One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 9, 2009 on OLTL

Gigi's sister Stacy turned up in Llanview. Todd and John overreacted to Wes's treatment of Marty. Téa punched Marty. David learned that he was Asa's son. Matthew took the blame for Cole's marijuana roach. Bo and Nora decided that Matthew should attend military school. Starr had a talk with Schuyler and revealed her deep connection to Chloe.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of February 9, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, February 9, 2009

What Happens In Vegas, Stays In The Temple

At the pier, Blair tried to assault Marty, but Marty ducked and Blair fell into the river. When she surfaced, a concerned Marty offered her assistance, but Blair responded by pulling her into the water. After the two women pulled themselves out of the river, they blamed each other. Blair warned Marty to stay away from her and John.

At Rodi's, John looked at the computer screen that displayed Lee Halpern's file. Later, Wes observed Lee's file on John's computer. He was curious and examined the file further. Wes was shocked to discover the complaint that his father had issued against Lee for stealing the Granger family assets. John approached and asked Wes what Marty would think of the revelation. John wondered why Wes never disclosed that he knew Lee Halpern. John asked Wes if he had been a threat to Lee. As Wes denied any involvement in Lee's murder, both he and John were surprised when Blair and Marty entered the bar drenched. John and Wes listened as the two women argued relentlessly. While Wes dragged Marty away, Blair informed John that she had overheard his conversation with Marty at the pier. John told Blair that she had misunderstood his statement, but she was angered that he had dismissed her. She said that she always placed him first in her life and wondered if she was naïve. John tried to express his feelings for her, but Blair stormed out. Before heading off with Marty, Wes approached John and asked if their discussion was over. John replied, "For now!"

Nearby, Vanessa was concerned when Lola didn't answer her cell phone. Cris urged Vanessa to give Lola some space. Upon noticing that two immigration officers were observing them, Cris suggested that he and Vanessa publicly display their feelings. As the government officials watched, Cris and Vanessa expressed their love for one another with a kiss.

At the courthouse, an angry Lola informed Téa that she had heard her conversation and demanded to know what was going on. Cornered, Téa told her that she was speaking to her client, Ray. Téa stated that both she and Ray believed Vanessa murdered Lola's mother. She asked for Lola's help in proving Ray's innocence. Lola was convinced that her father had murdered her mother. Téa said that she believed that Vanessa had framed Ray. Téa believed that Vanessa had been influenced by Ray's wealth and set out to seduce him and murder his wife. According to Téa and Ray's theory, Vanessa set Ray up for the crime after Lola discovered the knife.

Téa said that Lola was the key and asked her if she remembered anything from that fateful night. Lola admitted that she lied in her testimony when she claimed to have found the knife. Lola told Téa that Vanessa had discovered the murder weapon. Lola revealed that Vanessa manipulated her into opening a box that contained the knife. Lola was convinced that Vanessa had wanted her to uncover the murder weapon. Lola wondered how Vanessa was able to get Ray's fingerprints on the knife. Téa believed that Vanessa was capable of pulling it off. Téa's revelation frightened Lola. The teen feared that she and Cris might be living with a killer. Téa promised Lola that Vanessa would be exposed shortly.

In Vegas, David and Dorian prepared to marry at a Buddhist temple. David was impressed by Dorian's willingness to give up her wealth. He was convinced that she truly wanted to be with him, although he was penniless. She assured him that she did.

With Gigi by his side, Rex stormed into the Temple of Love wedding chapel and disrupted a ceremony that was in progress. Gigi and Rex were shocked to find Moe and Noelle standing at the altar. As Rex accused the couple of acting as a decoy for Dorian, the mysterious stranger, dressed as a stripper, watched from a distance. While Rex continued to argue with Moe, Gigi pulled Noelle aside and asked why the couple was rushing into marriage. A nervous Noelle divulged the details of Madame Delphina's prediction and the news that Dorian had become a Buddhist and bequeathed her home and riches to Noelle and Moe. Noelle was convinced that money would destroy her relationship with Moe.

The mysterious stranger's boss approached her and instructed her to return to work. The woman advised her employer that she had "bigger fish to fry."

