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All My Children Recaps: The week of February 2, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, February 2, 2009

David told Erica that he understood what it felt like to lose a child. Nevertheless, he assured her that she had made the right decision because Josh's heart saved Kendall's life. Erica was grateful that David successfully performed the transplant, but she knew he would ask for something in return. She was right; he wanted her to help him gain custody of Little Adam, but she refused. She stated that, even though the Chandlers were dysfunctional, it was not right to tear Little Adam away from his family. David looked annoyed, but he noted that he could not stay mad at Erica for long. She gave him a friendly kiss.

Kendall assumed that Gabrielle's donor was "perfect." Bianca, Reese, and Zach looked sheepish, so Kendall inquired if something was wrong. Bianca admitted that Zach was the donor. Kendall was stunned. Zach asked to be alone with his wife.

Kendall felt foolish because she finally wanted to give Zach a daughter, but her sister had given him one already. He stated that Gabrielle was not his daughter. He explained that he was merely the donor and Bianca and Reese were the baby's true parents. Kendall asked why he did not tell her. He said that he did not know Bianca was pregnant until she came to Pine Valley. He further stated that he had wanted to help Bianca, so he donated. Kendall claimed that she was fine with the situation.

Kendall requested a visit with her sons. Zach brought Spike and Ian to see their mother. Kendall was extremely happy to see her boys. Then, she asked to meet Gabrielle. Zach, Bianca, and Reese brought Gabrielle into Kendall's room. Kendall commented that the baby was gorgeous.

Erica visited with Kendall. Erica was relieved that Kendall handled the news about Gabrielle tactfully. Erica stated that there was a new Kane woman in the family. Kendall told her mother to "shut up" and state how she really felt. Erica admitted that she was not fond of Reese because Reese had lied to Bianca. Erica encouraged Kendall to keep an eye on Reese when Reese was with Zach. Kendall looked concerned.

David checked on Kendall. She inquired about her health and he stated that she was on her way to a full recovery. He warned her to steer clear of stressful situations. He then stated that a transplant, especially one from a sibling, could cause psychological issues. He wondered how she was coping. She said that she missed Josh. She further stated that Josh was a twisted man, and she worried about carrying his twisted heart. David urged her to think of the heart as her own, not as Josh's. She asked him how Babe reacted when he came back to town. He looked sad and told Kendall that she had asked enough questions for the day.

Reese told Zach to forget about the conversation they had before they went to the hospital. Zach assured Reese that they did not do anything wrong. She agreed and stated that they did not act on any feelings they had for each other. Meanwhile, Erica watched with a suspicious look on her face as Zach and Reese talked.

Bianca went to see Kendall. Bianca apologized for not telling Kendall about Gabrielle sooner. Bianca explained that she came to Pine Valley to talk to Kendall, but the tornado hit before she could say anything. Bianca was elated that Kendall could be at her wedding, but Bianca was regretful that Kendall missed the christening. Kendall assumed that Zach was the godfather. Bianca replied that Zach was the godfather and she wanted Kendall to be the godmother. Kendall said nothing.

Tad could not find Kathy. He frantically looked all over the house, but the little girl was nowhere to be found. Tad called Jesse and Angie for help. Jesse feared that someone had taken the child. Tad immediately accused David of taking Kathy and stormed off. Jesse followed Tad to make sure he did not do anything stupid.

Tad went to the hospital and grabbed David. Jesse restrained Tad as he asked David about Kathy's whereabouts. David swore that he did not kidnap Tad's child, but Tad was skeptical. David said that he was at the hospital all day because Kendall had awoken from her coma. David assumed that Kathy ran away from Tad, like all the other women in his life. Jesse did not think that David abducted Kathy, so he escorted Tad out of the hospital.

Krystal went to Tad's house and she was surprised to see Angie was there. Angie revealed that Kathy was missing. Angie implied that David took the child, and Krystal defended David. Angie called Krystal weak for leaving Tad to be with David. Krystal retorted that Angie was weak because she let her husband's ex-lover move into her home.

Tad and Jesse arrived at Tad's home to find Krystal and Angie arguing. Jesse questioned Tad and Krystal about the last time they saw Kathy. Tad and Krystal remembered that they had a big fight and assumed that Kathy heard it. Tad and Krystal blamed each other for Kathy's disappearance.

JR and Colby were at ConFusion discussing Amanda's pregnancy when Adam approached them. JR and Colby quickly ended the conversation because JR did not want Adam to know that Amanda was pregnant. Then, Pete entered the bar. Colby looked upset and admitted that they were no longer friends.

Adam grabbed Pete by the collar. Colby saw Adam and ran to Pete's side. Adam was enraged because he thought that Pete got Colby pregnant. Colby swore that she was not pregnant. Adam said that he overheard Colby and JR mention a pregnancy. Colby stated that they were not referring to her. Adam then noticed JR and Amanda talking privately in a corner of the bar.

