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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of January 26, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Craig brought Margo a corsage to wear to his imminent wedding because he thought she had consented to be his best man. Margo said she had never agreed to stand up for her brother, but Craig gave her a hard time until she agreed to at least show up at the nuptials. Craig also asked her to invite Katie, as well. Margo called their sister and left a message.

Lily went out early and returned to break the news to Holden that Carly was marrying Craig at noon. Holden was stunned, and Lily said she felt somewhat responsible because she had planted the marriage seed in Craig's mind while they were discussing the custody battle for Johnny.

Carly asked Parker what he really felt about her marrying Craig, but Parker was noncommittal. He was concerned, however, about Sage's reaction to the news, which had caused her to move in with her father and Janet. Parker left for hockey practice before school, just as Craig arrived. He told Carly he had arranged a simple civil ceremony before a judge at the Lakview, followed by a small reception with champagne and a wedding cake. By the way, he said, all of that was happening at noon. Carly complained the marriage revolved around the impending custody hearing for Johnny, but Craig gave her a choice of "now or never." Carly asked if "never" worked for him, because she was not about to marry him unless her children agreed. Craig said he could fix the problem if only she would trust him. He told her to go upstairs and put on a lovely dress while he arranged everything.

Jack tried to hurry Sage to get ready for school, but the girl said her head hurt and she wasn't going to school. She told her dad she had a bad dream that she went back to Carly's, and Craig would not let her in and had given her room to Johnny. Jack took her to work at the police station where Margo let her play with an identity sketch kit. Jack mentioned he did not think Carly would go through with the wedding, so Margo broke the news to him that the marriage was happening soon.

Craig found Parker leaving hockey practice and told him he had spoken to the school principal, and Parker did not have to go to school that day. He told the boy that he and Carly were getting married right away, on the condition that Parker, Sage, and J.J. approved, and those in town agreed to attend. Parker said J.J. was out of town, so Sage would be the big problem. Craig asked Parker for a chance to defend his case. He told the boy he wanted Parker to understand that he wanted to raise Johnny in a family with other children, and in return, he would support Carly and her children for the rest of his life. Craig also mentioned his dead son, Bryant, and asked Parker to give him a chance at a "do over" in raising another boy.

Katie and Brad made love on the floor in front of their fireplace and later were starving. Brad fantasized about the Swedish meatballs with cheese from Al's Diner, and he offered to get dressed and go get the food. He made Katie promise she would not get dressed while he was gone, and off he went. Margo showed up soon after and told Katie that Craig was marrying Carly, and Katie thought Carly was out of her mind. Neither of them could understand why Carly was willing to put herself in such a position with their brother. Katie suggested they go along with the plan, however, in order to keep a close eye on the Johnny situation. Margo left to change her clothes, leaving Katie to ponder how she could get Brad to attend the nuptials with her.

Holden dropped in on Carly and expressed concern for her decision. He, too, asked her if she was out of her mind, and Carly took offense at his intrusion into her business. She asked him why he could not leave her alone to live her life, and hinted that perhaps he could not bear to see her with another man. Holden could not believe that Craig had changed for the better and felt it was all about custody of Johnny. Carly explained that she was tired of being alone and raising kids on her own while trying to run a business at Metro. Holden told her not to settle for security in place of love, and he suggested someone wonderful would find her in the future. Carly said she was tired of struggling, and had made up her mind.

Parker went to the police station and told Jack he wanted to talk with Sage. Jack took him to his sister, and Parker told her he didn't feel the children had the right to stop Carly from marrying Craig. Sage admitted she wanted her mother to be happy, but she felt Craig was a bad man. Parker asked the girl to go with him to the wedding, and Sage reluctantly agreed.

Brad got home with the meatballs and found Katie dressed for the wedding. She told him they had to go and support her brother, but Brad protested and reminded her they had almost broken up because of Craig. He refused to give his brother-in-law another chance and refused to attend the ceremony. He suggested they both stay home and work on their own family. They talked about conceiving a baby and Katie's becoming a mother. Brad convinced Katie to skip the wedding and to start on the baby making immediately. He removed her dress, and they fell on the bed.