After learning that Moe had used Dorian's credit cards, Rex surmised that Clint's private investigator had been trailing Moe and Noelle, not Dorian and David. Certain that Dorian had convinced an unsuspecting David to marry her, Rex apologized to Gigi for being unable to capitalize on the $100,000 that Clint had offered him if he could prevent Dorian from marrying David. Relieved, Noelle concluded that Madame Delphina's prediction involved Rex and Gigi, instead of Moe and herself. Noelle asked the couple to be witnesses at their ceremony. As Gigi and Rex looked on, a James Brown impersonator married Moe and Noelle. Afterward, Rex regretted missing the opportunity to obtain a fortune, but Gigi insisted that love was more valuable than money. Gigi assured Rex that if Dorian married David to gain the Buchanan fortune, the marriage was doomed. They proclaimed their love for one another and headed back to Llanview.

Nearby, the Lama presided over Dorian and David's private ceremony. Dorian expressed her love for David and said she was marrying him because she wanted to. After the ceremony, David told Dorian that he wanted to take her on a pilgrimage to Tibet, but Dorian informed her new husband that she had pressing business to tend to in Llanview. Dorian claimed that she had promised to assist David's friend, Viki, with preparations for the Go Red Ball. As David tried to recall the tragic events of the previous year's ball, Dorian interjected, "It's going to be perfect this year. I'm going to make a grand entrance with my new husband!"

The mysterious performer told her boss that she was quitting. No longer sporting her stripper attire, the beautiful blonde woman exclaimed, "A place called Llanview is calling, and I'm on my way! As she turned to walk away, the mysterious stranger looked at the poster of herself and exclaimed, "By the way, my name isn't Gigi!"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Starr-crossed Mothers

Viki went to La Boulaie, looking for Dorian. Rex was leaving as Viki prepared to knock, so he let her in. When Viki called out for Dorian, Moe and Noelle walked into the foyer. She was surprised to see them in their pajamas. She received a second shock when Moe and Noelle told her that Dorian had signed over her entire estate to them, clothes and all. Noelle suspected that Dorian had not meant for them to keep everything, but Moe insisted that Dorian had. He cited the legal papers she had signed as proof.

Viki's shock turned to joy when Noelle and Moe announced that they had eloped. They talked about the happy news for a few minutes before Viki explained that she had stopped by because Dorian had agreed to co-chair the Go Red for Women ball. There were some last-minute details to go over before the ball, later that evening.

As Matthew and Cole prepared to leave for school, Matthew asked Cole if he had smoked the joint. Cole avoided answering him as the two walked out the front door. After Matthew left, Cole pulled the joint out of his jacket pocket, but quickly hid it when Rex walked up. They exchanged a few words, then Rex walked into the mansion. As soon as he was alone, Cole took the joint out, smoked it, and then dropped the roach on the front stoop. He ground it out with his shoe before he walked away.

Langston and Markko talked about Starr while they waited for their biology class to begin. Langston was frustrated that Mr. Joplin appeared to be Starr's new best friend forever. She was also upset because she thought that Starr's refusal to testify against Todd had made things worse for Cole. Markko suggested that Langston work things out with Starr by talking to her. When Langston looked up, Starr was standing in the doorway.

At his desk, Schuyler read the newspaper. He noticed an article with the headline, "DA Won't Charge Daughter With Perjury" which was about Todd's trial. The bell rang, so he asked the students to take their seats. After class, Langston tried to talk to Starr, but before she could get more than a few words out, Schuyler called Starr over to his desk. Annoyed, Langston walked out of the classroom.

After Schuyler gave Starr an assignment that she had missed, he brought up the trial. He asked Starr if Todd had said anything about his mother. Starr reassured Schuyler that her father had not mentioned Dr. Joplin. Schuyler seemed relieved. He suggested that perhaps they could begin to move forward from the tragic events of the past few months. Starr didn't think she was ready. She confided that she had been deeply affected when she had held her cousin's baby girl recently.

Clint warned the family, who was gathered in the living room of the Buchanan mansion that Dorian could arrive at any moment to toss them out. When Rex joined them, Clint was eager for news. They were all disappointed to learn that Rex had failed to locate Dorian and David. Rex suggested that it was entirely possible that the missing lovebirds were already married. Everyone agreed but they wanted Rex to remain on the case. Before Rex left, Bo told him that Dorian was the co-chair of the charity ball scheduled for that evening. Bo suspected that Dorian would make an appearance, so he gave Rex two tickets so that he could attend.

As Bo and Nora left to start their day, they walked out the front door and stopped short. Both smelled the distinctive odor of marijuana. They headed over to the school to confront Matthew with the roach that they had found on the ground. Matthew denied that he has smoked pot; he said that Cole was the culprit.

