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All My Children Recaps: The week of January 26, 2009 on AMC
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Little Adam ran to JR as he entered the mansion. Adam said that he and the boy were watching "Nemo." JR said that he wanted to watch the movie with his son, but Adam was concerned. Adam asked JR if he was sober. JR looked annoyed, and warned his father not to come between him and his son. Adam reminded JR that he scared Little Adam the last time he got drunk. Adam said that he wanted to make sure JR was capable of watching the boy. JR divulged that he went to an AA meeting. JR urged his father to trust him. Adam said that he would trust JR when JR proved he could stay sober.

Colby sensed that JR was upset. Colby assumed that Adam had said something to aggravate JR. JR said that maybe it would be best for the Chandler men to stay away from their children. Colby affirmed that Little Adam needed his father. Then, JR revealed that Amanda was pregnant and the baby was his. Colby was shocked. JR explained that Amanda decided to give up the baby because she did not think he would be a good father. Colby urged JR to talk to Amanda and convince her to keep the baby. Colby reminded her brother that he was a great dad to Little Adam.

Amanda and Jake were sitting at the bar at ConFusion. Jake wondered if Amanda's baby was David's. She was not sure and did not want to find out. She was resolute on giving the baby up for adoption. Just then, David and Krystal entered the club.

David noticed Amanda and Jake. David noted that Amanda got around with men. Krystal inquired why David cared about Amanda's love life. David claimed that it was entertaining. He then sent a bottle of champagne over to Amanda and approached her. He commented that she looked beautiful, but a bit pale. David proceeded to tell Amanda to dump Jake. Jake and David exchanged insults. David noted that Jake went from a doctor without borders to a doctor without a job. Krystal realized that David was picking a fight with Jake, and pleaded with him to stop.

Jake told Amanda that she needed to act calm around David, or David would figure out that something was wrong. Jake worried that David would try to steal the baby, if he was the father. She did not want David to have a role in the baby's life. Jake told her to pretend to drink the champagne, so David did not get suspicious. She tried to pretend, but she was too upset. She ran out of the club.

Krystal asked David why he had to antagonize everyone. David claimed that he was not trying to start a fight with Jake, but Krystal knew better. She was upset that David fired Jake and Angie from the hospital. David affirmed that he was protecting himself from bitter, jealous people. David felt that Angie and Jake were envious of his power and his relationship with Krystal.

Krystal looked nervous when Tad entered ConFusion. David slyly smiled and revealed that he had divorce papers drawn up for Krystal. David urged her to have Tad sign the papers. She inquired why David was pushing for the divorce. He replied that he did not want Krystal to be married to a man she did not love. Krystal was frustrated and began to leave ConFusion, alone.

Tad saw Krystal leaving, so he stopped her to see how she was doing. Then, he noticed the divorce papers in her hand. He asked her if she wanted a divorce, but she did not know. He told her to call him when she knew, and he stormed off.

Amanda got on her yacht and vomited due to morning sickness. JR came onboard to check on her. She threw a pillow at him and yelled for him to leave, but he refused to go. He said that even though he was a man, he sympathized with her situation. He stated that he wanted to be her friend and help her through the pregnancy. She was touched by his sincerity and they hugged. He made her tea, but she was in the mood for tomato soup and peanuts. They joked that she had her first odd craving. Meanwhile, David was lurking on the yacht, listening to their conversation.

Brot made Emma feel better about her burnt hands. She told Brot, "I like you!" Greenlee, Taylor, and Frankie were impressed with Brot's bedside manner. Frankie suggested that Brot apply for an orderly position at the hospital. Brot was hesitant initially, but eventually agreed to an interview.

As Brot interviewed, Taylor and Frankie discussed why Brot would be an asset to the hospital. They felt that Brot would be empathetic towards the patients and hard-working. Then, Brot returned from the interview and announced that he got the job. Brot asked Taylor to celebrate with him at ConFusion that evening. He wished to celebrate his new job and the beautiful woman that helped make it happen.

