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Babe told JR that she wanted to marry him. Jack surprised Erica with a new house. Little Adam went missing, but he was later found. Bianca told Zach the truth about Kendall. Di visited Dixie in Europe.
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All My Children Recaps: The week of December 19, 2005 on AMC
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Monday, December 19, 2005

At the still-raging party at the Chandler manse, Palmer and Adam nearly came to blows before entertainment of another sort was proferred: the video of a soused Adam tying the knot with Krystal back in Crow Hollow. Adam tried to convince the Chandler board that Palmer and Krystal were just trying to make him look incompetent in an effort to get him unseated as CEO. "I am not insane!" bellowed Adam. Krystal sent the merry-makers home. Krystal was thrown when Adam then grabbed her and kissed her passionately.

Babe warned JR that she had a shot at using the proper legal channels to regain custody of her son but told him she loved him too much to keep Little Adam away from him. Over in the nursery, a mysterious someone dressed as Santa (as Jonathan and Amanda had been previously) sneaked in to visit Little Adam... Babe questioned JR when she saw an engagement ring he'd picked out, laying on thick her jealousy at the notion of him with another woman. Babe admitted her desire to marry JR herself before heading into the nursery. JR followed her, and they were concerned when they realized that someone had given candy to the baby; JR pointed out that one of Krysal's guests was probably culpable. "Santa" observed them as they put Little Adam back down to sleep. After JR and Babe left the room, "Santa" approached the baby... Back in his room, JR confessed that while he doesn't trust Babe, he doesn't hate her, either. "Are you saying there's still hope for us?" she asked. "Santa", meanwhile, lured away the baby with a candy cane.

Jamie stopped by Tad's office seeking advice about Amanda, who he feared had inherited Janet's mental instability. Tad doubted that Amanda could pull off all the elaborate stunts that Kendall, David et al had fallen prey to. Jamie denied to Tad that he's still in love with Babe but acknowledged that he doesn't want her to get hurt. Tad advised Jamie to play Amanda in order to get to the truth.

Aidan's search for Jonathan took him to the Pine Cone, where Erin was forced to admit that she didn't know where her brother was. Lily showed up at the Lavery's motel room and baffled Erin and Aidan with this announcement: "Jonathan did it!" What she meant, as it turned out, was that Jonathan had kept his promise not to put any red items on his Christmas tree. Lily, Aidan and Erin then got a toy train up and running before Lily left.

Erica sent Josh out of her office to she could talk privately with Greg, who told Erica that he fell madly in love with her the moment he laid eyes on her. "You can't confuse a crush with love," she responded, but Greg insisted that he was indeed in love with Erica. Josh listened in via a bug he'd placed in Erica's office as Greg said that if Erica wasn't married to Jack, Greg would make a move on her. Erica stormed out; Josh entered and asked Greg if what he'd just told La Kane was true. Greg berated Josh for spying on him, told his son that he'd told Erica the truth, then warned him never to betray him again.... Erica called Tad to fill him in about her chat with Greg. Erica commanded Tad to keep digging into Greg's past, as intuition told her something wasn't adding up.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Krystal and Adam were being affectionate with each other and Adam started kissing her shoulders. Krystal asked Adam why he hated her one day, but loved her the next. He told Krystal that he never said he loved her. He then told her that it would better just to crush her.

At the Chandler mansion, Babe reminded J.R. of when they first met and how crazy in love they were. He left and said that he couldn't do this. Krystal came in to Babe's room and told her that she didn't believe anything Adam said for one second, but the man sure knew how to pucker up. They went to Little Adam's room and he wasn't in his crib. Adam, Babe, Krystal, J.R. and Winifred frantically looked for Little A, but still could not find him. J.R. realized that the door to the nursery was open. Adam called Derek

Jack took Erica to their new home that he bought for them. Erica told Jack that he was the one standing in the way of being a family. If he couldn't accept Kendall and the situation, then they couldn't move into this new home and be a family. He held out his hand and gave Erica the key to the new house. Jack brought a perfect picnic for them to eat and told Erica that over the years he had paid attention to what made he r eyes sparkle.

