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Guiding Light Recaps: The week of January 12, 2009 on GL
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Monday, January 12, 2009

Rick paid Olivia a visit to say that she was making significant improvements with her pacemaker. He felt that she could move out of the farmhouse soon. Olivia wondered why she would do that. Rick reminded her that she was only staying there so that Natalia could help her recover. When he said that she and Natalia could soon go their separate ways, Olivia reticently nodded. After Rick gave her a brief checkup in the living room, Olivia explained how much Emma loved the farmhouse, but Rick said he didn't see Olivia as the rustic type. Olivia said she hadn't grown up rich, and she reasoned that everyone deserved to experience a real home at least once in their life. Upon leaving, Rick commented that satin sheets were more Olivia's style. He had a feeling that she shouldn't even unpack her bags. Once he was gone, Olivia glanced thoughtfully around her kitchen and touched one of the plates decorating the wall.

Christina sought out Remy to retrieve her financial aid application. She said she had a married friend who could use it. Remy stammered as he lied that he'd put the papers in the recycling bin. She wanted to fetch them from it, but he claimed that the trash had already been picked up. He changed the subject, saying that he intended to mail their divorce papers that afternoon. Christina wondered how soon they would be divorced, but Remy wanted to discuss it later because, at that moment, he needed her to help him help a friend.

In Shayne's motel room, Shayne flipped open a date book. On the page was written, "Remember." Below the word was a drawing of a single candle. Josh knocked on the door, and Shayne hastily hid the book. Josh entered, anxious to get Shayne walking again. Shayne declined to participate, but Josh still bombarded him with information he'd found. Shayne thought Josh was moving too fast, but Josh felt Shayne had become complacent with the wheelchair. The two began to argue about whether Shayne was taking his recovery seriously.

Just then, Remy and Christina rushed into the room, claiming to have heard the yelling down the hall. Since Christina was a physical therapist, she offered to work with Shayne. Remy advised Shayne that working with Christina was better than Josh breathing down Shayne's neck. Josh objected, but Shayne agreed to work with Christina. Christina kicked Josh and Remy out so that she could work with Shayne. In the hallway, Josh said he owed Remy a drink for helping to get Shayne motivated.

While having coffee by the lake, Remy and Josh discussed how they hated lying to Shayne. Josh said that they had at least done it for a good cause. Remy shared that he had lied to Christina for a good cause, as well. After Remy explained that he had switched the divorce papers with the grant papers, Josh wondered if Remy were really staying married because of a loan. Remy asked if there were any other reason that he should stay married. "You tell me," Josh replied. Josh said he had been divorced a hundred times, and he implored Remy to be sure before he signed anything.

At the gym, Christina worked Shayne hard as promised. After fifteen minutes, he was ready to give up. Shayne knew that Josh had put her up to the task, and Shayne felt that she had done enough to satisfy Josh. Christina replied that she was out for results, not Josh's satisfaction. She made Shayne an appointment for the next Thursday. He agreed to show up, but he added that sometimes, things just were what they were, and no one could change them.

Shayne returned to his room and retrieved his black book. He ripped out the "Remember" page and crumpled it up. Seemingly unable to let go, he smoothed the paper out and pressed it back into his book.

As Bill and Lizzie awaited Dr. Wenkel, Alan met with the doctor to offer him funding for his organization if he would to prevent Bill's memory from returning. Even though Alan claimed the deed would save a woman's life, Dr. Wenkel said it would be unethical. He thought he should report Alan. "Get in line," Alan retorted.

In the boardroom, Lizzie and Bill were both nervous, but Lizzie tried to be optimistic that they would learn that he wasn't the kidnapper. Taking her hand, Bill said that if he had indeed kidnapped her, then he must have been temporarily insane at the time. He reaffirmed his love for her, but Lizzie slipped her hand away, saying that such talk would only hurt if they wound up receiving bad news that day. Bill continued that he wanted nothing more than a life with her.

When Dr. Wenkel arrived, he wanted to share a disturbing conversation that he'd had with her grandfather. Lizzie didn't feel the doctor needed to say another word because she could already imagine. As Lizzie suggested that Dr. Wenkel ignore her grandfather, Alan sneaked into a nearby office. Alan switched on a two-way radio, which he used to listen in on their session.