Craig went back to Carly's, followed shortly by Parker and Sage. The kids said they were taking the day off to attend their mom's wedding, and Carly embraced Sage while Craig beamed. Mother and daughter went to find suitable attire, and Craig asked Parker to be his best man. Craig left to stall the judge at the Lakeview, and Carly asked Sage to upgrade from flower girl to maid of honor.

Craig talked with the judge about keeping the ceremony as short as possible, as Holden and Lily arrived. When Craig began musing that he hoped their two families could become even closer in the near future, Holden gagged and left to get a drink. Lily asked why Carly was not in evidence, as the judge approached and mistook her for the bride. As Craig paid off the judge to stall for more time, Margo showed up, also wondering where the bride was. Carly and Sage finally came in, and Craig presented them both with nosegays. The judge assumed his position as Craig said a few words. As the ceremony began, Carly looked around the room and froze as Jack walked in.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The judge asked Carly if she took Craig to be her lawfully wedded husband, but she had frozen when Jack walked into the room at the Lakeview. Finally, Carly answered, "I don't!" Craig tried to smooth things over by inviting everyone to have a drink while he solved the little "hiccup" that seemed to be holding Carly back. He escorted his unwilling bride outside, but Carly stopped him and said she could not marry him because she was not in love with him. Craig said he didn't love her, either, so that had nothing to do with it. It further irritated Craig that Carly had chosen that moment to have an attack of conscience, and he reminded her that the two of them had a deal. Carly declared the wedding off and went back inside to make that declaration to their guests. She thanked everyone for coming, as a bitter Craig walked out.

Johnny and Dusty, holding baby Eliza, were in Reno, and Johnny was hopeful they were going to a rodeo. His dad explained they were in Reno for a different reason, and it was apparent they were waiting for Meg to appear. A judge was also waiting, and suggested Meg might have had a change of heart, but Dusty assured him she would be there. Finally Meg walked in and told Dusty her divorce from Paul was official. Dusty asked her if she was ready to tie the knot, and she replied, "Absolutely." She went on to tell him that Paul's recent actions had scared her, and she wanted Dusty by her side for protection. The judge urged extended readings and some romance, but Meg and Dusty just wanted to get the formalities done. As the ceremony began, Meg put on a veil and picked up a bouquet, as the judge led them through their brief vows. The judge then declared them man and wife, so Dusty kissed Meg on the cheek. The judge razzed him so badly that, with Meg's permission, Dusty planted a healthy kiss on her lips. Johnny tossed rose petals as they all left to catch the jet back to Oakdale. Johnny asked if Meg was his new mother, and she suggested he just call her Meg.

Margo found Craig in the Lakeview lobby and told him that marriage to Carly would have been a mistake any custody judge would have seen right through. Craig got into the elevator and expressed anger and disgust with Carly, and complained that he was still alone. Lily knocked on Craig's door a few minutes later, and she returned to him the wedding rings Parker had been holding for the wedding. Craig was suspicious that Lily was supporting him over Dusty in the custody battle for Johnny and asked her to leave. He said he needed to begin forgetting about Carly and her affair with Holden and her marriage to Jack. After Lily left, Craig threw the rings into the wastebasket and poured himself a drink.

Holden asked Carly what had stopped her from going through with the marriage, and she told him it was seeing Jack walk in and remembering how it felt when she was marrying him. That was how it felt to be marrying someone you really loved, she said. Lily interrupted them and told them Craig was in a bad way.

Back at Carly's house, her children went to change their clothes as Jack needled Carly for almost making another terrible mistake with her life. As he left for work, he gave Carly a hug and told her he was glad she had not gone through with the marriage, because Craig wasn't worth it. After he left, Carly looked hopeful.

At the farm, Lily seemed put out that Holden had held an intimate conversation with Carly, and he discovered his wife was giving him credit for bringing Carly to her senses. They squabbled about Lily's perception of what kind of relationship he and Carly still shared.

