One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 23, 2009 on OLTL

A DNA test revealed Bo to be David Vickers' father. Roxy lied about Rex's biological father. Ray Montez escaped from jail. Vanessa confessed that she'd framed Ray. Blair broke up with John when she realized that he loved Marty. Schuyler noticed that Cole appeared to be high and gave him a warning. Starr didn't want anything to do with Todd. John believed that the same person had killed both Wes and Janet.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 23, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, February 23, 2009

Mi Casa Es Su Casa

Viki was stunned when Nora, Clint, and Nigel showed up at her doorstep seeking shelter. When the Buchanans told her that David and Dorian had tossed them out of the mansion, Viki offered her family refuge.

At the Buchanan mansion, David and Dorian joked about claiming the Buchanan fortune. While they made plans to redecorate the mansion, the doorbell rang. When David answered the door, Addie greeted him, and threw a pie in his face.

Declaring that she had come to save their souls, Addie chastised Dorian and David about kicking the Buchanans out of their home. When the couple continued to defend their actions, Addie reminded David of the vow of poverty he took as a Buddhist. Ignoring Dorian's protest, Addie told David that he still had the opportunity to change his mind. Fed up with Addie's pleas, Dorian threatened that she wouldn't allow Addie to move into her new home if she continued to argue her point. Citing the tragedies that occurred when Dorian took over Buchanan Enterprises the first time, Addie feared what disaster could possibly occur the second time around.

Jessica sat in the library and prepared to read Chloe a story. When she opened the book and read the dedication that Natalie had written to the child, Jessica was saddened. In her inscription, Natalie expressed her pleasure of being a part of the little girl's life, and promised to always care for her.

Jessica joined her family in the study and was surprised to learn that David was a Buchanan. Vowing to make Dorian pay, Clint assured his family that he and Bo had options concerning David and Dorian.

Jessica pulled Nora to the side and inquired about Wes Granger's murder. Jessica was stunned to learn that Marty had been arrested for the crime. Jessica blamed Tess for Marty's troubles, but Nora assured her that it wasn't Jessica's fault and blamed Todd. Before walking away, Nora asked Jessica to let her know if Jessica ever discovered who had actually killed Wes.

Jessica placed a call to Brody, but he was unavailable. Viki overheard Jessica attempt to reach Brody and wondered what was going on. Jessica changed the subject and questioned her mother about Marty. Sensing that something was troubling her daughter, Viki assured Jessica that she didn't need to prove anything to her. With a look of sadness, Jessica declared that she needed to prove some things to herself - and to others.

At the parking garage of Llanview Hospital, Jared urged Natalie to reconsider checking on Tess's whereabouts the night that Chloe was born. Determined to learn the truth, Natalie insisted on discovering what actually happened the night of Chloe's birth. As Jared tried to reason with Natalie, Bo interrupted their discussion. When Bo asked what the heated conversation was about, Natalie lied and claimed they were discussing details about their upcoming nuptials. Bo informed them of David and Dorian's takeover, and revealed that he planned to have another DNA test administered.

After Bo left, Natalie approached the garage attendant and asked for his assistance in determining the exact time and date that Jessica's parking ticket was used. The attendant obliged and presented her with the necessary information. Observing the startled look on Natalie's face, Jared wondered what information she had uncovered. A shocked Natalie stared at the paperwork and proclaimed, "This doesn't make sense!"

Natalie and Jared retreated to the café to go over the evidence. At the café, they realized that Tess had been at the hospital just a short time before Viki and Clint had discovered her at the cottage with her newborn. They determined that Tess had arrived at the hospital after Chloe's birth. Stating that she needed to discuss the revelation with Viki, Natalie insisted that she and Jared head home.

Bo later returned to the garage and told the attendant that he had misplaced his parking pass. After gaining entry, Bo ran off in a hurry.

Bo arrived at Llanfair. He instructed his family to pack their bags and proclaimed that they were going to the Buchanan mansion to confront David and Dorian. Bo announced that he had received the DNA results and that the Vickerses were in for the surprise of their lives.

Jared and Natalie returned home. With a blank stare, Natalie observed Jessica holding Chloe.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Langston and Markko were alarmed to learn that Lola had chosen to confide in Téa. Citing that she had a history of working with criminals, they questioned her motives. When they asked if Lola believed that she could trust Téa, Lola stated that she could, because Téa had trusted her enough to reveal the truth about Ray.

Unable to reach Cris, Téa phoned Antonio and left him a message. She begged him to return her call because she needed to locate Cris immediately. Téa entered the café and asked Lola if she had seen Cris. Realizing that Téa was distracted, Lola wondered if something had happened. The teens were alarmed when Téa informed them that Ray had escaped from prison. Admitting that she had become preoccupied with her defense of Todd, Téa feared that Ray believed that she had abandoned him. Téa claimed that she needed to fix things before it was too late. Lola insisted on accompanying Téa back to the loft.

