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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 9, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, February 9, 2009

Dr. Sinclair apologized to Annie for slapping her in an effort to reach out in friendship. Annie remained distrustful and insisted that she did kill Richie. Dr. Sinclair did not believe Annie. She pushed Annie to talk about what she remembered, but Annie refused to cooperate. Dr. Sinclair's frustration mounted when Annie said that Dr. Sinclair had the same smooth and calming way of talking to her that Richie had. She also made it clear that she refused to be manipulated by the doctor. Angry, Dr. Sinclair left the room.

In Aidan's room, Ryan was stunned to realize that Aidan had been posing as a patient at the institution. When he demanded an explanation, Aidan told Ryan that he wanted to watch over Annie. Aidan went on to reveal that Dr. Sinclair was convinced that Annie had faked her insanity to avoid going to jail for Richie's murder. Aidan also told Ryan that he suspected Dr. Sinclair was somehow connected to Richie, because she seemed determined to see that Annie was punished. Ryan was taken aback when Aidan tried to enlist Ryan's help to figure out what was going on with Dr. Sinclair. Ryan wanted to know why he should trust Aidan after all the lies Aidan had told.

Ryan quickly hid when they heard Dr. Sinclair unlock Aidan's door. Unaware that Ryan was crouched behind the door, which was left open, Sinclair marched up to Aidan. She informed him that Annie's charade needed to end immediately. Dr. Sinclair was careless in her anger by revealing that "he was right." Aidan picked up on it immediately. He asked the doctor who "he" was. She tried to cover her slip; she insisted that she had been referring to Ryan.

After Dr. Sinclair left the room, Ryan wanted to know why it sounded like Dr. Sinclair and Aidan were in cahoots. Aidan admitted that the ruse was an attempt to gain the doctor's confidence. It made sense to Ryan, but before he could comment, Annie knocked on the grate of the air vent. Aidan warned Ryan to remain quiet while he talked to Annie. Annie wanted Aidan to know that she had followed his advice, throwing the doctor's words back at her, to avoid answering questions. Aidan praised Annie, then made an excuse to end their chat.

Ryan was impressed that Annie had sounded like her old self, so he decided to share the results from the background check on Dr. Sinclair with Aidan. Ryan revealed that there was a two-year period during which Dr. Sinclair had fallen off the grid. During that time, there had been absolutely no record of where she had been or what she had done. Aidan realized that the missing two years coincided with Richie's prison time. He urged Ryan to give him time to figure out what was going on with Dr. Sinclair. He was certain that he was close to uncovering what was motivating the doctor to push Annie for a confession.

Later, Dr. Sinclair spotted Ryan skulking about the hospital. She demanded to know why he was there.

Erica and Greenlee decided to call for a temporary truce in order to work together. Pete was greatly relieved. However, their truce hit a snag when the two women began goading each other. To Greenlee's astonishment, Erica stalled Greenlee's exit in order to enlist her help with Kendall. Erica explained that Bianca and Reese had moved out of the house. Erica suspected that Kendall was behind it, even though no one would admit it. Erica was worried, so she wanted Greenlee to pay Kendall a visit. Greenlee understood Erica's concern; she had sensed a difference in Kendall since Kendall came out of her coma. To Erica's relief, Greenlee agreed to play the interfering friend in order to get to the root of what was troubling Kendall.

Shortly after Greenlee departed, Erica decided to leave. She put Pete in charge of things before she headed to the elevator. Pete decided to celebrate his temporary promotion by goofing around. Unfortunately that led to his contacts popping out. Unable to see, he called out to Erica but she was gone. Pete had no choice but to call Colby.

When Colby arrived at Fusion, Pete was crawling around on the floor trying to find his contacts. Colby was surprised that, given his poor eyesight, he had been able to look up her phone number. Pete explained that he hadn't required 20/20 vision to call her because he had her number memorized. Pete was unaware of Colby's radiant smile when she heard that. She joined Pete on the floor to help him look for the contacts.

While they searched for the elusive eyewear, Colby asked Pete why he didn't resume wearing his glasses. Pete was aghast at the idea; he didn't want to go back to looking like a geek. Colby told him that she thought the old Pete, in glasses, was way cooler than the poser Pete in contacts. She went on to confess that he reminded her of Clark Kent. Pete was flattered that she had compared him to Superman. Embarrassed, Colby denied it.

Moments later, Colby found one of the contacts. Pete was greatly relieved. While he cleaned the contract then put it back in, Pete told Colby that he could kiss her. Colby laughed then suggested that instead, he show his gratitude by going back to wearing glasses. Pete pointed out that Clark Kent never got the girl. Colby countered that Superman did, which, essentially, was the same thing.

Bianca was furious that Reese thought everyone would have been better off if Kendall had remained in the coma. Bianca accused Reese of being selfish to expect two boys to grow up without a mother and Zach without a wife simply because Kendall had looked at Reese funny and asked her a few uncomfortable questions. When Reese tried to defend herself, Bianca cut her off. She told Reese not to pretend to know Kendall when she didn't have a clue about the kind of person Kendall was. Bianca admitted that Kendall wasn't an easy person to know. However, Bianca explained, there was a reason for Kendall's behavior. Kendall had been conceived in rape; therefore she had been searching her entire life for who she was and where she belonged.