Gigi was speechless when she walked into the carriage house and got a look at Shane. He was sporting an exact match of Rex's hairstyle. Roxy beamed with pride until Gigi read her the riot act. Gigi said that she had intended for Shane to get a trim not a complete hair makeover. Roxy defended herself. She told Gigi that Shane had asked for the haircut. Shane confirmed his grandmother's claim. Roxy left in an indignant huff while Shane asked his mother not to be angry with Roxy. Gigi calmed down when Shane made it clear that that he liked his new look.

As Gigi and Shane walked out, so that he could catch his bus, the blonde mystery woman hid in the bushes and watched. Rex walked up to Gigi and Shane. He immediately noticed Shane's hair and complimented his son. Rex promised to teach Shane how to maintain it before Shane left to wait for the bus. Gigi and Rex went inside, where Rex surprised Gigi with tickets to the ball and a beautiful red gown for her to wear. Outside, the blonde mystery woman peered through the window to watch them.

At the Angel Square Hotel, David was suspicious when Dorian refused to stay at the Zen Center instead. Dorian explained that she was well known in town. She feared that when news leaked out about their wedding, news trucks and paparazzi would swarm the center. She also used the media as an excuse to keep their nuptials quiet for a short while longer. David didn't trust Dorian's motives. He said that the last time Dorian had asked to keep their relationship quiet, she had been keeping a secret about Charlie Banks.

Dorian played the offended wife to the hilt. She reminded David that she had given up everything to prove her love and commitment to him. When David countered by asking why she had called Clint before their wedding, Dorian lied. She told David that she merely wanted to tell Clint that she was getting married to David. David accused Dorian of being obsessed with the Buchanans, a charge that Dorian denied. David then mentioned the Buchanan heir. Dorian cleverly said that, to her knowledge, no one was posing as Asa's long-lost son. Dorian changed the subject by mentioning the ball she agreed to co-chair with Viki. David was reluctant to attend until Dorian reminded him that it was for a worthy cause.

When Roxy walked into the lobby of her hotel, she laughed when she saw what Dorian was wearing. Dorian defended her wardrobe and emphasized that she was sincere in her endeavor to live a life of without material trappings. Roxy didn't believe her. Annoyed, Dorian asked for a room to rent. When Roxy offered them the penthouse suite, Dorian readily accepted. However, David insisted that they be given the smallest room in the hotel. Dorian bit her tongue. When David stepped away for a few minutes, Dorian pulled out a big wad of cash. She offered it all to Roxy in exchange for Roxy's promise not to tell anyone that David was staying at the hotel.

Later, Dorian went to La Boulaie to get a dress for the ball. She walked in while Viki was ranting to Moe and Noelle about Dorian's possible engagement to David. Viki quickly apologized when she saw Dorian. Dorian stuck to her act of serenity. She smiled nicely at Viki then asked Noelle if she could borrow one of the gowns she had given Noelle. Noelle led Dorian to the bedroom, happy to lend Dorian anything that she needed.

Viki and Moe watched the two ladies go upstairs. Both agreed that Dorian was up to no good.

Beaver Calhoun approached Roxy at the Angel Square Hotel. He showed her a picture of David then asked her if she had seen him. Roxy wanted to know what was in it for her if she had.

As Natalie poured herself something to drink, after the family meeting, Clint asked her how she was getting along with Jessica. Before Natalie could reply, Jared walked up. He told Clint that everyone was happy to have Jessica home. Natalie's expression seemed anything but happy, but she didn't correct Jared.

Brody was reluctant to participate in the group session at St. Anne's. When Dr. Levin asked him why, another patient spoke up. She thought that it was because Jessica had left. Brody quietly confirmed that he missed Jessica, unaware that Jessica stood in the hallway listening. As Brody talked, he revealed how much Jessica had helped him through a very difficult time; she was the first person who accepted him without judgment. When Jessica stepped forward, Brody stopped talking and appeared embarrassed.

After the meeting, Jessica confessed that she had missed Brody. He seemed to take comfort in that. As the two talked, Jessica told Brody about her argument with Natalie and the accusations that her sister had made. Jessica was upset because there had been kernels of truth in what Natalie had said. Brody was sympathetic and suggested that everyone just needed time to adjust.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Teenage Wasteland

At Llanview High, Cole faced Matthew's accusation against him. As Bo and Nora began to fire off questions, a mute stare-down ensued between the boys. Bo and Nora were skeptical of Matthew's explanation, unwilling to believe that Cole would turn back to drugs. As a guilty Cole struggled to speak, Matthew's classmates, Becca and Justin, watched from across the hall. When Matthew heard Justin mock him for being an innocent, he spoke up, interrupting Cole's attempt at a confession. Anxious to impress Becca, Matthew defiantly told his parents that the pot had been his, after all.

