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As The World Turns Recaps: The week of March 16, 2009 on ATWT
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Monday, March 16, 2009

Noah found Luke working on his laptop at Java. He was enumerating gay rights issues that he wanted to discuss with Lily for the foundation. He joked with Noah that he was such a loser that he worked with his mother. He chuckled about how angry his involvement in gay rights would make Damian Grimaldi, his birth father. The boys reviewed how badly their time together in Noah's dorm room had gone the night before. Noah's roommate had walked in on them, but Noah told Luke he had the solution to their problem. He suggested that Luke move in with him for the summer. Luke was ecstatic, and the two agreed to live together and see how it went.

Mr. Reese, a man who had an apartment for rent, interrupted the boys. Noah had done some scouting and had found a suitable place for them to live. Reese saw that there were two of them and remarked that the apartment had only one bedroom, but Luke said that was all they needed. Noah showed Luke the paperwork he had already filled out, and they told Mr. Reese they were ready to come up with the appropriate deposit. Reese, however, suddenly said the apartment had already been rented, and he wished the boys better luck next time and walked out. Noah could not believe what had happened.

Paul played with the giant giraffe he had bought for his baby and urged little Eliza to go to sleep. Emily walked in and admired the baby. Paul told her he had the baby for the day because Meg wanted to spend time with Dusty. Paul vowed he would do everything he could to keep Dusty away from Meg. He thought Lucy was the key to that.

Paul wanted Emily to tail Lucy and keep an eye on the girl. He was suspicious that Lucy had sided with Craig against Dusty, in public, and then Emily had caught her breaking into her father's room. Emily turned him down, so Paul suggested she contact Craig and nose around his new vodka business. He said if Lucy was helping Dusty sandbag Craig, he didn't want the fallout to hurt Meg.

Emily thought the designer vodka business was not an exciting enough topic for her scandal sheet, but Paul argued that if Craig was involved, there had to be some shady dealing. Additionally, it looked as if Craig was teaming up with his estranged daughter, and that had to be interesting. Emily finally agreed to dig up any dirt she could find, but she said she knew she would regret it.

Lucy went to Craig's hotel room after her shift at the hospital and found her father in a panic. He had torn the room apart trying to find his file with the international shipping contract for Midnight Sun vodka. He was hoping Lucy could tell him something, since she and Johnny were the only ones who came into his room. Lucy flashed back on her stealing the file from his room, but she denied any knowledge of the contracts. Craig said he thought Lucy might be intrigued by his vodka business and asked if she was trying to involve herself in it.

Lucy reminded him that she was not yet on a full rotation at Memorial, so she did have some extra time. She also said she probably had more time to spare than Carly, who was involved in Parker's troubles. Craig took a call while Lucy removed the missing file from her briefcase and pretended she had just found it under the couch. She asked for a reward of lunch, and Craig agreed.

Meg tidied up the kitchen at the farm and told Dusty she was allowing Paul to watch the baby while they went on their date. Dusty said he was taking Meg to the opening of chef Bruno Ferrari's new restaurant in Chicago that evening, and Meg was thrilled. Dusty left for his office, saying he would pick her up later. She promised to wear the dress he had bought her at Fashions and to look beautiful. They shared a brief kiss, as Holden walked in. Dusty left, and Holden asked Meg if she was completely out of her mind.

Holden questioned Dusty's buying his sister a new dress, plus the piles of baby clothes for Eliza in Emma's front parlor. He assumed there were strings attached to those gifts, but Meg explained that Dusty missed his son and wanted to do something nice for a youngster. Meg was irritated with Holden for his criticism, and she yelled at him for being so down on Dusty because he had slept with Lily. Holden reminded Meg that Dusty had left other casualties in their extended family, namely Rose and Emily. He was concerned for Meg because she had switched so quickly from Paul to Dusty, with hardly a breath in between. He urged his sister to be careful for her baby's sake.

At the Worldwide offices, Dusty ordered two dozen white long stemmed roses for Meg. Lily arrived and overheard the order. She asked who the lucky recipient was, and Dusty told her it was Meg. Lily cautioned him that part of his attraction to Meg might be Eliza. Dusty claimed he and Meg were going into a relationship with their eyes wide open. Dusty received a call from Meg, who cancelled their date. She said she needed more time, and when Dusty relayed that to Lily, Lily suggested that Dusty take the baby out of the equation and concentrate on how he felt about just Meg. She also reminded him that sometimes people were better friends than lovers.

Lucy spoke to someone on the phone and said she had successfully replaced her father's shipping file after making copies of all the documents they would need. She promised she would go right away to the shipping contact and make their arrangements. When Craig arrived, Lucy said she had to return briefly to the hospital to check on a patient, and he promised to wait for her for lunch.