Reese pointed out that Kendall had eventually found her place in the world. Bianca agreed, but added that a freak tornado had almost cost her everything. Bianca went on to explain that waking up from the coma was a miracle, but she conceded it was a messy one. She said that it would take everyone, especially Kendall, time to adjust. The two continued to argue. Reese accused Bianca of choosing Kendall over her. Bianca was unapologetic when she admitted that, to some extent, Reese was correct. Reese was visibly hurt by the confession. She wanted Bianca to be on her side and thought that things were much better between them before they had decided to move to Pine Valley. Bianca disagreed with Reese; she thought that their relationship was fine before they had asked Zach to father Gabrielle. They continued to argue until Reese stormed out of the room in tears.

Kendall pulled away from Zach when he leaned in to kiss her. When she suggested that he turn in for the night, Zach refused. He wanted to talk about what was bothering Kendall. Kendall told him that she had been "asleep" for three months. During that time, much had happened and she needed time to process it all. She said that she felt as if she was looking in on someone else's life. Zach reassured Kendall that he was there to help her if she would just let him in. Kendall chuckled at the irony. She reminded him that she had made the same offer to him many times in the past, but his response had always been, "No." When she asked for some space and time to think, Zach decided to go to the casino.

At the casino, Zach found Reese seated at a slot machine, feeding it coins. He couldn't help but notice that it wasn't her lucky night when she failed to hit the jackpot. Reese laughed at how true those words were, then told him that she and Bianca had argued. She confessed that she felt like an outsider in the family. She also apologized to Zach for pushing him to agree to father Gabrielle. Zach assured her that he wasn't forced into anything that he didn't want to do. He added that Reese had nothing to apologize for.

Greenlee brought Kendall a gown that she had picked out for the weddings as an excuse to visit. While Kendall modeled the gown, Greenlee took the opportunity to invite Kendall to open up to her. Kendall hesitated, but eventually admitted that she was upset because she had no idea how to feel about Zach's decision to help Bianca have another baby. Greenlee said that, under the same circumstances, she would have been furious. Kendall was clear that she loved Zach, but she felt as if she was a stranger in her own life. Greenlee thought that what Kendall felt was completely natural under the circumstances.

A short time later, Zach returned home. Alone with Kendall, Zach talked about the emotional distance between them. Kendall said that she was angry about Zach's decision to father Bianca's child. She asked him if it had been worth it. Zach told her that it wasn't if he lost Kendall as a result.

Erica sensed that Bianca was preoccupied while they went over last-minute wedding plans. With some prodding, Bianca told Erica about the argument she had with Reese. Erica advised Bianca to work things out if she truly loved Reese.

Later, after Reese returned, Bianca apologized for the things she had said during their fight. Reese also apologized for her role in the argument. As they talked things out, Reese told Bianca that she couldn't help but wonder if they would have been better off if she hadn't convinced Zach to change his mind about the sperm donation.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

At ConFusion, Natalia was thrilled to tell Jesse about her experience at the police academy. Jesse said his daughter sounded as excited as he was when he first became a cop. Natalia had a surprise for Jesse. She gave him a chocolate cupcake for his birthday. Natalia said she wished Rebecca could be with them to celebrate Jesse's birthday. Natalia handed Jesse a "World's Greatest Dad" coffee mug. Also, Natalia said she and Rebecca were hoping to move into their own apartment. Natalia gave Jesse a birthday card from her mother. Natalia wanted to know what Angie had bought Jesse. Jesse said Angie had been too busy to worry about his birthday present. Natalia tried to light his birthday candle on the cupcake, but Jesse snatched it away. He wasn't a big fan of people singing him "Happy Birthday" and blowing out candles. Jesse was ready to go home, but Natalia asked him to stick around a bit longer. She wanted more details about David's case. Jesse said he was not allowed to discuss an ongoing investigation.

Jake and Angie quickly got back to work with Frankie. David was not happy to see Angie and Jake looking over paperwork at the front desk. David remarked that Angie and Jake should have been checking on patients. Angie and Jake said they were off work and they left.

Taylor and Brot saw Jake restocking supplies at the hospital. Taylor congratulated Jake on being rehired. Taylor also said Brot was fitting in nicely at the hospital. Brot worried his facial scars would scare people, but he said many strangers had thanked him after hearing his wounds came from battling enemies in Iraq. Jake met up with Angie, Frankie, and Randi at the front desk. They decided to change clothes and meet back at the desk in one hour. David accused Frankie of teaming up with Angie and Jake to get him fired. Frankie said David was being paranoid, and walked away.

