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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of February 23, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, February 23, 2009

Holden surprised Lily at Memorial Hospital. He had been out of town on horse business but wanted to be back to support his wife when Lucinda resumed her radiation treatments. Lily broke the news to Holden that Luke was in trouble again. The couple went for coffee at the Lakeview, and Holden asked for more details about their son's close call with the law. He worried that Luke had too much time on his hands since he was no longer in school. Lily was remembering how Luke had been as a child and wondered what had triggered his recent bad behavior. Holden suggested perhaps Luke always had that anger inside him, as had Damian, Luke's biological father. Lily said she saw little of Damian in her son, and Holden said they needed to do something to help the boy.

Luke called the resident advisor in Elwood Hoffman's dorm and pretended to be Elwood's probation officer. He was interested in any frequent visitors to Elwood's room, but the advisor said he needed clearance from the Residents' Association. Luke was disappointed, and he lied to Noah about the phone call when his boyfriend came in. Noah didn't believe him and again told Luke that they should not be involved in Elwood's business. Luke was not all right with that because he felt they owed it to their dead friend, Reg, to find out who had given him the bad drugs. Noah wanted to give the police time to do their job, and he recommended something positive, such as using Luke's foundation to sponsor a drug program or a crisis line in Reg's name. He offered to contact the foundation board members to set up a meeting, and Luke agreed.

Alison was in Al's Diner waiting for Matt when Casey arrived. She flashed back on images of Casey making love to Jade, as the two of them just stared at each other. Alison called Matt, asking where he was, and Casey came over and asked if her boyfriend had stood her up. Alison heard Casey's phone ring and asked if the call was from Jade, his girlfriend. Casey denied Jade was his girlfriend, and Matt came in. Casey asked why Matt looked so tired and out of breath, and Matt said he was doing an errand and knew he was running late to meet Alison. Casey asked if he was also doing "a little business on the side," and pushed him for an answer. Alison jumped in and told Casey to quit harassing Matt. Casey got disgusted and walked out. Matt and Alison discussed Casey's recent strange attitude, and Matt attributed it to Casey's losing Alison.

Jade sat on a bench in Old Town and called Casey again. She wanted to know why he was blowing her off, especially after the "fun night" they had shared. She left the bench and bumped into Derek. They traded nasty remarks, and Jade accused him of not stepping up to be her dad. Casey came by and turned down Jade's offer of company. She was embarrassed in front of Derek and stormed off, but Derek followed. Jade told him to get lost, but he talked with her about how she let guys treat her.

Casey went to Luke's house and told him and Noah that he had figured out that Elwood's potential supplier was Matt O'Connor. Casey said he had found Matt snooping around in a room at the hospital, and Matt had offered a lame excuse about waiting for Alison. He also cited the recent example of Matt's being late to meet Alison. Noah thought Casey was being ridiculous, but Luke reminded them that Matt had served time and therefore had lots of unsavory contacts. Casey suggested they set up a fake drug deal, and he had the perfect person in mind to pull it off. He called Jade and asked to see her at Lily's, and she said she was on her way.

Jade went home to find Luke, Noah, and Casey waiting for her. Luke told her Casey suspected Matt of being the drug dealer who was supplying Elwood, and asked Jade to approach Matt for drugs. Jade agreed, so Casey walked her out. He thanked her for helping, as Holden and Lily came home. Luke was surprised to see his father home, so he told Holden the story of how Reg had died. Holden was outraged at the dumb stunts the boys had pulled trying to frame Elwood. He declared that Luke was done with amateur detective work. It was up to the police to solve the case, and they needed Luke's information.

Jade went to Yo's and found Matt on duty as the bartender. She ordered a beer and told him he had given her good advice when he had cautioned her to stay away from Casey Hughes. They talked more about Casey, and then Jade asked if Matt had hooked up with Alison. Matt was vague, so Jade changed topics and asked for "something stronger" than a beer. Matt asked why she thought he could provide such stimulants, so Jade just said that people talked. Matt denied any involvement in taking or selling drugs.

Casey and Alison ran into each other in the hospital, and Casey offered the information that Matt might not be the guy Alison thought he was. Casey said he was worried about her and felt he owed her the warning about Matt. He came out and said he thought Matt might be dealing, but Alison did not believe him. She asked for proof, but Casey had nothing to show her. She accused him of being jealous of Matt, and then took a break and went to Yo's to share the information with Matt. Matt told Jade to go elsewhere for her pick-me-up, so Jade left and found Derek right there. He ushered her out and promised another lecture. She called him a "technicality, instead of a father," but Derek said he cared about her and scolded her for trying to buy drugs.