Emily spied Craig sitting alone in the Lakeview lounge. She asked to speak with him and promised a big payoff. She said she had a business proposition for him, but Craig told her to keep her muckraking nose out of his affairs. Emily promised to keep the story clean and legitimate, and then she asked if Lucy might be part of Craig's new business venture. Craig said Lucy was a physician, and she would not be interested in the booze business. Emily asked, off the record, why Craig had forgiven his daughter for kidnapping Johnny. She referred to kidnapping as "the Montgomery family business, the gift that keeps on giving." Craig was not amused.

Emily suggested that Craig did not trust Lucy, just as the girl walked in and confronted her. Emily asked how much vodka Craig would be exporting, but Lucy spoke up and said her father should not divulge his business plan to a gossip reporter. Craig agreed, and issued a terse, "no comment."

Meg went to Fairwinds and saw how comfortably her baby was sleeping in her bassinet. She told Paul her plans had changed, but she cautioned him not to gloat. Paul hoped there was still a possibility for him and Meg, but she discouraged that scenario. Meg said Eliza could spend the rest of the day with her father, and asked him to bring her to the farm by dinnertime.

Lucy met with the shipping agent on the docks and asked if there was room on the ship for other cargo. The agent said he could accommodate any other shipment she wished to load, and it would not show on the bill of lading. Lucy paid him an envelope full of money for the extra deal.

Luke looked up the landlord laws on his laptop and declared that what Mr. Reese had done was illegal. Noah was worried that they could not prove his offense, when their friend, Tyler, overheard and offered the information that Reese was a notorious homophobe with a history of not renting to gays and lesbians. Tyler gave them the card of a real estate broker who was friendlier to gays. Noah wanted to move on, but Luke was determined to do something about Reese.

Lily told Holden that Meg had cancelled her date with Dusty. She said she had told Dusty to do some soul-searching about his feelings for Meg. Holden got upset at that, and Lily got irritated that her affair with Dusty still rankled Holden. She countered by saying her husband's fling with Carly still angered her.

Noah accompanied Luke home and the couple announced their plans to live together. Luke said they had found a place, but they had hit a roadblock. They explained about the homophobic landlord, but said they had no way to prove his actions. Lily suggested that Luke's foundation take on the landlord and others like him as a project, and mentioned her own position with the foundation.

Holden was stunned, because no one had told him that Lily had taken a position with the foundation. Lily apologized for not telling Holden sooner. Luke and Noah offered to begin doing research, and they left. Holden was hurt that he was the last to know that Lily was heading up the foundation. They talked it out and hugged, and both were pleased that Luke seemed to have found a focus in his life and had snapped out of his funk.

Emily went back to Fairwinds and told Paul she agreed with him that Lucy Montgomery was up to something. She was excited about what she suspected, but Paul was juggling some baby toys and seemed uninterested. He finally told Emily to drop the whole thing. He said the future was looking up because Meg had dumped Dusty, and he was looking forward to being part of a family again. Emily said she was convinced there was a story around Craig, and no one was going to keep her from writing it. She dashed out, and Paul went back to fantasizing about his family.

Meg went to Fashions to return the clothes that Dusty had bought for her. Dusty entered right behind Meg and questioned her actions. Meg said she didn't feel right keeping the clothes, and suddenly Dusty grabbed her and kissed her.

Luke was amazed at how many states sill had no laws banning discrimination against gays and lesbians in housing and employment. He suggested he continue doing research while Noah found them an apartment.

Lucy and Craig had lunch, and she told him she cared about him a great deal. She left for work, and Craig muttered that he wished he could believe her.

Lucy called someone and said her father had no clue what was going on. She did mention, however, that Emily Stewart might be a problem, but she promised to find a way to deal with Emily.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

In Dusty's room at the Lakeview, he and Meg, overcome by passion, removed each other's clothing. The sight of the bed, however, brought Meg up short, and she said that perhaps her hesitation was a sign. She admitted that she had feelings for Dusty, and he said the same to her. They began kissing again and progressed to the bed. They made love, and afterwards, they both expressed how much they cared about the other. Meg was famished, so Dusty ordered room service.

Craig and Carly held a business meeting for Midnight Sun vodka at her house, but Carly was distracted and was barely paying attention to Craig's comments. She apologized for being so preoccupied with Parker's problems, and she could not believe that her son had actually initiated an injunction against his parents. She blamed herself for being a lousy mother.