An inebriated Craig knocked on Carly's door and then barged in, making remarks about the "infamous Carly Tenney." He accused her of using him and his son to make someone else jealous, and then he asked if that someone was Jack or Holden, or perhaps both. He said she had managed to destroy his life and make it impossible for him to be with the one person he cared most about: Johnny. He further suggested she had played him, but then changed direction by saying she had stopped the wedding to see what Jack would do. Carly defended herself by saying she had backed out because her children hated him. Craig said when she "fell out of favor with the flatfoot and the farmhand," she need not come crying to him. Then he added that he was calling in his loan, and she owed him $200,000. Carly followed him outside and yelled that he should not be driving in his condition, but Craig took off. Carly yelled at Parker to keep an eye on his sister, and she followed Craig.

Dusty brought Meg back to the farm, and they were surprised to find Lily and Holden there. Lily informed them that Craig and Carly had not gone through with their wedding, and that shocked Meg. She then told them that she and Dusty had gotten married in Reno. Holden did not believe her because he thought she was still married to Paul. Meg explained that Dusty had expedited the divorce, and she and Dusty were legally married. Lily pushed Dusty outside to allow the siblings some private time. Outside, Dusty told Lily he needed her help.

Inside the farmhouse, Holden warned Meg that Paul would flip out when he learned that Meg had married someone else, and especially if that someone was Dusty. Meg accused Holden of taking her marriage to Dusty personally because he and Lily had been lovers. Holden asked what Johnny got out of the marriage besides a fake family. Meg countered by asking her brother how he could get on his high horse after what he had done with Carly over the summer. Lily and Dusty came back, and after a few words, Holden and Lily left for home.

At the Oakdale police station, Margo told Jack that Craig was not taking Carly's rejection well. She also cautioned him to beware of Carly, who was still single and lonely. Jack said his concern for Carly only extended to the children they shared.

Dusty told Meg he would return in the morning and pick her up so they could find somewhere suitable to live. She kidded him about his inherited fortune, and suggested they find a very expensive home.

Carly found Craig pounding on Dusty's door at the Lakeview, yelling for Johnny. He screamed at her never to come near him again, and he dashed off.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Dusty went to the farm and gave Meg a realtor's card. He told her she could pick from several houses the realtor was waiting for her to inspect. Paul called Meg and asked for time with their daughter, but Meg told him it was not a good day for a visit. She was hesitant to leave Eliza with him because she was unsure how Paul would take the news that she and Dusty were married. Dusty told Meg she never needed to see Paul again if she didn't wish to, and he would arrange for a safe visit with the baby.

Jade came home to Lily's and talked with Luke. She was concerned about sponging off Lily, so Luke suggested she either go back to school or find a job. Jade was also sad that Derek seemed to have no interest in getting to know her as his daughter. They looked on the Internet for available jobs in the area, and one popped up for a publisher's assistant. The two of them got excited over that one until Luke realized the job was Casey's old one with Emily at the Intruder. He explained that Casey and Emily had gotten married, and that it had ended badly. Jade was undaunted by Luke's caveats, however, and mentioned that she hoped Alison would give her a good recommendation. She filled out the online application.

Casey looked for Alison at Memorial and invited her to go to Chicago for a night on the town. Alison complained that they had talked about having some sort of relationship other than friendship, but she assured him that was not going to happen. Alison pushed for friendship, but Casey was convinced there was a spark between them that needed further fuel. Alison flashed back on Emily's plea to her to stay away from Casey. Casey was bewildered what reason Alison might have for not wanting to explore the possibilities of a relationship with him, and he fixated on the whole Hughes/Stewart dynamic. Then he realized that Alison's reluctance probably traced directly back to Emily. Alison would not confirm that, and she hurt his feelings by bringing up his treatment of Maddie. Casey got angry and left to confront Emily.

At Fairwinds, Paul was surprised to see Dusty walk in carrying baby Eliza in her car seat. Dusty said Meg did not want to see Paul anymore, so he had brought the baby for a supervised visit with her father. Paul vowed that Dusty would never come between him and Meg, and Dusty responded by saying he already had. He dropped the bombshell that he and Meg had married in Reno, so she was his wife. Paul did not believe him, so Dusty explained that the divorce had come through and the marriage was a done deal, and Paul had better get used to it. Paul tried to phone Meg for confirmation, but she did not answer. Dusty then laid down the visitation rules for Paul: he could not see Eliza alone; Dusty had to be there. Additionally, Paul could have no contact with Meg directly. Paul ordered Dusty to put down the baby immediately, but instead Dusty handed the baby to him. Paul then ordered him out of the house. Dusty called him a "freakin' lunatic," and picked up the phone to call the police.