Outraged, Bo dragged Matthew out of the school, leaving Nora to cluck her tongue about her son's out of character behavior. Cole once again tried to stick up for his friend, but Nora talked right over him, fretting about Todd's acquittal and Marty's behavior. Cole promised he would always come to Nora with his problems, but couldn't work up the nerve to exonerate Matthew before she left to rejoin Bo. After Nora was gone, Cole ran into drug dealer, Asher, who asked him if he still wanted the pharmaceuticals he'd requested. Tortured, Cole said yes.

At Rodi's, Gigi and Rex arrived as Gigi began her shift. Desperate to find David and Dorian, Rex still held out hope for beating Beaver Calhoun to David's side and saving the Buchanan empire. After checking with some contacts, Rex determined that Dorian was back in Llanview and preparing for the Go Red Ball. He beat feet to continue his quest, but not before reassuring Gigi that her ticket to the ball was back at the carriage house.

Gigi greeted Michael and Marcie at a nearby table, sharing her delight about being able to attend a fancy gala with a beautiful red dress. Michael attempted to engage Marcie in more enthusiastic conversation, but Marcie couldn't help brooding about Todd's acquittal and Starr's suffering. Michael told Marcie she couldn't keep herself a prisoner of her past regrets, and reminded her that she had her whole life ahead of her. He said he still slept on the couch every night because he remained devoted to her, and their life together. Michael suggested they start over by going on a date together, and attending the Go Red Ball arm in arm. Marcie was charmed by the idea.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Beaver Calhoun leaned on Roxy for information about David's whereabouts. As Beaver ratcheted his reward amount higher and higher, Roxy's eyes got wider and wider. When Beaver took a call, Roxy retreated below her desk for a private consultation with "Morris," the stuffed beaver, which held not only Dorian's bribe money, but also the secret of Rex's paternity. Suddenly, "Morris" began to "speak" to Roxy, miffed that she would compromise her dubious morals and go back on her promise to Dorian for the possibility of a bigger payoff. Roxy marveled at Morris gaining the ability of speech: "I didn't even drink today!" Morris reminded Roxy of her word to Dorian, but when Beaver returned to the desk, Roxy appeared ready to crack. She told Beaver she knew exactly where David Vickers was. Just then, Dorian flew into the lobby, steering Beaver away from Roxy as quickly as possible. As Roxy bemoaned losing a big score, Morris spoke up again, reminding her in Roxy-speak that she "still had [her] integration."

"Morris, sometimes I've got no idea what the hell you're talking about," Roxy groused.

As Dorian and Beaver shared a cozy reunion, Dorian told the attorney that she knew where David was, or rather, where he would be: at the Go Red Ball. Turning on the charm, Dorian provided Beaver with a ticket to the ball and told him to break the news there. After Beaver left, Dorian turned on Roxy, demanding her money back. Then, she changed her mind, telling Roxy her payoff would be "chump change" after the ball. After Dorian stalked out, Roxy told Morris that Dorian was clearly keeping a deep, dark secret. "Hello!" Morris chirped. "Like we're not?"

At Llanfair, Viki, Charlie, Jared, and Natalie were preparing for the ball, but Natalie balked at the idea of leaving Chloe and Bree alone with Jessica for the evening. While the men fed Chloe, Viki took Natalie aside and reassured her that the girls would be fine with Jessica and Lois. She reminded Natalie that Jessica needed their love and support during her re-integration into society. Viki said Jessica would never harm the girls, but Natalie brought up Tess's rampant neglect during her schemes for vengeance. Viki told Natalie that without her family's forgiveness and understanding, she herself could never have gone forward after DID. Viki urged Natalie to reconsider her harsh stance on her sister. Viki asked Natalie to be with her at the celebration that evening, and Natalie relented.

After Natalie left, Viki and Charlie sat down together. Viki was still annoyed that Dorian had done nothing to fulfill her duties as co-chair of the Red Ball, and said she smelled a rat: Dorian was planning something that involved David.