Parker packed a bag in his room and then phoned Liberty, calling her "the soon-to-be Mrs. Snyder." They arranged to meet in Old Town, and then Liberty had to hang up fast, because Jack and Janet came downstairs at the farm.` Liberty lied to Janet and said she was going to look at a college campus that day with Brad, and her mother got very excited that Liberty was getting to do something Janet had never done - go to college. Janet wanted to go with her daughter, but Liberty did some fast-talking and convinced her mother that the trip had been her father's idea, and he should be allowed to run with it. The girl said Brad was picking her up, so she chose to wait for him in the driveway, and out she went.

At Carly's, Parker ignored his mother when she greeted him, so Craig spoke up and told the boy to answer. Parker said he was going out, but he refused to say where. Carly forbade him to go if he did not disclose where he would be, so Parker finally said he was going to play in the hockey championship finals. Carly was surprised, but delighted that the team had made the finals, and she offered to go with him. Parker turned her down, however, and he thought he had pulled off a coup until Craig commented that it was unusual for Parker to be taking his laptop to a hockey game.

Carly said Parker could absolutely not take his computer to a sports event, so Parker gave in on that as two of his friends showed up at the door. They said they were all going to the hockey game, and Carly bought it and wished the boys good luck. After the boys left, Craig said that Parker would not be playing hockey because there was no game.

Carly wanted to know what part of Parker's story Craig wasn't buying, so he replied that he didn't believe much of it. Carly felt her son would not lie to her anymore because he had gotten in so much trouble the last time she and Jack had caught him. Craig picked up Parker's computer and began searching it. Carly was incensed that Craig was violating the boy's privacy, but Craig explained it was the only way they could find out what Parker was really up to.

At Fairwinds, Paul cooed to Eliza and celebrated that Dusty was out of the picture as far as Meg was concerned. He packed up the baby and set out to return her to her mother at the Snyder farm. When he arrived, he was also carrying a beautiful bouquet of flowers for his ex-wife, and he was surprised that she was not home yet. Jack said his cousin would be home in a minute, and Paul chose to wait.

The baby was hungry, so Janet heated a bottle, and Jack tried to persuade Paul to leave before Meg returned. Paul considered that, and he finally decided it was wise to leave before she came home. He walked out the door, but as the farm phone rang, he lingered to listen. The caller was Meg, and she talked to Janet. Paul overheard Janet tell Jack that Meg was having an "afternoon delight with her old pal, Dusty." Paul was enraged, and he stormed out.

Parker and Liberty met in Old Town. Janet sent her daughter a text message saying how proud she was of her for going to college. That made Liberty feel even guiltier, but Parker argued that Liberty's mother would be equally proud of her as a woman married to a man with a healthy trust fund. The two left to find Parker's two friends who were giving them a ride to the bus station.

Back at Carly's, she said she did not know Parker's password, so Craig made some educated guesses. He tried "Liberty," but that did not work, so next he typed some tennis greats, but that also was fruitless. Finally Carly blurted out, "Munson!" but stated that was all the information she was giving Craig. That attempt opened the files, and Craig began checking the boy's browser. The second item on the browser was, "How to obtain a marriage license." Carly was stunned, and then she figured out that Parker had overheard the conversation she and Jack had shared with Tom while they were discussing emancipated minors.

Carly wanted to call Jack and Janet immediately, but Craig told her to back off. He felt Liberty was a sensible girl, and she just might turn Parker down, and that might bring him to his senses. Craig went back to the computer and found a list of justices of the peace just over the state line. The first one was a Joseph Whittaker, so they copied the information and dashed to Craig's car.

At the office of Judge Whittaker, the judge asked Parker and Liberty their ages and other pertinent questions, including if Liberty was pregnant. She was horrified, and Parker implored the judge to marry them immediately or his parents would ruin his life. He explained that he had a trust fund worth "a ton of money," and he needed to be married in order to be emancipated and have control of his own money. He claimed his mother, the trustee, had a bad attitude and wanted to waste the money on his education.

Craig and Carly arrived at the justice of the peace's office and barged right in. Parker was telling the judge that if he married them right away, it would solve all their problems. Carly yelled, "The hell it will!" Parker figured out immediately that Craig and Carly had broken into his computer and therefore had been able to track him. Carly and Parker engaged in a shouting match until the judge jumped in.

Carly shut him out, so in desperation, Parker began reciting a litany of Carly's "motherly" offenses: abandonment of three children, and running with a known jewel thief, among them. The judge asked Carly if those accusations were true, and she tried to defend herself, but Parker wasn't finished. He introduced Craig as his mother's partner in the booze business, and mentioned that Craig had a criminal record, as well. Carly grabbed at Parker to pull him out of the room, but the judge told her if she touched the boy, he would call the police.