At the loft, Cris lay unconscious downstairs with blood dripping from his head.

Upstairs, Vanessa was frightened when Ray entered the bedroom brandishing a knife. In a rage, Ray accused Vanessa of brainwashing his daughter and allowing him to rot in prison. Terrified, Vanessa asked Ray what he wanted with her. Ray said that he had broken out of prison just to see her. When Vanessa asked what Ray had done to Cris and proclaimed her love for her husband, Ray's anger intensified. As Cris began to regain consciousness, Ray threatened to cut Vanessa the same way he had supposedly killed his first wife.

Vanessa told Ray that he would appear guilty of the deceased Mrs. Montez's murder if he were discovered in Vanessa's bedroom with a knife. Ray claimed that he only wanted to see justice served for the murder of his former wife. While Ray continued to accuse Vanessa of murder, Cris appeared in the doorway. Holding the knife, Ray informed Cris that he was leaving with Vanessa. Vanessa watched in horror as the two men struggled over the knife and tumbled down the stairs.

As Ray gained control of the knife and threatened Cris, Vanessa rushed downstairs and Téa and Lola entered the loft. Lola begged her father to put down the weapon. Ray smiled at his daughter and said that he was glad to see her. He refused to put down the knife and stated that no one would ever take his daughter away - including his lawyer. A confused Cris questioned what was going on. Téa admitted to being Ray's lawyer and said that she had been fighting to free him for over a year.

Cris was outraged to learn that Téa had encouraged him to marry Vanessa, while acting as Ray's lawyer. Téa promised to explain, but was more concerned with calming down Ray. Stating that he no longer trusted Téa, Ray refused to allow Vanessa to win. In tears, Lola said that she believed him and realized that Vanessa had actually murdered her mother. Vanessa was speechless.

Téa told Ray that Lola intended to recant her testimony and that he would be a free man. In disbelief, Cris demanded to know if Vanessa had lied to him. Ray remarked, "You married the devil!" Cris listened as Téa lashed out at Vanessa. She accused Vanessa of murdering Lola's mother and framing Ray. Citing that Vanessa only wanted Ray's money, Téa criticized her for using Lola in the process. Vanessa maintained her innocence, but Téa continued to rehash the details of the woman's crimes. In a fit of anger, Cris grabbed her and demanded, "Tell me the truth!" A frightened Vanessa responded, "Ok, I did it!"

Dorian phoned Langston and told her that they had a new home. Langston divulged that Ray had escaped from prison. Upon learning the news, Dorian ordered her home at once. After hanging up with Dorian, Langston wondered if Ray was innocent. After closing the café, Langston told Markko how proud she was of him gaining admission to Llanview University. Langston noticed a letter fall from Markko's pocket. Realizing that the letter was from UCLA, she asked, "What is this about?"

Dorian pleaded with Addie to move into the mansion. Addie remembered the time she spent at the mansion as Asa's mother-in-law. She said that Asa was a hateful man and that she didn't want to live in his home. Walking towards the door, Addie wished Dorian luck in finding someone who would be willing to live in Asa's miserable home. She warned Dorian that the same evil that lived in Asa's heart was probably in David's, as well. As Addie opened the door to leave, Clint, Bo, Nora, and Nigel stood on the doorstep with their luggage. Dorian demanded to know why they were there. With a devilish smile, Clint stated that David wasn't Asa's son.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

A New Pair Of Genes

Langston was thrilled when she learned that Markko had been invited to attend UCLA. Markko downplayed the opportunity as he busied himself with closing up the café. Langston didn't understand Markko's lack of enthusiasm. She also wondered why Markko had not mentioned that he had applied to the prestigious university. Markko explained that his teacher had initiated the process; Markko didn't think the application would be accepted. Langston suddenly realized that the other reason Markko had kept quiet was because the school was far from Llanview.

Markko admitted that the distance posed a problem. He refused to consider moving to California if it meant he had to leave Langston behind. Langston reminded Markko that attending UCLA was an opportunity of a lifetime for someone who wanted to pursue a career in the film industry. Markko pointed out that, despite the career advantages, he didn't have the money to pay for tuition to a school like UCLA. Markko insisted that he had no intention of accepting the offer. To emphasize his point, Markko took the acceptance letter from Langston, crumpled it up, and tossed it away.

At the apartment, Vanessa made a full confession to Cris. She admitted that she had seen Ray's picture in the newspaper a year after his wife had been murdered. When she discovered that he was a wealthy man, Vanessa decided to seduce Ray. Her intention had been to frame him for his wife's murder so that she could have unfettered access to his fortune after he was sent to jail. Cris was disgusted that she had sent an innocent man to prison. Vanessa insisted that Ray had not been innocent; she claimed that Ray had killed his wife.