Kendall told Bianca that she was not cut out to be a mother. Kendall said she had made no decision about the baby but had to decide very soon. Kendall told Bianca that this was not a typical unwanted pregnancy. She said that she made a child for a family that no longer existed. Kendall gave Bianca the blow by blow on Thanksgiving Day festivities thanks to Greenlee. Bianca said to heck with Greenlee. Kendall said that after the Thanksgiving dinner she felt hurt and disgusted with everyone, but now maybe they saw something cold in her that was true. She said that she felt nothing for this baby and Bianca said it was because she never expected this baby to be hers. Bianca told Kendall that she was the one who helped her decide to have Miranda and if she decided to have this baby she too would connect with her son. Kendall asked Bianca what if she has this baby and she still feels nothing. Bianca suggested adoption but Kendall said she didn't want to give the baby for adoption. She said she knew how it felt to be in a family and not belong. Bianca said it was time to de-stress and she suggested they pop some popcorn and watch a chick flick.

Ryan was unhappy that Aidan was at the Pine Cone waiting for Jonathan's return. Aidan said that he had every right to protect the people that Jonathan had hurt. Erin told Aidan that the only way for Jonathan to have a peaceful life was for people to see him and talk to him. Aidan tried to leave to find Jonathan, but Ryan wouldn't let him out the door. Aidan and Ryan then began fighting (with fists) and knocked over the Christmas tree Jonathan had decorated. Jonathan came in just in time to see them crash into the tree. Jonathan wanted to know what he did wrong and they told him nothing. Jonathan asked Aidan if he was mad and Aidan said that he wasn't mad, he was just curious where he had been all afternoon. Ryan told Jonathan that he didn't have to answer and told Aidan to leave. Aidan complied. While Jonathan played with the train set, Ryan told Erin that they were leaving Pine Valley. She told Ryan that she was good to go, but what about Kendall and the baby. He told her that he reached out to Kendall and she shut him down. He said he would tell Kendall where he was, but they were leaving Pine Valley. Ryan told Jonathan to pack his things because they were leaving Pine Valley Babe and J.R. then busted into the room and accosted Jonathan, demanding to know what he had done with their son.

Sam went to see Lily and she told him that number one, she was not stupid, number two, she would not have sex with him and number three, she still believed that Jonathan had changed. Sam apologized and Lily said that she accepted his apology but she did not want to be his girlfriend or friend anymore. Reggie came in and she asked Reggie to be a big brother and make Sam leave. Reggie told Sam to leave and he told Lily that he was going to California for Christmas, but he would email her and they could work things out when he returned.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Erica went to visit Kendall only to have a great holiday surprise ... Bianca and Miranda were present having just recently flew in from France for a visit over the holidays. The Kane women had a nice catch-up session but mostly Erica did what she does best, meddle. Erica questioned Kendall about whether she was divorced from Zach or not yet and wanted to know how it went on her trip to get her divorce. Kendall filled in mother dearest about the unexpected visit from Ryan only to find out that Erica already knew that Ryan had shown up and assisted in the match-making meeting between Kendall and Ryan for the sake of Kendall's unborn child. Kendall left the room to "check on Miranda" as Erica then questioned Bianca about further information into Kendall's activities. Erica left in the hopes that Bianca could find out more from Kendall in her absence. Erica only went across the courtyard, however, straight to Zach's front door to confront him and question him as to whether he actually filed the papers for the divorce. Zach zinged one to Erica accusing her of "missing her annual divorce" as the reason for her meddling into his. Bianca urged Kendall to tell Zach that she loved him as she had nothing to lose. Later, Zach showed up at Kendall's door as Bianca looked on with a knowing smile.

The Chandler Mansion was full of excitement since they found out that Little Adam was missing. Each had their own assumptions of Little Adam's fate. Adam blamed Krystal believing it may have been somebody from her "traveling truck stop show" that had appeared earlier for her Christmas party. Later, Adam ran into a crying Krystal who was searching in the nearby park for Little Adam and apologized to her for the mean things he had said to her earlier. He then comforted her in a very touching scene. They then resumed the search for their grandson together. On the flipside, JR (with Babe in tow) zoomed straight over to the Lavery residence to assault and accuse Jonathan, who was dressed in a Santa suit, of kidnapping Little Adam citing the earlier incident in the mall earlier that day when he had brought Little Adam into the mall to have a picture with Santa, only to find out it was Jonathan dressed up as Santa. After much arguing and threats from JR, Ryan stepped in and urged JR to leave Jonathan alone and offered his assistance to help find Little Adam explaining that there were a lot of other people that had the ability and the motive to kidnap Little Adam. JR, still suspecting Jonathan was behind his son's disappearance, left with Ryan to search for Little Adam. During the search together, JR reflected on what it was like to feel for a missing child and his love for his child to Ryan, insinuating to Ryan that he should step-up-to-the-plate and help Kendall care for his own son who Kendall is carrying.

