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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 23, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, February 23, 2009

At Wildwind, Krystal answered David's cell phone. No one responded when she said, "hello." David walked up just as Krystal ended the call; he was furious with Krystal. David made it clear that he did not want Krystal answering his phone. He said that some things needed to remain private. Krystal was visibly frightened by David's outburst. David realized that he had gone too far, so he immediately apologized, attributing his short temper to work-related stress. He told her he loved her, but Krystal continued to be uneasy. She asked David where he had gone the other day when he had disappeared.

David easily explained his absence away. He told Krystal that he had attended a consultation in Manhattan. David insisted that he had left behind a note for Krystal. Krystal said that she had not seen it, but David turned on the charm and managed to dispel Krystal's doubts. A phone call from Gail, a nurse at the hospital, gave David an excuse to leave. Unbeknownst to Krystal, Gail had called to let David know that JR and Amanda had arrived at the hospital. Gail was honoring David's request to be notified when they showed up.

At the hospital, Adam quickly pulled JR aside when he overheard JR mention that he intended to make a generous donation. Adam didn't mince words as he explained to his son that they couldn't afford to make any charitable contributions at that moment because of their dire financial situation. David clearly heard the exchange because he approached Adam to offer him a loan of money. JR and Adam didn't just decline the offer; they took it a step further. Both lied, giving the impression that they didn't have any cash flow issues. David pretended it was welcomed news, told them that he expected a sizable donation for Babe's wing, and then walked away with a self-satisfied grin.

During a prenatal check-up, Frankie noticed the interaction between Amanda and JR. When JR left the room, Frankie commented on it. Amanda admitted that she and JR were in a good place with each other. Frankie worried about the impact the baby's true paternity would have if the truth came out. Amanda refused to consider the possibility. She vowed that JR would never learn that David was the baby's father.

When Amanda stepped into the hallway, David was waiting to pounce. He asked her how the checkup went. Amanda realized that he was more interested in knowing how her progress with JR was going. She refused to discuss it at the hospital, so they made arrangements to meet later that day.

JR came around a corner just as Amanda walked away from David. Once Amanda assured JR that she weathered her encounter with David, JR told her that he had a last-minute meeting to attend. Since Amanda had plans of her own, she didn't object to finding her own way home.

David asked to see Amanda's chart when Frankie walked out of the exam room. Frankie didn't hesitate to hand Amanda's medical records to David. While David reviewed them, he asked if Frankie knew what the repercussions were for falsifying patient files. Frankie said that he was well aware of the penalty. Luckily, Frankie continued, he didn't need to worry about it, since he was an honest doctor who would never alter hospital records. Krystal chose that moment to walk up. She was eager to show David some ideas that she had for the benefit that she was planning. David let himself be pulled away.

A short time later, David praised Krystal's ideas. JR waited to approach Krystal until David walked away. When they were alone, Krystal talked about JR's relationship with Amanda. She told JR that Babe would want him to move forward. JR agreed, then pointed out that it appeared both he and Krystal were moving on.

At the casino's bar, Amanda told David that JR was trying to stay sober. David was completely unmoved; he made it clear he intended to carry out his plans. Amanda tried to turn the tables on David. She told him that she had seen him in Connecticut, outside of the chapel, the night that Greenlee crashed. David's smile slipped, but he recovered quickly. He threatened to tell JR about their deal, that he had paid Amanda to cozy up to JR, if Amanda didn't help him get custody of Little A. Amanda reminded David that Adam would do everything in his power to block David from getting Little A. David snickered as he told Amanda not to worry about the elder Chandler; he had a plan to take care of Adam.

Aidan had good news for Annie when he went to visit her in the hospital. Annie's competency hearing had been indefinitely postponed. Annie could return to Oak Haven for treatment. Annie asked Aidan if he could arrange for Emma to visit her before Annie had to return to the sanitarium. Aidan promised that he would do his best, but warned her that it probably wouldn't happen. Annie appreciated Aidan's candor. She said that he was the only person who told her the truth.

At the casino, Reese approached Zach for help. She wanted his support to fight for custody of Gabrielle. Zach refused to consider it. He told her that she didn't deserve Gabby, then started to walk away. Reese turned to him; she insisted that she was a good mother. Zach wasn't swayed. He told Reese that it was Bianca's choice if she would share custody of Gabby or not. Reese suspected that Kendall had influenced Zach's position on the matter. Zach didn't deny it. He reminded Reese that Kendall was his wife. Reese asked how Gabby factored into everything. Zach refused to go there with Reese. He reminded Reese that Bianca was Gabby's mother.

Reese continued to plead with Zach, but he didn't waver. Out of desperation, Reese promised Zach that if he helped her get custody of Gabby, she would stay in town and allow Zach to see the baby whenever he wanted. Zach accused Reese of trying to force him to choose between Kendall and Gabby. Zach refused to be manipulated. Reese denied the charge. Zach told Reese that what was best for Gabby was not to be caught in a tug of war for custody. He warned Reese that she was going up against the Kane women. Zach didn't think Reese stood a chance against their united front.