Holden and Lily took the boys to see Margo, and they explained how Casey had put the drugs from Reg's coat into Elwood's backpack. Margo reminded them that she had found nothing illegal in Elwood's possession and chewed out the boys for messing in police business. She was very concerned about what had happened to the missing drugs. She warned Luke about obstruction of justice charges and told him to back off. The boys agreed, so Margo dismissed them.

Margo went home to speak with Casey, but she found only his backpack there. She checked inside the pack, and came up with a bag full of pills. Casey walked in and asked where she had gotten the drugs. He was stunned when his mother said she had taken them from his backpack. Casey saw Alison looking in the door, so he opened it and told Margo he bet that Alison knew where the drugs came from. He accused the girl of being in on Matt's setup of him. Margo said all she knew was that her son was going to jail unless she got a logical explanation for how the pills got into his backpack.

Holden and family went home, and Luke still could not let go of Reg's death. He and Holden argued, and Holden accused his son of fixing the election and not doing anything productive since he had been expelled from college. They shouted at one another until Holden yelled for Luke to forget the mystery killer and either find a job or go to a school that would take him. It was time for Luke to move on with his life and to give up the cops and robbers routine.

In Java, Matt found Jade drinking a coffee. He asked her to give a message to Casey. He said to tell Casey that payback was a two-way street. Casey had set up Matt, so he should expect the same in return. He also warned Jade that Casey was just using her to do his dirty work and for sex, so she should not be expecting a ring any time soon. Matt walked out, and Jade checked her phone, but there were no messages.

Lily checked to see if Holden was all right after his shouting match with Luke. Holden remembered how Damian had tried to take Luke away from them when Luke had been younger, and how sure Holden had been that he could be a better father to the boy than Damian. He told Lily he was scared that might not have been true.

Luke was upset that Noah had "ratted him out" to his parents. He said every time Noah tried to "help," it made things worse. Luke still thought he could avenge Reg's death, and there was no way he could keep his promise to his dad to let things go.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Margo questioned Casey about the pills she found in his backpack. Casey said Matt had planted them, but Alison objected. Casey claimed Matt was dealing and wanted revenge for Casey's attempts to frame Elwood. Margo asked Alison if she had any indication that Matt was involved in drugs, but Alison denied it. Casey and Alison got into a shouting match until Margo intervened. She dismissed Alison, who was more than happy to leave. Margo asked her son directly if he was dealing drugs, and Casey was hurt that she even suspected him. She asked for all the details, so Casey told her about the note signed "M," that Luke had found in Elwood's room. He said they were trying to prove Matt was a dealer, so Matt had retaliated by planting pills on Casey. He swore to Margo that the pills were not his, and asked for an hour to try again for proof. Margo agreed, and Casey dashed out as his father arrived home. Margo explained everything to Tom, who wondered why bad things kept happening to Casey.

Brad and Katie went to the Lakeview to play cards with Henry and Vienna. They found Henry alone in the lobby, getting ready for a game of poker. He told them he had forgotten his wallet, so Vienna had gone to their room to fetch it. Vienna returned shortly, but she was in a rage. She shoved a pamphlet under Henry's nose and screamed, "How could you?" Henry realized she had found the literature that he and Brad had collected from the hospital on the vasectomy procedure. It soon became obvious to everyone within earshot why she was upset, when Vienna accused Henry of wanting to "get neutered." Brad added his two cents, and he and Katie got up to leave, but Henry would not let them go.

Henry admitted to Vienna that he was wrong in not discussing the issue with her, but he also reminded her who had poked holes in his condoms. Vienna relented, and she and Henry kissed. Brad suggested they get on with the game, so Henry and Vienna sat down as Henry casually mentioned that it was a good thing that he and Brad had not gone through with the surgeries. Katie realized Henry was including Brad in his statement, so Brad quickly claimed he had just gone along to keep Henry company. That, however, stirred up Vienna again. Katie did not believe her husband, so she stood up and walked out.

Alison went to Java and met Matt. She told him how Margo had found pills in Casey's backpack, but Casey had protested his innocence. She also said Casey had accused Matt of planting the drugs. Matt laughed and asked what Casey's problem was, but the more he thought about it, the angrier he became. Alison apologized for coming between the two former friends. She also told Matt she thought Margo was fair and would do what was right, even if it involved her own son. She suggested Matt do a preemptive strike and go to the police first before Casey accused him formally.

Margo got a search warrant for her own house and instructed the officer to treat her home as he would any other. Tom tried to comfort his wife, who was almost physically ill at the thought of sending her own son back to prison. She wondered why she sometimes hated doing her job. She told Tom she had to bring Casey in, so they left together.

Casey found Jade in Old Town and learned she had been unsuccessful in buying drugs from Matt. She also said she might have made some progress if Alison had not arrived and busted her. Casey told Jade that his mother had found a bag of drugs in his backpack, so Jade explained her conversation with Matt in which he told her that setups work both ways. Margo and Tom approached, and Margo told Casey she was taking him in for questioning. Casey asked Tom if he had put Margo up to it, but his dad said he was there because they were a family. Casey groused that it didn't feel much like one to him.

