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Monday, January 19, 2009

Beneath the insinuating glares of other parents, Olivia and Natalia held hands as they listened to Emma's family report about her two mommies, prison inmate Rafe, and Ava. Natalia beamed with pride, but Olivia seemed to understand to implications of the looks they received. After the report, Natalia rushed to check on Rafe, leaving Olivia with Ms. Jennings, Emma's curious teacher. Ms. Jennings thought Olivia and Natalia's openly gay relationship was great for school diversity, citing that her gay cousin had just gotten married. Olivia tried to correct Ms. Jennings, but a parent pulled the teacher away. Needing something stronger than the school punch, Olivia went to Towers for a stiff martini. There, she noticed some men on the overlook and commented to herself, "Oh, yeah, that's some nice butt." One of the men turned, and she murmured, "Oh, I was just saying..." Sipping her martini, she smiled to herself.

Coop hunted for his manuscript at Company. Buzz suggested he start a new story, but Coop didn't believe that the first one had ended. Beth entered, requesting that Coop discreetly tail her outside to talk. Since Buzz, Lillian, and Lizzie knew about them, Coop refused to hide anymore. Beth still fretted about Alan and her children, and Coop urged her to stand up to Alan for herself and her children. Coop dared her to join him at a table for two that evening at Towers. Beth seemed wary, stating that she knew they were at a turning point in their relationship. Coop corrected that he had already turned the corner; he was just waiting for her to catch up. He implored her to show Lizzie that there was a better way than Alan. Frank interrupted their tense talk to say hello, and as Beth departed, Coop yelled that he would see her at Towers that night.

Behind the counter, Frank wondered if Buzz thought Coop was acting strange. Buzz answered by pressing Frank about Natalia. Frank had opted to take things slowly with her, but Buzz quipped that the pyramids had been built in half the time. Frank asked Buzz what he ought to do, and Buzz wondered if he had to draw Frank a diagram. Buzz advised him to just make it happen. Just then, Natalia grasped Frank's arm and said he was precisely the man she needed.

Natalia was desperate for Frank's help with getting Rafe into Cedars, but she didn't want to put Frank on the spot. Frank said he wanted to be the man she turned to, and he unexpectedly kissed her. An enamored Frank disappointedly saw Natalia grimace apologetically. She said she didn't mean to lead him on, and Frank assured her that she hadn't. She decided to seek help elsewhere, but Frank persisted that he wanted to help her. She awkwardly thanked him and left.

Frank reentered the restaurant, mad at Buzz for hyping him up to pursue Natalia. Frank said he had seized the day by kissing her. "All right!" Buzz cheered. Frank said, "No. All wrong, Dad! You should have seen the expression on her face. It was like I hit her in the mouth with a wet mackerel!" Buzz frowned, considering that Frank must have been an out-of-practice kisser. Frank said that the next time Buzz felt like doling out advice, Buzz should look in the mirror.

Natalia arrived home and told Olivia that she hated asking Frank for favors. Olivia said Frank loved helping Natalia. As Olivia tried to sell Natalia on Frank, Natalia assumed something had gotten into Olivia. Olivia admitted to drinking at Towers and checking out the men. She offered to take Natalia with her next time-and also Ms. Jennings, who Olivia claimed, "would then see." Confused, Natalia wondered if Olivia's mood had something to do with Emma's paper. Natalia thought everyone had loved it. Olivia sarcastically agreed, quipping that their family was "diversity." Natalia seemed not to understand what Olivia was getting at. In a leading tone, Olivia said, "they think we're partners...They think that we're close, very close...That we love each other." A clueless Natalia felt that those things were all true. "Do I have to hit you over the head with this?" Olivia screamed. Olivia grabbed Natalia and planted a kiss on her.

Over drinks at Towers, Bill divulged to Billy that he had desperately kidnapped Lizzie after reading her diary again. Billy didn't think that kidnapping Lizzie was the best way to prove that he hadn't kidnapped her the first time. Bill feared that Alan would steal the last, unbroken piece of Lizzie's heart unless Billy would help Bill talk Lizzie out of going to New York by convincing her that love still mattered.