Ryan was sitting in his apartment, staring at a picture of Greenlee, when a knock interrupted his musings. It was Opal. She was surprised that Ryan had asked her to stop by without Emma. Ryan explained that he wanted Opal to do a séance so that he could speak to Greenlee. Opal agreed to do her best to reach Greenlee.

The two sat down and Opal began calling for Greenlee. Ryan was short on patience. When they didn't get an immediate sign from Greenlee, Ryan called out to her. He vibrated with anger as he told Greenlee that he wanted to make those who hurt her pay for what they had done. Ryan was desperate for a sign from Greenlee that he was on the right path.

Opal turned to look at Ryan. She told him that his fury would drive Greenlee away, not draw her in. He needed to focus on his love for Greenlee if they hoped to reach her. Ryan tried calm down, to no avail. Eventually, Opal called a halt to the séance. She told Ryan that Greenlee would not want Ryan to avenge her death. Ryan vehemently disagreed with Opal. Opal pointed out that if he were so certain about what Greenlee would have wanted, he wouldn't be frantic for Greenlee's approval.

Ryan ignored Opal's advice as he ushered her to the door. He asked her to give Emma a kiss for him, then shut the door behind Opal.

Later, Reese stopped by Ryan's apartment to speak to him about her custody fight with Bianca. Ryan was stunned that Reese had the audacity to turn to him for help. When he suggested that she seek out Zach, Reese told him of Zach's rejection. Ryan became livid when Reese tried to play the "I'm a good mommy" card. He reminded Reese that she had her tongue in Zach's mouth the night before her wedding, and she broke Bianca's heart. Disgusted, Ryan threw Reese out of his apartment. Reese made one more appeal; she told him that she was not evil. In response, Ryan simply held the door open.

Aidan knocked on Ryan's door a short time later. Ryan wasn't receptive to talking to Aidan any more than he had been to Reese. When Aidan asked if Emma could visit Annie, Ryan's response was to blame Annie for keeping him from Greenlee. He told Aidan that because Annie had held a gun to his head, Ryan had been unable to catch up with Greenlee. Ryan said that Aidan and Annie could both go to hell as far as he was concerned. For emphasis, Ryan slammed the door in Aidan's face.

At ConFusion, Erica tried to help her daughters make peace. Her efforts were in vain. Kendall felt betrayed by Bianca. Kendall made it clear that she wanted both Bianca and Reese to leave town. Erica was taken aback by Kendall's animosity. She told Kendall that there were times, since Kendall awoke up from her coma, when she barely recognized her daughter. Kendall reminded Erica of everything that she'd had to deal with since she woke up. Kendall considered her attitude to be well justified under the circumstances.

However, Kendall did concede that she didn't want Reese to have custody of Gabby. She was willing to do whatever it took to ensure that Reese never went near the baby again. When Bianca's attorney joined them, she told the Kane women that Reese had a legal standing to fight for custody. She also warned Bianca that a custody hearing could take years to unfold; during that time Bianca could not leave the country with Gabby without facing kidnapping charges.

Adam's untimely arrival pulled Erica away for a few moments. Adam wanted to talk to Erica about his Fusion investment. Erica said that she would be happy to discuss business, but at another time. Adam wasn't appeased. He worried that he wouldn't get a return on his money while Erica was preoccupied with her family. Erica ignored Adam's grumbling. Without another word, she returned to the table where her daughters were waiting.

As the Kane women talked to the lawyer, they decided that their best course of action would be to put Reese's character on trial. Zach came along just in time to hear the tail end of the conversation. Bianca became uncomfortable when Zach offered to testify that Reese had followed him to Pine Valley and used every opportunity available to seduce him. As Reese approached the table, Kendall eagerly volunteered to do her part to discredit Reese. All eyes turned when Reese told Bianca that she would give up all claims to custody of Gabby. Bianca decided to discuss it with Reese privately, despite Erica's objections.

Reese repeated her offer when she was alone with Bianca. Bianca asked Reese what had prompted her change of heart. Reese said that she hoped Bianca would one day forgive her enough to allow her to be a part of Gabby's life. Bianca admitted that she was far from being able to even consider it. Reese understood, but remained hopeful that one day Bianca would change her mind. Bianca agreed to have the papers drawn up so that Reese could sign them the following day. As Bianca walked away, Zach watched Reese closely for a long moment before he, too, turned away.

Sitting nearby, Adam called Reese over. He warned her not to turn her back on the Kane women.

After Zach and Kendall returned home, Kendall informed Zach that she had the downstairs guest room made up for him to sleep in. Zach said nothing as Kendall walked to her own bedroom.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Krystal woke up David by caressing him with a red feather boa. Krystal joked that she was paging Dr. Hayward because she needed a checkup. He opened his eyes and saw her wearing red scrubs. He said that he wanted to give her the same "procedure" that he gave her the night before. She laughed and told him that they needed to get to the hospital to prepare for the Campbell's Heart Health fundraiser they were hosting. She explained that she bought red scrubs for the entire hospital staff to wear, and she needed to distribute them. Then, she poured each of them a glass of juice. David made a toast to their "stunning debut" at the hospital. She noted that David was a big deal at the hospital, not her. He reminded her that she planned the entire party. She smiled and admitted that she deserved credit for her party planning skills.

