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Jessica was released from the sanitarium but was upset that Bree was afraid of her. Janet knocked Talia out and escaped from her motel room after seeing herself on the cover of the Sun. Téa found Todd with a bloody knife and Janet's body lying next to him on the floor.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 26, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Tales From The Crypt

Todd discovered that Janet was wearing a wire, and flew into a rage. He warned her that terrible things happened to those who crossed him. While Todd restrained Janet with great force, Antonio and Talia rushed into the bedroom with their weapons drawn. Upon noticing Janet with her blouse ripped, the officers held Todd at gunpoint. As Antonio placed him under arrest, he advised Todd that he was being arrested for the attempted rape of Lee Halprin.

Inside Mr. Joplin's classroom, Markko became annoyed when Langston commented on their teacher's sex appeal. As Schuyler called the class to order, vice principal Dickenson interrupted and announced that she was aware that drugs were being sold on the school grounds. She informed the students that an investigation would be conducted and any offenders would be subjected to criminal action.

Once Ms. Dickenson had left, Schuyler urged his students to reveal any knowledge of drug activity at the school. When Schuyler continued to question the class about exposing any known violators, Markko and several other students criticized him for asking them to snitch on their fellow classmates. Noticing the look of worry on Starr's face, Langston spoke up. She told her teacher that it was extremely difficult for a teenager to tattle on another. Schuyler forewarned the teenagers that keeping silent only enabled a drug abuser. Frustrated with his students' lack of cooperation, Mr. Joplin instructed his class to compose a long essay on the effect that drugs have on the human body. After Schuyler dismissed the class, Starr asked to speak privately with him. She stated that she knew someone who was using drugs.

A nervous Schuyler suggested that they include Ms. Dickenson in their meeting, but Starr said that she wanted his advice. Reminding Schuyler of his confession that he once battled a drug addiction, Starr requested help in aiding someone who was using drugs. Starr confided in her teacher that someone she cared about had become addicted to drugs and she wanted to save him. To Starr's dismay, Schuyler admitted that a drug addict couldn't be helped unless the person actually wanted help. A devastated Starr listened as Mr. J educated her on the horrors of drug abuse. Realizing that Cole could possibly be a loss cause, Starr changed the subject and asked Mr. J if Téa had contacted him again. Disclosing that he hadn't been in contact with Téa, Schuyler was certain that his mother hadn't been involved in Todd's kidnapping scheme.

Cole discovered his locker opened and realized that his drugs had been stolen. Out of frustration, Cole banged his fist on his locker door. Witnessing Cole's erratic behavior, Langston called out to him but he brushed past her.

Nearby, Becca watched as another student teased Matthew about being the police commissioner's son. When the student suggested that Matthew had no knowledge of drugs, Matthew held up the bag of pills and bragged about his ability to obtain drugs. Becca remained silent as their classmate asked Matthew to prove that the bag contained real drugs. Agreeing to prove that he actually had drugs in his possession, Matthew didn't want to get caught and asked his classmates to join him on the baseball diamond.

As Matthew and his friends prepared to head outside, Cole approached and asked for a moment alone with Matthew. Cole pulled Matthew aside and accused him of stealing the drugs from his locker. When Matthew denied any involvement, Cole warned him that Ms. Dickenson had been urging students to turn in any offenders. Cole told Matthew that someone would eventually turn him in if he continued to brag about using drugs. As Cole chastised him about the stupidity of using drugs, Matthew lashed out and informed Cole that he was aware of Cole's drug problem. Noticing the angry exchange, Ms. Dickinson approached and asked what was going on. Cole insisted that everything was fine, but the vice principal was certain that trouble was brewing.

Relating that she was aware of Matthew's recent experience with marijuana, Ms. Dickenson suggested that Cole be a role model for the freshman. After Ms. Dickinson left, Matthew panicked and begged Cole to help him. Seizing the pills from Matthew, Cole admitted that he had made a mistake and urged the younger teen not to follow in his footsteps. A frightened Matthew promised to make better choices, and headed off to catch up with his friends. Upon spotting him, Matthew's classmates gave him a knowing stare and walked away. Matthew was humiliated.