Brad came back after following Katie and told Henry and Vienna his wife had just driven away. He couldn't figure out what he had done wrong that had upset her so. Vienna blamed it all on Katie's hormones, but Brad was confused. Vienna got upset, so Brad just bowed out of the game and left.

Matt and Alison went to the police station, and he told an officer that someone would be making false accusations against him, and he wanted to make his own statement since he had nothing to hide. Tom, Margo, and Casey came in, and Casey threw a nasty punch at Matt, who returned the favor. Margo calmed everyone, and Matt spoke about Jade's unsuccessful attempt at entrapment of him at Yo's. Margo asked the officer to call Jade and ask her to come in. Casey then admitted he had sent Jade to get proof that Matt was dealing.

Matt let it slip that he knew Casey had been caught holding drugs, so Margo asked Alison if she had told that information to Matt. After Alison admitted that, Casey took her aside and asked her to speak for him, since she knew him so well. Matt yelled that Casey wanted him gone because of Matt's interest in Alison, but Alison stated that she had never seen either boy involved with drugs. The officer searching the Hugheses' home returned to the station and handed Margo a baggie containing a large wad of cash.

Brad went home and called out for Katie. She did not answer, so Brad went into the bedroom and found his wife collapsed on the floor, unconscious. She came awake groggily, and Brad realized she was bleeding heavily, so he carried her to his car. He took her to Memorial and carried her into a room. The nurse made Brad go outside while she contacted a doctor. Henry and Vienna arrived, worried sick about their friend.

The doctor came out and told Brad that Katie had an ectopic pregnancy that had ruptured her Fallopian tubes, and she had lost a great deal of blood. He said she required surgery, and Brad questioned how it could have happened. He was stunned when the doctor answered that the condition was not uncommon among women taking fertility drugs. Brad thought the doctor had made a misdiagnosis until Vienna stepped up and said that Katie had indeed been taking fertility treatments. Brad realized Katie had lied to him about waiting to begin a pregnancy as Dr. Bob had suggested, and he went off by himself to think.

Henry was full of questions for Vienna, who assured him that she would never put her health at risk. Henry was just as concerned about what the deception was doing to Brad and Katie's marriage, and he questioned his trust for Vienna.

Margo took Casey into an interview room and asked him where he had gotten the cash. Casey said he won the money betting on a horse at the track, his first slip since stopping gambling. Margo was skeptical and heartsick that the evidence pointed so clearly to her son. She decided she had to order a full investigation, so she sent Matt home, and Alison went with him. Jade arrived, and Margo asked if Casey had sent her to buy drugs from Matt. Jade answered that Matt had sold her nothing, but she still thought he was dealing. Margo next inquired if Casey had ever sold her drugs, and Jade was dumbfounded. Then she remembered the message Matt had given her for Casey about how setups went both ways, so she told Margo. Jade defended Casey, and Margo questioned how well she knew her own son.

Brad waited for Katie to awaken, and when she did, he told her she had an ectopic pregnancy that almost cost her life. Katie cried and apologized for not telling Brad about the fertility treatments. She promised it would be the last thing she would ever keep from him. Brad forgave her because he loved her so much.

Jade visited Casey and told him she had told Margo the truth. Casey asked for help, but Jade said she was done with him because he blew her off after their night of lovemaking.

At the hospital, Alison was glum, so Matt tried to cheer her up. She was sad that her relationship with Casey had deteriorated so badly, because they had a long history. Matt said he liked being her friend, and then he kissed her. They kissed again...and again.

Margo told Tom she felt terrible for coming down so hard on Casey. She got back the toxicology report on the pills from her son's backpack, and they matched the drugs that had killed Reg. Margo talked a bit more with Casey, and then she arrested him. Jade promised to find a way to help her friend, as Tom tried to comfort his disconsolate wife.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In the hospital, Brad waited for Katie to awaken. When she did, she immediately apologized to him for losing their baby, and she felt guilty because she knew that could be one of the side effects of taking fertility treatments. She asked Brad to hold her, but he was afraid because she had just undergone surgery. Katie cried and tried to make Brad understand how desperate she was to have his child. He assured her that they would stay in love always, and eventually they would have a family. He made Katie promise she would take no more risks. The doctor came in, and Katie asked when she might try again to get pregnant, but the doctor said he would talk to them about that after he had more test results. He did promise to check her chart, however, and determine when she could go home. The doctor left, and Brad followed him out, and the two of them talked.

Barbara held baby Eliza at the farm and successfully put her to sleep. Meg knew that Barbara resented how she had treated Paul, so she tried to explain how she could no longer trust him. Dusty knocked and returned some of Meg's things she had left at his place. He refused to come in and left quickly. Barbara commented that Dusty was not very friendly, and Meg said he didn't understand that she didn't need his help any longer.

