One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 2, 2009 on OLTL

Téa confessed to killing Janet in self-defense. Natalie and Jessica argued over Bree and Chloe. David accepted Dorian's marriage proposal. Clint offered Rex a bonus to stop the wedding. Ray warned Téa that Vanessa had time to turn Lola against Ray as long as Ray remained in jail. Blair warned Marty to stay away from John.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 2, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, February 2, 2009

It Takes Téa to Tango

At the police station, Bo and Nora questioned Antonio and Talia about Lee Halpern's possible whereabouts. Nora was certain that her case against Todd would be damaged without Lee's testimony. Antonio assured them that Lee couldn't have gotten far.

Bo received a call and was given a tip concerning Lee, but soon realized that he had been given false information. Bo believed that someone was deliberately trying to point him in the wrong direction. He suspected that Lee might seek out Todd in hopes of obtaining money for her getaway.

When Téa entered Todd's home, she discovered him twirling a bloody knife and kneeling over Lee's dead body. Todd exclaimed, "She's dead!" A frightened Téa asked if Todd had murdered Lee. Todd divulged that he had returned home and found his door opened. Inside, he discovered Lee had been stabbed to death. He stated that he picked up the murder weapon out of shock, but assured her that he hadn't murdered Lee, although he wished that he had. Téa insisted on calling the police, but Todd reminded her that no one would believe that he was innocent of the crime. Téa agreed that Todd would be considered the prime suspect.

Todd insinuated that Téa might have committed the murder because she believed that Lee could possibly cause her to lose a case. Téa denied that she could murder anyone, but accepted blame for encouraging Todd to publish the damaging article concerning Lee's crimes. Téa feared that one of Lee's past victims had killed her out of revenge. Picking up her cell phone, Téa attempted to phone the police but Todd stopped her. He announced that he wanted her help in dumping Lee's body where the body would never be found. A terrified Téa tried to reason with him, but Todd was determined to conceal the crime. As Todd headed upstairs to make plans, Téa phoned Antonio. Todd overheard Téa informing Antonio that Lee had been discovered at Todd's home. Feeling betrayed, Todd grabbed Téa and demanded to know why she had turned against him. Todd made an attempt to flee, but Téa instructed him to shut up and do exactly as she asked.

At La Boulaie, Langston checked in on Starr. Langston was concerned when Starr insisted that she had betrayed Cole. Starr told Langston that she had learned that Todd had attempted suicide. She revealed that she had wrestled with the guilt over sending her father to prison. Admitting that she had needed someone to talk to, Starr told her friend that she had discussed her fear of testifying against her father with Mr. Joplin. Because Schuyler had lost his mother, Starr claimed that he understood her dilemma. Langston couldn't understand why Starr hadn't confided in her, and asked her friend about her experience on the witness stand earlier. Langston was outraged when she learned that Starr had lied about Todd's intention to steal her baby. Starr pleaded with Langston to understand her need to protect her father, but Langston expressed her belief that Todd would do anything to avoid prison.

Langston reminded Starr that she had committed perjury, and warned her that Nora might possibly make her pay, but Starr didn't believe that Nora would seek revenge against her. Before storming off, Langston told Starr that Todd had caused pain to everyone - even Starr's own child.

Markko found Cole drinking a beer in Angel Square Park. Realizing that his friend was in great pain, Markko offered to take him home, but Cole replied, "I can't go home after what I've done!" When Markko pressed the issue, Cole admitted to taking painkillers. Markko suddenly recalled several instances in which he observed Cole in the presence of Asher, the school drug pusher. Believing that Markko was judging him, Cole accused his friend of interfering. Markko assured Cole that he had no intention of reporting him. He only wanted to be a friend. Cole admitted that he had entertained the thought of purchasing a gun and killing Todd. He said that he didn't care if he had hurt Todd or the person who had helped him commit the crime against his mother and child. Cole stated that someone still needed to pay for his pain. When Markko expressed his fear over Cole seeking revenge, Cole held up his bag of pills and replied, "I don't need revenge because I have these!"

Markko wondered if Cole would continue his drug use if the problems in his life grew worse. A troubled Cole pointed in the direction of the Angel Square Hotel and stated that his mother would rather spend time with a stranger than with her son. Markko pleaded with his friend to think about his future, and finally convinced Cole to allow Markko to drive him home.

Schuyler visited his mother's grave. Grasping the letter that she had written before her death, Schuyler spoke to his dead mother. He acknowledged that she had allowed Todd to blackmail her in an attempt to protect him. Schuyler was determined to protect his mother's reputation. Schuyler read his mother's letter. Dr. Joplin revealed to her son that Lee Halpern was an accomplice to the crime, and believed that Lee had more knowledge of Todd's wrongdoings than she did. He said that Todd deserved to pay for his crime, but not at the expense of Schuyler's mother. Vowing to keep his mother's secret, Schuyler insisted that the only person who knew of his mother's involvement would never tell. Schuyler maintained that the only witness was gone, and the only thing that could implicate Todd was the letter. Schuyler received a call from Starr. She thanked him for his help and for understanding her need to protect her father. Afterward, Schuyler lit a flame to his mother's letter and watched as it turned to ashes.