Jack was having a soft moment watching Janet enjoy baby Eliza. He asked his wife if she had any thoughts about having a baby with him, and Janet reminded him that they had agreed that they had a full plate with two headstrong teens to deal with.

Back at the judge's, His Honor said he would not tolerate any abusive parenting in his chambers. Carly denied that she was abusive, but the judge commented that she had not bothered to deny any of Parker's claims. Parker fanned the flames by bringing up how Carly had worked in a strip club and also had fooled everyone into believing she was dying of a brain tumor. Craig walked out, and Carly cried that she did not want Parker to mess up his life the way she had ruined hers.

Jack got a call from Craig, who said he had "bad news" about Liberty and Parker. He told Jack that the kids were in big trouble, and he dictated the address where Jack and Janet should go immediately. Fortunately, Emma was home and could watch baby Eliza, so Jack and Janet took off.

Meg and Dusty were eating Chinese food in bed when Paul crashed in the door. Meg challenged her ex-husband, who claimed she was punishing him. He also bad-mouthed Dusty and called Meg a whore for wearing only Dusty's shirt. Meg ordered Paul out, but Paul complained that she had fallen right into Dusty's trap. His parting remark was that Meg had finally broken his heart.

Carly told Parker and Liberty that no judge in his right mind would marry them, but Judge Whittaker told her not to be so sure. He lectured her and said he had seen nothing that made him believe that the kids would be better off with her than without her. He further commented that if the only way Parker could become emancipated was to get married, then he would help. Carly called Craig back in and told him the judge was going to marry the teens. Craig protested, but the judge said Craig had no say in the matter because he was not related to the kids.

The judge began the ceremony, but Parker turned and asked Carly why she was still there. That broke Carly's heart, as the judge continued with the wedding. Liberty used a ring she already had, as Craig heard Jack and Janet's arrival in the waiting room.

All three ran into the judge's chambers in time to see Parker kiss his bride. Jack threatened to have Judge Whittaker disbarred, but the judge said Jack would not be successful, and verified that the marriage was legal. They all left and returned to Carly's, where the kids tried to go up to Parker's room. Jack and Janet both stopped them, saying the marriage was a bad joke. Parker said he no longer had to listen to any of them, and he demanded to be treated like an adult.

That was all Jack could stand, so he bolted for the stairs and ran up to Parker's room. He packed the boy's possessions into several bags and ordered Parker out of Carly's house. Jack carried the bags to the front door and pushed them and Parker outside. Parker came back and grabbed Liberty's hand and dragged her along. Carly screamed in anguish for Jack to stop, but Jack yelled that from that moment on, Parker and Liberty were on their own.

Paul returned to Fairwinds and began to drink whiskey. He hurled a photo of Meg and the baby across the room, and then he called Emily. He ordered her to destroy Meg and Dusty, no matter what it took.

Dusty and Meg went back to the farm, where Dusty found Paul's flowers. Dusty denied all of the accusations that Paul had hurled at him in the hotel, and he and Meg shared a tender kiss.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Carly screamed at Parker as Jack threw the newlyweds out of the house. Janet was also upset, but Jack stuck to his theory that the teens wanted to be treated like adults, so the adults should let them act accordingly. Carly said she was going to find the kids, but Jack forbade her to go after them. He also accused her of being a witness to the marriage instead of doing what she could to stop it.

Carly explained that the judge threatened to call the cops and have them arrest her if she so much as touched Parker. Craig verified the story. Carly further said that the whole reason for the wedding was that Parker wanted to be emancipated so he didn't have to go away to boarding school. She blamed Jack for that.

Carly and Jack argued until Janet intervened. She was furious that Jack was making life decisions for her daughter by himself, so she stormed out, vowing to find Liberty. Craig offered to help any way he could, but Jack told him to get lost. Craig left without comment. Carly broke out a bottle of wine and wished she knew where her boy was going to sleep.

Jack stood firm about not letting Parker return home. He refused to let Parker think he had outsmarted his parents. He cautioned Carly not to cave in if Parker showed up. He was sick of Parker's lies and manipulations. Carly interpreted that latest outburst as meaning Parker would eventually end up just as devious as she was. Jack proclaimed it was time to draw the line, but Carly told him that instead, he was building a wall. She got incensed and promised never to forgive him if something bad happened to Parker.

Parker and Liberty dragged their luggage to Old Town and sat on a bench. Liberty asked her new husband if he had really meant what he had told the judge about his being fearful that Carly would help herself to his trust fund. Parker admitted that he had said what was necessary for the two of them to get married. Craig found the teens and asked if they had any money. Parker said they had $30, so Craig told them to grab their bags and follow him. He was getting them a room at the Lakeview as a wedding present, probably the only one they would receive.

