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Schuyler claimed not to know his mother's connection to Todd. Janet agreed to testify against Todd and tried to trap him while wearing a wire. Lola wanted to tell Téa about her mother's death. Cole continued to use drugs. Natalie was tired of Viki always making excuses for Jessica's behavior.
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One Life to Live Recaps: The week of January 19, 2009 on OLTL
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Monday, January 19, 2009

The Truth Hurts

At Llanview High School, a teacher discovered the drugs that Starr had intercepted from Cole, and demanded answers from the teens. Although Cole made every attempt to confess, Starr lied and said that the pills belonged to her. Claiming that the drugs were anti-depressants, Starr managed to convince her teacher that she had been given a prescription for the pills after the loss of her baby.

Afterward, Starr begged Cole to find another way to deal with his pain, but he argued that his troubles were overwhelming. Admitting that she was also dealing with her own difficulties, Starr revealed that Dr. Joplin had actually written her the prescription for the anti-depressants, but she had chosen not to fill the order. Explaining that she didn't want to cope with her loss by using drugs, Starr urged Cole to think about the consequences of his actions. Cole watched as Starr walked away. Moments later, he removed a pill from the plastic bag and placed it in his mouth.

At St. Anne's, Wes revealed that the young boy that Brody had killed in Iraq wasn't armed at the time of the shooting. When Brody argued that he remembered seeing the gun in the child's hand, Wes decided that it was time to tell his friend the truth. Remembering the horrific incident, Wes related that Brody had gone into a fit of hysterics after the shooting. Wes had taken Brody into another area and investigated the scene for himself. Wes discovered that the boy had a flashlight in his possession, not a gun. Convinced that Brody wouldn't be able to live with the guilt of killing an unarmed child, Wes retrieved a weapon and planted it on the young boy. With the help of another soldier, Wes covered up the truth revolving the shooting. Apologizing for keeping the truth from Brody, Wes insisted that he was only trying to protect his friend. After Wes left, Brody had a vision of the dead child. In tears, Brody cradled the little boy in his arms.

At Rodi's, John was startled when Marty kissed him. Declaring that she was merely conducting an experiment, Marty confessed that she was posing as the party girl that she once was. In an attempt to belittle John, Marty insisted that John's kiss had no effect on her and she couldn't believe that they were once lovers. As John tried to convince Marty that she was headed down a dangerous path, Marty reached over and kissed him again. To their surprise, John and Marty turned around and discovered that Blair had witnessed the kiss.

An angered Blair demanded to know what was going on between John and Marty. Admitting that she was playing games, Marty lashed out at Blair and John and condemned them for saving Todd's life. Reminding Marty that she had talked Todd into committing suicide, Blair asked Marty if she wanted a man's death hanging over her head. Marty continued to verbally attack Blair. She accused Blair of rescuing Todd because she still loved him. John listened silently as Blair denied having any feelings for Todd. As the two women argued, Marty remarked that Blair was jealous of her. Marty announced that Todd loved her and not Blair. She insisted that Blair hated the idea of Todd loving anyone other than herself. Fed up with Marty's antics, Blair demanded that John toss Marty out of the bar, but John objected and said that it wouldn't solve the problem. Infuriated, Blair stormed out.

Marty teased John about Blair and continued to flirt with him. An annoyed John walked away. Wes entered the bar and approached Marty. When she asked what was bothering him, Wes explained that he believed his friend was in trouble.

At the cottage, a terrified Jessica announced that Bess had told her the truth. When Viki and Clint asked her for details, Jessica advised them to contact Natalie and Jared. She insisted that they needed to be present when she revealed the truth.

After Chloe's doctor appointment, Natalie and Jared ran into Marcie and Michael at the hospital. When Marcie remarked that Chloe was a beautiful baby, Natalie asked Marcie if she wanted to hold the child. Michael watched as Marcie happily accepted the baby. As Marcie and Michael admired Chloe, Natalie received a call from Viki. Viki stated that Jessica had asked to see Natalie and Jared at once. The couple left Chloe in the care of the McBains and headed to the cottage.

While enjoying their time with Chloe, Marcie assured Michael that she was aware that the child wasn't theirs. Marcie admitted that her interaction with Chloe left her feeling the loss of baby Hope. To Marcie's surprise, Michael stated that he understood her emotions. Michael promised Marcie that they would always be a family. Marcie wondered what life would be like had Hope survived.