At Fairwinds, Paul awoke from a nap on the couch to find an attractive woman standing over him. She called herself, "Ashley," and gave him a warm kiss. They had sex on the couch, and a shocked Barbara walked in on them. She asked Ashley who she was, and Ashley told Barbara she looked way too good to be Paul's mother. Barbara realized that Ashley was a "working girl," and Barbara appeared disgusted with Paul. Paul told his mother if she was so displeased with his lifestyle, she could leave. Barbara told Paul she had just come from the farm and gave him the news that Meg and Dusty were definitely not together. Paul claimed to have no interest in that, but Barbara hinted that perhaps Paul could still get his family back. Paul ushered her out and then returned to tell Ashley to get dressed.

Carly was vacuuming at home when Craig appeared at her door. She told him she had no time for him, but he came in anyway. He told her to lose the vacuum and go put on her best dress, because that night was the launch party for Midnight Sun Vodka. He gave her three hours to get everything set up at Metro. He was eager to know what she would be wearing, but Carly refused to participate. They argued, and Craig demanded Carly show up at the party even if she was wearing nothing but a smile. He had buyers coming from a convention in Chicago, and they could not afford to miss the opportunity to introduce their designer vodka.

Craig encouraged Carly to look the part and forked out a wad of cash for her to buy a new dress. Carly said no, but just then Craig got a call from Johnny's babysitter. She said she had to leave early because of an emergency in her own family, so Craig promised to come home to watch his son. He implored Carly to handle the launch, since he had to tend to Johnny. Parker came in, and Craig began to schmooze him by saying how well the boy learned from his mistakes and how responsible he had become. Craig announced he had found his babysitter for Johnny, but Carly nixed the idea. Parker really wanted the job, and Craig pushed harder, so Carly gave in. Craig apologized again for not giving her time to create her own spectacular design, but he was sure Carly could find something suitable. She took the money, and Craig left with Parker.

Meg went to Dusty's room at the Lakeview and told him they didn't have enough friends. Dusty said he thought Meg did not want him in her life, but she clarified by saying that she just didn't want him running her life. She wanted them to be friends, and she invited him to lunch.

Brad returned to Katie's hospital room, and Katie assumed he had bad news for her because she had seen him conferring with the doctor. When she pressed the issue, Brad said they would talk about that later, and he handed her some clothes Vienna had brought for Katie to wear home. Katie would not be distracted, however, and she insisted Brad tell her what the doctor had said. He reluctantly said the doctor had removed Katie's ruptured Fallopian tube, and Katie interrupted by reminding him she had another tube, and she only needed one. Brad sadly told her that her remaining tube had so much scar tissue that there was virtually no chance she could ever get pregnant. Furthermore, if she did manage to conceive, it was doubtful she could carry a baby to term. Katie was devastated that she would never have a baby with Brad, and she dissolved into tears. Brad reminded her there were many ways to be a parent, but first they had to concentrate on getting Katie well.

Vienna arrived with a lovely bouquet for Katie, and the two friends talked. Katie was stunned when Vienna suddenly offered to carry a baby for Brad and Katie. She felt responsible for not telling Brad that Katie was trying to get pregnant against the doctors' orders and perhaps preventing Katie's medical problems. Katie told Vienna not to feel guilty, and assured her she did not have to be a surrogate to make up for it. Vienna said that Katie would be helping her because that way Vienna could experience pregnancy and childbirth without losing Henry.

Brad came in and was pleased to see Katie sitting up. She told Brad how much she loved him, and he asked Vienna what she had done to make his wife smile again. Katie winked at Vienna and told Brad she wanted to go home. They drove home, and Brad was amazed that Katie was upbeat and no longer depressed.

Carly bought a dress at Fashions, and Barbara walked in. She asked what Carly's special occasion was, so Carly told her she was launching a new business venture. Barbara sarcastically asked her if she was "taking another stab at making a buck." Carly explained that she was launching a designer vodka, and she handed over the cash to pay for the dress. Barbara shrewdly surmised that Carly was working with someone, and asked who her partner was. She laughed out loud when Carly told her it was Craig, and then she chewed out Carly for her poor judgment in getting involved with Craig in any way. She predicted Carly's venture would end in shambles, but Carly did not back down, and took the dress.

Dusty and Meg were surprised when Craig, Parker, and Johnny walked into the Lakeview lobby. Johnny ran to hug his "other dad," Dusty, and Meg was amazed to see Paul, with the stunning Ashley on his arm, promenade past them. They sat nearby, so Parker approached Paul. Ashley asked to be introduced to Parker, but instead, Paul dismissed the girl. Craig called Parker away, and they and Johnny exited.