Amanda and Jake were at ConFusion. Amanda was upset because David was threatening her again. She explained to Jake that David wanted her to help him gain custody of Little Adam. She further stated that David planned to tell JR that he paid her to get JR drunk, if she did not make JR look like an incompetent parent. She wondered if she should tell everyone the truth, so David would stop blackmailing her.

JR entered ConFusion. JR noticed Amanda and Jake having an intense discussion. JR approached them and asked what they were talking about. Amanda claimed that they were talking about her stomach cramps. Jake looked uncomfortable, and left. JR did not believe that Amanda was discussing cramps. Amanda lied once again and claimed that she was venting to Jake about Adam. She stated that Adam treated her like a "flesh-eating disease." He told her not to pay attention to Adam. He affirmed that they had both made mistakes in the past, but they both changed and became better people. He told her that he needed her because he was struggling with his grief for Babe. Amanda said that Babe would live on in the hearts of everyone she knew.

JR and Amanda went to the hospital to pick up a prescription. David cornered Amanda to tell her about his devious plan. He told her to get JR drunk at the Campbell's party. He then instructed her to call the Hubbards and the Martins to tell them that JR wanted to drive drunk with Little Adam. Amanda refused to take part in David's plan. He warned her that he would ruin her life if she did not obey him. She asserted that JR would protect her and the baby. David said that JR would kick her to the curb if he found out he was not the baby's father. Meanwhile, Krystal observed David and Amanda's conversation from afar. Krystal approached them and inquired what they were arguing about. Amanda claimed that she wanted to volunteer at the Campbell's party, but David advised her to rest instead.

JR saw Adam in the waiting room of the hospital. Adam said that he was there for a heart checkup. JR told Adam to give Amanda the respect she deserved because she was the mother of his child. Adam was skeptical that JR was the baby's father. JR threatened to move out of the mansion, if Adam did not ease up on Amanda. Adam thought it was a bad idea for JR to remove Little Adam from the home he grew up in. Then, David, Krystal, and Amanda entered the waiting room. Krystal announced that Amanda was helping her with the party. David told Amanda to take it easy, for the baby's sake. Amanda scowled at David and stated that she would not do anything that made her uncomfortable.

Kendall asked Zach if he slept well in the guest room. She offered to buy him a new mattress, if he found the bed uncomfortable. He snapped and yelled that he refused to share "small talk" with Kendall. Instead, he wanted to face reality and he urged his wife to express her true feelings. She did not want to talk. He encouraged her to face the pain, but she refused. She then grabbed her chest. He was concerned for her health, but she insisted that she was fine. He asked her again to divulge how she felt. She said that she felt hungry, and walked away.

Bianca met with Jack and Erica. Bianca asked them to join her in France. Jack and Erica wanted to remain in Pine Valley, but they urged Bianca to stay. Bianca affirmed that she had to leave because Kendall needed space. Then, Bianca told Jack that she thought of him as a father and that he would always have a daughter in France. Jack was grateful for Bianca's love.

Bianca and Erica went to see Kendall and Zach. Bianca announced that she was leaving for France that night. She told Zach that Gabrielle was at the casino, but he had no reaction. Kendall coldly told her sister that Gabrielle's belongings were packed up for her to take to Europe.

Erica spoke with Zach alone. She urged him to be "normal" and to go say goodbye to Gabrielle. He wondered why Erica wanted him to "play daddy" all of a sudden. She thought that the baby needed a father figure. He commented that he was not "normal," and left the house.

Bianca told Kendall that she would miss Kendall and her sons. Kendall did not return the sentiment. Bianca wondered if Kendall would ever forgive her. Kendall said that she probably would forgive her sister, but it would take a long time. Bianca tried to hug Kendall, but Kendall pulled away.

Adam went to the casino to look for Erica, but he found Reese instead. Adam asked if Bianca went to France yet. Reese explained that Bianca was leaving soon, so Reese was waiting at the casino to say goodbye. Adam encouraged Reese to fight for custody of Miranda and Gabrielle. Adam offered to help Reese keep her daughters. Reese asked what Adam wanted in return, but he revealed nothing. Reese then explained that she hoped Bianca would allow her to see her daughters eventually. Adam laughed and quipped that the Kane women sharpened their stilettos on other people's hope.

Bianca, Erica, and Kendall were unpleasantly surprised to see Reese at the casino. Bianca assumed that Reese wanted to say goodbye to Miranda and Gabrielle, so she brought the little girls to see Reese. Reese cried as she said goodbye to the girls. She then told Bianca that she would always love her.

Zach entered the casino, and Bianca put Gabrielle in his arms. He told the baby that she was beautiful and that boys were going to love her. He kissed the baby as Kendall gave him a scathing look. Then, Bianca said goodbye to everyone and left with Miranda and Gabrielle.