In Jessica's subconscious, a caged Tess demanded to know what had happened to her child. Bess told Tess that her child had died during childbirth and that Tess was to blame. As a distraught Tess listened, Bess informed her that Tess's obsession with killing Natalie and Jared had led to the death of her child. Bess suggested that Tess had been negligent. Bess reminded Tess that she had missed several doctor's appointments and failed to go to the emergency room after having the contractions. Bess revealed that she had switched the dead child with Starr's baby. When Tess insisted upon knowing what Bess had actually told Jessica, Bess stated that she had told Jessica the truth.

Natalie and Jared arrived at the cottage to see Jessica. In tears, Jessica said that she had a confession to make. Jessica told Natalie and Jared that she had tried to kill them. As Natalie defended her sister by blaming Tess, Jessica announced that she was aware that Tess was attempting to take over and she did nothing to prevent it. Insisting that she was furious with the couple and held them responsible for Nash's death, Jessica declared that she had allowed Tess to surface because she knew her alter ego would kill them. Jessica maintained that she wanted Tess to commit an act that she incapable of committing - murder.

Admitting that she didn't tell Jessica about the baby's death, Bess stated that Jessica wouldn't be able to handle the loss of her baby. When Tess chastised Bess for taking Starr's baby, Bess was adamant that Starr could cope with losing her baby, but Jessica would be devastated. Bess insisted that there was only one resolution - they would have to integrate. Bess stated that Jessica would be released from St. Anne's and allowed to raise her two daughters. Bess told Tess that her work was done and urged her to allow Jessica to experience a breakthrough. Unlocking the cage and reaching for Tess's hand, Bess suggested that Tess was in desperate need of rest. Acknowledging that she was growing tired, a defeated Tess walked off with Bess. A drowsy Tess told Bess that she was very tired. Bess helped Tess into bed. Placing a sheet over a sleeping Tess, Bess declared, "Now we can all rest!"

Back at the cottage, Jessica grew very tired and told her parents that she needed to rest. While Natalie looked at her sister with deep concern, Viki was suspicious. When Clint stated that he was thankful that the truth had been revealed, Viki insisted that something was terribly wrong. Reminding Clint that Tess was adamant that something had happened to the baby, Viki argued that no information involving the child had been divulged. Viki feared the truth hadn't been exposed. As they watched their troubled daughter, Clint wondered if they would ever learn the truth.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Due to the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States, today's episode of One Life to Live was preempted.

There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this programming change and broadcasting will return to a regular schedule on Wednesday, January 21, picking up where Monday, January 19's episode concluded.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Dad and the T's

Todd went to La Boulaie to see the children. Blair refused to let him near the boys because she didn't trust Todd's motives. Todd explained that seeing Starr at Hope's graveside had made him realize how badly he missed his children. Blair was sympathetic but remained steadfast. She told Todd that his actions had affected their children. Starr's life was a mess, Jack suffered nightmares of Todd being in jail, and Sam barely knew his father. Blair worried that Todd could hurt, manipulate or kidnap the children. Until he convinced her otherwise, Blair did not want Todd to be around Starr, Jack, or Sam.

Todd grew desperate. Before Blair could shut the door on him, Todd reached out to Blair and embraced her. He held her tightly as he begged her to reconsider. Eventually Blair changed her mind. While she went to get the boys, Todd waited in the foyer.

Schuyler Joplin was closing his desk drawer when Téa walked into his classroom. She quickly introduced herself then began questioning Schuyler about a possible connection between his mother and Todd. To Téa's frustration, Antonio walked in. He quickly called a halt to the questioning and informed Téa and Schuyler that he was there on official business. Téa had no choice but to leave while Antonio talked to Schuyler.

After Téa's departure, Antonio asked Schuyler about his mother's association with Todd. Schuyler didn't know anything. He told Antonio that he doubted that his mother was involved in Todd's plot to steal Starr's baby. Schuyler insisted that his mother had too much integrity and enough money to rule out financial gain as a motive. Antonio asked Schuyler if it was possible that Todd could have blackmailed Leah. Schuyler recalled his addiction to drugs, but didn't share the information with Antonio. Before Antonio took his leave, he asked Schuyler if he had ever been to jail. Schuyler appeared nervous. Antonio noticed and warned him, "If I were you, I'd be afraid."

Bo and Nora were at Matthew's school, in the principal's office. Bo was annoyed and didn't appreciate having to wait for Matthew's principal. His mood didn't improve when Matthew called to ask Bo if he could go to a Plain White T's concert at Ultraviolet. Bo told Matthew that there were consequences for his actions. He reminded Matthew that he had been grounded because he had bought marijuana at school.