Dr. Wenkel put Bill into a trance, and he sent Bill back to the day of the presentation. Lizzie grew impatient when Bill couldn't remember anything but anger toward her for not showing up. They drifted to the day the ransom note arrived, and Bill murmured that Lizzie was tied up and alone. When Bill couldn't describe where Lizzie had been held, Lizzie decided that he was describing his fears of her condition rather than seeing her. Dr. Wenkel wrote a note telling Lizzie not to lead Bill in the session, but she ignored it, pressing Bill to remember. Bill said that he had reached out for Lizzie, but she was out of reach. They moved on to the day of the rescue, and Bill recalled feeling as if he had to flee. Dr. Wenkel asked Bill if he were fleeing the kidnapper or the police, but Bill could only say that there was trouble. Bill became so agitated that the doctor pulled him out of the trance. Lizzie shook her head disappointedly, and Bill asked if they had learned anything.

Dr. Wenkel assessed that Bill had a memory blockage. Bill demanded that Dr. Wenkel unblock it, but Lizzie said they needed to face that it was over. After the session, Bill told her that Dr. Wenkel believed that they could reveal more with another session. A teary Lizzie thought they were just kidding themselves. She said she needed to figure out what was next. "For us?" Bill asked. "For me," Lizzie sullenly replied. Bill said that he would do anything for her, but Lizzie replied that there was nothing more to do. After Lizzie left, Bill discovered one more thing he could do for her: sign the buyout papers.

When Lizzie made it home, Alan asked her how things had gone. Lizzie blasted him for trying to bribe the doctor. Alan shrugged, saying it didn't matter because Bill was guilty. Alan decided to remind Lizzie of her future. He removed a tarp covering the desk to reveal a miniature model of Springfield. Lizzie recognized it as a model Phillip had done of the city. Alan said that Phillip, though flawed, had held an incredible vision for the town. Alan wanted Lizzie to hone all of her pain and disappointment into becoming the most powerful person in Springfield. A dubious Lizzie said that she felt so drained that she didn't even know where to begin. Bill appeared on the overlook just as Alan said that she could lean on him. Bill crumpled up the contract that he'd been holding.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

As Olivia prepared Emma for school on presentation day, Natalia noted that Olivia seemed more nervous about the project than Emma. Olivia wanted to review Emma's work, but as Emma left for school, Emma said she wanted it to be a surprise. Shortly after Emma arrived at school, class presentations began. The laptop flashed Emma's drawing of her two mommies and her, and everyone's eyebrows rose. Once Emma had given her presentation, the teacher reminded the students to be nice because Emma's family was different. She opened the floor for questions, and one child said that Emma's family looked fun. The teacher asked if there were more questions, and every student put a hand in the air.

Back at the farmhouse, Olivia instructed Natalia to shelve the dishes within Emma's reach. Natalia told Olivia to sit on the sofa and criticize as Olivia normally did. Olivia touted that Rick had said she was getting stronger, and she lifted their laundry bag to prove it. Natalia wondered if Olivia would start doing laundry. Olivia declined, stating that she could, though, if she wanted.

Olivia went to Company, where Frank warned her that he couldn't play another poker game with her after she had wiped him out. When Olivia offered to give their winnings to charity, Frank decided that Natalia was having a positive effect on both Emma and Olivia. Olivia pretended that she was miserable at the farm, but she hated the thought of separating Emma and Natalia. Frank wondered if Olivia's condition had deteriorated, but Olivia said, "It's worse than that, Frank. I'm getting better."

She explained to a confused Frank that her health improvements left her little reason to stay on at the farmhouse. Frank thought she ought to stay because she liked it. Olivia had a hard time admitting that she did like living there; however, she eventually opened up. She felt that Emma and she had found a place where they belonged, but it wasn't permanent. Olivia asked Frank to take care of Natalia once Olivia and Emma moved out. Frank said he could do it. Olivia said that Natalia needed challenges in her life. Olivia felt that Natalia had trapped herself in the mold of waitress and mother, but once Olivia had pushed Natalia to assert herself, Natalia became confident and capable. She implored Frank not to merely see Natalia for who she was, but for who she could be.

Natalia picked up a prescription for Rafe at the hospital. She ran into Rick, who gave her the impression that Olivia hated the farm. He said that after living with Phillip at the mansion, Olivia must have felt like a caged animal on the farm. He thought Olivia probably felt bad about moving because she would be leaving Natalia in a rough spot without the rent. A disheartened Natalia thought she had been helping Olivia, not burdening her with monetary issues.

When Natalia arrived home, she found Olivia in the living room. She apologized for pressuring Olivia and Emma to stay at the farmhouse just because she missed Rafe. Olivia thought the idea was crazy, citing that she had barged in on Natalia with her health issues, when all along, Natalia could have helped her from the Beacon. Olivia said she was better; therefore, there was no reason to stay. Olivia started to cry, and Natalia asked her why she was emotional. Olivia sobbed that she and Emma liked it there. Natalia told her to stay. Olivia said she had thought Natalia wanted her to leave, but Natalia countered that she had thought Olivia wanted to go. Both said, "No!" at the same time. Olivia asked if she and Emma could stay, and Natalia readily agreed. They both cried and hugged each other.