Opal found Ryan on his terrace with no shirt on. She put a blanket around him and urged him to stay off of the terrace. After she left, Ryan recalled many happy memories he shared with Greenlee. He remembered giving her a butterfly pin.

Jack visited Ryan. Jack said that he was going back to Connecticut to say goodbye to Greenlee. Ryan did not want to go with Jack because he had said goodbye to Greenlee too many times. Jack tried to console Ryan by saying that Greenlee's death was an accident. Ryan was annoyed by the comment because he felt that Zach was to blame for Greenlee's death.

Emma came home from school. She showed Ryan a project that she made for him. She revealed a butterfly made of tissue paper. He said that he loved it. She explained that she made it because Greenlee loved butterflies. She asked if they could send the butterfly to heaven, so Greenlee could have it. Ryan thought this was a good idea, so they both went onto the terrace and threw the butterfly into the wind. As they watched the butterfly soar, they told Greenlee that they loved her.

Zach entered ConFusion and noticed Ryan at the bar. Zach sat next to Ryan, even though it displeased Ryan. Ryan said that Jack was having a goodbye party for Greenlee at the river. Ryan told Zach to go because Zach would enjoy the party, "in a twisted way." Zach said that he knew Ryan was coming after him. Ryan swore to get revenge on Zach. Zach said that Ryan would not succeed, but he would enjoy watching Ryan's attempts, "in a twisted way."

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Jack asked Erica to meet with him. Erica inquired about Jack's trip to Connecticut. He explained that he went to the river to say goodbye to Greenlee, but he could not do it. He said that he put his hand in the river and it was very cold. It made him sad to think that Greenlee felt the pain of the cold water before she died. Erica empathized with Jack. She said that he would be able to say goodbye to his daughter when he was ready. She invited him to stay in her suite, if he needed a friend. He was very grateful for Erica's support, but he turned down the offer because he wanted to be alone.

Zach found one of Gabrielle's pacifiers under a pillow on the couch. He looked sad as he held the baby's pacifier. Kendall saw Zach's melancholy expression and noted that Gabrielle had enough pacifiers in France. She assured him that the baby would want for nothing. He stated that, although he had not wanted to bond with the baby, he did. He affirmed that Gabrielle was his daughter and Kendall needed to accept that. Kendall told Zach to find Reese and go to France with her to retrieve their child. Zach assured Kendall that he loved her and wanted to be with her.

Erica saw Zach at the casino. She told him that she knew what he was going through. She explained that it killed her when Travis won custody of Bianca. He coldly stated that Erica had no idea how he felt.

David invited JR to meet him at ConFusion. When JR arrived, he demanded to know why David suggested a meeting. David claimed that he wanted to call a truce with JR. JR did not believe him, because David asked for a truce in the past and went back on his word. David wanted to put their petty animosity aside for one night as they honored Babe at the Campbell's party. David put out his hand to shake hands with JR. Just as JR grabbed David's hand, Adam yelled for them to stop. Adam pushed David away from JR and told David to keep his hands off of Adam's son. David snidely commented that JR got his civility from his mother.

Adam warned JR not to trust David. JR explained that he did not trust David, but he planned on calling a truce for the party. JR did not want to fight with David at a party where Babe was being honored.

Adam asked Reese to meet him at ConFusion. Reese inquired why Adam wanted to see her. He presented her with a box that contained a ball gown. He asked her to attend the Campbell's party with him. She wondered what Adam would get out of taking her to the party. He replied that he would get the satisfaction of upsetting the Kane women. Adam urged Reese to attend the party to show the Kane women that she would not go down without a fight.

Randi, Amanda, and Krystal decorated the hospital for the Campbell's party. Krystal thanked Amanda for her help. Then, Krystal asked Amanda what was going on between her and David. Amanda swore that nothing was going on, but Krystal was skeptical. Krystal wanted to know why Amanda and David were having a heated discussion the previous day. Amanda claimed that David did not want her living with JR because it might upset Little Adam.

Amanda told Frankie that she was paranoid David might discover he was the father of her baby. She asked Frankie if there was any way David could find out. Frankie assured her that no one knew he falsified her due date. She informed Frankie that David threatened to have a DNA test conducted. Frankie said that she had to avoid a DNA test. Amanda stated that she had to lie about the baby's paternity, so David would not have more ammunition against her. Frankie inquired about the other ammunition she referred to, so Amanda revealed that David was blackmailing her.

Jake saw Amanda and asked if she had told JR that David was blackmailing her. Amanda explained that she was about to tell JR when JR complimented her for being trustworthy. Amanda felt too guilty to admit that David had paid her to get JR drunk. Jake urged Amanda to tell the truth, so David no longer had power over her. She mentioned that David would always have power over her. Jake realized that David was the father of her child. He asked if anyone else knew, and she said Frankie did. She felt bad about getting Frankie involved in her "personal hell." Jake reminded her that many people cared about her and wanted to help her.

