbeknownst to Bill, Grady lurked nearby.

Cyrus called Lizzie, asking if she'd had any problems out of Bill. Lizzie said she hadn't heard from Bill, but she had to go because she had a lot going on at that time. Cyrus said that he needed some of her time. "Later!" she rasped and hung up on him. Cyrus called her right back, insisting that he needed to talk to her about a deal out west. Lizzie told him to write it up, but he persisted that they couldn't waste time with paperwork. As Cyrus convinced Lizzie to lend him the jet to take care of his deal, Grady sent a text message to Cyrus, which said, "It's done."

Grady tied up Bill and duct-taped his mouth. He tossed Bill into the back of an SUV. Cyrus approached to say that everything had been set. Grady wondered where Cyrus would take Bill, and Cyrus vaguely replied that he intended to take Bill far away.

After Lizzie had ended her call with Cyrus, she drove herself to the police station. Someone asked if Lizzie needed help. Lizzie said that she was there to see her father.

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