Ms. Dickinson, the principal, walked into her office shortly after Bo ended the call with Matthew. She apologized for being late; she had been detained in a meeting. As she sat down, Bo showed her the joint that Nora had found. He explained that Matthew had purchased the illegal substance at school. Ms. Dickinson seemed surprised, and questioned whether the drug had been purchased at school or somewhere else. Bo assured Ms. Dickinson that Matthew had bought the joint on school grounds. He demanded to know what she intended to do about it. Ms. Dickinson told Bo that she would look into the matter and take the necessary steps to ensure that it didn't happen again. Bo was satisfied with the answer, and left.

As Bo and Nora walked out of Ms. Dickinson's office, Téa spotted them. She assumed that they were there to follow up on Todd's case. Neither Nora nor Bo, corrected her false assumption.

Téa called Todd to ask him if there was anything that Schuyler could say to Antonio that might hurt Todd's case. Todd didn't seem worried. He was confident that Schuyler didn't know anything. He was certain that Dr. Joplin wouldn't have risked jeopardizing her son by revealing the details of Todd's plans to take Starr's baby.

At the Buchanan mansion, Cole came downstairs just as Matthew ended his call with Bo. Cole heard the tail end of the conversation and realized that Matthew was grounded. He commiserated with Matthew before he switched gears to ask him whom he'd purchased the marijuana from. Matthew admitted that he had never taken any illegal drugs. He had bought the pot to show his friends that he was cool despite what his parents did for a living. Their talk was interrupted when Matthew's friend, Becca, called. She wanted to know if he would be attending the concert at Ultraviolet. When Matthew told her why he couldn't go, Becca was surprised that Matthew had bought drugs. She encouraged Matthew to ignore his parents' edict and sneak out.

Later, as Cole prepared to leave for Ultraviolet, Matthew asked if he could hitch a ride with him. Matthew lied and told Cole that Bo had given him a pass for the concert. When they arrived at Ultraviolet, Becca was waiting for them outside. She invited Cole and Matthew to party before the concert, but Cole declined. Matthew walked away with his classmate.

Inside, Starr and Langston sat at a table while they waited for Markko and Lola to join them. Starr told Langston about her encounter with Todd at Hope's graveside. Langston was stunned to hear that Todd had asked Starr to forgive him.

When Gigi arrived at the nightclub, she told Rex that she wanted to go home and curl up with a glass of wine. Rex quickly changed her mind when he told her that the Plain White T's would be performing on stage later that evening. Gigi was thrilled when Rex took her backstage to meet the band and then asked her to introduce the group when they performed.

Vanessa and Cris were in their living room, kissing, when Cris pulled away. He thought that they should be careful around Lola. Vanessa told Cris to relax. She assured him that Lola understood what was going on between them. Before they could pick up where they left off, Markko arrived to pick up Lola. Vanessa wasn't happy when she realized that Langston was not with him. As Lola came downstairs, Vanessa told Markko that she expected him go straight to Ultraviolet without any pit stops along the way. After they left, Cris let Vanessa know that he thought she had been too hard on Markko. Vanessa didn't apologize for her behavior. She said that she was protective of her stepdaughter. She admitted that she was also worried about Lola. Vanessa had sensed a change in Lola recently and suspected that Téa was behind it.

While Cris went to take a shower, Vanessa stumbled on the note that Ray had written to Lola. After she read it, Vanessa tried to call Lola, but got her voicemail instead. After Cris's shower, Vanessa tried to manipulate Cris into going to Ultraviolet, but Cris didn't take the bait. He wanted to take advantage of their time alone while they had it. Later, as Cris made love to Vanessa, she stared at her cell phone on the dresser.

After Lola and Markko arrived at Ultraviolet, they went to the bar to get drinks. While they waited, Lola began opening up to Markko about her father. Unfortunately, Markko wasn't a good listener. When Langston came along, moments before the band stepped on stage, Lola was left hanging. She decided to reach out to Téa. She told Téa that she wanted to talk about the night that her mother was murdered.

Meanwhile, Starr had confided to Langston that she had caught Cole using drugs. Langston couldn't believe it. She asked if Starr was sure that Cole had been high. Starr told her about Cole's reaction when he had seen her hugging Mr. Joplin and the confrontation that had followed.

