Passions Recaps: The week of December 12, 2005 on PS

Tabitha was blackmailed into casting a love spell. A mystery woman slashed tires and cut phone lines. Sheridan fell through the ice while skating. Norma Bates sang a dreadful song in the talent show at the psych hospital and then she and Edna started to make their getaway.
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Passions Recaps: The week of December 12, 2005 on PS
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Monday, December 12, 2005

Brandishing a knife, the mystery woman was adamant about not allowing Fancy to call Gwen from the cabin.

Kay wondered how the dark forces in the basement would undermine her relationship with Fox. Fox and Valerie celebrated saving the Singapore project from ruin.

In the midst of their family crisis, Sam and Ivy found comfort in each other.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

At the bed and breakfast, Sheridan watched Chris and James sleeping and talked to a picture of Luis and Marty. She felt very guilty that she'd sent Luis away to find Marty. She tried to get up quietly, but she woke Chris in the process. He told her he knew why she couldn't sleep. He offered to take James and leave to quit causing her pain. She definitely didn't want them to leave because they were her only happiness. She thanked him, and Chris told her how much fun it was to watch her, especially how much better she was cooking since she'd taken cooking classes.

Sheridan started talking about Christmas and asked Chris what he wanted. He said he'd already gotten what he wanted then turned on the stereo and asked her to dance. As they danced, Sheridan felt torn about her feelings. She missed Luis and wasn't sure she should move on with Chris. She wanted to enjoy the moment but was afraid to give up her love for Luis.

At Crane Industries, Fox and Valerie celebrated getting their project back on track. He ran off to get fresh hot donuts and coffee for their breakfast. While he was getting the snacks, he saw a teddy bear that he thought Kay would like. He instructed a coffee shop employee to put in a gift bag. The coffee shop employee quizzed him about his girlfriend.

After Fox left, Kay arrived to tell Valerie to back off from her man. Valerie started sniping about how Kay and her incompetence were holding Fox back. Valerie said Kay needed to step aside. They argued back and forth until Valerie saw Fox returning. She set Kay up to look like the whole fight had been her fault when Fox walked in. When Kay told him that Valerie had started it all, he asked her to explain, and Valerie said that Kay was lying. Kay accused them of kissing, which was a misdirect by the boys in the basement.

Fox and Valerie wanted to know if Kay had been spying, and she had to back off because she couldn't explain Tabitha's bowl of water. While Kay and Fox were arguing, Valerie found the teddy bear and pulled it out of the bag and hugged it to her. Kay saw and thought the bear was for Valerie. She was sure Fox was leaving her, so she did a preemptive breakup while Valerie smirked. Kay broke down and started dithering about how it was all her fault that the magic was in motion and the spell was taking over then she ran out of Fox's office. Fox started to go after her, and Valerie told him to let her go cool off. He wasn't convinced and still wanted to go after Kay.

At the Crane cabin, Noah and Fancy fought about where and how Ethan was going to die and why Noah had helped Theresa kidnap him. Noah tried to explain that he'd wanted to give Ethan a chance to live, and she lobbied for Gwen getting the chance to say one more goodbye before she carried out Ethan's wishes. She couldn't understand why Noah would help Theresa after all the things Theresa had done. He told her that he wasn't helping Theresa -- he was helping Ethan. Fancy got angry and slapped him. Fancy asked him why he was putting something else before their relationship.

Theresa sat on Ethan's bed, stroking his hair, professing her love, and trying to talk him into waking up from his coma. She swore that she wouldn't give up on him then prayed to God for a miracle. She decided that if she gave up wanting to be with him, God would have to honor that and save him. Theresa prayed to God to keep Gwen from taking him off life support and for Ethan to get well. As she prayed, Ethan moved a finger and blinked strongly. Theresa saw it, moved his hand back, and realized that his hand had just slipped on the bed.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Fancy readied herself to leave the mountain cabin and report Ethan's whereabouts -- and Theresa's wrongdoings -- to the authorities.

Endora and James joined forces at the Christmas fair.

Simone used pepper spray on Spike, rescuing Jessica from his clutches. Simone and Jessica reconciled.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

At the park, everybody was having fun at the Christmas fair. Sheridan, Chris, and James got ready to skate on the ice-covered pond, with Chris lacing up all of their skates -- tight like Luis had always done it for Sheridan. Then she felt bad for mentioning him. After skating for a while, Chris and James took a break, and Sheridan skated by herself. Endora looked forward to having a Christmas, and Tabitha planned something nasty for Sheridan.

