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Monday, December 19, 2005

Fox talks to Ivy and says there has to be a way to repair his relationship with Kay. In the next room, Kay talks to her father about Fox. She tells him everything that happened. She says it seems like all she does is cause Fox problems, and that's why she has to break up with him. In the kitchen, Ivy subtly tries to sabotage Kay and Fox's relationship. She says right now he doesn't have the time for all he's dealing with, and suggests that while he and Kay are separated he tries to meet other women. He says he doesn't want to meet other women, he wants Kay. In the other room, Sam tells Kay he thinks Fox wants to work things out and tells her she should go into the kitchen and talk to him. Fox and Ivy come out into the living room before Kay can go into the kitchen, and Kay and Fox come face to face. She thinks that she can see in his eyes that he is in love with her. She starts to apologize and he tells her she doesn't have to. Before they can really start talking, his cell phone rings and he takes the office's call. Kay, frustrated, tells her father that the relationship is over and walks out. When Fox finds out she's gone, he goes to get a drink. Sam tells Ivy they have to try to get Kay and Fox back together in time for Christmas.

Tabitha hates to think what the Boys in the Basement will do if her spell to get Kay and Fox back together works. She can't think of a way to stop the spell and says she can't handle all this stress, not with Norma coming. All of a sudden, the Boys in the Basement stop acting up and Tabitha says either she has stopped the spell, or it's worked.

Edna and Norma are stopped by the security guard and made to watch the end of the Christmas show. Edna gets forced by Norma into performing so she can distract the guards long enough for Norma to steal his keys. Edna manages to start a riot, allowing Norma to steal the keys. She and Edna make a run for it and make it outside. Norma pulls out a knife and reminds Edna that now they have to kill Tabitha.

Fancy slaps Theresa again, saying she will never forgive her for what she did to Ethan. Fancy verbally attacks Theresa and Noah steps in to defend Theresa. Theresa leaves to be with Ethan. Noah talks to Fancy and says that it's ironic; she keeps saying that she doesn't believe in destiny and whatnot, but she brought Ethan and Theresa back together, which Theresa believed was fated to happen. He says he is grateful for her help, and tries to talk to her and repair their relationship, but she rejects him and tells him it's over. Theresa talks to Ethan and tells him what Fancy did for him. Outside, the cops call the Crane mansion and talk to Gwen. They want to know if she knows anything about what's going on at the Crane cabin.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

At the Crane cabin Noah and Fancy argued about trust in their relationship. He asked her not to give up on them. In the bedroom, Theresa tended to Ethan and when she pulled down the window shade she noticed that the policeman outside was talking on his cell phone. What she didn't know was that he was telling Gwen that something odd was going on at the cabin. Theresa told Noah and Fancy that the cops were still there. Noah said to wait. They saw the police leaving and then the power went out, shutting down Ethan's respirator. They scrambled to get the generator working so the respirator could work again. Fancy commented on Theresa's passion for Ethan and Noah said that wasn't a bad thing-it was the kind of love that he had for her. Noah got the generator running and Theresa hooked Ethan back up. Noah asked Fancy if there was any way they could get back together and Fancy said that her parents always lied to each other and it split them up. She said she and Noah couldn't be honest with each other, so they had no chance. Theresa saw "the Christmas Star" out the window and wish/prayed for Ethan's safety and return to health. She promised to quit going after him if God would let him live a long happy life even without her in it. Noah ran after Fancy and told her that if she gave him another chance he would never lie to her. Just then the FBI arrived. Theresa told Ethan that she wouldn't let Gwen kill him.

At the Bennett house Sam and Ivy worked on decorating the house for Christmas and wondered where their family members had all gone off to. Fox came in and asked what he was going to do to work things out with Kay and Ivy told him (much to Sam's chagrin) that maybe he and Kay weren't meant to be together. Sam chided her about wanting to help them get back together and Ivy realized she'd have to keep her plots to herself. Kay got there to find that Fox and Sam had gone to get a tree. He left Ivy to talk to Kay about Fox (not knowing Ivy's true feelings). (While the guys were out, Sam told Fox that Kay would be at the house when they got back. Fox didn't think that they'd be able to work it out and Sam counseled him to make time for Kay and Maria. Fox said he was just finally getting excited about succeeding in business.) Kay reminded Ivy not to try to split them up or she'd tell Sam what she had on her. Ivy fantasized about taking the opportunity to wrap strings of Christmas lights around Kay's neck to choke her. She told Ka that Fox deserved a partner who could support him unconditionally. She told Kay that she was worried because they were a lot alike and wondered what would happen to Kay if Miguel came back into town. Kay told her that there was no problem because Miguel didn't love her. Ivy asked her what would happen if he came back without Charity and wanted her and Maria back. The guys showed up with the tree and Fox made goo goo eyes at Kay. Ivy told Kay to be sure not to hurt Fox. Sam asked Ivy if she spoke with Fox. She said she did, but wasn't sure it would help. He said they could only try.