David entered the hospital and greeted Krystal with a big kiss. Then, David stared at Amanda. Krystal asked why David was obsessed with Amanda. David pretended that he was looking at JR, not Amanda. David told Krystal that she alone had his heart. He proceeded to give her pills. He said that the pills would calm her and help her through the party. She took the pills and put them in her pocket.

David approached Amanda and demanded that she get JR drunk and set up a scene that looked like JR put Little Adam in danger. She refused to carry out David's evil plan.

Everyone arrived at the Campbell's party at the hospital. There was a big sign that dedicated the new cardiac wing of the hospital to Babe.

David greeted all of the guests and gave a speech about the importance of heart health. He was proud to state that he dedicated the new wing to his late daughter, Babe.

Reese and Adam arrived at the party together, which appalled Erica, Kendall, and Zach. Kendall asked Reese why she did not leave Pine Valley. Reese explained that she had business obligations she intended to keep. Zach offered to buy out her contract at the casino, so she could leave. Reese refused to go.

Krystal put one of her pills in a wine glass. As she was about to drink the wine, David asked her to say a few words to the crowd. Meanwhile, Reese saw the wine and began to drink it.

Jake and Frankie discussed Amanda's situation. Both of them swore to help Amanda keep her baby's true paternity a secret. Neither of them wanted David to stake a claim on the child. As they spoke, neither of them noticed that Krystal was eavesdropping.

Krystal found Amanda and demanded to know if David was the father of her child. Amanda looked nervous.

Erica told Reese to leave town. Reese said she had reasons for staying. Erica did not care to hear her reasons. Erica warned Reese not to stay in Pine Valley.

Kendall recalled hosting a fashion show to promote heart health with Greenlee the year before. Zach tried to console Kendall, but she was too upset. She blamed herself for killing Greenlee because she was really the one driving the car. Meanwhile, Reese secretly listened to the conversation and overheard Kendall's confession.

Annie wanted to see Emma before she went to Oak Haven. Aidan explained that Ryan would not let Emma visit Annie. Annie freaked out and began to scream that she hated Aidan. He calmed her down and told her that she needed to work on her temper. He said that Ryan was right to keep Emma away because Annie could flip out in front of the girl. Annie admitted that she needed to gain composure. She asked Aidan to keep in touch with her while she was at Oak Haven. He gently touched her cheek and thanked her for opening her heart to him. Angie entered the room and announced that it was time for Annie to go.

After Annie left for Oak Haven, Angie told Aidan that she sensed he had strong feelings for Annie. He admitted that he did have feelings for Annie.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Krystal told Amanda that she knew the paternity of Amanda's baby. Krystal said she heard Frankie and Jake discussing Amanda's pregnancy. Amanda denied Krystal's accusations. Amanda ripped into Jake and Frankie for discussing her pregnancy at the party. Amanda said Krystal knew the baby belonged to David.

Zach begged Kendall to keep quiet about her involvement in Greenlee's accident. He wanted people to continue believing he was the person driving the vehicle that hit Greenlee. Kendall said it was time for everyone to know the truth. Reese overheard their conversation and started to leave, but Adam stopped her. Adam knew Reese was upset. Reese said she felt unwelcome. Adam encouraged her not to run away from her problems, but instead, to stay and fight. Reese said she was not ready to deal with anything yet, and walked off. Adam told Erica, Zach, and Kendall that he did not appreciate them ganging up on Reese. Adam said that Reese was packing her bags to leave Pine Valley.

Tad noticed that David seemed unusually nice to JR. David praised JR's speech and shook his hand. Tad said David seemed to have Krystal halfway down the wedding aisle, the residents in his grasp, and Joe booted out of the hospital.

Krystal thanked JR for his beautiful speech. JR said he wanted to take a drink to calm his nerves, but had sworn off alcohol to become a better father for Little Adam and Amanda's baby. Krystal went to find David, but she did not tell him about Amanda's baby. David could tell Krystal seemed flustered. He suggested she take her medicine. Krystal said she poured the medicine into her wine glass, but someone took it.

David took the podium for his speech. He spoke of Babe's wonderful gift of living her life without fear. David said the new wing would forever remind people to live life to the fullest. Afterwards, Kendall spoke about the wonderful doctors, including David, who gave her a heart transplant. Kendall felt blessed to be able to have a second chance with her mother and sons. She failed to mention Zach. Kendall pledged to make a $200,000 donation to the American Heart Association in honor of Greenlee. After her speech was done, she apologized to Zach for not mentioning him. Zach figured Kendall left out his name to punish him.

Frankie greeted Randi with a kiss, but she pulled away. Randi was worried that David would not want her at the party because of her prostitution background. Frankie said for Randi not to worry about David. Frankie was very proud to be with her.

Brot and Taylor arrived at the party. David introduced Brot to the Campbell representatives. Brot was polite, but remarked to Taylor that he did not care for David pointing out his military experience. It made Brot feel like David did not hire him based on his qualifications. Brot thought that perhaps David just wanted a showpiece for the hospital. Taylor said Brot was being too sensitive. Brot thought Taylor wanted him to change. Taylor insisted that she liked Brot for the person he was. Angrily, Brot went outside for some air.