At the Lakeview, Meg met with the realtor and made appointments to see some houses. The realtor called her "Mrs. Donovan" as Josie walked in. A stunned Josie questioned Meg about the name, and Meg explained about her recent wedding to Dusty. She tried to tell the girl that Dusty had no other options, but Josie did not agree. She was incensed that Dusty was the one telling Paul about the marriage, and called Meg a coward.

Jade went to the Intruder office and found a frazzled Emily. While interviewing Jade, Emily took a call from a reporter who displeased her, so while she was chewing him out, her other line rang. Jade stepped up and answered the call and took a message. Unfortunately, she did not get a call back number, so Emily lit into her until the two of them were reduced to simultaneous yelling. Emily fired Jade, who claimed she had not yet been hired! Jade stalked out after pointing out the caller ID number on the phone. An irate Casey passed her in the corridor on his way into Emily's office, so Jade sneaked back to listen. The first things she heard were Casey's challenge to Emily and his asking why the hell she was screwing up his life.

Josie walked into Fairwinds and asked Dusty to put down his phone. The three of them argued, and Josie pleaded with Paul to return the baby to Dusty or the authorities would intervene. Paul handed Eliza to Josie, who, in turn, gave her to Dusty. Josie "congratulated" Dusty on his marriage and went back to comfort Paul. Dusty left with Eliza, as Paul told Josie she was not the first girl Dusty had used and dumped. Josie called the two of them "losers," but that upset Paul. He said he was not going to let Dusty get away with what he had done, but he would share no details with Josie. Paul vowed when he was through with Dusty, Dusty wouldn't know what had hit him.

Luke approached Alison and asked her to put in a good word for Jade to Emily. Alison said she and Emily were on the outs, so perhaps her speaking up was not a good idea. Luke correctly guessed that the sisters were arguing about Casey and suggested she do what she felt like doing with his friend.

Outside Emily's office, Jade continued to listen to Casey argue with Emily. He accused her of being jealous of his relationship with Alison. Emily sarcastically said if he was really considering going into family therapy as a career, he might want to finish college first. Casey told her to go to hell and stay out of his life. As Casey exited, he spotted Jade, and they had a short conversation. Emily came out and asked Jade how she knew Casey. The girl explained that Casey had saved her life not long before at Metro. Emily offered to pay Jade to go out with Casey! To be more specific, she said she wanted Jade not to just go after Casey, but to catch him. Jade was outraged because she thought Emily was suggesting she sleep with Casey, so Emily more clearly explained the job description and tripled the salary. Emily said she wanted Jade to keep Casey occupied and far away from her sister, Alison. Jade questioned whether Casey would even be interested in her and told Emily she would get back to her with an answer.

Alison and Luke went out on the hospital roof, and Luke urged her to keep trying for that perfect guy. He asked her to come back in half an hour and promised that Casey would be there. Luke left, as Alison waited in the cold.

Dusty took Eliza back to the farm, and Meg asked how badly Paul had taken the news that Meg was married to him. Dusty said Paul was not thrilled, and then he mentioned that Josie had shown up, as well. Meg was concerned about Josie, but Dusty felt she would get over it. He also told her Paul was upset that Dusty would not leave him alone with the baby, and said he was glad Meg had not been involved.

Jade went to Java, where she saw Casey through the window. She took a call from Luke and told him the job interview had been interesting. She said she hadn't gotten the assistant's job, but Emily had offered her a "special projects" position. She wasn't sure yet if she would accept it. Luke was looking for Casey, and when Jade told him she was looking at him, Luke asked her to tell him to get to the roof of the hospital immediately. Jade asked why, so Luke explained that Casey and Alison needed to get past some issues. Jade pretended to embrace Luke's scheme, and he thanked her. Jade went into Java and sat with Casey, but she failed to pass on Luke's message. Jade told him not to dump on himself because he certainly looked good to her. When Casey went to get a latte, Jade called Emily and accepted the job, telling her boss she had already started work.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Josie surprised Paul at Fairwinds when she came to check on him, but Paul accused her of spying for Dusty. Josie reminded him that Dusty did not put a gun to Meg's head to get her to marry him; Meg had entered into the marriage of her own volition. Josie said she was not upset about the marriage because she was sure it would not last. She mentioned the custody hearing for Johnny, which was scheduled in a couple of hours, and said that was why Dusty and Meg had tied the knot so suddenly. Paul chuckled and accused her of trying to keep him from going after Dusty. Paul took a call, which prompted him into action.