Téa, Lola, and Ray stood nearby taking it all in. Each felt vindicated, as Vanessa's lies unraveled. Cris remained focused on Vanessa. He demanded to know the whole truth from Vanessa, including how she had obtained Ray's fingerprints on the murder weapon. Tearfully, Vanessa told him that she had found the knife in the tool shed. One night, after Ray drank himself into a stupor, Vanessa slipped the knife into his grip, then planted it for Lola to find.

Lola was furious because Vanessa had callously used her to destroy Ray. Vanessa continued to insist that Ray was guilty of the murder. Her proof was her intuition. It was not enough to convince Cris of Ray's guilt. When he accused Vanessa of using him, Vanessa cried that she had grown to love him with time. Cris was horrified when Vanessa revealed that seducing men had been a way of life for her before she had met Cris.

Cris had heard enough. He called Antonio as Vanessa begged Cris to let her walk away. Her cries for compassion fell on deaf ears. When the police arrived, Ray was arrested for escaping jail while Vanessa was handcuffed and carted away.

At Llanfair, Jessica reached out to Natalie when she asked her sister to help with a fussy Chloe. Natalie snapped at Jessica. She asked if Jessica was afraid that she would steal Chloe. Jared tried to diffuse the situation, but it wasn't necessary. Jessica told Natalie that she trusted Natalie completely with Chloe. After Jessica left the living room for a moment, Jared and Natalie talked about Natalie's determination to discover why Tess had gone to the hospital after Chloe's birth. Natalie made it clear that she would not back down from her quest. When Jessica rejoined Natalie and Jared, she heard the tail end of their conversation.

Jessica assumed that they wanted to talk about what Tess had done. Jessica once again apologized for what she had put Natalie and Jared through. Jessica went on to assure them that she would never hurt her daughters. When Jessica admitted that she wanted her sister back, Natalie softened. Natalie confessed that she wasn't ready to forgive and forget, but she hoped to get there eventually.

Natalie then asked Jessica about the night Chloe was born. Jessica willingly answered Natalie's questions. Unfortunately, Jessica only recalled feeling as if something had been wrong with Chloe. Before Natalie could probe further about Jessica's uneasy feeling, Jared cut her off. Jessica let the matter drop, then left the room with Chloe. When they were alone, Natalie asked Jared why he had stopped her. Jared said that he was worried that they could inadvertently push Jessica too far by forcing her to remember things she wasn't ready to deal with. Natalie understood and agreed with Jared's reasoning.

When Jared admitted that he didn't think they could find out why Tess had gone to the hospital following Chloe's birth, Natalie disagreed. She said that she knew of a way to find out what had happened, but she did not elaborate beyond that.

David and Dorian were stunned when Bo told them that DNA tests confirmed that David was not a Buchanan. Dorian refused to believe Bo; she accused him of falsifying the tests. Bo informed Dorian that the tests were accurate and had been verified twice. Dorian pointed out that not only did they have the original test which disputed the results of Bo's new tests, but also Asa had acknowledged David as his son in the will.

Bo suggested that the sample Jared had used had been compromised in some way, and that Asa had been misinformed. Dorian decided to contact the lab so that she could order a fourth DNA test. While they waited for a technician to arrive, Dorian, David, and the Buchanans adjourned to the living room. They spent their time trading barbs and hostile glances until Kyle Lewis, the lab technician, was shown in.

Kyle confirmed Bo's results, but he had a surprise for David. Kyle ran the DNA sample through the police department's database to see if it matched anyone on file. Nigel dashed off to fetch celebratory champagne while Kyle dropped a bombshell. David's father was Rex Balsom!

Nora, Clint, Bo, Dorian, and David were shocked. When David recovered, he pointed out that Rex was much younger than he was. It was impossible for Rex to be David's father. Kyle explained that the results only showed a father/son match, not who the father was. Since Rex was younger, Kyle said that the results meant that David Vickers was Rex Balsom's father.

Dorian was outraged. She demanded another test. Meanwhile, Bo decided to call Rex. When Nigel walked in, carrying a tray of champagne, his smile slipped when he noticed all the somber expressions.

At Rodi's, Gigi sat down at Marcie's table while Michael stepped away for a moment. Marcie beamed as she hinted that she and Michael had marital relations the night before. Gigi was happy for her friend. Her good mood turned sour when Stacy, Rex, and Shane walked into the bar. The trio was singing and carrying on after the hockey game. Gigi tried to hide her irritation, but Rex picked up on it.

After Gigi greeted her family, she returned to work. Rex followed Gigi to the bar. He told her that they would have had more fun if Gigi had been with them. Gigi's mood lightened considerably when Rex presented her with a souvenir from the game, a stuffed bear, which he claimed he had bought during the game's halftime.

