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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 16, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Bianca and Reese exchanged wedding vows before their friends and family. Reese's vows were a reaffirmation of her love and commitment to Bianca while Bianca spoke of the impact that Reese had on her life, and the future that she envisioned for them as a family. Afterwards, Miranda brought them their wedding rings. Each had tears in her eyes, as they exchanged rings and then were pronounced, "Married."

Aidan convinced Annie to surrender her gun and step out of the car. Ryan watched as Annie slowly lowered the gun then went into Aidan's welcoming arms. While Aidan comforted Annie, Ryan left to find Greenlee.

Aidan and Annie went to a guest room for privacy. Annie was shaken after her encounter with Ryan, because she had come to the realization that she and Ryan would not reunite in the future. Aidan encouraged Annie to talk through it. As Annie unburdened herself, she revealed that she had never loved anyone as much as she had Ryan. She also came to the conclusion that Ryan and Greenlee had never stopped loving each other, so Ryan was never Annie's to lose.

When Annie appeared to accept that it was over between her and Ryan, Aidan reminded Annie that she needed to return to Oak Haven. He explained that if she went back on her own, it would make things easier for her in the future. Aidan also told Annie that he couldn't continue posing as a patient. However, he promised to find a new doctor for Annie and to visit frequently. Annie agreed to go to Oak Haven, but asked Aidan for a favor before they left for the sanitarium in the morning. She wanted to see Emma.

A short time later, Annie stood outside of Emma's bedroom window. As Emma slept peacefully, Annie spoke from the heart. She apologized to her daughter for the awful things that she had done. She also promised to be a better person for Emma's sake. Aidan was nearby, listening. He appeared moved by Annie's heartfelt words.

Greenlee and Kendall were on a collision course with each other. Kendall drove recklessly because she was distraught over Bianca and Reese's decision to remain in Pine Valley after the wedding. She was convinced that Reese wanted to stay in town so that she could pursue Zach. Zach tried to convince Kendall otherwise, but Kendall didn't believe anything that Zach said. As Kendall took a sharp turn at an accelerated speed, she lost control of her car and ended up on the wrong side of the road.

Greenlee, who was flying down the road on a motorcycle, saw the oncoming headlights. She swerved to avoid hitting the car, but unfortunately, Greenlee's motorcycle went over an embankment before it plunged into a ravine. Greenlee was thrown from the motorcycle as it crashed into pieces.

Zach and Kendall slowly got out of their car to see if the other driver had been hurt. Neither saw that Greenlee's bloody, unconscious body was on the bank of the river. Nor were they aware that the water began to rise around Greenlee's body until she was nearly completely submerged. Before anyone could rescue her, the rushing water carried Greenlee's body away.

Zach searched the ravine for the injured motorcyclist but all he found was a wedding veil. When Kendall joined Zach, she immediately recognized the wedding finery as belonging to Greenlee. Zach renewed his searched for Greenlee, and called the police. After he ended the call, he turned to Kendall. He told her to tell the police that he was driving. Seconds later, Ryan walked up to ask them what had happened.

His curiosity turned to horror when Ryan recognized Greenlee's wedding veil. He began a frantic search for Greenlee, but only uncovered pieces of the motorcycle.

Later, after the authorities arrived on the scene of the tragic accident, Ryan decided to jump into the water to search for Greenlee. After they fished Ryan out of the water, Kendall was questioned about the accident. When she failed to answer the questions, Zach was forced to step up. He explained that she had hit her head during the accident and had recently undergone life-saving surgery from which she was still recovering. He went on to tell the police that he had been driving. When the police officer pointed out that the skid marks from his car indicated that Zach's vehicle had been on the wrong side of the road, Ryan became furious.

Ryan accused Zach of deliberately running Greenlee off the road. Kendall jumped to Zach's defense, explaining that it had been an accident because they had been arguing about Reese. Ryan's anger mounted. He told Zach that Greenlee might be dead because Zach had slept with Reese. Kendall was stunned by the accusation. Zach said Ryan had no idea what he was talking about; he and Reese had not slept together. Ryan wasn't swayed. He let Zach know that Greenlee had been on the road because she had been looking for Zach after she learned about the affair with Reese.

When the police pulled Ryan away, Kendall demanded answers from Zach. Zach told her that Reese had been upset and kissed him, but insisted that nothing beyond that had happened.

Erica kicked off the wedding reception for Bianca and Reese with a touching wedding toast. Afterwards, the guests began mingling.

Jackson decided to call Greenlee, to check on her, after Opal told him that Greenlee had not appeared to be sick, despite using that as the reason to postpone her wedding to Ryan. When Greenlee failed to answer the call, Jack left his daughter a message.

JR confided to Amanda that Bianca and Reese's wedding reminded him of Babe and the wedding that they had planned.

Erica talked to Tad about his plans to divorce Krystal. She assured Tad that he would find the right woman some day.

Frankie wanted to know how Jake and Angie had managed to be reinstated at the hospital. When Jake remained mum, Frankie wasn't surprised.