Later, Langston met up with Cole and mentioned that she was aware of his recent troubles. An angered Cole approached Starr and demanded to know whom else she had told. As Starr tried to explain, Cole displayed the drugs and shouted, "I don't need anyone! I only need this!" Starr begged Cole to reconsider his decision, but Cole stormed off. Starr admitted to Langston that she was angry with Cole and his choice to ruin his life.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Téa assured Lola that the teen could trust her and asked Lola to tell her about her mother's murder. Lola recalled the fateful night that she discovered her father leaning over her mother's dead body. A tearful Ray had told his daughter that an intruder had killed her mother and fled. Years later, Vanessa and Lola found the murder weapon hidden in the house. Believing that her father had discarded the knife, Lola and Vanessa took the evidence to the police and Ray was arrested. A tearful Lola admitted that it bothered her that she had never actually witnessed her father kill her mother.

Téa asked what made Lola believe that her father might not have committed the crime. At that second, Téa's phone rang. Todd informed her that he was being arrested. After promising Lola that they would continue their conversation later, Téa headed off to Todd's house. Later, Markko discovered a sullen Lola. When he asked her what was wrong, she embraced him and begged him to hold her.

Inside the kitchen, Carlotta noticed that something was bothering Noelle. After telling Carlotta about Madame Delphina's prediction, Noelle expressed her fear that great wealth would destroy her relationship with Moe.

At La Boulaie, Dorian bequeathed all her worldly possessions to Moe. Believing that she had lost her mind, Moe accused David of brainwashing her, but Dorian insisted that she had discovered true inner peace. Unconvinced, Moe stated that he couldn't accept Dorian's offer. Expressing his concern that Dorian wanted to give her possessions to Moe because she believed that she could retrieve them later, David suggested that she give everything to charity. Determined to change Moe's mind, Dorian pleaded with him to accept her offer.

Noelle arrived at La Boulaie to see Moe. To her surprise, Moe greeted Noelle and told her that they were rich. After Moe explained that Dorian had presented him with a generous gift, Noelle related her conversation with Madame Delphina. Pulling Moe aside, Noelle stated that she didn't want to risk her relationship, and informed Moe that she believed that Dorian had an ulterior motive. As Dorian worried that Noelle would change Moe's mind, David urged Dorian to give Noelle her diamonds. Dorian gasped.

David watched as Dorian handed Moe a case containing a priceless diamond necklace. As Moe placed the jewels on her, a speechless Noelle stared at her reflection in the mirror.

As Antonio manhandled a cuffed Todd, Téa arrived and warned Antonio that she would file charges of police brutality. Insisting that Antonio's conduct was improper, Téa advised Antonio that the charges against Todd would be thrown out and Antonio would face suspension. Removing Todd's cuffs, a frustrated Antonio promised to make Todd pay.

Alone with Todd, Téa worried about the upcoming hearing. She asked Todd if he was certain that he hadn't admitted anything on the tape. Todd assured her that he hadn't. Téa was certain that Janet's testimony wasn't enough to damage Todd's case, but warned him that he was in trouble if anyone else had knowledge of his kidnapping plot.

Back at the high school, Schuyler opened the letter that his mother had sent him before her death. The letter began - "I have to tell you something. I entered into a shameful arrangement with a man named Todd Manning."

Fearing that Todd would harm her, Janet begged Antonio and Talia to protect her. Displaying very little sympathy for her, the cops reminded Janet of her decision to conspire with Todd. Arguing that she didn't have any knowledge of the facts at the time, Janet expressed her concern that Todd's conviction hinged on her testimony.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Thank Buddha for Little Girls

Starr rehearsed her testimony in the La Boulaie drawing room but took a break for a heart-to-heart talk with Blair. Starr was anxious because Todd's kidnapping trial was set to begin the next day; her nerves were frayed, and she expressed pangs of sympathy for Todd's sadness when she spoke to him at Hope's grave. Blair reminded her that Todd had brought his own pain upon himself by destroying his life. When she told Starr that she'd let Todd see Jack and Sam, Starr was shocked. Starr fumed that her father would do anything to win back his family's love, except confess and face the consequences of his actions.