When Shane suffered a mild asthma attack, Gigi went into mommy-mode. Stacy was forced to stand on the sidelines as Gigi took care of her son. Later, Gigi asked Michael about Shane's asthma. Michael told her that it was treatable, then assured her that Rex and Gigi had the problem under control.

Rex received a call from Bo. Before Rex left, he promised Gigi that he would return as soon as his meeting with Bo was over. Holding the stuffed bear that Rex had given her, Gigi watched Rex leave. Stacy waited until Rex was gone before she approached Gigi. When she spotted the bear, Stacy commented that the bears had been given away at the gate to the first 500 people who had entered the game.

Later, Gigi confided to Marcie that her relationship with Stacy was a bit strained. Gigi explained that since the time when they were little girls, Stacy had always wanted what Gigi had.

When Shane overheard Stacy mention that she was searching for an apartment, he invited his aunt to stay with them. Gigi said nothing, but her expression was tense.

At the Buchanan mansion, Rex learned that David Vickers was his father. At first he thought Bo was jesting, but when Bo offered to order another test, Rex realized they were serious. David tried to talk to Rex, but Rex left without saying a word.

Meanwhile, Dorian decided that she and David were going to stay at the Buchanan mansion until everything was straightened out. Nora suggested that they all fasten their seatbelts; they were in for a bumpy night.

At Rodi's, Rex walked in with a shell-shocked expression. When Gigi asked him what had happened, Rex told her that she wasn't the only person who had been reunited with a family member.

This episode was dedicated in loving memory to Clint Ritchie: 1938 - 2009. For more on the passing of Clint, please click here.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Color Him Father, Color Him Love

At the carriage house, Gigi chatted over the phone with Marcie about the shocking twist in Rex's paternity quest. She was concerned that he'd have a bad reaction to the news that David was his father. After hanging up, Gigi answered the doorbell to find Oliver Fish on her front step. The smitten Fish asked for Stacy, explaining to Gigi that he and Stacy had "fallen in love" at the Go Red Ball.

Upstairs, Stacy watched as Rex tossed and turned in bed, caught in the throes of a perverse nightmare. He envisioned himself as an overgrown baby in a crib, coddled by Dorian and David's suffocating familial embrace. As he woke, Stacy comforted him, copping a feel of his bare chest while she was at it. Just then, Gigi arrived to find the two in a compromising position. Gigi icily told her sister that Fish was there to see her. Confused, Stacy asked, "Fish who?"

After Stacy headed downstairs, Gigi attempted to console Rex, who couldn't get over the idea that David Vickers was his father. Rex wondered if his grifter days had been a reflection of David's DNA, but Gigi told him he was nothing like David, and urged him to speak to Roxy for the truth.

Over at the Angel Square Hotel, Roxy clucked over the damaging newspaper headlines about Wes's murder, telling "Morris" the stuffed beaver that the headlines were bad for business. Just as she began to bemoan having spent all of Dorian's "hush money," Dorian herself flew into the hotel in a rage, demanding the facts on David's son. Roxy was shocked to hear the allegation that Rex was David's child: "Are you saying I slept with a dog?" Dorian clarified that she meant the human David, and explained the DNA tests that had linked the two men. Roxy was baffled and in the dark, but Dorian wasn't listening. She warned Roxy not to try to horn in on her piece of the Buchanan fortune, and reminded her that David was her man. "How in heaven's name did you ever get David into your spandex?" Dorian asked. As Dorian stormed out, Roxy returned to Morris' side, struggling to take in the bizarre situation.

At La Boulaie, Moe prevented Langston from heading outdoors, warning her that Dorian had ordered him to protect her from the nefarious Ray Montez. When Starr arrived in the kitchen, Moe forced the two reluctant girls together, pushing them to talk it out and resolve their differences. Langston and Starr were surly, but Moe wouldn't take no for an answer.

As the girls sat and ate, they gossiped, swapping notes about Ray's return and Marty's arrest, and what it would all mean for Lola and Cole. Langston suggested Starr call Cole and comfort him, but Starr begged off. Sulking, Langston commented that Starr only confided in Mr. Joplin of late. The conversation grew heated as Starr reminded Langston that she hadn't been able to rely on anyone else after Langston had turned on her during Todd's trial. Langston said she could understand Starr's reasons for protecting her father, but said she'd been angry and frightened at the possibility of losing Starr to jail over a perjury charge. Her eyes tearing up, Langston said Starr was still her best friend, and Langston needed Starr to be part of their family. Touched, Starr embraced Langston.

Having settled their differences, the girls discussed the men in their lives. Langston explained that Markko had been accepted to UCLA, and she feared she was holding him back by asking him to stay in Llanview. Both of the girls were saddened at the loss of "the Fantastic Four" with Cole and Markko ready for college. As they reflected on how their lives had changed in the past year, Starr said that she and Cole had shared the same dreams until her pregnancy, and the loss of Hope. She feared for him in the wake of Marty's arrest and his drug problem. Starr confessed that she had sought Schuyler Joplin's counsel about Cole, though she'd left his name out of it. She told Langston that Schuyler was a good listener, like Cole used to be.