At the Buchanan mansion, Renee urged Janet to go to the police. She warned Janet that Todd would get away with his crimes if she didn't. Janet was afraid to go to the police because they would arrest her. If she were arrested, Todd would know how to get to her. Bo's arrival sent Janet scurrying into hiding.

Bo was looking for Matthew. He was furious when he learned from Renee that Matthew had left with Cole to go to the Plain White T's concert. After Bo left, Renee returned to the living room to persuade Janet to do the right thing.

Nora joined Renee in the living room a short time later. Nora grumbled that her case against Todd was weak because her only witness was Starr. Nora was shocked when Janet suddenly stepped out of the shadows to tell her that there was another witness-Janet.

Bo arrived at Ultraviolet looking for Matthew. Rex advised his friend to give Matthew space to make mistakes. As the Plain White T's stepped onstage and began playing, Bo spotted Matthew. When Matthew saw his father, he didn't say anything. He simply led the way out of Ultraviolet. Rex watched as Bo followed Matthew out of the nightclub.

Starr walked away from Cole while the band was performing. When Cole caught up to Starr, he asked her why she had walked away as she had. Starr told him that she realized that he was high and she did not want to be around him when he was on drugs.

Schuyler removed an envelope from his desk drawer. It was a letter from his mother.

Today's episode featured the song "1,2,3,4" by Plain White T's.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Sister, My Daughter

With Shane gone for the evening, Rex presented Gigi with a romantic date, filled with candles, wine, and frozen crab cakes he heated himself. He expressed his love, his happiness at their finding each other, and his gratefulness that Shane was his son.

Téa found a depressed Todd mooning over a picture of Marty. She gave him a tongue-lashing for his presumed inactivity and apathy, while she in turn was doing all she could to keep him out of jail. She was further enraged when she saw that the picture was not of Marty, but Blair. Todd insisted that he was looking at his kids, also in the picture, not Blair. He admitted to seeing his sons earlier, which did nothing to calm Téa's mood. She accused him of violating his restraining order as his trial was about to start. She felt sure that Blair had set a trap in some way.

Todd also admitted to running into Starr at the cemetery. As Todd stood by his belief that he was responsible for the baby's death, Téa demanded to know if he had admitted that to his daughter. He planned the kidnapping so he was responsible, he emphasized. Téa was worried that Todd would ruin his day in court and she began to cry. Todd mentioned that Starr told him how difficult it was to hate him and Téa solemnly agreed. Todd asked her to stay and the pair pulled out an old board game they had played in the past. Téa wanted a rematch but warned Todd there were no "do-overs" either in the game or in life. She confirmed that she was his friend and attorney and was confident he'd get away with his latest scheme as long as Janet Ketring/Lee Halpern was not found.

John visited Blair at La Boulaie, where she confided that she was extremely upset not only to have found him kissing Marty, but also that he hadn't come to her aid when she and Marty had argued. She further added that she was not in love with Todd as Marty had suggested and that he was merely the father of her children. Confirming that he believed her, John admitted that he hadn't thought his aid was necessary and he believed that Blair was quite capable of taking care of herself. He wondered what Blair was afraid of.

Blair demanded to know why John put up with Marty kissing him. His response took her by surprise. He wanted to know why Blair had a restraining order against Todd if she was only going to allow him to see his kids anyway. A stuttering Blair explained that her sons missed their dad, while John made excuses for Marty's behavior. He pointed out that Marty's behavior was all a result of other people's actions. He emphasized that Marty had kissed him, but that he wanted to kiss Blair. She admitted to being jealous of Marty and didn't want her anywhere near John. As John began to kiss her, she weakly fought him off. They headed upstairs.

Marty accompanied Wes back to his place and disclosed that she was confused over her behavior with John. Wes thought she should not worry about her past behavior but start fresh. She turned her attentions to Wes, noting the change in his usual easy-going behavior. He was drinking and seemed on edge.

Wes confessed that he had distorted the truth in Iraq to protect Brody, but had decided to tell him the true story. He told her that the war was never over for him. He likened his lying to Todd's, though Marty was quick to jump to Wes's defense. She called him heroic in protecting his friend's soul, while Todd was only protecting himself when he told her lies. Taking it a step further, Marty professed Wes to be her guardian angel and a good person by taking her under his wing. Telling her that she didn't have to stick around, Marty advised him that she preferred to look after him, the way he did for her.