Tad heard Brot and Taylor arguing. He went to check on Taylor while Brot was gone. Taylor said Brot treated her differently than he treated his patients or friends. She felt that everything she said was taken in the wrong context. Taylor doubted Brot wanted to be with her. Tad said Brot might only vent his frustrations to her because he trusted her more than anyone else. Taylor found Brot on the roof. Brot apologized for blowing up at Taylor. He said it was tough to adjust to a new life outside the military.

Pete went to the Chandler mansion to see Adam. Colby told him that Adam was at the hospital benefit. Pete said he received an email from Greenlee one day before she died. He opened his laptop and blushed when Colby saw the screensaver - hearts circling around a picture of her. Pete said the email revealed that Erica had lost all of Adam's investment. Colby worried that Adam was broke. She kissed Pete on the cheek to thank him for telling her about the email. Pete followed Colby upstairs to check on Little Adam.

Ryan went to the casino for a few drinks. He ran into Reese as she was preparing to leave Pine Valley. Ryan offered Reese two shots, but she declined. Ryan said he was not drinking for fun. It was research. He wanted to find out what brands the customers liked best. Reese assumed Ryan must have meant that he had bought the casino from Zach. Ryan said he had no plans to buy it. He wanted to steal it. Also, Ryan said Reese deserved the wrath of the Kane women. He said Reese was selfish.

Reese bolted off, but came back. A casino employee escorted her into the bar after Reese drove into a tree. Adam came by to check on Reese, who had blood on her head. He offered to take Reese to his home so she could get patched up.

Amanda tracked Krystal down to make sure Krystal had kept quiet about the baby. Amanda admitted that the baby belonged to David, but said she never wanted him to know. Amanda said JR was a great father who would protect her and the baby. She knew that David would try to steal the baby, just like he was going after Little Adam. Krystal said David was not trying to get Little Adam. Amanda said her reasons for lying to JR were good. She begged Krystal not to tell David the truth. Jake came up and told Krystal that she should keep quiet about the baby's paternity. Jake said David would dump Krystal the moment he learned Amanda was carrying his child. Krystal agreed to keep Amanda's secret only to keep JR sober. In return, Amanda promised that JR would never know the truth about the baby.

David went to pester Amanda while she was alone. Amanda gave him a check to reimburse him the money he gave her. Amanda said she did not want his money. David figured Amanda must be feeling guilty for tricking JR. David said Amanda's donation would not change the fact that she needed to turn JR into an alcoholic again.

Zach went to the casino. He was not pleased to see Ryan throwing back drinks one after another. Ryan figured Zach was there to meet Reese. Ryan said Reese got in a minor car accident and went to Adam's. A security guard tried to escort Ryan out of the casino, but Kendall stopped him. Ryan said Zach went off to find Reese. Kendall asked Ryan why he was at the casino. Ryan said he was there to scope out the casino in preparation for his takeover.

At the Chandler mansion, Adam gave Reese a cloth to clean her wound. Reese wondered why people in Pine Valley hated her so much. Reese said she was not the one who killed Greenlee. Adam said Zach was driving the car. Reese blabbed that Kendall was the one driving the car. Adam said Reese should use that information to her advantage. Reese did not want to hurt Zach. Adam said Zach practically threw her under the bus for the Kane women. Reese quickly realized that Adam wanted to use the information to ruin Zach. Reese pleaded with Adam not to say anything. Adam said he would keep quiet. Zach stopped by to check on Reese.

Friday, February 27, 2009

After the benefit, Krystal tried to convince David to spend some quality time with her, but he was quite distracted. When she finally got his attention, she asked what was on his mind, and was caught off-guard when he told her that he'd been thinking about Amanda. When she asked why, David told her that Babe would be shocked at how quickly JR had moved on - and the person with whom he'd moved on. Krystal reminded him that the pregnancy wasn't planned and that perhaps the way things turned out would be best for JR in his struggle with alcohol.

David didn't believe it would last for long and noted that he didn't want Amanda to raise their grandchild, as the chance of Little A forgetting his mother would multiply exponentially. Krystal promised that as long as she was around, Little A would remember Babe. She then asked if he was ready to go home, but he told her that he would meet her there, as had an errand to run. She inquired about the errand, but he refused to give her details. After he left, Angie came around the corner and said that it seemed as though Krystal was lost. Krystal subsequently agreed.

Krystal confided in Angie about the paternity of Amanda's baby and said that she planned to keep the secret because she knew what would happen if David found out the truth. She said that she was worried about where that would leave Amanda, but Angie asserted that Krystal's real worry was about herself. Krystal rejected that notion and said that after the loss of her daughter and Tad, she wouldn't lose David. Angie reminded her that she didn't lose Tad - she threw him away. Krystal insisted that things weren't working with Tad the way they were with David and said that David was the only person who understood her.