At the mansion, Lizzie ripped out the diary page from which Bill had quoted, and then she prepared for her trip. Lillian offered to dog-sit Roxie, and she was shocked to hear that Lizzie had decided to give Roxie away. Assuming that Lizzie was using Roxie as a symbol of her failed faith in Bill, Lillian reasoned that Lizzie couldn't just blot out her emotions as Alan could. Lizzie insisted on getting rid of all the things that she had thought were making her happy. She pleaded with Lillian to give Roxie away for her. Lillian reluctantly agreed.

Beth entered to apologize to Lizzie, but thought better of it when she saw that her snickering daughter was abandoning Roxie. Beth said that giving up Roxie was a big mistake. Watching Lizzie grow weak was empowering Beth to be strong, like Coop wanted her to be. Lizzie sneered that it was great that Beth felt empowered by cheating on Alan. Beth claimed that Alan's love was toxic, and she wanted to show Lizzie that there was a better way. When Lizzie said that Beth had shown her plenty, Beth guessed Lizzie would learn the hard way. Billy entered and Beth said that Lizzie was all his. Billy guessed that Lizzie's displeasure in Beth meant that Lizzie still had a heart. "Not for long," Lizzie grumbled.

Lizzie wondered if Bill had sent Billy there to "talk some sense into me." Billy said that Bill was smart enough to know that love didn't make sense. Billy claimed that love was an investment, but Lizzie stated that she had lost after investing in Bill. Billy said that love was risky, but it would make her rich. He had drunk his chance at love away, but he wondered what Lizzie's excuse would be for giving up hers. After Billy left, Lizzie sat on the floor, clinging to Roxie's pink pillow. She sobbed for a long time, but then she dragged herself from the floor. Wiping away her tears, she vowed to cry no more for Bill, Beth, or Roxie. She reminded herself that she was Elizabeth Spaulding and she could do whatever she wanted to do.

While walking Roxie, Lillian ran into Bill. She explained Lizzie's decision about Roxie, and Bill concluded that he and Roxie were in the same doghouse. Bill decided that he would take Roxie-just until Lizzie returned to her senses. Sometime later, Beth saw Bill in the park with Roxie, and he swore he hadn't kidnapped the dog. Beth said she already knew Roxie's predicament, and she asked Bill to give Lizzie time. She apologized for doubting him in the kidnapping, but she really couldn't believe in her heart that Bill had kidnapped Lizzie. Bill wished that he and Lizzie couldn't believe it in their hearts, either. Upon leaving, Beth asked both Bill and Roxie to be patient with Lizzie.

At the Beacon, Billy found Bill in the hallway with Roxie. He said seeing Lizzie that way had been scary, kind of like looking at a pretty, pint-sized Alan. Bill guessed that Alan would win again. Billy said that only a Spaulding could beat a Spaulding. Bill suddenly got an idea and asked Billy to take Roxie to his room. Bill then rushed to Cedars, where he found Rick working. Pulling Rick aside, Bill asked him how to find Phillip Spaulding.

At Towers, Coop seemed to have been waiting at his table for quite some time. The server arrived, wondering if Coop wanted to order. Coop rose to leave, but a sexily dressed Beth approached, apologizing for keeping him waiting. Coop said Beth was worth the wait. The two couldn't take their eyes off each other, and the server awkwardly wondered if Alan would be joining them. Beth said he wouldn't. Coop drew back her chair and asked if she wanted champagne. She agreed, and the server offered to bring them menus. Coop said they didn't need the menus just yet. After the server left, Coop told Beth that they had all the time in the world. The couple toasted to "now." In the background, a song played, "Woman, you are out of your damn mind..."

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Due to the inauguration of Barack Obama as the 44th President of the United States, today's episode of Guiding Light was preempted.