At the Psych Hospital Edna and Norma escaped and found a Santa in a horse-drawn sleigh that they hijacked to get to Harmony. Norma persisted in talking to her papa. When the costumed Santa came out of a house to get back in his sleigh, he was assaulted by the crazies and Norma accused him of not being the real Santa. He exclaimed that there isn't a real Santa and Norma went off her nut. Norma ranted at him and Santa started to call 911 on his cell phone. Norma grabbed it and chewed it into pieces. And then there was a corny cartoonish battle in the snow where Norma ended up in the Santa suit and Santa was in Norma's dress. Norma beat Santa with a huge candy cane and then some little people in elf costumes showed up to help Santa as Edna and Norma rode off in the sleigh.

At Tabitha's house, Kay whined about losing Fox because of Tab's spell. Tab told her that her love is doomed now that Valerie moved in and this is the same spell that doomed Midas. Sam called Kay and asked her to go back and decorate like when her mom was there. The boys in the basement flamed when she used the "C" (Christmas) word. Kay kept taunting them in order to break the spell. She ran next door to help her dad decorate. Tabs turned on the television to find that Norma had escaped from the facility in Richville and were headed for Harmony. They remembered prior Christmases of the Norma type. They decided to leave town-go to Paris and Endora helped them pack their suitcase.

At the Crane mansion Rebecca interrupted Gwen's phone call with the police to purr about how yummy the FBI agents looked. The cop asked Gwen to get Alistair's permission to search the cabin. Gwen told him that Fancy had every right to be there and if she'd told the cops to leave, then they should leave. The FBI agents working on the case of Ethan's kidnap brought in the ambulance salesman for questioning and asked him to describe Theresa's accomplice. He cheerfully described Noah and Gwen got a thoughtful look on her face. The salesman said he had an old fashioned biblical kind of name and Rebecca kept naming hunky servants from the mansion. Gwen asked if it was Noah. The salesman was excited she figured it out and Gwen said that Ethan must be at the cabin because the cops up there had called to say Noah was up there with Fancy and strange things were going on. Everybody raced to leave for the cabin. As they sped to the cabin with lights and sirens, Gwen asked them to go faster.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Chris and Sheridan decide to take James to Harmony's annual tree lighting ceremony. Spike begins feeding drugs to Jessica again to keep her working the streets. Endora pouts when Tabitha makes plans to flee to Paris without her. Theresa panics to hear sirens approaching the mountain cabin. Paloma suggests to Simone that Roberto could pose as a john to help them rescue Jessica from her pimp. Ivy looks on as Kay and Fox work together to decorate the Bennetts' Christmas tree. Sheridan and Chris enjoy a romantic moment beneath the mistletoe. Tabitha explains to her daughter why Norma and Edna are a must to avoid. Kay admits to Fox how much she misses her mom, especially now at holiday time. Determined to rescue her comatose husband from Theresa's clutches, Gwen races to the Crane cabin with a pair of FBI agents. Roberto's cover is nearly blown when Jessica blurts out to Spike that she recognizes her newest customer. Tabitha implores Kay to babysit Endora while she goes on the lam from her crazed enemies. As Fancy and Noah are placed under arrest for aiding and abetting a kidnapping, Theresa rails at Gwen for trying to kill Ethan.

Thursday, December 22, 2005

At the park, Chris, Sheridan, Ivy, Sam, Fox and Kay with the children awaited the tree lighting ceremony (Tabitha was supposed to be on the lam, but she couldn't leave Endora after all). Sam told Ivy that he thought Kay and Fox were getting back together. He told her how much he loved her and she promised to never let him down like Grace had. She sent Sam away to get hot chocolate and then went over to Fox and Kay and asked Fox to go get her some hot chocolate so she could set Kay straight. She told Kay that if she didn't walk away from Fox, she'd tell him that she knew Grace wasn't really married to David. Kay agreed that Fox would probably drop her. Kay then retaliated by telling Ivy that she'd tell Fox that Ivy set the whole thing up and he'd never speak to her again. Pilar and Martin kissed while enjoying the holiday spirit and then saw Chris and Sheridan. They went over to greet each other and at that point James and Endora decided to really light up the tree. Endora set some of the presents under the tree on fire and Martin, Fox and Sam ran to put it out. Sam said he'd get a new power cord so they could get on with the ceremony. Sam and Fox both brought Ivy her cocoa. Sam got a call from Gwen telling them about Ethan and that Noah, Fancy and Theresa were all in jail. Sam decided he'd go see Ethan, but he'd go see Noah first. Martin and Pilar left to bail out Theresa. Ivy told Sam to tell Fancy she'd bail her out later, but she was going to be with Ethan. Sheridan asked Ivy to call and give her the news on Ethan when she saw him. Fox turned on the tree lights since Sam was gone and Endora made the tree spin around slowly. Tabitha warned Endora not to use her magic where she'd get caught or she'd be burned at a stake. Everybody remarked about the tree. James asked Endora to make it go faster. She did and lifted it off the ground to the astonishment of the grown-ups. Tabitha told her to stop it. Tabitha muttered that this was a very bad omen.