At St. Anne's, Jessica filled Brody in on her trip back to the cottage and her discovery, from Bess, that she had planned on killing Natalie and Jared. Brody found it hard to believe, even though he'd only known Jessica for a short time. Jessica declared that she didn't know herself, and found it impossible for anyone else to know her either. Brody felt that Jessica couldn't be held responsible. In turn, he divulged the results of his visit with Wes, when he learned that the dead Iraqi boy was holding nothing more than a flashlight.

Brody admitted that he still felt guilty and Jessica admitted the same. She was sure that Natalie would never forgive her and she didn't fault Natalie for those feelings. Brody hoped that things would eventually work out for both of them.

At Llanview, Natalie informed Viki that she was sick of her mother making excuses for Jessica, especially since they learned of her sister wanting Natalie dead. A confused Charlie thought that Tess had been responsible for that, but it was explained that Jessica controlled the personalities, she knew what was going on, and refused to confide in anyone. Viki continued to defend Jessica, bringing Natalie to angry tears. She noted that her parents did not support her until she was found prisoner in the secret room, but they always supported Jessica.

Viki adamantly continued to defend Jessica, pointing out that it was Tess who did terrible things. Natalie reiterated that Jessica knew and pulled the gun, and that Tess was merely the trigger. Viki disclosed that Tess was about to let Jared and Natalie out of the room when she went into labor. Natalie refused to buy it and suggested that her mother would still feel sorry for Jessica, even if she had successfully blown them up. Viki agreed, but felt that Natalie was lucky. She was alive and could express her feelings and be productive. Refusing to discuss Jessica any longer, Natalie admitted to being tired of always having to be the strong one. Viki asked her if she wanted to trade places with Jessica.

Viki pointed out that life was not fair for either Natalie or Jessica, but she loved Natalie very much and would do anything for her. She praised her for getting angry but always having the ability to forgive people. Calling her a role model, Viki suggested that Natalie would be able to forgive Jessica when she understood that Jessica wasn't responsible. Bringing some firewood into the house, Jared told Charlie that he preferred that Jessica blame him for Nash's death, because he was worried about Natalie. Jared followed a distressed Natalie upstairs early. Charlie felt that Natalie would get over her feelings in time. Viki hoped that Jessica would successfully integrate her personalities, but was worried that it would cost her sister.

As Jon McLaughlin sang "We All Need Saving" there was a montage of scenes. Téa and Todd played their game, while Gigi and Rex, and Blair and John made love. Marty covered up a sleeping Wes and kept watch over him while Jess and Brody looked at personal photos. As Jared slept soundly, Natalie lay awake, lost in thought. Charlie tried to cheer up a contemplative Viki.

Friday, January 23, 2009

The Tao of David

At La Boulaie, Starr, Langston, and Addie heard a strange clamor coming from the living room and decided to investigate. They discovered Dorian dressed in a robe and conducting what appeared to be a religious ceremony. Dorian announced that she had instructed Moe to prepare a special meal for the guests that she had invited over to join her in the Buddhist Day of Observance. When the Cramer women expressed their concern over Dorian's weird behavior, she stated that David's influence had caused her transformation and encouraged her family to join her on the path toward enlightenment. As the family sought answers from her, Dorian ushered in a large group of homeless people to attend the services. At Dorian's insistence, Starr, Langston, and Addie left her to her own devices.

At the Buenos Dias Café, Carlotta and Noelle listened as David gave them a lesson on love and humility. Carlotta was suspicious of David's true intentions, but Noelle sought his advice. Concerned by a past statement that Madame Delphina had made, Noelle wondered what David saw concerning her future. When David criticized the ability of all psychics, an angered Madame Delphina approached and suggested that he was concocting a scam. The psychic stated that David could experience a life of wealth if he gave up his ridiculous charade, but David assured her that he didn't desire material wealth and walked away.

Alone with Madame Delphina, Noelle asked the psychic to clarify her past statement – "Go back to Texas before it's too late!" Madame Delphina warned that great danger was on the arisen – but not for Noelle. Advising Noelle that great wealth was in store for her, Madame cautioned that money caused corruption. An amazed Noelle remembered that David had given her the same warning. She wondered how she would obtain the great wealth that Madame Delphina had prophesied.

Dorian asked her guests to join her in a chant, but was startled when an enraged David appeared and accused her of committing blasphemy. Reminding David that he had advised her to serve others, Dorian argued that she was following his instructions. David remarked that Dorian had no idea of what it meant to live the life that he had chosen. He urged her to publicly relinquish all material possessions to someone that wasn't related to her. After a brief struggle, Dorian exclaimed, "I Dorian Lord give all my earthly possessions to Maurice Stubbs!" Moe stared at her in disbelief.