There will be no "lost" episodes as a result of this programming change and broadcasting will return to a regular schedule on Wednesday, January 21, picking up where Monday, January 19's episode concluded.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Lizzie decided to eat at Towers before catching her flight; however, she lost her appetite after glimpsing Coop and Beth on their romantic outing. Coop pursued Lizzie into the elevator, where Lizzie refused to give him permission to "bang" her mother. Instead, Lizzie smacked him in the face. He wondered if that had made her feel better, and she smacked him again. Coop proclaimed that Beth and he were in love. Lizzie deemed that even worse, considering love's destructive power. Sensing Bill at the root of her agony, Coop apologized that Bill had hurt her. Lizzie ordered him to end it with Beth before it destroyed Alan. He refused, and she vowed to make him rue his choice. Coop claimed that the Lizzie he'd once known would grow to hate the person she had become. She asked if the Coop she'd once known planned to be her stepfather.

Bill pressed Rick for Phillip's contact information, but Rick claimed not to have it. Rick wondered why Bill, someone who hated Phillip, was so desperate to find him. Bill said that Phillip might be the only person who could save Lizzie from becoming Alan's "Mini-Me." Rick felt that Bill's concern was disingenuous. Rick stated that Phillip had been absent for years, and dragging him back wouldn't help Lizzie. Rick wished Bill luck in finding a better way.

Bill sought Cyrus at Farley's to ask where Lizzie was, but Cyrus retorted that Bill had blown it with Lizzie. Later, Bill and Roxie encountered Lizzie in the park. She was shocked that Bill claimed to own Roxie. Noting that Bill had been drinking, she ranted that she had to worry about Roxie being in a drunkard's care. Bill retorted that Lizzie didn't have to worry about anything since she'd given Roxie away.

Later, Cyrus found Lizzie sulking in her car. She said Bill had adopted Roxie without even telling her. She stated that Alan could shut off his emotions so easily, but she had almost caved with Bill and Roxie earlier. Cyrus wondered if she really believed that Alan had no regrets or longing for those he'd lost.

Rick visited Beth at the mansion, where he saw Peyton. Beth and Rick lamented how things had gone after their divorce, and then Rick turned the discussion to Bill's quest to find Phillip. Instantly agitated, Beth wondered why Bill would seek out a man he despised. Rick explained Bill's theory about Phillip saving Lizzie from Alan. Beth admitted that she had added to Lizzie's woes by dating Coop Bradshaw. Rick gasped, and Beth wondered if she had lost her mind. Rick asked if Beth would confess to Alan upon his return from New York. Beth wasn't sure, but Rick said letting Alan find out on his own wouldn't work well, just as it hadn't when Mel had found out about Beth and Rick. When Rick noted that it was hard on Lizzie, Beth thought that it was Bill, not Beth's affair, that was hurting Lizzie. Rick asked if Beth honestly thought that Bill was in love with Lizzie, and Beth said that she really did.

At Company, Frank still worried about Natalia's reaction to his kiss. Buzz thought Frank was over-thinking it. Frank decided to call her for another date. Buzz warned him not to mention the kiss, though. When Frank called her in private, he got her voicemail. Coop entered, insisting that he needed Frank to track Alan's travel plans. Coop revealed that he was Beth's lover. A shocked Frank decided that he and Coop needed to talk, but Coop claimed to be way past the lectures. He just wanted to know if they could find out when Alan would return.

Over several beers, Frank lectured Coop anyway, and he figured out that Coop had been the reason that Beth had urged Alan to save Company. Buzz swept the same spot on the floor several times, and Coop told him to relax. He said, "I'll relax when I know that my new landlord isn't going to rearrange your face-" Suddenly, Buzz dropped the broom and collapsed. Frank and Coop surrounded him, and Coop apologized for getting Buzz so deeply involved in his situation. Buzz claimed that he didn't need a doctor. All Buzz needed was for his sons to end up with nice, single women like Natalia. Frank decided to save Coop from himself.

At the farmhouse, Natalia jerked herself out of Olivia's grasp, finally understanding what Olivia was driving at. Since they both knew they weren't lovers, Natalia demanded to know why Olivia had kissed her. Olivia felt that it had been the only way to open a dense Natalia's eyes. Natalia was crushed to realize that Ms. Jennings thought they were dating. Olivia admitted being upset about it at first, but she'd come to think it of it as just a silly mistake. Paranoid of what Rafe would think, Natalia wanted to straighten the situation out with Ms. Jennings immediately.