Carly came home and found Craig nursing a giant hangover on her porch. He said he was not there to rehash any unpleasantness, but rather to apologize. He regretted that he had said things out of anger at the faux wedding. He told her he was on his way to Johnny's custody hearing and wanted her to be a character witness for him. All he wanted her to do was tell the judge that he would be a better father to Johnny than Dusty. Carly was reluctant and called Craig insane. She reminded him that Tom Hughes would have a field day impeaching her credibility in court. Craig urged her to simply say he would be a good father, but Carly suggested he just be himself at the hearing and tell the judge how much he loved the boy. When he asked Carly if she thought he really was the best person to be raising Johnny, she hesitated, and Craig walked out.

At the Snyder farm, Johnny and Dusty came to see Meg. Emma ignored Dusty but was pleasant to the boy, and did offer to watch him while the adults were at court. Meg said Lily and Faith were coming to watch baby Eliza, and Dusty was excited that after the hearing, no one could take away his son. Meg promised again to do whatever she could to help Dusty.

Later at court, Dusty told Tom that Meg was his wife of two days. Tom was not overjoyed, and mentioned that Craig had attempted a similar maneuver with Carly, but had not pulled it off. In another room, Craig talked with his lawyer but did not like what he heard. He fired the man on the spot, just as Carly walked in. She apologized for letting him think she did not feel he would be a good parent. She said she was there for moral support for him. They walked into the courtroom and ran into Meg and Dusty. The two men glared at each other, but did not speak. Craig went to Tom and spoke to him, likening his present to what Tom had gone through raising Hal's son, Adam. Being Craig, however, he had to enhance his remarks with the comment that because of how Adam turned out, perhaps he would have been better off with his birth father.

Meg spoke briefly to Carly, who said she assumed Meg was there to support Dusty. Meg said it was a bit more than just that; she and Dusty were married. Carly was stunned.

Josie arrived and warned Dusty that Paul might show up and try to disrupt the hearing in order to teach Dusty a lesson. Dusty felt there was nothing Paul could do, but the arrival of the judge ended any further conversation. The judge asked Craig why he was without counsel, and Craig answered that he had released his attorney recently. Next the judge asked him why he had brought the court action, so Craig explained that because he had been unjustifiably imprisoned for something he had not done, he had nonetheless missed a significant portion of his biological son's life. He made a plea for custody, saying he felt the boy was better off with him.

Tom spoke on behalf of Dusty, citing the desire of Johnny's mother that her husband raise the boy. He further mentioned the possibility of Craig's being a flight risk because of his history and requested that the court revoke Craig's visitation privileges. The judge asked what Dusty could provide that Craig could not, and Tom replied that Dusty could give Johnny a stable home environment. Craig blurted out that Dusty was a single man living in a hotel, but Tom countered by telling the court that Mr. Donovan had recently married Meg Snyder in Reno. Craig was shocked and called out to Meg, "You're his wife?" To everyone's amazement, Paul burst into the room, shouting, "No, she's not!" Paul continued by saying that Dusty and Meg were not legally married, and he waved a file folder at the judge. Craig snickered.

After an exhausting night of potential baby-making, Katie and Brad went to WOAK to speak to Kim. They told her they wanted her to reinstate their program, "Oakdale Now," and to hire them both back. Kim seemed favorable to having Katie back, but she told Brad that unfortunately, his job was no longer available. She acknowledged that the chemistry between the two of them had always been a draw, but Brad was just more trouble than he was worth to the station. Brad got put out, and walked away. Katie apologized and mentioned they were tired because they had been trying to have a baby. That sparked Kim's interest, and she mentioned that Brad and Katie had met on the show, had fallen in love on the show, and had even been married on the show. What could be better than a follow-up on the show about a pregnancy? She suggested a reality show starring the two of them documenting the whole pregnancy and birth process. Katie was excited and made Kim promise that if the show was successful, Kim would give Brad his old job back.