Kay showed up and hollered at Tabitha for her spell working then confessed that she'd made a fool of herself with Fox and Valerie. Tabitha told her to shut up because she was the one who'd asked for the spell. Kay demanded to know where Maria was, and Tabitha said she'd gotten a babysitter -- Dr. Spock. The last sitter had been Old Mother Hubbard, and she'd taken all the food in the house. Tabitha sent a flame to melt a hole in the ice, and as Kay sat there aghast, Sheridan fell through the ice and started shouting and struggling. Chris left James with Tabitha and went out on the ice to rescue Sheridan. Tabitha was happy to say that she'd cast a little love spell on them.

Kay and Endora were both confused. As Chris warmed Sheridan up, Tabitha went to tell Sheridan that Chris reminded her of Luis and that Sheridan had a hero. Kay wanted to know why Tabitha wanted them in love, and Tabitha reminded her that being in love didn't make people happy. Tabitha told Kay that like with Kay and Fox, being in love had caused them pain and suffering. She said Sheridan and Chris would fall in love then eventually regret it. Kay asked why, and as she walked away pushing Endora's stroller, all Tabitha would say was, "Stay tuned; you'll see."

Simone and Jessica were a few yards away, laughing because they'd made fun of some society girls, and Spike sent three chicks to set up Simone to look like she'd felt up one of the girls just in time for T.C. to witness the ruckus. Spike watched from behind some bushes as they started a shouting match, and when Julian, Eve, and Liz showed up, Eve sided with Simone. T.C. bitterly said that of course his "whore" of an ex-wife would side with his lesbian daughter.

Spike got more than he bargained for when T.C. started ranting about all the evils of his family, and Julian tried to set him straight. Then the chicks started up the fight again for Simone going "lesbo" on them. T.C. stepped in, and one of the girls pulled out a blade and threatened to kill them all. She started slashing and cut Julian. Simone thanked her father for protecting her, and he told her not to speak to him.

T.C. started calling them all vile names and impugning their character while Liz just watched the whole scene and smirked. He told Simone that she was an abomination. Julian said it wasn't about sex; it was about love. Eve told him he should know about prejudice, being a black man, and she said all their race had to fight. T.C. said that Julian had the morals of a junkyard dog, and Eve had the morals of an alley cat. He said the sight of Simone made him sick.

Jessica started running away to call the police, but Spike grabbed her. She resisted and pulled away from him, seeming to have more backbone. She asked for his cell phone to call the police about the fight, and he told her that he'd consider it if she'd go back with him and get busy on the street. She said she loved him, but she didn't want to turn tricks. He pulled out one of his drug stickers for her to lick, and she looked like she was ready to give in to him. She said she wanted to help Simone. He pretended to care, saying that he'd followed her to protect her and talked her into licking the drug sticker.

At the Crane cabin, Fancy cried to Ethan and told him that she loved him too much to let him die at the cabin. She said that she'd hike out of there and call for an ambulance to take him back, and she'd call the police to arrest Theresa and Noah. She reminisced about when they'd been kids, playing on a trampoline. Ethan had saved her when she had flown off the trampoline. She wished she could save his life.

Outside, the local sheriff got suspicious about Noah being alone at the cabin when he saw a second car behind bushes. They decided to go in and search the cabin, but just as they opened the bedroom door, Fancy opened the door, stepped out, and closed the door behind her. They asked Noah why he'd lied about being all alone, and Noah tossed the question to Fancy. She covered by saying the bedroom was a mess because they'd spent so much time in bed. They asked about the "whooshing" noise, and she lied, saying it was a white noise machine. They told her they'd have to call her grandfather, so Fancy bribed them with a gift to the department.

The police insisted on searching the rest of the cabin, anyway, so Fancy threatened them. Theresa hid in the closet the whole time and wondered why Fancy wasn't telling the cops about Ethan. When the cops weren't looking, Noah asked Fancy why she was suddenly on their side. He said that one misstep would be the end for him and Theresa.

The cops debated searching the rest of the cabin. Fancy told Noah to chill, or the cops would suspect they were hiding something. He spit out that they were hiding something. Fancy told him that they needed to hope that the cops were more afraid of the Cranes than they were curious about what was happening there.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Ivy attempted to sabotage Fox and Kay's relationship while Fox reflected on his recent problems with Kay. Kay begged Tabitha to help repair her relationship with Fox.

Fancy recalled a childhood Christmas moment with Ethan, explaining her sudden change of heart about not turning in Theresa and Noah to the police.

Norma planned to kill Tabitha -- right after she performed in the asylum's holiday pageant.

Chris experimented with ways of warming up Sheridan.

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