At the Buchanan mansion, the Buchanan brothers bickered over David's shocking DNA results while David skimmed the Intruder. Bo and Clint ordered David out of the house, but David insisted that he was not Rex's father, and was certain that the truth of his heritage would come out when the test was rerun. "Bo, how many times do I have to tell you," he said with a sigh. "I did not have sexual relations with that woman!"

In the foyer, Nora touched base with Cole, attempting to reassure him about Marty. Cole wanted to visit his mother, but was upset to learn she'd asked for no outside contacts. As Nora tried to lift his spirits, David entered and promptly taunted Cole about his mother's "crimes." Furious, Cole rushed out, leaving Nora to harangue David about his casual cruelty.

Down at the Buenos Dias Café, Noelle was full of praise for Markko's acceptance into UCLA, but the young man was unmoved; he told Noelle he was staying in Llanview and going to Llanview University to be with Langston. Markko couldn't understand why Langston was upset with him for choosing her over school, but Noelle told him that Langston didn't want to keep him from his dreams.

Cole arrived at the café to visit Markko, still seething about Marty. He told his buddy that he'd been at the hotel the night of Wes's death, but hadn't entered the apartment. Markko backed Cole up, assuring him that Marty was innocent. Noticing Markko's acceptance letters, Cole was pleased to hear Markko had also gotten into UCLA. Markko said it was a non-issue, since he was staying in town. He said he was still devoted to Langston, as he felt Cole should be to Starr. Cole told Markko that he and Starr were over, and warned Markko to make sure that he wanted what Langston wanted. Markko thought it was ironic that he was staying, but the circle of friendship between the four teens had still fallen apart. He urged Cole to try to work things out with Starr, but Cole said he couldn't see his future with her anymore, not the way he had in the past. Markko remained optimistic, and reminded his friend that "it ain't over 'til it's over."

Noelle waited on Layla at a booth, and praised her for her wonderful stewardship of the Go Red Ball. Layla complimented Noelle on her grand "coming out" at the shindig, and commented on her expensive eveningwear. Noelle confessed that her and Moe's newfound riches came from Dorian, who had divested herself of material wealth upon her conversion to Buddhism. Layla's radar went up, and she warned Noelle that she'd dealt with Dorian one too many times not to be suspicious: "Watch out." When Noelle brought up romance at the ball, Layla wistfully said that she'd had a man who'd wanted her, but she'd ignored him and lost him for good.

Back at the carriage house, Rex left for Roxy's as Fish and Stacy shared an awkward reunion. The love-struck Fish suggested they become an official couple, but Stacy told him she wasn't interested. She said he'd been a one-night stand, and their encounter had meant nothing to her. Crushed, Fish left with a broken heart, and Gigi, who'd listened to the entire conversation from the landing, confronted her wayward sister.

Gigi laid into Stacy for using and abusing Fish, and bringing her hookups home to her family's house, where Shane could've borne witness. Stacy blew Gigi off, and said it had been no big deal. She apologized for her rash choices, claiming that she'd gotten carried away. She told Gigi that she didn't want loose ends like Fish getting in the way of her getting to know her sister again-and her nephew and Rex. Gigi pondered Stacy's words with consternation.

At the Buchanan mansion, the Buchanan boys continued to clash, as Bo paced, waiting on a court order to evict David and Dorian. David reminded the angry Bo that nothing had been verified, and David was still a true blue "Buke." Dorian returned, along with forensic technician Kyle Lewis, who told the family that he'd re-run David's DNA test and discovered a major error. He apologized, and said that computer trouble had led David to be matched incorrectly with Rex: David Vickers was not Rex Balsom's father. Bo rushed into the foyer to tell Rex the news.

Back at the Angel Square Hotel, Rex confronted Roxy, who asked if David was his father. Roxy's surprising response was "yes." She hastily improvised her way through a backstory, claiming that she and David had had undeniable sexual chemistry, and she had kept the paternity hidden from Rex for fear of his emulating "Dad" and going back to the wild ways of his youth. Rex seemed prepared to accept Roxy's story, only to receive the call from Bo, confirming he was not kin to David Vickers. Outraged, Rex hung up and confronted Roxy. He told her that DNA had just proven her to be a liar, and demanded the whole truth and nothing but, leaving Roxy sputtering.

At the Buchanan mansion, Bo rejoined Clint, Nora, David, and Dorian in the drawing room to hear Kyle's revised DNA results. The technician explained to the foursome that David was indeed a Buchanan, leading David and Dorian to high-five, until Kyle revealed that David was not Asa Buchanan's son, but Bo Buchanan's. As the room went into shock, all eyes went to Bo, who balefully turned to look to David.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Won't Get Fooled Again

At the Buenos Dias Café, Markko listened as Lola related everything that had happened during the confrontation between Vanessa, Cristian, Ray, and Téa. She confided that she hoped her father would be released from jail soon, but wondered if he really wanted to see her. She wanted to see him, but wanted to stay in Llanview and not return to Colombia with him.