Taylor arrived early at ConFusion and noticed Jake at the bar. They sat down together to have a drink. Jake admitted that he had talked to Brot about her. She was grateful, because it made Brot warm up to her. She then asked Jake how he was holding up. He confessed that he sometimes wondered what would have happened between him and Taylor if Brot never returned. She was grateful that they remained friends.

Brot arrived at ConFusion. He smiled at Taylor and picked her up. He swung her in his arms and embraced her. Taylor was happy, until she saw Jake standing alone at the bar.

Annie was frightened because she hallucinated that Richie was in her room. Dr. Sinclair asked Annie why she envisioned her brother. Annie stated that he left the room. Dr. Sinclair questioned how Annie got rid of her brother, but Annie said nothing.

Ryan complained to the hospital administrator that Dr. Sinclair was not treating Annie properly. The administrator assured Ryan that Dr. Sinclair was one of the best forensic psychiatrists in the area. Then, Dr. Sinclair pulled Ryan aside because she knew that he was complaining about her. She admitted that her methods were unorthodox; however, she was determined to prove that Annie was faking her psychosis and that she killed her brother.

Annie talked to Aidan through the vent in the wall. Aidan made Annie promise that she would not tell Dr. Sinclair about her memories. Annie was distraught over killing Richie. Aidan explained that she was very hurt over losing her husband, which made her act crazy.

Dr. Sinclair entered Aidan's room with a needle in her hand. She stated that she was Aidan's new doctor. She further noted that his "textbook, paranoid, schizophrenic act" needed to be fixed. Aidan looked worried.

Ryan met Greenlee and Emma at the penthouse. Greenlee explained that Emma tried to take the cookies out of the oven alone and burned herself. Greenlee felt guilty, but Ryan assured her that she was going to be a great mom to Emma. Then, Ryan divulged Dr. Sinclair's diagnosis of Annie. Greenlee could not believe that Dr. Sinclair thought Annie was faking her illness. Nevertheless, Greenlee assumed that there was nothing they could do to help Annie, but Ryan disagreed.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Dr. Sinclair visited Greenlee and Ryan. They apologized to Dr. Sinclair for treating her so badly the last time they met. Dr. Sinclair said she still believed Annie was faking her insanity to avoid going to prison. Dr. Sinclair said Annie had displayed several indications that her behavior was not real. For example, Dr. Sinclair said Annie's delusions always seemed to be at "convenient" times. Also, Annie knew exactly where to find Ryan when she escaped from the hospital. Dr. Sinclair said she started a new treatment plan for Annie. If it worked, Annie would stand trial for her crimes, be convicted, and would go to prison. After Dr. Sinclair left, Tad came out of another room. He told Greenlee and Ryan that Dr. Sinclair was definitely after Annie for some reason. Ryan said he needed evidence that Dr. Sinclair was breaking patient care laws before going to Jesse. Greenlee went off to work, while Tad searched on the Internet at Ryan's home for any dirt on Dr. Sinclair. Tad found out that Dr. Sinclair spent two years unemployed, but returned to work at another hospital in another state.

Annie called out for Aidan through the vent, but Aidan was not in his room. A nurse came to check on Annie. She asked the nurse for Aidan, but the nurse said that Aidan was not at the hospital anymore. After the nurse left, Annie tried to call for Aidan again through the vent. Dr. Sinclair was listening to Annie's pleas on the other side.

JR visited Babe's grave with purple hyacinths. He asked Babe to forgive him for drinking and neglecting Little Adam. JR told Babe's headstone that Amanda was pregnant with his baby. JR said he wanted to help Amanda raise the baby, but wanted Babe to help him be a strong and sober father again.

Bianca and Reese received their wedding dresses at the Fusion office. They wanted to model the dresses for Pete, Erica, Randi, and Amanda. Erica protested, saying it would be bad luck for Reese and Bianca to see their dresses before the wedding. Reese and Bianca agreed to try on the dresses in separate rooms at Zach's home before the joint wedding shower with Greenlee. Reese suggested they make sure the plan was fine with Greenlee. Erica said she did not want Greenlee to get more attention than necessary at Reese and Bianca's shower.