Bianca and Reese were touched when Erica offered to buy them some land so that the newlyweds could build their dream home.

As the brides stepped onto the floor to dance together for the first time as a married couple, Miranda joined them.

The wedding guests began dancing shortly afterwards, including JR and Amanda. While they swayed to the music, JR asked Amanda why she seemed tense around her friends. Amanda said that it was because they thought she had made a mistake when she agreed to move into the Chandler mansion. JR wanted to know how she felt about the decision. Amanda smiled before she assured JR that she didn't have any reservations as long as he was with her.

Moments later, Amanda left the dance floor to peer out a window. When Jake walked up and asked her what she was doing, Amanda said that she thought she had seen David. Jake didn't think Amanda had anything to worry about. He was certain that David wasn't near the lodge.

The dancing came to an abrupt end when Zach and Kendall walked into the reception. When Erica asked them what was wrong, Kendall said, "Nothing." At the same time, Zach told everyone that he had been in an accident involving Greenlee. Jack, Jake, and others immediately left the reception to see if they could help search for Greenlee.

Kendall stayed behind with Erica, who wanted to know why she had left before the wedding. Kendall told her mother that she had agreed to attend the wedding in exchange for Bianca's promise to leave town afterwards. When she heard Reese and Bianca announce that they were staying in Pine Valley, Kendall was livid, so she decided to leave. Zach had followed his wife and the two ended up arguing in the car.

Erica was shocked that Kendall had given Bianca an ultimatum. Kendall ignored her mother's reaction. She told Erica if the worst happened and Greenlee wasn't found alive, the blame would fall on Reese. Reese stood nearby and overheard the exchange. Before Erica could respond, Kendall collapsed.

At the crash site, Jack and others arrived to search for Greenlee. After they walked away, Ryan stopped Zach. He warned Zach that if they didn't find Greenlee-then left the rest unspoken.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Aidan brought Annie back to Oak Haven. Dr. Sinclair was anxiously awaiting Annie's return. Dr. Sinclair sarcastically asked Annie if she had enjoyed her last days of freedom. Annie looked nervous. Then, Dr. Sinclair pulled Aidan aside. She regretted that she did not call the police when Annie first escaped. Aidan said that there was no harm done because he brought Annie back, like he promised. Dr. Sinclair said Aidan was wrong, because Annie killed Greenlee when she fled. He was confused, so she showed Aidan a newspaper article that read Greenlee was presumed dead. Dr. Sinclair further explained that Greenlee was in an accident, but the doctor suspected that Annie tampered with Greenlee's brakes. Aidan looked concerned and rushed off.

Dr. Sinclair told Annie that she had spoken to a judge about Annie's case. Dr. Sinclair convinced the judge to hold a competency hearing for Annie. Dr. Sinclair was sure that Annie would be put in prison for the rest of her life. Annie seemed sad and told Dr. Sinclair to leave her alone. Dr. Sinclair said she would not leave until Annie admitted to killing Greenlee. Annie was confused, so Dr. Sinclair showed her the newspaper. Annie swore that she had nothing to do with Greenlee's accident, but Dr. Sinclair did not believe her.

Kendall was in the hospital. Zach visited her and told her that Greenlee was still missing. Kendall stated that Greenlee's accident was her fault. He reminded her that she needed to keep their story straight, since they told the police that Zach was driving, not Kendall. Kendall yelled that she did not care about keeping her story straight because her mind was preoccupied with Greenlee's accident. He saw that she was upset and urged her to calm down. Kendall's heart monitor went off and David entered the room. David wondered why her blood pressure and heart rate drastically increased. She blamed her condition on Zach. David snidely asked Zach if he wanted to kill Kendall, like he killed Greenlee.

Kendall asked Zach if he had slept with Reese. Zach said no, but he confessed to kissing Reese. Kendall assumed that Zach bonded with Reese because of Gabrielle. Zach admitted that he loved the baby. Kendall could not understand why Zach was drawn to Reese. He explained that he fell apart while Kendall was in a coma. He said that he needed a friend and Reese was a good friend to him. Still, he affirmed that Kendall was his family and he only wanted her.

Jake checked on Kendall. After the examination, Zach wanted to see Kendall. Jake said that she needed rest, but Zach still wanted to see his wife. Jake divulged that Kendall did not want to see Zach.

Reese went to the hospital to check on Zach. Zach informed Reese that Ryan saw them kiss and told everyone about it. Zach took responsibility for the kiss, but he stated that their friendship had to end because too many people were hurt by it.

As Kendall slept, she dreamed that Greenlee was in her hospital room. Greenlee said that she came to say goodbye. Kendall cried as she told Greenlee that the accident was her fault. Greenlee smiled and stated that Zach truly loved Kendall. As Greenlee touched Kendall's wedding ring, she urged Kendall to remember how much her husband loved her. Then, Kendall woke up and Greenlee was gone.