Adam assumed that Amanda was pregnant, so he interrogated JR about the pregnancy. At first, JR denied it, but he realized that his efforts were futile. JR revealed that Amanda planned to give the child up for adoption, which angered Adam. Adam wanted to take the baby from Amanda, but JR warned his father to mind his own business.

Amanda found Kathy wandering around the marina, so she brought the girl to her yacht. Kathy begged Amanda not to call Tad. Kathy explained that she overheard Krystal say she was going to take Jenny and disappear. Kathy also heard her father state that nothing was more important to him than Jenny. Kathy said that she wanted a mommy that would not leave her. Amanda comforted the child until she fell asleep. JR went to the yacht and was surprised to see Kathy. Amanda explained what had happened. Amanda affirmed that her time with Kathy made her decide to keep the baby. JR was happy.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

JR wanted to call Tad to inform him that Kathy was safe. Amanda urged JR to wait a little while before he called. JR did not want Tad to worry any longer. Amanda stated that she promised the girl she would not call Tad. Amanda reminded JR that Kathy was the reason she decided to keep their baby. JR agreed to delay his call to Tad. Meanwhile, Amanda and JR did not know that David was secretly watching them.

Tad, Krystal, Jesse, and Angie were trying to figure out where Kathy was. Jesse assured Tad that his men were looking for Kathy and that they would find her. Then, Krystal got a phone call from David. David told Krystal to meet him at the docks. Krystal listened to David and left Tad's house without saying goodbye. Tad, Jesse, and Angie wondered where Krystal ran off to. Jesse worried that Krystal and David abducted Kathy. Jesse promised Tad that he would lock David up for life, if he took the girl. Tad proclaimed that David did not deserve a life, if he kidnapped Kathy.

Krystal met David at the docks and demanded to know what he was up to. He revealed that he knew Kathy's whereabouts. She said that she would never forgive him if he abducted the girl. He swore that he had nothing to do with her disappearance. He explained that Kathy was with Amanda and JR. Krystal was relieved. David encouraged her to use the situation to her advantage. He suggested that Krystal get Kathy and bring her home to Tad, so she looked like a hero. Krystal took David's advice and called JR. Krystal pretended that she was calling to let JR know Kathy was missing. JR divulged that the girl was with him. JR wanted to call Tad, but Krystal told him not to. She offered to pick up the girl and bring her home.

Krystal arrived at Amanda's yacht. Kathy gave Krystal a big hug. Kathy asked if Tad was mad at her for running away. Krystal assured the girl that Tad was not mad. Krystal stated that she and Tad loved Kathy very much. Kathy wondered why Krystal moved out of her home. Krystal said that it was not Kathy's fault that she left.

Krystal arrived at Tad's home with Kathy. Tad was relieved to see his daughter, but he was irate with Krystal. Tad assumed that David took the girl, so he questioned Krystal about how she found Kathy. Krystal told Tad to ask Kathy about what happened. Kathy admitted that she ran away after hearing Tad and Krystal fight. Kathy further noted that she went to the marina to watch the boats, and Amanda found her.

Krystal told Tad that he could not blame everything on David, but Tad disagreed. Tad blamed David for stealing his wife. Krystal insisted that Tad harbored resentment for David because he stole Dixie. Tad warned Krystal not to mention Dixie, but she persisted. She affirmed that she was merely a replacement for Dixie, whom Tad put on a pedestal. Kathy heard them arguing and yelled for them to stop. Tad and Krystal calmed down. Tad apologized for accusing Krystal of misdoings, and he thanked her for bringing his daughter home. She apologized for screaming at him. She then inquired if she could increase her visits with Jenny. He asked if she was still taking pills. She swore that she no longer took pills, so Tad said he would consider joint custody of Jenny. Krystal was pleasantly surprised.

David met Krystal. She was excited because Tad was willing to give her joint custody of Jenny. She wanted to thank David for his help. He said that she could thank him by marrying him. She appeared shocked.

JR and Amanda discussed their unborn child. Although Amanda wanted to keep the child, she worried that she would be a bad mother. JR said that he and Babe were nervous about being parents before they had Little Adam. He assured her that it was natural to feel unsure and anxious. Amanda noted that she needed to change some aspects of her life, like living on a boat. JR wished to be a part of the baby's life and offered to help Amanda with the responsibilities of parenthood. She stated that she did not want his monetary support, but he reminded her that children were expensive. She worried about Adam's response if he found out the baby was a Chandler. JR broke the news that Adam already knew. She was upset and asked how Adam found out. JR admitted that Adam overheard him and Colby talking. She feared that Adam would not leave the baby alone, since it was a Chandler heir. JR swore to protect their child. She did not know who was worse, Adam or David. She worried that David still thought the baby was his. JR implored her to move in with him, so he could protect her and the baby from David.