As Greenlee arrived at work, she heard Erica's comments. Greenlee snapped that Erica was always the one trying to steal the spotlight. Erica decided to take Reese and Bianca to Zach's home for the fittings. But first, she gave Greenlee a detailed list of things to do, including organizing Erica's shoes by color. Greenlee gave Pete the list to throw out. Pete and Randi went to grab lunch, while Greenlee showed Amanda her newest Valentine's Day Fusion advertisement. Amanda asked Greenlee if she and Ryan had discussed having a family after getting married. Greenlee said the topic had not come up yet. Amanda grabbed her stomach and fell back on a chair. Greenlee asked Amanda what was wrong, but Amanda insisted she just had a stomach virus. Pete came back to ask what type of Chinese food Greenlee wanted. The mention of "moo shoo pork" was enough to send Amanda to the bathroom.

Amanda went to the hospital to find Jake, but instead, ran into David. David admitted that he spied on Amanda and JR the night JR almost drowned. Amanda told David to back off, and rushed to the bathroom. Brot gave Amanda her medication before she left. David told Brot he was Amanda's doctor and wanted to know more about the prescription. Brot said he thought the medicine was a vitamin.

A seamstress came to Zach's house to fit the wedding dresses for Bianca and Reese. Erica and Opal guided Bianca and Reese into two separate areas. Both brides showed off their dresses, but did not get the response they wanted from the audience. Erica and Opal said Reese could use some straps on her dress. Bianca's dress was a bit too long. Bianca felt that the reactions meant Opal and Erica thought the dresses were hideous. Erica said the dresses were lovely, but just needed some work. Miranda knocked down the curtain separating Reese and Bianca. Both brides looked at each other's dresses and smiled. Reese was worried about the bad luck omen. To ease Reese's mind, Bianca said they would both buy new dresses. Reese changed out of her dress and wrapped a towel around her body. She scurried down the hallway, but was spooked when Zach came out of the bathroom. The towel dropped to the floor. Zach and Reese looked at each other awkwardly before Reese scooped up the towel and went in the bathroom.

Frankie tried to update Zach on Kendall's condition, but David interrupted. David told Frankie that Kendall was his patient, and Frankie had no right to discuss her condition with Zach. Frankie said Zach had every right to know that his wife was showing signs of improvement. David told Frankie to check patient charts. He cautioned Zach not to let Frankie's news give him too much hope for Kendall. Frankie went to Fusion to take Randi out for lunch.

Brot introduced himself to David as the newest hospital employee. David welcomed Brot to the team and went to check on patients. Frankie told Brot to be careful around David, who was known for being untrustworthy.

Dr. Sinclair went to check on Annie. She tried to get Annie to talk to her, but Annie said she did not want the doctor's help. Annie said someone told her that Dr. Sinclair was not trying to help her. Dr. Sinclair demanded to know who the person was. Annie said she wanted to know about Ryan. Dr. Sinclair said she had just met with Ryan, and he was fine. Dr. Sinclair decided to play a word game with Annie. She said words, such as "tire iron," "brother," and "family" to trigger a negative reaction from Annie. But Annie's responses were normal. Dr. Sinclair said the word "stone." Annie's response was "solid." Dr. Sinclair felt Annie was not being honest with her. Annie said she had been dishonest about two flying monkeys that had been watching her in the room. Annie pointed to blank space on the wall, claiming she had seen flying monkeys, and ducked under the bed. Dr. Sinclair said she and Annie would talk later.

Tad called Dr. Sinclair and pretended to be an author who wanted to do a profile of her. Dr. Sinclair agreed and met Tad at ConFusion. Tad told Dr. Sinclair he was very impressed with her work with patients who had faked mental illness to avoid prison. Dr. Sinclair said she was able to empathize with killers after listening to their stories.