Babe left the Lavery's separately in her own vehicle to hunt down Amanda and find out where she had been at the time her son disappeared. Jonathan (wanting to help find Little Adam also) accompanied his sister, Erin, and Aidan (whom Erin called to come and help) to help try to find the missing child. After driving around searching for the little boy to no avail, Jonathan suggested that they go to a church he knew of and pray for help to find Little Adam wherein they showed a clip of Little Adam sitting alone in front of a church in an outdoor nativity scene beside the baby Jesus mumbling over-and-over "I should have said no."

Amanda, dressed in her now soiled Santa outfit, showed up at New Beginnings after a 4-hour absence only to be scolded by Josh for missing almost the entire day at work when in fact he had sent her on a simple contract delivery mission. She then presented him with a gift and said that she had been out gift shopping. After some prodding from Josh, Amanda admitted to him that she had another blackout and begged him not to fire her. Babe showed up and accused Amanda of taking her child. Amanda denied any contact or wrongdoing with Little Adam. After much mudslinging banter between Amanda and Babe, Jamie appeared and warned Babe to leave Amanda alone.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Zach and Bianca happily greet each other, and he tells her that she has perfect timing, coming back to Pine Valley for the holidays. She agrees, only saying that he was the one with perfect timing. She then notes that she thought Kendall had something she wanted to say to Zach. Before she can get caught in the middle, Bianca retrieves her daughter and whisks her away to visit more Pine Valley residents. When Zach and Kendall are alone, he notes that she doesn't look as thrilled as she should with Bianca back home. Kendall admits that she is a mess, and that she never realizes how much she needs her sister until she comes back. Zach asks if what she needs help with is what Bianca alluded to, and Kendall confirms as much. She then tells him how she always assumes that the worst will happen in her life, and that she doesn't fully relax until things go wrong. However, she thinks she unwittingly let her guard down, and when everything blew up with Ryan and Greenlee, she got hit pretty hard. Zach tells her that things don't have to be as hard as she is making them out to be, and Kendall notes that Bianca said the same thing. Zach then offers to make things easier for her. She tries to tell him how he can make things easier, but he jumps the gun and hands her an envelope. She is confused at first, but he quickly tells her that their divorce is final and all the things he said about his feelings for her end because of it. He tells her that he took her at her word, and Kendall is stunned into silence. She tries to recover by saying that she was worried about the feelings he had for her – but no longer. She notes that while they served a purpose, whatever that was, it's obvious that they are better off alone. She thanks him, and Zach stoically accepts her words. He leaves, and she starts to break down in tears. After a moment, she forces herself to stop and she gathers her things so that she can leave. She does that, and fails to see Zach observing her departure from the shadows.

Kendall tearfully drives as a new snow falls on Pine Valley. Alarm suddenly floods her way as she tries to tell something in the road to move out of the way. At the last minute, she realizes that won't happen and she swerves to try to avoid a collision. She lands in a ditch, and although shaken, she is otherwise fine. She tries to back the vehicle on to the road but her wheels just spin. She then gets out of her car and yells futilely into the night at whatever caused her to be there. She starts to walk back to the driver's door when I bright light shines down on her. She makes a quip about not wanting to walk into The Light, but she does so anyway.

Babe tearfully tells Jamie that she believes Amanda stole her son. Jamie questions Amanda about it, and is rewarded with a denial of any knowledge of the kidnapping. JR arrives, saying that he wants to hear Amanda say it again, and that she'd better hope that he believes her. Jamie tries to get JR to back off, taking him aside and saying that the only chance of Amanda confessing is if Jamie does the talking. Babe is appalled that Jamie would try to protect someone who would have drugged him to get a ring on her finger. She then turns back to Amanda and promises to do anything she wants as long as she returns their son. Amanda sticks to her story, saying that she had no part in it. Babe continues to plead as Bianca walks out of the elevator with Miranda and overhears the conversation. After an uncertain greeting, out of habit, they sum up all that has been happening. JR says, while pointedly looking at Amanda, that they are searching for answers, wherever they may be. At that moment, Jamie excuses both himself and Amanda to try to find out more information. Babe initially protests, thinking that Amanda is the only link. JR convinces her to let them go. Bianca then asks if there is anything that she can do to help. Babe begs her to stop being so nice because after all she did, she doesn't deserve kindness from Bianca. Bianca, true to form, pronounces that what is done is in the past, and that she would never wish any harm on Little Adam. That said, she again offers her assistance. Babe tries to make small talk, but Bianca reminds her that she was in her position once and she knows what Babe is going through. Babe does the same, saying that she caused Bianca's pain, and she feels guilty turning to her now. Bianca dismisses her guilt, and continues to reassure them.