Paul was leaving the lobby when Barbara swooped in and grabbed him. He was feeling good that Meg had seen him with his beautiful companion, and he was hopeful his ex-wife was jealous. Meanwhile, Meg told Dusty her plan was to raise her daughter and get over Paul. Dusty said he felt at a loss without Johnny to care for anymore, and Meg hugged him. Meg left the lounge, and Dusty discovered Johnny had dropped one of his toys on the floor.

At Metro, an elegant-looking Carly was setting up when Craig arrived. He was not dressed for the launch yet, but he was bearing cases of vodka to serve the prospective buyers. He left to get dressed, as Carly poured herself a sample shot. She began to get nervous, so she had some more "samples." She called Craig and told him to "get his butt in gear," and he promised he was on his way. Carly greeted her first visitors and poured them all shots of vodka. She joined them in celebrating her new company.

Craig was leaving his hotel room when a visitor knocked. He opened the door and said, "You have a lot of nerve showing up here."

Thursday, February 26, 2009

At Metro, Carly continued her pitch for Midnight Sun Vodka and passed out more samples to potential buyers. She joined them in their drinking, all the while wondering why Craig had not shown up. She finally called him but was disappointed to get his voicemail. She left him a desperate message telling him to get there to give his sales pitch. The buyers lined up for more shots of vodka.

Craig's unexpected visitor turned out to be his daughter, Lucy. He was bitter and told her he would not believe a word she said. Lucy asked immediately about Johnny's welfare, so Craig told her the boy was thriving under his care. Lucy knew that her father had custody of his son, and she claimed she wanted to make peace with Craig. She was even ready to try to be a family again, if he was willing. Craig said that was tempting, but he wasn't sure how he could deal with the fact that Lucy had kidnapped his son and kept him for years. He said he considered phoning the police immediately, but Lucy reminded him that she was still his daughter. She mentioned that he had arranged for her kidnapping at one time, and she had declined to press charges. She asked him to return the favor, so Craig agreed to take Lucy to the Oakdale Police Station to see if they could get the charges against her dropped. He said they had to hurry, however, because he had somewhere he had to be.

Janet and Jack smooched in the kitchen at the farm as they waited for Sage to come downstairs. They were headed to a movie, and when Sage walked in on the kissers, she was grossed out. Jack took a call from work that necessitated his going back to the station, but Janet did not mind taking Sage alone. Jack mentioned that the work emergency had something to do with Craig, and he promised Sage he would make it up to her.

Liberty found Parker and Johnny eating at Al's. She joined them, and Parker inquired how Katie was faring. Liberty said Katie was home, and then she suggested they see a movie, but Parker thought Johnny was a little young for the shows playing in town. Johnny realized he had lost the toy train car that Dusty had picked up in the Lakeview, just as his "other dad" walked in. Johnny ran to Dusty and gave him a big hug, and Dusty asked Parker for a special favor. He requested some alone time with his boy.

Parker said he couldn't do that because "Craig would have a fit," but Dusty pled his case and reminded Parker that his sister, Jennifer, had wanted Dusty to raise the boy. He also suggested Craig would never have to know, but in case that did happen, Dusty was willing to take total responsibility. Parker agreed to let Dusty take the boy for a couple of hours, and they agreed to meet back at the diner. Parker and Liberty left for the movie, while Dusty and Johnny ordered ice cream. Liberty said that Craig would kill Parker if he found out Parker had let Johnny go with Dusty, but Parker thought his sister would have approved.

At the police station, Jack walked in and was shocked to see Lucy with Craig. He reminded them there were still charges pending against her, so Craig explained that Lucy wanted bygones to be bygones, but after reflection, he thought his daughter should face the consequences of her actions. He shocked Lucy by announcing that he was turning her in and wanted her arrested. She couldn't believe he had double-crossed her, but for Craig, it was all about payback. Craig told Jack to do what he had to do, and he attempted to leave. Jack stopped him and requested a formal statement, but Craig said he was expected at a business function, but he would stop in the next day and give a statement -- if he had time. Jack suggested that Lucy write a confession, but the girl refused.

At Metro, the buyers told Carly that it looked as if her partner had stood her up, but Carly denied that. She kept the vodka coming, and she kept pace with the men. She began to feel woozy and asked for the Russian translation of "I think I'm going to vomit," before making a dash to the ladies' room.

In the movie theater, Parker and Liberty were kissing in the back row when Janet and Sage walked in and spotted them. Janet particularly noticed that Parker's hand was engaged in unbuttoning her daughter's blouse. She covered Sage's eyes and yelled at the teens. She warned Parked that if he wanted to keep that hand attached to his arm, he had better move it. Liberty protested that they were only watching the show, but her mother accused them of checking out each other's tonsils. Janet wondered why Johnny was not with them, but Sage spoke up that the movie was rated PG-13, and Johnny was too young to see it. Janet realized she had picked a bad movie for Sage, as well. As Parker and Liberty got up to leave, Janet continued to read them the riot act and warned them that if they messed up again, they would be grounded until they turned age 40. She took one look at what was on the screen and hustled Sage out.