Olivia was embarrassed by her tears. Natalia said that a year prior, no one would have imagined that she and Olivia would live together and actually enjoy it. Emma returned home and said she'd received applause for her project. Emma handed them an invitation to see her project at her school's open house. Natalia took her into the kitchen to make hot chocolate.

When Remy visited Shayne, he said that he and Josh had just been trying to help when they had tricked Shayne into therapy the other day. Remy believed Christina was a tough trainer and would rehabilitate Shayne in no time. A doubtful Shayne didn't think he even needed a physical therapist.

Meanwhile, Dinah worked out at the gym, where she met Christina. Dinah said she had lived with Remy. Christina mentioned that she was training Shayne, who Remy had said Dinah was dating. Dinah quickly denied it, saying that the training meant that Shayne was Christina's problem, not hers. After Christina left, a distracted Dinah dropped a barbell on her toe.

Later, Remy burst into the gym, angry that Christina wasn't at the MCATs, which were scheduled that day. Christina said she couldn't blow off her shift for a stupid test. She added that Shayne was scheduled for training that day. She claimed to be too busy, but Remy accused her of being scared. He vowed that no wife of his would be a quitter. Christina reminded him that they were days away from a divorce, but Remy revealed that he'd tricked her into signing the financial aid forms instead of the divorce papers. Remy didn't want a deadbeat wife, so he prodded her out the door to take the test.

Remy waited outside in the cold as Christina struggled with the MCAT inside a building. When the test was over, Christina stormed out of the building, complaining that she had just blown through the test in record time. Remy was glad his plan to make her angry enough to forget her nervousness had worked. She couldn't believe that he had planned to make her mad. He said he wanted her to do her best, citing, "That's what husbands do for their wives, right?" He then pulled her along to get something warm to drink.

Marina seemed worried about hoping for her own baby with Mallet after she had married him under the assumption that they couldn't have children. Mallet assured her that if his condition were irreversible, they would explore other options. Once she left for work, he scheduled an appointment with a fertility expert.

Meanwhile, Shayne witnessed a man roughing up a woman out by the lake. When Shayne intervened, the man warned Shayne not to be a hero. Shayne gave him a stern look. Later, Marina saw officers hauling Shayne into the police station. She wasn't surprised that he had been brought in for disorderly conduct. As Marina handled his booking, she reminded him how well they'd known each other growing up. Upon his return to Springfield, he'd broken up her wedding, and then, that day, he'd gotten arrested for an altercation between a woman and her boyfriend. Though the boyfriend had been a jerk, Marina felt Shayne was purposely picking fights. She offered to call a family member for him, but he refused, saying he was fine.

After seeing a doctor, Dinah limped around Cedars, where she ran into Mallet. He settled her into a wheelchair even though she merely had a bruised toe. As they talked, a nurse told Mallet that Dr. Norris was running a little late. Dinah noted that Dr. Norris was a fertility specialist. Mallet nodded, saying that he and Marina were going to try to have a baby. Dinah said that she just wanted him to be happy. She acknowledged that he must have loved Marina to put himself through fertility tests. She said she'd given up on happiness once her project with Bill had failed. Mallet felt that people needed meaningful projects or causes. Mallet asked her to keep up hope because her special project was on the way.

When Dinah was alone, Marina called her down to the police station. Sometime later, Dinah strolled up to Shayne's cell, and Shayne sardonically murmured that Marina must have called her. He told Dinah to get a hobby. Dinah knew he would say that, and she figured any regular person would have gotten lost a long time ago. Dinah, however, said it wasn't about just Shayne. It was also about her. She felt that she could really help him if he just would let her.

Shayne called the guard to escort her out. Later, she asked the guard if Shayne had called anyone to help him. The guard responded that he hadn't even called his girlfriend. At Dinah's questioning gaze, the guard showed Shayne's packaged belongings to her. Inside the clear bag was the photograph of the young woman. Dinah used her cell phone to take a picture of the photograph after the guard left. She called Jeffrey to help her find a girl with no name.