Krystal and Tad sat down together with their lawyers to decide the terms of their divorce. The lawyers wanted Krystal and Tad to decide how to handle their properties. Krystal's lawyer suggested Tad and Krystal sell their house and the Comeback and split the proceeds. Krystal said Tad could have the home. Tad agreed to let Krystal keep the Comeback property. After the lawyers left, Tad said he did not tell Olivia, his lawyer, about Krystal bringing Jenny to David's house. Krystal said she did not tell David that Tad broke into his home and planted the pills. Krystal kept Tad's identity a secret from David, as a way to help Angie get her job back at the hospital. Tad gave Krystal blueprints of the café they had planned to build over the Comeback. He wished Krystal luck.

Krystal went to David's house. David saw her taking a few pills. Krystal said she just needed something to relieve the stress of divorce proceedings with Tad. David said he knew Krystal was not a drug addict. David said he had a tough day at the hospital, and poured himself a glass of booze to relax. David noticed the blueprints spread out in front of Krystal. Krystal said Tad was letting her have the Comeback property. David said Babe was fatally injured on the property. Krystal explained that Tad was only trying to be nice to her. David decided to take Krystal out for the evening. Krystal went upstairs to change clothes. David threw the blueprint in the blazing fireplace.

Jake checked on Tad before meeting Frankie, Angie, and Randi. Tad, holding a big duffel bag, said he knew exactly what needed to be done.

Annie told Aidan through the vent that she was having a hard time dealing with Dr. Sinclair.

Dr. Sinclair told Ryan that she did not want him interfering in her work any longer. Dr. Sinclair said she had offered to pass Annie's case to another doctor. Ryan said he understood that Dr. Sinclair was angry that he hired a private investigator to scope her out, but Ryan was worried Annie would crash his wedding to Greenlee. Dr. Sinclair let Ryan peek into Annie's room through a glass window to prove that Annie was not in the proper state of mind to plan another escape. Annie perked up when she saw Ryan staring at her through the glass window. Annie banged on the window and screamed Ryan's name, but Ryan did not hear Annie begging for him to stay with her. Aidan told Annie to come back and talk to him. Annie said that Aidan needed to get her out of the mental hospital. First, Annie needed to let go of Ryan, Aidan said. Aidan said he needed to leave Annie for a little bit, but would return. Aidan told Annie to pretend he was with her if she felt scared, alone, or nervous around Dr. Sinclair.

Dr. Sinclair escorted Ryan to her office. She said Annie had opened up about Richie's death. Dr. Sinclair wanted to hear Ryan's opinion on Richie. Ryan said he heard only negative things about Richie from Annie. Ryan's thoughts on Richie were tarnished before they ever met. But Ryan said Richie warned him that Annie was "sick." Ryan said he should have listened to Richie before Annie killed her brother in cold blood. Dr. Sinclair was secretly recording the conversation. She thanked Ryan for his insight. Ryan saw his engagement announcement on Dr. Sinclair's desk. He accidentally knocked over and broke a coffee cup when he was reaching for the announcement. Dr. Sinclair got upset and called Ryan an idiot.

Dr. Sinclair immediately apologized for her behavior. Ryan said he was sorry about the Chicago coffee mug, but Dr. Sinclair tried to brush it off casually. She said the mug was a gift from a friend. After Ryan left, Dr. Sinclair picked up a piece of the shattered mug and kissed it. An orderly was asked to escort Ryan out of the building. Ryan paid the orderly handsomely to spend a few more minutes in the hospital. Aidan emerged from his room to see why Ryan had not yet left. Ryan explained that Dr. Sinclair had freaked out when her Chicago mug dropped on the floor. Ryan believed the mug was somehow tied to Richie, who spent two years in a Chicago prison during the time Dr. Sinclair did not work.

Dr. Sinclair decided to see if Annie would open up about Ryan. The doctor showed Ryan and Greenlee's announcement to Annie. Dr. Sinclair played the audio of Ryan saying that Richie was right about Annie being sick. Annie said Ryan knew Richie was a bad person. Dr. Sinclair pressured Annie to come clean about murdering Richie. Annie finally screamed that she killed Richie because he was torturing her. Annie said she killed Richie to keep Ryan in her life. Also, Annie said she pretended not to remember killing her brother. Dr. Sinclair praised Annie for confessing the truth.

Angie, Frankie, and Randi came into ConFusion singing to Jesse. Jake pushed a large cake onto the dance floor. After the song was finished, Tad popped out of the cake dressed in a police officer's uniform. Tad started doing a striptease for the birthday boy. Tad even crawled on the countertop and shook his body up against Angie and Randi. As Tad's dance ended, he revealed a "Happy Birthday Super Cop" shirt underneath his uniform top. Krystal and David caught the end of Tad's act. They decided not to stay for the rest of the show. Jesse received a call from a Denver hospital to inform him that Rebecca was rushed to the emergency room. Natalia was stunned to learn that her mother had died at the hospital. Natalia folded into Jesse's arms, but ran off sobbing. Jesse said the doctor told him that Rebecca stopped her cancer treatments. She had gone to Denver to die alone.