Appearing defeated, Marty entered Wes's apartment and picked up a bottle of liquor. Wes prevented her from taking a drink and asked what was bothering her. When Marty revealed that Lee Halpern had escaped, Wes wondered if the police had any leads concerning her whereabouts. After Marty told him that Starr had recanted her testimony, Wes informed Marty that he had a confession to make. Wes revealed his connection to Lee. Although stunned by Wes's revelation, Marty realized that they shared many things in common.

Marty was surprised when Wes related that Lee could never hurt either of them again. Wes said that Lee had a habit of finding a victim and causing pain to the person. Marty revealed that she had paid Lee a visit. She said that Lee had assured her that she wanted to testify against Todd and put him behind bars. When Wes told her that she couldn't believe Lee, Marty related that she did believe Lee. With a look of sadness, Marty recalled that she had also believed Todd. She then insisted that she had a bad habit of trusting the wrong people. Marty expressed her fear that Todd would get away with yet another crime. Wes told Marty that people always got what they deserved, and insisted that there were other ways to hurt someone other than putting them in jail. Wes told Marty that she was a good person and insisted that good people always won in the end.

When Marty tried to take a drink, Wes stopped her. She asked, "How am I going to feel better?" Attempting to kiss her, Wes remarked that he wished that he could take away Marty's pain.

Back at the station, Nora and Bo waited to hear from Antonio and Talia.

Inside Todd's house, Téa held the bloody knife and smeared the blood across her hands and face. Todd was unsure of Téa's plan, but she told him to trust her. Meanwhile, Antonio and Talia arrived and rang the doorbell. When Todd opened the door, Antonio and Talia were shocked by what they witnessed. Covered in blood and holding the murder weapon, a teary-eyed Téa exclaimed, "Lee Halpern is here and I killed her!"

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Souls Laid Bear

Marty pulled back from her kiss with Wes, who apologized for being forward, realizing they were just friends. Marty didn't blame him, and said her relactance was because of Todd having taken advantage of her. She told Wes she wasn't ready to be intimate with anyone. Wes had another theory, however: he suspected she was hung up on John McBain. Marty vehemently denied his accusation, and insisted she couldn't stand John. She ranted about John's inability to separate the Marty he knew from the Marty she had become, and his constant attempts to keep her from living her life on her own terms. Wes was skeptical, and said that her passionate rebuttal just furthered his case. He challenged Marty to admit her confused feelings for her former lover, suggesting it would bring some peace to her chaotic mind.

Marty was still angry that John had saved Todd from drowning below the Palace Hotel, but Wes said John had only done it because he knew Marty was not a remorseless killer. Wes told her John had done her a favor, and as a soldier, he knew: "Killing changes people." Marty didn't agree with Wes's assessment of her personality; she said she was neither gentle nor law-abiding, and she was not the woman John remembered. Marty said that "the new her" was capable of anything, and that she wished Todd and Lee Halpern nothing but the worst in life. She admitted she felt a residual connection to John, but said there was no point in exploring it or reconnecting to those memories. Marty told Wes that she could not trust John or anyone the way she had trusted Todd and Lee, because it would only get her hurt.

At the Buchanan mansion, Cole, still "under the influence," staggered up to his bedroom only to find Matthew inside, ready to light up a joint. Furious, Cole snatched the joint out of the boy's hands, and threatened to bust him to his parents. Matthew pleaded with Cole, and said he'd only bought the joint to impress his would-be girlfriend, Becca, whose attention was being stolen by rival student, Justin. Matthew accused Cole of being a hypocrite for lecturing him when he was using pain pills. He warned that if Cole "narced" him out, he would expose Cole's own drug use.

The boys' stalemate was interrupted by Renee's arrival, which forced Cole to hide Matthew's joint in his dresser. Renee chewed Matthew out for lying to her about his being grounded in order to sneak out and go to the concert at Ultra Violet. After sending Matthew to his room, Renee questioned Cole about the tension between the boys. Cole covered by saying that he was still angry about Starr lying on the stand at Todd's trial. When the topic turned to Lee Halpern, Cole muttered that Lee would get what was coming to her. Renee tried to comfort Cole, but he was still outraged by Starr's betrayal and said that their relationship would never be the same. After Renee exited, a stormy Cole impulsively reached for the joint that Matthew had left behind.