Marina and Mallet met with Dr. Norris later to hear that there was no way to reverse Mallet's infertility. Touching Mallet, she said that they had known it was a long shot. She reminded him that they would try other ways. Dr. Norris left them alone. The couple each worried how the other felt, and they both claimed to be fine. Mallet promised her that one way or another they would have their own baby.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In the mansion parlor, Alan gave Lillian an expensive gift to thank her for reminding him to put Beth first. Lillian thought he must have been in a generous mood after helping Buzz. While Alan claimed to be happy to help Buzz, he said he had really done it for Beth.

Beth sensed Buzz's dread as she passed him on her way to visit Coop at the boardinghouse. In Coop's room, she beamed with joy that Gerald Brooks had actually recommended her to her school's dean after she had stood up to him. She felt she owed it all to Coop, and she aimed to properly thank him. As they undressed each other, Beth mentioned that Alan had backed off on the wedding. Coop wanted Beth to move out of the mansion, but Beth assured him that they had everything they needed right there in that room. Coop disagreed, saying that it might have been enough for Beth, but not for him.

Coop felt that Beth wanted the privileges of being a Spaulding and the invigoration of their affair. He said she soothed her guilty conscience by helping Buzz. Beth denied feeling guilty. She actually thought she was helping Buzz. Beth worried about Alan's reaction to the affair, but Coop insisted that he needed Alan to find out. What Coop said he didn't need was a gratuitous roll in the hay in exchange for a pep talk.

Downstairs at Company, Marina wondered what was distracting Buzz. She threatened to go upstairs and get it out of Coop if Buzz didn't tell her. Buzz stopped her, saying that Coop had someone upstairs. He whispered, "Beth Raines." Just then, Alan arrived, looking for Beth. Marina and Buzz behaved nervously, but Beth entered before their consciences kicked in. Upon leaving with Beth, Alan said he wanted to talk to Buzz later about changing the menu.

Later, Coop slapped his manuscript down on the bar, demanding that Buzz burn it. Buzz asked him not to be hasty. After Buzz stepped out, Coop sighed, guessing that Marina's mindful stare meant that she knew about Beth. He didn't want a lecture, but Marina, who had admittedly made her own mistakes, said he wouldn't get one from her. Marina recognized the dangerous look in Coop's eyes and warned him not to bulldoze the mansion again. Coop left in a huff as Marina reminded him that Buzz had been dragged into his mess because of the mortgage deal.

Blake entered and saw Coop's manuscript on the bar. She hid it beneath her newspaper and pretended not to have seen it when Buzz came looking for it. On the phone later, Blake urged a publisher to buy it. Under the assumption that the novel was about her, Blake said that the love interest was written as a blonde; however, in real life, she was a redhead.

On the mansion patio, Alan asked a disquieted Beth if she were having second thoughts about buying the restaurant. Beth murmured that people should be more appreciative when they received help. Assuming that she meant Buzz, Alan said he couldn't knock Buzz, who had been there for Alan in the past. Alan also felt generous since Lillian was his only family member dating a Cooper. Alan went inside, and Lillian came onto the patio. "Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive," Lillian said.

Lillian claimed to understand the allure of forbidden love. Beth thought it was different from Lillian's affair, which had culminated in Maureen's death. Lillian ordered Beth not to dare go there. Beth said she didn't need a lecture or a scarlet "A." Lillian spoke over Beth, saying that Beth needed more and more men. Beth screamed that she needed her mother, and Lillian pulled a sobbing Beth into her arms. Lillian felt that she was the root of her daughter's bad choices. Beth tearfully explained how Coop had brought her back to life. Beth knew that Alan loved her, but she felt that his marginalized image of her prevented him from seeing the real Beth. Lillian forewarned Beth that everyone involved would suffer.

Alan returned, and Beth's tears alarmed him. Lillian claimed that fatigue from law school had made Beth emotional. Once alone, Alan told Beth that if her school were stressing her, then he would have it shut down. Beth chuckled at his drastic solution, and Alan said that Beth was his entire world.

Just then, Coop approached, hoping that he wasn't interrupting. Beth tensed, but Coop claimed to be merely dropping off paperwork for Alan's lawyer. Alan decided that Beth, his budding attorney, should handle it. Alan left them to talk, and Beth sighed, relieved that Coop hadn't told Alan about them. Coop said he would let Beth do that. Coop kissed her, and Beth kissed him back, murmuring that they shouldn't do that on Alan's property. Lizzie happened along the walkway and witnessed their kiss. Lizzie's face crinkled in disgust.

As Dinah and Jeffrey viewed the picture of Shayne's mystery girl, they conjectured that the girl was the reason for Shayne's attitude and possibly the key to changing it. Jeffrey agreed to locate the girl for Reva's sake, but he wondered what Dinah's motives were for helping Shayne. Dinah knew that her selfishness had hurt others, and for once in her life, she wanted to do some good. Jeffrey asked that Reva not get hurt in the process.