In the foyer, Dorian was decked out in Buddhist garb, drawing a skeptical reaction from Jack. Dorian told Jack to stop emulating his father, and explained she was opting to be left to her "spiritual enlightenment." When the boy exited, Dorian met with her new lawyer, who had drawn up papers for her top-secret holding company, which would hide Dorian's assets during her faux "religious conversion." The lawyer told Dorian that if she got David to sign the papers, anything he might inherit in the future, such as Buchanan Enterprises, would become hers as well as his.

After her meeting, Dorian donned a decidedly un-Buddhist mink coat to brave the winter weather. On her way out, she ran into Nora, who had come to review Starr's testimony. The women traded barbs about Clint and the Buchanan empire, but Dorian managed to keep Nora from spotting her Buddhist robes underneath the mink.

Todd strode into the Buenos Dias Café for a meeting with Téa, only to be intercepted by David, who greeted him with a hearty "namaste." "Bite me," Todd replied, hurrying over to Téa's booth and snatching away her cell phone, ending her call to Lola. Todd demanded to know what Téa was doing for his defense, since the cops had acquired Lee Halpern's cooperation. He said he needed Lee gone. Téa said she could discredit Lee, but Todd dismissed the idea: "Not if I kill her first." Téa warned Todd not to act rashly, and said that Lee was nothing compared to Starr's testimony. She told him she would have to lean on Starr during cross-examination, which Todd immediately vetoed. Téa believed Starr was nothing more than an angry, confused teenager, but Todd said Starr had a right to be angry with him given his misdeeds. He refused to allow Téa to take Starr apart on the stand, and warned her that if she tried, he would change his plea. He insisted she find another way,. Irritated, Téa agreed, stalking out of the Cafe.

Outside the Cafe, while placing a call to Natalie at Llanfair, Jared spotted David dining inside. Jared told Natalie, who had Chloe on her hip, it was time for "Plan B" to get David out of town, and quickly unveiled his own set of Buddhist robes. Entering the restaurant, Jared made a beeline for David, and begged "Vickaroshi" to teach him the way to enlightenment. David was skeptical of Jared's motives at first, but Jared told David that, like him, Jared's own schemes and lies had led him to nothing but misery. Jared explained that he wanted to find a new way to live, not just for Natalie's love, but for his own inner peace. David quickly warmed to Jared's new attitude, and applauded his having "seen the light."

Outside, a shivering Dorian arrived, shedding her mink for her new robes and tossing the coat to her chauffeur, warning him to guard it with his life "in this neighborhood." Upon meeting David inside the café, she was surprised to see Jared there as well, also "monked out." The enemies were equally amused by each other's deceptions, but kept their language sweetly coded in front of the sanguine David. Dorian and Jared swapped platitudes about Zen and Buddhism, and it quickly became clear to Jared that Dorian's talk of David being "the answer" had to do with his Buchanan heritage. Jared beat a hasty retreat, and as he left the café, he muttered to himself, "She knows."

At La Boulaie, Nora met with Starr and Blair about Starr's testimony, and told them that the police had acquired Lee Halpern to testify about her involvement in Todd's kidnapping scheme. As she recounted Lee's statement about the circumstances surrounding the night of Hope's death and the baby being passed among the conspirators, Nora explained to the Cramer women that there was a possibility that Hope's isolation from medical attention had contributed to her death. Starr and Blair were sickened, and Nora told them that because of that possibility, she would be upping the charges against Todd, seeking felony murder, which carried the potential for life imprisonment. Starr was troubled by the idea of her father going away for life, but Blair and Nora reminded her that Todd had brought himself to his position. Nora pleaded with Starr not to waver, and said it was time Todd began to pay for his crimes. After she left, Starr reiterated her commitment to Blair. "I have to put him away," she said, as she sighed.