Greenlee looked distraught as Ryan planned their honeymoon. He could tell that she was upset and inquired why. She stated her fears that their wedding was doomed. He wondered if she was having doubts about marrying him. She affirmed that she wanted to be his wife, but she had the feeling that something bad was about to happen. He reminded her that something good had happened recently-Kendall woke up from her coma. Greenlee was happy that her friend was conscious, but she thought that Kendall seemed different. He urged her to focus on the positive, and start enjoying their engagement.

Greenlee got a call from Opal. Opal invited Greenlee and Ryan to her home. When they arrived, Opal revealed that she did a second tarot card reading for Greenlee. Opal announced that the second reading was very positive. Opal stated that the world was Greenlee's oyster. Greenlee asked why the reading had drastically changed. Opal explained that Kendall's awakening gave the cards a new energy. Greenlee was excited, and thanked Opal. Then, Ryan spoke with Opal privately. He was grateful that Opal told Greenlee what she wanted to hear. Opal warned Ryan that the cards still predicted danger, but Ryan did not believe her.

Opal sat in the dark as she threw her tarot cards in the garbage. Pete wondered why Opal looked sad. Opal confessed that she gave Greenlee a false reading. Opal ominously declared that Ryan and Greenlee's life together could be over before it even started.

Aidan and Annie talked through the vent in their hospital rooms. Aidan divulged that Dr. Sinclair injected him with truth serum. He explained that he outwitted that doctor and pretended that he was on her side. Still, he swore to Annie that his loyalty remained with her.

Dr. Sinclair entered Aidan's room. The doctor questioned him about Annie. Aidan claimed that he wanted Annie locked up, so he could get revenge on Ryan for stealing Greenlee. He then asked the doctor why she cared so much about Annie. The doctor stated that she was simply doing her job. Dr. Sinclair then requested his help. She told him to enter Annie's room and make her confess to Richie's murder.

Aidan entered Annie's room. He silently signaled to the vent to let her know that the doctor was eavesdropping. He proceeded to chastise Annie for killing her brother, and urged her to confess. Annie admitted nothing. Meanwhile, Dr. Sinclair cried as she listened to Aidan and Annie's exchange.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

JR asked the maid to make sure flowers were in the guest room. Adam asked JR who was coming to visit them at the house. JR said he was going to move into the east wing of the home. Adam said JR was just trying to get away from him. Adam doubted that JR was the father of Amanda's baby. He accused her of sleeping with many men around town. JR said he and Amanda were going to keep the baby and raise it together.

At Fusion, Amanda told Greenlee she understood why Greenlee and Ryan decided not to adopt her baby. But, Amanda said, as it turned out, she wanted to keep the baby. Greenlee thought Amanda would make a great mother. Greenlee told Amanda and Randi that the company's quarterly financial records were not good. Greenlee blamed Erica for the disaster. She wanted to check the numbers more closely, but no one had access to the files except Erica. Greenlee asked Pete to hack into Erica's accounts to get a closer look at the financial reports.

Jesse overheard Jake telling Angie that he was not going to let her take the fall alone for breaking into David's home. Jesse asked to speak to Jake alone. Jake told Jesse that he was going to take all the blame for the crime. That way, Angie would be cleared. Jesse said David was going to be the only person getting in trouble. Jesse was tired of David trying to get around the law. Angie apologized to Jesse for lying to him, but did not regret her crime. Jesse said he felt guilty for arresting Angie. Angie understood that Jesse was just doing his job.

Jake snuck into the hospital's storage closet and stole some medicine.

Krystal turned David's marriage proposal down when they woke up in bed together. David thought that Krystal still had feelings for Tad, but Krystal insisted she wanted to be with David. She asked him to give her more time before she jumped into another marriage. David said Krystal could take as much time as she needed to make her decision. Krystal got ready to go see Little Adam. David asked Krystal to give Little Adam his love.

Adam greeted Krystal at the Chandler mansion. She told him David had proposed to her, but she had turned him down. Adam announced that Amanda was pregnant with JR's child. Krystal remembered David had slept with Amanda before she had reconciled with him.

Erica brought balloons to Kendall before Kendall was scheduled to go home. Erica wondered if Kendall was physically ready to go home, but Kendall said she was tired of being at the hospital. Plus, Zach was installing a specialized hospital room in their home for her recovery. Doctors would be by her side at all times. Kendall said she was impressed that Erica and Greenlee were working so well together at Fusion. Erica said Greenlee was more preoccupied with her wedding than with Fusion.