Shayne was surprised to see Reva in an adjacent jail cell. Since Shayne had refused visitors, Reva had gotten herself arrested on purpose by littering and then kicking the ticketing officer. Shayne objected to his pregnant mother getting herself arrested to spend "quality time in the clink" with him, but Reva felt it had been the only way to pin him down to talk. She suggested he bail himself out if he didn't like it.

Josh strolled down the aisle between their cells in time to hear them yelling at each other. Josh didn't understand why Reva took extreme measures to see Shayne when she could have just called Josh for help. Reva screamed that she could take care of her son, and Shayne screamed that her son could take care of himself. Josh sarcastically yelled that they were doing a bang-up job. Mallet entered the holding area to tell them all to pipe down. When Josh spouted off, Mallet kindly nudged him into the cell with Shayne. Josh asked what the charge was, and Mallet replied, "For being a royal pain!" Shayne begged for his own cell, Josh decided they could use the jail time to talk things out, and Reva ordered milk and prenatal vitamins as if she were in a hotel. Mallet called Jeffrey and held his cell phone up to capture the chatter. "You're hearing all this, right?" Mallet said to Jeffrey.

A short time later, Jeffrey showed up at the jail. Reva wanted to explain, but Jeffrey quickly and accurately assessed the situation on his own. He chided Josh for not dragging Reva out of there before she'd gotten arrested, but Josh retorted that Jeffrey hadn't been paying attention if he believed that Josh could have stopped her. Reva said she was worried about her son, but Jeffrey countered that he was worried about his son, too. After Mallet escorted Josh and Reva out, Jeffrey asked Shayne if he knew how many people were trying to help him. Jeffrey revealed that Dinah, desperate to find someone to talk some sense into Shayne, had asked him to locate Shayne's "girlfriend." Shayne objected, but Jeffrey ignored him, walking away.

Dinah entered to find Shayne suddenly anxious to be released. He told her to get lost again, and so she guessed that he didn't want her to bail him out. Shayne asked what she wanted from him. Dinah questioned him about the mystery girl, but Shayne didn't disclose any information. Dinah wondered why he was so crazy about a girl who wouldn't come to his aid as Dinah had done.

In the courtroom, Jeffrey said he'd arranged bail for Josh and Reva, but Reva wouldn't leave without Shayne. Josh assured her that he would handle Shayne. Jeffrey said that Shayne wasn't his son, but the baby inside Reva was. Jeffrey decided that if Shayne couldn't stay out of trouble, then Jeffrey would ship him C.O.D. to any country that would take him. Reva balked, but Jeffrey warned her not to tempt him. Jeffrey left to check for leads on the girl. When he returned, he handed Reva a piece of paper. Shayne and Dinah entered the room and Reva gasped while reading that Shayne's mystery girl was deceased.

Mallet told Mel that he was thinking about using a sperm donor so that Marina could carry a baby even though it wouldn't be biologically his. Mel said that even biological parents couldn't control who their child would be or what their child would want. She felt that the unknown was the exploratory joy of having kids. She advised Mallet to be prudent in his choices because having children changed everything.

When Mallet got home, Marina blurted out, "Coop is doing the horizontal hula with Beth Raines." She made Mallet swear not to tell anyone else, but commented that it was making Buzz a nervous wreck. He took her hand and said he was ready to take the leap with artificial insemination. Marina led Mallet upstairs, saying that all she wanted was her husband. After making love on Harley's sheets, Marina told Mallet that even though she wanted a baby, her biological clock wasn't running out. They agreed to shelve the baby talk for a while.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Alan was unpleasantly surprised to see Bill Lewis working behind a desk at Spaulding-Lewis. Bill refused the buyout because he felt that he needed to protect Lizzie from Alan. Alan planned to take Lizzie to New York to meet with investors. He dissuaded Bill from following them as he'd done before, because Bill had become irrelevant to Lizzie. Bill told Alan to go to hell, and Alan replied, "I'm going to New York City first." Alan said that Bill would become a distant memory, and he knew that Bill understood how easy memories were to forget. Bill felt that if Alan had to manipulate Lizzie with a trip, then Bill still had a chance with her.