As Starr mused about her decision, Jack walked into the drawing room and asked her if she was going to put their father in jail. Jack told her that the conditions at the jail were terrible, and that when Todd had visited with him and Sam, he had been genuinely sorry for his actions. Starr told Jack that was beside the point, and explained that their dad couldn't keep getting away with his crimes over and over. Infuriated with his sister, Jack stormed out.

At Llanfair, Natalie cared for Chloe with help from the visiting Gigi and Rex; when Nat exhibited post-traumatic stress over the need to retrieve formula from the basement, Gigi agreed to go in her stead. Alone with Rex, Natalie confessed that she still suffered from claustrophobia and nightmares after her and Jared's ordeal in Tess's secret room. "If it was me, I'd move!" Rex opined. Natalie told her brother that it wasn't just Tess who had been responsible for the reign of terror, but also Jessica, who had willingly released her alter. "Jessica was too chicken to do it herself," she scowled. Rex asked if Natalie would be stepping aside in her role as Chloe and Bree's caretaker when Jessica returned home, but Natalie had other plans: "I hope that bitch stays in St. Anne's for the rest of her life."

At St. Anne's, Jessica met with Dr. Levin, who was pleased with her progress after her confession to Jared and Natalie. Jessica told Dr. Levin she had no sense of alters within her consciousness anymore, and asked if she would be released. Levin said he needed to do one more critical test: Hypnosis. Putting Jessica into a trance, Levin attempted to contact Tess.

Inside the labyrinth of Jessica's mind, Bess had other ideas: the "screens" showing the outside world were shrouded in dark curtains, sealing her and Tess away from Levin's calls. When Levin summoned her, Tess roused from her slumber inside the "cage," but Bess ordered her to stay put and stay quiet. When Dr. Levin tried to connect to Bess, Bess turned the screens off, and proclaimed that they would stay silent and keep the secret of Chloe to themselves forever.

Dr. Levin woke Jessica from her trance, and explained that he had been unable to reach either of her alters. Jessica asked if that meant she had integrated, and Dr. Levin said the signs were very promising.

Back at the Buenos Dias, Blair arrived on the scene to disdain David and Dorian's Buddhist coffee klatch, then cornered Todd. Confronting him about the kidnapping, she pressured him with what she had learned about Lee and Dr. Joplin's involvement in his scheme. Blair told Todd there was a possibility his maneuvering had kept Hope from medical treatment that could have saved her life. Todd refused to believe it, blaming the baby's "death" on Joplin's negligence. Blair asked Todd when he would begin to take real responsibility for what he had done, and challenged him to stop Téa from tearing Starr apart on the witness stand. Todd assured Blair he had Téa"under control."

Distraught at La Boulaie, Starr stared at an old family portrait, only to be interrupted yet again by Téa arriving on the patio. Starr reluctantly let Téa in and asked what her dad had done "this time." Téa told Starr that her father loved her, and that there was more at stake during the trial than she knew. Laying a guilt trip, Téa told Starr she wouldn't shelter Starr like the rest of the family, and revealed that Todd had tried to commit suicide.

Jared arrived at Llanfair and gave Natalie the bad news: Dorian knew David was the Buchanan heir, and was angling to gain access to his inheritance. As Gigi and Rex listened in, Natalie and Jared explained the family crisis and asked them to keep the secret under their hats. Gigi and Rex both reacted with faint recognition as Natalie recounted the tale of Asa and Emma Bradley, and Gigi asked how Dorian could possibly get her hands on David's newfound wealth if Buddhist monks couldn't wed. Jared said Dorian might be able to gain legal guardianship of David's possessions. Jared said they needed a private investigator to keep an eye on Dorian and David's movements together, and Gigi immediately volunteered Rex's services. Rex agreed, unwilling to let Dorian steal from his sister or Bo.