At the school, Natalia was uptight because people thought she and Olivia were lesbians. Since they knew they weren't, Olivia didn't think other people's assumptions mattered. Natalia cared that the whole school had jumped to such a scandalous conclusion. Olivia scoffed at Natalia's terminology, adding that only twenty people had seen the presentation. Natalia reminded her that it would post to the school's website. Olivia sarcastically wondered if Natalia wanted Emma to revise the entire report, and Natalia thought that it might be necessary for Emma's own good. Huffing, Olivia went to track down Ms. Jennings.

Soon after Olivia left, Ms. Jennings showed up. Natalia explained that the "My Two Mommies" presentation had given people the wrong idea. Natalia said that she and Olivia were not a couple; they were friends who shared a home. As Olivia reentered the room, Natalia sputtered a quick narrative of how Olivia and she had wound up living together. Ms. Jennings apologized for the confusion, seeming to understand that they were just roommates. Natalia said it was more than that; they were a family. Natalia said that they were two friends who had leaned on each other during tough times. Natalia admitted to growing teary during Emma's speech because she had realized that they were a family, something she didn't think she'd ever have after her husband had died.

Once back at the farmhouse, Olivia wondered what they would have for dinner, but Natalia said she had decided to go out with Frank, who had left her a message. Olivia said she was glad that Natalia had straightened out the situation with Emma's teacher. Natalia was glad, too. Olivia told Natalia to have fun, but she seemed to look disappointed as Natalia left.

The show ended in a montage that culminated the day's events. Olivia ate Chinese takeout alone as Frank surprised Natalia with a romantic meal at a closed Company. Natalia gave him a kiss, and then she smiled to hide what appeared to be the "wet mackerel" look. Buzz smiled as he looked through the window at them, but then he sat down, touching his neck wearily. Outside, Coop threw Beth's cell phone and they kissed. Cyrus slipped into the driver's seat of Lizzie's car. Bill returned to his room to find a note that read, "Phillip: Jones' Peak 40 /115."

Thursday, January 22, 2009

To make Christina's wait for her MCAT results easier, Remy decided that it was "Take Your Wife to Work Day." During the day, Christina endearingly noticed that Remy was secretly checking for her scores. After they received their first emergency call, Remy and Christina rushed to the mini-mart to find Buzz collapsed in the canned foods aisle. Buzz complained that he'd been feeling like crap for days. Remy said Buzz had a history of heart problems. Buzz asked if he'd had a heart attack. Remy didn't think so, but said that they would rush him to Cedars to find out. Buzz said that Remy and Christina made a good team.

At the hospital, Buzz balked about being put in a wheelchair. He agreed to submit to tests, but he said he'd had a panic attack due to his crazy family, not a heart attack. Christina thought Buzz was lucky to have so many people that loved him. Buzz said that it only took one person-if it were the right person. Remy offered to call a family member for Buzz, but Buzz joked that he'd had to check into a hospital just to get away from his family.

After helping Buzz, Christina and Remy remembered the MCAT test results. They scrambled to a laptop at the nurse's station. Christina knocked Remy out of the way, saying that she should see her score first. After accessing her results, Christina looked stunned. Remy consoled her, saying that she could take the test again, but she announced that she had scored a thirty-eight. They spontaneously kissed each other. Remy turned away, claiming that they had kissed in the heat of the moment. Christina agreed, but then the two kissed again.

Mallet and Marina brought Maureen to Dinah's hotel room after they had caught her shoplifting at the mini-mart. Dinah ordered an insolent Maureen to her room, but Maureen quipped that she didn't have a room. Dinah sent her into the other room to call Vanessa about what she had done. Assuming that Maureen's stunt had been a cry for attention, Dinah griped that Vanessa and Matt constantly argued and shuffled Maureen between them. She disparaged their parenting skills, but she figured that Mallet and Marina aspired to be better parents. Mallet and Marina shifted uncomfortably, and Dinah wondered what she had said that time.