Lizzie broke a flowerpot as she ran away, mortified to see her mother kissing Coop. Beth heard the crash, and she urged Coop to leave before anyone saw them. As Beth examined the shattered plant, Lizzie appeared. Refusing to tolerate Beth's excuses, Lizzie was appalled that Beth was sleeping with a guy young enough to be her son. To worsen matters, Coop had been Lizzie's first love and former fiancé. Beth reminded Lizzie that Bill was Beth's ex-husband before he was Lizzie's lover. She hoped that Lizzie would understand her need for happiness. Lizzie sardonically suggested that they share Beth's newfound happiness with Alan, but she deduced from Beth's terrified expression that Beth feared Alan's wrath far more than she feared causing Alan pain. As Lizzie marched into the house, Beth begged her not to tell Alan.

In the parlor, Beth couldn't believe that Lizzie chose Alan over her. Lizzie claimed that Alan had always wanted the best for Lizzie while Beth had been out for herself. She claimed Beth's boredom had led Beth to take advantage of Alan's money to go to law school. Lizzie asserted that Beth's affair wasn't some romance story; Beth was just a Cougar preying on her tutor. Blindsided by Lizzie's effrontery, Beth said that she was fighting for a better life for her children. She wanted to become a meaningful contributor to the family instead of Alan's puppet. Beth didn't expect Lizzie to support her, but she dared Lizzie to betray her.

Just then, Alan entered, wondering what had rattled Lizzie and Beth. Beth stared sternly at Lizzie, who lied to Alan that they had just been worrying about his health. Alan felt a trip to New York would make him feel a lot better. He knew that Beth probably had her studies, but he asked Lizzie to join him. Lizzie was more than happy to go, but Alan asked if she were sure. He didn't want her to choose between business and Bill again. Lizzie said that there was no choice. Alan assured her that her broken heart would heal. She said that hearts had to hurt before they healed. Hugging Alan, she stared accusingly at Beth and said, "I wouldn't wish that on anyone...Granddad..."

Meanwhile, Bill found Lizzie's diary in her room. He warned himself not to read it as he had done before, but then he persuaded himself that he could use the information to help Lizzie instead of hurt her. Upon reading it, he learned of Lizzie's desire to turn her kidnapping ordeal into something good.

Later, Lizzie told Alan that she would meet him at the airport. Alan thought she was flaking on him, but she said she would never let him down at a time like that. A perplexed Alan asked, "At a time like what?" Lizzie hugged him, and he patted her back, still confused. Lizzie said she meant that there were so many changes taking place. With a hopeful tone, Alan assured her that the changes were good because their family was coming together again.

As Lizzie packed, Bill entered to beg her not to go to New York. He feared that Alan was sucking her into his web. Bill explained that Alan had told him about the trip at the office, and Lizzie wondered what happened to the buyout. Bill said that she knew that he wouldn't accept the offer. Lizzie said she didn't know what he'd do. She didn't feel she knew Bill at all, but she knew Alan, for better or for worse. She told Bill to leave so she could pack.

Alan awaited Lizzie at the airport, where he called their New York hotel to say that he and Lizzie would probably extend their stay. Meanwhile, Lizzie took her bags to the patio. She turned, sensing someone nearby. Suddenly, Bill grabbed her and pressed his hand to her mouth.

Beth discovered Coop awaiting her in her school parking lot. She told him that he couldn't be there. Coop complained that he couldn't be anywhere, according to her. He said he knew that Lizzie had seen them because he'd stayed at the house in case it had been Alan. He felt that things would get easier for them because more people were finding out. Emotionally drained by Coop and Lizzie, Beth decided to skip class to be alone. He thought they should use Alan's trip as a chance to reveal their relationship, stating that Alan couldn't fight the whole town. "Yes, he can," Beth assured him, adding that most people knew better than to fight Alan. Coop said that most people didn't love Beth as he did. He felt that if she believed in them, then she would fight. He proclaimed that it was her time to stand up to Alan, or she would be running forever.

In the courtroom, Shayne tearfully told everyone that the deceased girl, Lara, had been a woman whom he had fallen in love with while training for his job. Though Lara and he had usually worked separate assignments, he felt that they'd shared a special connection. He said the danger of their job had strengthened their bond, and they had planned to have a life together. Shayne revealed that she had perished in the same explosion that had injured him. Overwrought with emotion, Shayne abruptly left. Reva blamed Dinah for dredging up Shayne's pain.

Reva pursued Dinah to accuse her of being trouble for Shayne since the moment he had arrived in Springfield. Dinah retorted that Shayne had been a tortured soul when she'd met him in Germany. She said that his family had been too busy drowning him in heroism to see it. Reva seemed upset that Dinah, Shayne's confidante, hadn't told Reva about his issues in time to help him. Dinah corrected that he hadn't confided anything in anyone until just then. Dinah felt that Reva mothered Shayne too much to allow him room to work through his pain. Dinah implored Reva to back off and give Dinah a chance to help him through it.