At La Boulaie, Blair paid a visit to Starr's bedroom to check on her daughter. Starr expected Blair to be furious with her after her performance in court, but Blair said she wasn't angry; she simply wanted to know why Starr had done it. Blair asked if Todd or Téa had gotten to her before the trial and influenced her in any way, but Starr claimed she hadn't spoken to either of them. Starr told her mother she couldn't have lived with putting her father in prison forever, and, in Starr's position, Blair couldn't have done it, either. Starr accused Blair of feeling the same ties to Todd that she did. Blair said she understood Starr's feelings, but warned her daughter that perjury was a serious offense. Blair reminded Starr that she would be in trouble if Lee Halpern were found and contradicted her testimony. She comforted Starr, and said she would always be on her side. After Blair left, Starr was surprised by a visit from Jack, who gave her back "Freddy the Magic Frog." Jack told her he'd eavesdropped on her argument with Langston, and wanted to thank her for "saving Dad" from prison.

At Todd's house, Antonio and Talia found the blood-drenched Téa's tearful confession extremely dubious. Téa insisted that she had killed Lee Halpern in self-defense. While Talia inspected the crime scene, Antonio grilled Téa on her story. Téa spun a wild yarn about how she had come to Todd's to go over the case, only to find a hysterical Lee brandishing a knife; Téa said that she accidentally stabbed the con artist during a physical struggle. Antonio asked Téa if she really wanted to go with that statement, and accused her of trying to protect Todd from a murder rap. Talia warned her that lying would make her an accessory to murder, but Téa turned it around, accusing Talia of negligence by allowing Lee to escape police custody. Antonio asked Todd about his alibi, and found it wanting when Todd repeated his story about going to La Boulaie to see Starr, but speaking to no one. Téa was adamant that Todd was innocent, and reiterated that she had killed Lee to defend herself. Antonio responded by promptly placing her under arrest as the forensics team swooped in to photograph and tag Lee's corpse. Defiant to the last, Téa told Antonio to get her booking over with, as she and Todd had court to prepare for in the morning.

At Rodi's, Schuyler mused aloud to anyone who would listen about his mother. Behind the bar, John began to subtly question him about Dr. Joplin's connection to the Manning case. Schuyler told John that his mother was a good person and a devoted doctor who took pride in caring for healthy children. He said Lee Halpern's testimony would have destroyed his mother's reputation, but fortunately, Lee was "gone." Just as Schuyler recognized John as the cop who had saved Marty from Todd's clutches, Blair arrived. She greeted John and Mr. Joplin, and Schuyler skulked away to continue drowning his sorrows.

Nearby, Gigi waited on Rex and Jared as they conspired about the "David Vickaroshi" situation. Rex related to Jared what he'd learned about Dorian's scheme, and explained that she had handed La Boulaie over to Moe before trying to get David to follow her example and sign any future assets over to a shell company. Jared didn't understand how Dorian could have learned the truth, but Rex suspected that Beaver Calhoun was involved. As Jared attempted to contact Clint and Bo, Rex tried to figure out a way to preempt Dorian before she could get control of David's newfound fortune. Jared reluctantly concluded that they had to beat Dorian to the punch by telling David the truth about his heritage before Dorian could take control of Buchanan Enterprises.

Back at the bar, Blair asked John about Lee Halpern's whereabouts, but John told her there was no news. Blair continued to fear for Starr's future if Lee turned up and challenged Starr's perjured testimony, but John reassured her that Nora would not turn on Starr just to get to Todd. Blair agonized over the hold Todd continued to have on his children, and counted herself lucky for being free from his sway. John didn't look so sure. As John turned the bar over to Gigi for the evening, he exited with Blair, only to shoot Schuyler a final glance on their way out.

In Angel Square Park, David and Dorian descended from their triumphant pilgrimage to Llantano Mountain, with David luxuriating in the glory of nature as Dorian froze to death in a red hoodie. Dorian attempted to share in David's enthusiasm, but David saw through her act and asked her to tell him the truth about her sudden fascination with the Buddhist path. Dorian insisted that she had changed, and was desperate to find the same inner peace that he had. David was sure she had another motive, and Dorian admitted he was right; she was still in love with him. Dorian said she was following David on his difficult path in order to prove herself to him, and asked him if he didn't regret leaving her at the altar on Spencer's orders several years before. David assured her he regretted giving her up. Dorian emotionally explained that after losing Mel, she'd given up hope for love, only to find it again with David, and she wasn't willing to give it up so easily. Dropping to one knee, she popped the question: "David Vickaroshi, will you marry me?"