Carly returned to the bar to find it empty. She was horrified to see how much vodka she and the buyers had consumed, and was furious that Craig had never arrived. She nodded off on the bar.

Craig went to Al's and saw Johnny eating ice cream with Dusty. He challenged Dusty for being with his son and accused Parker of being involved. Then Craig took it one step further and declared Dusty had brought Lucy back to town so the two of them could run away with Johnny. Dusty was surprised that Lucy was in town and said he had never expected to see her again. Craig told Dusty he had turned his daughter in to the police, so Dusty kissed Johnny goodbye and left.

Craig called Carly, who was still at Metro and very drunk. She told him to go to hell and never come back. She hung up on him and then cursed him before she had to make another run to the rest room.

Parker and Liberty arrived at the diner, but could not find Johnny and Dusty. Parker was worried and said they had to find the boy before Craig did. They left to go back to the Lakeview to see if Johnny was there with Dusty.

Jack told Lucy that she needed to cooperate. He left her unattended for a moment, and Dusty walked in. He asked Lucy why she had returned, so she told him she missed Johnny so much she couldn't stand it. Lucy confided that Dusty might be her only chance to get out of there, so when Jack returned, Dusty told him that Lucy was not guilty of kidnapping. He said that when she took Johnny, the boy was legally in his custody, and he had requested that Lucy take the boy and disappear. Jack did not believe him, because he remembered what a mess Dusty had been when the child disappeared. Lucy backed him up, however, so Jack threw them both out, but told Lucy not to leave town.

Janet took Sage home and found Carly semi-conscious on her couch. She asked if Carly was drunk, and then she realized how bad Carly really was. She ran interference with Sage, who went upstairs to bed. Carly passed out, but Janet revived her by slapping her face several times. Carly claimed she had "gotten the flu," but Janet knew drunk when she saw it.

Carly was still angry at Craig, the no-show, and Janet said she hoped Carly had not puked on anyone. Carly couldn't remember, so Janet attempted to get her to move and led her to the kitchen for some water. Carly got saccharine and called Janet "the salt of the earth" for helping her. Then she delivered two bear hugs that nearly suffocated Janet. After Carly tried to get into the sink, Janet suggested she try the shower upstairs instead. Janet implored Holy Mary to give her guidance.

Craig went to Metro but found it deserted except for the empty vodka bottles. He took Johnny back to the hotel where he arranged for a sitter for the boy for a few minutes. They waited for an elevator, and who should get out but Liberty and Parker. Craig was angry and sent Johnny to get a lollypop while he lambasted Parker for letting Dusty spend time with the boy. Parker answered that Jennifer had wanted Dusty to raise her son, but Craig yelled that the courts had made a ruling about that. He told the teens to get out of his sight.

Lucy thanked Dusty, who was wishing he could see Craig's face when he realized Lucy was free. She asked him why he had lied to the cops for her, and he answered that it was for Johnny's benefit, because the boy missed Lucy desperately. He said he wanted to be able to see Johnny on a regular basis, and he wanted Lucy to make it happen. He threatened to put her behind bars if she didn't help him, so she had to figure it out.

Carly came back downstairs after her shower, and Janet handed her a cup of her special hangover cure. Carly was despondent that the vodka deal was probably going south, and she would be financially doomed. Janet told her things would look better in the morning, so Carly went upstairs just before Jack arrived at the front door. Janet covered for Carly and hustled Jack home. She explained how she had found Liberty and Parker in the theater, but neither of them could figure out why the kids had not been watching Johnny. Janet said she had prayed for so many years to St. Margaret, the patron saint of single mothers, that she felt she could call her "St. Peggy." She also referred to herself as "St. Janet," as she remembered helping Carly earlier. Jack told her she had a great heart.

Craig showed up at Carly's, and she went ballistic. She said she had drunk way too much and had totally screwed up the product launch. Craig explained that Lucy was back, and went into a self-serving description of how she had brought back all the bad memories of when Johnny was missing. Carly was shocked that Craig had turned in his own flesh and blood, but she said she would stick with him on their business deal. Craig promised to "fix everything," and he walked out.

Friday, February 27, 2009

At the Lakeview, Craig told Carly that Lucy was in jail. Carly told Craig that he needed to meet with the vendors for Midnight Sun and answer their questions. Craig said he couldn't do that, because he had to take Johnny in for a follow-up appointment with the doctor. Carly said she would take Johnny so that Craig could meet with the vendors.