Josh and Jeffrey looked for Dinah and Reva at Company. Buzz suggested they just wait there because everyone eventually wound up at Company. A short time later, Reva blew into the restaurant, angry that Josh and Jeffrey had let her fin for herself against Dinah. The men concurred that a pregnant Reva could have taken Dinah. Reva realized that she should blame Jeffrey, not Dinah, for keeping her and Josh out of the loop. Josh disagreed, saying that at least Dinah and Jeffrey had gotten to the truth. Josh explained that Shayne needed help from anyone who cared for him, not just his parents. He then thanked Jeffrey for all his help. Josh advised Reva that Shayne would find them if he needed them. "Every always comes to Company, right?" Jeffrey said, looking at Buzz. Reva called them all crazy and left to find Shayne. Jeffrey started to pursue her. Buzz and Josh advised him that Reva would run as long as a man chased her, but she would return once he stopped. Jeffrey sighed and settled in for the wait.

Dinah found Shayne and demanded the real story about Lara. She goaded him that his story sounded fake until he blurted out that he'd killed Lara. He revealed that the day of the incident, he had intended to propose to Lara. In his distraction about how to propose, he had missed clearing a landmine. Lara, who hadn't even supposed to have been there at that time, had run across the field to him and tripped the one landmine that he had missed. Dinah said it had still been an accident. Shayne yelled that it had been his responsibility to clear that field. Lara had trusted him, and he had killed her. Reva neared in time to see an angry Shayne force himself from his wheelchair and hobble away.

As Dinah followed Shayne, Reva saw a stranger walk up to Shayne's vacated chair and pick up the report on Lara. He called someone to say, "It's what we feared; she's dead." Reva went to Jeffrey's office to tell him what had happened. She was tearfully proud that Shayne had walked. She said Josh had been right to thank Jeffrey for his tireless efforts with Shayne, adding that Shayne was Jeffrey's son, too. She asked him to check into the man who had been at Shayne's wheelchair.

Meanwhile, Shayne rested against a stone memorial. He wondered if Dinah were happy to have gotten the real story. Dinah welcomed Shayne's anger, saying that she had accomplished something good that day. She said that Shayne had gotten to his feet and walked.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Buzz and Coop dropped in at the police station for a visit and overheard Frank practicing asking Natalia out on a date. After some good-humored teasing, Coop suggested that they "fix Frank" and make sure that he was the man Natalia was dreaming about. Later, the guys discussed Frank's love life, or lack thereof. Frank turned the conversation on Coop by discussing his failed relationship with Ashlee. Frank pointed out that Coop could have women hanging all over him. Coop replied that he did not want a million women; he wanted one woman to love like Frank loved Eleni. Understanding, Frank said that for the Coopers, it was love or nothing. Coop insisted that he was happy with where his life was at that moment. Buzz mumbled something about Coop having a death wish but covered when Frank asked what he said. Later, talk turned to food, and Buzz bemoaned the fact that Alan owned Buzz's business. Frank assured Buzz that he would get Company back-Alan was just a temporary solution. Buzz praised both of his sons. When Coop left, Frank mentioned that Coop seemed a little nervous when Frank was discussing his love life. Again, Buzz dismissed the question.

Alan called Cyrus and demanded to know where Lizzie was. Alan said that Lizzie never showed up at the airport in New York and told Cyrus to find her fast since he did not have a good feeling.

Daisy met with Bill at his request. Bill stated that he needed a favor and told Daisy that if she backed out, he would not hold it against her. Bill gave Lizzie's cell phone to Daisy and asked her to pretend to be Lizzie and call Alan to tell him that she would be late. Daisy saw a white van that looked just like the kidnapper's van and figured out that Bill had Lizzie. Bill confirmed it by saying that it was not a kidnapping; it was an intervention.

Lizzie's phone rang and Daisy disguised her voice to make Alan believe that she was Lizzie. Daisy told Alan that she was handling a crisis at Spaulding-Lewis. Alan suspected that Bill engineered the crisis, but she denied it and quickly ended the call.

After talking to her mother on the phone, Ashlee came across Grady subtly threatening a man named Hudson on behalf of Doris. Hudson had been caught skimming from Doris, and Grady "suggested" that Hudson donate some of that money to Doris. While Grady let Hudson go, Ashlee tried to hide behind something, but was quickly discovered. Grady asked how much she had heard. Grady realized that Ashlee heard everything and expected her to say something negative about how he handled Hudson. Ashlee responded that she was not going to do that. At that point, Cyrus came to talk to Grady alone. Cyrus asked Grady where Lizzie was. Grady asked how he should know and Cyrus pointed out that Grady had taken Lizzie before. Grady said that he had a job, Daisy, and a place to live--he was not going to risk that.