Angie told her that David was using her, but Krystal refused to believe it and told Angie about David's proposal. When Angie asked what Krystal's answer had been, she was surprised to hear that Krystal hadn't accepted right away. Angie encouraged Krystal to give David an affirmative answer if she was so sure of his love, and Krystal told her that she might do just that.

JR and Amanda returned to the Chandler mansion, but opted to stay outside for a while, as the clear nights made both of them feel closer to Babe. JR remarked that the closeness they felt was nothing but a fantasy, and although the dedication at the hospital was great, it was simply another reminder that Babe was gone. Amanda noted that the night had to have been difficult for him and he concurred. He then told her that Little Adam, Amanda, and the baby she carried were the only good things he had going for him.

Zach arrived at Adam's doorstep and demanded to see Reese. Adam told Zach the young woman didn't want to see him, and slammed the door in Zach's face. Reese opened the door between the living room and the foyer after she heard the bang and asked Adam to confirm her suspicion that Zach had stopped by. He admitted that Zach had been there to see her, but had been denied entrance.

Reese prepared to go after Zach, but Adam warned her against such a decision. After she heard him out, she noted that perhaps her mistake was not in wanting to talk to Zach, but rather her choice to confide in Adam. Adam brushed off the slight and merely responded with a thought that Zach had once again cleaned up someone else's mess.

Reese gathered her things and noted that she probably shouldn't have darkened the Chandler doorstep in the first place. Adam told her that she should maintain refuge in his home from those out to get her. She told him that despite everything, Zach would never hurt her. He pointed out that while Zach might not physically do anything to hurt her, there were all sorts of alternatives that could be used to get back at someone.

Ryan smashed a glass against the wall and knocked over a chair at the casino after Kendall suggested that his thoughts of taking over the casino were crazy. Ryan assured her that he'd never been more sure of anything in his life. Guards descended and tried to haul him out but Ryan wrestled free of their grasp. Kendall's phone rang then, and after she saw that it was Zach, she answered it and tried to tell him that he needed to come back to the casino. Ryan, insulted that she would rather talk to the man he believed killed his fiancée, forced her to end the call and said that she couldn't expect Zach to help her.

She reminded him that he wasn't the only one who missed Greenlee and said that the path of destruction he was on wouldn't bring Greenlee back. Although he knew that, Ryan said he wouldn't be satisfied until he took everything that he could from Zach. She asked him if that made her collateral damage. He told her that he believed she could take care of herself, but she insisted that if he destroyed Zach, he destroyed her. She then got shaky on her feet and short of breath. As Zach entered the area unnoticed, Ryan helped her to sit down and, alarmed, coached her through some deep breathing.

Zach barreled in after a few moments and demanded to know what happened. Kendall tried to neutralize the situation but Zach was fed up with Ryan and how he bellowed about his revenge schemes. He ordered Ryan out of his casino, but Kendall, still worried over the state of Ryan's bleeding wounds, asked one of the employees to call a cab and have it take Ryan to the hospital. Ryan resisted at first but Kendall's pleas soon swayed him.

After Ryan was escorted out, Kendall asked why Zach had run after Reese. Zach told her that Reese was in the know about who had really been the driver the night Greenlee died, which horrified Kendall. He went on to tell her that although he'd gone after Reese to see if it was true, Adam, in his new role as Reese's guard dog, had refused to let the two talk. Kendall insisted that they needed to go public with the truth because she wouldn't tolerate life with Reese holding something over her head.

Amanda and JR retreated into the house and JR went to change while Amanda warmed herself by the fire. He stepped into the foyer and was surprised to see Reese and his father as they talked. JR asked why the young woman had come by, and Adam introduced Reese as their new houseguest. Meanwhile, David found his way into the living room via the tunnels and asked Amanda if her station by the fire was her metaphorical way of stating that she was warming up for the night's events. Angered by his constant interference, Amanda assured David that she was clear on the plan, and demanded that he leave before they were discovered.

Out in the foyer, Adam told Reese that he would have her things sent over from the casino, and, after she thanked him, Reese headed upstairs. JR once again questioned the young woman's presence, sure that his father hadn't invited her in out of the goodness of his heart. Adam told his son that Reese had been kind enough to share some information about Zach that could be valuable while they were stuck in economic strife. JR wondered aloud why Adam would keep Reese around if she'd already divulged the information, and Adam admitted that he regarded Reese as an Achilles heel on Zach's larger-than-life persona.

David continued to remind Amanda that even though she'd given back all of his money in the form of a donation to the cardiac wing, he still expected her to follow through with the original plan. He said that if she didn't, he would divulge her dirty little secret to JR, and she would be forced to live on the street. She again told him that she was well aware of what she had to do and believed that she didn't have a choice.

They heard a door close then, and Amanda urged him to leave quickly. David made it out of the patio door mere moments before JR returned to the living room. Amanda noted that JR hadn't changed and he told her that his father had sidetracked him. When she asked for details, he told her that he didn't have many, except for the tidbit about Reese being their new housemate.