Jesse went after Natalia. Angie told Tad and Jake that Rebecca was gone. Frankie said he knew Rebecca was dying, but had no clue Rebecca was going to Denver to die. Frankie thought Rebecca was going to get her affairs in order. Jesse found Natalia staring at a window in their apartment. Natalia was holding a letter that Rebecca had sent to her from Denver. Jesse opened the letter and read it out loud to Natalia. In the letter, Rebecca asked Natalia to find happiness in her career and family. Natalia said she needed to be alone, and left.

Tad and Jake went back to Tad's home. Tad wanted Jake to talk about his feelings for Taylor. Jake said he was perfectly fine with Taylor dating Brot. Tad suggested that Jake move in with him to help care for Kathy and Jenny.

Krystal looked for her blueprints at David's home. David said he threw them in the fire. Krystal said she understood David hated the Comeback, but the property had belonged to her and Babe. Krystal wanted to do something to honor Babe on the property. David said he wanted them to do something together for Babe. David said he liked Krystal's idea of opening a café.

Aidan found some files on Dr. Sinclair's computer. Letters from a warden at the Chicago prison called for Dr. Sinclair's resignation after her involvement with an unnamed inmate. Ryan said the inmate had to be Richie.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tad and Ryan were confident that Dr. Sinclair was the therapist who treated Richie in prison. They just needed the evidence to prove it. Greenlee walked in and saw Tad and Ryan in deep conversation. She assumed Ryan was discussing a wedding surprise for her. Ryan told Tad that Greenlee had no idea Aidan was hiding out in Oak Haven to help Annie. Also, Greenlee was not aware of Tad's investigation into Dr. Sinclair's creditability. Greenlee kicked Tad and Ryan out of the house so she could try on her wedding dress. Greenlee put on the dress and looked at her reflection in the glass doors.

Natalia got ready for her police training, but Jesse wanted her to stay at home. Natalia said her mother would have wanted her to continue training. Angie asked Jesse how he was handling Rebecca's death. Jesse said he wished he could have said goodbye to Rebecca before she died. Angie went to work. Jesse called the police academy to have Natalia dismissed from class. Natalia came home angry at her father for making her miss class. Jesse said Natalia needed to mourn her mother. He felt that she was not ready to be back at the academy.

Annie thought of Greenlee and Ryan saying their wedding vows. Aidan called out to Annie through the vent, but Annie was unresponsive. Dr. Sinclair said Annie had admitted to killing her brother. A district attorney was looking into pressing charges against Annie. Dr. Sinclair said she finally proved that Annie's mental illness was an act. Dr. Sinclair thanked Aidan for helping her nail Annie. Aidan wondered if Dr. Sinclair would be able to really pin the charges on Annie. Dr. Sinclair played an audio recording of Annie confessing her crime to prove how easy it would be to get Annie behind bars. Aidan told Dr. Sinclair he wanted to see Annie one last time before leaving the hospital.

Dr. Sinclair watched as Aidan told Annie that he pretended to be Annie's friend. Dr. Sinclair played the tape of Annie confessing to the crime. Aidan held Annie back as she lunged for Dr. Sinclair. He whispered to Annie to play along with his act in front of Dr. Sinclair. Annie demanded that Aidan and Dr. Sinclair get out of her room. Aidan left, but Dr. Sinclair stuck around to tell Annie that Annie was not worth being loved. Dr. Sinclair said she hoped Richie haunted Annie daily and then she walked out. Annie put her hands on the door, which was not completely shut. She was gone when Dr. Sinclair returned to the room.

As David visited Kendall, Erica gushed about Bianca and Reese's wedding. David told Kendall he needed some peace and quiet to examine Kendall. Kendall asked David to tell her family she was unable to attend the wedding for health reasons. David told Zach that Kendall should not be traveling yet, then he left. Zach said that he knew Kendall got David to make an excuse for her so she could miss the wedding. Kendall admitted that she had no desire to attend the wedding. Zach said Kendall was acting childish, and he would not go to the wedding without her. Kendall wanted Zach to attend the wedding, but still refused to go herself.

Bianca caught Reese writing her vows in their hotel room. Bianca tried to steal the paper away so she could sneak a peek at the vows. Reese would not let her see the vows. Bianca began rambling out vows to tease Reese. Reese covered her ears until Bianca was silent. Bianca said she would never reveal her real vows to Reese before the wedding. Erica visited Reese and Bianca to help them prepare for the big day. Zach came by next to break the news that Kendall was not attending the wedding. Bianca refused to marry Reese without Kendall present; she left. Erica went after Bianca. Zach said Kendall was still angry at him for lying about Gabrielle's paternity. He said that Reese, Bianca, and Gabrielle would have to return to France after the wedding. Reese wanted to stay in town, but Zach said it was the only way to save his marriage to Kendall.

Bianca found Kendall resting on the couch at home. She demanded that Kendall attend the wedding. Kendall said she could not watch Zach walking down the aisle holding Gabrielle. Kendall admitted that she still felt betrayed by her family. Bianca begged Kendall to put aside their differences for just one day. Kendall said she would go to the wedding if Bianca, Reese, and Gabrielle agreed to go back to France. Bianca said the family would leave town after the wedding.