Stunned, David admitted his desire for his ex, but reminded Dorian that he had dedicated himself to celibacy. Dorian countered that the vow of celibacy was only for monks, not a "traveler" like David, and said that their love was pure and true. She told David that she respected his path, that she would be the one to change for him, and that their love would be the vehicle for her own spiritual journey. Urging him to allow them to "walk towards nirvana" together, Dorian begged David to accept her proposal. Struck, David told her he needed to "meditate on it" until morning, and promised he would give her an answer the next day. After he'd left, Dorian gloated aloud that she would soon be "Mrs. David Buchanan," as a passing Rex listened in.

A musical montage began as different citizens of Llanview faced the night: At the Angel Square Hotel, Wes tucked Marty into bed and brooded by the window, while John and Blair headed for John's apartment. When John paused outside Wes and Marty's door, Marty found herself staring back at his direction from inside. In his room at the Buchanan mansion, Cole raged about Starr, and stared mournfully at a cell phone picture of the two of them together. At La Boulaie, Starr lay on her bed with Freddy the Magic Frog, and was pleased to see a text message from Mr. Joplin asking how she was. She texted him back, thanking him for understanding, while Schuyler continued to sit alone by the bar at Rodi's. And at Todd's, the forensics team wheeled Lee's body out of the house, while Antonio and Talia escorted the handcuffed Téa away, leaving Todd to look on helplessly.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Not So Sweet Charity

Téa went to Todd's house to pick him up for court. She told him that she had been questioned about Lee Halpern's death, but was not charged with a crime. However, Téa didn't underestimate Nora. She expected Nora to come after her, with guns blazing, if she could build a case against Téa. Todd asked Téa if she regretted taking responsibility for Lee's stabbing. Téa was silent for a long moment before she softly replied, "No." Téa said that she believed Todd was innocent. Todd pointed out that whoever killed Lee, intended to frame him. That person also knew that Téa's confession was a lie.

Marty stopped by Rodi's before going to court. John was there to pour her a cup of coffee. When he realized that Marty had not heard about Lee's demise, John showed Marty the morning edition of the paper. Marty was stunned to learn about Lee's death and Téa's confession. Wes walked up as John and Marty were discussing the possibility that Todd had killed Lee. Marty was convinced that Todd murdered Lee to keep her from testifying against him.

When John stepped away to take a phone call, Wes quietly thanked Marty for not telling John about his connection to Lee. Marty brushed his concerns aside. She told him that he could trust her. Wes reciprocated the sentiment. John stood nearby and watched Marty and Wes intently.

Wes walked Marty to the door as she prepared to leave for the courthouse. He told Marty that he hoped that Todd would get what he deserved. Marty appreciated his support. She promised to return to Rodi's after court let out. When Wes returned to his duties, John commented that he found Wes's reaction to Lee's death curious. John said that he had the impression that Wes personally knew Lee. Wes remained silent as he continued to work. A short time later, John called his friend Fish to ask him to run a background check on Wes.

At the Buchanan mansion, Clint was shocked when Rex told him that Dorian intended to marry David to get her hands on the Buchanan fortune. He was only marginally relieved when Rex went on to explain that, from his point of view, David didn't appear to buy Dorian's act. Renee's entrance interrupted their talk. Renee was upset and guilt-ridden after learning of Lee's violent end. Clint pointed out that Lee had many enemies; there was nothing Renee could have done to save her friend.

Renee received a second blow when Clint changed the subject to inform her of Dorian's scheme to marry David. Clint and Rex warned Renee that Dorian wouldn't waste any time throwing the entire family out of the mansion. All agreed that the best course of action would be to go to David with the truth about his paternity. Clint thought it was better than the alternative-welcoming Dorian into the family.

David went to Llanfair to ask Viki for advice about Dorian's proposal. Viki didn't understand why David would be willing to risk his newfound inner peace to be with Dorian. David explained that Dorian was a changed woman. She had given up all her worldly possessions to show him that she was sincere. Viki burst out into gales of laughter over the idea of Dorian embracing David's new lifestyle. David was hurt by his trusted friend's reaction. Viki sobered instantly. She reminded David that Dorian had a long history of lying and cheating to get what she wanted. Viki was certain that Dorian had some kind of agenda. David was disappointed; he loved Dorian. Realizing that David had feelings for Dorian, Viki amended her advice. She told David to follow his heart, even if it told him to marry Dorian.

Shortly after David left, Rex showed up at Llanfair's back door. He was frantic to find David. At first, Viki was reluctant to say anything to Rex about David's private business, but when she realized that Rex knew about the proposal, she relented. She told Rex that if she had to guess, David went to see Dorian. Rex took off like a flash.

At La Boulaie, Dorian left a message at the center for David. The message was: If you say yes, the world will be our "illumined" oyster.

After she ended the call, Dorian strolled into her living room. She stopped short when she saw Moe and Noelle, dressed to the nines, being served breakfast by a Swedish butler named Sven. Her good mood evaporated when Moe announced that he would like for her family to move out of his new home as soon as they could. Things went from bad to worse when Moe revealed that he intended to rename the mansion "La Maison du Stubbs."