At the café, Dorian impressed David with her commitment to her "new faith" by presenting the documents her lawyer had given her, in which she had signed away her assets to a local Buddhist temple, actually Dorian's secret holding company. Dorian urged David to join her in a symbolic gesture of signing away his own present and future assets; she reasoned that with his own Zen-enhanced intellect, he might someday be corrupted by potential wealth. Dorian told David not to let possible wealth "corrupt his soul," and begged him to sign on the dotted line.

Back at Llanfair, Natalie and Jared said goodbye to Rex and Gigi, and cooed over Chloe. They agreed they would miss caring for Chloe when Jessica returned home. Just then, Dr. Levin called from St. Anne's, asking Natalie to bring Chloe to visit Jessica for a supervised visit. Staring longingly at Jared with Chloe, Natalie told the doctor that she didn't think that was a good idea.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

With Todd's trial looming, Téa defused the threat of Starr's testimony by telling her that Todd tried to kill himself. Distraught, Starr first tried to find Cole, but when she couldn't, she ran into Schuyler Joplin's arms.

Dr. Levin asked Viki to bring Chloe to St. Ann's for a supervised visit with Jessica and, against Natalie's protests, Viki agreed. After the visit, Dr. Levin agreed to let Jessica go home with Viki.

David was about to sign a document deeding all present/future wealth to the Llanview Zen Center (a.k.a. Dorian's dummy corporation) but Rex stopped him in the nick of time. David suggested to Dorian that they take a hike to the top of Mt. Llantano, while Rex and Gigi tried to figure out how to prevent David from signing away his inheritance without telling him he had one in the first place.

Cole showed up at Rodi's hoping to talk to John, but was knocked off course when he realized John had employed the man-Wes-that his mother was "shacking up" with. Cole continued to pop pills.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Look but Don't Touch

Nora vowed that Todd was going down, and promised Bo that she was capable of multi-tasking between Todd's trial and their troubles with Matthew. Bo urged her to get some sleep before the trial's commencement. Nora felt confident that she had a good case with her two big witnesses, Janet and Starr. Prior to the trial, Nora rehearsed her opening statements in the courtroom.

Starr ran crying into Schuyler's arms, even as he advised her that it wasn't a good idea. Delicately moving her aside, he wondered why she needed to confide in a teacher instead of a friend. Starr explained that she was unable to locate Langston and she felt sure that Schuyler could relate to her recent knowledge of her dad's suicide attempt.

Confessing that her treatment of her dad was in no small way related to her dad's actions, she heard her teacher quickly advise her that it was not her fault. Starr wondered if she should give Todd a second chance and not testify at his trial. Schuyler helped her to organize her thoughts and asked her why she wanted to testify. At first it was for Cole, but then it was more about her protection of Hope, she told him. As for not testifying, she explained that she didn't want her dad to be alone, she had brothers who needed him and he had changed his mind about the kidnapping.

Schuyler mentioned that his mother would never have been involved with Todd. He advised Starr to listen to her heart, which would allow her to make the right choice about testifying. He added that it would have to be the right choice, considering all of the time she was spending just thinking about it. He made it known that he would be present at the trial, too.

Once Starr was gone, Schuyler removed his mom's letter from his desk drawer. In her own writing, she confessed to her involvement with Todd and her inattentiveness during Hope's birth due to her worry about Todd's blackmail threat regarding Schuyler. She admitted that she was not able to live with what had happened.

At the café with Todd, Téa wanted to celebrate that she had ruined Nora's case. She told Todd about her next move, which involved him running a story on the front page of the Sun. She had written a story about Janet's aliases and her mile-long rap sheet and didn't care if there were people out to get Janet once they saw she was still alive. A very loud and obnoxious Cole stopped at their table to voice his opinions of them. "I don't speak bitch," he snarled at Téa as she made an effort to talk to him.