Amanda went tp Ryan and Greenlee's house to tell them she was pregnant. She asked Greenlee and Ryan to adopt her child.

David managed to get JR to see him at the hospital by pretending Amanda was sick. By the time JR arrived, Amanda was gone. David told JR that he knew Amanda was pregnant with JR's child.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

JR went to the hospital to find Amanda, but he ran into David instead. David revealed that he knew Amanda was pregnant. JR pretended not to know anything, but David persisted. David commented that Amanda was quite a rebound for JR. David was stunned that JR got Amanda, Babe's best friend, pregnant only a few months after Babe's death. JR said that David was not mourning Babe's death; instead, David was ruining people's lives. David reminded JR that he and Krystal shared a daughter, so it was natural that they bonded over her death. JR thought it was convenient that David used the "father card" when it suited his purposes. JR noted that David had nothing to do with Babe's upbringing. David affirmed that he was Babe's real father. David then asked JR if he was certain he was the father of Amanda's baby. JR looked confused, so David informed him that Amanda slept with David, Jake, and JR around the same time. David commented that any one of them could be the baby's father.

Krystal noticed JR and David arguing. She was frustrated because David would not leave JR alone. JR reminded Krystal that David was a bad man, and walked away. Krystal demanded to know if David was using her to get custody of Little Adam. David swore that he was not manipulating Krystal. He stated that he put his life on hold for her and he was waiting for her to decide if she wanted to be with him. He asked her how many more times he needed to tell her that he loved her. She begged him to continue professing his love because his love was the only thing helping her survive. Then, they kissed.

Amanda asked Ryan and Greenlee to adopt her baby. They were surprised by her proposition. Greenlee wondered why Amanda chose them. Amanda explained that she would not be a good mother because she did not have a good role model. Greenlee reminded Amanda that Greenlee's mother, Mary, was a terrible role model. Amanda was sure that Greenlee would be a great mother because of her relationship with Emma. Amanda also liked that Greenlee and Ryan were in love. Ryan inquired about the baby's father, so Amanda admitted it was JR. Ryan said that Adam would never let his grandchild be adopted. Amanda assured him that JR was on board with her plans. Amanda said that Adam would never know JR was the father. Amanda further stated that she and JR could not give the baby the loving family that it deserved. Greenlee wondered if JR and Amanda could start a meaningful relationship, due to the baby. Amanda said that she could never replace Babe. Also, Amanda did not want JR to feel that he was "stuck" with her.

Greenlee and Ryan talked about Amanda's offer. They considered the idea, but both of them were doubtful that the arrangement would work. Ryan worried that Adam would find out he was related to the baby. Greenlee worried that Emma would not be ready for another sibling yet. Ryan affirmed that Greenlee would be an amazing mother. She suggested that, in the future, they find a surrogate to have their child. He felt lucky that she wanted to have children with him, especially since she did not want to have children with Aidan.

JR went to see Amanda on her yacht. She announced that she had found a couple to adopt their child. He demanded to know if the baby was his. She wondered why he doubted the baby's paternity. JR explained that David said he could be that father, as well. Amanda looked nervous when she heard that David knew she was pregnant. She promised JR that he was the father. She then revealed that she had asked Ryan and Greenlee to adopt the baby. JR thought it would be awkward for them to raise the child. JR did not want to see his child call Ryan "Daddy."

Dr. Sinclair talked with Tad, who worked under the alias of Mr. Pearson. Tad interviewed the doctor as if he were a reporter for a psychiatric magazine. Dr. Sinclair revealed that the bond she shared with her patients was similar to love. Tad did not think that the doctor could be objective if too many emotions were involved. Dr. Sinclair stated that every patient needed to be heard, so she urged them to share their feelings in an open and caring environment. She noted that she did not judge her patients. She then noticed the wedding ring on Tad's finger and questioned him about his marriage. He admitted that the marriage was in jeopardy. He turned the conversation back to the doctor. He asked why she felt the need to prove certain patients were faking their illnesses. Before she could answer, Jesse approached them. Jesse looked confused when Dr. Sinclair called Tad by his alias, Mr. Pearson.