Meg was surprised when she ran into Lucy at Memorial Hospital. Lucy told Meg that she was back in Oakdale to stay and that Bob Hughes was considering reinstating her at the hospital. Meg was shocked to hear that, considering that Lucy was a fugitive who was wanted for kidnapping. Lucy said, "Not anymore," and she excused herself and walked away.

When Carly and Johnny arrived at the hospital, Lucy saw them and ran to hug Johnny. Carly was shocked to see Lucy. Carly told Lucy why Johnny was at the hospital. Lucy said she wanted to be there when the doctor saw Johnny, but Carly said she would have to run that by Craig. Lucy took Johnny over to a table to sit and talk, while Carly phoned Craig. Craig told Carly to keep an eye on Lucy and Johnny, and he rushed to the hospital.

When Craig arrived, he asked Carly to take Johnny aside for a minute so he could talk to Lucy alone. Craig asked Lucy why she wasn't in jail, and Lucy told him that Dusty had the charges against her dropped. Craig was surprised, since Lucy had made Dusty's life hell by taking Johnny from him, but Lucy said Dusty wasn't as vindictive as Craig was. Craig told Lucy that if the police wouldn't enforce the law, he would get a restraining order keeping Lucy away from Johnny. Johnny and Carly approached, and Johnny asked his dad if Lucy could come and live with them.

Craig told Johnny that Lucy had probably already made other living arrangements. Craig told Johnny sternly that it was time to go see the doctor, and Johnny became scared. Lucy tried to calm Johnny down, but Craig told her that if she didn't walk away right then, he would make sure she never saw Johnny again. Carly interrupted and took Craig aside. She told him he was scaring Johnny. Craig said he didn't mean to do that, but he was afraid Lucy would try to take Johnny away from him again. Carly reminded Craig how Johnny had reacted whenever Craig and Dusty had fought, and she told Craig that fighting with Lucy was even worse.

Lucy told Johnny that she had to leave, and that he needed to go see the doctor with his daddy, but she promised she would see Johnny later. The doctor then told Craig that he was ready to see Johnny. Craig said he would be right in, and Johnny went into the examining room with the doctor. Carly told Craig that if he truly wanted what was best for Johnny, he would let Lucy see Johnny again, because Johnny had clearly been ecstatic to see his sister.

After the doctor's examination, Craig told Carly that the doctor had said Johnny was doing great. Carly asked if Craig was mad at her, but he said no, because he knew she had just tried to stop him from losing his temper in front of Johnny. Craig said Carly was right, because he didn't want to alienate his own son. Carly said, "Or your daughter." Craig, however, insisted that he cared nothing about reconciling with Lucy, because Lucy had committed the ultimate betrayal.

Carly reminded Craig that Lucy was basically the only mother Johnny had known. Carly suggested that Craig still loved Lucy, since he was still so angry with her. Carly also thought that part of the reason Lucy had returned to Oakdale might have been because she still wanted her father in her life. Craig said it was too late, but Carly asked Craig to think back on how many times he himself had asked someone to give him another chance and to believe that he had changed. She told Craig to find some way to forgive his daughter.

Johnny came out with the doctor. Craig told Johnny that Lucy wasn't there, but he was going to take Johnny to get his favorite lunch. They left, and Lucy saw Carly, alone. Carly told Lucy that Johnny was fine. Carly said she was sorry, but when Craig was angry, he lashed out. Lucy said she was quite familiar with that. Carly told Lucy she thought Craig had changed, and that he wanted to be a good father to Johnny.

Lucy said she wished Craig could see that Johnny wasn't the only one who needed a dad. Lucy said that although it surprised her, she realized she did want for them to be a family again. Carly said she hoped that would happen, but that Lucy would need to earn back her father's trust. Lucy said she would try. Carly told Lucy that Lucy needed to respect the fact that Craig really was devoted to Johnny. Lucy said she could see that, and she said she wouldn't do anything to take away from Johnny's happiness. Carly said, "And I would never do anything to take away from your father's."

Lucy went to the Lakeview to see her father. Craig opened the door to talk to her but wouldn't let her in, telling her that he had just put Johnny down for a nap. Craig wondered why Lucy was there, when he had made it clear he didn't want to see her again. Lucy said she wouldn't be scared off, no matter how much Craig shunned her. She told her father that he would only be hurting Johnny by keeping them apart. Craig said that was basically what Carly had told him, and Lucy said it was clear that Carly cared about Craig.

Meg went to see Dusty at work and was surprised that Dusty was letting Lucy off the hook for kidnapping Johnny. After Dusty said Lucy was part of Johnny's family, Meg realized that Dusty was hoping Lucy would feel indebted to him for having helped her gain her freedom, and in repayment, Lucy would make it easier for Dusty to see Johnny.