Bianca, Reese, and Zach decorated the house to celebrate Kendall coming home. Reese asked Bianca if Kendall was going to mind them staying with her and Zach. Bianca said she was positive Kendall would not have a problem with the arrangement. But Reese still had doubts. David checked on Kendall one last time before she went home. He told Kendall that she needed to follow his instructions while at home. Erica assured David that everyone, including Gabrielle, was healthy. She joked that Zach knew how to handle Gabrielle perfectly. David said he had no idea that Zach was "a baby whisperer." Kendall blurted out that Zach was Gabrielle's father. Erica suggested that Kendall book a room at Zach's casino to rest up.

Zach went to the hospital to pick Kendall up. He got worried when Kendall was not in her room. Erica came out and told Zach that Kendall was with David. David brought Kendall out in a wheelchair. He told Zach to take care of her. At home, Bianca and Kendall's children surrounded Kendall immediately. They showered her with gifts, hugs, and kisses. Reese brought a squealing Gabrielle out so Zach could calm the baby down. Afterwards, Reese and Bianca went to their bedroom so Zach and Kendall could be alone. Kendall asked Zach what he did to keep himself busy while she was in the coma. Zach said taking care of the children kept him occupied. Kendall lay down to get some sleep.

Erica was not happy to see Greenlee redecorating the Fusion office. Greenlee said the office belonged to her, since Kendall was getting better. After learning that Fusion's finances were sinking, Adam walked through the door. Erica said Adam knew the company was facing financial strain after the Bella fiasco. Greenlee said she hacked into Erica's computer and learned that sales were down 30 percent. Erica was shocked that Greenlee broke into her account. But Greenlee pointed out that she would not have gone to such drastic measures if Erica had been honest. Adam threatened to sue Fusion if he did not get his investment back. Greenlee said Fusion was fine before Erica came along. Erica claimed she saved the company. Greenlee threatened to tell Kendall about the company's woes. Erica said the news would only upset Kendall. Greenlee said they would need to trim expenses by cutting employees to keep the company afloat.

JR went to Fusion to see if Amanda would reconsider moving into the Chandler mansion. JR said he had an entire wing cleared out just for her. But Amanda was worried what people would think, especially since Babe had only died a few months before. As Amanda folded into JR's arms, she grabbed her stomach and cried out in pain. JR and Randi took Amanda to the hospital.

JR blamed himself for putting pressure on Amanda to move into the Chandler mansion so they could raise the baby together. David emerged from another room after overhearing the news that Amanda was pregnant. He asked JR what was wrong with Amanda, but JR said nothing. David went to Amanda's hospital room as Frankie was giving her a sonogram. Frankie said that Amanda was experiencing cramps. Amanda was emotional as she heard her baby's heartbeat through the sonogram.

Frankie said the cramping was a result of stress. Amanda said she would be less stressed if David were not always bothering her. Frankie could not help Amanda with that, but offered to write her a prescription. Amanda asked Frankie if the machine could determine when the baby was conceived. Frankie said the size of the fetus showed that the baby was conceived in the middle of November. Amanda began panicking at the thought of David trying to control her and the baby. Randi asked Frankie if he could do anything to help Amanda. Frankie typed in a few changes to the sonogram so it would appear that the baby belonged to JR.

Krystal went to the hospital to see David. She saw JR there, too. David said JR brought Amanda in for pregnancy complications, but Amanda and the baby were fine. After Amanda's exam was complete, she met JR in the lobby. Amanda announced that she learned JR was the baby's father. Randi thanked Frankie for everything he did and she left. David said he was going to keep an eye on Amanda's pregnancy because he did not trust her or Frankie. Krystal noticed Amanda was upset as she left the hospital. Krystal asked if there was a chance the baby belonged to David. David said the baby was JR's. Amanda told JR that she wanted to move in with him.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Jesse told Angie that everything was going to work out for them. Angie suspected that Jesse had his own plan to take care of David. Jesse would not reveal his plans to Angie. Angie begged Jesse to forget that Jake helped her break into David's home. Jesse said it would be their secret.

Jake stuffed medicine into his pockets and snuck out of the storage closet.

JR was thrilled that Amanda agreed to move into him. But David was not so happy with the idea. David said JR would never stay sober long enough to care for Amanda and the baby. JR grabbed Amanda's hand and they left. Krystal noticed that David was hovering around Amanda quite often for a man who was not the father of Amanda's baby. David said he would not lie to Krystal about the baby's paternity. After all, David said his future was with Krystal. Krystal seemed doubtful, but kissed David and went home. As David breezed down the hallway, he bumped into Jake. David wanted to know why Jake was at the hospital. He reached to search Jake's pockets, but Frankie quickly covered for Jake. Frankie said he and Jake were having lunch together.