Heading to his own table to meet with his drug dealer, Cole explained that he was out of the pills and needed more. Clarifying that he was only the middleman, the boy urged Cole to keep better control over the pills that he was taking, since the dealer had to watch his own supply. Cole demanded to have the name of the supplier but the boy refused to give it to him.

Talia kept an eye on a nervous Janet, who was in protective police custody in a hotel room. When Bo stopped by with Marty, Talia voiced her concerns over the two women seeing each other. Bo thought it a good idea, hopeful that both Marty and Janet would "be on the same page." A rude and assertive Marty demanded that Janet make sure to bury Todd or she would bury Janet. An apologetic Janet attempted to express how much she cared for Marty, but Marty wasn't buying it and accused Janet of merely missing her paycheck.

Janet denied Marty's accusation, reminding Marty that they had been friends. She couldn't tell Marty the truth about Todd, even if she had known everything, she explained. She saw that Marty had fallen in love with Todd and she was trying to protect her. She knew that Todd had believed that he had fallen for Marty, too. She promised to tell her story at the trial and make up for her inaction. Marty found it difficult to put her faith in Janet, but the former nurse explained that she was doing it for Hope. Marty could only wish that it were enough to put Todd away for good.

As Jessica packed her belongings at St. Anne's, she told Brody that she had been released. She expressed her uneasiness, attempting to explain that there was something bothering her. He offered his congratulations and boosted her confidence, urging her not to have any doubt in herself. He reluctantly left her alone to finish packing.

On her way out, Jessica made a point of finding Brody and handing him a "Sane Day" gift. It was a football and she ordered him to practice his spiral throws. She suggested that he call her when he was released so she could give him proper lessons.

Ending up at Rodi's, a frenzied Marty was about to take John up on his offer to talk, but Wes interrupted them. An annoyed John looked on as the pair took off together.

Speaking to a filled courtroom, Téa voiced her concerns regarding Todd's past. She advised the jury that she did not want his previous actions considered, due to those being in the past. She emphasized that Todd was not capable of the crimes he was accused of, and that the charges were flimsy and trumped-up due to Nora's personal vendetta. During an early break, John strongly suggested that Wes return to work at Rodi's. He showed Marty the newspaper, with Janet's picture front and center on the first page. Catching a glimpse of it, Nora accused Téa of jury tampering, and demanded that the judge call a mistrial. She also requested that Téa be removed as Todd's attorney.

The judge refused Nora's requests, but agreed to the sequestering of the jury for the remainder of the trial. Antonio was the first witness called to the stand. He recounted the evening that a traumatized Marty had been discovered at Todd's house, along with hundreds of baby items and a map of New Mexico. Upon cross-examination, Téa wondered if there was any evidence that the items had anything to do with Starr. She pointed out that Todd had planned on making donations to an orphanage. Whether he had signed the papers before or after that night was irrelevant, she added.

Starr was the next one called to the stand. Nora asked her if she had spoken to her father about the kidnapping. All eyes were on Starr, as she remained quiet.

An already edgy Janet snapped when she saw the cover of Todd's newspaper. She enlightened Talia to her questionable past and the fact that she had been in hiding for years. She was agitated that certain people would learn she was alive and would be out to kill her. She demanded a meeting with the district attorney. Talia attempted to calm the witness down, but when Talia's back was turned, Janet broke a vase over the police officer's head, causing her to fall to the floor.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Death Becomes Her

In the courtroom, everyone was stunned when Starr announced that Todd had never admitted to her that he had planned to kidnap her child. Cole exploded and shouted at her, "Why are you lying?" The judge threatened to have Cole removed, but he continued to shout obscenities at Todd. Attempting to calm him down, John warned Cole that another outburst would land him in jail. Blair and Todd both watched as Starr struggled to conduct herself on the stand. Refusing to accept Starr's statement, Nora told her that she was committing perjury and urged the teen to repeat what she had told the court during the preliminary hearing. In tears, Starr replied, "He said that he wasn't going to steal my baby." Nora turned toward Téa and Todd and exclaimed, "What did you do to her?" While Cole glared at Starr, Marty threw her hands up in disbelief.