At the police station, Antonio and Talia listened as Bo and Nora advised Janet to give them the proof that they needed to convict Todd of attempting to kidnap Starr's baby. A confident Janet assured them that she had evidence that would put Todd away for a long time. Janet stated that Todd had forced her to help him kidnap the baby. She said that she possessed the fake credentials that he had provided her to gain access into the delivery room in order to carry out his devious plan. When a smug Janet displayed the fraudulent materials and suggested that they offer her a deal, Bo and Nora informed her that they needed more.

Todd woke up and was surprised to find Téa asleep in his bed. Téa announced that they had slept together. Explaining that they had fallen asleep while watching television, Téa informed Todd that they didn't have sex. Pleased that Todd was in a good mood, Téa suggested that they discuss the upcoming trial. Téa stated that Nora's only evidence was Starr's testimony. She was certain that Todd would win the case because Nora had been unable to obtain any other witnesses. As Téa prepared to leave, Todd smiled and remarked, "Thanks for sleeping with me."

Todd was startled when he returned to his bedroom and found Janet. When Todd demanded to know why she was in his home, Janet insisted that he pay her for her silence. She promised to give a statement to the police unless he provided her with financial support. Meanwhile, Antonio and Talia sat in a van outside of Todd's house and recorded the entire conversation.

Janet rehashed Todd's kidnapping plan in great detail. As Janet tried to talk him into a confession, a suspicious Todd grabbed her and tore open her blouse, exposing the wire that Janet was wearing.

Back at the police station, Bo and Nora discussed the change in behavior that Matthew was undergoing. While Bo wondered what had gone wrong, Nora argued that Matthew was a teenager and was expected to test his parents in some way. Bo vowed that he wouldn't lose his son to drugs.

At Llanview High School, Starr told Langston that she wouldn't speak with Cole if she discovered that he was high again. Nearby, an obviously drugged Cole fumbled with the bag of pills in his locker. Matthew approached and inquired about the pills, but Cole lied and said that they were aspirin. Matthew began bragging about meeting up with Becca at Ultraviolet. To his surprise, Becca was standing behind him. The two walked off and left Cole at his locker holding his drugs. Upon noticing Starr and Langston, Cole stashed the pills back in his locker.

Starr approached Cole and realized that he was still high. When an angered Starr chastised him about his addiction to the pills, Cole lashed out at her and accused Starr of trying to control him. He insisted that he needed her friendship and criticized her for refusing to talk to him. Starr held her ground and told Cole that she had no intention of being his friend as long as he remained on drugs.

A few feet away, Matthew assured Becca that he could handle his parents and that his punishment wouldn't last long. Another student joined them and began teasing Matthew about his lack of knowledge of drugs. As the bell rang, Becca suggested that Matthew head to class before he found himself in more trouble. Matthew watched as Starr and Cole continued to argue. Fed up with Cole's denial, Starr stormed off. A distracted and frustrated Cole slammed his locker door but didn't realize that he hadn't locked it. After Cole walked away, Matthew opened the locker and removed the bag of pills.

At Cris's loft, Vanessa confronted Lola about the letter that she had received from her father. She warned the teen that Ray was dangerous and would kill them both if Lola decided to trust him. Instructing Lola to hand over the letter, Vanessa insisted that she wanted to show the document to Cris. Vanessa was certain that Cris would want to present the evidence to the authorities. Appearing conflicted, Lola gave Vanessa the letter and informed her step-mother that she had an errand to run. When Cris arrived, moments later, Vanessa quickly hid the letter and sent him upstairs. Believing that she was alone, Vanessa retrieved the letter and lit a match to it. As she watched the letter burn, Cris appeared and demanded to know what she was doing. Admitting that the letter was from Ray, Vanessa told Cris that she was afraid to show him the letter because she feared that Ray would harm them all. Cris vowed to protect Vanessa but insisted that she be honest with him. Giving him a big hug, Vanessa promised to be truthful with Cris.

Téa and Lola met at the Buenos Dias Café. Téa told Lola that her school records had arrived from Colombia and that she was able to enroll in Llanview High. Sensing that the teen was troubled, Téa asked if she were all right. Reminding Lola that she was her lawyer, Téa informed Lola that a lawyer couldn't divulge any information that a client provided. Lola confided in Téa that she had received a letter from her father. When Téa asked if there was anything about the case that Lola was withholding, Lola confessed that she wasn't certain that her father killed her mother.

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