John headed to the empty room at the Angel Square Hotel most recently shared by Marty and Wes. He was determined to find a clue to Wes's homicide. Down in the lobby, Rex's confrontation with Roxy was momentarily delayed when Blair arrived looking for John. She knew that she'd find John in the vacant room when he didn't answer his own door. She reminded him that he was no longer a cop and that the police had already checked the room out.

John refused to "get into it" with Blair, and asked about her running back to Todd instead. She retorted that she had expected him to believe that nothing had happened and that she was very eager to "get into it." Once again, she told him that she had not had sex with Todd. John admitted he believed and trusted her. She trusted him, also, she confirmed, but not Marty. She disclosed that she had come to apologize for her behavior at the ball, but when she didn't find him at home, she knew where he would be. She made it known that she had been honest with him about her fears, and she admitted to being too jealous. She thought that Marty wouldn't come between them, and felt that John wasn't lying to her, but was lying to himself about his true feelings.

They both admitted that things were going well with them before Marty was found, but John insisted that he could never stop caring about anyone who was in his life. It was a fault of his, he added. He accused Blair of ruining their relationship, not Marty, and refused to discuss it further. Blair didn't want to drop it, advising John that while she knew that he tried to do right by her, he should have told her everything that was going on as it was happening, back when he first suspected that Marty might be alive. Blair insisted that everything was Marty's fault. "Enough," John said firmly. "You're right, it is," Blair replied.

Blair continued, though, telling John that she didn't like to be used. While John denied it, she pointed out that Marty had used Wes, and John had used Blair, to deny their true feelings for each other. John insisted that he cared for Blair, but she pointed out that he loved Marty. Crying, John maintained that Blair was not able to tell him how he felt. Blair professed that she wanted and deserved more from a relationship. She told him to go and save Marty. She cried, too, and told him not to say anything at all, and that he did that the best.

Not able to stall any longer once Blair headed up the stairs, Roxy blurted out that she lied about Rex's real father because David would have been better than the real one. Roxy admitted to lying about Rex's father once again and just agreeing with the lab results because it was much easier than telling Rex the truth. Cornered, she began to cry, and told Rex about the awful man that his real father was. He hurt lots of people while pretending to be something he wasn't, and she had hated him, she declared. As Rex continued to press for his father's name, Roxy screamed that the man was gone. She had killed him, she confessed, and didn't want it known. "Are you happy now?" she asked her son.

A tearful Roxy said that she had to save herself and that the man was a horrible and disgusting person. She refused to tell Rex his name, stating that they would lose everything if people found out. Looking into his mother's eyes, Rex saw that she was finally telling him the truth. Roxy felt that Rex was trying to hurt her by continuing to ask for information. She wanted the entire issue buried and forgotten. She was concerned that her son would hate her all over again, but he assured her he didn't. He promised not to say a word to anyone and vowed to let it go. Giving her a hug, he told her his search was over.

As a bewildered and speechless Bo took in the information that David was his son, the remainder of his family refused to accept the revelation. "We should probably hug," David said, wrapping his arms around his newly identified father. Grabbing him and roughly pushing him away, Bo found nothing to joke about. Dorian accused the Buchanans of pulling another stunt, though, when Bo grabbed the test results and read them. He quietly admitted that it might all be true.

He recalled the big party the night before he left for Vietnam when he was 20 years old. He recollected all of the people, the drinking, and that he had gone to bed with a woman whose name he didn't even know. It was entirely possible that it could have been David's mother. David was angry that Bo hadn't even taken the time to learn the woman's name. Clint asked that additional samples be taken for new DNA testing, but Bo was confident that things wouldn't change. Happily, Nora announced that she would procure an injunction to have Dorian and David removed from the house. She declared the addendum to Asa's will to be null and void. Dorian vowed to fight the Buchanans.

An almost worshipful David was honored to believe that such a decent, kind, and honest man could really be his father. He wondered what he would have turned out to be if he had Bo in his life when he was young. Trying to lighten the mood, he asked his recently found father to go outside for a game of catch, calling him Dad. Bo, hardly in a joking mood, quickly bolted from the house. Before leaving, he noted that being upset couldn't come close to describing what he felt. Clint realized that while it was hardly good news, it might save the family.

At the police station, hearing the news that Vanessa would be deported for all of her crimes, Antonio blamed Téa for betraying everyone in the Vega family. Téa denied forcing Cristian to marry Vanessa, but he accused her of taking advantage of Cristian. She knew exactly how Cristian would react to the situation, Antonio believed. She admitted to sending the threatening letter, but wanted forgiveness from the brothers. Cristian felt partly to blame, since he was the one who brought Vanessa to the United States.