Erica consoled Bianca as Jack, Ryan, Tad, Jake, and Frankie returned from their search for Greenlee. Erica and Bianca asked Jack if there was anything they could do for him. Jack wished he could have a second chance to be a better father to Greenlee. He wanted to turn back time and prevent Greenlee from getting on her motorcycle. Erica and Bianca assured him that he was a great father.

Ryan insisted that the sheriff send more boats to look for Greenlee. Jesse informed Ryan that the sheriff was not going to send more boats. Ryan was livid and asked why. Jesse broke the news that the sheriff changed the mission from a rescue to a recovery. Ryan was distraught because the search team assumed Greenlee was dead. Ryan pleaded with Jesse to change the sheriff's mind, but there was nothing that Jesse could do. Ryan refused to give up, and vowed to find Greenlee on his own if he had to. Then, Ryan told Jesse that he faulted Zach for the accident.

Bianca asked Ryan why Greenlee was on her motorcycle and headed for the chapel before her accident. Ryan divulged that Greenlee was not sick. He explained that they did not go to the wedding because he did not want to stand up next to Reese, due to her dishonesty. Bianca told Ryan that she and Reese had worked through their issues. Ryan then revealed that he saw Reese and Zach kissing on the night of the wedding rehearsal. Ryan believed that Reese and Zach were having an affair. He said that Greenlee was on her way to the chapel to talk to Zach about his relationship with Reese.

Bianca was horrified by Ryan's news. Bianca told Erica that Erica was right about Reese and Zach all along. Bianca said that she needed to see Reese. Erica wanted to join Bianca, but Bianca stated that she could handle Reese on her own.

Bianca visited Kendall in the hospital. Kendall was not happy to see her sister. Kendall commented that Bianca was probably pleased about Greenlee's disappearance because it gave Bianca an excuse to stay in Pine Valley. Bianca began to tell Kendall about Reese and Zach's kiss, but Kendall stated that she already knew. Kendall chastised Bianca for marrying Reese, especially because Bianca had suspicions about Reese and Zach before the wedding. Kendall warned Bianca not to trust her wife.

Bianca went home to see Reese. Reese tried to hug Bianca. Bianca exclaimed, "Don't you dare!"

Erica comforted Jack. She said that she knew how he felt because she encountered a similar situation with her son, Josh. Jack feared that Greenlee was dead. Erica affirmed that Greenlee was a fighter and that she could survive anything. Erica urged him to keep the faith. He was grateful for the pep talk and kissed her.

Aidan arrived at the scene of the search and offered his help. Aidan asked Jesse if he thought there was foul play involved in Greenlee's crash. Jesse said that it appeared to be an accident. Aidan wondered if there were signs that the motorcycle was tampered with. Jesse asked why Aidan thought it was a possibility, but Aidan said nothing.

The sheriff told Ryan, Aidan, and Jesse that they found something. The sheriff showed them a piece of Greenlee's wedding dress. The fabric was torn and bloody. Aidan criticized Ryan for not protecting Greenlee.

Krystal went to the hospital to tell David about Greenlee's accident. David revealed that he already knew. He was sad because everyone he loved was gone. Krystal assured him that she would remain with him.

JR and Amanda went to Babe's grave. JR said that he could relate to Ryan's pain. JR thanked Amanda for helping him after Babe died. JR stated that Amanda was a good friend and that she was going to be an even better mother. Amanda looked sheepish. Then, David and Krystal arrived at the cemetery. David ranted that the Chandlers were to blame for Babe's death. Krystal stated that Babe's death was an accident. David noted that Amanda's pregnancy was an accident, but it was "wanted."

Krystal talked with JR. Krystal wondered if JR was with Amanda for the right reasons. JR told Krystal that she should be pleased with his relationship with Amanda because it kept David at bay. JR asked Krystal if she noticed how David looked at Amanda. Krystal looked nervous.

Amanda warned David to stop making comments about her baby. David reminded her that the baby could be his. He threatened to take the baby, if she did not get him custody of Little Adam.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Jake informed Zach that Kendall did not want to see him. Zach did not care and entered Kendall's room anyway. Kendall screamed for Zach to leave. Erica overheard the commotion and told Zach to go.

Zach exited Kendall's hospital room. Erica stated that she was disappointed because she thought Zach was different than most men. She was mad at him because he hurt both of her daughters. He urged her to mind her own business, but she refused. She encouraged him to make his best effort to save his marriage.

Erica visited Kendall. Kendall was visibly upset, so Erica tried to console her daughter. Kendall said that Erica should save her concern for Greenlee. Erica noted that Greenlee would survive, but Kendall disagreed. Kendall knew that Greenlee was dead. Erica encouraged Kendall to focus on her marriage.

Jake checked on Kendall. He understood that she was stressed out. He asked if she wanted to talk to him about her problems. She said that all she wanted was to go home.