After Dr. Sinclair left, Jesse inquired why Tad was with her. Tad said that he needed a favor from Jesse to find out why Dr. Sinclair was gunning for Annie. Jesse urged Tad to work on his marriage instead.

David and Krystal entered ConFusion and saw Tad. Krystal wanted to speak with Tad because she was tired of running away from her problems. Krystal and Tad sat together and he asked if she made a decision on their marriage. She informed Tad that she wanted a divorce. Tad signed the divorce papers. He told her, "I hope you find what you're looking for, and I'm sorry I couldn't give it to you."

David saw Amanda at ConFusion. Amanda affirmed that JR was the father of her baby, not David. David did not believe her claim. He vowed to have a DNA test conducted, so he could prove that he was the father.

Dr. Sinclair visited Ryan and Greenlee. The doctor notified Ryan and Greenlee that she knew Tad was a private investigator. She warned Ryan and Greenlee that if another doctor took over Annie's case, Annie might be set free. The doctor reminded Greenlee that Annie might attempt to kill her again.

Greenlee was worried that Annie might try to hurt her again. Ryan assured Greenlee that Annie could not hurt them anymore. Greenlee was still concerned, because she had a nightmare in which Annie stabbed Ryan.

Aidan was brought back into his room after three rounds of electroshock therapy. Annie told him that Dr. Sinclair tried to trick her into divulging her memories, but she did not tell the doctor anything. Aidan was pleased, and he promised to help Annie get out of Oak Haven.

Angie went to her court hearing with Jackson, her lawyer. Jesse arrived at the court and urged her to plead guilty, so she could cut a deal with the district attorney. Angie wondered why Jesse was being helpful, since he had her arrested. When the judge looked at her file, he asked how an upstanding doctor ended up on the wrong side of the law. She told the judge to ask her husband.

Natalia was at the courthouse because she had started her police training. She noticed that Angie and Jesse were fighting. Natalia encouraged Angie to fight for her marriage. Natalia reminded Angie that she and Jesse could withstand anything. Natalia did not want David to come between them. Angie agreed.

Angie found Jesse at ConFusion. She apologized for getting mad at him. She wished that she had never gotten involved with David. She refused to let David ruin their marriage, like he ruined Tad and Krystal's.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Reese and Bianca woke up in bed together on the day of their wedding shower. Erica called to the couple from downstairs as Zach came home with coffee. Reese and Bianca dressed and came downstairs as decorators finished up last-minute touches. Zach decided to escape the bridal shower before all the ladies arrived.

Ryan found Greenlee lounging on the couch in her bathrobe only hours before the bridal shower. Greenlee said she did not want to attend the shower because Kendall was not there. But after talking to Ryan, Greenlee decided to join the shower just as Reese and Bianca were opening gifts. The laughter was cut short when Reese's mother, Claire Williams, showed up for the shower.

Claire said Erica invited her. Bianca was upset with her mother. Erica knew that Claire did not accept Reese being a lesbian. Erica said she thought Reese would want to reconcile with her mother before the wedding. Greenlee accused Erica of trying to break up Reese and Bianca by inviting Claire. Greenlee said Erica knew it would cause tension between the couple. Bianca offered Claire a chance to meet Gabrielle, but Claire said she did not want her to wake the baby up. Greenlee got a surprise when her mother, Mary Smythe, was the next guest to arrive at the shower.

Colby won a game and put on a silly hat. Randi and Amanda were laughing so hard at Colby's outfit that they fell on the couch. Claire asked Randi and Amanda if they were a lesbian couple, too. Reese told her mother that Amanda and Randi were two heterosexual females who knew how to enjoy each other's company. Claire thought Reese enjoyed embarrassing her. Reese told her mother to shut up, and rushed to the bedroom. Before saying goodbye, Mary reminded Greenlee to send her a wedding invitation.