Krystal found David at the hospital. David was upset that he had to take over Angie's duties. Krystal explained that Rebecca had died, but David did not care. When Angie came to work, David told Angie that he did not appreciate her arriving at work late. After David left, Krystal apologized to Angie for David's rude behavior. Angie said Krystal should never apologize for David. Plus, Angie said it was only a matter of time before David hurt Krystal. Krystal said she didn't want David to come between them. Angie told Krystal that it was hard to watch Jesse grieve for Rebecca.

David saw Krystal and Angie reconciling their differences with a hug. Angie needed to go check on her patients. David told Krystal he was sorry for treating her friends so poorly. David whipped out an emerald ring he had bought for Krystal. Krystal accepted the ring with pleasure.

Aidan went to Ryan's house, but instead, found Greenlee in her wedding dress. Aidan said he wanted to talk to Ryan about Dr. Sinclair's connection to Richie. Greenlee said she knew nothing about Ryan investigating the doctor's connection to Richie. Aidan realized that Ryan had not told Greenlee about the plan to help free Annie from the mental hospital. Greenlee was angry at Ryan for lying to her. Ryan walked into the home to find Greenlee still in her wedding dress, and giving him dirty looks. Greenlee quickly dashed into a bedroom to change out of her dress.

Aidan said that Dr. Sinclair kicked him out after Annie confessed to killing Richie. Ryan said he met with a security guard who said that Dr. Sinclair and Richie were involved in a romantic relationship at the prison. Ryan was confident the news would prove Dr. Sinclair was ruthlessly going after Annie for her own personal reasons. After Aidan left, Ryan told Greenlee he kept the plans to help Annie a secret so she could focus on the wedding. Greenlee said keeping secrets was not an ideal way to start marriage. Ryan promised not to keep any more secrets from Greenlee.

Angie came home to find Jesse and Natalia enjoying bowls of soup. Natalia said Rebecca loved to make soup for her family. Natalia wanted to keep her mother's tradition alive.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ryan was surprised to see Greenlee enter their penthouse because he thought she was on her way to their wedding rehearsal. She explained that she did leave for the rehearsal, but she came back because she could not stop thinking about Ryan. She stated that they were about to write a new chapter in their lives and she wanted to start it off right. Then, they made love in front of the fireplace. Afterwards, they snuggled in front of the fire. She wished that they could stay laying together forever. He reminded her that they had to leave or they would be late for their rehearsal. She knew they had to go, but she wanted more alone time with her future husband.

Tad, Jake, and Opal arrived at the hotel for the wedding rehearsal. Tad and Jake were told that they had to share a room, which annoyed both of them. Opal offered to have one of them stay with her, but she noted that she would be babysitting all of the children. Tad and Jake agreed to share a room.

Zach and Kendall arrived at the hotel. Erica was pleasantly surprised to see Kendall. Zach and Kendall went to their room to unpack. He asked her why she had decided to attend the wedding. Kendall admitted that she made Bianca an offer and her sister agreed to the terms. He looked nervous as he inquired about the offer. Kendall explained that she agreed to happily attend the wedding, as long as Bianca moved her family back to France.

Kendall assumed that Zach was annoyed with her, but he divulged that he had asked Reese to move back to France, as well. Kendall wondered why he made the request. He felt it was the only way for him to save his marriage. He further stated that he would always choose Kendall over anyone else. Kendall asked if it would be hard for him to be away from his daughter, Gabrielle. He noted that he was not Gabrielle's father; he was merely the donor. Kendall seemed satisfied and said that they did not have to discuss the matter any longer, as long as Bianca and Reese left.

Bianca and Reese were in their suite unpacking. Bianca said that she needed to talk to Reese about something. Bianca stated that she wanted to move back to Paris after they got married. Reese was shocked because she was planning on saying the same thing to Bianca. They acknowledged that they initially came to Pine Valley to tell Kendall about Gabrielle, so there was no need for them to stay longer. Still, they both seemed sad about leaving.

Erica visited Bianca in her suite. Bianca broke the news to Erica that she was moving back to Paris after the wedding. Erica told Bianca that she should not let anyone make the decision for her. Erica encouraged her daughter to stay, if she wanted to. Bianca assured her mother that it was her idea to leave, not Reese's. Erica did not seem convinced. Then, Reese entered the suite. Erica announced that she was sad to hear Bianca was leaving, but was determined to enjoy the time they had left together.

Aidan went to Oak Haven to see Dr. Sinclair. Dr. Sinclair revealed that Annie had escaped from the hospital. Dr. Sinclair wanted to call the police, but Aidan stopped her. He told her that he could find Annie. The doctor said that she had a moral obligation to call the police. He then informed Dr. Sinclair that he knew she'd had a romantic relationship with Richie. She was stunned that Aidan knew, but admitted that she loved Richie. Aidan threatened to tell everyone about her relationship with Richie, if she did not let him look for Annie. She agreed to give him twenty-four hours to search for Annie.

Annie went to the church where the wedding was going to be held. As Annie looked around, the minister approached her. The minister assumed that Annie was one of the brides, Greenlee. Annie pretended that she was engaged and that she stopped into the church because she was looking for a place to wed.