The judge advised Nora to terminate her debate with Téa and continue questioning her witness. A disheveled Nora continued to urge Starr to recant her statement, but Starr insisted that she had lied on the stand during the preliminary hearing. She claimed that she had wanted to hurt her father. A teary-eyed Starr looked at Todd and exclaimed that her father was hurting the night she paid him a visit at the hospital. She maintained that he had never wanted to kidnap her baby. Todd demanded to know what Téa had said to Starr. Denying any involvement, Téa told Todd that Starr was perjuring herself because she loved him. Fearing that the case was damaged, Antonio whispered to John that he was leaving to bring Janet in to testify.

Inside her motel room, Janet checked the pulse of an unconscious Talia. Upon realizing that the officer was still breathing, Janet apologized for attacking Talia, and declared that she did what was necessary for her own survival. Rummaging through Talia's purse, Janet retrieved some money and expressed her regret at returning to Llanview. After collecting her belongings, Janet headed for the door. Exiting the motel room, a terrified Janet declared, "I'm not sticking around and waiting for Todd or someone else to take me out!"

Antonio placed a call to Talia, but received no answer. Unable to contact Talia, he headed over to the motel. Upon arriving at the motel, Antonio knocked down the locked door and discovered Talia on the ground bleeding. Talia apologized for allowing Janet to get away, but Antonio assured her that it wasn't her fault.

After warning Starr that he would deal with the perjury aspect of the case at a later date, the judge asked Nora if she wanted to continue questioning Starr. A disgusted Nora had no further questions for Starr. Nora asked the judge for a recess while her star witness was transported to court. As she exited the stand, a weeping Starr looked at her father. Blair asked Starr why she had lied. Cole looked at Starr with disgust. Cole couldn't believe that Starr would allow her father to get away with trying to steal their child. Crying, Starr apologized to Cole and fled the courtroom. When Todd tried to run after his daughter, Téa stopped him. John also prevented Blair from running after Starr. He said that Starr needed time to deal with things. Blair warned Téa that she would be sorry if Blair ever learned that Téa was responsible for Starr's condition. Blair then turned her attention toward Todd. She told him that Starr was suffering because of him. Todd insisted that Starr wouldn't suffer because of him.

After receiving the news from Antonio, Nora alerted Marty and Cole of Janet's escape. Both Marty and Cole were discouraged by the news. Moments later, Téa overheard Nora telling John about Janet's escape. A smug Téa smiled at Nora.

Cole noticed Schuyler sitting in the hall of the courtroom. Cole approached the teacher and demanded to know why he had shown up at the trial concerning his dead child. Schuyler tried to explain, but Cole lashed out at him and blamed Schuyler's mother for killing Cole's daughter. Moments later, Schuyler received a call. He asked, "What do you want?" After receiving an answer, he replied, "I'll be right there."

Wes stood outside of Brody's room at St. Anne's and glared at the copy of the Sun that featured Janet Ketring on the cover. Before knocking on Brody's door, Wes crumbled up the newspaper and tucked it away in his pocket. Carrying the football that he had received from Jessica, Brody greeted his friend. Brody told Wes that Jessica had been released from St. Anne's. Admitting that he missed her, Brody mentioned that Jessica had been the only patient that truly understood the turmoil that he was experiencing. Brody realized that something was troubling Wes and asked what was wrong. Wes presented Brody with the crumbled up newspaper. He told Brody that Janet had ruined his family.

Wes explained that during her days as Lee Halprin, Janet had seduced his father and convinced him to leave Wes's mother. After stealing his money, Lee had left his father. Too embarrassed to return home to his family, Wes's father had resorted to living on the streets. Wes had no idea if his father was still alive. He told Brody that Lee had disappeared off the face of the earth. Admitting that he had always wondered what he would do if he ever encountered her, Wes remarked that they were both in the same town. Brody pleaded with his friend to place his anger aside before it caused him pain. Wes thanked Brody for his advice and left. Alone, Brody picked up the football and thought about Jessica.