Dorian's temper erupted. She ranted that Moe and Noelle were hillbillies who didn't have the sense to know that the new name that Moe had chosen for the mansion wasn't even proper French. Mid-tirade, David walked in. Dorian's attitude made a complete 180-turn the moment she spotted David. Dorian flashed a radiant smile as she told David that he had arrived just in time to witness her sign legal papers that would make the transfer of her wealth and belongings to Moe official. Dorian backed up her words by signing Moe's papers. At David's request, Dorian followed David into the foyer.

Once they were alone, David went down on bended knee to assume the "traditional bow of acceptance" position. Dorian was overjoyed when David told her that he would marry her.

Later, Rex arrived at La Boulaie. In a combination of broken English and pantomime, Sven managed to let Rex know that Dorian and David had flown to Las Vegas to get married.

In the hallway of the courthouse, Blair talked to Starr about Lee's death. They were discussing the ramifications of Lee's death to Nora's case when Cole walked up. His anger was palpable. When Starr asked to have a private word with Cole, Blair seemed reluctant to leave her daughter's side. However, Starr insisted until Blair relented. As Blair walked into the courtroom, Starr turned to Cole.

Unfortunately, nothing that Starr said managed to mollify Cole. He was furious because Starr had lied on the stand to help Todd's case. Starr tried to explain that she couldn't send her father to jail after she had discovered that Todd had attempted suicide. She feared that prison would give Todd the opportunity to carry through with his plans to kill himself. As they were talking, Téa and Todd arrived at the courthouse.

In the courtroom, Bo and Nora talked about Téa's confession. Neither believed that Téa had killed Lee. Nora was convinced that Todd was ultimately responsible for Lee's death. When Blair walked in, they shared their suspicions with her. Nora couldn't understand what would motivate Téa to confess to a crime that she did not commit.

As people began filtering into the courtroom, the judge arrived. He didn't waste any time bringing up Lee's death. Nora demanded that he remove Téa as Todd's counsel because of the circumstances surrounding Lee's death. Téa, meanwhile, asked the judge to dismiss the charges against Todd. Marty, who had walked in while Téa was talking, made a snide remark. The judge didn't appreciate Marty's outburst. He asked her to "please be seated and silent." before he turned his attention back to the two attorneys. When they approached his bench, Téa pointed out that she had not been charged with a crime, so there was no reason for her to step down as Todd's lawyer.

Nora opted for a different method of persuasion. She turned to the courtroom to ask anyone who didn't believe that Todd was guilty of killing Lee and that Téa was covering up for his "sorry ass" to speak up. No one spoke up in defense of Todd. The judge was not pleased with Nora's stunt. Nora ignored his ire and asked for a continuance so that she could reorganize her case. The judge didn't think that Nora had a case against Todd. He ordered both attorneys to return to their places, then asked Todd to rise. When Todd stood, the judge rendered his verdict. He said that the state had failed to prove their case against Todd so he had no choice but to find Todd not guilty. Marty was shattered. She dropped her head into her hands as Todd looked over at her.

Nora refused to be thwarted. Disbelief rippled through the courtroom when Nora ordered the bailiff to arrest Starr Manning.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Guilty As Sin

As Nora demanded that Starr be arrested for perjury, everyone looked on in disbelief when the teen was handcuffed. Nora dramatically pointed out that the girl knew right from wrong when she changed her story. She further accused Téa of silencing one witness and killing another, and wondered if there was anything that the attorney wouldn't do for her client, Todd. She added that everyone in town knew that Todd was guilty of murdering Janet, but she was placing Starr in jail instead, since Todd was exonerated from all of his crimes. Both Téa and Blair reacted strongly to Starr's arrest, protesting loudly. Todd spoke up quietly, asking the district attorney what she wanted. Nora was ready, responding quickly. She wanted a full admission of guilt from him, on every issue that had been covered in court.

Téa immediately objected, citing the judge's ruling that there was no evidence to support Nora's claims in the first place. Exasperated, Nora pointed out how that was always the way with Todd, but she wanted retribution for Marty. She wanted justice for Starr's baby. She also accused Téa of making a mockery of the justice system. If Todd cared about these people, he would do right by them, Nora stated. She suggested, "Look them in the eye and tell them what you did." Todd was momentarily pulled in two directions as both sides continued to argue about what should happen next.

Spying the Bible nearby, Todd placed his hand on it and swore to tell the truth. His first declaration was to admit that what he did to Marty was wrong and he knew it all along. He got the idea when he first found her at Ramsey's place and thought that he could erase his sordid past. Speaking in a halting voice, Todd confessed that he thought about Marty and had hated himself every day of his life since their college days. He wanted to start over but thought only of himself. He praised her for the decent life she had created for herself and confessed how he had manipulated her by never mentioning any of that life. He made her feel that the outside world was unsafe, even as he told her she was free to go, he went on. He knew that she would never leave. She never got to make her own decisions about him because he never gave her enough information in order to make those decisions. He professed his love, but realized that her love couldn't be real, since she hadn't known the truth of their past. Even though she said she loved him, it couldn't have been with her full consent. Therefore, he knew what he had done to her was rape.