Back in court, the judge asked Paul to identify himself, and Dusty spoke up and asked the judge to remove Paul, who had a history of mental instability and illness. Meg asked Paul to leave, but Paul waved his file and shouted he had proof.

Tom objected that Dusty's marriage was not the subject of the proceedings, but the judge said if Dusty claimed to have a two-parent household, then the validity of his marriage was very much an issue. He asked to see the file, so Paul produced it. It contained his and Meg's divorce papers, Meg's marriage certificate to Dusty from Reno, and a false record showing Meg as a Nevada resident even before Eliza was born. Paul maintained the divorce was not legal since Meg was in Oakdale, not Nevada, so therefore, Meg was still his wife.

Dusty claimed he and Meg thought all the paperwork was in order, but if there were a glitch, they would simply repeat the ceremony. The judge asked Meg if she wanted to end her marriage to Paul and begin one with Dusty, and she answered in the affirmative. She gave a little speech about how content she and her baby were with Dusty. Paul began to lose control, so the judge ordered him out of the courtroom. Paul saw Josie standing in the back, so he pointed at her and shouted, "Ask her!"

The judge called Josie to the stand and allowed Craig to act as his own attorney and question her. He asked about her relationship with Dusty and got her to admit that she had more than just friendship feelings for him. He explored that some more and then finally asked if Dusty had told her why he was marrying Meg. She answered that he said it was to prove to the court that he could provide a stable family for Johnny.

Dusty stood up and brought up all of Craig's past mistakes and malfeasances with his other children until the judge asked him to be quiet. Tom declined to question Josie, so the judge dismissed her. Dusty stood again and said he could give Johnny a real home, and Craig countered with his own remarks, culminating with shouting at the judge that Dusty had faked his own death. The judge finally had heard enough.

Katie went home and found Brad unpacking groceries. She told him she had made a decision that would add an exciting element to their baby-making. Brad got excited for all the wrong reasons, so Katie was just about to explain when the doorbell rang. Brad answered it, and there stood two cameramen from WOAK with cameras rolling in Brad's face. Katie explained about the new show Kim had proposed, and Brad was speechless. He asked Katie if she really wanted to do it, and when she said yes, he agreed. He shoved the camera crew out, however, telling them some parts of the process were definitely private.

In the courtroom, the judge accused Dusty and Meg of attempting to perpetrate a fraud on the court, and said they did so in order to preserve custody of a child on whom Dusty had no biological claim. The judge rescinded the custody arrangement and awarded full custody of John Dustin Donovan to Craig Montgomery, the child's biological father. The judge left, and Dusty went immediately for Craig's throat. Meg and Tom held the two apart until Dusty calmed down. He told Tom he wanted to appeal the decision, but Tom was not hopeful it would be successful. Dusty begged Tom to find a way for Dusty to keep his son, and then he walked out. Paul approached Meg, who told him she could not bear to look at him. She accused him of betraying his sister again, and told him to enjoy telling Barbara that Craig Montgomery was raising her grandson.

Carly went home, followed closely by Craig. He thanked her for her support and threatened to kiss her, but she warned him away.

Later, at the Lakeview, Dusty asked Josie why she told Paul the reason he had married Meg, and then he told her he had lost the most important thing in his life.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Meg and Dusty returned to the farm after the custody hearing. Dusty handed Meg some fake passports he had gotten for himself and Johnny, in case he lost the custody trial. He asked Meg to cut them up before he changed his mind and used them. Dusty told Meg there was also a suitcase full of cash in the trunk of his car, but he told her not to cut up the cash. Meg said taking Johnny and leaving town was what she would have done, too, so she had called from the courthouse and asked Emma to take Johnny out riding.

At Carly's, Carly tried to convince Craig to give Johnny a couple of days to say goodbye to Dusty, so that Johnny wouldn't feel like he was being abandoned again. Craig insisted that all Johnny needed was to be with him. Craig went to the farm. Dusty asked for more time to say goodbye to Johnny, and Craig agreed, but only to five more minutes. Upset, Dusty walked out of the house.