JR left for a few moments to make sure that his son had gone to sleep. When he returned, he found Amanda looking at a picture of Babe, and noted that the evening's festivities had really made them realize how much they missed her. He then tried to look forward and asked Amanda if she thought that, given the child they were about to bring into the world, they could make it work as a different version of a family. Instead of answering his question, Amanda opted to share a copy of the video taken of his speech at the dedication. As he looked at the screen and waited for the show to begin, Amanda silently cursed herself and hit play.

Instead of the evening's talks, a portion of the previous year's event lit up the screen, and Babe strutted down the walkway and modeled her dress. Amanda waited for a moment, and then apologized profusely for her mix-up. She asked him if he was okay, but one look from him told her that he was nowhere near okay. She apologized again and told him that she would give him some time alone to regain his footing. Once alone in the living room, JR sent apologies for his life since Babe's passing into nothingness, and when his gaze lowered, it alit on the tray of decanters.

Angie ran into Jake and demanded to know how involved he was in Frankie's decision to alter Amanda's medical records. Jake tried to deny any knowledge of the situation but his lie fell flat when she told him that Krystal had overheard the conversation Jake and Frankie had at the dedication. She was panicked over the idea that Frankie could lose his license, but Jake pointed out the alternative of Amanda losing her child. They both agreed that life in Pine Valley had gone downhill since David's return. Angie then confessed that Krystal had also shared the news about David's proposal, and said that she feared Krystal would say yes.

Zach placed an urgent call to Reese and told her that he needed to talk to her. Before she agreed, she apologized for Adam's behavior and made it clear that she hadn't instructed Adam to act in that way. Zach was unconcerned with Adam and told her that their talk needed to be in person. He asked her to come down to the casino and, although her voice carried a tone of wariness, she agreed. She went downstairs and told Adam of her intentions to speak with Zach, and she wondered if Adam would have advised her against it. Adam surprised her and said that it was a good move to agree to the meeting and offered to drive her there.

Ryan fulfilled his promise and went to the hospital to get his hand looked at. Angie tended to his wounds and told him that despite the fact that she'd gotten a miracle and her husband had come back to her, she lived with the pain of his loss for twenty years. He asked her if there was some trick to getting through the pain, and she told him that as much as it hurt to think about Greenlee, it was more important to keep her memories and the love they shared with him. She went on to say that he needed to dig deep to make those things true so that he could be there for his children. She finished dressing his injury and asked if he wanted her to walk him out. He told her he didn't know where to go or what to do, since nothing felt the same without Greenlee. She saw the tears that burned behind his eyes, encouraged him to let it go, and then held him as he cried.

Jake walked onto the patio at the Chandler mansion and watched through the window as JR poured himself a glass of amber liquid from his father's decanters and seriously pondered the first swig. Before he could complete the thought both mentally and physically, Amanda burst back into the room and begged him to stop. He told her that the sight of Babe on the video and the sure knowledge that she would never be with him again was too much to take. Amanda said that if she could give him that, she would. He told her that he was tired of hearing things like that, as they were nothing more than "cold comfort." He noted that Babe would be disappointed in him, but Amanda pointed out that Babe were to feel that way about someone, it would be someone other than him. JR, unable to handle the emotions that slammed around his brain, decided that he needed to get out of the house, and left Amanda to cry alone.

Jake came in the house as soon as the coast was clear and tried to console Amanda with the fact that, although she'd almost given into David's demands, she hadn't gone through with it. Regardless, Amanda still thought of herself as a monster. Jake told her that she was too hard on herself and assured her that everything would be fine. He wrapped her in a comforting hug, but the lull only lasted a few moments until JR returned and demanded to know what was happening.

David arrived home as Krystal was examining herself in the mirror. Once he closed the door to the bedroom, she assaulted him with questions about the secrecy that seemed to follow him around. He asked for a moment to explain and then told her that because he had been alone for most of his life, he wasn't used to the need to explain himself or his whereabouts. He promised that he was a quick study and assured her that he loved her. She told him that she was certain of his love, and because of that knowledge, she wanted to become his wife. Overjoyed, David confirmed that he still wanted to marry Krystal.

Reese showed up at the casino and, before she could get settled, Kendall started in with her accusations about Reese's true intentions for accepting Zach's offer to meet. Insulted, Reese started to leave, but Zach hampered her escape. He tried to ignore his wife's raucous behavior and asked Reese about the hints that Ryan had dropped earlier. Reese admitted that she'd overheard Kendall and Zach's conversation about being the driver the night Greenlee died, and Kendall announced that Reese must have started to consider it her lucky day.

Reese was confused, so Kendall let on to her belief that Reese would make a beeline to the police. Zach asked Reese outright if she planned to share what she knew with the cops, and Reese hotly denied it. Kendall didn't believe her, but knew that her husband did. Zach noted that Reese had no reason to lie, but Reese interrupted their argument and said that she didn't care what either of them thought of her. She said that she wouldn't use what she'd heard them talking about against them, but that unstable bubble of security was popped when Adam walked up and admitted that he had every intention of blowing their cover.



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