At the outskirts of Harmony, the State Patrol pulled over Edna and Norma for driving a sleigh on a state highway. They said they were going to give the kiddies sleigh rides and when he went to check out their story, they skedaddled. He gave chase and Edna started chucking presents at his police cruiser to stop him. They finally lost him when they were only a mile from Harmony. They got to Tabby's house and broke in through a window. They skulked through the house looking for Tabitha. Since they couldn't find her they decided they'd just have to wait and went in search of some Christmas spirit of the drinkable kind. Norma was looking forward to whacking Tabitha and Edna told her not to do anything until Tabs had made her young and sexy looking again. Norma asked if she was sure Tabitha had done it before and Edna said she should try it. Norma asked, "what for? I'm already hot." Edna didn't want to make Norma upset so agreed, but to the sound of "cuckoo" said that everybody could use a little sprucing up, even a natural beauty like her.

At the convent the Mother Superior talked with Whitney about her activities outside the convent. She asked her why she'd come to the convent in the first place, then answered herself saying that it was after Whitney had given birth to her half-brother's baby. Whitney said she still wanted to be with Chad. The Mother Superior asked her if she had prayed to have these desires lifted. Whitney said she prayed every day. The Mother Superior told her that she'd have to go back out into the world and confront Chad and her feelings so she could join them without her desires for Chad. Whitney left with her suitcase, determined to hash things out with Chad and then go back to the convent in the new year to take her orders.

At Chad's studio he took care of a fussy Miles. They looked out the window and saw all the activity in the park and decided to take Miles to the tree lighting ceremony. They walked to the park and Chad told him that they needed to pray that his mom would come home.

At Harmony Hospital Ethan was all set up in the I.C.U. Eve asked Gwen if she really did want to carry out Ethan's living will. Gwen asked why she was being questioned and Eve reassured her that she only wanted to know if Gwen was sure. Eve left to check out the latest test results. Gwen told Ethan that she wasn't sure what Theresa told him, but she loves him. She told him that she was going to call Sam and Ivy and they'd carry out his wishes. She was upset that Theresa had taken away precious moments she had to see him. She said she was so sorry that Theresa had put them in this position. Gwen left for a moment and Theresa slipped into Ethan's room. Gwen got back and demanded to know why Theresa wasn't in jail. She told Gwen that Alistair had bailed her out. Gwen told her to leave and Theresa said she was there to keep Gwen from killing Ethan. Gwen told her that she was going to kill her instead and attacked her. They wrestled, banging into walls and the bed. Eve, Martin, Ivy and Pilar came in and stopped the fight and took Theresa out of the room. Eve told her that the tests showed there had been no change. Ivy reminded Gwen that it was Christmas Eve. Eve told her she could take as long as she needed. In the hallway, Martin and Pilar chided Theresa for being there, for taking Ethan, for being in love with Gwen's husband. They compelled her to go pray with them in the chapel.

At the jail Theresa, Noah and Fancy argued the merits of Gwen having the right to remove Ethan from life support when Alistair arrived to bail out his wife and granddaughter. He told Theresa that it took a lot of fire for her to kidnap Ethan to save the love of her life and he expected her to show some of that spunk with him when they got home. Theresa told him that he disgusts her and that she'd rather stay in jail. Alistair told her she could do that or he could divorce her, but he knew that she didn't want that because she wouldn't be able to care for her children or save Ethan. He started to walk off and Theresa told him to wait. He snickered and told her that he'd already bailed her out. Fancy was incredulous that he was taking her back because she tried to kill him. He told Fancy that Theresa's son is the future of the company and the family. Fancy asked if he'd bailed her out and he told her of course. She asked quietly about bailing out Noah and he declined to help him. After they left, Sam arrived and bellowed at Noah. Noah told him that he was only trying to give Sam's son, his brother, another chance at life. He told Sam he was sorry for bringing trouble to him.

At the Crane mansion, Fancy begged her grampy to let Noah out of jail. He declined, so she hid a recorder behind her back and tricked him into saying she could have anything she wanted.

Friday, December 23, 2005

At the precinct house, Noah glumly tells his father he fears his romance with Fancy has come to an end. To Tabitha's dismay, Endora uses her powers to give the dazzled citizens of Harmony a spectacular show during the tree lighting ceremony. Back at the Lennox place, Norma and Edna make themselves at home as they wait for their prey to return. Pilar and Martin force their unhappy daughter to leave the ICU and attend Christmas Eve mass with them. Meanwhile, Gwen decides to wait until after the holiday to disconnect Ethan's life support. Fancy comes up with a tricky new scheme to get Noah sprung from jail. Whitney is rattled to encounter Chad and little Miles at the tree lighting. Edna and Norma corner a trembling Tabitha in the park. Eve is pleased to see Whitney enter the church for the midnight service. Later, Sam beams when Jessica also arrives with her friends. Sensing that her mom is in danger, Endora springs into action to ride to the rescue on a flying candy cane. Pilar and Katherine bury the hatchet. Eve reassures Simone that God loves everyone, gay or straight. Later, all the churchgoers are amazed to witness a holiday miracle as a smiling Ethan suddenly appears in the doorway.

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