At that point, Ashlee came over with Daisy. Cyrus told the girls that Lizzie was missing again. Daisy quickly said that she talked to Alan and he told her that he heard from Lizzie. That was a surprise to Cyrus, and he decided to check on it himself. Ashlee suggested that they pair up and look for Lizzie.

Grady and Ashlee stopped into a bar because Grady wanted a beer. Soon, Hudson and his mother accosted Grady and the mother warned Grady that if he leaned on her son again, she would put out the word to hurt him. The woman backed off when Ashlee suggested that she would tell Doris about the threat on her employee, and Doris would respond with a lawsuit.

While looking for Lizzie, Daisy complained to Cyrus that she needed to rest because she felt woozy. Daisy told Cyrus that he was wasting his time there and he stated that Bill disappeared the same time as Lizzie. Daisy insisted that Bill did not do it and told Cyrus about how she had found Bill at the crash site. Daisy stated that, at that time, all that Bill cared about was Lizzie's safety. When Daisy said that she was too tired to stand, Cyrus offered to take her home. When Daisy arrived, Grady and Ashlee were already there. Daisy admitted that she and Cyrus did not find Lizzie, but said that was a good thing, since maybe Lizzie was not missing.

Bill went to the van and, after asking Lizzie if she was okay, he assured her that he would not blindfold her or tie her up like last time. When Lizzie asked how he knew that she was blindfolded and tied up, Bill answered that she had told him. Later, Bill took her to the ransom site to see if he remembered anything. When he confessed that he did not, he asked Lizzie if the kidnapper brought her there. Annoyed at the entire exercise, Lizzie made it clear that she was tied up in a basement. Bill asked Lizzie to describe how she felt when she was kidnapped and she replied that she felt scared and alone. Bill asked if she felt as if the kidnapper knew her. Lizzie said that she did because when she talked about her family, he seemed to know what she was talking about.

During questioning, Lizzie said that though kidnapper never hurt her, she did fear that he would kill her. Bill insisted that that should tell her something, since he would lay down his life before he let anyone take hers. Lizzie was not convinced, and reminded him that he lied to her when they first met, so he could still be lying to her. Bill looked Lizzie in the eye and told her to tell him that she was afraid at that moment. Lizzie could not. Bill reminded Lizzie that when he rescued her, she ran up to him and said it was because he made her feel safe. Bill asked her if she still felt safe with him, and she admitted that she did. Bill told Lizzie to believe in them and said that they could take the worst experience of her life and turn it into something beautiful.

Suddenly, Lizzie slapped him and railed at him for reading her diary, just as he did when they first met. Bill insisted that he only did it to see what was in her heart. Lizzie accused Bill of lying. Bill told Lizzie to trust what they felt and she responded that trust had to be earned. Lizzie accused him of treating her as he did when they first met. Bill told Lizzie that he loved her, but she called that a lie. Suddenly, a call came through on her cell phone. It was Cyrus, who asked Lizzie if she was okay. An upset Lizzie began crying and asked him to pick her up.

Before school, Olivia tried to get Emma to show her the report, but Emma insisted that Olivia had to wait and hear it with everyone else at Parents' Day. When Emma went upstairs, Natalia stopped Olivia from sneaking a peak and Olivia confided that she was worried. Olivia stated that Emma did not come from a traditional family, and Olivia was worried that self-righteous people would judge Emma. Olivia stated that she dealt with that all of her life and did not want her daughter to be hurt the same way. At that point, Emma came down. Later, at the school, Olivia seemed self-conscious. Emma's teacher came over and complimented them on Emma's work, noting that Olivia and Natalia inspired Emma. Suddenly, Natalia got a call from the prison doctor telling her that Rafe had a scare due to a delay in getting his medication, but he was out of danger. Upset, Natalia decided to leave. Worried about Natalia driving, Olivia offered to take her, but Natalia convinced her that she had to stay for Emma. At that point, Emma came over and, after learning that Rafe was sick, she told both Emma and Olivia to go.

Natalia and Olivia rushed into the prison hospital, but Natalia was denied entrance because she did not have clearance. The guard finally let both women through when Olivia implied that they were denying Natalia access because they were hiding something. When Rafe noticed that Natalia was all dressed up, she told him about Emma's Family Day at school. Rafe insisted that both women go back to the school. The ladies arrived just as Emma was about to read her paper, titled "My Two Mommies."

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