Reese could sense that Bianca was upset, so Reese leaned over to hug her. Bianca warned Reese not to touch her. Reese assumed that Bianca spoke with Zach about the kiss. Bianca stated that she spoke with Ryan, who told her that Reese and Zach were having an affair. Bianca was irate that everyone knew Reese and Zach were intimate, except for her. Reese swore that she and Zach just kissed, but Bianca was skeptical. Reese explained that she and Zach shared a "moment." Bianca felt betrayed because Reese kissed Zach the night before their wedding. Bianca also felt foolish because she trusted Reese, even though she suspected that Reese had feelings for Zach. Reese stated that any doubts she had about the wedding were gone once she said her vows. Reese promised that she meant every word of her vows and that she only loved Bianca.

Bianca told Reese that Greenlee was dead because of her. Reese looked hurt and affirmed that Greenlee's accident was not her fault. Bianca wanted Reese to take responsibility for her actions. Bianca reminded Reese that she was "burned" by other women in a similar way. Bianca admitted that she had reservations over her relationship with Reese because it progressed quickly, but disregarded them since she loved Reese. Bianca was upset because she did not think that Reese was a true lesbian. Bianca noted that lesbians did not kiss men.

Reese explained that sexuality and gender had nothing to do with her relationship with Zach. Reese said that she was drawn to a person's soul. Bianca asked if Zach was Reese's soul mate and Reese replied no. Reese said that, when she came to Pine Valley, everyone acted like they wanted her to fail. Reese affirmed that Zach was the only person that did not set her up for failure and she was grateful for that. Reese further stated that she loved Bianca, but she was still new to being an open lesbian. She felt that her kiss with Zach was part of her hesitation to finally accept her life as a lesbian.

Reese begged Bianca to forgive her. Reese promised to make up for her wrongdoings. Bianca said that she could not forgive Reese. Reese wondered if Bianca still loved her. Bianca admitted that she loved Reese, but she could not get past the betrayal. Reese urged Bianca to leave Pine Valley with her, so they could work through their problems. Bianca said that she could not leave her family while they were grieving Greenlee. Bianca left the room to get Miranda and Gabrielle.

Erica entered Zach and Kendall's home and saw Reese. Erica immediately confronted Reese for hurting her daughters. Erica stated that she knew all along that Reese lusted after Zach. Reese said that Erica tried to sabotage her relationship with Bianca from the start. Reese informed Erica that she attained her goal, because Bianca did not forgive her. As Erica called Reese nasty names, Bianca entered the room with her children. Bianca asked if she could stay with her mother. Erica was happy to have Bianca stay at her place. So, Erica brought Miranda to the car. Bianca told Reese to say goodbye to Gabrielle. Reese pleaded with Bianca to stay. Bianca assumed that Reese did not want Gabrielle to leave because the baby was Reese's connection to Zach. Bianca wanted Reese to admit that she was in love with Zach, but Reese refused. Bianca snidely told Reese that she should put on something sexy and open a bottle of wine while she waited for Zach to come home.

Kendall arrived home from the hospital and she was unpleasantly surprised to find Reese in her living room. Kendall assumed that Reese was there because of Zach. Reese said that she did not know where Zach was. Reese explained that she had no place to go. Kendall opened the front door and suggested that Reese go back to Paris. Reese grabbed her belongings and walked out. Kendall slammed the door in Reese's face.

Aidan blamed Greenlee's accident on Ryan. Aidan then punched Ryan in the face. Ryan lunged towards Aidan, but Jesse stopped Ryan from hitting Aidan. Jesse told Aidan to leave and he did.

Ryan was frustrated because the search efforts were dwindling. Jesse told Ryan that he needed to accept that Greenlee was gone. Ryan was certain that Greenlee was alive, but Jesse disagreed. Jesse urged Ryan to move on. Ryan reminded Jesse that Angie moved on when she thought Jesse was dead, but he was actually alive. Jesse understood what Ryan was experiencing. Jesse revealed that he also lost someone close to him. Ryan told Jesse that he loved Greenlee very much.

Zach closed down his casino, so he could drink alone. Zach looked at Myrtle's picture and wondered what advice she would give him, if she were alive. Then, Ryan entered. He declared that Greenlee's death was Zach's fault. Ryan vowed to get revenge by taking everything that Zach loved.

Dr. Sinclair told Annie that she was going to be sent to jail for the rest of her life. Annie said that Dr. Sinclair could not put her away, since Aidan discovered that the doctor had a personal vendetta against her. Dr. Sinclair was confused, so Annie revealed that she knew the doctor had a romantic relationship with Richie. Dr. Sinclair claimed that her relationship with Richie would not affect Annie's case.

Aidan informed Dr. Sinclair that Annie did not cause Greenlee's accident. Dr. Sinclair asked Aidan why he told Annie about her relationship with Richie. Aidan stated that Dr. Sinclair never should have been allowed to be Annie's doctor because she was not trying to help her patient. Dr. Sinclair agreed to hand Annie's case over to another doctor in exchange for Aidan's silence about her past with Richie.