Bianca and Reese went to the church before everyone else. Reese asked Bianca if she wanted to go through with the wedding. Bianca said yes. Bianca asked Reese if she was ready to get married. Reese said yes. Reese said that she would take Bianca to Europe immediately, if that were what she wanted. Bianca wished to get married in front of her family and friends. Reese commented that she would follow Bianca to the ends of the earth.

Ryan, Jake, and Tad told Erica that she did a wonderful job planning the wedding. Tad inquired if the press was coming to the wedding. Erica stated that she did not want press at the event. Tad noted that the press would be eager to attend, due to the nation's debate on same-sex marriage. Erica said that the wedding was about two people that loved each other and she wanted to keep it that way. Tad was impressed with Erica's answer.

Everyone arrived at the church for the rehearsal dinner. Erica ran the rehearsal and told everyone where to go. Gabrielle began to cry and Opal could not calm the baby. Zach took the baby in his arms and she instantly stopped crying. Kendall looked distraught when she observed the connection between Gabrielle and Zach. Everyone noticed Kendall's reaction, so Reese asked Opal to take the baby outside. Then, Erica announced that it was time for dinner.

Greenlee asked Kendall how she was feeling. Kendall revealed that Bianca and Reese were leaving after the wedding. Kendall was excited for them to leave, so she could start rebuilding her life.

Aidan secretly went to the rehearsal because he assumed Annie was there. As he searched the grounds, Annie hit him over the head with a shovel and knocked him unconscious.

At the dinner, Reese approached Erica. Reese hoped that there were no hard feelings between them, since she wanted to move back to France. Erica looked confused and asked who suggested that they move back to Europe. Reese affirmed that it was her idea, not Bianca's.

Jackson gave a toast at the rehearsal dinner. He wished everyone the best. He also told Greenlee that Ryan was not the only man to love her unconditionally. Greenlee thanked her father and said that she loved him.

Kendall stood up and announced that she wanted to toast Reese, her future sister-in-law. Kendall snidely stated that Reese transformed Bianca to the point that she was no longer recognizable. Kendall stated that Reese's presence would be felt long after she was gone. Then, Kendall wished Reese and Bianca a swift return to Europe. Reese grabbed a bottle of liquor and ran out of the room. Erica turned to Kendall and commended her for insulting Reese.

Bianca chased after Reese. Reese was distraught because she knew that Bianca's family hated her. Reese said that talking to Erica was like talking to an "ice sculpture." Reese then informed Bianca that she told Erica it was her idea to leave Pine Valley. Bianca promised to fix everything. Reese said it was not possible to fix the situation because everyone already hated her.

Bianca was furious with Kendall and Erica because of their mistreatment of Reese. Kendall said that Reese was being overly sensitive. Bianca told Kendall and Erica to keep their mouths shut at the wedding, if they did not have anything nice to say.

Greenlee assumed that Kendall was enjoying torturing Reese. Kendall assured Greenlee that she knew what she was doing. Greenlee warned her friend that her plan could backfire.

Everyone went back to the hotel, except for Reese and Zach. Zach tried to comfort Reese. She cried and stated that she could not wait to get back to Europe. She wanted to leave Pine Valley because the people made her question herself. She cried harder and said that she was scared. He hugged her and told her not to be scared. Then, they shared a long, passionate kiss. After the kiss, they both said that it was a mistake. Meanwhile, they did not know that Ryan witnessed the kiss.

When Zach arrived at the hotel, Ryan confronted him. Ryan informed Zach that he had seen the kiss. Ryan wondered how Zach could hurt Kendall and Bianca. Zach insisted that nothing happened and he warned Ryan not to say anything about the kiss.

Annie watched Greenlee through the window of Greenlee's suite. Suddenly, Aidan grabbed Annie and covered her mouth.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Amanda woke JR up from his station on the couch, where he'd camped out to watch over her. She told him that he could have gotten his own room, but he told her that he wanted to be with her. He tried to play off his confession as he told her about a ghost that supposedly lived in the building. Amanda fell for it for a few moments, until he made it obvious that he was pulling her leg. She told him not to mess with her, but when he wrapped her in his arms and pulled her close, she fell into the kiss that waited on his lips. A knock at the door interrupted their kiss, and when Amanda opened it, the Martin brothers were revealed. Jake started to ask if she wanted to join them for breakfast, but stopped short when he saw JR.

Amanda, Jake, and Tad verbally stumbled over each other, but things settled a bit when Amanda declared that she and JR were just friends. JR piped up then and asked if he could use their room to get ready while Amanda got ready in her own room. Tad agreed before Jake had a chance to speak up, and Tad whisked his stepson away. Jake faltered when he tried to come up with something to say, but Amanda saved him from himself when she asked how he'd gotten his job back. When he asked why she wanted to know, she told him that she needed to find a way to stop David's blackmail attempts.