Mallet and Marina confided that they had chosen to postpone parenthood after receiving discouraging news from the doctor about Mallet's fertility. Dinah suggested that they adopt, rationalizing that since an adopted child would be equal parts neither one of them, they had a better chance of making it all theirs. Marina asked how it had been for Dinah, who had been adopted. Dinah said that while traveling with a circus, everyone had raised her, which meant no one had raised her. She figured that Marina and Mallet would be blessings to any child. They thanked Dinah, and Mallet decided to let Maureen off the hook for her petty crime.

Sometime later, Matt arrived to pick up Maureen. He sternly told Maureen that they would discuss her incident with Vanessa. Dinah said that the child had made a mistake, and Matt agreed, stating that no one expected Maureen to be perfect. Maureen said bad girls had more fun, but Dinah warned Maureen to do as Dinah said, not as Dinah did.

At the police station, Marina and Mallet speculated why they hadn't arrested Maureen as they would have other juveniles. Marina said she had just wanted to hug Maureen and help her. Mallet thought that Marina would be an excellent mother. Marina said that it was weird that Dinah had to tell them to adopt a child before they had figured it out on their own.

When Mallet and Marina arrived home, they worried about ruining a child due to their inexperience as parents. As they discussed all the things that could go wrong in childrearing, they seemed to talk themselves out of adoption. Mallet went upstairs to shower, and Marina toiled around in the kitchen. Suddenly, they ran through the house, met each other on the stairs, and simultaneously said they really wanted to adopt and have a family. They kissed each other.

Jeffrey had taken the day off to accompany Reva to her doctor's appointment; however, Reva wanted him to track down the man following Shayne instead. When Jeffrey went to Shayne's hotel room, he discovered the stranger, later known as Crenshaw, lurking inside. Slamming Crenshaw against the wall, Jeffrey demanded to know what his business was with Shayne. Lara's father, a prominent businessman in Europe, had hired Crenshaw to find her. Crenshaw had regrettably uncovered her death instead. He handed Jeffrey her father's number. Jeffrey flashed his federal agent badge and then said that he would meet Crenshaw in Crenshaw's Beacon hotel room later to discuss Lara's case.

Shayne approached just as Crenshaw was leaving. Shayne asked him who he was, but Crenshaw kept walking. Jeffrey explained that Reva had witnessed Shayne walk and had seen Crenshaw following Shayne shortly thereafter. Jeffrey said that Crenshaw worked for Lara's father. Shayne doubted that Lara had been close to her father, since she hadn't mentioned him. Jeffrey gave him her father's number, and Shayne said that Jeffrey was free to leave since he'd done his husbandly duties for Reva.

Reva pulled out the video camera to tell her unborn son about Shayne's lost love, Lara. She explained that both her sons needed her. She hoped that the boys would take very good care of each other. Later, Reva called Jeffrey, and he filled her in about Crenshaw. She urged him to verify Crenshaw's story, but Jeffrey wanted to attend her doctor's appointment. Reva pretended not to hear him over the line's supposed static. She thanked him for completing the investigation and hurried off the phone as Shayne approached on a cane.

Reva expressed her pride to see Shayne walking and thanked him for opening up about Lara. When he heard that Jeffrey couldn't make her doctor's appointment, he volunteered to accompany her, stating that she shouldn't undergo chemo alone. Reva said it wasn't that kind of appointment as she led him away.

During her sonogram later, Reva noted Shayne's reticence. She confided that she had good days and bad days in the pregnancy. Cancer appointment days were bad, but sonogram appointment days were good. The good times had led her to privately videotape messages for the baby, "just in case." She said she hadn't known that she wouldn't be around for Shayne, but she knew her health risks with the new baby. She decided to videotape the sonogram appointment to watch on her bad days. Shayne appeased her by filming it, but he shied away when Reva wanted him to record a message for his unborn brother. Upon her insistence, Shayne told the baby how lucky he was to have a mother like theirs, and then Shayne abruptly left the room.

After her appointment, Reva comforted Shayne about Lara's death. She didn't expect him to completely recover from losing Lara, but she said he would get back to being himself one day at a time. She said that he had survived the explosion and she had survived cancer. She was confident that they would keep surviving. Shayne said he didn't want the baby to depend on her video messages. He wanted the baby to have his mother, alive and well. They hugged each other and expressed their love for each other. Reva encouraged Shayne to do something fun that day.