Off in another room, Jamie demands that Amanda come clean. Upset, she continues to say that she had nothing to do with the disappearance of the youngest Chandler. She admits that right now, he is her only friend and the only one that believes her. That comes into question when he tells her that she can confess and let him know where the baby is – and he won't tell anyone where he heard the news. Amanda refuses to believe that she had become the kind of person that could take an innocent baby from its parents. She still sounds unsure, and Jamie asks why she can't definitively say and prove that she was not involved. She is forced to admit that she had another blackout, and things start to make more sense. Jamie then asks where she was when she came out of it, and she tells him Eagle Heights Park.

Krystal tearfully looks for her grandson and then collapses to her knees. Adam approaches her and tries to help her up, but she demands that he get away from her. Adam swears that he wants to help her, but Krystal believes that any concern he shows is fake. Adam tries to convince her of his sincerity, but she reminds Adam of the words he spoke not long ago: that if something happened to Little Adam while he is missing, the fault will land squarely on the shoulders of the Carey women. Adam flinches at hearing his words thrown back at him, and has nothing to say in his defense. Flames of anger flashing in her eyes, Krystal also informs him that she knows exactly how he operates: he keeps a list of names of the people that have done him wrong so that when it is most opportune, he can whip it out and use it to his advantage. Adam breaks in and tells her that he wants the same thing as everything else – to have Little Adam home. Krystal counters by saying that what she wants is for her grandson to be safe and healthy, and as far away from him as possible. She notes that she doesn't want her grandson to grow up with models like his father and grandfather – thinking that pain and revenge is the only way to live. Fed up, she stalks away from him, leaving him to reconsider the heavy load dropped at his feet.

Ryan also continues the search on the grounds, and runs into Tad. Ryan assumes that Tad wants to talk to him about the possibility that Jonathan is responsible, but after a few exchanges, Tad reminds him that they used to make a pretty good team. He offers to work with Ryan so as to be more effective, and Ryan agrees. When they pause in their search, Tad does indeed start talking about Jonathan's guilt or innocence. Ryan is ready to bag the team effort if Tad continues with his line of questioning. Tad then notes that the road of redemption for Ryan is based on what happens with his brother. Ryan tries to run away and start the search again, but Tad follows him and reminds him that he knows what it's like to have a bastard for a father. Upon hearing that, Ryan lets his defenses down a little, acknowledging that there might be one other person in the world (outside of the Lavery family) who understands. Tad then asks about the baby that Kendall is carrying. Ryan says that Kendall has the final decision about that, but Tad can't let it go. He asks Ryan if he stays up at night worrying that he will turn into his father if Kendall has the baby and it does one thing "wrong." Ryan doesn't admit it, but he asks if Tad has had similar thoughts. Tad tells him that while Joe was the best dad you could ask for, Ray Gardner's blood flows in his veins, and it haunts him. However, Tad goes on to say, the father you had won't determine the father you will be. Ryan tries to take it all in, but it seems to be a bit too much to process. Instead, he says that he is going to check the highways, and any gas stations and mini-marts. Tad says he will walk the grounds and make his way back to the house.

A short time later, Krystal is alone again, trying to bribe Little Adam with promises of chicken noodle soup. She drops to her knees once again, asking God if it really is her fault that her grandson is missing. Tad finds her like that, and without words, he pulls her into a comforting embrace.

Aidan starts to drive past the church where Jonathan wants to go, in an attempt to ask God for help in finding Little Adam. After the protesting continues in the back seat for a few moments, Aidan finally pulls the car over to end the racket. He turns to ask Jonathan to explain exactly what he wants, and why. At that moment, Little Adam sits amid the nativity scene in front of the church. In the car, Jonathan explains exactly what happened at the mall and why both he and JR were so upset. He also explained how rough things were with his father growing up, and how his experiences made him wish that JR hadn't taken away the wishes of all the children there – the chance to sit on Santa's lap. Aidan takes it all in, and then asks Jonathan if he went to The Chandlers and took Little Adam. Jonathan becomes increasingly agitated, upset that Aidan still believes he is guilty. Erin interrupts, equally agitated, and says that she wants to speak to her brother outside of the car. Aidan reminds her that she can't protect her brother by keeping the truth a secret.