Reese had a nightmare where Bianca gave her away to become Zach's bride, and Reese woke up with a start. She sat up and realized that she was hung over. As she crawled out of bed in an effort to find a remedy, she chastised herself for her stupidity. She made her way down to the lobby and virtually doused herself in coffee. Kendall found her there and warned Reese after the fact that she shouldn't have indulged the night before her wedding. Kendall blithely asked Reese if she had any regrets, and then asked the question again incredulously when thoughts of the illicit kiss with Zach made Reese's complexion pale.

In her own room, Bianca woke up and a smile slowly spread across her face as she realized that her wedding day had finally arrived. She quickly rolled over and tried to phone Reese's room, and was slightly caught off-guard when her fiancée didn't pick up on the other end. There was a knock at the door, and Bianca assumed that it must be Reese. She was taken aback a bit when she opened the door and saw her mother. She immediately went on the defensive and asked if Erica had gotten a car ready to make Bianca's expected getaway that much easier.

Zach woke up but wasn't too moved by the fact that his wife's side of the bed was empty.

Aidan awoke painfully from the unconscious state Annie put him in when she knocked him over the head. As he got his bearings, Annie told him that she hit him because he wanted to stop her from what she felt compelled to do. Aidan swiftly told her that he'd uncovered a relationship between Dr. Sinclair and Richie, and said that it was the reason why Dr. Sinclair was hell-bent on sending Annie to jail for Richie's murder. Annie was stunned by the news, but when Aidan begged her to come back with him, she refused. He implored with her to not hurt Greenlee. He urged Annie to let Ryan go, and accept that her life with Ryan had ended, just as Aidan had done with Greenlee. He also reminded her that to cause any harm to Greenlee would be wrong.

Loud bangs on Greenlee's door convinced her that the food she'd ordered had arrived. She opened the door, but quickly shut it when she realized that it was her groom on the other side. Ryan begged her to open the door, as he'd already seen her in the dress. She told him that they had just increased their bad luck, but he told her that it didn't matter because they wouldn't be getting married. She swung the door back open, and after he complimented her on how lovely she looked, he told her that he still wanted to marry her, but wanted to do so in a different setting. She asked what had changed his mind overnight, and he confessed that Zach and Reese were the cause.

Ryan told Greenlee that he saw Reese and Zach all over each other and said he believed that the two had slept together, but Greenlee couldn't believe it. Ryan told her that he had no reason to believe otherwise. Greenlee thought it would be best if she went and talked to Zach, but Ryan didn't think that would work. He then reconfirmed his love for her, and told her that he refused to take his vows and have them be tainted by Zach and Reese's illicit affair. He promised her the wedding of her dreams, and eventually Greenlee gave in and said that she would act as if she came down with food poisoning. Happier, they kissed and Ryan took his leave. When the door closed, Greenlee tried to get a hold of Zach but only got his voice mail.

Reese admitted that she regretted that Kendall's toast got to her, that she subsequently drank too much, and embarrassed Bianca. Kendall then questioned her about how she got back to the inn without Bianca, but Reese sidestepped the inquiry and blamed her loss of recollection on the booze. She dodged some additional negative commentary from her soon-to-be sister-in-law before she demanded that Kendall just let her get married in peace, so that she and Bianca could get on with their lives. Zach showed up then, which offered Reese the perfect opportunity to make a getaway. Zach and Kendall shared some idle chitchat before Kendall noted that Reese didn't seem like she was about to embark on the happiest day of her life.

Bianca noted that she wanted her wedding day to be perfect, and Erica promised that it would be. She then apologized to her daughter for her overreaction to the news that she would move her family back to France after the wedding. She admitted that Josh's death and the near-loss of Kendall made her greedy for more time with her youngest child. She went on to tell Bianca that she understood Bianca's need to leave, and supported her without question. Reese walked into the room just as the mother and daughter embraced. When they separated, Erica apologized to Reese and promised to do what she could to make their day the best it could be. Reese then let on how she really felt, and Erica placed a call to have a surefire hangover cure delivered. Erica then informed them that their dresses and accessories were at the chapel, and told them she would meet them in the lobby.

After Erica left, Reese mentioned that after their marriage, they would head back to France to start a new chapter of their life together. She saw a darkened expression cross Bianca's face, and realized that Bianca might have experienced a change of heart. When Bianca acknowledged that Pine Valley was the place she needed to be, despite the hard time that Reese had experienced thus far, Reese agreed to stay and work things out with her future in-laws.

In the lobby, Kendall started to grill her husband about his whereabouts the night before, and found out that he was the one that brought Reese back to the inn. She thanked him for being truthful and he told her that Reese had lied. He told her that Reese probably made the choice because she knew that Kendall wasn't a fan of Reese's friendship with Zach. Kendall started to launch into another tirade, but Zach cut her off. Incensed, she said that she needed to get to the chapel, and Zach offered to take her there.

After they'd both changed into their suits, Tad and JR had a chance to talk. Tad thought that JR's supposed involvement with Amanda was something flip, but when JR revealed Amanda's pregnancy, it took the conversation to a whole new level. Tad warned JR not to jump into a prefabricated family, but JR replied that even though Tad's relationship with Krystal blew up, it should not be assumed that all other similar situations were doomed to fail. Tad also cautioned his stepson about letting his guard down too far, since JR still had a long way to go before he was solidly back on the wagon and he still needed to thwart David's attempt to get Little Adam. Tad said that David wouldn't stop until he'd gotten the thing that JR treasured the most.