Outside later, Shayne left a message for Lara's father. A man, whose face was unseen, sat down on a bed to listen. Shayne said that he hadn't known why he had called except to tell Lara's father what a wonderful and special woman Lara had been. Shayne sullenly said that he missed her, and he apologized for her father's loss.

Dinah went to Shayne's room, where Jeffrey still investigated. Looking at the disheveled room, Dinah asked if Jeffrey had broken in. Jeffrey explained what had happened with Crenshaw, and he wondered whether Dinah thought it would be good for Shayne to commiserate Lara's loss with Lara's father. Dinah immediately said that Jeffrey needed to make Crenshaw and Lara's father go away for good. As Dinah straightened up Shayne's room, she suggested that Jeffrey vacate before Shayne returned. Jeffrey questioned whether Dinah could shoulder the burden of helping Shayne alone. Since she claimed to understand what it was like to go through turmoil under public scrutiny, she felt that she was Shayne's best chance at recovering. She murmured that she needed it as much as Shayne did.

Jeffrey went to the Beacon to meet Crenshaw, but Crenshaw wasn't in his room. Later, Reva approached Dinah outside, and Dinah threw her hands up, volunteering that she hadn't seen or heard from Shayne. After admitting that Dinah was the closest person to a friend that Shayne had, Reva invited Dinah to a memorial that she had decided to hold for Lara. Rushing off, Reva said she would email Dinah the details. Dinah called after Reva, and she shook her head in dismay as Reva kept going.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Lara's father listened to the message that Shayne left and then packed to leave.

The Dean of Johns Hopkins Medical School approached Remy and informed him that he had been accepted into the school. Later, Remy went to Company where Christina gushed about passing the MCATs. As Christina said that she would probably be able to get into her top pick of school, she noticed how quiet Remy was. When she asked him what was wrong, Remy shrugged it off and changed the subject. As Christina continued to gush about being a doctor, Remy remained quiet and she called him on it again. This time, Remy admitted that he had to go to a memorial service for Shayne's girlfriend, Lara. When Remy explained how badly Shayne was taking it, Christina offered to go with him. Christina then saw the envelope from Johns Hopkins and was ecstatic to learn that Remy got in. Remy was not very excited and stated that he wasn't even sure that he wanted to be a doctor.

Marina and Mallet waited at the adoption agency to discuss their chances of adopting a baby. Marina was nervous about their chances and Mallet assured her that they would be fine. When Marina commented that she had to go to Lara's memorial, Mallet told her that he would finish things up with the agency alone. Later, Mallet was interviewed and asked if he had considered adoption before. Mallet commented that it never came up during his other marriages, and he stated that it was probably because his marriage with Marina was the first time that he felt as if they were a team. The adoption official asked about an eight-year gap in Mallet's work history from the time he left Florida to when he became a prison warden. Mallet lied that he was working security in the private sector and the woman responded that she needed a list of references from that eight-year period.

Josh and Reva prepared for Lara's memorial service. Josh told Reva that it was a nice idea and asked how Shayne responded. Reva stated that she left a message for him but he had not gotten back to her. Reva discussed Shayne's loss and asked if Josh could imagine having the love of his life there one minute, and gone the next. Josh said that he could imagine it. Jeffrey came by and gave his opinion that the service was a bad idea, but both Josh and Reva disagreed. Later, Josh visited Shayne and complimented on him using a cane. After making some small talk about Shayne's small apartment, Josh mentioned Reva's message about the memorial service. Shayne told his father that he did not want it, but Josh replied that it was already done. Shayne continued to protest and Josh told him that he believed it would help Shayne. Josh told a resistant Shayne that he needed to say goodbye to Lara and learn to move on. Josh told Shayne that the pain would go away, and he believed that Shayne was stuck in a bad place and needed help seeing a way out.