Once outside, Erin asks Jonathan if he is responsible for Little Adam's disappearance. Jonathan, who had been talking about what he would do if he were Santa, stops talking and asks Erin if she thinks he is guilty as well. She tells him that if he took Little Adam, she will understand, because he did it for all of the right reasons. Jonathan, slightly mortified that his sister doubts him, repeats that the only way they can find the baby is by going to the church and praying for him. He walks off, and Aidan takes that as a signal that he can get out of the car. He tells Erin that they should follow Jonathan, as he might lead them to some more clues.

Jonathan appears at the Eagle Heights Church, and sees Little Adam. He kneels by him in awe until Erin and Aidan show up behind him. He tells them that God must have heard his prayer and led him to the baby. Aidan picks Little Adam up and gives him a cursory once-over. He tells the siblings that they should get the baby to the ER, and hands him over to Erin while he calls in reinforcements. Jonathan blissfully announces that he knew coming to church was the answer, but Erin questions why Jonathan knew to come to this particular church. Jonathan tells her that he didn't, but that God led him here. He also tells her that when he was younger, he used to pray to Santa. Now that he is older and wiser, he knows where the real power lies.

Back at New Beginnings, the young parents are still fretting but moments later, JR's cell phone rings. Aidan is on the other end, telling him that their son is found and to meet them at PVH. Without much ado, JR and Babe rush off to be reunited with their son. When the elevator doors close, Josh appears on the scene and asks if he can be of assistance. Bianca quickly introduces herself, and Josh does likewise, animatedly informing her that as the light of Erica's life, he feels like he knows her already. They make some small talk, in which Bianca tells him that Little Adam had been found. She then starts to make her exit, noting that she still had a few more stops to make before they can call it a night. She asks if she'd see him again, and he tells her that he's always about two steps behind Erica. They say their final farewells and the elevator door closes between them.

On the grounds, Tad and Krystal only hug for a moment before Adam finds them and tells them the good news. Across town at New Beginnings, Jamie also delivers the news to Amanda. It's not as well received, because the church is near the park where Amanda remembers coming out of her blackout. Scared, she starts to assimilate the theory that maybe she was to blame. Jamie convinces her that she is innocent, and that he will support her through any further accusations. She thanks him profusely and, as they hug, Josh spies them from around the corner.

JR and Babe arrive at the hospital, and after hearing from Joe that their son is perfectly healthy, they heave a collective sigh of relief. JR then notices the snow suit and Aidan tells him that Little Adam was wearing it when they found him. JR angrily notes that it doesn't belong to his son – which means someone purposefully purchased it and took their son. Angered, Aidan looks out into the hall, immediately suspecting Jonathan. Krystal and Adam arrive moments later, joining the party. While they rejoice for a few moments, Jonathan stands with his sister and Aidan off to the side, glad that all is right again. He asks if they can go home, but both Erin and Aidan tell him it isn't time yet. Then, JR asks Little Adam who he left the house with, and his son tells him Santa Claus. At that moment, all eyes turn to Jonathan. Before he can go anywhere, Derek materializes and places Jonathan under arrest for kidnapping.

Ryan shows up at Kendall's abandoned car and frantically starts to look for her. At that same moment, Bianca returns to Kendall's condo. She calls out to her sister but when she gets no answer, she assumes that Kendall and Zach are otherwise occupied. She is surprised when she hears a door slam shut behind her, and she turns to see Zach emerge from his condo. She tries to find out what happened after she left, expecting only good news. He tells her that they talked, he delivered the final divorce papers and Kendall left. Shocked at the horrible turn of events, Bianca is practically speechless. Not understanding what Kendall actually said, she goes on a mini-rant, telling him that she made it clear to Kendall that she had nothing to fear by trusting in Zach's love. She goes on to say that he was stupid to respond to her by giving her divorce papers.

Kendall arrives at a church and meets up with Father Clarence once again. Once they ascertain that they both came out of the accident unscathed, Kendall recalls meeting the Father last year at a church in town. She asks why he is now at a church in the middle of nowhere, and he simply tells her that he goes where he is needed. He then mysteriously says, ‘He's here' – and Kendall thinks he is referring to God. Moments later, Ryan rushes in. The Father greets him warmly as Kendall tries not to freak out at the odd coincidence.

At a miniature Nativity scene, a pair of gloved hands takes out the baby that matches the set and replaces it with a small baby dressed in a blue snowsuit.