After the guests left, Bianca scolded Claire for being so hard on Reese. Erica ushered Bianca away so Claire and Reese could speak alone. Reese said her mother needed to accept the fact that Reese was a lesbian. As Zach walked in the door, he saw Claire slap Reese across the face.

Outside, Bianca told Erica that it was evident her mother did not like Reese. Erica threw a handful of snow at Bianca to calm her down. Erica apologized for inviting Claire to the shower. Bianca did not believe her mother. She said Erica still thought Reese and Zach were having an affair. Bianca said she needed to talk to someone else. Erica went to her hotel room and picked up a picture of Josh. When she looked in the mirror, Josh appeared behind her and faded away.

Krystal told David that she and Tad signed their divorce papers. David asked Krystal how she felt about the divorce. Krystal pretended that it didn't bother her, but David knew she was lying. He said they could not have a relationship if Krystal was not honest about her feelings. Krystal said she did not want to burden David with her problems. David thought Krystal regretted being in a romantic relationship with him. But Krystal said that was not the case at all. She claimed David practically saved her life after Babe died. But deep down, Krystal still wondered how life would be if Babe had lived, and David had not returned. David said living with the "what ifs" was a waste of time. David said Krystal needed to decide if she wanted to with him or Tad. Krystal admitted that she was not sure how she felt about David. David told Krystal to take some time before making a final decision.

At the hospital, David told Zach that he had no indication Kendall was going to come out of her coma soon. Zach said Kendall was fighting to come back home, and walked away. Brot agreed with Zach. He told David that he was once in a situation similar to Kendall's. Brot said he was in an induced coma on the flight home. Several times, doctors said Brot almost died. Brot said he remembered having dreams in the coma.

Dr. Sinclair watched Annie rock back and forth on the floor in her room. A nurse told Dr. Sinclair that Aidan was sleeping in his room. Tad decided to visit Dr. Sinclair at the mental hospital, but pretended to be an author interested in writing about her. Dr. Sinclair said Tad's gig was up. She knew he was a private investigator that Ryan and Greenlee had hired to scope her out. Dr. Sinclair still claimed that Annie was faking her mental disorder. She called Annie a "cold-blooded killer" who needed to pay for her crimes. Tad told the doctor that he knew she was up to something with Annie. Dr. Sinclair told Tad he should pay more attention to his crumbling marriage than to her patients. Tad said he was handling his personal business quite well, and left.

Tad went to Ryan's house to give him an update on Dr. Sinclair. Tad said Dr. Sinclair mentioned that he should be concerned about Krystal's relationship with David. The doctor even said that David had a habit of stealing Tad's old flames, such as Dixie. Ryan said he never mentioned anything about Dixie to Dr. Sinclair. Tad knew that Dr. Sinclair had done some research on him. Tad thought Dr. Sinclair was scared he would find out the secret she was hiding.

Tad found Krystal visiting Jenny at his home. Before Krystal left, Tad asked her when she would be moving all of her belongings into Wildwind with David. Krystal wished she and Tad could talk, but Tad did not want to hear what she had to say. Krystal tried to defend David, but Tad cut her off. He told her to pack her bags and get out of the house as soon as possible.

When David got home, he found Krystal frantically looking through his living room. He tossed a bottle of pills to her. Krystal realized that David had not been prescribing her sedatives. He had been giving her his own illegal drugs. Krystal said the pills made her feel like she was addicted to David. She begged for him to throw her out on the streets. She even beat her fists against his chest, screaming that she hated David. David kissed Krystal to calm her down.