At St. Anne's, Brody and Jessica shared a difficult truth-telling session. Jess was despondent that she couldn't relate to Chloe properly, and was unnerved that Starr had seemed so much more natural with the baby than she had. Jessica asked how Brody was doing with treatment. Brody admitted he missed having her to talk to, and Jessica said she'd missed him as well. Jessica despaired at her issues with Natalie and the family walking on eggshells around her; she said she only felt open and unencumbered when talking with Dr. Levin and Brody. Jessica couldn't understand why Chloe's birth remained a total blank in her memory, but Brody told her that the pieces she'd already begun to recover meant that the rest of the alters' memories would come soon. Jessica thanked Brody for listening, and told him she'd be back again soon, maybe just to listen to him.

Back at Llanfair, Natalie and Jared pondered her mother's words, and agreed that they needed to give Jessica another chance. Just then, Rex burst in, demanding to see Viki. Racing into the drawing room, Rex begged Viki to tell him where David was, but Viki had no clue. Viki asked Rex what all the secrecy was about, but Rex apologized and said he couldn't say. Viki threw up her hands, exasperated to have her suspicions about Dorian confirmed.

As Jared ushered Rex out, Natalie was surprised by the arrival of a construction worker from Nash and Jessica's vineyard; the man was there to return Jessica's wallet, which had been missing since the night of Chloe's birth. Upon examining the wallet, Jared and Natalie were surprised to discover a Llanview Hospital parking pass, dated the night of the birth.

Back at Llanview High, Starr and Schuyler continued their heart-to-heart discussion. Starr told Schuyler that she'd felt very connected to Chloe when holding her, almost as if "she could've been mine." She grew anguished as she talked about trying to get past Todd's misdeeds and Hope's death, and said that she couldn't keep up with her friends and classmates anymore; she wanted to be a kid again, but found it wasn't the same as before. Schuyler admitted that Starr was more mature than his other students, and said it would take time for the rest of the class to catch up to where she was after her traumatic life experiences.

Starr said she'd felt unconditional acceptance when holding Chloe, something she could no longer find from Langston or Cole. She wanted to find a way to segue back into regular life and escape from the turmoil of the past, but didn't know how. "Mr. J." had an idea, however, and offered Starr the position of teacher's assistant as he began work on his master's thesis on genetics, a field that interested Starr. Schuyler told Starr it would be demanding work after school, but Starr was eager for the distraction, and thanked Schuyler for thinking of her.

In the outside corridor, Cole was pocketing Asher's new drugs just as Starr exited Mr. Joplin's classroom with her good news. When she saw Asher and Cole, Starr stopped short, and simply walked away.

At the Buchanan mansion, Bo hauled Matthew into the drawing room and tried the soft sell, begging him to talk to his father and open up about his issues. Matthew rejected Bo's overtures and said he couldn't talk to someone who didn't trust his word or listen to him. As Nora arrived on the scene, Bo gave Matthew a dose of "adult problems;" he said the Buchanans were on the verge of losing everything, but they didn't turn to alcohol or drugs to numb the pain. Bo and Nora continued to try to meet Matthew halfway, but Matthew grew increasingly combative and then blew them off, storming out of the room. Nora was seething, but Bo had a better solution to their newfound discipline problem: a brochure for military school.

At the carriage house, the mysterious Stacy went through Rex and Gigi's mail before snagging the spare key under the mailbox and entering the house. Giving the home the once-over, Stacy examined the Morasco family pictures before taking a shine to Gigi's gorgeous red dress. Grabbing the dress and the ball ticket, Stacy hid as Gigi returned home to change, then dashed out the front door unnoticed. Gigi was horrified to realize her dress, and ticket, were both missing.

At his wit's end, Rex arrived at the Angel Square Hotel to cry on Roxy's shoulder about his failure to locate David and Dorian. When Roxy perked up at the mention of David's name, Rex sensed something was amiss, and pleaded with his mother to give him any information she had. Glancing at Morris for advice, Roxy confessed to Rex that she knew exactly where David was: "He's right upstairs!"

At Llanfair, Jared and Natalie mused over the mysterious hospital pass. Natalie wondered how Tess could have been at Llanview Hospital on the night of Chloe's birth. The time stamp on the pass was faded, leaving them no clue to Tess's movements. Jared dismissed it, and told Natalie that nothing Tess or Jessica had done that night had mattered to the final outcome. As Viki, Charlie, and Jared rushed upstairs to get dressed for the ball, Natalie remained in the foyer, mystified by her strange discovery.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Something in Red

Arriving early for the Go Red Ball, Dorian showed David the special meditation room she had created especially for him. He wondered if she was up to something and if she was hiding him from the other guests. She explained that she merely wanted his appearance to be a big surprise at just the right moment. Viki and Charlie entered, with Charlie hoping that the ball wouldn't be as crazy as the previous year's. Jokingly, he asked Viki if Allison Perkins was still in a coma. Spying Dorian acting oddly, Viki wondered what she was up to. Viki reminded Dorian that she herself had completed all the tasks for the ball, to which Dorian remarked that the only thing left to do was relax.