Friday, December 23, 2005

JR and Babe return home with little Adam. Everyone is present to welcome him home and begin celebrating Christmas. When they begin to open presents, Babe finds one for JR from Di. JR takes the present and throws it into the fireplace. Within moments the present is consumed by the flames. Babe talks to JR about Di but JR isn't receptive. He considers Di as dead to him as his mother is. Eventually the party breaks up and everyone begins to leave. When Krystal tells Adam about her plan to spend the night in the nursery to be closer to little Adam, Adam decides to join her. They inform JR and Babe of the plans and leave the room. Alone with Babe, JR tells her that he is falling in love with her. Babe beams with happiness.

Derek questions Jonathan about little Adam's kidnapping, specifically his role in the events. Jonathan insists that he had nothing to do with the child's disappearance. Erin worries that maybe Jonathan should seek legal counsel if he's going to be questioned. Realizing that he is going to be in the police station for quite some time, Jonathan becomes agitated. He had promised Lily that he would help her with her Christmas shopping. Jonathan begs Erin to do the shopping for him, giving her a list of presents he had already decided on, and then to drop them off at Lily's. Erin is reluctant to leave his side but realizes that Jonathan was more worried about not helping Lily. She decides to go, promising Jonathan that she will keep trying to reach Ryan.

Bianca tells Zach that Kendall, by her own admission, is in love with him. Zach tries to deny it, grasping at straws to explain away Kendall's declaration. Bianca insists that she is not wrong about Kendall's feelings for Zach. Zach feels that ultimately, Kendall's feelings don't matter because she obviously still wants the divorce since she accepted the papers. Bianca assures him that Kendall only did so out of fear. She doesn't believe that Zach really loves her. When he confesses to Bianca that he's worried that he may hurt Kendall the same way that he hurt Maria, Bianca reminds him of the differences between the two women and the circumstances. She points out that, unlike Maria, Kendall doesn't have feelings for another man the way that Maria did for Edmund. Bianca then advises Zach to find Kendall and do whatever it takes to convince her that he loves her. As they decorate the tree, Bianca shares some insight into her sister. She also tries to convince him to fight for the woman he loves.

Kendall is rattled when she has another Christmas visit from Father Clarence. She finds herself locked inside a chapel with Ryan. Ryan is patient as Kendall carries on about Father Clarence not being of this world and insisting that strange things always happen when he's about. As Kendall's panic begins to rise, Ryan tries to help her find a way out of the chapel but quickly realizes that they are truly locked inside. Making the best of their situation, Ryan asks Kendall about how she knows Father Clarence. She tells him how she met him last Christmas while Bianca was in a coma. He had helped her during her darkest hour and then given her the miracle of Bianca waking up. As Ryan listens he happens to look down and spots something on the ground. When he picks it up, he's shocked to discover that it's a chain with a St. Christopher's medal on it that his mother had given him when he was young. He had lost it long ago. Kendall is highly doubtful that it's the same one, but Ryan insists that it is. He tells her that of all the items from his past, the St. Christopher's medal has the most meaning to him. He learned to love his mother when she gave it to him. Kendall sits down in a pew near Ryan and is surprised when she finds a picture that she had drawn when she was a little girl. It's of a princess and Alice had cherished it. She tells Ryan about her adoptive parents, particularly her mother Alice and all the ways she showed Kendall how deeply she loved her. She had written 'My princess always' on the picture and then hung it on the fridge until Kendall had been 12. Talking about Alice, prompts Kendall to turn to Ryan and discuss the future of their baby. She suggests that if they aren't ready to be parents that they should find someone as special as her own adoptive parents to give their son to. Ryan promises Kendall that he will help Kendall in any way that he can. Kendall tells him that she has decided to have their baby. A short time later they hear the bells ring. On impulse, Ryan checks the chapel doors and discovers that they are now unlocked. After wishing eachother merry Christmas, they walk out.

Father Clarence finds Tad sitting outside in the snow, in contemplation. He tells Tad that he knew Dixie and then begins talking about forgiveness. When Father Clarence spots the Christmas star, he suggests Tad make a wish on it. Tad seems momentarily confused. Realizing that he's once again alone, Tad talks to Dixie. He tells her that he is still having difficulty letting go of her. He admits that maybe Di is correct when she told him that he thinks loving someone else is a betrayal of Dixie and that for the first time he has no idea what to wish for.

Di arrives at her destination. She finds Dixie standing by a window and wishes her a Merry Christmas.



Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
Darin Brooks and Kelly Kruger have a big reason to celebrate
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