As Viki, Clint, and Jessica stood outside of Llanfair, Viki noticed that her daughter was troubled. Jessica told her parents that she worried that Natalie wouldn't be able to forgive her. Meanwhile, Jared and Charlie were caring for Chloe in the living room. Reaching for her daughter, Jessica was delighted to see Chloe. Moments later, Natalie appeared holding Bree's hand. In a sarcastic tone, Natalie acknowledged her sister. When Jessica approached Bree and tried to speak to her, the child clung to Natalie. Jessica asked her daughter to spend some time with her, but the child ignored her mother's request and asked Natalie to read her a story. As Jessica tried to become reacquainted with her children, Natalie made snide comments and ushered the girls upstairs.

After Natalie and Jared had taken the girls upstairs, a devastated Jessica told her parents that Bree was afraid of her. Although Viki and Clint tried to reassure Jessica that Bree loved her, Jessica was convinced that her relationship with the child had been shattered. Jessica was also certain that Natalie hated her. Jessica believed that her sister would never be able to forgive her for allowing Tess to torture and nearly kill her and Jared. A few supportive words from Charlie gave Jessica a renewed sense of hope. As Jessica appeared to regain her self-confidence, Natalie returned and interrupted the discussion. When Jessica asked for a few moments alone with her sister, Viki advised against it, but Natalie assured her mother that they wouldn't "kill" each other.

Alone with Natalie, Jessica tried to thank her sister for helping out with the girls while she was away. Natalie rudely remarked that Jessica had gone away because she had tried to kill Natalie and Jared. Jessica insisted that Tess was responsible, but Natalie reminded her sister that Jessica had admitted that she allowed Tess to surface in hopes that she would kill them. Jessica continued to apologize, but Natalie told her sister that she didn't intend to forgive her just yet. Natalie believed that Jessica was dangerous and still wanted her dead.

Jessica admitted that she needed Viki's help, and was instructed to remain at Llanfair as a condition of her release. Realizing that Natalie wasn't comfortable living under the same roof, Jessica suggested that Natalie and Jared move out. Natalie informed Jessica that she didn't want to leave Bree and Chloe in Jessica's care. When Jessica reminded Natalie that Bree and Chloe were her daughters, Natalie commented that she didn't trust Jessica around the girls and believed that she was better equipped to care for them. Natalie demanded that Jessica stay away from the girls. Jessica argued that Natalie had gone too far, but Natalie reminded her sister that she almost killed Bree and Chloe during her stint as Tess. Viki interrupted Natalie's rant and ordered her to stop harassing Jessica at once.

Viki chastised Natalie about her treatment of Jessica. When Jared interrupted, Viki offered to help Jessica unpack. After Viki and Jessica had retreated upstairs, Natalie told Jared about her confrontation with Jess. Natalie asked Jared if he thought she had gone too far, but he assured her that he understood how she felt.

As Marcie stood near Hope's gravesite and placed fresh flowers on the child's grave, she was startled to discover Michael standing beside her. Michael reminded Marcie that they were still married, and he also felt a connection to Hope. Marcie thanked Michael for understanding her loss. The couple expressed their love for one another. When Michael asked Marcie if she were going to Todd's trial, Marcie explained that she couldn't witness Todd get away with committing another murder. When Mike asked if she believed he would get away with murder again, Marcie stated that he always did. Marcie said that she would have rather had Todd steal Hope, because there would be a possibility of getting her back. Mike comforted his wife as she mourned the loss of Hope.

Later, Starr lay at Hope's grave. She cried, "I'm so sorry. I couldn't do it. I needed to protect him. I just wished I could have protected you, too." Nearby, Cole watched silently. Without a word, he walked away.

Three hours later:

Téa approached Todd's home and discovered that his front door was ajar. She entered and found Todd, twirling a bloody knife in his hand and kneeling beside Janet Ketring's bloody body. A look of horror crossed Téa's face.

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