Dorian asked Bo if he was ready to give up his fortune, and a tense Bo flinched at the question. Clarifying that she merely meant that money could be donated for the evening's cause, Dorian left the Buchanans in an uncomfortable state.

As Gigi searched frantically for her gown and ticket at the carriage house, she was unsuccessful in her attempts to reach Rex on the phone. Stacy showed up at the ball and identified herself as Gigi Morasco. The woman at the front door, Eunice Burns, admired the young woman's gown. Back at the carriage house, Gigi, dressed in blue, which was a definite no-no, was ready to head to the ball.

At the Angel Square Hotel, Rex was ecstatic to learn from Roxy that David was there. A mad dash upstairs was a downer though, when he couldn't locate the man. Roxy pointed out a back door, assuming that David had left via that exit. Rex left his phone behind in his haste to catch up. A quite handsome John impressed Roxy, who wanted to know which lucky lady he was sacrificing for. On his way out, John ran into Marty, who was headed into the hotel. She was surprised at his appearance, noting that he didn't seem to be the $500 a plate type. He agreed that he wasn't.

Once John was gone, Roxy, being Roxy, went on and on about John to Marty. She even mentioned Natalie being his former girlfriend until Marty came along. Annoyed, Marty asked her to stop. When Wes walked in and asked Marty what was wrong, she blew up at him, tired of everyone wanting to know how she was. Obviously regretting her tone, she quickly asked Wes if he was scheduled to work. She wanted to go to the ball and dance, and without an invitation, she expressed her desire to crash it.

As the Buchanans arrived en masse, Nora wanted to talk to Bo about the possibility of Matthew being shipped to military school. She attempted to defend her son, pointing out that things would be worked out. As far as Bo was concerned, it was a done deal that Matthew would be transferred. He preferred that they not talk about it at the ball.

Rex, out of breath, reached the ball but was denied entrance without his ticket and his tuxedo. Mentioning that his girlfriend was already inside, Eunice's face lit up when she heard Gigi's name. She praised the gown that Gigi was wearing, causing Rex to confide that he had been the one to purchase it. He made a dash for the Buchanans to share his unfortunate news of not locating David. Beaver Calhoun showed up and Dorian assured him of David's presence. Stacy flirted with Fish until he uneasily spied Layla and made his way to her.

Eunice looked down her nose at the dressed-in-blue Gigi. The young woman attempted to explain that her dress and ticket were both missing. When she identified herself, she was informed that Gigi was already inside. Hastily looking in her purse for her driver's license, Gigi was horrified to see that the identification was also among the missing.

Over at La Boulaie, Blair, dressed in a robe, informed Moe and Noelle that she would not be attending the ball. She declined Noelle's request that she accompany them. When asked about John, she merely shrugged, assuming that John would only be cheating on her. In response to their questions, Blair pointed out that John was not her man, but his own. He had talked to Marty about his feelings, she continued. Stating emphatically that she was over John, Blair was surprised to see John in the doorway, holding a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Not happy to see John, Blair told him that he should have called first. Responding that he knew she liked to dress up caused Blair to begin to melt. She wondered if John preferred to take Marty to the ball after all the things he said to Marty about her, but he assured Blair that he wanted to take her and not Marty. He stressed that he did not have his best suit on for Marty, even though Blair felt that he allowed Marty to pull him around by his nose. She stressed that she wouldn't change her mind about that, even if he disagreed. The flirting began, they admitted that they liked each other the way they were, and Blair agreed to change into a red dress. Asking what the meaning of their relationship was, John confirmed that they just didn't want to forget each other.

Téa finally located Todd, holed up in Marty's old bedroom and watching game shows. She admitted that she had been concerned about him, but wanted him to attend the ball with her. Todd asked that Téa return his house key, but she refused, citing their need for each other, which Todd promptly denied. Gravely, she mentioned the other case that she was working on, and Todd swiftly offered her money or the use of his newspaper, in her quest for justice. Her demand puzzled him instead, as she reiterated her request that he join her at the ball.