Téa's attempt to quiet Todd was unsuccessful as he continued to talk. He ended by stating that because he didn't force Marty, he thought things were different. He apologized. A tearful Marty ran out of the courtroom with John in close pursuit. As Todd turned his attentions to Starr, she attempted to leave, not wanting to hear what her dad had to say. He yelled at her to stop. Reluctantly, she returned. He owned up to his plan of wanting to steal her baby, the reason being that he thought she would regret giving it up some day. He was planning on giving the baby back when she was ready to raise it herself, he clarified. He put an end to the plot but it was too late, as Janet had already taken the baby. He never expected the child to be sick, and would live with her death hanging over him for the rest of his life.

At the conclusion of Todd's confessions, Nora had Starr released. Starr shrugged Blair off, telling her mom that she needed to be alone. She saw Cole taking another pill out in the hallway. Nora congratulated Téa on beating the system again. Sarcastically, Téa asked if Nora wanted Todd to open a vein. "Not close," she replied. Téa told her client he was a free man. He thanked her and tenderly brushed her hair out of her face. Blair lingered nearby. As Téa turned to go, Blair stepped up and slapped her.

Roxy brought Shane to Rodi's for a lunch break and did her best to pry information from Gigi regarding the case that Rex was working on. She immediately guessed that it was for the Buchanans. In response to Roxy's questioning, Gigi replied that she knew about it because she was Rex's wife. She cut herself short before the entire word was out of her mouth. The conversation quickly turned to marriage, with Shane wondering when his parents would tie the knot.

Seated on the airplane to Vegas, Dorian continued to impress David with her happiness regarding her new beliefs. David began a chant to promote positive energy on the plane while Dorian daydreamed of the day she would burst into the Buchanan mansion and toss its residents out the door. "My future has never looked brighter," she informed her future husband.

In anguish, Rex made it to the Buchanan mansion and related that Dorian and David were on their way to Las Vegas to be married. He had just missed them. Clint's first thought was to stop the plane. As he put in a call to the airline, his cell phone began to ring. It was Dorian, who wanted him to know that she had fallen in love again, with someone who would give her everything. She added that her new man reminded her of Clint. Moreover, she also was feeling the thrill of winning. Before hanging up, she advised him to enjoy what he had while he had it.

Clint had a new idea after hearing Dorian flaunt her knowledge and actions under his nose. He made an enticing offer to Rex, betting that the young man would be able to stop the marriage using any means available. He would give Rex a bonus of $100,000 on top of his regular fee. Eyes lighting up, Rex accepted the proposal.

Returning to his seat with a cup of tea for Dorian as she ended the call, David wondered who had been on the phone. While she thought maybe David was jealous, he informed her that he no longer had the capabilities for those types of feelings. She was happy about the rebound sex she had with him after she broke up with Clint, she explained, as he asked about her smile. He asked again about her phone call with Clint. Answering that David had inspired her, she had called Clint to make amends. David expressed how proud he was of her. He added that he really liked Clint, but thought the man was under too much stress by running his company. He felt that if Clint lost the company he'd get some relief.

Arriving in Vegas, the flight attendant congratulated the pair on their upcoming nuptials. David urged "Mrs. David Vikeroshi" to follow him off the plane. "Mrs. David Buchanan," Dorian mumbled.

At Llanfair, Bree sat and colored with Natalie while still ignoring any comments directed at her by Jessica. When the new nanny was summoned into the kitchen to take Bree and Chloe, Natalie expressed her displeasure. She could have helped take care of the girls, same as usual, she told her sister. Jessica reminded Natalie that Jessica was their mother, not Natalie. She felt that Natalie was judging her, and while she didn't owe her an explanation, she reminded Natalie that she needed to have therapy several days a week and needed the extra help. She felt that Natalie was making it difficult for her. She was grateful to both Natalie and Jared for looking after her daughters while she was away, but she had been declared well, she continued.

Natalie assured her sister that while she and Jared made sure to keep their bedroom door locked from the inside, they were not going anywhere. They also would not let their guard down around Jessica ever again. While Jessica wanted to move on, Natalie revealed that she still had anxiety attacks every night. As voices became raised, Jessica yelled that the only thing she could do was apologize and state again that the children were not Natalie's. She accused Natalie of being cruel and driving a wedge between Jessica and her children. She was trying to be a good mother, she insisted. Natalie decided that Jessica had the same look about her that she did when she tried to kill Natalie and Jared.