After failing to contact Shayne, Dinah went to the memorial service and told Reva to call it off because it was a bad idea. Reva said that Shayne needed his family to rally around him during his time of need. Dinah stated that he did not need the service. Reva and Dinah fought about what was best for Shayne, and Dinah told Reva that Reva did not even know who Shayne was anymore. Dinah reminded Reva that she was the only one Shayne was talking to and she was telling Reva that it was a bad idea. Reva disagreed and said that she did not trust Dinah. After blasting Dinah about her past, Reva said that she was worried that Shayne had put his faith in Dinah and asked her to leave.

Jeffrey brought in flowers that were delivered to the memorial service but the card did not say whom they were from.

Dinah went to Shayne's and asked him if he had talked to Josh. Shayne said that he did. Dinah told Shayne that she tried to stop it and told him that he did not have to go. He asked if she thought he should and she said no, since it would just make him angry and make him feel even worse about the way Lara died. Dinah brought up Shayne blaming himself for Lara's death and made it clear that it was not his fault. Dinah told Shayne that his family could not force him to have closure-that he would get there when he got there. Shayne implied that he would never get "there."

At the chapel, Josh and Reva discussed the flowers and, Josh told Reva that Shayne did not want to come. Reva was ready to start without him when suddenly Shayne and Dinah arrived. Later, Marina spoke about how she never met Lara but she was grateful that she was in Shayne's life. Marina spoke about what it was like to be loved by a great guy like Shayne -one who always accomplished what he set out to do and made life better for others. Remy spoke eloquently about how strong Shayne was and Christina even spoke about knowing what it was like to lose someone you loved. Josh announced that the new building at the HB Lewis Veteran's Hospital was going to be named for Lara and said that he and Reva were creating the Lara Pizano Scholarship fund.

Finally, Shayne got up to speak. Shayne told everyone that his entire life was wrapped up in Lara, and when she was gone, he felt as if he just existed, and was not really living. Shayne told his father what a wonderful man he was. He said that he believed that his parents should still be together, but acknowledged that Jeffrey made Reva happy and told him to keep it up. Shayne told Reva how happy he was that she was having a baby. Afterwards, Reva invited Shayne and Josh to come to her house for dinner, but Shayne declined. He thanked his parents for giving the service, told them he loved them, and told them goodbye. When Shayne left, Dinah rushed to follow, barely hearing Reva's objection that Shayne might want to be alone.

After the service, Remy thanked Christina for helping him out. Remy admitted that he almost felt guilty because Shayne lost someone and Remy was there with someone. Christina told Remy that she was going to miss him when he went to Baltimore. Remy answered that he did not know if he wanted to go to Johns Hopkins. Remy told Christina that he thought his father helped him to get in. Christina suggested that he ask the dean, and if he learned that he wasn't qualified, he could pass on the offer. Remy followed her advice and asked the dean if he met the requirements or if he was accepted as a favor to his father. The dean assured Remy that he not only met the requirements--he exceeded them. The dean said that Clayton had nothing to do with it. The dean said that many had the desire to become great doctors, but few had the merits. Remy noted that he knew someone who had both and passed on the offer, because he felt that someone else was more worthy.

Mallet went to Company and told Frank that he and Marina were looking into adoption. Frank was very excited about being a grandpa and Mallet warned him that there was no baby yet. Frank asked Mallet if he was okay with that. Mallet said that he was, but it was a complicated process and he did not want to get Marina's hopes up. At that point, a depressed Marina arrived. After talking about how sad Shayne's situation was, Marina asked how the adoption interview went. Mallet told her that it went well.

Shayne climbed on a roof and was poised to jump when Dinah found him. It suddenly occurred to Dinah that Shayne was telling his parents goodbye. Trying to talk him down, Dinah asked him to help her understand what about the memorial service drove him to that point. Shayne said that he'd always been there and asked how many people she knew who parked on train tracks. Dinah talked about Shayne wanting to die and he said that it should have already happened. He told her that after Lara's death, he didn't care anymore. He went back to the active mine field and walked through it.

Jeffrey, Josh, and Reva were taking the flowers out of the chapel. As Josh and Reva discussed how much it helped Shayne, someone knocked on the door asking if it was Lara Pizano's memorial service. As Jeffrey opened the door, he asked the man if he was a friend. They were all shocked to see Edmund Winslow, who replied that he was her father.

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