Krystal decided to stop by Tad's house and check on Kathy. Tad thanked Krystal for watching over Kathy. Jesse called Tad. He wanted to meet and discuss David. Tad told Krystal he needed to run and check on a case. Krystal offered to watch Jenny until Tad returned.

Once alone, Frankie wanted to know Jake's reasons for being at the hospital. Jake said he was trying to clear Angie's name and get his old job back. Jake waited outside the Hubbards' window until Angie left. Jesse let Jake inside and Jake showed Jesse the medicine. Jake said they could crush all the pills and make new capsules out of them to frame David. Jesse said he was bringing in a third person to help pin David. Jake wanted to know who the mystery person was. He got his answer the minute Tad walked through the door. Tad started helping Jake and Jesse make the pills. He said David had hurt enough people.

Zach and Kendall heard the doorbell ring and woke up from their nap on the couch. Greenlee and Erica stopped by see Kendall, but were not happy to see each other. Erica said that Greenlee only came by to badmouth her. Erica was certain Greenlee was going to persuade Kendall to kick Erica out of Fusion. Greenlee said the company's sales were shrinking. Zach wanted Erica and Greenlee to leave, but Kendall wanted more details. She asked what had happened to the company since the Bella lawsuit. Greenlee said the lawsuit went away. Kendall was happy about the news, but wondered why Erica, Zach, and Greenlee looked so sad. Zach angrily blurted out that Babe had died in the tornado. Tears began to form in Kendall's eyes. Zach harshly told Greenlee and Erica to leave. Kendall asked how Babe died. Zach said JR and Babe were at the Comeback when the storm came through town. Kendall immediately felt sorry for Little Adam and JR.

Greenlee and Erica were still arguing as they entered Fusion together. Erica wanted Pete to unpack the boxes, but Greenlee told him not to touch anything. Greenlee was tired of arguing with Erica. She said it was impossible for them to work together. Pete suggested Erica and Greenlee flip a coin for control of Fusion. Greenlee and Erica agreed to the coin toss. Peter assigned heads to Erica, while Greenlee got tails. Pete wished good luck to both women and tossed the coin. But when it came to reveal who won, Pete was silent. Erica and Greenlee went after Pete for the coin, but he swallowed it. Greenlee said she and Erica could settle their differences another way.

The feuding women pushed each other a few times and held up chairs in front of each other. They clanked the metal chairs against other a few times. Greenlee threw her chair at Erica, but Pete caught it. Next, Greenlee tried to get the gallon of drinking water out of its container. She only ended up spilling water all over the hardwood floors. Greenlee slipped on the water, knocked her head against the desk and collapsed on the floor.

Bianca and Reese snuck off to spend a few minutes alone in their bedroom. Bianca wanted to be intimate with Reese, but Reese pulled away uncomfortably. Bianca thought she had done something wrong, but Reese said her reaction stemmed from Kendall being home. Reese felt that Kendall was sending her unwelcoming looks ever since learning of Gabrielle's paternity. Bianca said Kendall was not upset with them, and perhaps, Reese was creating the problem. Bianca heard Gabrielle crying. She went to check on the baby.

Reese tried to get past Kendall and Zach without interrupting their conversation. But Kendall's look stopped Reese in her tracks. Kendall asked to speak to Reese alone. Kendall said Bianca had been hurt many times in previous relationships. Kendall didn't want to see it happen again. Reese assured Kendall that she loved Bianca more than anything else in the world. Reese apologized for not telling Kendall about Gabrielle sooner. Kendall said it was not Reese's place to tell her about Gabrielle. Reese said Bianca boarded a plane to Pine Valley once the pregnancy was successful. At first, Zach said he did not want to be the father, Reese explained. Zach turned Bianca down, but Reese said she was the one who convinced Zach to be the donor. Kendall said she was glad that Zach could help Bianca and Reese have a child.

Zach went to check on Bianca, who was holding Gabrielle. Bianca said Reese felt that Kendall did not like her. Zach said Kendall's reaction to Gabrielle's paternity seemed unusual. Although Kendall claimed she was not upset, Zach knew better. Zach said Kendall should have known about Gabrielle earlier. Bianca said she was to blame for the deception, too. After Kendall and Reese were done talking, Zach apologized to Kendall for lying about Gabrielle. Zach said he was scared Kendall would not want him to be the donor. Zach said that felt that helping Bianca have a child would somehow make up for his brother, Michael, raping Bianca. Kendall said Zach had Bianca's child to get revenge on Kendall for sleeping with Aidan. Seeing Bianca and Reese would remind Kendall of Zach's betrayal. Kendall said she wanted Bianca, Reese, and Gabrielle to move out.

Reese told Bianca the talk with Kendall went well. Reese believed that Kendall was accepting of her, Bianca, and Gabrielle.