Refusing to go, Todd agreed to a game of "Money" with the ball attendance on the line. Téa won and insisted that he keep his end of the bargain and accompany her to the ball. She also admitted that she thought he was coming from a good place when he committed his various misdeeds, even if she didn't understand him. Todd laughed at her confession.

Viki was called to the podium as everyone was seated. She thanked the sponsors of the Go Red Ball. Dorian, called to the podium as Dr. Dorian Lord, informed the crowd that she had a new name. Calling to David hidden away in his meditation room, Dorian introduced the crowd to her new husband, David Vikeroshi. She spoke of her new view on life, and her new belief to give selflessly. As Dorian spoke, Beaver made his way to the front of the room. Stacy approached Rex, who did a double take when he saw the gown she was wearing. Out front, Gigi continued to argue with Eunice as the woman blocked her way. Finally, she was able to run past the ticket taker to the inside, as Eunice called for security.

David thought it was a great idea to engage the crowd in a chant, but Viki quickly grabbed the microphone. Layla was unable to dance with Fish, referring to the gift bags that she had to hand out. An astonished Rex told Stacy that his girlfriend had the same dress. Dorian insisted that the Buchanans extend their good wishes to her. She mentioned her newfound spirituality and the fact that money and material goods no longer meant anything to her. Beaver wanted to speak to David, and Dorian introduced herself. Playing along, Beaver acted as though they had never met. Gigi ran from Eunice and came to a stop, spying a woman in the same dress that she had. "You?" she asked incredulously.

Awkwardly, three couples arrived at the same time. John and Blair, Todd and Téa, and Wes and Marty, all stepped off elevators and into the entrance to the ball. Beaver droned on about following Asa's will, until Clint, jumping in, urged him to get to the point. Beaver informed David that his real name was David Buchanan. Dorian smiled as the Buchanans looked on with expressions of discomfort.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cookie Delancey

As the festivities at the Go Red Ball got underway, several disputes erupted among many Llanview residents.

As Blair and John stood in the hall and waited to be admitted into the ballroom, Blair noticed Todd and Téa. Blair groaned in disgust, "This is going to be interesting!" At that moment, Marty rushed into the room with a tight grip on Wes's arm. With a devilish smile, Téa grinned at the couple and exclaimed, "No, this is going to be interesting!" Claiming that she was Blair Cramer and that Wes was John, Marty crashed the ball and dragged Wes behind her. While John and Todd appeared concerned by Marty's reckless behavior, Téa laughed and Blair glared at Marty.

When Todd inquired about Wes's relationship to Marty, Blair took great delight in revealing that Wes was Marty's new "boy toy." Walking away, Todd stated that he was leaving because he refused to watch Marty embarrass herself. After Téa's urging, Todd agreed to stay at the ball, but decided to keep his distance from Marty and her friend. Angered that Marty had stolen their tickets, Blair instructed John to fix the situation. While John purchased more tickets, Blair grimaced as Todd and Téa headed into the ballroom.

Meanwhile, inside the ballroom, Dorian and the Buchanans listened as Beaver Calhoun informed David that he was Asa's long-lost son. David was certain that Beaver was mistaken, but Asa's lawyer explained that Asa had indeed fathered David. Observing Clint and Dorian's behavior, Viki surmised that both had knowledge of David's lineage. With the Buchanan clan trailing behind, Beaver, Dorian, and David retreated to a nearby conference room to discuss David's paternity in greater detail. When Viki expressed her displeasure over Clint's secret, Charlie suggested that she join the discussion. He believed that David had surfaced because he also knew that he was Asa's son. Viki and Charlie decided to take part in the family meeting.

As the discussion unfolded, David appeared thrilled to learn that he was part of a family. Beaver disclosed that Asa had left David the entire Buchanan fortune. Dorian immediately began to advise David of his rights as a Buchanan heir. Clint, Bo, Nora, Natalie, and Jared all accused Dorian of marrying David because she had an ulterior motive. Suspicious of them all, Viki shook her head in disgust. As a heated argument ensued, a conflicted David asked for a moment alone with his new bride. David asked Dorian if she knew that he was a Buchanan, and wondered if she married him out of love. Admitting that she knew about his ancestry all along, Dorian remarked, "You need me now more than ever!"

Out in the hall, Viki listened in disgust as Clint tried to devise a plan to reclaim the family fortune from David. Viki wanted to know why Clint never revealed the truth to her. He said that he didn't tell her because he knew that she would have exposed the truth to David.