A call on Bianca's cell phone interrupted prep time for Bianca, Reese, and Erica at the chapel. She answered it and heard from Ryan that he and Greenlee wouldn't be at the wedding due to Greenlee's suspected food poisoning. Although Bianca was upset, she understood. Ryan told her to be happy, and as she looked over at Reese and Miranda, she noted that she would be able to do that.

Greenlee tried to reach Zach's room via the switchboard, but found he and Kendall had left twenty minutes prior. She disconnected the call and grabbed her motorcycle gear with plans to track Zach down, but when she opened the door to her room, Opal was in her way. Greenlee tried to work her way around the psychic, but Opal warned Greenlee that if she got married, she would not survive. After a few moments, Greenlee was able to squeeze in a few words to tell Opal that she wasn't getting married. Greenlee quickly told her that she wasn't feeling well, and made a fast exit, ostensibly to get some medicine.

Aidan convinced Annie to go back to Oak Haven with him after he promised that he would help her get better. He tried to stand up, but found that his legs couldn't support him. Annie got him to lie back down, and when he did, his shirt fell open and she spotted his holstered gun. She encouraged him to sleep for a while and told him that she would wake him up in plenty of time. Once she was sure he was asleep, Annie took the gun in her hands as the wheels in her head began to turn.

Ryan ran into Jack in the lobby and told him that they needed to talk about the wedding. As they walked off, Annie appeared from around the corner and watched the path they took.

Amanda met up with JR in the chapel and he wondered how she fared after her run-in with Jake. She assured him that she was okay, but he wondered what he didn't know after Frankie and Randi arrived and shared some odd glances with Amanda. Amanda sent JR to get her a drink and then told Frankie and Randi that no one outside of the three of them would ever know that the baby she carried was David's. Across the room, the Slaters arrived and briefly took in the scene before Kendall noted aloud that she needed to help with the brides.

Erica flitted about the bridal room as Bianca and Reese got ready, and then said that she needed to let the officiant know of the ceremony change. Before she made it out of the room, the brides told Erica that they had changed their mind and would stay in Pine Valley. As Kendall listened in unnoticed from the hall, Erica ran to the two women and happily hugged them. Meanwhile, at the inn, Greenlee charged through the lobby and Annie watched from her hiding place. Ryan reappeared again a few moments later and asked one of the staff members if they had seen Greenlee. The man said that he'd just seen Greenlee headed for her bike. Ryan ran outside and yelled after his fiancée, but his call went unheard up against the roar of her motorcycle.

As the guests arrived and milled about, Kendall overheard her mother's joyous response to the news that Bianca and Reese would stay in Pine Valley after they got married. Kendall tried to make a quick exit but she ran into Opal, who wanted to know why she hadn't changed. Kendall then saw Zach as he held Gabrielle, and she needed to get out. She blew past her husband who, upon seeing Kendall's exit, quickly handed the baby back to the nanny. He caught her before she could peal out of the parking lot and demanded to know what had happened to upset her so much.

Erica called Opal to find out if she had seen Kendall, and while Opal filled her best friend in with what just happened, Zach offered to drive if Kendall needed to get away to talk. She refused his offer, threw the car into gear, and took off. Erica ended the call and told Bianca and Reese about Kendall and Zach's departure. Erica offered to talk to the officiant to see if the ceremony could be postponed for a little while, but Bianca insisted that they continue with the ceremony as planned, regardless of whether Kendall was there or not.

As Greenlee sped down the road to get to the chapel, she unknowingly placed herself on the same course as Kendall, who sped in her direction while telling her husband that Reese and Bianca were staying in Pine Valley because Reese couldn't sever her friendship with Zach. At the same time, Ryan hopped into his car at the inn and attempted to start it so that he could catch up with Greenlee. The car wouldn't start, and he was shocked when Annie popped up from the back seat and told him she was glad she caught him before he married Greenlee. Ryan tried to convince her that she needed to be in Oak Haven, because they could give her help that he couldn't. She demanded that he not call them, and said that she felt better when she was with him. She then aimed the gun at him and told him that she would never leave him again. Ryan told her that he would always care about her, but that he would marry Greenlee. The car door flew open at that moment and Aidan ordered Annie to hand the gun to him.

Erica entered the chapel moments before the officiant announced that there would only be one couple that would marry that evening. Miranda was the next to enter, and effortlessly executed her job as flower girl. The brides came in then, and the ceremony started in earnest.

As Bianca recited her vows, Kendall drove erratically and ranted about how insecure Gabrielle's existence and presence in Pine Valley made her feel, and Greenlee careened toward them on her bike. Just as Zach yelled that Kendall was on the wrong side of the road, they spotted the motorcycle. As Greenlee swerved to avoid the head-on collision, she ended up driving off a nearby cliff.



Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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