Brad was cuddling with Katie, but all she could think about was whether Vienna was pregnant with their baby yet. Vienna and Henry rang the doorbell, and Vienna was deliriously happy as she announced she was with child. She waved four positive pregnancy tests in front of Katie's face for proof. They celebrated with champagne for all of them except Vienna, and the women marveled that the procedure had worked on the first attempt. Brad gave all the credit to his "boys," but Henry was less enthusiastic. He appeared to be tired of the whole subject of babies. Brad toasted Henry and Vienna, and Vienna also raised her glass to little Sven or little Inga. Henry and Vienna left, and Brad reassured Katie, who was feeling left out of the process.

Brad suggested the two of them go away together, but Katie nixed that idea. His second choice was a luxury suite for the weekend at the Lakeview, and that was much more to Katie's liking. Janet rang the doorbell, and came in, frantically looking for Liberty. She broke the news to Katie and Brad that Liberty had married Parker. Brad flipped out and accused Janet of letting it happen. He wanted to know why Parker was not away at boarding school, so Janet explained how the boy had flatly refused to go.

Brad put on his coat in preparation for searching for his new son-in-law, but Janet calmed him down. She suggested he just be Liberty's dad, and said she was disappointed in the way she had handled the news, as well. She left to look for her daughter, and Brad thought about it for a while and came up with a solution. He suggested Parker stay at their house, with Liberty, but Brad would tape the boy's buns to the couch every night. Katie offered to help.

Henry was feeling amorous and made his "signature move" on Vienna, who told him to get off the bed, "because of Sven." Henry made a caustic remark about "Sven the zygote," which did not sit well with Vienna. She said Henry had to put the baby's needs first, but Henry was more concerned about his own needs. He reminded Vienna that she had promised there would be no changes between them if he agreed to the surrogacy, but, he argued, not making love was a non-welcome change.

Henry moved to an easy chair and began reading The Man from Oakdale. Vienna wanted to talk, so Henry, who was still upset, told her it was a well documented fact that pregnant women enjoyed sex all the time. Vienna said she was sorry, and she made him relax and close his eyes while she began a role-playing game. Soon Henry became more enthusiastic as the game focused on alternate sources of pleasure.

Jack was still espousing tough love when Carly answered her phone. The caller was Craig, who informed her that he had run into the kids in Old Town and had gotten them a room at the Lakeview. Carly chose not to share the news with Jack, however, and instead asked Jack to leave. Jack waxed melancholy and told Carly he would always love her, but she was not impressed.

Liberty and Parker settled in for the night at the Lakeview. They were hungry, but they could not afford room service or even the lounge, and they did not want to risk going to Al's and possibly running into family. Parker checked out the mini-bar and brought Liberty a box of chocolates, which they split. They went to bed, and Liberty asked to postpone the usual wedding night activities because she was exhausted. Parker agreed, and they both admired the expensive bed.

Carly called Janet to tell her that their children were safe at the Lakeview, at least for one night. Janet could not believe that Carly had not shared the information with Jack. She asked if Carly was asking Janet not to tell her husband where the kids were, but Carly suggested Janet use her own judgment.

Jack went back to the farm, and Janet said she could not believe what had happened. Jack reiterated that he was sick of lies and manipulation by the kids, but Janet screamed at him that Parker and Liberty were just kids-their kids-who had made a bad mistake.

Janet reminded Jack that she loved Liberty more than herself and him, and she could not believe that he had broken her heart so badly. Jack went outside to think, and he said aloud that he wished Hal Munson were there to give him some advice. He went inside and found Janet bringing down pillows and blankets for him. He was obviously not welcome in her bed.

Carly drank all the wine and hurled the bottle against a cabinet. It shattered, and Carly was overcome with tears and sank down on her knees. Craig appeared and found her on the kitchen floor. Carly blamed him for not allowing her to call Jack when they first learned the kids were determined to get married.

She cried for a while and then asked Craig why he was still there. He said he was picking up shards of the wine bottle, and he invited her to go to the hotel to see the kids, but she declined. She said she did appreciate his getting the teens settled for the night, however, and Craig left.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA's "March Madness" basketball tournament, today's entire CBS Daytime lineup was preempted. This scheduling change was anticipated by the network and there will be no "lost" episodes of your favorite shows.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, March 23.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the NCAA's "March Madness" basketball tournament, today's entire CBS Daytime lineup was preempted. This scheduling change was anticipated by the network and there will be no "lost" episodes of your favorite shows.

Regular programming will resume on Monday, March 23.


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