JR told Adam that Amanda was moving into the house. Before Adam agreed, he said Amanda needed to prove the baby belonged to JR. Also, she needed to hand over legal rights of the child over to Adam. JR said Adam had no control over Amanda's baby. JR told his father that Amanda's visit to the hospital confirmed the baby was a Chandler. As Amanda walked in the room, Adam said JR did not need to marry "the hussy." JR took Amanda's belongings to her room so Adam could talk to Amanda alone. Adam said he wanted Amanda to give their cook a list of her favorite dishes. But Amanda knew Adam had an ulterior motive for being nice to her. Adam said he wanted to keep a close eye on her. Amanda said she didn't need JR's money and went to her room. JR told Adam to leave Amanda alone.

Amanda woke up to the sound of David's voice in her ear. David put his hand over Amanda's mouth to drown out her scream. David told Amanda he knew the mansion's tunnels well so she would never escape him. David said he wanted Amanda to help him get Little Adam. If Amanda refused, David would tell JR the truth about Amanda being paid to get him drunk.

Rebecca told a doctor at the hospital that she did not want to continue treatment for her cancer. She thanked the doctor for his efforts. Frankie came in the room to check on Rebecca. Rebecca told him that the chemotherapy was not working. Frankie asked for Rebecca to give it more time. But Rebecca said she had accepted her fate. Rebecca asked Frankie to keep quiet about her decision. She did not want to burden Jesse, Angie, or Natalia, who was starting her police training, with the news. Frankie agreed to keep Rebecca's secret. Natalia came by to see her mother, who claimed the chemotherapy was working well. Natalia squealed with excitement and suggested they go wig shopping for Rebecca.

Frankie, Natalia, and Rebecca went to see Angie at her home. Rebecca said she was heading to Denver to get a few personal items. Natalia wanted to go with her, but Rebecca decided to go alone. Frankie and Natalia took Rebecca's suitcases to the car. Rebecca picked up a picture of Jesse and tearfully said goodbye to Angie.

Tad took the freshly made pills and snuck into David's house. Krystal came in the front door with Jenny. Krystal was positive she had locked the door. Krystal caught Tad in the living room. Tad said the door was unlocked, so he let himself inside to see David. Tad quickly pounced on Krystal for bringing Jenny to David's home. Krystal said she wanted to change her jacket and then take Jenny to the park. Tad said Krystal had broken her agreement, so he snatched Jenny in his arms and left.

Jesse and other police officers went to David's home. Jesse showed Krystal a search warrant. He found the planted pills exactly where Tad had left them.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Jesse showed up at Wildwind with a search warrant and discovered the drugs that Tad planted. He asked Krystal if she knew what the pills were, but flustered, Krystal simply remarked that based on Tad's presence, she felt that they had been planted. She wanted to know what would happen to David if it turned out that the drugs were illegal and Jesse confirmed that David would be thrown in jail. Krystal went off on a rant about how she felt that David had been an amazing man to her, and how he didn't deserve to be jailed, but Jesse disagreed. Then, David came home and after he was informed of the warrant, Jesse told him he was under arrest. While Krystal continued to have her reservations, David insisted that he'd not seen the bag of drugs before. Jesse wasted no time, read David his Miranda rights and cuffed him. David demanded that Krystal speak up if she knew something, but when she could only cough up minimal protests, David told Jesse that he needed to talk to the police chief privately.

Once alone, David noted his belief that Jesse planned to railroad him. Jesse said that his case was solid, but David thought Jesse's theory that he had drugged Krystal was shaky at best. Jesse retorted that there was no way for David to make up for all of the pain that he'd put Jesse's family and friends through, but that twenty years in jail for possession of illegal drugs would be a good start. David then demanded to know what Jesse wanted. Jesse told him that if he dropped all of the charges against Angie and gave both his wife and Jake their jobs back, he would make the drug charge disappear. David then asked about Tad, and when Jesse said that Tad wasn't involved, David voiced his assumption that he would have to drop Krystal off at Tad's doorstep and agree never to see her again. As Krystal listened in from the next room, Jesse relayed that Tad was done with Krystal and again asked for a decision.

Reese filled Bianca in on her conversation with Kendall and Bianca was pleased to find out that Kendall seemed okay with Zach being the donor and the connection that Reese and Zach had shared in Marseilles.

Kendall surprised Zach when she told him that she wanted him to kick Bianca and Reese out of the house. He thought that Kendall had made a good connection with Reese, but Kendall told him that every time they looked at Gabrielle, they would be reminded of what Zach had done. She then said that it wasn't unreasonable to not want house guests while recovering from surgery, but Zach thought that the rules were different for family. Kendall realized that he might not want to be the bad guy, so she offered to be the one to deliver the news. He told her that he just wanted Kendall to get better, and she said that it would be easier if they could have the house to themselves. She then said that Bianca and Reese wouldn't be banished from the house forever, and that they would all see each other again at the wedding, if she was strong enough to make it. She then indicated that she would need a bath but when Zach offered to help, she rebuffed him in lieu of the onsite medical staff.