Dr. Sinclair told Annie that Annie was being transferred to another hospital. Then, the doctor pulled a tire iron from her pocket and stated that she was sending Annie to the morgue. Annie was nervous as the doctor looked like she was about to hit Annie with the weapon. Then, Dr. Sinclair laughed sinisterly and dropped the tire iron. The doctor was enjoying messing with Annie's head. Annie snapped and said that Richie never loved Dr. Sinclair. Annie noted that Richie took advantage of the doctor because she was pathetic and willing to sleep with her patients. Dr. Sinclair punched Annie and held a needle to her neck. Dr. Sinclair told Annie to enjoy her last breath.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

David called someone to ask if any good news had arrived.

Kendall was not pleased to see Reese at her home. She opened the front door and told Reese to get out. Reese grabbed her jacket and walked out. She got a call from Bianca, who wanted to meet at the casino's lobby. Meanwhile, Emma told Kendall that she missed her mommy, Greenlee, and Ryan. Kendall said Ryan would return home soon. Seeing Kendall was sad, Emma gave Kendall her stuffed animal to make Kendall feel better. Emma went to put on her tennis shoes. Opal, who was visiting Kendall, said she could not imagine losing her best friend. Even worse, Opal said that Ryan would have to tell Emma about Greenlee's death.

Ryan confronted Zach at the casino. Ryan blamed Zach for losing Greenlee. He promised to make Zach pay for Greenlee's death. Ryan threatened to take everything that Zach loved away from him. Zach told Ryan he should leave, but Ryan retorted that Zach should have walked away from a liplock with Reese. Zach said Greenlee's death was an accident. But Ryan reminded Zach that he was the one supposedly driving the car that ran Greenlee off the road. Zach said that Ryan was not the only person who lost someone. Greenlee was Zach's friend, too. Ryan said Greenlee would still be alive if she had not found out about Zach and Reese's kiss. Zach said he and Reese were nothing more than friends. Also, Zach said Ryan was the one who upset Greenlee by canceling the wedding. It seemed Ryan was always hurting the women he loved, such as Annie, Zach said. Ryan said that Zach's beloved women always seem to find themselves in danger, too.

When Reese showed up at the casino, she spotted Ryan and Zach talking. Reese was upset at Ryan for telling Bianca about the kiss. Reese said it was his fault that Bianca left her. Ryan accused Reese of cheating on Bianca. Reese said Zach and she shared only one kiss. Also, Reese said she heard that Greenlee and Ryan were rolling in the sheets long before he separated from Annie. Bianca heard the arguing and told Ryan and Reese to be quiet. Ryan went home and was reminded of Greenlee everywhere he looked. Fusion cosmetics were scattered on the couch. A vase of fresh roses Ryan bought were on the table. Ryan picked up the vase and angrily threw it off the terrace outside.

Opal brought Emma to Ryan's house. Emma ran into Ryan's arms. She immediately asked for Greenlee.

Zach was surprised to see Kendall at home. He thought she would still be recovering at the hospital. Kendall said she signed a release form to come home. Kendall tried to pretend that she was not mad at Zach by spoiling him with a lavish dinner. Zach wanted to know why Kendall's attitude toward him had suddenly become so positive. Kendall said she was in shock the last time she saw Zach. Zach said they needed to discuss the strain in their relationship. But Kendall did not want to talk. She went to see Ryan.

Reese wanted to work things out with Bianca, but Bianca had other plans. Bianca introduced Reese to her lawyer. The lawyer handed Reese an annulment to sign. Reese said one kiss with Zach was not worth ending their marriage. Bianca said their marriage was a complete lie. The lawyer backed off so Reese and Bianca could speak privately. Reese offered to go to therapy with Bianca or give Bianca space, but refused to end the relationship. Bianca said she was taking the girls back to Paris. Reese asked Bianca to forgive her, but Bianca said it was too late. Reese refused to sign the papers, especially since the papers did not mention custody of Gabrielle. Bianca said Gabrielle was her child. Bianca said her egg was used to create Gabrielle. Reese said she felt like Miranda was her daughter, too, and would not walk away from the girls. Reese tore up the annulment papers. Reese said if Bianca wanted a custody fight, she'd give her one, and then she walked away.

Annie groggily woke up in her room at the mental hospital. She had a gash on her forehead. Dr. Sinclair was looming over Annie with a large needle. Annie pulled herself up and begged Dr. Sinclair not to inject her. Dr. Sinclair held the needle to Annie's neck and told her to take her last breath. Annie pushed Dr. Sinclair into the wall and fumbled with the locked door handle. Annie banged on the door and called for someone to help her. Dr. Sinclair and Annie fought until Annie pinned Dr. Sinclair on the bed. Aidan rushed into the room and pulled Annie away. Dr. Sinclair screamed as she realized the needle had been injected into her arm. Aidan asked Dr. Sinclair what was in the syringe. Annie said that Dr. Sinclair tried to poison her with the needle. Dr. Sinclair became faint and collapsed into Aidan's arms. Paramedics loaded Dr. Sinclair onto a stretcher and rushed her to the hospital. Aidan told Annie he was proud of her for standing up against Dr. Sinclair. Still frazzled, Annie asked Aidan to stay with her. Aidan promised to always look after Annie.