Insisting that she loved the Vegas, Téa found herself rebuked by Antonio instead. "You have a lot to learn about family," he told her. Vanessa was brought in wearing handcuffs and she attempted to talk to Cristian. He made her want to change, she told him. She praised him for being such a good man. Cristian had nothing to say, other than to inform Vanessa that he was filing papers for an annulment.

Sitting in his jail cell, Ray voiced his hope that Vanessa would enjoy Plato Prison as much as he did. As he proclaimed his innocence, Marty, in the cell next to Ray, advised him that they were in the same boat. While she, too, was accused of a murder, she had no recollection of it, she explained. When she added that the evidence pointed towards her, Ray assured her that "evidence can lie," and he told her about his own murder conviction. "Prison is no place for the innocent," he said solemnly. He asked what was in her heart and whether she thought she could have committed a murder. He doubted himself at one time, too, he divulged, because crazy thoughts began to consume him. He knew he couldn't have killed his wife, though.

Confidently, Ray told Marty that one could identify murderers by their hands and eyes, and she did not have those of a murderer. She revealed that she couldn't imagine herself killing someone, especially Wes, her friend. He ordered her to fight and take matters into her own hands, just as he had. Téa stopped at Ray's cell, advising him that she planned on going to all of the news bureaus due to the latest revelations in his case. She doubted that he would be extradited to Colombia, pointing out that the staff at the prison there was probably sick of him. She counseled that he would have to speak to a judge and that she was filing to have his conviction overturned. Turning to Marty on his way out, Ray suggested she hire Téa, the best attorney money could buy. Drolly, Marty noted that she was familiar with Téa's work. He told her to fight and to do whatever needed to be done to gain her freedom.

Heading their separate ways, Ray and Vanessa faced each other in the station. Vanessa insisted that Ray killed his wife, but Lola, who showed up in spite of her father's wishes, called Vanessa a liar. She hugged her dad and told him she missed him. Vanessa apologized for all that had transpired with Lola. The teen blamed herself for all of Ray's problems but Ray assured her that it wasn't her fault, just Vanessa's. Antonio pointed out that the real murderer could still be around. As both Ray and Vanessa were escorted out, Lola tearfully pulled a picture of her family from her purse. Speaking to no one in particular, she said that it was her fault that she made her papi pay for everything she had done to mami.

Rex ran into Bo at the café. "Why couldn't you be my dad," Rex asked. Bo wondered why Rex couldn't be his son.

Back at the hotel, Roxy turned to speak to Morris. She confided that it was better to lie and let Rex think that his real father was dead instead of alive and close by.

Blair showed up at the Buchanan mansion where Dorian was happy to see her. Ready to gush on about all of the current issues, she stopped dead in her tracks when she saw the tears streaming down Blair's face.

John received a phone call from Marty, who wanted his help. She insisted she was innocent.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Daddy Dearest

At the Buenos Dias Café, Rex was skeptical when Bo revealed that he was David's father. Citing the several discrepancies of the previous DNA tests, Rex suggested that Bo consider having another test administered. A troubled Bo told Rex that he was certain that he had indeed fathered David. When Bo told Rex about the encounter that he had with Emma Bradley the night before he left for Vietnam, Rex couldn't help but feel that he was somehow responsible.

Rex was touched when Bo stated that he would have been thrilled to learn that he was Rex's father. When Rex mentioned that Roxy had finally told him that his real father was dead, Bo was suspicious and wondered if Roxy had been truthful with Rex.

Bo told Rex that he was also concerned because Matthew was experimenting with drugs. Stating that he was disgusted with Matthew's defiance, Bo said that he was considering sending Matthew to military school. Rex was certain that Bo could fix his relationship with Matthew and encouraged him to listen to his son. Rex asked Bo to join him at Rodi's.

At Rodi's, Gigi was relieved when David informed her that he hadn't fathered Rex. As Viki approached, she overheard David state that he was Bo's son. A stunned Viki demanded answers from David. Upon learning that that the DNA results revealed that David was Bo' son, Viki encouraged David to reconsider his plan to claim the Buchanan fortune. Viki chastised David for allowing Dorian to persuade him to go after the family.

David admitted that he had thoughts of greed upon learning that Asa was his father, but insisted that the news of Bo being his father had left him with mixed feelings. When David claimed to have respect for Bo, Viki suggested that he have a heart-to heart discussion with Bo. David asked Viki for advice on how to handle his predicament. Viki told David that he should consider doing something that would make him happy. David reminisced about a time when he experienced true happiness - the period of time when he acted in a Hollywood movie.