Meg asked Craig why he was antagonizing Dusty, but Craig pointed out that Dusty had done the same to him at every opportunity. Meg wondered whether Craig would let Dusty and Jennifer's family be a part of Johnny's life. Craig said maybe, but he asked if Meg would want her enemies close to her own child. Meg said it wasn't about Dusty, it was about Johnny, but Craig said he would give Johnny everything he needed.

Dusty walked onto the porch with Johnny and praised him for his horseback riding skills. Dusty then told Johnny that he wanted him to spend time with his other daddy. Johnny asked if Dusty would be there, too. Dusty assured Johnny that he would always be there, even if Johnny couldn't see him, because he loved Johnny so much. Craig walked out and asked Johnny if he was ready to go. Dusty suggested packing some of Johnny's things, and Craig agreed that was a good idea, but he said he would send someone to pick them up later, and he left with Johnny.

Meg tried to keep Dusty occupied by having him assemble Eliza's crib. After he was done with that, Dusty told Meg he needed to leave, but he wouldn't tell her where he was going. Meg followed him and saw that he had gone to Jennifer's grave. Meg listened as Dusty wondered aloud why Jennifer hadn't helped him keep their little boy away from Craig. Dusty saw that Meg was there, listening to him. Meg said she had worried that Dusty might leave town. Dusty thought that would be easier than staying, knowing that Johnny was with Craig.

Meg took Dusty down to the Snyder pond and reminded him of how they had first seen each other there again after years of having been apart. Meg wanted Dusty to remember that he had a life before Jennifer and Johnny. Dusty said Johnny and Jennifer had changed his life. He said he wanted to kill Craig, but he couldn't, because he wouldn't be able to look Johnny in the eyes if he did that. Dusty said the man he used to be could have done it.

Dusty returned to his suite at the Lakeview, and Meg arrived shortly thereafter with Eliza. Meg told Dusty that she was worried about him. Dusty said he had been at his best with Jennifer and Johnny, but Meg pointed out that people said, "The best is yet to be." Dusty said it was also true that when people said the worst was over, things got worse. Eliza began to cry, and as Meg went to pick her up, she dropped the pacifier. Meg asked Dusty to pick up Eliza while she went to rinse off the pacifier. Reluctantly, Dusty picked the baby up, and as he held her, he calmed down.

Jack went to the diner to talk to Janet. While he was there, Wendy, Jack and Janet's real estate agent, called. Jack told Janet that someone had outbid them for the house they wanted to buy. Janet wanted to up their bid, but Jack said they couldn't afford to do that. Janet resigned herself to the news and said they would find a better, cheaper house.

Parker caught up with Liberty in Old Town. Liberty was upset because she had seen Parker talking to another girl at school, and she had thought he was flirting with the girl. Parker explained that the girl's cousin was a roadie with Metallica, and he had been trying to get tickets to Metallica's Chicago concert. Liberty didn't believe him, so he sent her a text message with the girl's phone number and told Liberty if she wanted tickets, she would have to get them herself.

Liberty went to see her mom at the diner and explained about her misunderstanding with Parker. She then asked if she could have $200 to buy the Metallica tickets. As they were talking, Parker walked in. Liberty walked over to Parker, but he turned his back on her and instead began talking to Jack. Parker asked his dad for $200 for Metallica tickets. He told Jack that he had a connection who could get him great seats, and he would never have an opportunity like that again. Janet interrupted and said she thought Parker and Liberty could go to the concert together. They both said they'd be okay with that, but Jack informed them that it was more than they could afford at the moment. Seeing the look on Jack's face, Janet backed him up, and the kids said they understood. They left, and Jack told Janet he felt like he was disappointing everyone.

Jack left the diner. Later, Craig brought Johnny there to try to get him to eat, but Johnny didn't seem hungry. Janet waited on them and suggested different things to eat, but Johnny said he wanted to go home. Craig told Janet it wasn't Craig's home that Johnny wanted to go to, and Janet suggested Craig call Dusty and let Johnny talk to him. Craig dismissed Janet and instead asked Johnny what he wanted to do. Johnny said he wanted to make brownies. Janet overheard, and she suggested Craig take Johnny back to the farm, but Craig said he wasn't very welcome there.