David told the paramedics to take Dr. Sinclair for further testing to evaluate what was in the syringe. Aidan carried Annie into the hospital. She was put on a bed and rolled into an examining room. Annie wanted Aidan to go with her, but Angie promised to take good care of her. Jesse found Aidan in the hospital to find out what had happened between Dr. Sinclair and Annie. Aidan said Dr. Sinclair tried to kill Annie. Jesse believed Annie might have another murder charge added to her criminal charges. Aidan filled Jesse in on his plan to be a patient at Oak Haven to prove Annie was not crazy.

Aidan said he stayed at the hospital a long time to determine why Dr. Sinclair was treating Annie so badly. Aidan said Dr. Sinclair resorted to physical and mental abuse to make Annie admit she had killed Richie. Jesse wondered how Aidan could be so sure that Dr. Sinclair did not diagnose Annie correctly. Aidan said Dr. Sinclair was romantically involved with Richie. Still, Jesse seemed doubtful that Annie was innocent. Tad joined the conversation to back up Aidan's accusations against Dr. Sinclair. Aidan said Dr. Sinclair knew that her gig was up. He had told Dr. Sinclair that no one would know about her sketchy past if she left Pine Valley. Instead of leaving, Dr. Sinclair tried to murder Annie, Aidan said.

David told Jesse that Dr. Sinclair was recovering well. All the toxins in her body had been removed. Jesse asked Dr. Sinclair if Annie was mentally unstable. Dr. Sinclair said Annie was insane. Dr. Sinclair admitted she loved Richie and blamed Annie for his death. Dr. Sinclair said she tried to kill Annie, but had no regrets.

Annie asked for Aidan as Angie mended up her wound. Angie stuck a pair of scissors in her pocket to keep them out of Annie's reach. Annie realized that Angie was scared of her, but Angie insisted she just needed to take care of the wound. Angie gave Aidan permission to visit Annie. But first, Jesse told Aidan that Dr. Sinclair admitted to trying to kill Annie. Aidan told Annie that Dr. Sinclair admitted to trying to kill her. Annie would have to go back to Oak Haven, but Aidan promised to visit her. Annie said she wanted to get better for Aidan and Emma.

David received some good news and walked past Angie, Jesse and Tad with a smile.

Kendall returned Emma's stuffed animal to Ryan at his home. Ryan said he was not sure how to tell Emma about Greenlee's death. Ryan and Kendall sat down with Emma. They explained that Greenlee went to heaven, just like Emma's cat, Mittens. Kendall said Greenlee was an angel watching over her.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Jake and Tad were camped out at ConFusion and had just started to discuss why the Martin family hadn't been able to shake itself of David Hayward when Krystal walked in. Jake went over to her and told her that Tad had the idea to invite her to their table. Though slightly cautious, she approached the table in an attempt to make nice. As she waved, Tad noticed the ring on her hand and, much to Jake's chagrin, he asked if she was engaged. She told them that it was a promise ring, but Tad didn't believe it. He told her that David was merely setting up house so that things would be perfect when he weaseled his way into custody of Little Adam.

She asked Tad if he had ever stopped to think that perhaps she and David were in love and were meant to be together. Tad told her that it had never crossed his mind. He asked her whether he and Adam had been placeholders if David was indeed the love of her life, but she replied that while she was with the two of them, their lives were very real. Despite that, Tad reminded her that her living arrangement changed nothing about their custody agreement, and Jenny would never set foot in Wildwind.

Krystal stormed back to the bar with Jake on her heels. He told her that he couldn't let her leave without knowing why it would be bad to marry David. Although she didn't want to hear it, Jake said that David's vitriol for the Martins and the Chandlers had taken over his life, and that David was only using Krystal to get what he wanted. Krystal tried to convince Jake that David was there for her when she needed someone to lean on, but Jake told her that eventually David wouldn't need her anymore - and when that happened, she would be left with nothing.

A phone call interrupted them, and when Jake answered it, he was informed that there was an issue with his father and David at the hospital. Before he departed, he told Krystal that she would always be family and he would always try to protect her. After his departure, Krystal went back to Tad's table and, although he tried to discourage her, she told him that he owed it to her to listen.

Although Joe tried to make David see that his suggestion to scale back on the benefit for Babe was not personal but rather financial, David insisted that because he would make the final recommendation to the board, things would be done his way. He then noticed that Joe didn't look quite right and stopped in the midst of his tirade to try to figure out what was wrong. He made Joe sit, but the patient tried to play it off as a dizzy spell. David told Joe that although his heart sounded strong, he wanted Joe to have an EKG. Joe told him that it wasn't necessary, but David replied that if he let Joe see patients without being checked out, that would leave the hospital open to a lawsuit. Joe caved at that, but before he was whisked away by a nurse, he asked David how a man so busy could plan a benefit. Once alone, David noted aloud that the benefit needed a woman's touch.