Jessica insisted that Tess was gone, and felt that Natalie should stay out of her face if she didn't want to see Jessica angry. Natalie maintained that Jessica was lucky that baby Chloe was even alive, considering that she never went to a doctor regularly during her pregnancy. Once again, Jessica reminded Natalie that the baby was Jessica's.

Left alone, Jessica gave herself a pep talk, muttering that no one could take her children away. Looking up, she saw Starr standing in the doorway.

Rex stopped at Rodi's to let his family know he was leaving unexpectedly, on a "search and rescue" mission. Gigi confided that she had a bad feeling about the trip, as Roxy teased the pair. She urged Gigi to go with Rex, offering to watch Shane while they were gone. She'd even fill John in on Gigi's sudden job desertion. Gigi agreed to go and the couple departed. Shane and Roxy made a wager on when the couple might marry. Shane was happy to spend time with his grandmother.

John followed Marty to the pier. Slowly, she walked to him and embraced him.

On the flight to Vegas, Rex felt confident that he would be able to locate Dorian and David and stop their wedding. He had his lucky charm with him, he told Gigi.

Friday, February 6, 2009

(She Can't Get No) Satisfaction

At Llanfair, Jessica, who believed that she was alone, declared that Natalie would never succeed at taking Chloe away from her. To her surprise, Jessica turned around and discovered Starr standing in the room. Starr wondered why Jessica was afraid that someone would take her child away from her. Jessica explained that she had been away from her daughter for such a long time and often feared that she would lose the child.

Jessica apologized for stirring up memories of Hope, but Starr believed that her dead child was still with her. When Jessica inquired about Todd's trial, Starr stated that she had paid a visit to Llanfair to discuss the matter with Viki. After informing Starr that Viki was unavailable, Jessica offered to take her mother's place. Starr updated Jessica on what had taken place at the courthouse. Starr blamed herself for allowing Todd to get away with trying to steal her child, but Jessica took responsibility for it. Jessica told Starr that her alter ego, Tess, had knowledge of Todd's plan to abduct the child, but explained that Jessica didn't remember any of the details.

When Starr mentioned that Lee Halpern had been murdered, Jessica experienced a flashback of the night she overheard Todd instructing "Janet" to be present in the delivery room. After hearing Chloe's cries from the baby monitor, Jessica excused herself to check on the child. Alone, Starr listened to Chloe cry and cradled the little girl's toy. Starr was delighted when Jessica returned with Chloe. The sight of Chloe made Starr remember saying goodbye to Hope inside Dr. Joplin's office. Upon learning that Hope had been taken to Dr. Joplin's office, Jessica had a memory of Tess pleading with her baby to cry. Jessica appeared troubled and confused. After allowing Starr to hold Chloe, Jessica remarked that Starr's interaction with the child seemed natural. Starr suddenly became upset. She handed the child to Jessica and ran off.

Jessica received a call from Dr. Levin. He requested that she pay him a visit as soon as possible. Assuring him that she was fine, Jessica promised to come right away.

On the flight to Vegas, Rex and Gigi discussed locating Dorian and David. After assuring Gigi that they would arrive in time to prevent the couple from exchanging wedding vows, Rex mentioned that perhaps he and Gigi might exchange vows of their own during the trip. Rex was surprised when Gigi informed him that she wanted to wait awhile before they wed. Gigi said that she wanted to have Shane with them on their big day. Gigi also expressed her regret that her parents would never attend her wedding. She informed Rex that her father had kicked her out of the house after learning that she was pregnant with Shane. Rex was appalled that Gigi's parents didn't support her during the pregnancy, and vowed that Shane would always have loving and concerned parents by his side.

Rex and Gigi arrived in Vegas. Rex believed that he had tracked Dorian and David to their hotel but was uncertain of their actual whereabouts. Rex noticed a poster that featured a stripper whose stage name was "Gigi." As he teased Gigi about sharing a striking resemblance to the stripper, the woman in the poster stood nearby and observed the couple. Noticing a nearby wedding chapel, Rex grabbed Gigi and announced that they had located David and Dorian. Swinging open the chapel doors, Rex screamed, "Stop the wedding!" The woman from the poster continued to watch them. Pointing to his watch, a man interrupted her thoughts and said, "Gigi, you're on in five." Realizing that she was preoccupied, the man stated, "What's wrong with you? You look like you've seen a ghost!" The woman replied, "Something like that!"