Gigi was shocked when she discovered her sister, Stacy, at the ball. The sisters had been estranged for the previous ten years. Gigi couldn't believe that Stacy had stolen her dress and tickets. After recovering from the initial shock of learning that Stacy was a stripper in Las Vegas and had followed her and Rex back to Llanview, Gigi was touched when her sister admitted that she loved Gigi and wanted to be a part of her life again. Once Gigi expressed her love for Stacy, the sisters discussed their parents. As Rex listened, Gigi informed Stacy that their father had thrown her out of the house when he learned that she was pregnant.

When Gigi inquired about her parents, Stacy appeared uncomfortable. Gigi was horrified when Stacy announced that their parents were both dead. Apologizing, Stacy stated that she thought Gigi knew about their deaths. Unable to accept the news, Gigi ran off in tears. Rex located Gigi and tried to comfort her, but Gigi regretted that she had never made contact with her parents after their last meeting. As Gigi cried in Rex's arms, Stacy peered around the corner at them.

Clint argued with someone on the phone about the Buchanans' dilemma, but was unable to receive any satisfaction. Handing her father a drink, Natalie informed him that it was over and that there was nothing that anyone could do about David's inheritance. The frustrated Buchanan family members all held their glasses in the air and offered a toast to Asa. Clint used an unkind word to describe his late father.

A disgusted Blair watched as John continued kept his eye on Marty's erratic behavior. Blair stormed off. Nearby, Todd took a drink and looked depressed as he watched Marty interact with Wes.

Marty consumed several glasses of wine and flirted with Wes. Wes tried to stop her, but Marty insisted that she wanted to have a good time. Frustrated by Marty's wild behavior, Wes questioned how long she intended to use him in an attempt to hurt John. Admitting that he cared for her, Wes said that he refused to allow her to embarrass herself. Wes told Marty that she was using him to torture Todd and to provoke John. Feeling some guilt over her treatment of Wes, Marty revealed that she was bothered by Roxy's comments about her relationship with John. With a look of concern, Wes gave Marty an affectionate hug.

After a run-in with Talia, Téa observed John alone and asked him to dance. John accepted. Watching Cris and Vanessa dance nearby, Téa asked John about his thoughts of Vanessa being free while Ray was wrongfully imprisoned. Unable to get John to reveal any thoughts on Vanessa, Téa questioned John about his desire to help Antonio nail Todd. John asked Téa if Todd had killed Lee, but Téa reminded him that she had killed the woman in self-defense. John made it clear that he didn't believe that Téa had killed Lee. Once Téa realized that John suspected someone other than her or Todd as Lee's killer, Téa questioned him about any leads he had concerning the case, but John refused to reveal any information.

As Cris and Vanessa danced nearby, Vanessa scowled at Téa. She told Cris that she didn't trust her.

Joining Todd at the bar, Blair teased him about Marty and her date. Annoyed, Todd taunted Blair about being jealous of Marty. When Blair observed Téa and John dancing, she became upset. A livid Blair attempted to go after Téa, but Todd stopped her by pulling her close to him. Blair broke away from Todd and continued to insinuate that Marty and Wes were romantically involved.

Later, a drunken Marty spotted John dancing with Téa. Dragging Wes on the dance floor, Marty purposely bumped into the couple and asked Téa if she could cut in. John ignored Marty's comment, but Marty continued to taunt Téa. Wes insisted that he and Marty leave, but she refused and pulled away from him. When Wes grabbed her and instructed her to come with him, John ordered him to stay away from her. Annoyed by John's interference, Wes attempted to strike him. Before John could react, Todd punched Wes. As the two men fought, Téa tried to intervene, but Marty grabbed Téa's arm and prevented her from doing so. An out of control Marty laughed and remarked, "Not so tough outside of the courtroom, huh?" Fed up, Téa punched Marty.

Michael and Marcie enjoyed themselves at the ball. Marcie related that she had decided to move on with her life, despite the fact that she would always think about Hope. When Michael's' co-worker and his wife joined the couple, Marcie was bothered when she learned that the woman was named Hope. Alone together, Marcie admitted that the doctor's wife made her think about baby Hope. Out of concern, Mike suggested that they head home. At the apartment, Mike presented Marcie with a Valentine's Day gift. Marcie was pleased with the beautiful necklace. Michael informed her that the stone was a yellow topaz - Hope's birthstone. Mike stated that he knew that Hope would always be a part of Marcie. Mike revealed that he missed Marcie and wanted to be close to her again. The couple embraced and shared a passionate kiss.

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Multi-soap vet Michael Tylo dead at 73
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