Stacy showed up at Rodi's and assumed that Gigi would give her a free meal, but was surprised when Gigi asked her to pay. When Stacy mentioned that she was short of cash, Gigi remarked that money was tight at home and suggested that her sister seek employment. Gigi mentioned that Stacy should seek work at the Buenos Dias Café, but Stacy quickly resisted.

Outside of Rodi's, Viki and David bumped into Bo and Rex. Bo apologized to David for running off after learning the news. David accepted Bo's apology and said that he was honored to be his son. After David and Viki had gone, a distracted Bo told Rex goodbye.

A Llanview High School, Matthew was insulted when his coach placed him on the bench. Matthew sulked as he watched Justin joke around with Becca on the basketball court. Matthew was taken aback when a new student joined him on the bench and made a negative comment about Justin. Matthew listened as the new girl remarked, "Figure out what you're good at and do that!"

As Matthew and his new friend engaged in conversation, she was surprised when Matthew revealed that his father was sending him to military school. Matthew confessed to his new friend that his parents had caught him with marijuana and that he lied about using drugs. Upon learning that Matthew had lied about his drug use in an attempt to impress Justin, the new girl questioned why he would do such a thing. Matthew's new acquaintance commented that he had placed himself in a tough predicament in an attempt to impress Becca. The girl stated that Becca was "stupid," but Matthew quickly defended Becca. Matthew listened as his classmate remarked, "She's going to the dance with Justin, so that makes her stupid!"

In the corridor, Mr. Joplin noticed Cole's odd behavior. The teacher confronted Cole and accused him of being high. When Dr. Joplin handed Cole a card and suggested that he contact a drug rehabilitation program, Cole immediately accused Starr of telling the teacher about his drug habit. Schuyler defended Starr, but Cole was convinced that she had discussed his problem with their teacher. Schuyler informed Cole that he would report Cole to the school authorities if he ever discovered Cole high on the school premises again.

At Marty's request, John paid her a visit in jail. When Marty informed John that he believed that she was innocent of Wes's murder, John reminded her that he was no longer on the force and suggested that she speak with her lawyer. Marty stated that she wanted John's help because he was the only person who believed that she was innocent of the crime. Marty told John that Wes had been a true friend to her and had never tried to initiate a sexual relationship with her. Marty insisted that she wasn't the type of person who could have killed a friend. John asked her if she was ready to learn about the "Marty" that he had once known.

Marty told John that she didn't believe that Wes had killed Lee Halpern. Marty listened as John revealed that he believed that the same person had killed Lee and Wes.

At the Buchanan Mansion, a troubled Blair told Dorian that she had ended her relationship with John. Blair related that she couldn't accept John's need to rescue Marty any longer. Realizing that Blair was in love with John, Dorian remarked that Blair should "take down" Marty. Blair noted that John would blame her for causing Marty trouble, but Dorian insisted that it was the only way. As Dorian walked away, Blair slowly reached for the phone.

Starr visited Todd at his home. Citing that Todd allowed her to lie on the witness stand, Starr accused her father of using her to avoid time in prison. After apologizing for causing Starr pain, Todd blamed Téa. Fed up with Todd's lies, Starr told Todd to stay away from her. She told her father that he frightened her and she ran off.

Back at Llanview High, Starr bumped into Cole. He demanded to know if she had told Mr. Joplin that he was using drugs. Starr told Cole that she had spoken to Mr. Joplin but had never mentioned Cole by name. Cole was certain that Mr. Joplin would report him, but Starr assured him that their teacher had no plans of turning him in. Realizing that Mr. Joplin had observed Cole in a drug-induced state, she commented that she had mentioned Cole's situation to their teacher because she thought that Mr. Joplin could help Cole. When Cole suggested that Mr. Joplin couldn't help him, Starr told Cole that their teacher had also battled a drug addiction.

Stacy arrived at the Buenos Dias Café and asked for a job application. When she noticed a waitress cleaning up an awful mess, a disgusted Stacy threw the application in the trash. As she turned to leave, she was shocked when she observed Schuyler enter the café. Schuyler called out her name in disbelief.

As Matthew sat alone in the school gym, he was surprised when Bo arrived at sat down beside him. Father and son stared at one another.

David arrived at the Buchanan mansion and told Dorian that he had made a decision about their future.

Meanwhile, inside the living room, Blair told a reporter about the scene she observed on the night that Wes Granger was murdered. Speaking into the reporter's tape recorder, Blair stated that she arrived at the Angel Square Hotel and found Marty covered in blood. Blair said that she had heard Marty begging John not to call the police. Blair remarked, "If that isn't a guilty woman, then I don't know what is!"

Back at the jail, Marty wondered if a serial killer was on the loose, and tried to come up with a possible motive. When she stated that she was the only person who knew both Lee and Wes, John reminded her that Todd had also known both victims.

Todd stared at a picture of Janet in the local paper. He picked up a knife and stabbed the photo of Janet.

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