Dr. Sinclair decided to do some visualization exercises with Annie. The doctor tried to jog Annie's memory of the night she killed Richie. But Annie remembered Aidan telling her not to tell Dr. Sinclair the truth. Annie said she did not know a Richie. Dr. Sinclair recounted Annie's last minutes with her brother and threw a tire iron on the floor. Annie screamed at Dr. Sinclair to get the tire iron away from her. Dr. Sinclair kept pushing Annie by telling her to admit she killed Richie. Annie grabbed the tire iron and held it up to Dr. Sinclair. Two nurses rushed in the room to sedate Annie. When Annie awoke, Dr. Sinclair showed her a picture of Richie after he was killed. Dr. Sinclair asked Annie if she remembered killing Richie. Annie started to tell Dr. Sinclair that she did not mean to kill Richie. But someone pulled a smoke alarm before Annie could say anything else.

Greenlee returned to Ryan's house after the shower. She told Ryan about Claire and Mary showing up at the party. Ryan could see how upset Greenlee was, so he gave her a shoulder massage. Ryan told Greenlee that Tad had a bad feeling about Dr. Sinclair. Greenlee told Ryan that she had another nightmare of Annie stabbing Ryan. Greenlee thought it was a sign they did not need to get married yet. Ryan offered to draw Greenlee a bath, but she said she needed to be somewhere else. Greenlee grabbed her keys, and left.

Kendall got visits from Greenlee and Bianca after the dramatic wedding shower. Bianca told Greenlee that she wanted Kendall by her side at the wedding. Greenlee said she missed her best friend. Greenlee and Bianca watched as Kendall's eyes fluttered open.

Friday, January 30, 2009

Tad explained to Kathy that Krystal wouldn't live with them any longer. When she asked if Krystal still loved him, Tad tried to explain that they were in two different places. He then had to assure her that their fights hadn't been over the little girl; rather, the two adults just didn't love each other the same way as they had. Tad told her that Krystal would be back to visit, but Kathy tearfully said that when moms left, they never came back.

David made love to Krystal with wild abandon, and afterwards she noted the he had a hold over her - first with the pills and then with sex. He started to kiss and caress her again, but a phone call from the hospital interrupted them.

A short time later, Krystal showed up at the Martin residence and found out that Kathy knew about her departure. Tad told her how much Kathy had been hurt by the news, and Krystal said she had promised she wouldn't leave. Tad told her she had made a lot of promises she didn't keep, and that the hurt was the byproduct of decisions she made without consideration of the consequences. He was confrontational and Krystal said that she didn't want to fight, so she indicated that she would go say goodbye to the girls and leave. Tad forbade her from doing so and explained that she would only upset them further. Krystal told him not to push or she would disappear with Jenny. He told her that Jenny meant the world to him, and warned her to consider herself lucky that he let her see them at all. Kathy overheard the conversation and got upset because she thought that she was not loved.

Dr. Sinclair pushed for Annie to confess to the murder of her brother, but before Annie could do so, Aidan pulled the fire alarm in the hall, which caused sirens to blare. Dr. Sinclair left the room to attend to the problem, and Aidan tried to calm Annie down. Annie didn't hear him at first, and declared that she needed to go away for what she did. Aidan told her that Richie hurt a lot of people and needed to be stopped, and said that Richie had driven her to her breaking point. The sirens suddenly fell silent, and Aidan quickly demanded that Annie keep the truth to herself. Dr. Sinclair then came into Aidan's room and wanted to know whom he had been talking to.

Aidan chattered as if he were truly crazy, and then had to explain about how he'd gotten out of his room. He tried to play oblivious, but she patted him down and found the key he'd lifted. According to her, Aidan had chosen the hard way, so she called in a couple of orderlies to help. He thought that the syringe brought in was meant to sedate him, but she informed him that truth serum would actually be used. She asked about his spy activity and, because of his previous experiences, he was able to throw her off. She then asked his real name and he finally caved. As soon as she heard the confession, Dr. Sinclair knew exactly who he was. She thought that he wanted to break Annie out, but he assured her that he wanted nothing more than to make sure that Annie stayed locked up for the rest of her life.