Meg left and went to see a movie. A moment later, Dusty walked into the same movie theater and sat down a row or two in front of Meg. Meg began chucking popcorn at Dusty, and he turned around, annoyed, until he saw it was her. Meg asked if Dusty was following her. He assured her he wasn't; he said he had come to the movie for a midday escape from work. Meg moved down to Dusty's row and told him they could share their popcorn.

Dusty told Meg that he and Lucy used to go and watch movies in the middle of the day, as an escape. Meg asked if Dusty was still mad at Lucy for having taken Johnny away from him. Dusty said he had realized it took a lot of energy to stay angry at someone, although he still had his moments of being angry with Lucy. Dusty told Meg that his "great escape" at the movies wasn't working, so Meg told him they should leave. They headed over to the diner, where they spotted Lucy.

Meg left, and Dusty went inside and told Lucy that he'd heard she might be getting her job back at the hospital. Lucy said it was true, and that her dad wasn't happy about it. She said she needed to get Craig to trust her again. Dusty said that wouldn't be easy. Lucy said she knew that, but she thought it could be good for both herself and Dusty if she tried. She took Dusty's hand, and Dusty said he was counting on that.

Craig went to Carly's house and told her about Lucy's visit. He told Carly that Lucy had suggested that Carly had said nice things about him and might even care about him. Carly said Lucy must have misunderstood; Craig said he was glad to hear it, because he'd worried that Carly had possibly fallen and hit her head or something. Craig then told Carly that she had also been right when she said that he should try to forgive Lucy. He said he didn't know if he could forgive Lucy, but he could try. Carly then asked about the vodka vendors, and Craig told her he had handled that situation. Carly said, "You're good!" and Craig responded, "I know."

Jade went to Metro and found Derek. She told him she needed his help regarding Casey's situation. Jade explained Casey's theory about Matt, and told Derek that Casey's suspicions were the reason Jade had tried to buy drugs from Matt. Jade then asked Derek to try to dig up something on Matt, to help Casey.

Alison went to Yo's to see Matt, who was getting the bar ready for the day. Alison told Matt she still thought someone had set Casey up, because she had never seen any sign that Casey either used or sold drugs. Matt told Alison that she was basically agreeing with Casey, who was telling everyone that Matt was dealing drugs and that Matt had set him up. Alison denied believing that, but said something was definitely not right with Casey's situation.

At the police station, Casey's arraignment did not result in him getting out of jail on bail, given his status as a parolee. Casey was still upset that his mother didn't believe his theory about Matt setting him up. Alison arrived to visit Casey, but Casey said he wasn't interested in seeing her. Margo left them alone together anyway, and Alison told Casey she believed him when he said the drugs weren't his. Alison said she knew Casey, so she knew he would never use drugs or sell them to anyone. Casey told Alison that it meant a lot to know she believed he was innocent. Casey asked where that left Matt, since Matt was the one who had planted the drugs on Casey. Alison said Casey couldn't know that for sure.

Derek and Jade arrived at the police station, and Jade told Margo that Derek had information on Matt that might clear Casey. Jade said she wanted to let Casey know about it herself, and Margo told her to go on into the interrogation room. Jade told Casey she had good news for him, but it was private. Alison said she was leaving anyway, and Casey thanked her. After Alison left, Jade told Casey that Derek had found out that Matt had been using drugs in prison.

Alison went back to Yo's to see Matt. Alison said she had let Casey know she believed him when he said the drugs weren't his, but she had also told Casey that she didn't think Matt had planted the drugs on him. Margo walked in and told Matt she had just found out that Matt had used drugs in prison. Matt didn't deny it, but told Margo that what was important was that he wasn't using drugs anymore, and he offered to take a drug test. Matt said he wasn't using, and he wasn't a drug dealer and never had been. Margo said she hoped for his sake that was true, but she wanted Matt to know that she was keeping an eye on him.

After Margo left, Alison asked how Matt could have lied to her about using drugs. Matt said that for a while, he had used drugs to try to make himself feel better while he was in prison. He thought Alison would understand, given her own past involvement with drugs, but Alison said the difference was that she hadn't lied to Matt about her experience. Matt asked how Alison thought he could look her in the eye and kiss her and want to make love to her if he had actually had a part in killing a friend of hers. He said he needed Alison to believe he was innocent, too. Alison said she did, but she pointed out that if Matt wasn't the one behind the drug death and the setup of Casey, someone else was, and she had no idea who that might be.

Back at the station, Casey asked if Margo had arrested Matt. She told him she couldn't, since there was still no way to prove anything against Matt. Casey said that hadn't stopped her from arresting him, and he wondered why she didn't let him go when she'd already given Luke, Noah, and Matt a pass. Margo said she realized Casey was upset, and he sarcastically thanked her for noticing. She left, and Jade told Casey she was sorry she hadn't been able to help him. Casey said Jade had done more than his own mom had done, and he thanked her.


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