Craig told Johnny that he knew where they could go, and together, they went to Carly's house. Carly answered the door in her robe and told Craig she was about to shower before she went to work at Metro. Craig had Johnny explain that they were hoping to bake brownies. Seeing Johnny's hopeful look, Carly gave in and told the two to go to the kitchen and wash up while she went upstairs to get dressed. Before she could go upstairs, Jack knocked on the door. Carly let him in and watched as Jack took in the fact that Carly was wearing her robe and that Craig's coat was lying on her sofa. Carly asked Jack what he wanted, and he told her about the real estate deal falling through. Carly sympathized and thanked Jack for letting her know he wouldn't be using the second mortgage money right away.

Craig walked out of the kitchen, and Jack asked Carly, "Don't you ever learn?" Carly asked Jack what she was supposed to "learn." Jack said for whatever reasons Carly hadn't married Craig, she shouldn't be allowing Craig in their home. Carly pointed out that it was her home, not their home, and Craig told Jack he was way out of line. Johnny walked into the room, which surprised Jack, and Craig took Johnny back into the kitchen.

Carly told Jack that even though he didn't deserve to know what had happened, she would tell him. She filled him in on why Craig and Johnny were there, and Jack apologized for having jumped to conclusions. Carly said she wanted more than an apology; she wanted to know that it would never happen again. She said she also wanted to know why Jack had really come to see her. She thought Jack had seen Craig's car outside and had decided he had to see what Carly and Craig were doing. She then asked if Jack was okay, or if the house thing was a bigger deal than he was letting on. Jack said he was fine, but he warned Carly again about staying away from Craig. Carly told Jack he needed to leave.

Carly went back to the kitchen to make the brownies. Parker arrived, and Craig told him they were celebrating the fact that Johnny was officially Craig's son. Parker said he was glad Craig hadn't needed to marry Carly to make that happen. Carly told Parker not to start, because she'd just gotten an earful from his dad. Parker said he had, too. Carly asked what Jack had talked to Parker about, and Parker said Jack had seemed freaked out about money. He told his mom he was going to go the game store, and Carly told him to be back by dinner.

Craig followed Parker out and asked Parker if he would do him a favor by going to buy some toys for Johnny. Craig began handing Parker some money, and he peeled off some more bills and told Parker to keep those for his trouble. Parker's eyes lit up, and he told Craig he could use the money to buy Metallica tickets. Craig worried that he hadn't given Parker enough for something like that, but Parker assured Craig it was plenty, and he said he would get some great toys for Johnny.

Parker left, and Craig went back to making brownies. Johnny ate most of the brownies by himself, and Carly warned Craig that wasn't good for a little boy. She also said Craig couldn't buy Johnny's love. Craig wasn't so sure, but then Johnny began feeling bad, and Carly had to take him upstairs to lie down for a while. Carly then advised Craig not to give his children everything he thought they wanted. She also warned him that when he was in need of a parental advisor, he would have to look elsewhere, because she didn't want the job.

Jack stopped by the diner again, and when Janet asked where he'd been, he told her he had stopped by Carly's and that Craig had been there with Johnny, "trying to worm his way in." Janet told Jack she didn't think that was what Craig was doing, and she explained how Johnny had been at the diner with Craig earlier. Janet told Jack that she thought he was more concerned with what Carly was doing with Craig than with what effect Craig might have on Jack's kids. Despite Jack's denials, Janet said she thought that Jack was having trouble letting Carly go, but he needed to, because it was clear that Carly still bothered him.

Parker found Liberty and told her about his errand for Craig. Liberty was excited, and together, they went to pick out toys for Johnny. Afterward, they went to the diner, where Janet asked why they had been shopping. They told her and Jack, and Jack was very upset that Craig was using Parker to run his errands. Parker tried to tell Jack that it wasn't like that, but Jack didn't care. Parker and Liberty left, and Liberty asked Parker when he thought they could tell their parents about the concert tickets. Parker suggested they not say anything until after the concert.

Janet asked Jack what was really bothering him, and he told her it was that Craig had money, and he didn't. Jack said he wanted to be able to give Janet things, and to give his kids things, but he couldn't. Janet assured him that didn't matter, but Jack said it mattered to him.


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