Zach left a message on Kendall's cell phone, and told her to call so that he would know she was all right. When he ended the call, he turned around and saw Bianca. She realized that his wife had left him, and said that perhaps there was justice in the world. She went on to detail how the fact that she ignored all of the warning signs led to the crash and burn revelation of the illicit kiss Zach and Reese shared. Zach told her that people who loved each other worked things out, and pointed out that he and Kendall always had. She told him that the trust was gone between them, and he replied that it was her choice to make. Bianca asked if it was a mistake to walk away from him and Reese but when he didn't answer, she told him that it couldn't be any worse than the other decisions she'd made in the past year, and cited the fact that he'd fathered her child as the worst.

Bianca continued to rant until Zach asked if she regretted Gabrielle's existence. Bianca told him that she loved her children and that things would have been okay if the three of them hadn't been so selfish the night in Marseilles when Zach agreed to be the donor. She then announced that she would take the girls back to Paris, where neither Zach nor Reese could see them, the way it was supposed to be. When he failed to immediately respond, she demanded that he say something. He thought a moment more, and then told her that until that moment, he'd always seen the best of Erica in her. The fact that he saw the selfishness, arrogance, and insecurity in her made him sick. Clearly hurt, she told him to go to hell and she stormed out.

Kendall thanked Ryan for letting her crash at his place and said that she had done so because she didn't want him to be alone. She continued to flutter about him, but he stopped her in short order and asked her not to act as if she didn't know that it was Greenlee's birthday. He told her that he had planned to celebrate the day while they were on their honeymoon, but said Greenlee had told him that being together was present enough. Kendall told him that she needed Greenlee to help deal with Zach, because Greenlee had always known the right way to handle things. Ryan then said that Greenlee had been on the road that night out of love for her best friend - because she needed to confront Zach about his betrayal. They both stared at a picture of the woman they lost and weakly attempted to comfort each other.

A short time later, after Kendall mentioned that Greenlee was the one that helped her to see that she was in love with Zach, Ryan put some distance between them. Kendall noted that Ryan needed his friends and that Zach used to be one of them. Ryan pointed out that Kendall and his son were the only reasons that Zach stayed around, and then asked how she could still defend Zach after he cheated on her. Before she could answer the question, the doorbell rang and Ryan opened it to find Jesse on the other side. Ryan revealed in short order that he'd asked Jesse to come over so that formal murder charges could be filed against Zach.

Although both Jesse and Kendall were floored, Ryan insisted that all of the things that set Greenlee on the path to her death were directly linked back to Zach. Jesse told him that no charges could be filed because having an affair was not a crime, and Zach not being able to see Greenlee on the road was accidental, not intentional. Ryan demanded that Jesse leave, and told Kendall that if she sided with Zach on the issue, she needed to leave as well.

They both left, as he asked, and when they got out into the hall, Jesse noted Kendall's nervousness and asked if there was anything additional that she needed to divulge. Kendall reiterated the story she and Zach had held to be true all along, and then said that Ryan was the person to be worried about. Jesse asked what she thought he might do, and Kendall admitted that while she didn't know, she clearly saw that grief had overtaken Ryan and changed him into a different person.

Erica wheeled Gabrielle into the casino as she thanked the nanny for getting Miranda off to school. Reese approached them and Erica stepped in front of the carriage. She said that Reese would not be allowed near the baby and Reese, who handed over papers in response, told Erica that a judge had decided otherwise. Erica told her that she didn't care what Reese wanted. She pointed out that Reese's actions had crushed Bianca, and therefore Reese should do the right thing and stay away.

Reese explained that she knew the pain of having a parent disappear from your life and swore that she would never let Gabrielle know the pain of that desertion. Erica caved in and let Reese hold Gabrielle for a moment, but cut it short when she thought of what Bianca would say if she saw them. The nanny took Gabrielle from Reese and prepared to go back up to the suite, as Erica instructed. Reese told Erica that her coldness was only an act, and Erica said that they were in a difficult situation with no easy answer. She went on to tell Reese that if she were in any kind of personal hell, she had only herself to blame.

Jake met up with David and got the update on his father's condition. David told Jake that he needed to make sure that his father stayed home and rested, but Jake noted that his father would miss the benefit. David told him that at a heart healthy benefit, it would be disastrous if Joe expired on site from an untreated heart condition.

Krystal tried to explain to Tad that David had good parts to him, but that hard work needed to be put in to see it. When she realized that he wasn't accepting any of it, she stated that the two men were opposite to each other and left it at that. Tad noted that he wanted to protect Krystal, too, because despite all that happened between them, at one time, he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her. Just then, David walked in and asked why Tad wasn't at the hospital. When Tad seemed puzzled, David informed him that his father's heart had been acting up.