Antonio, Cris, Vanessa, Lola, and Layla celebrated Talia's birthday at Rodi's. Upon overhearing Talia state that she wanted to learn the truth surrounding Lee Halpern's murder, Wes appeared extremely nervous. He continued to listen as Lola inquired about the knife that was used to kill Lee. Lola informed the group that her mother had also been stabbed in the heart. Angered by Lola's statement, Vanessa chastised the teen for bringing up her mother's murder, and reminded her that Ray was the culprit. As Vanessa ushered Lola away to discuss the matter in private, Layla commented on Vanessa's rude behavior. Cris defended his wife, but Layla suggested that Vanessa wasn't a good parent. Although Talia attempted to quiet her friend, Layla ridiculed Cris for marrying Vanessa and abandoning Sarah. Cris was relieved when Fish arrived and turned the focus of the conversation away from Cris. Fish related that he had made arrangements to meet John at the bar.

When Fish learned that Layla had plans to attend the Go Red Ball, he asked her to save him a dance. A nervous Layla agreed.

Nearby, Vanessa demanded to know why Lola was being disrespectful towards her. Lola expressed her concern that Ray might be innocent of her mother's murder, but Vanessa continued to tell the teen that Ray was guilty. Vanessa reminded Lola that they had begun a new life with Cris. When Lola mentioned that Cris had only married Vanessa so that they could remain in the country, Vanessa informed her stepdaughter that her relationship with Cris had developed into something deeper. Insisting that she needed some time to herself, Lola asked to be excused.

Inside the courtroom, Blair slapped Téa. Blair was certain that Téa had caused Starr to commit perjury. Blair also blamed Téa for allowing Todd to escape prison time. She wondered if Téa had saved Todd because she wanted to sleep with him. Denying any involvement in Starr's actions on the witness stand, Téa suggested that Blair devote her time to keeping up with John's whereabouts and stop worrying about Todd. Realizing that she was striking a nerve, Téa remarked that Blair should be concerned about John's feelings toward Marty. After threatening to physically harm Téa, Blair assured Téa that she was secure in her relationship with John. Blair stormed off.

Meanwhile, Téa received a call from Ray, who wanted to know if she had made any progress in convincing Lola that he was innocent. When Téa mentioned that she had been preoccupied with Todd's case, Ray reminded her that Todd's case was meant to be a cover for the real reason she had returned to Llanview. Téa told Ray that Lola had become suspicious of Vanessa and believed that he could possibly be innocent. Téa informed Ray that she was responsible for Todd being a free man and promised that Ray would receive the same result. Concerned about Lola, Ray asked Téa about Cristian's character. With a tone of regret, Téa stated that Cris was a great person. She feared how the Vega family would react to the news that she had been using them. Téa was certain that they would never forgive her. Before hanging up with Ray, Téa promised, "I will get Lola to talk one way or another!" As she turned to leave, Téa was startled to discover Lola standing nearby.

At the pier, John and Marty shared an embrace. Pulling away from John, Marty acknowledged that she was confused about her feelings for John. Still reeling from Todd's confession, Marty blamed Todd for ruining her life and lashed out at John for saving Todd's life on New Year's Eve. John explained that he saved Todd for Marty's sake, but she maintained that she wanted him dead. Marty became agitated when John remarked that she wasn't the type of person who would cause someone's death. As a frustrated Marty announced that she had feelings for John, Blair appeared in the shadows. Unnoticed, Blair listened to John and Marty's conversation. Marty told John that she didn't understand her feelings for him because they belonged to the "old" Marty. John urged her to express her feelings, but Marty insisted that it didn't matter because John was dating Blair. To Blair's horror, John announced that he wasn't concerned with Blair - he wanted to discuss the situation between him and Marty. Unable to handle her emotions, Marty pleaded with John to leave her alone at the pier. John reluctantly agreed and left.

As Marty tried to collect her thoughts, Blair approached her and demanded that she stay away from John. Although Marty assured Blair that she had no interest in John, Blair wasn't convinced. In an attempt to hurt Marty, Blair rehashed Marty's past as a party girl. Marty listened as Blair reminded her that she enjoyed playing the victim and hoping that someone would rescue her. Fed up with Blair's ranting, Marty stated that the men who rescued her obviously had a strong desire to do so. Blair warned Marty to back off and insisted that John belonged to her. In a snide tone Marty replied, "Are you sure about that?" Blair reached out to strike Marty, but Marty ducked and Blair fell into the lake.

Back at Rodi's, John noticed a deep cut on Wes's arm. When John asked how the bartender had injured himself, Wes claimed that he had cut himself on a beer bottle while working. Moments later, John asked Fish if he had completed his investigation of Wes Granger. Fish presented John with a file of Wes's personal history. Fish informed John that Wes didn't have any criminal history and wondered why John was interested in him. John told Fish that he was worried about a friend that was involved with Wes. As John continued to search Wes's file, he was shocked to learn of Wes's connection to Lee Halpern. John discovered that Lee had seduced Wes's father and later cheated him out of his money. Lee Halpern had destroyed Wes's family. John stared at an unsuspecting Wes.

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