Annie confessed how difficult it had become to not give in to Dr. Sinclair when she asked questions about Richie and how he died. Aidan told her that she needed to stay strong because when the right button was pushed, Dr. Sinclair would no longer be able to hide the truth. A short time later, Dr. Sinclair stopped by and again tried to get Annie to confess to killing her brother, but Annie refused to talk about it. Instead, Annie explained that Richie had been a horrible person and that people were happy when he was gone. When she announced that Richie had been a sick bastard, Dr. Sinclair lost control and slapped her.

Pete was alarmed as he and Erica kneeled over Greenlee's motionless body. Erica called the paramedics just as Ryan showed up. Once she got off the phone, Erica attempted to act as though she was truly concerned about Greenlee's well being. Ryan saw through it and demanded to know what Erica had done. Erica tried to explain about the fight but Ryan was upset that Erica hadn't made the effort to get along with Greenlee. The EMTs arrived on the scene and when Ryan got frustrated with Erica, he checked with the medical personnel on Greenlee's condition. They told him that although Greenlee had only sustained a small laceration, she had also lost consciousness, which necessitated a trip to the hospital. Greenlee initially protested, but after Ryan insisted she gave into his wishes. After they wheeled her out, Erica called Pete to the carpet. Nervously, he returned to the general working area and weathered her questioning until he admitted that he was the one who hacked into her computer. He told her that he had done so because as one of the founders of Fusion, Greenlee had every right to see the records that Erica had tried to hide. Erica noted that although his devotion to Greenlee was astounding, it was also a mistake to think that anyone would ever take down Erica Kane.

At the hospital, Greenlee forced Ryan to discuss the disturbing dream he had about her death. Ryan told her that he didn't want to let the visions they'd dealt with get in the way of their happiness, and told her that he needed her to believe the way he did. She agreed to focus on the good things in their future and they were able briefly sealed it with a kiss before Frankie came into the room. Ryan excused himself so that Greenlee could be examined and stepped out into the hall. There, he ran into Tad, who told him that he had uncovered more information about Dr. Sinclair. Tad told Ryan that he was very good at his job and found it odd that Dr. Sinclair simply ceased to exist for two years of her life. He told Ryan that the only thing they could be certain of is that she had something huge in her past and they just needed to confirm it.

Dr. Sinclair immediately went into the next room at Oak Haven to confront Aidan about what he'd heard. She insisted that Annie's insanity was an act, and that her most recent session was just another act of manipulation. She said that she would do whatever she had to do to make sure that Annie ended up behind bars and then warned Aidan not to get in her way. Aidan assured her that he wanted the same thing out of the situation. She then apologized and said that she acted inexplicably when she got intimately involved in her work. When Aidan concurred with that line of thinking, Dr. Sinclair didn't feel so alone and hugged him in response.

Aidan continued to use calm words and tones to coax more information out of the doctor. He told her that he had felt crazy when he realized that Greenlee had betrayed him but she told him that it was normal to want the person that hurt you deeply to pay for their transgressions. He asked her if she had ever loved anyone that intensely and although he expected her to spill something about Richie, she gave him a story from when she was in kindergarten. She then told him that what she really needed was for him to keep working on Annie so that she might divulge more information about what had happened. Aidan told Dr. Sinclair that he worked better face to face.

Zach asked Bianca and Reese to move out, and although they thought it was odd given that wedding was a week away, they agreed. Bianca wanted to talk to Kendall before they left but he told them that Kendall would insist that they stay and advised them to give it a few days. Reese questioned whether this move was about the fact that they had kept Gabrielle a secret but Zach took all of the blame on himself. Uncomfortable, they noted they would have to pack their things and find a hotel, but Zach saved them from the task and said that he had set them up with a VIP suite in the casino and would have staff pack their things. Close to an emotional edge, Bianca wondered aloud if the staff was already en route to complete his task and was unnerved when the doorbell rang at that moment.

Greenlee left the hospital and went directly to the Slater residence. Greenlee gave her best friend the overview of what happened with Erica at Fusion and pointed out that Kendall needed to get better fast so that they could kick Erica to the curb. Kendall said it would probably happen sooner rather than later with Bianca and Reese out of the house. Although she tried to say that it was simply a good move not to have guests while she recuperated, she quickly let her guard down with her best friend. She noted that she and Reese hadn't hit it off, and how uncomfortable she was with the fact that her sister and husband had created a child together. She said that she'd seen the bond between Zach and Gabrielle, as well as the one between Zach and Reese. She then asked Greenlee if she sounded paranoid and Greenlee felt the time was right to fill her in on what had happened.