Ryan surprised Erica at her suite and confronted her about the shower invitations she had extended to Greenlee's mother, Mary, and Reese's mother, Claire. Erica claimed that she followed Bianca's lead from when her youngest child had previously tried to bridge the gap with Claire. Ryan told her that she should have consulted Reese and Greenlee before she made such a gesture. He also told her that Greenlee hadn't thought about the wedding because she was afraid of what all of the omens meant. Erica suggested that the two of them getting married again might not be a good idea.

Reese took her mother to task for the way she had ruined not only Reese's life, but also Reese's father's. She continued with her verbal assault until her mother slapped her. Zach witnessed the action and demanded that Claire leave. Claire resisted and said that they didn't understand. Reese told her mother that they both needed to accept that Reese would never be what Claire wanted, and they needed to go their separate ways. With a family of her own, Reese said she no longer needed her mother. When Claire left, Zach embraced Reese warmly and let her cry. When the tears subsided, Zach talked her through the grief of the emotional loss of her mother, and Zach assured her that she had all she needed. Then, Reese admitted that the pure connection she shared with Bianca had been duplicated when she got to know Zach.

At the hospital, Bianca and Greenlee connected by Kendall's bedside over their unique family composition moments before the patient herself opened her eyes. She started to choke on the breathing tube but Bianca calmed her down, and then expressed how thankful she was that Kendall had woken up. She told Kendall how much she was needed. Bianca tried to quickly update her sister before the medical team came in to check Kendall's vitals. Bianca and Greenlee celebrated in the hall, and then Bianca ran off to call Zach.

Reese admitted that she started to depend on Zach because she could be herself around him, unfiltered. Zach tried to tell her it was okay, but Reese said that even though she was in love with and wanted to marry Bianca, she had feelings about Zach that didn't make sense. She asked him how he felt when he looked at her, but the phone rang before he could admit to anything.

Greenlee snuck back into Kendall's room before the line of visitors formed. She told Kendall that Kendall had been gone for three months, and then assured her that Zach never gave up. She also updated her about her impending marriage to Ryan and, just as David showed up, said that much more had happened in that time. She stepped back then and when David told Kendall about the transplant, her heartbeat spiked on the monitors.

Bianca called her mother to share the good news, just as Zach arrived at hospital, anxious to find out if his wife had actually regained consciousness. When it was confirmed, Zach rushed into Kendall's room and stared at her, amazed. David excused himself so that husband and wife could connect after such a long time apart. Zach shared how much he loved her, told her that she should never leave them again, and said that they were so glad that she came home. They caught up a bit more and then Kendall told him that before the tornado, she had said that she wanted to wait for more children, but after everything that happened, she was ready to give him the little girl he'd always dreamed of.

Erica and Ryan arrived at the hospital, and Erica talked to Bianca and Reese about telling Kendall about Gabrielle's parentage. Ryan found Greenlee and she told him that something seemed different with Kendall.

Zach skirted the issue of more children and instead told his wife that he wanted her to rest so that she could get better. Erica showed up at the door and said that she couldn't wait any longer to see her oldest child. After an extended hug, the group informed her of the accident with Josh and how she had his heart. They also told her about Bianca's wedding and took that moment to introduce Bianca's fiancée. Then they talked about how they had moved in with Zach to help with the boys, and filled her in about Gabrielle. Kendall noted that the little girl had to be perfect, sure that Bianca and Reese had found just the right donor. A few uncomfortable moments passed and then Bianca confessed that Zach had been their donor.

Krystal got back to Wildwind and reminisced about all she had lost as she looked at a picture of her with Tad. At the same time across town, Tad closed a book of photos. He then went to play dress-up with Kathy, but found that his daughter had disappeared.

Erica joined Ryan and Greenlee in the waiting room and Greenlee wanted to know if Erica had sensed something off about Kendall. Greenlee was dismayed to find that she was alone in the thought, but the conversation was truncated when David showed up and wanted to go over Kendall's test results. He and Erica stepped out into the hall and he told her that he expected Kendall to have a full recovery.



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