Tad took off like a shot and David took over Tad's place at the table. He asked for Tad's order to be cleared and ordered a martini. Krystal thought it was a bit early for a drink like that, but David brushed the concern off and told her that they had much more important things to discuss. He told her that he wanted her to take over the planning of the benefit in Babe's honor because he felt that she could do a much better job than the corporate types at the hospital. She was worried because of the small amount of time that she would have for planning, but David encouraged her to think of their daughter, and assured her that with that line of thinking, things would work out perfectly.

Bianca returned to the casino and was irate over the court orders that Reese had drawn up. Reese said that she would not let Bianca put an ocean between her and their daughters, and that the court order was the only way to make her stay, unless she would give their relationship another chance. Bianca said that because Reese cheated, she had ruined any chance of that, but Reese's only response was that she still loved Bianca. Bianca choked back her anger just long enough to say that she didn't love Reese anymore. She made it clear that who she thought Reese was and the real person were two completely different things.

Broken by Bianca's words, Reese said that what they'd shared was real. Bianca told Reese that because of Reese's actions, the only thing Bianca knew was that she could no longer let Reese into her life, because all Reese caused was pain. Reese maintained that they were not done with each other, and Bianca replied that she couldn't wait to go to court and rip Reese apart up on the stand. She then took off her wedding rings and said that she agreed with Reese's mother assertion that Reese had proven herself to be a disgrace.

Tad arrived at the hospital and, after he realized that the scare wasn't as serious as David had made it seem, he found out that both his father and brother believed it was the latest in David's attempts to keep the Martins as far out of the spotlight as he could. Joe told his sons that he didn't have the energy to fight David, but fully expected Tad and Jake to go to bat - not just for the family, but for everyone David had ever wronged.

Kendall went to the casino, found Zach and apologized for not returning his calls. She told him that she had spent the night at Ryan's house and that she was worried about Ryan's state of mind. Zach informed her that Ryan had stopped by before and made his threats in person, and she told him that Ryan wanted him arrested for Greenlee's death. She then said that she could no longer continue to lie about what had happened, but Zach demanded that she stick with their story. She told him that as Spike's mother, Ryan would go a lot easier on her. Zach didn't want to hear it, and walked away. She went after him and he told her that they needed to keep their stories straight, but because it was an accident, she didn't see why they should.

She told him that Ryan wouldn't get over Greenlee's death, just as he wouldn't if Kendall had been the one to die. She then second-guessed herself after she thought about all that had happened. She stopped short and didn't say what she wanted, but Zach told her that she needed to stop doing that and just be honest. She caved in and said that because Bianca's marriage was over and she was headed back to Paris, Reese would leave town to chase them and so there was nothing left to talk about. Zach disagreed and Kendall asked if he kept pushing because he wanted a fight. She refused to give him and easy way out of the marriage unless he wanted that so he could move on with Reese.

Erica stopped by Ryan's condo to see if there was anything that he needed. He told her that he would appreciate it if Erica would take care of Kendall while he dealt with Zach. When she asked for details, Ryan told her that for once, Zach would be made to pay for the pain he inflicted. Erica noted that while she would not defend Zach's misdeeds, she knew that Zach was a good guy. Clearly not in agreement, Ryan asked again, without details, that Erica simply take care of her oldest daughter.

Erica noted that Ryan had never been a vengeful person but Ryan told her that time would not help him to get over how he felt. He ran down the laundry list of things that Zach had done and then walked away from without a thought of the ruined lives he left in his wake. Ryan promised that the same would not happen this time. After Erica left, Ryan addressed Greenlee's picture and said that although it might have been what she would have wanted, he couldn't let go of his revenge ideas toward Zach. He promised her that he would take everything that meant anything to Zach, including his companies and Spike, the son Zach he treated as his own.

David and Krystal returned to Wildwind and the conversation quickly turned to the Martins and the Chandlers. David quickly deduced that the families were jealous of Krystal and David and their second chance, and that they needn't pay much attention to others. He headed off for the showers, with the promise of passionate lovemaking when he returned. David's phone rang while the water was still on, so Krystal answered it for him. No one spoke on the other end, and when David reentered the bedroom and realized what she had done, he admonished her and told her never to answer his phone again.

Kendall tried to walk away from Zach, but he stopped her and said that regardless of how hard she pushed him, he would not stop loving her. He told her that they would work through everything and come out on the other side. Then, without realizing that Reese had walked up behind him, he said that he didn't care about Reese and wished he could make Reese and everyone else go away. Kendall excused herself at that moment so that she could meet up with her mother. When Zach turned, he came face to face with Reese. She pointed out that Zach probably hated her and wanted her gone, but said that she needed his help to keep Bianca from removing Gabrielle from their lives forever.

Kendall arrived at ConFusion for a powwow with her mother and sister. Erica revealed that there would be a custody hearing the next day, and that even though there were a lot hard feelings that had circulated in the past few days, they needed to bond together as a family. Kendall callously said that Bianca had made her own mess, and therefore could clean it up without any help from her big sister.



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