She told Kendall that she watched the way Zach held Gabrielle and noted how much stronger the bond between he and Bianca had become and she knew he had been their donor. Kendall asked if they had been honest with her when she confronted them, and Greenlee confirmed the query. She went on to tell Kendall that although they had planned to use an anonymous donor, Zach showed up on a business trip and they changed courses. Greenlee assured Kendall that Bianca planned to make the trip back to Pine Valley once they knew the pregnancy was viable. Bianca was prevented from doing just that because of the tornados. Kendall then asked what Greenlee's initial reaction to Reese was but Greenlee told her that she'd been so wrapped up with Ryan and Annie drama that she didn't have time to register much about Reese. Kendall asked if she saw anything strange with Reese and Greenlee knew that the right answer was to assure Kendall of Zach's love. She then admitted that Bianca had her reservations as well, and had set up her brother-in-law and future wife to see if they had hidden anything from her.

Greenlee went on to tell her about how all of the emotional baggage had been brought to the table when Bianca confessed to what she had done. She reminded her that whatever feelings Reese may or may not have had was irrelevant because Zach remained completely devoted to Kendall and said that she needed to continue to believe in that commitment.

Zach welcomed Erica into the suite he'd moved Bianca and Reese into, and asked her to tell them how much she enjoyed casino living. Bianca gave her mother the lowdown on their set up, and then Zach encouraged them to call if they needed anything. Reese then pulled Bianca away so that they could unpack the rest of the girls' things. Once they were alone, Erica questioned Zach about the fact that Bianca and her family would no longer live at his house. He told her that he thought it would be better if Kendall could heal without worry but Erica saw through his lies and noted aloud that the idea had been Kendall's. When she asked if it had anything to do with Reese, he denied it and told her that she was the only person who hadn't fully accepted Reese as the person who was completely committed to Bianca. Erica claimed not to have a problem with Reese, despite the fact that she focused on the connection the young woman had with her brother-in-law. She noted that the connection was no longer a problem and Zach told her it never was. He escorted her out of the room then, as she needed to get back to work. Bianca reappeared from the other room and told Zach that she was well aware that Kendall was the one that wanted her and Reese to move out because of jealousy over Zach's connection with Reese. Zach encouraged her to focus on her family and her upcoming nuptials.

Jesse removed the handcuffs from David and gave him a deadline by which to have both Angie and Jake reinstated. As insurance, Jesse informed him that he would have the pills he discovered analyzed and an arrest warrant prepared in case David changed his mind. After he exited the property, Krystal came out from her hiding place and David immediately demanded to know who had been in the house. She tried to convince him that she didn't know, but David knew she was lying and demanded she stop covering for the perpetrator. He started to threaten her if she wouldn't divulge the desired information but she balked and demanded to know when the cycle of revenge would end. He apologized for dragging her into his plans, and said that she was all he had left. He told her that what it boiled down to is that everything he did was so that he could be with her. When she heard that, she instantly forgave him and let him wrap her in his arms.

Aidan made his way back into Annie's room and caught Annie up to speed. He told her that Dr. Sinclair knew Richie but didn't know if he had been a patient of hers or if they had been in love. He tells her that it may mean that Dr. Sinclair wants revenge on Annie, and Annie worried that she would actually end up in jail. Aidan told her that they would use Dr. Sinclair's past as a way to keep Annie out of jail and as Annie hugged him in thanks, Dr. Sinclair looked in on them from the hall. He encouraged her to stay strong and promised to do as much work as he could from his end. Annie warned him that he could get into serious trouble if he went too far, but he told her that he would be fine. Just then, an orderly came in and escorted him out of Annie's room. When the door slammed shut behind him, Aidan continued to work both sides, spinning his most recent experience into something Sinclair wanted to hear. Once she left, the orderly worked to get him back in his room. As they stood in the hall, Aidan heard Ryan's voice. Aidan quickly asked to use the bathroom, but seconds later reappeared and showed himself to Ryan.

Jesse went to the hospital and in front of Tad and Frankie, he told Jake and Angie that they had their jobs back and that all of the charges against Angie had been dropped. They wanted to know how Jesse had managed that, but Jesse thought it would be best if fewer people knew the inner workings of his processes.

Bianca wrapped up a phone call with a travel agent and said that they should celebrate because everything was on track. Reese didn't want to ignore the fact that Kendall hated her. Bianca denied it, but Reese started to say that she sure that they would have been better off if Kendall hadn't woken up, but Bianca cut her off mid-sentence. Across town, Zach arrived home and after he told her that her sister and Reese were settled in, she remarked that it should have been done sooner. He tried to gloss it over with a kiss goodnight but she pulled away from him.

Greenlee went back to Fusion and found Erica back at work, and they talked about a cease fire for the good of the company.

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